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sVo Showdown 166

The fallout from Seasons Beatings begins on the last sVo show of 2023!

sVo Showdown 166
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
31st December 2023

[The vibrant lights of the Goodfellas Casino Arena shimmer as the anticipation in the air reaches a crescendo. The crowd, buzzing with energy, eagerly awaits the first sVo Showdown of the new year. As the cameras pan across the arena, capturing the sea of excited faces, the stage is set for an unforgettable night of action and drama.]

[The sVo logo illuminates the giant screens, and the crowd erupts in cheers, signaling the beginning of another thrilling episode of sVo Showdown. The New Year’s eve extravaganza promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, with the fallout from Seasons Beatings still echoing through the hallowed halls of the sVo.]

[The camera zooms in on the commentary team, ready to guide the viewers through the night’s events. The anticipation builds as the familiar voice of the ring announcer echoes through the arena, introducing the first match of the evening.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 166! The fallout from Seasons Beatings is sure to send shockwaves through the sVo landscape. Stay tuned for epic clashes, unexpected alliances, and the relentless pursuit of championship glory. Let the countdown to the year’s last Showdown begin!”

[The crowd’s roar reaches a fever pitch as the arena becomes a cauldron of excitement. The cameras pan to the entrance ramp, ready to capture the first sVo superstar poised to make their presence felt on this momentous night. The Goodfellas Casino Arena is alive with the promise of intense competition and thrilling moments as the road to the next pay-per-view begins.]

The Proposition

[The arena darkens as the atmosphere becomes tense. The sVo COO, Amy Page, strides purposefully to the ring, her face etched with anger. The boos from the crowd echo throughout the arena as she steps through the ropes, demanding a microphone to address the sVo universe.]

Amy Page: Ladies and gentlemen, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s incompetence! And that’s exactly what we witnessed over the past week. Kenneth D Williams, you had one job – win the HOTv Championship! But did you? No! And as for Night, siding with Rising Sun Pro Wrestling? I won’t stand for it!

[The boos intensify as Amy Page paces the ring, frustration evident in every step.]

Amy Page: So tonight, there will be consequences. Both Kenneth D Williams and Night will pay the price for their failures. But I’m feeling generous. I’m giving an opportunity to those who are willing to take matters into their own hands!

[The sVo Tron flickers to life as the Blood Money theme music blares through the arena. Anthony Moretti, flanked by Joe Barone and Junior Gambino, makes his way to the ring with purpose.]

Anthony Moretti: Amy, Amy, Amy. Always the one with the power. I’ve got a proposition for you. Let me and Blood Money handle Kenneth D Williams and Night, and in return, I want a shot at the sVo Championship – and I want it tonight!

[The crowd erupts with a mix of boos and cheers as Amy Page contemplates the offer. Before she can respond, the opening riff of ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis echoes through the arena. Johnny All Star storms to the ring, alone.]

Johnny All Star: Hold on, Amy! You can’t trust this guy. But I’ll tell you what – let me deal with those two, and in return, I want my shot at the sVo Championship tonight as well!

[More boos and cheers ripple through the arena as All Star and Moretti exchange heated words.]

Anthony Moretti: Seriously? Do you even have a tag team partner anymore? Amy, come on let’s be serious now…

Johnny All Star: Don’t you worry about me… brother…. I get things done.

[Amy Page, with a sly smile, seizes the moment.]

Amy Page: You two want your opportunities? Fine! You each get half of Generation: Joint to face tonight in tag team matches. If you win, you get your coveted sVo Championship match against Night in the main event!

[Amy Page exits the ring, leaving Moretti and All Star to stare each other down. The stage is set for a night of explosive confrontations and high-stakes battles.]

Last Night?

[Katie Smith stands backstage, ready to interview the dynamic tag team, The Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon. As they approach, the air is thick with uncertainty, the recent rumors swirling in the wrestling community.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with The Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon. Now, there have been rumors circulating about your contract status. Can you shed some light on the situation?

[The Starr Brothers exchange glances before addressing the question.]

Darren Starr: Katie, it’s true. Our contracts with the sVo expire at midnight tonight, and as of now, we haven’t made any decisions about our future.

Simon Starr: We’ve had a great run here, but sometimes change is inevitable. However, if tonight is our last night, we want to go out with a bang.

[As Darren and Simon express their thoughts, Carny Sinclair and Reznikov suddenly step into the frame, their sinister presence casting a shadow over the interview.]

Carny Sinclair: Well, well, well. The Starr Brothers contemplating their future. How fitting.

Reznikov: Bronson Martinez thought he had a future too, and look how that turned out.

[The Starr Brothers tense up, ready for whatever challenge might come their way.]

Katie Smith: Carny, Reznikov, what are you doing here?

Carny Sinclair: Oh, we just overheard the brothers here talking about going out with a bang. We thought we’d offer them a little assistance.

Reznikov: So, how about it? Starr Brothers vs. Carny Sinclair and Reznikov tonight. We’ll make sure your exit is unforgettable.

[The tension in the air is palpable as The Starr Brothers weigh their options, staring down their potential opponents. The challenge is laid, leaving the fate of The Starr Brothers hanging in the balance.]

Single Match
Victor Holland vs. Dallas Jordan

The Bully

[The arena is buzzing with energy after witnessing a hard-fought match between Victor Holland and Dallas Jordan. Holland stands tall in the center of the ring, soaking in the cheers from the appreciative crowd.]

Natasha Ortiz (Ring Announcer): Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… Victor Holland!

[The fans erupt in applause as Holland raises his arms in triumph. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as the familiar sound of Danny Domino’s theme hits, sending a ripple of boos through the arena.]

[Domino charges down to the ring with a purpose, his eyes locked on the victorious Holland. He slides into the ring, catching Holland off guard.]

Jeremiah Sloan: Oh, come on! Holland just had a great match, and now Domino is ruining the moment!

Julian Fiasco: This guy just can’t stand seeing someone else in the spotlight.

[Domino unleashes a brutal assault on Holland, landing powerful strikes and kicks. The fans’ cheers turn into jeers as security rushes down to intervene.]

Jeremiah Sloan: Security is in there now, trying to pull Domino off, but the damage might already be done.

Julian Fiasco: This is just a cowardly attack. Domino can’t stand anyone else getting attention.

[Despite the efforts of security, Domino continues his assault, showing no signs of letting up. The boos from the crowd intensify as the situation unfolds.]

Jeremiah Sloan: Someone needs to get control of this situation! This is a disgrace!

Julian Fiasco: Holland just had a great victory, and Domino can’t let him have that moment. Disgusting.

[As security finally manages to separate Domino from Holland, the damage is done. The once-celebratory atmosphere has been tainted by Domino’s vicious attack. The fans express their displeasure as Holland receives medical attention in the ring.]

Turn the Tide

[The Generation: Joint locker room is filled with an air of frustration and disappointment. Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, Gunner Lang, and Jacob Izaz sit quietly, reflecting on recent losses. The door swings open, and their manager, Bellinor Adder, strides in with determination.]

Bellinor Adder: Alright, listen up, everyone! I know things haven’t been going our way lately, but we’ve got an opportunity tonight to turn the tide. Blood Money has agreed to put their Tag Team Championships on the line against Gunner and Jacob.

[A spark of hope flickers in the eyes of Gunner Lang and Jacob Izaz as they exchange glances.]

Bellinor Adder: This is our chance to take those titles and show everyone that Generation: Joint is still a force to be reckoned with in the sVo!

[The room begins to buzz with a renewed sense of purpose.]

Kenneth D Williams: What about us? Amy Page is out there running her mouth. We need to show her what we are about when we face All Star and Columbo.

Bellinor Adder: You’re damn right, Kenneth. Tonight, you and Jay will teach those two a lesson they won’t forget. I’ll be out there in your corner, ensuring that there won’t be any interference.

[Jay Adder nods in agreement, clenching his fists.]

Jay Adder: They won’t know what hit them.

Bellinor Adder: That’s the spirit! Remember, we’re Generation: Joint, and we fight together. Gunner, Jacob, you bring those titles home. Kenneth, Jay, you handle All Star and Columbo. Let’s show the sVo what we’re made of!

[The members of Generation: Joint share a determined look, ready to overcome their recent setbacks. As Bellinor exits the room, the energy in the locker room shifts from frustration to focused determination.]

Team Mates?

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as Johnny All Star searches for his tag team partner, Nicky Columbo. He spots Columbo leaning against a crate, a scowl etched across his face.]

Johnny All Star: Nicky, wait up!

[Nicky turns to face All Star, his expression still filled with anger and frustration.]

Nicky Columbo: What do you want, Johnny?

Johnny All Star: Look, I know you’re pissed about what happened at Seasons Beatings, and I get it. I messed up, but I need your help tonight.

[Columbo folds his arms across his chest, skeptical.]

Nicky Columbo: Help? Why the hell would I help you after what you let happen to me out there?

[All Star takes a deep breath, trying to find the right words.]

Johnny All Star: I messed up, Nicky, and I own that. But I have the chance to get a sVo Championship shot tonight, I just need your help to beat Generation: Joint and earn that shot….

[Columbo shakes his head, still not convinced.]

Nicky Columbo: Sounds like you have a lot to gain here Johnny, but what’s in it for me? Why should I trust you? You didn’t have my back when I needed it the most.

Johnny All Star: You’re right, and I can’t change that. But don’t forget all those hours I put in training you, I got you into this business kid….

[Columbo looks All Star in the eyes, contemplating his words.]

Nicky Columbo: Fine, but this doesn’t mean we’re suddenly best buddies again.

[All Star nods, understanding the gravity of the situation.]

Johnny All Star: Fair enough. Let’s go out there and show Generation: Joint what we are all about.

[Both men head in separate directions, ready to face Kenneth D Williams and Jay Adder in the tag team match later tonight.]

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money (c) vs. Gunner Lang & Jacob Izaz

Betting on Roulette

[Katie Smith stands by in the backstage area, microphone in hand, as Jupiter James storms past, frustration evident on her face.]

Katie Smith: Jupiter! Can we get a moment of your time?

[Jupiter James turns sharply, her eyes narrowing as she faces Katie Smith.]

Jupiter James: What do you want, Katie? I’m not in the mood.

Katie Smith: I just wanted to ask you about your mindset tonight. After not being on the PPV, how are you feeling about your match against Johnny Dorn for the Roulette Championship?

[Jupiter James takes a deep breath, visibly calming herself before responding.]

Jupiter James: Look, Katie, I was furious about not being part of Seasons Beatings. I’ve worked my ass off, and I deserve my shot on the big stage. But, life is a roulette wheel, and tonight, it’s given me another chance.

[She smirks, her frustration transforming into determination.]

Jupiter James: Johnny Dorn, the Roulette Champion, is standing in my way. Well, tonight, I’m turning the tables. I’m not just taking my chance; I’m seizing it. Tonight, I become the Roulette Champion, and no one can stop me.

[Jupiter James storms off, leaving Katie Smith nodding as she absorbs the intensity of James’ words.]


[The door to Amy Page’s office swings open, and the sVo Champion Night steps in. He wears the championship belt over his shoulder, exuding a calm and respectful demeanour.]

Night: Amy, I wanted to talk to you about the recent events and—

[Amy Page, seated behind her desk, interrupts with a dismissive wave of her hand.]

Amy Page: Spare me the pleasantries, Night. I’m not in the mood for it.

[Night, maintaining his composure, takes a step forward.]

Night: Amy, I want to make it clear that I am not part of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. I am the sVo Champion, and my allegiance lies with the sVo.

[Amy Page leans back in her chair, crossing her arms skeptically.]

Amy Page: You expect me to believe that? At Seasons Beatings, you didn’t lift a finger to help Rick Reid. Now he’s injured, and I’ve got a mess to clean up. Let me tell you something, I will do everything I can for the sVo, and if that means making sure you lose the sVo Championship… that is what I will do!

[Night sighs, frustration flickering across his face.]

Night: Amy, I’ve faced many challenges in my career, and I’ve never shied away from defending this championship. But if you want a fight, you’ll have it. I’m here to represent the sVo with honor, but I won’t let baseless accusations tarnish my legacy.

[Amy Page smirks, unmoved by Night’s words.]

Amy Page: We’ll see, Night. We’ll see.

[Night nods respectfully before turning to leave, his expression unwavering. As he exits, the tension in the room lingers, setting the stage for the challenges ahead.]

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Johnny Dorn (c) vs. Jupiter James

The Voice Pt1

[The backstage area is bustling with activity, and Nicky Columbo is seen preparing for his upcoming match. Junior Gambino, wearing a confident smirk, approaches him.]

Junior Gambino: Hey, Nicky. Got a minute?

[Nicky looks up, acknowledging Junior Gambino’s presence.]

Nicky Columbo: What’s on your mind, Gambino?

[Junior Gambino glances around to make sure no one is listening before leaning in slightly.]

Junior Gambino: I’ve been watching what’s been going on, and I can’t help but think you’re being played.

[Nicky raises an eyebrow, curious about what Gambino is getting at.]

Nicky Columbo: Played? By who?

Junior Gambino: By All Star, of course. He’s using you to climb the ladder, but what do you get out of it? A pat on the back? I mean, where’s that gotten you so far? You really trust him to have your back in a tag team match again?

[Nicky seems contemplative, his expression giving away a hint of uncertainty.]

Nicky Columbo: What are you getting at, Gambino?

Junior Gambino: Think about it, Nicky. Blood Money’s got power, influence, and, most importantly, loyalty. We look out for our own. You’ve got talent, and we could use someone like you.

[Junior Gambino extends an open hand, attempting to plant a seed of doubt in Nicky’s mind.]

Junior Gambino: Join us, and you won’t be just a pawn in All Star’s game. You’ll be part of a family that takes care of its own.

[Nicky looks at Gambino’s hand but hesitates. The internal struggle is evident on his face.]

Nicky Columbo: I appreciate the offer, but I’m not so sure about that, Gambino. That was a hell of a beating you guys put on me at Seasons Beatings.

[Junior Gambino smirks, realizing that the seed of doubt has been planted.]

Junior Gambino: Just think about it, Nicky. Blood Money’s always looking out for those who can bring something to the table. We look out for our own.

[As Junior Gambino walks away, Nicky Columbo is left to ponder the choices ahead of him, the decision weighing heavily on his mind.]


[Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone backstage, and Big Aug steps into the frame.]

Katie Smith: Big Aug, tonight you have a shot at the Las Vegas Championship against JVD. Before we talk about that, let’s address what happened at Seasons Beatings. It looked like you had some frustration to vent after your loss to Johnny Dorn, but you held back. Can you shed some light on that?

[Big Aug takes a deep breath before responding.]

Big Aug: Katie, frustration can be a powerful thing. It can cloud your judgment, make you do things you might regret. At Seasons Beatings, I felt that frustration boiling over. I had losses piling up, and I wanted to take it out on someone, on Johnny Dorn. But in that moment, I realized I needed to be better than that. I didn’t want to compromise my principles for a fleeting release of anger.

[Katie Smith nods, acknowledging Big Aug’s honesty.]

Katie Smith: It’s commendable that you reconsidered. Now, looking ahead to your match against JVD tonight for the Las Vegas Championship, how do you plan to approach it?

[Big Aug smirks, shifting his focus to the upcoming championship opportunity.]

Big Aug: JVD, I’ve got nothing but respect for you. But tonight, I’m coming for that Las Vegas Championship. I’m here to prove that I can rise from the setbacks and stand tall as a champion. You better bring your A-game, because I’m ready to show the sVo universe that Big Aug is back.

[As Big Aug finishes speaking, JVD enters the scene, a Las Vegas Championship slung over his shoulder.]

JVD: Aug, I hope you’ve got that frustration in check. Because after I beat you tonight, there won’t be any room for excuses. You even think about trying that shit with me, you will regret it.

[The tension between the two competitors hangs in the air as Katie Smith looks on, ready to witness the clash for the Las Vegas Championship later in the evening.]

Tag Team Match
Kenneth D Williams & Jay Adder vs. Johnny All Star & Nicky Columbo

The Voice Pt2

[The backstage area is buzzing with activity as Junior Gambino weaves through the corridors, determined to catch up with Nicky Columbo. Spotting him in the distance, Gambino quickens his pace to intercept his fellow wrestler.]

Junior Gambino: Nicky! Hey, wait up!

[Nicky Columbo slows down but doesn’t turn around, keeping his gaze forward as Junior Gambino catches up.]

Junior Gambino: Look, I’m glad you saw sense out there. Leaving All Star behind was the right move.

[Nicky Columbo remains silent, his body language suggesting a mix of frustration and uncertainty.]

Junior Gambino: You’ve got to understand, Blood Money, we’re a family. You saw how All Star couldn’t do a thing to stop Anthony’s beatdown at the PPV. We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that if you were with us.

[Nicky Columbo finally stops, turning to face Junior Gambino. His expression is unreadable, a mixture of contemplation and defiance.]

Nicky Columbo: I’ve got my own path to walk.

[Without waiting for a response, Nicky Columbo turns on his heel and walks away towards the parking lot, leaving Junior Gambino standing in the corridor, watching him go. The echoes of their conversation linger in the air, highlighting the growing tension within the sVo.]

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD (c) vs. Big Aug


[The raucous cheers of the crowd inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena reach a fever pitch as JVD, the Las Vegas Champion, stands victorious in the center of the ring, his title held high. The fallen Big Aug lies at his feet, having just tapped out to JVD’s devastating submission.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still the Las Vegas Champion, JVD!

[As JVD celebrates, soaking in the adulation of the crowd, a palpable tension begins to build. The camera captures a sinister shadow lurking at the edge of the ring. Big Aug, seemingly reeling from the loss, starts to rise, his eyes fixated on JVD with a menacing glare.]

[Julian Fiasco]: Oh, this doesn’t look good, folks. Big Aug is staring a hole through JVD, and I’ve got a bad feeling about what’s about to happen.

[The crowd’s cheers turn into worried murmurs as Big Aug advances toward JVD, his fists clenched. Just as it seems he’s about to unleash his fury, the entrance music of BIG Trouble hits, cutting through the tension like a siren.]

[Jeremiah Sloan]: Hold on, Julian! That’s BIG Trouble’s music! Looks like they’re rushing out here to prevent a potential disaster.

[The tag team BIG Trouble, comprised of BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i, storms down the ramp, urgency etched on their faces. They reach the ring and slide in, positioning themselves between Big Aug and JVD, attempting to reason with their agitated friend.]

BIG BOSS Batts: Aug, brother, you gotta cool down! We can’t afford any trouble right now.

[Big Aug, his muscles tense and sweat pouring down his face, glares at JVD over the shoulders of his concerned friends.]

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: Bruh, we’re a team. We stick together through thick and thin. There’s always another chance, another shot.

[JVD, still cautious, watches the unfolding drama as BIG Trouble works to calm down the visibly enraged Big Aug. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, unsure if the situation will escalate or be diffused.]

[Julian Fiasco]: This is like a powder keg in that ring, Jeremiah! BIG Trouble is trying to prevent an explosion, but will it be enough?

[The tension lingers for a moment, the air thick with anticipation. Then, with a visible exhale, Big Aug’s shoulders slump, and he relents.]

Big Aug: You’re lucky, JVD. This isn’t over.

[BIG Trouble stands as a human barricade, ensuring Big Aug exits the ring without incident. The crowd lets out a collective sigh of relief as the situation seems to have been averted—for now.]

[Jeremiah Sloan]: Crisis averted, folks, but you’ve got to wonder what’s brewing beneath the surface. The sVo drama is always just one spark away from exploding!

Ready for the Challenge

[Backstage in the dimly lit corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Katie Smith, microphone in hand, stands ready for an exclusive interview with the legendary sVo Champion Night. Night, adorned in his traditional Japanese wrestling attire, exudes an air of stoic confidence.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the sVo Champion Night, who is about to defend his title in a high-stakes Triple Threat Match against two former champions, Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star. Night, how are you feeling about tonight’s challenge?

[Night, known for his calm demeanor, nods before speaking, his deep voice carrying a sense of authority.]

Night: Katie-san, in the world of sanctioned violence, challenges are the essence of our existence. Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star are formidable opponents with storied histories, but tonight, I embrace the challenge.

Katie Smith: Some would say that defending your championship against not one, but two former champions is a daunting task. How do you plan to navigate the dynamics of this Triple Threat Match?

[Night takes a moment, his eyes focused and unwavering.]

Night: Triple Threat Matches are chaotic by nature. It requires not only physical prowess but also strategic acumen. Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star are skilled competitors, but I have faced adversity in rings across the world. I bring a unique style, a fusion of tradition and innovation, that I believe will give me the edge.

Katie Smith: Anthony Moretti, the sVo owner, has made it no secret that he has his sights set on reclaiming the championship. What are your thoughts on facing someone with such authority both in and out of the ring?

[Night tilts his head slightly, acknowledging the significance of the question.]

Night: Anthony Moretti is a shrewd businessman and a formidable competitor. However, inside the ring, authority holds no power. Tonight, it’s not about ownership; it’s about who stands tall as the sVo Champion.

Katie Smith: And what about Johnny All Star, a veteran with a history of championship success? How do you plan to counter his experience and resilience?

[Night’s expression remains serene, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenge at hand.]

Night: Johnny All Star has carved his legacy in this industry, and I respect that. But tonight, it’s about the present, not the past. I bring a different energy, a different spirit, and I intend to showcase the strength of the current sVo era.

Katie Smith: Lastly, Night, what message do you have for the sVo fans and your opponents as you head into this Triple Threat Match?

[Night pauses for a moment, his gaze unwavering as he addresses the camera directly.]

Night: To the sVo fans, prepare for a battle that transcends words. To Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star, tonight, the ring will reveal who truly deserves to hold the championship. May the best man emerge victorious.

[As Night concludes his statement, the camera pans out, capturing the intensity in the air as the sVo Champion prepares to face the challenge of Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star in the main event of Showdown 166.]

Tag Team Match
The Starr Brothers vs. Carny Sinclair & Reznikov

Defcon 5

[Backstage in the bustling corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the sVo COO Amy Page is seen, a stern expression on her face, surrounded by a group of security personnel. The atmosphere is charged with tension as the main event of Showdown 166 approaches. Amy, holding a clipboard, looks determined and ready to ensure everything goes according to plan.]

Amy Page: Listen up! Tonight’s main event is crucial for the sVo, and we can’t afford any disruptions. I want every inch of this arena secured. No one from Rising Sun Pro Wrestling gets through. Clear?

[The security team, dressed in black, nods in unison, their faces reflecting the seriousness of the task at hand.]

Security Leader: Crystal clear, Ms. Page. We’ve got every entrance covered, and our eyes are peeled.

Amy Page: Good. I don’t want any surprises. Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star have their shot at the sVo Championship, and I won’t let anyone jeopardize that.

[As Amy speaks, a sense of urgency pervades the air. The security team disperses, strategically positioning themselves at various access points throughout the arena. Amy, however, spots a few security personnel engaged in conversation.

Amy Page: What are you two doing? Get back to your posts!

[The security personnel quickly disengage, snapping to attention as they move to their designated positions. Amy surveys the area, her gaze unwavering.]

Amy Page: This is not just about tonight’s main event. We’ve worked hard to build the sVo brand, and we won’t let Rising Sun Pro Wrestling or anyone associated with them tarnish our reputation.

[Amy checks her watch, a signal that time is of the essence.]

Amy Page: We’ve got a show to run, and we won’t let anyone disrupt it. If anyone from Rising Sun tries to breach security, show them no mercy. Understood?

[The security team nods in agreement, fully grasping the importance of their role in maintaining order. Amy Page, satisfied with their acknowledgment, takes a deep breath before issuing a final directive.]

Amy Page: Let’s make sure this night goes down in sVo history for the right reasons and we can celebrate a new Champion. Now, get to your positions and stay vigilant.

[As the security team disperses once more, Amy Page watches with a determined expression, confident that her orders will be carried out to protect the integrity of the sVo event.]


[The electric atmosphere in the Goodfellas Casino Arena buzzes with anticipation as the sVo faithful await the next segment. Suddenly, the discordant chords of Trailer Trash Terry’s theme hit, signalling the entrance of the chaotic and controversial heel. Terry emerges from backstage, adorned in his signature garb, revelling in the chorus of boos that cascade from the audience.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Trailer Trash Terry!

[Trailer Trash Terry struts down the ramp, a malevolent grin etched across his face. He steps into the ring, demanding a microphone and soaking in the disdain from the crowd.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Well, well, well! Look who’s still standing after the carnage at Seasons Beatings! None other than the man, the myth, the trailer park legend—Trailer Trash Terry!

[The crowd responds with a cacophony of boos, but Terry feeds off the negativity, reveling in the disdain.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Last week, at Seasons Beatings, I did what no one else could do. I took down the so-called legend, William Vorheez. You know, the former sVo Champion. I proved what I’ve been saying all along—I’m the top dog in the sVo!

[The crowd’s boos intensify, but Terry continues, his arrogance unyielding.]

Trailer Trash Terry: And now, I stand here, victorious, while the so-called “big shots” like Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star get a shot at the sVo Championship tonight? Are you kidding me?

[Terry shakes his head in mock disbelief, goading the crowd to voice their displeasure even louder.]

Trailer Trash Terry: It should be me in that main event, not those washed-up has-beens! I beat Vorheez fair and square, while those two clowns couldn’t even lace up my boots!

[The crowd erupts in jeers and taunts, but Terry brushes them off with a dismissive wave.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Tonight, they’re fighting for a chance at the sVo Championship, but let me tell you something—I don’t need a chance. I’ve earned it! And when the dust settles, and one of those losers emerges, they’ll realize they’re just keeping the title warm for the true king of the sVo—Trailer Trash Terry!

[Terry drops the microphone, his smirk never fading as he exits the ring, leaving a trail of boos in his wake. The sVo faithful, outraged by his audacity, eagerly await the main event, wondering if Trailer Trash Terry’s chaotic antics will spill over into the championship match.]

The Injury List Grows

[Backstage in the corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Katie Smith, holding a microphone, stands ready for an exclusive interview with CJ Dreamer. Dreamer, wearing a serious expression, approaches, ready to address the pressing issue at hand.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with CJ Dreamer, and we’ve got some questions about the recent events involving Bronson Martinez. CJ, can you shed some light on his current status?

[CJ Dreamer takes a deep breath, his gaze focused as he prepares to address the situation.]

CJ Dreamer: Katie, first off, thanks for having me. Now, regarding Bronson Martinez, it’s no secret he’s been on everyone’s mind. After what went down at the PPV, it’s been a tough time for him.

Katie Smith: Can you provide some insight into the nature of Bronson’s injuries?

[CJ Dreamer nods solemnly before speaking.]

CJ Dreamer: Unfortunately, Bronson is on the injured list due to the actions of Carny Sinclair at the PPV. It was a brutal assault that left him battered and bruised. Carny’s crossed a line, and he’s going to have to answer for it.

Katie Smith: What’s the prognosis for Bronson’s recovery? When can we expect to see him back in action?

[CJ Dreamer takes a moment, his expression a mix of concern and determination.]

CJ Dreamer: The medical team is working around the clock to get Bronson back on his feet. He’s a fighter, and we’re optimistic about a speedy recovery. But, you know, injuries take time. We’re hoping to have him back in action as soon as possible, and knowing Bronson, he’ll be itching to get back in the ring.

Katie Smith: Carny Sinclair has been a constant thorn in the side of Bronson Martinez. What’s your message to Carny, considering the impact his actions have had?

[CJ Dreamer’s expression tightens as he addresses Carny Sinclair directly.]

CJ Dreamer: Carny, you may think you’ve achieved some kind of victory, but all you’ve done is show the world the lengths you’re willing to go. Bronson’s absence won’t last forever, and when he returns, you better believe he’ll be looking for payback.

[CJ Dreamer pauses, collecting his thoughts before continuing.]

CJ Dreamer: This isn’t over, Carny. You’ve awakened a beast, and when Bronson’s back, justice will be served.

[CJ Dreamer concludes the interview with a determined nod, leaving the backstage area with the weight of Bronson Martinez’s situation evident in his eyes. The uncertainty of Bronson’s return hangs in the air, but the resolve to seek retribution against Carny Sinclair remains unwavering.]

sVo Championship Match
Night (c) vs. Johnny All Star vs. Anthony Moretti

The Save?

[The Goodfellas Casino Arena is plunged into chaos as the main event concludes with an unexpected assault, as Joe Barone and Junior Gambino rush down to ringside. The triumphant celebration by Night turns into a ruthless beatdown orchestrated by Blood Money. Anthony Moretti is clearly furious at losing his shot at the title, despite not being involved in the decision. He directs the onslaught from Gambino and Barone. Jeremiah Sloan and Julian Fiasco, ringside commentators, are quick to react as the situation unfolds.]

Jermiah Sloan: Folks, we’re witnessing an absolute travesty here! Night just retained his title, and now Blood Money is unleashing an assault!

Julian Fiasco: This is despicable! Moretti’s vendetta has reached a new low. Night and Johnny All Star don’t deserve this!

[The jeers from the crowd intensify as Blood Money continues their onslaught. The fans, fervently chanting for Nicky Columbo, express their frustration with the lack of intervention.]

Crowd: Columbo! Columbo! Columbo!

Jermiah Sloan: The fans are desperate for someone to put a stop to this, and they’re calling for Nicky Columbo, but there’s no sign of him anywhere!

Julian Fiasco: Blood Money is sending a message loud and clear. This is their show now.

[As Blood Money stands tall, the sVo Tag Team Championships raised high, the commentary team conveys the gravity of the moment.]

Jermiah Sloan: Blood Money is ending the year on a brutal note, seizing control and leaving Night and Johnny All Star battered and beaten.

Julian Fiasco: This is a dark day for the sVo. Moretti and his cronies have made a statement that will echo through the entire organization.

[The camera pans out, capturing the aftermath of the assault. Night and Johnny All Star lie in the ring, defeated and humiliated. The once-celebratory atmosphere has been replaced with an air of uncertainty and dread.]

Jermiah Sloan: Ladies and gentlemen, we never expected to see this turn of events. Blood Money has taken over, and as we close out the year, the landscape of the sVo has been irreversibly altered.

Julian Fiasco: It’s a sad day for the sVo, folks. Is Nicky Columbo returning the favour to Johnny All Star by not making the save here? We can only hope that someone steps up to challenge this new era of chaos!

[The broadcast fades out as the crowd’s boos linger, marking the end of Showdown and the unsettling beginning of a new chapter in the sVo’s history.]

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