sVo Showdown 187
Live on the HOTv Network
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
23rd June 2024

[The camera sweeps across the packed Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, capturing the electric atmosphere as fans wave signs and cheer loudly. The sVo Showdown 187 logo flashes across the screen as pyrotechnics explode on the stage. The camera then cuts to the commentator’s table where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan are ready to kick off the show.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 187, coming to you live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas! I’m Julian Fiasco, and alongside me is Jeremiah Sloan. Jeremiah, the energy in this arena is off the charts tonight!

Jeremiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian! The fans are pumped, and we’ve got an incredible lineup of matches and segments coming your way. The main event tonight will see Johnny All Star go one-on-one with ‘the Bully’ Danny Domino, who many suspect has been doing the dirty work for Blood Money.

Julian Fiasco: That’s right, Jeremiah. Johnny All Star has his sights set on Anthony Moretti and the sVo Championship & is prepared to put his stellar career on the line to do it, but first, he has to get through Domino, who has been a thorn in his side. You can bet All Star will be looking for some retribution tonight.

Jeremiah Sloan: And speaking of Anthony Moretti, the reigning sVo Champion, Las Vegas Champion, and Roulette Champion, everyone wants to hear from him tonight. Moretti has been silent on Domino’s involvement with Blood Money, but will we get some answers tonight?

Julian Fiasco: We certainly hope so. But that’s not all, folks. There’s another storyline that has everyone on the edge of their seats – Nightmare’s path of destruction. He’s been tearing through the roster, and the question on everyone’s mind is, will his brother Night step up and face him?

Jeremiah Sloan: Night is a fan favorite, and the crowd is desperate for him to take a stand against Nightmare. The tension is palpable, and we’re hoping for some answers tonight.

Julian Fiasco: It’s going to be an unforgettable night, filled with high-stakes matches and plenty of drama. So sit tight and get ready for the action, because sVo Showdown 187 starts now!

[The camera pans to the entrance ramp as the lights dim, signaling the start of the first match. The crowd roars in anticipation, and the show officially begins.]

Team Up?

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the camera follows ‘Razor’ Rick Reid as he strides purposefully through the corridor. The arena buzzes with excitement from the ongoing show, but Reid’s expression is all business. He spots the ‘Modern Day Cowboy’ Bronson Martinez leaning against a locker, preparing for his upcoming match.]

Rick Reid: (with a confident smirk) Hey, Bronson. Got a minute?

Bronson Martinez: (looks up, slightly annoyed) What do you want, Reid?

Rick Reid: (crosses his arms) Look, I know we’re not exactly friends, but I need a partner for Roll the Dice to take down the Dogs of War. You’re tough, and you’ve got the skills. What do you say? You and me, we could make it work.

Bronson Martinez: (scoffs) Team up with you? The last thing I want to do is team with Rick Reid. I work alone. Always have, always will.

Rick Reid: (glaring, frustration evident) You sure about that? Because those Dogs of War have been tearing through everyone, and you could use some backup.

Bronson Martinez: (takes a step closer, intensity in his voice) I’m sure. I don’t need backup. Especially not from someone like you. (walks away, leaving Reid standing there)

[The camera zooms in on Rick Reid’s face, showing his seething anger and frustration as he watches Martinez walk away. He clenches his fists, clearly not used to being rejected.]

Rick Reid: (muttering to himself) You’re gonna regret that, Martinez. You’ll see.

[The scene fades out as Reid storms off, determination and rage in his eyes, setting the stage for further confrontations and alliances as the Roll the Dice PPV approaches.]

Surviving the Problem Solver

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the camera transitions to the office of sVo COO Amy Page. The office is sleek and modern, with framed pictures of iconic sVo moments adorning the walls. Amy Page sits behind her desk, reviewing paperwork, when the door swings open and ‘The LA Luminary’ Alex Sterling strides in, looking every bit the Hollywood star.]

Amy Page: (looking up) Alex, what can I do for you?

Alex Sterling: (dramatically) Amy, this situation reminds me of the plot of “The Godfather.” You see, Anthony Moretti is like Don Corleone, sitting on his throne, holding onto the Las Vegas and Roulette Championships like they’re his personal treasures. But in Hollywood, the hero always steps up to challenge the tyrant. And that hero is me. I want a shot at those titles. He hasn’t been defending them enough, and it’s time someone took him down.

[As Sterling passionately makes his case, the door opens again, and Anthony Moretti enters with ‘The Problem Solver’ Joe Barone right behind him. Moretti scoffs loudly, catching Sterling off guard.]

Anthony Moretti: (mocking) Hollywood, huh? You really think you’re some kind of hero, Sterling? This isn’t a movie. This is the real world, and in the real world, I’m the undisputed king of sVo. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you your shot at both the Las Vegas and Roulette Championships next week.

Alex Sterling: (turning to face Moretti) And what’s the catch, Moretti?

Anthony Moretti: (smirking) The catch is, you’ve got to survive against Joe Barone tonight. You get through him, and you’ll get your title shot.

[Amy Page, observing the tension, decides to intervene.]

Amy Page: (firmly) Alright, enough. Sterling, you’ve got your match tonight against Joe Barone. If you win, you’ll face Moretti for both the Las Vegas and Roulette Championships next week. But if you lose, you’re back at the bottom of the ladder. Understood?

Alex Sterling: (nodding, determination in his eyes) Understood. I’ll see you in the ring, Joe.

Joe Barone: (smirking menacingly) Looking forward to it, Hollywood.

[The camera captures the intense standoff between Sterling, Moretti, and Barone before fading out, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown later in the night.]

Single Match
Bronson Martinez vs. Rick Reid

Not Needed

[The scene transitions to the ring, where ‘Razor’ Rick Reid stands tall over a fallen Bronson Martinez. The bell has already rung, signaling the end of the match, but Reid shows no signs of stopping his relentless assault. The crowd boos loudly as Reid continues to stomp on Martinez, clearly taking out his earlier frustration.]

Julian Fiasco: (commentating) This is absolutely despicable behavior from Rick Reid! The match is over, but he’s still punishing Bronson Martinez!

Jeremiah Sloan: (commentating) It’s clear that Reid is still fuming from Martinez’s earlier rejection to team up with him at the Roll the Dice PPV. This is uncalled for!

[Reid finally stops his attack and grabs a microphone from the ringside announcer. He stands over Martinez, breathing heavily, as the crowd’s boos intensify.]

Rick Reid: (sneering) You think I need this guy? You think I need Bronson Martinez to win my match against the Dogs of War? (pauses to let the boos grow louder) You all must be out of your minds!

[Reid paces around the ring, clearly agitated but feeding off the crowd’s reaction.]

Rick Reid: I could pick a nobody out of the crowd, and we’d still pick up the win! (points at the audience) Yeah, you heard me! I don’t need anyone special to beat those two clowns. All I need is myself, and anyone I choose, and we’ll get the job done!

[The crowd erupts in boos, showing their disdain for Reid’s arrogance. He smirks, clearly enjoying the reaction.]

Rick Reid: (raising his voice) So, go ahead and boo! It doesn’t matter! Because at Roll the Dice, the Dogs of War are going down, and it’ll be because of me!

[Reid drops the microphone with a thud and gives Martinez one final, disdainful look before exiting the ring. The crowd continues to boo as the camera captures the defiant expression on Reid’s face.]

Julian Fiasco: (commentating) Rick Reid has made his statement loud and clear, but this level of arrogance could be his downfall.

Jeremiah Sloan: (commentating) We’ll see if he can back up his words at Roll the Dice. One thing’s for sure, the Dogs of War won’t be an easy challenge, no matter who Reid’s partner is.

[The camera follows Reid as he makes his way up the ramp, ignoring the jeers from the crowd, and then cuts back to the ring where medical personnel are attending to Bronson Martinez.]

Julian Fiasco: (commentating) Folks, we hope Bronson Martinez is alright after that brutal post-match assault. Stay with us, we’ve got more action coming up next!

[The scene fades out, leaving the audience eager for the next development in this heated rivalry.]

The Wrecking Ball

[The scene transitions to the backstage interview area where Katie Smith stands with a microphone. She is flanked by Nate McKenzie and Jack O’Connor, the formidable Dogs of War, and their manager James Shepherd, who exudes confidence and intensity.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Dogs of War—Nate McKenzie, Jack O’Connor, and their manager James Shepherd. Gentlemen, you just saw Rick Reid’s actions in the ring earlier tonight. What are your thoughts on his words and actions?

[James Shepherd, with a smug grin on his face, steps forward to answer. Nate McKenzie and Jack O’Connor stand behind him, looking ready for battle.]

James Shepherd: (speaking with the energy and charisma of Jim Cornette) Katie, let me tell you something about Rick Reid. This man is out here running his mouth, saying he doesn’t need anyone special to beat the Dogs of War? Ha! That’s rich! He’s gonna need more than just his big mouth and his ego to stand a chance against the most dominant force in sVo—my boys, Nate McKenzie and Jack O’Connor.

[Shepherd gestures towards McKenzie and O’Connor, who nod in agreement.]

James Shepherd: Rick Reid thinks he can pick a nobody out of the crowd and still win? Well, he’s got another thing coming. The Dogs of War are not just another team you can push around. We’re the wrecking ball that’s gonna smash through his delusions of grandeur. Reid, you want to make this personal? You want to turn this into a vendetta? Fine by us. But mark my words, you’re gonna regret every syllable that spewed out of your mouth tonight.

Katie Smith: Strong words from your manager. Speaking of competition, your next match is against the Canadian Connection, Jake Hughes and Scott Cole, who are former two-time Tag Team Champions. How are you preparing for such a formidable team?

James Shepherd: (scoffing) Katie, let me educate you a bit on wrestling history. The Canadian Connection may have their accolades, but those titles are in the past. Tonight, they’re stepping into the ring with the present and future of tag team wrestling. Hughes and Cole are gonna find out that their best days are behind them when they face the Dogs of War. We don’t just beat teams; we dismantle them. We’re the wrecking crew, the destroyers of dreams, and we’re going to show the Canadian Connection why they should have stayed at home.

[Shepherd steps closer to the camera, his eyes burning with intensity.]

James Shepherd: So, Jake Hughes, Scott Cole, bring your A-game. Bring your best. But remember this, when you step into that ring with the Dogs of War, you’re stepping into a battlefield, and we don’t play fair. We play to win, and we win by any means necessary.

[Shepherd steps back, his smug grin returning as Nate McKenzie and Jack O’Connor crack their knuckles, ready for the upcoming match.]

Katie Smith: There you have it, folks. The Dogs of War are ready to make their mark against the Canadian Connection. Stay tuned, that match is up next!

[The camera zooms in on the determined faces of the Dogs of War and their manager James Shepherd before cutting back to the arena.]

Julian Fiasco: (commentating) The Dogs of War are fired up and ready to take on the Canadian Connection. This is going to be one intense match!

Jeremiah Sloan: (commentating) Absolutely, Julian. The tension is high, and with the Dogs of War’s ruthless attitude, this is going to be a clash to remember!

Tag Team Match
Dogs of War vs. Canadian Connection

Doing What is Right

[The scene transitions to the locker room of Generation Joint, where Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, and the Tag Team Champions Gunner Lang and Jacob Izaz are gathered. The atmosphere is tense as they discuss the night’s events.]

Kenneth D Williams: (pacing back and forth) You guys saw what Danny Domino did to me last week. He’s got Blood Money written all over him.

Jay Adder: (nodding) Yeah, and tonight he’s facing Johnny All Star in the main event. If he’s doing Moretti’s bidding, All Star’s in serious trouble.

Gunner Lang: (leaning against a locker) We all know Blood Money plays dirty. Moretti would love to see Johnny out of the picture before the PPV. Taking him out tonight would be the perfect setup.

Jacob Izaz: (sitting on a bench, arms crossed) If Domino’s working for Blood Money, then you can bet he’s got orders to injure Johnny All Star. They’re not just looking for a win; they’re looking to take him out for good.

Kenneth D Williams: (stopping his pacing, looking at his teammates) We can’t let that happen. We’ve had our differences with All Star in the past, but he’s got to make it to Roll the Dice. We can’t let Blood Money run this place into the ground.

Jay Adder: (serious tone) We need to be ready. If Domino tries anything shady, we need to be there to stop it. We can’t let them take out another top contender.

Gunner Lang: (determined) Agreed. Blood Money’s been getting away with too much lately. It’s time someone stood up to them and put an end to their games.

Jacob Izaz: (leaning forward) So what’s the plan? Do we stay ringside? Or do we wait for Domino to make a move and then jump in?

Kenneth D Williams: (decisive) We’ll be ready for whatever happens. We stay close to the action, keep our eyes on Domino. If he tries anything, we’re there to back up All Star. We’re not letting Blood Money dictate how this night ends.

Jay Adder: (smirking) Sounds like a plan. Let’s show Domino and Blood Money that Generation Joint isn’t to be messed with.

Gunner Lang: (nodding) Tonight, we make a statement. No more underhanded tactics, no more bullying. We stand up for what’s right.

Jacob Izaz: (with determination) Alright, let’s do this. All Star might be going it alone in the ring, but he’s not alone in this fight.

[The group huddles together, their resolve clear. The scene fades out as they prepare to head towards the main event, ready to intervene if necessary.]

Julian Fiasco: (commentating) You can feel the tension building. Generation Joint is ready to step in if Danny Domino tries any dirty tricks tonight.

Jeremiah Sloan: (commentating) Absolutely, Julian. With so much at stake, it’s good to see someone looking out for Johnny All Star. This main event is going to be explosive!

[The camera cuts back to the arena, building anticipation for the showdown to come.]

Single Match
Alex Sterling vs. Joe Barone

Don’t mess with the Maverick

[The camera transitions to the backstage interview area, where Katie Smith is standing with a microphone. Beside her is the intense and charismatic “Miami Maverick” Carlos Vasquez. Vasquez exudes confidence, his presence commanding the space as Katie begins the interview.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the “Miami Maverick” Carlos Vasquez. Carlos, tonight you face the dangerous Trailer Trash Terry in singles action. How are you feeling heading into this match?

Carlos Vasquez: (smirking) Katie, let me tell you something. Trailer Trash Terry, he’s a wild dog, no doubt. But you see, I’m the one who runs the streets. I’m the kingpin of this game, and Terry? He’s just another punk trying to make a name for himself. He’s gonna learn tonight that in my world, you either rise up or you get taken out. Simple as that.

Katie Smith: (nodding) Strong words, Carlos. Now, earlier tonight, we saw Alex Sterling lose to Joe Barone, missing his chance to earn a title shot. What are your thoughts on that match and Sterling’s performance?

Carlos Vasquez: (laughs) Alex Sterling? Man, that guy’s living in a fantasy. He thinks he’s some Hollywood hero, but this ain’t no movie. This is real life, baby, and in real life, you gotta have more than just big talk and movie quotes. Joe Barone? He’s a beast, a real deal hitter. Sterling got a taste of what happens when you step into the ring with someone who doesn’t play by the script.

Katie Smith: Do you think Sterling has what it takes to eventually earn a title shot, or is he out of his league?

Carlos Vasquez: (shrugs) Maybe he’ll get there one day, if he stops daydreaming and starts fighting for real. But right now? He’s out of his league. You gotta earn your stripes in this business, and Sterling’s got a long way to go. He wants a shot at the gold? He’s gotta learn to survive first, just like everyone else.

Katie Smith: Speaking of the gold, Carlos, are you aiming for another title shot yourself soon?

Carlos Vasquez: (intensely) Katie, I’m always aiming for the top. I came here to conquer, to dominate. I had a taste of that Las Vegas Championship shot, and I’m hungry for more. But first, I’m gonna take care of Trailer Trash Terry tonight. After that? Whoever’s holding the gold better watch their back, because the Miami Maverick is coming, and I take no prisoners.

Katie Smith: Thank you for your time, Carlos. Good luck in your match tonight.

Carlos Vasquez: (smirking) Luck? I don’t need luck, Katie. I make my own destiny. Terry’s about to find out why you don’t mess with the Maverick.

[The camera fades out as Carlos Vasquez walks away with a confident stride, leaving Katie Smith to wrap up the segment.]

Katie Smith: There you have it, folks. Carlos Vasquez is fired up and ready for his match tonight against Trailer Trash Terry. Stay tuned for more action here on sVo Showdown!

[The scene transitions back to the arena, the crowd buzzing with anticipation for the night’s events.]

Single Match
Carlos Vasquez vs. Trailer Trash Terry

For the Fans

[The camera transitions to the backstage interview area, where Katie Smith stands with a microphone. Beside her is the popular and rising star, Victor Holland. Holland looks determined and ready for action.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with one of sVo’s brightest up-and-coming stars, Victor Holland. Victor, a few weeks ago, you suffered a brutal beatdown at the hands of Nightmare. Have you fully recovered from that, and how are you feeling about your match tonight against Johnny Dorn?

Victor Holland: (nodding) Thanks, Katie. Yeah, that beatdown by Nightmare was tough. He’s a force to be reckoned with, no doubt. But I’ve been working hard, getting stronger every day. I’m feeling good, and I’m ready to get back in the ring. Tonight, it’s all about moving forward and proving myself against Johnny Dorn.

Katie Smith: Speaking of Johnny Dorn, he’s known for being a tough competitor from Chicago. What are your thoughts on facing him tonight?

Victor Holland: Johnny Dorn is a great wrestler. He’s got experience and grit. I respect that. But tonight, I’m here to show everyone that I can hang with the best. This is my chance to make a statement and prove that I belong at the top. I’m excited for the challenge, and I know the fans are in for a treat.

[As Victor Holland finishes speaking, Johnny Dorn enters the frame, extending his hand towards Holland with a friendly smile.]

Johnny Dorn: (shaking Holland’s hand) Victor, good to see you. I just wanted to come by and say I’m looking forward to our match tonight. Let’s put on a show for the fans and may the best man win.

Victor Holland: (smiling) Absolutely, Johnny. Let’s give them a match to remember.

Katie Smith: There you have it, folks. Respect between these two competitors as they prepare to face off tonight. Victor, Johnny, good luck to both of you.

Victor Holland & Johnny Dorn: (simultaneously) Thanks, Katie.

[The camera fades out as both men nod to each other, showing mutual respect before heading off to prepare for their match. The scene transitions back to the arena, the anticipation for the match building among the fans.]

Katie Smith: Stay tuned, everyone. Up next, Victor Holland takes on Johnny Dorn in what promises to be an incredible match!

Up to no Good

[The camera opens to the bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Staff and wrestlers are seen moving about, preparing for the evening’s matches. Suddenly, the locker room door of Blood Money creaks open, and out steps Danny Domino. He looks particularly pleased with himself, a sly smile on his face as he walks away without uttering a word.]

[A few wrestlers and crew members nearby notice the scene and start whispering among themselves. The camera catches snippets of their conversation as Danny Domino strides confidently down the hallway.]

Crew Member 1: Did you see that? Danny Domino just came out of Blood Money’s locker room.

Ricky Johnson: Yeah, and he looks pretty happy about something. What do you think that was about?

Crew Member 2: Maybe he’s making some kind of deal with them? He’s been causing a lot of trouble lately, just like Blood Money.

CJ Dreamer: Could be. He did attack Johnny All Star, and now he’s meeting with Moretti and his crew. This can’t be good.

[The camera follows Danny Domino as he continues down the hallway, his smug expression unwavering. He passes by a few more wrestlers who exchange curious glances, clearly speculating about the possible alliance.]

Crew Member 3: If he’s teaming up with Blood Money, things are about to get a lot more dangerous around here.

Ricky Johnson: No kidding. Blood Money with Domino on their side? That’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

[Danny Domino finally reaches the end of the hallway, turning a corner and disappearing from view. The camera cuts back to the group of wrestlers and crew members, their expressions a mix of concern and curiosity.]

Crew Member 1: We’d better keep an eye on him. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Domino and Blood Money working together.

CJ Dreamer: Agreed. Whatever’s going on, it’s not going to be good for anyone who gets in their way.

[The camera fades out, leaving the backstage area buzzing with speculation and anticipation as the show continues.]

Single Match
Johnny Dorn vs. Victor Holland

The Nightmare Looms

[The camera cuts to the sVo ring inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where the aftermath of a thrilling match between Victor Holland and Johnny Dorn has just concluded. Victor Holland stands tall in the center of the ring, catching his breath and soaking in the applause from the electrified crowd. Johnny Dorn, showing signs of exhaustion but also respect, approaches Holland with a microphone in hand.]

Johnny Dorn: “Victor, that was one hell of a match. You’ve got skills, kid. I’d be honored to mix it up with you again someday.”

[Victor Holland nods appreciatively, extending his hand towards Dorn. The two competitors shake hands amid cheers from the audience, showing mutual respect for each other’s efforts. The atmosphere is positive and uplifting, with both wrestlers acknowledging the sportsmanship that defines their profession.]

[However, just as the moment of camaraderie seems to solidify, the arena plunges into darkness. The crowd’s cheers turn to confused murmurs, unsure of what’s happening. After a few suspenseful moments, the lights abruptly flicker back on, revealing a shocking scene in the ring.]

[Victor Holland and Johnny Dorn are both sprawled out on the canvas, clutching their chests in pain. Standing over them, with an expression of rage and frustration on his masked face, is Nightmare. The boos from the crowd rain down heavily, a stark contrast to the earlier cheers for the competitors.]

[Nightmare’s intense gaze darts between Holland and Dorn, his fists clenched in anger. He grabs a microphone and lifts it to his masked mouth, his voice seething with fury as he addresses the fallen wrestlers.]

Nightmare: “Night! This is your fault! You’re hiding like a coward, avoiding me while I destroy everyone in my path! Face me, damn it!”

[The arena resonates with the hatred in Nightmare’s voice, his words echoing through the audience. The commentators speculate on the implications of Nightmare’s actions and what Night’s response might be, emphasizing the growing tension between the brothers.]

[As Nightmare stands tall amidst the chaos he’s caused, the camera fades out, leaving the scene in the ring filled with uncertainty and anticipation for what’s to come.]

I Belong

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Katie Smith stands ready with her microphone, preparing to interview Johnny All Star before his high-stakes main event match against Danny Domino. Johnny All Star, looking focused yet contemplative, approaches for the interview.]

Katie Smith: “Johnny, tonight you’re stepping into the ring with Danny Domino, a man suspected of working for Blood Money. How are you feeling heading into this match?”

[Johnny All Star nods, taking a moment to collect his thoughts before responding.]

Johnny All Star: “Katie, tonight is about more than just facing Danny Domino. It’s about proving that I belong at the top of the sVo, and that I can overcome any obstacle in my path, whether it’s Blood Money or anyone else. As for Danny Domino, he’s a tough competitor, but I’ve faced tougher. I’m focused, determined, and ready to give it everything I’ve got.”

Katie Smith: “Looking ahead, you’ve got a major match coming up against your half-brother Anthony Moretti at Roll the Dice next month. You’ve put your career on the line for a shot at the sVo Championship. How do you feel about the stakes?”

[Johnny All Star’s expression turns serious as he considers the gravity of the situation.]

Johnny All Star: “Putting my career on the line is a risk, Katie, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take to get my hands on that sVo Championship. Moretti may have all the gold right now, but he’s not invincible. I know what’s at stake, and I’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top. This is my opportunity to prove that I’m the best in the business, and I’m not backing down.”

[As Johnny All Star finishes his statement, he adjusts his gear, preparing mentally for the match ahead. The camera focuses on Katie Smith, nodding in understanding, before cutting back to the arena for the upcoming main event, leaving the audience eager to witness the unfolding drama.]

Single Match
Johnny All Star vs. Danny Domino

The End in Sight?

[The arena is tense as the main event of Showdown concludes. Danny Domino stands victorious over Johnny All Star, who sits dejectedly in the corner of the ring, contemplating his future in the sVo. Danny Domino, with a sinister smirk on his face, begins to advance towards All Star, grabbing a steel chair from ringside, clearly intent on inflicting more damage.]

[As Domino raises the chair, the arena suddenly erupts with the entrance music of Generation Joint. Jay Adder, Kenneth D Williams, Gunner Lang, and Jacob Izaz storm down the ramp, quickly sliding into the ring to confront Danny Domino. The crowd cheers as Generation Joint stands between Danny Domino and Johnny All Star, preventing any further assault.]

[Danny Domino hesitates, glancing around at the unified front of Generation Joint. He snarls in frustration, clearly outnumbered and outmatched in this moment. Slowly, he lowers the steel chair and backs away, exiting the ring with a scowl directed at Generation Joint and Johnny All Star.]

[The camera focuses on Johnny All Star, still seated in the corner, his expression a mix of relief and resignation. The commentators express their concern for All Star, noting the immense pressure he faces heading into Roll the Dice against Anthony Moretti, with his career on the line.]

[The show fades to black with a close-up shot of Johnny All Star’s face, capturing the intensity and uncertainty of his situation. The crowd’s cheers echo faintly in the background as the credits roll, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping sVo saga.]

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