[Press Conference Transcript]

Location: Mexico City

Date: January 1, 2024

[The press conference venue is adorned with banners featuring the Sanctioned Violence logo. The crowd is buzzing with excitement as Jon Page steps up to the podium.]

Jon Page: Good morning, everyone! Thank you for joining us on this special day. As we welcome the New Year, we bring forth thrilling news and embark on an exciting journey into the heart of Mexico. I am Jon Page, the proud owner of Sanctioned Violence, and today, I stand before you once again with an announcement that will shape the landscape of professional wrestling.

[The crowd erupts with cheers and camera flashes. Jon Page smiles, acknowledging the enthusiasm before continuing.]

Jon Page: Just as we are doing in Japan with Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, In early 2024, Sanctioned Violence will extend its reach into Mexico with a brand new wrestling promotion – “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas.” We’ve been captivated by the passion and rich tradition of Mexican wrestling, and it’s with great pleasure that we bring our unique style to this incredible community.

[The screen displays glimpses of Mexican wrestling legends, blending seamlessly into images of the new logo.]

Jon Page: The wrestling scene in Mexico is unparalleled, and we are actively scouting for the finest talents to join the Sanctioned Violence family. If you believe you have what it takes, we want to see you in the ring! Our doors are open, and we’re eager to witness the rise of new stars in “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas.”

[Jon Page raises an invisible curtain, unveiling the rendering of the new arena and casino complex. The room fills with gasps and whispers.]

Jon Page: But that’s not all. I’m thrilled to announce the centerpiece of our Mexican expansion – the “Aztec Star Arena & Casino”! This state-of-the-art complex will be the home of “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas” and a testament to the fusion of wrestling excitement and casino glamour.

[The crowd bursts into applause as the screen showcases architectural concepts and designs for the arena.]

Jon Page: Our goal is to create an experience that transcends the boundaries of sports and entertainment. The “Aztec Star Arena & Casino” will be a place where the legacy of Mexican wrestling meets the thrill of fortune. Together, let’s make history!

[As Jon Page finishes addressing the audience in Mexico City, the atmosphere in the room changes as the screen transitions to a live video link with a view of London. The iconic backdrop of British wrestling sets the stage for the next announcement.]

Jon Page: But before we conclude, our journey doesn’t end here. I’ll now throw it over to our esteemed General Manager in London, the one and only Matt Anarchy, who has some thrilling news to share.

[The video feed seamlessly shifts to a room in London adorned with wrestling memorabilia. Matt Anarchy, the General Manager of DW, appears on the screen, a smile on his face, ready to make an announcement.]

Matt Anarchy: Thank you, Jon! And greetings from London! As part of the Sanctioned Violence family, we are proud to unveil another exciting chapter – the launch of the European Wrestling League! In 2024, we will bring wrestling events to cities across Europe, where competitors will battle it out to climb the ranks and be crowned the top of the league.

[The screen displays a dynamic graphic showcasing various European landmarks, setting the stage for a continent-wide wrestling spectacle.]

Matt Anarchy: From the historic streets of London to the romantic canals of Venice, the European Wrestling League will redefine competition in the heart of Europe. Get ready for a wrestling extravaganza that spans borders and celebrates the diverse talent that Europe has to offer.

[The camera captures the excitement of the London crowd as they cheer for the announcement.]

Matt Anarchy: Sanctioned Violence continues to push boundaries, and together, with Rising Sun Pro Wrestling in Japan, “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas” in Mexico, and now the European Wrestling League, we’re creating a global wrestling experience like never before.

[As the London crowd erupts in applause for the European Wrestling League announcement, the energy in the room shifts as Jon Page takes center stage once again.]

Jon Page: But wait! There’s more! Let’s take a moment to connect with our Rising Sun Pro Wrestling family in Japan. I’m honored to introduce the visionary CEO of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, a man whose passion for Puroresu knows no bounds – Hiroshi Fujimoto. Hiroshi, take it away!

[The video link transitions to Tokyo, where Hiroshi Fujimoto stands against the backdrop of the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling logo. A hushed anticipation fills the room as he addresses the global audience.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Thank you, Jon! Greetings from Tokyo! As we embark on this extraordinary journey, I am thrilled to announce that the first Rising Sun Pro Wrestling event will take place live from Tokyo on February 1st. This historic night will mark the beginning of a tournament to crown our first-ever Rising Sun Champion.

[The screen displays images of Tokyo, capturing the essence of the bustling city and the anticipation for the upcoming wrestling spectacle.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Wrestlers from across Japan and beyond will converge in Tokyo to compete in a tournament that will captivate the hearts of wrestling fans. The tournament kicks off on February 1st and will culminate in a spectacular pay-per-view event on March 14th, where we will crown the inaugural Rising Sun Champion!

[The crowd in Tokyo cheers in the background as Hiroshi Fujimoto continues with enthusiasm.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: This tournament will showcase the very best of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, and we invite all fans to witness the birth of a new legacy. Tokyo, get ready for an unforgettable night of wrestling excellence!

[The video feed seamlessly transitions back to Jon Page in Mexico City, linking the global announcements of the European Wrestling League, “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas,” and Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.]

Jon Page: There you have it, folks! From Tokyo to London, Mexico City to the rest of the world, Sanctioned Violence is uniting fans across continents. The future of professional wrestling has never looked brighter, and we invite you to be part of this global revolution.

[The screen showcases the logos of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas,” and the European Wrestling League, symbolizing the united front of Sanctioned Violence. The anticipation for the upcoming events echoes across the wrestling world.]

Jon Page: Thank you all for being here. Stay tuned for what promises to be an incredible year in professional wrestling. The journey has just begun!

[The video link concludes, leaving the wrestling community buzzing with excitement for the worldwide events under the Sanctioned Violence banner.]

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