sVo Uprising 26
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
24th July 2022

The entrance video package for Uprising begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Uprising’ by Artificial Intelligence as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Uprising’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Previously on sVo Ultimate Victory 2022
17th July 2022

  • Johnny Moretti & Athena moved to the final of the Victory Cup tournament, before Johnny Moretti scored the ‘W’ in the final to earn himself the trophy and a further sVo Championship shot.
  • Bronson Johnson defeated Junior Gambino to capture his first sVo gold, the Roulette Championship.
  • Blood Money had to face a replacement team with the Black Brothers ruled out due to injury, with the replacement being the SHOOT Project’s SAIGO!
  • Carny Sinclair captured the Las Vegas Championship in a big match against Big Aug!
  • Hugo Ryzing competed in his first sVo match for months, scoring an unpopular victory over former Tag Team partner Darwin Jones in a hard hitting match.
  • William Vorheez survived a scare in his match against Kenneth D Williams to retain the sVo Championship in the main event.

Bounce Back

As some highlights from last Sunday’s Ultimate Victory PPV play on the big screen, the fans cheer or boo along with the action that saw William Vorheez defend the sVo Championship, Johnny Moretti win the Victory Cup & Hugo Ryzing defeat his former tag team partner Darwin Jones! As the highlights end, the arena lights dim as the V-Tron goes dark and several different coloured gases start swirling in the middle. As the gases swirl faster the arena is rocked with an explosion from the V-Tron and pyro exploding from the ramp. The swirling gases are replaced by a spinning earth and ‘Evolution’ by Clawfinger fills the arena. The earth continues to spin as pictures of mankind’s greatest accomplishments and tragedies emanate from the spinning globe.

A Cro-Magnon man starts to walk forward evolving with every step it makes raising its arms out to the side, finally ending with Darwin Jones walking forward with his arms spread wide blocking out the view of the earth. Pyro explodes on the entrance ramp as Darwin Jones appears on the entrance ramp arms spread wide. He takes his time to the ring working the crowd into a frenzy. Sliding into the ring he pulls himself up into a corner still working for the crowd.

The fans continue to cheer Darwin Jones as he grabs a microphone from the ring announcer, Natasha Ortiz, before waiting for the music to fade out.

Darwin Jones: “Last Sunday, the unthinkable happened…. I walked into Ultimate Victory sure that I was going to score the win…. And I lost…..”

The fans boo loudly.

Darwin Jones: “But it isn’t over, no no no! Hugo Ryzing doesn’t get to do what he did and walk away from the fight after one match. I heard Hugo say on Sunday that he was moving on to bigger things, but I ain’t done with you and there ain’t no bigger things than me!”

Jones flexes his massive arm muscle and gets a cheer from the crowd.

Darwin Jones: “Hugo, I want you again in the ring, and this time the outcome will be very very different! Tonight begins to comeback from the biggest disappointment of my life, so I am out here on Uprising in front of all of these fantastic Las Vegas fans….”

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Darwin Jones: “… to throw out an open challenge to the sVo roster! Who wants to come out here and make a name for themselves?”

There are cheers from the fans as eyes turn to the entrance ramp to see if anyone will answer the open challenge from Darwin Jones! ‘There And Back’ by Daughtry hits the sound system and there is a cheer from the crowd as the lights in the arena dim. After a few seconds the impressive ‘the Dark Horse’ Curtis Knight slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp, before raising one arm in the air.

Jones looks shocked at the sight of his brother in law Knight, who stares him down from the top of the entrance ramp!

Curtis Knight: “Darwin, you are not the only one who suffered at Ultimate Victory. I suffered because that Victory Cup was mine….. but Johnny Moretti squeaked out the win in the semi final….”

Boos from the crowd.

Curtis Knight: “So you are not the only one looking to get their career back on track! Darwin, outside of the sVo we are family, but here tonight in that ring…. You are just another person standing between me and getting a shot at the sVo Championship belt!”

Jones strokes his chin, deep in thought as the fans give their reaction to Knight with loud cheers.

Darwin Jones: “Curtis, you are right we are family, but ever since you started dating my sister I have been dreaming of the opportunity to kick your ass! Your on!”

Jones drops the microphone in the ring and his music hits, as Jones and Knight stare each other down across the arena. Curtis Knight will take on his brother in law Darwin Jones, but will the friendly match between family stay friendly?

Commercial Break

Single Match
Boyd Jackson vs. Dale Norman

Not Just a Pretty Face

After the opening match of the night, the cameras head backstage where Cherry Bordeaux is standing by in the interview area with Katie Smith. The red head has a microphone in hand as always, as she welcomes viewers on HOTv to the show!

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, joining me tonight is the one and only Cherry Bordeaux!”

There are cheers from the crowd as Cherry smiles in the camera.

Katie Smith: “Now Cherry, tonight you go one on one with an old rival in Kat Kellison, what have you learned since your last encounter with her?”

Cherry Bordeaux: “Katie, it’s no secret I am still learning on the job here in the sVo. I probably have the least experience of anyone on the roster and I guess that is reflected in my win loss record….”

Bordeaux nervously laughs into the camera.

Cherry Bordeaux: “But I am know I am improving with every match and it won’t be long until I pick up my first win here! Now Kat Kellison is a tough competitor and I came up short last time, but I know that this time I am going to show the whole world that I am more than just a pretty face!”

Bordeaux winks into the camera before flashing her million dollar smile, as the scene fades out.

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Single Match
Cherry Bordeaux vs. Kat Kellison

Seriously? That Guy?

The cameras pick up backstage where Bronson Johnson, the new sVo Roulette Champion is in his locker room preparing for his first title defence, which is up next! As the Championship belt sits on a nearby folding chair, Johnson looks to be going through the last of his warm ups as the door opens and in walks his manager, JD James.

Bronson Johnson: “You manage to find out the opponent?”

James nods solemnly and Bronson Johnson shakes his head, expecting the worst.

Bronson Johnson: “I don’t care who it is JD, whoever it is I am beating, defending this ten times and getting myself a shot at the sVo Championship.”

Johnson points at the Roulette Championship belt as he speaks, whilst JD sits down next to the gold.

JD James: “Oh you will win tonight, I have no doubt about it.”

Bronson Johnson: “What’s with the look then?”

James gives out a big sigh before answering.

Bronson Johnson: “Come on who is it? Moretti? Knight? Vorheez?”

JD James: “Oh none of those guys, I’m afraid you gotta face….”

James looks disgusted that he even has to say the name.

JD James: “Clam Idia….”

Johnson looks furious upon hearing his opponent, as he quits the warm ups and scoops up his sVo Roulette Championship belt.

Bronson Johnson: “Is this some kind of joke? I am a serious god damn wrestler and they are going to put me in the ring with that freak?”

Johnson storms out of the locker room with his Roulette Championship belt, JD James following his client closely behind. With the Champion not too impressed with the first opponent that the roulette wheel has thrown up for him, does it spell bad news for ‘The Relentless’ Clam Idia tonight?

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Showdown 134
Live on HOTv
31st July 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Bronson Johnson vs. Clam Idia

Commercial Break

Do The Right Thing

We head backstage to the office of Jon Page, with the sVo Owner sitting behind his desk and looking pretty pleased with how the first television event of the HOTv era is going. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, before it swings open without giving Page the chance to answer, as Anthony Moretti walks in closely followed by the massive frame of Joe Barone!

Page scowls at the sight of Moretti, as he stands in front of the desk with a smirk on his face. Joe Barone stares Page down, standing a few steps behind Moretti with his arms folded looking menacing.

Anthony Moretti: “Page, Page, Page. You seem to like booking me on the B show all of a sudden…. What do your new masters on HOTv think of that?”

Jon Page: “I don’t have masters at HOTv kid, it’s a partnership… Considering you are under contract to the sVo I will book you on whatever show I like, so how about you run along and get ready for your match.”

Page tries to shoo Blood Money away with a flick of his hand, but Moretti just stands there smirking.

Anthony Moretti: “I’m not only under contract to you Page, I am also under contract at SHOOT Project…. Aren’t they on a rival network? Maybe I should start fulfilling my contract on that show a bit more often on the other side of town…..”

Page rises up to his feet, prepared for an argument, but Moretti holds his hands out in a surrender gesture.

Anthony Moretti: “Believe it or not I am not here to argue with you Johnny boy. I am hear for you to make things right from the PPV. We were due a title shot….”

Moretti points between himself and Barone to make the point.

Anthony Moretti: “… and the Black Brothers couldn’t fulfil their end of the bargain.”

Jon Page: “They were not medically cleared… you still got a match… you still got a pay day.”

Anthony Moretti: “And a very nice pay day it was too! Now as fan as it was throwing your ‘mystery’ opponents back in your face, we want the tag team titles back. Now if Black Brothers can’t compete, then time for you to hand them over.”

Page sighs as he sits back down in his chair.

Jon Page: “Tell you what, beat Son And A Gun tonight and if you do then and the Black Brothers are still out of action by next week, we will have a Tag Team title match next week on Showdown. After all I am sure that the Canadian Connection will want to be involved in the conversation as well….”

Moretti shakes his head before scoffing at Page.

Anthony Moretti: “Just delaying the inevitable Page…. You could have at least made things a little harder for us, you going soft in your old age?”

Moretti winks at Page before leading Joe Barone out of the bosses office and slamming the door behind him.

Tag Team Match
Blood Money vs. Son and A Gun

Leave Them to It

With the main event of the evening looming, the cameras cut to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with the former Roulette Champion and Victory Cup finalist, Athena! Athena isn’t dressed for battle tonight, but still towers over the pretty interviewer. The fans cheer loudly seeing the sight of Athena on the giant screen in the arena.

Katie Smith: “Athena, thanks for joining me tonight! Now you had a fantastic Victory Cup, making it all the way to the final! How do you reflect on the tournament?”

Athena: “Honestly Katie, even though I made it to the final it doesn’t seem like an achievement right now. Maybe I will look back and be proud, but right now that loss hurts. I should have had Johnny Moretti beat and it would have been a great way to stick it to Blood Money! But I will get back there and I will have my day!”

The fans cheer loudly for the words of Athena as Katie Smith moves on to the next question.

Katie Smith: “Now I have to ask you about tonight’s main event. Your brother Darwin Jones is set to take on your husband Curtis Knight…. What are your feelings about it?”

Athena shakes her head in disbelief.

Athena: “Honestly, I wish it wasn’t happening, but boys will be boys and I will let them have their dick measuring contest. But I tell you right now, if they don’t shake hands by the end of it, then they will both have ME to deal with!

Athena storms off as the scene fades out.

Commercial Break

Tag Team Match
British Hospitality vs. Canadian Connection

The New Attraction

We cut backstage to a tight shot of the Las Vegas Championship. The camera pans back to reveal a beaming Carny Sinclair with his freshly won title over his shoulder.

Carny Sinclair: “Ladies and gentleman, take a moment to relish in the dawning of a new day here in sVo. After months of toiling away with the undercard jabronis here, I was finally given the opportunity to show what I’m truly capable of. In my first attempt at gold, I put Big Aug down for the count and stand before you as the sVo Las Vegas Champion!”

Sinclair takes several boastful moments to nod appreciatively to himself.

Carny Sinclair: “It goes without saying that I am, without any shadow of doubt, one of the premier performers on this stage. But what’s more than that–something very few of you know–is that I am, at the core of my being–a family man. Now that I’ve ascended to my rightful spot as a champion here, I think it’s high time that you’re introduced to some members of my family.

The camera pans slowly to Sinclair’s side to reveal an absolutely massive Russian man. Standing just shy of 7 feet tall and 400 pounds, he stands with inconceivably muscled arms crossed across a barrel chest. He sneers at the camera, steel gray eyes piercing through the frame.

Carny Sinclair: “Reznikov will be by my side from now on, just in case anybody is under the illusion that this…”

Sinclair pats his title for effect.

Carny Sinclair: “.. is going absolutely… anywhere. Welcome to The Carnival. Enjoy the show!”

He laughs as the camera zooms in once more on the hulking Reznikov before fading away.

Commercial Break

The sVo Presents Jackpot 2022
Live on PPV on HOTv
28th August 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Single Match
Darwin Jones vs Curtis Knight

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