sVo Showdown #88
18th December 2012
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of past sVo action plays on the giant screen, before there is a run down of some of the matches that have already been announced for tonight!

‘State Of The Champ’ Address

Tamara Boyd, mid-ring. The mic already in her delicate hands, ready to announce her Special Guest, yet she doesn’t have an opportunity.

‘Brickyard’ supporters up on their feet, as the riffs of Albert Collins guitar bellows out ‘Brick’. Woodrew comes from the back area, fists clenched and already wearing his fight-face. He’s bruised but decorated with the sVo Heavyweight Strap, and that is the vocal point of this rare in-ring interview up next.

Grabbing the bottom rope once at ringside and rolling in, he pops up and hits the ropes three to four bursts, while Tamara scatters to a corner. Smart girl, because mid-ring he hits air with his patented ‘Roaring Double Axehandle’. The deceiving speed of ‘Hit The Bricks’ creates even a bigger pop than his no-nonsense entrance.

Tamara Boyd comes forward, as ‘Brickyard’ holds up the sVo Heavyweight Championship, with several photo-ops for fans. A rare treat.

Tamara: Woodrew, –or ‘Brickyard’– [slightly laughing] I haven’t the slightest idea what you want to be addressed as?

Woodrew smiles, a hint of pride in his eyes as he places the sVo Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder.

Brickyard: –Well, I tell-yuh Ms. Boyd, alot uh’guys in back call me a’whole lottuh things. Ma’am, yuh can call me Drew. — An’fore I get ranty I jus’ wannuh come out in Goody’s Arena an’ let ya’ll folks know I plan on keepin’ dis perty girl on muh shoulder as I lon’ as I am deemed capable.

Huge pop, as he rubs his championship. Tamara nods, knowing she is going to have to bring up the negative light Brickyard is seen in by his peers.

Tamara: Well, there are several men in sVo that called you out in various ways. Two in particular is ‘Star Studded’ Colt Cooper and Matt Anderson, who are recruiting heavily for ‘The Company’? Thoughts?

‘Brickyard’: I been hearin’ Lil’ Baby Horse Coop, struttin’ ‘roun the back leavin’ perty lil’ love letters unduh locker room doors. An’ right on’long beside him, Matt Anderson pickin’ an’ pokin’ on ’bout trivial stuff. An’ I was quite amused’t by’dem Company boys. An’ they sunk tuh duh seafloor basement levels an’ what have-yuh, tryin’ tuh rise like scum they be. But when yuh insult da Burbank familuh name, MAN, yuh askin’ fuh a whole blanket worth uh’beatin.

Nice Pop. Burbank shakes his head affirmatively, waving a crooked index finger defiantly.

Brickyard: Now, I hear’ Ol’ Baby Horse Coop is a one-legger followin’ last week. An’ that be his luckiest momen’ in life, ’cause I would’t knocked his perty-star ivories into dust an’ sent his tongue straight through his disrespectin’ skull. — I tellyuh what, Coop, you’d be the firs’ one evuh tuh be able to lick duh back uh yuh neck. — But, Ol’ Coop, he can’t skip no Brickwalk path no’more. YOU, Anderson, bettuh hope uh 700 lb. gorilla joins yuh side ’cause you’ll need those numbuhs callin’ me Burbitch!

Eyes narrow, points at the fifth row. A row of visiting Burbanks!

Brickyard: Way I see it, Anderson an’ his Company ain’ got uh shoelace tuh lace up an’ prove their mettle. Ol’ Ruster got busted up, too. So, Anderson, pick yuh battles smart-like, man.

Tamara: And there was also comments from Angelo, concerning his perception that Wrecker is not receiving proper attention for his accolades as Las Vegas Champion. Thoughts Drew?

Hands animated, as his Missouri-thick accent smoothes out. The raised Detroit native showing some mic-work, indeed.

Brickyard: See, du’thang ’bout Angelo, he is actualluh right. The Wreckuh is Las Vegas Champ, man. He been dominatin’ jus’ like Angelo say. Where Ol’ Wreckuh an’ I differ, is I’m uh Fixuh. That-right, Ol’ Brickyard done fix’t lots uh broken things in his lifetime. An’ there ain’ nada thing Wreckuh can say he ‘ccomplished dat I can’t replicate. An’, probabluh vice-versa. So tuh’Angelo I say, there ain’ nuttin’but elastic hairtie an’ opportunituh ‘tween us, man! C’mon, bruddah, POP dat’ lastic an’ let dat hair down!

‘Brickyard’ does his ‘lazy left eye’ bulge-up, rubbing his hands together. He continues, this time nicely taking the mic from Tamara Boyd and nodding politely.

Brickyard: An’ now I come down-tuh Cody Williams, Mistuh Anuh Means Necessaruh. Well, TONIGHT, Ol’Brickyard wanna exten’ yuh a heapin’ health uh Gumption-soup. That right, man, fuh months yuh been obsessin’ bout Ol’ Nate Perry Dine, an’ come las’week it looks like ya’ll kinda squarshed all dat’bad bloodness. But, Cody, I still a bit’ sore at yuh, still got to always remin’ yuh tuh WAIT YUH DAMN TURN!-

Screaming, uncharacteristically, into the mic.

Brickyard: Lor’Mighty, –WAIT YUH DAMN TURN!

Pacing, muttering. A mic raise as he stops.

Brickyard: An’dat goes for dah lot uh’yuh Starboys. Yuh WAIT yuh TURN, or’yuh can HIT….THE…BRICKS!!

Mic flies, as Woodrew Burbank grabs the sVo Heavyweight Championship off his shoulder, one-arm raising it. Psyched up! He’s ready for the Main Event tonight. The crowd getting that much more closer to knowing ‘Brickyard’ Burbank on their feet, roaring for the epic tag team Main Event TONIGHT!

In The Building

The cameras open up out front on the strip in front of The Goodfellas. A dirty yellow bus pulls up in front of The Goodfellas and the door swings open. A barrage of African American people step off of the bus. The male men are dressed like thugs. The women thick, and the children just excited to be attending a live wrestling event. last to hop of the bus is Ben Franks. He’s dressed in blue levi jeans. A white tank top. Wheat Timberland boots and has a black bandanna tied around his head. He smiles flashing his gold teeth and throwing up the G-Block sign. Stepping up from behind the camera crew is Tamara Boyd. A microphone already intact.

Tamara Boyd:”Ben Franks, can I get a word with you please?”

Ben just nods his head while smiling.

Tamara Boyd:”As we know, you’ve recently won a tournament for a three week period with the sVo. How does it feel knowing that you’re getting a chance of a lifetime?”

Ben Franks:”Jus look around. I brung all my people wit me out here ta enjoy dis occasion. I’m finna make a name fo G-Block internationaly. I feel very blessed to have won dat tournament and to be making a lil money, but in all natruality dis aint enough. It’s only fo three weeks so I really got some impressin ta do if I wanna get dat million dollar deal. All imma say is dat i’m looking forward ta be doing some big things.”

Tamara Boyd:”The next Showdown should be your sVo debut. Knowing that it will be the first Showdown of 2013 and will be a special event, how does it feel knowing that alot of eyes will be watching?”

Ben Franks:”Ta be honest I aint really thought bout dat. All I been thinking bout is getting dis money. I know dat Showdown will be a huge event, but I can’t worry bout dat. I jus gotta remain focus and keep my eye on da prize. No, not winning championships and shid, but ta get my people from out da hood. Da life i’m livin is not one I should have my youngins around. I gotta make a better future fo dem while doing wha I enjoy doing. Dat’s puttin on a show and makin dis doe. Shid, Season Beatin’s, i’ll be ready fo it. I’ll be ready.”

One of the members in the crowd yells out “G-Block” and the others begin to join in. Tamara Boyd grows nervous and Ben Franks could see that. He quiets the crowd down.

Tamara Boyd:”Ok, is there anything you would like to say before we wrap this thing up?”

Ben Franks:” R.I.P to my loved ones. We miss you. G-Block finna be on and all dem fuck boys bedda be quiet. Ben Franks in da mafuckin buildin. Yall aint neva seen a dude like me around dis bitch. sVo aint neva had a real goon step through dese doors. I’m da first and i’m gone be da last. Like I told my dawgs, sVo get ready. We finna go on a ride. Fuck wit me.”

The cameras fade out as the crowd begins to throw up gang signs and chant their set. Ben Franks smiles once more and the cameras cuts back to the ring.


“Ghosts Along the Mississippi” by Down plays as Drunk and Disorderly make their way to the ring. A mixed reaction of boos and cheers are given to them as they head to the ring with a nothing but business look on their faces. They slide into the ring as Vorheez walks over and demands a microphone.

Vorheez: “Cut the music!”

The music suddenly cuts as the fans are still torn between booing and cheering.

Vorheez: “Jon Page, we warned you last week, if you didn’t give us the title shots we rightfully deserve we’d start knocking off sVo Superstars one by one. And last week we even did you a favor Jon, we took out a group of guys you didn’t want here in the first place. Colt Cooper and Ruster Reno, the Company. Ruster we made bleed so bad he wasen’t even able to make it to the ring. And Colt Cooper we snapped that weak bitch in half and stuck his ass on the sidelines due to a broken leg. The only thing we regret is we didn’t get our hands on that scumbag Matt Anderson.”

Just then the crowd begins to boo as Jon Page is seen heading out of the entrance way with a mic in his hand. Vorheez smiles and looks over at Jon Page.

Vorheez: “Hey Jon, did we get your attention?”

Jon Page: “Actually guys you did, but before we go any further I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for eliminating Colt Cooper and Ruster Reno, now I don’t have to deal with them.”

Vorheez: “You’re welcome Jon, now give us what you know we rightfully deserve.”

Jon cracks an evil smile.

Jon Page: “Not going to happen, you see guys altho I do appreciate that you’ve eliminated the headache know as The Company. I personally still believe you guys are a couple of jokes, and will never step anywhere near a Main Event spot or a sVo Championship. Because like I told you before you two guys are here to make my main guys and my future stars look good…Speaking of which Vorheez don’t you have a match you should be getting ready for?”

Vorheez: “I am ready, now get this jobber out here so I can start my drinkin early.”

Jon Page: “You see guys, that’s why you will never see a Main Event spot or a Title Match.”

Vorheez with a now even more serious look on his face stares Jon Page down from the ring and slowly brings the mic up to his face.

Vorheez: “Well Jon, it seems we have no choice. Just you remember that whatever happens to this kid tonight is on your head…”

William Vorheez vs. Dustin Dallas
Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

As ‘Perfect Cell Theme’ by Bruce Faulconer hits the PA system, the lights in the Goodfellas Casino Arena cut off. Flashing blue lights fill the arena, as knee-level fog begins to form in front of the stage entrance. Dustin emerges from the curtain and stops at the fog, smirking at all of the fans in attendance, much to their dismay, as they pelt his ears with boos. As he starts his strut down the catwalk, his smirk transforms into a full blown smile.

Nearing the ring apron, Dallas looks to his right and sees a fan that seems to not have the same distaste for him as the rest of those in attendance. ‘Double D’ slowly makes his way to the dissimilar fan with a cocky smirk on his face. With only the ring guard between them, Dallas holds out his hand, offering a ‘high-five’ to the fan. But as he throws his hand in a downward fashion, Dustin moves his hand, causing the fan to only catch air. Laughing hysterically now, Dallas slides into the ring and pounds his chest once he reaches a standing position. Leaning on a turnbuckle, and as his music fades and the lights revive themselves, Dallas waits for the commencing of the match.

With William Vorheez and Dustin Dallas in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the opening match of the night to get started! Vorheez and Dallas slowly circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before Dallas dives forward and catches Vorheez with a right hand. Dallas lays into Vorheez with some stiff right hands before Vorheez cuts him off with a knee to the midsection. William Vorheez proceeds to rake the eyes of his opponent before grabbing him by the back of the head and slamming him head first into the turnbuckle.

Dallas staggers backwards out of the corner of the ring and straight into the arms of William Vorheez who throws him down to the mat with a full nelson slam. William Vorheez stands over the body of his opponent whilst Tripp Whipwreck gets the crowd pumped up at ringside. Dustin Dallas slowly rises up to his feet, and manages to duck under an attempted right hand from Vorheez.

Vorheez spins around and gets caught with a big right from Dallas. Dallas grabs hold of Vorheez by the arm and throws him hard into the ring ropes. Vorheez bounces back into the middle of the ring and Dallas takes him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. Vorheez quickly rises up to his feet, but is caught with a high knee from the onrushing Dallas. Dallas rises up to his feet and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he waits for William Vorheez to pull himself up.

Dallas aims a kick at Vorheez, but Vorheez is able to grab the foot of his opponent and knock him down with a leg sweep takedown. With Dallas on the mat, Vorheez bounces into the ring ropes and lands a diving elbow drop onto his opponent. Dallas looks in pain as Vorheez drops down and hooks the leg of his opponent.




Dallas manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee.

William Vorheez looks like he wants to make a statement tonight as he wastes no time in dragging Dustin Dallas up to his feet. Dallas looks unsteady on his feet as William Vorheez lays into him with some big right hands before sending him into the corner of the ring. William Vorheez taunts to the crowd before running at Dallas and landing a big splash in the corner of the ring! Dallas stumbles out of the corner, and is taken down to the mat by William Vorheez who once again makes a cover.




Once again the newcomer Dustin Dallas manages to get his shoulders up off of the mat! William Vorheez looks frustrated as he rises to his feet and kicks out at his opponent. Vorheez drags Dallas to his feet, but as he does Dallas catches Vorheez with a kick to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a stuff DDT! Dallas rises up to his feet slowly and taunts Vorheez to get to a standing position.

The match looks like it might have turned in the favour of Dustin Dallas as Vorheez gets to his feet only to be hit with a snap suplex, but before Dallas can do anything else, Tripp Whipwreck jumps up onto the ring apron! There are boos from the crowd as the referee tries to force Whipwreck down off of the mat and back to ringside, but as he does William Vorheez takes advantage of the situation with a low blow on Dustin Dallas!

Dallas sinks to his knees, but as William Vorheez rises to his feet he taunts to the crowd. Vorheez lifts Dallas up into the air before throwing the newcomer down hard to the mat with a massive ‘Wrath of Vorheez’! Dallas looks like he might be down and out as Vorheez makes the cover.




It’s all over and its William Vorheez who picks up the victory over the newcomer Dustin Dallas. However as the referee tries to raise the hand of Vorheez in victory, it doesn’t look like Drunk & Disorderly are done with the newcomer as Tripp Whipwreck rolls into the ring. After the match is over, William Vorheez and Tripp Whipwreck attack Dustin Dallas. Both men beat him down to the ground, as Whipwreck stomps on the head and shoulders of Dallas, Vorheez tosses steel chairs into the ring. Both grab the steel chairs and start rotating shots to Dallas beating him down and causing a bloody mess. Dallas is so worn out from his match with Vorheez he has no strength to fight back. Vorheez picks up Dallas and holds him up as Whipwreck breaks the chair over his head. Vorheez looks down at Dallas who is completely knocked out on the mat, Vorheez can be heard screaming at him…


Vorheez grabs the legs of Dustin Dallas as Whipwreck grabs his arms. Both men lift Dustin Dallas up off of the canvas in a swinging motion, they swing him back and forth and eventually they left go sending Dustin Dallas soaring into the crowd. Dallas lands on a large group of fans and all crash to the floor. Whipwreck and Vorheez have an evil grin on their face as Whipwreck looks down at a camera man…

Whipwreck: “Now that’s what you call takin out the trash!”

Winner by pinfall – William Vorheez (11:29)

Not Over

The cameras are backstage, preparing for a segment involving Tamara Boyd and Roscoe Shame, both of them standing side by side, making small talk, as the camera crew get in position. The small talk comes to an end as the producer starts the countdown.

Tamara Boyd: Good evening everyone! I’m Tamara Boyd, and I’m standing here with none other than Rosc….

‘The Bastard’ Braedon Dean suddenly walks up from off camera, physically injecting himself between Roscoe Shame and Boyd, smiling towards the camera, with his trademark ‘No BBD’ shirt on, and his wrestling gear, BBD glances sideways to Roscoe and begins talking as if this was his interview all along.

BBD: Listen old man, no offence intended here, but no one wants to hear you talk to Rocko. In fact, why don’t you do everyone a favor and retire like my old man did? You guys can go back to tag teaming on the seniors circuit, or something. Beautiful Shame coming to a retirement center near you!

Shame looks like he’s about to say something but BBD turns to the camera and continues, steam rolling right over a slightly taken aback Roscoe Shame.

BBD: I’m not here to waste your time. I’m not here to talk about what a disgrace and disappointment my father was, is to me. No, I’m here to issue an open challenge. A challenge to someone who has proven again and again, to be the better man when it comes to wrestling against my father, Bobby Dean.

Roscoe Shame: So just about everyone on the roster?

Ignoring Shame, BBD continues unperturbed.

BBD: Sara Pettis, I’m calling you out. Showdown #89, you and I, one on one. I’m going to do what my father always failed to do.

Roscoe Shame rolls his eyes, before reaching out and grabbing the microphone from Tamara.

Roscoe Shame: I can’t help but interject, as I’m reminded of Proverbs 11:2, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”

BBD: Yeah?

Out of nowhere Braedon Dean slaps Roscoe Shame across the face, shocking Roscoe into silence for the moment as Roscoe can only stand there and stare, appalled.

BBD: When I want your bible thumping ass to quote me scripture, I’ll ask.

Braedon Dean turns back to the camera for a quick moment.

BBD: Showdown #89, I’m gunning for you, you blue haired she-male.

And with that, the young upstart storms off, leaving a completely shocked Roscoe Shame standing with the slack jawed Tamara Boyd in his wake. Shame, blinks rapidly, looking from Tamara to the back of Dean as if he couldn’t believe what just happened.

Roscoe Shame: Did he seriously just slap me?

Don’t Call It A Celebration

The lights throughout the arena dim down as one single spotlight splashes against the middle of the sVo stage. The crowd simmers down as a man sporting a Mario mustache, a white cowboy hat, and a full black suit walks with a microphone in his hand. He walks until he is directly underneath the light and then stands there motionlessly, his eyes darting around at those in attendance within the jam packed Goodfellas Arena. After thirty or forty seconds of blatant silence, he presses the microphone against his lips and a slight grin releases.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. My name is Jackson Richard Moses, otherwise known as J.R, and I am here to represent the man that is here to change the sVo world as it is today and, of course, as it shall become in time. As these moments may appear stale, if not completely vacant entirely, catch yourself before you blink because, ladies and gentlemen, these are the moments when the storm is being blueprinted and built! I’m honored to present to you, the SILVER … SOLID … REBEL ..”

With one sweeping motion, J.R spins around and points toward the stage entrance.


‘The Bottom’ by Staind begins to scream through the arena’s speaker system as blinding white lights flicker. From the back, Reichous walks out wearing his wrestling attire, his shiny new ring that was gifted to him by J.R, and a black hoody with a massive green ‘R’ on it. With his hands shoved into his pockets, he walks toward J.R flaunting a smile with a plan. He shakes J.R’s hand, takes the microphone from him, and then takes gander at the audience. As he does this, J.R pats him on the shoulder and points toward him, mouthing ‘real deal’ and vigorously nodding his head. The music slowly dies down as Reichous positions the microphone in front his mouth.

“Well, well, well. Hello, Vegas!”

The crowd goes absolutely ballistic.

“How’s everyone feeling tonight?”

He takes a few more steps towards the ramp and then holds his hand up.

“Wait a second, I forgot. I don’t care. Sorry.”

The crowd turns face immediately, pulling a reversal and turning the crazy cheers into spear throwing jeers.

“Ah, that’s better. What? I’m not here to make any friends. Perhaps Trace wanted that way back when during my last stint down this road, perhaps Page needs that. Too bad. I have other priorities to feast upon. I just wanted to introduce myself to you, really take this entire atmosphere in, and allow you all to begin to realize that things around these parts… are about to change. Vigorously. And I know, I know. I’m the rookie. I’m just dipping my toes in the jacuzzi, don’t be all sly, don’t play this card like you’ve already got the gold around your belt, don’t put yourself in the same shoes as the accomplished here and expect anybody to listen to you, blah, blah blah. I know the RULES. However, RULES don’t always go the way they’re planned to. I don’t intend on following the line drawn here by my predecessors — I make my OWN line. I don’t intend on kissing the butts of the ones that have connections to streamline the process of getting me to the top, like some would encourage me to do. Ring, ring.. I MAKE the connections, folks. I develop MY OWN way of streamlining the process.”

He takes a break as he let’s the crowd soak it all in. They’re somewhat silent with scatterings of ‘boos’ still flying around.

“I’m sure I’m already under Page’s skin. I’m sure he’s thinking…”

Reichous starts to imitate Jon Page.

“Just what I need. Another ball breaker. Another rebel without a cause, thinking he’s gonna rule the joint and run me out of town. Another headache — Well take your Advil, boss, because I may seem like the same bastard fabric that’s been strung all over the walls of this arena. Unfortunately, I’m just a tad worse. Don’t worry though, I’m not the chaotic type. I don’t plan on destroying dressing rooms, causing anarchistic riots in the hallways. I do things differently. I have my own ways of developing havoc without raising the decibel level up too high. Tonight marks my first match with Rocker….”

J.R runs up to Reichous and whispers into his ear.

“Wrecker, rather. Who cares? God..”

Reichous laughs

“One generic name runs into another, easily forgettable, you know the jazz. Tonight marks my first match, against WRECKER, and as it’s been said before by myself, this isn’t a night of celebration. Please, don’t salivate over the presence of the one that’s going to flip this mother inside out just yet. Let tonight’s ball roll as it should, with me getting a very simplistic victory, and pay attention to how the pins fall. One by one, on and on, the revolution will take place like an onslaught of fireworks in front of your eyes. Excited?”

Reichous doesn’t wait for a response.

“Again, don’t care. How many times do I have to tell you? Jesus. Anyways, thanks for having me. It’s been fun. J.R and I are going to head on back to our office and continue to spin the wheels until they’re cruising at a speed fast enough for all of you to comprehend. The Silver Solid Rebel wishes all of you a wonderful, DRAMATICALLY SPECTACULAR evening.”

“The Bottom” by Staind pops back on as Reichous takes a bow, tosses the microphone over the edge of the ramp, and then begins to walk towards the backstage while J.R tags along.

Meeting of the minds

The fans pop as they see one of the many newest superstars of the sVo, Sebastian Hawke, is seen backstage walking down the hall, hands clasped behind his back and head bowed. He appears to be nervous waiting for his match to start as he waits for his debut match. Suddenly he bumps into someone that he didn’t see since he was busy staring at the floor. He looks up and starts to apologize.

“OH! I’m, I’m so…sorry!”

The figure turns around and the fans once again pop as they see Sara Pettis turn around.

“Oh, hey, it’s alright. No harm no foul right?”

Sebastian blushes and averts his eyes from Pettis.

“Haha, yeah. So uhm, may I ask you a question?”

Sara nods and smiles at the sheer awkwardness of Sebastian Hawke.

“May I have your autograph? You’re only like one of my FAVORITE stars!”

Sebastian’s eyes are alight with child like wonder and awe as he blushes once again. Sara laughs and grabs a sharpie and a napkin from the nearest table.

“There you go. Don’t you have a match to go prepare for though?”

Sebastian mumbles.


Too busy looking at his newly acquired autograph Sebastian walks off, bumping into things but never taking his eyes off of his autograph.


Ben Franks is seen walking down the halls of the Goodfellas. He’s still dressed in his gear from earlier. He stops at a vending machine, digs in his pocket and pulls out a dollar.

Ben Franks:”Damn, wit all da money floatin round dis bitch you a think day got some bedda shid dan dis.”

He sucks his teeth and puts his dollar back in his pocket. Carrying on his way he furthers down the hall stopping at Matt Anderson’s door. Without a knock he opens it and closes it behind him. Matt Anderson is talking on the phone while going over some files. He puts his finger up indicating Ben Franks to hold on. Ben shrugs his shoulder and just takes a seat in front of Matt Anderson’s desk.

Matt Anderson:”Yeah, uh huh, no, are you stupid, ok, well you tell him that I want his contract, ok, have a nice one.”

Matt Anderson hangs the phone up. He picks up the files and place them back in the vanilla folder, sliding it down by his bottle of whiskey.

Matt Anderson:”Ben Franks, what brings you here? You accepted my offer?”

Matt Anderson smiles.

Ben Franks:”I show did. Mane if wha you sayin is true den I got no problem working wit you. You got pull round dis mafucker. A brotha like me need pull too. So like you say, you help me I help you. Mono e mono, but first thing first, way dat contract at?”

Matt Anderson nods his head grabbing some paperwork out of the vanilla folder. He slides the papers in front of Ben and hands him a pin out of the eutencil holder.

Matt Anderson:”Eight hundred thousand with incentitives. Plus, bonuses as well per say you win big matches. You can get four hundred up front. The rest, you have to work for.”

Ben Franks:”So no three week bullshit?”

Matt Anderson:”Nope.”

Ben Franks nods his head and signs the three sheets of paper. He gives Matt Anderson his pen back and they shake on the signing.

Ben Franks:”Let’s make da best of dis shidd. I got yo back brah. Imma ride fo you, but I saw a fly ass whip out front wit a nameplate dat say Matt Anderson. Let me get dat too.”

Matt Anderson:”I’ll sleep on it.”

The cameras fade out to Matt Anderson and Ben Franks talking about some things. The broadcast cuts to a promo about tonight’s main event.

Sebastian Hawke vs. BBD
Officiated by referee Nick Jaxx

There are no bells, no whistles, no fan fare, as “the Bastard” Braedon Dean marches out onto the stage. Stopping at the ramp, he takes a minute to look around at the crowd, scowling, before he starts his march towards the ring. Rolling into the ring, he heads straight towards his corner, and awaits the start of the match, arms crossed over his chest.

“Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row plays on the speakers as all eyes focus on the entrance ramp. Sebastian Hawke appears at the top and awkwardly stands for a moment, shielding his eyes from the peppering of the camera flashes pointed in his direction. He holds his finger up to his lips and smiles awkwardly before walking down the ramp. He high fives a couple people on his way down and rolls into the ring as the music fades and he stretches before the match begins.

The crowd seem pumped up for the match between two of the newest and most exciting talents in the sVo as Hawke and Dean stare at each other from across the ring. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and as the two men approach each other, Dean immediately starts the match off with a low blow! The referee warns Dean as he smirks before landing some big right hands to Hawke. Hawke staggers backwards and Dean grabs him by the arm and sends him hard into the ring ropes. Hawke bounces back into the middle of the ring and Dean takes him down to the mat with a drop toe hold.

Dean rises up to his feet and gets boos from the crowd as he stands with his arms in the air and a cocky look on his face. Dean grabs hold of Hawke by the hair and drags him up to his feet, however Hawke knocks away the arms of Dean and nails him with some big chops across the chest. Dean tries to fight back by bouncing into the ropes and looking for a clothesline, however Hawke manages to duck out of the way and then nail a jumping high kick onto his opponent!

Dean struggles up to his feet and Hawke whips him hard into the corner of the ring. The fans cheer Hawke on as he follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring. Hawke steps out of the corner of the ring and taunts to the fans, before running at Dean and landing a springboard DDT out of the corner onto Dean! With Dean on the mat, Hawke rolls his opponent over and makes the cover.




Dean manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat and the match continues. Hawke looks like he thought he had the match won there as he rises to his feet and taunts Dean to get up. Dean slowly rises up, but Hawke takes him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. With Dean down on the mat, Hawke tries to lock in an arm bar, however Dean is able to roll out of the submission attempt. Hawke rolls to his feet and runs at Dean looking for a clothesline, however Dean manages to counter by going downstairs with a low dropkick to the legs of his opponent.

Dean rises up to his feet with a smirk on his face, before going to work on the legs of his opponent with some stiff stomps to his knees. The crowd boo Dean, but he doesn’t seem to care as he drops down and locks in a knee bar submission move on Hawke. Hawke shouts out in pain as he tries to shift himself towards the ropes and force a rope break. Dean looks for the submission victory, but before Hawke has a chance to tap he is able to grab hold of the bottom rope. The referee calls for a ropebreak, but Dean takes his time before letting go of Hawke.

The crowd boo Dean as he rises to his feet before going straight back to kicking away at the legs of his opponent. Dean looks like he wants to try and ground the high flying Hawke as he pulls him up to a standing position before tossing him into the corner of the ring. With Hawke in the corner of the ring, Dean lays into him with some stiff uppercuts before sending him corner to corner. With Hawke now in the opposite corner, Dean launches himself across the ring looking for a spear, however Hawke dives out of the way! Dean collides shoulder first with the steel ring post, giving Hawke the perfect opportunity to roll him up with a school boy and go for the cover.




Despite the painful shoulder, Dean is able to kick out after the count of two. Sebastian Hawke slowly rises up to his feet and waits for his opponent to make a move. Dean dives at Hawke, but the youngster side steps him and then retaliates with a jumping spinning roudhouse kick. The move knocks Dean back against the ropes, and as he bounces back Hawke is able to follow up with a huricanrana!

With Dean on the mat, the fans rise to their feet as Sebastian Hawke points to the top rope before beginning to climb! The crowd sound like they want Hawke to finish off Dean with a high flying move as he leaps from the top, however Dean seems to see it coming as he gets a leg up and drives it into the groin of Sebastian Hawke as he comes flying from the top! The fans boo loudly but the referee doesn’t seem to have seen as Dean scrambles to his feet.

With Hawke down on the mat and in pain, it is Braedon Dean’s turn to head to the top rope, but he doesn’t get the same reaction from the crowd as he stares down at Sebastian Hawke! Dean leaps from the top and lands a Patricide onto his opponent, before slowly struggling to crawl across and make the cover!




It’s all over and the crowd boo loudly as the referee declares ‘the Bastard’ as the winner of the match! Dean slowly struggles to his feet, and it is his hand that is raised in the air in victory in the match between the two exciting newcomers that could have gone eitherway! If Dean had played by the rules, would it have been Sebastian Hawke walking away with the win? ‘The Bastard’ doesn’t seem to care as he celebrates his first victory in the middle of the ring.

Winner by pinfall – “The Bastard” Braedon Dean (12:16)

Making Ammends

Matt Anderson:”Jon, wait up.”

Matt Anderson and Ben Franks were just leaving Matt’s office when Jon Page comes walking by. Jon Page rolls his eyes before turning around and putting on a fake smile.

Jon Page:”Matt, what you need?”

Matt Anderson:”I wanted to let you know that i’ve moved on from trying to remove you as general manager of this orginization. I figured that it’d be best that we make ammends and help eachother more so than hating eachother. I’ve just signed a nice young prospect that I see doing big things in the sVo. I don’t want you holding him back so I think this is the best thing we can do for the both of us.”

Jon Page smiles and looks at Ben Franks.

Jon Page:”This the kid you’re talking about?”

Matt Anderson:”Well yes it is.”

Ben Franks:”I’m Ben Franks brah.”

Ben Franks extends his hand for a shake. Jon Page extends his hand as well finishing the handshake.

Jon Page:”Welcome to the sVo kid, and Matt, you know what, I accept your offer. I look forward to seeing what your prospect can do.”

Jon Page and Ben Franks shake once more before Jon Page continues on his way.

Matt Anderson:”What a dumbass.”

Ben Franks:”He jus got GOT!”

The cameras fade out to the newly found The Company laughing at Jon Page.

Reichous Marx vs. Wrecker
Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

The banshee screech of “The Bottom” by Staind begins like a searchlight of sound, panning the audience, and mirrored by green and yellow streams of light that appear to make X’s against the entrance ramp. “Silver Solid Rebel” appears on the video screen in large, blotchy lettering and slowly fades to show two sneaky emerald eyes. The cymbals splash, the eyes vanish, and are replaced with “REICHOUS MARX” as he slowly walks out from the backstage. He stretches his arms out and scans the arena as he continues to walk down the ramp, never once paying attention to anybody in attendance that he walks by. He reaches the ring, stops momentarily and slaps the side of the ring three times, and slides underneath the bottom rope. He walks over to the opposite corner turnbuckle, climbs to the middle rope and stands motionlessly as he looks out, with a film of disgust covering his eyes, towards the crowd. He hops backwards and touches down on the mat.

The cameras switch to a shot backstage, showing Henry Edgar Shaw waiting to make his way out to the ring. He looks rather apprehensive as he paces back and forth. He can hear the fans at ringside roaring and cheering, which only adds to his anxiety. Suddenly, the opening guitar rift of “Fuck You Puto (Xeneizes Version)” by Quarashi begins to play over the PA system, and Henry Edgar stops dead in his tracks. He stares straight ahead at the curtain, and slowly, the emotion leaves his eyes. He quickly pulls his shirt off over his head, and pulls the elastic from his hair, letting it flow freely.

As the music gets heavier, he marches out to the stage and stops at the top of the ramp. His gaze never wanders as he continues to stare straight ahead at the ring. The lyrics begin, and Wrecker quickly stomps down to the ring and climbs up the steps. He lumbers in through the ropes and heads to the corner, where he throws a few phantom punches and cracks his neck. He then stands there motionless, yet imposing all the same, as he waits for the match to begin.

With both men in the ring, this highly anticipated match up is all ready to get underway! Wrecker hands off the Las Vegas Championship belt to the referee, but as he turns his back to do so, Marx runs at him and lands a double axe handle shot to the back of his head! The crowd boo the actions of the newcomer as Marx viciously knocks down the Las Vegas Champion to the mat before stomping away on him.

Marx pulls Wrecker to his feet and sends him into the ring ropes, before landing a big knee to the gut as he bounces back into the middle of the ring. Marx taunts to the crowd before pulling Wrecker to his feet by his hair. Marx begins to lay into Wrecker with some big right hands, however Wrecker is able to duck out of the way of a right hand from Marx and knock him away with a head butt. However Marx quickly rushes at Wrecker again, only for the Las Vegas Champion to grab him in a front face lock and toss him to the mat with a snap suplex.

Marx tries to struggle up to his feet, however Wrecker is straight on him and grabs him in a side head lock. Marx tries to struggle his way out of the hold, but Wrecker keeps ahold of Marx around the head before sending him into the corner of the ring. Marx hits the corner hard, and Wrecker quickly follows up with a big splash in the corner. The crowd seem to be behind the Las Vegas Champion in this match as he pulls Marx out of the corner before taking him down to the mat with a double arm DDT. With Marx down on the mat, Wrecker wastes no time in making the cover.




The Silver Solid rebel gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted. Wrecker looks unhappy with the decision as he grabs hold of the newcomer and pulls him to a standing position. The Las Vegas Champion catches Marx with some right hands, before going behind into a waist lock. Wrecker tries to take down his opponent with a German suplex, however Marx is able to block the move. The crowd boo as Marx fights out of the hold with some big back elbows, before going behind on Wrecker and hitting a German suplex of his own!

Wrecker staggers up to his feet wondering what hit him, but is immediately thrown back to the mat with a belly to belly slam from the Silver Solid rebel. With Wrecker down on the mat, Marx leaps down onto him like a rabid dog and begins to pound away with big right hands to the face.

Wrecker is finally able to fight his way up to a standing position and push Marx away, however his opponent is relentless and comes straight back at him with some stiff kicks. Wrecker staggers backwards from the kicks, allowing Marx the chance to take him down to the mat with a scoop sit-down powerdrop before making the cover!





It looked like it was all over there, but the Las Vegas Champion is able to get a shoulder up just in the nick of time.

Marx looks unhappy as he rises up to his feet. Marx stares down at Wrecker and seems to be standing in wait for his opponent to get to his feet. Marx grabs hold of Wrecker by the arm as he rises up and tries to send him into the corner, however to his suprise Wrecker is able to counter and send Marx into the ropes. Marx bounces off of the ropes and his thrown to the mat with a big powerslam from Wrecker! Now Wrecker takes the chance to land some mounted punches to his opponent before Marx fights him off.

The fans cheer Wrecker on as Marx misses with a wild right hand which gives Wrecker the chance to catch him with a knee to the midsection. Wrecker takes down Marx with a hip toss into a back breaker, before rising to his feet and taunting to the crowd. Marx tries to get to his feet, but Wrecker runs at him and lands the ‘Wrecking Ball’!

The crowd cheer for the big move as it looks like the Las Vegas Champion is ready to finish off the newcomer Marx! Wrecker stands and waits for Marx to rise up, before grabbing him of him and looking for ‘The Wreckoning’! However much to the disappointment of the crowd, Marx is able to fight his way out of the grasp of his opponent and send him into the corner of the ring. Wrecker bounces out of the corner, but as he does Marx lands ‘The Marxman’s Touch’! With Wrecker hitting the mat, Marx hooks the leg of the Las Vegas Champion to make the cover.




It’s all over and it is Reichous Marx who scores a big upset win over the reigning sVo Las Vegas Champion in his first ever match! Marx rises to his feet and has his hand raised in the air in victory as the crowd look on in shock that Wrecker has been defeated here tonight in front of them.

Winner by pinfall – Reichous Marx (14:39)

Watch Out

Rightcheous by Dream Big Clique blares through the PA system causing the arena to go grow quiet. Everyone’s wondering who it is. They’ve never heard this type of music inside the Goodfellas. After a few moments of speculation Matt “Anarchy” Anderson steps onto the stage and the crowd instantly begins booing him. Following Matt Anderson is Ben Franks. One of sVo’s newly signed wrestlers. The crowd begins to boo Ben Franks and he just smiles. The Company continues their way down the aisle jibber jabbing with some folks before stepping in the ring.

Matt Anderson:”Listen listen.

The crowd silences. Some cameras flashing from all angles.

Matt Anderson:”Now as you know i’ve made ammends with Jon Page tonight. That was very hard for me to do. When Jon Page was given the opprotunity to be general manager of the sVo I already knew what was going to happen. That being it closing it’s doors. During that time I wanted to bring the sVo back and reclaim it’s spot at the top of all wrestling orginizations. I wanted to give you all what you have craved for every Monday night. I really did. Jon Page just beat me to the punch of bringing the sVo back. I wanted to run my company once again, but I guess I have no chance of doing that. So I thought why not be a bigger man than Jon Page and let’s help eachother. It was the best move for this orginization. With me making ammends with Jon, I wanted to come out here and make ammends with you all as well. The fans who half full the seats, but you all. I have a great young prospect in Ben Franks that I know can put on some great showing for you guys. I don’t want you guys to judge the kid because he’s associated with The Company. For now we’re not looking to take back the sVo. We just want to put on a show. Now want you give up for this young man Ben Franks.”

The crowd begins clapping. A section in the back of the crowd was yelling ‘G-Block” and forces the cameras to focus their way. It was the group of people Ben Franks brought along tonight. Dreads were boucing everywhere and gold grills flash like cameras. Gang signs are thrown up before the cameras swing back to the ring.

Ben Franks:”I aprreciade dat shid. Yall makin a brotha feel welcomed. Shid, I aint neva been welcome anywhere since I been a youngin so I fucks wid yall. Dis aint why we out here doe. Like my brah Matt said, he tryna be cool wid yall. Wha i’m tryna do? I’m tryna make some bread and put on show. Dat’s wha I gotta do. See, I aint like airybody round dis bitch. I done been through alot of shid in my life. It’s a airyday hustle to go out here and get it. Dat’s all i’m tryna do fo yall. I can tell you right now dat Ben Franks gone be a house hold name in a lil while. Yall gone like wha you see when i’m up in da ring. I aint here for da fame and shit. I’m here to fight, and dats what airybody in dis arena wanna see. Wit Ben Franks you get dat. I’m gone step inta each and airy fight wit bad intentions. Dat’s how it is on da streets. Dat’s how it is in dis ring. Get ready fo new entertainment. You bouta be tuning inta Ben Franks television. sVo, all da lil wrestlers backstage, i’m here, WATCH….OUT”

The Company drops their mics and Reicheous by Dream Big Clique plays once more. Ben Franks stands in the ring throwing up the G-Block sign and just saying things in general.

Woodrew Burbank & Cody Williams vs. Roscoe Shame & JVD
Officiated by referee Nick Jaxx

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The fans in the arena cheer as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

The house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of The Goodfellas Arena to erupt. They stand on their feet in eager anticipation of the man about to make his way onto the stage. The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up.

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

From behind the curtain, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams slowly walks out to the roar of the capacity crowd. He stops at the top of the ramp and stares out into the audience, nodding his head as the begin to chant his name. He cockily makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown The Goodfellas Arena with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest before raising his arms high into the air.

The bluesy rhythm of Albert Collins begins to ricochet off the Goodfellas Casino Arena, as the song ‘Brick’ leads out Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank. His arms up in tight fists as he bull-walks down the aisle to an ever-growing fanbase with a mission of survival. Upon reaching the ring, he nods to a few fans and rolls under the bottom rope, rising to his feet and immediately running into the ropes to get a familiar feel as the song fades.

With all four men in the ring, the two team seem to be having trouble deciding who will start off the match for their respective teams with all four men wanting to start the action! In the end it is current sVo Champion Woodrew Burbank and former sVo Champion Roscoe Shame who make their first moves as the referee orders JVD and Cody Williams to their corners and calls for the bell to be rung as Burbank and Shame trade punches in the middle of the ring.

Shame seems to get the upper hand of the exchange as he backs Burbank against the ring ropes before sending him across the ring. Burbank bounces off of the ropes and manages to counter with a big clothesline to Shame to knock the big man down. Shame quickly gets to his feet, however Burbank is there again with a scoop slam to take the big man down before running to the ring ropes and dropping an elbow across Shame. Burbank rises up to his feet, but as he does Cody Williams makes a blind tag into the match, to the annoyance of the current sVo Champion.

Cody Williams jumps over the top rope and quickly begins to put the boots into Shame as he begins to rise to his feet. Cody Williams nails Shame with some big rising knee shots, before positioning him for a suplex in the middle of the ring. Cody Williams begins to lift Shame into the air, however the former sVo Champion is able to counter and hit Cody Williams with a suplex of his own. Cody Williams rises to his feet wondering what hit him, but is knocked straight back down with a big boot off of the ropes from Shame.

The crowd cheer Shame on as he pulls Cody Williams up to his feet by his hair and begins to punish him with stiff chops across the chest. Cody Williams backs into the corner of the ring, where Shame grabs him by the back of the head and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Cody Williams stumbles backwards only to eat a big reverse suplex from Roscoe Shame out of the corner of the ring. With Cody Williams down on the mat, Roscoe Shame makes the cover.




Before the three can be counted, Woodrew Burbank is into the ring to save his ‘partner’. Roscoe Shame doesn’t look too happy as he rises to his feet and the referee orders the sVo Champion back to his corner. Cody Williams begins to get to his feet as Shame tags out to James Von Drake.

JVD and Roscoe Shame stare each other down as one man climbs out of the ring and the other man climbs in. JVD eventually turns and begins to lay into Cody Williams with some big kicks to the midsection as he begins to get to his feet. Cody Williams eventually pulls himself up, but as he does JVD sends him to the mat with a DDT before making the cover.




Once again Woodrew Burbank shows that he is ready to work as a team for the sake of the match by jumping into the ring to break up the cover attempt! The fans cheer that Burbank is able to break the cover as the referee once again orders him back to the corner of the ring. One person that isn’t happy that Burbank keeps getting involved in the match is Lucy Von Drake, as the wife of JVD climbs up onto the ring apron to complain to the referee!

As she does JVD runs at Cody Williams looking for a clothesline, only for Cody Williams to duck out of the way! As Cody Williams ducks, JVD can’t stop himself as he collides with his wife, knocking her off of the ring apron! The crowd rise to their feet to see what just happened as Cody Williams takes advantage of the situation by hitting a Perfexecution onto JVD! With Cody Williams and JVD both down in the ring, the eyes of the fans turn to Roscoe Shame as he jumps down from the ring apron to check on Lucy Von Drake who looks like she might have been knocked out cold!

Back in the ring Cody Williams begins to crawl across JVD to make the cover, as Roscoe Shame picks up Lucy Von Drake and begins carrying her up the entrance ramp and to the back!




JVD manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three. James Von Drake rises up to his feet just in time to see Roscoe Shame disappear around the curtain with his wife in his arms! JVD tries to exit the ring, but as he does he is pulled back by Cody Williams. Cody Williams shoots JVD into the ropes before bouncing into the opposite side of the ring. Both men meet in the middle of the ring and collide in a double clothesline!

With both men down, Woodrew Burbank wills Cody Williams to make the tag, while JVD slowly turns and looks around at his empty corner! Cody Williams looks reluctant to make the tag to Woodrew Burbank, but he eventually does and the crowd pops as the sVo Champion hits the ring.

Burbank is straight onto JVD as he begins to stomp on the former Las Vegas Champion with some big kicks to the back. JVD eventually rises up to his feet, but Woodrew Burbank sends him straight back to the mat with an impressive short arm clothesline. As Burbank marches around the ring he almost seems to be waiting for JVD to get up, before running at him and landing a head butt to his midsection! JVD drops to the mat in pain as Woodrew Burbank makes the cover.




Somehow James Von Drake manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted!

Burbank quickly lands some mounted punches onto his opponent before pulling him to his feet. With JVD up, Burbank lands a big ‘Plasterin’ to Von Drake! Burbank has the crowd on their feet as he signals for the ‘Hit the Bricks’ as Cody Williams steps down from the ring apron.

JVD slowly rises up and turns around, only to walk straight into the finishing move of the sVo Champion! However the cheers of the fans soon turn to shock as Cody Williams rolls into the ring with a steel chair in hand, only to blast his own partner in the back of the head! With Cody Williams and Woodrew Burbank being tag team partners, the referee is powerless to do anything as Cody Williams drags Burbank to his corner, before tagging himself into the match off of his unconscious partner!

There are some boos in the arena for Cody Williams as he drags JVD to his feet, before hitting him with his own finishing move, the ‘Picture Perfect’! With JVD hitting the mat, Cody Williams rolls over him and makes the cover!




It’s all over and Williams and Burbank pick up the win! JVD looked to have been out after Burbank’s finisher, but it seems that Cody Williams wanted the glory as he demands to be passed the sVo Championship belt! With JVD down, Woodrew Burbank down and Roscoe Shame disappeared to the backstage area with JVD’s wife, the last Showdown of 2012 goes off of the air with Cody Williams holding Woodrew Burbank’s sVo Championship belt in the air in the middle of the ring!

Winner by pinfall – Woodrew Burbank & Cody Williams (19:26)

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