sVo Sunday Night Showdown #124
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
10th April 2022

The entrance video package for Sunday Night Showdown begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Showdown’ by Pendulum as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Sunday Night Showdown’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Curtis Knight (c) vs. Jacob Izaz

The Road to the Gold

After the impressive submission victory for ‘the Dark Horse’ Curtis Knight, the referee checks on the condition of Jacob Izaz whilst Knight soaks in the cheers from the crowd whilst raising the Roulette Championship belt in the air in victory! The fans continue to cheer Knight on as he walks over and asks for a microphone from the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz, before addressing the crowd.

Curtis Knight: “Ladies and gentlemen, do you see this?”

The fans cheer as Knight holds the gold title in the air again to show it off to the sold out Las Vegas crowd.

Curtis Knight: “Well this right here is my ticket right to the top of the sVo! Now my number one mission in the sVo is still to destroy Anthony Moretti and the rest of Blood Money…. But what better way to do that than by winning the sVo Championship belt and letting them come at me!”

There is another big cheer from the crowd at the plan of Curtis Knight as he turns his attention to Jacob Izaz who is being helped from the ring.

Curtis Knight: “Jacob, don’t feel bad, you put up a good fight, but you are just number one of ten! One down, nine to go!”

Knight throws the microphone back to the ring announcer before holding the belt in the air one last time to soak up a few more cheers from the crowd, before making his way to the back!

Uprising #15
13th April 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Championship Shot

The cameras cut backstage to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page who is watching the action on the screen on the wall. As usual, Page doesn’t get long to watch the action alone as the office door opens and in walks the former two time sVo Champion Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti! Page doesn’t look too happy to see the Blood Money member, as he walks up and stands in front of the desk.

Johnny Moretti: “It’s less than a month until the Roll the Dice PPV and I still haven’t had the contract through for my sVo Championship rematch against Vorheez…. What gives?”

Jon Page: “sVo Championship rematch, you seriously think that you deserve a rematch after the last title match? It lasted like ten minutes before Vorheez pinned you, I nearly had to give refunds!”

Moretti doesn’t look at all happy, but tries to remain professional.

Johnny Moretti: “Come on Page seriously. Who else you gonna put in that main event? You can’t seriously be thinking about putting Darwin Jones in that spot? What even is his record as a singles competitor?”

Page leans back in his leather chair as if he is thinking things over.

Jon Page: “Well I really haven’t made my mind up, but then again if he beats a former sVo Champion like your brother in the main event tonight, well that seriously puts him in the title picture!”

Moretti looks angry as he shakes his head and begins to storm towards the door.

Johnny Moretti: “He won’t be winning the match Page, so get that damn contract over to me!”

Moretti slams the door behind him as he leaves the office.

Alissia Young (c) vs. Bronson Johnson

On the Same Team?

The cameras head backstage to the interview area where the current sVo Las Vegas Champion Kenneth D Williams is standing by with Katie Smith! Smith as always has a microphone in her hand, whilst Kenneth D Williams polishes the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt that sits upon his shoulder.

Katie Smith: “Kenny, we are just moments away from your match tonight where you are teaming up with your future opponent Big Aug to take on Patriot Act in tag team action. How do you feel about having to team up with the number one contender for your title?”

Williams smirks as he looks at the Championship belt, before looking back at Smith.

Kenneth D Williams: “I know Jon Page likes to play these little games, but no matter who he puts as my tag team partner, the Human Highlight reel is going to go out there and get the job done tonight, you can bank on that!”

Katie Smith: “You don’t sound too worried about the threat that Patriot Act pose then?”

Williams scoffs at the question as he pulls something out from behind his ear.

Kenneth D Williams: “You see this Katie?”

Williams shows Smith the blunt that he has just pulled from behind his ear and Smith nods.

Kenneth D Williams: “Well I am gonna be smoking this in less than four minutes and twenty seconds after I beat all three of those cracker asses! Big Aug might have been having trouble with these southern white boys for a few weeks now, but I have been fighting against people like these my whole life. As long as he keeps his Big Azz in the corner and stays out of my way and doesn’t get any ideas, then it’s gonna be all good!”

Williams puts the blunt back behind his ear, but before the interview can come to a close, Big Aug walks into the scene! Big Aug doesn’t look too happy with the words of his tag team partner, as the two stare each other down for a few seconds before Big Aug carries on walking and the scene fades to black.

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Big Aug & Kenneth D Williams vs. Patriot Act

Big Trouble

After scoring the three count for his make shift team, Kenneth D Williams quickly rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt from ringside. The fans cheer Williams as he walks around the ring towards the entrance ramp, slapping hands with fans in the front row whilst cradling his championship belt.

Big Aug watches his ‘partner’ for the night head back up the entrance ramp, but as he does Patriot Act begin to regroup behind him and they don’t look happy! The fans boo loudly as under the direction of Dallas Jordan, Abbott and Armstrong attack Big Aug from behind! Big Aug bravely fights back, but the numbers game is quickly too much even for someone the size of Lazar! Williams looks from the top of the entrance ramp as the fans urge him to head down and help out Big Aug from the three on one attack!

The fans continue to boo loudly as Kenneth D Williams hesitates at the top of the entrance ramp, but just when it looks like he has decided to help out his future Las Vegas Championship challenger, “Trouble’s Coming” by Royal Blood hits the sound system and BIG Kahuna Ali’I & BIGBOSS Batts sprint down the entrance ramp past Williams and down to the ring!

The fans pop for the two DEFIANCE superstars, as they slide into the ring and fight off Patriot Act! Batts and Ali’I dispatch Patriot Act out of the ring, before the two newcomers help Big Aug to their feet and high five with the big man!

The fans pop loudly as the three pose in the middle of the ring, whilst Kenneth D Williams watches on from the top of the entrance ramp with some concern on his face.

Out of the Family?

The camera heads backstage where Money Malone is getting ready for his match against former Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang, which is next! As Malone warms up whilst waiting for his call, a shadow is soon cast over the Blood Money member as the massive figure of Joe Barone alongside Anthony Moretti arrive on the scene!

Anthony Moretti: “Oh! Money. What you been, we haven’t seen or heard from you since last week? Madone!”

Moretti looks confused as Malone slowly gets up to a standing position and looks Anthony Moretti in the eye, before slowly turning away and walking towards the ringside area!

Moretti looks shocked as he turns back to Joe Barone who shrugs his shoulders in confusion as the scene fades out.

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Gunner Lang vs. Money Malone

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Carny Sinclair vs. Kyle McRae

Welcome to the Carnival

The fans cheer loudly as Kyle McRae rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee! McRae looks relieved at finally getting back to winning ways as he soaks in the cheers from the fans, but the celebration doesn’t last for long as he is suddenly knocked down to the mat from behind by Carny Sinclair!

The fans boo loudly as Sinclair puts the boots to Kyle McRae on the mat! The referee tries to restrain Sinclair, but the boos get even louder as Sinclair knocks the referee down with a right hand! McRae takes the chance to try and fight back with some punches and kicks to Sinclair, but Sinclair fires back and knocks down McRae with a ‘Cannonball Headbutt’! With McRae and the referee both on the mat, Sinclair rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair, before rolling back in!

The fans boo loudly as Sinclair goes to work on McRae with the steel chair, laughing loudly as he punishes his opponent with some wicked chair shots! After ten chair shots, security and officials finally begin to stream down the entrance ramp to the ring to restrain Sinclair! Sinclair threatens the officials with the steel chair, before laughing and throwing the chair down and voluntarily making his way to the back.

Sinclair retreats backwards up the entrance ramp with a sick smile on his face, whilst the officials check on the condition of Kyle McRae and the referee!

Chance for A Shot

The cameras head back to the interview area for the last time for the evening as Katie Smith is standing by with Darwin Jones! The fans cheer loudly for the sight of Jones, as he towers over the pretty interviewer.

Katie Smith: “Darwin, we are moments away from your main event match against Anthony Moretti tonight! How confident are you of getting the job done?”

Jones smiles as he looks confident.

Darwin Jones: “Well Katie I have been in the ring against Moretti before, I have seen him up close and seen into the whites of his eyes in battle! Moretti is good, but he isn’t better than me and I will beat him tonight!”

Katie Smith: “Well Jon Page did say earlier that if you did win the match then it might be enough to get you into contention for a shot at the sVo Championship. Does that put any extra pressure on the match!”

Darwin Jones: “It might put some extra pressure on Anthony Moretti, because I know for a fact that Johnny All Star and William Vorheez don’t want me anywhere near a title shot at the next PPV! Tonight will be a nice little preview of what I do to Vorheez and win that belt!”

Jones winks to Katie Smith, before walking away from the interview area and towards the main event, which is next!

Roll the Dice 2022 PPV
1st May 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Darwin Jones vs. Anthony Moretti

Next Champion?

The fans cheer loudly as Darwin Jones rises up to his feet after the three count and has his arm raised in victory by the referee, possibly for the biggest win of his career so far! Moretti looks disappointed as he rolls out of the ring, whilst Darwin Jones holds the ring and continues his celebration! Jones climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and motions to the crowd for a title belt around his waist!

The fans cheer loudly as the sVo copyright logo appears in the corner of the screen as Showdown prepares to go off of the air with the celebrations of the victorious Darwin Jones! Jones steps down off of the turnbuckle, but as he does the lights in the arena suddenly go out!

The fans pop loudly as the lights come back on a few seconds later, and Jones is standing face to face with the sVo Champion! Darwin Jones looks shocked as Vorheez grabs hold of him and nails him with the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’ in the middle of the ring!

The fans pop for Vorheez this time as he rises up to his feet, and unstraps the sVo Championship belt that is still around his waist. Vorheez stands over Jones and holds the title belt high in the air, as Showdown 124 heads off of the air!

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