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sVo Showdown 138

Night teams up with Hiro Ryuu to take on Blood Money, whilst BBD defends the Roulette Championship against Athena.

sVo Sunday Night Showdown 138
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
9th October 2022

After the intro for the PWA, the entrance video package for Sunday Night Showdown begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Showdown’ by Pendulum as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Sunday Night Showdown’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Previously on Showdown 137…..

  • Big Trouble defeated former Tag Team Champions the Canadian Connection, before they along with Big Aug thwarted an attempted sneak attack from sVo Champion William Vorheez & former Tag Team Champions the Black Brothers.
  • Curtis Knight captured the TapOut Championship by beating Junior Gambino.
  • Jacob Izaz bested Reznikov to give Carny Sinclair’s bodyguard his first sVo loss.
  • Tag Team Champions Blood Money defeated the Starr Brothers, but Jon Page revealed he has signed a deal with former MVW 3x Tag Champions the Southern Boys to deal with them.
  • BBD defended his Roulette Championship again and moved a further step towards cashing in for a sVo Championship shot, beating Boyd Jackson.
  • The sVo’s Kyle McRae was embarrassed by HOW’s Xander Azula in a shock squash match after months of build up.
  • Hugo Ryzing continued to play mind games with Kenneth D Williams.
  • Blood Money ruined the long anticipated first match back in the sVo for over ten years for hall of famer Night, by attacking him and his opponent ahead of the main event. However Night fought back and had the last laugh as Showdown went off the air.

TapOut Championship Match
Curtis Knight vs. Dallas Jordan

As the fans prepare for the first match of the night, highlights from last weeks Uprising are shown on the big screen where Dallas Jordan defeated former TapOut Champion Alissia Young in a submission match before demanding a shot at the TapOut Championship from sVo Boss Jon Page…..

Red Dollars

After the exciting first match of the evening, the cameras head backstage to the locker room of the most hated group in the sVo, Blood Money! The fans boo immediately upon spotting Johnny Moretti, Junior Gambino and the Tag Team Champions Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone on the giant screen in the arena.

Johnny Moretti: “Right, big night tonight guys, we have to make this count with only three weeks left until the PPV.”

The rest of the group silently nod in agreement with the former 2x sVo Champion.

Johnny Moretti: “Junior, you’re first up kid. I don’t care what problems Williams has been having with Hugo Ryzing…. If you are the one to take him out of action then it is a big statement for you and for us!”

Gambino smiles confidently ahead of his match against former Las Vegas Champion Kenneth D Williams later tonight.

Johnny Moretti: “And you two…. Champs!”

Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone proudly tap the gold that is resting in their laps.

Johnny Moretti: “If that little punk Hiro Ryuu wants to fan girl over Night so much then he is going to have to take the beating that goes along with it! Vorheez and Page want to ban me from having any more shots at the sVo Championship, well they are going to have no option but to give me a shot once we take all of the other contenders out of action, that starts with golden boy Night!”

Anthony Moretti: “Damn straight brother. Who the hell does he think he is coming in here and going after the Championship straight away anyway? What has he done in the last ten years?”

Johnny Moretti: “Exactly, but all that isn’t going to matter when he is back in his little dojo with his tail between his legs. Let’s get it done tonight gentlemen, let’s remind the sVo what this little family is all about!”

Johnny Moretti circles his finger around all four of the groups members before giving them a motivational fist bump as the scene fades out.

Commercial Break

Handicap Match
Carny Sinclair & Reznikov vs. Jacob Izaz

Highlights are shown on the giant screen in the arena of Jacob Izaz scoring a shock victory over Carny Sinclair & Reznikov in singles actions over the last few Showdowns, before both men beating down the ‘Philly Flash’ backstage…..

The Challenge of Success

We head backstage once again, this time to the locker room of the sVo Champion William Vorheez. The fans boo loudly for their once hero, as the Champ himself stands in front of the massive ‘Black Brothers’ Igor and Boris, seemingly giving his protégés a little lesson.

William Vorheez: “You see this boys?”

Vorheez holds up the massive gold sVo Championship belt in front of Boris and Igor with one arm, causing the Black Brothers to nod their heads in tandem.

William Vorheez: “I didn’t get this by being popular, I got this by going out to that ring and doing what had to be done. That is how I became the first man to ever hold this three times….”

Vorheez takes a long hard look at the belt, before placing it back over his own shoulder.

William Vorheez: “Sure the fans might have turned on us a little in recent weeks, but let’s not concern ourselves with their opinions. None of them know what it is like to be in our position, none of them know what it is like to achieve the level of success that we have obtained.”

The fans watching in the arena on the big screen boo loudly.

William Vorheez: “Now with that success comes challengers, its inevitable. What we need to do now is show the world that none of those challengers are even fit to lace our boots! Take this latest lot, Big Trouble! Do they seriously think they have a shot when they challenge for the sVo Championship? Do they seriously thing they have a shot when they challenge for what are rightfully yours, the Tag Team Championships?”

A ’Big Trouble, Big Trouble!’ chant breaks out inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena.

William Vorheez: “Let’s show them tonight in our match that they don’t even belong in the same building as us let alone the same ring. Let’s sound them back to YouTube to do their little food show! Let’s show them what happens when you dare to bring a steel pipe to a fight with us! Let’s show them the real meaning of the phrase big trouble!”

The Black Brothers stand quickly to their feet, seemingly motivated to deliver an ass kicking. Vorheez looks pleased with his efforts as he glances from them to the gold on his shoulder as the scene fades out.

Commercial Break

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. Junior Gambino

As the Goodfellas Casino Arena awaits the entrance of the two former Champions, a highlight package is shown on the giant screen of Kenneth D Williams being attacked backstage by a mystery assailant, before publicly calling out Hugo Ryzing at the Jackpot 2022 PPV…..

Hiro Meets Hero

We head backstage to the interview area, where Katie Smith is standing by in front of the sVo & HOTv branded backdrop with a microphone in hand. Alongside the sVo’s chief reporter is Hiro Ryuu, with the young Japanese star dressed in his ring gear and looking ready to go to battle.

Katie Smith: “Thank you for joining me ladies and gentlemen! I am here alongside Hiro Ryuu, the man that will tonight team up with sVo hall of famer Night to take on the sVo Tag Team Champions Blood Money in the main event! Hiro, how do you feel about teaming up with your childhood hero tonight?”

Ryuu takes in a deep breath, savouring every moment.

Hiro Ryuu: “A few weeks ago Katie, I told you that I had the dream of stepping foot in the ring with my hero Night, and a little time after that I was lucky enough to get that opportunity. I was booked in the main event against the great man himself. It was all I had ever wished for…. And Blood Money took that away from me with a cowardly attack before the bell had even rung….”

Ryuu angrily shakes his head, recalling the attack.

Hiro Ryuu: “But tonight more than makes up for it, because now I get to not only team with my hero, but I get to team with my hero and get revenge on Blood Money!”

Katie Smith: “Well Blood Money are of course dangerous opponents, picking up wins in SHOOT Project as well as being the current holders of the sVo Tag Team Champions. How do you see your chances considering this is your first-time teaming with Night, and Night’s first in ring appearance in quite a considerable time?”

Hiro Ryuu: “Blood Money are good, I will give them that. I have tangled with them before. However this time I have the best of all time by my side. I don’t care who we are facing and how long my partner has been out of action for, when he steps out there it will all come flooding back and he will remind the people of Las Vegas why he is in the sVo hall of fame!”

As the crowd cheer loudly for the words of Hiro Ryuu, Ryuu nods to Smith to signal that the interview is over, as the scene fades out.

Commercial Break

Six Man Tag Team Match
Big Aug & BIG Trouble vs. William Vorheez & the Black Brothers

Footage is shown on the big screen of Big Aug & BIG Trouble winning #1 contenders matches at the Jackpot 2022 PPV, before being brutally attacked by Vorheez and the Black Brothers on the following Showdown. The package ends with Vorheez and the Black Brothers trying to repeat the attack on the last episode of Showdown, only for Big Aug and BIG Trouble to run them off with steel pipes…..

Don’t Forget

The camera heads backstage to the interview area, where Katie Smith is standing by, microphone in hand, with Kenneth D Williams. The crowd cheer loudly for Williams, who has a towel around his shoulders and an ice pack on his elbow after his earlier match against Blood Money’s Junior Gambino.

Katie Smith: “Kenneth, thanks for joining me! Now that was an impressive victory out there against a former TapOut Champion! You must be really pleased with your performance?”

Kenneth D Williams: “I know that going into a match against someone from Blood Money it means…..”

Before Williams even gets a chance to finish his sentence, the figure of Hugo Ryzing comes tearing through the sVo & HOTv branding backdrop, sending Katie Smith scrambling for cover and Kenneth D Williams to the floor!

Williams tries to get back up, but Ryzing is straight onto him with some piston like mounted punches, before laying into him with some stiff kicks and stomps. Eventually Ryzing gets to his feet, satisfied with his handiwork.

Hugo Ryzing: “Now that is how it would feel if I really attacked you from behind you little bitch.”

Ryzing disgustingly spits down on the body of Kenneth D Williams, before walking away from the scene chuckling, as backstage staff rush in to check on the condition of the former Las Vegas Champion.

Commercial Break

Roulette Championship Match
Title Defence Attempt #6
Bobby Dean vs. Athena

The fans in the arena are treated to highlights of Bobby Dean’s sVo return a few months ago, followed by his Roulette Championship win over Bronson Johnson at the Jackpot 2022 PPV and his five subsequent successful title defences!

Out from the Cold

The cameras head backstage once again, this time to the parking lot where the arena entrance door slowly opens and outsteps sVo Owner Jon Page. Page is as always dressed head to toe in a dark suit, but looks mildly annoyed at the interruption to his evening.

Page takes a few steps out into the main area of the parking lot and takes a look around, seemingly waiting to see something that isn’t there. Page throws his arms in the air in frustration before muttering to himself.

Jon Page: “Where the hell is this copper then that I had to rush out here and pay off?”

Page slowly turns to make his way back into the arena, but is suddenly ambushed as from the other side of a nearby car rush Kyle McRae, Harry Black and Alexander Hate to block his route.

Jon Page: “What the fuck….”

Page adopts a fighting stance, but McRae holds his hands out in front of him for peace.

Kyle McRae: “Wait, wait, Mr Page! Please just hear us out!”

Page angrily begins to storm towards the trio.

Jon Page: “You think you can ambush me like this? I will have the entire locker room out here to kick your ass in two seconds flat! Now beat it! You’re not welcome around these parts after that embarrassment against Azula!”

Page spits the last word out with disgust, but the Empire are not put off.

Kyle McRae: “We know, we know! But we just want another shot to get back in. I will make it up to you I promise!”

Page strokes his chin as he looks up at the sky, thinking things over for a few seconds.

Jon Page: “It was pretty ballsy to show up on the HOW show last week, I will give you that….. Tell you what, get a win over Azula and restore the sVo’s reputation in the PWA, and then we can talk.”

Page pushes past the trio and heads back into the arena, ready to shout at some security guards

Commercial Break

Vendetta 2022 PPV
30th October 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Night & Hiro Ryuu vs. Blood Money

As the anticipation in the arena continues to grow for the arrival of sVo legend Night to the ring, a video package runs down the hall of famers return at the end of the Jackpot 2022 PPV, and subsequent tangle with Johnny Moretti & Blood Money, including the group ruining his in ring return last Showdown in a scheduled main event match against Hiro Ryuu…..


Hiro Ryuu is over joyed as Night climbs into the ring and raises his arm in the air in victory to a loud pop from the crowd. However Night & Ryuu don’t have long to celebrate, as down the entrance ramp come Johnny Moretti and Junior Gambino!

The fans boo the arrival of the other half of Blood Money, but Night and Ryuu seem well prepared for the arrival as they quickly hop out of the ring, grab steel chairs from the announcers desk and then slide back in!

The fans cheer loudly as Night and Ryuu challenge Johnny Moretti and Gambino to come and meet them in the ring! Johnny Moretti and Gambino think better of it, as they instead grab hold of the Tag Team Champions and pull them to safety, before retreating back up the entrance ramp.

Johnny Moretti shouts back to Night in the ring something that is inaudible over the crowd noise, as Showdown heads off of the air with Night and Hiro Ryuu victorious and holding the ring!

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