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sVo Showdown #082

Nathan Paradine has to defend the Tag Team Championships on his own in the main event!

sVo Showdown Episode #082
22nd May 2011
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Nathan Paradine, Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Samuel Amos shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON INFAMOUS 2011The audience in attendance are standing on their feet, giving a standing ovation to the competitors in this match giving it their all as they attempt to capture the most coveted prize in the sVo. Meanwhile, on the outside EMTs and trainers place a neck brace around Cody’s neck and strap him onto a board. They slowly but surely lift him up and place him onto a gurney and start to wheel him away from the ring. Back inside the ring, Nathan and Night start to show signs of life and both grab hold of the bottom rung on the ladder. They slowly make their way up the rungs of the ladder to once again try to win this match. Cheers in the arena can be heard and we see Cody Williams ripping off the straps on his wrists and ankles. He climbs off of the gurney and rips the neck brace off and tosses it on the ground. He clutches his neck and starts to make his way back to the ring. Trainers and EMTs train to restrain him but he shoves them out of the way. He rolls into the ring and with both Night and Paradine both inches away from the belt, he shoves the ladder over sending Night to the outside and Nathan throat first on the ropes.

Cody collapses into the ropes and continues to clutch at his neck. He wobbily makes his way to the ladder and props it back up. He stumbles a few times and grabs the ladder for support. He places his foot onto the bottom rung and begins to make his way up the ladder. He makes it about halfway but stops to grab his neck. Paradine comes from behind and pulls him off of the ladder. He turns him around and PARAPLEX’s him into the turnbuckles!!! He immediately grabs hold of his neck and trainers rush to his side.

With no remorse for his tag team partner he repositions the ladder and starts to climb to the top. Night slides back into the ring and attempts to save his sVo championship. He meets Nathan at the top and hits a forearm to the face. Paradine retaliates with a forearm shot of his own. The two trade forearm shots on top of the ladder, trying to get the best of one another. Night gains the upper hand and takes one step closer to the belt. Night reaches up for the heavens but Paradine elbows him in the sternum and then kicks him in the face, sending the sVo champion crashing down to the mat. Paradine looks down into the ring seeing his two challengers lying on the mat and reaches up for the belt. He unbuckles the belt and clutches it close to his body.

Natasha Ortiz: Your winner, and NEEEEWWWWWW…. sVo Champion… NATHAN PAAARRAADIIINNNEEE!!!!!

As Infamous heads off of the air Nathan Paradine sits on the ladder holding the sVo Championship belt in the air as his music blasts over the sound system. After months of paying his dues, Nathan Paradine has finally reached the top of the world, but who is waiting to take Retribution on the new Champion as he celebrates with his new title belt.BACKSTAGE

A Champion’s Address


The fans cheer as “Sliver” by Queensryche begins to blast over the sound system and the arena lights begin to flicker. Nathan Paradine emerges from behind the curtain dressed in slacks and a dress shirt, his trademark sunglasses glinting in the light and the sVo Championship around his waist. He pauses at the top of the ramp and surveys the crowd, soaking in the moment, before continuing his walk. He climbs up the steel stairs and steps between the ropes, climbing up to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and raising his arms high in the air as the cheers begin to die out. A stage hand passes him a microphone as he climbs down and he moves towards the middle of the ring, a jubilant smile on his face.

Nathan Paradine: “Ladies and gentlemen… allow me to introduce to you your NEW sVo World Champion… the “Australian Submission Machine”, Nathan Paradine!”

The crowd pops again and Nathan removes his sunglasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of his shirt.

Nathan Paradine: “This title belt is the culmination of a three year journey that has taken me all over the world. When I returned to the ring from my retirement, I told myself that I would be a world champion again. At Infamous that dream was realized for me when I climbed to the top of the ladder quite literally and finally, I could hold this coveted belt in my hands and call it my own. Will I match up to the other greats that have held this belt? Mike Polowy… Psyko Stevo… Night… the previous champions defined this belt and set the standard for the competition. I will not let any of them down, and I will wear and defend it with pride. I went through hell and high water to win this; I put Cody Williams out of action, fact. Mister Second-to-None will never, ever wrestle again, fact.”

Nathan directs the crowds attention towards the sVoTron as a replay of the world title match from Infamous begins to play. Paradine hits a sitout sunset flip powerbomb on Cody Williams, before following it up at the end of the match with a huge ParaPlex. The footage fades out on Cody’s motionless body.

Nathan Paradine: “That, people, is how you do it.”

Nathan unbuckles the sVo Championship and holds it up, moving around the ring and eliciting a mix of cheers and boos from the crowd. He lowers the title and throws it over his shoulder before continuing to speak.

Nathan Paradine: “Now, of course, there must be a challenger for this title belt. I am aware that Roscoe Shame won some sort of contendership match for a shot at the belt at Infamous… but I would like to have my first title defense against someone deserving. A man who lives and breathes wrestling, a man who I would be proud to meet one-on-one in the ring…”

The camera pans around the arena, focusing on a few signs displaying slogans such as “220 = sVo Champ”, “Amos for Champion” and “We Want Pettis!” before focusing back on Nathan.

Nathan Paradine: “I am, of course, talking about none other than… NIGHT!”

The crowd explodes at the idea of a one-on-one match between Paradine and Night.

Nathan Paradine: “It would be my honor to defend my title belt tonight against the man I won it from, the former two-time champion and sVo Hall of Famer Night. It seems only fair to kill two birds with one stone; not only will he recieve his rematch, but the sVo fans will be witness to one of the greatest wrestling match-ups of all time!”

The fans in the arena boo as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and laugh at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring.

He slides underneath the bottom rope and climbs to his feet, never breaking his stare with Paradine. He approaches him slowly as his music dies away, before holding out his hand for the microphone. Paradine obliges and hands his over.

Roscoe Shame: “I’ve got a funny story for you, Nate. I was sitting backstage just a moment ago and I could’ve sworn that you said you would be defending your title belt against Night tonight. Am I correct? Is that what you said?”

Paradine nods slowly and Shame blinks in disbelief.

Roscoe Shame: “You have GOT to be kidding me. I didn’t kick Sam Amos all over the ring in Chicago just to join a waiting line for the world title. I won the number one contendership. I’m the next in line for your belt, not Night. If there’s going to be a title match tonight, it’s going to be between you… and me!”

The crowd explodes at the possibility of a world title match between Shame and Paradine tonight. Both men get in each others faces and Paradine holds up his title belt again, agreeing to the match.

VIP: “Hang on there you two.”

Both men turn around to see VIP on the sVoTron, sitting in her office backstage. She smiles down and both men and folds her arms over her chest.

VIP: “Unfortunately, there will NOT be a title match taking place here tonight. Roscoe, the terms of your world title contract clearly state that you will recieve a title match at Retribution. Not tonight, not next week, not until the Pay-Per-View. In the mean time, since you care about title matches and contenderships so much… you can defend your Las Vegas Championship belt tonight against Rey Rosario!”

Shame is outraged by the announcement. He grabs the top rope and screams up at the ramp, before turning around and kicking the mat. Paradine laughs at his outburst, however VIP loudly clears her throat.

VIP: “I’m not done with you either, Nathan. In light of your recent title victory, you seem to have forgotten that you’re still one-half of the sVo Tag Team Champions. And since you took Cody Williams out of action at Infamous… I guess you’re going to have to defend those belts by yourself for the immediate future. And since you seem to be in the mood for defending your title belt… how about you defend the tag titles against, say, Landon Bennett and Duncan Brennan?”

Paradine’s face falls and he throws the world title over his shoulder.

VIP: “Both of you should get backstage and get ready for your matches. Good luck, gentlemen.”

Shame and Paradine exchange glances in the ring, and “Drop Tha World” resumes playing as Shame exits the ring. Paradine stares him down as he backs up the ramp, until Showdown cuts to a commercial.
Jak Nemesis vs. Kip Castle & Des Phillips’Tendencies’ by Hollywood Undead began to play over the speakers, as Kip Castle appeared atop the stage, smiling broadly. He pointed to his teeth and giggled, before waving off the fans and beginning his descent onto the ring. After reaching the end of the ramp, Castle climbed the steel steps, wiped his feet on the apron of the ring, then entered the ring with a arrogant smile.

As his theme music began to play, Des Phillips stepped out onto the stage, flashing an arrogant smile. He dusted off his suit and looked around to the crowd. He was holding a microphone in his hand, he looked at it with pride, before turning his attention back to the crowd.

“Halo” by SOiL.

Out from the back steps a man who looks ready to go to war, eyeballing the crowd with look of disgust.

It can only be the “Hostile Killer”, the “Unholy Assassin”. It can only be Jak Nemesis.

Jak walks down the aisle smoking a cigarette, ignoring any fans who try reaching out for a high five, in truth he appears pissed off as he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring.

Jak tosses his cigarette on the canvas and treads on it before retreating to his corner.

No fanfare. No fuss. Jak is ready.

The crowd looked pumped up for the forthcoming match with Jak Nemesis making his long awaited sVo debut against not just one man but two with Kip Castle and Des Phillips making their first appearances in a handicap match!

Nemesis looks in confident mood as he stares across at Castle who looks like he is ready to get things started for his team. The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started! Nemesis and Castle both move forward, however as Castle tries to tie up with his opponent, Nemesis cuts him off with a knee to the midsection before hitting a big uppercut on his opponent. Castle stumbles backwards and Nemesis continue to lay into him with some big right hands that back him into the corner of the ring.

Nemesis grabs hold of Castle by the arm and sends him corner to corner, causing Castle to hit the turnbuckle hard on the opposite corner of the ring. With Castle in pain, Nemesis follows up with a big clothesline in the opposite corner of the ring. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as he slowly stumbles away from the corner of the ring, allowing Nemesis to take him down with a side head lock takedown. Nemesis tries to keep the side head lock on his opponent, however Castle is able to fight his way out with a rake of the eyes of his opponent.

Nemesis holds his eyes in pain as he rises up to his feet and swings a right hand in the direction of Castle, however Castle is able to duck out of the way of the punch. Castle follows up with a knee to the midsection of his opponent, before taking him down to the mat with a double arm DDT. With Nemesis down on the mat, Castle lays into his opponent with some big mounted punches before making the tag out to his partner Des Phillips.

Phillips quickly jumps into the ring and runs through Nemesis with a big clothesline as he tries to get to his feet. Phillips shouts at Nemesis to get up, before planting him down with a big scoop slam as he rises up to a standing position. With Nemesis on the mat, Phillips stomps away on the head of his opponent before turning to taunt to the crowd. As Phillips taunts to the crowd, Nemesis slowly rises up to a standing position behind his opponent.

As Castle tries to warn his opponent, Phillips turns around before he realises what is happening and Nemesis takes him down with a double leg takedown! With Phillips down on the mat, Nemesis pounds away with some big right hands to the face of his opponent. Castle forces his way up to a standing position, but Nemesis knocks him back with a big shoulder block as he runs at the newcomer. Nemesis grabs hold of Phillips by the hair and yanks him to a standing position before throwing him into the ring ropes. Phillips bounces back into the middle of the ring and is taken down with a big back drop from Nemesis. With Phillips down on the mat, Nemesis makes the cover on his opponent.




Just when it looked like Nemesis was going to upset the odds and score the victory, Phillips manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three is counted by the referee. Nemesis grabs hold of Castle as he tries to get to his feet, and quickly snaps him into a sleeper hold. Again there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Nemesis begins to wear down his opponent. The referee asks Phillips if he wants to quit, but Phillips says no and continues to try and fight his way out of the submission hold.

Castle tries to cheer on his partner from the ring apron, however Phillips looks to be fading fast under the sleeper hold as Nemesis pulls him down to the mat. It looks as if Phillips might be out for the count as the referee picks up his arm into the air, only for it to drop straight back down to the mat. The referee repeats the process of picking up the arm of Phillips and raising it into the air, but once again it drops straight back down to the mat. The fans rise to their feet thinking they are about to see the end of the match as the referee picks up the arm of Phillips for a third and possibly final time, however instead of hitting the mat the arm comes shooting back up into the air!

Nemesis looks surprised as Phillips slowly begins to rise up to a standing position, before knocking Nemesis away with some big elbows into the midsection! Phillips throws Nemesis down to the mat with a hip toss before diving across to tag out to Kip Castle!

Kip Castle dives into the ring and lands a flying forearm to the face of Jak Nemesis to knock him down as he tries to get back up to a standing position. Nemesis holds his face in pain as Kip Castle lands a kick to the midsection before sending him hard into the corner of the ring. Castle then grabs hold of Nemesis by the back of the head and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Nemesis stumbles backwards, and Castle takes him down to the mat with a big back suplex.

With Nemesis down on the mat Castle quickly hooks the leg of his opponent to make the cover.




Just when it looked like the three was about to be counted Nemesis is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat! Kip Castle looks angry as he stares down at Nemesis wondering how he managed to kick out. Castle grabs hold of Nemesis and pulls him up, but as he does Nemesis counters with a low blow! Boos ring out around the arena at the cheap shot as Nemesis follows up with a belly to back suplex to send him down to the mat.

Nemesis rises up to his feet and looks out at the booing crowd, before nailing Castle with a back breaker as he begins to get to his feet. With Castle down, Nemesis rushes across and lands a cheap shot on Phillips on the ring apron. With Phillips down on the outside, Nemesis rushes across and scoops up Castle before taking him down to the mat with a running powerslam!

With both of his opponents down, Nemesis taunts to the crowd before pulling Castle up to his feet. With Castle in a standing position, Nemesis hooks both of his opponents arms before looking for the ‘Euthanasia’! However before he can hit the move, Nemesis is hit from behind by Phillips who dives into the ring! The referee tries to force Phillips out of the ring as Nemesis slowly rises up to his feet, but as he does Castle lands a low blow from behind on Nemesis! Now boos ring out for the cheating of Kip Castle as he drops Nemesis down to the mat with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring! With Nemesis down, Castle makes the cover on Nemesis with the numbers game finally back firing on the ‘Hostile Killer’.




It’s all over, and despite Nemesis coming close it is the team of Kip Castle and Des Phillips who manage to pick up the win in their first appearance in an sVo ring! There is a mixed reaction for the pair as they celebrate the victory in front of the Vegas crowd.
Roscoe Shame (c) vs. Rey Rosario

“Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Rey Rosario comes out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

“Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar with his Las Vegas Championship. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring and stands on the second turnbuckle, raising his championship belt for everyone to see. He hops down and hands the belt to the referee who folds it up and walks over to Rey Rosario to show it to him. The refere makes his way to the middle of the ring and raises the belt into the air, showing that the following contest is for the gold. He hands the belt to the ring announcer on the outside and motions for the bell to be rung, and this match is underway.




Roscoe Shame and Rey Rosario meet in the middle of the ring and start the match off with a collar and elbow tie up. They go back and forth, trying to get the upper hand on their opponent. Rey Rosario looks to be overpowering the Las Vegas Champion but before he can completely gain control, Roscoe Shame turns the tides and shows his strength. He pulls in his challenger and locks in a side headlock that keeps Rosario at bay. He clasps his hands together tight and really begins to crank on the neck of his opponent. Rey pushes Shame backwards and into the ropes and uses the spring of the ropes to power out of the headlock and shoots Shame across the ring. Roscoe comes bouncing back and shoulder blocks Rosario down to the mat. He looks at his fallen opponent and runs towards the ropes on the opposite side. Rey Rosario rolls off of his back and onto his stomach, prompting Shame to jump over him. Shame comes running back and Rosario leapfrogs over him. As Shame comes bouncing back Rosario bends over, looking to be going for the back body drop on his opponent but Shame telegraphs it and kicks him in the chest. The power of the kick brings Rosario to a standing position and Shame immediately follows it up with a lunging lariat that almost takes Rosario out of his wrestling boots as he rolls to the outside.

Rey Rosario begins pacing around on the outside of the ring, frustrated that the Las Vegas champion Roscoe Shame has gotten the better of him in their exchange. He kicks at the ring apron and feints an attack on a fan as they begin to pester him and tease him for showing so much emotion early on in the match. Back in the ring Roscoe taunts his challenger to get back into the ring and face him like a man. Rey continues to stand on the outside and places his hands on his hips, contemplating whether or not he should get back into the ring as the referee counts him out.










Rey slides back into the ring and looks at the referee, making sure that he got back into the ring on time to keep this match going. Roscoe makes his way over to Rosario and goes to grab him but Rosario side steps and pushes him through the ropes making his shoulder collide with the ring post. Shame immediately grabs his shoulder, letting out an audible groan as he winces in pain. Rosario pounces on him, making the best of an opportunity, and places him back first against the turnbuckles. He begins to deliver hard kicks to the midsection of the defending champion, making Shame slump in the corner. He delivers a few more boots to the stomach of Shame and finishes it off by kicking him in his hurt shoulder. He picks Shame up and scoops him onto his shoulder. He gets a running start out of the corner and delivers a big shoulder breaker. He immediately goes for the cover in the middle of the ring.




Shame gets his shoulder off of the mat before the referee can make the count of three. Rosario looks at the referee and asks if it was a three count but the referee tells him it was only a two count. Rosario grabs Shame by the head and hits him with a hard right that rattles the side of his head and then repeatedly punches him several times before throwing him back onto the mat. He hooks his leg and goes for another pinfall attempt.




Roscoe gets his shoulder up off of the mat once again. Rosario seems visibily frustrated and slams his hands on the canvas. He gets onto his feet and picks up the champion who is still clutching at his shoulder. He grabs his opponent and shoves him into the turnbuckles, his hurt shoulder colliding with the turnbuckles. Shame takes several steps back but Rosario shoves him into the turnbuckles once again. As Shame comes stumbling backwards, Rosario grabs him by the waist with a rear waistlock and tosses him backwards causing him to land on his neck and injured shoulder with a German suplex. Rosario rolls over onto his knees and keeps his waistlock locked in. He gets Shame back onto his feet and sends him up and over once again with another German suplex. But Rosario doesn’t seem to be done as he stands back onto his feet, waist lock still in tact. He tosses Shame halfway across the ring with a release German suplex that causes him to land dangerously on his shoulder. Rosario thinking that he has done enough to put away his opponent drops down on top of him and nonchalantly makes the cover.




Miraculously Roscoe Shame manages to get his shoulder up off of the mat once again. Frustrated that he cannot put away the champion, Rosario drops a hard elbow onto a fallen Shame. He scrambles back onto his feet and drops another elbow drop.. followed by another, and another. He then proceeds to grab Roscoe by the leg and drags him out to the center of the ring. He bends over to pick him up but Shame manages to kick him away, creating some space between the two of them. Rosario makes his way back to Shame and attempts to pick him up once again, but Roscoe kicks him away once again this time knocking him onto his back. Shame makes his way onto his feet and rotates his arm several times, as Rosario gets onto his feet as well. Rosario walks over to Shame but gets knocked down onto the mat with a clothesline. He scrambles back onto his feet and runs into another clothesline by the defending Las Vegas champion. Rosario is quick to get onto his feet once again and walks into a back elbow from Roscoe Shame. Shame picks Rosario up and irish whips him into the ropes, Rosario comes running back and walks into a big boot from Roscoe Shame.

With Rey Rosario on the mat, Roscoe Shame uses this time to take a breather and tries to shake out his arm, rotating it trying to get feeling and functionality back into it. Rosario starts to show signs of life and begins to make his way onto his feet. Shame meets up with him and begins to assist him back onto his feet. Rosario pushes Shame’s arms away and hits him with a hard right to the midsection but this only angers the former sVo Champion. Shame keeps Rosario at bay by hitting him with an elbow strike to the top of his head, driving the point of his elbow into the crown of his challenger. He irish whips him into the ropes and Rey Rosario comes diving back with a jumping shoulder block that staggers Shame. Rey bounces off of the ropes again and hits a running straight right that sends Shame stumbling a few steps back. Seizing the opportunity, Rey hits the ropes once again looking to take the big man off of his feet but Shame stops him in his tracks and lifts him above his head with a military press. He holds him there for a few seconds but then let’s go, Rey Rosario landing on his feet. Shame clutches at his shoulder and Rey immediately pounces, hitting a jumping arm breaker that takes the champ down to the mat clutching his shoulder in pain.

Rey rolls over onto his stomach and sees his opponent lying on his back, grabbing at his shoulder and arm. He seizes the opportunity and lunges onto Shame and locks in a Fujiwara armbar. Roscoe Shame desperately attempts to find a way out but the submission hold is locked in tight and there is no escaping the hold. He begins to scramble around as Rosario starts to lean backwards and crank on his arm, applying more pressure to his arm and deltoid muscle. Seeing that it isn’t enough to put away his opponent, he transitions the submission hold into an omaplata crossface. Shame screams in pain as Rosario leans backwards, really putting the hurt to Roscoe. Roscoe reaches up and grabs the hands of Rey and starts to power out of the crossface. Rey tries to hold on for dear life with only his index fingers locked together. Shame eventually breaks the crossface and rolls out of the omaplata, escaping further damage to his shoulder. He slowly makes his way to his feet but Rosario catches him and drops him right on his shoulder with a high angle belly to back suplex.

Rey Rosario slowly makes his way to his fallen opponent and picks Roscoe Shame off of the mat. He grabs his arm and tries to deliver a hard irish whip into the corner. Shame reverses it and sends his opponent crashing back first into the turnbuckles in the corner and immediately grabs his shoulder. Rosario stumbles out from the corner and walks into a boot to the midsection from the champion. Shame grabs Rosario by the head and places him between his legs. He lifts him into the air and delivers a huge SHAME TIME right into the turnbuckles!!! Shame clutches at his shoulder as the impact causes Rey Rosario to stumble back out towards Shame and right into a hard twisting spinebuster, but mid-air Rey Rosario turns it into a REYS DDT!!!!! Rey Rosario floats over on top of Roscoe Shame and hooks his leg hard. The referee drops down to make the count:




Via Satellite

The scene opens up to the broadcasting booth where we see sVo commentators Nick Harris and Simon Austin. The crowd behind them start to go crazy knowing they are on camera and start to flaunt their various signs and a few of them even start dancing.

Nick Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, last week at Infamous we witnessed one of our very own on the receiving end of a career threatening powerbomb, leaving him injured and requiring surgery.

Simon Austin: We are of course talking about “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams. Cody has a history of reoccuring neck injuries dating back nine years ago.

Nick Harris: Joining us via satellite from his home in Beverly Hills, is none other than Cody Williams.

The sVo-Tron fades into a shot of the Hollywood Rockstar himself, God’s gift to professional wrestling, Cody Williams. He is sitting on a chocolate brown suede sofa with his beautiful wife Sasha sitting next to him. He is wearing an sVo t-shirt and a supportive neck brace around his neck.

Nick Harris: We would like to thank you Cody for allowing us to conduct this interview with you. We know that you are still recovering from the injury you sustained at Infamous. Could you walk us through what happened?

“The Reflection of Perfection” takes a deep breath and pauses for a moment, collecting his thoughts. He is visibly upset and disappointed with his current situation.

Cody Williams: Well, Nathan and I were standing at the top of the ladder a mere inches from the sVo Championship. We were battling it out, trying to beat the other one to the punch. He got the best of me and slammed my head into the top of the ladder and knocked me silly. I really don’t remember much after that, just what I seen on tape. But I remember seeing the ceiling of the arena and then landing on top of my head.

Simon Austin: Did you know something was wrong?

Cody Williams: Instantly. Right when I landed I started slipping in and out of consciousness and my whole right side went numb, I could feel the referees and paramedics touching me, but I couldn’t really move anything.

Nick Harris: You were being taken out on a stretcher, everyone thought that you were out of the match and possibly out for good. But you took it upon yourself to get off of the stretcher and get back into the match. What were you thinking at that moment.

Cody Williams: Honestly, I really don’t know, haha. I guess adrenalin took over. I knew that if this was going to be my last match, if this incident was going to take my career I wanted to know that I left as the sVo champion, and if I didn’t I wanted the fans to know that I never gave up and I kept going.

Sasha puts her hand on Cody’s shoulder and lap and consoles him.

Simon Austin: Talk to us about your surgery and what the Doctors explained to you.

Cody Williams: Well after a consultation and an MRI, the Doctors came to the conclusion that I had a pinched nerve and would require surgery. So the wonderful Dr. Jose Gutierrez took really good care of me, and guided me through a very sensitive procedure. He made a small incision in the back of my neck to move the bone and the C5 and C6 discs from around the nerve route.

Nick Harris: How are you feeling, how are you now that the surgery is completed?

Cody Williams: I didn’t have much feeling in my right arm and hand to begin with since the first injury, and the reoccuring ones after that. I can feel touch but it is very numb feeling, you know? Umm, right now they have me using a wheel chair to get around, and I have to refrain from sudden jerking movements or turning my head quickly. As of now, they have said that I cannot train or work out for at least four weeks. And that I am looking at a 4-6 week time period before they will even consider clearing me for in-ring competition.

Simon Austin: When you come back will we be seeing an even better and more determined Cody Williams, or a more safer and cautious one?

Cody Williams: Heheh, there is no doubt in my mind that when I come back I will be better than ever. Nothing will slow me down or keep me away from fulfilling my destiny. Until they tell me that I cannot wrestle anymore I will keep pushing forward with no stopping in sight. And when I come back.. I WILL get my RETRIBUTION against YOU…

The cameras slowly zoom in on Cody, a snarl filling his face, his nostrils flaring, his breathing getting heavier, and his eyes filled with hatred and determination.

Cody Williams: NATHAN PARADINE!!! That is not a threat, that is a PROMISE!!!

Nick Harris: Well, thank you Cody and Sasha for joining us, we wish you a safe and speedy recovery.

Sasha smiles at the camera and tries to put her husband Cody Williams at ease. The shot slowly fades out on the two of them sitting on the couch as we transition into a commercial break.
Raven vs. XSinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. Then Raven comes out walking and taunting the crowd a bit toward the ring.

There are cheers in the arena as the lights dim and smoke begins to rise from the top of the entrance ramp. Through the smoke the mysterious figure of X begins to walk down the entrance ramp towards Raven who is still in the ring. The former Corporation member watches intently as X slowly steps to the bottom of the ring, before taking off his hat and climbing up onto the ring apron. There is a big cheer from the crowd as X climbs into the ring and taunts to the fans.

With Raven and the mysterious X in the ring ready to battle it out for a shot at the sVo Red&Black Championship belt, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started!

As the bell rings Raven rushes forward and begins to lay into X with some big right hands. X is forced back into the corner of the ring with the big punches from Raven, however suddenly X is able to grab hold of Raven with both hands around his throat and throw his opponent into the corner. The fans cheer as the mysterious X lays into Raven with some big right hands to the midsection before pulling him out of the corner and into the middle of the ring.

The fans cheer as X pulls Raven up into the air before dropping him down with a suplex in the middle of the ring. Raven hits the mat hard, and X follows up with some mounted punches to the face of his opponent before Raven is able to knock him away with some punches of his own. Raven rises up to his feet, and as X rushes towards him he cuts off his masked opponent with a kick to the midsection. X doubles over in pain, and Raven follows up with a big head butt to the face of X. X staggers backwards, and Raven bounces into the ropes himself before following up with a clothesline onto his opponent.

X looks in pain as he is pulled to his feet by Raven and thrown hard into the ring ropes. X bounces back into the middle of the ring, but Raven takes him down with a drop toe hold in the middle of the ring. As X hits the mat, Raven bounces into the ropes before dropping a diving elbow across the neck of his opponent. X holds his neck in pain as he slowly rises up to his feet, but as he does Raven grabs hold of him and throws him down to the mat with a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring! There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Raven makes the cover on X.




There is a cheer from the crowd as X manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat. Raven looks disappointed knowing that a win would be a great comeback from his loss to Scorpion at the Infamous PPV last week! Raven quickly grabs hold of the masked X and pulls him up to his feet. Raven grabs hold of the arms of his opponent and locks him in an abdominal stretch to try and wear down X. X shouts out in pain as Raven uses his free hand to lay into X with some big punches to the midsection.

The fans seem to be firmly behind X in this match, and there is a big cheer from the fans as he counters Raven with a hip toss! Raven rises up to his feet with a shocked look on his face, but as he does he gets nailed with a spinning heel kick from X! The fans cheer the move from X as he rises up to his feet and taunts to the fans. Raven slowly begins to rise up to his feet, but as he does X grabs him from behind and drops him with a reverse DDT! The fans rise to their feet as the exciting X jumps into the ropes and hits a lionsault onto Raven!

X looks like he might have hurt himself just as much as Raven after that move as both men lay on the mat in pain. Raven and X slowly both begin to rise to their feet, and the fans cheer as they both begin to trade big right hands. Raven looks like he is getting the better of the exchange as he backs X against the ropes before grabbing him by the arm and shooting him into the ropes. X bounces back into the middle of the ring, but as he does he is able to duck under an attempted clothesline from Raven! Raven turns around, but as he does he is hit with a jumping face plant from X! The fans cheer the big move from X as he makes the cover on Raven.




It looked like it was all over right there with Raven’s face hitting the canvas, but somehow he managed to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three could be counted by the referee! X slowly pulls himself up to his feet and stares at Raven in disbelief, just how did he manage to kick out before the count of three?

Raven shows off just how much he wants to win the match and get a shot at the sVo Red&Black Championship belt as he begins to pull himself up to a standing position. Raven lays into X with some tired punches which knock the masked man backwards. Raven nails X with a big kick to the midsection before positining him for a DDT in the middle of the ring! Raven tries to hit the DDT, however X manages to counter with some punches to the kidneys of his opponent to knock him away.

Raven stumbles away, but X manages to follow up with a dropkick to the back of his head that sends him into the corner of the ring. With Raven in the corner of the ring, the fans cheer as X grabs him from behind and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle in a reverse sitting position! The fans wonder just what X is going to do next, until he steps up onto the second rope before tossing Raven down to the mat with a German supex from the top rope! The fans pop for the big move as X makes the cover on his opponent!




After that amazing move it is X who picks up the victory! The referee checks on the status of Raven as X rises up to his feet and throws both arms up into the air in victory! With a shot at the Red&Black Championship now in his future, the mysterious X climbs out of the ring and slowly makes his way back up the entrance ramp whilst slapping the hands of his fans at ringside.RINGSIDE

A Message from the Champion

The match to crown the number one contender for the Red&Black Championship is over and the winner, X is celebrating in the middle of the ring after picking up the victory in such a hard-fought match!

The crowd cheers loudly for the new number one contender as he climbs up a corner turnbuckle and throws his arms up in the air in celebration.

But the cheers are cut short as “Headstrong” by Trapt starts blaring over the PA system and the reigning sVo Red&Black Champion, Sean Maverick is seen making his way past the curtains and out towards ringside.

The crowd start jeering and booing the innovator of “British Brutality” as he slowly paces down the ramp and towards the ring, sporting the sVo Tap Out belt over his shoulder and the Red&Black title around his waist.

Maverick pays no heed to the crowd’s hostility towards him as he climbs into the ring and asks the ringside crew for a mic.

X is standing in the corner of the ring, staring down the man that he will have a chance to face for the Red&Black title in the coming weeks.

After taking the mic and looking around at the crowd with a sickened expression, Sean Maverick turns to X.

X slowly makes his way towards the middle of the ring, obviously not one to be intimidated by the champion. He mouths something to Maverick and gets into a fighting stance. He shows no signs of backing down and the crowd sound their appreciation in the form of a loud pop.

Maverick takes a few steps back and holds the mic up to speak,

“Hey! Woah, mate! I’m not here to fight you! I just want to congratulate you for your brilliant effort. What a performance! Bravo!”

Maverick’s lips curl into a smile as he stands there applauding the man who has just won the right to challenge him for the Red&Black championship.

X stands there looking genuinely confused. It looks like he’s finding it hard to believe that Sean Maverick has come out here to congratulate him.

It seems the crowd aren’t quite convinced either as most of them continue booing the man from Manchester while a few look on in silence, wondering if Maverick had indeed turned over a new leaf!

Maverick holds onto the smile on his face while he lifts up the mic to speak again.

“I just want to say, X. I’m truly honoured that I’ll be defending my title against you. You truly deserve it, mate.”

Maverick drops the mic and takes a couple of steps towards X. He mouths something to him and slowly extends his hand. It looks like the champion wants to shake the hand of the new number one contender.

X looks as confused as ever as he surveys the crowd who have now broken into a chant of “Don’t trust him!”

Maverick still hasn’t lost his smile as he nods towards X in a bid to reassure him.

X thinks it over for a few more seconds before finally extending his own hand for the handshake as the crowd continue to voice their disapproval.

But it seems Maverick’s congratulatory message was genuine after all, as he takes the number one contender’s hand and shakes it.

The crowd gives a loud pop, apparently pleased by this great show of respect from the champion.

But just as the newly crowned number one contender tries to break the handshake, Maverick’s smile turns wider as he shakes his head and in the blink of an eye, kicks the unsuspecting X in the gut and nails him hard onto the mat with the London Calling!!

Just as everyone had expected, one of the most despised men in the sVo finally shows his true colours!

This was all a set-up. What a despicable act!

Sean Maverick looks down at X who lies motionless in the middle of the ring and his smile is as wide as ever.

The boos ring out from the crowd as the double champion rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp.

Upon reaching the top of the ramp, Maverick takes a moment to show off his title belts and rile up the crowd even more as Showdown cuts to commercials.!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&dtd=5300
Jake Jeckel vs. The Scorpion’Jake Jackel Remix’ by ICP hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the newcomer Jackel steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with his hands raised in the air! Jackel nods his head with the music as he slowly walks down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and posing on the nearest turnbuckle. The music begins to fade out as Jackel prepares for the match to get started.

The lights in the arena go out and ‘Sundown’ by Sirenia begins to play over the speakers. The darkness is cut off when two spotlights shine on the left portion of the stage, uniting at a specific point. With the lights shining, The Scorpion rises from the stage while kneeling in prayer as the song continues to play throughout the arena.

Once through the stage, The Scorpion opens his eyes and slowly walks to the ring without so much as glancing at the crowd. Once in the ring, he proceeds straight to a neutral corner and kneels once again, as if mentally preparing himself for what is ahead of him. After another quick prayer, he quickly throws off his trench coat and simply gazes into space.

With Scorpion and Jackel in the ring, the bell rings for the match to get started! Both men slowly begin to circle around each other in the middle of the ring in a cautious opening, before diving forward to tie up in the middle. Jackel begins to push Scorpion backwards, however Scorpion quickly uses his MMA background to go behind on Jackel into a waist lock before dropping him to the mat with a waist lock takedown.

Scorpion tries to lock on a side head lock with Jackel down on the mat, however Jackel manages to fight his way back up to his feet with some big back elbows to the face of his opponent. Scorpion cuts Jackel off with a kick to the midsection as he reaches his feet, before grabbing him by the arm and throwing him hard into the ropes. Jackel bounces back into the middle of the ring and Scorpion takes him down with a double arm takedown.

Jackel quickly rises up to his feet, and as he does Scorpion is there with some big right hands that back him into the corner of the ring. The fans boo as Scorpion begins to choke out Jackel in the corner, before the referee threatens to DQ him. The crowd boo loudly the actions of Scorpion as he slowly walks away from the newcomer and taunts to the fans. Scorpion looks confident in the middle of the ring as Jackel struggles to catch his breath. However Scorpion is stunned as Jackel suddenly turns and runs through him with a big clothesline!

Scorpion quickly rises back up to his feet, but Jackel catches him with a big roundhouse kick which knocks him backwards. Jackel taunts to the crowd as Scorpion regroups and runs back at his opponent. However Jackel is there waiting for him with a big head scissors takedown before quickly making the cover on his opponent.




It looked as if the newcomer was going to pick up a win there, however Scorpion manages to get his shoulder up off of the canvas before the three can be counted by the referee. The crowd don’t look too pleased as Scorpion slowly rises up to his feet, however the newcomer Jackel is quickly straight back on him with some big right hands. Jackel grabs hold of Scorpion by the arm and throws him across the ring into the ropes, and as he bounces back Jackel uses the ring ropes to springboard himself into a big dropkick to the face of his opponent!

Despite his early dominance Scorpion looks in trouble as Jackel leaps onto him and pounds away on his opponent with some big mounted punches. Scorpion fights his way into a standing position, but as he does Jackel comes back with a big double axe handle shot to the back of his opponents head. With Scorpion doubled over, Jackel catches him with a big kidney punch before taunting to the fans. The fans rise to their feet as Jackel steps over Scorpion and looks like he is ready to hit him with a big powerbomb! However before he can hit the move the fans boo as Scorpion counters with a low blow onto the newcomer!

Jackel staggers backwards in pain as Scorpion follows up the low blow with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Scorpion waves off the booing crowd before pulling Jackel up to a standing position. Scorpion quickly lifts Jackel into the air before dropping him down with a tiger driver in the middle of the ring. With Jackel down in the middle of the ring, Scorpion drops down and hooks the leg of his opponent.




The fans cheer as Jackel manages to get a shoulder up off of the canvas which prevents Scorpion from picking up the victory. Scorpion looks angrily at the referee as he quickly rises up to his feet. Scorpion takes out his frustration on Jackel with some stiff kicks as the newcomer tries to pull himself up to a standing position. As Jackel finally does reach his feet, Scorpion pulls him up into the air from behind, before throwing him to the mat with a back drop driver! With Jackel down and out, the victory looks like it is Scorpion’s for the taking!

However instead of going for the three count, Scorpion looks like he wants to put this one away with a submission as he drops down and locks his opponent into a triangle choke! Jackel looks in pain as the referee quickly drops down to see if he wants to submit. However Jackel bravely refuses, and is able to use his legs to reach the bottom rope to break the hold! However despite his opponent reaching the ropes, Scorpion doesn’t seem to keen to break the hold as he keeps it locked in!

There are boos all around the arena as Scorpion tries to choke out his opponent as the referee begins to count him out. The referee finally reaches the five count, and Scorpion breaks the hold just before he is DQ’ed by the referee. Scorpion rises up to his feet and soaks in the boos, before standing in wait for the newcomer Jackel to reach a standing position. Jackel looks in pain as he slowly begins to rise up, and as he does Scorpion grabs him from behind looking for the ‘Lament of Innocence’! However Jackel manages to counter out of no where with a rolling arm drag takedown on Scorpion!

Scorpion rises up to his feet with a shocked look on his face, but as he does he is nearly cut in half with a diving spear from Jackel! Jackel rolls up to his feet and taunts for Scorpion to do the same. Scorpion holds his ribs as he slowly stumbles up to his feet not knowing what hit him. Jackel quickly moves forward and catches Scorpion with a kick to the midsection, before taking him down with a ‘Juggalo Jackhammer’ into the cover!




It looked like this match was going in the favour of Scorpion, but out of nowhere Jackel manages to pull out the win in his first ever sVo match! Jackel slowly rises up to his feet after the hard fought victory and has his hand raised in the air in victory. Jackel looks out at the crowd as his music blasts over the sound system, as Scorpion lays on the mat holding his ribs in pain, no doubt plotting his revenge already.RINGSIDE

Can’t Hide Forever

The cameras cut back to the ring, where suddenly the lights cut out. There is a massive cafuffle in the arena, and a dull roar rises from the pit of the watching crowd. A single blue spotlight flickers around the arena, trying to find the man or woman that is the cause of the blackout…


The lights suddenly return, and many in the watching crowd jolt, beginning a huge chorus of jeers as the cameras focus on the elusive ‘X’. He cackles slightly, taking a small step forward and raising the microphone to his lips.

X: “Fear. Cowardice. Bricking it. You can sugarcoat and spin the word into whatever you want, but it will always have the same meaning, and be directed at those very same cowards that run and hide from their destinies and phobias.”

He pauses, and there is a slight murmur of agreement from the crowd, agreeing with his point. There is the feeling of ‘We hate him, but he makes a good point,’ pulsing through the building.

X: “Now, before I get onto my main point – I would like to address Sean Maverick as one of these cowards. Now, Sean, after my ubliminal performance tonight – is probably sat backstage, cuddled up in a few blankets and clutching onto his Red&Black Championship. That man KNOWS that soon enough, when I take my shot at him, he will be on the lower ground, and he will, ultimately, fail.”

There is a mixed reaction from the audience. A thundering of applause mixed with a cacophany of jeers and boos, showing their hatred for both Maverick and this masked man.

X: “But enough about the little shitfaced coward. Because there is a man that reaches even further extremes on my scale. Nathan Paradine and his World Championship have hid behind Cody Williams and Night, they’ve tried to sway me by putting Cody Williams out of action. Jon Page has denied me an opportunity which I FUCKING EARNED.”

X moves to the ropes, stepping between them and dropping to the ringside area. He moves towards the fans, specifically to a little boy and his family in the crowd – the little boy wearing a “Paraplex!” T-Shirt, with a replica Title Belt slung over his shoulder. The massive beaming grin on the childs face turned downwards as X stalked towards him, and the boys mother pulled him backwards.

X: “But no longer can Paradine hid behind anything. He has lost the respect of the sVo-ites. Jon Page can try and hinder my stride towards that esteemed piece of metal, placing the Red&Black stipulations on me… But I won’t stand for that any longer. Let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen alike…”

He pasues briefly, dropping the microphone to his side and surveying the arena, before backing up so he stands at the bottom of the ramp. He taps his foot thrice on the steel, demanding a silence which he ultimately recieved. Slowly, he raises the mic back to his lips, and in a low growl utters words that send the watching fans into uproar.

X: “I am the only person in this bullshit federation that is worthy of holding that title belt.”


X: “Who else is there? Roscoe Shame?! Okay, he may have ‘earned’ his shot against Samuel Amos… But the man has been defeated before. I’ve beaten him several times in my past, and I’ve beaten men that have also beat him. Jon Page, Nathan Paradine, Roscoe Shame, hear me now.. I will have my shot, and I will have it now. I don’t care about management changes, contendership matches, or re-earnign my spot..”


X: “Let me tell ya. When I knock this company down, there will be no getting back up.”

There is a clatter as he drops the microphone, and then darkness.!3&btvi=2&fsb=1&dtd=6940
Nathan Paradine (c) vs. Duncan Brennan and Landon Bennett

“Teenage Anarchist” by Against Me! begins to blast over the arena sound system as Landon Bennett and Duncan Brennan emerge from behind the curtain, looking confidant going into this handicap match. They climb up they steel stairs and step into the ring, slapping each other on the back before taking their places in the corner.


“Sliver” by Queensryche hits the speakers and the crowd erupts in a mixed reaction for Nathan Paradine as he emerges from backstage, the sVo Championship belt around his waist and holding one of the sVo Tag Team title belts in each hand. He runs down the ramp and dives underneath the bottom rope, flinging both of the title belts away and immediately going to work on Brennan and Bennett with left and right hooks. The referee calls for the bell, and the match is officially underway!

In the ring, Paradine clotheslines Bennett over the top rope sending him tumbling down to ringside. Paradine unbuckles the world title and kicks it out to ringside before pulling Brennan to his feet and whipping him into the ropes, catching him with a huge back body drop on the rebound. As Paradine attempts to pull him back to his feet Bennett jumps into the ring, however Paradine dispatches him with a spinning elbow before nudging him out of the ring with his foot. Paradine turns around and eats a huge dropkick from a recovered Brennan sending him down onto the mat.

Brennan stomps down on Paradine to keep him grounded before tagging in Bennett who continues the assault, kicking out at Paradine before sending him tumbling into the corner. Paradine fights his way out, kicking at Bennett’s midsection before striking him across the face. Bennett swings around and hits Paradine again forcing him back against the turnbuckle, before turning around and tagging his partner back in.

Brennan immediately works over Paradine in the corner, stomping down on him viciously and leaving him slumped against the mat. Brennan pulls Paradine to his feet and wraps him around around the top rope, utilizing it as a modified arm lock. Paradine grunts in pain and attempts to escape, however the referee comes to his rescue and demands that he release the hold and Brennan grudgingly obliges before throwing Paradine down onto the mat and applying another submission hold.

Paradine wriggles and manages to escape the hold, standing up and grabbing Brennan’s leg. Paradine drops his leg across Brennan’s torso and applies a leglock, wrenching at his muscles until he cries out in pain. Brennan threatens to tap out and Bennett jumps into the ring, sliding across the mat and seizing Paradine’s arm, applying another armlock. Paradine roars in pain and struggles to escape, however he refuses to relinquish his hold on Brennan.

Paradine finally relents, releasing his hold on Brennan and rolling away as soon as Bennett releases him. Both men jump onto the sVo Champion and begin to stomp down, before Bennett returns to the corner. Brennan kicks Paradine once more before tagging Bennett back in to the ring. Bennett pulls Paradine to his feet and executes a step-up enziguiri, covering his chest for a pin attempt!



No, kickout!

Paradine throws his shoulder up, barely managing to get Bennett off him. As both men climb to their feet Paradine hoists Bennett onto his shoulders and slams him back down onto the mat, the entire ring shaking from the impact. Both men stand up again, Bennett using the turnbuckle for support, and Paradine runs forward looking for a lariat. Bennett ducks underneath his arm and jumps up onto the second rope, slamming his fist down over and over again onto Paradine’s forehead. Paradine blocks a blow and grabs Bennett around the waist, hitting a HUGE spinebuster out of the corner. Brennan runs into the ring however Paradine catches him with a scoop slam, throwing him down on top of his tag team partner! The crowd cheers as Paradine swoops in for the pinfall!




Bennett manages to get his shoulder up, however it appears to have been a automatic reaction as both men are motionless on the mat! Paradine rolls away and climbs to his feet, grabbing the top rope and motioning for Bennett to get to his feet ready to receive a ParaPlex. The crowd boos suddenly as Roscoe Shame jumps over the crowd barricade at ringside and grabs the sVo Championship from its position next to the timekeeper. Paradine watches in shock before diving out of the ring and pursuing Shame through the crowd! The referee calls for a count out victory, declaring Landon Bennett and Duncan Brennan the winners and the NEW sVo Tag Team Champions!RINGSIDE


Nathan Paradine pursues Roscoe Shame into the foyer of the Goodfellas Casino, pushing past several stunned patrons in his attempt to get at his opponent for Retribution. He attempts to tackle him to the ground near the main entrance but Shame slips out of his grasp, the sVo Championship hugged close to his chest.

Nathan Paradine: “Get back here!”

Paradine stands up and chases Shame out onto the street, but the number one contender has already dived into the back of a taxi. Paradine chases after the rapidly departing taxi for a moment before skidding to a halt, fury etched in his features as Showdown comes to a close.

Nathan Paradine: “… shit.”

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