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Countdown to Violence Card Confirmed!

We look ahead to the Countdown to Violence 2021 PPV

With only seven days until the sVo presents it’s Countdown to Violence 2021 PPV event live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, it was today confirmed the matches that will take place at the event, with every championship on the line!

With CJ Dreamer and Orlando Fox teaming up over the last month to try and get some revenge on their mutual enemies of Scott Washington & Yoshi Ono, things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as expected for the former Tag Team and former Hardcore Champion. Dreamer and Fox failed to win a match in their tag team run, with poor communication and ego costing them dearly in their search for revenge. Last week on Against All Odds was the final straw for CJ Dreamer as he snapped on Fox after the match against Horizon which ruled them out of getting anywhere near a Tag Team title match. With relations broken down between the two sVo veterans, they will do battle in singles action at Countdown to Violence in an attempt to settle the score!

Speaking of Tag Teams, the reigning Tag Team Champions of Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone have a massive uphill task as they defend their belts in a triple threat tag team title match, with opponents none other than the powerhouse teams of Scott Washington & Yoshi Ono and Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing who will be representing ‘Horizon’. Moretti will no doubt be keen to leave much of the heavy lifting to the massive Joe Barone, as he has to face William Vorheez later in the night in the main event with the sVo Championship on the line! Amy Page has been very vocal about wanting her team of Washington & Ono to capture the Tag Team titles and they have been on a winning streak since teaming up. Whilst the wildcard’s in the match will no doubt be JD James’s rookie team of Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing who have limited experience of teaming together, but are undefeated so far in the sVo. With seemingly no weak link in this match, it is likely to be a battle of attrition as the three teams go to war with the aim of walking out as the premier Tag Team in the sVo!

The Tag Team Championship match is not the only triple threat match on the card, with the three top ladies in the sVo also set to do battle! Lucy Von Drake has been very vocal about wanting more compeition in the sVo, however might live to regret her requests as she has to step into the ring with Jupiter James & Ida Guildress, two women that she has targeted relentlessly over the last month! Although Von Drake might usually be considered the favourite in this match, Jupiter James already holds a victory over the sVo’s queen bee and this might be a triple threat match in name only, with James & Guildress likely to use their friendship to eliminate Von Drake before settling things between themselves!

Lucy Von Drake’s husband JVD is also in action and facing an equally tough match, as the Blood Money member defends his sVo Las Vegas Championship belt against a former Las Vegas Champion in Gunner Lang! Gunner Lang, a member of Horizon, will no doubt be out for more than just the gold as he aims to get some revenge on JVD for the brutal beat down that took him out of action for over two weeks last month. It was of course Gunner Lang who was the man that got beaten down upon the formation of ‘Blood Money’ with the Von Drake’s being a key part of this.

The Las Vegas Championship will of course not be the only time that ‘Horizon’ & ‘Blood Money’ meet in the ring, as Johnny All Star of Horizon is also pencilled in to face Money Malone of ‘Blood Money’ in singles action. The groups have of course been at each others throats since Anthony Moretti started messing with JD James & Johnny All Star from the opening sVo return show, but things have escalated between sVo legend All Star and newcomer Money Malone in recent weeks. Malone and All Star have taken it in turns to attack each other on recent shows, and this is set to be hard fought match. With All Star no doubt someone that will grace the sVo Hall of Fame one day, he must try and use the hometown advantage to overcome the so far undefeated & very impressive Money Malone!

The main event of the night is one of the most anticipated in recent memory, and will future the past and present colliding in the middle of the ring! Anthony Moretti has so far held the sVo Championship since ‘Seasons Beatings 2020’ and was the first man to hold the belt since the return of the sVo. However it hasn’t just been JD James’s ‘Horizon’ group that Moretti has had to deal with over this time! William Vorheez was the man that held the sVo Championship belt when the sVo stopped running shows in 2013, and in his view he has never lost that belt and is therefore the rightful champion! By walking around with the old belt, Vorheez has successfully goaded Moretti into this match to determine who has the rights to call themselves the undisputed ‘sVo Champion’! With Jon Page forcing Moretti into two match in one night to defend all the gold he owns, can Vorheez show he can still hang with the best that the sVo has to offer in this new era and reclaim the top spot?

With all matches confirmed, the card is of course subject to change, so who knows what else will go down in the first sVo PPV of the year! The event will of course be broadcast live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday 21st March 2021 & is available from all good pay per view providers!

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