sVo Showdown 163
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
3rd December 2023

The camera pans across the vibrant Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas as the raucous crowd eagerly awaits the start of sVo Showdown 163. The arena is buzzing with anticipation, and the atmosphere is electric.

Jeremiah Sloan: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 163! We are live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas!

Julian Fiasco: That’s right, Sloan! Tonight is a special night as all of the sVo Championships will be on the line! We’ve got some incredible matches lined up, and the main event is set to be an absolute barnburner with Night defending the sVo Championship against Alissia Young!

The camera cuts to the commentary booth, where Jeremiah Sloan and Julian Fiasco are seated, ready to call the action.

Jeremiah Sloan: Alissia Young has been on a mission to become the first woman to hold the sVo Championship. Can she dethrone Night tonight?

Julian Fiasco: It won’t be an easy task, Sloan. Night is one of the toughest competitors in the sVo, but Alissia Young has proven time and again that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Suddenly, the arena lights dim, and the opening notes of the sVo theme music echo through the venue. The camera returns to the arena as the crowd roars in anticipation of the action about to unfold.

Jeremiah Sloan: And here we go! Get ready for an incredible night of sVo action!

Tokyo – Yesterday
Land of the Rising Sun

[The room is filled with anticipation as journalists and photographers gather for the press conference. The stage is adorned with the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling logo. Jon Page steps up to the podium, a map of Japan and a banner showcasing the existing promotions in his portfolio – sVo, P:V, DW, and ACE – are displayed behind him.]

Jon Page: Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed members of the press, and our passionate wrestling fans in Japan, thank you for joining us today. As many of you are aware, I am Jon Page, the proud owner and operator of Sanctioned Violence, a conglomerate of premier wrestling promotions across the globe.

[Jon gestures towards the map and the banners behind him.]

Jon Page: Today marks a monumental moment for Sanctioned Violence as we unveil the latest addition to our family of promotions – a venture into the heart of the Land of the Rising Sun. I am thrilled to announce the inception of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling!

[The room erupts with a mix of applause and camera flashes. Jon Page allows a moment for the excitement to settle before continuing.]

Jon Page: Japan has long been a powerhouse in the world of professional wrestling, and we have been monitoring the incredible talent and passion that emanate from this country. Today, I am excited to bring our unique brand of wrestling, the Sanctioned Violence style, to Japan.

[Jon gestures towards the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling logo.]

Jon Page: Rising Sun Pro Wrestling will not only uphold the rich tradition of Japanese wrestling but will infuse it with the dynamic and innovative approach that has become synonymous with Sanctioned Violence. We aim to create an unparalleled experience for the Japanese wrestling aficionados.

[Jon takes a moment to acknowledge the existing promotions in his portfolio.]

Jon Page: Sanctioned Violence has flourished in Las Vegas with the sVo, captured the essence of British wrestling with DW in London, and explored the realms of performance and athleticism with P:V. ACE has become a force to be reckoned with, and now, we set our sights on Japan.

[Jon’s expression becomes more earnest.]

Jon Page: Rising Sun Pro Wrestling is not just about expanding our brand; it’s about embracing the spirit of Puroresu, respecting its traditions, and creating something extraordinary for the fans. We are committed to scouting and signing the very best talent Japan has to offer, ensuring that Rising Sun Pro Wrestling becomes a beacon of excellence in the world of professional wrestling.

[Jon opens the floor to questions from the gathered press.]

Jon Page: I’m now open to your questions. Thank you.

[The room erupts with a barrage of questions and camera flashes as Jon Page engages with the press, sharing more details about Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s vision, talent scouting, and its debut event scheduled for 2024.]

Ready to Commit

The scene opens in the bustling office of Amy Page, the COO of the sVo. Amy is sitting behind her desk, surrounded by paperwork, a steaming cup of coffee, and a laptop displaying information about Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. She wears a frustrated expression as she contemplates the new competition.

Amy Page: (muttering to herself) Jon always has a knack for complicating things. I suppose he is going to be after a big name in Japan for his promotion now…..

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, and in walks Johnny Dorn, a former PRIME wrestler whose presence in the sVo has been eagerly anticipated by fans.

Amy gestures to a chair, and Johnny takes a seat, both parties eyeing each other with a hint of caution.

Johnny Dorn: I’ve been checking out the competition, Amy. Rising Sun Pro Wrestling seems like an exciting venture.

Amy Page: (smirking) It’s always good to know your options.

Johnny Dorn raises an eyebrow, unsure of Amy’s true feelings.

Johnny Dorn: DW and P:V were very interesting as well….. but I have made my decision. sVo is where I am going to make my next mark!

Amy Page: Well, Johnny, it seems you’ve kept me waiting for a week. In the sVo, we don’t take kindly to delays.

She slides a contract across the desk, a wry smile playing on her lips.

Amy Page: Sign on the dotted line, and you’ll officially be an sVo wrestler. However, be prepared for a little initiation.

Johnny Dorn glances at the contract, then back at Amy.

Johnny Dorn: Initiation?

Amy Page: Tonight, you’re facing my main man ‘Razor’ Rick Reid one on one. Consider it a welcome gift.

Johnny Dorn smirks, realizing that Amy is not one to be kept waiting, having booked him against one of the most dangerous men in the sVo in his first night.

Johnny Dorn: Alright, Amy, nothing like easing me into it eh…. Tell you what, how about we make it interesting and put Reid’s Roulette Championship on the line? Let’s make this official.

Page looks at Dorn, shocked at his audacity, before finally agreeing with a slight nod of the head. Dorn grabs a pen and signs the contract, officially becoming a part of the sVo roster. Amy smirks once more, satisfied with the outcome.

Amy Page: Welcome to the sVo, Johnny. Enjoy the initiation.

As Johnny Dorn exits the office, Amy leans back in her chair, a look of determination on her face. The game is afoot, and Amy Page is ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Mind Games Pt.1

Backstage in the bustling area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Nicky Columbo is seen warming up for his upcoming match against Noah Rogan. He’s shadowboxing and stretching when his mentor, Johnny All Star, approaches.

Johnny All Star: Nicky, my man! How you feeling?

Nicky looks up, a mix of excitement and nerves on his face.

Nicky Columbo: I’m ready, Johnny. I’ve been training hard for this.

Johnny All Star nods approvingly.

Johnny All Star: That’s what I like to hear. Now, I saw what Blood Money said to you last week. Ignore their mind games, kid. They’re just trying to get into your head.

Nicky looks serious, taking Johnny’s advice to heart.

Nicky Columbo: Yeah, I get it. They’re playing games, but I’m focused on my match.

Johnny pats Nicky on the back, a supportive grin on his face.

Johnny All Star: That’s the spirit! You’ve got all the tools to beat Rogan. Just stay sharp, trust your instincts, and remember what we’ve been working on.

Nicky nods, appreciating the guidance from his mentor.

Nicky Columbo: Thanks, Johnny. I won’t let you down.

Johnny All Star gives Nicky a reassuring smile before heading off, leaving Nicky to mentally prepare for his upcoming showdown with Noah Rogan.

Single Match
Nicky Columbo vs Noah Rogan

Send a Message

In the bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Amy Page is seen in her office, visibly frustrated. Rick Reid, the Roulette Champion, enters the room. Amy doesn’t waste any time expressing her dissatisfaction.

Amy Page: Rick, you need to listen up. I don’t appreciate being kept waiting, and neither should you.

Rick Reid, sporting the Roulette Championship around his waist, looks at Amy with a raised eyebrow.

Rick Reid: What are you talking about, Amy?

Amy Page: My brother, Jon, decided to make a big announcement about some promotion in Japan. It’s bringing more competition to the sVo, and I won’t stand for it.

She glares at Rick Reid, expecting him to share her frustration.

Rick Reid: So, what do you want me to do about it?

Amy Page: Tonight, you’re facing Johnny Dorn for the Roulette Championship. Make it clear that anyone who underestimates the sVo pays the price. Destroy him, Rick. Show him and everyone else that we don’t mess around.

Rick Reid smirks confidently.

Rick Reid: Consider it done, Amy. Nobody disrespects the sVo.

Amy Page nods, seemingly satisfied with Reid’s response.

Amy Page: Good. I expect nothing less.

With that, Rick Reid heads out, ready to make a statement in the ring against Johnny Dorn.

History Maker

The parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with activity as Alissia Young, accompanied by Jake Hughes and Scott Cole of the Canadian Connection, arrives at the venue. The trio exits a sleek black limousine, their presence commanding attention.

Alissia Young: Tonight’s the night, boys. The sVo Championship is within reach, and it’s time to make history.

Jake Hughes and Scott Cole, sporting matching smirks, nod in agreement.

Jake Hughes: You’ve got this, Alissia. Night won’t know what hit him.

Scott Cole: The Canadian Connection has your back. Blood Money, Night, or anyone else in the locker room—we’ll deal with them if they try to interfere.

Alissia Young, dressed in her wrestling gear, adjusts the tape on her wrists, her eyes focused and determined.

Alissia Young: It’s been a long road to get here, but tonight, I change the game. We’ll show everyone the power of the Canadian Connection.

The trio starts walking towards the arena entrance, the anticipation for the night’s main event building.

Jake Hughes: Get ready to make history, Alissia.

With purposeful strides, the Canadian Connection and Alissia Young enter the arena, ready to seize the opportunity and etch their names into the annals of sVo history.

Mind Games Pt.2

Backstage, the atmosphere is charged with a mix of triumph and tension as Nicky Columbo, fresh off his victory, catches his breath. In the midst of the celebration, the imposing figures of Blood Money – Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino, approach.

Anthony Moretti: Well, well, Nicky Columbo. Impressive win out there tonight.

Nicky eyes Blood Money cautiously, aware of the dangerous game being played.

Nicky Columbo: What do you guys want?

Joe Barone: We’ve been watching you, kid. You got potential.

Anthony Moretti smirks, reveling in the intrigue.

Anthony Moretti: We made you an offer last week, and we’re just curious if you’ve had time to think it over.

Nicky Columbo raises an eyebrow, skeptical but intrigued.

Nicky Columbo: What’s the real deal here? I’m not some pawn in your games.

Junior Gambino: Listen, kid. We see something in you. You could be a part of something big.

Anthony Moretti chuckles, seemingly amused.

Anthony Moretti: We don’t give a damn about Johnny All Star anymore. That ship has sailed. We’re talking about the future, and you could be a big part of it.

Nicky Columbo, maintaining his composure, contemplates their words.

Nicky Columbo: I’ll think about it.

As Blood Money walks away, Nicky Columbo watches them, his mind buzzing with the weight of the decision ahead. The offer hangs in the air, tempting and mysterious, as the backstage area returns to a simmering intensity.

Roulette Championship Match
Rick Reid © vs Johnny Dorn

Make An Impact Kid

The raucous cheers of the Goodfellas Casino Arena fill the air as the fans are on their feet, astonished by the unforeseen turn of events. In the center of the ring stands Johnny Dorn, his face etched with disbelief and elation, as the Roulette Championship belt rests in his hands.

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing one of the most unexpected moments in sVo history! Johnny Dorn, in his debut match, has just secured the Roulette Championship!

Jeremiah Sloan: I can’t believe what we’ve just witnessed, Julian! The sVo landscape has been shaken to its core.

The camera captures the raw emotion on Johnny Dorn’s face as he soaks in the adulation from the electrified crowd. The Goodfellas Casino Arena, a cacophony of cheers and applause, celebrates the underdog’s triumphant victory.

Julian Fiasco: Johnny Dorn, a former star in PRIME, has arrived in the sVo and made an immediate impact!

Confetti rains down as Johnny Dorn raises the Roulette Championship high above his head, the championship’s reflective surface glinting in the arena lights. The realization of his triumph begins to set in, and a jubilant Dorn takes a moment to breathe in the atmosphere.

Jeremiah Sloan: What an incredible moment for Johnny Dorn! The sVo roster better take notice; we’ve got a new player in the game.

The roar of the crowd crescendos, capturing the essence of an unforgettable night in sVo history. As Johnny Dorn continues to celebrate in the ring, the landscape of the Roulette Championship has been reshaped by this unexpected and remarkable turn of events.

Ready To Do It

The camera fades in, revealing Haley Dallas in the bustling backstage area, surrounded by the Southern Boys—’Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams. The tension in the air is palpable as they prepare for their Tag Team Championship match against Blood Money.

Haley Dallas: (with conviction) Alright, boys, listen up. Tonight’s the night we’ve been waiting for. We’ve come close before, but tonight, we’re walking out of here as the sVo Tag Team Champions.

The Southern Boys nod in agreement, their focus sharp and determined.

Haley Dallas: Blood Money thinks they can intimidate us, but we’ve faced tougher challenges. You’ve beaten the best in this business, and tonight, it’s time to add those tag titles to your resume.

The Southern Boys exchange a glance, a silent agreement passing between them.

Haley Dallas: Remember, it’s not just about winning; it’s about making a statement. We’ve worked too hard to let this opportunity slip through our fingers. Blood Money may have their suits and their fancy talk, but when that bell rings, it’s just them and us.

Haley Dallas places a reassuring hand on each of the Southern Boys’ shoulders.

Haley Dallas: Make every move count, stick together, and show Blood Money what the Southern Boys are made of. Tonight, we make history.

With a final motivational nod, the trio heads toward the entrance ramp, ready to face Blood Money for the sVo Tag Team Championships.

Lightning Strikes Once

Katie Smith stands backstage, ready to interview the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake. The atmosphere is charged with the energy from the surprising turn of events in the previous match.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake. James, did you just witness the unexpected victory of Johnny Dorn for the Roulette Championship?

Von Drake, sporting his Las Vegas Championship belt over his shoulder, nods in acknowledgment of the question.

James Von Drake: Of course, Katie. I keep a close eye on everything happening in the sVo. Johnny Dorn pulled off an impressive win, and I can appreciate the passion he brought to the table.

Katie Smith: Now, you’re set to defend your Las Vegas Championship against Trailer Trash Terry later tonight. With the Roulette Championship changing hands so unexpectedly, does that make you nervous about your own title defense?

James Von Drake smirks confidently, his demeanor unchanged despite the unexpected turn of events.

James Von Drake: Katie, the sVo is full of surprises, and every match is a battleground. But let me make one thing clear—I’m the Las Vegas Champion for a reason. Trailer Trash Terry or anyone else can bring their best, but they’ll find out firsthand why I’m the man holding this title.

Katie Smith: Strong words from the Las Vegas Champion. We’ll see if you can back them up in your match later tonight. Back to you, Julian and Jeremiah!

As the interview concludes, James Von Drake glances at his Las Vegas Championship, a steely determination in his eyes. The uncertainty in the air only intensifies the anticipation for the upcoming title defense against Trailer Trash Terry.

Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money © vs the Southern Boys

Cashing In

The arena buzzes with the aftermath of Blood Money’s successful defense of the sVo Tag Team Championships, the team continuing their reign as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions of all time despite tough competition tonight. Anthony Moretti, Junior Gambino, and Joe Barone revel in their triumph, the gold gleaming in their hands. Suddenly, the celebratory atmosphere is pierced by the music, and the spotlight shifts to the top of the stage.

Johnny All Star: (with a sly grin) Hold on just a minute there, Blood Money!

The crowd’s cheers mix with boos as Johnny All Star makes his way down to the ring, flanked by the wide-eyed Nicky Columbo. Blood Money, still catching their breath from the hard-fought match, exchange glances, unsure of what’s happening.

Johnny All Star: (grabbing a microphone) Congratulations on your little victory, but I’ve got some news for you. Seasons Beatings is just around the corner, and guess what? I’m cashing in my Victory Cup shot! Now in the past it has always been used for an sVo Championship shot, but Night can wait for now whilst I deal with you three traitors!

The audience erupts in excitement as the gravity of Johnny All Star’s announcement sinks in. Blood Money’s expressions shift from confusion to concern.

Johnny All Star: (smirking) Oh, but that’s not all. I’ve got myself a partner, and he’s a real game-changer. Someone you’re familiar with, Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Nicky Columbo!

Nicky Columbo looks as surprised as Blood Money, seemingly caught off guard by the revelation. The crowd’s reaction is a mix of cheers and stunned silence.

Johnny All Star: (pointing at Blood Money) Blood Money, you may have thought you were untouchable, but at Seasons Beatings, we’re coming for those tag team titles. Get ready for a beatdown like you’ve never experienced!

Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo stand tall at the top of the ramp, staring down at Blood Money in the ring. The challenge has been laid, and the stage is set for an explosive showdown at Seasons Beatings.

Ready For Whatever

The backstage area is buzzing with activity as Katie Smith stands by with a microphone, ready to interview the sVo Champion, Night. The reigning champion, adorned with the prestigious title around his waist, steps into the frame with a focused expression.

Katie Smith: Night, tonight you’re defending your sVo Championship against Alissia Young in the main event. How are you approaching this match?

Night: (nodding) Every title defense is a challenge, and Alissia Young is no exception. She’s a formidable opponent, but I’ve faced challenges before, and I’ll face them again. I’m ready for whatever she brings.

Katie Smith: Rick Reid suffered a surprising defeat earlier tonight, losing the Roulette Championship. Any thoughts on that?

Night: (raising an eyebrow) Rick’s loss is unexpected, but it’s the nature of this business. Championships change hands, and every match is a gamble. As for me, my focus remains on my own match tonight.

Katie Smith: Jon Page, recently announced the opening of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling in Japan. Any interest in going back to Japan to compete?

Night: (smirking) Japan holds a special place in my heart, and I have a deep respect for the wrestling scene there. However, my current commitment is here in the sVo, the company I helped put on the map all those years ago, despite Amy Page’s recent hostilities towards me. As for Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, I wish Jon the best in his venture, I will be watching closely.

Katie Smith: And finally, any message for Alissia Young ahead of your main event clash?

Night: Alissia, tonight will be a battle. You’re stepping into the ring with the sVo Champion, and I don’t plan on relinquishing this title anytime soon. Prepare for a fight you won’t forget.

With those words, Night offers a determined nod before heading towards the entrance, ready to defend his championship in the main event of the evening.

Next Steps

The door to Amy Page’s office creaks open, and Rick Reid cautiously steps in. He looks nervous, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Amy, seated behind her desk, closely watching the interview between Night & Katie Smith in repeat to see exactly what was said, looks up with a stern expression.

Amy Page: (icily) Rick, care to explain what happened out there tonight?

Rick Reid: Amy, it wasn’t—

Amy Page: (interrupting) Spare me the excuses, Rick. You lost the Roulette Championship, and I’m not happy about it.

Rick Reid shifts uncomfortably, searching for words.

Rick Reid: It was a surprise. I couldn’t—

Amy Page: (cutting him off) Surprise or not, you had one job – to keep that championship. Now, you know what you have to do next.

Amy’s eyes narrow, and she glares at Rick, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Rick Reid: (nodding) I understand.

Amy Page: Good. Take care of it, Rick, and don’t let me down again.

Without another word, Rick Reid nods solemnly and exits Amy Page’s office, leaving her alone to contemplate the turn of events and what actions need to be taken next.

Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD © vs. Trailer Trash Terry

Use Me or Lose Me

Katie Smith stands ready with her microphone as Hiro Ryuu steps into the frame, his eyes reflecting a mix of curiosity and determination.

Katie Smith: Hiro Ryuu, with the recent announcement of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling in Japan, how do you feel about this new venture, especially considering your ties to the country?

Hiro Ryuu: (nodding) It’s an exciting development, Katie. Japan has a rich wrestling history, and if Rising Sun Pro Wrestling lives up to the legacy, it could provide a platform for wrestlers worldwide, including myself. I’m always eager to showcase my skills and represent my heritage.

Katie Smith: And how does this impact your status in the sVo?

Hiro Ryuu: (smirking) Well, Amy Page hasn’t exactly been giving me the opportunities I deserve lately. Maybe with a new venture, she’ll recognize the talent right in front of her. If not, I might just have to take my skills to where they’re appreciated. Whether it’s in Las Vegas or back in Japan, Hiro Ryuu will make his mark.

Hiro Ryuu gives a determined look as he glances towards the future, leaving the backstage area with an air of confidence.

I’ll Show You Crazy

The locker room door swings open with a bang as Trailer Trash Terry storms in, his face twisted in fury at William Vorheez getting involved in his Las Vegas Championship match against JVD. He spots William Vorheez and, without hesitation, charges at him. Vorheez, grinning, doesn’t back down.

Trailer Trash Terry: You think you can mess with me, Vorheez?

The room erupts into chaos as Terry lunges at Vorheez, fists flying. The Black Brothers, Igor and Boris, move to intervene, creating a barrier between the two fighters. Wrestlers from the locker room rush in, trying to separate the brawlers.

William Vorheez: (smirking) You’re gonna pay for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, Terry.

The room echoes with shouts and the sound of scuffling. Wrestlers struggle to restrain the enraged Terry, while Vorheez, seemingly unfazed, is held back by his towering associates. The tension in the air is palpable, setting the stage for a heated showdown at the upcoming PPV.

A Message to the Best Arena, Chicago

The dimly lit smokey locker room of Generation: Joint is filled with the lingering satisfaction of their recent triumph over the HOTv Champion, John Sektor. Kenneth D. Williams, flanked by his fellow members, reviews the footage on a monitor, a sly grin on his face.

Kenneth D. Williams: (smirking) Beautifully executed, if I may say so myself. Sektor didn’t see it coming, just like the rest of High Octane Wrestling. (he chuckles) It’s amusing how they thought they could summon the gauntlet, and we answered with a statement they won’t soon forget.

The rest of Generation: Joint nods in agreement, reveling in the chaos they’ve sown.

Bellinor Adder: (with a wicked smile) Their so-called gauntlet was nothing more than a desperate plea for help. We don’t answer to their whims; we make our own rules.

The footage continues to roll, showing Sektor laid out in the ring as the sVo contingent makes their exit.

Jacob Izaz: (laughing) And did you see the faces of those HOW fools? Shocked, confused, and utterly helpless. This is just the beginning.

The members share triumphant glances, fueling their determination.

Gunner Lang: (raising an eyebrow) Sektor, you wanted attention? Well, you’ve got it. I don’t think he’s going to be defending that title anytime soon.

Kenneth D. Williams, the mastermind behind the assault, steps forward, addressing the camera directly.

Kenneth D. Williams: Sektor, I hope you enjoyed the spotlight, because it’s about to get much hotter. Generation: Joint has made a statement, and now I’m officially challenging you to put that HOTv Championship on the line. Anywhere, anytime. Show the world you’ve got the guts to face us head-on.

The locker room echoes with the determined challenge as Generation: Joint sets their sights on the next chapter of their rebellion in High Octane Wrestling.

Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

The backstage area is buzzing with activity as JVD, the man who declared months ago that he will end his career the next time he loses a match, is still clutching the Las Vegas Championship, pacing with frustration etched across his face. The controversial victory, although retaining the title, weighs heavily on his mind. Suddenly, the imposing figure of Hugo Ryzing enters the scene with a sly grin.

Hugo Ryzing: (mockingly) Well, well, well… Look who’s still holding onto that piece of tin. Hanging onto your career by a thread, aren’t you, JVD?

JVD, annoyed by the taunts, stops his pacing and fixes a stern gaze on Hugo.

JVD: Save the talk, Hugo. I’ve had enough of your games. If you’ve got something to say, spit it out.

Hugo chuckles, reveling in the tension.

Hugo Ryzing: (smirking) You know, JVD, I’ve been thinking. You barely escaped tonight with that Las Vegas Championship. How long can you keep dodging the inevitable?

JVD clenches his jaw, visibly irritated.

JVD: What’s your point, Hugo?

Hugo leans in, speaking in a low, menacing tone.

Hugo Ryzing: My point is, JVD, that I’ve beaten you before, and I can do it again. I propose a little deal for Seasons Beatings. You and me, one-on-one, in that ring again.

JVD raises an eyebrow, contemplating Hugo’s proposition.

JVD: (smirking) Interesting, Hugo. But I’ve got my own terms. I keep putting my career on the line each and every night and I beat you at the last PPV. If you’re so confident of it being a different result at Seasons Beatings, let’s raise the stakes. If you can’t beat me, you’re done in the sVo!

Hugo Ryzing’s confident grin fades for a moment, considering the stakes.

Hugo Ryzing: You’re on, JVD. At Seasons Beatings, I’ll end your career and prove once and for all that the era of JVD is over.

The tension lingers as both men exchange cold glares, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown at Seasons Beatings.

sVo Championship Match
Night © vs. Alissia Young

Open Challenge Week Three….

The Goodfellas Casino Arena is still buzzing with the energy from the intense main event, where Night successfully defended the sVo Championship against Alissia Young. The arena is filled with a mix of cheers and jeers as Night stands tall in the ring, the championship draped over his shoulder. Night calls for a microphone, signaling he has something to say.

Night: Another successful defense, another reminder that this is my domain. Now, as I am still yet to hear if Rick Reid wants to cash in his #1 contendership yet, if there’s anyone back there who thinks they can—

Suddenly, the arena is plunged into darkness, and the crowd erupts into a mix of confusion and anticipation. The ominous silence is broken by the sinister sound of footsteps approaching the ring. As the lights slowly begin to flicker back on, revealing the chaos, Rick Reid stands tall behind the champion, a sinister smile on his face.

Rick Reid: (laughing) Night, Night, Night. You think you’re invincible, huh? You think you’re untouchable?

Without waiting for a response, Reid launches a brutal assault on Night from behind, catching him off guard. The crowd’s cheers turn to shocked gasps as Reid pummels the sVo Champion. Night tries to fight back, but Reid’s onslaught is relentless.

Rick Reid: (shouting over the chaos) Seasons Beatings, Night! You and me! I’m coming for that championship, and I’m ending your reign of terror!

Reid continues the assault, leaving Night bloodied, battered and bruised in the center of the ring. The crowd’s emotions shift from shock to a mix of boos and cheers as Reid stands over Night, holding the sVo Championship high.

Rick Reid: (into the camera) Get ready, Night. Your nightmare is just beginning.

As the camera captures the aftermath, the show fades to black, leaving the sVo Universe eagerly anticipating the collision between Night and Rick Reid at Seasons Beatings.

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