sVo Showdown
5th September 2010
Olympisch Stadion, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Episode #054


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Isaac White, Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!

A Message from the Top

Nick Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Showdown #54!!

Simon Austin: That’s right folks, this week we continue on our live world tour, and we join you from the magnificent city of Amsterdam!

Nick Harris: I know my co host has been enjoying everything that the city has to offer over the past 48 hours!

Simon Austin: When in Rome Harris, When in Rome.

Nick Harris: Well tonight we have a massive show lined up, and with Battle of Britain only a few weeks away, we have one of the biggest main events in Showdown history, with the World Champion Night battling the sVo International Champion Bobby Dean!

Simon Austin: BBD is going to soften up Night for his tag team partner to take his title at the PPV! Quick shut up Harris, here comes the boss!

‘Real Solution #9’ by White Zombie hits the sound system and fans around the arena begin to boo as Matt ‘Anarchy’ Anderson makes his way down the entrance ramp! As always Anderson is wearing a smart suit, with his wrap a round shades on his faces as well. Anderson ignores the boos from the fans before climbing up into the ring and taking the mic from the ring announcer.

Nick Harris: Here is Matt Anderson, the face of the Company and the man seemingly running the sVo right now.

Simon Austin: He is a legend in this business Harris, you need to show him more respect!

Anderson walks around the ring slowly whilst waiting for his music to die down, before addressing the crowd.

Simon Austin: This crowd need to shut up and let the man speak!

Nick Harris: There obviously not happy at the way the Company has been acting since the return of the sVo!

Matt Anderson: “All week all I have heard every where I go is that the Company is in trouble…. That the Company is falling apart….”

There are ironic cheers from the crowd.

Matt Anderson: “I am out here tonight to assure each and everyone of you that no such of the sort is happening! With Roscoe Shame, Bobby Dean, Isaac White, Nightmare and Weapon X on our books, the Company is still the most dominant force in the history of professional wrestling!”

Boos ring out around the arena.

Matt Anderson: “To anyone who thinks otherwise, why don’t you ask Chris Bond, Talon and the Industry?”

Highlights of Chris Bond, Talon and the Industry being taken out by the Company are shown on the sVo-Tron.

Matt Anderson: “Or maybe Jon Page??”

Highlights of the ‘Page One’ limo being blown up are shown on the sVo-Tron.

Matt Anderson: “Hell you could even ask Miss sVo, Paige All-Star herself!”

Highlights of Paige’s battles with the Company are shown on the sVo-Tron.

Matt Anderson: “Let that be a message to anyone who thinks about going against the Company! Let that be a message to Pat Fullam ahead of him being taken out by Weapon X at the Battle of Britain PPV!”

The fans boo.

Matt Anderson: “Let that be a message to Night, ahead of him losing his World Championship belt against Roscoe Shame at the Battle of Britain!”

The fans continue to boo!

Matt Anderson: “Let that be a message to the whole of the wrestling world!”

Matt Anderson drops the mic and stares into the camera, as his theme music hits and action heads backstage as he climbs out of the ring and makes his way up the entrance ramp.

Nick Harris: Well those are strong words from Anderson right there….

Simon Austin: Maybe you should start to take note of them Harris, before he runs you out of the sVo as well!

The Arrival

Boos ring out around the arena in Amsterdam as on the giant screen as shot of James Von Drake arriving in the arena is shown. JVD still has his arm in a sling after last week claiming it was broken, and as always his wife Lucy Von Drake is by his side. JVD is dressed in his normal designer clothes, with a pair of shades tucked into the top of his Ralph Lauren polo shirt. JVD doesn’t look to be in a good mood as he pushes past a backstage worker, before shooting him a dirty look.

JVD – “Fucking nothing but idiots around here!”

JVD faints to hit the backstage worker in the face with his good hand, but stops his fist just short causing him to flinch out of the way. JVD chuckles to himself as Lucy Von Drake smiles in amusement.

LVD – “Let’s just find who we are looking for, then we can get the hell out of here.”

James Von Drake nods his head in agreement before continuing down the corridor. Just who is James Von Drake here to see tonight?

The Voice of Reason

Backstage in the locker-room area, number one contender for the sVo World Championship, Roscoe Shame sits alone in a comfortable, but small modern locker-room. He meticulously wraps a red handwrap over his right hand, inspecting every turn of the fabric as it passes over his hand. A knock on the door interrupts his process.

Shame: “Yeah?”

There is no verbal answer, but the door swings open. A large Japanese man in a suit and black wayfarer sunglasses enters the room looking like a Japanese Blues Brother. He stands to the side of the door, his hands folded in front of him. Shame leaps to his feet defensively and stands tensely as sVo World Champion Night and his mentor/manager Akira Kimura enter the room – the large man shutting it behind them. Kimura smiles reassuringly at Shame and bows to him.

Shame: “What the hell do you guys want?”

Kimura: “Relax, Mr Shame, we have come only to talk. You know our reputation, we are good for our word.”

Roscoe hesitates, but relaxes somewhat after a moment, sitting back down but eyeing his visitors warily. He nods to the empty bench opposite the one he is seated on, Kimura and Night sit.

Shame: “So, what can I do for you?”

Night: “We’ve come to talk to you about our match at Battle of Britain.”

Shame: “Don’t tell me you’ve found some loophole out of it or something?”

Night: “No, of course not. We’ve come to talk to you about the involvement of my brother in our match.”

Shame clenches his jaw and his expression darkens slightly.

Shame: “That whole mess. That’s not my deal – Anderson and those shadowy fellas he hangs around with are insisting on it. If it’s not getting in my way of getting that big, gold belt you’re in possession of then I’m not going to get in their way.”

Night leans forward on his knees, looking Roscoe in the eye.

Night: “That’s where you’re wrong, Roscoe. If the match proceeds as planned then whether or not you beat me, you won’t be the champion.”

Shame: “I’m pretty sure the belt will say ‘Roscoe Shame’.”

Night: “It doesn’t matter what the belt says. What is a title belt, really? A leather strap with a gold-plated face. Intricate designs and a changeable nameplate. And yet for years men have fought and bled in pursuit of them.”

Shame: “It’s more than leather and a gold-plate.”

Night gestures towards Roscoe in agreement.

Night: “Exactly – it’s much more than that. It represents being the best-of-the-best. Some men lose sight of things. Some get gold fever and go to any lengths to win – are these men ever truly champion? On paper, yes… in possession of the title, yes… but in the eyes of the fans and of their peers… of course not.”

The masked man’s words obviously reaching the big man he looks at Night with a stern but thoughtful expression on his face.

Night: “The night I won the title was the best night of my life. The night I was born to live. I can not even imagine what it would have been like if it were tarnished by something like this.”

Silence. It seems to last forever but it is only a matter of seconds.

Shame: “I see your point.”

Kimura: “Then our business here is finished. If you’ll excuse us, Mr Shame, we will leave you to think things over. Thank you very much for your time.”

Kimura rises and bows deeply, Night also bowing his head. Shame nods his head himself as Night, Kimura and their hired muscle make their way out of the locker-room. Roscoe leans his head back against the wall and lets out a loud sigh as we cut back to ringside.

Eddie Sinclair vs. DVD

Nick Harris: Night back there talking a whole lot of sense to Roscoe Shame!

Simon Austin: Screw Night and screw his little manager! They are just scared of the inevitable, Roscoe Shame is going to become the new World Champion at Battle of Britain!

Nick Harris: Roscoe Shame has more class than to win this one by cheating, I strongly believe that!

Simon Austin: Like Roscoe Shame said, no matter what happens it will say Roscoe Shame on the belt!

Nick Harris: Well we will see come Battle of Britain, but next up we have our first match of the night. This kid Eddie Sinclair might be making his first appearance in a sVo ring tonight, but he already has a lot of buzz behind him!

“Judith” by A Perfect Circle blasts over the sound system as Eddie Sinclair appears at the top of the ramp. He slowly walks towards the ring with his arms outstretched and his head tilted back, ignoring the jeers and boos from the crowd and he climbs up onto the ring and steps between the ropes, shrugging off his jacket and handing it to a member of the ring crew before backing away into the corner to await the start of the match.

Nick Harris: And here is Eddie Sinclair, one of the newcomers to the sVo roster. He’s got a monumentous task ahead of him in trying to beat DVD, a former sVo Tag Team Champion and roster veteran.

Simon Austin: Yeah boy! You’ve got Sinclair looking to make a big impact in his debut, while DVD is looking to rebound after an embarrasing loss against Colt Cooper last week.

“Headstrong” by Trapt begins to play and DVD marches down towards the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope. Sinclair doesn’t waste any time, immediately charging towards DVD and stomping down on his back. The bell rings and Sinclair grabs the top tope, striking down again and again and again before jumping up into the air and dropping a knee down on DVD. DVD rolls out of the ring and climbs to his feet, while Sinclair runs at the ropes, rebounds and hits a baseball slide, knocking DVD down to the ground.

Nick Harris: Eddie Sinclair seizes control of the match right away, after a somewhat questionable attack on DVD to kick things off!

Simon Austin: Somewhat questionable? He saw an opening and he took it, there’s nothing wrong with that. DVD left himself wide open for an attack and Sinclair moved in for the kill.

Sinclair climbs out of the ring and grabs DVD, however the former sVo Tag Team Champion delivers a vicious knife-edge chop that sends Sinclair staggering backwards clutching his chest. DVD grabs Sinclair’s arm and ducks underneath it, driving his elbow down against Sinclair’s elbow-joint before executing a hip-toss onto the outside mat. The referee screams seven and DVD ducks back into the ring, followed by Sinclair who holds his arm in apparant pain. DVD runs forward and connects with a huge big boot, knocking Sinclair into the ropes. DVD grabs the top rope and drives his knee down on Sinclair, choking him out on the ropes. The referee orders him to release the hold and DVD grudgingly obliges.

Nick Harris: And DVD has swung this match back in his favor. DVD is a wily competitor, a perfect combination of speed and strength. He’s proven how well he can work in a team dynamic and he’s a fairly polished singles star, however he’s yet to make a true impact in this division.

Simon Austin: Yeah, although he’s quickly sizing up the talent on the roster and learning both their strengths and weaknesses. It’s only a matter of time before we see him with another title belt.

In the ring, Sinclair and DVD slowly circle each other before locking up. Sinclair executes a go-behind and hits a German suplex once, twice, three times and then follows up with a three quarter facelock, however DVD struggles out of the submission move. Sinclair forces him into the corner and takes a few steps backwards, before charging forwards and driving his knee into DVD’s midsection. DVD staggers forward and collapses onto the mat, while Sinclair climbs to the top rope and launches himself though the air, looking to hit a moonsault. DVD rolls out of the way and Sinclair crashes and burns. DVD hooks the leg, looking for the pinfall!

Nick Harris: Ouch! DVD could have thing one in the bag after a nasty crash like that!

Simon Austin: A typical rookie mistake, one that could very easily cost Eddie Sinclair this match. You can’t afford to take risks like that until you know that your opponent is going to stay still, get what I mean playa?




Sinclair barely manages to get his shoulder up in time to avoid getting pinned by DVD. DVD grabs his injured arm and starts to work it over, applying an armbar that causes Sinclair to writhe in pain however he manages to get his foot up onto the rope. DVD releases the hold and pulls Sinclair to his feet, before whipping him into the ropes and connecting with a huge powerslam on the rebound. DVD attempts to grab Sinclair again, however the sVo newcomer resortes to raking DVD’s eyes to gain the upper hand. DVD staggers back and Sinclair stands up, dealing out several savage kicks before hitting a double underhook facebuster. Sinclair rolls DVD over and covers his shoulders in a pin attempt.

Nick Harris: And here it is, Eddie Sinclair’s first pinning attempt in the sVo! That was a particularly nasty facebuster, but was it enough to put DVD away for good?

Simon Austin: Again, the thing I spoke about before, the whole making sure he’s out before you try anything… that’s relevant here too. Is it really the best time to try for a pin?




DVD manages to get his shoulder up, and Sinclair staggers to his feet and collapses into the corner. DVD stands up and charges towards him, however Sinclair manages to evade him and duck underneath his arm. DVD spins around and runs towards Sinclair as he stands up, however Sinclair unleashes his Smashmouth Superkick! DVD drops to the mat, unconscious, and Sinclair again goes for the pin!

Nick Harris: Another pinfall attempt, so fast!?

Simon Austin: Man, that kick echoed around the arena! I think DVD might be out cold from that!




“Judith” resumes playing as Sinclair climbs to his feet, celebrating his first victory in the sVo. The referee kneels down to check on DVD who is still knocked out, and Sinclair climbs out of the ring favoring his injured arm. He slowly backs up the ramp, pausing only to scream “My time!” before disappearing backstage.

RESULT: Eddie Sinclair def. DVD via pinfall


Grimnir: You know, some people think that I am insane, that I have let this title get the better of me.

The scene is of Grimnir, sitting back in the back of the arena somewhere behind a sign that clearly states in many languages that there is no admittance to unauthorized personnel. He rocks back and fortha little, clutching the title to his chest as he strokes it gently like a child or a pet, his one visible eye somewhat tear filled.

Grimnir: I say that it is YOU who have become obsessed with this title! You wanted me to have this title because you didn’t want BBD to have it! You wanted me to make sure that I was a champion; I won because it was good for the company! I gladly took it, and now look at me!

Grimnir starts to slam the back of his head against the metal sign, causing it to erupt in a loud echo that reverberates throughout the area. He stops and squeals a little in anger and in pain, panting like a madman, his hands still clutching the title before holding it up for the cameras to see.

Grimnir: You want this title so badly, Limp? You want it? Oh, I will give it to you; I will make sure you see it up close and personal like. Everyone wants to try and take things away from me as soon as I get it but I am going to show you what happens when you come between daddy and baby! DADDY AND BABY!

Grimnir bolts up and blasts the camera with the title, causing it to fall over and the voice of the cameraman to cry out in anger. The happy squeal of Grimnir can be heard as his footsteps echo off into the distance.


Stretching in his room, Colt Cooper is startled by his door being opened by Candi Cross and her camera crew. Colt pays no mind, and continues on with his stretching.

“Go ahead and say whatever you have to say, as you can see I’m getting my mindset ready for my match.” Colt stretches out his leg. It looks like he’s doing a maneuver a ballerina would do.

“Ok…I’m standing here with Colt Cooper, and over the week we’ve had some fan questions. Colt, Terry out of San Francisco wants to know how you’re going to beat Roscoe Shame?” Candy says, then putting the mic to Cooper’s mouth.

“Well, I can tell you this. We may tussle to the point where we can’t take anymore, and then I’m going to give him one ole Colt of Conduct, and then I’m going to fall on top of Shame, and pick up that meaty leg of his, and wait for the ref to count to three. That’s how I’m going to beat Roscoe.” Colt says. He turns back around to continue to stretch.

“Your second question is, do you beileive The Company has completely took over the SvO?” Candi says. She puts the mic up, but Colt still had his back turned.

“Oh hell no, They haven’t seen took over yet, but if this how alot of people feel about it, then that’s how they feel. Take it from a bright guy like myself. Everything is up for grabs. Someones got to give, and sooner I’ll be the one doing the taking.” Colt finally turns back around to the camera.

“Last question from your mom. When are you coming to get your father?” Colt looks a bit of in a shock. He wasn’t expecting a question from his mother.

“My mom? I just don’t know.” Colt storms out of this home exiting to the parking area. He takes a seat on the hood of his limo telling Jed, his driver to hand him the white. He realizes the camera has followed him, so he yells to the camera crew to get out of here.

They don’t budge, so Colt steps off of his limo taking the camera and tossing it to the ground, leaving the monitors fading out to static.

Grimnir (c) vs. Limp

Headstrong by Trapt begins. On the screen we see highlights of Limp doing his favorite moves. Then Limp comes out pumping out the crowd and then stands on top of the ramp raising both arms in the air. He walks with a demented look on his face toward the ring.

Nick Harris: Well here comes Limp to the ring, and he is looking forward to following up from last weeks impressive win over Crippler on Showdown to try and win the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt here tonight in Amsterdam.

Simon Austin: Well Limp has had success here in tag team action in the sVo, but this might be the biggest match of his singles career here tonight!

Nick Harris: Well he faces a tough test, the new Champion Grimnir is so far undefeated in the sVo!

Simon Austin: He was impressive against Bobby Dean, but Limp is a different type of wrestler all together. This one could go either way tonight!

The dull tones pick up speed as the haunting voice of a woman sings. As the voice reaches full pitch, the arena’s houselights washes out the arena in light before returning to normal, leaving Grimnir standing at the entrance. He starts to slowly walk down as the hammering drums and energy filled riffs grind through to his very last step. He stands at the front of the ring, points up the sky with both hands, slides into the ring and then kneels, looking as if he were praying. He stays there for a moment and then springs up to his feet, ready for action.

Nick Harris: Here comes the Champion to the ring, but it looks like Limp wants to get this one started without too much ceremony!

Grimnir enters the ring but quickly gets jumped by Limp who is very aggressive. Limp nails right hand after right hand on Grimnir who staggers back. Limp throws Grimnir against the ropes and delivers a clothesline that almost decapitates Grimnir. Limp picks up Grimnir and throws him over the top rope but Grimnir holds on to the apron. Limp taunts the crowd thinking he is in firm control of this important title match.

Simon Austin: Grimnir might be undefeated so far, but he might get his first loss of Limp keeps this up!

Nick Harris: It’s still early in the match, but Limp is in control in these early stages. Can he become the fourteenth man in the sVo’s history to hold the Las Vegas Championship?

Limp turns around and receives a springboard clothesline from Grimnir as the fans rise to their feet. Limp gets up quickly and receives a hurricanrana from Grimnir who hooks both feet staying on top for the pin.

Nick Harris: Big reversal from Grimnir, and this one might be over right there!

Simon Austin: The match has swung back towards the Champion!


Nick Harris: Shoulder up from Limp!

Simon Austin: That was close right there!

Nick Harris: Grimnir nearly got the three count and defended his Las Vegas Championship, but at the very last second there Limp showed just how much he wants the belt!

Limp kicks out with authority. Limp gets up quickly again and charges at Grimnir who takes him down with an arm drag. Limp gets up once more and receives a dropsault from Grimnir who goes for the pinfall once again on the Xtreme Fusion member. Nick Harris: Grimnir obviously not messing around here tonight, he wants the three count and he wants it straight away!

Simon Austin: Well these pin falls are costing Limp a lot of energy having to keep kicking out of them!



Nick Harris: Once again Limp gets a shoulder up in the nick of time!

Simon Austin: I thought that was over right there. Great effort from Limp to manage to kick out from that one!

Limp gets a shoulder up. Grimnir picks up Limp and throws him against the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Limp kicks Grimnir in the face making Grimnir rise up and Limp follows it up with an STO. Limp gets up and taunts the crowd as they boo his big move. Limp goes back to the action and picks up Grimnir and delivers a suplex on Grimnir. Limp quickly gets up and bounces off the ropes connecting with a sliding leg drop. Limp hooks the leg looking for his first singles title in SVO.

Nick Harris: Big move from Limp right there!



Simon Austin: He obviously thinks he has done enough to beat Grimnir with that one!

Nick Harris: No!

Grimnir gets a shoulder up. Limp looks a bit impressed at the newcomer but decides to continue fighting. Limp goes to pick up Grimnir but Grimnir catches Limp by surprise with an inside cradle.

Nick Harris: Shoulder up from Grinmir, and now it’s his time to go for the cover!

Simon Austin: I don’t think I have ever seen so many pin attempts in one match! Both of these guys look desperate to pick up the win!




Nick Harris: That was the closest attempt yet!

Simon Austin: I think that either of these men are going to hit a big move on the other to finish this match. Neither looks like they are going to go down without a fight here!

Nick Harris: Well both men know just how important the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt is to climb the ladder here in the sVo!

Simon Austin: Limp obviously looking to walk in the footsteps of Gunner Lang and Joseph Equinox by picking up the win tonight!

Limp was able to kick out just in time. Both men get up and Grimnir charges at Limp who grabs him and delivers a side slam on Grimnir. Limp knows he is in control so he decides to take a risk and climb the ropes. Limp dives towards Grimnir who simply raises a boot making Limp’s face collide with Grimnir’s boot. Both men lay on the mat for a couple of seconds. Limp gets up before Grimnir. Limp charges at Grimnir who stops his momentum with a side kick to the midsection of Limp. Grimnir follows it up with a barrage of kicks that finally take down the former Tag Team Champion.

Nick Harris: Some impressive offence here from the masked Grimnir, and he is seriously putting the boots into Limp right now!

Simon Austin: Limp might have beaten Crippler last week, but he is facing a completely different competitor here tonight!

Nick Harris: Well Grimnir doesn’t want to beat Frank James’ record of being the shortest serving Las Vegas Champion of all time!

Simon Austin: Limp looks like he is trying to get out of the way of Grimnir right now, that’s smart if you ask me. Regroup and then go after your opponent once you are back on your feet!

Limp crawls to a corner and tries to beg off but Grimnir has none of it and kicks Limp in the midsection and picks him up. Grimnir goes to throw Limp against the opposite corner but Limp reverses the Irish whip sending Grimnir to the corner. Limp charges at Grimnir who once again stops Limp with a boot to the face and grabs Limp by the head and delivers a swinging tornado DDT. Grimnir makes the cover.

Nick Harris: What a move from Grimnir!

Simon Austin: I don’t think there is anyway back for Limp from that one!

Nick Harris: Grimnir certianly doesn’t think so as he hooks the leg of his opponent!




Nick Harris: Grimnir retains…..

Simon Austin: No! Look at the referee, he is shaking his head!

The referee waves it off as he sees Limp’s foot on the ropes. Asesino comes out and climbs on the apron explaining the fact that the foot is on the ropes which the referee acknowledges.

Nick Harris: Well it looks as if Limp managed to have enough about himself to put his foot on the ropes, but what the hell is Asesino doing getting involved down here!

Simon Austin: He is just making sure that the letter of the law is applied!

Nick Harris: Please!

Limp tries to take advantage and charges at Grimnir who side steps Limp making Limp collide with Asesino taking The Assassin down. Limp turns around staggered only to receive The Masked Justice from Grimnir. Grimnir pins Limp this time hooking both legs.

Nick Harris: Masked Justice! Masked Justice!

Simon Austin: Asesino tried to get involved, but in the end he only got in the way of his partner!

Nick Harris: This has got to be all over now, there is no way back for Limp as Grimnir hooks the leg of his opponent!




Nick Harris: Grimnir retains here tonight against Limp!

Simon Austin: Limp was impressive, but in the end he just came up short against Grimnir who looked impressive again tonight!

Nick Harris: Well Grimnir is still undefeated, and the fans are certainly pleased that he managed to pick up the win here tonight!

Simon Austin: At the moment there doesn’t seem like there is anyone that looks capable of taking that belt off of him!

Nick Harris: Well after the break we have a big match lined up, with two of the heavyweights of the sVo going one on one with each other, as Pat Fullam takes on newcomer Tommy Conti!

RESULT: Grimnir def. Limp via pinfall

The Scapegoat

We head backstage once again where James Von Drake is standing alongside his wife Lucy Von Drake. Next to the golden couple of wrestling stands the SVO owner Matt Anderson, the man who tried to recruit JVD to his company only weeks ago.

Matt Anderson: “What are you doing here tonight. I thought you were on the injured list?”

The fans boo, obviously thinking that JVD is faking his injury, but JVD nods his head slowly.

JVD: “Afraid so Anderson, I am still out of action until a doctor clears me for this.”

Von Drake holds his ‘injured’ arm up into the face of Matt Anderson before continuing.

JVD: “I am here tonight to get some revenge on the man that cost me the World title at the last PPV. Injured arm or not, I am going to kick their ass into the middle of next week!”

The SVO Owner’s eyes light up at the statement from the Victory Cup winner.

Matt Anderson: “Your going to take out Night? It’s about time someone…..”

Von Drake shakes his head and cuts Anderson off in mid sentence.

JVD: “Wait a minute, who said anything about going after Night??”

The SVO owner looks confused for a few seconds, before smiling and nodding.

Matt Anderson: “Ah you are going to go after the masked man that interfered in the match. That’s a great idea he has been a pain in my ass since…..”

JVD: “Wow hold up there Anderson. The man that cost me the match was the god damn referee!”

Anderson looks at JVD in a slightly confused way.

JVD: “That punk should have done something about the blatant cheating in that match! He was the one that let Night get away with what he did! He was the one who let the masked man interfere without an consequence! I am going to find him here tonight and make him pay for what he did at the PPV to me! Now where is he Anderson?”

Matt Anderson stares back at JVD, before shrugging his shoulders and pointing in the direction of the referees locker room. The fans boo as JVD smiles an evil smirk at his wife, before they make their way in the direction that Anderson is pointing.

A Personal Line

Backstage in Matt Anderson’s office, the public face of The Company shuffles impatiently through a piles of paper on his desk. There is a knock on the door.

Anderson: “What?”

The door opens slightly and a young man in dark aviator sunglasses and a dark-grey designer suit pops his head through.

Representative: “Roscoe Shame to see you, sir.”

Anderson: “Shame? What does he want?”

Representative: “He wouldn’t say, sir. Just said he needed to talk to you urgently.”

Anderson sighs and puts down the paper in his hands, folding his hands on the desk in front of him.

Anderson: “Find. Send him in.”

No sooner has the unnamed representative disappeared does Roscoe Shame step through the door into the office. Anderson stands, forcing a smile but the stress clearly showing.

Anderson: “There’s the future World Champion. How’re you feeling champ? What can I do for you?”

Shame: “It’s about the match.”

Anderson: “… what about the match?”

Shame: “Well – it’s about this whole Nightmare as the referee thing. What are you guys trying to say here? Do you think I need the help to beat Night and win the World Title? I’m the number one contender here, Mr Anderson – let me beat Night myself. I don’t need your help or Nightmare’s help, thank you very much.”

The smile now gone from Anderson’s face he glares up at Roscoe.

Anderson: “Ever hear the expression ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’, Roscoe?”

Shame nods.

Anderson: “I have no idea why everyone is being so insubordinate today. We make decisions, we don’t fulfill requests. All you have to do is show up at Battle of Britain and beat the hell out of Night. Don’t ask questions, don’t get in the way.”

Shame glares at Anderson who glares right back at the number one contender.

Shame: “It’s not right.”

Anderson: “It’s happening, Roscoe. There’s nothing you can do.”

Shame: “I won’t wrestle the match.”

Matt Anderson laughs loudly, his eyes tearing up as he does.

Anderson: “I Don’t think so, Mr Shame. I don’t think any wrestler would walk away from their first World Title opportunity. Some guys go their whole career only having had one shot – some don’t even get that. And here you have it in your first YEAR in professional wrestling… and you try to tell me you’re not going to take it.”

Shame slumps his shoulders somewhat in resignation.

Anderson: “I’ve been in this business a long-time, Roscoe. I’ve seen it all, I’ve been there.”

His tone changes, he is more upbeat, almost supportive.

Anderson: “Just show up and do your job at Battle of Britain – this is your time, Roscoe.”

And with that, we cut back to ringside.

Pat Fullam vs. Tommy Conti

The arena goes black and the tron flickers on. In icy blue writing the words,

Lo as I walk through the valley of shadow and death
I fear no evil…
For I am the biggest and baddest guy around.

Nick Harris: Here comes Pat Fullam, one of the most dominating individuals in the sVo right now!

Simon Austin: Just look at the size of him compared to everyone else in the arena! He towers over all of them!

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets starts to play over the sound system. The writing on the tron fades away as blue sparks flare out on the stage. As the sparks die down the one and only “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes out on stage. The tron flickers to life once again with clips of all of the 7’2″ giant’s time in the ring throughout the various federations he’s been in.

He tosses up the metal head salute as he begins to walk down to the ring to the beat of “Rebirth of Slick.” Making it to the ring he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. He swaggers to the center of the ring and tosses his hair back before giving one final metal head salute as the music fades.

Nick Harris: When Pat Fullam is on his A-Game, I don’t think there is a man in the sVo that is able to stop him!

Simon Austin: Well Tommy Conti is certainly going to have a good go!

Nick Harris: Well Conti was impressive last week against Ethan Rider, but if you ask me what he did after the match was completely uncalled for!

Simon Austin: Well he certainly made his mark on Rider! If anyone can take on that monster Pat Fullam, then Conti might be that man!

Nick Harris: Well Ethan Rider was put on the injured list last week by Tommy Conti, but he might get what is coming to him this week against one half of the sVo Tag Team Champions in Pat Fullam!

Simon Austin: But if Pat Fullam turns his back on Conti even for a second, then he might find himself on the injured list as well!

The sound of a bat banging against the ground echo’s  through the area, then laughter goes through the P.A system as the bat continues  to bang. Then out of no where Fire erupts from the ramp. Tommy Conti comes  walking out with a baseball bat over his shoulder. His has on a grey hat that is  bent on the seft side. He has a Grey suit on with black pants. Tommy has a big  smirk on his face and he stands there looking around at the crowd. As he does  Ride the Lightening by Metallica slowly fades in.

Simon Austin: Here comes Tommy Conti. I put my money on this kid being a future sVo champion!

Nick Harris: Well he showed last week by taking out Ethan Rider that he is a major player, but lets see how he does tonight against one of the top wrestlers in the sVo!

Tommy slowly  walks down to the ride with a grin of his face. Once he gets to the ring he  walks towards and up the steel steps to enter the ring. Tommy looks around once  more with his eyebrow eyes. He spits on the mat and lowers his bat. He looks at  the bat and smiles as the referee comes over and takes it away from him. Tommy  stares daggers at him but gets over it quickly as he slowly takes off his suit.  He drops it to the mat outside of the ring. He now only has on a white wife beater and his black pants. He cracks his  neck as he gets ready for the match.

Nick Harris: This match has the potential to get out of control very quickly!

Simon Austin: I would not want to get in the middle of these two, that’s for sure!

Nick Harris: Well both these men are staring each other down trying to see if the other will flinch, and judging by the expressions of both men, I don’t think either is going to back down!

Pat Fullam and Tommy Conti stare each other down from across the ring, as the referee runs through a few last minute rules, before calling for the bell to be rung and this one to get underway! Pat Fullam slowly makes his way forward towards his opponent, but as he lunges for Conti, Conti side steps him and nails him with a big kick to the back of the leg.

Simon Austin: Smart move from Conti, try and take down Pat Fullam and it takes away his massive size advantage!

Nick Harris: It’s good tactics from Conti, but it may enrage the giant!

Pat Fullam staggers forward before turning and aiming a right hand at Tommy Conti. Conti manages to ducks under the big right hand from Fullam and begins to lay into the giant with some big right hands. The big right hands don’t manage to knock Pat Fullam off of his feet, so Conto runs backwards and bounces off of the ring ropes, before running at Conti and nailing him with a big clothesline!

Nick Harris: Despite that massive clothesline from Conti, Pat Fullam is still standing!

Simon Austin: Just what does Tommy Conti have to do to knock this giant off of his feet?

Tommy Conti stares at Pat Fullam in shock, before repeating the move by bouncing back off of the ring ropes and running at Pat Fullam. However as Conti runs at the tag team champion, Pat Fullam nails him with a big boot to the face to take him down to the canvas! The fans cheer the big boot to the face of Tommy Conti, who struggles to get back to his feet. Pat Fullam nails Conti with a big scoop slam to show off his strength, before strutting around the ring to show off his dominance over his opponent.

Nick Harris: Pat Fullam is in control of this match! Is there anyway back for Conti?

Simon Austin: Fullam needs to keep his mind on the match!

Tommy Conti slowly struggles up to his feet, and Pat Fullam nails him with a big upper cut that sends him into the corner of the ring. With Tommy Conti in the corner of the ring, Pat Fullam lays into his opponent with some massive punches, before dragging him into the middle of the ring and pulling him up into the air with a gorilla press slam.

Nick Harris: Look at the strength of Pat Fullam right there! He is holding Tommy Conti clean above his head, and Tommy Conti is no small man!

Simon Austin: Don’t count Conti out yet, Pat Fullam is making the classic mistake of showing off to this idiots in the crowd rather than going for the kill!

Nick Harris: Well if you ask me this is karma catching up to Tommy Conti after the unprovoked attack on Ethan Rider last week that caused Rider to end up on the injured list!

Pat Fullam tosses Tommy Conti down to the mat with authority. With Tommy Conti down and hurting, Pat Fullam bounces off of the ring ropes before dropping a big leg drop across his opponent. With Conti down on the mat, Pat Fullam makes a cocky cover using just his foot.

Nick Harris: Pat Fullam obviously confident of picking up the three count right here!




Simon Austin: Classic mistake from Fullam, too arrogant to hook the leg and it has allowed Conti to kick out! He might just regret that come the end of the match!

Nick Harris: It looks like Tommy Conti is the one who is regretting things right now…. like agreeing to step foot in the ring with this giant!

Pat Fullam grabs hold of Conti by the hair as he tries to crawl away from him, but Conti responds with a low blow to Pat Fullam! The fans boo the under handed tactics from Tommy Conti as Pat Fullam sinks down to his knees in pain!

Nick Harris: Disgusting from Conti there!

Simon Austin: He is just evening the odds, Pat Fullam is down to the same height now!

With Pat Fullam on his knees, Tommy Conti lays into him with some big right hands, before nailing him with a kick to the face to send him down to the mat. With Pat Fullam down, Tommy Conti runs into the ropes before returning to hit a big splash onto his opponent in the middle of the ring. The fans boo the actions of Tommy Conti, but he doesn’t seem to care as he puts the boots into his opponent who is still down on the mat.

Simon Austin: Look at the ruthless aggression from Conti! He learnt that on the mean streets of Rome growing up!

Nick Harris: Well I certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of the people that Conti hangs around with!

Tommy Conti grabs hold of Pat Fullam and pulls him up to his feet, before throwing him into the corner of the ring. With Pat Fullam in the corner, Conti lays into his opponent with some big kicks to the midsection. The Italian then allows Pat Fullam to stumble out of the corner of the ring before knocking him down to the mat with a clothesline from hell! With Pat Fullam down in the mat, Conti makes the cover.




Simon Austin: I thought he had it right there!

Nick Harris: I think Conti thought he had it right there as well!

Simon Austin: Conti looks in control of this one right now!

Fullam gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted! Tommy Conti can’t believe that he didn’t get the three as he rises up to his feet and kicks the ropes in frustration. The fans boo Conti as he bad mouths the referee before grabbing hold of Fullam and pulling him to his feet. Conti smashes Fullam in the face with some big punches, before setting him in position for a powerbomb!

Nick Harris: Does Conti really think he is going to be able to powerbomb the giant Pat Fullam!

Simon Austin: Tommy Conti is one of the strongest men in the sVo right now!

Nick Harris: I don’t think anyone has managed to powerbomb ‘The Coolness’ before!

Tommy Conti tries to pull Pat Fullam into the air, but Pat Fullam counters the move to the delight of the fans with a back body drop on Conti!

Simon Austin: No!

Nick Harris: Big counter from Pat Fullam!

Conti staggers back to his feet, but Pat Fullam runs through him with a spinebuster in the middle of the ring! Conti holds his back in pain as he rises to his feet quickly, but Pat Fullam doesn’t look like he is in the mood for showing off anymore as he drills Conti straight back down to the mat with a side walk slam! With Conti down on the mat and hurting, Pat Fullam raises his hands in the air to signal to the fans for his finishing move!

Nick Harris: It’s going to be all over if Pat Fullam hits the Crippling Cool right now! No one has ever kicked out of that move!

Simon Austin: Come on Conti, counter it!

Conti slowly rises up to his feet, but as he does he is quickly grabbed by Pat Fullam around the throat. Pat Fullam pulls Tommy Conti high into the air, before nailing him with the ‘Crippling Cool’ in the middle of the ring! With Conti down and hurting, Pat Fullam wastes no time at all in dropping down and hooking the leg of his opponent.

Nick Harris: There is no way back for Tommy Conti right now!




Nick Harris: Victory for Pat Fullam here tonight! Maybe just a taster for what is in store for Weapon X at Battle of Britain?

Simon Austin: Well Tommy Conti might have the mob on his side, but Weapon X has the entire might of ‘The Company!’ I think we should wait until Battle of Britain before making any predictions on that one!

Pat Fullam rises up to his feet, and the referee grabs one of his massive hands before raising it in the air in victory. Pat Fullam celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring for a few seconds, before slowly making his way backstage, leaving Tommy Conti laying out cold in the middle of the ring, the latest victim of the Crippling Cool.

RESULT: Pat Fullam def. Tommy Conti via pinfall


Colt Cooper stands center screen on all monitors throughout arena. He’s dressed in his ring attire, and looks like he’s ready to partake in his match against Roscoe Shame. He felt he should get some words in before going in though.

“You know…before I go into this match with you Roscoe Shame, I just want to warn you of how much of a mistake your mama made. How much of a fool you are, for pretending to be Mr. International. Who in the hell do you think you are?”

Colt sucks his teeth, shaking his head back and forth.

“I heard you need the momentum for this match, being that you do have a World Title shot in line. You may have one, but that match isnt right now. Right now is where I condone and silence these empathetic souls.”

Some local jobber is spotted out of the eye of Colt. He laughs at the poor guy for being such a shame.

“Whether or not you know Storm, but you do know that you are facing Colt Cooper. You do know that you’re not winning, and you do know that your ugly, and such a square.”

Colt gets back in a volume for his match presence.

“Ok..Are you ready Roscoe? I don’t think you are, but….I AM.”

Colt walks away from the camera, heading toward the entrance to the ring.

Roscoe Shame vs. Colt Cooper

“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva blasts over the sound system and there are boos all around for Colt Cooper as his entrance video hits the sVo-Tron. After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of sVo who don’t like him. He climbs up the steel stairs and ducks between the ropes as the fans toss garbage towards the ring. He laughs and backs away into the corner to await the start of the match.

Nick Harris: Colt Cooper, one of the fastest rising stars in the sVo. He managed to pull out an incredible victory over DVD last week and establish himself as a legitimate threat to the sVo veterans.

Simon Austin: Colt Cooper, a legitimate threat? Don’t make me laugh, playa! He managed to pull off a fluke victory against one of the worst “veterans” on the roster and you consider that an accomplishment? Roscoe Shame is gonna wipe the floor with him tonight.

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne starts to play in the arena and the crowd cheers for the former International and sVo Tag Team Champion, Roscoe Shame! The man himself appears at the top of the ramp miming playing a guitar, much to the pleasure of the crowd who laugh at his antics. Pyro shoots out of the stage as he walks down the ramp and dives into the ring, pacing back and forth as his music dies out.

Nick Harris: Roscoe Shame has of course accomplished a great deal over the last few months and could possibly be set to make history in just a few weeks at the Battle of Britain, when he takes on Night for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match could help him gain some needed momentum for future.

Simon Austin: Listen to me again… he is fighting an untried rookie. This guy, Roscoe Shame, he’s a multiple time champion here in the sVo. Who would you be favoring, huh? The rookie or the pro?

Nick Harris: I think both men have an equal opportunity to pull out the win here. Cooper has shown some amazing resiliency while Shame may he hindered by his large build in this bout due to the size difference. Cooper is slight and fast and that could end up being Shame’s downfall.

The bell rings, and this match is underway!

The match begins with Cooper dealing out several savage kicks to Shame, forcing him into the corner. Cooper doesn’t relent, stomping down on Shame with ferocity before picking him up and whipping him across the ring, however Shame takes him down on the rebound with a perfectly timed clothesline! Shame drops his knee down onto Cooper before attempting a roll up pin.



Simon Austin: C’mon! Pin him! Pin!


Nick Harris: Kickout! Shame attempts a roll up pin, however that isn’t enough to take Cooper out of the picture just yet!

Simon Austin: Aw, man! Is that referee biased against Shame, or what!?

Cooper barely manages to kick out in time and both men climb back to their feet, with Cooper jumping up into the air and executing a perfect spinning kick, connecting with the side of Shame’s head. Cooper then attempts a cover!




Cooper rolls away as Shame climbs back to his feet, a little disorientated from the kick. He manages to duck a clothesline attempt from Cooper before seizing the young up-and-comer and slamming him down to the mat with a spinebuster. Cooper remains motionless and Shame rolls him over, wrapping his arms around his neck and applying a face clutch. Cooper struggles against the hold and manages to get his foot up onto the rope and the referee orders Shame to release the hold. Shame obliges and pulls Cooper to his feet, lifting him up into the air and attempting to hit a suplex. Cooper lands on his feet however and turns the move into a neckbreaker, slamming Shame down onto the mat. Shame sits up clutching his neck, while Cooper stands up and delivers a savage kick to Shame’s back. Shame rolls out of the ring and collapses on the outside, attempting to stand upright. Cooper runs at the ropes and attempts a suicide dive, however Shame catches up in the outside! With a roar Shame drives Cooper right into the steel stairs!

Nick Harris: He drove Cooper right into the steel stairs! He could’ve snapped his spine right in half!

Simon Austin: Would that really be such a bad thing? Look, I’ll give credit where credit is due and Cooper has lasted a lot longer than I thought he would. However, he just can’t cut it against an established veteran of Shame’s caliber.

As the referee starts the ten count, Shame crawls back into the ring and lies on his bag for a moment, catching his breath. He then stands up and crouches over slightly as Cooper climbs back into the ring favoring his right leg before collapsing into the corner. Shame charges towards him however Cooper dives out of the way, causing Shame to collide with the ring post. Cooper attempts a roll up…

Nick Harris: Another roll up attempt!



Simon Austin: No! No! It can’t end like this!


Shame barely manages to get his shoulder up and Cooper pounds the mat in frustration at the former International Champion’s resiliency. Both men climb to their feet trading blows, until Shame stuns Cooper and runs diagonally across the ring, jumping up onto the second rope in the corner and waiting until Cooper turns around to deliver a diving clothesline. Shame watches Cooper as he slowly rises to his feet, before thrusting his head between his legs and delivering a HUGE Shame Time! He drops down and hooks Cooper’s leg…

Nick Harris: SHAME TIME! This one could be over right now, unless Cooper can somehow break this pin attempt!




Simon Austin: Yes! Yes! What did I tell you!? Roscoe Shame is DA MAN Nick, DA MAN! He showed Cooper a thing or two about professional wrestling here tonight!

The referee calls for the bell and Shame climbs to his feet, his arms raised in victory. He parades around the ring before offering his hand to Colt Cooper, assisting the young star to his feet. Cooper climbs out of the ring as “Rebirth” plays over the sound system and Shame exits the ring, backing up the ramp and eventually disappearing backstage.

RESULT: Roscoe Shame def. Colt Cooper via pinfall

Oh Mr. Anderson!

It’s been a rough night for Matt Anderson. After the past couple of weeks he’s learned his lesson. Try to dodge Pat Fullam unless he had backup. He was after all meant to only be General Manager of sVo, not in the ring, and certainly not at the receiving end of vicious beatings.

Matt Anderson limps down the hall, the limp a result from “The Coolness” holding him over the edge of the Goodfella’s Casino. So far though, he’s managed to dodge The Coolness. He gave him what the giant wanted, a rematch with Weapon X at Battle of Britain. He sighs relief as he makes it to his office, not seeing the giant anywhere. He opens the door and heads inside, closing the door behind him. He snaps on the light and yelps in surprise.

“Hello Mr. Anderson!”

“The Coolness” Pat Fullam twirls around in Anderson’s chair behind his desk. The giant puts his feet up on the desk and motions for Anderson to sit down. Matt does so, carefully, and making sure that he’s out of range of The Coolness.

“Anderson! You look very pale! Are you feeling ok?”

Anderson nods and Pat smiles as he puts his feet down and leans forward, staring intently at Matt.

“Listen, Matt, buddy. I heard about your little change to the main event at Battle of Britain, and honestly, I don’t see how that’s much of a fair fight. I mean honestly?!? Nightmare as an unbiased referee in a match with HIS brother Night defending NIGHT’S World Title against The Company’s own Roscoe Shame? Now call me crazy, and please, call me crazy, see what happens, but that doesn’t sound very fair to me. Does it to you?”

Anderson opens his mouth to speak but Fullam cuts him off.

“Listen to me Anderson and listen close. I want Nightmare out of that match and replaced with a nonbiased ref. One who will call the match right down the middle.”

Anderson seems to have gained some measure of confidence back.

“No. I won’t do it. The match is already inked and Nightmare is booked as the special guest referee in that match.”

Fullam sighs.

“I was hoping you would say that Matt. I really was. Because I have a much better idea. One that would be so much more fun. Are you ready for this?”

The giant stares at Matt Anderson. Slowly, Matt nods, gaining more and more confidence.

“Make me the second guest referee, or I’d even take special guest enforcer for the match!”

Pat sits back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head, a look of triumph on his face. A look that quickly falls as Anderson says.

“No. I won’t do it Fullam. You’ve intimidated your way along for far too long. I’m done with it. However, I will play fair. I’ll give you a shot. Next week, it will be “The Coolness” Pat Fullam versus…Wait for it Fullam….NIGHTMARE!”

Pat shoots up from his chair so fast that he sends the rolling chair smashing into the wall behind him. He glares at Anderson who now wears the cocky smirk. Fullam comes around the desk and pulls Anderson up by the collar of his shirt. The giant pushes the general manager up against the wall, lifting him up off of his feet.

“Really? Anderson is that the best you’ve got? Alright. I accept. Next week, Pat Fullam versus Nightmare. However, if I win, I become special guest enforcer in the main event at Battle of Britain!”

Anderson’s face is turning red as Pat has him by the neck. Slowly Matt is able to choke out.

“Fine! If you win, and Fullam that’s a BIG IF, you have your way!”

Pat smiles and sets Anderson down, patting him on the head as he does so.

“There Matty! I knew you’d see it my way. But just for old time’s sake…”

In one fluid motion Pat takes Matt Anderson and tosses him over the oak desk. Pat strolls over to the door and opens it, proceeding down the hallway and out of sight.

Christmas Time

The scene goes backstage where in the locker room of the referees, James Christmas the head referee is sitting preparing for the main event match that he will officiate later tonight. Christmas looks to be trying to relax before the match, but as he does there is suddenly a knock at the door. Christmas rises to his feet and makes his way over to the door to answer it, but before he can it suddenly swings open, and in steps James Von Drake, with his wife Lucy at his side!

Lucy Von Drake: “Here is that little punk.”

James Christmas staggers backwards in fear, as James Von Drake walks towards him with a smirk on his face.

James Von Drake: “You think you can cost me my shot at the World title, and get away with it?”

JVD get’s in the face of the referee, and tries to intimidate him as he forces him back against the wall.

James Von Drake: “If you were doing your job properly then that masked man would never have got involved in my World title match! I would have that gold around my waist right now!”

James Von Drake stares into the face of the senior referee.

James Christmas: “… It was a steel cage match…. I couldn’t do anything about it…. Why don’t you go after him….?”

James Von Drake looks enraged at the back chat from the referee.

James Von Drake: “Can you believe this shit Luce? He has the front to talk to me like that!”

JVD pulls back his good hand to hit the referee in the face, but before he can his arm is grabbed from behind. JVD spins around to see who grabbed him…. and comes face to face with The Teacher!

JVD nearly falls over as he pulls his arm away from the grip of The Teacher. JVD stumbles out of the room with Lucy Von Drake, leaving the Teacher staring at him as he scurries away!

Night vs. Bobby Dean

“You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and warm up for the upcoming match.

Simon Austin: Bobby Dean looks focused out here tonight! There is a reason why he is International Champion! He is one of the best in the business!

Nick Harris: I think the reason he is International Champion is because he stabbed his so called friend Roscoe Shame in the back to win the belt!

Simon Austin: That’s crap Harris. Bobby Dean is heading for the top of the sVo! No one can stand in his way!

Nick Harris: Well he is going to get the chance right now! Night is at the top of his game and is the longest reigning World Champion of all time!

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

Nick Harris: And here comes the World Champion!

Simon Austin: Only until Battle of Britain!

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw. The sVo World Title is strapped firmly around Night’s waist, one of the sVo Tag-Team Titles slung over his left shoulder.

The crowd erupt as Night pauses for a moment at the top of the ramp, soaking it all in. Night moves quickly and deliberately towards the ring, slapping hands with fans on his way. Reaching the ring he slides under the bottom rope before rolling to his feet and raising a fist to the crowd to another huge cheer.

Nick Harris: This has the potencial to be one of the biggest main events in Showdown history! The sVo World Champion Night taking on the sVo International Champion Bobby Dean right here in Amsterdam!

Simon Austin: Shame the crowd are probably too stoned to appreciate it!

The sVo World Champion stares across the ring at the sVo International Champion, as the referee takes possession of both men’s golds and hands it outside the ring to the time keepers table for safe keeping. With BBD and Night in the middle of the ring and ready, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get underway!

Nick Harris: Just listen to the crowd, they can’t wait to see this one get underway!

Night and BBD slowly make their way towards each other, before meeting in the middle of the ring with a tie up. Both men try and force the other backwards, but it is Night who gains the upper hand with a knee to the midsection of his opponent, before taking Dean down to the mat with a strong hip toss. Bobby Dean quickly rises up to his feet and runs at Night with an outstretched arm, but Night counters with a drop kick to the knees of Bobby Dean with take the International Champion down to the mat

Simon Austin: Just wait until Dean gets going here tonight, he told me early he is going to prove to the world that he is the best that the sVo has to offer!

Nick Harris: Well it’s Night who has control of the match right now. Impressive move from the Champion to take down Dean.

Bobby Dean struggles up to a standing position, but Night grabs him by the back of the hair and slams him face first into the corner of the ring. Bobby Dean staggers backwards holding his face in pain, allowing Night to grab him around the waist and toss him down to the mat with a big German suplex. The fans cheer for the move on the International Champion, as the World Champion rises up to his feet.

Nick Harris: Textbook suplex from Night there on Bobby Dean. A few more of those and this one might be all over!

Simon Austin: No chance a few German suplexes are going to take out Bobby Dean! He wasn’t hand-picked by the Company for no reason!

Nick Harris: Well Bobby Dean needs to get back into this match if he wants to show he is better than Night!

Bobby Dean rises up to his feet, and Night runs at his opponent looking for a clothesline, however BBD counters the move by ducking under Night’s arm and taking him down to the mat with a stiff neckbreaker. There are boos from the crowd as Bobby Dean rolls over the body of Night and begins to lay into him with some stiff punches.

Simon Austin: Here we go, now the real action starts Harris!

Nick Harris: Awesome neckbreaker from Bobby Dean. Technically speaking Bobby Dean is one of the best there is, shame his attitude stinks!

Bobby Dean rises up to his feet, and grabs hold of Night as he tries to get up. Bobby Dean hits an atomic drop on his opponent, before throwing Night into the ropes. Night bounces back out of the ring ropes, and is quickly taken down to the mat by Bobby Dean with a back drop. The fans boo Bobby Dean as he cockily taunts Night, before nailing him with a big right hand as he tries to get back to his feet. Bobby Dean leaps down onto Night with a big elbow drop before rising up to his feet and taunting the crowd!

Simon Austin: Ha! Bobby Dean showing his dominance! These scumbags in the crowd need to start respecting him!

Nick Harris: These fans pay there money, and if they have been watching what I have been watching they have every right to boo!

Night tries to get back to his feet, but a big boot to the midsection from Bobby Dean causes him to double over in pain, before Bobby Dean plants him head first into the mat with a stiff DDT. With Night down on the mat, Bobby Dean wastes little time in flipping over his opponent and hooking his leg for the cover.

Simon Austin: Here we go, this is the end of Night!

Nick Harris: Big DDT from Bobby Dean there, who hooks the leg…..




Nick Harris: Kickout from Night!

Simon Austin: That was a slow count!

Nick Harris: Will you behave! Night got a shoulder up and this one continues!

Much to the disappointment of Bobby Dean, Night gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! The fans cheer the kick out from Night, but the cheers are short lived as Bobby Dean rises up to his feet and begins to put the boots into his opponent. Bobby Dean then grabs hold of Night, and throws him hard into the corner of the ring. With Night leaning prone in the corner of the ring, Bobby Dean runs at his opponent looking for a big splash in the corner, but Night dives out of the way at the last minute causing Bobby Dean to hit the turnbuckle hard!

Simon Austin: NO!

Nick Harris: Big counter from the World Champion, that could swing the match in his favour!

The fans cheer as Bobby Dean staggers backwards holding his chest, and is nailed with a jumping calf kick to the back of the head by Night! The move knocks Bobby Dean down to his feet, and the fans cheer Night as he takes a few seconds to recover. Bobby Dean rises back up to his feet, but Night is there waiting for him to grab him by the arm and whip him into the ring ropes. Bobby Dean bounces back and looks for a flying forearm on Night, but Night ducks out of the way and Bobby Dean wipes out the referee!

Simon Austin: No! Down goes the referee!

Nick Harris: This could descend into chaos right now without an offical! Someone get out here quick!

Simon Austin: Well it won’t at Battle of Britain, that’s why Anderson has appointed Nightmare as special guest referee!

Nick Harris: Not if Pat Fullam has his way!

Night rises up to his feet and drops Bobby Dean with a Sandman DDT to take him down to the mat, but with no referee he can’t make the cover on his opponent!

Nick Harris: This one should be all over! Where the hell are all the referees! Someone needs to get out here and count the three!

Simon Austin: No referee no three count! BBD planned the whole thing I bet!

Night looks around to see if another referee is going to come down and take control of the match, but with no sign of one he pulls Bobby Dean up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring! Bobby Dean hits the corner hard, and Night quickly makes his way towards his opponent. Night grabs hold of Bobby Dean in a front face lock, before lifting him into the air and placing him onto the turnbuckle in a sitting position!

Simon Austin: This has got to be illegal! Someone get out here and put an end to it!

Nick Harris: Night is looking for a superplex, if he hits this it could be the end of Bobby Dean!

The fans cheer as they see what Night is trying to do, as he climbs up alongside Bobby Dean, before taking him down to the mat with a superplex from the top rope! The fans cheer the big move from Night, who seems to feed off of the cheers from the fans as he rises back up to his feet and stumbles back towards the corner of the ring. Night then begins to climb the ropes himself, before finding himself at the top rope! Night leaps off of the top rope onto Bobby Dean, and lands a big high elevation shooting star press!

Nick Harris: What a move! That is why Night is the World Champion right there, and that is why the fans love him!

Simon Austin: But with no referee it’s not going to do him much good is it!

With Bobby Dean down on the mat, Night crawls over his opponent to make the cover, and with the referee down looks expectedly towards the entrance ramp for another referee to run down and count the three!

Nick Harris: Someone get out here and count the three for christs sake! This match should have been over along time ago!

Simon Austin: It looks like you might get your wish!!

Nick Harris: What the hell is this??

Night stares at the entrance ramp in disbelief as down the entrance ramp runs his brother Nightmare in a referee shirt, closely followed by Matt Anderson and Weapon X! Nightmare runs down and slides into the ring and begins to count the pin fall!

Nick Harris: Is this a preview of Battle of Britain right here?




Nick Harris: What a screw job!! Count the three! Count the three!

Simon Austin: Ha Ha! What is your golden boy Night going to do now Harris?

Nightmare stops short of counting the three, and lets out an evil laugh that can be heard all over the arena. Night jumps up to his feet, but he is quickly grabbed by Nightmare who quickly locks him in the ‘Nightmare Sleeper’! Nightmare begins to squeeze the life out of Night, as a watching Matt Anderson and Weapon X watch on. The crowd boo loudly the actions of the Company, as Bobby Dean slowly rises to his feet and looks at the scene around him with a smirk on his face. Nightmare finally releases the limp body of the sVo World Champion, and tosses him to Bobby Dean! There are boos around the arena as BBD nails the ‘Starstruck’ on Night!

Nick Harris: This is bullshit right here!

Simon Austin: Watch your language Harris, this is a family show!

Nick Harris: If BBD is so good why does he need the Company screwing over Night for him?

Simon Austin: Night shouldn’t have gone against the Company, you heard Anderson earlier in the night!!

Nick Harris: If this is what Battle of Britain is going to be like then we might as well all pack up and go home now!

Simon Austin: Where is Roscoe Shame by the way?

Nick Harris: Maybe Roscoe Shame has more class than the rest of the Company? Maybe Roscoe Shame wants to win the title on his own rather than having the whole Company screw Night out of the belt!

Bobby Dean quickly hooks the leg of Night, and Nightmare in his referee shirt drops down to make the cover!

Simon Austin: This one is going to be all over right now!




Simon Austin: BBD WINS! BBD WINS!

The crowd boo loudly as Bobby Dean rises up to his feet and has his hand raised in the air in victory by Nightmare! Matt Anderson then signals to Weapon X to get into the ring, and the three Company members begin to put the boots in on the World Champion!

Nick Harris: What the hell is this? Haven’t these guys done enough out here tonight?

Simon Austin: Roscoe Shame should get out here, he is missing out on all the fun!

Weapon X, Nightmare and Bobby Dean continue their systematic beat down of Night in the ring, whilst Matt Anderson watches at ringside with a massive smile on his face. As the fans continue to boo, the mood suddenly changes as “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets blasts over the sound system!

Simon Austin: What the hell!!!

Nick Harris: Now lets see how things go shall we Austin! Here comes Night’s tag team championship partner to even the store! Let’s see the Company now!

Simon Austin: Quick Anderson get the hell out of there!

The look on Matt Anderson’s face quickly changes as the giant Pat Fullam walks slowly down the entrance ramp to a huge cheer from the crowd! Fullam makes his way down the entrance ramp with a purpose, as Anderson quickly makes his way towards the back of the ring, whilst BBD, Weapon X and Nightmare turn their attention to the sVo Tag Team Champion who is making his way to the ring!

Nick Harris: This one is about to go down now! Let’s see how the Company fight with the score evened!

Simon Austin: Pat Fullam has no business out here!

The three Company members look as if they are ready to fight Fullam, but as the giant steps up onto the ring apron, they quickly turn and slide out of the ring! Anderson, Dean, Nightmare and Weapon X quickly hurdle the security barrier and make their way through the crowd before Pat Fullam can get to them!

Nick Harris: Look at them run! Look at them run! So much for the world famous Company! They are high tailing it away from the giant Pat Fullam!

Simon Austin: There going to live to fight another day Harris!

Nick Harris: They are only intrested when the odds are stacked in their favour! They don’t want to know now!

Showdown heads off of the air, with the Company staring down at Pat Fullam and Night in the ring from the stands, with Fullam helping his fellow Tag Team Champion to his feet!

RESULT: Bobby Dean def. Night via pinfall

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