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sVo Showdown #085

The Victory Cup continues and a new Las Vegas Champion is crowned!

sVo Showdown #85
19th November 2012
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of past sVo action plays on the giant screen, before there is a run down of some of the matches that have already been announced for tonight, including the Victory Cup matches between Loki Synn & Frost, Woodrew Burbank & Cody Williams and also the Las Vegas title decider including Roscoe Shame, Sara Pettis, Cain Jensen and James Von Drake!


The scene heads backstage to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page. Page is sitting behind his desk, dressed as always in a smart suit, with rookie referee Brett Lukas standing in front of him with his sVo logo ref’s shirt on. The youngster looks a little nervous as he scratches his ginger head.

Brett Lukas: “People are asking a lot of questions boss about why I didn’t run down to count the cover in the main event last week when Nick got knocked down…”

Page smiles and shakes his head, pouring himself a glass of expensive whiskey.

Jon Page: “Don’t worry about that kid, just worry about the match you are in charge of tonight. It’s important for our ratings that we have a Nathan Paradine vs. Cody Williams main event at the Retribution PPV. There is a lot of money to be made from that match, I know you will make sure this happens.”

Lukas nervously shifts from foot to foot, trying not to make eye contact with Jon Page who is staring straight at him.

Brett Lukas: “I won’t let you down boss.”

Jon Page: “I know you won’t kid. I know you won’t.”

Page takes a shot of the whiskey as Brett Lukas makes his way out of the office, his head bowed.


The scene opens up to the backstage interview area where we see the beautiful Tamara Boyd standing by, with the sVo Showdown logo and television screens with highlight videos playing in the background. She flashes a smile for the camera and raises a microphone up to her mouth.

Tamara Boyd: “Ladies and gentlemen, standing next to me is a man who just last week made his return to the sVo and inserted himself into the Victory Cup tournament. I am of course talking about none other than, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams!”

The camera shot pans backwards revealing Cody Williams standing next to Tamara Boyd. He is wearing his usual black and gold wrestling attire, his trademark design sunglasses and the brand new sVo t-shirt available from the sVo shop for the low, low price of $21.95!!!

Tamara Boyd: “Welcome back Cody.”

He flashes a smirk and reaches up to his face to remove his sunglasses.

Cody Williams: “Thank you Tamara. But it is more fitting to say “Welcome back… Home.”

The crowd in attendance cheers.

Tamara Boyd: “Many people are wondering what brought you back to the sVo. Some say the money, some say to bring an end to your heated rivalry with Nathan Paradine, and others are reporting it is to win the sVo World Heavyweight Championship.”

Cody Williams: “Well you are asking the right person because only Cody Williams would know the answer to that question. Well to put it very simply, the answer as to why Cody Williams returned to the Sanctioned Violence Organization is… Yes.”

Tamara Boyd: “Yes?”

Cody Williams: “Yes.”

He pauses for a brief moment.

Cody Williams: “It is an all encompassing answer that is broad enough to answer them all and vague enough to keep people guessing, keep them on their toes. Did I come back for the money?”

He nods his head.

Cody Williams: “Yes. Did I come back to take out Nathan Paradine?”

Again he nods his head quickly with a smirk on his face.

Cody Williams: “Oh yes! Did I come back so that I could finally be able to realize my dream of being the sVo Champion? HELL YES!!! There are so many more reasons why I came back, but to make a long story short, I came back because I wanted to come back home. And boy does it feel good to be back!”

Tamara Boyd: “Well we are glad to have you back Cody. Just last week you not only defeated Roscoe Shame but you made it clear that you were coming after Nathan Paradine and the sVo Championship. But before you get that chance, you have a semi-final match tonight against the very impressive Woodrew Burbank. What do you think your chances are of making it to the finals of the Victory Cup?”

“The Reflection of Perfection” tilts his head sideways at Tamara and lets out a chuckle.

Cody Williams: “How many years have you been with the sVo?”

Tamara Boyd: “Umm..”

Cody Williams: “How many times have we done these interviews with each other?”

Tamara Boyd: “Well…”

Cody Williams: “You should know that I have all the confidence in the world. I know what I am capable of, I know what I can and can’t do. And when I set my eyes on something I do what I have to do to achieve it. When I said that I was going to see Nathan Paradine at Retribution for the World Heavyweight Championship I meant every word. I will do whatever it takes to get to that point, and the Victory Cup is just a technicality, an obstacle that I have to overcome to get to the end product. By no means am I undermining the abilities of Woodrew Burbank, no, no. He is a very impressive athlete and against any other person, on any other day, I would bet that he would win the whole thing. But this is my time, this is my moment, and the one who will be advancing tonight will be none other than yours truly!”

Tamara Boyd: “Well, good luck to you tonight Cody. Thank you for your time.”

Cody smiles at Tamara Boyd and lifts his sunglasses back up to his face, pausing for a second to wink at the camera before placing them onto his face and exiting to the left.


Nathan Paradine is shown sitting in his locker room reading over the note he received from Hugo Ortega after Showdown the previous week. He looks off-camera and begins to speak.

Nathan Paradine: “I hope you’re ready. Page isn’t going to know what hit him.”

Paradine chuckles as he crumples the paper into a ball and tosses it over his shoulder and stands up, walking out of the locker room. The camera focuses on the ball of paper for a moment before cutting back to the ring.

Tobias Devereux vs. Cain Jensen vs. Wrecker vs. James von Drake vs. Sara Pettis vs. Roscoe Shame vs. Joshua Curtis
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

As the action heads to ringside, the fans are hyped up for the first ever roulette elimination match! With the sVo Las Vegas title belt sitting at ringside waiting for a new owner, the giant roulette wheel will be spun after each elimination to determine how the next fall will be decided! With eliminations until only one fighter remains, the fans await the first two competitors to the ring.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

“Time to Win” Down With the Webster hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as former sVo Champion Roscoe Shame steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a smile on his face. Shame signals to the crowd before slowly walking down the entrance ramp and staring at James Von Drake who is bouncing up and down slowly in the ring. Roscoe Shame doesn’t take his eyes off of his opponent as he slides into the ring under the bottom rope and waits in the corner for the match to begin.

With James Von Drake and Roscoe Shame both in the ring, Natasha Ortiz spins the giant roulette wheel at ringside. The crowd watch intently as the lights in the arena flash until the roulette wheel finally stops on the match type that this fall will be contest under…

Natasha Ortiz: “The next fall will be decided by over the top rope elimination! The first man’s feet to touch the floor will be eliminated!”

The fans cheer as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Roscoe Shame and James Von Drake slowly circle around each other in the middle of the ring. James Von Drake dives in to grab hold of Shame, but Shame knocks him away with a big elbow to the face before grabbing JVD by the arm. Roscoe Shame throws JVD into the ropes and then knocks him down to the mat with a big boot to the face.

The fans give Roscoe Shame a mixed reaction as he pulls James Von Drake up to his feet and drags him over to the ring ropes. Roscoe Shame tries to force JVD over the top rope and to the floor below, however James Von Drake holds tightly onto the top rope with both arms, before knocking Roscoe Shame away with some big back kicks. Roscoe Shame staggers away, and James Von Drake uses the ring ropes for a little extra momentum before nailing Shame with a big dropkick to the face.

Shame staggers back to his feet, but James Von Drake catches him with an arm drag takedown into a reverse wrist lock. The fans boo loudly for JVD, but Roscoe Shame doesn’t find himself in the wrist lock for long as he powers out with a big head butt to the face of his opponent. Shame rises to his feet and nails JVD with a big kick to the midsection as he stumbles around before taunting for his finishing move! The fans rise to their feet as JVD is hoisted into the air by Roscoe Shame who is looking for the ‘Shame Time’!

Roscoe Shame staggers over to the side of the ring with JVD in the air and tries to nail the ‘Shame Time’ on JVD straight out of the ring, however JVD manages to counter by using his agility to almost jump from Shame’s shoulders and land on the ring apron! Shame throws big rights to try and knock James Von Drake off of the mat and to the floor, but JVD manages to duck and dodge the punches, before dropping a shoulder and back dropping Roscoe Shame out of the ring!

There are loud boos from the fans and Roscoe Shame looks shocked as he lands up on the floor on the outside of the ring having been eliminated! The referee calls for the bell to be rung and announced JVD as the winner of the fall as the man himself stares at the Las Vegas Championship belt that is sitting at ringside.

As JVD catches his breath in the middle of the ring, Natsha Ortiz once again spins the giant roulette wheel at ringside to find out what rules the next fall will be contested under. The crowd watch in anticipation as the lights in the arena flash again as the wheel slows down before stopping…

Natasha Ortiz: “The next fall will be decided by ‘table match’ rules. The first man to be thrown through a table will be eliminated!”

The fans cheer for the match type as JVD stands in the ring staring at the entrance ramp, waiting to see who he will have to face. As he does the sound of guitars echo through the arena as “Been Away for too Long” By Soundgarden plays through the arena. The lights are dimmed and multicolor spotlights spin throughout the crowd. The crowd gets up to their feet in a mixture of cheers and boos as the spotlights all merge together turning white in the middle of the stage. There in the spotlight is the one and only “De Cajun Sensation” Tobias Devereux. Tobias is dressed in his trademark black tights, trench, and fedora, carrying a folding table under his arm! Tobias is making his way down the ramp talking junk to the fans as he does so. Tobias slides under the bottom rope with the table, but as he does he is immediately attacked by James Von Drake who nails him with big punches to the back of the head.

JVD pulls Devereux to his feet and tries to throw him into the ropes, but Devereux counters and tosses JVD into the ropes. JVD bounces back into the middle of the ring, where Devereux drops him to the mat with a big back body drop. James Von Drake rises up to his feet, but as he does Tobias Deveruex is able to drop him with the ‘Cajun Driver’!

With James Von Drake down on the mat, Tobias Devereux turns his attention to the table, setting it up in the middle of the ring. With the table in place, Devereux turns his attention to JVD and drags him to his feet by his hair. However as he does JVD fights back with some big kicks to the midsection of his opponent. Tobias Devereux tries to cut James Von Drake off with a punch, but JVD ducks under the punch and drops his opponent with the ‘Dollar Drop’!

The fans boo for the move as James von Drake smirks and tries to pull Tobias Devereux up to his feet and towards the table. However as he does, the crowd cheer as Roscoe Shame slides back into the ring behind the back of James Von Drake! The referee is powerless to do anything as Roscoe Shame spins JVD around before lifting him high into the air! James Von Drake tries to struggle out of the grasp of the already eliminated Roscoe Shame, but is unable to as Shame tosses JVD through the table with the ‘Shame Time’!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and with JVD being tossed through a table he is now eliminated as well! Shame looks pleased with himself as he stares at JVD for a few seconds before climbing out of the ring. Tobias Devereux slowly rises up to his feet, and as the referee helps JVD out of the ring Natasha Ortiz spins the match type wheel again! James Von Drake is helped back up the entrance ramp by Lucy von Drake with his hopes of regaining the Las Vegas title in tatters as Natasha Ortiz announces how Tobias Devereux will have to compete in the next fall…

Natasha Ortiz: “The next fall will be decided by ‘submission match’ rules. The first man to submit will be eliminated!”

As Tobias Devereux smirks at the match type announcement, the lights go dim as “Apocryphon” by The Sword begins to play throughout the venue and they kick in full force with strobe lights and green laser lights. Cain Jensen walks onto the stage with a cocky smirk on his face. He spins around once with his arms out and then raises the “devil horns” into the air. He makes his way down to the ring and jumps onto the apron and climbs through the ropes, quickly popping upright and throwing up the “devil horns” gesture once again as his theme music begins to fade.

Cain Jensen and Tobias Devereux slowly approach each other before trying up in the middle of the ring. Devereux quickly tries to lock in the ‘Da Gater Nap’, but Jensen is able to fight his way out with some big punches to Tobias Devereux. Devereux stumbles backwards, and as he does Jensen tries to lock on his own submission move with the ‘Goodnight Irene’, but Devereux is able to out strength his way out of the submission hold.

Cain Jensen keeps up the offensive on Tobias Devereux with some stiff chops across the chest of his opponent which draws ‘whooos’ from the crowd. Jensen backs Devereux into the corner of the ring, but as he chops away on the chest of Devereux, Devereux is able to duck under the arm of his opponent and then take him down to the mat with a ‘Cajun Cutter’! The fans rise to their feet for the huge move from Tobias Devereux which might have ended things right there if the fall had been decided by pinfall! Devereux taunts to the crowd and allows Cain Jensen to slowly pull himself back to his feet, but as he does Devereux is able to lock on the ‘Da Gater Nap’!

Cain Jensen desperatly tries to fight his way to the ring ropes, his dreams of becoming Las Vegas Champion quickly fading before his eyes as Tobias Devereux squeezes the life out of him. Jensen gives one last big attempt to get to the ropes, before finally submitting to the pain and tapping his hand on the mat. The referee calls for the bell, and Devereux keeps the hold locked on for a few extra seconds before releasing Cain Jensen after winning the fall!

Tobias Devereux rises up to his feet and kicks Cain Jensen under the bottom rope and out of the ring before looking to Natasha Ortiz to see how the next fall will be decided! Ortiz spins the wheel and once again the lights in the arena flash as the crowd wait to see what the wheel lands on…

Natasha Ortiz: “The next fall will be decided by ‘first blood’ rules. The to bleed will be eliminated!”

Devereux doesn’t seem to displeased with the match type as he waits in the ring to see who his next opponent will be after winning two falls on the bounce.

“Desert Apple” By Versailles Philharmonic Quintet hits the sound system and the fans cheer as ‘The Heavenly Warrior’ Joshua Curtis slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp! Curtis looks focused on the Las Vegas title belt which rests at ringside as he climbs into the ring and immediately trades big punches with Tobias Devereux.

The Cajun Sensation and the Heavenly Warrior look like they are intent on busting each other open with big right hands from the start, of which Devereux seems to be gaining the upper hand. Devereux backs Curtis into the corner of the ring, before grabbing him by the legs and dropping him across the turnbuckle with a snake eyes! The referee checks Curtis for any sign of blood, and as he does Tobias Devereux removes the sVo branded padding from the turnbuckle!

The fans cheer as Devereux tosses the padding into the fans before turning and picking Curtis up to his feet. Devereux looks for another snake eyes across the exposed turnbuckle, but before he can hit the move and potentially bust open his opponent, Curtis drops down behind Devereux and pushes him chest first into the exposed turnbuckle. Devereux staggers backwards holding his chest in pain, and Curtis takes advantage with a punishing German suplex on his opponent.

Tobias Devereux holds the back of his head in pain, and Joshua Curtis takes advantage with a ‘Coat of Arms’ onto his opponent. Curtis rises up to his feet and gets cheers from the fans as he rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from ringside. Curtis slides back into the ring and lays the chair down in the middle of the ring. The fans cheer as Curtis grabs Devereux and positons him for a piledriver on the chair! However just as he is about to hit the move, Devereux is able to counter with a back body drop.

Curtis groggily rises to his feet, and Devereux is able to clothesline his opponent down to the mat. Tobias Devereux reaches down and grabs hold of the chair before waiting for Curtis to get back up. Devereux looks like he is ready to take Curtis’ head off with the chair, but as he swings the chair as Devereux, the Cajun Sensation ducks out of the way. The Cajun Sensation quickly nails Curtis with the ‘Ace in the Hole’ to counter his opponent!

The fans cheer for the move, as Tobias pulls Curtis to his feet and tries to slam him head first into the exposed turnbuckle. However Curtis manages to grab the ring ropes and stop him hitting the exposed turnbuckle face first. Curtis counters with some back elbows on Devereux, before hitting the ‘Beheading’ on Devereux, slamming him face first into the steel chair!

The fans pop for the amazing move from Joshua Curtis, and as Tobias Devereux rolls over onto his back the referee calls for the bell to be rung as claret begins to spill from the forehead of Tobias Devereux! Devereux doesn’t look too happy with the decision as he snarls at the referee, but Joshua Curtis celebrates in the ring having just eliminated one of the favourites! As Devereux is escorted out of the ring by the referee, the roulette wheel is once again spun at ringside to determine how the next fall will be decided…

Natasha Ortiz: “The next fall will be decided by ‘table match’ rules. The first to be thrown through a table will be eliminated!”

The fans cheer for another round of tables, as “Crawling” by Linkin Park begins to play, as the house lights go down in the arena. Blue spotlights illuminate the stage as from the back steps Sara Pettis. She walks out with her head down to the end of the ramp. White sparks begin to rain down on her as the spotlight transitions from blue to white. She raises her head, looking down at the ring. She begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring fans trying to reach out for a high five. She gets to the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron. She looks around slowly before climbing into the ring between the top and middle rope. The spotlight continues to follow her as she paces in the ring for bit before the house lights return to normal.

Curtis runs at Pettis and tries to take her down with an early clothesline, but Pettis is able to duck under the arm of his opponent and lay into him with some stiff elbow shots to the face. Pettis backs Curtis into the corner of the ring, before climbing up onto the second rope and hitting some mounted punches on Curtis. The fans count along with the mounted punches, until Curtis grabs Pettis around the legs and powerbombs her out of the corner of the ring!

The fans are on their feet for the stiff powerbomb, but Joshua Curtis wastes no time as he drops down and rolls out of the ring. Curtis quickly reaches under the ring apron and pulls out a table before sliding it into the table. Joshua Curtis then returns to the ring and sets up the table in the corner of the ring. Curtis turns back around to face Sara Pettis, but as he does he is smashed in the face by Sara Pettis with the steel chair!

Curtis drops down to the mat and looks like he might be out cold as Sara Pettis staggers about, still feeling the effect of the powerbomb. Sara Pettis lays into Curtis with some stiff kicks before climbing out of the ring and grabbing a table of her own from under the ring. Sara Pettis sets the table up in the ring before pulling Joshua Curtis to his feet and setting him up for a suplex. Pettis tries to lift Curtis into the air, however Curtis is able to counter into a suplex of his own onto Pettis!

Pettis rises up to her feet, but as she does the crowd rise to their feet as Curtis runs and spears Sara Pettis through the table in the corner of the ring! Curtis has just eliminated one of the favourites in the match, but has he caused himself damage in doing so? Curtis and Pettis lay in the wreckage of the table in the corner of the ring as the roulette wheel is once again spun at ringside to find out how the final fall will be contested…

Natasha Ortiz: “The final fall will be decided by ‘ladder match’ rules. The first to reach the title belt will be the new Las Vegas Champion!”

The crowd cheer as the referee attaches the Las Vegas title belt to a cord which is raised up in the air as the crowd wait the arrival of the next and final entrant to the match as Sara Pettis is helped out of the ring.

The cameras switch to a shot backstage, showing Henry Edgar Shaw waiting to make his way out to the ring. He looks rather apprehensive as he paces back and forth. He can hear the fans at ringside roaring and cheering, which only adds to his anxiety. Suddenly, the opening guitar rift of “Fuck You Puto (Xeneizes Version)” by Quarashi begins to play over the PA system, and Henry Edgar stops dead in his tracks. He stares straight ahead at the curtain, and slowly, the emotion leaves his eyes. He quickly pulls his shirt off over his head, and pulls the elastic from his hair, letting it flow freely.

As the music gets heavier, he marches out to the stage and stops at the top of the ramp. His gaze never wanders as he continues to stare straight ahead at the ring. The lyrics begin, and Wrecker quickly stomps down to the ring and climbs up the steps. He lumbers in through the ropes and heads to the corner, where he throws a few phantom punches and cracks his neck.

With Joshua Curtis still down in the wreckage of the table in the corner of the ring, Wrecker quickly climbs back out of the ring and grabs a ladder from under the ring! Wrecker slides the ladder into the ring and then follows it in himself before setting it up under the title belt! Curtis begins to stir as it looks like Wrecker will win the Las Vegas title without even throwing a punch!

Wrecker reaches up and his fingertips brush the title belt, but as he does his leg is grabbed by a groggy Joshua Curtis. Wrecker tries to kick Curtis off of him, but Curtis holds on before pulling him down from the top of the ladder. Wrecker lays into Curtis with some big punches before tossing him into the middle of the ring. Curtis bounces back and Wrecker hits him with a double arm DDT. Curtis slowly rises to his feet, but Wrecker is there again with a sloppy spinning heel kick.

Wrecker taunts for Curtis to rise to his feet, and as he does he positions him for a stalling suplex. However as Wrecker pulls Curtis up into the air, Curtis is able to counter by hitting a swinging DDT onto Wrecker! Curtis pulls Wrecker back up to his feet and as he does Curtis is able to hit the ‘Drawbridge’ on Wrecker!

With Wrecker down it looks like we might have a new Las Vegas Champion on our hands as Joshua Curtis slowly begins to rise up to his feet. Curtis looks groggy as he slowly begins to crawl up the ladder that is still positioned under the Las Vegas title belt in the middle of the ring. The fans will Curtis on as he slowly climbs the ladder, but as he does Wrecker begins to rise to his feet. Wrecker slowly begins to crawl up the ladder on the opposite side to Curtis as it is now a straight race to the title belt!

Wrecker and Curtis meet at the top of the ladder and slowly trade punches. Curtis looks to have the upper hand of the big right hands, but as he stuns Wrecker and then reaches up to try and pull down the title belt, Wrecker takes advantage with a big right on Curtis before pushing him backwards!

Curtis struggles to hang onto the ladder, but isn’t able to as he falls backwards and straight through the table that is set up in the ring! The crowd rise to their feet to survay the scene as even Wrecker looks stunned as he stares down at Joshua Curtis laying in the wreckage of the table. With Joshua Curtis laying motionless, there is no resistance as Wrecker reaches up and unhooks the Las Vegas title belt!

The referee is too busy checking on Joshua Curtis to raise anyone’s hand in the air, but Wrecker doesn’t seem to care as he positions himself in a sitting position on the top of the ladder and holds his prize up in the air in victory!

Las Vegas has a new champion, and his name is Wrecker!

Winner by pinfall & NEW Las Vegas Champion – Wrecker (37:04)

sVo presents Showdown #86
Monday 26th November 2012
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


In a small corner of the locker room, facing away from view, the sitting Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank is hunched over. His bricklayer’s workbelt draped over a green duffel bag beside the chair as a bottle of water is picked up by a visibly scarred and weathered right hand.

Burbank: “For years, sVo been ’bout da glitz an’glam uh’ Vegas, wit’ awhole buncha fist’tuh kicks mix in. When I ‘rrived, nobody knew me an’ noboduh gave me uh secon’ thought.”

‘Brickyard’ Burbank turns, swiping his chin from saliva or water, his eyes burning for that release to do his thing tonight in the ring.

Burbank: “I don’ mess verb an’ noun well. I tend to talk with muh guts out, fist’flyin’ an’ intensituh tripled out ’cause I leave nada’thang tuh chance. An’ as chance have it, TONIGHT, semi-final be for earnin’.”

Burbank slaps hard into his face, as he remains sitting but sharply turned in his chair.

Burbank: “Earnin’, yuh know wha’ that be, Cody Williams? — It mean gettin’ in that roped-out box an’ actualluh makin’ a legit claim tuh Nate Perry Dine as uh Contenduh.”

Burbank’s lazy eye twitches, as he just turns. As the camera stands there at his back for half a minute, nothing more is said.

Frost vs. Loki Synn
Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

Fall Apart by Twiztid erupts on the arena PA system, just as the lights begin to flicker. The crowd begins to boo as Alicia Frost emerges first from the black curtain, followed by Frost. They walk a few steps before stopping as Alicia leans her head against Frost side and gentle rubs his lower back. Frost raises his arm and slowly cuts his throat with his thumb, and then throws his hand towards the ground. He takes Alicia by her hand and begins his walk to ringside as he lets out this loud roar of anger. He pulls Alicia in front of him and picks her up and lifts her up onto the ringside apron, before pulling himself up and following. Frost takes a stance in the middle of the ring, and lets out one louder roar of anger. Music fades out.

The eerie beat of “Imagine” performed by A Perfect Circle starts to play over the loud speakers as the lights dim. The crowd simmers to a dull roar as a a name starts to spell itself out on the tron in Balloon Animal form…



The balloons all pop as the music begins to pick up and a spot light shines on Loki Synn, sVo’s resident Jester who poses briefly with his bauble scepter. He acknowledges the crowd with a slight smile and a little wave before making his way down to the ring.

Rolling under the ropes Loki stands up to face the crowd as multi colored graffiti falls down among the crowd and into the ring where Loki swings his scepter back and forth fighting an imaginary foe in a sword duel to the death while he awaits for the match to start.

With Frost and Loki Synn in the ring and ready for this Victory Cup match to get started, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to officially get under way.

Loki Synn and Frost slowly circle around each other in the middle of the ring trying to get the edge over the other, until both men finally dive forwards and tie up. Loki Synn quickly breaks the hold with some knee strikes to the midsection of Frost before sending him into the ropes. Frost bounces back into the middle of the ring and is taken down with a neckbreaker by Loki Synn.

Frost quickly rises up to his feet, and Loki Synn grabs him around the neck. However Frost fights out with some stiff punches to the midsection of his opponent before powering him back into the corner of the ring. With Loki Synn in the corner, Frost nails him with some stiff shoulder blocks into the midsection of his opponent, before dragging him into the middle of the ring. Loki Synn looks stunned as Frost lifts him quickly into the air before dropping him to the mat with a stiff snap suplex.

With Loki Synn down on the mat, Frost lays into him with some mounted punches before Loki Synn is able to push him off. Loki Synn rolls to his feet, but Frost cuts him off with a kick to the midsection before tossing him back down to the mat with a gut wrench slam. With Loki Synn on the mat, Frost looks for an early cover but only gets a two count from the referee before Loki Synn gets his shoulders up off of the mat.

Loki Synn stumbles up to his feet, but is on the receiving end of some big right hands from Frost. However Synn absorbs the punches before returning right hands of his own. Frost ducks under a right from Loki Synn, however Synn grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Frost punches back and Synn tosses Frost up into the air with a flapjack, causing him to land face first. Frost holds his face in pain as he gets to his feet, but Loki Synn grabs him in a crouched position and takes him down to the mat with a stiff neckbreaker.

Loki Synn rises up to his feet and taunts Frost, before placing a boot over his opponents throat and beginning to choke him out. The referee begins to count to five, but Loki Synn release the choke hold before the five count. Frost tries to catch his breath as he rises up to his feet, but as he does he is nailed with a back suplex by Loki Synn. Loki Synn quickly rises up to his feet and bounces off of the ring ropes, before dropping an elbow across the chest of his opponent. With Frost down on the mat, Loki Synn hooks the leg and makes the cover on his opponent.




Frost manages to power out from the cover attempt. Loki Synn doesn’t look too happy as he pounds the mat in frustration after thinking that he had the match won there and then. Loki Synn then begins to take out his frustration with some big mounted punches before bringing him up to his feet. Loki Synn aims a big head butt at Frost, but as he does Frost manages to cut him off with a knee to the midsection. Loki Synn doubles over in pain, and Frost manages to hit a big head butt of his own.

Loki Synn stumbles backwards, but as he does Frost bounces into the ring ropes behind him before hitting Loki Synn with a stiff clothesline. Loki Synn stumbles up after the move, but Frost is there and waiting for him with a scoop slam. Frost looks like he is gaining momentum as he stomps on the face of Loki Synn before taunting to the crowd. Loki Synn pulls himself up using the ring ropes, but Frost is there with a swinging side slam on his opponent, a move the drives the air out of the lungs of Loki Synn.

Synn struggles to breath as he again rises up to his feet, his lungs burning, but Frost puts him straight back down with a huge choke slam in the middle of the ring! Frost taunts to Loki Synn, and the fans boo the newcomer loudly as he waits for his opponent to get up. Frost looks unstoppable once he gets going as he takes a few steps back from his groggy opponent, before delvering the ‘Frost Bite’! Loki Synn flops down to the mat, and Frost makes the cover on his opponent.




It’s all over and its Frost that progresses into the final of the Victory Cup! Frost slowly rises up to his feet and has his hand raised in the air in victory. Frost aggressively snatches his arm away from the referee, before celebrating on his own in the corner of the ring. With three wins out of three, can Frost now win the Victory Cup and earn himself a sVo title shot?

Winner by pinfall – Frost (11:43)


In the backstage area, sVo reporter Tamara Boyd is standing by with James Von Drake and his wife Lucy Von Drake. JVD doesn’t look too happy as he stares into the camera.

Tamara Boyd: “Well tonight you put in an impressive performance in the Victory Cup but were eliminated by Roscoe Shame…”

Before Tamara Boyd can even finish the sentence she is interrupted by the 2010 Victory Cup winner.

James Von Drake: “Let me stop you there. Tonight was absolute bullshit! I was well on my way to becoming a two time Las Vegas Champion and Roscoe Shame threw me through a table! Roscoe Shame had already been eliminated from the match!”

Tamara Boyd: “Have you got a message for Roscoe Shame after his actions tonight?”

James Von Drake: “A message for him? Are you serious? I want to kick his ass! Roscoe Shame is a joke, an embarrassment! At Retribution I want, no I DEMAND a match against him! I want revenge for tonight. Roscoe Shame, you can even choose the match! Tonight you made the worst decision of your life when you screwed me out of that match, and at Retribution you WILL pay for it!”

JVD storms out of camera shot as Tamara Boyd watches the fuming sVo fighter leave.

Cody Williams vs. Woodrew Burbank
Officiated by referee Brett Lukas

The house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of The Goodfellas Arena to erupt. They stand on their feet in eager anticipation of the man about to make his way onto the stage. The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up.Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

From behind the curtain, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams slowly walks out to the roar of the capacity crowd. He stops at the top of the ramp and stares out into the audience, nodding his head as the begin to chant his name. He cockily makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown The Goodfellas Arena with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest before raising his arms high into the air.

‘Brick’ by Albert Collins hits the sound system and there are cheers from the fans as one of the impressive newcomers to the sVo, Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his arms in the air. Burbank slaps hands with fans at ringside before rolling into the ring and preparing for the match to begin.

The referee checks to see if both men are ready to start the match and they acknowledge that they are ready. The referee signals for the bell and this semi-final match for the Victory Cup is underway.




Cody Williams and Woodrew Burbank circle each other in the center of the ring, sizing each other up before locking up in a collar and elbow tie-up. The two of them vie for the upperhand but it is Brickyard who overpowers Cody with his brute strength and pushes him into the corner and against the turnbuckles. He grabs his head and sends him flying across the ring with a biel toss. Cody looks up in shock at the sheer strength of his opponent as Burbank flexes his muscles at him.

Williams shakes off the cobwebs, grabbing at his neck as he gets back up to a vertical base. The two of them lock up once again and it is Cody this time who gets the advantage, pulling Burbank is with a headlock. He starts to wrench at the head of Burbank who pushes him into the ropes. He shoots Cody off of him and Cody goes running across the ring. Cody comes bouncing back and Woodrew knocks him off of his feet with a shoulder block. Cody scrambles back up to his feet and runs the ropes only to be knocked back down by a shoulder block from Brickyard.

Visibly frustrated, Cody bounces off of the ropes once more and ducks underneath a clothesline attempt. He comes rushing back to the center of the ring, Burbank going for a back body drop that is stuffed by a kick to the chest. Cody runs the ropes and goes for a clothesline that doesn’t take his opponent off of his feet. He hits the ropes again and hits another clothesline that cause Burbank to stumble. Looking to take his opponent off of his feet, he winds up his arm and goes for another clothesline. Burbank however catches his arm and knocks him out of his boots with a short arm clothesline, turning him inside out!






Cody gets his shoulder up before the count of three. Burbank picks Cody off of the mat and whips him into the corner. He grabs him by the head and proceeds to deliver multiple knees to the solar plexus of his opponent. Burbank backs away from his battered opponent and stands in the opposite corner across the ring. He charges with a head full of steam and goes for an avalanche attack but Cody escapes narrowly. Woodrew eats a face full of turnbuckle and staggers backwards right into a school boy roll up!





Looking to capitalize, Cody knocks Woodrew off of his feet with a dropkick. Followed by another, and then another. As soon as Burbank gets onto his feet Cody takes him back down with a hip toss. Burbank stands back up and immediately gets taken down with a Japanese arm drag. Cody picks him up and hooks his arm and tights and takes him up and over with a snap suplex. Cody begins to ascend the turnbuckles and stands perched atop the top turnbuckle. Woodrew slowly begins to get back onto his feet and turns around in a daze. Williams comes flying off of the turnbuckles with a front missile dropkick that sends Burbank crashing to the mat.

Cody goes for another cover but the referee doesn’t administer the count, pointing out that Woodrew’s foot is underneath the bottom rope. Cody picks up his opponent off of the mat and hits a hard forearm smash to the face. Woodrew retaliates with a forearm smash of his own. The two of them trade stiff forearm smashes to the face, looking to out strike the other. Cody goes for another but his attempt is stuffed by Burbank unleashing a fury of forearm strikes, THE PLASTERIN’!!!

Dazed and confused Cody begins to stumble in the middle of the ring. He shakes it off and sees Burbank rushing towards him. Cody tries to stop him in his tracks with a clothesline but Woodrew ducks underneath it. His momentum builds and he continues running into the ropes, bouncing off of them as Cody turns back around to meet him. Before Cody can even turn around completely, Woodrew damn near takes his head off with a roaring double axehandle smash to the face, HIT THE BRICKS!!!





Winner by pinfall – Woodrew Burbank (10:51)


Cody Williams is shown climbing to his feet after his match against Woodrew Burbank, looking more than a little bit dazed. As he attempts to hake the cobwebs out of his head there is a scuffle at ringside and two fans spill over the barricade and dive into the ring. Woodrew wastes no time in getting to the outside, however Cody isn’t quite so lucky as he eats a HUGE clothesline from one of the “fans” who appear to be full grown men dressed in combat fatigues, black sweaters and balaclavas! Cody is back up with a flurry of right hands trying to defend himself, but two on one are never good odds!

Cody takes a forearm shot to the face, cutting his lip, before he falls down onto the mat. One of the men continues to deliver punishing kicks to Cody while the other fetches a table from underneath the ring, sliding it underneath the ropes and setting it up! The crowd erupts in dismay as the men pick the motionless Cody up and deliver a devastating double chokeslam, smashing the “Reflection of Perfection” through the table and leaving him a broken mess!

Security finally hit the ring but it is too late, as both the masked men disappear into the crowd. EMTs emerge from backstage bearing a stretcher for Cody, and the question everybody is thinking is; what could have provoked such a sudden, terrible attack?

sVo presents Retribution 2012 Only on PPV
‘A Year and a Half in the Making…’
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada
3rd December 2012


Backstage sVo Owner Jon Page does not look happy as he slams his office door shut with one hand, pressing a mobile phone to his ear with the other.

Jon Page: “I don’t know what happened, just wait until I catch up with that fucking kid.”

Page walks angrily down the corridor, nodding his head along with whatever the person on the other end of the line is saying.

Jon Page: “I know, I lost a lot of money on it as well… No don’t worry, Cody Williams vs. Paradine will still go down at Retribution. I know I promised the Victory Cup winner a title shot but this match has been too long in the making, there is too much money at stake here.”

Page pushes a stage hand out of his way as he meets him in the corridor.

Jon Page: “Don’t worry, I will sort it out. I have a great idea.”

Fade Out.

Nathan Paradine vs. William Vorheez
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

“Hillbilly Joke” by Hank 3 plays as the lights flicker red and white, Vorheez emerges from the stage with Tripp Whipwreck closely behind him. As they march towards the ring they are greeted with a wild mixture of cheers and boos. Vorheez slides under the bottom rope and into the ring raising his arms up high, Vorheez takes off his black vest and tosses it down to his brother as the music slowly fades and the lights come up.

“Carmina Burana” begins to play over the sound system as Nathan Paradine emerges from backstage, shrouded by smoke. Slowly he walks out onto the ramp with his arms outstretched, his head turned towards the roof, basking in the reaction from the crowd. He climbs into the ring via the steel stairs, pausing only to slide his sunglasses off his face and place them on the ring apron before stepping between the ropes. Once in the ring he poses again, kneeling down onto one knee and pointing at himself as his theme music dies out.

The referee calls for the bell and both competitors in the match begin to circle each other before initiating a lockup, grappling each other for several moments before Paradine breaks away with his arms raised, signaling for a time out. Vorheez looks bemused as he returns to his corner and confers with his brother, while Paradine throws a few shadow punches and tries to pump himself up. The referee calls for the bell again and both men continue circling before initiating a lock up, with Paradine coming out on top and whipping Vorheez into the ropes, however Vorheez ducks underneath a clothesline attempt from Paradine and grabs the opposite rope to steady himself! Vorheez runs forward looking to hit his own clothesline which Paradine also evades! The crowd begins to boo the display in the ring as both men trade blows in the ring, somehow managing to block each punch! Vorheez pushes Paradine away, and each man backs away into their respective corners!

Paradine ducks as a spectator tosses a paper cup into the ring, splattering the apron with beer. Several other fans in the front row begin to chant “We want wrestling!”, a cry that most of the people in the arena quickly pick up. Vorheez and his brother Whippwreck exchange glances, while Paradine taunts them to both step into the ring. Whippwreck shrugs and slides underneath the bottom rope, ignoring the protests of the referee. Paradine raises his fists as Drunk and Disorderly approach him warily. Paradine suddenly charges forward looking for a double clothesline, however the brothers again duck underneath his arms. Paradine rebounds and evades a coathanger attempt from William and Tripp as they link arms, sliding along the mat and to the outside. He surveys the ring for a moment before shaking his head and walking up the ramp! The crowd resumes booing as Nathan disappears backstage, while unhappy sVo fans begin to hurl garbage into the ring. Vorheez and Whippwreck climb out of the ring and jump the barricade, pushing disappointed and unruly fans out of the way as they disappear into the crowd.

What just took place in the middle of the ring? Was it a protest? Or could Jon Page have a possibly rebellion on his hands only three weeks in to the latest incarnation of the Sanctioned Violence Organization?


‘So Star Studded’ by Colt Cooper blares throughout the arena. Without an introduction the boos already begin to pour in. An upset Colt Cooper storm onto the stage already with a mic in hand. He’s dressed in a grey and pink two piece, and has on pink shades. His top buttoned covering the black shirt underneath. Not taking anymore steps Colt stops at the beginning of the ramp.

Colt Cooper: “Stop the goddamn music.”

He pauses looking down at the sterling silver platform. Lifting his head up he slowly lifts the microphone up to his mouth.

Colt Cooper: “I am very unpleased with myself. I have let myself down. Just last week I was caught off guard by a blonde chick in the crowd. She was letting me know she wanted to give me a blowjob, and all of a sudden Frost steals my victory. We all know that I was whipping his ass basically the whole entire match. He lucked up. He’s one lucky guy.” 

He slowly begins walking down the ramp.

Colt Cooper: “As you all know I was suppose to be fighting in the little royale they had here tonight for the Las Vegas title. I know, it seems like a cowardly move to pull out of the match, but look at what I gave up. A chance to become Las Vegas champion. Sweet right? No.”

He takes of his shades while continuing his walk down the ramp.

Colt Cooper: “I make my own rules. I don’t follow orders from Jon Page. The scumbag disgust’s me, and since I make my own rules I decided that I won’t fight in any title matches unless it’s for the sVo championship. That’s giving up alot right. I may never see a World Title bout, but that’s all that matters to me. That title. I could’ve easily won the Las Vegas title here tonight, but that won’t make me. Only the sVo Championship will.”

He steps into the ring while collecting boos. He smirks, pacing around the ring.

Colt Cooper: “I bet you one million dollars that the winner of Ultimate Victory will be scared to put their number one contendership up against me. They all should be thankful for that dumb blonde. Everyone knows Ultimate Victory was made for me. That’s okay though, because I always have a plan. I’m always up to something, and that something is very close to my heart.”

Colt Cooper: “You have to be smart in this buisness. If you’re not you’ll never make it. If it wasn’t for one person I wouldn’t have made it. If it wasn’t for that same person I wouldn’t be standing here, and no i’m not talking about Jon Page.”

Colt unbottons the button on his top taking it off and revealing a Company t-shirt. The crowd awe’s at what their seeing. Colt stands smiling in the ring. He taps his chest twice before putting the microphone back up to his lips.

Colt Cooper: “I’m talking about Matt Anderson.”

Without any music Matt Anderson appears on the ramp dressed in a black suit. The crowd in attendance immeaditely begin to boo him. Matt Anderson smirks and Colt Cooper claps his hands cheering on Matt Anderson.

Matt Anderson: “Miss me?”

More boos. Matt Anderon steps into the ring giving Colt a hug.

Matt Anderson: “That’s right what am I bringing back to my company. The Company. If you don’t know who we are then I suggest you ask somebody.”

The fans continue to boo Matt Anderson and Colt Cooper.

Matt Anderson: “I’m out here tonight because I have a special offer. If you want to be elite and be somebody in the sVo I think you want to listen up.”

Colt Cooper: “So get the wax out of your ear.”

‘Cooper sucks’ chants sound off in the arena.

Matt Anderson: “I’m looking for one more man to be apart of this Rebirth. Now I’m not looking for someone who is not willing to be down for this ride. I only want the elite. So if you want to be something like this man here Colt Cooper you know where to find me.”

Matt Anderson drops the microphone and So Star Studded by Colt Cooper begins to play. The duo slowly leaves the ring taunting the crowd. Is ‘The Company’ is once again in the sVo? Will someone take Matt Anderson up on his offer? Or will he and Colt Cooper put a big target on their back?


Nathan Paradine is shown walking backstage after his “match”, a satisfied smirk on his face. There is a shout from further down the corridor and Jon Page appears, red-faced and out of breath after having apparently run from his executive box above the arena. Paradine claps Page on the shoulder as he approaches.

Nathan Paradine: “Page! I had a feeling you might show up.”

Jon Page: “What… the hell… was that?!”

Nathan Paradine: “What was what?”

Page looks at Paradine as if he is a simpleton.

Jon Page: “The main event of Showdown! That farce of a wrestling match! The people out there are throwing garbage into the ring, throwing chairs, all because you didn’t wrestle! People have bet good money on that match… What was that, some kind of petty payback because I took your title away?”

Nathan Paradine: “Well, after that attack earlier on, I thought it might be best to conserve my strength… it looks like you could have a few jealous wrestlers attacking the Victory Cup competitors. Such a shame really, I doubt any of them will be one hundred per cent for Retribution.”

Jon Page: “You’re responsible for that attack, aren’t you? I don’t know how, but you had some hand in what happened to Cody Williams.”

Nathan Paradine: “Me? I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Do you really think I need to send people to beat the snot out of Cody Williams? I’m perfectly capable of doing that myself, thanks. Maybe you should look at people who failed to place in the Cup, people like JVD or that one-eyed freak Sara Pettis. I think you’ll find there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, Occam’s razor and all that.”

Jon Page: “I can assure you, I will get to the bottom of this. And you will not get away with that awful display out there tonight. I have a good mind to remove you from the title match at Retribution for your actions.”

Page starts to walk away as Paradine looks stricken. Paradine chases after Page, trying to urge him to stop.

Nathan Paradine: “Oi! Page! Come back here, you shouldn’t be so hasty. I have a proposal for you.”

Jon Page: “What is it, Nathan? This had better be good.”

Nathan Paradine: “There’s still two weeks until Retribution. Keep me in the main event and I’ll find out who is attacking the Victory Cup competitors, alright? Everybody wins. Well, I don’t win anything; I’m just keeping what I have. You, however, get your big-money main event plus those two scoundrels attacking people. Deal?”

Paradine extends his hand to Page, who reluctantly shakes on the deal.

Jon Page: “I expect results next week, understand? I’ve got enough damned masked men running around here.”

Nathan Paradine: “Crystal clear, bossman.”

Page nods and walks away, leaving a smirking Nathan Paradine contemplating just how he’d find the masked attackers in a week as Showdown comes to an end.

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