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sVo Showdown 184

Its the flagship weekly sVo show from Las Vegas!

sVo Showdown 184
Live on the HOTv Network
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
2nd June 2024

[The camera pans over the vibrant crowd at the Goodfellas Casino in Las Vegas, the atmosphere electric with anticipation. Fans wave signs and cheer as the camera zooms in on the commentators’ desk where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan are ready to kick off another thrilling episode of sVo Showdown.]

Julian Fiasco: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 184, live from the legendary Goodfellas Casino in Las Vegas! I’m Julian Fiasco, here with my partner Jeremiah Sloan, and we have an action-packed night ahead of us!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “That’s right, Julian! Tonight’s main event promises to be a barnburner as Generation Joint’s Kenneth D Williams goes head-to-head with Blood Money’s own Joe Barone. This is a match you won’t want to miss!”

Julian Fiasco: “Absolutely, Jeremiah. The rivalry between Generation Joint and Blood Money has been heating up, and tonight, it’s going to explode in that ring!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “But that’s not all, folks. To kick off tonight’s show, we’re expecting to hear from the man who holds not one, not two, but three championship titles – the sVo Champion, Las Vegas Champion, and Roulette Champion, Anthony Moretti.”

Julian Fiasco: “Moretti has been on a tear lately, adding the Las Vegas and Roulette Championships to his collection after defeating JVD in a career-ending match last week at the PPV. You have to wonder what’s next for Moretti and his faction, Blood Money.”

Jeremiah Sloan: “It’s a night full of questions and potential answers, Julian. How will Generation Joint respond to Blood Money’s dominance? What does Anthony Moretti have planned for his next move? And who will come out on top in our main event?”

Julian Fiasco: “Only one way to find out, Jeremiah. Stay tuned, everyone, because sVo Showdown 184 is just getting started!”

[The camera cuts to the entrance ramp, the crowd’s excitement palpable as they await the arrival of the triple champion, Anthony Moretti. The lights dim, and the arena buzzes with anticipation for the opening segment of the night.]


[The camera cuts to the entrance ramp as the lights in the Goodfellas Casino Arena dim. The familiar music of Anthony Moretti hits, and the fans erupt into a chorus of boos as the triple champion makes his way to the ring, accompanied by the rest of Blood Money – Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo. Moretti, with the sVo Championship, Las Vegas Championship, and Roulette Championship draped over him, looks smug and confident as he climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

Anthony Moretti: “Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the undisputed king of the sVo and the entire wrestling world!”

[The boos grow louder, but Moretti just smirks, raising his three championship belts high in the air.]

Anthony Moretti: “There’s not a single person in this arena, in this city, or in this world who can hang with me in this ring. I’ve taken down everyone who dared to step up, and now I stand here, the most decorated champion in sVo history! JVD? Gone. Retired. And all his gold is now around my waist.”

[The fans continue to boo, but suddenly, the music of Johnny All Star hits, and the crowd’s reaction shifts to loud cheers as Moretti’s half-brother and former Blood Money member strides out onto the stage. All Star looks determined as he makes his way down to the ring, microphone in hand.]

Johnny All Star: “Anthony, you talk a big game, but there’s one thing you’re forgetting. Everyone knows that I can hang with you in the ring, and I’m here to prove it!”

[The crowd erupts in cheers as Johnny All Star enters the ring, standing face-to-face with Moretti.]

Johnny All Star: “How about you put that sVo Championship on the line against me at the next PPV?”

[Moretti’s expression shifts to one of annoyance, then a sly grin spreads across his face.]

Anthony Moretti: “You want a shot at my title? Fine, but on one condition. You put your career on the line. Just like I did to JVD. One match. Winner takes all. You lose, and you’re done. Gone from sVo forever. What do you say, Johnny?”

[The crowd gasps at the stipulation, but Johnny All Star doesn’t hesitate.]

Johnny All Star: “You’ve got it. I’ve got nothing left to lose and everything to gain. At the next PPV, I’ll take that title from you and prove that I’m the best in the sVo!”

[The fans cheer loudly as the two brothers stare each other down, the tension palpable. Moretti raises his three championship belts once more, smirking confidently as the crowd boos.]

Anthony Moretti: “See you at the PPV, Johnny. And prepare to say goodbye to your career.”

[Johnny All Star stands his ground, staring intensely at Moretti as the crowd continues to cheer for him. The camera captures the intense face-off before slowly fading out, signaling the end of the segment.]

Single Match
Johnny Dorn vs. Noah Rogan

Bounce Back

[The camera cuts to the backstage interview area where Katie Smith stands with a microphone in hand. Next to her is Carlos Vasquez, “The Miami Maverick,” who looks focused and determined despite his recent loss.]

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Carlos Vasquez. Carlos, last week you came up short in the main event when the Las Vegas Championship was on the line against Anthony Moretti and Danny Domino. How are you feeling heading into your match tonight against CJ Dreamer?”

Carlos Vasquez: [With a sneer] “Katie, last week was a fluke. Moretti got lucky, and Domino was just in the right place at the right time. But tonight, it’s about bouncing back and proving why I’m the Miami Maverick. CJ Dreamer might be the hometown hero, but he’s stepping into my ring tonight.”

Katie Smith: “CJ Dreamer has been gaining a lot of momentum recently and has the support of the Las Vegas fans. Do you think that will play a factor in your match tonight?”

Carlos Vasquez: [Rolling his eyes] “Katie, it doesn’t matter how loud these fans cheer for Dreamer. Once that bell rings, all the support in the world won’t save him from the beating I’m going to deliver. This isn’t a popularity contest; it’s about who is the better wrestler, and that’s me. Dreamer can have his little moment in front of his hometown, but when he steps in the ring with me, he’s stepping into a nightmare.”

Katie Smith: “What’s your strategy going into tonight’s match?”

Carlos Vasquez: “Strategy? Simple. I’m going to pick Dreamer apart, limb by limb. I’m going to remind everyone why they call me the Miami Maverick. Dreamer might be a fan favorite, but I’m the one they should fear. Tonight, I make an example out of CJ Dreamer, and after that, I’ll be right back in line for another shot at Moretti’s title.”

Katie Smith: “Thank you for your time, Carlos, and good luck in your match tonight.”

Carlos Vasquez: “Luck? Katie, I don’t need luck. Dreamer is the one who’s going to need it.”

[With a confident smirk, Carlos Vasquez walks off, leaving Katie Smith to wrap up the segment.]

Katie Smith: “There you have it, folks. Carlos Vasquez is ready to take on CJ Dreamer tonight. Stay tuned for more action here on sVo Showdown.”

Single Match
Carlos Vasquez vs. CJ Dreamer

Teach Them

[The camera fades in to the backstage locker room where Ali Young stands with her Canadian Connection teammates, Jake Hughes and Scott Cole. Both men look focused and ready for their upcoming match. Ali Young, ever the fiery leader, begins her pep talk.]

Ali Young: “Alright, listen up, boys. Tonight is about more than just a match. Those Blood Money punks, Columbo and Gambino, think they can push around anyone they want, especially those rookies from Canadian Crown Wrestling. They disrespected the Chen Sisters on Proving Grounds, and it’s up to us to teach them a lesson.”

Jake Hughes: [Nods] “Damn right, Ali. They picked the wrong rookies to mess with. Tonight, we show them what Canadian pride is all about.”

Scott Cole: “They think they’re untouchable just because they’re part of Blood Money. It’s time we remind them that they’re not.”

Ali Young: “Exactly. This isn’t just about defending our honor or the honor of those rookies. It’s about sending a message to Blood Money and the entire sVo. We stand up for our own, and we don’t let anyone push us around. Columbo and Gambino might be tough, but we’re tougher.”

Jake Hughes: “They’ll regret ever crossing us. Tonight, we make a statement.”

Scott Cole: “And that statement is that the Canadian Connection doesn’t back down from anyone. Not Blood Money, not anyone.”

Ali Young: “Good. I want you both to go out there and give it everything you’ve got. Show them that the Canadian Connection is not to be messed with. We’re not just fighting for ourselves tonight; we’re fighting for the Chen Sisters, for everyone who Blood Money has ever disrespected. Let’s make sure they remember who we are.”

Jake Hughes and Scott Cole: [In unison] “Let’s do this!”

[The camera follows them as they exit the locker room, ready for their match. Ali Young stays behind for a moment, a determined look on her face.]

Ali Young: “Show them what it means to be Canadian.”

[The camera fades out as the Canadian Connection heads to the ring, ready to take on Blood Money in what promises to be a heated encounter.]

Tag Team Match
Blood Money Soldiers vs. Canadian Connection

Same Page

[The camera cuts to the office of sVo COO Amy Page. The room is tense as Amy Page stands behind her desk, glaring at the men standing in front of her. Rick Reid, James Shepherd, and the Dogs of War all look serious as they face the furious COO.]

Amy Page: “Alright, listen up! I’ve had enough of this constant bickering and clashing between you all. You’re supposed to be working as a team, not tearing each other apart. The sVo is already chaotic enough without you adding to it. We need order, we need unity, and we need results!”

[Rick Reid shifts uncomfortably, while the Dogs of War and James Shepherd exchange uneasy glances.]

Amy Page: “Rick, you need to get on the same page as the Dogs of War. And the rest of you, you need to start acting like a team. This infighting is not helping anyone, least of all the sVo. We have enough enemies without you turning on each other.”

James Shepherd: “We understand, Ms. Page. It’s just—”

Amy Page: “No excuses, James. I don’t want to hear it. You all need to sort this out, and you need to do it now. And Rick, I’ve got a special task for you tonight. Trailer Trash Terry has been causing way too much chaos around here. It’s time someone taught him a lesson, and that someone is you.”

Rick Reid: [Nods solemnly] “Consider it done.”

Amy Page: “Good. I want you to go out there and show everyone what happens when you cross the line in the sVo. And the rest of you, take note. This is how you handle business. I expect to see some real teamwork from now on. No more excuses, no more slip-ups.”

[The men nod and start to leave the office. Rick Reid lingers for a moment, looking determined.]

Rick Reid: “I won’t let you down, Ms. Page.”

Amy Page: “You’d better not, Rick. This is your chance to prove you can lead and maintain order. Don’t mess it up.”

[Rick Reid nods once more before turning and exiting the office with the Dogs of War and James Shepherd. The camera focuses on Amy Page’s stern expression before fading out.]

Single Match
Bronson Martinez vs. Danny Domino


[The camera cuts to the backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Anthony Moretti, with his sVo, Las Vegas, and Roulette Championship belts draped over his shoulders, stands waiting. The noise from the arena seeps through the walls as the fans continue to react to the night’s matches. Soon, Danny Domino appears through the curtain, sweat glistening on his forehead, a victorious grin on his face.]

Anthony Moretti: “Domino, that was quite the performance out there.”

[Danny Domino stops, surprised but pleased, and turns to face Moretti.]

Danny Domino: “Thanks, Moretti. Means a lot coming from you.”

Anthony Moretti: “I’ve been watching you closely these past few weeks. The way you handled Carlos Vasquez after our match last week… very impressive. And tonight, you took care of business against Bronson Martinez. You’ve got that killer instinct I like to see.”

[Domino’s grin widens, and he nods appreciatively.]

Danny Domino: “Appreciate it. I just do what I gotta do to get ahead.”

Anthony Moretti: “That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve got the potential to go far in this business, and I think we should talk soon about how you can maximize that potential. There’s strength in numbers, and with your attitude and my experience… we could make some serious waves.”

[Domino looks intrigued, considering Moretti’s words.]

Danny Domino: “I like the sound of that. I’ve been a lone wolf for a while, but teaming up with you… that could be something big.”

Anthony Moretti: “It will be. Think about it, Domino. Together, we can control this place. Make sure everyone knows who runs the sVo.”

[Danny Domino extends his hand, and Anthony Moretti shakes it firmly, a smirk of satisfaction on his face.]

[The camera captures the handshake, symbolizing the beginning of a potentially powerful alliance, as the scene fades out.]

Single Match
Rick Reid vs. Trailer Trash Terry

Making a Mark

[The camera cuts to the locker room of Generation Joint. Kenneth D Williams is seen lacing up his boots, mentally preparing for his main event match against Joe Barone of Blood Money. The atmosphere is intense, filled with determination and camaraderie. Jay Adder, Bellitor Adder, and the Tag Team Champions Gunner Lang & Jacob Izaz are gathered around him, providing support and encouragement.]

Jay Adder: “Kenny, tonight’s the night, man. You’ve got this. Barone’s tough, but you’re tougher.”

Bellitor Adder: “Absolutely. You’ve been on fire lately, and a win tonight will put you right in line for a shot at the sVo Championship.”

[Kenneth D Williams looks up, nodding at his teammates.]

Kenneth D Williams: “Thanks, guys. I know what’s at stake tonight. Beating Barone is just another step in showing that Blood Money can’t push us around.”

Gunner Lang: “Exactly. We’re the Tag Team Champions because we fight for each other, and we fight for what’s right. Blood Money’s reign of terror needs to end, and you’re the man to start that process tonight.”

Jacob Izaz: “And don’t forget, Kenny. The fans are behind you. They want to see someone like you take down Blood Money. They believe in you, just like we do.”

[Kenneth D Williams stands up, looking around at his teammates, feeling the weight of their expectations and the support they offer.]

Kenneth D Williams: “I won’t let you down. Blood Money has had their way for too long. Tonight, I’m going to show everyone that Generation Joint is the future of sVo. And after All Star gets his shot, I’m coming for that sVo Championship, no matter who is holding it.”

Jay Adder: “That’s the spirit! And remember, we’ve got your back out there. If Blood Money tries any of their dirty tricks, we’ll be ready.”

[The team members all put their hands together, a united front against their common enemy.]

Bellitor Adder: “For Generation Joint!”

All Together: “For Generation Joint!”

[With a final nod, Kenneth D Williams heads towards the door, ready to face Joe Barone in the main event. The camera fades out, capturing the determined expressions of the Generation Joint members, all rallying behind their comrade.]

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. Joe Barone

Stand Off

[The lights dim as the main event between Kenneth D Williams and Joe Barone concludes, with the crowd on their feet, cheering for the intense battle they’ve just witnessed. Suddenly, the rest of Blood Money—Anthony Moretti, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo—storm the ring, surrounding Williams. The atmosphere is electric as the fans boo loudly, anticipating what’s to come.]

[Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan on commentary are breathless with excitement and tension.]

Julian Fiasco: “What’s this? Blood Money’s up to no good again! They’re surrounding Kenneth D Williams like a pack of wolves!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “This doesn’t look good for Williams! He’s all alone in there against the most dangerous faction in sVo!”

[But just as Blood Money looks set to pounce, Jay Adder, Bellitor Adder, and the Tag Team Champions Gunner Lang & Jacob Izaz sprint down the ramp, sliding into the ring to stand by Williams. The crowd erupts into cheers, the ring now divided with Generation Joint on one side and Blood Money on the other, both groups glaring at each other with intense animosity.]

Julian Fiasco: “Here comes Generation Joint! They’re not letting Blood Money get away with their usual tactics!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “It’s a standoff! This could explode any second now!”

[The tension is palpable as both groups shout and gesture at each other. The arena is buzzing, every fan on the edge of their seat. Suddenly the crowd goes wild as Johnny All Star makes his way down the ramp, eyes locked on his half-brother Anthony Moretti.]

Julian Fiasco: “It’s Johnny All Star! He’s here, and he’s standing with Generation Joint!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “This just evened the odds in a big way! Blood Money looks like they might be rethinking their strategy!”

[All Star strides confidently to the ring, joining Generation Joint as the fans chant his name. Blood Money, sensing the tables have turned, start to back away cautiously, slipping out of the ring one by one. The tension remains high, but it’s clear Blood Money wants no part of a fair fight tonight.]

Julian Fiasco: “Look at this! Blood Money is backing down! For the first time, they’re the ones retreating!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “Johnny All Star and Generation Joint have sent a clear message: They’re not going to let Blood Money run roughshod over sVo anymore!”

[The camera captures the intense stare-down between the two groups, with Moretti clutching his title belts tightly, clearly seething but unwilling to risk a confrontation. All Star and Generation Joint stand tall in the ring, united and ready for the battles ahead. The crowd’s cheers echo throughout the arena as the show comes to a dramatic close.]

Julian Fiasco: “What a night, folks! The battle lines are drawn, and it’s clear that things are far from over between Blood Money and their challengers!”

Jeremiah Sloan: “That’s right, Julian. Tonight was just the beginning. The war for dominance in sVo is heating up, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

[The screen fades to black, with the image of a united Generation Joint and Johnny All Star standing strong in the ring, ready to take on whatever Blood Money throws their way.]

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