sVo Showdown #104
14th May 2013
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of the Las Vegas strip as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. The camera picks out certain fans who are holding different signs with hand written messages about their favourite sVo stars. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of Showdown #103 action plays on the giant screen in what was a massive week in the sVo!


Last week on Showdown #103 the sVo Champion Wrecker and sVo Las Vegas Champion M.F Cooper were both attacked at the hands of Scott Washington and Harry Black which put both Champions out of action and left the sVo champion-less!

With Roscoe Shame facing increased pressure after the walkout of former stars to join a rival wrestling promotion and the cancellation of a PPV event, Amy Page swooped in to take control of the sVo and announced herself as a member of the shadowy ‘Company’ along with Washington and Black.

Announcing a battle royal to crown a new sVo Champion, 15 superstars battled it out and just when it looked like Jay Wildman might pick up the sVo Championship for a second time, his rival Reaper made sure he didn’t with a steel chair shot causing William Vorheez to win his first sVo Championship belt – In memory of his late brother Tripp Whipwreck and in spite of former sVo GM Roscoe Shame…


As the highlight package finishes the entire arena goes black as slowly “The Opposition” by Ancient VVisdom begins to play. The crowd begins a very loud roaring cheer as a single white spotlight comes up from beneath the stage revealing the new sVo Champion William Vorheez. His head is down and the sVo Championship is around his waist, smoke starts to fill the aisleway as he slowly makes his way down to the ring.

Highlights of Vorheez winning the vacant title last week on Showdown play on the giant screen as black balloons begin to fall from the ceiling of the Goodfellas Casino. Vorheez slowly makes his way to the ring, as he climbs in the music slowly fades out and the lights come out. The crowd having fun with the balloons begin to knock them around, Vorheez is handed a mic, he then reaches behind his back and un-laches the sVo Championship.

William Vorheez: “Everyone said this would never happen…Everyone said I was nothing more than second choice. Well I proved all of those people wrong, because here in my hand I hold the richest prize in this company. The belt everyone wants, the belt that signifies there is no one…and I mean no one better than you. Last week I walked into a battle royal expecting to walk out the winner, but I did not expect to walk out Champion.”

The crowd starts to cheer loudly.

William Vorheez: “You see my fallen brother always knew that this would be mine. And because of the cowardly act of a self imposed GM, he is no longer here to witness this…That’s right, I said it Roscoe Shame, because of you, Tripp can’t be here to see this crowning moment of my career. But you know what Roscoe, we may have a match tonight, but as far as I’m concerned there is nothing left to prove against you. And tonight will be no different than our last encounters, tonight Reaper and I will take down Wildman and yourself, and once again show that your reign of terror is now over!”

The crowd starts to get a little louder.

William Vorheez: “I hope everyone here tonight is ready, because tonight is the era of Vorheez, and tonight my reign begins. Go-Go, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, you are the very first person in line for a shot at this Championship, and when the clock strikes midnight at Countdown to Violence you will have become the very first victim on my path of destruction.”

Vorheez drops the mic and leaves the ring as the crowd starts to cheer loudly at the opening of the ‘Era of Vorheez’ in the sVo.


The scene switches to the backstage interview area where the newly returned James Von Drake is standing by against the sVo branded backdrop with pretty interviewer Elena Cruz who already has a microphone in hand.

Elena Cruz: “James Von Drake, last week you shocked the sVo world by not just returning, but returning with a fresh new attitude. Can you give any more insight to the sVo fans who remain sceptical about you renouncing your evil ways?”

JVD: “All I can say to the sVo fans is that this is no gimmick. This is for real. I have been out over the past six months with my knee injury, and its no secret that in that time I hit rock bottom. I lost my wife, I lost my money, I lost my dignity. If it wasn’t for my saviour I would probably be six feet under right now. I am back here in the sVo to make sure that this doesn’t befall any of the fans or the guys in the back out there, I am back to spread word of my saviour.”

James Von Drake stares intensely into the eyes of the interviewer, making her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Elena Cruz: “Well the sVo is obviously a very different place than when you were sidelined six months ago. Amy Page has recently stepped in and taken control. Now Amy has restarted the master of the mat tournament this week with yourself, Stevie Starr, No-No and Matt Fuller… with the prize all being the sVo Las Vegas Champion, a title you have recently held. How do you feel about your chances of walking away with that belt again?”

James Von Drake rubs his shoulder, almost as if remember how the Las Vegas title felt against it.

JVD: “Ms Page has done a wonderful job since she stepped in last week, let me just go on record as saying that…”

There are boos from the crowd who are watching the interview unfold on the giant screen in the arena. The Vegas crowd still seem unsure about JVD’s apparent change in attitude.

JVD: “… as far as the Las Vegas title goes, I have an excellent chance of reclaiming it and let me tell you why. Neither Stevie Starr, or Matt Fuller and definitely not No-No have the saviour in their life. They don’t have the saviour to guide them to victory. I know that Stevie Starr is only a kid, but let me give him a clear message before our match tonight. I am going to give you a lesson Stevie Starr. By the end of the night you will feel the true power of having the saviour in your corner.”

The interviewer still seems uneasy about JVD consistently referring to his ‘saviour’.

Elena Cruz: “If you do manage to defeat Stevie Starr in your match tonight, any preference who you face in the final out of No-No and Matt Fuller?”

Von Drake opens his mouth to answer the question, but then stops as he seems to think better of himself. JVD smiles at Elena Cruz before mysteriously walking away from her with a smirk on his face. Elena Cruz is left a confused woman as the action heads back to ringside.

CJ Dreamer vs. Lucifer
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

The arena lights dim when “Trenches” by Pop Evil hits out, and red lights begin to flicker around. Smoke rises from the entrance ramp, and out walks Lucifer. He slowly walks down the ramp, looking straight into the ring as he does so. He springs himself up onto the apron when he reaches the bottom, and steps over the top rope. He removes his long jacket, and places it on the outside. He walks to the corner, and he speaks to himself for a moment, before turning back to the center of the ring.

‘Stricken’ by Disturbed hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky looking CJ Dreamer slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. CJ Dreamer takes one look out at the thousands of fans that are packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena before making his way down towards the ring. CJ Dreamer ignores the fans at ringside that reach out to touch him as he sprints down the final part of the entrance ramp and dives head first into the ring. CJ Dreamer sits on one knee in the middle of the ring looking out at the crowd as his music fades out.


The ref calls for the bell. The match taking off. CJ Dreamer is the first to make a move. Aiming low at Lucifer’s leg with a stiff kick to the knee. Lucifer hobbles back while Dreamer tries ramming him into a turnbuckle. Lucifer reverses and sends Dreamer into the turnbuckle who bounces off and his hit with a Big Boot from Lucifer.

Lucifer drags Dreamer to the center of the ring before lifting him to his feet. Body Chop, Body Chop after another before Dreamer catches Lucifer’s hand and takes him down with a Armbar Takedown. Dreamer stays on the attack placing Lucifer in a Leg Lock. The giant of a man wincing in pain.

Lucifer gets out of the Leg Lock by kicking Dreamer off of him. Dreamer is the first back to his feet and tries putting Lucifer in a head lock but Lucifer pushes Dreamer off. Getting to his feet and hitting Dreamer with a Clothesline.

Lucifer lifts Dreamer back to his feet. Dreamer elbowing Lucifer in the stomach. Another elbow to the stomach and Lucifer crouches holding onto his stomach. Dreamer hits Lucifer with a European Uppercut before struggling to lift Lucifer and landing a Suplex.

Dreamer pounces on Lucifer hitting him with an array of punches to the face before the giant Lucifer grabs a hold to Dreamer’s left arm. Turning to his side and flipping Dreamer off of him. Once again Dreamer is more quicker to his feet landing a devastating Punt Kick to the face of Lucifer. Dreamer immediately drops down for the pin.




Dreamer thinking the match was over slaps the mat before lifting Lucifer back to his feet. He Irish Whips Lucifer into the ropes who bounces off and catches a diving Dreamer and executing a Fall Away Slam.

Lucifer gaining momentum stomps on Dreamer a few times before lifting Dreamer to his feet. He punches Dreamer in the face sending him backward into the turnbuckle. Lucifer hits Dreamer with a barrage of pounces before Dreamer drops down. Lucifer takes a few steps back before charging and attempting to Big Boot Dreamer but Dreamer slides out of the way. Lucifer’s leg goes over the top turnbuckle. Dreamer grabbing Lucifer from behind and landing a German Suplex.

Dreamer feeling himself quickly lifts Lucifer back to his feet. He connects with a few elbows to the chest before landing a European Uppercut of his own. Lucifer stumbles backwards into the ropes before bouncing off and into Dreamer who lifts Lucifer up and lands the Visit from the Sandman and going for the pin.




DING DING DING It’s all over and upon his return to the sVo ring it is CJ Dreamer who picks up an impressive win over the newcomer Lucifer in the first encounter of the evening. CJ Dreamer slowly rises up to his feet and has his hand grabbed by the referee Nick Jaxx and thrust into the air in victory. The crowd cheer CJ Dreamer on after his impressive display, but the man himself seems somewhat surprised by his action as he catches his breath after the frantic match.

CJ Dreamer nods his head in grudging acknowledgement to the fans before turning to leave the ring, however as he does he is knocked down to the mat out of nowhere by Lucifer! The crowd boo Lucifer as he proceeds to stomp away on CJ Dreamer, obviously angry at being defeated in his first sVo match!

Lucifer pushes away Nick Jaxx as the head referee tries to restore order, before continuing to stomp away on CJ Dreamer. Lucifer looks like he is ready to make a name for himself despite losing the match until he is stopped in his tracks as ‘Paint it Black’ by the Rolling Stones blasts out over the sound system…

WINNER: CJ Dreamer by pinfall (08:05)


Lucifer stands frozen in the middle of the ring over CJ Dreamer as ‘Paint it Black’ continues to blast out over the sound system and Amy Page, Harry Black & Scott Washington step out onto the top of the entrance ramp.

The first appearance of the Company of the night draws massive boos from the crowd, as the three pose for a few seconds at the top of the ramp before slowly making their way down towards the ring. Lucifer still looks unsure as Amy Page is helped up onto the ring apron by Washington and Black, who then hold the ring ropes open for her to enter before climbing in themselves.

There is a tense stare down between the Company and Lucifer as it looks like everyone is waiting for the other to make the first move. Suddenly boos sound out over louder around the arena as Lucifer opens his arms and smiles and begins to walk towards Amy Page!

Has the newcomer Lucifer joined the Company?

The thoery is quickly laid to rest as Lucifer is floored from his left with a KO punch from Scott Washington. A large smile spreads across the face of Amy Page as she watches Washington and Harry Black put the boots to Lucifer in the middle of the ring just as he had done to CJ Dreamer moments earlier!

CJ Dreamer himself slowly begins to pull himself to his feet using the ring ropes in the far corner, and from the look on his face he is as confused as the crowd in the Goodfellas Casino Arena regarding the turn of events. Dreamer stands and watches as Washington and Harry Black continue to destroy Lucfier, before eventually tossing him out of the ring over the top rope like a piece of garbage. Lucifer lands awkwardly on the hard floor on the way down as Amy Page demands a microphone from the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz.

The mood in the ring slowly changes as the Company turn around and stare at CJ Dreamer in the corner of the ring as Amy Page begins to address him and the crowd.

Amy Page: “You see! You might all boo us when we come out here, but we are not such bad guys!”

The crowd boo the Company even louder as Amy Page and Harry Black shake their head in mock disbelief as Scott Washington stares motionless out at the crowd from behind his bandanna.

Amy Page: “This is the new sVo people! Only a week ago under the reign of Roscoe Shame, CJ Dreamer would be heading to the hospital right now after a cowardly attack by a man that couldn’t win the match by playing fair! Not any more, Lucifer, you just felt some Company justice!”

The Company continue to get boos from the crowd as CJ Dreamer slowly begins to exit the ring by climbing between the ring ropes, before he is stopped midway.

Amy Page: “Dreamer? Where the hell you going friend? Is that anyway to say thanks?”

CJ Dreamer climbs back into the ring and slowly raises his hands as if he is prepared to fight again as Washington and Black round in on him.

Amy Page: “Now, now gentlemen. We didn’t come out here to get into it with you Dreamer. We wanted to say well done!”

More boos from the crowd.

Amy Page: “We wanted to say that was impressive!”

Louder boos.

Amy Page: “We wanted to say that you’re impressive!”

Even louder boos.

Amy Page: “We wanted to say that you would fit well in the Company!”

Maximum boos from the crowd who don’t buy the fact that the Company are trying to portray themselves as a force of justice within the sVo. There are some loud shouts telling CJ Dreamer what to do with Amy Page’s offer from the crowd, and the man himself seems slightly unsure.

Amy Page: “Don’t worry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that. You don’t have to answer right now. Take a little time to think it over. Maybe ask you old buddy Lucifer what he thinks…”

There is a close up of Lucifer who is receiving medical treatment from a doctor on the outside of the ring.

Amy Page: “… I’m sure there won’t be much to think about thought. After all, I guess you sort of owe us…”

Amy smiles as she leaves the sentence hanging in the air as her music hits the sound system again. The Company take a few seconds to stare at CJ Dreamer as he maintains his fighting pose, until the Company finally climb from the ring and make their way back up the entrance ramp, leaving CJ Dreamer a lonely figure in the middle of the ring.



“Up here.”

The camera slowly swings up revealing one of sVo’s newest signee’s Diamond Legend. Of course he’s dressed in Fuck Me Inc merchandise but tonight their’s a little something extra to his glow. He smiles, collecting in some boos from the crowd in attendance. Slowly taking off his shades shaking his head as he glides his fingers through his hair.

Diamond Legend:(Sarcastically)”You people you don’t even know me but yet you boo me. Hooray, you’re actually rubbing off. I feel like your boos are bringing me down. You guys are getting to me. I’m going to run right out of this arena and leave the company that should put themselves on this young gun’s back. Nice job folks.

More boos begin to fill the arena. The Naked Extraoirdinaire yawning to taunt the crowd.

Diamond Legend:”You know, tonight is suppose to be a big night. We have the likes of a J.V.D returning and it’s William Vorheez’s first night as our sVo World Champion. If you guys think that’s the big part about tonight then that’s where you all are wrong. Tonight’s going to be big because I Diamond Legend will shock the world by pinning Go Go Spectacular.”

He counts one, two, three on his hands before smiling once more.

Diamond Legend:”Last week at Showdown I don’t think I did what I wanted to do in my debut. Tonight, I’m making this my official debut and showing all the new faces around here that I’m going to be the next top dog and you all should just follow behind me. That goes for all of you. Yeah, get a load of me. I’m not going to be the one to just sit back and let things come my way. No, I’m going to go out there and get it. I’m going to be the one on the billboards on these Las Vegas streets. Not a Harry Black. I’m going to be the one people want to come in and see. Not a Rose Finnegan or a The Reaper. This is going to be my domain and you can like it or not.”

He sneers before wiping a little bit of saliva from his lips with his forearm. The crowd once more giving it to him.

Diamond Legend:”It’s guys like me that are the reason why a Bobby Dean stay’s home. He’s on the back burner while I’m on the up. It’s guys like me why a Nathan Paradine doesn’t show his face. He just can’t compete with what the sVo should and is going to be. Which is me. It’s guys like me why a Psycho Stevo will never show up again. It won’t be worth it because I’m going to be head honcho. I’m going to be better than a Night or a Roscoe Shame. I’m the beginning to a new era. The Era Of Legend.”

With that final statement The Naked Extraoirdinaire looks on with a persnickety smirk on his face while the camera fades out and to commercial.

11th June 2013
The Countdown to Violence Begins…


Jay Wildman walks out without music, dressed in a gray suit and green tie with his hair pulled back and a microphone in his hand. He avoids anyone touching him, his eyes locked on the ring. He starts talking before he reaches the ring.

Wildman: You know, it’s been one hell of a time getting anything done in this place over the last few weeks. Between politics, backstabbing, and the occasional catfight, we’ve nearly burned down the place that Jon Page built.

He turns, climbs the stairs, and through the ropes.

Wildman: And that was just when our rejects had to sit through Reaper’s lectures. You can imagine how terrible it was to wrestle them night in and night out.

He lifts his head and looks at the ceiling, shaking his head as he laughs. He lowers his head and his face twists to a scowl.

Wildman: But enough of the merger failures of the past, I am here to deal with the present. You see, there’s something that hasn’t been addressed in a very, very long time since I came back to this place.

He stops, looks at the crowd, and then turns his attention to the entrance as he paces back and forth inside the ring.

Wildman: Yes, I was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Yes, I have stayed well past my prime to assist in any way possible to help. Yes, I am old. I am not the young pup I once was. Do you think that’s enough for me? Do you think a hearty pat on the back and a ‘Hey, thanks for not making the new guys cry this time around’ gives me any peace?

He stops and shakes his head.

Wildman: No. In fact, it pisses me off. It makes me more angry and focused than I’ve been in some time. Night, Paradine, Burbank, Wrecker, and now Vorheez. Do you know what all these people have in common?

He turns and points at the center of the ring.

Wildman: None of these men ever pinned me in the middle of that ring. Every single one of them were hollow champions.

The crowd starts to boo, but he ignores them and continues.

Wildman: I ran away as a champion, vacated my title and swore I’d never come back. I thought I was done, but I had that itch. Not the one that you get when you have to sleep with Reaper’s mother, no. This one is resolving the question that went unanswered. You see, five champions pranced around this ring… Well, all right, four pranced unless you showed Wrecker a pallet of Twinkies. Anyway, they pranced and danced and made you feel like you were the center of their world.

He walks to the center of the ring and points at the crowd, letting his finger move as though he is conducting an orchestra.

Wildman: All the while, they weren’t even your real champion. You are looking at your real champion right here. There was a reason why I stopped Reaper from getting what he wants, but it isn’t for what you’re thinking. I picked Vorheez to win because I knew I could get into his head. I can challenge him, use the mind games with him, and do whatever it takes to make him dance for me. Even with all the company stuff going on, there will always be that one question burning in the back of your mind, champ…

He stares at the entrance and smiles.

Wildman: Can you really call yourself a champion if you never beat me for that title belt? Because I know I can tell everyone here that I’m still the champ, and you’re just keeping that title warm for me.

He drops the microphone, climbs out of the ring, and walks toward the entrance to a mix of boos and cheers.


The scene heads backstage to the large locker room that Harry Black and Scott Washington have now find themselves are being officially revealed as members of the mysterious ‘Company’ last week upon taking control of the sVo along with Amy Page.

Washington and Black, who have barely been on speaking terms recently with Washington blaming Black for ruining his winning start to the sVo, sit back to back as they complete a final preparation before their tag team match against Rose Finnegan and Logan Black tonight.

Scott Washington: “You make sure you just stay in the corner out there tonight kid. Let me do the heavy lifting. I’m sure you don’t want Amy getting all mad at you if you cost us the match.”

The O-Town Outlaw seems to have touched a nerve with the usually calm Harry Black as the Brit leaps up to his feet and stares down his fellow Company member.

Harry Black: “I’m no kid, just you remember that. With your win loss record at the moment how about you just stay in the corner and let me do the work. I’m here in the Company because I want to be, not because I am too much of a bitch to say no to Amy.”

Now it is Harry Black who seems to have touched a nerve as Washington rises to his feet and gets in Black’s face.

Scott Washington: “I am here because I have to be, and you know that. The minute I am free from my obligations then I am out of here and I will never look back at you or your precious Company.”

Washington and Black continue to stare each other down.

Harry Black: “Look, I don’t want to lose to a couple of newcomers. Amy booked this match so that the Company would look strong. She is already recruiting new members, but they are only going to sign up if they see how strong we are. I want to retain my place in the Company and you want out, it’s in both our interest that we get the job done tonight, agreed?”

Washington seems to ponder the surprisingly diplomatic statement from Harry Black for a few seconds.

Scott Washington: “Agreed.”

Washington and Black share a grudging look of agreement as the scene fades out. With their tag team match up next, can the two members of the Company hold it together long enough to defeat the sVo’s hottest new tag team? The match is up next!

Finnegan and Black vs. The Company
Officiated by Hector Arenda

“Fall Back Down” by Rancid blares throughout the arena, as an explosion of pyrotechnics booms at the top of the entrance way. Smoke pours from fog machines as the crowd roars. Logan Black emerges first, springing from the backstage area, his energy palpable. The crowd pops. Rose Finnegan follows behind, waving to the crowd once and walking purposefully to the ring. Logan slaps a few hands before climbing the ring steps and then over the top rope. Rose slides under the bottom rope. The two ready then ready themselves for the match.

The drums of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones begin to vibrate the arena as the lights quickly dim. Smoke begins to rise from the top of the entrance ramp as Harry Black slowly steps out from behind the curtain and is greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd. Black’s blue eyes pierce through the smoke as he glares out at the booing crowd with a snarl on his face as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Black shows no respect to the crowd as he rolls under the bottom rope and doesn’t even acknowledge them as he begins to bounce into the ring ropes to prepare himself for the forthcoming match.

There is a loud explosion of fireworks and a bright flash over the entrance ramp as ‘Boom’ by Royce Da 5’9″ begins to pound around the arena as the lights slowly lower. As strobe lighting begins to flash over the fans, pyros shoot out from either side of the entrance stage as the energetic Scott Washington steps out from behind the curtain. The fans boo as the ‘Golden State Warrior’ poses on the top of the entrance ramp before running down towards the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Washington slowly makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle and raises a fist in the air as a golden pyro begins to shoot down from the top of the arena.

Washington and Finnegan circle one another as their partners make their way to their respective corners and the official signals for the start of the match. Washington is the first to strike, catching the red head with a few quick punches before slinging her into the ropes and throwing her over with a hip toss on the return. Washington continues his attack, kicking her as she climbs to her feet. Once there, she punches, but the O-Town outlaw is able to sidestep and grabs her arm, applying an armbar and twisting Rose’s shoulder. Scott makes his way a little closer to his team’s corner, bringing Rose with him. He reaches out and tags in Harry Black, who climbs to the top turnbuckle and stands. He comes off with a standard double axe handle, connecting with Rose’s shoulder.

As Washington exits the ring, Harry lands a few punches, pushing Rose towards the middle of the ring. He grabs her and attempts to whip her into the corner, but she reverses, sending him across the ring instead. As Harry slams into the corner, Rose tags in Logan, who charges in and grabs the Brit as he stumbles out of the corner backwards, throwing him over with a belly-to-back suplex. Logan gives chase, grabbing the man from the mat and whipping him into the ropes, power slamming him on the return. He hooks the leg.



Harry kicks out. Logan pulls him up by his hair, but Harry elbows him in the groin, doubling him over. Harry seizes the opportunity, rising and then DDTing Logan to the mat. He follows it up with a few stomps before tagging in his partner. Washington enters the ring as Logan begins to pull himself up. Washington comes in with some quick punches before grabbing the larger man and locking in a Full Nelson. He pulls back tighter, before yanking Logan up and slamming him down with a Full Nelson Slam. Washington wastes no time, pulling Black up from the mat and tossing him over with a quick Snapmare, before falling down with a knee to the man’s back. He leaves his knee in the middle of Logan’s back and grabs his arms by the wrists, pulling them back. The ref comes in to check for a submission.

Logan holds on and after a while, Washington gets frustrated, yanking back hard one last time before pushing his opponent forward and rising to his feet. Looking to keep up the two on one action, he moves over and tags in a refreshed Harry Black. In pain, Logan attempts to crawl to his corner, towards the outstretched hand of Rose Finnegan. Harry moves in as Logan pushes himself up and dives – as best he can – towards his partner, who is standing on the bottom up, stretching as far as she can. Their hands touch.

And Rose flies into the ring, charging full speed at Harry Black, and connecting with a flurry of punches. She kicks him in the midsection before launching herself into the ropes, gaining momentum and coming back with a dropkick, knocking the man down. She keeps it up, climbing to her feet and running over to the ropes. She springboards off and flips backwards, coming down with a Springboard Moonsault. She makes a quick cover.



No! Washington charges in to break up the pin!

As soon as Washington breaks up the pin, Logan charges into the ring, catching the man off guard with a vicious shoulder block, driving the man out of the ring. He gives chase, laying fists to the man on the mat outside. Meanwhile, Rose sees Harry stirring, and seizes the moment. Grabbing the man, she whips him hard into the corner. He slams into the turnbuckle and stumbles out backwards, as the red head runs past and springs to the top rope. She leaps off, grabbing the Brit’s head and spinning around, nailing him with Finnegan’s Wake. She makes the cover.



3!It’s all over and it is a surprise victory as in their first tag team outing in the sVo, it is Finnegan and Black that pick up the victory over the Company! Washington and Black look furiously at each other in the ring, both blaming each other for the loss, as Finnegan and Black roll out of the ring with their arms in the air in victory and make their way back up the entrance ramp. After some big name eliminations in last weeks battle royal, Finnegan and Black have scored themselves another scalp!

WINNERS: Finnegan and Black by pinfall (09:43)

Showdown #105
21st May 2013
Featuring the Master of the Mat Final
The Countdown to Violence Continues…


As the action heads backstage following the massive win over the Company by the sVo’s hottest new tag team, Elena Cruz is rushing to keep up with CJ Dreamer who is already packed and showered after his victory over Lucifer earlier in the night.

Elena Cruz: “CJ Dreamer, you scored a big victory earlier in the night over Lucifer. However the real story was the Company coming to your aid when Lucifer attacked you after the match. Are you going to accept their invitation and join?”

Dreamer stops in his tracks and spins around to face Cruz, looking slightly offended by the question.

CJ Dreamer: “Listen here. Let me get something straight. The Company didn’t come to ‘my aid’. I never asked them for help. Lucifer got what was coming to him, but he would have got that regardless of if the Company hit the ring. Now if you don’t mind, I am in the Goodfellas Casino and I can hear the roulette wheel calling my name…”

Elena Cruz: “Your leaving Showdown already?”

Dreamer nods his head slowly and smiles sarcastically before pushing past Cruz and exiting the backstage area and into the main lobby of the casino. It seems that CJ Dreamer won’t be answering Amy Page’s call to join the Company tonight at least!


Black Tongue by Mastodon starts to play as boos come from the crowd. The usual light show and all is cut out as Reaper just walks out from the back, he pays no mind to anyone as he just marches straight for the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and pops up to his feet. Already with a mic in his hand he paces back and forth in the ring.

Reaper: I want someone to explain to me why there isn’t a championship match tonight. Why William Vorheez is teaming up with me instead of facing me one on one for the sVo championship. Why this new regime of The Company is going out of it’s way to screw me! First you make a match, you tell us all about the match and we understand what it is. It’s a match for one of the sVo’s magic surprises. Normally the surprise is good like General Manager for the day or number one contender for a title. Or sometimes it’s even a voucher for one free mustache ride from Bobby Dean! I mean it is normally all sorts of things, you know the one thing it never is? The sVo World Championship, how are you going to make that sort of stipulation out of the blue? You know the extra prep that is required for that kind of stipulation. Do you understand the mental stress that adds to the situation. So not only was that an unfair out of the blue situation to put me into but then you allow some lucha whore to fight twice?

Reaper still pacing back and forth lifts his head up a bit as the fans boo his calling Go Go Spectacular a whore.

Reaper: Oh shut it! Shes hit on Sebastian Hawke, taken cheap gropes at Marx and that Lazarus guy to try and win the Las Vegas championship, obviously was sucking off Roscoe to get the number one contender spot the other week, and is now hitting on that Diamond whats his face while staking out a studio he use to own and playing with his used condoms. She’s a sick freak and you people love her? Not to mention she’s a cheat, she gets to fight in the battle royal twice? She gets two chances to be the champion? Why because she changed her mask? So what, had I not been the last elimination I could of went into the back put on a ski mask, call myself Mr. Xtreme Peter what’s his face and walk back out and compete again? What sort of shenanigans is this? Then we get to the biggest screw job of it all, the one called Jay Wildman.

Reaper once again has to stop his rant to allow for the crowd pop.

Reaper: Really? still cheering for the liar who faked an injury that never existed and led to the closure of the Sanctioned Violence Organization, the guy who was directly responsible for the scared and ruined career of Sara Pettis? The man who after I eliminated him from the battle royal cowardly slide back into the ring and attacked me with a chair! You cheer for him! You filthy maggots, you’re worst than all of them combined. Now last time I stood out here and everyone expected some sort of pipe bomb, they expected me to make some sort of big announcement, hell even those pencil pusher over in Fedwars were talking about it. Hey Ben, hey Tom, I’ll be over there shortly to take the Fedwars title, talk about that on your little pod cast. Going so far as for one of them, a Mr. Tom Mason to flat out say that he wasn’t a fan of your’s truly. Such a hard thing for me to believe, but it’s true. Someone out there isn’t a fan of me coming out here and telling the truth. I’m shocked and appalled by this news, I doth believe my heart is broken!

Reaper falls down in the middle of the ring as if stricken by some cosmic power. Slowly he lifts the microphone back up to his lips as he stares up at the ceiling.

Reaper: I don’t care what any of you sheep think, yet you all still run your mouth. I even heard this oldie but goody this week. “Don’t fear the Reaper” Oh real original….hey the seventies called, they’d like their reference back.

Reaper sits up in the middle of the ring and gives a little smirk to the camera.

Reaper: I tell you what, you don’t have to fear the Reaper, infact, Don’t fear the Reaper, just the pain that he brings with him.

Reaper rolls out of the ring and starts up the rampway.

Reaper: Not a good enough pipe bomb? Tough it’s all you people are worth!

Reaper tosses the microphone aside and heads to the back.


As the action heads backstage after the ‘Reaper Rant’ the doors of the backstage area swing open and in to the corridor steps former sVo Champion Roscoe Shame!

The corridor which was moments ago filled with chatter and hustle and bustle suddenly goes silent as everyone stops what they were doing and watches as the man who up until a week ago was their boss walks past with his gym bag over his shoulder.

After doubts over whether he would show up tonight, former GM Roscoe Shame is in the building for tonight’s massive main event tag team match! Will Shame be able to co-exist with former sVo Champion Jay Wildman as he faces the Reaper and his mortal enemy and new sVo Champion William Vorheez?

Stay tuned for tonight’s main event later in the evening!

James von Drake vs. Stevie Starr
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

The opening riff to “Love Rollar Coaster” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers starts, red and pink lights flicker to the beat. Pink smoke fills the entrance way, and just as the music kicks in a large explosion of glitter and confetti litters the stage and out comes Stevie Starr. Dancing along with the beat Stevie Starr makes his way down the rampway. A loud cheering ovation from the crowd gets him pumped up as he tags hands and gives lucky ladies that happen to be in the front row, a pink rose and and kiss. Stevie Starr slides into the ring as a sign wrapped in pyro explodes into the word Starr as he climbs the turnbuckles and raises his arms high.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring.

With both competitors in the ring and ready to kick off the rebooted master of the mat tournament with the winner becoming the new Las Vegas Champion, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started.

JVD slowly begins to circle around the rookie Stevie Starr, but Starr rushes forward and nails him with a big right hand! The fans cheer Starr on as he lands some big rights and lefts on JVD, until the former Las Vegas and TapOut Champion cuts him off with a big knee to the midsection followed by a hip toss takedown. JVD grabs hold of Starr as he jumps back to his feet and tosses him hard into the corner of the ring.

Starr looks like he hit the turnbuckle hard, and it doesn’t get much better for him as JVD follows up with a spear in the corner of the ring. Starr holds his midsection in pain as JVD follows up with some big right hands to the face of Stevie Starr.JVD grabs hold of Starr by the hair and pulls him into the corner of the ring, before taking him to a sitting position with a snapmare before locking in a rear chin lock on the rookie.

Stevie Starr struggles to try and free himself from the hold, however JVD seems intent on wearing his opponent down and keeps the submission move locked in. JVD finally does release Stevie Starr from the hold, and lands a knee to the back on his opponent before pinning his shoulders down to the mat and looking for the cover.




Stevie Starr shows some guts as he manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! JVD looks angry at not getting the decision there and then as he stares at Stevie Starr waiting for him to get up to his feet. Starr looks in pain and is slow in rising up, but JVD runs straight back through him with a short arm clothesline to send him down. With Starr on the mat, JVD quickly snaps a Boston crap on his opponent in the middle of the ring and looks for the submission victory!

Starr shouts out in pain as he desperately reaches out for the bottom rope to force a rope break, however JVD keeps the move locked in tight. The referee asks Starr if he would like to submit, and the rookie bravely shakes his head, but he seems to be fading fast under the pressure of JVD’s Boston crab and this match looks like it could be all over very quickly!

Stevie Starr makes one last big effort to make it to the ring ropes and stop himself from behind eliminated from the tournament, and much to everyone’s surprise he is able to grab the bottom rope!

The crowd cheer loudly and JVD looks none too happy at having to release the submission hold as the referee calls the rope break! JVD slowly retreats to the corner of the ring as Stevie Starr struggles to get back to his feet in the middle of the ring despite being cheered on by the fans who all want to see the newcomer pick up a victory over JVD and spoil his return to the sVo ring. Stevie Starr slowly turns around to face JVD, but as he does Von Drake almost slices him in two with a vicious spear in the middle of the ring!

With Stevie Starr down in the ring, JVD looks like he has decided to end it right now as he grabs hold of his opponent and snaps on the ‘Legacy’ submission hold! Stevie Starr screams out in pain at being locked in another submission hold and bravely tries to fight his way out, before finally submitting to the pain.

Tap, Tap, Tap!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and JVD has progressed to the final of the master of the mat tournament with a submission victory! JVD keeps the submission hold locked in for a few seconds longer than he had to, before releasing Stevie Starr and climbing up to his feet. JVD waves away the referee who tries to raise his hand in victory, and throws his own arms up in celebration whilst staring up into the sky as the referee checks on the rookie Stevie Starr.

WINNER: James von Drake by submission (06:28)


Once more we open to Diamond Legend. This time strolling along the halls of the Goodfellas. Still dressed how he was earlier in the broadcast. As he walks down the halls of the Goodfellas the camera stays in front of him. Of course The Naked Extraoirdinaire having something to say.

Diamond Legend:”I thought since this is going to be the place where I pray on countless bodies I should give it a little inspection. You know, dive in and find all the incorrect things. First thing I found to be incorrect was the management. Now I know ole Roscoe Shame couldn’t hold down the fort as a General Manager but something tells me that a Amy Page isn’t going to be any better.”

He stops at the GM’s door looking at the name plate. Shaking his head and getting rained down on with boos. He turns from the door, putting his focus back on the camera.

Diamond Legend:”Second thing I found was incorrect was the talent. Of course besides me. Even if JVD just got a step closer to becoming Las Vegas champion, you still will be behind me and forgotten someday while girls around the world remember the great Diamond Legend statue with a spaceship for a penis. If you didn’t want your kids to hear that then you shouldn’t have brung them here. Bratty little bastards.”


Diamond Legend:”Yeah whatever. I’m tele-fucking-vision and I bet you’re watching. You’re going to be tuned in every week so get use to it. You people are the biggest incorrect thing with the sVo. You don’t know whose got it and whose don’t. You don’t know how to fill up these seats. You don’t know how to respect a man whose going to give you nothing but pure authenticy. You people should bow to me because I am your god. Not a William Vorheez. He’s not going to be the one drawing the attention. It’s me. You all are going to love to see me lose so you can’t wait until Diamond Legend is in the ring. That’s what I want. That’s what I like. To let you all down. Just like what Go Go Spectacular will be doing tonight. The delicate Number 1 Contender to the sVo World Championship.”

Go Go chants stir up in the arena.

Diamond Legend:”Go Go my ass. Who the hell has a name like that anyway? Go Go Spectacular. There won’t be anything spectacular about her performance here tonight. In what you all want to see you can rest assure that you want be seeing it. Like I said, tonight is about me. I’m taking over Showdown and to make sure I have an even bigger night next week I’ve already made my mind up on whom i’ll be defeating.”

The cameras zoom in on The Naked Extraoirdinaire. His hand pulling a name plate off of a door. He puts the name plate in front of the camera. The name on the plate; Jay Wildman.

Diamond Legend:”I’m calling you out old man. Next week on Showdown. Get your cane ready.”

The camera slowly fades out on the name plate before cutting to a recap of Showdown 103.


In a corner of the backstage area, Go-Go doesn’t seem to impressed with the vignette she has just watched from her opponent tonight, the newcomer Diamond Legend. The masked wrestler gets a huge cheer from the fans as they spot her on the giant screen, however the cheers suddenly hush as Go-Go turns from watching Diamond Legend and comes face to face with the sVo Champion William Vorheez who is standing silently behind her.

Vorheez stares at Go-Go, as the #1 contender for the sVo Championship belt stares at the hold hanging from Vorheez’s massive shoulder, before staring up at the man himself.

Go-Go: “Congratulations.”

Spectacular seems to catch Vorheez off guard with the congratulations, as he stares at her for a few seconds before slowly bowing his head slightly in appreciation.

The #1 contender and the champion share a knowing look, that they will both have to meet in the middle of the ring soon with the biggest prize in the sVo on the line, before they slowly turn away from each other and walk their separate ways.

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No-No Notorious vs. Matt Fuller
Officiated by Brett Lukas

Queue up female soundbyte over the loud speakers.


Leading into the beginning intro of “The Power” by HBlockX. The lights go completely out except for a lone spotlight dangling directly above a lone spot in the center of the stage.

Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh

Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh


Just as the song keychanges into a different more heavier rift, a huge blue single blast of blue pyrotechnics fires into the air and echos throughout the entire arena almost deafening.


No-No Notorious is launched from a catapult underneath, up into the air and up onto the stage. She pauses as she soaks in the energy from the song and the energy from the live audience as she looks incredibly focused and intense silently in the center spotlight dangling directly above her head. The smoke clears and the darkness is replaced with blue fast trippy stroblelights that fill the arena.

I’ve got the power
I’ve got the power
I’ve got the power
Yea, yea, yea, yea

No-No Notorious rolls her neck and pops her knuckles in her hands. She takes off running as fast as she can down the aisle, runs around the ring once and then slides up onto the ring apron on one knee posing before the crowd. She then jumps up to her feet, and vaulting herself up springfboarding off of the ropes hitting a 180 degree reverses cartwheel flip and landing on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to each other four turnbuckles to soak in cheers and jeers from the crowd. On the last turnbuckle, she hops down and rest quietly on the top as she mentally and emotionally prepares for the match. “The Power” by HBlockX fades out.

With No No in the ring, there is a cheer from the crowd as ‘Move’ by TFK hits the sound system and Matt Fuller slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Fuller taunts to the crowd, before sprinting down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring head first. Fuller looks pumped up about the prospect of progressing into the final of the master of the mat tournament as he leaps up onto the turnbuckle to pose for the fans.

Before the referee can even call for the bell to be rung, the flashbulbs that are capturing Matt Fuller posing on the turnbuckle and interrupted as No-No suddenly attacks him from behind with a double axe handle to the back! The referee calls for the match to official get underway as No-No follows up with some mounted punches on Fuller in the corner of the ring, before her opponent is able to fight his way out.

Fuller lands a knee to the midsection of No-No and then whips her hard into the ring ropes. No-No bounces back into the middle of the ring where Fuller looks for a back drop, however he telegraphs the move and No-No is able to counter with a spinning neckbreaker. Fuller slowly rises up to his feet holding his neck in pain, but No-No is straight back on him with some stiff chops across the chest. No-No backs Matt Fuller into the corner of the ring before grabbing him by the arm and sending him corner to corner.

Fuller hits the turnbuckle hard, but No-No follows up in the corner with a stiff clothesline! Fuller looks in trouble as he slowly staggers out of the corner and No-No is able to keep her momentum going with a massive scissor kick onto her opponent! With Fuller on the mat, No-No wastes no time in hooking the leg and making the cover.




It looked as if it would be No-No going into the final of the master of the mat tournament and fighting for the sVo Las Vegas Championship, however at the very last second Fuller is able to kick out! No-No grabs hold of Fuller by the hair and pulls him up to his feet. No-No locks in a side head lock to wear down Fuller for a few seconds, before positioning him for a DDT. No-No tries to execute the move, but Fuller is able to block No-No with his strength, before countering with a suplex!

The fans cheer the offence from Matt Fuller, but No-No is quickly back on her feet and trying to get back on the offence with some right hands to the former backyard wrestler. Fuller absorbs a few punches before blocking No-No and then taking her down to the mat with a stiff spinebuster! The move gets another cheer from the crowd as Matt Fuller jumps back to his feet and bounces into the ring ropes before dropping an elbow into the heart of No-No! No-No rolls in pain before Matt Fuller drags her to her feet. Now it is No-No who looks in a bad way as Matt Fuller places her in a front face lock before lifting her into the air.

Fuller holds his opponent in the air so that the blood drains to her head, before throwing her to the mat with a stalling brainbuster! The fans continue to cheer on the man from Erie, PA as he makes the cover on No-No.




No-No shows just how much she wants this match and the Las Vegas Championship by kicking out when it seemed the match was all over there! Matt Fuller can’t seem to believe that it wasn’t all over there and then as he rises back to his feet and shakes his head in disbelief. Fuller signals to the fans for them to make some noise as he reaches down and pulls No-No back up, but as he does No-No catches him with a low blow out of sight of the referee!

The fans boo loudly as Matt Fuller sinks to his knees, and No-No bounces back off of the ring ropes before landing a front dropkick into Fuller’s face! Fuller rolls around in pain as No-No signals to the crowd getting boos, before making her way towards the nearest turnbuckle and beginning to climb! Knowing that they are about to see something high flying, the fans rise to their feet as No-No reaches the top of the turnbuckle and stares down at Matt Fuller in the ring.

Fuller slowly begins to rise to his feet, but as he does No-No leaps from the top and lands a massive cross body onto him! The fans boo loudly as No-No makes the cover.




Matt Fuller manages to kick out just when everyone in the arena thought it was game over! No-No is raging as she rises to her feet and looks down at her opponent. No-No kicks Fuller a few times, before dropping down and rolling out of the ring! The fans continue to boo as No-No grabs a steel chair from the crowd and rolls back into the ring. The referee warns No-No that she will be DQ’ed, but she doesn’t seem to listen as she shoves him out of the way before running at Fuller with the chair! No-No looks like she wants to take Fuller’s head off, but the former backyard wrestler sees her coming and kicks the chair back into her face!

The crowd cheer loudly as No-No drops the chair and staggers backwards, with Fuller taking advantage by leaping and springboarding off of the ropes and landing a 720 DDT onto No-No! The fans are on their feet after that amazing move and No-No doesn’t seem to know what has hit her! No-No staggers about as she rises to her feet, giving Fuller the chance to nail her with a knee to the midsection before hoisting her into the air and dropping her down with a Fallout Blast into a cover in the middle of the ring!




It’s all over, and in somewhat of an upset it is Matt Fuller who scores the victory over No-No and progresses into the final of the master of the mat tournament and gets the chance to fight JVD for the Las Vegas Championship! Matt Fuller jumps up to his feet and throws his arms in the air in excitement at his victory. Can he follow up on his dream and win sVo gold in the form of the Las Vegas Championship?

WINNER: Matt Fuller by pinfall (14:19)


Standing in front of the camera dressed in his wrestling attire is Diamond Legend. He’s focused and intense as the crowd hoovers him with boos. He smirks before that serious look dawns back to his face, looking down before looking back up.

Diamond Legend:”You know Go Go I’ve listened to everything you’ve had to say about me earlier this evening and I’d like to say that it was pure pathetic. First you try and downplay me like I’m suppose to be scared because you’re the number one contender to the sVo Championship. Then you try and act like you’re such a sportsman and throw all of that out of the window. I’m not afraid of one man on this earth and anything they have or got going for themselves doesn’t hinder my thoughts in any way. I’m not here to put on a show or pretend to be someone. I’m here to do me and me only.”

He lowers the hood from his head pointing back at the velvet curtains leading the way to the ring.

Diamond Legend:”I took a look at the website a couple days ago and saw the nice article that was up about me. With all the momentum I have going into this match that just gave me more fuel to prove people wrong. Prove you wrong Go Go. I may be that cocaine junkie you think I am, but that’s something that I already know. You telling me that means nothing. My honesty is nothing. I just call it how I see it, and what I see is a little teenage girl who doesn’t know how to get over the hump. You can say that you’re about putting on shows and paying your dues. Waiting for your moment, but why is it every time you speak you complain and complain about not winning a sVo championship? Why? You’re one of those guys that live and die by championships. Stop trying to tell yourself otherwise. You’re cutting yourself short by not being real to yourself. If you lived by honor and faith then you wouldn’t have such a devilish alter ego. I’m no fool Go Go.”

He laughs while clapping his hands to the crowds boos.

Diamond legend:”I know that you’re looking for momentum heading into Three Way Dance. You want to show William Vorheez that that sVo Championship won’t be his for long, but if you’ve been listening to me tonight I told you that it was all about me. I’m not going to step out there and not leave without a victory. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter who you will be. Like you said. It’s business, and my business is to handle my business. You can leave this match not having a personal grudge out to get me. I don’t care if you like me or not. You can honestly suck my dick.”

He places his hood back over his head turning to walk to the ring. Before stepping through the curtains he looks back slightly lifting his hood back.

Diamond Legend:”I am Diamond Legend and I have come to make a name, and I don’t mind taking them as I do.”


After his loss to JVD, Stevie Starr is backstage, walking around catching his breath. Just then Amy Page walks up to him…

Amy Page: “Mr. Starr, good effort out there.”

Stevie Starr: “Thank you Mrs. Page, I almost had the match won, just JVD got the best of me.”

Amy Page slightly laughs at him.

Amy Page: “Well Mr. Starr even tho you put on a good show and showed great promise out there, I have to inform you of something.”

Stevie Starr: “I’m not fired am I?”

Amy Page: “Now why would you think that? I have invested alot of money into you. No…no you see sVo has a developmental program I’d like to send you too. You see Stevie I think you have great promise, and a very bright future here in the sVo. But frankly you are fresh out of wrestling school, and honestly I think you need a bit more seasoning. You need time to hone your skills and perfect yor craft. You are very gifted, and I want you to expose that.”

Stevie Starr: “So when do I leave?”

Amy Page: “Tonight is your last night on sVo tv until I feel it is time for you to be brought back. Go ahead and enjoy the rest of the show, and you will report to our development territory next week…And Stevie please don’t think of this as punishment…think of it as an oppertunity to restart yourself. A way to wipe the slate clean and come back fresh and ready to add on the wins.

Amy Page shakes his hand and walks off as Stevie stands there a little dissapointed.

Diamond Legend vs. Go-Go Spectacular
Officiated by Hector Arenda

Let The Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch blares throughout the pa speakers. The lights suddenly flicker and smoke arises atop of the entry ramp. Suddenly from behind the smoke Diamond Legend appears on the stage. His head lowered with his hood over his head. Slowly lifting his head up the lights come back to a steady. Looking left, looking right Diamond Legend smiles and continues his slow, cockish walk to the ring. He blows kisses at beautiful girls and give little boys nudges while telling them to fuck off. He spits at people and swears at them consistently.

Before stepping in the ring he walks up the steel steps slowly before walking along the ring before putting his back to the ropes and lowering his head again. Once again the lights begin to flicker. From all four turnbuckles little pyrogryhphic stars burst from out them. A plethora of different colors. Diamond Legend picks up his head and now he looks infuriated. He jumps over the top rope and begins running around the ring talking to himself as he looks off into the crowd and taunts them. Finally he jumps to the middle of the ring and whilst doing so, BOOM! In unison some more pyro comes from the turnbuckles and together they make one big baby blue star that vanishes into thin air. Diamond taps his chest and takes a seat outside of the ring on the steel steps until Go Go music flares up.

Music queue up: the intro of “Ignition” by Toby Mac. The camera pans around the arena crowd 360 degrees and then goes to a single spot on the center of the stage where a lone spotlight dangles directly above a place on the stage.

Just as the soft drum beat intro changes keys. Queue up; right in-sync and interconnected with the song playing as one loud colorful single red and blue pyrotechnic blast fires into he air and echoes loudly into the arena.


Go-Go Spectacular is launched out from a catapult up into the air and onto the stage to a nice, loud, supportive, pop from the arena crowd. She poses on the stage then jogs down the aisle high fiving outstretched hands from fans across the barricade in enroute to the ring.

Go-Go runs around the ringside area then runs up the steps, up onto the apron, vaults over the ropes and onto the nearest top rope. After soaking in the cheers from the crowd, she leaps backwards off of the rope and lands on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to the other three turnbuckles to soak in the cheers. On the final turnbuckle. She hops off of the turnbuckle. Removes her overcoat, kisses her crucifix, kneels down to perform a prayer, then leans back into the corner as she mentally prepares for the match to start. “Ignition” gradually fades out.

Ding Ding Ding

The match begins with Diamond Legend immediately taking center of the ring. Darting toward Go Go Spectacular who simply dodges out of the way sending Diamond Legend into the ropes. He sneers while looking back, cockishly walking back to the center of the ring. Go Go Spectacular being patient bounces around the ring, waiting for the right chance to make a move. Diamond Legend grows impatient and charges toward Go Go Spectacular trying to trap her into a turnbuckle. He does, but the ring savvy Go Go Spectacular slides under Diamond Legend’s legs, pushing him off the turnbuckle, turning him around, and into a DDT.

The crowd was getting louder as Go Go hypes them up. She lifts Legend back to his feet Irish Whipping him into the ropes. Diamond bounces off and into a flying Go Go Spectacular who attempts a cross body but is caught by Diamond Legend who plants Go Go with a Back Breaker. Diamond stares at Go Go vindictive as the crowd begins to rain down the boos. Legend grabs Go Go by the hair pulling her back to her feet. He knees her in the gut once before following up with another and another. As Go Go holds on to her stomach Diamond bounces off a rope and Clothesline Go Go. Getting to his feet taunting the crowd.

While Diamond continues to taunt he loses focus of the match. Go Go getting to her feet and setting up her next move. When Diamond finally stops being a Showman he turns around and into a Scissor Kick from Go Go Spectacular. Diamond tumbling backwards into the ropes. He bounces off just a little and this time Go Go is able to nail him with a Flying Cross body, converting it into a pin.



Diamond kicks out while holding on to his chest. Go Go staying offensive and placing Diamond into a head lock. Go Go cranks up the crowd once more before applying the lock tighter. Diamond, slowly struggles to one knee punching Go Go in the chest. The punch loosening the lock from around his neck. Diamond punches Go Go once more before spinning around her back placing Go Go in a Butterfly Lock. The crowd booing as now Diamond has the upper hand. Go Go elbows at Diamonds ribs but to no avail. Looking like she’s about to fade Go Go uses her ring savvy reaches out to the ropes, barely getting her hand over it. The ref quickly jumps in breaking up the lock. Diamond getting to his feet angered pushing the ref out of the way. Diamond lifts Go Go back to her feet but when he does she uses her elbows once more connecting with a combo to the face. Diamond stumbles backwards aiding to his jaws while Go Go charges and lands a 360 degree spinning roundhouse kick. Diamond drops to the mat. Go Go climbing up the turnbuckle. She dives off, SHOOTING STAR PRESS. NO, Diamond rolls out of the way and out of the ring holding onto his chest. Go Go bouncing of the mat landing awkwardly.

Diamond slides back into the ring stalking a down Go Go Spectacular. Go Go slowly pulls herself up to her feet with the ropes. Diamond charging toward her attempting a Clothesline to send Go Go over the ropes. Go Go ducks out of the way and flips Diamond over the ropes but he doesn’t fall to the floor. Diamond swings at Go Go but she ducks. Diamond goes to Head butt Go Go but when he does she knee’s him in the face. Diamond now falling to the floor. The crowd cheers on in awe from the technique of Go Go. Go Go taking a second to catch a breath. The ref beginning to count out Diamond Legend.




OH! Go Go nails Diamond with a Suicide Placha Dive. Both competitors falling to the floor. The ref continuing the count.





Go Go slides back into the ring. Still feeling the effects from the dive. As soon as the ref was about to count nine Diamond slides back into the ring. Go Go gets to her feet first and lifting Diamond to his. Go Go Irish Whips Diamond into the ropes, Diamond bouncing off and ducking from an Enzugiri by the way of Go Go Spectacular. Diamond stops in his tracks turns around and nails the unaware Go Go with a Koppu Kick. Go Go drops to the mat. Diamond going for the quick pin.




Diamond gets to his feet and begins to curse at the ref before sliding Go Go to the middle of the ring and laying down some quick stomps. Smiling before walking around the ring taunting the crowd. Diamond goes back to lift Go Go to her feet and while doing so Go Go delivers a kick to the chest. She quickly gets back to her feet and charges toward Diamond landing a European Uppercut. Go Go goes for another kick to the chest but Diamond grabs her foot and flips her. Go Go lands on her feet, and ducks under a Clothesline from Diamond. She goes to Irish Whip Diamond but Diamond reverses Irish Whipping Go Go towards a turnbuckle. Diamond follows behind but Go Go quickly steps up the turnbuckle and jumps off landing “The Bullet Timer”.

With the crowd on the edge of their seats from the brilliant move. Go Go climbs up the turnbuckle once more getting the crowd more hyped. Diamond lays in the center of the ring wincing in pain. Go Go leaps off the ropes and G SPEC! G SPEC! NO! Diamond rolls out of the way. Diamond quickly gets to his feet lifting Go Go to her’s. Diamond places Go Go’s head between his legs. He acts like he’s reading a book before shutting it shut and END OF STORY! END OF STORY! He nails Go Go with the impressive move. He goes for the pin while the crowd steadily boo’s.





The ref calls for the bell as Diamond gets to his feet with that persnickety smile on his face. The ref goes to lift his hand but he snatches away leaving the ring taunting the crowd.WINNER: Diamond Legend by pinfall (16:08)

Fedwars Presents ‘Three Way Dance’
29th May 2013
Featuring sVo Champion William Vorheez
Live from the United Center in Chicago


Roscoe Shame is tying his boots when Jay Wildman throws open the door and approaches him. Before Shame can open his mouth, Wildman places his finger on the man’s lip and closes his eyes.

Wildman: Shhh. No speaking. We can get through this faster if you just let me talk. I’m going to make this really simple. One, I don’t care about the fact that we used to beat each up other all over this casino, that’s in the past. Two, I don’t care about your personal vendetta against Vorheez, but you can sure as hell bet I’ll kick his beer drinking ass for you if you want. Three, when you’re in that ring and you’re in trouble, don’t be the goddamned hero. Tag. Me. In.

Wildman walks away, slamming the door behind him hard enough to knock over the bag sitting inside Shame’s locker.


The scene heads backstage to a familiar scene for long term viewers of the sVo, as Amy Page steps to the door of the sky box high above the action in the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Amy Page seems to hesitate a brief second before opening the door which has seen the likes of Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame party in during their stint as members of the Company.

As Amy Page enters the room she is greeted the familiar smell of the cigar smoke that often fills the Company sky box as the faceless members of the Company sit watching the sVo action from the comfort of their leather arm chairs whilst drinking champagne and smoking the most expensive cubans.

Even thought they all have their back to Amy and she cannot see their faces, the ‘Company’ men seem to know she is there.

“Quite a successful night so far Amy. I am impressed. Especially with that CJ Dreamer chap earlier this evening, would make a fine addition to the Company.”

The normally confident and dominant Amy Page nods her head almost nervously as there are murmurs from the other faceless members of the Company in agreement.

Amy Page: “I’m going to deal with Scott Washington and Harry Black as well. I will make sure they know it’s unacceptable to be losing matches whilst representing the Company…”

There is a long silence, before the same voice from before answers.

“Well despite the loss it is still a fine selection you are putting together. The only thing you are really missing is a champion…”

Again there are murmurs of agreement from the other members of the Company in the sky box, as highlights of William Vorheez capturing the sVo Championship last week in the battle royal are shown to the fans down below in the arena on the giant screen.

William Vorheez & the Reaper vs. Roscoe Shame & Jay Wildman
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

The fans in the arena boo as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and boo at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

“I, Caligvla” from Ex Deo blares over the PA as the house lights go out. Spotlights flare to life, pointing at the entrance. A white masked Jay Wildman walks out, wearing a blood red toga draped over his shoulders and cradling a severed mannequins head that wears the original Grimnir mask. He lifts it up and points at it, making it bow at each section while he marches slowly to the beat of the music and stops at the ring. He removes the mask and throws it over his shoulder to the crowd while he climbs the stairs and makes his way into the ring.

The lights dim as Black Tongue by Mastodon comes on over the pa system. The crowd erupts into boos as Reaper comes out onto the stage. Dressed in his trademark hooded long rider he keeps his head down paying no heed to the fans. Instead he just marches down to the ring before jumping from the floor straight up to the apron. Then placing a hand on the top rope he jumps up and over the top rope and lands in the ring. He flips his hood back showing the grim skeletal metal face covering his own. Reaper slowly, methodically paces the ring looking at the fans who are booing him so for “ruining” the image of their fallen hero. Reaper just smirks as he unhooks the mask and takes off the long rider. Sitting both items in the corner as he stretches and readies himself for his match.

The entire arena goes black as the soft acoustic opening of “The Opposition” by Ancient VVisdom plays. Slowly a single spotlight appears on the ramp as the lyrics kick in. Large flame pyrotechnics explode as if to make a huge wall of fire. They continuously shoot up.

Like a god, A devil in man,

Iam the opposition

This is my voice inside your head,

hellish fiend under your bed,

I’m the one without a religion,

the infernal, the unknown,

Iam the one they call the AntiChrist,

A Pagan heathen of the night!

William Vorheez appears and slowly makes his way down to the ring the spotlight follows him as the rest of the arena stays black. The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Vorheez pays no acknowledgement to them as he makes his way towards the ring.

Hail to thee, Lord Lucifer

I sing praises to thee

and I suffer no longer

Hail to thee God of the Underworld

I sing praises to thee,

and I suffer no more.

Vorheez makes his way up the steps and climbs into the ring as he slowly makes his way to his corner and takes off his coat and hat and then proceeds to lay a black bad down in his corner as the lights slowly come up.

Wildman looks to start the match for his team. It looks as though Reaper is ready to start the match for his team as well. The two meet in the middle of the ring as the bell dings. The two goes to tie up but Reaper ducks the grab by Wildman and goes behind. Reaper keeps back peddling from Wildman staying out of the the Hall of Famer’s reach. Wildman keeps coming forward but Reaper backs up into the ropes and sticks his body through the ropes. The referee gets inbetween the two telling Jay Wildman to back it up. Reaper comes from the ropes and the two go to tie up but again Reaper dodges the grab attempt by Wildman. Once again Reaper just dances around and backs up into the corner. The ref again has to get between the two. This time Wildman’s had enough and keeps going forward towards Reaper. The ref has to push Wildman back, while Jay is busy with the referee Reaper comes out of the corner and reaching over the referee pops Wildman with a right hand that slightly dazes him. Reaper nudges past the referee and just starts throwing rights towards Wildman. Reaper immediately locks in a side headlock and sinches it up. Wildman struggles against the hold for a moment as Reaper leads Wildman by the head to his corner. Vorheez tags Reaper on the shoulder and steps into the ring. William Vorheez with a stiff shot to the rib cage of Wildman. The svo champion stays on the attack with right hands to the body as Reaper steps out of the ring.

Vorheez backs Wildman into the ropes and after a couple forearm shots sends him off with an irish whip. As Wildman comes back Vorheez with a high back body drop. Vorheez stays on the attack putting a couple boots to the hall of famer. Wildman covers up well but only long enough to have Vorheez grab him by the hair and pull him up to his feet. William with the scoop up and slam. Vorheez backs up and takes a step forward before dropping a knee right into the temple of Wildman. Vorheez with a cover.


Jay wildman gets a shoulder up only for Vorheez to immediately lock in a rear chin lock. Vorheez leans all of his wait on Wildman trying to wear him down a little. Jay slowly manages to get to a knee as William has had to turn the hold into a side headlock. Jay with a couple of forearm shots to the kidneys and then sends William off into the ropes. Vorheez comes back and looks for a lariat but Wildman ducks and hits off the ropes himself, both men come back to one another and both hit a shoulder block that takes both men down. Shame and Reaper both hold their hands out for the tag as the two men down slowly try to get to their feet.

Wildman is up only a second before Vorheez but it’s long enough to get the tag. Shame comes in and once he sees Shame there is no part of Vorheez that wants to tag out of the match. William charges Roscoe Shame and hits him with a double leg takedown. Shame covers his face best he can as Vorheez just starts raining bombs down upon him. The ref starts getting on Vorheez for the closed fist, causes enough of an annoyance that Vorheez gets off of Shame and just starts stomping on him. William lifts the shameful one up to his feet and hooks him for a suplex like move. William starts to lift Shame up but Shame blocks it. A second time and second block. Shame reverses and lifts William Vorheez up into the air before falling forward dropping him face first into the mat.

Shame gets to his feet and drives a boot straight into the lower back of the champion. Shame then jumps an drops a knee into the lower spine, reaching out and grabbing the face of Vorheez he yanks back bending the champ backwards. Vorheez struggles as the referee checks for the submission. Vorheez keeps shaking his head no as Shame eventually lets go of the hold. Shame gets back to his feet and lifts Vorheez up to a vertical base. Shame with a stiff knee to the stomach of Vorheez. Shame with a gutwrench, Maybe looking for a modified Shame Time as he lifts Vorheez up into a powerbomb position. We don’t know though as from no where Reaper comes from behind and chop blocks the big man. Shame goes down as Vorheez lands ontop of him with a seated senton. Wildman is immediately in the ring and takes Reaper up and over the top rope with a clothesline that sends both men to the outside.

Vorheez gets to his feet and lifts Shame up to his. William sets Roscoe up for a suplex, lifting him up this time and falling back with a hard hitting brainbuster. Meanwhile on the outside Reaper and Wildman are both to their feet, the ref is paying attention to them though instead of the match as Vorheez has made a cover but no count is being done. The ref still distracted while Reaper and Wildman exchange shots. Vorheez finally gets frustrated and gets off Shame, he walks over to the ref and spins him around. William makes the count hand signal but only gets into an argument with the ref. Meanwhile on the outside Reaper uses the ref’s distraction with Vorheez to his advantage with a blatant soccer kick to the “jewels” of Jay Wildman. Reaper grabs the hall of famer by the face and gives him a “Hellgate Hello” that swallows the hall of famers face in a ball of flame.

Vorheez has gotten the ref to finally pay attention to the match again as he’s lifting Shame up to his feet. Vorheez stuffs the former general manager and is calling for The Wrath of Vorheez. Roscoe Shame stands up though sending William up and over with a back body drop. Shame immediately charges forward hitting Reaper with a right hand as he had finally gotten back on the apron. Shame turns his attentions back to Vorheez only to eat a right hand as Williams gotten back to his feet. Vorheez with a kick to the stomach and stuffs Shame. Shames goes for a ride as Vorheez hits “The Wrath of Vorheez”. William with the cover.


two.. Jay Wildman with the save!

Wildman diving from the apron through the ropes managing just to land on Vorheez enough to stop the count. Vorheez gets to his feet and lifts the hall of famer to his feet. Wildman out of no where pushes Vorheez back and hits him with Jay’s Justice! Vorheez goes down as Wildman backs up into the ropes. Out of no where Reaper jumps back on the apron and grabs Wildman by the head bending him back over the ropes sending him stumbling forward, as he does Reaper jumps up and springboards off the top rope flying over Wildman’s shoulders putting a boot on the back of Jay’s head and riding it down with the Kick of Death II. All hell has broken loose as the referee tries to regain order and get Reaper and Wildman out of the ring.

Reaper argues a bit but gets out of the ring as Wildman is just rolling around trying to shake the cobwebs. It takes some time but Wildman finally manages to roll to the ropes and just sort of hangs out on the apron. Meanwhile Reaper is practically stomping a hole into the apron trying to get Vorheez to roll his way to make a tag or a cover or something. Shame is the first one to a knee though as Vorheez still is down from the superkick of Wildman. Shame is making his way to his feet as Vorheez has gotten to his knees. Shame starts to make his way to Vorheez, Vorheez notices he’s almost there and with his might leaps across the ring to tag in Reaper.

Reaper immediately springboards off the top rope and looks for a dropkick that lands both feet square into the chest of Roscoe Shame. Both men go down. Reaper pops back up and bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow drop to the chest of Shame. Reaper is right back to his feet and lifts Shame up to his feet. Reaper hooks his head like for a ddt and backs up towards the corner. Reaper scales up onto the second turnbuckle still holding on. Reaper jumps off looking for a tornado ddt but Shame pushes him off. Reaper lands on his feet but eats a huge boot to the face. Reaper goes down as Shame falls back into the corner sitting.

Reaper is slowly getting to his feet as Shame uses the ropes to pull himself up as well. Reaper charges in looking for a splash but Shame side steps out of the corner. Reaper lands on the middle turnbuckle. Shame is making his way to his corner as Wildman has finally gotten back to it. Reaper jumps off the second rope and lands on the back of Shame. Reaper locks in a sleeper hold. Shame stretches out his arms towards Wildman who stretches back but they’re just inches apart. The referee watches closely as the fingers get closer and closer. Reaper is shaking his head no trying to keep the big man from taking one more step. Shame picks his foot up and leans forward trying just to fall into the tag but Vorheez rushes into the ring. The ref turns his back as he goes to get Vorheez back into the corner and misses the tag!.

Vorheez quickly gets out as Wildman has jumped into the ring. Reaper immediately lets go of the sleeper hold and backs up throwing his hands up into the air. The ref turns his attention back to the match and sees Wildman in the ring. He tells Wildman to get out. The Hall of famer argues about the tag but all that does is allow Reaper a moment to walk around and grab Shame who was trying to regain his composure leaning against the ropes and start strangling him with the second rope. Reaper keeps checking over his shoulder looking at the ref.

The ref finally gets Wildman back onto the apron and Reaper lets go of the choke hold and starts dragging Shame back to his corner. Reaper backs Shame into his corner and starts throwing some shoulders to the midsection. Reaper holds Shame in the corner allowing Vorheez to tag himself in. Vorheez hits Shame with a back elbow as Reaper gets out of the ring. Vorheez with a few stiff shots then pulls Shame out of the corner and sends him into the far ropes with an irish whip. Vorheez catches Shame on the way back with a side slam. Vorheez with the cover.



Shame gets the shoulder up before three. Vorheez gets to his feet again and lifts Shame up to his knees. Vorheez hooks the head of Shame and just starts driving his knee into the face of Roscoe, on the third knee to the face he takes a step back and steps into a boot to the face. Shame looks about out of it as Vorheez grabs Shame by the foot just to be safe, leaning backwards and stretching a hand out letting Reaper tag into the match. Reaper walks down the apron while Vorheez still has the leg. Reaper jumps up and springboards into the ring driving both feet into the chest of shame with a double stomp. Reaper rolls back to his feet as Vorheez gets out of the ring. Meanwhile Wildman is trying to get the crowd behind Shame, clapping and stomping. Reaper locks in a rear chin lock and leans on Shame trying to wear the big man down more. Wildman tries to will Roscoe Shame to get up as Shame starts stirring. Reaper pretty much lays forward to put as much pressure on Shame that he can but Shame still manages to get to a knee, then slowly pushing up to his feet as he’s bent forward with Reaper hanging on his back. Shame stands up straight and falls back squashing Reaper beneath him.

Shame gets to his feet as Reaper is to a knee. Shame manages to reach out and tag in Jay Wildman! Wildman comes charging in but Reaper falls back throwing up his hands pleading for mercy but he gets none as the hall of famer starts wailing with lefts and rights. Wildman lifts Reaper up to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Wildman with a jumping calf kick nearly takes Reaper’s head off. Vorheez comes charging in but he eats a calf kick as well for his trouble. Wildman pops right back to his feet as he’s raring to go. Reaper is back to his feet but but gets back into a corner and is eating lefts and rights. Meanwhile Vorheez has gotten to his feet and stumbles to the opposite corner and starts leaning back trying to gather his baring. He takes too long though as Wildman comes charging from Reaper and hits Vorheez with a corner splash. He then turns and goes running and splashes Reaper. Reaper stumbles out of the corner only to have Wildman irish whip him hard towards the opposite corner which still has Vorheez in it. Reaper ends up splashing his own partner from the irish whip. Reaper falls backwards onto his back and Vorheez stumbles forward and falls face first, unfortunately for Reaper that also means he headbutts Reaper in the mommy daddy button. Vorheez rolls out of the ring as Wildman is just waiting for Reaper to get to his feet.

Wildman stalks Reaper like a caged animal as Reaper slowly gets to his feet. Reaper turns to face Wildman, Jay’s Justice…no Reaper catches the foot and sling it to the side causing Wildman to turn so that his back is to Reaper. Reaper grabs Wildman up and hits him with a modified snap bridged version of the Grimplex. Unfortunately for Reaper as Wildman was being put into position for the move he reached out and tagged Roscoe Shame, so the ref isnt making the count. Shame steps into the ring and breaks up the pinfall with a boot to the ribs of Reaper. Shame lifts Reaper to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Reaper comes bouncing back and ducks a clothesline. Reaper spins around as Shame does as well Reaper with a quick kick to the stomach. Reaper jumps into the air and puts a foot on the back of Roscoe Shame’s head and drives it down into the mat with a stomp hitting the K.O.D.II Reaper immediately goes for the cover.



Jay Wildman tries to get back into the ring but Vorheez comes across the ring and hits him off the apron.


Reaper gets back to his feet as he and the champion William Vorheez have defeated Roscoe Shame and Jay Wildman. Reaper nods at Vorheez and drops out of the ring. Meanwhile there is a commotion outside as we see a man hopping the railing. The man is easily seven feet tall and is wearing a battle like mask. The mask has four horns on it, two going up from the crown of the head and two that go from the side of the head around and down. He looks at the downed Jay Wildman, then at Reaper. Reaper just holds his hand out as if “after you”. The larger gentleman lifts Wildman up to his feet and lifts him up into the air with a guerrilla press, after pressing him twice he extends his arms all the way out holding the Hall of Famer high in the air. He then tosses Wildman up and out a little before shooting his leg out and soccer kicking Wildman in the face on the way down. Wildman’s head snapping back from the impact as he lands hard on the outside. Jay looks to be out of it as the masked man just stands over his body. Reaper almost giddy can’t help but half skip over to the ring announcer to take the microphone. Reaper kneels down beside Wildman and just has a huge smirk on his face.

Reaper: Jay, can you hear me Jay? You remember when earlier I said, don’t fear the Reaper, fear the pain that he brings? Well…this is Payne, how’s that for a pipe bomb?

Reaper drops the microphone letting it land on the back of Wildman’s head as he stands up. He walks over to the huge monster of a man and slaps him on the shoulder as we focus in on the sinister smirk on Reaper’s face.WINNERS: William Vorheez & the Reaper by pinfall (33:07)

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