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sVo Showdown 182

Its the flagship weekly sVo show from Las Vegas!

sVo Showdown 182
Live on the HOTv Network
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
19th May 2024

The camera pans over the energetic crowd inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena, capturing the excitement and anticipation for another thrilling episode of sVo Showdown. Fans hold up signs and cheer, eager for the action to begin. The sVo logo flashes on the screen, followed by the show’s theme music blaring through the speakers.

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 182, live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas! I’m Julian Fiasco, alongside my partner Jeremiah Sloan, and we have an action-packed night ahead of us!

Jeremiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian! Last week at Countdown to Violence, we witnessed history as Anthony Moretti not only defended his sVo Championship but also captured the Las Vegas and Roulette Championships, retiring JVD in the process!

Julian Fiasco: It’s been a week since that shocking outcome, and the landscape of sVo has changed dramatically. The question on everyone’s mind is, what’s next for Anthony Moretti and Blood Money?

Jeremiah Sloan: And let’s not forget, we’ve got some incredible matches lined up tonight. Generation Joint will be in action, and we have a huge main event as Johnny Dorn goes one-on-one with Nightmare in a grudge match.

Julian Fiasco: Plus, we’ll hear from some of the stars who made headlines last week. It’s going to be an unforgettable night, so don’t go anywhere!

The camera cuts to the ring, where the announcer stands ready to introduce the first match of the evening. The energy in the arena is palpable as the fans settle in for what promises to be an explosive night of wrestling action.

Jeremiah Sloan: But first, I hear that the sVo Champion is arriving in the arena!

Julian Fiasco: You can feel the electricity in the air, Jeremiah. This is going to be big!

The camera transitions to the backstage area, where anticipation builds for Moretti’s arrival. The stage is set for an unforgettable episode of sVo Showdown.

Clean Sweep

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. The crowd’s anticipation can be felt through the screen as the door to the arena opens, and in walks the sVo Champion, Anthony Moretti, proudly displaying his sVo, Las Vegas, and Roulette Championship belts draped across his shoulders and around his waist. Following closely behind him are his loyal Blood Money comrades: Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo. Each member exudes confidence, their collective swagger undeniable.

Moretti stops in the middle of the hallway, a smirk on his face as he turns to address his stablemates.

Anthony Moretti: (grinning) Look at us. The biggest force in wrestling. Three championships, and that’s just on me! Blood Money is stronger than ever, and we’re unstoppable.

Joe Barone: (nodding) Damn right, boss. Nobody can touch us.

Junior Gambino: (cracking his knuckles) We sent JVD packing. Who’s next?

Nicky Columbo: (smirking) Yeah, boss, who’s on the hit list tonight?

Moretti adjusts his belts, his expression turning more serious as he looks at each member of Blood Money.

Anthony Moretti: JVD thought he could stand against us, and now he’s history. But we’re not done. There are still plenty of people who think they can get in our way, who think they can challenge Blood Money.

Joe Barone: (eagerly) Just say the word, Moretti.

Anthony Moretti: (leaning in) We start making examples out of anyone who even thinks about crossing us. We’re going to make sure every single one of our enemies disappears, just like JVD. No one stands against Blood Money and walks away.

The camera zooms in on Moretti’s determined face as he continues.

Anthony Moretti: Remember this moment. This is the era of Blood Money. And anyone who gets in our way… well, they won’t be around for long.

The camera captures the intense expressions of Barone, Gambino, and Columbo as they nod in agreement, clearly ready to follow Moretti’s lead. The segment ends with Moretti adjusting his championship belts one last time, his confident smirk back in place as they all head further into the arena, ready to assert their dominance.

The screen fades to black, and the anticipation for the night’s events grows as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Single Match
Noah Rogan vs. Trailer Trash Terry

His Fault

The camera follows Trailer Trash Terry as he storms through the backstage area, his face twisted in a scowl after easily defeating Noah Rogan in the opening match of the night. His chaotic energy is palpable, and he shoves a few stagehands out of his way as he makes his way down the hallway.

Katie Smith rushes to catch up with him, microphone in hand, trying to get a word with the volatile wrestler.

Katie Smith: (breathlessly) Terry! Terry, can I get a word with you?

Trailer Trash Terry: (spinning around, glaring) What do you want, Katie?

Katie Smith: (nervously) Terry, you just had a dominant performance against Noah Rogan in the opening match. How are you feeling about that?

Trailer Trash Terry: (snarling) How am I feeling? You think I’m happy about being stuck in the opening match? I should be main eventing, not wasting my time with some rookie!

Katie Smith: (cautiously) It was a very impressive win. But you seem upset. Is there something more to this?

Trailer Trash Terry: (angrily) Damn right there is. I’m upset because I know exactly why I’m being disrespected like this. It’s all Johnny All Star’s fault. That pretty boy thinks he can just waltz in and steal my spotlight. Last week at the PPV, I should have beaten him, but no, he got lucky. Now I’m stuck opening the show instead of headlining it.

Katie Smith: (sympathetically) So you believe Johnny All Star is responsible for your current position?

Trailer Trash Terry: (seething) Believe it? I know it! That piece of trash is holding me back, and I’m not gonna let it slide. This ain’t over between us. Not by a long shot. He’s gonna pay for this, and next time, there won’t be any lucky breaks for him.

Trailer Trash Terry turns away from Katie, shoving past a few more crew members as he continues his rampage through the backstage area. Katie watches him go, a look of concern on her face as the camera cuts back to the arena, where the crowd’s anticipation for the rest of the night’s events is at an all-time high.

Single Match
Jay Adder vs. Joe Barone


The camera cuts to the backstage interview area where Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand. Standing next to her is Victor Holland, a look of determination etched on his face. The hum of the arena’s energy can be felt even backstage, as the sVo fans eagerly await the next segment.

Katie Smith: (smiling warmly) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Victor Holland. Victor, thank you for joining me.

Victor Holland: (nodding) Thanks for having me, Katie.

Katie Smith: (empathetically) Victor, last week at the Countdown to Violence PPV, you faced Carlos Vasquez in a grudge match. It was a hard-fought battle, but unfortunately, you came up short. Can you share your thoughts on that match?

Victor Holland: (sighing) Yeah, Katie, it was a tough one. I went into that match with a lot of emotions, a lot of history with Carlos. I wanted to prove myself, to show that I could overcome the betrayal and come out on top. But things didn’t go my way. I was disappointed, no doubt about it.

Katie Smith: (nodding) I’m sure it was difficult, but your fans believe in you and your ability to bounce back. What’s next for Victor Holland?

Victor Holland: (determined) Absolutely, Katie. I’m not the type to dwell on losses. You learn from them, you grow, and you move forward. My focus now is on getting back to winning ways. My next match is against Bronson Johnson, and I’m ready to give it everything I’ve got. Bronson is a tough competitor, but I’m hungry for that victory. I need to get back on track, and it starts with this match.

Katie Smith: (encouraging) That’s the spirit, Victor. Do you have any message for your fans or for Bronson Johnson as you head into this next match?

Victor Holland: (looking into the camera) To my fans, thank you for sticking with me. Your support means everything, and I’m going to fight like hell to make you proud. And to Bronson Johnson, I hope you’re ready. I’m coming into this match with everything I’ve got, and I won’t be holding back. Let’s give the fans a show they won’t forget.

Katie Smith: (smiling) Thank you, Victor. Best of luck in your match against Bronson Johnson. We’re all looking forward to it.

Victor Holland: (nodding) Thanks, Katie.

As Victor Holland walks off with a determined stride, the camera cuts back to the buzzing arena, ready for the next chapter of the evening’s action. The sVo fans cheer in anticipation, knowing that the competition is just heating up.

Single Match
Victor Holland vs. Bronson Johnson

Living the Nightmare

The camera cuts to the bustling backstage interview area where Katie Smith stands ready with her microphone. Beside her is Johnny Dorn, his face a mix of determination and frustration. The energy in the arena is palpable, and the fans are eagerly awaiting his words.

Katie Smith: (smiling warmly) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Johnny Dorn. Johnny, thank you for joining me.

Johnny Dorn: (nodding) Thanks for having me, Katie.

Katie Smith: (empathetically) Johnny, last week at the Countdown to Violence PPV, you faced Night in what was supposed to be one of the biggest matches of your career. However, Nightmare intervened and ruined the match. Can you share your thoughts on what happened?

Johnny Dorn: (sighing) Yeah, Katie, it was supposed to be a dream match for me. Night is a legend, someone I’ve looked up to for a long time, and getting the chance to face him was a huge honor. But then Nightmare had to stick his nose in where it didn’t belong. He turned what should have been a defining moment in my career into chaos.

Katie Smith: (nodding) I can see how much that match meant to you. What are your plans moving forward after that unfortunate interference?

Johnny Dorn: (determined) Tonight, Katie, I’m going to make things right. Nightmare might have thought he got the better of me last week, but he made a big mistake. I’m not just going to sit back and take it. Tonight, in the main event, I’m facing Nightmare one-on-one. And this time, there won’t be any interruptions. I’m going to get my revenge and show everyone that you don’t mess with Johnny Dorn.

Katie Smith: (encouraging) That sounds like a must-see match, Johnny. Do you have any message for Nightmare as you head into tonight’s main event?

Johnny Dorn: (looking into the camera) Nightmare, you thought you could ruin the biggest match of my career and get away with it? Think again. Tonight, it’s you and me, and I’m going to make you pay for what you did. Get ready, because I’m bringing everything I’ve got. This isn’t just a match; it’s personal.

Katie Smith: (smiling) Thank you, Johnny. Best of luck in your match tonight. We’re all looking forward to it.

Johnny Dorn: (nodding) Thanks, Katie.

As Johnny Dorn walks off with a determined stride, the camera cuts back to the buzzing arena, ready for the next chapter of the evening’s action. The sVo fans cheer in anticipation, knowing that the main event promises to be a fierce showdown.

Single Match
Alex Sterling vs. Dylan MacLeod

Taking the Shot

The camera cuts to the plush office of sVo COO Amy Page. The room exudes an air of authority and professionalism, with framed posters of past sVo events adorning the walls. Amy Page sits behind her polished wooden desk, her expression one of stern contemplation. Standing before her are James Shepherd and the Dogs of War, who look defiant and determined.

Amy Page: (looking up from her paperwork) Alright, gentlemen, what brings you here?

James Shepherd: (stepping forward) Amy, we need to talk about last week. Rick Reid wasn’t up to the task anymore. We did what we had to do for the team, for the future of this company. The Dogs of War deserve a shot at the Tag Team Championships.

Amy Page: (raising an eyebrow) You think you deserve a shot after turning on one of your own?

James Shepherd: (nodding firmly) Absolutely. Rick Reid was holding us back. We made the tough call because we know what it takes to win. We know what it takes to dominate. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. The Dogs of War are ready to take those titles and bring them to where they belong.

The Dogs of War nod in agreement, their eyes filled with conviction.

Amy Page: (leaning back in her chair) You’ve got a lot of nerve, Shepherd. But I can’t deny that you’ve made an impact. (pauses, thinking) Alright, I’ll give you your shot. Next week, you’ll get your match for the Tag Team Championships.

The Dogs of War exchange satisfied glances, their confidence evident.

James Shepherd: (smiling) Thank you, Amy. You won’t regret this decision. We’re going to show everyone why we’re the best team in sVo.

Amy Page: (leaning forward, her tone firm) You better. Because if you fail, don’t think for a second that I’ll hesitate to make another tough call. This company doesn’t tolerate failure, and neither do I.

James Shepherd: (nodding) Understood. We won’t let you down.

The Dogs of War and James Shepherd turn to leave, their determination palpable. As they exit the office, the camera focuses on Amy Page, who watches them go with a mixture of skepticism and intrigue.

Amy Page: (muttering to herself) Let’s see if they can back up their talk.

The camera cuts back to the bustling backstage area, the tension in the air setting the stage for the high-stakes matches to come. The anticipation among the sVo fans continues to build as the show rolls on.

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Generation Joint (c) vs. The Malones

Making the Right Call

The camera transitions to the well-appointed office of sVo COO Amy Page. The room is decorated with memorabilia and posters from previous sVo events, showcasing the company’s storied history. Amy Page sits behind her desk, reviewing some documents. The door swings open, and Danny Domino strides in, closely followed by Carlos Vasquez. Both men have determined looks on their faces.

Amy Page: (looking up from her paperwork) Danny, Carlos. To what do I owe this visit?

Danny Domino: (stepping forward, his tone assertive) Amy, I’ve been on a roll lately. I’ve broken my losing streak and took down Bronson Martinez. I deserve a shot at the Las Vegas Championship. I’ve earned it.

Carlos Vasquez: (interrupting, his voice equally confident) Hold on, Danny. Let’s not forget who I am. I’ve been dominating my matches, and I’ve already shown I’m a top contender. If anyone deserves a shot at the Las Vegas Championship, it’s me.

Amy Page: (raising a hand to calm them both) Gentlemen, I appreciate your passion. Both of you have been impressive lately, no doubt about it.

Danny Domino: (frustrated) So what’s the hold-up? I’ve put in the work, Amy. I’m ready to take on whoever holds that belt.

Carlos Vasquez: (nodding in agreement) And I’ve been proving myself week in and week out. I’m ready for that title shot tonight. The fans want it, and I deserve it.

Amy Page: (sighing, leaning back in her chair) You both make convincing arguments. I see the fire and determination in both of you. But decisions like these aren’t made on the fly. I need to think about what’s best for the company and the title picture.

Danny Domino: (angrily) Think about it? Amy, I’ve been clawing my way back to the top. I’m not here to be brushed aside.

Carlos Vasquez: (equally outraged) This is ridiculous! I’ve earned my shot. I’m not leaving here until I get an answer.

Amy Page: (standing up, her tone firm) Enough. I understand your frustration, but this isn’t going to get resolved by yelling in my office. I will take your requests into serious consideration and announce my decision soon. But for tonight, there will be no title shot.

Danny Domino: (clenching his fists) This isn’t over, Amy. I deserve that shot.

Carlos Vasquez: (glaring) You better make the right decision, Amy. We won’t forget this.

Both men turn and storm out of the office, clearly outraged. Amy Page watches them leave, a look of contemplation on her face.

Amy Page: (to herself) This is going to be a tough call.

The camera cuts back to the bustling backstage area, the tension high as the sVo fans eagerly await the next development in the championship saga. The show continues, with everyone wondering what Amy Page’s final decision will be.

Single Match
Nightmare vs. Johnny Dorn


The main event of the evening has just concluded. The fans in the Goodfellas Casino Arena are on their feet, some in shock and others booing loudly as Nightmare stands victorious over Johnny Dorn. Dorn, who fought valiantly, lies defeated in the center of the ring.

Nightmare: (breathing heavily, a sinister smile forming under his mask)

The referee attempts to check on Johnny Dorn, but Nightmare shoves him aside, his focus entirely on his fallen opponent. The boos from the crowd grow louder as Nightmare begins his post-match assault.

Julian Fiasco: (voice filled with urgency) This isn’t right! The match is over, but Nightmare isn’t done! Somebody needs to stop this!

Jeremiah Sloan: (concerned) Johnny Dorn is already down! This is unnecessary and brutal!

Nightmare grabs Dorn by the hair and drags him to the corner of the ring. He begins delivering vicious stomps to Dorn’s midsection, each one causing the crowd to wince. The referee tries to intervene again, but Nightmare simply glares at him, and the referee steps back, fearful of the masked wrestler.

Julian Fiasco: (angrily) This is despicable! Nightmare is out of control! Where’s the security?

Nightmare pulls Dorn up to his feet, only to deliver a devastating DDT, driving him face-first into the mat. Dorn’s body lies motionless, but Nightmare isn’t finished. He rolls out of the ring and retrieves a steel chair from ringside, the fans’ boos reaching a fever pitch.

Jeremiah Sloan: (shouting) No! This has to stop! Dorn needs medical attention, not this!

Nightmare slides back into the ring with the chair and stands over Johnny Dorn. With a sickening thud, he brings the chair down across Dorn’s back, over and over, each shot echoing through the arena. The fans are now in a near riotous state, pleading for someone to intervene.

Julian Fiasco: (frantic) This is a massacre! Somebody get out here and stop this!

Finally, as Dorn lies in a bloody heap on the canvas, Nightmare drops the chair and stands tall, his chest heaving with exertion. He raises his arms in a twisted victory pose, reveling in the chaos he has caused. The boos from the crowd are deafening.

Jeremiah Sloan: (sombrely) Johnny Dorn is a bloody mess. This is a dark day for sVo.

Julian Fiasco: (angrily) Nightmare has sent a message loud and clear, but at what cost? This is horrific!

The camera captures the haunting image of Nightmare standing over the broken body of Johnny Dorn as the screen fades to black, the sVo logo appearing in the corner. Showdown goes off the air with the echo of boos and the disturbing sight of a bloodied Johnny Dorn.

Julian Fiasco: (voiceover) We need medical personnel out here immediately. This has gone too far.

Jeremiah Sloan: (voiceover) Goodnight, everyone. We hope to see Johnny Dorn recover from this brutal assault but everyone in the world is thinking one thing – Night needs to step up and do something about his despicable brother….

The broadcast ends, leaving fans in shock and eager to see what repercussions this vicious attack will bring next week on Showdown.

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