sVo Showdown 189
Live on the HOTv Network
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
7th July 2024

The camera sweeps over the electrified crowd in the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The energy is palpable, with fans holding up signs and cheering loudly, eager for the night’s action. The arena lights flicker in rhythm with the booming entrance music, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

Julian Fiasco: (enthusiastically) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 189, coming to you live from the legendary Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada! I’m Julian Fiasco, and alongside me, as always, is Jeremiah Sloan!

Jeremiah Sloan: (excitedly) That’s right, Julian! Tonight’s show is the final stop before the highly anticipated Roll the Dice PPV next week, and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

The camera zooms in on the commentators, Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan, who are seated at ringside, looking sharp and ready for the night ahead.

Julian Fiasco: (nodding) Absolutely, Jeremiah. We’ve got a stacked card tonight, but everyone’s eyes are on the main event, where Joe Barone of Blood Money will go one-on-one with his former teammate, Johnny All Star!

Jeremiah Sloan: (seriously) That’s right, Julian. Johnny All Star is gearing up for the fight of his life against Blood Money leader Anthony Moretti at next week’s Roll the Dice PPV, where his career will be on the line for a shot at the sVo Championship.

The camera cuts to a highlight reel showcasing Johnny All Star’s storied career, his recent struggles, and his intense rivalry with Anthony Moretti. It then transitions to clips of Joe Barone’s brutal in-ring style and his allegiance with Blood Money.

Julian Fiasco: (intensely) Johnny All Star has everything to fight for tonight. With his career on the line next week, a victory over Joe Barone could give him the momentum he desperately needs. But Barone isn’t going to make it easy. This is going to be one heck of a main event!

Jeremiah Sloan: (nodding) And that’s not all, Julian. We’ve got the final build-up for all the matches set for Roll the Dice, including updates on the International Tag Team Championship tournament, and much more!

The camera pans back to the roaring crowd, showcasing the excitement and anticipation in the arena.

Julian Fiasco: (smiling) It’s going to be a night full of twists, turns, and high-octane action! So buckle up, folks, because sVo Showdown 189 starts right now!

The camera cuts to the entrance ramp as the opening match’s competitors make their way to the ring, the crowd’s excitement growing even louder.


The scene transitions to the office of sVo COO Amy Page. The office is modern and sleek, with championship belts displayed on the walls and a large mahogany desk at the center. Amy Page sits behind the desk, looking over some paperwork. The door opens, and Victor Holland walks in with a determined expression.

Victor Holland: (politely but urgently) Ms. Page, I wanted to ask if anyone else has thrown their name in the hat for the #1 contender’s match for the Las Vegas Championship at the PPV next week.

Amy Page: (looking up with a smile) Victor, actually, I’ve been expecting you. And yes, we’ve had quite a few names come forward.

As if on cue, the door swings open again, and Carlos Vasquez strides in. The Miami Maverick, with his Scarface-inspired swagger, eyes Victor Holland before addressing Amy Page.

Carlos Vasquez: (with a cocky grin) Amy, I want in on that match. The Las Vegas Championship deserves a real champion. Someone with power. Someone like me.

Victor Holland: (nodding to Vasquez) Carlos.

The door opens again, and Alex Sterling steps in, exuding Hollywood charisma. He adjusts his sunglasses and flashes a movie-star smile.

Alex Sterling: (quoting a movie) “You see, Amy, this is show business, and every show needs a leading man. I’m ready for my close-up in that #1 contender’s match.”

Amy Page: (with a chuckle) Sterling, good to see you.

Before anyone else can speak, Jay Adder from Generation Joint enters, his demeanor serious and focused.

Jay Adder: (firmly) Amy, I want in. It’s time Generation Joint gets the recognition it deserves.

Victor Holland: (glancing at Adder) Jay.

The door swings open again, and the popular star from Chicago, Johnny Dorn, enters with his usual confidence.

Johnny Dorn: (with a nod) Amy, you know I’m in. Chicago’s finest is ready to bring that title home.

Amy Page: (smiling) Dorn, I figured you’d be here.

Finally, the chaotic heel, Trailer Trash Terry, bursts into the office, his wild energy filling the room.

Trailer Trash Terry: (with a sneer) Amy, this match needs a bit of chaos. Count me in. I’m taking that shot.

Amy Page looks around at the group, a satisfied smile on her face as she sees the fierce competition assembled before her.

Amy Page: (standing up) Gentlemen, it looks like we’ve got ourselves quite the match. Victor, you’re the first to enter, and now with Carlos, Alex, Jay, Johnny, and Terry, we’ve got a real fight on our hands. Next week at the Roll the Dice PPV, the winner of this match will earn a shot at the Las Vegas Championship.

Victor Holland: (determined) May the best man win.

Carlos Vasquez: (with a smirk) That’s going to be me.

Alex Sterling: (quoting again) “It’s not about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Jay Adder: (firmly) Let’s make this a match to remember.

Johnny Dorn: (confidently) I’ll see you all in the ring.

Trailer Trash Terry: (wildly) Get ready for a fight, boys.

Amy Page nods approvingly as the competitors exchange determined looks, the tension palpable. The scene fades out, leaving the viewers eagerly anticipating the clash of these six contenders at the PPV.

Legend vs. Monster

The lights in the Goodfellas Casino Arena dim, and the crowd buzzes with anticipation. Suddenly, the familiar theme music of the Japanese legend Night hits the speakers, and the fans erupt into loud cheers. The camera pans over the excited audience, capturing their enthusiasm as Night makes his way down the ramp, soaking in the adoration of the crowd.

Julian Fiasco: (excitedly) Listen to this reaction, Jeremiah! The fans are on their feet for the Japanese legend, Night!

Jeremiah Sloan: (nodding) And rightfully so, Julian. Night has been a cornerstone of the sVo, and it looks like he has something important to say tonight.

Night steps into the ring, his presence commanding respect and attention. He takes a moment to acknowledge the fans, then raises the microphone to his lips, his expression serious.

Night: (calm but determined) Thank you, everyone. I want to apologize to all of you for not stepping up to put a stop to my brother’s reign of terror sooner.

The crowd responds with supportive cheers, showing their understanding and forgiveness.

Night: (continuing) But now I know that the only way to stop him is to finally fight him again, and beat him at the Roll the Dice PPV next week!

The fans erupt into even louder cheers, chanting Night’s name in unison. Night looks around the arena, a determined glint in his eyes.

Julian Fiasco: (excitedly) There it is, Jeremiah! Night has thrown down the gauntlet for Roll the Dice!

Jeremiah Sloan: (seriously) This is the match we’ve all been waiting for, Julian. Brother against brother, legend against monster.

Suddenly, the giant screen flickers to life, and the masked face of Nightmare appears. The arena fills with boos as Nightmare’s ominous presence dominates the screen. He glares at Night through the mask, his voice cold and menacing as he speaks in Japanese.

Nightmare: (in Japanese, subtitled for the audience) 兄さん、来週はお前を完全に破壊してやる。(Brother, next week, I will finally destroy you once and for all.)

The crowd’s boos grow louder, but Nightmare’s sinister expression remains unchanged. Night stares back at the screen, unwavering and ready for the battle ahead.

Julian Fiasco: (intensely) Nightmare has spoken, and he’s made his intentions clear, Jeremiah. This is going to be a war!

Jeremiah Sloan: (nodding) Night vs. Nightmare at Roll the Dice. It’s a match that will decide the future of sVo!

The camera focuses on Night standing resolute in the ring, the crowd rallying behind him. The tension is palpable as the screen goes dark, leaving the fans buzzing with anticipation for the showdown between the two brothers at Roll the Dice.

Team Up?

The camera cuts to the bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Wrestlers and crew members move about, preparing for the night’s show. Rick Reid, with a determined look on his face, strides purposefully down the corridor. He spots Johnny Dorn, his old rival, stretching and preparing for his upcoming match. Reid approaches Dorn, who looks up with a mix of curiosity and wariness.

Rick Reid: (serious, yet somewhat conciliatory) Dorn, I need to talk to you.

Johnny Dorn: (skeptical) What do you want, Reid?

Rick Reid: (taking a deep breath) Look, I know we’ve had our differences, but I need a partner. The Dogs of War are tearing through everyone, and I need someone tough enough to stand by my side at the Roll the Dice PPV next week. What do you say?

Dorn lets out a scoff, shaking his head in disbelief.

Johnny Dorn: (sarcastically) You’re kidding, right? You, of all people, asking me for help?

Rick Reid: (sincerely) I’m serious, Dorn. We could put our past behind us and take those guys down together.

Johnny Dorn: (smirking) Sorry, Reid, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I’m competing in the elimination match to determine the next #1 contender for the Las Vegas Championship. I’m not going to risk that to be your backup.

Reid’s expression hardens, his frustration bubbling to the surface.

Rick Reid: (angrily) You think you’re too good to team up with me, huh? Fine. But I’ll tell you this, Dorn—you won’t even make it to the PPV. I want a match with you tonight!

Dorn’s smirk fades, replaced by a steely resolve. He steps closer to Reid, their faces inches apart.

Johnny Dorn: (firmly) You want a match? You got it. But don’t think for a second that I’m backing down.

Reid glares at Dorn, his eyes filled with intensity. The tension between them is palpable, as the camera captures the heated exchange.

Rick Reid: (gritting his teeth) See you in the ring, Dorn.

Dorn nods, not breaking eye contact with Reid.

Johnny Dorn: (coldly) Bring your best, Reid. You’re gonna need it.

The camera follows Reid as he storms off, his anger evident in every step. The scene then shifts back to Dorn, who watches Reid go, his expression a mix of determination and anticipation. The stage is set for a fierce clash between these two rivals later tonight.

Tag Team Match
Sin City Scoundrels vs. The Malones

Final Tasks

The camera transitions to the dimly lit, opulently furnished locker room of Blood Money. The atmosphere is tense and serious, with an undertone of authority and power. Anthony Moretti sits at the head of a large table, flanked by Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo. Standing before them, Danny Domino looks eager but slightly apprehensive, awaiting his final instructions.

Anthony Moretti: (leaning back in his chair, steepling his fingers) Danny, you’ve done well so far. But if you want to be a part of Blood Money, you need to prove that you’re willing to go the distance. No half measures.

Danny Domino nods, his expression determined.

Danny Domino: (confidently) I’m ready, Moretti. Whatever it takes.

Moretti exchanges a look with Barone, Gambino, and Columbo before turning his attention back to Domino.

Anthony Moretti: (authoritatively) Good. Tonight, your task is simple: take out Jay Adder. He’s been a thorn in our side for too long. Make sure he doesn’t make it to the PPV.

Domino nods again, the determination in his eyes growing stronger.

Anthony Moretti: (leaning forward, his voice lowering) But that’s not all. Next week at the Roll the Dice PPV, you need to take out Kenneth D Williams. End him. We need to put an end to Generation Joint once and for all.

Joe Barone smirks, cracking his knuckles in anticipation, while Gambino and Columbo nod in agreement, their expressions cold and calculating.

Danny Domino: (resolutely) Consider it done. Adder tonight, Williams at the PPV. Generation Joint will be history.

Anthony Moretti: (smirking) That’s what I like to hear. Prove yourself tonight, and next week you’ll be one of us. Fail, and… well, you know what happens to those who fail us.

The weight of Moretti’s words hangs in the air, the implication clear. Domino nods once more, his jaw set in determination.

Danny Domino: (firmly) I won’t fail.

Moretti stands up, extending a hand towards Domino, who shakes it firmly.

Anthony Moretti: (grinning) Welcome to the family, Danny. Now, go do what needs to be done.

Domino nods one last time and turns to leave, the camera following him as he exits the locker room with a newfound sense of purpose. The door closes behind him, and the scene shifts back to the remaining members of Blood Money, their expressions a mix of confidence and anticipation for the chaos about to unfold.

Single Match
Rick Reid vs. Johnny Dorn

Gang Warfare

The camera transitions to the brightly lit and lively locker room of Generation Joint. The atmosphere is buzzing with energy and camaraderie. Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, Jacob Izaz, and Gunner Lang are gathered, strategizing and prepping for the night’s events.

Kenneth D Williams: (patting Jay Adder on the back) Alright, Jay. Tonight’s your night to get some payback on that lowlife Danny Domino. Show him what happens when he messes with Generation Joint.

Jay Adder nods, his face set with determination.

Jay Adder: (firmly) You got it, Kenneth. He’s gonna regret ever crossing us.

Jacob Izaz and Gunner Lang, the sVo Tag Team Champions, exchange confident nods. The camaraderie and mutual respect among the team are palpable.

Jacob Izaz: (grinning) Give him one for us too, Jay.

Gunner Lang: (smirking) Yeah, make sure he knows we’re not just here to wrestle, we’re here to dominate.

Kenneth D Williams turns his attention to Izaz and Lang, the focus shifting to their upcoming plans.

Kenneth D Williams: (seriously) Izaz, Lang, you two have been holding it down as tag champs, but we need to be ready for anything. I’m gonna go see if Johnny All Star needs any backup for the PPV. With Blood Money always up to something, it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra pair of eyes.

Jacob Izaz and Gunner Lang nod in agreement, understanding the gravity of the situation.

Jacob Izaz: (nodding) Good call, Kenneth. Blood Money’s been getting too bold lately.

Gunner Lang: (serious) Yeah, we can’t let them think they run this place.

Kenneth D Williams: (confidently) Exactly. We need to make sure Johnny has all the support he can get. He’s facing his half-brother, and it’s not just any match—it’s his career on the line.

Jay Adder steps forward, his expression one of solidarity and resolve.

Jay Adder: (determined) And I’ll make sure Domino knows Generation Joint is not to be trifled with.

Kenneth D Williams nods, clapping Adder on the shoulder one more time.

Kenneth D Williams: (smiling) That’s the spirit. Alright, let’s do this. Jay, go get ready to kick some ass. Izaz, Lang, keep your eyes peeled and be ready for anything.

The team disperses with renewed determination, each member focused on their respective tasks. Jay Adder heads towards the ring area, his eyes blazing with purpose, while Kenneth D Williams exits the locker room, ready to offer his assistance to Johnny All Star.

The camera lingers on the Generation Joint locker room for a moment longer, capturing the unity and resolve that defines the group, before transitioning back to the arena, where the night’s battles are about to unfold.

Single Match
Danny Domino vs. Jay Adder

To the Rescue

The crowd is on their feet, cheering wildly as Jay Adder stands victorious in the center of the ring, having just defeated Danny Domino in a hard-fought singles match. Adder raises his arms in triumph, soaking in the adulation from the fans. The energy in the arena is electric, with chants of “Jay! Jay! Jay!” echoing throughout.

Julian Fiasco: What a match! Jay Adder with an impressive victory over Danny Domino!

Jeremiah Sloan: Adder showed tremendous heart and determination tonight, Julian. This is a huge win for him and Generation Joint!

As Jay Adder continues to celebrate, Danny Domino, still seething from his loss, gets to his feet with a malicious glint in his eye. Before Adder can react, Domino charges and blindsides him with a vicious forearm to the back of the head, sending him crashing to the mat. The crowd erupts in boos as Domino begins to stomp relentlessly on Adder, his face twisted in anger.

Julian Fiasco: Oh, come on! This is uncalled for!

Jeremiah Sloan: Domino is out for blood! This is despicable behavior!

Suddenly, the arena’s lights dim and the opening notes of Kenneth D Williams’ entrance music hit. The crowd’s boos turn to cheers as Williams sprints down the ramp, a look of fierce determination on his face.

Julian Fiasco: Here comes Kenneth D Williams! He’s not going to let this stand!

Jeremiah Sloan: Williams to the rescue!

Williams slides into the ring and immediately charges at Domino, who is caught off guard by the sudden intervention. Williams tackles Domino to the ground and unleashes a flurry of punches, driving him away from the fallen Adder. The crowd roars in approval as Williams continues to lay into Domino, who scrambles to his feet and quickly exits the ring, retreating up the ramp with a look of shock and anger.

Julian Fiasco: Kenneth D Williams has saved the day! Domino is high-tailing it out of here!

Jeremiah Sloan: That’s what you get when you mess with Generation Joint!

Williams helps Jay Adder to his feet, checking to make sure he’s okay. The two men share a nod of mutual respect and determination, standing united in the face of adversity. Williams raises Adder’s arm once more, signaling to the crowd that Generation Joint is stronger than ever.

Julian Fiasco: What a show of solidarity from Kenneth D Williams and Jay Adder. Generation Joint is not to be messed with!

Jeremiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian. They’ve sent a clear message to Danny Domino and anyone else thinking of crossing them!

As the crowd continues to cheer, Williams grabs a microphone from ringside. He raises it to his lips, his voice filled with intensity and resolve.

Kenneth D Williams: (breathing heavily) Danny Domino, you thought you could take us down? You thought wrong! This is just the beginning. Generation Joint is here to stay, and we’re not backing down from anyone!

The fans erupt once more, chanting “Generation Joint! Generation Joint!” Williams helps Adder out of the ring, and the two make their way up the ramp, standing tall and united as the scene fades out, leaving the crowd buzzing with excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

Julian Fiasco: What an incredible night, folks! Generation Joint standing strong and ready for anything!

Jeremiah Sloan: You said it, Julian. The Roll the Dice PPV is just around the corner, and things are heating up!

The camera captures the defiant and determined faces of Kenneth D Williams and Jay Adder as they head backstage, the screen fading to black with the roaring cheers of the crowd echoing in the background.

Single Match
Alex Sterling vs. Victor Holland


The scene transitions to the backstage office of sVo COO Amy Page. The room is sleek and modern, adorned with championship belts and memorabilia from the company’s storied history. Amy Page sits behind her desk, exuding authority and confidence. Standing in front of her is Rick Reid, looking dejected and frustrated after failing once again to secure a tag team partner for his upcoming match against the Dogs of War at the Roll the Dice PPV next week.

Amy Page: (looking up from her paperwork) Rick, I’ve heard you’ve been having some trouble finding a partner.

Rick Reid: (sighing) Yeah, Amy, it’s been a nightmare. No one wants to step up. I don’t know what else to do.

Amy Page: (leaning back in her chair, tapping her pen thoughtfully) You’re a valuable asset to this company, Rick. But I need someone who can get the job done. Someone who’s not going to back down when things get tough.

Rick Reid: (looking desperate) I know. And I promise, if you help me out here, I’ll do whatever it takes to make things right.

Amy Page: (smirking) Funny you should say that, Rick. I might have someone in mind. Someone I can call on. But if I do this for you, you need to understand that I’ll expect something in return.

Rick Reid: (nodding eagerly) Anything, Amy. Just name it.

Amy Page: (leaning forward, her expression serious) If I do you this favor, I need you to get onboard with what I need moving forward. That means no more questions, no more hesitations. When I say jump, you say how high. Understood?

Rick Reid: (taking a deep breath, then nodding) Understood. You have my word.

Amy Page: (smiling) Good. I’ll make the call. Just be ready for Roll the Dice. I’ll make sure you have the partner you need to take down the Dogs of War.

Rick Reid visibly relaxes, a look of relief washing over his face. He nods gratefully at Amy Page, who gives him a confident smile in return.

Amy Page: Now go out there and show everyone why you’re one of the best. And remember, Rick, this favor comes with a price. Don’t let me down.

Rick Reid: (determined) I won’t, Amy. Thank you.

Reid turns and exits the office, a newfound determination in his stride. Amy Page watches him go, her expression thoughtful as she picks up her phone and starts dialing.

Amy Page: (to herself) Let’s see if this plan of mine pays off.

The camera lingers on Amy Page as she makes the call, her expression revealing the confidence she has in her decision. The scene fades out, leaving the viewers intrigued about who will be Rick Reid’s partner at the Roll the Dice PPV and what plans Amy Page has in store for him.

Julian Fiasco: It looks like Rick Reid might finally get the help he needs! But at what cost?

Jeremiah Sloan: Amy Page is a shrewd operator. If she’s involved, you can bet there’s more to this than meets the eye. I can’t wait to see who she’s calling in!

The scene fades to black, the anticipation for the upcoming PPV building as the sVo universe eagerly awaits the next twist in the tale.

Single Match
Carlos Vasquez vs. Trailer Trash Terry

No Help Needed

The scene transitions to the office of sVo COO Amy Page. The office, decorated with championship belts and various memorabilia, exudes an air of authority. Amy Page sits behind her desk, reviewing some documents when the door opens and the members of Generation Joint—Kenneth D Williams, Jacob Izaz, and Gunner Lang—enter with determined expressions.

Kenneth D Williams: (stepping forward) Ms. Page, we’re here to let you know that we intend to be in the corner of Johnny All Star at the Roll the Dice PPV. He’s going to need our support against Blood Money.

Amy Page: (looking up with a smirk) Well, I appreciate your enthusiasm, Kenneth, but Johnny All Star has already spoken to me. He says he has everything under control.

Williams, Izaz, and Lang exchange skeptical glances, clearly not convinced.

Jacob Izaz: (frowning) Are you sure, Ms. Page? Because we know how Blood Money operates. All Star could use the backup.

Amy Page: (smirking, a hint of mischief in her eyes) Trust me, he’s made it clear. Besides, I’ve got something else for you to focus on.

Gunner Lang: (stepping forward) What’s that supposed to mean?

Amy Page: (leaning back in her chair) Next week at the PPV, you two—Lang and Izaz—will defend your Tag Team Titles against Columbo and Gambino of Blood Money.

The members of Generation Joint react with a mix of surprise and frustration.

Kenneth D Williams: (protesting) That’s ridiculous! You know Blood Money doesn’t fight fair.

Amy Page: (raising a hand to silence him) If you win, you’ll not only keep your Tag Titles, but you’ll also secure your place in the match for the newly created International Tag Team Championships.

Jacob Izaz: (determined) Fine. But you better believe we’re not going down without a fight.

Gunner Lang: (nodding) We’ll beat Columbo and Gambino, and then we’ll go after those International Tag Team Championships.

Amy Page: (smirking) That’s the spirit. Just make sure you’re ready, because Blood Money won’t make it easy for you.

Kenneth D Williams: (sternly) We’ve faced tough challenges before. We’re ready for this.

Amy Page gives a satisfied nod as the members of Generation Joint turn to leave, their resolve stronger than ever. As they exit the office, the scene fades out, leaving the viewers with a sense of anticipation for the upcoming PPV and the high-stakes matches ahead.


The scene shifts to the backstage interview area, where sVo’s renowned interviewer Katie Smith stands poised with a microphone. The backdrop is emblazoned with the sVo logo, and the atmosphere is tense with anticipation. Katie Smith is flanked by the veteran wrestler, Johnny All Star, who looks visibly nervous and irritable. His recent losing streak has clearly taken a toll on him, and the weight of his upcoming match against Anthony Moretti hangs heavy in the air.

Katie Smith: (with a professional yet concerned tone) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Johnny All Star. Johnny, you’ve had a rough few weeks with some tough losses. Next week at the Roll the Dice PPV, you face Anthony Moretti for the sVo Championship, with your career on the line. How are you feeling heading into tonight’s match against Blood Money enforcer Joe Barone?

Johnny All Star: (running a hand through his hair, visibly agitated) Katie, I’m not gonna lie. I’m feeling the pressure. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I’ve seen my fair share of highs and lows. But these past few weeks? They’ve been some of the toughest of my career.

Katie Smith: (nodding sympathetically) You’ve been a staple here in sVo for years, and the fans have always supported you. How are you dealing with the thought that next week could be your last match if you don’t win the championship?

Johnny All Star: (sighing deeply) It’s been eating at me, Katie. I’ve dedicated my life to this business. To think that it could all end if I don’t win next week… it’s almost unbearable. But I’m trying to stay focused. Tonight, I have to get past Joe Barone. He’s a monster, no doubt about it. But I’ve faced monsters before, and I’ve come out on top.

Katie Smith: (with a reassuring smile) You’ve always been a fighter, Johnny. The fans believe in you. Do you have any final words for Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone?

Johnny All Star: (taking a deep breath, trying to muster confidence) Moretti, Barone, Blood Money—listen up. I might be on a losing streak, but I’m not done yet. I’ve got one last fight in me, and I’m not going down without a fight. Barone, tonight you’re standing in my way, but I’ll be damned if I let you stop me. And Moretti, next week, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for that title. I’m coming to save my career.

Johnny All Star pauses, looking directly into the camera, his eyes filled with determination.

Johnny All Star: (with fierce determination) This isn’t just about a title. It’s about my legacy. It’s about everything I’ve worked for. So, to all my fans out there, thank you for sticking with me. I won’t let you down. Not tonight, and not next week.

The tension in the air is palpable as Johnny All Star finishes his statement. Katie Smith nods appreciatively, clearly moved by his words.

Katie Smith: (smiling supportively) Thank you, Johnny. Best of luck tonight.

Johnny All Star nods and walks off, heading towards his impending battle with Joe Barone. The camera zooms in on Katie Smith, who turns back to address the viewers.

Katie Smith: (to the viewers) There you have it, folks. Johnny All Star is determined to turn things around. Will he overcome Joe Barone tonight and carry that momentum into his career-defining match next week? Stay tuned to find out.

The camera fades to black as the anticipation for Johnny All Star’s match builds, leaving the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Single Match
Johnny All Star vs. Joe Barone

Broken & Beaten

The scene is set in the Goodfellas Casino Arena, buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The main event between Joe Barone and Johnny All Star has just concluded, and the atmosphere is electric. Joe Barone stands tall in the ring, his hand raised in victory by the referee. The crowd’s reaction is mixed, with boos directed at Barone and cheers of support for the fallen veteran, Johnny All Star.

Johnny All Star slumps in the corner of the ring, his body showing the wear and tear of a hard-fought match. His face is a mixture of dejection and desperation, knowing that if he faces the same fate next week, his illustrious career will come to an end. Blood Money—Anthony Moretti, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo—stand at the top of the entrance ramp, celebrating Barone’s victory with smug expressions and taunting gestures towards the ring.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) Johnny All Star gave it his all tonight, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer power of Joe Barone. You have to wonder, Jeremiah, is this a sign of what’s to come at Roll the Dice?

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) It’s heartbreaking, Julian. All Star’s career is on the line next week against his half-brother, Anthony Moretti. If he can’t turn things around, we could be witnessing the end of an era.

In the ring, Johnny All Star pulls himself up using the ropes, his face etched with determination despite the pain. He looks out at the crowd, who chant his name in support, trying to muster the strength to stand tall once more. The camera zooms in on his face, capturing the raw emotion and the weight of the moment.

Johnny All Star: (barely audible, to himself) I can’t let it end like this. Not like this.

As Blood Money continue their celebration at the top of the ramp, Anthony Moretti grabs a microphone, the arrogance evident in his voice.

Anthony Moretti: (taunting) Hey, Johnny! Look at you, all broken and beaten. Next week, it’s going to be even worse. Your career ends, and I’ll still be the sVo Champion!

The crowd boos loudly, their support for Johnny All Star unwavering despite the odds. Johnny All Star, now standing with the help of the ropes, glares up the ramp at Moretti, his eyes filled with defiance.

Johnny All Star: (shouting) This isn’t over, Anthony! I’ll give everything I have, and I’ll take that title from you! I will do whatever it takes!

Moretti laughs, enjoying the psychological edge he seems to hold. Blood Money slowly make their way to the back, leaving Johnny All Star alone in the ring, absorbing the gravity of his situation. The crowd’s cheers for All Star grow louder, a final show of support as the show nears its conclusion.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) Johnny All Star has one more chance to turn his fate around. Next week at Roll the Dice, it’s all or nothing.

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) The stakes have never been higher. Can Johnny All Star pull off the ultimate comeback, or will we see the end of his storied career?

The camera takes one last lingering shot of Johnny All Star, standing resilient in the ring despite his defeat, before fading to black as the sVo Showdown logo appears on the screen. The show ends, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the high-stakes confrontation at Roll the Dice.

One Week Away!

The cameras cut backstage to the parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. The night air is cool and filled with tension as sVo COO Amy Page stands with an air of anticipation. The commentators, Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan, speculate fervently over the scene unfolding before them.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) Ladies and gentlemen, we are nearly out of time after that thrilling main event, but backstage it looks like Amy Page is waiting for someone. But who could it be?

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) I have no idea, Julian. But knowing Amy Page, it has to be something big. We’re just one week away from Roll the Dice, and anything could happen!

The camera pans to Amy Page, her eyes fixed on the entrance of the parking lot. Suddenly, the sound of a powerful engine fills the air, and the headlights of a sleek, black limousine cut through the darkness as it slowly pulls up. The tension in the arena is palpable as the limousine comes to a stop, and the door remains closed for a few suspenseful seconds.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) This is it, Jeremiah. Whoever is in that limo, it’s going to shake things up!

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) I’m on the edge of my seat here, Julian. Who is it?

The door of the limousine finally opens, and the crowd in the arena reacts with a mix of awe and excitement as none other than Masafumi Satake, the International Heavyweight Champion, steps out. The imposing Project:Violence wrestler stands tall, his championship belt gleaming under the parking lot lights.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) Oh my god! It’s Masafumi Satake, the International Heavyweight Champion from Project:Violence!

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) This is huge, Julian! What is Satake doing here in the sVo?

Amy Page steps forward with a confident smile and extends her hand to Satake, who shakes it firmly. The camera zooms in on the handshake, symbolizing a significant alliance or agreement. The two exchange a few words, though their conversation remains inaudible to the audience.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) This is a game-changer, folks! Masafumi Satake’s presence here must mean something big is in the works. Satake did hint at Uprising last night that he intended to defend his Championship all around the globe, including right here in the sVo!

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) With only one week until Roll the Dice, this could have massive implications for the PPV!

The camera captures a close-up of Satake’s stern expression and his championship belt, emphasizing the importance of his arrival. Amy Page and Satake then turn towards the camera, their expressions confident and poised, leaving the audience in suspense.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) What does this mean for the sVo and for Roll the Dice? We’ll find out soon enough!

Jeremiah Sloan: (on commentary) One thing’s for sure, Julian. The landscape of the sVo just changed dramatically!

The screen fades to black with the sVo logo, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the developments in the lead-up to Roll the Dice. The show goes off the air, the buzz of anticipation echoing in the minds of the fans.

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