With only 3 Uprising’s to go until the P:V Deadly Habits PPV, the heat is set to be turned up on the roster this coming week on Uprising 59!

Last week Curtis Knight the P:V Champion threatened to take away the control of P:V from the COO JD James because of the way he was running the company. Can and will Knight follow through on his threats?

Boyd Jackson narrowly missed Darwin Jones at the end of Uprising 58, when seemingly trying to hit his rival with a car! Jackson and Jones are both set to be in attendance this week in Las Vegas!

Masafumi Satake and Puck fought to an amazing sixty minute time limit draw, before Puck ruined it all by hitting a low blow on the newcomer. Masafumi Satake steps into the ring again this week against Chopper Anderson, whilst we are set to hear from Puck who has requested some interview time!

Adam Garcia and Sal Olivares both made impressive debuts last week, picking up wins in their first P:V outings, indicating that they both have bright futures in P:V. This week they are set to face each other one on one!

The Legends Club are now one belt away from holding all of the P:V gold, and with Athena having her sights set on Bjorn Asulf’s TV Championship, it might be a matter of when and not if! This week in the main event, Asulf will have to try and find two partners to take on Athena and the Tag Team Champions in a six man tag team match. Can Asulf finally persuade Stevie Rigg to join the fight?

For all this and much more including the ongoing saga between James Mendoza & Brandon Snyder, check out Uprising 59 this Wednesday night on the HOTv network!

Opening Bout
Brandon Snyder vs. Steven Love

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs. Dale Norman

Tag Team Match
Hawaiian Hit Squad vs. Rebel Society

Single Match
‘El Sicario’ Sal Olivares vs. Adam Garcia

Single Match
Chopper Anderson vs. Masafumi Satake

Six Man Tag Team Match
The Legends Club vs. Bjorn Asulf & 2x Mystery Opponents

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