sVo Sunday Night Showdown #122
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
13th March 2022

The entrance video package for Sunday Night Showdown begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Showdown’ by Pendulum as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Sunday Night Showdown’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Back Where It Belongs

The arena goes pitch black as the opening guitar riff from “Abominator” by Doyle plays. Smoke billows up from the bottom of the staging area, as green laser lights dance across the stage. Just as the opening riff comes to a close, two large hits of a drum can be heard, and pyro goes off syncing with them. The song dives in, as the new sVo Champion William Vorheez makes his appearance at the top of the ramp! The fans pop as Vorheez, who is flanked on either side by the sVo Tag Team Champions, holds the belt in the air, before the trio march slowly down to the ring. As Vorheez climbs onto the ring apron and climbs inside the ring, the lights slowly come up and the music fades.

The fans pop loudly as the sVo Champion and the Tag Team Champions stand tall in the middle of the ring, whilst a microphone is passed to Vorheez.

William Vorheez: “Ladies and gentlemen, this belt is back where it belongs…..”

The fans cheer again loudly as Vorheez holds the belt high in the air again, showing it off for the first time since winning it from Johnny Moretti at Countdown to Violence two weeks ago.

William Vorheez: “As good as it feels to be the first person in history to hold this Championship on three different occasions, I want it put on record that I’m not going to be a paper champion like Johnny Moretti! Just like these boys with the Tag Team Championships…..”

Vorheez motions to Igor and Boris who hold their own belts in the air to get cheers from the crowd.

William Vorheez: “If anyone feels like they can take this belt from me then step right up and take your shot! I don’t care if your name is Moretti….. August Lazar….. Kenneth Williams….. Hell even Darwin Jones….”

There is a mixed reaction from the crowd towards the former Horizon member.

William Vorheez: “If you feel you can take this from me then come and give it your best damn shot!”

Vorheez holds the belt in the air one last time, before climbing out of the ring with the Black Brothers and making their way to the backstage area, the challenge well and truly thrown down to the sVo roster!

Single Match
Carny Sinclair vs. Dale Norman

Blood Money

The camera heads backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, however all four members look to be in a serious mood, with all four in action tonight! As Anthony Moretti, Barone and Malone warm up, Johnny All Star Moretti paces around the room, clearly anxious about his match against two giants later tonight in Curtis Knight and Darwin Jones!

Johnny Moretti: “I can’t believe that Page signed off on this match! What does he think he is doing only a couple of weeks after Countdown to Violence?”

Anthony Moretti: “Relax bro, we got this covered! Don’t let those people saying you have lost it get in your head!”

All Star immediately snaps back to his half-brother.

Johnny Moretti: “Lost it? I haven’t lost it! Vorheez scored a fluky victory at the PPV…. I had god damn food poisoning!”

The rest of the group shoot a disbelieving look around to each other out of the view of the former two time Champion.

Anthony Moretti: “We know we know, when you get your rematch you will show him what’s what! But let’s focus on tonight! We will take out Knight and Jones and make sure they don’ try and jump the queue for a title shot. Malone, you take that TapOut Championship from that Canadian chick, and Barone you take that ingrate JVD out for good!”

Malone and Barone both nod in agreement to Anthony Morett as Johnny All Star continues to pace around anxiously. Can Blood Money get the job done tonight?

Single Match
Big Aug vs. Bronson Johnson

Just Another Victim

After the shock win for Bronson Johnson over the in form August Lazar, the cameras head backstage to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page. Page is standing beside the roulette wheel which will determine the challenger for the sVo Roulette Championship tonight! The office door slowly opens and in steps the champion himself, Absolute Zero, alongside his new manager V.I.P.

Jon Page: “About time, I thought maybe you had decided to give it all up after one defence!”

Zero rolls his eyes as he polishes up the belt on his shoulder.

VIP: “Page, that is no way to speak to your future sVo Champion! Now how about we get that wheel spun and see who victim number two is going to be…. Glad to see you got rid of those cringe showgirls at least….”

Page reluctantly spins the roulette wheel, as all three wait to see just who Absolute Zero’s opponent will be for later in the evening.

Jon Page: “Alrite, Jacob Izaz! Now we are talking!”

Zero doesn’t look too happy with who fate has decided his second defence will be against, but his manager doesn’t seem worried.

VIP: “Don’t get all excited Page, there won’t be any title changes tonight. The only question is who will hold that sVo Championship when we get to ten defences and cash in that title shot!”

VIP leads the Champion out of the office as the scene fades out.

Single Match
JVD vs. Joe Barone

Earning A Shot

The camera heads backstage to the interview area, where Katie Smith is standing by with a microphone in hand. Next to Smith and in front of the sVo branded backdrop is legendary manager JD James along with his latest client, Bronson Johnson.

Katie Smith: “JD, a big result for you and your client earlier in the night. Was that the perfect way to bounce back from your disappointment at the Countdown to Violence PPV?”

Johnson looks angry at the question as he growls at Katie Smith whilst thinking of his defeat to Gunner Lang two weeks ago at the PPV.

JD James: “Why you bringing up history like that Katie? Me and Bronson here aren’t looking backwards like some, we are looking forward. We are especially looking forward after we DEFEATED the #1 contender to the Las Vegas Championship earlier tonight!”

Bronson Johnson cracks his knuckles as JD James slaps him on the back.

JD James: “In fact we showed tonight that August Lazar doesn’t deserve a shot at the Las Vegas Championship, that shot should in fact go to this man right here! The real deal Bronson Johnson!”

Katie Smith: “Well August Lazar has been on quite a run since joining the sVo….”

JD James: “Like I told you Katie, we aren’t looking back, we are looking forward! That is why I went to Jon Page as soon as we got to the back after that match and I asked… No I DEMANDED that the #1 contendership that he handed Lazar be put on the line in an actual match! That is why next week on Uprising, the real deal right here is going to beat August Lazar again in a singles match before going on and taking the Las Vegas Championship!”

Katie Smith: “Well that is one hell of a rematch set for next week, I can’t wait to see it!”

Bronson Johnson cracks his knuckles again as he stares into the camera, as the scene fades out.

sVo TapOut Championship Match
Alissia Young (c) vs. Money Malone

Family Affair Pt.1

After the big victory for Alissia Young to defend his TapOut Championship, the cameras head to the locker room of Curtis Knight, where the Dark Horse is watching the action on the TV screen along with his wife Athena. The pair seem to be taking great pleasure in the sight of Money Malone of Blood Money losing out in his attempts to become the TapOut Champion.

After a few seconds, the door to the locker room slowly opens, and in walks the massive frame of Darwin Jones! Jones greets his sister Athena with a hug, but gets a frostier reception from Curtis Knight.

Curtis Knight: “You ready for the main event tonight?”

Darwin Jones: “Oh don’t worry, I was born ready….”

Curtis Knight: “Don’t get cocky now…. I been waiting a long time to get my hands on Anthony Moretti again! You just make sure you watch my back and let me do the heavy lifting out there.”

Jones looks to his sister to see if Knight is being serious.

Athena: “Now, now boys. Let’s remember who the real enemy is out there. The goal is to take out Blood Money, that’s it.”

Jones nods his head and high fives his sister, but Knight still isn’t convinced.

Curtis Knight: “You sure you know what the goal is kid? You seemed to walk past Johnny Moretti pretty quickly at Countdown to Violence….. You guys did go way back…..”

Jones doesn’t reply, as he stares down his brother in law, before slowly turning and exiting the locker room whilst shaking his head.

Athena: “You couldn’t resist could you?”

The scene fades out as Curtis Knight gets a scolding from his wife.

Tag Team Match
The Black Brothers vs. The Shamrocks

Writing on the Wall

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, where despite the big victory for Joe Barone over the former teammate JVD, the nerves of Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti don’t seem to have calmed down any ahead of the big main event later tonight.

Johnny Moretti: “What the hell was that? You couldn’t even beat a woman out there?”

All Star’s wrath is turned towards Money Malone, who is sitting with his head down in the corner of the room after his loss earlier against Alissia Young in his attempts to capture the sVo TapOut Championship. Foam is gathering at the corner of All Star’s mouth, the former fan favourite clearly now a paranoid mess.

Johnny Moretti: “Seriously. Is this what we have come to now?”

Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone’s eyes fall judgementally towards Money Malone, neither offering a defence for their colleague.

Money Malone: “Sorry…. I will make it up to you tonight in the main event…. I promise.”

All Star tosses over the nearest coffee table in a fit of rage as he marches over towards his colleague, looming over the former Las Vegas Champion.

Johnny Moretti: “You think I want you anywhere near the main event later tonight after that display? Barone will accompany us to ringside, you stay back here where you can’t fuck anything else up!”

Malone bows his head further as his face begins to turn red with rage. Neither Anthony Moretti or Joe Barone stand up for their friend, as All Star takes one last look at Malone, before spinning on his heels and storming out of the locker room to leave it in an uncomfortable silence, before the scene slowly fades out.

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Absolute Zero (c) vs. Jacob Izaz

The Carnival is in Town

After the impressive if not somewhat surprising win for Absolute Zero to defend his Roulette Championship against Jacob Izaz, the cameras head backstage once more to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with the newest member of the sVo roster, former DEFIANCE star Carny Sinclair! Sinclair looms over the pretty interviewer as she welcomes the watching crowd.

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Carny Sinclair! Now, Mr Sinclair, you have made quite an impressive start here in the sVo with two wins out of two. You must be pleased with your impression made so far?”

Carny Sinclair: “Katie…. You seriously think I care about…. Winning?”

Smith seems a little taken aback by the question.

Carny Sinclair: “Let me give you a little history lesson. I was born into this business, my father a wrestler, my mother a ring rat. I spent years trying to earn the respect of the old man. I completed around the world… You know what this is?”

Sinclair points to his forearm, showing the camera a long scar that runs the length of it.

Carny Sinclair: “That is a little souvenir I picked up in a death match in Japan…. One of many, maybe if you are lucky I will show you some of the others one day….”

Sinclair leans in and whispers in Katie Smith’s ear as he speaks, seemingly taking delight as the interview shudders slightly.

Carny Sinclair: “From what I can see Katie so far, the sVo main event is a closed shop, something that is permitted to only a few of the bosses favourites. Well let’s see how the boss feels when I start giving some of these souvenir’s out to some of his favourites as well…..”

Sinclair points to another scar, this time on his chest, before winking to Katie Smith. Sinclair begins to laugh as he slowly backs out of the camera shot, as the scene fades out.

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. Gunner Lang

Tag Team Match
Darwin Jones & Curtis Knight vs. Johnny Moretti & Anthony Moretti

Family Affair Pt.2

The fans boo loudly as Moretti and All Star quickly bail out of the ring and make their way back up the entrance ramp, their arms raised in the air in victory! Blood Money don’t seem to concerned at the manner of their win, as they celebrate up the entrance ramp, whilst Curtis Knight rolls back into the ring and angrily squares up to Darwin Jones!

Jones and Knight stand nose to nose in the middle of the ring, seemingly both blaming the other for the manner of the count out loss! Athena bravely tries to get between the two giants to separate them, as Showdown heads off of the air!

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