sVo Showdown 173
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
18th February 2024

The pulse of anticipation thrums through the halls of the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the stage is set for another explosive edition of sVo Showdown! The fans, packed to the rafters with excitement, buzz with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the night’s electrifying action.

As the arena lights flicker and the atmosphere crackles with energy, all eyes turn to the hallowed ring, where legends are born and rivalries forged in the fires of competition. Tonight, the air is thick with anticipation, for there’s a palpable sense that something monumental is on the horizon.

Julian Fiasco: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to sVo Showdown! We’re coming to you live from the heart of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where the stakes have never been higher and the action never more intense!

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian! Tonight, the sVo faithful are on the edge of their seats, eager for every twist and turn in the unfolding drama. But amidst all the excitement, there’s one burning question on everyone’s mind…

Julian Fiasco: Indeed, Jermiah! The future of the sVo Championship hangs in the balance, and the fans are clamoring for answers. Will COO Amy Page deliver the news they’ve been waiting for? Only time will tell!

As the tension mounts and the anticipation reaches fever pitch, the stage is set for an unforgettable night of pulse-pounding action, heart-stopping drama, and jaw-dropping surprises. The sVo faithful brace themselves for the rollercoaster ride of emotions that lies ahead, knowing that anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling.

Jermiah Sloan: Buckle up, folks! The ride is about to begin, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of the action here on sVo Showdown!


The camera fades in to reveal the austere interior of the office belonging to sVo COO Amy Page. Seated behind her desk, Amy Page looks directly into the camera, addressing the millions of sVo fans watching around the world.

Amy Page: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. I know you’re all eager for answers, and I’m here to provide them. As you’re well aware, our sVo Champion Night has been incapacitated for the past three weeks following a despicable attack. His health remains our utmost priority, and I assure you, we are doing everything in our power to support him in his recovery.

She pauses, her expression grave, before continuing.

Amy Page: However, with Night still in hospital and uncertain of his return, the situation regarding our main event for next week’s PPV has become increasingly precarious. And as COO of the sVo, it falls upon me to address this matter head-on.

Amy Page leans forward, her tone resolute.

Amy Page: That’s why, tonight, in a bid to determine a rightful #1 contender for the sVo Championship, we’re hosting a six-man elimination match. Anthony Moretti, Kenneth D Williams, Big Aug, Rick Reid, Trailer Trash Terry, and Johnny Dorn will all vie for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Her voice carries a note of conviction as she delivers the crucial announcement.

Amy Page: And let it be known, should Night be unable to compete next week at the Vendetta PPV, the last man standing in that ring tonight will have his arm raised in victory and become our new sVo Champion. This is not a decision we take lightly, but it’s imperative that the show must go on.

With that, Amy Page nods resolutely, signaling the gravity of the situation and the determination of the sVo to persevere in the face of adversity. The camera fades to black, leaving the audience to ponder the implications of this pivotal development.

Single Match
Johnny All Star vs. Bronson Johnson

A Voice for Justice

The arena buzzes with a mixture of anticipation and tension as Johnny All Star stands triumphant in the center of the ring, having just secured a hard-fought victory against Bronson Johnson. Microphone in hand, All Star wastes no time in addressing the capacity crowd, his voice ringing out with conviction.

Johnny All Star: Listen up, sVo Universe! Tonight, I stand before you not just as a competitor but as a voice for justice!

The crowd’s reaction is mixed, with some cheering while others voice their dissent.

Johnny All Star: Amy Page, you’ve made a grave mistake leaving me out of the main event tonight. You know as well as I do that Blood Money’s hands are stained with the blood of our champion, Night!

The mention of Blood Money’s alleged involvement draws a cacophony of boos from the crowd.

Johnny All Star: It’s a disgrace, a travesty that Anthony Moretti gets a shot at the main event while I’m relegated to the sidelines. But mark my words, Blood Money, your days of running roughshod over the sVo are numbered!

The intensity in All Star’s eyes is palpable as he addresses his adversaries.

Johnny All Star: So here’s the deal, Blood Money. When one of you finally grows a pair and decides to step up next week at Vendetta, I’ll be waiting. I’ll be waiting to make you pay for what you’ve done, and I’ll be waiting to reclaim justice for Night and for every member of the sVo Universe who believes in fairness and integrity!

With his impassioned declaration ringing through the arena, Johnny All Star drops the microphone, his resolve unwavering. The crowd’s response is a mix of fervent support and lingering skepticism as All Star exits the ring, his sights set firmly on the tumultuous battles that lie ahead.

Double Champ, Triple Champ?

Katie Smith stands poised with her microphone in hand, ready to interview the newly crowned Las Vegas and Roulette Champion, JVD. The backstage area hums with anticipation as the champion approaches.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Las Vegas Champion and now also the Roulette Champion, JVD! Congratulations on your incredible victories last night. JVD, with these two prestigious titles now in your possession, the question on everyone’s mind is: What’s next for you?

JVD stands tall, the glow of victory still evident on his face despite the challenges ahead.

JVD: Thank you, Katie. Last night was indeed a monumental evening for me. As for what’s next, well, the road ahead is clear. I’ve set my sights on a path of dominance, one that leads to greatness in the squared circle.

Katie Smith: Many are wondering if you’ll pursue the coveted sVo Championship, the one belt you have never won in the sVo. However, with the stipulation that your career is on the line after the next loss, how do you plan to navigate this high-stakes challenge?

JVD’s expression turns serious, his eyes reflecting the weight of the situation.

JVD: It’s no secret that the sVo Championship is the pinnacle of achievement in this industry. And while the allure of holding that title is undeniable, I must tread cautiously. The stakes have never been higher for me. Ten defenses stand between me and that opportunity, knowing full well that one misstep could spell the end of my career.

There’s a palpable determination in JVD’s voice, a resolve born from the crucible of competition.

JVD: But make no mistake, Katie. I didn’t come this far to falter at the final hurdle. I’ll face each challenge head-on, with the heart of a champion and the spirit of a warrior. Whether it’s one defense or ten, I’ll give it everything I have to secure my place in history as one of the greatest champions this industry has ever seen.

With unwavering determination, JVD’s words echo through the backstage corridors, a testament to his unwavering resolve as he prepares to embark on the most perilous journey of his career.

Single Match
Alissia Young vs. Dallas Jordan

Give me All the Gold

The arena crackles with energy as Alissia Young stands tall in the center of the ring, fresh from her hard-fought victory over Dallas Jordan. The crowd’s anticipation is palpable as Young raises the microphone to her lips.

Alissia Young: Las Vegas, did you see that? Did you witness the sheer power, the unyielding determination that courses through the veins of the Canadian Connection?

The crowd erupts into cheers, acknowledging the dominance displayed by Young and her faction.

Alissia Young: JVD, you may be holding those titles high now, but mark my words, next week at Vendetta, they will be mine! The Las Vegas Championship, the Roulette Championship – they belong in the hands of true champions, champions like me!

The fans roar in agreement, echoing Young’s bold declaration.

Alissia Young: And as for the Tag Team Championships, oh, they’re just within our reach, aren’t they? Canadian Connection will rise to the top, asserting our dominance over every corner of this ring, over every opponent foolish enough to stand in our path!

The intensity in Young’s voice resonates throughout the arena, her unwavering confidence leaving no room for doubt.

Alissia Young: JVD, prepare yourself. Prepare for the storm that’s coming your way. The Canadian Connection is about to make history, and you – you’re just the first step on our path to glory!

With a steely gaze, Alissia Young punctuates her words, igniting a fire within the hearts of her supporters and striking fear into the hearts of her adversaries. The Canadian Connection’s ascent to dominance has only just begun.


Kenneth D Williams paces backstage, his expression tense and focused. Johnny All Star approaches, his demeanor carrying an air of confidence amidst the tension.

Kenneth D Williams: (Intense) All Star, we need to talk.

All Star stops in his tracks, meeting Williams’ gaze with a steady demeanor.

Johnny All Star: (Curious) What’s on your mind, Kenneth?

Kenneth D Williams: (Direct) Last week, when you swung that chair, was it really an accident? Or was it part of your plan all along?

Williams’ accusation hangs heavy in the air, his eyes scrutinizing All Star’s every move.

Johnny All Star: (Defensive) Look, Kenneth, accidents happen in this business. I had no intention of hitting you.

All Star’s response is firm, his tone carrying a hint of irritation at the accusation.

Kenneth D Williams: (Skeptical) That’s convenient, isn’t it? First, Night gets attacked, then Generation Joint, and now me. It’s too much of a coincidence, All Star.

Williams’ words are pointed, his suspicion evident as he stares down All Star.

Johnny All Star: (Assertive) You’re barking up the wrong tree, Kenneth. I’ve got my sights set on bigger things than petty attacks. Right now, we need to focus on stopping Blood Money and keeping the sVo Championship out of their hands. I’m not in the main event, but you are. You need to win it and stop Moretti!

All Star’s response is unwavering, his gaze meeting Williams’ with a steely resolve.

Kenneth D Williams: (Resolute) Fine, but mark my words, All Star. If you’re behind any of this, you’ll answer to me.

Williams’ warning hangs in the air as the tension between the two wrestlers simmers, the stakes higher than ever in the tumultuous world of professional wrestling.

A Fair Fight? Pt.1

Katie Smith stands poised with her microphone backstage, ready to interview the unlikely alliance of Alex Sterling and the Sin City Scoundrels. As the trio approaches, a mix of curiosity and anticipation fills the air.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with a rather unexpected pairing tonight – Alex Sterling and the Sin City Scoundrels. Alex, can you shed some light on this collaboration?

Alex Sterling adjusts his jacket, a smirk playing on his lips as he glances at his unlikely partners.

Alex Sterling: Well, Katie, sometimes in the world of professional wrestling, you have to adapt. And tonight, I’ve found myself aligned with the Sin City Scoundrels – a group of individuals who, despite our differences, share a common goal. We also like to make sure we play fair Katie…..

The Sin City Scoundrels, clad in their signature attire, nod in agreement, their expressions reflecting determination.

Katie Smith: And what about you, Sin City Scoundrels? How does it feel teaming up with Alex Sterling, a man known for his individual pursuits?

Michael Sexton: Look, Katie, in this business, you learn to recognize opportunity when it knocks. And tonight, teaming up with Sterling might just be our ticket to making a statement.

Lucas Sexton: Yeah, that’s right. We might not see eye to eye on everything, but tonight, we’re united by one thing – the thrill of competition and the desire to come out on top of a fair fight.

The camaraderie between Sterling and the Sin City Scoundrels is evident as they all share a smirk, their shared determination adding an intriguing dynamic to the upcoming match.

Katie Smith: Well, there you have it, folks – a collaboration born out of necessity and fueled by the pursuit of victory and fair play.

As Katie Smith concludes the interview, Sterling and the Sin City Scoundrels exchange a nod of mutual respect, ready to face whatever challenges await them in the ring.

A Fair Fight? Pt.2

Carlos Vasquez strides purposefully towards the locker room of the Southern Boys, anticipation and determination etched across his features. As he reaches the door, his demeanor shifts to one of concern as he hears commotion from within.

Carlos Vasquez: (Anxious) What’s going on in there?

Pushing the door open, Vasquez is met with a scene of chaos. The Southern Boys lie scattered across the room, battered and bruised, their expressions contorted in pain.

Carlos Vasquez: (Urgent) What happened here?

Officials rush to the scene, assessing the situation as Vasquez surveys the aftermath. Anger flickers in his eyes as he realizes the implications.

Official: (Concerned) It looks like the Sin City Scoundrels and Alex Sterling paid a visit.

Vasquez clenches his fists, frustration and determination warring within him.

Carlos Vasquez: (Resolved) If that’s how they want to play it, then so be it. I’ll take them all on myself.

With steely resolve, Vasquez prepares to face his adversaries alone, his determination unwavering in the face of adversity.

Main Event Madness

The camera crew hustles through the backstage corridors, their equipment rattling with each hurried step. They round a corner to find chaos unfolding before them.

Johnny Dorn and Trailer Trash Terry engage in a heated brawl, fists flying as tensions boil over. Their altercation threatens to spill over into nearby production equipment, adding to the pandemonium.

Amidst the fray, the authoritative figure of Amy Page, her expression stern and unwavering, emerges to address the tumult.

Amy Page: (Authoritative) That’s enough! You two are done!

Her voice cuts through the cacophony, commanding attention as she steps forward, determined to restore order.

Johnny Dorn and Trailer Trash Terry momentarily cease their hostilities, their gaze shifting to Amy Page as she asserts her authority.

Amy Page: (Commanding) Both of you are out of the main event tonight. I won’t tolerate this chaos any longer.

Her words hang heavy in the air, a firm decree meant to quell the rising tensions and restore a semblance of order backstage.

As the commotion settles, Amy Page stands resolute, her stance unwavering in the face of the tumult that surrounds her, determined to maintain control amidst the chaos.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Carlos Vasquez & Southern Boys vs. Alex Sterling & SCS

Decision Made

The dimly lit locker room of Blood Money exudes an air of calculated intensity as Anthony Moretti, flanked by Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo, addresses his cohorts ahead of their match. The sound of fists pounding against lockers echoes through the room, punctuating Moretti’s commanding tone.

Anthony Moretti: Gentlemen, tonight marks a pivotal moment in our pursuit of dominance in the sVo. I will get my hands on the sVo Championship after I win the main event, and then The Canadian Connection stands in the path of our record breaking Tag Team Championship reign, and we cannot afford to underestimate their resolve.

Barone and Gambino exchange nods of agreement, their expressions hard-set with determination.

Anthony Moretti: Junior, Nicky, you two have the honor of softening up those Canucks tonight. Wear them down, test their mettle, and make them rue the day they crossed paths with Blood Money.

Junior Gambino’s eyes gleam with anticipation, his hands clenching into fists as he prepares for battle.

Junior Gambino: Consider it done, boss. We’ll make sure those hosers regret stepping foot in the ring with us.

Anthony Moretti: And as for us, Joe, we’ll be watching closely, analyzing every move, every weakness. Because next week, at the PPV, it’ll be our time to shine. They may call themselves the Canadian Connection, but they’ll soon learn that Blood Money runs deeper than any bond of friendship or camaraderie.

Joe Barone’s jaw tightens, a silent promise of retribution echoing in his gaze.

Joe Barone: They’ll pay for every ounce of disrespect they’ve shown us. By the time we’re through with them, they’ll be begging for mercy.

Anthony Moretti: And one more thing, gentlemen. I’ve made a decision about who will have the honor of dealing with Johnny All Star next week.

The group all look around at each other.

Anthony Moretti: Nicky, it’s time to show All Star what happens when you cross paths with Blood Money. You’ll be the one to make him “sleep with the fishes.”

Columbo’s grin widens into a menacing smirk, his resolve steeling as he accepts the task with grim determination.

Nicky Columbo: Consider it done, boss. All Star’s days are numbered, and I’ll be the one to deliver the message loud and clear.

With the weight of Moretti’s decision hanging heavy in the air, the members of Blood Money share a collective nod of affirmation, their resolve unwavering as they prepare to unleash their wrath upon all who dare to oppose them.

Justice for Generation Joint

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the determined Kenneth D Williams. Kenneth, with all the focus on Night’s attack, you’ve raised an important point about your friends. Can you elaborate?

Kenneth D Williams: Absolutely, Katie. It seems like everyone’s fixated on Night’s situation, and rightfully so, but what about my brothers, Gunner, Jay, and Jacob? They were taken out cold last week, and nobody seems to care. Well, I care. And tonight, I’m going to make them care.

Williams’ steely determination is evident as he speaks, his eyes burning with resolve.

Katie Smith: Strong words, Kenneth. Speaking of tonight’s main event, what’s your mindset going into the match?

Kenneth D Williams: My mindset? It’s simple, Katie. I’m going in there to win, to make a statement, and to show everyone that you don’t mess with my family without consequences.

As the interview concludes, Williams is suddenly blindsided by Big Aug and BIG Trouble, the brutal attack catching him off guard. The camera captures the chaos as Williams fights back valiantly, but the sheer numbers overwhelm him, leaving him battered and vulnerable on the unforgiving concrete floor.

Tornado Tag Team Match
Junior Gambino & Nicky Columbo vs. The Canadian Connection

The Truth?

The camera fades in to reveal the sleek, professional office of Amy Page, the sVo COO. The room is adorned with championship belts and framed posters of past sVo events, a testament to the organization’s rich history. Amy Page sits behind her desk, engrossed in paperwork, her expression serious and focused.

Amy Page: (Looking up) Rick, come on in. We need to talk.

Rick Reid enters the office, his demeanor determined but wary. He eyes Amy Page with a mixture of suspicion and resolve, clearly not content to simply play along with the status quo.

Amy Page: Rick, I need you to focus tonight. The main event is crucial for us to restore some order around here.

Rick Reid: (Narrowing his eyes) I’ll do my part, Amy. But let’s cut through the games. You know more than you’re letting on about Night’s attack, don’t you?

Amy Page: (Firmly) Rick, I understand your frustration, but I assure you, I had nothing to do with Night’s assault. We need to maintain control, and that starts with you winning tonight.

Rick Reid: (Skeptical) Fine. But mark my words, Amy, the truth will come out eventually.

The tension between Page and Reid hangs palpably in the air as they exchange their final words, hinting at deeper secrets beneath the surface of the sVo.

Four Way Elimination #1 Contender Match
Anthony Moretti vs. Kenneth D Williams vs. Big Aug vs. Rick Reid

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