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Harry Black

Name: Harry Black

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 225lbs

Crowd Reaction: Face

Hometown: London, England

Entrance Music: ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones

Finisher Name: The Blacklist

Finisher Description: Butterfly DDT

Fighting Style: Brawler, Harry has a boxing background so likes to punish his opponents with some big punches and strikes to soften them up before attempting any wrestling moves. Black is very light on his feet and quick in the ring, but very rarely leaves his feet apart from to hit the ‘Black Out’ when he is desperate. Harry has great endurance and stamina so can hang with most opponents in the ring. He isn’t however the biggest so can get caught out against powerful opponents. Although he has improved as he has got older, Harry isn’t the best technical wrestler so will rarely aim for submission moves and can be undone in a match against good technicians.

Signature Moves: British Hospitality (Lui Thesz Press), The Black Watch (Rolling German Suplex), Black Out (Flying Forearm), Running Clothesline, Diving Knee Strike to Seated Opponent, Facebreaker Smash, Running Knee Jump, Spinebuster, Elbow Strike, Mounted Punches, Punching Combo, European Uppercut,

Personality Traits: Harry is an honourable man so will always do his best in each match whilst staying within the rules. Although a born winner, Black doesn’t see any shame in being beaten in a fair match by a better opponent. Black hates people that cheat in matches or bully those not as strong as them, therefore will quickly become angry if he witnesses either of these things happen. Black will team up with other stars who fit his ethos, however has a long memory and will not easily forgive any betrayals.

Career History: oWo, sVo, IWF, FWF, WrestleUTA, Shinning Road, Brooklyn Wrestling Syndicate

Other Information: Harry Black grew up in East London in the UK where there weren’t a lot of options for people growing up. Raised in a single-parent household, Black’s mum did her best for her son and tried to steer her son away from the local industry, a life of crime, by pushing him into a career which she knew would install some discipline into her boy, the military.

Harry Black went along with his mother’s wishes, signing up for the Royal Marines, but little did Black or his mother know that war was about to break out and that a trip to the desert would be in his future.

Harry Black completed a couple of tours, but after months of being shot at he knew that a military career was not for him. Still a young man, Black exited the career path as quickly as he could and returned home.

During his short time in the Royal Marines, Harry had picked up some boxing skills during the physical drills that he was forced to, and looked to use this to make some money on his return home.

With his local area buzzing for the Olympic games in London in 2012, Harry looked to turn his hand back at the sport at his local gym when he spotted a ring set up, however when he investigated further it turned out that the ring set up was not a boxing ring but actually a wrestling one. Harry had never had any interest in wrestling before, but was convinced by the local promoter who was impressed by his look to try his hand at it. Black found that wrestling came naturally to him thanks to the toughness his time in the military had instilled in him, and he quickly outgrew the local promotion.

With dreams of making some big money, Black headed to the USA and signed with the sVo in Las Vegas. Black was brought into the sVo as part of the powerful ‘Company, however, quickly found himself in a foreign country without a job as the sVo folded in 2013 with Harry barely having made a mark. Not wanting to stick around in Vegas, Harry quickly looked for his next promotion and it didn’t take long before he had a successful try out with a promotion called the IWF. However, Black’s opportunities were cut short by injuries and it wasn’t long before the IWF closed down without Black again not able to establish his name.

In a foreign country and without a job for the second time in less than a year, Harry Black quickly grew angry and frustrated with the wrestling business as he bounces around the independent scenes struggling to make ends meet. Black briefly found some success in ‘the Empire’ Tag Team with fellow Brit Sam Churchill in the oWo as the pair won the Tag Team Title’s on two occasions, however, a falling out with the owner left Harry Black jobless again.

Trapped in an industry he now despised Black was considering returning home until out of the blue he was contacted by an agent on behalf of the FWF who was looking to bulk up the roster of the new company. Not wanting to return home a complete failure, Black decided to give the wrestling business one last try in the FWF. Harry had mixed success when arriving in the FWF with the federation quickly turning from somewhere that was booking the top arenas to moving to smaller shows due to lack of money. It took Harry quite a few matches to pick up his first win, but after consistently attacked by the CoV led by Chad Chaos for an unknown reason and coming up just short against Kentucky Tarzan, Kenneth Williams, and a battle royal, Black finally defeated Lance Mingle at the first PPV ‘MAWA’!

Despite Black being successful in the FWF and working his way up to a shot at the Heavyweight Championship, the signs for the FWF didn’t look good and it was eventually bought out by Wrestle:UTA at the start of 2020. The timing was very unfortunate for Black, as the change in ownership meant that he had to work his way up from the bottom again!

Wrestle:UTA ran a few shows at the start of the year with the newly absorbed roster and aimed to recapture its past glory, however despite Black doing well and getting himself again in a position to get a shot at the Heavyweight Championship, the federation closed its doors for good before Black could get his shot at the gold. Despite thinking that the FWF was going to be his last shot at the big time, his brief stint reignited Black’s passion for the business leading him to look for his next home.

Black signed up to a short-term contract with ‘Shinning Road’ to tide him over, and was reasonably successful in his short stint, before letting his contract expire and looking for pastures new. It was at this point that Black turned his attentions to New York City, moving to sign up with the Brooklyn Wrestling Syndicate and aiming to finally make his mark!

Entrance Description: ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones hits the sound system and there are cheers from the crowd as Harry Black steps slowly out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Black takes a few seconds to look out at the cheering crowd, before posing with his arms in the air. Black tries to block out the cheers as he walks stoically towards the ring, eyes focused on the squared circle at all times. Black jumps up onto the ring apron and gives another quick pose to the crowd, before stepping between the ropes and warming up in the corner of the ring with some shadow boxing whilst waiting for the match to start.

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