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sVo Showdown #113

Blood Money face off against the team of Gunner Lang & Athena in the main event.

sVo Sunday Night Showdown #113
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
3rd October 2021

The entrance video package for Sunday Night Showdown begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Showdown’ by Pendulum as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Sunday Night Showdown’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Return to Action

The cameras head backstage where Jon Page is preparing for another night of action in his office. The door quickly opens, and in walks a face that hasn’t been seen on sVo TV for a number of months now, the high flying Kyle McRae!

Kyle McRae: “Boss man! What’s happening!”

Page nods at the young Scot as he makes his way into the office and slumps down in the chair in front of the desk opposite the boss.

Jon Page: “I heard you were cleared, how is that arm doing?”

McRae works the arm out, still feeling it a little bit but doing his best to disguise it.

Kyle McRae: “It’s all good boss man. Now I am ready to get back in the ring, so how about you give me one of those Blood Money bastards! I wanna get my revenge!!

Page laughs as he slowly shakes his head.

Jon Page: “Seriously, you didn’t learn from last time? I told you to swerve them, work your way up and you choose to go after them and end up on the injured list. Now you want to come back and do the same thing?”

Kyle McRae: “That’s pish! I ain’t gonna get pushed around and I ain’t going to let them mess with me! Give me one of them one on one and I will show them and the fans just who is who around here!”

Page shakes his head and laughs. 

Jon Page: “Ok I can book you against JVD tonight, but just remember I haven’t got space on my roster for someone that is on the injured list most of the time!”

Page signs off on the match on the sheet of paper on his desk, making it official, as McRae gets to his feet looking happy with himself and leaves the office. 

Putting Things Right

There are boos from the fans watching on the big screen as the cameras cut to the backstage area where the sVo Champion Johnny All Star and the legendary manager JD James are sitting together in the Horizon locker room. JD doesn’t look in a happy mood, as Johnny All Star sits and stares at his championship belt, seemingly fixated by it.

JD James: “You went too far last week Johnny! There was no reason that this couldn’t have been a friendly match between you and Gunner at the PPV. Shake hands before and after, let the best man win and all of that…”

All Star slowly nods his head.

Johnny All Star: “I know JD, it’s gone too far.”

James looks a little surprised with the sVo Champion agreeing with him, so decides to dig a little deeper.

JD James: “What did happen Johnny? The lights went out just like during the match with Vorheez at the PPV and the next thing Gunner is laid out! Who or what is happening when the lights cut?”

All Star shrugs his shoulders, clearly avoiding the question.

Johnny All Star: “I am too far into this already JD, but I needed to do it. I needed to get my hands on this sVo Championship, I have been trying for fourteen years for god’s sake.”

JD James: “Johnny… Talk to me… What’s going on?”

All Star suddenly rises up to his feet, as if he has had a moment of clarity. All Star throws the belt back over his shoulder.

Johnny All Star: “I will find Gunner, I will put the past right tonight JD. I want you to know you are coming along for the ride as well old friend.”

Before JD James can ask any more follow up questions or suggest that it might not be a good idea to try and put things right with Gunner Lang right now after what happened last week, Johnny All Star disappears out of the locker room door and the scene fades out.

Vendetta 2021 PPV
17th October 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

sVo Las Vegas Championship #1 Contendership Match
Jacob Izaz vs. El Froggo

‘Not for Radio’ by Nas hits the sound system and the fans cheer as onto the top of the entrance ramp swaggers the confident looking Jacob Izaz. Izaz holds his arms in the air and stands motionless for a few seconds as flash bulbs go off around the arena, before he slowly continues his swagger down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Izaz hops up onto the ring apron and again throws his arms up in the air to poses for the crowd, before climbing through the ropes and into the squared circle.

DJ Snake – Taki Taki hits the sound system and the fans watch on as the energetic El Froggo makes his way out from behind the curtain! El Froggo dances around the top of the entrance ramp, getting the crowd pumped up! El Froggo quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, moving from side to side to slap the hands of as many fans as possible! El Froggo leaps up onto the ring apron, before valunting himself into the ring and rushing across to bounce off the nearest ropes! El Froggo leaps up to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle before turning and posing for the crowd!

With El Froggo fresh off his win against Steven Love on the first episode of sVo Uprising last week, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started! With both men aiming to win and get a shot at Money Malone and his Las Vegas Championship belt, the pair circle around each other as the fans cheer loudly. 

Izaz grabs hold of his opponent by the arm and spins him around into a wrist lock, however El Froggo grabs the nearest ropes and flips out of the hold before taking down his opponent with an impressive arm drag takedown. Izaz jumps straight back to his feet, but El Froggo lands a perfect dropkick on the ‘Philly Flash’ to send him back down to the mat! The fans cheer for El Froggo as he poses for the Las Vegas crowd, whilst Izaz regroups in the corner. 

El Froggo runs at his opponent in the corner and looks for a flying forearm, but Izaz ducks out of the way before catching El Froggo with a straight right hand! El Froggo looks like the right hand rocked him, and Izaz quickly follows up with a leaping knee strike to take the masked Mexican down to the mat. El Froggo staggers back up to his feet, but Izaz lands a cutter to send him straight back down! Izaz looks intent on earning himself that title shot as he stomps away on El Froggo!

The fans cheer loudly for Izaz as he allows the masked man up to his feet, before landing a front backbreaker. Izaz looks in firm control of the match as he follows up with a snap t-bone suplex before making the cover on his opponent!




Just when it looked like it might be all over right there, El Froggo gets a shoulder up off of the mat and this one continues! 

Izaz grabs El Froggo and pulls him back up to his feet, before landing some more big right hands. El Froggo looks unsteady on his feet, as Izaz grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the corner of the ring. El Froggo hits the turnbuckle hard, but as Izaz looks to follow up with a turnbuckle run tornado DDT, El Froggo counters!

Izaz looks surprised as he gets back to his feet, but El Froggo is there with a jawbreaker followed up with a head scissors takedown! The fans cheer loudly for El Froggo, as he taunts Izaz to get back up to his feet, before landing a springboard dropkick to send Izaz straight back down! El Froggo quickly leaps on his opponent, looking to earn himself a title shot!




Izaz gets a shoulder up and this one continues! El Froggo shakes his head in disappointment as he gets to his feet, but quickly follows up with a back suplex as Izaz gets to his feet! El Froggo poses for the fans for a few seconds, before grabbing Izaz and hitting a snap suplex! With Izaz now in the drop zone, the fans cheer as El Froggo makes his way to the top rope! The fans rise to their feet as El Froggo looks for his frog splash finisher, but just before impact Izaz gets his knees up and drives them into the midsection of his opponent!

El Froggo rolls around in pain, as Izaz rolls to his feet and taunts to the crowd! El Froggo staggers up to his feet, but Izaz kicks him in the midsection to double him over, before nailing a double underhook piledriver in the middle of the ring! The fans cheer for the move as Izaz decides not to go for the cover, and instead retreats to the corner of the ring and taunts for his finishing move! El Froggo slowly staggers up holding his head, but Izaz leaps forward and hits ‘the Message’ in the middle of the ring! El Froggo drops down and Izaz leaps on him to hook his leg and make the cover!




It’s all over and to the delight of the crowd, it is Jacob Izaz who continues his winning run to earn himself a shot at the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt at the Vendetta 2021 PPV against Money Malone!

Jacob Izaz looks pleased with himself as he rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory!

Winner via pinfall: Jacob Izaz

First Strike

Izaz continues the celebrations in the ring as he climbs up onto the second rope in the corner of the ring and poses for the fans. However the loud cheers quickly turn to boos as the fans spot Money Malone sprinting down the entrance ramp with his Las Vegas Championship belt!

Malone dives head first into the ring and steadies himself, as Izaz slowly jumps down off of the ropes and turns around not knowing what is behind him!

The crowd boo loudly as Malone smashes Izaz in the face with the Championship belt, sending the new #1 contender down to the mat! A crimson mask begins to form on the face of Izaz, as Money Malone puts a foot triumphantly on his future opponent’s chest before raising the Championship belt high in the air!

The fans boo loudly as Money Malone takes a dollar bill out of his pocket and wipes it in the blood of Jacob Izaz, before stuffing it into his unconscious opponent’s mouth!

With both men now set to meet at the Vendetta 2021 PPV with the Las Vegas Championship on the line, will the sneak attack give the Champion the upper hand or simply enrage and motivate the challenger?

Uprising #002
10th October 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

No Holds Barred

The cameras cut backstage where in the canteen area of the Goodfellas Casino arena there is absolute chaos! Furniture is broken all over the long room, as backstage staff flee in terror as Darwin Jones and William Vorheez trade big right hands!

Jones and Vorheez, the two powerhouses who had their match thrown out last time out on Showdown seem intent on destroying each other, with Jones blaming Vorheez for putting his tag team partner on the injured list and Vorheez blaming Jones for costing him the sVo Championship belt!

Jones and Vorheez take it in turns to bounce each other’s head off of the nearest objects, before security finally swarms into the room to separate the two, along with the boss Jon Page!

Jones and Vorheez desperately try and break free of the grasp of the security to get at each other, as the boss looks across at both of them angrily!

Jon Page: “Right ENOUGH!”

Vorheez and Jones seem too hell bent on ripping each other apart to pay much attention to Page.

Jon Page: “We can’t have this all night again, so effective immediately you are both suspended for 24 hours to cool off! I want both of you off of the premises immediately! If you want to rip each other apart that’s fine, but you can do it on pay per view where I can at least make some money out of two of my top stars taking lumps out of each other! Hell, let’s make it a no holds barred match and make things really interesting!”

The security begin to drag Jones and Vorheez in opposite directions, ready to eject them from the arena for the night!

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. Nathan Judge

‘Night Crawler’ by Judas Priest hits the sound system and there are boos in the arena as Nathan Judge slowly emerges from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. Nathan Judge doesn’t look too happy with the reception he is receiving from the Vegas crowd as he stares out at the sea of people before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Judge slowly climbs into the ring between the ropes before walking around the perimeter and staring out at the crowd. The crowd continue to boo Nathan Judge as he stands tall in the ring looking ready for the match to begin.

3, 2, 1, The lights in the arena begin to dim as the countdown ends and the Tron springs into life with a shot of “The Human Highlight Reel” Kenneth Williams giving the camera a few playful winks. The fans jump straight to their feet in cheer as “Family Ties” by Baby Keen & Kendrick Lamar begins to play through the sound system. The familiar adlibs of Keem accompanying the vinyl horn flutters of the classic instrumental echo throughout the arena as Kenneth Williams steps out onto the ramp.

Fire and pyro began shooting out of the stage as Kenny stands at the ramp with a playful grin as he stands at a military rest with his head cocked to the side before taking off in a full sprint to the ring, making sure to slap hands of the fans on his way. He hops onto the outside of the turnbuckle before looking out into the crowd and delivering a vicious dab with a look of disgust on his face. He hops into the ring and prepares in his corner.

All eyes are on the newcomer Kenneth D Williams as he stares across the ring at former sVo Las Vegas Champion Nathan Judge! The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the former EwC’s debut is quickly underway as Judge charges at the newcomer looking for a clothesline! The high flying Williams ducks under the arm of his opponent, before spinning him around and nailing him with some big right hands to the face. The fans cheer the newcomer on as he grabs the powerful Judge by the arm and tries to shoot him into the ring ropes.

However Judge reverses the Irish whip and sends Williams into the ropes, only for Kenny to bounce back and land a jumping calf kick to the face of his opponent! The fans cheer loudly for Williams as he poses for them after the impressive move, whilst Nathan Judge angrily rises back up to his feet. Judge aims a big haymaker in the direction of Williams, but Williams ducks under the arm of his opponent and spins around to pepper him with big kicks. Judge doubles over in pain and Williams lands a dragon screw takedown to ground his opponent, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and landing a running elbow drop. With Judge on the mat, Williams looks for the early cover.



No! The 6’3” Canadian powers out of the cover before getting to his feet. Williams lands some more kicks to his opponent, but as he looks for a kick to the face, Judge manages to catch the foot of the newcomer! Williams hops on one foot before looking for an enzuguri, however Judge ducks the attempt and then grabs the Texan around the waist before landing a big German suplex in the middle of the ring! Williams holds his neck as he gets back up to his feet, but Judge quickly follows up with a scoop slam, followed up by a spinebuster in the middle of the ring!

Nathan Judge poses as he stands over the newcomer, but gets nothing but boos from the sold out Las Vegas crowd. Judge waves away the reaction from the crowd, before grabbing hold of Williams by the hair and pulling him to his feet. Williams tries to fight Judge off with right hands, but Judge uses his superior reach to block the right hands, before taking Williams down to the mat with a powerbomb dropped into a backbreaker! With Williams down and seriously hurting, Judge makes the cover.




It looked all over for the newcomer there, but somehow he got a shoulder up on two! Judge angrily stares at the referee for a few seconds, before pulling Williams up to his feet. Judge positions Williams for a ‘Judgement Day’, clearly ready to end this one! However as Judge lifts Kenny up into the air, Kenny somehow counters with some knees to the face of his opponent! Judge drops his opponent down, and Williams lands on his feet like a cat! 

Judge runs at Williams and tries to take control with a big boot, but Williams ducks under the foot of his opponent before taking him down to the mat with a jumping high knee to the face! With Judge down, the fans pop as Kenny uses the ring ropes to springboard off of and nail the ‘HiiPower’ on his opponent! 

The fans are on their feet as Williams rolls up to his feet and signals for his finishing move! Nathan Judge slowly gets to his feet, still feeling the effects of the ‘HiiPower’, as Williams grabs him and executes the ‘Lights Out!’ in the middle of the ring! The fans cheer for the finisher as Kenny rolls over his opponent to make the cover!




It’s all over and it is Kenneth D Williams who picks up a big victory in his first sVo match against a former Las Vegas Champion! Williams rises up to his feet and soaks in the reaction from the crowd as he has his arm raised high in the air in victory by the referee!

Winner via pinfall: Kenneth D Williams

Showdown #114
31st October 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Old Times Sake

The cameras head backstage where Gunner Lang & Flip Dixon are preparing for the big main event match tonight, which will see Gunner Lang team up with Athena to take on Blood Money’s Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone! The fans watching on the big screen cheer as they spot the father and son duo on the screen, however the cheers suddenly turn to boos as the sVo Champion Johnny All Star slowly walks onto the scene!

Lang and Dixon angrily turn to face the sVo Champion, but Johnny All Star holds his hands up quickly in surrender. 

Johnny All Star: “Guys, guys. I’m not here to fight or start anything.”

Gunner Lang: “What are you here for Johnny? We got no interest in talking to you, in fact the next time I want to see your face is at Vendetta when I take that title belt.”

Lang pats the Championship belt that is on All Star’s shoulder, causing the Champion to have to bite his tongue.

Johnny All Star: “I get it, I get it. But we go way back don’t we?”

Dixon steps forward to try and square up to All Star, much to the amusement of the Champion, only for Lang to hold his son back.

Gunner Lang: “All that went out the window Johnny when you pulled your little trick with the lights and got me attacked on Showdown…. To think that Vorheez has been targeting all the Horizon boys thinking it was us ever since the PPV and you knew who it was all along…. You gonna spill the beans, ya know, as we go way back?”

All Star holds his palms up in surrender again before slowly backing away.

Johnny All Star: “I see you guys are still angry and I understand, I didn’t want things to go down the way they did honest. I will make it up to you both….”

All Star walks away, as Lang shouts after him.

Gunner Lang: “Don’t do it Johnny, stay the fuck out of my business! See you at the PPV!”

Fade Out

Making A Mark

The cameras head backstage to the interview area, where pretty redhead Katie Smith is standing by, microphone in hand, along with former sVo Tag Team Champion CJ Dreamer. On the monitor alongside the pair is a reply from the most recent uprising of ‘sVo Uprising’ and in particular the main event where CJ Dreamer came up short against Joe Barone in singles action.

Katie Smith: “Thanks for joining me here tonight CJ, I understand you have something you wanted to say to the sVo fans?”

CJ Dreamer: “You know what Katie, I got something to say to everyone after Uprising. Ever since the sVo returned my career has been stop start. I have been up high in the main event of the first PPV back challenging for the sVo Championship, and I have been as low as losing match after match. When the sVo closed down in 2013 I was a champion and when it came back in 2020 I had high hopes for my future here… Only it’s not turned out the way I had hoped.”

Katie Smith: “Well it was a very close match against Joe Barone last Sunday, and he is someone with an excellent singles record in the sVo.”

CJ Dreamer: “That’s kind of you to say, but I have spent the years between 2013 and 2020 competing for World Championships around the globe, not losing match after match. This is why something big needs to change.”

Katie Smith: “Well what have you got in mind CJ?”

CJ Dreamer: “In less than a week we have the sVo Immortals PPV. An event that will see the stars of sVo’s past return for one night only. Now I was only a rookie when those guys left, trying to make my name off of them. In terms of the sVo I guess I still am a rookie, so at Immortals I have asked Jon Page to find me the biggest sVo legend he can get to Las Vegas and let me go one on one!”

Katie Smith: “Wow! Any idea who you will be facing?”

CJ Dreamer: “Page hasn’t let me know yet, only that the match is definitely booked in. I don’t care who it is, they are going to get the best of CJ Dreamer at Immortals…. I will make my mark!”

The scene fades out as Dreamer stares into the camera.

Single Match
Kyle McRae vs. JVD

The sound of ‘Scotland the Brave’ blasts over the sound system as the energetic Kyle McRae bounces onto the top of the entrance ramp and holds his arms out wide by his side. McRae stares around at the sold out crowd with a huge smile on his face, before marching down the entrance ramp towards the ring. McRae does a whole lap of the ring and slaps hands with as many fans as he can, before sliding head first into the ring and doing a forward roll and a jump before landing on the second rope of the turnbuckle. McRae signals to the fans again as the music begins to fade out.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. The pink glow is slowly changed to a dark red glow as the letters ‘JVD’ slowly fade to the words ‘Blood Money’ on the giant screen as “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out of the sound system. After a few seconds, James Von Drake walks out from behind the curtain and onto the top of the ramp, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get started, and the action is quickly underway as Kyle McRae rushes JVD and lays into him with some big right hands! JVD staggers back from the punches from the Scotsman, before regaining his composure and landing some right hands of his own. JVD grabs hold of McRae by the arm and whips him into the ring ropes, however McRae counters with a flying forearm as he bounces back which gets a cheer from the crowd!

JVD quickly gets back up to his feet, however McRae lands some quick knife edge chops on the former Las Vegas Champion before taking him down to the mat with an arm wrench takedown. JVD pops quickly back up to his feet, but McRae lands a back drop suplex before following up with an impressive slingshot cutter after bouncing into the ropes! The fans continue to cheer McRae on as he makes the cover!




JVD manages to get a shoulder up before the three count, much to the relief of Lucy Von Drake at ringside! McRae quickly pulls JVD up to a standing position before landing an impressive Standing Uranage to a standing moonsault! The fans pop for the move as McRae soaks in their applause, however as he does Lucy Von Drake leaps up onto the ring apron!

The fans boo as Lucy Von Drake trash talks Kyle McRae, stopping the Scotsman in his tracks! McRae laughs off the insults from Lucy Von Drake, but as the referee makes his way over to get her off of the ring apron, JVD catches McRae with a low blow! The fans boo loudly as McRae sinks to his knees and JVD pulls himself up to his feet by the ropes as the referee turns around!

Lucy Von Drake looks very pleased with herself on the outside of the ring as JVD tees of on the kneeling McRae with some massive right hands. McRae slowly tries to get to his feet, but JVD takes him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam, before following up with a side Russian legsweep! With McRae down on the mat and hurting, JVD grabs the legs of his opponent and locks in a Boston crab! The fans boo the submission move, but McRae is able to luckily make his way quickly to the ropes and cause the rope break! JVD smiles as he keeps the move locked in for a few seconds longer than needed, before finally releasing his opponent.

McRae staggers back up to his feet, but JVD is there with a spinning heel kick, followed up with a double underhook powerbomb! The former Victory Cup winner leaps down onto his opponent and makes the cover!




McRae gets a shoulder up just before the three can be counted! Lucy Von Drake can’t believe it at ringside, thinking the match was over for sure right there! JVD argues with the referee for a few seconds, before signalling for his finishing move! JVD drags McRae to a standing position before nailing him with a kick to the midsection. McRae doubles over in pain, and JVD looks for the ‘Dollar Drop’! However McRae counters at the last second with a back body drop!

JVD stumbles up to his feet after landing hard on his back and McRae lands some stiff kicks to the body of his opponent! JVD stumbles backwards, and McRae bounces off of the ring ropes before landing a Japanese Arm Drag! JVD looks in pain as he gets to his feet, but McRae is there waiting to inflict more pain as he lands his back drop driver finisher before making the cover in the middle of the ring!




It’s all over and Kyle McRae finally gets some revenge over Blood Money with the victory! McRae rises up to his feet and throws his arms in the air in victory as the fans cheer loudly for the young Scot!

Winner via pinfall: Kyle McRae

A Fighter’s Chance

After the impressive victory for Kyle McRae over Blood Money’s JVD, the camera cuts backstage to the interview area where Athena is watching the action with a big smile on her face. Alongside Athena is Katie Smith, as always with a microphone in hand! 

Katie Smith: “Well Athena, that was quite a blow for Blood Money we just witnessed, I guess you will be looking to inflict another one tonight?”

Athena smiles and nods.

Athena: “Oh you bet your ass. Now I know at Vendetta the odds are against me when I step into the steel cage against Moretti and Barone. I know that it might be the end of the road for me, but that’s ok because I still have a fighting chance to come out of this thing and step out of this cloud that Moretti has been holding over me since I got here!” 

The fans watching from the arena cheer.

Athena: “But tonight I am grateful to Gunner for stepping up and teaming with me to face Blood Money, especially when he has his own problems with Johnny All Star to deal with and a big title match coming up soon!”

Katie Smith: “Well it is certainly a match the fans want to see and it is up next… Now Athena, before we see that match… any chance you want to give me the scoop on what this secret is before Vendetta?”

Athena: “Tell you what Katie, if I lose at Vendetta and have to reveal it to the world, you come down to the ring and I will give you the scoop.”

Smith looks pleased with the agreement & Athena looks like she has a weight lifted off of her shoulders as the scene fades out!

sVo Immortals 2021 PPV
Celebrating the 14 Year Anniversary of the Beginning of the sVo
7th October 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Queen of the TapOut

With only moments to go until the main event of the evening, the cameras head backstage for the last time to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page. Page, who has had a busier night than usual, is relaxing ahead of watching the main event, when there is a knock at the door. Page looks up at the heavens in annoyance at being interrupted.

Jon Page: “Come in!”

Page shouts out reluctantly, but his mood takes an upswing as in walks Jupiter James with a smile on her face.

Jon Page: “Oh, uh. Jupiter… How can I help you?”

James smiles sweetly as she stands across from the boss, leaning on his desk.

Jupiter James: “Well I am here asking a big favour actually….”

Jon Page: “Ask away!”

Jupiter James: “Thanks boss! Well I know I have the big submission match against Alissia Young coming up at Vendetta and that is going to be a great spotlight for me. But my favour is the chance at another spotlight! Ahead of that submission match it would be great to get some more experience in with someone else that is a master of submissions, and I have heard that the greatest sVo TapOut Champion of all time is going to be at the Immortal’s PPV on Thursday night….”

A smile slowly spreads across the face of Jon Page as he grabs the pen from his desk and makes the match official, signing on the paper in front of him.

Jon Page: “Jupiter James vs. Sara Pettis at Immortals…. I like it!”

James winks at Page before slowly walking away towards the door.

Jupiter James: “Thanks boss, I won’t let you down!”

James disappears around the door, as Page watches her go before smiling to himself and settling in to watch the main event.

Tag Team Match
Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone vs. Gunner Lang & Athena

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone step out onto the entrance ramp with their hands in the air. Joe Barone slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however receives nothing but boos from the fans.

‘There And Back’ by Daughtry hits the sound system and there is a cheer from the crowd as the lights in the arena dim. After a few seconds the impressive Athena slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp, before raising one arm in the air. Pyro shoots into the air either side of Athena at the same time her arm shoots into the air, before she slowly walks down the entrance ramp. Athena climbs into the ring before posing for the fans one last time as the music fades out.

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

With all four competitors in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the main event of Showdown #113 to get started! Former sVo Champion Anthony Moretti and Victory Cup Winner Gunner Lang start things off for their teams, with the crowd clearly behind the Lang/Athena team as they take on Blood Money!

Moretti and Lang lock up in the middle of the ring, before both trying to push each other backwards in a test of strength. Lang begins to get the upper hand, but Moretti quickly goes behind his opponent with a standing switch and takes him down with a double leg takedown. Moretti gets in a few mounted punches, before Lang is able to power himself up to a standing position. Moretti runs at Lang and looks for a clothesline, but Lang ducks the arm of the former sVo Champion and bounces into the ropes himself, before wiping out Moretti with a clothesline of his own! 

The fans cheer Gunner Lang on loudly as he follows up with a scoop slam on Anthony Moretti, before making the tag out to Athena! The fans rise to their feet as the powerful Athena climbs into the ring ready to finally get her hands on Moretti, who has tormented her for months, however Moretti quickly scrambles across and tags out to the ‘Problem Solver’!

The fans boo as the massive Joe Barone climbs over the top rope and squares up to Athena in the middle of the ring! Athena shows no fear of the ‘Problem Solver’ as she lands a big right hand to her opponent. Barone fires back with a right of his own, and the fans cheer as the two powerful stars trade right hands in the middle of the ring! Barone gets the upper hand of the exchange, but as he bounces off of the ropes and looks for a big boot on Athena, Athena ducks the boot and counters with a swinging side slam!

Barone looks angry as he jumps back up to his feet, but Athena is there with an inverted atomic drop on the big man! Athena quickly poses to the fans, before landing a single knee face breaker! With Barone down, Athena makes the cover!



No! Moretti is in to break the cover before the referee can reach three! The fans boo loudly as Moretti quickly climbs back out of the ring before Athena can get to her feet! Athena stares down Moretti as he stands on the ring apron smirking! Athena begins to make her way over to Moretti, before grabbing hold of him! The fans cheer, but before Athena can bring Moretti into the ring the hard way, she is cut off by Barone from behind! Barone spins her around and lands some big right hands, before taking her down with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Athena staggers back up, but walks straight into a spinebuster from ‘the Problem Solver’. 

Gunner Lang cheers his partner on and reaches out for the tag, but as Athena struggles to her feet, Barone lands a fallaway slam before making a cover.



No! Athena gets a shoulder up before the three and this one continues! Barone angrily looks down at Athena for kicking out, before dragging her back to her feet by her throat! Barone positions Athena for the ‘Omerta’, but Athena counters with a low kick to her opponent, before taking him down with a vertical suplex! With both competitors down, Athena and Barone both crawl to their corners before making the tag out!

Gunner Lang and Moretti both leap into the ring at the same time and meet each other in the middle of the squared circle with big right hands! Gunner Lang gets the upper hand over the Blood Money leader, but as he looks for an Elevated Gut Buster, Moretti manages to counter with a snap suplex! Lang quickly gets to his feet, but Moretti hits him with an atomic drop, before following up with an impressive rolling suplex! Moretti cockily taunts to the crowd, who boo him loudly, before landing a full nelson slam on Lang and making the cover!




The #1 contender for the sVo Championship manages to kick out before the three! Moretti punches the mat in frustration, before rising to his feet and stalking his opponent! Lang slowly rises up to his feet, and Moretti lands the ‘Hitman’ on his opponent in the middle of the ring! The fans boo loudly as Moretti makes the cover!



No! Athena breaks up the cover when it looked all over right there! Moretti looks furious as he gets to his feet, but Athena lays into him with big right hands! The fans cheer for the action, but the referee seems to have completely lost control as Joe Barone climbs into the ring to help out his boss! Barone and Athena trade big right hands, before Athena clotheslines Barone over the top rope and to the floor, tumbling over the top rope herself! The fans cheer as Athena and Barone brawl around the ringside area, whilst back in the ring Moretti signals for another ‘Hitman’! Moretti stalks Gunner Lang as he slowly gets to his feet, but as Moretti looks for the Hitman, Lang counters into a powerbomb! The fans pop as Moretti staggers to his feet looking shocked, only for Lang to shoot him into the turnbuckle! Moretti hits hard and Lang follows up with a ‘Boomer-lang’ followed up with a ‘Gunner-Struck’!! The fans pop as Lang makes the cover!




It’s all over and the #1 contender for the sVo Championship has just scored a massive victory over a former sVo Champion! Athena and Barone continue their brawl around the ringside area, oblivious to the match result as Lang rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory!

Winners via pinfall: Gunner Lang & Athena

Blood Money Is Thicker Than Water

Gunner Lang celebrates the big victory in the ring, however the celebration does not last long as after only a few seconds, the rest of Blood Money come charging down the entrance ramp and climb into the ring! Money Malone, JVD and Lucy Von Drake swarm around Gunner Lang as the fans boo loudly. Lang tries to fight off the rest of Blood Money, as Barone and Athena continue to fight around the ringside area. 

Gunner Lang tries to rally with right hands on all three of the Blood Money members, but is cut off as Anthony Moretti nails him from behind! The fans continue to boo as Morett, Malone and the Von Drake’s stomp away on Gunner Lang in a four on one attack! The attack continues until there is a big cheer from the crowd as Flip Dixon comes running down the entrance ramp to the aid of his old man Gunner! Dixon dives into the ring and starts throwing big right hands, but Lang and Dixon are quickly outnumbered by the four members of Blood Money!

Lang and Dixon fight bravely, until there is another big cheer as down the entrance ramp runs Kyle McRae to join the battle! McRae goes straight for JVD, his opponent from earlier in the night! McRae, Lang and Dixon fight against Blood Money, but the numbers game once again gets the better of them!

All eyes turn to the entrance ramp to see if anyone else will make the save, but with Hugo Ryzing out injured and Darwin Jones ejected from the building earlier in the night, it looks like they are on their own! Blood Money begin to beat the three men down to the mat, but as they do there is a big pop as  ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis hits the sound system and down the entrance ramp marches the sVo Champion Johnny All Star to even the odds!

All Star looks angry as he stomps to the ring holding his sVo Championship belt, before rolling into the ring and warning Blood Money off of his Horizon team mate and future opponent!

The fans cheer the actions of All Star as Blood Money slowly retreat, not wanting to get hit with the Championship belt, but suddenly there are loud boos as All Star spins around and smashes Gunner Lang in the face with the title belt! All Star repeats the belt shot on a stunned Flip Dixon before clotheslining Kyle McRae out of the ring! 

The Blood Money members all look confused, with the exception of Anthony Moretti who steps forward with a smile on his face and hugs Johnny All Star in the middle of the ring!

The fans in the arena begin to throw trash into the ring as Anthony Moretti hands a dyed red dollar bill to his half brother Johnny All Star, before the sVo Champion holds it in the air victorious! Have we just seen the newest member join the Blood Money crew with only two weeks until the Vendetta PPV?

Blood Money hold the ring as sVo Showdown #113 goes off of the air with the fans in shock at what they have seen!

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