sVo Showdown #83
5th November 2012
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of past sVo action plays on the giant screen, before there is a run down of some of the matches that have already been announced for tonight, including Tom Flynn vs Woodrow Burbank and JVD vs Frost!

‘Rags to Riches’ by Tony Bennett plays as highlights of the grand reopening of the Goodfellas Casino over the weekend over the weekend are shown on the giant sVo-Tron. The highlight reel includes spectacular shots of the fireworks display over the casino and the likes of Carmen Electra, Frank Sinatra Jr, Kim Kardashian, Kayne West, ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, Prince Harry, Russell Brand, Paris Hilton, Julian Fiasco & Mike Tyson all in the V.I.P lounge in the casino. The highlight reel continues with a look at the new and improved Goodfellas Casino Arena, deep in the heart of the casino which is home to the Sanctioned Violence Organization. The reel finally ends with a quick collection of some of the greatest moments in sVo history from the likes of Nathan Paradine, Roscoe Shame, Mike Polowy, Psyko Stevo and Night.


Jon Page is shown standing in the middle of the ring clutching a microphone, a small smile on his face as he soaks in the cheers of the fans crammed into the Goodfellas Casino for the return of sVo Showdown! He motions for quiet and raises the mic to speak.

Jon Page: “Ladies and gentlemen… welcome back to the Sanctioned Violence Organization! Now, after such a long hiatus, I’m sure you all have a lot of questions on your minds… and the main question is, hopefully, concerning the sVo Championship… namely, who is the current sVo Champion.”

The crowd gives this announcement a mixed reaction, and Page smirks.

Jon Page: “I’ve invited the last-ever sVo Champion out here tonight to-“

Suddenly, Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana” blasts over the sound system as Nathan Paradine emerges from backstage with a mic, dressed in his ring gear and his new “Me! Me! Me!” shift, the glittering sVo Championship belt wrapped snugly around his waist. He strides down to the ring and climbs up the steel stairs, wiping his feet on the ring apron before stepping between the ropes. He unbuckles the belt as he approaches Page and throws it over his shoulder.

Nathan Paradine: “Jon, can I just say… it’s bloody amazing to be back here in Las Vegas!”

The crowd cheers and Page opens his mouth to speak, however Paradine cuts him off.

Nathan Paradine: “Everything is almost exactly how I remember it… the quality of the talent might’ve dropped a little bit, but what can you do, eh?”

Nathan gives an exaggerated shrug. Page raises the mic to speak again, only for Paradine to continue talking.

Nathan Paradine: “But it is my true joy to address you all tonight as the Sanctioned Violence Organization Champion, and to announce that-“

Jon Page: “Nathan, please. I’ve got a very important announcement to make.”

Nathan Paradine: “An… announcement?”

Jon Page: “I’m afraid that you’re not… exactly the sVo Champion anymore.”

Nathan Paradine: “Explain. Now.”

Jon Page: “The Nevada Athletics Commission requires at least one title defense every one hundred days… and it’s been over a year since you won the title. I’m afraid you’ve been stripped of the belt.”

Nathan stares at Page open-mouthed, trying to contain his shock and anger.

Nathan Paradine: “I’m the rightful sVo Champion! That belt is MINE!”

Jon Page: “Actually, I believe there’s some controversy over that involving Cody Williams… that I’ll leave the two of you to sort out. But don’t worry, I’m going to give you a chance to win this belt back.”

Nathan Paradine: “Tonight!?”

Jon Page: “Whoa, not that soon! At the first sVo Pay-Per-View, you will fight the winner of a championship tournament for the right to name the NEW sVo Champion!”

Nathan Paradine: “So I have to fight the winner of some hastily thrown together tourney just to win back MY championship belt?”

Nathan approaches Page, who refuses to back down.

Nathan Paradine: “This is a mistake, Page. You’ll realize that by the time the Pay Per View rolls around. I will make you pay for allowing this to happen…. you, and the entire sVo roster.”

Jon Page: “Feel free to start with Colt Cooper tonight… you ARE ready for your match, aren’t you? If not, you’d better go and prepare.”

Nathan scowls at Page, but he turns away and storms out of the ring as “Carmina Burana” resumes playing. What ramifications could this action have for the sVo roster?


The cameras go to the backstage area, where a young man is seen wandering the halls with a confused look on his face. He nervously rubs his stubbled chin as he goes from door to door, reading the placards adorning them, and mumbling to himself.

Henry Edgar Shaw: “This is useless… how did I let them talk me into this? I shouldn’t even be here…”

Suddenly, Henry Edgar hears voices coming from around the corner. He instinctively backs into the shadows and watches as a couple of the casino workers walk by, still chatting and paying no attention to him. Relieved, he stokes his hand over his dark, brown hair, which is pulled back in a ponytail. However, what he failed to notice, was the young lady approaching him from the other direction.

Production Assistant: “Excuse me, can I help you?”

Henry Edgar Shaw: “I’m su… supposed to be here… I swear it. Angelo said…”

His voice quivers and shakes, which as everyone knows, is a sure sign that a person is being truthful and honest.

Production Assistant: “Well, you sure don’t look like you belong here. Did you get lost coming from the men’s room or something?”

Henry Edgar Shaw: “I… unh… y… you see… I’m… ah… I’m a wrestler here. Yeah, I’m a wrestler. I didn’t get a deal done in time to be booked for the show this week, so I’m just…”

Production Assistant: “You’re just about to leave, or I’m calling for security.”

Henry Edgar: “No, no… you don’t want to do that. I mean… I can explain…”

The girl begins looking to see if there is anyone around, while anxiously awaiting an explanation.

Production Assistant: “Well, that sounded kind of like a threat just now, so you have about five seconds to explain…”

Suddenly, Henry Edgar reaches out and gently grabs her by the hand.

Angelo: “Sorry about that miss. He really is quite an awkward fellow, wouldn’t you say?”

The production assistant spins around on the spot and glares at Henry Edgar for a moment. Then the girl raises an eyebrow in confusion, and tilts her head like a curious puppy. Something’s different here… aside from the fact that Henry Edgar is now wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses. It was his manner of speech that took her by surprise.

Production Assistant: “Excuse me?”

Angelo: “Forgive me, where are my manners? The name is Angelo, and that gutless wonder you just met a moment ago is named Henry Edgar.”

Production Assistant: “Gutless wonder?”

She looks around the immediate area, but it is still only her and, well, whoever this guy is.

Angelo: “I understand your confusion. You wouldn’t be the first person to react like that. You see, Henry Edgar really does work for the sVo. Well, technically we both do.”

Production Assistant: “Both?”

Angelo: “Weeellllll… technically we ALL do, but that’s not entirely relevant right now. As I was saying, this being our first time in the Goodfellas Casino,let alone Las Vegas, we’re just a tad lost. So please, could you just tell me where we might find Tamara Boyd? We’re scheduled to do an interview with her a little later on in the show.”

Just then, the girl notices a security guard walking by in the background, and waves him over.

Security Guard: “Is there a problem ma’am?”

The young girl looks up at Angelo for a moment, and then over to the security guard, and then back to Angelo.

Production Assistant: “Umm… can you please escort this man to the production area. He’s scheduled with Ms. Boyd for an interview tonight.”

The security guard eases his stance, and points the way. Angelo quickly fires the young girl the ‘wink and gun’ before heading off.

Production Assistant: “What a whack job…”


“Drop Tha World” by Lil’ Wayne blares throughout the Goodfellas Casino as the lights begin to flicker. Smoke spews up at the ramp as Roscoe Shame walks through the cloud of smoke just as the lights come back on. Unlike the Roscoe Shame everyone is accustomed to, Roscoe slaps his hands with the fans on his way down to the ring. He grabs a microphone from the ring announcer before climbing into the ring.

Roscoe Shame: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sanctioned Violence Organization is back!!

The crowd erupts in a chorus of cheers.

Roscoe Shame: “And there is no one more happy about it than I! sVo is my home and let me tell you….I’m glad to be back home!

The fans cheer again.

Roscoe Shame: “Since sVo was last open I’ve bounced around from wrestling organization to wrestling organization but never could give it my all because none of them were in the same league as sVo. So when my manager, Jeremiah Sloan found me roaming in Paris, France to let me know sVo was back up and running again I nearly shitted my pants!

Some fans laugh.

Roscoe Shame: “Anyways, let me cut to the chase so I don’t keep you fans away from the great matches we have tonight. I just wanted to come out here and welcome the sVo back and welcome you, the fans back! Now let’s all enjoy this ride together!

Shame drops the microphone as his music hits the sound system. He makes his way backstage, clapping hands with the fans.

sVo presents Showdown #84
Monday 12th November 2012
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

Tom Flynn vs. Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

“I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the sound system and the fans boo loudly as a green glow covers the area. Smoke rises from the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before Tom Flynn steps through it flanked by his friend Sean O’Grady, with a mean look on his face. The pair, collectivity known as ‘the Fighting Irish’, slowly walk down to the ring whilst eye balling the fans at ringside. Tom Flynn rolls into the ring and prepares to do what he loves to do, fight, as Sean O’Grady trash talks the fans around the ring.

‘Brick’ by Albert Collins hits the sound system and there is a cheer from the crowd as Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp for the first time. Burbank raises his arms in the air to signal to the crowd before slowly making his way down to the ring. Burbank climbs into the ring and eye balls Tom Flynn and Sean O’Grady as he climbs onto the nearest turnbuckle and signals to the crowd.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match is official underway! Burbank quickly rushes at his opponent, however Flynn is ready for him and takes down the newcomer with a side head lock takedown. Burbank quickly rolls to his feet and knocks down Flynn with a short arm clothesline as the fans cheer loudly. Flynn rises quickly to his feet, but Burbank grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Flynn bounces back off of the ropes, and surprises Burbank with a big spinning kick to the face!

The fans boo for the move from the impressive Tom Flynn, as the Boston native rises up to his feet and lays into Burbank with some big kicks and chops as he gets to his feet. Tom Flynn manages to back Burbank into the corner of the ring, before grabbing him by the wrist and sending him corner to corner. Woodrew Burbank hits the corner of the ring hard, as Tom Flynn runs at him and takes him down with a huricarana into a cover!



The fans look pleased as Burbank manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted!

Tom Flynn isn’t disappointed as he quickly pulls Burbank up by his brick work singlet, before laying into him with some stiff chops across the chest. The fans respond to every chop, until Burbank manages to block a chop and knocks Flynn off-balance with a knee to the midsection. Flynn stumbles forward, allowing Burbank to take advantage with a running headbutt to the stomach on the new sVo star. Woodrew Burbank takes out his anger on his opponent with some big mounted punches, before Flynn finds a way to roll away from his opponent.

Flynn tries to get back into the match with a big kick to Burbank’s face, but Burbank grabs the leg of Flynn and takes him down with an devastating clothesline. With Tom Flynn down on the mat, Burbank shows off his ruthless streak with some big kicks as he tries to get to his feet. Burbank gives Flynn a little payback with some stiff chops across his chest, before taking him down to the mat with a go behind into a waist lock, followed by a picture perfect German suplex!

The fans cheer loudly for the move as Tom Flynn rolls around on the mat holding the back of his head in pain, but Burbank doesn’t look like he is finished, as he walks around and grabs the legs of Flynn. The cheers get even louder as Burbank grabs Flynn’s legs, before flipping him over to lock in a Boston crab submisison hold! Tom Flynn screams out in pain as Burbank smiles whilst pulling back further on the hold. Flynn, desperately reaches out to try and grab hold of the bottom rope. The referee asks Flynn if he would like to quit. Flynn says no, before reaching forward and grabbing the bottom rope!

The fans boo loudly as the referee calls for the rope break. Burbank keeps the hold locked in for the full five count, before finally releasing it before getting disqualified. However he quickly goes straight back to the offensive with big kicks and an elbow drop into the back of Tom Flynn. Flynn looks like the submission move has taken a lot out of him, as Burbank drags him up to a standing position, before slapping him across the face. Flynn sways on his feet, until Burbank kicks him in the midsection before positioning him for a piledriver! Burbank prepares to try and break the neck of his opponent, only for Flynn to counter out of nowhere with a backdrop!

Burbank can’t believe it as he jumps back up to his feet, only to be met with a dropkick from Tom Flynn to send him straight back down to the mat. Burbank once again jumps up, but this time Flynn takes him down with an arm drag takedown followed by a jumping leg drop onto the arm of Woodrew Burbank. Burbank holds his arm in pain, and Tom Flynn takes advantage by nailing him with an European uppercut in the middle of the ring. Burbank slowly rises up to a kneeling position, only to be smashed in the back of the head with a knee smash from Tom Flynn! He makes the cover on Burbank for what will surely be an impressive debut win!




Burbank somehow manages to kickout. Tom Flynn quickly rises up to his feet with a look of fury on his own face and begins to shout loudly at the ref for a slow count. This mistake from Flynn allows Burbank to gather himself! Realizing he wasn’t going to win the argument Flynn turns around only to be hit with the ‘Plasterin’! Burbank pulls the pain stricken Tom Flynn to his feet. Cheers ring around the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Burbank knocks Flynn to the mat with a ‘Hit the Bricks’ in the middle of the ring, before rolling over for the cover!




The fans cheer as Woodrew Burbank rises to his feet victorious in his first ever outing in an sVo ring. The referee raises Burbank’s hand in the air in victory as Sean O’Grady pulls his partner Tom Flynn out of the ring and out of the firing line. After proving himself one to watch in the new sVo, Woodrew Burbank celebrates in the ring as the action heads backstage.

Winner by pinfall – Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank (11:05)


After the match the scene cuts backstage where former Las Vegas Champion James Von Drake is arriving, his wife Lucy Von Drake right behind him. JVD has a pair of black shades on and a Louis Vuitton bag slung over his shoulder, whilst his wife wouldn’t look out of place on a catwalk. JVD looks like he has never been away from the Goodfellas Arena as he marches through the corridors towards his locker room.

Midstep the Von Drake’s are interupted by intrepid reporter Tamara Boyd as she pounces from around the corner with a sVo emblazoned microphone in hand.

Tamara Boyd: “JVD, you are one of the big returning names here to tonight’s first sVo show in over a year. You have been booked against newcomer Frost who has a fearsome reputation from some reputable companies in the wrestling world. How do you rate your chances against him tonight?”

JVD stares at Tamara Boyd as if she has just farted, before turning to his glamourous wife. The Von Drake’s share a shake of the head, before quickly stepping around a clearly annoyed Tamara Boyd and towards their locker room.

Tamara Boyd: “Well there we have it, James Von Drake obviously not in the mood for chatting tonight. Back to ringside!”


The sounds of a patriotic theme blares through the speakers followed by a group of five men dressed in black suits. They stand at the entrance and form a wall looking through the crowd. Five seconds later Colt Cooper steps out in his pink and blue suit and enters that wall. Boo’s begin to pour. He just smiles. Escorting Colt to the ring his security guards removes hands out of his lovely face and make sure he’s not touched by anyone. Colt sticks his middle finger up a few times, and he and his security enter the ring. Colt stands by the podium already in the ring and cues the music to stop.


Colt Cooper: “I adore you guys. I love that you hate me. Haters always make the world better.”

More boo’s.

Colt Cooper: “And if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been, but it’s screw you guys because it’s all about me right. That’s why you all are here because you want to see me right.”

Cooper sucks, Cooper sucks, Cooper sucks chants gather throughout the arena.

Colt Cooper: “I may actually do at being fake, but I will never suck at being the most pleasing thing to watch in the sVo. I’m better than you and everyone backstage. I am godly, and with that comes great things, which is why I’m running for president.”

A cup is thrown in the ring and one of the security guards pick it up and start inspecting it.

Colt Cooper: “And since I’m doing that I have to have a debate so I thought, tonight would be perfect.”

The lights dim and the cameras scroll left to the sVotron. An American flag is shown until it diminishes into another flag eventually showing every flag in the world.

Colt Cooper: “I will represent everyone unlike who I’m running against…Nathan Pair of jeans.”

The lights brighten back up showing another podium in the ring. Standing behind it was a cardboard Nathan Paradine who had on the shades Colt wore for Halloween.

Colt Cooper: “And the first thing I’ll do for everyone in the world is help them be more like me. Which means you’ll be awesome at everything you do. Can you do that Mr. Paradine?”

Of course the cardboard doesn’t speak.

Colt Cooper: “Exactly. Can you even supply the world with a box of Coopums? No. Can you see that the nation doesn’t need someone whose last breath may only be seconds away? No. Do you realize i’m clearly winning this debate.”

Colt looks at the cardboard Nathan Paradine and smiles.

Colt Cooper: “No.”

Paradine, Paradine, Paradine chants erupt inside the arena.

Colt Cooper: “You can call him all you want, but he won’t be showing up. He knows what’s better for him and his health. Well maybe he doesn’t. He doesn’t even know that in this very ring he is going to lose to me tonight, but keep that a secret. Oh, you can’t, the cat is already out the hat.”

He pauses for a moment collecting some boo’s.

Colt Cooper: “You guys can keep booing all you want it won’t phase me. It’s not like I don’t know everyone already has me counted me out this match. I know the odds are suppose to be against me, and that’s the reason your new president will show you why he is so star studded.”

The patriotic theme from earlier plays once again while Colt and his security leave the ring. The broadcast goes to commercial. A Coopums commercial to be exact!


The scene heads backstage where a familiar face is in the interview area with head reporter Tamara Boyd. As Tamara Boyd holds the microphone up to her grinning face, the fans cheer as they catch site of former sVo President Paige All-Star on the giant screen standing by with Boyd.

Tamara Boyd: “Well Mrs All-Star, its great seeing you back here in the Goodfellas Casino!”

Paige smiles as she waits for the audiable cheers from ringside to die down before answering.

Paige All-Star: “Well when I heard that the Goodfellas Casino was reopening and that sVo was on its way back I just had to pop in. This place holds a lot of great memories for me. It’s great what they have done with the casino, but most of all it’s great to see the sVo back!”

There is a huge cheer from the fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena for that last statement.

Tamara Boyd: “Well now that you are back here and have a taste for it again, will we be seeing you again on a more regular basis?”

Paige All-Star: “I’m afraid not. I’ve enjoyed being here and winning a truck load of cash in the casino. I was thrilled when my uncle Jon Page invited me back here to watch the show live, but for now I will only be watching the sVo as a fan.”

There are some boos from the fans.

Tamara Boyd: “What about your husband Johnny All-Star, will we ever see him back in an sVo ring?”

Paige gives a mischievous smile and a shrug of her shoulders.

Paige All-Star: “Never say never.”


The lights turn off making the arena pitch black minus the salt and peppering of the random camera flashes throughout Goodfellas. Red strobe lights come on pulsing to the beat of “Imagine” performed by A Perfect Circle. The slow beat of the music with the red flashing lights create an ambiance of creepiness that the sVo has seen very little of.

Suddenly a figure appears in a black, hooded cape at the top of the ramp. He pauses ever so slightly and points up to the tron. In deep red symbols a semi colon and right parenthesis appear. The figure whips off the hood in dramatic fashion and the fans pop at the sight of the one and only, Loki Synn!

Loki makes his way the ring, ignoring the fans as they chant his name.


The music cuts out but the lights remain off as red spotlights cast an eerie glow onto the jester that once romped around the sVo locker room, causing massive issues for the once proud Company. The jester allows the crowd to continue before much to everyone’s surprise he shouts.

Loki Synn: “SHUT UP!”

The fans surprisingly enough listen. Mostly due to the fact that the last time Loki was in sVo, he was the one fighting for the fans, not against them.

Loki Synn: “I’ve come back!”

The crowd pops but once again Loki tells them to be silent. Loki continues.

Loki Synn: “I know. It’s been a minute but I REALLY had to fight with myself to come back here. You see, the last time I was even seen close to an sVo ring, I was all but forgotten. Disappeared without a trace and no ONE person noticed I was gone. High profile match too. Just poof! Loki’s gone and no one cares. So please pardon me if your warm welcomes, your cheers and chants for Loki Synn, the man who helped to derail the WWA invasion, don’t send warm fuzzies to the cockles of my heart.

I’ve decided to come back though. Despite being forgotten about and no one really caring that I was no longer around I decided to make your lives a bit more, well, entertaining. I’ve learned some new tricks and I can guarantee that this won’t be the same show all over again. Cheer me if you must, but I can assure you by the time all is said and done, I’ve had my way with whatever I decide to have my way with, and you all realize that you made a massive mistake when you decided to forget about me, you won’t be cheering.

Semi colon. Right parenthesis.”

With that Loki tosses the mic to the side. He flips the hood up around his head, shrouding his face, the face of a jester, in shadow. “Imagine” once again queues up and he proceeds to march back up to where he came from leaving the crowd in a state of confusion.


Backstage in the office of sVo Owner Jon Page, the boss is sitting with his feet up on his desk and congratulating himself on a good job well done so far. The sVo World Championship belt sits draped across his desk, as Page lifts his half empty champagne flute to the air in a silent toast to himself.

Knowing that everything was going far too perfect so far, Page knocked the rest of the bubbly liquid back in one.

Grand reopening of the Goodfellas Casino go off without a hitch? – Check.
Soldout crowd for the return of the sVo in said Goodfellas Casino? – Check.
Roster full of stars for sVo show? – Check.
Putting Nathan Paradine in his place and telling him he wasn’t the sVo Champion anymore? – Check.

Nope, everything seemed to be going just to plan right now, so Page decides to treat himself a little more as he pours himself another glass of champers and kicks back to watch one of his his hand picked proteges take on returning talent William Vorheez in the match up next on his wide screen TV.

This was the life.

William Vorheez vs. Sean O’Grady
Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

“I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the sound system and the fans boo loudly as a green glow covers the area. Smoke rises from the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before Sean O’Grady steps through it flanked by his friend Tom Flynn, with a mean look on his face. The pair, collectivity known as ‘the Fighting Irish’, slowly walk down to the ring whilst eye balling the fans at ringside. Sean O’Grady rolls into the ring and prepares to face his opponent, as Tom Flynn trash talks the fans around the ring.

The arena goes black as “God of Emptiness” by Morbid Angel begins to play, white strobes pulse fast, as the entrance way fills up with smoke. Vorheez slowly walks out to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers, his tag team partner Tripp Whipwreck by his side. He pays no attention to the crowd as he stares at the ring making his way down the aisle. He slowly walks up the steps and stops at the top step and takes off his robe.

Vorheez walks up onto the apron and climbs over the top rope into the ring as he walks to the corner and kneels down removing his upside down cross necklace.

The ref calls for the bell and the two men stand their ground in his respective corner; Vorheez remains stoic and casts an intimidating shadow across the mat. Sean O’Grady smirks at his opponent to let him know he’s not scared.

O’Grady makes the first move, charging at Vorheez who ducks the clothesline attempt, but is kicked in the gut for his troubles when turns around. Vorheez to stumbles backwards and is sent to the mat head first by a DDT! O’Grady stays on the offensive with a series of stomps to the ribcage of Vorheez.

Vorheez manages to catch O’Grady’s foot and pulls him down to the canvas. The Horror Icon wastes no time climbing on top of O’Grady and unleashing a barrage of punches to his opponent’s head. The ref breaks it up after a four count. Vorheez gets to his feet, pulling O’Grady up with him. He places a huge hand over O’Grady’s wrist and shoves him away before pulling him back into a short-arm clothesline! O’Grady’s head snaps back violently as he is taken to the ground! He makes the cover.




O’Grady kicksout! Tripp Whipwreck shakes his head in disbelief on the outside of the ring as Tom Flynn shouts for his partner to get to his feet. Vorheez turns his attention to the ref and complains about a slow count. This gives O’Grady a chance to catch his breath and get to his feet. Vorheez turns around and is met with a knee lift from O’Grady which doubles him over. As Vorheez coughs and splutters on the canvas, O’Grady hammers him in the back with a big forearm. He follows up with a sharp elbow into the back of Vorheez’s head before grabbing The One Man Horror Show and taking him down with a swinging neckbreaker!

O’Grady quickly rolls over on top of Vorheez for the cover.




Just as it looks like there was a three count, Whipwreck reaches into the ring and pulls O’Grady off of Vorheez! The referee warns Whipwreck about getting involved as O’Grady rises to his feet with a pissed off look on his face. On the outside of the ring Tom Flynn charges at Whipwreck and spears him to the floor. Flynn and Whipwreck trade punches on the outside, and the confusion gives Vorheez the chance to set his sights on O’Grady once more. However, O’Grady is already there to meet Vorheez as soon as he gets back to his feet. O’Grady latches onto Vorheez. He locks in a headlock and squeezes the air out of Vorheez like a punctured tire!

Unable to break the grip of his opponent, Vorheez instead uses his weight advantage to shift the both of them to the ropes. He pulls O’Grady into the ropes and shoves him loose with all his might. O’Grady races into the opposite ropes and bounces off, coming right back into a mouthful of boot! O’Grady’s arms fall limp as he crumples to the canvas in a broken heap.

Vorheez signals for the end. He grabs O’Grady by his orange hair, putting his head between his legs. He lets out a demonic laugh before slamming O’Grady into the unforgiving canvas with the Wrath of Vorheez!! He makes the cover




William Vorheez has done it! The Drunk and Disorderly member rises to his feet and throws his own hands in the air, as the referee quickly rushes to the outside of the ring to try and separate Tom Flynn and Tripp Whipwreck. Chaos desends on the ringside area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Vorheez and Whipwreck begin to stomp away on Flynn and O’Grady in celebration as referees flood the arena to try and restore order.

Winner by pinfall – William Vorheez (08:38)


The fans can still be heard cheering from the ringside area as the cameras cut to Tamara Boyd, who is patiently waiting backstage to interview one of sVo’s newcomers.

Tamara Boyd: Ladies and gentlemen, I honestly don’t know how well this is going to work out. I’ve been talking to this guy for a while now, and he’s… well… I’ll let you be the judge.

Tamara hangs her head for a second, and then looks to her left as the shot zooms out to reveal Henry Edgar Shaw standing next to her.

Tamara Boyd: So… I’m still confused, what exactly do I call you?

Angelo: Tamara, my dear, you can call me Angelo.

Tamara Boyd: But isn’t your name Henry Edgar?

Angelo: Well, that’s not MY name, but…

Tamara throws her hands up to stop him, and then turns to address the audience.

Tamara Boyd: See folks, this is what I mean.

With a sigh, Angelo starts explaining the situation

Angelo: Four years ago, Henry Edgar Shaw was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder, as a result of traumatic life experiences.

Tamara Boyd: So, you’re one of his personalities?

Angelo: Well done, Tamara. All Henry Edgar’s alternate personalities, or alters, help him cope with certain traumas in his life. I, for example, helped him cope with dealing with his problems. He found it hard to talk to the doctors, so his mind split out of necessity and created me. You COULD say, I’m Henry Edgar’s inner voice. That’s why I do all the talking. Oh, pardon me, I seem to be rambling a bit.

Tamara is in shock. Never has she met someone quite like this.

Angelo: Okay then… well, I doubt Henry Edgar is going to come out and say hello, and unless you’re a party animal, I doubt Green is going to make an appearance. Not that I have a problem with that…

Tamara Boyd: Green?

Angelo: You don’t want to know.

Tamara Boyd: Well, I guess my only question is… which one of you is the wrestler?

Angelo quickly stiffens up. His tone turns serious as he leans in closely to whisper to Tamara.

Angelo: No, no, no… not here, not now. You don’t want HIM to come out back here.

Tamara Boyd: Who?

Angelo: Wrecker! He’s Henry Edgar’s protector alter, the first of us to come out. When he was just a young boy, his parents mistreated greatly, and his only escape was this fantasy about him being almost superhero-like. His alternate persona, Wrecker, was strong enough to endure punishment and give it out. So now, anytime there’s a fight, Wrecker comes out, and all hell breaks loose.

Tamara Boyd: What a whack job…

Angelo looks amused by the loose-lipped comment.

Angelo: Hehe… yes, you could say that. But wait until you see him in the ring. That’s when things get really crazy.

With that, just as earlier, Angelo shoots Tamara the ‘wink and gun’ and walks off screen. She is left completely baffled.

Next week… Wrecker comes out!

James Von Drake vs. Frost
Officiated by referee Brett Lukas

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

Fall Apart by Twiztid erupts on the arena PA system, just as the lights begin to flicker. The crowd begins to boo as Alicia Frost emerges first from the black curtain, followed by Frost. They walk a few steps before stopping as Alicia leans her head against Frost side and gentle rubs his lower back. Frost raises his arm and slowly cuts his throat with his thumb, and then throws his hand towards the ground. He takes Alicia by her hand and begins his walk to ringside as he lets out this loud roar of anger. He pulls Alicia in front of him and picks her up and lifts her up onto the ringside apron, before pulling himself up and following. Frost takes a stance in the middle of the ring, and lets out one louder roar of anger. Music fades out.

Both man stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring as the referee calls for the bell. Both men explode forwards towards each other. JVD and Frost trade big right hands. Frost backs Von Drake in the corner of the ring with his clubbing blows, before chopping him hard across the chest. The crowd responds with the ‘wooooo’ as JVD stumbles away from the corner of the ring holding his chest which has now turned pink. Von Drake turns back to face his opponent, but Frost nails him with two more clubbing right hands before shooting him into the ropes. JVD bounces into the middle of the ring, but soon finds himself on his back thanks to a big boot from Frost.

Frost wastes no time as he bounces into the ropes himself before returning to drop an elbow right onto the heart of his opponent. The crowd doesn’t know who to boo and who to cheer in this one, as Frost lays into JVD with some stiff mounted punches, before allowing him back to his feet. With JVD looking unsteady on his feet, Frost nails him with a kick to the midsection before looking for a DDT, however JVD cleverly counters with some punches to the kidney, followed by a Northern lights suplex onto his opponent. Both men slowly rise up to their feet, and JVD returns the favor from earlier, with a hard chop across the chest of Frost.

Frost looks to fight back with a right hand aimed at the head of Von Drake, however JVD counters by ducking under the arm of Frost and taking him down to the mat with a back suplex. He hooks the leg.




JVD slaps the mat in frustration as he pulls Frost up to his feet and shoots him into the ropes, however as he looks for the backdrop against his oppponent, Frost counters with an inverted DDT followed quickly with a Military Press slam. Frost makes the cover.




The fans boo Frost as he rises up to his feet and holds his hands up in the air whilst looking down at JVD. Lucy Von Drake cheers on her husband from ringside, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good as Frost drags him up by his blonde hair before slamming him hard with a sidewalk slam! Frost goes for the cover again.




Much to the surprise of Frost, James Von Drake gets his shoulder up before the three can be counted! Frost looks angrily at his JVD before once again hauling him up to his feet by his hair. Frost pulls JVD towards the corner of the ring before slamming him face first into the turnbuckle. JVD holds his face in pain as he stumbles away, only for Frost to grab him once again and repeat the move. Lucy Von Drake shouts in support of her husband, as he stumbles away from the corner and Frost bounces into the ropes ready to take his head off with another big boot. JVD ducks under the leg of his opponent and bounces into the opposite ropes. On the return, James Von Drake connects with a vicious spear in the middle of the ring. Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring.

The referee checks on both men as Lucy Von Drake shows her concern for her husband from the outside. James Von Drake is the first to slowly rise to his feet and he lays into Frost’s ribs with some stiff kicks. Frost looks in pain as he slowly rises to his feet. JVD sends Frost into ropes and looks for a clothesline, but Frost ducks. He stops his momentum and waits for JVD to turn around. When he does he connects with the



JVD ducks under the kick, grabs Frost around his head and drives him into the mat with



Frost finds the strength to lift JVD up over his shoulders, sending him to the mat. JVD pops up in a rage of fury and runs right into the FROST BITE!! This time Frost connects! He makes the cover.




In somewhat of an upset, it is the newcomer Frost who has defeated the former Las Vegas Champion James Von Drake to record a win in his first Sanctioned Violence Organisation match! The monster Frost rises to his feet and stares out at the crowd, with the referee seemingly too scared to go near him and raise his hand. Lucy Von Drake looks distraught at ringside as JVD lays motionless on the mat whilst Frost climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate, having laid down a marker to the rest of the sVo.

Winner by pinfall – Frost (10:24)


Things had not gone well so far for the sVo’s newest and most Irish tag team. Sean O’Grady & Tom Flynn slowly made their way through the corridors towards their locker room, battered bruised and with their pride well and truly dented. They might have been hand picked by Jon Page and flown in from Boston especially for the show, but they had been well and truly beaten by Woodrew Burbank and William Vorheez tonight.

Neither men could face speaking to the other after their defeats, but almost telepathically they both knew what the other wanted and where the other was going. They were going where any Irishman would go after a kicking, to get a stiff drink.

O’Grady and Flynn pushed open simultaneously the double doors to the ‘Fighting Irish’ locker room that was laid on especially by Jon Page, and both uttered explenitives in union.


The scene in front of O’Grady and Flynn was utter carnage. There own complementary mini bar had been drunk dry, they had even eaten the little packets of ‘Goodfellas Casino’ peanuts. O’Grady and Flynn both stared at the words ‘Drunk & Disorderly’ that was spray painted on the wall and swore revenge.


The crowd seems ready for the next action packed match but they will have to wait as Children of Bodom’s “Follow the Reaper” hits. The fans jump to their feet just knowing what this means, but unfortunately for them there is no Reaper, there is only the image of the grizzled old man on the tron. Reaper looks out at the fans and smirks. He’s dressed in a black cowboy hat, sporting his eye patch, and a full on grizzly adams beard. Reaper has a cigarette hanging from his mouth that’s been half smoked. He coughs for a second to make sure he has everyone’s attention.

Reaper: “So I did plan on being there tonight, but plans changed. I got a little too worked up and found myself locked up yet again. Out on my oh so good behaviour though so all is well. Just wanted to send my fondest wishes to the bastages at s.V.o. at yet another attempt to prove once again they are the best entertainment on god’s green earth. Now I know a lot of you are more than happy that I’m not there, and some of you not so much. Some of you I can hear chanting my name even here in the backwoods of North Carolina.”

Reaper pauses for a second and has a half smile, which is weird considering it’s Reaper.

Reaper: “Unfortunately, even if I was still in Las Vegas, I was only going to show my face to show support. I’m not returning to the s.V.o. or anywhere for that matter. I’ve been officially retired for a while now and am rather enjoying my other ventures. I have time now for my businesses and other affairs. While being employed all these years at different organizations I always was smart with my money. Not to say I didn’t blow a lot on drugs, alcohol, and attorneys over the years, but I’ve always been smart. As such I find myself now at the age of fifty just about, sitting on quite the nice retirement check, but with no heir’s to the throne so to speak.”

Reaper almost looks sadden at that fact, as any Reaper followers would know he did have a wife and child at one time but both are no longer living. He did have an illegitimate child but it was later proven not to be his.

Reaper: “This is further reason to stay away, this career has robbed me of any hope of having a real family. Something that despite my natural asshole behavior; has always been rather high on my wants. Not that it really matters now that I’m an old sentimental fool. So as such I offer this to anyone interested, come to North Carolina, train with me for a bit, and become the new Reaper. This is an open invitation not only to the wrestlers of this promotion but any of the millions who are listening right now. Come to my training school in North Carolina, and if you can hack it, I’ll bestow upon you not only my title as Reaper, but also a good chunk of change to keep up the necessary life style.”

Reaper looks dead serious about this as he puffs away at his cigarette.

Reaper: “For those wondering why I would do this now of all times? Well I’ve never beaten around a bush before so why now…lets see how to put this as bluntly as possible. In the near future I’m going to be worm food. That’s right folks, I’m dying, you can only do what I’ve done for so many years and lived so hard for so many years until your body says fuck you I’m leaving. So just remember you got two weeks to enter into the contest, it’s not going to be easy, because lets face it I get my kicks off torturing dumbasses. So enjoy the show, best of luck to the sVo and we’ll catch you on the other side.”

Reaper tips his hat at the camera as the screen goes black.


The cameras open up to a Colt Cooper who stands at the door of his locker room. He fumbles with the keys before he opens the door. He steps into the room and takes in a big breath.

Colt Cooper: “It feels good to be home.”

Colt goes to turn on the lights but is startled by a voice inside the room.

?: “Don’t turn on the lights.”

Colt Cooper: “You’re in my home and I can’t turn on the lights. Are you kidding me.”

Colt comes close to turning on the lights but stops himself. He takes a seat in a chair.

Colt Cooper: “Speak.”

?: “Listen, it’s not like you don’t know who I am because you do. What you don’t know is that I need you more than you need me. That’s why I’m here.”

Colt Cooper: “So what do you want me to do?”

?: “I’d rather not say here, but I will leave you on this note. You hate this person just as much as I do. That’s all you need to know.”

Colt Cooper: “Can I turn on the lights now?”

He got no answer which led to him turning on the lights. Thinking he would see the male figure in his room he doesn’t. He shrugs and the camera fades out.

Roscoe Shame vs. Sara Pettis
Officiated by referee Hector Arenda

“Time to Win” Down With the Webster hits the sound system as Roscoe Shame makes his way down to the ring, the big man from Michigan steps over the top rope and starts to circle around the inside of the ring awaiting Sara Pettis to make her way to the ring.

“Crawling” by Linkin Park begins to play, as the house lights go down in the arena. Blue spotlights illuminate the stage as from the back steps Sara Pettis. She walks out with her head down to the end of the ramp. White sparks begin to rain down on her as the spotlight transitions from blue to white. She raises her head, looking down at the ring. She begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring fans trying to reach out for a high five. She gets to the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron. She looks around slowly before climbing into the ring between the top and middle rope. The spotlight continues to follow her as she paces in the ring for bit before the house lights return to normal.

Roscoe doesn’t waste any time and just charges at Sara before the bell can ring. Sara easily dodges with a drop toe hold draping Roscoe over the middle rope in the process. Sara charges towards the ropes to the left of Shame and hops up onto the middle rope looking for a spring board move. Roscoe recovers from his shock though rather quickly and as Sara Pettis flies through the air looking for some sort of springboard move Shame just catches her, spins and drops her with a devastating spine buster. Shame wastes no time and goes straight in for a cover.



Kick out by Sara Pettis.

Roscoe stays on the offensive putting the boots immediately to Pettis. Pettis finally manages to roll away from the onslaught and catches Roscoe’s foot during one of the stomps, she grapevines his leg and torques the knee causing the big man to stumble and fall to the side. Sara seems ruthless as she starts just stomping away at the knee she’s torqued. She grabs the ankle of Shame and while holding his leg up just starts kicking the backside of the knee. Sara must be trying to chop down the tree that is Roscoe Shame.

Shame takes his other leg and kicks Sara straight in the face knocking her away from his other leg. Shame uses the ropes to help him get back to a vertical base. Sara comes charging back, Shame looks for a big boot to stop her momentum but she just slides under the leg and under the bottom rope to the outside. Sara pops up on the apron as Shame turns around only to eat a forearm shot from Pettis, then another, and a third. The big man shrugs off the shots and pie faces Pettis knocking her off the apron and hard to the outside.

Pettis is stunned for a moment as Roscoe Shame tries to shake the pain out of his knee and walk it off. Shame makes no attempt at first to go after Pettis and is content with letting the ref count Pettis out, at about the count of seven though Sara slides back into the ring, this time though Shame is not so eager to come charging at the veiled Sara Pettis. Sara and Shame circle one another for a moment but Sara makes the first move looking for a front kick to the targeted knee of Roscoe Shame.

The kick connects and takes the big man down to one knee. Sara starts going crazy with the kicks to the ribs and face of Shame. She jumps and goes for a spinning back kick to the throat of Roscoe Shame but Shame just catches her foot in mid air with one hand and reaches out grabbing her by her shirt with the other and stands up lifting Petting high above his head and throws her straight towards the ring post.

Amazingly Pettis lands with both feet on the middle rope, she quickly runs up to the top rope and flips off it nailing the big man with the Petti-kick. Roscoe Shame doesn’t go down though, he just sort of shakes his head and stumbles back a few steps.

Pettis doesn’t waste time trying to figure out how Shame is still standing and instead just charges in and flips up the body of Shame until she has her legs wrapped around his neck and starts wailing on him with elbows to the forehead. She keeps rocking the big man until she can spin around on his shoulders and flips down his back. Now on her feet behind the big man she does a little flip and role and has grapevined the leg of Shame that was hurting and has a knee lock locked in tight.

The knee lock does it’s job as Shame tumbles down to the ground. Shame looks to be in major pain as Pettis keeps torqueing the knee as hard as she can trying to pop it right out of socket. Pettis finally lets go and in a flash is running towards the nearest rope. She leaps up straight to the top rope and springboards off hitting Roscoe Shame with a mean springboard version of the Moonstomp. Shame’s breath is knocked clean out of him as she goes quickly for the cover hooking the good leg of Roscoe Shame the best she can.



Three just as Shame kicks out! Sara Pettis wins!

In a battle of two of the biggest names in sVo history, it is the blue haired icon Sara Pettis who comes out on top against the grand slam winner Roscoe Shame! Shame looks groggy as he gets to his feet whilst Sara Pettis looks delighted with her win as she rolls out of the ring and makes her way up the entrance ramp. Is Sara Pettis now a favourite to win the tournament that was talked about earlier in the night and get a crack at the sVo Championship?

Winner by pinfall – Sara Pettis (10:16)


The camera once more heads backstage where in the inteview area Tamara Boyd is standing by once again, this time with the man that made tonight possible, sVo Owner Jon Page.

Tamara Boyd: “Mr Page, many fans have been waiting eighteen months for tonight and finally we are here, what is your reaction?”

Jon Page: “Well Tamara, it has been a long time coming, but I hope it has been worth the weight. I have loved every minute of seeing action back in the sVo ring, and I hope it continues for a very long time.”

Tamara Boyd: “And earlier you made the decision to strip Nathan Paradine of the sVo Championship belt. What was your reasoning behind that with Paradine signing a new contract to the reborn sVo?”

Page smirks before answering the question.

Jon Page: “Well if you remember I said earlier, the decision was out of my hands. The Nevada Athletics Commission requires at least one title defense every one hundred days, and Paradine didn’t comply with that ruling. But it does give us a chance to crown a champion at our next PPV event…”

Tamara Boyd: “And the fans are eagirly awaiting news on who will feature in the tournament…”

Jon Page: “Well as you have seen so far already tonight, the big names are flying in from all over back into Vegas to be apart of the sVo. There is only one tournament with another history and prestige in the sVo for something of this magnitude. Starting next week and ending at the PPV, The Victory Cup will kick off! Thats right, previously won by the likes of Mike Polowy and James Von Drake, the winner this time will also get to face Nathan Paradine for the right to call themselves the sVo Champion!”

The fans cheer for the big announcement, with the sVo Victory Cup kicking off next week!


The crowd is silent as they await the next bit of action. Suddenly from the crowd we see a figure hopping the guard rail. The figure is within a second or two inside the ring and pops up. As the fans take a moment to look at the figure we can hear a mixture of boos and cheers, although more cheers than we would expect. The figure is dressed in black jeans, and a black sVo t-shirt. He’s got on a black trench coat and is holding in one hand a microphone and in the other a black fedora. He brings the microphone to his lips.

Figure: “Welcomes back es ve oh! Tis I De Cajun Sensation….Tobias Devereux, like yews didn’t know!”

The crowd is torn still as we realize yet another superstar from sVo’s past has returned.

Tobias Devereux: “No I’s gonna keep dis pretty simples no? I’s just wanna come out heres and apologize to des nice fans for not being ables to get heres in time for yalls to see De Cajun Sensation participate in a match dis week, but I guarantees next week de return of De Cajun Sensation, and I’s guarantee another dubya for Ole Tobias. So until next week my friends, tries not to miss me too much till den no?”

Tobias bows to the fans who are rather surprised at how brief the Cajun man kept his reintroduction deciding rather to let his ring skills speak for him. Tobias tosses the microphone out of the ring and places his fedora back on his head as he starts out of the ring as “Been Away Too Long” by Soundgarden plays.

sVo presents Retribution 2012 Only on PPV
‘A Year and a Half in the Making…’
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

Colt Cooper vs. Nathan Paradine
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

“So Star Studded” begins to play over the arena sound system as Colt Cooper emerges onto the stage, a winning smile etched onto his face as he pauses and poses for the crowd. He begins to walk down the ramp, slapping hands with members of the crowd until he reaches the bottom of the ramp. He prepares to slide underneath the bottom rope, only to suddenly be blind sided by a member of the audience…

No! It’s Nathan Paradine! The “Australian Submission Machine” tried to catch his opponent, and a possible future contender for the sVo Championship, off guard by entering through the crowd! Cooper slams bodily into the guard rail as Paradine rips off his t-shirt and tosses the rags onto the ground. Paradine pulls Cooper to his feet and drags him over to the ring, sliding him underneath the bottom rope as the referee rings the bell to signal the start of the match!

Paradine climbs into the ring and stalks Cooper as he climbs to his feet, immediately going on the offensive with several big right hands before hitting a stiff lariat to knock Cooper down again! Paradine hooks the leg, but Cooper managed to get his shoulder up before a count can be made. Both men stand rise to their feet and lock up in the middle of the ring, with the heavier Paradine getting the advantage and tossing Cooper into the ropes only to eat a HUGE dropkick to the jaw that sends him down to the mat! Paradine staggers to his feet and Cooper delivers a series of quick kicks to his knees and thighs before following up with a nasty roundhouse kick to Paradine’s head. Paradine collapses onto the mat, momentarily stunned, and Cooper hooks the leg!




No, kickout!

Paradine throws his shoulder up just in time to prevent a three-count. Cooper rolls away as Paradine stands up, shaking the cobwebs out of his head. He turns around in time to duck another roundhouse kick attempt from Cooper who lands off-balance. Paradine wastes no time in wrapping his arms around Cooper’s waist and delivering a quick German suplex, sending Cooper bouncing away on the mat. Paradine lumbers after his opponent and gradually kicks him upright in the corner before backing away to prepare a running punt to Cooper’s head. As Paradine runs forward Cooper manages to throw himself out of the way, resulting in Paradine connecting with the ringpost instead! The former sVo Champion bellows in pain and steps backwards, Cooper rises to his feet and jumps onto the middle rope, sailing backwards and nailing a perfect Tornado DDT, driving Paradine’s head into the mat! The ring shakes from the impact, and Cooper tries for another pinfall!




Cooper releases the leg believing he has won the match, however the referee refuses the call for the bell, believing that Paradine got his shoulder up just as he counted three. Cooper pounds the mat in frustration and tries to pull Paradine to his feet however the wily Australian suddenly delivers a painful low blow! Cooper kneels over and Paradine applies a headlock before whipping Cooper into the ropes, catching him with a shoulder block on the rebound! Paradine drops and elbow over Cooper’s chest and tries for his second pinfall!




The crowd explodes as Cooper remains resilient, refusing to lose the match! Both men are up again, although Paradine is now visibly flustered by the tenacious Cooper. Both men exchange a series of rights and lefts before Nathan changes tact, choosing to kick Cooper in the midsection instead. Paradine runs at the ropes and bounces off looking for a bicycle kick but Cooper dodges and hits a sidewalk slam! Paradine isn’t out for long though, as he shrugs off a pin attempt and raises himself onto one knee. Cooper charges again and Paradine hoists the former International Champion onto his shoulder, perhaps looking to hit some kind of powerslam… but Cooper struggles, sliding down off Paradine’s back and wrapping him up with a classic schoolboy pin!




Colt Cooper has done it! On the premiere of Showdown, he has beaten former sVo Champion Nathan Paradine! Cooper wastes no time in exiting the ring to avoid a furious Paradine, who tries to lunge after him but gets caught up in the ropes. Cooper backs up the ramp and makes a title belt motion around his waist. Could Colt Cooper be the next sVo Champion?

Winner by pinfall – Colt Cooper (07:49)


Highlights of the somewhat suprise win for Colt Cooper is shown on the sVo-Tron as Nathan Paradine stumbles backstage after his match clutching his head, scowling at the sVo personnel milling around watching the former champion. He pauses and looks at a young technician wearing a headset.

Nathan Paradine: “You looking at something, mate?”

Nathan grabs the tech by the shirtfront and pushes him onto the ground.

Nathan Paradine: “What are you all looking at? Get back to… get back to bloody work or something!”

Nathan continues to limp down the hallway as everyone moves away. He pauses again when he notices someone else watching him.

Nathan Paradine: “What?”

The man watching him steps forward. He’s in his late forties, dark-skinned, with gray peppered through his hair and deep laugh lines carved around his mouth. He extends his hand.

Man: “My name is Hugo Ortega. I’m a big fan of your work, Mister Paradine. I would like to discuss a… business arrangement with you, if you’re interested.”

Nathan Paradine: “A business deal?”

Hugo Ortega: “Indeed. If you’re interested… here’s the address.”

Ortega slips Nathan a piece of paper and walks away. Nathan peers at it closely and a wide smile forms on his face as Showdown comes to an end.

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