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sVo Showdown #044

The Industry begin to take control of the sVo.

sVo Showdown
6th June 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #044


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as La Envidia Mata, CSJ, Chris Bond and Isaac White! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘You’ve been Gilmoured!’, ‘Psyko Stevo – The Best Around’ and ‘Kelly Flawless Just Slept With Your Dead Mom’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

Strength in NumbersHigh above the arena at Goodfellas Casino a shadowy figure relaxes on a plush, black Italian sofa. Although only the back of his head is visible over the couch, the cloud of smoke floating above him clearly lets on about the cigar resting in his mouth.

His silence is interrupted by a knock at the door.

Unknown: Come in.

The door opens and two familiar faces to the sVo universe step into the room – The Company’s own Isaac White and Night. The two former adversaries and now allies make their way around the couch.

Unknown: Good to see you boys, have a seat.

The shadowy figure indicates to two chairs matching the couch. Both White and Night sit.

Night: You wanted to see us about something?

The mysterious Company representative takes a long drag of his imported cigar. He exhales, a cloud of smoke exiting his mouth and rising into the air. White watches as it unravels and twists before him.

Unknown: Straight to the point, huh? That’s why we hired you two.

White cuts across sharply.

White: You haven’t hired me, Mr. Suit. Remember, I’m just a contractor.

The Company member laughs before a sudden onset of smoker’s cough. As he clears his throat of pleghm, Night grimaces in disgust.

Unknown: Take it easy, Hater Man. Look, let’s cut to the chase. The Company has been in contact with a couple of guys from the SVO roster. They’re interested in what we’re offering them. We want to know if you two think you can play ball with them?

Night smirks cockily at the suit.

Night: With all I’ve gone against to join your organization, do you really need to ask if I care who I work with?

The smile can be heard in the shadowy figure’s voice.

Unknown: That’s good to know. Mr. White?

White: I don’t care – you give me what I want and I’ll work with whatever you can dig up.

White reaches over and pats Night on the shoulder, laughing as he does.

Unknown: Well it’s good to know both of you are on side.

Night: You still didn’t tell us exactly WHO we’d be working with.

Unknown: You’re right, I didn’t… well tonight you’ll be joined by…

And with that we cut back to ringside.

Los Locos vs. The Corporation

Los Locos and The Corporation represented by Canadian Crippler and Julianna Torres are all in the ring awaiting the bell. CC and El Locon will start off the match.

Crippelr and Locon tie up in the center of the ring. Locon with a quick arm lock. Crippler tries to reverse it but Locon puts quick end to that with a sharp elbow to the arm. Crippler does a forward roll and pops back to his feet having reversed the pressure. Locon is now the one in pain. El Locon drags himself towards the ropes as Crippler is torquing the arm even more. El Locon jumps up onto the second rope then up and over Crippler turning the move into an arm drag taking Crippler down. El Locon rolls over to the corner and tags in Angel.

Angel comes in looking to get the advantage firmly in the side of Los Locos. Angel ties up with the rising Canadian Crippler. CC goes for a go behind and locks in a waist lock. CC fires off a german suplex that nearly folds up Angel. Canadian Crippler with the bridge.



El Locon comes in with the save. Juliana Torres doesn’t like this at all and charges in as well. JT nails Locon with a drop kick that sends him out of the ring. She follows after him as the two start to fight outside of the ring. Meanwhile inside Canadian Crippler has Angel backed up in a corner and laying into him with some knife edge chops. Angel quickly grabs Crippler and spins him around putting him in the corner now. Now it’s Angel who’s chopping away at Canadian Crippler. Angel quickly drops his shoulder and starts ramming it into the ribcage of Canadian.

Meanwhile outside El Locon has irish whipped Juliana Torres into the railing and is stomping away at her. Torres manages to get a kick in and hits El Locon in the knee buckling it. Torres gets up and quickly out of no where hits El Locon with the JKO. Torres starts making her way back around the ring to her corner, climbing back onto the arpon and cheering on Canadian Crippler who is back on the ground with Angel digging his knee into his back with a chin lock. Angel lifts Canadian Crippler back to his feet and sends him off the ropes. Angel with a powerslam and a pin




No this time it’s Juliana with the save as she breaks up the pin. Angel gets to his feet and grabs the woman by the throat. Angel throws her arm up over his shoulder and hits her with a modified variation of a choke slam. He tossed her up in the air but more slamed her down like a spinebuster than a chokeslam. Angle proceeds to kick her out of the ring as he turns his attention back to Canadian Crippler.

Meanwhile outside of the ring El Locon has made it back to his corner. Angel lifts Canadian Crippler up onto his shoulders and backs up towards the ropes. El Locon tags himself in as Angel walks out. El Locon charges in and hits Canadian Crippler with a swinging neckbreaker while Angel hits him with a somoan drop. Angel rolls out of the ring as Locon goes for the cover.




No kick out by Canadian Crippler at the last second. El Locon lifts Canadian back to his feet but as soon as he does Canadian fires off a few right hands. Crippler then takes Locon down with a short clothesline. Crippler turns to his corner where Juliana has gotten back up and quickly makes the tag.

Juliana comes into the ring and quickly starts firing off shots to El Locon back him up into the corner. Julian with a few more shots lifts him up onto the top rope. El Locon looks to be in some trouble. He’s perched on the top rope as Juliana is now on the middle rope. El Locon with a suprise left hand and then a knee to the face of Juliana. El Locon jumps up and takes Juliana down with a sunset powerbomb! Locon immediately goes for the pin. Canadian crippler comes in to break up the pin immediately but Angel cuts him off with a spear!




Los Locos with the win.

RESULT: Los Locos def. The Corporation via pinfall


The scene fades to the backstage area where we see DJ making his entrance to the arena. SVO reporter Katie Smith quickly catches with DJ getting in his way.

Katie: Mr. DJ, Mr. DJ, can I get a word with you?

DJ: What do you want, woman?

Katie: Tonight you and Chris Wrestling have a very important tag team match against Christopher St. James and Tobias Devereux any comments on tonight’s match?

DJ: Yes, I have something to say. I hope everyone is tuning in because I have a lot to say. First of all, St. James and Tobias tonight you have the unenvious task of facing the greatest SVO Tag Team Champions of all time, Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling and myself. You two have left your mark here in SVO individually but as a collective unit you don’t stand a chance against us.

DJ smirks.

DJ: And Tobias I have not forgotten you. You’re the reason I’m not the SVO World Heavyweight Champion right now. You beat me in the semi finals of the championship tournament but tonight it’s payback time because DJ is here to make an impact.

Katie: I guess after tonight you and Chris will be looking forward to a rematch for the Tag Team Championships?

DJ: Not really. Chris and myself have done it all in tag team wrestling. We’re both tired of getting held back from our true goal.

Katie: What goal?

DJ: The Sanctioned Violence Organization’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Katie: So, you want to challenge Night for the championship?

DJ: Not exactly. What I want to do is take out every top contender for the championship so SVO has no choice but to give me my title shot and tonight I have the chance of taking out two of them.

DJ looks straight into the camera.

DJ: And next week, Chris Bond if you have the guts I want you in that ring at Showdown. I want to make an example out of you because if somehow you win the title at the next PPV I will be the next in line when I beat you.

Katie: That has been DJ now let’s get back to ringside.

Think About It

Cut backstage, where Nathan Paradine is shown wearing his ring gear and a black Anti-Industry t-shirt and standing next to Candi Cross. Cross beams at the camera and glances at Paradine, speaking into a microphone.

“So Nathan, tonight you’re taking on The Corporation’s Raven. This is the third time the two of you have clashed inside an sVo ring, and the record between the two of you currently stands at one-one. Do you think you’ll be able to pull off the victory tonight?” she asks, peering up at the Australian Submission Machine. Nathan appears to think over the question for a moment before replying.

“Well Candi, that’s an interesting question. My first match back here in the sVo, Raven managed to overcome me to advance in the Alex Ross Tournament finals. Then, just two weeks ago, I beat Raven in the lead up to Retribution. Now once again we’ve been thrown back in the ring, and I’d be surprised if he hadn’t picked up an idea of my pacing, basic moves and maybe even in-ring routines by now. I suspect it’ll be an interesting bout for all the fans at home, and it might even teach me a thing or two if I have to try and pull a few new strategies out of the box to overcome him.”

Candi nods and raises the mic back to her face to speak.

“You’ve certainly been very busy lately, at least when it comes to The Corporation. Last week you fought Juliana Torres, this week Raven. What about next week? Will you be fighting La Envidia Mata? Chris Wrestling, maybe?”

“Well, I hadn’t noticed the trend developing, but…” Nathan trails off and chuckles. “I guess it could be a good thing to hold a decisive victory over each member of The Corporation. I’ll have to fight Torres again of course, all in due time.”

“Well, good luck-” Candi begins, however she looks past Nathan. Nathan’s smile slowly folds and he turns to glance in the same direction as Candi, a scowl quickly forming on his face as he finds himself face to face with Chris Bond. Bond, with a wide grin, suddenly breaks out into applause and claps Nathan on the shoulder.

“Hey there, buddy!” he cries. “I just came back here to wish you good luck in your match this week.”

Bond holds out his hand for Paradine to shake, however Nathan simply stares a hole into Bond, a vein pulsing in his temple. Bond lowers his arm and shrugs.

“Listen here, Paradine. I know we’ve had our differences over the last few months. You’ve even tried to start up your own little posse to try and challenge my Industry. But at the end of the day brother, I’m the number one contender for the sVo World Championship, and you’re curtain-jerking against no-hopers like Raven.” Bond lowers his voice and places a hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “You know, I’ve always thought you were a hell of a competitor. But the way I see things, you’re a member of the old sVo and time and time again, you’ve been overlooked when it comes to title matches. Have you ever even had a title match here in the sVo?”

Nathan slowly shakes his head, and Bond nods.

“That’s what I thought. In Hostility, you had the drive! You were the World Heavyweight Champion! But here… you’re just another wrestler. Think about this, Nathan. You’re fighting for the same people who have been holding you back. Is it really worth it?”

Bond shrugs again and walks away, leaving Paradine with a thoughtful expression on his face as the scene comes to an end.

Greg Venom vs. William Vorheez vs. Asesino

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Asesino delivers a diving spear to Venom. Venom rolls out of the ring. Asesino steps back and receives a sleeper drop from Vorheez. Vorheez bounces off the ropes and connects with a leg drop on Asesino. Vorheez bounces off the ropes and delivers a suicide dive to Venom who was out of the ring. Vorheez enters the ring but Asesino grabs him and delivers a vertebreaker to Vorheez. Asesino pins Vorheez.




Asesino gets up but receives a kick to the midsection from Venom followed up by a released powerbomb to Asesino. Venom picks up Asesino and delivers a musclebuster to Asesino. Venom picks Asesino and delivers a bisontennial to Asesino. Venom picks up Asesino and places him on the top rope. Venom climbs up with him and delivers super belly to back suplex to Asesino. Venom pins Asesino.




Vorheez rolls to the outside and Venom goes to the apron and delivers a flying ddt from the apron to the outside to Vorheez. Venom gets back to the ring but receives a judo front slam from Asesino. Asesino picks up Venom and delivers a C-4 to Venom. Asesino picks up Venom again and delivers a snap tiger bomb to Venom. Asesino pins Venom.




Venom gets up in a corner and receives a diving thump from Asesino. Venom staggers forward right into a spinebuster from Asesino. Asesino pins Venom.



Interrupted by William Vorheez

Vorheez picks up Asesino and places him on the top rope. Vorheez climbs up with him and delivers a super belly to belly suplex to Asesino. Vorheez goes to the apron as Asesino gets up and delivers a springboard ddt to Asesino. Vorheez picks up Asesino and throws him against the ropes and delivers a frankensteiner to Asesino. Vorheez pins Asesino.




Vorheez picks up Asesino and delivers a diamond dust to Asesino. Vorheez picks up Asesino and delivers a super atomic drop to Asesino that makes fly over the top rope to the outside. Asesino gets up and receives a spear through the crowd barriers by Venom. Venom climbs the ropes but Vorheez stops him and climbs up with him. Vorheez now delivers a super back suplex to Venom. Vorheez pins Venom.




Vorheez bounces off the ropes and connects with a big splash pin on Venom.




Venom tries to roll out of the ring but receives a leg drop from the apron from Asesino. Asesino enters the ring but receives an alley woop from Vorheez. Vorheez pins Asesino.



Interrupted by Venom

Asesino rolls out of the ring but Venom goes after him and delivers a knee drop into the step ladder. Venom enters the ring and receives a dragon whip from Vorheez. Vorheez climbs the ropes and delivers a split legged moonsault to Venom. Vorheez picks up Venom and delivers an enziguri to Venom. Vorheez pins Venom.




Vorheez picks up Venom and delivers a tilt a whirl piledriver on Venom. Vorheez pins Venom.



Interrupted by Asesino

Asesino grabs Vorheez and delivers a fisherman suplex to Vorheez. Asesino picks up Vorheez and delivers a derailer to Vorheez. Asesino climbs the ropes as Vorheez gets up and delivers a flying body press to Vorheez. Asesino bounces off the ropes and connects with a splash on Vorheez. Asesino pins Vorheez.




Vorheez gets up in a corner and Asesino grabs him and delivers a shoulder thrust to Vorheez. Asesino steps back and receives a kneeling back breaker from Venom. Venom picks up Asesino and delivers a falling powerslam on Asesino. Venom picks up Asesino again and delivers a sky high to Asesino. Venom pins Asesino.




Venom picks up Asesino one more time and delivers a back side slam to Asesino. Asesino tries to get up but receives a shining wizard from Venom. Venom pins Asesino.




This one is all over, and its Greg Venom who picks up a very impressive victory on his debut!

RESULT: Greg Venom def. Vorheez & Asesino via pinfall

I Want Some Too

The scene fades behind the curtains where we see Raven waiting his signal to come out when he’s suddenly stopped by Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling.

Wrestling: Raven, The Corporation is counting on you to beat Nathan Paradine. What happened weeks ago must not happen again tonight, understood?

Raven: Let me tell you something, Chris. I don’t answer to you or anyone else. Tonight I will beat Nathan Paradine because I’m better than him not because I owe any of you a reason to do so.

Wrestling: That’s the Raven I wanted to hear. I want pumped like that because when you’re in your game you’re unstoppable. But Raven, I want a favor from you.

Raven: What’s that?

Wrestling: Leave a little piece of him for me, I want him next week.

Raven: I can guarantee you anything, I’m a selfish person but if he’s lucky enough to survive you can have the pieces.

Wrestling: Good enough. Good luck, Raven. Make a statement.

The scene fades out as Wrestling embraces Raven before his match.

A Familiar Face

With a four man camera crew positioned backstage just inside the entrance to the arena, sitting back relaxing on break, they are suddenly caught by surprise as the doors open and a familiar face makes his way inside. Dressed in a three-piece suit, designer sunglasses, and his blonde hair slicked back, this familiar face cuts an impressive figure as he stands just inside the Goodfellas Arena. With a sudden movie like flourish the familiar face whips off his sunglasses and looks towards the camera crew, flashing that familiar smile before walking off.

The camera crew suddenly bursts into action, lifting up the cameras and setting the boom mics but by the time they are set to film the figure disappears around the corner.

Camera Man – Did you see who that was!

Boom Mic Operator – No way! It couldn’t be!

Camera Man – “Beautiful” Bobby Dean… Is back?

Nathan Paradine vs. Raven

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Raven quickly headbutts Paradine. Raven follows it up with a toe kick to Paradine. Raven now overhand chops Paradine. Raven now snapmares Paradine to the mat. Raven bounces off the ropes and connects with a leg drop on Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Raven picks up Paradine but Paradine delivers a knee to the midsection of Raven. Paradine follows it up with an elbow to the back of the head of Raven. Paradine now grabs Raven and delivers a snake eyes to Raven. Paradine turns Raven around and delivers a body slam to Raven. Paradine pins Raven placing his feet on the ropes.



The referee sees Paradine’s feet on the ropes and stops the count.

Paradine bounces off the ropes but receives a side slam from Raven. Paradine tries to get up in a corner but receives a stink face from Raven. Raven picks up Paradine and tries to throw him against the ropes but Paradine reverses and Raven takes Paradine down with a shoulder block. Raven now applies a face stretch to Paradine. Paradine starts to get up and steps backward making Raven collide with the turnbuckle. Paradine now delivers a forearm smash to Raven. Paradine now charges at Raven and delivers a monkey toss to Raven. Paradine pins Raven.




Paradine bounces off the ropes and connects with a senton splash on Raven. Paradine picks up Raven and delivers a derailer to Raven. Paradine picks up Raven once again and delivers a back side slam to Raven. Paradine pins Raven.




Paradine climbs the ropes but Raven stops him and climbs up with him. Raven now delivers a super fallaway slam to Paradine. Raven picks up Paradine and delivers a flipping slam to Paradine. Raven picks up Paradine once again and delivers a Russian neck drop to Paradine. Raven picks up Paradine and places him on the top rope with his back to the ring. Raven now grabs Paradine and delivers a super neckbreaker to Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Raven picks up Paradine again and delivers a pump handle drop to Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Raven bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Paradine ducks and delivers a full nelson bomb to Raven. Paradine picks up Raven and delivers an underhook belly to belly suplex on Raven. Paradine picks up Raven once again and delivers a Russian leg sweep to Raven. Paradine picks up Raven again and delivers a full nelson slam to Raven. Paradine pins Raven.




Paradine picks up Raven and delivers an atomic drop to Raven. Paradine bounces off the ropes but receives a kick to the midsection by Raven followed up by a pump handle slam from Raven. Raven picks up Paradine and delivers an underhook backbreaker to Paradine. Raven picks up Paradine again and delivers a double arm ddt to Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Raven now climbs the ropes and starts walking to the center of the rope as Paradine makes it to his feet and connects with a double axe handle to Paradine. Raven picks up Paradine and delivers a pump handle suplex to Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Raven climbs the ropes but Paradine charges and delivers a super belly to belly suplex to Raven. Paradine picks up Raven and locks in a headlock on Raven. Raven pushes Paradine chest first into the turnbuckle. Raven climbs the ropes but Paradine stops him and climbs up with him. Raven forearms Paradine to get the advantage and delivers a super shoulder breaker to Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Both men make it to their feet and Raven delivers an arm dragon screw to Paradine. Raven now picks up Paradine and applies a Canadian backbreaker to Paradine. Paradine slides behind Raven and delivers a falling neckbreaker to Raven. Paradine gets up in a corner and sees Raven get up and delivers a diving spear to Raven. Paradine pins Raven.




Paradine picks up Raven and places him on the top rope. Paradine climbs up with him but Raven pushes him back to the mat. Raven quickly delivers The Raven Time Bomb on Paradine. Raven pins Paradine.




Ding Ding Ding

RESULT: Raven def. Nathan Paradine via pinfall

Welcome Back

The earlier camera crew rushes down the halls and make their way towards the designated private dressing room of the Industry. Peeking inside the crew pick up the returning BBD after he just walked through the door. Bond seated in front of his locker with a cavalier attitude and a cocky smile on his face bursts into laughter, clapping his hands as he looks up and sees BBD standing there with his own arrogant smirk.

Chris Bond – I’ll be! “Beautiful” Bobby Dean! Why didn’t you call and say you were back in town?

As he says this Bond rises to his feet and clasps hands with BBD, clapping him on the back like old friends do. BBD smiles and shrugs his shoulders in response.

BBD – Had some shit to handle, figured it was time to get back. You know what they say, there’s no place like home.

The two share a smile and a laugh just as Talon and Kid f’n Cool walk into the locker room. Both men stop and stare, having been new recruits in the Industry and not around when BBD was active, they look a bit apprehensive about his return. BBD continues to stand there smirking as Bond calls the others over.

Chris Bond – Guys, this is “Beautiful” Bobby Dean, Bobby, you remember Talon…

Talon and BBD shake hands but the look the two share is filled with tension from their past history with one another. Bond apparently none the wise continues the introductions.

Chris Bond – And that there is Kid f’n Cool.

Just as BBD reaches out to shake KfC’s hand when Bond notices the camera crew peeking in. With a scowl of disapproval, Bond stalks over and slams the door in the camera crew’s face.

Christopher St. James & Tobias Devereux vs. DJ & Chris Wrestling

Sinner by Drowning Pool hits over the Pa System as Chris Wrestling and DJ come down to the ring representing the Corporation. The two wait in the ring for their opponents.

The lights dim as a money emblem appears on the tron. Suddenly green pyro explodes around the arena as “FigJam” by Butterfingers comes on the pa system. Dirty Money Inc aka Tobias Devereux and Christopher St. James both come out wearing their individualistic attire. Tobias sporting his trench coat that has DMI logoed on the back of it. The two are wearing the SVO tag team titles they stole from the Industry. The two strut down towards the ring. CSJ climbs the steps as Tobias slides under the bottom rope. CSJ climbs into the ring as Tobias heads up the nearby turnbuckle and tosses his fedora and trench coat down to a stage hand. Tobias jumps off as the two stop in the corner sitting the belts in their corner as they wait for the bell..

The bell rings as Tobias and DJ seem to be starting it off. Tobias and DJ meet in the center of the ring where they tie up. Tobias gets an advantage and starts to back him up into the corner. Tobias goes for the clean break but instead hits DJ with a back elbow. Tobias then nails DJ with a couple of chops before irish whipping him out of the corner and into the far corner. Tobias charges after DJ and looks to be going for the Bayou Bash early. DJ manages to dodge the attack ducking and rolling out of the way at the last second. DJ quickly back to his feet as Tobias turns around. DJ with a quick dropkick to the knee of Tobias.

DJ follows up with a snap kick to the temple of Tobias. DJ wastes no time and leaps up onto the top rope. DJ is going for something high risk but before he can CSJ comes charging down the apron and pushes him off sending him flying down into the railing. Tobias meanwhile gets back to his feet and charges towards Chris Wrestling. Tobias with a running forearm shot taking Wrestling off the apron. Tobias slingshots himself over the top and lands ontop of Chris Wrestling with a plancha. CSJ has returned to his corner as Tobias walks over to DJ and lifts him off the ground and irish whips him into the apron. Tobias charges after him but DJ reverses it with a boot to the face. DJ quickly tosses Tobias back into the ring and hops onto the apron. DJ slings into the ring and hits a rolling leg drop onto Tobias. DJ with a quick pin



Tobias kicks out as DJ lifts him off the ground. DJ hooks Tobias in a headlock and walks over to his corner. DJ reaches over and tag in Chris Wrestling. Chris comes in and kicks Tobias in the ribs as DJ holds him. DJ goes back to the outside as Chris hooks in an arm bar. Tobias tries to escape but Chris has the hold in on tightly. Tobias fires back with a foot stomp making Chris release his hold for a second. Chris Wrestling is stunned for a second and gets leveled with a forearm shot from Tobias. Tobias sends Chris into his own corner and comes charging after him. Tobias with a big splash in the corner. Tobias makes a quick tag to CSJ. Both of them grab Chris Wrestling and then irish whips him off the ropes. Double back elbow followed by Tobias dropping his fist into his face while CSJ drops his knees into the chest.

Tobias rolls out of the ring as CSJ takes over with a rear chin lock. CSJ lifts Wrestling back to his feet and sends him off the ropes. CSJ lifts him up for a soman drop and as he does Tobias comes running in untagged and out of no where nails Wrestling with a Bayou Bash as CSJ falls backwards. Tobias quickly drops out of the ring before the ref can say anything to him. This promps DJ to come back into the ring trying to even the odds. The ref is distracted by this though.

Tobias tosses in a pair of brass nuckles into the ring. CSJ grabs them and lifts Chris Wrestling up to his knees. CSJ with a discuss punch with the brass nuckles takes down Wrestling. CSJ tosses them out of the ring. Meanwhile Tobias has gone around the ring and grabs into the ring grabbing DJ’s foot and dragging him to the outside. The ref looks over to see CSJ covering Chris Wrestling.




Outside of the ring though there is a commotion as DMI have stolen the victory. It’s Chris Bond and Talon! Both men are outside of the ring coming form the crowd. The two grab the belts and head quickly back up the ramp way as Tobias is dispatching DJ outside and CSJ finally seems them running away from the ring.

RESULT: CSJ & Tobias Devereux def. DJ and Chris Wrestling via pinfall

From the Company…. With Love

With the sVo’s war on the Company looking good following the recruitment of Chris Bond and the Industry as well as the return of BBD tonight, Paige All-Star looks in a good mood as she makes her way along the corridor towards her office to watch the rest of tonight’s action in peace. After all, did the Company really think that they could come in and just change the way that the sVo was run just like that?

Paige slowly pulled the door to her office open, but as she did the whole of time seemed to slow down as she was met with a horrifying sight. Her husband Johnny All Star was laid out on the floor, with crimson leaking out from his face all over the white carpet of her office. Standing over the former sVo International Champion was the grinning face of former head of security turned Company man Scott Love.

Paige let out a scream and without thinking began to make her way to the aid of her husband, but with ease Scott Love grabbed hold of her and tossed her like a rag doll onto the sofa by the side. Lurking close to her, Paige could feel the hot breath of Love on the side of her face as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

Scott Love – “You have been making me look stupid over the past few weeks Paige, and now its time for some revenge. Your husband was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, because this was meant for you…..”

Paige slowly opened her eyes to see what was coming as Scott Love straightened up and revealed the brass knuckles on his right hand. She quickly shut her eyes again waiting for the blow to the face, however it never came. At that exact second the lights in the room were switched off from behind. Paige opened her eyes after a few seconds to pitch blackness and a commotion going on in front of her. The fight in the dark went on for a few seconds, before footsteps could be heard walking away from the room, followed by the slam of the door to the office.

With her hand shaking in fear, Paige slowly stands up to her feet, and feels her way over the light switch before flicking it on. As her lights adjust to the light, Paige quickly makes her way over to check on her husbands condition, with the married couple the only two in the room. After such an attack most people would probably be wondering just who had saved them from god knows what….. and Paige probably would have been as well had she not already known the identity of her saviour……

Rey Rosario (c) vs. Anti-Hero

The lights in the Goodfella Casino dim to pitch black, as cell phones and digital cameras light up areas for a short period. The big screen flashes the logo of Anti-Hero across it several times as the intro music for Godsmack’s “Cryin’ Like A Bitch” blast throughout the place.

‘Strut On By Like A King
Tellin’ Everybody They Know Nothing
Long Live What You Thought You Were
Time Ain’t On Your Side Anymore

Anti-Hero steps out from the back in his solid white rob, with hood over his face. The fans of sVo give off a mix reaction to the masked vigilante as he walks directly down the middle towards the ring.

‘And So You Tell Me I Can’t Take My Chances
But I’ve Told You One Too Many Times
And You Were Cryin’ Like A Bitch’

Anti-Hero steps between the middle and top ropes as he walks towards the center of the ring, as a spotlight hits him. He grabs the hood of his robe and pauses… Suddenly it jerks it back, showing the infamous mask that many kids are known to piss their beds thinking about. He pulls the robe off and hands it off to someone at ringside, as he turns his attention towards the entrance ramp, eagerly awaiting his opponent.

The lights in the arena go back to normal, as “Last Resort” by Papa Roach starts to drowning into the casino, as the fans all start to boo.

‘Cut my life into pieces,
This is my last resort.
No breathing,
Don’t give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding’

Rey Rosario walks out from the back with the Las Vegas Championship over his shoulder as the fans attempt to drown out the music with chants of USA USA USA but it has little use as Rey does his damnedest to ignore them.

‘This is my last resort’

Rey slides in underneath the bottom ropes, as he comes face to face with Anti-Hero and he raises the belt high in the air showing him who is champ!

‘Cause I’m losing my sight,
Losing my mind,
Wish somebody would tell me I’m fine.
Losing my sight,
Losing my mind,
Wish somebody would tell me I’m fine’

Rey hands off his newly won Las Vegas Championship to the referee, but not before his has a chance to kiss it on the center plate. He backs up, and tugs on the ropes, attempting to stretch himself a little before the sound of the bell.

The referee folds up the straps on the Las Vegas Championship and puts it high above his head showcasing it to the fans in the Goodfella Casino. He walks towards all four sides of the ring, pausing for a few seconds at each side. He walks to Anti-Hero and shows him the belt for a few seconds, and then does the same to current champion Rey Rosario. The referee takes it towards the camera in the corner, and shows it to the fans at home, before passing it off to the time keeper.

Rey and Anti-Hero walk to the center of the ring, going chest to chest basically, with Anti-Hero towering Rey by almost half a foot. Words are being tossed around.

Anti-Hero: ‘Glad you had a chance for a good-bye kiss, the king takes his crown tonight!’

Rey shakes his head and laughs.

Rey Rosario: ‘I’m gonna send ya back to freakville, ah!’

Anti-Hero laughs, and pie faces Rey Rosario to the canvas, as the referee calls for the bell.


Rey pops back to his feet, as he and Anti-Hero go straight into a collar and elbow tie up. Rey struggles to stand toe to toe with his challenger who is much larger. Anti-Hero finally shoves Rey back onto the canvas and laughs.

The fans in the arena get a good laugh at Rey’s misfortune, but Rey complains to the referee that Anti-Hero pulled his hair.

Rey Rosario: ‘Hey ref! He pulled my hair!

The referee starts to question Anti-Hero as the champion stands back to his feet. With the referee distracting him, and unable to see Rey Rosario, the champion uses the spot to poke a thumb in the eye of the mask man.

Rey laughs as Anti-Hero swings wildly attempting to hit his opponent. Rey keeps his distance, and slams his boot into the stomach of his challenger. As Anti-Hero doubles over, Rey Rosario slams his forearm across the shoulders of Anti-Hero sending him to a knee. Rey measures him up, backs into the ropes and comes forward with a little steam and plants a boot to the side of the face of Anti-Hero. Anti-Hero falls on his back, as the champion quickly goes down and hooks a leg on his challenger.



NO! Anti-Hero manages to kick out as the referee slapped the canvas for the two count with much force, tossing his opponent off him a bit.

The fans in the arena start to clap and cheer on Anti-Hero in a somewhat surprising twist of fate. As the sounds of USA USA USA fill the Goodfella Casino, the champion starts to huff and puff as he gets to his feet. Anti-Hero is pulling himself up, as Rey Rosario helps the rest of the way.

The champion goes to shoot off his challenger, but Anti-Hero puts on the brakes and is not budging. Rey plants a boot into the stomach and gives it a second try. This time, Anti-Hero cannot stop it, but manages to reverse it in mid motion. Rey Rosario hits back first against the ropes and comes back flying with a cross body. Anti-Hero catches him in midair.

The fans all cheer! Anti-Hero lifts him up to his chest, and swings him out to the direction of his legs and goes down, planting Rey Rosario with some sort of swing bulldog. Anti-Hero rolls him over to his back and applies his weight on top of him, as the referee dives over top of them for the count.



THR… NO! Rey manages to roll his shoulder up before the referee can make the three count. Anti-Hero looks at the referee for clarification, but is shown two fingers and the motion of a shoulder coming up.

Anti-Hero slaps the canvas, as he stands to his feet. He walks over to the corner and stomps his foot on the canvas and slaps his right thigh. He waits on Rey Rosario to stand to his feet. Slowly, the champion staggers to his feet. He stumbles around, as Anti-Hero comes charging out the corner with a jumping mafia kick. Rey Rosario rolls under him, grabbing the left leg of Anti-Hero.

Anti-Hero falls face first on the canvas, as Rey Rosario locks up the ankle of his challenger and locks in the Canadian Lock. As soon as the move is set in, and pressure is applied, Anti-Hero comes up off the canvas with his arms in somewhat of a pushup position, trying to ignore the pain.


The referee starts to ask, Anti-Hero if he wants to submit, but all that is heard is muffled moans exiting the vocal cords of the challenger.

Anti-Hero: ‘NO!’

He finally screams out a NO, as the fans in the arena start to chant for him once again.




Rey applies more pressure and force with each chant of USA. Anti-Hero’s face is in the canvas, as his fist close shut tight. He screams loudly, as he lifts his head and chest off the canvas once more, rolls over to his back and pulls his left leg into him, causing the champ to come at him, as Anti-Hero uses his right leg to kick him twice in the face, forcing him to break the hold.

As both men lay on the canvas barely move, you can see that there maybe damage done to the left ankle of the challenger, as he focuses all of his attention on it. Rey slowly starts to stand, as Anti-Hero has to use the ropes to slowly pull himself up to his feet.

Rey Rosario is fully up, as he kicks the ankle of Anti-Hero, backing him up into the corner. Rey Rosario starts to pound forearms into the side of the face of Anti-Hero. Anti-Hero grabs up Rey, and tosses him high in the air, rolling out the way of the turnbuckle himself and running towards the ropes. Rey falls back down, face first on the padded steel, and staggers out, as Anti-Hero comes back and attempts the mafia kicks again to Rey, but he rolls out the way.

Anti-Hero lands bad in the ropes, as he slowly pulls himself off the top rope, and turns around to be greeted with a boot to the stomach. As Anti-Hero doubles down, Rey locks the head and drops him with Rey’s DDT (DDT). The champion rolls his challenger over onto his back and hooks both legs.





As the bell sounds, “Last Resort” by Papa Roach starts to play once again in the Goodfella Casino, as the fans all start to boo. Rey Rosario stands to his feet and is awarded the Las Vegas Championship, as he holds it high in the air.

RESULT: Rey Rosario def. Anti-Hero via pinfall – Still Champion

The 25,311th Variable

That had been a close call and he had nearly not made it. When he had been handed the assignment he had been told that the enemy would be a ruthless one, but even he had underestimated just how ruthless they would be in trying to take out the President he had been sent to protect. She reminded him of someone that he had known long ago, and he couldn’t help but have a host of feelings from somewhere deep down come rushing back every time he looked at her. Never the less he was her protector, and she was a married woman…. not to mention that any such relationship with her would be out of question with his boss.

He was a man that was used to lurking around in the shadows, so he felt comfortable as he made his way the long way around the dark car park to keep out of view of the security cameras that patrolled the area where all of the sVo’s stars flash cars were parked. The body slumped over his shoulder felt heavier with every step, but it was time to send a message to the company, and he was a man that always followed through on his orders.

He quickly ducked out the exit of the parking lot and to the outside of the arena. Spending as little time on the street as possible with a body slumped over his shoulder, he gave a little jog into the nearest alleyway and through the body down onto the floor next to the nearest dumpster. This would be a perfect final place for this person, in his mind anyone who was going to be violent against an innocent woman deserved to end up in the trash can.

He took a few seconds to rest his burning muscles, before hauling up the massive frame of the person he had been carrying, and tossing him into the the trash dumpster. Pulling out a handgun from his belt line, the shady character took his time in attaching the silencer to the weapon, it was almost like a ritual to him. Taking one last glance around, he felt no emotion as he leaned into the dumpster and shot two bullets through the face of his victim, it was something he had done thousands of times before.

With the message sent loud and clear, he tucked the weapon back into his belt line before removing a small piece of chalk from his pocket. He didn’t just have to send a message to the company, he had to send a message to his boss that he had done the job, so he scratched his codename in chalk on the wall opposite the dumpster,


…..before disappearing back into the shadows and leaving the body of Scott Love alone in its final resting place.

Night vs. Roscoe Shame

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of red light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a shaved head can be seen at the top of his mask, the sVo World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist.

Night stands at the top of the entrance ramp, motionless for a moment, smirking at the booing crowd. Smugly he pats the title as he begins his walk to the ring. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. As the champ begins to warm up in the ring the lights return to normal. The fans boo intensely for the turncoat champion who smugly grins out at them, extending his arms outwards arrogantly and jawing off with several fans in the front rows.

Despite the loud booing, a buzz can definitely be felt as the World Champion and International Champion prepare to square off. The referee calls for the bell signaling the start of the match and it takes only a moment for the two men to move forward and lock up in the middle of the ring. The considerably larger Shame gains a quick power advantage and backs Night up into the corner. The referee pulls Shame back, but Roscoe is quick to stagger Night with two big right hands before dragging the masked man towards the centre of the ring and sending him to the mat with a big headbutt. Night bounces back to his feet a little unsteadily but is sent right back to the mat by a huge lunging clothesline courtesy of Roscoe. Night, for his part, manages to bounce back to a seated position, but seems to be trying to shake the cobwebs somewhat. Roscoe doesn’t allow him any time to rest however and stomps heavily on Night, sending him back onto the mat. The World Champion turns and grabs hold of the bottom rope, using it to steady himself. Shame reaches down and pulls the masked man back to his feet before swinging a big right hook at Night’s head – only for it to be ducked. Shame follows with a left which is also ducked. Lunging forward with another clothesline, Shame once again is ducked as Night sneaks past, grabbing Roscoe’s arm and leaping up into a crucifix position – only for Roscoe to drop backwards, slamming Night into the mat.

Immediately springing to his feet, Roscoe drops a big elbow across Night’s chest before hooking his leg for a pin attempt.



Night kicks out at two, Roscoe immediately pulling him to his feet before dazing him with two sharp uppercuts and tossing him into the ropes. As Night bounces off the ropes, Shame raises his boot to head level, only for Night to slide under his outstretched leg, tripping Shame on his way through and rolling into a kneebar on the big man!

Roscoe yells out in surprise, writing in pain as he desperately crawls towards the ropes. Still relatively fresh, he makes progress quickly and within a few seconds manages to grab hold of the bottom rope. The referee begins his mandatory 5-count, Night breaking the hold on 4. Shame uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, Night kicking him in the knee and then using the ropes to propel Shame across the ring – Night moving into the middle of the ring and dropping down for Shame to run over. As Roscoe returns, Night springs up, attempting a monkey flip on Shame only for the big man to block Night, sending him crashing onto the mat. Shame uses his momentum, dropping a knee on Night before bouncing to his feet and hitting the ropes before rebounding and crashing onto the masked man with a big running leg drop! Once again, Shame covers.



Kickout. The crowd boo as Night manages to stay alive in this match. Shame wraps an arm around Night’s head with a chinlock. Night fights back, trying to press back to his feet, but his progress is halted as Roscoe slams a forearm hard into his chest. Shame pulls Night to his feet and scoops him up for a powerslam, however the elusive Night slips over Roscoe’s shoulder, floating into a reverse DDT! Night unsteadily climbs to his feet as does Roscoe who stands slightly faster and uses the moment to throw another hard right at Night’s head, the smaller man ducking underneath and grabbing hold of Shame, wrenching back with all his strength and sending the big man flying with an exploder suplex! Night stands, adrenaline pumping. He hits the ropes and bounces off as Shame begins to sit up before leaping and driving both feet into Roscoe’s chest with a front dropkick. Again Night stands, but only for a moment before crashing down onto Shame with a standing senton before hooking Shame’s leg.


Roscoe kicks out strongly before the two count, Night immediately smacking him in the face with a quick backfist. Night quickly pulls the big man to his feet before doubling him over with a boot to the midsection and sending him crashing back to the mat with a rocker dropper. Grabbing hold of Shame’s leg, Night lifts and slams Roscoe’s leg down, knee first. Roscoe grabs at his leg in agony, only for Night to drop down, wrapping his legs around Shame’s leg with another knee bar. Shame cries out in pain and spotting the ropes mere feet away once again begins scrambling towards them. Despite the shorter distance, it takes him longer to reach them this time than the last and once again Night takes full advantage of the referee’s 5-count. Night stands, stomping hard on Roscoe’s face as he does before grabbing hold of the big man by the leg and dragging him into the centre of the ring.

Moving to Roscoe’s head, Night wraps an arm around his head and his legs around Shame’s torso, wrenching on the KIMURA Dojo special dragon sleeper. Shame’s arms flail wildly, feeling the life quickly draining from him. Desperately Roscoe fights, rocking side to side, Night doing everything in his power to hold on tight. Somehow, Shame manages to arch his way up slightly, the masked man clinging on desperately. Unable to arch any further, Shame drops down, right on top of Night who seems slightly winded from the impact. Once again Shame rocks and this time manages to roll onto his front, Night still wrenching in the move tightly. Using his arms, Roscoe manages to fight to his knees and then on to his feet – finally flipping Night over his shoulder and onto the mat to a huge roar from the crowd.

Shame falls to a knee for a moment before leaping back up, pulling Night with him and sending him flying into the turnbuckles. Shame backs up to the opposite turnbuckles before charging across the ring and leaping into the air with a huge splash onto Night who manages to grab hold of the referee and pull him in the path of the flying giant. Shame crashes into the corner and as he backs out both Night and the referee collapse to the mat. Shame smells blood and doesn’t seem to notice the referee as he signals for Shame Time and pulls Night into a standing headscissors as the crowd erupt. However, the cheers quickly turn to boos as CSJ and Tobias Devereux, Dirty Money Inc come charging out to the ring.

Hearing the crowd’s reaction, Shame drops Night and turns to face the entrance ramp. Readying himself as DMI slide into the ring, Shame drops CSJ with a quick right hand, then Tobias, CSJ again… before Tobias and CSJ manage to subdue the big man with their vicious and unrelenting attacks. They stomp away viciously, Tobias momentarily looking towards the downed Night before turning his attention back to the task at hand. Tobias pulls Shame to his feet and places him in a standing headscissors as CSJ takes position beside and slightly in front of them. Tobias begins to hoist, but is sent scrambling as Night jumps him, hammering him with quick rights and throwing him from the ring. Shame seems to snap back to his senses and stands, grabbing hold of CSJ and launching him over the top rope after Devereux. Finally coming face-to-face with his opponent, the two stand nose-to-nose and the tension is clear… until Night grabs hold of Shame by the collar, ripping backwards and tearing Shame’s shirt right off…

… revealing a black singlet with The Company’s logo on it!

Shame and Night laugh as they shake hands in the ring to a chorus of boos as CSJ and Tobias make their way up the ramp, never taking their eyes off the two men in the ring.

The Investigation Begins

The scene heads outside to the alleyway next to the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where Weapon X is standing by with an unseen cigar smoking company man. The camera looks shaky as if it is being filmed in secret without anyone else knowing it, and the sound it patchy. The cigar smoking man’s face is not in clear view, with only the camera only picking up his torso and no higher. Weapon X steps away from the cigar smoking man and peeks into the dumpster, as the cigar smoking man seems to be checking out some writing on the wall opposite the dumpster.

Company Man – “Scott Love was a nobody, but that’s not the point. If someone inside the sVo is able to take out the people who work for us that easy then we have a problem. This guy must be a pro. Weapon X, this is the reason you are in our employment right now. The police will be here soon to set up their own investigation, but I want you to make your own moves. I want to know who Paige All Star has got working for her, and I want you to use any means necessary to do it!”

The silent Weapon X who has yet never been heard to utter a word simply nods his head, as the camera fades out.

Talon vs. Azrael Caducus

The lights drop as red and white lasers begin to flash all over the arena. Fans cry out in surprise at the black-out as ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ begins to blast through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the curtain as a solitary figure steps through, clothed in the black, red and white. He stands there, grinning as he spreads out his arms and lets out a battle cry. Talon makes his way down the ramp, waving and high-fiving fans before entering the ring. He hands his coat off to someone at ringside before raising his arms in the air and taking his place in the ring.

The lights go black as Rise of the Fallen by soulfly hits hte pa system. The entire areana comes to it’s feet as white pyro starts exploding in the darkness making its way down the isle and finally around the ring. As the last bit of pyro explodes the lights come back up revealing Azrael standing in the center of the ring. Azrael glares at Talon and walks over to a corner and awaits the bell.

As the bell rings the two men meet in the center of the ring. Emotions are running high as the crowd is abuzz. Suddenly Talon takes the first swing nailing Azrael with a stiff right hand. The Fallen Angel comes back swinging taking it to Talon. The two exchange punches in the center of the ring for a few moments until Azrael seems to be getting the upper hand. Az backs Talon up against the ropes and then sends him off with a hard irish whip. Azrael charges after him and nails The former Hero with a clothesline turning him inside out. Azrael stays on Talon quickly locking in a rear chin lock and leaning all of his wait on the back and neck of Talon.

Talon rolls a little to the side and gets to a knee. Azrael has to change the hold to a side headlock as Talon is getting to his feet. Talon gets all the way to his feet and lifts The Fallen Angel high in the air and drops him on the back of his head. Talon wastes no time getting back to his feet and dragging Az back up as well. Talon with a verticle suplex, Talon witht he float over into the cover.



No kick out by Azrael. Talon gets to his feet and starts to stalk Az. Az uses the ropes to help himself get to his feet. Talon charges and looks to maybe going for the spear but Az drops out of the way as Talon goes up and over the ropes as Az held onto them as he fell down. Az stands back up as Talon is laid out on the outside. Az bounces off the ropes and comes back only to leap over the top rope and hit a rising talon with a corkscrew plancha. Az gets to his feet first then raises Talon up. Azrael sends Talon with an irish whip only for The Hero to turn it around and send Az straight into the stairs. Az hits knee first and then flips up and over the stairs landing on the other side. Talon showboats to the crowd for a bit as he makes his way around.

Talon reaches Az and grabbing him by the hair pulls him to his knees and starts delivering punches into the face of Az. Meanwhile the ref has gotten the ten count up to six. Talon lifts Az to his feet and rolls him into the ring stepping up onto the apron himself. Talon starts to climb up to the top rope waiting for Az to raise to his feet. As he waits Talon makes a T emblem with his arms only to the boos of the crowd. Talon pays it no mind and as Az gets to his feet Talon goes for the Death from Above. Az sees it coming out of the corner of his eye and tries to side step but Talon clips him with it. Talon is first to his feet but Az is up to a knee not long after. Talon charges at Az and hits him with a knee to the face. Talon with another pin this time hooking the leg.



No Az kicks out yet again. The Hero of the Industry seems a little frustrated. He grabs Az and lifts him to his feet pushing him back into the corner. After a few punches and chops in the corner Talon backs out and comes charging in looking for The Falcon Punch. Az ducks to the side at the last second wrapping his arm around the neck and shoulder of Talon as his uses his own momentum to lock him into The Fallen! Az spins around and goes to drive Talon down face first but Talon reaches out and grabs the ropes keeping him from falling and causing Az to just hit the ground. Az rolls back to his feet and as soon as he does Talon goes for The Claws of fate. Azrael catches his foot though. Azrael goes to sweep the leg out from under Talon but Talon jumps up and hits The Fallen Angel Azrael Caducus with an enziguri. Talon and Az both trying to catch their breath for a moment.

Talon is first to his feet and lifts Azrael up. Talon hooks his head and looks to be going for a ddt but Az quickly just grabs Talon by the waist and stands up lifting Talon up and then slamming him down with a spinebuster. Az grabs Talon’s leg and looks to be going for something as the crowd starts to boo loudly. Outside we see Chris Bond at the top of the stage. Azrael stops and drops the leg of Talon Azrael turns his attention to Bond and that’s exactly what they wanted. Talon has gotten to his feet behind Azrael. Bond just smirks and waves before turning back to the curtain. Az turns around and nearly gets decapitated by a Claws of Fate. Azrael falls back and actually falls through the ropes landing on the outside saving him from the pinning situation.

Talon goes to the outside and grabs Azrael and after struggling a bit to get him up rolls him into the ring. Talon rolls in after him and looks to be ready to put him away. About this time we see none other than Tobias Devereux charging down the rampway and making his way to the ring. The ref notices him as he leaps up onto the apron. The ref is completely absorbed into De Cajun Sensation trying to get into the ring. Talon has Az on his knees and ready to do more damage but is taken back by the sight of Tobias Devereux. About that time though Christopher St. James slides into the ring behind Talon with a chair!

CSJ steps up behind Talon who turns around as CSJ swings the chair, Talon ducks out of the way and Azrael is crowned with the chair. CSJ looks a little sheepish as he quickly sees Talon is unharmed. Talon looks like he’s about to give CSJ a Claws of Fate he’ll never forget when the personification of perfection drops down and rolls out of the ring quickly. Tobias takes the hint as Talon has grabbed the chair and kicked it out of the ring. Tobias drops down as well and DMI head back to the backstage defeated for now.

Meanwhile back in the ring Talon has Azrael and looks to be setting him up for The Wings of Destiny. Azrael lifts up his leg out of no where and knees TAlon in the face as he holds him in the Wings of Destiny. It takes Talon back a little, only for Azrae to do it yet again, and then a third time. Azrael pulls himself out of the Wings of Destiny and turns around to face Talon. Az nails the dazed Talon with a kick to the gut and then sets him up for The Fallen. Talon has nothing to block it with this time and Azrael drives him face first into the mat. Azrael goes for the pin.




NO! Talon has kicked out. Somehow he pulled up just enough to kick out of this situation. Azrael doesn’t seem to believe it, but wastes no time. Az picks The Hero up to his feet and sends him off the ropes. As he does so he bounces off the the ropes perpendicular to the ones he send Talon off of and as they both come back to the center Azrael hits Talon with a massive side swiping spear known as The Spear of Destiny! Talon looks to of been broken in half with that move. Azrael quickly goes for another cover, hooking both legs.




Azrael has done it, Azrael has somehow beaten Talon and answered the long standing question between the two. Azrael gets to his feet and raises an arm in the air looking up to the heavens and smiles.

RESULT: Azrael def. Talon via pinfall


The famous theme from the Karate Kid, “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” begins to play throughout the arena as the fans climb out of their chairs and to their feet. The returning “Beautiful” Bobby Dean walks out from behind the curtains, in his three-piece suit, makes his way down the entrance ramp refusing to even acknowledge the fans presence. Stepping into the ring he pulls out a microphone from his pocket and is seconds away from addressing the fans when suddenly Chris Bond comes walking out onto the stage, his own microphone in hand.

Chris Bond – Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

Bond starts a one man chant as he walks down the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring. BBD meanwhile stands aside with a smile on his face but not as cocky and arrogant as we normally see. Bond once again steps up and shakes hands with his friend and co-conspirator.

Chris Bond – Bobby, you got great timing my friend. With you back here in the sVo and more importantly the Industry, there isn’t anybody in the back that’ll be able to stop you, me, Talon, and KfC! They’re all a bunch of bitches, pissing and moaning, I’d like to see the Company try and stop us now!

Suddenly BBD begins to laugh causing Bond to stop and stare, confusion splayed on his face. BBD smiles a genuine, all be it, arrogant smile of his as he raises the mic to his lips.

BBD – It’s funny you mention the Industry, and bitches Chris… Because in my eyes, that’s all the Industry is, a bunch of bitches!

Bond’s mouth drops in shock but BBD doesn’t stop there.

BBD – You think I’ve come back to rejoin you and your boy toy Talon? You’ve got to be kidding me! I remember when the Industry used to mean something, we fought to be the best no matter what organization we were in, be it sVo or Hostility or Dream or anywhere else! But now!? Now, I’ve moved on to bigger and brighter things…

His words are cut short as suddenly Bond lunges forward tackling BBD to the mat. The two begin to roll around like a classic cat fight but instead of hair pulling and scratching the two are slugging one another in the face! The fans are on their feet watching the scrap but their attention is diverted as suddenly Roscoe Shame comes running down the entrance ramp. Shame slides into the ring just as Bond rolls back on top pinning BBD to the mat, slugging him once, twice, three times directly in the face! Bond is ripped off BBD by Roscoe Shame and held in a full nelson by the former International champion! BBD, meanwhile, scrambles to his feet with blood seeping out of a supposed broken nose!

With Bond held in place by Shame, BBD rears back and clocks Bond directly in the face! But before he can do it a second or even a third time, the Calvary comes running down to make the save! The Calvary consists of Talon and Kid f’n Cool, the rest of the Industry. The two men slide into the ring as Shame releases Bond and shoves him towards his stable mates while backing up to stand strong with BBD who’s removed his jacket and is now rolling up his sleeves ready for a fight.

The three against two stand across from each other letting the situation sink in but suddenly Night and Isaac White appear at the top of the entrance ramp, the two running down to even the odds just as BBD and Shame rush forward and engage the Industry! Soon it’s a four on three scrap with both sides dishing out as much as they’re taking in return!

One by one the ring clears leaving Chris Bond and Isaac White left in the ring while the others are fighting at ringside!

Chris Bond vs. Isaac White

With the melee spilling onto the floor, only three men remain in the ring – Bond, White and an official. In the midst of the chaos, the referee immediately signals for the bell to ring!


Bond and White slam into each other and lock horns, both eager to exemplify the supremacy of their factions! Engaged in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, both men stomp around the ring like duelling antelope! Utilizing his size advantage, Bond manages to push White all the way back into the corner. The referee squeezes himself in between the gladiators, attempting to break them up. Using his arms like crowbars to prise them apart, he just about succeeds.

As the official exits the corner, White seizes a fistful of his shirt. He pulls the referee back with one arm and shoves him right into Bond! The diminutive referee bounces off the athletically-built Bond, who is caught off-guard by the dirty tactic. White follows up with a series of knife-edge chops to the chest of Bond!




The Man of 1,000 Gadgets throws a wild clothesline to defend himself, but White ducks underneath. Now behind Bond, White wraps both arms around his waist. Dodging a back elbow, White moves his arms up and traps Bond in a full nelson hold! Finding himself in the same predicament as on the floor only moments ago, Bond desperately tries to power out of White’s vice-like grip! Failing in doing so, Bond instead relies on his leg power. With White still clutching onto him, Bond races backward, driving White back-first into the turnbuckle!

Though his grip slackens, White manages to hold on – before being driven into the corner once more! Bond follows up with a back elbow, finally forcing a release from White. Bond turns to face White and swings with another clothesline, but again White ducks, shoving Bond back into the corner. He comes right back at Bond with several more chops.




Bond grabs White by the arm, cutting off his offense. He raises it in the air before stomping the mat, almost wrenching White’s arm right out of its socket! White yells out in pain before grabbing Bond’s wrist with his free arm. White spins the pair around, breaking Bond’s hold on him and applying his own. With Bond now trapped in a wristlock, The Hate Machine shoves him away and pulls him back into a shoulder block! Again, he shoves Bond away before smashing into him with another powerful shoulder block!

Arena security members now race out from behind the entrance curtain, doing everything within their power to contain the chaotic brawl still on-going outside the ring!

Wristlock maintained, White follows up with several more chops, turning Bond’s chest a bright pink in the process and garnering more ‘WOOO’S’ from the crowd. Bond staggers back into the ropes. Wristlock still held, White hurls him across the ring with an Irish whip. Bond bounces off and comes straight back into an impressive arm drag from White! Isaac doesn’t relinquish his grip, instead opting to trap Bond in a vicious arm lock! Bond writhes in pain as White twists and stretches his weakened limb. However, using his raw athletic ability, Bond rises to his feet and performs a front flip – instantly freeing himself from White’s grip!

Taking pride in his quick thinking, Bond only just turns in time to duck a huge clothesline! Bond follows up with a series of stiff shots to the bad knee of White, who retreats into the corner. Bond wraps White’s leg around one of the ropes and locks his arms around it, trying to wrench it out of its socket! White howls in pain and claws at Bond to no avail. The referee begins the 5-count for Bond to break the hold –


009 yanks that leg for all he’s worth!


Makes a change from yanking something else, amirite?…


Come on dammit, break!




Bond breaks the hold, having very nearly done the same to White’s leg! The official chastises Bond’s villainous tactic, but is brushed off by Bond. Isaac hobbles out of the corner, hardly able to place any weight on his leg. He attempts a second clothesline on Bond, who ducks once again and cuts White down to size with a leg sweep! Bond now goes to town on White’s leg with a multitude of stomps! Screaming at the top of his lungs, White frantically claws the air, begging for this torrent of abuse to stop.

As if through some form of divine intervention, Bond relents in his attack… Oh – no, he just needed a breather. Bond clutches White’s leg and raises it into the air. Just as he begins to wrench it sideways, White brings his knees up to his chest – reeling in Bond in the process, then thrusts his legs forwards with every ounce of power he possesses!

Bond is sent soaring through the air, before crashing and burning on the opposite side of the ring! White rolls onto his front and scrabbles onto all fours, before pushing against his good knee to get to his feet. Still limping, he ambles over to Bond and raises him to his feet. The Double-0 Agent shakes off the cobwebs and tries to catch White off-guard with another kick to the knee. Isaac catches Bond’s leg and uses it to push Bond back into the corner.


White makes sure Bond stays put by slicing his chest with more knife-edge chops! Convinced that Bond is subdued, White climbs through the ropes onto the ring apron. Grabbing the arm, Isaac raises it into the air – further quashing Bond’s resistance with a back elbow – AND JUMPS OFF THE RING APRON! Bond’s arm snaps into the ring ropes and ricochets like a bullet, almost decapitating himself! Bond is sent flying once more, landing in a crumpled heap several feet away!

On the floor, The Enemy of Everyone now finds himself in the eye of the storm as tangled masses of fists and feet fly past him! Some poor chap flies over White’s head and crashes into the barricade! That looked like it hurt! Weaving and ducking all over the place, he eventually manages to roll in under the bottom ring rope to escape the ruckus.

Grabbing hold of Bond, he jerks him to a vertical position. From there, he throws him across the ring with another Irish whip – wait, Bond holds on and turns back around to face White, pelting his knee with another kick! White’s leg gives way and he crashes down onto his knee. Bond seizes his chance and runs into the ropes once more. Just as Bond bounces off, White fights through the pain and makes it to his feet. With Bond less than a yard away, Isaac drops onto his back. Caught off-guard, Bond is given some first-class postage Hatemail! White crawls over to Bond and hooks the leg.




Bond powers out of the pinfall attempt, throwing White off of him. Both men now struggling to catch their breath, each tries to beat the other to their feet. Owing to his leg injury, White makes it to his feet just after Bond. Using his natural speed advantage over White, Bond doesn’t allow him any breathing room and goes for another low kick. Isaac successfully catches Bond out again, slams the leg back down to the canvas and floors him with an arm wrench takedown. Holding on to the arm, White moves to apply an armbar – but Bond manages to ensnare White’s leg within his own, bringing him down with a drop toe-hold!

With White in a vulnerable position, Bond rolls him over and scoops up both of White’s legs. Threading his own leg in between them, Bond attempts to twist White into a Sharpshooter!

But with White’s injured knee, and Bond’s injured arm, which man will come out victorious in this battle of willpower?!

The Preacher of Pessimism refuses to go down without a fight, and throws his body weight repeatedly. Bond holds his ground and tries with all his might to roll the misanthrope over. Eventually, something in both men starts to give. Every time White throws his body weight against Bond’s force, he feels the muscles in his knee strain! Likewise, with each passing second, Bond can feel the pressure on the bones within his arm!


White thrashes on the canvas like a fish out of water as Bond leans back, his knee ready to explode! The referee dances around both men fanatically, asking White if he’s ready to throw in the towel!


The outcast yells in defiance, absolutely determined not to tap out! Bond leans back even more, stretching the muscles within Isaac’s leg to their limit! White outstretches a hand, trying in vain to reach the ropes! Realising his efforts are fruitless, White resorts to dragging both himself and Bond across the mat. Bond, the larger of the two, is unable to keep White stationary due to the damage his left arm has endured.

Slowly but surely, White succeeds in clawing his way across the ring. With every inch of ground gained, Isaac’s threshold for pain is truly being tested! As Bond grits his teeth and puts up the most resistance he can, White now draws ever closer to the ropes. Reaching out his gloved hand, his fingertips brush the taped surface of the steel cable! Just one more inch…


Bond shakes his head frenziedly, refusing to break the crippling submission hold! The referee tries to pries Bond off of White, but is left with no alternative but to issue another 5-count!


Bond still clings on to the thick legs of his opponent.


The sound of somebody crashing into the steel stairs on the outside of the ring!


Isaac clutches the ring rope with both hands as though it were his lifeline!


White shakes the ring rope rabidly as Bond fights to keep the hold locked in!


Bond finally breaks the submission! He shoves White’s legs to the mat carelessly as he staggers forwards into the centre of the ring. He falls to one knee and caresses his arm, which has suffered a nasty cut from White’s knee brace! Blood now trickling down his forearm, The Man with the Golden Gun gets to his feet and approaches the prone form of White. Bond grabs White by the hair, much to the disdain of the referee. Isaac, however, wraps his arms around the ring ropes and refuses to budge. Bond tugs on White’s hair, but it seems White would rather lose a chunk of hair than expose his knee to further trauma.

Bond lets go of the hair, in lieu of placing a couple of sharp elbow drops onto White’s knee, using his good arm. Isaac momentarily breaks his vice-like grip on the ropes in favour of his knees. Capitalising on White’s mistake, Bond grabs the leg and drags him into the middle of the ring, Isaac groaning in pain all the while. Bond manages to get Isaac to his feet, though he leans against Bond to support himself. Bond kicks White in the gut, causing him to double over. From there, he hooks the wounded limb and nails White with a Fisherman suplex! The referee slides into action.





Bond pounds the mat in frustration as White barely escapes a 3-count! Bond harasses the official, who stands his ground and reinforces the 2-count decision. Not taking no for an answer, Bond grabs two handfuls of the referee’s shirt and lifts him off the ground, demanding that he end the match! To the delight and laughter of the crowd, the pint-size referee kicks Bond in the shin, causing Bond to drop him back to the canvas as he hops on the spot clutching at his leg. Similarly hopping, the Hater of Humankind sneaks up behind him and rolls him up for the cover!




The Gold Fingerer barely powers out of the move! Luckily for White, his positioning means that he is thrown back onto the ropes from Bond’s kickout. Able to get back to his feet rather quickly, White ducks a clothesline from Bond and pulls the top rope down. Bond flips over White’s head and lands with a dull THUD on the ring apron! White places several stiff boots into Bond’s arm and proceeds to pull him up by it. White hooks Bond’s arm and flings him over the top rope and back into the ring with a hip toss! Bond gets back to his feet haphazardly, knocking into the referee as he does so. White keeps on him and soon has Bond trapped in another arm wrench. For a second time, White crashes into Bond like a battering ram with several debilitating shoulder blocks! Bond collapses to one knee from the pain!

White jerks Bond towards him once more and this time sends Bond CRASHING into the corner turnbuckle chest-first! Bond bounces back from the impactful collision, right into the waiting arms of White! White hooks both of Bond’s arms and twists him over, setting up for his old finisher – Drop You Dead! Before he can execute it, however, Bond deals a devious kick to the leg! Isaac immediately breaks his grip on Bond and staggers forwards, leaning on the ropes to prop himself up. Bond pulls White back into him and grabs him around the waist, before lifting him into the air and drilling him with a belly-to-back cradle suplex!





Once again, White lifts a shoulder and rolls out of the cover! Bond is absolutely livid and attempts to use his Jedi mind control to convince the official that it was indeed a three-count. The referee holds up the 2-sign and politely tells Bond to go and fornicate with himself. Blood now dripping from his knuckles and onto the mat, Bond advances on the vulnerable White. Bond struggles to get White to his feet, as Isaac is now barely able to stand anymore.

Bond leans White up against the ropes, before grabbing him around the mouth with his hand. Forcing White’s head up, Bond motions to him to ‘watch this’. Bond takes a few paces back. Allowing his cockiness to get the better of him, Bond jumps up and down on the spot – mocking White’s knee injury. Bond begins to stretch his legs by folding them and making his feet touch his lower back. Satisfied he has taunted White enough, he suddenly extends a leg – ready to take White’s head off with the REALITY CHECK!


He spins Bond round and locks the arms –


White DRILLS Bond with his old finishing manoeuvre, knowing he is incapable of applying the Hate Crime instead. Bond lays motionless face-down as White struggles to turn him over. Eventually pushing Bond onto his back, White collapses on top of him for the cover.





RESULT: Isaac White def. Chris Bond via pinfall

The crowd rise from their seats, showering White with cat calls and boos as he has his hand raised in victory by the referee. Although Bond is a ‘bad guy’, he still represents the SVO as a whole, and White has certainly helped hammer a nail into the coffin of SVO here tonight! What will the fallout of this match be? Will White be rewarded for his triumph over the Industry and SVO? Will Industry still stand together, or could this loss be the undoing of their friendship?

With the representatives of The Company emerging victorious outside the ring, White slides out from under the bottom rope and sits on the apron. To a heated response from the audience, Night slings White’s arm over his shoulders and assists his one-time arch rival back up the ramp.

Company Men

The cameras cut to the backstage area of the arena. Stage crew and arena staff race down the corridors, clutching clipboards and talking into fancy headsets. Amidst the chaos of the closing moments of Showdown, a top hat can be seen cutting through the crowd like a shark fin. The hat draws closer and closer, until Isaac White, BBD, Roscoe Shame and Night emerge from the throng of people surrounding us. White is sporting a noticable limp after his match with Bond earlier in the night.

He looks a little green around the gills after his unwilling interaction with ordinary people. Night consoles him with a friendly slap on the back.

Night: Don’t worry Isaac, soon we get to go home.

White nods silently. Both men continue to make their way down the corridor, the crowd around them slowly dispersing.

Soon, they find themselves in an isolated hallway. Not a single other person occupies this space of the arena. Night gazes to his left, observing a sign on the wall next to a golden elevator door. The camera focuses on the polished brass surface of the plaque. It reads –


As if on cue a pleasant “DING” signals the opening of the elevator, a man in an expensive looking grey suit and dark Ray Ban aviator sunglasses is waiting and ushers the four men into the lift with him.

???: You boys ever been in a skybox before?

BBD merely laughs in response.

Roscoe Shame: No…

White meanwhile, stares at Night. The masked man catches Isaac looking at him – leading White to chuckle and punch Night playfully in the arm.

White: You know, you look a little different to the last time I saw you… can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

White laughs again, winking knowingly – Night remains silent, staring at Isaac. White chortles and raises his head, looking at the panelled ceiling of the lift. In good spirits considering his injury, he leans on the handrail and begins twirling his cane absent-mindedly.

BBD: Hey, you wanna watch where you’re swinging that thing, White? Not all of us have got gnarly scards and are approaching fifty!

The corner of White’s mouth twitches, but he holds his tongue and stops spinning his cane around. Roscoe, who has remained silent for the duration of the lift ride, opens his mouth.

BBD lets out a collagen-filled smile, his teeth – which are most definitely not whitened – sparkling away. He places a hand on Shame’s shoulder and leans in close.

BBD: You got that right, man. From now on, we’re all looking out for each other. If we can keep this boat afloat, we’re set for life.

All four men murmour im agreement and brace themselves for the small jolt which occurs when a lift stops.


The lift shudders to a halt and the metal doors slide open. The four of them all step out into a narrow corridor, decorated with dark wood and expensive paintings. Single-file, they walk as one towards a black door in front of them. Night, leader of the pack, knocks the door. After a brief pause, the door swings open, revealing the luxury skybox which overlooks the interior of the SVO arena.

Head hidden behind the door frame, a suited arm belonging to a Company executive motions for the men to enter. They oblige, entering the box one-by-one.

The door swings shut behind them, leaving the cameraman stood in the foyer. Defeatedly, the scene fades to black as Showdown comes to a close.

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