sVo Showdown
22nd August 2010
Stade Abbé-Deschamps, Auxerre, France
Episode #052


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Isaac White, La Envidia Mata and William Vorheez! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!

Conquering Dreams (Pt. 1)

Backstage in the corridors of Le Stade de l’Abbé Deschamps in Auxerre, France. A dark-suited man with a closely cropped head of dark brown hair in dark aviator sunglasses sports an earpiece in his left ear. He presses it further into his ear, listening closely as he surveys his surroundings.

Nothing but a maze of corridors and doors.

In the distance he is sure that he sees a blur of movement and wordlessly chases after it.

Pixie’s Prowess

The cameras cut backstage to where Ethan Rider, Pixie and her little brother are just enetering the building. Ethan is dressed in a trench coat and ring gear, a black T-Shirt covering his upper body. Pixie is dressed in a short, flowery dress and her little brother in full wrestling merchandise.

Ethan: You’ll be okay in my locker room for a bit?

Pixie: Sure, why?

Ethan indicates to his right, and Pixie’s brother strains to get a look.

Ethan: I need to speak to Matt Anderson, he still has the tapes.

Pixie nods her understanding, placing a hand on her brother’s shouder and ushering him to Ethan’s locker room that he hasn’t yet entered himself. Ethan turns and walks up the corridor, knocking on Matt’s office door.

Matt: Come in!

Ethan enters the room, eyes angry.

Matt: Ahhh, Ethan! Looking forward to tonight?

Ethan: Give me the tape, Anderson.

Matt: You don’t want to make a bad first impression, kid…

Ethan: Give me the fucking tapes Anderson!

Matt smiles, looking over his shades.

Matt: Now why would I want to do that?

Ethan nods his head, he’d been expecting this.

Ethan: You can’t backmail me Matt, I’l just walk out.

Matt gives a grin, one step ahead of Ethan. He taps his fingers on the table and reaches behind him, pulling the real tape from a cabinet.

Matt: Go ahead, you’re not particularly valuable, Kid.

Ethan sighs, nodding his head in acceptance.

Ethan: Just give me the tape, Matt. You don’t want me to get locked up, do you?

Matt I don’t really care, kid, in all honesty.

Ethan pounds his fist on the table, beginning to get quite angry.

Ethan: What do I have to do to get them, Matt?

Matt swivells on his chair, stroking his chin. He pulls a leaflet from his desk, and the words on the front read: BATTLE OF BRITAIN.

Matt: Well, there is one thing that benefits us both. Coming up is the next PPV, and we need to fill up a card… I’m booking you against a special opponent. If you win, you gt the tape and a shot at the Las Vegas championship… lose, and you work for me.

Looking for real competition

The cameras go backstage where Candi Cross is standing by with Xtreme Fusion member Asesino.

Candi: Asesino, tonight on Showdown you start the card off here in France how do you feel about that?

Asesino: It sucks.

Candi: Why?

Asesino: You know I’m getting sick and tired of seeing new people arrive in SVO and get ahead of me for no apparent reason. I have been here for some time now and I’m still opening cards while there are other superstars here who arrive and quickly get better placement in cards and even title shots.

Candi: Could your win/loss record be the reason why?

Asesino: At the beginning maybe but I have won most of my matches recently and still I’m facing two nobodies in the opening match tonight. This is disrespectful to me, Candi.

Candi: I understand your concerns and what about later on tonight when your tag team partners DVD and Limp go after the Tag Team Championships, how do you feel about them getting a shot at the titles?

Asesino: I feel I should be in that match. DVD and Limp have already been champions but not me. I can’t get away from those damn rookies. That’s why for next week I’m issuing an Open Challenge to face any current or former champion of any kind here in SVO. It’s time for The Assassin to become a champion and I will earn my way to the top starting next week.

Candi: What about your match tonight?

Asesino: Whatever, I’m going to the ring now.

Asesino leaves with a bored look on his face as the cameras go back to ringside.


Rey Rosario is seen arriving backstage as he is confronted by Canadian Crippler.

Crippler: Nice to see that you made it.

Rey: Almost didn’t, these people in France love their wrestling. What have you been up to?

Crippler: Not much it looks like you’re the privileged one of us here in SVO.

Rey: What do you mean?

Crippler: We were suppose to go after The Tag Team Titles together as a unit like we have always been and I see that you have the shot but with El Locon.

Rey: I had nothing to do with that. SVO management paired us together last week and we won and got in the title picture.

Crippler: I see that El Locon is a better partner than me.

Rey: Stop the sarcarsm I’m here to compete and win. Too bad I didn’t get the shot with you as my partner but i have to deal with the hand that was dealt. Tonight, El Locon and myself become Tag Team Champions whether you or the rest of the world likes it or not.

Crippler: Good luck then and remember HE wants us not him.

Canadian Crippler walks past Rey Rosario as the cameras go to the ring.

Tommy Conti vs. Asesino vs. Grimnir

The dull tones pick up speed as the haunting voice of a woman sings. As the voice reaches full pitch, the arena’s houselights washes out the arena in light before returning to normal, leaving Grimnir standing at the entrance. He starts to slowly walk down as the hammering drums and energy filled riffs grind through to his very last step. He stands at the front of the ring, points up the sky with both hands, slides into the ring and then kneels, looking as if he were praying. He stays there for a moment and then springs up to his feet, ready for action.

Boos begin to ring out around the arena as the entrance ramp lights up and Headstrong by Trapt hits the sound system. On the sVo-Tron highlights of Asesino’s sVo greatest moments play as Asesino slowly makes his way out from the backstage area and down the entrance ramp. Asesino stares out the crowd as he walks, before rolling into the ring. Asesino walks around the ring looking out at those in the crowd who are booing him, before jumping up onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and taunting to the fans by throwing them an ironic kiss.

The sound of a bat banging against the ground echo’s through the area, then laughter goes through the P.A system as the bat continues to bang. Then out of no where Fire erupts from the ramp. Tommy Conti comes walking out with a baseball bat over his shoulder. His has on a grey hat that is bent on the seft side. He has a Grey suit on with black pants. Tommy has a big smirk on his face and he stands there looking around at the crowd. As he does Ride the Lightening by Metallica slowly fades in.

Tommy slowly walks down to the ride with a grin of his face. Once he gets to the ring he walks towards and up the steel steps to enter the ring. Tommy looks around once more with his eyebrow eyes. He spits on the mat and lowers his bat. He looks at the bat and smiles as the referee comes over and takes it away from him. Tommy stares daggers at him but gets over it quickly as he slowly takes off his suit. He drops it to the mat outside of the ring. He now only has on a white wife beater and his black pants. He cracks his neck as he gets ready for the match.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this one gets underway! Asesino makes his way quickly towards Conti and hits the newcomer with some right hands to back him into the corner of the ring. However Grimnir quickly grabs hold of Asesino from behind and whips him hard into the ropes. Asesino bounces back and Grimnir sends him down to the mat with a massive flapjack on the sVo veteran. Asesino rises back up to his feet, but as he does Grimnir backs him into the corner of the ring with some big forearm smashes to the face of his opponent. With Asesino in the corner of the ring, Grimnir jumps up onto the second rope and takes down Asesino with a spinning DDT out of the corner!

The fans are on their feet for the big move from the man from Norway, however Grimnir doesn’t get much time to soak up the cheers as he is grabbed from behind by the newcomer Tommy Conti. Conti nails Grimnir with some big punches to the face which slow down the high flyer, before Conti sends him into the ropes. Conti himself bounces off of the ropes nearest to himself, before running at Grimnir and landing a Lui Thesz press on him! The fans boo as Conto lays into Grimnir with some big mounted punches before allowing him to his feet. Conti takes Grimnir straight back down to the mat with a big hip toss, before turning his attention back to Asesino. Conti hits some big rights on Asesino before trying to hit a suplex on Asesino. However Asesino manages to block off the attempted suplex, and take Conti down to the mat with a front face sit out suplex.

Conti staggers back to his feet holding his face after it bounced off of the mat, but Asesino continues his offence with a standing dropkick which sends Conti into the corner of the ring. The crowd boo as Asesino spears Conti in the corner of the ring, before hitting him with some big punches to the face in the corner. Asesino then sends Conti back down to the mat with a stiff DDT. With the newcomer down, Asesino turns his attention towards the high flying Grimnir, and lays into him with a big kick to the midsection. Grimnir struggles up to his feet but Asesino is there with big rights, before taking his opponent down with a facebuster. With Grimnir down on the mat, Asesino looks for the cover.




Conti gets in to break up the cover to stop Asesino from getting the three count. Asesino rises up to his feet looking none to pleased about the inturuption in the three count from Conti, and he lays into the newcomer with some big rights. However Conti ducks under one of the punches of Asesino and nails him with a knee to the midsection. Asesino doubles over in pain, and Conti takes him down to the mat with a back breaker. With Asesino down on the mat, Conti stomps away on his opponent, before pulling Grimnir up to his feet.

Conti sends Grimnir into the corner of the ring, before following up with a splash in the corner of the ring. Grimnir stumbles out of the corner, and Conti sends him down to the mat with a bulldog! The fans cheer the big move from Conti, who quickly pulls Grimnir up to his feet. Conti nails Grimnir with some stiff forearm shots, before taking him down to the mat with a headlock takedown. With Grimnir down on the mat, Conti locks in a surf board stretch on his opponent and tries to wear him down before going for a pin attempt. The fans cheer as Grimnir does his best to force his way out of the submission hold and rise to his feet, but Conti takes control of the situation with a quick snap suplex on his opponent.

Conti rises to his feet and flips off the fans who are booing him, before stomping away on Grimnir on the mat. Grimnir looks in pain, as Conti rushes across and knocks Asesino down to the mat as he tries to get up, with a big clothesline. Asesino tries to roll under the bottom rope to get away from Conti, but Conti grabs hold of him and pulls him back up to his feet. Conti lands a big scoop slam on his opponent, before bouncing into the ropes and landing a big elbow drop onto his opponent! With Asesino down and hurting, Conti quickly grabs hold of his opponent and hooks the leg to make the cover!




Asesino gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! The newcomer Tommy Conti can’t believe that he didn’t manage to get the three count right there as he rises to his feet and begins to argue with the referee! The fans boo the actions of the sVo newcomer, but as he continues to argue with the referee, Conti doesn’t notice Grimnir rise to his feet behind his back. Conti finally turns around, only to be knocked down to the mat with a spinning heel kick! Conti quickly pops back up to his feet with a surprised look on his face and swings some right hands in the direction of Grimnir, but the fan favourite ducks under the arm of Conti and takes him down to the mat with a swinging DDT! With Conti down on the mat, Grimnir jumps quickly to the top rope, before leaping back down onto Conti with an elbow drop from the top rope!

Conti looks to be hurting after that high flying move from Grimnir, but before he can make the cover he is grabbed by Asesino! Asesino nails some big forearm smashes to the face of Grimnir, until Grimnir nails a knee into the midsection of his opponent! Grimnir lays into Asesino with some quick punches, before taking him down to the mat with a jumping axe kick! The fans cheer the big move from Grimnir, who then begins to signal to the crowd whilst he walks around stalking Asesino, as he slowly begins to rise to his feet! Asesino groggily rises up, but walks straight into a ‘Masked Justice’ superkick from Grimnir! The fans pop for the finishing move as Grimnir leaps onto Asesino to make the cover.




This one is all over, and it’s Grimnir who gets the win despite Conti diving in at the last minute to try and break up the cover! The fans cheer as Grimnir rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope, and makes his way back up the entrance ramp with his hands raised in the air in victory! In the ring Conti stands in the ring fuming as he stands watching Grimnir celebrate his win up the entrance ramp! The fans continue to cheer the win for Grimnir for the second week in the ring, whilst back in the ring the newcomer Conti turns to look angrily at Asesino. Asesino slowly begins to rise to his feet as Grimnir steps backstage. Asesino goes to leave the ring, but as he does Tommy Conti blocks his path! Out of no where Conti nails Asesino with a kick to the midsection, before loading him up onto his shoulders! Conti then throws Asesino down to the mat with a ‘Conti Beatdown’, before making his way out of the ring! The fans boo Tommy Conti as he walks to the backstage area having made his point with an impressive first match in the sVo, despite not picking up the win tonight.

RESULT: Grimnir def. Asesino & Tommy Conti via pinfall

My gift to you

Suddenly the programming has been interrupted by a paid programming advertisement from Xtreme Fusion. The video plays and we see DVD standing outdoors during daylight which means the video was pre-recorded.

DVD: Hi Locon, I hope you haven’t forgotten about me. I’m your good friend DVD sending in this special video just for you because I know you’re a very caring person… in America.

DVD laughs as he continues.

DVD: Locon, I’m standing here in a very familiar place for you.

The shot opens wide showing the name of the building which reads: Las Vegas General Hospital.

DVD: For those asking right now, this is not where El Locon gets attended on a weekly basis that’s another hospital. A cheaper hospital. This is the famous hospital that El Locon visits on a weekly basis to check on his good friend Angel The Malignant. Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

DVD enters the building as he goes straight to the front desk. The attendant talks to him.

Attendant: How may I help you?

DVD: I’m here to visit my good friend Angel in what room is he staying?

Attendant: Last name?

DVD: I don’t know his last name but many people in the wrestling business call him Angel The Malignant.

Attendant: The wrestler that was put on a comma.

DVD: That’s the one, mam.

Attendant: He’s in room 234.

DVD: Thanks, you have been very helpful.

DVD smiles as he gets on the elevator apparently looking for room 234. The shot ends and starts again in Angel The Malignant’s hospital room.

DVD: Locon, sorry for the waiting but now we’re here. Let’s see Angel, shall we?

DVD walks to the hospital bed and sits on the chair next to the bed as we see Angel The Malignant on the bed resting in his comma.

DVD: That was a truly nasty shot Asesino gave your buddy there. But Locon, not all the members of Xtreme Fusion have problems with you and Angel. As you can see, I care for your friend and I came here to give Angel a special gift right from the heart and to try to make ammends with you. We have wrestled all over the world for many years I think is about time we unite so Locon, I’m offering you a spot in Xtreme Fusion because together no one will stop us.

DVD gives a thumbs up to the camera:

DVD: But now it’s time to leave but before I do I need to give Angel his gift.

DVD opens a bag he had with him and takes out a custom made Xtreme Fusion bodybag.

DVD: Here’s a bodybag just for you from your friends here in Xtreme Fusion and Locon I’ll see you at Showdown.

DVD leaves the bodybag next to Angel on his bed as the paid video from DVD ends.

Conquering Dreams (Pt. 2)

Backstage once again and once more we find ourselves in the presence of the dark-suited Company representative. Still lost in the complex maze of backstage service corridors he lifts his left coat-lapel to his mouth and speaks.

Representative: “It’s Shaw. I’ve lost him.”

He listens intently.

Shaw: “About twenty minutes now. Are we sure he’s still in the building? No one’s seen him at an sVo event in weeks and now we’re in France – are we even sure he’s here?”

Shaw visibly winces away from his earpiece in a futile move – obviously on the bad end of a roasting from whoever is on the other end of the line.

Shaw: “Sorry, sir. Yes sir, I understand – of course Miyamoto is here and it’s of the upmost importance that I find him for you.”

Something in the distance seems to catch Mr. Shaw’s attention, he speaks quietly into his lapel.

Shaw: “I think I saw something up ahead, I’m going to check it out. I’ll be in touch, sir.”

With that he moves very quickly but silently in the direction of whatever he just saw.

Ethan Rider vs. The Crippler

Last Resort plays as Canadian Crippler comes out completely focused on the ring. He enters the ring and awaits the bell.

The lights dim out quickly and suddenly, and the cacophany of chatter from the audience falls to silence. The opening bars of ‘Forsaken’ by Skillet hits out over the PA System and a single jet of Golden pyro erupts from the stage, the light from it illuminating a lone, solitary, dark figure.

Ethan Rider is dressed in a long trench coat and his usual ring trunks, black with a tint of metallic silver. ‘Rider’ is written in gold lettering on the cuffs of the coat and the right leg of the trunks.

Ethan gives a small smirk and straightens up, the lights slightly returning so he is visible.

He walks to the ring, only slightly acknowledging the audience with the occasional nod. When he reaches the ringside area, he stands still, staring at the ring as two officials come forward and carefully remove the coat, producing a series of wolf-whistles from the females as he exposes his well defined, ‘Sexy’ abdomen and pectoral.

He bounces on the spot a bit, warming up for the match, before sliding into the ring, just after a single flash of golden pyro shoots just millimetres over his shoulder. Bouncing off the ropes and raising two fingers up in front of him, giving another small smirk as the lights return.

The bell rings for this match to get underway, and Crippler and Rider move towards each other before meeting in the middle of the ring with a tie up. Rider ties to force Crippler backwards, but Crippler twists Rider’s arm back behind his back into a wrist lock, before tightening the hold on Rider. Rider tries to fight back with some back elbows to get Crippler to release the hold, but Crippler ducks under the arm of Rider and takes him down to the mat with a snap suplex. Rider begins to get back to his feet, but Crippler lays into him with some stiff kicks, before grabbing Rider by the back of the head and slamming him face first into the turnbuckle.

Rider staggers backwards from the corner of the ring, and Crippler takes him down with a stiff German suplex. Rider staggers back up to his feet from the stiff move, and Crippler lays into him with some stiff forearm smashes to the back of Rider’s neck! Crippler whips Rider into the ropes, but as he bounces back Rider hits Crippler with a flying forearm smash! Crippler staggers up to his feet not knowing what hit him, as Rider nails him with some stiff chops across the chest. The chops echo around the arena, before Rider takes Crippler down to the mat with a jumping calf kick!

The fans cheer for Ethan Rider as he grabs hold of Crippler as he rises to his feet, and shoots him into the ropes. Crippler bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Rider takes him down with a drop toe hold, before running to the ropes himself and bouncing back before baseball sliding into Crippler’s face! Crippler holds his face in pain as he staggers back to his feet, but Ethan Rider takes him down to the mat with a DDT, before making the cover on his opponent.



Crippler gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! Rider nails Crippler with some big punches whilst he is down on the mat, before dragging him back up to his feet. Rider sends Crippler into the corner of the ring, before running at his opponent and looking for a flying splash, only for Crippler to dive out of the way! Ethan Rider hits the corner of the ring hard and staggers backwards holding his chest in pain. Crippler takes advantage by grabbing Ethan Rider by the back of the head and tossing him over the top rope to the outside of the ring!

The fans boo Crippler as he drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope to meet Ethan Rider on the outside of the ring with some stiff kicks. The fans continue to boo Crippler as he pulls Ethan Rider up to his feet before throwing him hard into the security barrier! Ethan Rider looks in pain as Crippler continues to put the boots into Rider on the outside of the ring. Crippler finally pulls Ethan Rider up to his feet, and slams him head first into the ring post before sliding his opponent back into the ring under the bottom rope. Crippler rolls into the ring himself and walks around the ring confidently, soaking up the boos from the fans.

Ethan Rider struggles up to his feet, and Crippler quickly makes his way towards his opponent and nails Rider with a stiff kick to the right leg. Ethan Rider holds his leg in pain as Crippler bounces into the ropes behind him, before nailing Rider with a diving dropkick to his legs to take him down. With Rider down on the mat, Crippler quickly grabs hold of the legs of his opponent and locks in a figure four leg lock! The fans continue to boo Crippler as he tries to make his opponent submit to the pain. Ethan Rider shouts out as he tries desperately to try and free himself from the hold, but he cannot quite reach the ring ropes!

The referee asks Ethan Rider if he would like to tap out, but Rider shakes his head, before using all his last efforts to turn Crippler over! The fans cheer as Ethan Rider rolls onto his front, and reverses the pain onto the legs of Crippler! Now it’s Crippler’s turn to shout out in pain until he is able to free himself from the submission hold. Crippler and Ethan Rider both stagger up to their feet at the same time, and meet in the middle of the ring trading right hands! The fans boo the big punches from each men, until Crippler cuts Rider off with a knee to the midsection. Crippler grabs Rider by the arm and whips him into the ropes, but as Rider bounces back he nails Crippler with a flying forearm to send him down!

The fans cheer the big move from Ethan Rider to turn the momentum of the match, as Crippler staggers back to his feet. Ethan Rider nails him with some big right hands, before taking him down to the mat with a back breaker. With Crippler down on the mat, Ethan Rider bounces into the ropes, before nailing a leg drop onto his opponent! With Crippler down on the mat, Ethan Rider raises his hands in the air, before pulling Crippler to his feet. Crippler swings a big right hand at Ethan Rider, but Rider ducks under the punch before taking Crippler down to the mat with a ‘Darkrise’! The fans cheer the big finishing move from Rider, who makes the cover on his opponent!




This one is all over, and thanks to the impressive finishing move from Ethan Rider, its he who picks the win up over Crippler!

RESULT: Ethan Rider def. Crippler via pinfall


We see El Locon walking with a purpose after seeing DVD’s video on his monitor. El Locon gets to the Xtreme Fusion locker room and pushes it open revealing that the locker room was full of security who quickly grab El Locon and try their hardest to push the big man out as we only see Asesino and Limp look in shock at what is happening.

Locon: Where the hell is DVD?

Asesino: He’s not here, what are you doing here?

El Locon tries to get past the guards but the strength in numbers is too much for El Locon.

Locon: I know he’s here, tell the coward that when I get ahold of him I will tear him apart.

The guards finally take El Locon out of the locker room as the camera focuses back to the locker room area where the closet door opens and DVD is revealed.

DVD: Where did he go? He’s lucky he left because I was going to kick his ass all over France.

The camera goes back to ringside.


The camera goes to the back as we see Rey Rosario warming up for his big match later on tonight. We see Limp walking toward him as Rey stops and gets on a fighting stance.

Limp: Rey, no need to fight now. That’s later on tonight. What I want? What I truly want is to beat you?

Rey: I have already defeated you twice is time for me to move on to bigger and better things.

Limp: That’s the point here. I want to be Las Vegas Champion and to earn my title shot I know I have to beat you. As hard as it is for me to admit you were a great champion and a victory over you will secure me that opportunity.

Rey: I’m not interested. Shouldn’t you be worry about the match later on tonight? The chance to be Tag Team Champions or at least be worried about what El Locon will do to your friend DVD after what we all saw on that video earlier tonight? You have a lot to worry about.

Limp: We had the belts that means we know how to get them so that one is in the bag but I want to further my career here as a singles wrestler as well so I’ll tell you this give me a 2 out of 3 falls match next week on Showdown. That’s all I want.

Rey: I’ll tell you what if management agrees with it then it’s on but for now I just want you to leave me alone before I make this match start now.

Limp: Sure thing, I’ll see you later.

Limp walks out as Rey Rosario continues to work out.

A Public Service Announcement For The Company

Once again, in between matches, the lights go down and the tron flickers to life. Again we’re shown a mockery of The Oval Office and “The Coolness” Pat Fullam sitting behind the desk, dressed to compete. In a mock serious tone he says.

“Greetings kids, kiddies, and everyone in between! Tonight I bring you an update in my war against The Company.

Last week, Matt Anderson vowed that he had taken me out. Last week he had Roscoe Shame try to take me out in a no holds barred match! Last week Shame couldn’t get the job done by himself, which coincidentally I heard was the same reason his ex-girlfriend left him, so he needed his ‘partner’ Weapon X to come down and help him out. I certainly hope that ‘Not So Beautiful’ Bobby Dean doesn’t get too jealous! No worries, I’m sure NSBBD was much too busy polishing title belts he doesn’t deserve. I digress though.

Last week, The Company once again failed to take me out of the equation. Last week Matt Anderson and his merry band of puppets failed to keep me down! Last week The Coolness took a licking and kept right on ticking!”

The crowd pops as Pat continues.

“However, I’ve come to the realization that however awesome, cool, and giant I am, I can’t win this war by myself. Week in and week out thus far I’ve come out on the attack, and have been over powered by the numbers game. Me. Overpowered. Who would have thought? So I have found someone that not only has agreed to being my backup THIS week, but for the DURATION of my war, my mission, to take The Company out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you, your TRUE World Champion, NIGHT!”

The crowd pops as Night appears on screen, a smile on his face as he stands next to where Fullam is sitting. The two stare intently at the screen as it fades to black. The crowd is torn. Night is awesome but Fullam? He’s just a giant on a hurting spree. Can the combination of Fullam and Night though take down The Company? We’ll see later tonight as Fullam and Night take on two members of The Company, Beautiful Shame, as well as Rey Rosario and El Locon, and DVD & Limp!

James Von Drake vs. Colt Cooper

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva hits the sound system and there are boos all around for Colt Cooper as his entrance video hits the sVo-Tron. After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of sVo who don’t like him.

The referee calls for the bell and both men begin circling the ring. After a few moments of sizing each other up, Von Drake and Cooper lock up in the center of the ring, with Von Drake backing Cooper into the corner. The referee immediately steps in and calls for a clean break. Von Drake obliges and takes a step back, but tries to get the best of Cooper in the situation and lunges forward with a hard right hand. Cooper ducks under the punch, and Von Drake ends up with his back to the turnbuckle. Cooper just grins and wags his finger in the air, which infuriates Von Drake. JVD comes charging out of the corner, but Cooper ducks under a clothesline attempt, and counters with a falling neckbreaker.

As soon as both men hit the mat, Cooper floats over and lays into Von Drake with a few mounted punches. Then in a show of quickness and agility, Cooper hops to his feet, bounces off the nearest set of ropes, and drops a big elbow down across Von Drake’s chest. Without a second thought, Cooper quickly hooks the far leg and makes a pin attempt.



It’s not enough as Von Drake kicks out easily. Cooper gets to his feet, dragging Von Drake up along with him. Colt lands a few shots to the body before delivering a perfect standing dropkick which puts Von Drake on his back. Cooper takes a moment to stare out into the crowd, which the fans eat up. He then heads to the corner and scales the turnbuckles. However, he may have taken too long to get from the dropkick to the corner, as Von Drake springs to his feet and slaps Colt’s feet out from under him. Cooper drops to a seated position on the top turnbuckle, leaving him wide open for a series of knife-edge chops. Von Drake then climbs to the send rope and proceeds to lift Colt into the air and drop him back to the canvas with a superplex.

Von Drake is slow to rise to his feet, as the suplex took a lot out of him as well. Cooper tries to get to his feet, but is slowed down considerably by the pain in his back. Von Drake takes advantage and stomps away at Colt’s back, driving him back down to the mat. Colt tries once again to fight through the pain to get to his feet, but Von Drake unleashes another barrage of stomps to the back. He doesn’t let up, and the crowd lets him have it with loud boos. The referee is finally forced to step in and tries to pull Von Drake away from Cooper, but Von Drake just continues to punish Colt’s back. Eventually, the referee has no choice but to disqualify Von Drake for ignoring his instructions, but before he can call for the bell, Von Drake ends his assault and throws his hands up in the air.

Acknowledging that Von Drake obeyed his orders, the referee allows the match to continue, which it does with Von Drake going back on the attack. With the distraction provided by the referee, Cooper was able to get to his hands and knees, but with Von Drake’s attention back on him, he is flipped over onto his back by a stiff kick to the side of the head. Colt groans as he was just sent for a loop, and Von Drake pulls him to his feet. Cooper is barely able to stand, which is fine by Von Drake, who slams Colt back to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Colt bounces hard off the mat, and Von Drake makes a cover.




The crowd gasps as the three count comes down, but Colt kicks out at the last possible second. Von Drake roars in frustration, but quickly regains his composure. He pulls Colt to his feet, and smacks him hard across the cheek. Colt staggers around a bit, and walks right into a straight punch to the jaw. The punch stops Cooper dead in his tracks, as he sways back and forth a couple of times and then does a face plant into the canvas. Von Drake smiles as he shakes stiffness out of his hand, and then slowly pulls Cooper to his feet. With glazed over eyes, Colt stares straight ahead at Von Drake who smirks, boots him in the midsection, and then sets him up for a powerbomb.

The crowd gets behind Colt, begging him to fight back. However, Von Drake hoists Cooper up onto his shoulders and starts to run across the ring. Suddenly, as if snapping back to reality, Cooper pushes off of Von Drake’s shoulders, landing behind him. Von Drake keeps running, and hits the turnbuckles chest-first. Colt spins around and drops to the mat, rolling Von Drake up with a school boy as he staggers back out of the corner.



Von Drake kicks out after the two count, much to the fans’ chagrin. Both men rise to their feet at the same time, but as Colt looks to make his comeback, Von Drake gets a boot into his midsection. Right away, Von Drake takes a step back and lunges forward with a superkick, but Colt sidesteps it, and counters with a backbreaker. Both men stay down for a few moments, but Colt surprises everyone as he kips up to his feet. The crowd pops, but Colt staggers on his feet, feeling the effects of the punishment he’s withstood thus far. He momentary lapse in balance gives Von Drake enough time to stumble to his feet. Colt finally shakes out the cobwebs and takes off for the ropes. He bounces off, and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Von Drake. Cooper keeps running and bounces off the ropes again. This time, Von Drake goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Colt counters with a spinning head-scissors takedown.

Von Drake ends up strung up on the bottom rope, and Colt hops back to his feet. He gives a shout out to the fans, and then runs at Von Drake, and drops his leg across the back of his head. Colt slides through the ropes and ends up on the apron while Von Drake is slingshot back to the center of the ring. Colt looks side-to-side, bounces off the ropes and hits the Colt of Conduct. The crowd goes wild as he makes the cover.




RESULT: Colt Cooper def. JVD via pinfall

The motions continue

The cameras cut to the back where Grimnir is standing in the hallway near a room. The camera can only pick up Grimnir as the crew doesn’t want to do anything to startle him. Though there is no sound being picked up by the mics, the visual of Griminir frantically motioning with his hands in various poses and shapes makes it clear that he is adamant about something. Before the camera crew can get any closer, Grimnir turns on his heel and storms away from the room in a huff. The camera crew waits a few moments before going to where Grimnir stood to see if they could catch anyone remaining but the scene only reveals a closed door that seems to have been locked ever since the show started.

The Hangout Spot

It’s a cool dark night outside. The occasional cloud rolls by, blocking the moon from view and casting ominous shadows across the rooftop of The Goodfellas Arena/Casino. A door creaks open as Matt Anderson comes out of the door. He jumps slightly as the door creaks shut behind him.

“Weapon X? Where are you? You said you HAD to see me urgently! What’s going on?”


Matt Anderson falls forward as a huge shadow appears behind him holding his Disciple of Cool, none other than “The Coolness” Pat Fullam! He flips the bat over in his hand and smiles as Matt Anderson tries to crawl away. Pat flips the bat again in his hands, tossing it up, catching it and…


The bat makes a muffled crack as it connects to the back of Matt Anderson’s legs. Yeah, this guy won’t be walking for a bit. Setting the bat up against the nearest vent, Pat grabs Anderson by the leg and drags him over to the edge of the roof. Matt does his very best to claw his way out of the giant’s grasp but to no avail. He tosses lose stone at the giant that has little effect. Pat looks over the edge and whistles.

“Quite the view tonight Anderson!”

With one huge movement and one that looks like it takes little effort, Pat lifts Anderson up by the leg. Change, money, keys, wallet, they all fall out of Anderson’s pockets like the nerdy kid being bullied for his lunch money. Pat swings Anderson out and over the edge!

“Isn’t it quite the view Anderson? I suggest you answer. I wouldn’t want to mistake you for a brick wall and get bored. I might just ‘drop’ what I’m doing and go find something else to amuse me.”

Pat pretends to yawn as Anderson quickly starts to squirm, realizes it’s a bad idea, and starts to weep a little.


“Yes what Anderson?”

“Yes, it’s a good view.”

“Yes, it’s a good view what Anderson?”

“Yes, it’s a good view sir?”

Pat nods as he’s obviously enjoying this. Anderson’s voice is weak with helplessness.

“Wh…Wha…What do you want sir?”

Pat laughs as he responds.

“Wh…Wha…What do I want Anderson? I want to make sure that you get the message that no matter what you and your goons decide to TRY and do to me, I’m not backing down until I rid sVo of you. I gave you an out. I tried to tell you that I wanted nothing to do with your petty takeover. You forced my hand and now look where it’s gotten you! Do you feel stupid yet Anderson?”

Matt Anderson nods and Pat continues to hold him over the edge of the building, Anderson’s face quickly becoming red as the blood flows to the top of his skull. Pat continues, scratching his chin with his other hand.

“What do I want? What do I want Anderson? How about we start off with a rematch at Battle of Britain or whatever the hell you’re calling the next pay-per-view?”

Anderson nods.

“F…F…Fine. Pat Fullam versus Roscoe Shame!”

Pat shakes his head.

“No Anderson. I want Weapon X. I want to make sure that he suffers. I want to make sure that he learns the very same lesson that I’m teaching you now, only in a much more violent matter. I want a rematch with Weapon X at the next PPV. Moreso, I want your Company puppets banned from ringside for the whole match. Will you do this for me Anderson?”

Anderson nods his head, too scared to speak at this point.

“Anderson, pay close attention to this next part. If you screw me out of this rematch, I’ll come hunt you down like a lion hunts its prey. I’ll make sure you suffer the way I plan on making Weapon X suffer. You and I will have an unsanctioned match of our own. And Anderson, no matter what puppets you toss at me, I’ll make sure that YOU get punished. Do we have an understanding?”

Again Anderson nods. Satisfied Pat says.


The giant tosses Anderson back onto the roof. Matt rolls and tries to pick himself up as Pat picks up his bat and strolls over to Anderson. Pat sizes up Matt and says.

“One more thing. Good night Mr. Anderson.”

With that Fullam takes a massive swing with the bat and connects with Anderson’s head!

Pat starts to whistle a nameless tune as he twirls the bat around in his hand and exits out of the door to the arena below, leaving Matt Anderson bruised and unconscious on the rooftop of the Goodfellas Arena/Casino.

On the Enemy’s Ground

Backstage, we find ourselves staring at a black sVo backdrop in front of which stands sVo reporter Tamara Boyd who is accompanied by Night and his manager/mentor, Akira Kimura. Master Kimura is dressed in a sharp light-grey suit while Night, as usual is in his full wrestling gear with the sVo World Title slung over his shoulder.

Tamara: “I’m here with sVo World Champion Night who tonight is faced with somewhat of a reversed situation as he finds himself a challenger in a title match. That match of course is tonight’s HUGE main event in which defending sVo Tag-Team Champions Beautiful Shame will defend against former champions Xtreme Fusion, the duo of El Locon and Rey Rosario as well as Night and his partner, ‘The Coolness’ Pat Fullam. Night – how are you feeling as you prepare for this match?”

Night: “I’m feeling good, Tamara. I’ve been having a good run these past few weeks and seem to have worked off that bad spell I was going through. Fullam has been on a roll and I know exactly what he’s capable of through his brief history with Elijah. A lot of people backstage have been asking me if this match is almost something of a relief for me as for once I’m a challenger rather than a defending champion but I put as much pressure on myself to perform in each and every match, I know Pat is the same way and I think we’re definitely going into this as a threat.”

Kimura: “The pairing of Night and Pat Fullam is a natural and ideal match. Pat’s size and destructive power will blend beautifully with Akumu’s speed and agility. It’s a classic tag-team pairing with two of the sVo’s most dominant competitors… I’m predicting that the next time you see this man he will be boasting a second sVo championship belt.”

Tamara: “Confident words, Mr. Kimura. Do you feel that pursuing the sVo Tag-Team Championship will distract from Night’s preparation for his upcoming title defense against Beautiful Shame’s Roscoe Shame?

Master Kimura laughs heartily.

Kimura: “Hardly. This is absolutely perfect. A chance for Akumu to show Shame and his gold-hungry little friend exactly what the sVo World Champion is made of. The ideal chance for Night to get into their heads – in the lead-up to the match.”

Tamara: “Psychological warfare?”

Kimura: “Not exactly – but in a way, yes. More showing of strength – Akumu is in the prime of his career, he is a champion and a world-class competitor.”

Tamara: “With all due respect, Master Kimura, and not taking anything away from Night, but both Roscoe Shame and BBD are also champions in the prime of their careers… not to mention Xtreme Fusion who I’ve already mentioned are former sVo Tag-Team Champions and the impressive pairing of El Locon and former Las Vegas Champion Rey Rosario. You seem quite confident that Night and Fullam will dominate despite the strong field?”

She smiles awkwardly and stares at Kimura, awaiting his reaction. She seems relieved as he chuckles, still smiling broadly.

Kimura: “Of course I am confident in my protégé’s capabilities. I’ve trained hundreds of wrestlers through my decades in the business and this man here…”

He indicates Night.

Kimura: “… is something special. Pat Fullam is a wrecking ball in the ring. I think it’s fair to say that together they are a threat regardless of who is in the field.

Tamara turns to Night, addressing her next question to him.

Tamara: “Do you and The Coolness have a plan going into the match tonight?”

Night is silent for a moment before shooting of a rare but effortless grin.

Night: “Of course… but as far as what that is, I’ll have to leave that until the match.”

Tamara: “Pat Fullam has also been involved in a growing war with The Company since his arrival in the sVo – a faction who brought you back into the sVo for the Resurrection but you have since been involved in an ongoing rivalry with. In past weeks your interaction with The Company has all but ground to a halt – do either of you think that by association with Pat Fullam you’ll just be dragged right back into the heart of it all?”

A grim smile crosses the old man’s face.

Kimura: “Just because things have died down, they are not done with us. For my history with them, for Night still holding the title, our refusal to join them… they are not done with us. Just to name a few of the multitude of reasons we can’t and won’t blame Pat Fullam WHEN The Company turn their eyes back on us. Knowing them, as long as Night has the title they will not take their eyes off us at all anyway.”

The truth is sobering and for a very awkward few seconds, no one says anything – the silence finally broken as Master Kimura clears his throat.

Kimura: “If you’ll excuse us, Tamara.”

Without another word, Night and Master Kimura make their exit and vanish into the surrounding corridors as we cut back to ringside.

Roscoe Shame & Bobby Dean (c) vs. DVD & Limp vs. Night & Pat Fullam vs. El Locon & Rey Rosario

Headstrong by Trapt plays as DVD and Limp come out staring at their surroundings. They then slowly walk to the ring with an intense look on their face.

The fans in the arena begin to cheer as ‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system, and the entrance video of the American wannaba begins to play on the sVo-Tron! After a few seconds Rey Rosario and El Locon, wearing a straight jacket slowly walks down the entrance ramp escorted by a man wearing a white jacket and a net. The fans cheer as El Locon stares down at the ring, before climbing into the ring. The man escorting El Locon begins to take off his straight jacket, as the entrance music begins to fade out. With the straight jacket removed, El Locon stretches out in the corner of the ring and prepares for the match to get under way.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this tag team elimination match is underway with the first two teams! El Locon starts off the match for his team, and he quickly grabs hold of DVD and sends him into the corner of the ring. El Locon follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring which gets some big cheers from the fans, before El Locon sends DVD down to the mat with a scoop slam. El Locon quickly makes a tag out to Rey Rosario, who climbs into the ring and begins to stomp away on DVD.

Rosario pulls DVD and and nails him with a hip toss takedown, before bouncing into the ropes and aiming an elbow drop at DVD. However DVD rolls out of the way of the elbow drop and Rosario hits the mat! Rosario pulls himself up to his feet holding his arm in pain, whilst DVD grabs him and tosses him into the ropes. Rosario bounces back and DVD sends him down to the mat with a arm drag takedown. DVD quickly tags out to Limp, who quickly jumps back into the ring.

Limp pulls Rosario up and nails him with some chops across the chest, before taking him down to the mat with a suplex. With Rosario down on the mat, Limp nails a knee drop on his opponent before taunting El Locon to get into the ring. El Locon tries to climb into the ring, but the referee rushes across to stop him! Behind the referees back, DVD quickly jumps into the ring and pulls Rosario to his feet. DVD and Limp nail Rosario with a big double team suplex, before DVD rolls back out of the ring before the referee can spot him! With Rosario down, Limp goes for the cover on Rosario.




El Locon gets into the ring and manages to break the cover up before it can get to three. Limp doesn’t look happy as he rises up to his feet and makes the tag out to DVD. DVD jumps into the ring and pulls Rosario to his feet. DVD throws Rosario into the ropes and tries to hit him with a back drop, but as Rosario bounces back, he spots the move and counters with a DDT! The fans cheer for the move as Rosario begins to crawl across to his corner of the ring, and manages to tag out to El Locon!

The fans cheer as El Locon climbs into the ring and runs across to the opposite corner of the ring, and knocks Limp off of the ring apron with a big punch! DVD tries to nail El Locon with some punches to the back of the head, but El Locon turns around and knocks his opponent down with a big boot! DVD pulls himself up to his feet, but El Locon quickly grabs hold of him and nails him with a big fallaway slam! With DVD down on the mat, El Locon rises to his feet and taunts to the crowd! El Locon stands waiting for DVD to get to his feet, before running at him and nailing him with an ‘El Loco for Hell’! El Locon makes the cover on his opponent as Rosario rushes across to stop Limp from interfering in the count,




Limp and DVD have been eliminated from the race to the tag team championships by El Locon and Rosario! El Locon and the former Las Vegas Champion toss their opponents out of the ring whilst they await the next team to enter the elimination match….

The arena goes black and the tron flickers on. In icy blue writing the words,

Lo as I walk through the valley of shadow and death
I fear no evil…
For I am the biggest and baddest guy around.

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets starts to play over the sound system. The writing on the tron fades away as blue sparks flare out on the stage. As the sparks die down the one and only “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes out on stage. The tron flickers to life once again with clips of all of the 7’2″ giant’s time in the ring throughout the various federations he’s been in.

He tosses up the metal head salute as he begins to walk down to the ring to the beat of “Rebirth of Slick.” Making it to the ring he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. He swaggers to the center of the ring and tosses his hair back before giving one final metal head salute as the music fades.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

The fans cheer as the intimidating team of Pat Fullam and the sVo Champion Night stare across at Rosario and El Locon! El Locon and Night both get into the ring, and El Locon gets some quick punches in on the World Champion to try and get an early advantage in the match. El Locon backs Night into the corner, but Night is able to duck under the each of El Locon. Night spins El Locon around before nailing him with a kick to the midsection. El Locon doubles over and Night nails him with a ‘Sandman DDT’ to the delight of the crowd! With El Locon down, Night goes for an early cover in order to try and get this one done early.



Rosario is quickly into the ring to make sure that the three count doesn’t go down. Night rises back up to his feet and pulls El Locon up with him, before sending him into the ropes. El Locon bounces back and Night sends him down to the mat with a big side walk slam. The fans cheer the sVo World Champion, as El Locon crawls across and makes the tag out to Rosario. Rey Rosario jumps into the ring, but is grabbed by Night and thrown into the corner of the ring. Night lays into Rosario with some stiff body punches, before climbing up onto the second rope in order to nail an inverted DDT on his opponent! However Rosario is able to counter the move with a front face suplex on Night!

Rosario follows the move up with some big mounted punches to the masked face of Night. Night staggers back to his feet, but Rosario quickly grabs him and sends him to the mat with a German suplex. Night lands painfully on his neck, and Rosario follows up with a leg drop on his opponent. With Night down on the mat, Rosario makes the cover on the World Champion.




Night gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! Rey Rosario pulls Night up to his feet and sends him down to the mat with a hard back breaker, before making the tag out to El Locon. El Locon jumps into the ring and pulls Night into the air with a double handed choke hold. The fans begin to chant Night’s name to get behind the sVo Champion, but El Locon continues the offence by tossing him down to the mat with authority. El Locon puts the boots into Night, before pulling him back to his feet. El Locon hits Night with some knee strikes to the face, before sending him into the ropes. Night bounces back and El Locon nails him with a big boot to the face! El Locon taunts to the fans, before pulling Night to his feet and setting him up for a powerbomb! El Locon pulls Night up to nail him with a powerbomb, but Night counters with a big huricanrana!

The crowd pop for the big move from the World Champion, who begins to crawl across to his corner of the ring! The race is on as to who can make the tag out to their partner first, but both and Night and El Locon manage to tag out to Pat Fullam and Rey Rosario! Rosario and Fullam climb into the ring, and Rosario runs at Fullam and nails him with some big punches to the face, however the punches have no effect on the big man and Fullam takes him down with a big punch to the face! Rosario pulls himself up to his feet, and Fullam nails him with a big chop across the chest. Rosario staggers backwards, and Fullam runs forward and takes him down with a big boot to the face! Rosario pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes, but Fullam slams him down with a massive spinebuster.

Pat Fullam looks dominating in the ring as he stands behind Rosario waiting for him to rise to his feet. Rosario finally manages to rise to his feet, only for Pat Fullam to grabs him around the throat, and nail him with ‘The Crippling Cool’! The fans cheer for the massive move, as Fullam makes the tag out to Night! Night wastes no time in climbing to the top rope, before leaping down and nailing the ‘SSP’ on Rey Rosario! The fans pop for the high flying move from the World Champion, as Night makes the cover on Rosario!




El Locon and Rey Rosario are eliminated despite an impressive performance, and now its down to Night and Pat Fullam against the sVo Tag Team Champions!

El Locon and Rey Rosario exit the ringside area as “You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds, with his three sVo title belts! He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring.

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp, his Tag Team title around his waist. He climbs into the ring and stands alongside BBD staring down Fullam and Night.

With Night in the ring, Shame and BBD both run at the World Champion and lay into him with some big right hands to double team the World Champion! Shame and BBD take down Night with a double team suplex, before Pat Fullam climbs into the ring to stop the beat down! This main event looks to have turned to chaos as Pat Fullam runs through Shame and BBD with a double clothesline! Shame and BBD rise to their feet, and Pat Fullam grabs hold of BBD around the throat! Pat Fullam begins to lift BBD into the air for the Crippling Cool, but before he can Roscoe Shame nails him with a shot to the back of the head with the Tag Team Championship belt! The shot causes Fullam to drop BBD, but doesn’t knock him off his feet! Fullam runs at Roscoe Shame looking for a big boot, but Shame dives out of the way and Fullam takes out the referee!

With Night down, Shame and BBD quickly pounce on Pat Fullam and lay into him with big right hands. The crowd boo loudly as down the entrance ramp runs Weapon X with a steel chair, as Shame and BBD struggle to keep Pat Fullam down! Pat Fullam manages to throw BBD and Shame off of him, only for Weapon X to slide into the ring and slam a steel chair into the back of his head! The chair shot doesn’t knock Pat Fullam down, but as he turns around to see who has hit him, Weapon X nails him with another big chair shot to send him down! The Company continue their beat down of Pat Fullam, as the referee slowly begins to rise to his feet. Weapon X slides back out of the ring and hides the evidence of the steel chair, as Roscoe Shame makes the cover on Pat Fullam!



Pat Fullam kicks out with authority, causing Roscoe Shame to be thrown into the air! The fans pop for Pat Fullam as he begins to get to his feet. Roscoe Shame nails Fullam with some right hands to the face, but Pat Fullam manages to grab Shame by the arm and send him into the ropes. Shame bounces back and is taken down to the mat with a big side walk slam by Fullam! Shame begins to crawl to his corner of the ring to make the tag out to BBD, but BBD doesn’t seem to want to be tagged in with Fullam! The fans boo as Shame looks at BBD with daggers in his eyes, before being grabbed by Fullam and thrown to the mat with a chokeslam!

With Roscoe Shame the number one contender down on the mat, Fullam makes the tag out to Night. The fans cheer as Night jumps into the ring and nails a spinning heel kick on Shame as he tries to get to his feet. With Shame down on the mat, Night nails him with some big stomps, before pulling his opponent up. Night nails a springboard leg lariat onto Roscoe Shame, before making his way to the top rope. Night leaps from the top rope and lands a ‘KIMURA Fistdrop’ onto Roscoe Shame, getting a big pop from the crowd! BBD holds his hand out so that Roscoe Shame can this time tag out. Shame crawls across to make the tag out, but as Night tags back out to Fullam, BBD withdraws his hand! Pat Fullam grabs hold of Roscoe Shame by the foot and pulls him back into the middle of the ring, before pulling him up into the air. Pat Fullam nails Roscoe Shame with ‘the Coolness Factor’ before making the cover!




This one is all over, and we have new sVo Tag Team Champions! BBD jumps down off of the ring apron and makes his way back up the entrance ramp with his Las Vegas and International title belts over each shoulder, leaving Roscoe Shame behind in the ring. With BBD and Shame losing the tag belts after not working well as a team, just how are they going to co-exist as part of the Company together?

The crowd cheer as Pat Fullam and Night are presented with their Tag Team Championship belts, which they raise in the air in victory in the middle of the ring!

RESULT: NEW sVo Tag Team Champions – Pat Fullam & Night via pinfall

Conquering Dreams (Pt. 3)

Backstage and we find Mr. Shaw, still in hot pursuit of the elusive Nightmare. He stalks forward swiftly, chasing shadows but from the look on his face, closing in on something quickly. He moves quietly, half running, half creeping forward. He gains speed as he approaches a corner and bursts around, finding himself facing another long corridor lined with identical doors.

Frustration showing on his faces, he moves faster in something closer to a run as he darts down the new corridor. As he approaches an adjoining corridor he merely slows to inspect it and speeds up as he continues along. He jiggles door-handles as he passes… all locked.

Finally the corridor comes to an end, leading to an inevitable bend to the left. Triumphantly and anxiously Shaw bursts around the corner only to find himself once more facing a long, empty corridor. Having had enough, he yells out – unsure if his message is even heard by it’s intended recipient.


He waits, listening. The silence in the halls is eerily deafening in contrast to his echoing yells just a few seconds ago. He shudders, finally turning back and retracing his steps back out, lifting his lapel as he does.

Shaw: “No luck tonight, sir. I tried to convey your message – hopefully he will be there next week but I can’t confirm. I know, sir, sorry. Yes – he is very elusive…”

He passes down the corridors in his own world, hardly noticing a door now slightly open.

Nightmare: “… only when I don’t want to be found, Mr. Shaw. See you in Wolfsburg…”

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