sVo Showdown Episode #074
13th March 2011
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Jay Wildman, Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Samuel Amos shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON SHOWDOWN #73As Grimnir and Grimfamos celebrate the win in the middle of the ring, they slowly begin to back away until suddenly walking into each other. There is a silence that spreads across the crowd in anticipation as the two men quickly spin around and come face to face! Grimnir and Grimfamos stare each other down in the middle of the ring, with the two men behind the mask ready to take each other on with the sVo Championship on the line at the Vendetta PPV later this month!

It looks as if the two are going to send the fists flying as they stare each other down, until suddenly the lights go out! There are a few screams in the panic, but suddenly the lights come back on to reveal Jay Wildman standing behind Grimnir and Grimfamos with the sVo Championship belt in his hand!

There is confusion as Jay Wildman runs forward and smashes the title belt into Grimfamos’ head, sending him down to the mat! Jay Wildman then turns and nails Grimnir with the belt! With both masked men down, the sVo Champion Jay Wildman stands over both men holding his title belt in the air as Showdown heads off of the air, leaving everyone confused as to just who is behind the masks!BACKSTAGE

Company ChampionThere are boos around the arena as on the giant screen the scene of Matt Anderson’s office opens up, with the man himself sitting behind his desk filling in some forms and scribbling his signature on some cheques. Anderson is as always wearing a smart suit and his trademark wraparound sunglasses over his eyes. Suddenly there is a knock on the door, and a smile creeps across the face of the man in charge of the sVo.

Matt Anderson: “Come In.”

Anderson leans back in his chair and stares at the door as if he already knows on the other side. After a few seconds the door handle slowly turns and in steps the current sVo Champion, the belt over his right shoulder.

Jay Wildman: “What do you want Anderson?”

Matt Anderson: “Please come in, have a seat.”

The sVo Champion slowly walks towards the desk but refrains from sitting across from Anderson, instead placing his hands on the top of the chair facing the Company man. Anderson stares at the sVo title on Wildman’s shoulder before looking back at the Champion.

Matt Anderson: “For a long time I have been trying to get that title under the control of the Company. I tried with Night, but by the time I finally managed to get it off him Roscoe Shame had turned his back on us. I tried with Bobby Dean but he couldn’t get it done…”

Jay Wildman: “Is there a point to this? If you want to try and get the title off me then feel free to set up the match and try.”

The Company man smiles at the attitude of the sVo Champion and slowly shakes his head.

Matt Anderson: “It’s not often I will admit this, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe we went about it all wrong. Instead of trying to take the title off of Champion and put it on one of our guys, maybe we should have just invited the Champion to join us…”

The Champion holds the Company man’s stare.

Matt Anderson: “Well what do you say? Join the Company and help us crush Jon Page and his little band of rebels at Vendetta and I will make sure you become the greatest sVo Champion of all time!”

The sVo Champion looks like he might be considering the offer, before loudly scoffing.

Jay Wildman: “I plan on becoming the greatest sVo Champion of all time on my own. Personally I could care less about you and Jon Page and your little love triangles, I want no part of it.”

Wildman slowly turns and begins to leave the office until Anderson stands up with an angry look on his face.

Matt Anderson: “You know what, after putting Samuel Amos out of action last week maybe I should teach you a lesson!”

Wildman slowly turns and smiles.

Jay Wildman: “If your thinking of dusting off your wrestling boots then I’m game.”

Matt Anderson: “I have a better idea, how about you take on Roscoe Shame one on one in the main event.”

The two man stare each other down, Anderson obviously not pleased Wildman has rebuffed his offer of joining the Company and Wildman not a fan of Anderson.
Sean Maverick Vs. Timothy WebbAll the lights fade, and darkness surrounds the arena. “Headstrong” by Trapt starts playing on the PA as the entrance ramp is bathed in the blue, white and red lights of the Union Jack. Sean Maverick steps out in his all black ring attire, a scowl on his face. He sprints down towards the ring and slides in. He talks down to the crowd and is greeted by unanimous loud booing.

“Hurt” by Johnny Cash begins to blare across the arena as shots of Timothy Webb flash across the face of the big screen. Without much a due, Webb steps out from behind the curtain. As he does majority of the crowed boo’s as Webb, seemingly aimlessly, makes his way towards the sVo ring. After making his way slowly up the ringsteps Webb fumbles with the ropes as he enters the squared circle. Once inside Timothy, almost as if celebrating that he made it to the ring at all, tosses his hands into the air. The only response being scattered boo’s.

The bell rings and this one is underway, Webb looking a bit weary as Maverick offers him a hand grapple. Webb approaches, looking to grapple and gouges at his eyes with a eye rake! The referee quickly steps in and asks him what he’s doing, Timothy asking what he’s done wrong and here comes Maverick with a big European uppercut, another, a kick to the mid-section and a Russian Legsweep. Sean isn’t impressed, getting back to his feet and grabbing Timothy by the hair, pulling him into position for a Swinging Neckbreaker. Webb though drops to one knee in an inadvertant block and quickly rolls to the outside as Maverick releases the hold.

The referee stops Maverick from heading to the outside and they begin arguing, meanwhile they don’t see that Webb has come in from behind, Back Suplex! Quick cover..



Kick Out! Webb can’t believe he didn’t have it and begins stomping away at him, dropping to the floor with yet another cover.


Kick Out! Maverick kicks out with some force this time and really pushes Webb off him, both men getting back to their feet and Webb hitting a clothesline. Timothy seems to be in control now as he pulls his opponent back up and chops him back into the corner before taking a run up and SPIN KICK! Out of no-where Sean Maverick clocks him with a Spin Kick and takes him to the mat. He’s quickly back on the offensive though not wanting to let a moment pass and climbs the turnbuckle hitting an Elbow Drop. The tides have quickly turned here as Maverick backs up waiting for Webb to slowly get to his feet, running at him with The Brutal Knee Strike, sending him back to the mat.

The referee tries to stop Sean from stomping away at him, but he pushes him out the way and continues going to work with kicks to the gut and arms of Webb, Webb though hitting a Low Blow!! How is that not a disqualification!? The referee just ignores it, seemingly annoyed that Maverick pushed him earlier and lets it go. Webb rolls to the ropes and uses them to help him back to his feet, taking a moment to regain some strength and infact giving Maverick time to do the same. Both men jump in with some punches, Maverick winning the battle and finishing off with a Headbutt for good measure that sends Webb flailing back into the ropes, he whips him off and Webb comes back with a Clothesline!

He doesn’t cover though, instead dropping to his knees and locking in a grounded Armbar that has Maverick struggling to break free. The referee asks him if he quits and he says no, rolling onto his front and forcing Timothy to break the hold. Webb quickly gets to his feet and boots him in the chest, once, twice, three times sending Maverick flying across the ring and to the ropes. He follows, dropping an Elbow and covering..



Rope Break! An ameture mistake there by Webb who didn’t realize he was too close to the ropes and demands to know why the referee stopped the count, looking at him angrilly. Maverick meanwhile has gotten back to his feet and comes in from behind, spinning Webb around and London Calling! He hits the Reverse Falcon Arrow! He covers…



Three! And this one is over! Maverick gets to his feet looking down at an in pain Webb in disgust, then raising his arm in victory. Webb here was unlucky but a mistake arguing with the referee cost him dearly.RINGSIDE

PaybackTimothy Webb is left alone in the ring after the match when suddenly something falls from the rafters. Webb is now covered in water and….and…SKITTLES? Webb looks around confused and doesn’t see Skiddalz sneaking up behind him, he turns around and ZAAAAPPPPP!!!!! Skiddalz hits him with a taser, the effects of which are enhanced by the water she just drenched him with. Webb quickly drops to the mat convulsing and Skiddalz gets an evil grin on her face as she rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic. She now stands over Webb holding the mic and the taser, Skiddalz tasers Webb once more and talks into the mic as he shakes violently.

Skiddalz: Congratulations Timmy, you’re now the most electrifying man in the sVo

Skiddalz drops the mic and the taser leaving Timothy Webb laying in the middle of the ring.BACKSTAGE

Did she say memo?We are taken backstage to find sVo’s interviewer Katie Smith standing by with a microphone in hand with sVo Superstar Sheldon Hossteder. She shifts her weight nervously as she is given her signal from the camera operator that they are live. Oddly, she hesitates in turning toward Sheldon.

Smith: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are backstage with Sheldon Hossteder…thank you for stopping by Sheldon.

Sheldon ignores Katie’s odd behavior as the introduction is concluded and the microphone is raised to him for a response.

Hossteder: You’re welcome, Katie, what can I do for you?

Just as before, Katie begins to shift about nervously as Sheldon responds to her brief introduction.

Smith: Although, you might expect that you had been called here tonight to answer questions regarding last night’s match with Loki Synn, this isn’t the case actually.

The crowd explodes into a fit of booing as Katie finishes even mentioning Loki Synn, let alone the match itself. Sheldon is noticeably upset with the way things have transpired during the end of his match. Katie interrupts as Sheldon tries to comment.

Smith: Wait, wait. I was given the memo to seek out opinions of our sVo Superstars in regards to the recent surge of newcomers and their brash comments.

Sheldon is still upset as is the crowd, but he continues to stand there watching and waiting for what Katie has to ask.

Smith: Intrepid released a promo at the beginning of last nights UnSanctioned. He claims to be a man of religion, what religion I am not clear on but A religion nonetheless. I was asked to collect your initial thoughts about what the man had to say…especially as a man devoted to the sciences.

Katie actually holds the microphone up toward Sheldon and takes a step backward. The camera operator zooms in and Sheldon doesn’t take much note of her actions. He turns to look into the camera to direct his attentions at Intrepid through the camera.

Hossteder: Honestly, I think the man is off his rocker and should seek counseling. As far as his religious convictions go, while I personally don’t hold much stock in what can’t be proven in a laboratory, as an American I firmly believe in his right to practice whatever religion he may choose as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s right to do the same.

Sheldon barely gets to finish his comments when suddenly a small child walks into view, interrupting Sheldon’s thought. Sheldon and Katie both look down toward the small boy as he extends his hand forward to Katie, inviting the use of the microphone. Surprisingly, Katie nervously hands the boy the microphone and steps away. The child motions for Sheldon to bend down to his level and then speaks.

Boy: You’re a Heathen.

Exploding onto the backstage set is the religiously deranged newcomer Intrepid. He bowls Sheldon over and sends him directly into the camera operator. Just as in the previous night’s promo, this camera hits the floor at an odd angle as you hear the sounds of struggling and fighting.

Intrepid: You secular whore! Your words are nothing but lies and propaganda for the ignorant to cling to.

The camera is suddenly jerked back off of the floor and righted in order to collect the last of the attack unfolding backstage. Intrepid has Sheldon pinned on the concrete floor, pressing his masked face against Sheldon’s breathing heavily against his cheek.

Intrepid: I will make it a point that we humble you first Secular Whoresteder. We will humble you first.

Just as quickly as he came onto the scene, Intrepid stands brushing himself off and pushes his way through the crowd that is now forming. The backstage feed fades to the view of sVo officials helping to attend to Sheldon as he collects himself from the concrete flooring.
Asesino Vs. Mr HeartMr. Heart is always escorted to the ring by his four suited bodyguards, known as The Associates. The four men walk out onto the stage first, following slowly by their boss, Mr. Heart.

Heart walks slowly down towards the ring. He pays no attention to the crowds or fans around him but. He keeps his eyes focused on the ring – where he does his best business. He calls for the referee or ring announcer to hold the ropes open for his entrance. Once in the ring Heart talks to his Associates about tactics and how he wants them to interfere later on.

Boos begin to ring out around the arena as the entrance ramp lights up and Headstrong by Trapt hits the sound system. On the sVo-Tron highlights of Asesino’s sVo greatest moments play as Asesino slowly makes his way out from the backstage area and down the entrance ramp. Asesino stares out the crowd as he walks, before rolling into the ring. Asesino walks around the ring looking out at those in the crowd who are booing him, before jumping up onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and taunting to the fans by throwing them an ironic kiss. With the two men in the ring the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started! Both men quickly move towards each other and Asesino catches Mr Heart with some big right hands. Asesino pushes Mr Heart back with some punches, until Mr Heart is able to grab his opponent by the waist and drop him across the top rope. Asesino bounces back off of the ropes and Mr Heart nails him with some punches to the back of the head. Mr Heart spins Asesino around and whips him hard into the ring ropes, before dropping him down with a flapjack as he bounces back into the middle of the ring.

Asesino stumbles up to his feet holding his face in pain and Mr Heart catches him with a big kick to the midsection. Asesino doubles over in pain allowing Mr Heart to drop him down with a quick DDT in the middle of the ring! The fans boo the actions of the man from London, England as he drops down slowly and makes the cover on his opponent.




Asesino kicks out before the three can be counted by the referee. Mr Heart grabs Asesino by his long hair and pulls him up to his feet, however Asesino manages to counter Mr Heart with some big right hands. Asesino knocks Mr Heart back before taking him down to the mat with a jaw breaker. Mr Heart rises back up to his feet holding his face in pain and Asesino bounces off of the ropes before spearing his opponent down to the mat! Asesino slowly rises up to his feet and looks out at Mr Heart’s associates on the outside of the ring, before stomping away on Mr Heart as he tries to rise to his feet.

Mr Heart finally reaches a standing position and tries to hit some punches on his opponent, however Asesino manages to duck under his opponents arm and take him down to the mat with a half nelson slam. With Mr Heart down Asesino begins to lay into Mr Heart with some big mounted punches.

The fans now begin to boo loudly for the hitman Asesino as he allows Mr Heart back up to his feet before nailing him with a big spinning heel kick. Asesino begins to taunt to the fans and they once again boo him loudly. Mr Heart rises up to his feet, but Asesino is there with a canadian back breaker to floor Mr Heart, before making the cover on his opponent.




Mr Heart manages to kick out of the cover just in time! Asesino can’t quite believe that Mr Heart managed to kick out as he rises up to his feet. Asesino stares down at Mr Heart and begins to taunt for his finishing move! However as Asesino begins to signal for the move, the Associates jump up onto the ring apron! The referee quickly moves across to order them back down off of the ring apron, but with his back turned Mr Heart lands a low blow on Asesino! The fans boo the sneak attack loudly as Mr Heart slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes.

Asesino staggers over to Mr Heart, but the man from London England slams him down to the mat with a massive spinebuster! The fans boo loudly as Mr Heart cockily holds his arms in the air as the associates at ringside clap on Mr Heart. Asesino slowly begins to rise to his feet holding his back in pain after the big spinebuster from Mr Heart. Mr Heart quickly bounces back off of the ropes before running at Asesino and taking down the hitman with a ‘Broken Heart’ neckbreaker! The fans boo loudly for the move from Mr Heart as he makes the cover on his opponent.




This one is all over and with a little help from his associates it is Mr Heart who picks up the win over Asesino! Mr Heart rises up to his feet and throws his hands up into the air in victory whilst demanding that the referee hold the ring ropes open for him. Mr Heart slowly exits the ring and is walked to the back by his associates.BACKSTAGE

A Well Oiled MachineThe scene heads backstage to the locker room of the Company, where new recruits DJ and Rey Rosario are preparing for their tag team match up against the former sVo Tag Team Champions the Rodriguez Brothers which is next!

Rey Rosario: “We have never seen eye to eye DJ, but we are both former Tag Team Champions and I have no doubt that we can go out there and make our mark on the Company tonight!”

Rosario looks pumped up for the match, however DJ looks more reluctant.

DJ: “Anderson doesn’t care about the match, he just wants us to go against them because they turned down his offer of joining the Company.”

Rosario stares at DJ who shakes his head at the situation he finds himself in. Rosario quickly springs forward and slaps his partner across the face! DJ reacts angrily, getting into the face of his partner.

Rey Rosario: “This might not have been ideal but we find ourselves in this situation now and I for one intend to make the most of it! Don;t screw this up for me out there tonight!”

The scene fades out with the two Company members face to face in the middle of their own locker room, can they possibly get the match won against former Tag Team Champions the Rodriguez Brothers?
DJ & Rey Rosario Vs. The Rodriguez Brothers’My Way’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the massive Chezina and Chivo Rodriguez step onto the top of the entrance ramp! Chezina holds his hands up in the air before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Chivo towers over the fans lining the entrance ramp, and as he steps up onto the ring apron, he is able to step over the top rope with ease! Chezina struts around the ring for a few seconds to show his dominance before preparing for the match to get under-way.

“Sinner” by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ. Then DJ comes out walking and dancing a bit toward the ring.

“Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Rey Rosario comes out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

The referee calls for the bell with Chivo and DJ getting the match started for their teams. DJ lays into Chivo with some big right hands, however Chivo manages to knock him away with a big uppercut. DJ runs at Chivo however the big man is able to scoop him up and toss him down to the mat with a big side walk slam. DJ slowly rises to his feet but is quickly thrown into the corner of the ring where Chivo lays into him with some big body punches. DJ slowly stumbles out of the corner of the ring allowing Chivo to bounce into the ring ropes before nailing DJ with a big boot to the face! With DJ down on the mat and hurting, Chivo makes the tag out to his brother Chezina.

Chezina quickly climbs over the top rope and stomps away on the head of his opponent DJ as he slowly begins to get to his feet. The fans boo loudly for the Rodriguez Brothers as DJ slowly does get to his feet, but Chezina hits him with a big uppercut to send him straight back down. DJ rises back up to his feet, however Chezina once again hits him with another uppercut. Chezina places his massive boot over the throat of DJ and begins to choke out his opponent until the referee reaches the five count and Chezina is forced to break the hold.

DJ looks like he is struggling to breath as Chezina pulls him up to his feet and tosses him hard into the ring ropes. DJ bounces back into the middle of the ring, however he manages to catch Chezina with a big dropkick to knock the big man backwards! Chezina stumbles back, and DJ follows up with a jumping axe kick to the face of Chezina to finally knock him off of his feet. The fans give a mixed reaction for the big move from DJ as he bounces into the ropes and nails a flying forearm onto Chezina as he tries to get to his feet, before making the tag out to Rey Rosario.

Rosario quickly climbs into the ring and begins to lay into Chezina with big right hands as he tries to get to his feet. Chezina finally reaches a standing position, and as he does Rey Rosario shows off his power with a big snap suplex onto the giant! With Chezina down on the mat, Rey Rosario makes the cover!




Chivo manages to break up the cover before the three can be counted by the referee. Chivo is ordered out of the ring by the referee, and as he is Rey Rosario lays into Chezina with some big knife edge chops. Rey Rosario backs Chezina into the corner of the ring, before stomping him down into a sitting position in the corner of the ring! Rey Rosario rushes across and nails Chivo with a big right hand to knock him off of the ring apron before turning his attention back towards Chezina! Chezina runs at Rosario, but Rosario sends him down to the mat with a spinebuster!

With Chezina down in the middle of the ring, the fans cheer as Rosario makes the tag out to DJ who quickly begins to make his way to the top rope! The fans cheer as DJ leaps off of the top rope towards Chezina, but before he can impact Chezina sits up and grabs DJ by the throat! There are boos from the crowd as Chezina uses his strength to pull DJ into the air before planting him down with a massive chokeslam! Chivo rushes across to intercept Rey Rosario with a big boot as Chezina makes the cover.




It’s all over and it is the former Tag Team Champions the Rodriguez Brothers who pick up the win over DJ and Rey Rosariol! The Rodriguez Brothers celebrate the victory by dominating in the ring as DJ and Rey Rosario regroup on the entrance ramp.BACKSTAGE

Man Up

The scene opens up backstage where we see one half of the sVo Tag Team champions Roscoe Shame walking down the hallway corridor. He has this smirk on his face as if he is plotting something or perhaps he is just so cocky and full of himself that he can do whatever he pleases. He looks to his left and drops his head, shaking it as he comes to a stop and turns his body in that direction.

Roscoe Shame: What do you want?

The camera begins to pan outwards and reveals “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams to be the one that is standing next to Roscoe Shame. The two of them lock eyes, stopping dead in their tracks trying to burn a hole through the other by just looking at them.

Cody Williams: I was going to ask you the same thing. If I recall, you are the one who attacked me last night at UnSanctioned.

The Tag Team champion smirks and then snarls at the man standing in front of him.

Roscoe Shame: And if I recall, you were the one that almost ruined Beautiful Bobby Dean and my plans at Roll The Dice last year! So, think of it.. Think of it as a payback if you will. And seeing as you and your little Australian friend wants a piece of Beautiful Shame and our tag team titles, I thought I would get a closer look and scope out the competition.

Shame rubs the centerplate of the Tag Team title and slowly turns his head back to Cody.

Roscoe Shame: And let me tell you, I wasn’t impressed with what I saw.

“The Reflection of Perfection” places his hands on his hips and lets out a small chuckle at the last sentence that spewed through Shame’s mouth.

Cody Williams: Really? Because I wasn’t too impressed when I got my hands on Beautiful Shame at Roll the Dice when I dropped the two of you on your big heads! I’m not afraid of you Roscoe, and I’m not afraid of Bobby Dean either.

A finger taps Cody on the shoulder and he looks behind him to see who it is. The camera begins to zoom outwards and we can see Beautiful Bobby Dean standing there behind him. The Tag Team champions now have Cody Williams enclosed between them.

Bobby Dean: You have nowhere to go now Cody. Where’s your friend?

Cody Williams: Maybe he’s underneath that hideous mask. What are you hiding anyways.

He extends his arm forward and tries to grab Bobby Dean’s mask but he is quick to swat it away. His eyes widen and his nostrils begin to flare.


Cody raises an eyebrow as he and Roscoe are taken away by BBD’s reaction. Cody slowly begins to extend his arm forward once more, but Bobby is quick to swat his hand away again. He sticks his finger out towards Cody as a warning.

Bobby Dean: WHOA! Back up, I said back up!

Cody Williams: Okay, fine. You can keep the ugly mask on. I’d love to stay and chat with the two of you, but I got more important things to take care of.. Like getting ready for my match with Chris Wrestling and The Crippler.

Cody motions for Beautiful Shame to move out of the way and they slowly begin to part, allowing him to continue along his way. Beautiful Bobby Dean raises his hands up to his face and readjusts his mask. He begins to caress it while Roscoe looks down the hallway. The two of them turn their heads towards each other with a confused look on their face.

Roscoe Shame: Did he just say that preparing for a match with Chris Wrestling and The Crippler was more important than Beautiful Shame?

Bobby Dean: Yeah.. Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something? That punk tried to take off my mask! He’s going to get it!

ROscoe Shame: Yeah.. He’s going to get it alright.

The camera zooms in on Roscoe and Bobby Dean, looking down the hallway in the direction Cody Williams went to, as they nod their head before turning the corner and walking out of camera’s view.
Sara Pettis Vs. El LoconThe fans in the arena begin to cheer as ‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system, and the entrance video of the American wannaba begins to play on the sVo-Tron! After a few seconds El Locon, wearing a straight jacket slowly walks down the entrance ramp escorted by a man wearing a white jacket and a net. The fans cheer as El Locon stares down at the ring, before climbing into the ring. The man escorting El Locon begins to take off his straight jacket, as the entrance music begins to fade out. With the straight jacket removed, El Locon stretches out in the corner of the ring and prepares for the match to get under way.

‘Flower’ by The Moby begins to play, as blue and white strobe lights flash at the entrance. Sara steps out from the back and waves at the crowd with a smile. She then jogs excitedly down the aisle, slapping hands with fans on either side along the way, before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring.

There are boos from the fans as ‘Real Solution #9’ hits the sound system and the Company slowly make their way down the entrance ramp to serve as the lumberjacks for tonight’s match! Matt Anderson leads out Nightmare, James Von Drake, Benedict Wilson, Rey Rosario and a reluctant looking DJ! The Company circle the ring as Sara Pettis and El Locon look down at the people they will fight at Vendetta in the Organised Chaos match.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and with the Company looking on Pettis and El Locon slowly tie up with each other. El Locon forces the TapOut Champion backwards, but Pettis is able to take him down to the mat with a big hip toss. El Locon rises quickly back to a standing position, but Sara Pettis is there again with a big dropkick to the face of her opponent. El Locon slowly rises back to a standing position, but Sara Pettis is straight back onto him with some big kicks. Rather than rolling out of the ring, El Locon is forced to try and fight his way back to a standing position. Sara Pettis tries to take advantage with a double underhook suplex, however El Locon is able to use his strength advantage to knock Pettis away with a back drop.

Pettis rises back to her feet, but is quickly met with an elbow smash from El Locon. Pettis staggers backwards, however El Locon quickly pounces with a snap suplex onto the TapOut Champion. With Pettis down El Locon bounces into the ring ropes before returning with a big elbow drop onto Pettis. El Locon rises slowly up to his feet and glances outside at the Company who are just waiting for some one to exit the ring so they can put the boots in. El Locon waits for Sara Pettis to rise up to her feet before taking her back to the mat with a big shoulder charge. With Sara Pettis down on the mat, El Locon taunts to the fans.

The fans cheer El Locon as he drops down and locks the arm bar onto his opponent. The referee asks Pettis if she would like to submit, however she quickly shakes her head knowing that if she submitted she would not only lose the match but lose her TapOut Championship under the 24/7 rule as well! Sara Pettis desperately reaches out and manages to grab hold of the bottom rope which means El Locon has to break the hold.

Sara Pettis rises up to her feet holding her arm in pain, but as she does El Locon looks to try and take advantage by scooping Pettis up and looking for a shoulder breaker. However before El Locon can hit the move, Sara Pettis counters with a magnificent swinging DDT onto El Locon! El Locon’s head bounces hard off of the mat with both competitors down on the mat. The Company look anxious to get involved as the referee checks on the status of Pettis and El Locon. Sara Pettis is the first to slowly rise to her feet, and she lays into El Locon with some big stomps as he tries to get to his feet. El Locon finally reaches a standing position and looks for a clothesline on his opponent, however Pettis manages to duck the hold and hit a neckbreaker onto El Locon! The fans cheer the move as the referee makes the cover!





Just when it looked like El Locon was down and out he managed to kick out! Sara Pettis can’t believe it as she rises to her feet and stares out at the Company standing around the ring. El Locon slowly rises up to his feet, and Sara Pettis goes to work on him with some knife edge chops across the chest. Pettis backs El Locon back into the corner of the ring, however as she looks for a big punch El Locon is able to duck under her punch and grab the TapOut Champion in a waist lock! El Locon pulls Pettis into the air before nailing her with a German suplex into a bridge!




Pettis gets a shoulder up to break the three count!

Sara Pettis quickly rises up to her feet after being able to kick out of the pin attempt and she lays into El Locon with some forearm smashes to the face. El Locon staggers backwards and Pettis is able to follow up with a fall forward russian legsweep! El Locon looks as if he is in pain as he slowly stumbles up to his feet, but as he does Sara Pettis is there waiting for him with a ‘Seeing Stars’! The fans cheer for the move, but Pettis isn’t finished there as she follows up with a ‘Blue Moon’! With El Locon down, Pettis makes the cover on El Locon.




The match is all over and it is Sara Pettis who continues her undefeated streak with a victory over her Organised Chaos team mate El Locon in singles action!BACKSTAGE

I’m DreamingSara Pettis has her hand raised in the air in victory by the referee as she stands in the middle of the ring looking out at the Company members surrounding the ring, angry that they didn’t get the chance to put the boots into any of their Organised Chaos opponents during the match up. El Locon slowly rises up to his feet and there is a silence in the arena as he stares down his opponent and future team mate. Everyone waits for the two to go at it again, until El Locon extends his hand, and it is shook by the sVo TapOut Champion!

The fans cheer, but it seems that the Company have seen enough as they quickly jump into the ring. Pettis and El Locon work together to try and fight off JVD, Benedict Wilson, Nightmare, DJ and Rey Rosario with big right hands, but before too long the numbers game is too much for them!

The fans boo loudly as the Company put the boots into Pettis and El Locon, until suddenly the lights dim and A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

The fans cheer loudly as Night sprints down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring! Anderson quickly pulls back the troops and the Company climb out of the ring as the hall of famer and former sVo Champion tries to get his hands on them. The fans cheer loudly for Night as he stares down the Company members as they retreat up the entrance ramp, especially his brother Nightmare who seems to have a twisted smile on his face from beneath his mask.
Alex Brooks Vs. JVD

Natasha Ortiz: Making his way to the ring at this time and coming from Atlantic City, New Jersey…weighing in at 230 lbs, accompanied by his wife Lucy…James Von Drake!

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

Natasha Ortiz: Making his way to the ring at this time and coming from Aurora, Colorado…weighing in at 165 lbs, accompanied by his wife Lucy…James Von Drake!

“Jukebox Hero” kicks in over the arena PA. Brooks busts out onto the stage and looks at the crowd for a couple of seconds before running down the aisle, slapping hands with as many fans as possible.


No sooner than Brooks was able to get into the ring, Drake was on him. The referee is quick to get the match going and slide into position in order to check the hold that Drake has on Brooks already. Drake has reached around Brooks’ body with his right leg around the side of Brooks and between his legs. This maneuver hooks the leg on the same side as Drake’s leg.

Drake forces Brooks down into a sitting position, with his right leg still positioned around Brooks’ body and in between his legs and moves to apply an inverted face lock. From there, Drake twists sharply to the left applying an abdominal stretch.

After a few minutes of pulling on Brooks, Drake relaxes just enough on the hold the Brooks is able to muster enough energy to wrench free of the hold. Brooks quickly slides out onto the apron and makes his way around the ring toward Lucy Von Drake. James slides out ahead of him and Brooks hops back into the ring after the feint outside.

Brooks explodes across the short amount of distance between the two men and launces over the top rope, body pressing James Von Drake onto the floor below. The referee begins his count on both men outside. Rather than taking him on outside of the ring, Brooks slides back in and waits for Drake to return.

Drake stands back up with the help of his wife and finds Brooks waiting for him in the ring with a smile on face. Drake is reluctant to return to the ring but does so once he realizes that the referee is up to five in his count.

Drake is practically a sitting duck as he returns to the ring and Brooks understands this. Brooks explodes again with a burst of speed in Drakes direction and Drake performs better than expected and is already into a defensive stance. As Brooks approaches Drake, Drake lashes out to nail his oncoming attacker with a clothesline and finds nothing but air.

Brooks drops to the mat and slides in between Drake’s legs, grabbing them on the way through pulling Drake onto the mat face first. Brooks finishes outside of the ring on the mat again and wastes no time hopping onto the apron. From there he springboards off of the ropes and over them, coming back down with a sharp elbow drop onto the mid of Drake’s back. Brooks drags Drake onto his and sends him into the ropes with one chop after the other, stunning Drake. Brooks takes off running toward the opposite side of the ring, bounces from the ropes and returns jumping in the air catching the Drake’s head/neck between his legs, sealing the lock by crossing his ankles. Brooks falls to the mat, pulling Drake down with him. Brooks goes for the cover.




Brooks returns to his feet, dragging Drake with him and grabbing his arm, jumps and scissor locks the Drake’s arm pulling him back down to the mat. With Drake on his back, Brooks applies a scissor lock on the arm with his legs and pulls backwards while holding Drake’s arm. Brooks applies pressure by pulling down on Drake’s arm so his elbow is hyperextended across Brooks’ own body.

The referee checks the hold to insure that is legal and also asks Drake if he submits.

At first Drake is unwilling to submit but eventually gives up as Brooks as lock himself onto his arm. Just as soon as Drake submits, Brooks releases the hold and jumps to his feet excitedly. The referee raises his hand in victory as Natasha Ortiz makes the announcement.

Natasha Ortiz: Ladies and Gentlemen…here is your winner by submission! ALEX BROOKS!BACKSTAGE

The Rebel AllianceThere is a cheer from the fans as the scene heads backstage to find former sVo Owner Jon Page in the interview area with Candi Cross. Jon Page is wearing his sVo branded t-shirt and looks to be in a confident mood having just witnessed James Von Drake suffering a loss ahead of the Organised Chaos IV match.

Candi Cross: “After tonight Vendetta is just two weeks away and the fate of the sVo will be decided in the Organised Chaos match, are you feeling nervous yet?”

Page smiles as he thinks about the question, before quickly shaking his head.

Jon Page: “I am not feeling nervous yet and nor will I. With the team I have heading into this Organised Chaos match there is no way that we can lose. We have Night, former sVo Champion and member of the hall of fame. Probably the top performer in sVo history. We have Loki Synn, the brand new Red&Black Champion who is riding high after his victory last night. We have Sara Pettis, current TapOut Champion and so far undefeated in the sVo. We have Sheldon Hossteder, one of the brightest up and coming stars in the business. We have El Locon, one man with more motivation than anyone to take on the Company!”

The sVo interviewer looks confused as she seems to be trying to work something out in her head.

Candi Cross: “But that is only five, surely you are missing one person?”

Page slowly nods his head, a serious look on his face.

Jon Page: “I see your maths is impeccable as ever. Unfortunately I don’t plan on showing my full hand just yet, but this surprise will be second to none.”

Page slowly winks at Candi Cross.

Candi Cross: “If your team does indeed win at Vendetta then you find yourself in charge of the sVo once again, what do you plan to change?”

Jon Page: “The sVo has been ruled by the Company for over a year now, but at Vendetta it all comes to an end. No more corruption and no more screw jobs and beat downs. We get back to what the sVo was supposed to be about, great competition amongst the worlds best.”

Candi Cross: “Do you really think the Company will walk away just like that?”

Jon Page: “Anderson signed the contract, if they lose he is gone. From what I have seen from the guys fighting for them they will be just as happy to see the back of him as everyone else.”

Candi Cross: “Well Vendetta is just over two weeks away, the fate of the sVo will be decided and everyone will be watching closely. Thanks for joining us.”
Crippler & Chris Wrestling Vs. Nathan Paradine & Cody Williams”Last Resort” hits the sound system and on the big screen we see highlights of Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling. Then Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling and Crippler come out and make their way down the entrance ramp, with Chris Wrestling trying to prevent the crowd from touching him.

“Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari blasts around the arena as Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. The fans cheer at the sight of Paradine, as Cody Williams slowly makes his way out beside Paradine and taunts to the crowd. Paradine glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd. The two marche down to the ring and slide in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to their feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The bell rings for the match to get kicked off as Nathan Paradine and Chris Wrestling circle around each other in the middle of the ring. Paradine dives forward to grab hold of his opponent in a side head lock, but Chris Wrestling lays into Paradine with some elbow smashes to the midsection to free himself. Wrestling bounces into the ropes and looks for a shoulder block on Paradine, but Paradine side steps his opponent and takes him down with a drop toe hold. With Wrestling down on the mat, Paradine begins to stomp away on his opponents head. Chris Wrestling rises back to his feet but gets taken down with an arm drag by Paradine into a reverse arm bar.

The fans cheer the move from Paradine but Chris Wrestling is able to roll his way out of the hold and jump back up to his feet. Paradine runs at Wrestling, but Chris Wrestling is able to take him down to the mat with an over the head belly to back suplex! Paradine staggers back up to his feet, but Chris Wrestling sends him back down to the mat with a big clothesline. With Paradine on the mat, Chris Wrestling lays into him with some big mounted punches.

Nathan Paradine staggers up to his feet and makes the tag out to Cody Williams who jumps into the ring. Williams hits some big rights and lefts on Chris Wrestling to send him back into the corner of the ring before laying into him with some big kicks and stomps. Cody Williams grabs hold of his opponent by the arm and whips him hard into the opposite ring post, before following up with a flying forearm to knock Chris Wrestling down! With Chris Wrestling down on the mat, Cody Williams makes the cover.




Chris Wrestling is able to kick out of the pin before the three is counted by the referee.

Cody Williams grabs hold of Chris Wrestling by his hair to pull him to his feet, but as he does Chris Wrestling grabs him in a bear hug before tossing him to the mat with a release suplex! Cody Williams goes flying across the ring, but before Chris Wrestling can follow up with the offence, Crippler makes the blind tag into the match! Chris Wrestling looks outraged by the actions of his partner, but Crippler quickly jumps into the ring and lays into Cody Williams with some stiff kicks to the head.

Crippler pulls Cody Williams up to his feet before sending him back down to the mat with a knee breaker. With Cody Williams down on the mat, Crippler looks for the submission victory with a figure four leg lock onto his opponent! Cody Williams shouts out in pain, but before he has to tap out Nathan Paradine is quickly into the ring to break up the cover with a kick to the face of Crippler! Paradine is ordered out of the ring by the referee as Williams and Paradine slowly begin to rise to their feet.

Crippler lays into Williams with some big right hands, but Cody Williams is able to block a punch from Crippler and nail him with a ‘Perfectly Executed’! The fans cheer for the amazing move from Cody Williams, who takes the chance to make the tag out to his partner Nathan Paradine!

Paradine quickly climbs into the ring and pulls Chris Wrestling up before hitting him with a big boot to the face. The fans cheer Paradine as he taunts Crippler to get to his feet, only to send him back down to the mat with a double knee backbreaker! Crippler rolls around on the mat in pain before slowly beginning to crawl to his corner to make the tag out to Chris Wrestling. Wrestling holds his hand out for the tag, but as Crippler reaches to tag out Chris Wrestling pulls his hand away! The fans boo loudly and Crippler looks shocked as Chris Wrestling steps off of the ring apron and makes his way backstage!

Crippler rises to his feet and shouts for his tag team partner to come back, but Paradine shows no mercy as he spins Crippler around and sends him down to the mat with a ‘ParaPlex’! The fans cheer for the big finishing move from Nathan Paradine, who instead of making the cover walks across and tags in Cody Williams! Williams quickly jumps over the top rope and into the ring and pulls Crippler to his feet. Crippler looks unsteady as Cody Williams nails him with a knee to the midsection followed by a ‘Picture Perfect’ in the middle of the ring! With Chris Wrestling no where to be seen, Cody Williams makes the cover on Crippler!




It’s all over and it is Cody Williams and Nathan Paradine who pick up the big win! Paradine and Williams celebrate in the middle of the ring, can they now go on to become the next sVo Tag Team Champions?

Crippler slowly rises up to his feet and stares back at the entrance ramp wondering why his tag team partner has left him high and dry against two former Las Vegas Champions!BACKSTAGE

Bob Dylan Said It Best…So far it had been a pretty successful Showdown for the Company as Matt Anderson leaned back in his executive chair and placed his feet on his desk. Anderson slowly loosened his tie and reached into the top draw of his desk and removed a glass and a bottle of expensive victory. He was planning on celebrating with a lot more of the stuff at Vendetta when the Company team had defeated Jon Page and his little gang of rebels in the Organised Chaos match…

… Or maybe he would wait until the next week on UnSanctioned where he would open the show by calling them out to the ring one by one and firing them in front of everyone…

Anderson was snapped out of his thoughts as suddenly the door burst open with such force it nearly flew off of the hinges. Standing in the doorway was one of the last men that Anderson had expected to see as he scrambled up to his feet.

Matt Anderson: “What the fuck?”

Beck slowly looked around the expensive office and shook his head. Remaining silent he slowly walked forward and sat down comfortably in the seat opposite Matt Anderson as the Company man searched for an explanation. Outside the door the two Company agents peered in to see what was happening, Anderson waved them away with a flick of his hand, he would deal with them later. The door was slowly closed in disgrace.

John Beck: “Been awhile hasn’t it?”

Beck ran his hands over his the stubble on his head as he spoke.

Matt Anderson: “I knew it would be a matter of time before you came crawling for your job back.”

Anderson laughed loudly, maybe he would be able to use the whiskey to celebrate tonight after all.

John Beck: “My job back? I never lost it. I told you last time we met, I work for the Company Anderson, but I don’t work for you.”

Anderson scoffed loudly before downing two fingers of the whiskey.

Matt Anderson: “What are you doing here then Beck, surely not a social visit from someone as unsociable as yourself?”

The former special forces solider barely registered a smile as he slowly stood to his feet.

John Beck: “I am here with a message from the man upstairs. Vendetta is a big night for you and a big night for the Company, make sure you don’t screw it up.”

Beck slowly turns and begins to leave the room, only for the whiskey glass to go flying over his head and smash into the wall.

Matt Anderson: “Who the hell do you think you are coming in here and talking to me like that. You are a part of the Company, you answer to me!”

Beck slowly turns, brushing the broken glass off of his shoulder.

John Beck: “Everyone answers to someone Anderson, even you. Trust me, the Chairman is watching this situation closely. Don’t screw up, plan b wouldn’t be very pretty.”

Beck slowly shakes his head, before leaving the room and closeing the door gently behind him.

Anderson falls back in his chair as if he has just been punched in the stomach. A shot of whiskey calmed his feelings. He had worked too long and too hard for this, he wasn’t about to lose it all now.BACKSTAGE

Broken Reflection

The scene quickly cuts to the backstage where we see Roscoe Shame, Beautiful Bobby Dean and Reaper attacking someone from behind. The three of them begin to kick away at their victim who is laying on the concrete floor, attempting to get back onto his feet only to be kicked back down. The three of them back away a little bit and Reaper grabs him up off of the floor and stands him up. He grabs his arms and holds him in a chicken wing lock and we see that the man on the receiving end of this three on one beatdown is Cody Williams. Cody looks lifeless, his eyes look in a state of daze and confusion. Bobby Dean steps in front of Cody Williams and slaps him in the face, bring him back to consciousness.

Bobby Dean: Fascinated with my mask are you? How about NOW?!

BBD drives his head forward and headbutts Cody in the face, his mask colliding with the bare exposed skin of Cody Williams. Bobby Dean leans back once again and drives his head forward again, and again, and again.

Bobby Dean: How about now Cody? How about now!!!

Blood begins to trickle down the face of COdy from the repeated headbutts from the relentless Bobby Dean. Bobby sees the blood running down Cody’s face and reaches his hand up to his mask and wipes it. Seeing the blood on his own hand enrages Bobby Dean and he slaps Cody in the face. Cody’s head snaps back forward and he spits in the direction of BBD. BBD kicks Cody in the stomach and Roscoe Shame comes out of nowhere and hits a big boot to his face. Reaper tosses Cody to the ground and gets in a kick of his own to the back of his head.

Roscoe Shame: Pick him up.. Pick him up!!!

Bobby Dean and Reaper grab hold of one arm each and slowly lift Cody onto his feet. Roscoe Shame grabs Cody by the face and breathes heavily as he stares into Cody’s eyes.

Roscoe Shame: Where’s your friend now? Where’s Paradine huh?! You want to mess with the big boys huh? Well here’s a taste of things to come!!!

Shame kicks Cody in the stomach and folds him over. Roscoe grabs Cody by the hair and forcefully places his head between his legs. He hoists him into the air and carries him over his shoulder. He gets a full head of steam and begins to sprint, he tosses Cody into the conrete wall with a sickening SHAME TIME. Cody’s head collides with the wall and he drops to the floor like a sack of potatoes. BBD, Shame and Reaper look down at an unconscious and bloody Cody Williams to survey their dirty work. Their looks of enjoyment and satisfaction turn into looks of fear as they sprint in the opposite direction. Nathan Paradine comes running to Cody Williams’ aid, but it is a little too late as the damage had already been done. He squats down to check on Cody and strikes his fist into the wall.

Nathan Paradine: Medic! We need a medic!!!

sVo trainers and officials rush to the scene as paramedics follow not too far behind them. They crowd around Cody to tend to him as the Paramedics begin to stabilize him so they may put him on the stretcher. Paradine looks down and has a look of frustration as he paces back and forth, clenching his fists.
Jay Wildman Vs. Roscoe ShameThe fans in the arena boo as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

“End of Line” by Daft Punk plays over the PA system as the house lights alternate from green to black lighting and back again. After a few moments of playing, the house lights go out completely for a few moments before they flare to life again with Jay Wildman standing in the center of the ring, his hand pointed up in the air in defiance. He walks over to the corner, steps up to the second belt buckle and stares out into the crowd before hopping down, preparing himself for the match at hand.

Roscoe Shame and Jay Wildman stare each other down from across the ring as the atmosphere continues to build in the Goodfellas Casino Arena. With Shame looking for revenge after Wildman managed to take his sVo Championship from him back at Seasons Beatings 2010, he quickly tears forward as the bell rings and lays into Wildman with some big right hands. Wildman fights back with right hands of his own and the fans cheer as both men go at it. The larger Roscoe Shame quickly gets the advantage as he grabs Wildman by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Shame looks for a back drop as Wildman bounces back into the middle of the ring, but the sVo Champion is able to counter with a knee smash to the face of his opponent.

Shame staggers away holding his face in pain, and Jay Wildman quickly leaps onto his back to lock on a sleeper hold. Wildman tries to wear down Roscoe Shame, however Shame is able to use his size advantage to shrug Wildman off. Shame runs at Wildman looking for a big boot to the sVo Champion, however Wildman is able to duck under the leg of Shame before bouncing into the ropes himself. Wildman flies back into the middle of the ring and catches Shame with a spinning neckbreaker to take him down to the mat.

The fans cheer the big move from Jay Wildman as he rolls to his feet and begins to stomp away on Roscoe Shame. Shame struggles to rise to his feet under the constant offence from Wildman, who finally pulls him to a standing position. Wildman tosses Shame into the corner of the ring before beginning to hit him with big knife edge chops across his chest! The fans cheer the big knife edge chops from Wildman, but they seem to enrage Shame as he uses his power to throw Wildman backwards. Shame steps out of the corner, but as he does Wildman looks for a ‘Masked Justice’ onto the former sVo Champion!

However Shame seems to see the move coming as he grabs hold of Wildman’s leg! Wildman limps on one foot for a few seconds before Shame kicks away Wildman’s standing leg. Shame then proceeds to drive his elbow hard into the knee joint of Jay Wildman and attempt to take away his ‘Masked Justice’ offence. Wildman shouts out in pain as Roscoe Shame rises up to his feet looking very pleased with himself. The Tag Team Champion raises his arm in the air as Wildman uses the ring ropes to stagger up to his feet. With Wildman up, Shame runs across and lands a big boot to the face of the sVo Champion’s face! The fans boo loudly as Roscoe Shame makes the cover on Jay Wildman.




Before the three can be counted Jay Wildman somehow manages to kick out! The fans cheer loudly for the sVo Champion as he bravely tries to climb up to his feet. However as he does Shame goes straight back to work on his opponents legs with a stiff kick to his knee. Wildman doubles over in pain and Roscoe Shame takes advantage with a military press slam in the middle of the ring to show off his power! The fans boo the big move from Shame as once again he makes the cover!




There is a big cheer from the sold out crowd as once again Jay Wildman is somehow able to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three! Roscoe Shame looks down at his opponent wondering just what he has to do to put away the sVo Champion, before laying into him with some big mounted punches. The fans continue to boo Shame as he rises up to his feet and motions that it’s ‘Shame Time’! Roscoe Shame slowly waits for Wildman to rise up to his feet before placing him in the powerbomb position. However before Shame can hit his finisher, Jay Wildman counters with a back drop onto his opponent!

The fans cheer as Shame rises up to his feet with a shocked look on his face only to be hit with a big clothesline from Jay Wildman! Wildman lays into Shame with some quick kicks before dropping him down in the middle of the ring with a swinging DDT! The fans begin to chant for ‘Masked Justice’ as Jay Wildman slowly pulls himself to his feet using the ring ropes. As Roscoe Shame rises up to his feet holding his head in pain, Wildman limps across looking for the ‘Masked Justice’ superkick, however this time Shame is able to dodge out of the way! Roscoe Shame quickly spins Wildman around before landing a kick to the midsection! The fans boo loudly as Shame uses his strength to pull Wildman up into the air before tossing him back down to the mat with the ‘Shame Time’!

With the sVo Champion down, the Tag Team Champion Roscoe Shame makes the cover!




It’s all over and boos fill the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the former sVo Champion manages to defeat the current sVo Champion! Roscoe Shame slowly rises up to his feet and raises his hands in the air in victory as he soaks in the victory over Wildman, gaining some measure of revenge for Seasons Beatings back in December 2010!

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