sVo Showdown 158
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
17th September 2023

[Scene: The sVo logo fills the screen, and the arena is buzzing with anticipation as the crowd roars in excitement. The camera transitions to the announcers’ table, where Julian Fiasco and Jermiah Sloan sit ready to kick off Showdown 158.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to sVo Showdown 158! We are live from a packed arena, and tonight, we’ve got an action-packed show in store for you!

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian. The sVo never disappoints, and tonight is no exception. We’ve got a sizzling Las Vegas Championship match, an explosive in-ring debut, and a colossal four-way match with sVo Championship implications!

Julian Fiasco: Oh, you’re not kidding, Jermiah! Let’s dive right into it. In our main event, it’s a four-way showdown to determine the number one contender for the sVo Championship. Anthony Moretti, Big Aug, William Vorheez, and the reigning sVo Champion Night, all in one ring, fighting for the chance to headline our next Pay-Per-View, Jackpot!

Jermiah Sloan: This match is a powder keg, Julian! Night is defending his championship, and each of his opponents brings a unique challenge to the table. It’s going to be an all-out war, and I can’t wait to see who comes out on top!

Julian Fiasco: And speaking of championships, our Las Vegas Championship is on the line tonight as James Von Drake defends against the grizzled veteran, Bronson Johnson! Bronson’s old-school approach clashes with JVD’s flamboyant style, and I have a feeling this one’s going to be a classic.

Jermiah Sloan: You’re absolutely right, Julian. The Las Vegas Championship always delivers memorable matches, and tonight will be no different. Can JVD continue his reign, or will Bronson Johnson ride into town and claim the gold?

Julian Fiasco: And let’s not forget the debut we’ve all been waiting for – ‘Trailer Trash Terry’ steps into an sVo ring for the first time, facing none other than Hiro Ryuu. Terry’s reputation precedes him, and Hiro Ryuu is in for a wild ride.

Jermiah Sloan: Terry’s presence alone is a wildcard, Julian. He’s got a reputation for chaos and violence, and Hiro Ryuu will have to be at the top of his game to handle this unpredictable newcomer.

Julian Fiasco: It’s shaping up to be a night of surprises, hard-hitting action, and championship clashes, folks. Stay tuned, because sVo Showdown 158 is about to kick off, and it’s going to be one for the history books!

[The camera pans to the excited crowd, eagerly awaiting the start of the show, as Julian and Jermiah continue to discuss the night’s events.]

[The screen transitions to the sVo logo, and the arena’s atmosphere crackles with excitement as the show officially begins.]

Never Alone

[Scene: The backstage area is bustling as wrestlers and crew members prepare for the night’s event. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean arrives in a jovial mood, strutting down the corridor with a confident smile on his face. He wears his flamboyant ring attire, and the sVo Universe can hear him humming a tune to himself as he approaches the entrance area.]

[Katie Smith, always on the hunt for an interview, catches up with Bobby Dean just before he enters the arena.]

Katie Smith: [Holding a microphone, cheerful] Bobby Dean! You seem to be in high spirits tonight.

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Grinning, exuberant] You got that right, Katie! Tonight’s the night! Bobby Dean in the main event of sVo Showdown! Woo!

[Bobby Dean twirls around, displaying his enthusiasm for the occasion.]

Katie Smith: [Curious] Bobby, you’re facing some tough competition tonight. All your opponents have their tag teams in their corners for the main event, but you’re going it alone. How do you think that will impact your chances?

[Bobby Dean’s cheerful demeanor momentarily falters, replaced by a look of contemplation.]

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Pauses, then grins again] Well, Katie, you see, when you’re as beautiful and charming as me, you don’t need anyone else! I’ve got the entire sVo Universe cheering for me, and that’s all the support I need.

[Bobby Dean winks at the camera, attempting to regain his cheerful composure.]

Katie Smith: [Smiling] That’s a confident attitude, Bobby. Anything else you want to say to your fans before the big match?

[‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Striking a pose] To all my beautiful fans out there, get ready to witness the show of a lifetime! Tonight, Bobby Dean is going to steal the spotlight and prove that he’s the true main event attraction!

[Bobby Dean blows a kiss to the camera, and with that, he struts into the arena, leaving Katie Smith behind with a sense of both excitement and curiosity.]

[The camera fades out as Bobby Dean’s journey to the main event continues, leaving the sVo Universe eager to see what he brings to the match.]

No Rest

[Scene: The backstage area of the arena is bustling with activity as wrestlers and crew members prepare for the show. The camera focuses on Kyle McRae, the Roulette Champion, as he arrives at the venue, a confident smile on his face after successfully defending his title last night on Proving Grounds. He’s dressed in his ring gear, ready for another night of action.]

[As Kyle makes his way down the hallway, a voice cuts through the commotion. It’s Amy Page, the COO of sVo, who approaches him with a determined expression.]

Amy Page: [Intercepting Kyle, her tone stern] Kyle McRae, I hope you’re not planning on taking a leisurely stroll through the backstage area tonight.

Kyle McRae: [Surprised but composed] Amy, always a pleasure. I’ve got my gear, and I’m ready to go. Why the rush?

Amy Page: [Frustrated] You may have successfully defended your Roulette Championship last night on Proving Grounds, but that doesn’t mean you get to rest on your laurels. Dallas Jordan has been waiting for this opportunity, and you’re defending that title again tonight. The match is next!

[Kyle McRae’s eyes widen in surprise.]

Kyle McRae: [Blinking in disbelief] Tonight? Against Dallas Jordan? Well, that’s a bit sudden, isn’t it?

Amy Page: [Nodding firmly] Sudden, perhaps, but that’s the nature of the sVo, Kyle. We strike when the iron is hot. Dallas Jordan is hungry, and he’s been vocal about wanting a shot at that title. Tonight, you’ll have to prove why you’re the champion.

[Kyle McRae nods, the seriousness of the situation sinking in.]

Kyle McRae: I get it, Amy. I’m always up for a challenge. Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.

Amy Page: [Smirking] Good. You’re on in the next match. Get ready, and don’t keep Dallas waiting. He’s got a score to settle.

[Amy Page walks away, leaving Kyle McRae to gather his thoughts and prepare for another championship defense on short notice. The pressure is on as he hurries off to get ready for his upcoming match.]

[The camera fades out as the anticipation for the Roulette Championship match builds.]

Roulette Championship Match
Kyle McRae (c) vs Dallas Jordan

Don’t Cross the Boss

[Scene: Amy Page’s office is lavishly decorated, adorned with sVo memorabilia and framed photographs of past sVo champions. Amy Page, the COO of the sVo, sits behind her ornate desk, her face red with fury. On the TV screen mounted on the wall, Kyle McRae is celebrating in the ring after successfully defending his Roulette Championship against Dallas Jordan.]

Amy Page: [Muttering under her breath, seething with anger] That Scottish nuisance thinks he can just waltz in and do as he pleases, does he?

[As Kyle McRae’s celebration continues on the screen, Amy’s frustration grows.]

Amy Page: [Shouting, her voice filled with rage] I had it all planned out! Dallas Jordan was supposed to dethrone that so-called champion! Everything was set, the narrative was perfect, and he just had to ruin it!

[Amy Page clenches her fists, her temper getting the best of her. She abruptly rises from her chair, sending a flurry of papers and items on her desk flying through the air as she swipes her arm across it in anger.]

Amy Page: [Furious, her face flushed] This is my company, my show, and he dares to defy me like this?

[Amy Page paces back and forth in her office, fuming.]

Amy Page: [Speaking to herself] I won’t stand for it. I won’t let him make a mockery of my plans. I’ll find a way to put him in his place.

[As Amy Page continues to plot her revenge, the camera fades out, leaving her office in disarray and her determination to deal with Kyle McRae burning stronger than ever.]

History Makers

[Scene: The backstage area of the sVo arena is bustling with activity as wrestlers prepare for the night’s main event. Inside his locker room, the former three-time sVo Champion, William Vorheez, stands at a mirror, adjusting his iconic trench coat, and checking his appearance. The Black Brothers, Igor Black and Boris Black, who are his proteges, stand nearby, also getting ready for the main event.]

[William Vorheez, known for his enigmatic and intimidating presence, maintains a focused demeanor as he addresses his mentees.]

William Vorheez: [Low, commanding tone] Remember, boys, this is a high-stakes match. The sVo Championship opportunity is on the line, and we can’t afford any mistakes.

[Igor Black and Boris Black, both dressed in their signature black attire, nod in unison, their expressions filled with determination.]

Igor Black: We’ve got your back, Vorheez. We won’t let you down.

Boris Black: Yeah, we’ll make sure you get that title shot.

[William Vorheez gives a faint smile, acknowledging their loyalty.]

William Vorheez: That’s what I like to hear. But remember, it’s not just about me. It’s about the Black Brothers making a statement. Tonight, you’ll show the sVo Universe that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

[Igor and Boris exchange determined glances, realizing the magnitude of the opportunity before them.]

Igor Black: We’ll make sure everyone knows that the Black Brothers are a dominant force in the sVo.

Boris Black: And that Vorheez is the next sVo Champion.

[With the final touches in place, Vorheez, Igor, and Boris stand ready to head to the ring for the main event.]

William Vorheez: [With a final, resolute tone] Let’s do this, boys. Tonight, we make history.

[As they exit the locker room, the camera lingers, capturing the unity and determination of this trio as they prepare to make their mark in the main event match.]

[The camera fades out as the anticipation for the main event continues to build.]


Ladies Man

[Scene: The backstage area of the sVo arena is bustling with activity as wrestlers prepare for their matches. Clam Idia, the sleazy heel, stands in a dimly lit corner, nursing a drink in hand. He looks frustrated, simmering with resentment. Nearby, Bronson Martinez, the modern-day cowboy, is seen tending to his gear.]

Clam Idia: [Muttering to himself, agitated] Stupid, Bronson, stupid! He had to go and ruin everything!

[Bronson Martinez, overhearing Clam’s frustration, approaches him, intrigued.]

Bronson Martinez: [Curious, tipping his hat] What seems to be botherin’ you, Clam? You look like you’re stewin’ over somethin’.

Clam Idia: [Glaring at Bronson] You know exactly what’s botherin’ me, cowboy. It’s because of you that I didn’t get my date with Jupiter James a few weeks back!

Bronson Martinez: [Raises an eyebrow, puzzled] Date with Jupiter James? Now, I reckon I ain’t got nothin’ to do with your personal life, Clam.

Clam Idia: [Snarling] Oh, it ain’t just my personal life, Bronson. It’s my reputation! You ran in and played the hero, ruined my chances with her! Now, I’m gonna make you pay for interferin’ in my business!

Bronson Martinez: [Chuckles] Clam, you’ve got a mighty twisted view of things. But if you want a fight, I ain’t one to back down from a challenge. You name the time and the place, and we’ll settle this like men.

Clam Idia: [Grinning sinisterly] Oh, we will, Bronson. And when we do, I’m gonna show you just what happens when you mess with Clam Idia.

[Suddenly, a stagehand approaches them, a sense of urgency in his voice.]

Stagehand: [Excitedly] Clam, Bronson, your match is up next! Get ready!

[Bronson Martinez nods, ready to accept Clam’s challenge, as the tension between the two rivals continues to simmer backstage.]

[The camera fades out, leaving the promise of an imminent showdown between Clam Idia and Bronson Martinez hanging in the air.]

Proving Grounds

A few weeks ago…..

[The camera comes into a scene of murky clouds of smoke drifting through cluttered sets of lockers and equipment, slowly pulling back revealing “The Human Highlight Reel” Kenneth Williams and El Froggo to be the culprits of the hazy environment as Kenny passes a lit joint to the man, he was just facing 30 minutes prior.]

Kenneth D Williams: [His voice muffled exhaling a cloud of smoke.] I’m just saying fam, there isn’t any other feeling like some Space Cookies after a 5-Star match. I got to hand it to you too, amigo. You took me the whole mile and a half; all that damn flipping you were doing everywhere. A joint of that shit though, it’s like my superpower.

[He bends over and almost coughs out a lung before returning to his normal seated positon]

El Froggo:[Breathing heavy.] Si. [A knock suddenly intrudes the high flyers smoke session as Kenny throws his head back in annoyance.]

Kenneth D Williams: Oh, my go– Go away! We’re smoking the sticky icky! Wait, do they still call it that?

???: [A voice scathing through the wall] What about the new generation, motherfucker? You promised me.

Kenneth D Williams: Bellinor? [ Kenny rushes to the door and opens it revealing a man of short and portly stature as he cracks a huge sneaky smile as he turns towards El Froggo.]

Kenneth D Williams: Bellinor Adder! Might need to take a raincheck on this session, amigo.

El Froggo: [Sighing heavy as he gets up and exits the door] Si. Si.

Bellinor Adder: We’ve got some business to handle. But first… there’s someone who’s been dying to see you again.

[Bellinor steps to the side but the camera only gets a glimpse of a bulky shadow as the scene fades out into mystery.]

Single Match
Bronson Martinez vs Clam Idia


BIG Trouble for the Main Event

[Scene: In the bustling backstage area of the sVo arena, Big Aug, the massive and imposing wrestler, stands in front of a locker room mirror, adjusting his gear and taking deep breaths to focus his mind. His friends and tag team partners, ‘BIGBOSS Batts’ and ‘Big Kahuna Ali,’ stand nearby, offering their support as they all prepare for the night’s match.]

[Big Aug, known for his incredible strength, takes a moment to speak to his partners, his voice a mix of determination and gratitude.]

Big Aug: [Looking at ‘BIGBOSS Batts’ and ‘Big Kahuna Ali’] Tonight’s a big one, fellas. This opportunity doesn’t come around often, and I couldn’t ask for better teammates to have my back.

[‘BIGBOSS Batts,’ the powerhouse of BIG Trouble, nods emphatically.]

‘BIGBOSS Batts’: We got you, Aug. No matter who we’re up against, BIG Trouble’s got the muscle, the speed, and the heart to win.

[‘Big Kahuna Ali,’ the high-flyer of the team, chimes in with a grin.]

‘Big Kahuna Ali’: And don’t forget the aerial assault! We’ll make sure our opponents feel the turbulence.

[Big Aug cracks a smile, appreciating their camaraderie.]

Big Aug: That’s what I’m talking about. Together, we’re unstoppable. Tonight, we take one step closer to greatness.

[‘Big Kahuna Ali,’ ‘BIGBOSS Batts,’ and Big Aug exchange a motivating handshake and nod in unison, a symbol of their unity.]

‘Big Kahuna Ali’: Tonight, the sVo Universe will witness why we’re called BIG Trouble.

‘BIGBOSS Batts’: And they’ll see that Big Aug is unstoppable when he’s got BIG Trouble at his side.

[With their resolve steeled and their hearts set on victory, Big Aug, ‘BIGBOSS Batts,’ and ‘Big Kahuna Ali’ exit the locker room, ready to bring their unique blend of power and agility to the match.]

[The camera lingers for a moment, capturing the bond of friendship and the determination that drives these three competitors.]

[The scene fades out as the anticipation for the upcoming match builds.]

Tag Team Match
The Southern Boys vs The Starr Brothers



[Scene: The backstage area is chaotic as the cameras return from a commercial break. The intensity in the air is palpable, and the crowd’s cheers can still be heard echoing in the background. Suddenly, a heated brawl comes into view as The Starr Brothers and the Southern Boys are locked in a furious exchange of punches.]

[Darren Starr and Simon Starr, victorious after their controversial match, are going at it with Dave Miller and Dan Williams. Chaos reigns as fists fly and tempers flare.]

[Security personnel rush to the scene, desperately trying to separate the warring teams, but the chaos continues to escalate.]

Darren Starr: [Shouting, enraged] We won fair and square! Your manager had it coming!

Dave Miller: [Fighting back, equally furious] You don’t put your hands on our manager, Starr!

[The camera captures the chaos as punches continue to land, with security struggling to maintain order.]

Simon Starr: [Fighting off security, his face red with anger] She got involved in our match!

Dan Williams: [Pushing back against security, his voice raised] You had no right to touch her!

[Security personnel finally manage to pull the teams apart, but the hostility lingers as they continue to exchange heated words from a distance.]

Darren Starr: [Shouting] We’ll do whatever it takes to win!

Dave Miller: [Pointing angrily] You want another shot? Leave our manager out of it!

[As security keeps the two teams separated, the backstage area is left in a state of chaos. The feud between The Starr Brothers and the Southern Boys has reached a boiling point, and the sVo Universe can’t wait to see what happens next.]

[The camera slowly fades as the tension in the air lingers, leaving a sense of anticipation for the next chapter in this intense rivalry.]

Ready for the Newcomer

[Scene: The backstage interview area is lit up, and the bustling sounds of the arena echo in the background. Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, her excitement palpable as she prepares to interview Hiro Ryuu.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the sensational Hiro Ryuu, and we’re just moments away from his match against the enigmatic newcomer, Trailer Trash Terry. Hiro, how are you feeling as you head into this match?

[Hiro Ryuu, dressed in his wrestling gear, carries an air of confidence as he looks into the camera.]

Hiro Ryuu: [Nods with determination] Katie, I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I’ve faced all kinds of opponents. Trailer Trash Terry, he’s…different. But I thrive on challenges, and tonight, I’m ready to step into the unknown.

Katie Smith: [Curious] Many are calling Terry unpredictable and dangerous. How do you plan to prepare for someone with such an unconventional style?

[Hiro Ryuu smiles, showing a sense of anticipation.]

Hiro Ryuu: Terry may be unconventional, but I’ve trained in dojos all over the world, and I’ve seen my fair share of unpredictable fighters. I plan to stay focused, keep my wits about me, and trust in my years of experience. When that bell rings, it’s all about adapting and overcoming.

Katie Smith: [Nods in agreement] Wise words, Hiro. Your fans are eager to see you in action tonight. Any final words for them before you head to the ring?

[Hiro Ryuu nods and turns his attention to the camera.]

Hiro Ryuu: To my fans, I want to say thank you for your unwavering support. I do this for you, and tonight, I’ll give it everything I have. Trailer Trash Terry, you may be a wild card, but I’ll show the world that I can handle whatever you throw my way.

[With that, Hiro Ryuu gives a respectful bow before heading toward the entrance, ready to face the challenge that awaits him in the form of Trailer Trash Terry.]

Katie Smith: [Smiling] There you have it, folks! Hiro Ryuu is ready to face the unpredictable Terry in our next match. Stay tuned, because sVo Showdown is just getting started!

Single Match
Trailer Trash Terry vs Hiro Ryuu

Rightful Contender

[Scene: The backstage area of the sVo arena is buzzing with activity as wrestlers and crew members prepare for the night’s event. The camera focuses on Blood Money, the imposing trio, as they make their way towards the interview area. Anthony Moretti leads the way, flanked by Joe Barone and Junior Gambino, all dressed in sharp suits that match their mafia-inspired personas.]

[Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, a bit hesitant as she senses the tension in the air.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Blood Money, and Anthony Moretti is moments away from a high-stakes main event match with a chance to challenge Night for the sVo Championship. Anthony, how are you feeling about your opportunity tonight?

[Anthony Moretti, with a look of frustration, doesn’t hold back.]

Anthony Moretti: [Annoyed] Katie, let me make something clear. I should already be the number one contender for the sVo Championship. I won the Victory Cup fair and square, and Night knows it. But what do they do? They make me jump through hoops, compete in this match tonight as if I haven’t already proven myself!

[Joe Barone and Junior Gambino nod in agreement, their expressions stern.]

Joe Barone: He’s right, Katie. Anthony is the rightful contender, and he shouldn’t have to go through this tonight.

Junior Gambino: Yeah, they’re just trying to hold us back, but Blood Money can’t be stopped.

[Katie Smith, trying to keep the interview on track, continues.]

Katie Smith: Anthony, despite the frustration, you do have a chance tonight. A win would secure your shot at the sVo Championship. What’s your strategy heading into the match?

[Anthony Moretti smirks, a glint of confidence in his eyes.]

Anthony Moretti: Katie, my strategy is simple. I’ll do whatever it takes to win, and when I do, Night won’t be able to run from me anymore. He can’t avoid the inevitable, and that’s Anthony Moretti becoming the sVo Champion.

[As Blood Money continues to exude confidence and determination, the anticipation for the main event match grows. They make their way towards the locker room area, leaving Katie Smith with a lot to ponder as the sVo Universe eagerly awaits the outcome of the night’s main event.]

[The camera fades out as Blood Money disappears into the backstage shadows, ready to make their mark on the sVo Championship scene.]

One Last Match?

[Scene: James Von Drake, known as JVD, stands alone in his locker room, the Las Vegas Championship belt resting on a nearby chair. He looks at the title with a mix of determination and apprehension, well aware that his career hangs in the balance. The soft glow of the championship belt reflects in his eyes as he takes a deep breath and adjusts his gear.]

JVD: [Speaking softly to himself] This is it, JVD. One more match, one more defense. Keep it together.

[JVD takes a moment to collect his thoughts, his fingers gently tracing the contours of the championship belt.]

JVD: [Reflecting, his voice filled with emotion] This title means everything to me. It’s been a symbol of my hard work, my dedication, and the countless hours I’ve poured into this business. But tonight, it’s more than just a title; it’s my career on the line.

[The realization of the stakes hits JVD, and he clenches his fists, determination filling his eyes.]

JVD: [Resolute] Bronson Johnson, you’re no pushover. You’re as tough as they come, and you’ve earned your shot. But this isn’t just about the Las Vegas Championship; it’s about my legacy, my livelihood.

[JVD reaches for the championship belt, lifting it carefully and draping it over his shoulder.]

JVD: [Speaking firmly] I’m not going down without a fight. Tonight, I’ll give everything I have left in this ring. If it’s meant to be, this belt stays with me. If not…

[JVD trails off, the weight of the situation hanging in the air. He takes a deep breath, regaining his composure.]

JVD: [With a newfound determination] If not, then I’ll leave this ring with my head held high, knowing I gave it my all. But let me be clear, Bronson, it’s not going to be easy. You’ll have to pry this championship from my hands.

[JVD gently places the championship belt back on the chair, ready to face the challenge that awaits him.]

JVD: [Quietly, with conviction] This is my time, and I won’t let it end tonight. Not without one hell of a fight.

[With a final glance at the Las Vegas Championship, JVD takes a deep breath, squares his shoulders, and exits the locker room, ready to defend his title and, in his mind, his very career.]

[The camera fades out, leaving the anticipation for the championship match between JVD and Bronson Johnson to reach its peak.]

Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD (c) vs Bronson Johnson


[Scene: Chaos erupts in the backstage area of the sVo arena as Blood Money (Joe Barone and Junior Gambino), the Black Brothers (Igor Black and Boris Black), and BIG Trouble (Big Kahuna Ali & BIGBOSS Batts) find themselves in a heated brawl. Fists fly, and tempers flare as the six men go at it with reckless abandon. Security personnel rush to the scene, desperately trying to separate the warring factions.]

[The camera captures the chaos as punches continue to land, with security struggling to maintain order.]

[Katie Smith arrives on the scene, microphone in hand, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief.]

Katie Smith: [Frantic] What in the world is happening here?! Can someone tell me what’s going on?

[Amidst the chaos, Bobby Dean, with a mischievous smirk on his face, steps forward, seemingly uninvolved in the brawl.]

Bobby Dean: [With a casual shrug] Oh, Katie, you know how it goes. Boys will be boys.

[Bobby Dean casually walks away from the scene, leaving Katie Smith perplexed.]

[As security finally manages to separate the warring factions, the six men are escorted out of the arena, their rivalry far from settled.]

[The camera fades out, leaving Katie Smith and the sVo Universe wondering about the implications of this backstage brawl.]


Main Event
#1 Contendership Match
Anthony Moretti vs Bobby Dean vs Big Aug vs William Vorheez


[Scene: The sVo arena is electric with anticipation as the main event concludes, and ‘Blood Money’ Anthony Moretti stands victorious in the center of the ring. His face beams with pride as he celebrates his hard-fought victory, knowing that he has secured his opportunity to challenge for the sVo Championship at the upcoming Jackpot PPV. The sVo Universe roars with mixed reactions, but Moretti basks in the moment.]

[With his hand raised in victory, Anthony Moretti soaks in the adulation from the crowd, letting his signature smirk stretch across his face. Confetti rains down from the rafters, creating a celebratory atmosphere in the arena.]

[However, the jubilation is interrupted by the sound of “Bloodlust,” and the crowd erupts in cheers as the sVo Champion, Night, makes his entrance. He strides confidently down the ramp, the sVo Championship belt gleaming in the arena lights.]

[Anthony Moretti, still in the ring, watches Night’s entrance with a mix of intensity and focus. As Night enters the ring, he holds the championship belt high above his head, and the crowd responds with deafening cheers.]

[The two competitors, champion and challenger, now stand face-to-face in the center of the ring. The tension is palpable as they lock eyes, and the sVo Universe buzzes with excitement.]

[Night and Anthony Moretti exchange a few words, too low for the camera to pick up, before Moretti nods, seemingly acknowledging the champion. Night extends the sVo Championship belt towards Moretti, who eyes it with unwavering determination.]

[The crowd’s cheers grow even louder as Night and Anthony Moretti engage in a tense staredown. The sVo Universe watches in anticipation, knowing that this moment marks the beginning of a new chapter in the sVo Championship scene.]

[As Showdown goes off the air, the camera lingers on Night and Anthony Moretti, their eyes locked, each man aware that their paths have now converged, and their destiny will be decided at the Jackpot PPV.]

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