sVo Showdown #103
7th May 2013
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of past sVo action plays on the giant screen!


The scene immediately cuts to the parking area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena where there is a mixed reaction as a black limo slowly pulls up. The camera zooms in on the ‘Hostile1’ registration plate before pulling back as Wrecker and James Milenko exit out of the passenger door.

Wrecker has the sVo Championship belt over his left shoulder, and James Milenko looks very pleased with himself as well as he takes a look at the view around Las Vegas.

However before the pair can make their way to the entrance door, out of no where the figures of Scott Washington and Harry Black leap out of the shadows with a pair of baseball bats. The sVo Champion and his manager can do little to defend themselves from the surprise attack as Washington and Black beat them down to the concrete floor with the baseball bats.

With Wrecker and Milenko on the floor and hurting Scott Washington ceases his attack and takes a few steps back, however Harry Black continues to lay into the pair with hard shots to the upper body with the baseball bat until Scott Washington moves to restrain him.

The boos can be heard from inside the Goodfellas Arena from the fans who witnesses the shock attack on the giant screen, as Harry Black and Scott Washington stare an angry stare with each other before disappearing quickly as voices can be heard running towards the scene.

The camera zooms down on Milenko and Wrecker, and the now bloodied sVo Championship belt that is laying on the ground next to them.


After the brutal beat down of the sVo Champion there seems to be a state of confusion backstage at the Goodfellas Arena as stage hands run all over the place trying to find out just what happened. One man that looks equally concerned is current sVo general manager Roscoe Shame who stands waiting in the interview area with interviewer Elena Cruz, drafted in for the night.

The week looks like it has taken it’s toll on Roscoe Shame as he looks tired as he towers over the pretty interviewer.

Elena Cruz: “Well Roscoe, it’s been a crazy week for the sVo and it has just gotten even crazier with a brutal beat down of Wrecker in the parking lot. Is the sVo out of control right now?”

Shame takes a look to the air before slowly answering the question.

Roscoe Shame: “I can see how people might think that, but rest assured I have a firm grip on the sVo right now. I will be out to address the fans and put a few things right as soon as I sort out this mess with Wrecker, Milenko, Washington and Black.”

Elena Cruz: “Can you confirm the rumours that the sVo Vendetta PPV has been cancelled next week?”

Again Roscoe Shame seems hesitant in answering the question.

Roscoe Shame: “I don’t know where these rumours came from, just like I don’t know where the rumour came from that we are having some sort of battle royal tonight. I don’t know who thinks they are making these kind of decisions, but rest assured I am in firm control of the sVo right now.”

Elena Cruz: “Last week there was a massive walk out of some of the new signings you had made to the sVo in recent weeks, what do you have to say to those doubting the future of the sVo.”

Roscoe Shame: “The sVo has a strong future under my leadership, now if you don’t mind, I have to go and sort out this mess.”

Shame looks harassed as he steps away from Elena Cruz before she can fire another question at him.


The cameras head to the ringside area where the fans have been intently watching on the giant screen first the beat down of the sVo Champion and then the interview with Roscoe Shame.

Suddenly there is a huge cheer in the arena for the surprise, followed by boos as “All My Life” by Foo Fighters hits the sound system and the entrance video for former sVo Las Vegas Champion James Von Drake hits the giant screen! After a few seconds the man himself steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp for the first time in months, and signals to the crowd!

Von Drake slowly walks down the entrance ramp and slaps hands with the fans that line the entrance ramp, before slowly climbing into the ring. Von Drake walks around the ring as his music begins to fade out, before being handed a microphone by the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz.

James Von Drake: “Well Las Vegas… it’s been a while.”

There is a mixed reaction from the fans for the returning fighter.

James Von Drake: “Some of the best time of my life was spent right here in this wrestling ring, and it was all down to you, the fans of the sVo.”

The crowd seems cautious to the seemingly changed attitude of the usually hated JVD.

James Von Drake: “It was due to the experiences that you have all given me that I thought I would return after one of the worst experiences of my life, because I want to help each and every one of you.”

The fans still seem cautious, as JVD pauses to stare out at all four sides of the arena.

James Von Drake: “I know what you are all thinking, last time you saw me I was a bastard.”

There is a big cheer from the crowd who evidently agree with him.

James Von Drake: “But since then I have been through a life changing experience. I have hit rock bottom. I’m not too proud to stand out here in front of all you great people and admit it. I gambled away my fortune, I became dependant on pills and booze, I chased away everyone that ever cared about me including my wife…”

JVD pauses to let the statement sink in as there is silence in the arena.

James Von Drake: “I had it all when you last saw me, I was a world famous wrestler, I was a movie star, I was a millionaire, I was married to a model… now I stand here in front of you with nothing..”

There are some sympathetic cheers for JVD from the sold out crowd.

James Von Drake: “Nothing but the knowledge that I have to share my saviour with each and every one of you. People of the sVo and people of Las Vegas… don’t worry, I am here to save you all!”

JVD closes his eyes and throws his hands in the air as his music blasts out over the sound system, the fans seemingly don’t know what to make of the returned former Las Vegas Champion as Showdown heads to it’s first commercial break of the evening.

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As Showdown returns from a commercial break the cameras head backstage where Harry Black is slowly walking down a corridor. Black gets plenty of dirty looks from all the backstage workers he passes after his part in the brutal beat down of sVo Champion Wrecker earlier in the evening for which the sVo Champion has now been taken to hospital.

However Harry Black suddenly finds himself thrown up against the wall by his throat by an enraged Roscoe Shame, the GM’s muscles bulging out of his shirt.

Roscoe Shame: “After the week I had the last thing I need is to have you and your little buddy take out my World Champion.”

Harry Black can just about manage a smirk as Shame continues to hold up against the wall.

Roscoe Shame: “Now I know Amy Page was behind those wrestlers walking out last week, I saw her there in the street corner grinning away like the hoe she is as that bus pulled away. I know she was the one that put you and Washington up to attacking Wrecker and Milenko earlier. Now I don’t know what her game is, but I’m putting an end to her and you once and for all. Get your ass down to the ring, your up against the Las Vegas Champion M.F Cooper, and your match is next…”

Shame lands a stiff punch into the stomach of Harry Black, winding him and sending him down to his knees. Roscoe Shame still looks enraged as he walks off, however Harry Black looks as if he is smiling as he struggles to catch his breath.

M.F Cooper vs. Harry Black
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

“Prince of the Rodeo” hits the speaker system, blaring out at tremendous volume. The lights go dark right before there is a huge pyrotechnic explosion of blue, white and green. The lights come on, but are still dim, as M.F. emerges from the back with a grin on his face. He rushes down the ramp way, holding his hand out to slap those of fans as he passes by. He circles the ring, his arms outstretched and a roar of exhilaration rushing from his mouth, before finally climbing to the ring apron and then hopping over the top rope. Upon landing, he runs at the corner and springs to the top turnbuckle, raising the Las Vegas Championship Title in the air and once more roaring out.

The drums of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones begin to vibrate the arena as the lights quickly dim. Smoke begins to rise from the top of the entrance ramp as Harry Black slowly steps out from behind the curtain and is greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd. Black’s blue eyes pierce through the smoke as he glares out at the booing crowd with a snarl on his face as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Black shows no respect to the crowd as he rolls under the bottom rope and doesn’t even acknowledge them as he begins to bounce into the ring ropes to prepare himself for the forthcoming match.

With both competitors in the ring for the match up, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one get’s underway! Black and Cooper slowly circle around each other, before tying up and trying to push each other backwards in a test of strength. Black tries to push back the Las Vegas Champion, however it is Cooper who is able to push the Londoner back into the corner of the ring before the referee calls for a rope break.

Cooper quickly breaks the hold, but as Harry Black comes rushing at him trying to catch him with a cheap shot clothesline, Cooper ducks under the arm of Harry Black before taking him down to the mat with a snap DDT! Harry Black hits the mat hard and M.F Cooper goes for the early cover.




Just before the three can be counted Harry Black is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat! The fans boo, hoping that Cooper had picked up the win there and then, however as the Las Vegas Champion gets to his feet he motions for Harry Black to do the same. Harry Black slowly stumbles up, but as he does M.F. Cooper runs at him and looks for a big jumping kick. Harry Black ducks under the kick and grabs hold of Cooper around the waist looking for a German suplex.

Cooper manages to block the German suplex attempt before fighting back with some back elbows to the face of his opponent. Harry Black stumbles away, giving Cooper the chance to land a Russian leg sweep! With Harry Black on the mat, the fans cheer as Cooper heads to the top rope!

The Las Vegas Champion stands on the top rope looking down at his opponent, before leaping off and landing a top rope elbow drop onto Harry Black! This one could be all over as soon as Cooper is able to cover his opponent as he slowly begins to pull himself over to the body of Harry Black.

However before Cooper can make the cover, boos ring out around the arena as Scott Washington steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with Amy Page by his side. The pair quickly make their way down the entrance ramp, before Amy Page points Scott Washington into the ring!

The referee tries to protests and threatens to DQ Black, but Washington simply shoves the referee out of the way before running through Cooper with a spear takedown! Scott Washington lands some stiff right hands on the body of the Las Vegas Champion as the referee calls for the bell as bails out of the ring.

No Contest (04:48)


Amy Page soon steps into the ring and seems to be directing traffic as Harry Black slowly rises up to his feet and joins Scott Washington in the assault of the Las Vegas Champion M.F Cooper who lays helplessly on the mat.

Cooper seems helpless to protect himself as the numbers game plays its advantage, with Washington and Harry Black seemingly hell bent on taking out the Las Vegas Champion after destroying the sVo Champion in the parking lot earlier in the night. The boos continue to ring out around the arena as Washington and Harry Black eventually toss M.F Cooper out of the ring as Amy Page demands a microphone from Natasha Ortiz the ring announcer.

Amy Page: “I suppose you are all wondering why we are out here doing what we are doing…”

Amy’s voice is almost drowned out by the boos.

Amy Page: “Well you see I represent this group, and this group is tired of the way the sVo is being run into the ground by one Roscoe Shame…”

More boos.

Amy Page: “This group is tired with the decisions that are being made…”

More boos.

Amy Page: “This group is tired with the people that are turning off…”

More boos.

Amy Page: “This group is tired with the money that is being lost…”

Even more boos.

Amy Page: “A lot of you might know this group, it’s called the Company.”

An avalanche of boos.

Amy Page: “You might not want to admit it to yourselves, but the glory years of this company was under the watch of the Company. The classic period in sVo history was when there was a Company man at the helm of the organization. Don’t worry, we have always been here, watching over our investment, waiting to step in if the need arose…”

Amy Page is cut off as “Drop the World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system and GM Roscoe Shame marches down the entrance ramp with a purposeful look on his face. Shame ignores all of the fans, and slides straight into the ring to face up to Amy Page, who has Scott Washington and Harry Black at her side with their arms crossed.

Roscoe Shame: “Let me tell you, as someone who lived through the Company running the sVo and became a Champion, it was a classic time in sVo history DESPITE the Company not because of it!”

A mixed reaction from the crowd towards Roscoe Shame.

Roscoe Shame: “Now in the absence of Jon Page I have been placed in charge of the sVo and I am out here tonight to tell you that there will be no Company control in the sVo again. Now get out of MY ring!”

There is a cheer from the sVo fans, as Amy Page stares up at Roscoe Shame, before slowly smiling.

Roscoe Shame: “I know you have been behind the events of recent weeks Amy. I know you engineered the walkout last week and I know that you had our champions beaten up tonight. You don’t deserve to be anywhere near the sVo you filthy bitch.”

A scowl slowly spreads across the face of Amy Page as she spits venom into the microphone.

Amy Page: “Under your watch Roscoe the sVo is in it’s darkest period ever. So much in fact that the board of directors had to take the decision to scrap next week’s Vendetta PPV. The sVo is in a mess right now Roscoe… but oh wait you didn’t know about the PPV being scrapped did you?”

Amy Page smirks as Roscoe Shame stares back at her.

Amy Page: “That is because the Company gets everywhere Roscoe, and we decided to protect our investment this week by reliving you of your duties as general manager of the sVo, and placing the sVo back in control of the Page family… back into MY control!”

Boos ring out around the crowd as Roscoe Shame stares at Amy Page, Scott Washington and Harry Black, the new face of the Company, with hate burning in his eyes.

Amy Page: “But I am not going to be so discourteous as to tell you to get out of MY ring Roscoe. After all, you are a former sVo Champion, and the sVo needs a new Champion after we took Wrecker out of action earlier this evening. That is why tonight there will be an over the top battle royal to crown the new sVo Champion, and you are the first entry into that match Roscoe!”

Roscoe Shame stares out at the crowd, before slowly ripping off his trademark GM top.

Amy Page: “Roscoe Shame, meet entries number two and three!”

Amy Page quickly steps to one side as Scott Washington and Harry Black double clothesline Roscoe Shame down to the mat, and just like that the Company takeover is complete and the battle royal to determine a new sVo Champion is underway!

Winner becomes new sVo Champion
Officiated by Hector Arenda

The bell quickly rings and this battle royal for the sVo Championship is underway with Harry Black and Scott Washington stomping away on Roscoe Shame! Shame tries to struggle to his feet and grab hold of Scott Washington, however Harry Black quickly catches him from behind with a double axe handle to the back of the head. Roscoe Shame stumbles down to a kneeling position, allowing Scott Washington to bounce into the ring ropes and land a big knee to the face on the former sVo Champion.

Roscoe Shame holds his face in pain as he rises back up to his feet, but Harry Black is straight back onto Shame with some big right hands. Shame stumbles to the corner of the ring and Washington and Black try and grab him by the legs and lift him up over the top rope, however Shame manages to hold onto the top rope and stay in the match.

Black and Washington pull Shame out of the corner of the ring and into the middle, before nailing him with a double team powerbomb! The crowd boo the two on one attack from the Company members Washington and Black, as Harry Black taunts to the crowd. Scott Washington pulls Shame up to his feet and irish whips him into the ropes, however as Roscoe Shame bounces back he catches Shame with a big boot to the face!

Washington hits the mat as Harry Black turns and runs at Roscoe Shame. However Shame sees him come and ducks out of the way, before grabbing Harry Black by the back of the head and tossing him straight over the top rope! With Harry Black eliminated there are cheers from the fans just as the next competitor to enter the match makes their way down the entrance ramp.

“Love Rollar Coaster” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers hits the sound system and the crowd cheer for Las Vegas’s own “Sensational” Stevie Starr who is tonight making his first appearance in a sVo ring! Starr slaps hands with the fans at ringside as Roscoe Shame and Scott Washington trade furious right hands in the middle of the ring. Roscoe Shame finally begins to get the upper hand in the fist fight as he knocks down Scott Washington. Roscoe Shame then bounces off of the ring ropes and drops a big leg drop onto the ‘O-Town Outlaw’ as Stevie Starr uses it as his opportunity to roll into the ring and enter the match.

Starr grabs hold of Roscoe Shame from behind and tries to toss him over the top rope, however Shame prevents Starr’s first move in the sVo to be to eliminate a former sVo Champion, and knocks him away with a back elbow. Shame runs at Starr, however the newcomer is too quick and manages to counter with a quick jumping kick to the face of Shame. Shame stumbles backwards, and Starr taunts to the fans before taking down Shame with a spinning DDT.

As Starr stands over Shame, Scott Washington slowly rises up to his feet and grabs hold of Starr from behind. Washington spins Starr around before landing an atomic drop in the middle of the ring. Starr stumbles back up, but Washington clotheslines him down to the mat with authority as the next entrant to the match makes their way down to the ring!

“Run This Town” by Jay-Z Feat. Rihanna and E.S. Posthumus hits and there are cheers from the fans as the individual that is due a sVo title shot makes her way down to the ring in the form of Go-Go Spectacular!

Go-Go dives head first into the ring and straight into the fight between Scott Washington and Stevie Starr. Go-Go helps Starr fight back against Scott Washington before knocking him to the mat with a double team clothesline. Go-Go then shows just how much she wants to get her hands on the sVo Championship with a clothesline from behind on Starr to send the newcomer down!

Go-Go turns her attention to Roscoe Shame with some kicks to the midsection of Shame as he tries to struggle to his feet, before Scott Washington grabs Go-Go from behind. Washington pulls Go-Go into the air and throws her to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Go-Go however is quickly up to her feet, only to be caught in a side head lock by Scott Washington. Go-Go tries to duck out of the side head lock, however Washington seems to have it hooked on tight. Go-Go seems to be fading fast as she edges closer to the ropes despite their being no rope breaks in a battle royal match. However Go-Go then suddenly shows she knew exactly what she was doing as she nails a massive hip toss on Scott Washington, using his own weight against him to toss him over the top rope and to the floor below!

Go-Go celebrates the elimination in the ring by turning to attack Roscoe Shame, as Washington looks none too pleased on the outside. Go-Go stomps away on Roscoe Shame as Washington makes his way back up the entrance ramp whilst the next entrant into the match prepares to make an impact.

“Drink and Fight” – Flogging Molly hits the sound system and another newcomer makes their way down to the ring in the form of one half of ‘Finnegan and Black’, Rose Finnegan! The Irish born newcomer quickly tries to make an impact for herself as she goes straight after Go-Go by taking her down to the mat with a spear takedown! Go Go tries to fight Rose off of her, but Finnegan looks like she came prepared to fight as she lays into Go Go with big mounted punches.

Meanwhile Stevie Starr pulls a tired looking Roscoe Shame up to his feet and throws him into the corner of the ring. Starr lays into Shame with some big right hands in the corner of the ring, before grabbing him by the arm and trying to force him over the top rope! Roscoe Shame holds onto the ropes for dear life just as Go Go manages to knock Rose Finnegan off of her and rise back to her feet. Rose Finnegan tries to catch Go Go with a clothesline, but Go Go ducks under the arm of her opponent and knocks her into the ropes with a dropkick!

Rose Finnegan looks in a perlious position against the ropes, however as Go Go runs at her she manages to drop her shoulder and send her over the top rope! However Go Go shows why she is the #1 contender for the sVo title anyway as she manages to land on the ring apron with cat like balance. Rose Finnegan tries to knock Go Go to the floor with a big right hand, but Go Go is able to duck under the punch and knee Rose Finnegan in the midsection, before sunset flipping back into the ring!

Let The Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the sound system and another newcomer to the sVo makes their way down the entrance ramp in the form of Diamond Legend! Boos follow Diamond Legend to the ring as he arrogantly taunts to the fans before rolling in. Diamond Legend stands in the middle of the ring winding up the crowd as the battle for the sVo Championship rages around him!

Roscoe Shame and Stevie Starr trade big punches whilst Go Go lands a big running bulldog on Finnegan. Stevie Star pounds Roscoe Shame with big rights and lefts before calling for ‘the Heartbreaker’! However before he can hit the move Roscoe Shame seems to see if coming as he counters with a side slam. Shame then rises up to his feet and taunts to the fans himself for some ‘Shame Time’! The fans rise to their feet as Shame lifts Stevie Starr up into the air for the big powerbomb, however instead of executing the move he dumps Stevie Starr over the top rope and to the floor below!

With Starr eliminated, Diamond Legend quickly tries to pick the bones as he attacks Roscoe Shame and tries to toss him over the top rope before behind. However Shame holds onto the top rope before landing some big back elbows to the face of Diamond Legend to knock him away.

Go Go tosses Finnegan across the ring before sending her down to the mat with a massive back body drop. As Go Go rises up to her feet the fans cheer the masked superstar and she responds by taunting the fans, however Finnegan seems to her other ideas as she grabs hold of Go Go from behind and promptly tosses her over the top rope! The fans look shocked that the newcomer has managed to eliminate Go Go as she begins to slowly make her way to the back.

Back in the ring Roscoe Shame picks up Diamond Legend and sends him into the corner of the ring before following up with a big clothesline in the corner. With Diamond Legend hurting, Roscoe Shame grabs hold of Finnegan and irish whips her into Diamond Legend as the next competitor to the match makes their way down to the ring!

“The Power” by HBlockX hits the sound system and the fans boo as No-No Notorious makes her way down to the ring! No-No wastes no time in getting into the action as she rolls into the ring and head butts Finnegan, the woman that just eliminated Go-Go! Roscoe Shame stomps away on Diamond Legend as No No grabs hold of Rose Finnegan in a front face lock, before suplexing her out of the ring to elimination!

No No quickly turns her attention to the other two men in the ring, taking it in turns to nail Roscoe Shame and Diamond Legend with big right hands to the face. No No whips Diamond Legend into the ropes and tries to force him over the top, however Diamond Legend is able to counter by kicking away No No with a powerful double kick to the midsection.

Roscoe Shame grabs hold of No No from behind and spins her around before nailing her in the midsection with a knee. No No doubles over, and Roscoe Shame plants her in the middle of the ring with a ‘Shame Time’! The former GM and the man that has been in the ring since the start then turns his attention back to Diamond Legend by running through him with a big boot to the face as the next competitor makes his entrance!

“The Opposition” by Ancient VVisdom hits the sound system and there is a massive reaction from the fans as William Vorheez makes his way down the entrance ramp! The tired Roscoe Shame who is standing dominant in the middle of the ring is stopped in his tracks as Vorheez slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp before rolling in.

Roscoe Shame stomps away on Vorheez and tries not to let him rise up to his feet, however Vorheez manages to finally pull himself to a standing position. Roscoe Shame and William Vorheez trade thunderous right hands in the middle of the ring which get the fans on their feet! Roscoe Shame begins to back Vorheez back with some big rights, however Vorheez then fights back with big punches of his own before whipping Shame into the ropes.

Vorheez looks for a back drop, but Shame counters with a big boot to the face to send Vorheez down. Shame tries to pull Vorheez up and towards the ropes, but Vorheez counters by raking the eye of Shame and then nailing a face buster. Shame stumbles back wards against the ropes, giving Vorheez the chance to take a run up and clothesline Roscoe Shame over the top rope!

The fans are on their feet as William Vorheez has just eliminated Roscoe Shame!

William Vorheez passionately celebrates in the ring as Roscoe Shame stares back at his rival from the outside of the ring after capping off a miserable night. As Vorheez celebrates, the next entry to the match begins to make their way down to the ring.

“Move” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the sound system and Matt Fuller sprints down to the ring and slides into the entrance ramp. Fuller tries to take advantage of Vorheez by attempting to eliminate him straight away as Diamond Legend and No No battle things out with big punches in the opposite corner. Vorheez holds onto the ring ropes for his life to stop himself from being eliminated as Fuller takes him down with a reverse DDT, whilst Diamond Legend nearly eliminates No No by forcing her over the top rope.

However No No manages to hold onto the top rope to prevent elimination. Diamond Legend continues to try and force No No over, but as he does he doesn’t notice Fuller sneak up behind him. Matt Fuller takes advantage by tipping Diamond Legend up and over the top rope! Diamond Legend tumbles to the outside of the ring, however No No manages to hold onto the top rope and roll back into the ring!

With Fuller, Vorheez and No No in the ring, the fans turn to the entrance ramp as “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd hits the sound system and another newcomer makes their way to the ring in the form of the second half of Finnegan and Black, Logan Black!

The fans cheer for Black as he rushes down to the ring and dives in head first. No No runs at Black, but Black manages to take her down with a a massive spear that nearly cuts her in two! The fans cheer for the big move, but as Black gets to his feet, he is attacked from behind by Matt Fuller. Fuller lands a big punch to the back of Black’s head, and then sends him hard into the ring ropes. Black bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Fuller takes him down with a drop toe hold in the middle of the ring. Fuller then bounces off of the ring ropes and lands an elbow drop on Black.

William Vorheez grabs hold of Fuller by the hair and spins him around, however Fuller seems to be cooking on gas as he knocks Vorheez away and then sends him to the mat with a snap suplex. Vorheez rises back up to his feet, but Fuller lands another big DDT on Vorheez! Matt Fuller looks like he might be in with a shot of winning this match tonight as he turns his attention back to Logan Black with some punches to the head before pulling him up to his feet. Fuller sends Black into the ropes and then waits to back body drop him over the top rope, however Black has other ideas as he lands a devastating spear on Fuller that spears Fuller right over the top rope and out of the ring!

As Matt Fuller reacts angrily to being eliminated, “I, Caligvla” by Ex Deo hits the sound system and business is definetly about to pick up as former sVo Champion Jay Wildman makes his way down the entrance ramp!

Wildman has a glint in his eye as the old timer rolls into the ring and clotheslines Black down to the mat. Vorheez and No No both run at Wildman, but both end up clotheslined down to the mat as well! Wildman looks like he is hell bent on becoming a two time sVo Champion as he pulls Black up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring. Logan Black fights back desperatley, but he has already sustained a lot of damage as Wildman lifts him up onto a sitting position on the turnbuckle, before nailing him with a big right hand to send him tumbling to the floor and to be eliminated!

Wildman is attacked from behind by No No who pulls him into the middle of the ring before taking him down with a huricanrana in the middle of the ring. No No moves back towards Wildman as if she would be looking to pull him up and try and eliminate him, however Vorheez is quickly on her and a running bulldog from behind.

No No slowly rises up to her feet, and as she does so another entrant makes their way down to the ring as “Black Tongue” by Mastodon hits the sound system and The Reaper Jeremiah Castle makes his way down to the ring! The Reaper looks focused on Jay Wildman who is lying on the mat as he slides into the ring, and the time keeper rings the bell to signal that he is the last entrant in the match!

With the final four in the ring, The Reaper quickly attacks Jay Wildman whilst No No and William Vorheez battle it out in opposite corners. Reaper chokes Wildman out with his boot, whilst No No rakes the eye of Vorheez before sending him across the ring. No No lands a drop toe hold on Vorheez into the ropes, before dropping a knee across the back of Vorheez. No No tries to lift Vorheez up and over the top rope, but he seems too heavy like a dead weight in her arms.

Reaper pulls Wildman before landing a double arm DDT on his nemesis to send him down. Reaper looks like he is only focused on Jay Wildman in this match and nothing else as No No is suddenly grabbed around the throat by William Vorheez! The crowd rise to their feet as the 6’4″ William Vorheez uses all his strength to hoist No No into the air, before dropping her over the top rope in a gorilla press slam!

No No has been eliminated at last, but has William Vorheez used everything he has left to do it?

As Vorheez sinks down to his knees, Jay Wildman uses his vetern knoweldge to halt the attack of The Reaper with a rake of the eyes. Reaper staggers backwards and Wildman takes him down with a double arm DDT! With The Reaper on the mat, instead of trying to eliminate him, Wildman tries to wear down and punish his opponent as he locks him in a sharpshooter!

Wildman looks like he is ready to break the back of the Reaper as he leans back on the sharpshooter to inflict maximum damage! It looks hopeless for the Reaper, until suddenly he is saved by William Vorheez who lands a DDT on Wildman! Wildman hits the mat hard head first as all three men lay motionless in the ring.

Reaper and Wildman both slowly rise to their feet, but as they do Wildman launches himself at Reaper. However Reaper side steps Wildman and holds down the top rope, sending Wildman tumbling out of the ring and to the floor below! The fans rise to their feet at the shock that former sVo Champion Jay Wildman has been eliminated, leaving William Vorheez and The Reaper as the final two men left to fight for the sVo Championship belt!

Reaper and William Vorheez slowly rise to their feet at the same time and stare each other down. The fans are on their feet with anticipation waiting to see who will be the next man to be crowned champion, as they both suddenly tear into each other with some big right hands. Vorheez begins to knock The Reaper backwards, until Reaper cuts him off with a big knee to the midsection. Vorheez doubles over on pain, but soon gets himself back into the match with a big head butt to The Reaper!

Vorheez taunts to the fans and then pulls Reaper up looking for the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’, however Reaper counters with a head butt of his own. William Vorheez stumbles back, allowing The Reaper to pounce forward and land the ‘Grimplex’!

It looks like the sVo Championship belt belongs to the Reaper after that move, however before the Reaper can capitilise, Jay Wildman slides back into the ring behind him with a steel chair. The Reaper heads the screams from the crowd and slowly turns around, only to be blasted in the face with the steel chair!

The steel chair shot sends Reaper down to the mat, as Wildman throws the chair down before leaving the ring once again. William Vorheez and Reaper both lay motionless in the middle of the ring as the sVo Championship belt hangs in the balance.

Vorheez and Reaper both slowly begin to rise to their feet, but it is Reaper who seems to have the upper hand despite Wildman trying to cost him the title. Reaper lays into Vorheez with big right hands, every punch sending him staggering closer and closer to the ring ropes! Vorheez finally finds himself leaning against the ring ropes as Reaper takes a few steps back before running at Vorheez to clothesline him over the top…

However Vorheez pulls down the top rope and sends the Reaper tumbling to the outside! William Vorheez looks in shock with himself as he sinks to his knees in celebration at what he has just achieved.

Winner by elimination and NEW sVo Champion – William Vorheez (55:47)


As William Vorheez kneels in the middle of the ring looking up at the sky, no doubt thinking of the departed Tripp Whipwreck, the referee presents him with the sVo Championship belt. There is a roar from the crowd as Vorheez pulls himself up and looks at the belt in his hands for a few seconds, before raising it aloft in the middle of the ring.

With so much uncertainty swirling around the sVo before tonight, an extraordinary night ends with a new sVo Champion in the form of William Vorheez, a man who has gone over an extraordinary journey over the past year.

As Vorheez makes his way to the nearest turn-buckle and climbs to the second rope before hoisting the belt in the air once more as Showdown #103 heads off of the air, with all Vorheez has sacrificed to get in a position to win the belt, just what will he have to go through to keep it?

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