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sVo Showdown #041

It’s a massive main event with Night vs. Talon!

sVo Showdown
2nd May 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #041


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Johnny All Star, Chris Bond and Ronnie Long! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘You’ve been Gilmoured!’, ‘Psyko Stevo – The Best Around’ and ‘Kelly Flawless Just Slept With Your Dead Mom’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.


We’re taken to the back, where we see Tobias preparing for his match. He’s dressed in his wrestling gear already. He’s shown laying on the floor doing sit ups warming up for the match. The door to his locker room opens and in steps Christopher St. James. Tobias goes to jump up but two large security guards come in right behind CSJ and stand between the two. Tobias just looks at CSJ for a moment.

Tobias: What yew want?

CSJ: I’m here to give you an offer you can’t refuse.

Tobias: What’s dat?

CSJ: Simple, you get the pin or submission tonight against Paradine and Bond tonight. You’re out of your contract.

Tobias: Dat so?

CSJ: That it is, however if you fail, you will not get another chance to get out of your contract, ever!

Tobias: I’ll take dat chance.

CSJ: Thought you might, good luck out there Frenchy.

CSJ just smirks and chuckles as he turns walking out of the locker room followed by his goons.


Back live and we are backstage somewhere…

~The camera lights up showing Juliana Torres with her sister Lizzie. There’s a person walking along side of her. Juliana looks nervously at the person but with familiarity. Juliana watches as he touches the handle of each door. Juliana nudges him and clears her throat.~

Juliana: You’re going to be safe in the locker room with Lizzie.

~She tells the person who is just off screen from being viewed. Juliana looks at Lizzie who has a container of NesQuick in her hand. Lizzie takes a big sip from the straw and looks at her sister.~

Lizzie: I like chocolate milk.

~Juliana nods.~

Juliana: I know you do Bubbles…Okay now this is important. The rest of Xtreme Fusion are here and I don’t want them to distract me in my match coming up next against Asesino. I’m not uberly sure as to how that’s going to happen but you two stay in the locker room okay?

~Lizzie nods her head giving the thumbs up as the action cuts back to ringside.

Juliana Torres vs. Asesino

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see The Corporate Lady holding a white owl in her left side of her shoulder and walking toward the ring smoke comes out when she shows up on the screen and she walks on heavy steps looking to the crowd with a mad look and showing no happiness in her eyes a firework sound on her background while she gets inside the ring.

Asesino makes his way to the ring as Julianna Torres is already in there. He stands in a corner and waits for the bout to begin.

The bell sounds.

Julianna Torres and Asesino tie up.

Torres pushes Asesino to the corner before the ref tells them to break it up and get untangled from the ropes. Torres back away but afterwards Asesino boots him in the mid section. He follows it up with a few right hands until Julianna is leaning on the ring ropes. Then from there he whips her across the ring. Julianna Torres comes back and takes a back elbow to the face.

Asesino goes for the cover.


A long one count.

That’s all for now as Julianna kicks out.

Torres is beginning to roll away towards the ring ropes as she grabs onto them and helps pull herself up. Asesino now walks over to Julianna who back hand chops him in the chest area. Julianna then follows it up with a few more before whipping him into the corner. Torres runs in and nails a clothesline! Asesino comes out from the corner and Torres back body drops him up and over and down to the ring mat floor.

Followed by this Julianna picks him back up and then positions him into a Lady Bottom but it’s reversed before it can happen. Asesino elbows her in the face and then drops her down for a quick snap DDT! Asesino now gets on top of Julianna Torres and hooks her leg for a pin attempt as the ref gets down on the ring mat to make the count take place while the fans have a mixed reaction.




Another kick out.

Asesino now stands back up and picks up Julianna Torres with him.

Torres is staggering around as Asesino grabs her and now goes for a neckbreaker. Torres reverses it though and then rolls him up from behind.

The ref counts.




Asesino now kicks out this time.

Both competitors get back up on their feet real quick and go for clotheslines and connect.

The ref makes a count as both wrestlers lie on the ring mat motionless.




Still nothing.




Finally, some movement is made.



And finally they both get back up!

Just as they do and go towards throwing right hands back and forth, Julianna Torres catches Asesino with the Corporate DDT and lays on top of him for the pin.




RESULT: Juliana Torres via pinfall


As the cameras cut backstage, we’re taken to a brand new location. There are construction workers wearing hard hats, and yellow tape blocking off all types of projects, which are still in motion. As the cameras pan around the scene, we see that one project has been completed. There sits a pair of double glass doors with gold handles, off to the right of those doors is a golden plaque which reads,

General Manager
Psyko Stevo

The cameras make their way through the doors and we see a large marble fountain off to the right. To the left there is a waiting area. In the center of the massive lobby sits an oak desk with a busty receptioist sitting behind it. She waves the crew deeper into the offices and we soon walk past her, we see a large door with a plaque that once again reads “Psyko Stevo”.

As the doors open, we taken into a massive office filled with all kinds of high tech gadgets and expensive decor. In the middle of the room there sits a large desk, at one side of the desk sits Psyko Stevo himself, at the other side, Howard Thompson. The conversation begins.

Stevo: Howard, thank you for coming.

Howard: Sure thing Stevo, what’s going on?

Stevo rises from the desk and starts to pace about the room.

Stevo: First things first… how do you like my new office?

Howard looks around and takes the room in, as he does so, a smile appears across his face.

Howard: It’s amazing.

Stevo; Thank you… well, let’s get down to business.

Stevo claps his hands together.

Stevo: Last week, I asked you to do something… and you delivered in spectacular fashion.

Howard: About that… if I seemed a little off, it was because you kind o fcaught me offguard, that’s all.

Stevo: That’s understandable… and I apologize if I put you in an awikward position. I had to test your loyalty, and you passed with flying colors.

Howard: No problem, hell, I might have put BBD out of commission just for the hell of it even if you hadn’t asked, haha.

Stevo ignores Hoawrd’s last sentence, as his mind appears to be moving ahead from the events of last week.

Stevo: Right… well, you held up your end of the deal, so now it’s time to hold up mine. Take a look under your chair…

Howard reaches under his chair and there is an envelope, he pulls the envelope open, and inside we see a large number of hundred dollar bills.

Howard: Wow, this is…thanks! How did you know what to get me!?

Stevo: What can I say? I remembered you liked money.

Howard and Stevo both flash smiles, but Stevo is quickly back to business.

Stevo: Right, well… here’s where we are at. The card is set this week, I had to put your belt on the line again, just to alievate any suspicious from the other roster members that I’m playing favorites.

Howard: Understandable, and it’s only Kid Cool… I can beat him with my eyes closed.

Stevo: Right. Well, we’re one week away from the grand opening of the Winner’s Lounge, and there are a number of things that I need to take care of before we’re going to be good to go.

Howard: Okay?

Stevo: With that being said… I’m gonna take off for the rest of the show. I want you to keep an eye on things though, let me know if anything weird goes down behind the scenes, okay?

Howard: Yea, I can do that.

Stevo: Good… remember, I’m trusting you with this… I need you to by my eyes and ears while I finalized all the contracts with the Winners Lounge, don’t let me down, Howard.

Howard: Hey, it’s no problem… I always deliver.

Stevo: Yes.. well, I’ll be off then.

As Stevo starts to walk towards the doors o his office, they are flung open and the sVo Head of Security, Scott Love, comes running in.

Scott: Stevo, we gotta talk.

Love looks around the room and sees Howard Thompson sitting down. Thompson stealthly conceals the money filled envelope in his breast pocket.

Stevo: Mr. Love, what can I do for you?

Scott: Word round the locker room is that Howie Banks here is the one that took out BBD.

Stevo looks at Howard with a shocked and surprised look on his face.

Stevo: Howard, is this true?

Howard; Um, no?

Stevo looks back at Love and smiles.

Stevo: Well there you have it, you must have heard wrong.

Love: Stevo, there have been numerous superstars who said they saw Howard Thompson running out of BBD’s locker room before my security team could get to the scene.

Stevo: So? Lots of superstars walk near the training areas, Howard was probably in the wrong place at the wrong time. Look Scott, innocent until proven guility… that’s the way I run things around here, and I hope a man of your moral character can appreciate that.

Love looks at Stevo and rolls his eyes, he realizes that he’s not int he position to speak any further though.

Scott: All right… have it your way. I’m not going to let this rest, I’ll be looking into this.. .and when BBD wakes up, I’m going to get some answers from him directly.

Stevo: Well, I would expect no less from the Head of Security. Thank you so much for informing me that you’re doing your job.

Stevo finishes his sentence with a smart tone, which causes Love to clench his fist.

Stevo: Anything else we need to chat about Scotty? I’m a busy man.

Love: No, that’s it for now, I’ll show myself out.

Love turns his back and walks out of the room, as the doors close, Stevo and Howard both grin.

Howard: Thanks for having my back.

Stevo: I can’t let my assistant get busted…

Howard: What about when BBD wakes up though?

Stevo laughs out loud.

Stevo: Don’t worry, I have that all covered. Love is an idiot, remember that contract he blindly signed last week?

Howard; Yea, the one where he signed off the financial aspects of the Winnters Lounge to you, I remember.

Stevo pulls the contract out of his breast pocket.

Stevo: Look at line 73, section 4.

Howard takes a close look at the contract, then busts out laughing.

Howard: “Scot Love authorizes the excessive use of force against superstar BBD”, wow, he didn’t see that?

Stevo: Nah.

Howard: Why didn’t you tell him just now?

Stevo: I’ll let him figure out on his own, it’s more fun that way.

Howard and Stevo both again start laughing.

Stevo: All right friend, I have to go and take care of this paperwork… remember, you’re my eyes and ears tonight, okay?

Howard: You got it, you can trust me.

Stevo shakes Howard Thompsons hand and the cameras fade out as the two men each exit the room.


The words “during the break” are written on the screen, directly below the image. Suddenly one of the visible doors opens and Raven steps out of it and into view. His expression is black, but, as he walks a short way down the corridor, his eyes suddenly roll…

“Raven!” The voice of Katie Smith calls suddenly from off-camera, revealing the cause of Raven’s eye-rolling.

Katie appears on-screen straight away, and keeps pace along side Raven who reacts to him no further and keeps on walking.

“There were rumors flying around you weren’t going to show, given that you don’t have a match tonight. Any reason why you are here?”

She receives no answer.

“Rumors suggest it might be to ensure that The Corporation wins back the SVO Tag Team Championships. How are you feeling about that match?”

Once again the microphone Katie is holding goes into the face of Raven, but still she gets no answer. Raven suddenly turns to another door and pushes it open. The light inside is on, revealing it to be his locker room. He walks in.

“Do you have anything to say, at all?” Katie asks, her tone desperate for a scoop.

Raven turns suddenly and stares her straight in the eye, walking back to the door as he does so.

“There is one thing,” Raven says, “I need to focus and prepare, so go around the building and tell everyone – Your fellow reporters, the backstage staff, the ringside staff, all the other wrestlers – that I don’t want to be disturbed. At all. For anything. Not even by those who consider me and that I consider a friend. No-one! You got that?”

Katie nods. The moment Raven sees this, he flicks off the light off the room, filling it with darkness and slams the door shut in Katie’s face as the SVO camera fades to darkness.

Killer White vs. Saint vs. La Envidia Mata

The Stereophonic guitar intro to “Cybermind” commences, inciting a mixed response from the crowd. The lights dim as the fast paced drum intro results in the fog machines clouding up the stage. A Spotlight shines directly on the well toned body of Killer White. He flexes his beautifully sculpted but scarred biceps. Giving off a confident look towards the crowd, he begins to walk down the smoke filled ramp. A kid with the same face paint leans over the left barricade with a Killer White action figure in his hand. Killer lifts one eyebrow and flexes his arms once more. Only to incite a cheer from the left territory of spectators. After stopping at ringside, he slides into the ring. Killer walks near the apron where the ring announcer hands him a microphone.

Killer- “You know, i had to pull a ton of strings in order for my entrance to be on television… Oh yeah, in case you viewers at home don’t know. Im Killer White.”

The crowd cheers loudly to the advantage of Killer. Only to be bum rushed with boos from a part of the arena.

Killer- “Now that i have established a foundation with the people. I would like to say this.”

The crowd tones down the noise, as Killer awaits a time to speak.

Killer- “Tonight is not just an ordinary night. And i hope to heavens that you people at home tell your neighbors to stop watching the boring ass Mosley vs Mayweather fight. Because tonight’s the night you people witness real wrestling.”

Lifting his eyebrow, and sniffing his nose once more. He looks out at the thousands in attendance.

Killer- “Tonight, you people will witness complete athleticism at its best. And when i say at its best, I mean unabridged, uncondensed, and unexpurgated perfection.”

The crowd begins a low gradual cheer.

Killer- “I can stand here and say it in six thousand languages if you don’t comprehend what im saying. But i think i have proved my point so far.”

Pointing his arm at the stage with his finger he says.

Killer- “Every single person in the back believes that i am nothing but a space filler. According to them, im like bubble wrap to a package. But they fail to think…”

Suspense plagues the air in the arena after a dramatic pause.

Killer- “They fail to believe that bragging on history will get you nowhere.”

Killer- “They fail to believe that people like me who put their bodies on the line every single week are nothing but air in a bag of chips. Well you know what i have to say about that?”

Killer- “Try me, just try me. Because there is one thing that air has over the chips. You can’t fight air.”

Killer- “As for Mister Mata, the so called 9-Year Veteran. Who supposedly held many champions in other random ass unknown organizations. You tighten those Blue and Black undies of yours because its game time.”

Inciting another sequence from the crowd. He drops the mic on the ground signaling the entrance of his two opponents. Saint and La Envidia Mata.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and White delivers a back elbow to the face of Saint. White turns right into a dropkick from Mata and White rolls out of the ring. Mata turns to Saint but Saint delivers a Pele Head Kick to Mata. Mata gets up groggy and receives a couple of toe kicks from Saint. Saint follows it up with a back chop to Mata. Saint measures Mata and delivers a snap jab to Mata. Saint throws Mata against the ropes and connects with a spinning wheel kick to Mata. Mata gets up staggered only to receive a spinning back kick from Saint. Saint pins Mata.



Interrupted by Killer White.

White picks up Saint and delivers a knife edge chop to Saint. White follows it up with an open hand slap to Saint. White raises Saint’s arm and delivers an abdominal punch to Saint. White now delivers a bell chop to Saint. White follows it up with a throat thrust to Saint. White throws Saint against the ropes but Saint comes back with a flying forearm to White. White gets up quickly and receives a grapple elbow strike from Saint. Saint follows it up with a grapple body attack to White.

Saint bounces off the ropes but receives a front kick from White. Saint gets up and receives a kick to the gut from White. Saint doubles over to the mat and White delivers a foot stomp on Saint. White steps back and delivers a punt kick to Saint. Saint gets up groggy and receives a knee strike from White. White bounces off the ropes but catches a standing dropkick by Saint. Saint picks up White and delivers a snapmare to White and applies a neck lock to him. Mata breaks up the submission attempt by Saint and delivers a headlock takedown to Saint. White kicks Mata off from Saint. White picks up Mata and throws him against the ropes and delivers a clothesline to Mata. White picks up Mata and delivers an elbow smash to Mata. White picks up Mata again and throws him against the ropes and delivers a back elbow smash to Mata. White pins Mata.



Interrupted by Saint.

Saint picks up White and delivers a snap suplex to the turnbuckle to White. White starts to get up but receives a standing crossface from Saint. Mata attacks Saint breaking up the hold and applies a headlock to Saint. White gets up and headbutts Mata making him break his hold. White follows it up with a hip smash to Mata. White bounces off the ropes but receives a hurracanrana from Mata. Mata picks up White and delivers a snapmare to White. Mata picks up White once again and drops him to the mat with a suplex. Mata pins White.



Interrupted by Saint.

Saint picks up Mata and throws him against the ropes and connects with a flapjack to Mata. Saint picks up Mata and delivers a Northern Lights Suplex to Mata.



Interrupted by Killer White.

White picks up Saint and delivers a ddt to Saint. White picks up Saint and delivers a suplex slam to Saint. White pins Saint.



Interrupted by La Envidia Mata.

Mata picks up White and delivers a backbreaker to White. White gets up and receives a flashback from Mata. Mata picks up White and delivers a shin breaker to White. Mata pins White.



Interrupted by Saint.

Saint picks up Mata and delivers a jumping armbreaker to Mata. Saint picks up Mata again and delivers a snapmare to Mata followed up by a dropkick to the back of the head of Mata. Saint pins Mata.



Interrupted by Killer White.

White picks up Saint and delivers a leg sweep ddt to Saint. White picks up Saint and places him on the top rope. White climbs up with him and delivers a superplex to Saint. White pins Saint.



Interrupted by La Envidia Mata.

Mata picks up White and delivers a back suplex pin to White.




Mata gets up but receives a back suplex from Saint. Both men get up and Saint delivers a bulldog to Mata. Saint pins Mata.



Interrupted by Killer White.

White picks up Saint and delivers the KTFC to Saint. White celebrates after nailing Saint with his own finisher but turns right into The Godbreaker from Mata. Mata pins White.




RESULT: La Envida Mata def. Saint and Killer White via pinfall


As the show returns from commercial, we see Tamara Boyd standing by in the locker room. The camera pans to the name tag, which reads “Jakob Murphy” Tamara is fixing her hair before knocking on the door three times. As the third knock hits the door opens and out steps Jakob. He appears to be wearing a black t-shirt and dark denim jeans. As he steps out from the locker room and realizes that hes about to be interviewed he slides off his t-shirt reveling his tattoos, some tribal on his shoulders and arms and the word “Hardknox” on his stomach. After he takes his shirt off, Tamara clears her throat a little before beginning the interviews.

TAMARA BOYD: “Ladies and Gentlemen I am standing with sVo’s Newest superstar, Jakob Murphy. So Jakob, how does it feel to be here at sVo?”

JAKOB MURPHY: “Well It’s very new to me. I’ve been in this business for a few years now and sVo is very unique, actually its almost One of a Kind. sVo has some top talent and I’m very excited to add my name to the list of stars here. Appon getting released from he last company I worked for my doctor said I was 100% to compete again and naturally after seeing a couple shows over the year I took to recover I decided, what better place to return then to Sanctioned Violence Organization?”

TAMARA BOYD: “You just mentioned something about ‘recovering.’ Were you injured?”

JAKOB MURPHY: “Yes, in fact it was a very serious injury. After I had my very first match I had torn my ‘ACL’ and I took about eight to nine months to recover and then a year later I got re-injured by tearing it again, so this time I took a year off to fully recover.”

TAMARA BOYD: “Jakob, what do you see yourself achieving here at sVo?”

JAKOB MURPHY: “You know, I’d like to tell you, but next week you will learn along with everyone in sVo what I am capable of. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some phone calls to make.”

As Jakob is finished he walks back into his locker room and shuts the door. Tamara is left confused and the camera then returns to ring side.


The show returns from commercial to show Raven marching furiously through the corridors of the arena. He is already dressed in his usual match attire. A bandage can also be seen around his head beneath his hair – a reminder of the injuries he sustained during the Triple Threat Tag Team Match last week.

He turns a corner, and walks straight into someone. Both their bodies slam hard into each other, their heads only just missing from knocking each other, and both stepping back slightly on impact.

Raven: Watch where you’re going!’

The camera pulls back to reveal Asesino standing over him.

Asesino: Easy there, bitchcakes.

Asesino looks down at Raven, smiling down to him. He doesn’t return the smile.

Raven: Bitchcakes? That’s cute. As it happens, though, I was hoping to…umm…bump into you. I have already asked Juliana, but thought I would ask you directly…in person.

Asesino: Shoot.

Raven: Are you and your Xtreme Fusion friends ready to get destroyed? By that, I mean getting destroyed by The Corporation

Raven taps his chest.

Why are you really here? Aren’t you here merely to continue our past feud? Or maybe you’re another stable looking to get to The Corporation…

Raven goes to continue but stops as Asesino takes a step closer and stares Raven dead in the eye.

Asesino: Don’t seek me out and throw accusations at me, little man. Juliana Torres is my opponent tonight. I would never hurt Juliana. I proved that in the past, despite how I may have been tempted. It’s more than I can say for you. You think I don’t see past your act, like others did. You are going to stab her in the back the first chance you get. Besides, if I wanted to hurt her, I would do it in a second. I am just here to get some competition, right now I could have added you to the body count like that.

Asesino snaps his fingers for effect.

Raven: Believe me, if I was going to betray The Corporation. I would have done so by now. Instead, I’ve gone out of my way to protect them, especially from guys like you. You can try and deflect the attention all you want, but you be sure, I know your type. I used to be that type of man. I can see it in your eyes. I’ll be watching you and should you try anything…..I’ll make sure there’ll be nothing left for anyone else to face the next time you step into a ring.

Raven walks off away from Asesino and sets off down the corridor, shouting back one last time as Asesino throws a plastic spoon at him, narrowly missing Raven’s head.

Raven: I’ll see you in the ring soon enough.

Asesino: Not a problem, Raven… Not a problem at all…

Howard Thompson (c) vs. Kid f’n Cool

Howard and Kid look across the ring at one another, as the referee holds up the sVo Las Vegas Championship high in the air for the crowd to see in attendance at the Goodfella Casino. After making one full circle, the referee showcases the belt to Howard who nods, and he takes it over to Kid Cool, who grabs the belt and holds it high in the air. The fans in the casino go crazy, cheering.

Howard Thompson takes the chance to sneak attack KfC with a clip to the back of the knees that causes him to release the belt and crumble down on the canvas. The referee grabs the belt and hands it off to the time keeper, as Howard starts to stomp the left knee of Cool, as the referee calls for the bell.


Howard grabs the left leg and sets it on the bottom rope, as he grabs the top rope and braces himself as he stands on KfC’s foot. He goes up and down a few times before leaping off in a sitting position on the knee of Cool. On impact, Howard is back to his feet, as Kid Cool rolls around the ring holding his knee.

Howard leans over and starts to slap the head of his challenger, mocking his talents and the idea of being a threat to his championship. ‘GET UP KID, SO I CAN BEAT YOU LIKE I DID LAST WEEK!’ Howard screams at his opponent, right before Kid Cool grabs Howard Thompson who is leaning over, and cradles him up.



Howard manages to free himself from the pin attempt. As the crowd sighs in disappointment, Howard informs the referee that KfC pulled his hair. The referee claims he did not see it, as Howard grabs up his opponent and attempts an Irish whip. Kid Cool in extreme pain, falls to the canvas a few feet from his original starting point. Howard grabs his own knee and starts to mock Kid Cool, “BOO FUCKIN’ WHO!’

Howard grabs up his opponent again, and attempts the Irish whip again, successful! Kid Cool hits the ropes as Thompson throws a clothesline on his return, but Kid Cool ducks it. As Kid Cool hits the ropes again, Howard stumbles around to grab a flying forearm to the mouth and nose.

Both men lay on the canvas motionless, as the referee checks on the condition of KfC and his knee to see if he can go on to finish the match. The referee signals he is good, as he checks on Howard Thompson, who has blooding coming from his nose from the impact. The referee signals he is good as well, as he starts his ten count.





FIVE… The crowd starts to chant K F C!

SIX… Both men start to roll around.

SEVEN… Howard is at the ropes, pulling himself up.

EIGHT… Thompson is almost to his feet, as Kid Cool struggles to pull himself up with the bum knee.

NINE… Thompson is fully up and the count stops.

The referee signals Howard being up, as the champion uses his hand to check his nose. As he sees blood, he starts to freak, checking it again, getting even more blood on his hands. He spots KfC at the ropes and charges him. Kid Cool with his hands on the top rope, drops, pulling down the ropes, as Howard Thompson flies over the top rope and crashes on the padded floor.

Kid Cool rolls under the bottom ropes, as grabs up Thompson by the hair and brings him to his feet. He then takes the champ, and slams him face first into the ring apron, adding more injury to the nose. Kid Cool motions to the camera man, ‘MOVE OUT MY WAY!’ As he grabs Howard and Irish whips him into the steel steps knees first, causing the champion to flip over them and land hard on the floor.

Kid Cool limps over to Howard, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him back up. He throws him under the bottom ropes and pushes him the rest of the way. Kid Cool pulls himself up and climbs to the top rope. He flies off with an elbow, but Howard rolls out the way. KfC crashes hard on the canvas, and Thompson uses the chance to roll over and make a cover.



KfC manages to get his foot on the bottom rope and the referee spots it. Howard starts to celebrate his victory, unaware of the ropes.

Howard rolls under the ropes, as he smiles at the fans who boo him. He grabs the belt and holds it high in the air. The referee slides out, and informs him that he has not won. The referee takes the belt and sets it on the ring apron. Bond comes out, as Thompson rolls back into the ring. Bond is distracting the referee and Thompson. Suddenly, newcomer Billy Jacobs is out and hands Cool a sandbag. Thompson turns around and Cool slams it over the head of the champion, sending sand flying.

Cool covers him, as Jacobs circles around and points to the cover, as the referee looks as the sand, but slides in and starts his count.




The bell sounds, as the referee grabs the belt and awards it to Kid F’N Cool while raising his hand high in the air. As Billy Jacobs and Chris Bond slide into the ring celebrating with what looks to be The Industry reformed.

RESULT: Kid Cool def. Howard Thompson via pinfall


The ring announcer stands in the middle of the ring, while KfC celebrates the big win.

The Las Vegas title is strapped firmly around the first time Champion’s waist. Arms raised high in the air, acting as if he had just bested Mount Everest, Kid Cool frolics about, almost jigging it up.

Ring Announcer: The NEW…

Interrupting the announcer mid way through his first introduction as Las Vegas Champion, Kid Cool leans over and whispers something in his ear. The announcer begins to shake his head no, but is quick to change his tune after receiving a “you’re a dead-man if you don’t do this” look from you know who.

Ring Announcer: The NEW… and COOOOOOOOOLEST… Las Vegas Champion… KID! FUCKING!! COOL!!!


BOOM! Some fireworks for the crowning of the newest slayer of all unCOOL things.

With the spotlight focused solely on COOL, he ascends to the top rope with one goal in mind… to bask fully, and completely in self-glory. Before he can truly do so, KfC realizes that something is a foot, and calls out to a ringside assistant. The nameless/faceless/odorless assistant in return, retrieves the COOLest pair of shades Las Vegas has ever seen. Now… Kid f’n Cool, with his head up in the COOL clouds, donning COOL appointed shades to block the bright lights of stardom, begins his bath in self-glory, accomplishment, and selfing.

KfC: I love myself!!!!!!

Two minutes later, Kid Cool jumps down and arrogantly jerks the mic from the unworthy of sharing in the moment announcer, and ushers said peasant/star struck announcer out of the ring. Standing alone, Las Vegas title proudly on display, Kid f’n Cool addresses the audience for the first time as their superior.

KfC: Damn right, bitches. Mark it down on your calenders, PDA’s, cell phones, arms… whatever it is that will help you remember. There’s a new King of Cool… in Las Vegas. I’d even go as far as to say that to Cancer’s hopefully smitten face. Being I’m so damn COOL right now!

Only if CCJ was impeding the Kids’ COOL ambiance, that is.

Parading around the ring, like he’s been there a thousand times before, Kid Cool continues on with his address.

KfC: Ya know what??? I’d say it to anyone now that I think about it… Knight. Tailspin. Johnny All-Queer. Enron. The two St.’s’s. I could be short with this, but as Champion of Vegas, I shall not leave a mentionable rock unturned. Anti-Willy-Shot. The Grand Master. Paradon’t. Coscoe Lame. The Cajun Deflation. The Crippled Canadians. Howie. Cassette tape. If any of you…. mongrels even _DARE_ to come into my world… whilst I, Lord Vegas, dictator of Sin City stay the throne… make damn sure you phone ahead.

Kid Cool takes a second to let his statement resonate.

KfC: The unannounced bull-shit is over with. I’ll unstrap my title, and shove it your faces to not only punish, but to also remind that it is I, Kid f’n Cool, the Coolest f’n cat in Vegas, who runs this town.

Tossing the mic to the canvas, KfC exits HIS ring. He makes it about half way down the ramp, before pulling and about face. With chest puffed, he gazes out to the sea of haters, and then struts back to center stage. Sliding under the bottom rope, KfC once again grips up the mic.

KfC: Oh… and yes, I do have the TITLE TO PROVE IT.

Unstrapping his strap, KfC hold his new precious high in the air.

KfC: While I’m here, again… I just want to point out the fact that I’m purrrrrrty sure dat da es-vee-oh is based out of Vegas. By simple deduction, that would mean that not only am I now the new King of Vegas, but I’m also the new King of the sVo. That being said… I beg of you. Please don’t test my vigilance. My COOL hand is swift, strong, and unforgiving.

The fans begin to boo. The mocking only causes the shit eating grin on Kid Cool’s face to widen. He’s looking out to the crowd, acting as if he is struggling to hear their sentiments.

KfC: What’s that??? You want to be title faced?

After ruffling their feathers, the fans quick-switch into rabble rousing mode, and really let the newly crowned Champ have it. The cursing and shouting at Kid Cool intensifies, as he strolls around the ring, laughing at the top of his lungs.

KfC: Ha, didn’t think so! Lord Vegas, OUT! Industry rules!

And like that, the reign of Kid f’n Cool has begun.

For Your Protection

We cut backstage into the corridors leading around the various locker rooms and production rooms to find sVo World Champion, Night walking very briskly tailed closely by the looming figure of Mitsuhiro Tomishiba, the protector of KIMURA Dojo champions for many generations.

Tomishiba: Are you satisfied now? He’s not here. I told you he wasn’t booked again.

Night: I knew he wasn’t booked – I wanted to find out how to contact him.

Tomishiba: I thought last week proved that patience will pay off here. And with you getting distracted – how did your match go.

At this, Night stops dead in his tracks, turning to face the much larger Tomishiba. The large enforcer smirks, standing face-to-face with Night but peering clear over his head.

Night: That’s enough, Tomi-san. Don’t bring that up.

Tomishiba: You’ve heard it all before from the Master. You should try listening to him sometime, someone like you couldn’t comprehend where a man like that has been and what he has seen. When he tells you things it’s for your own good.

Night: ENOUGH!

The champion, having heard more than enough turns and begins to storm off down the corridor, Mitsuhiro lagging behind.

Tomishiba: I’ve protected a lot of champions in my life, Akumu – but you are easily the most insufferable.

Night: Then why do you follow me?

Tomishiba: Orders from the Master. For your protection.

Night: I don’t need your help.

Night turns the corner and Mitsuhiro disappears from view. Seething, Night punches at a nearby door – however, he is caught by surprise as the door swings open and Weapon X comes charging out and swings a metal bar he holds in his hands. The impact sends the masked man sprawling back against the far corridor and onto the floor. Following closely from within the room is none-other than Scotty Love. Scotty wastes no time in kicking the living hell out of the downed man as Weapon X continues to pummel at Night’s upper body.

Scotty Love: Not so tough now are you?

Turning to Weapon X he indicates the room behind him.

Scotty Love: Come on, let’s get to work on this fucker.

The two men begin to drag Night into the room. Instinctively, the dazed Night begins to fight – catching Scotty with a hard kick to the side of the head. Without warning, Weapon X’s grip on Night is loosened by a huge roundhouse kick to the face delivered by a massive leg. The owner of the leg, Mitsuhiro Tomishiba grunts as he grabs Scotty by the back of the neck and propels him into a closed door. The door crashes off its hinges as Scotty goes sprawling into the room. Tomishiba moves quickly to Weapon X and hoists him to his feet, before tossing him carelessly into the room after Scotty. Pressing a finger into his ear, he brings a small radio to his mouth.

Tomishiba: Master – they attempted to take Akumu. Yes, I have him. We’re on our way.

Reaching down to grab Night by the arm, Tomishiba effortlessly yanks him to his feet – Night clutching at his right shoulder.

Tomishiba: Are you okay?

Night: Yes. Thank you, Tomi-san.

Tomishiba: It’s my job. We have to go… now.

Night nods as the two men hurriedly set off down the corridors – Night turning to survey the damage as Scotty and Weapon X still reel inside a production room at the feet of several shocked looking crew members.


Showdown returns from commercial and we are backstage..

You see Chris Wrestling making his way through the hall. People watch as the man turns and heads into his locker room. Inside, you see a camera man and a reporter standing there.

Wearing a low cut top and a very short skirt, she adjusts herself to look a bit more revealing. A coy grin crosses her face as a confused look comes across his face as he shakes his head.

Chris Wrestling: What are you doing in here?

Katie Smith: Want to get your reaction to getting a rematch at the Tag Team Championships.

Chris Wrestling: Jesus Christ, can’t I just come here and get some rest? Ok you want my feelings?

Clearing his throat he looks into the camera.

Chris Wrestling: Good job Xtreme Fusion, good job. You have come here and finally won the championships. You couldn’t win the championships against us but you had no problems winning those titles last week against Williams and Anti-Hero. Xtreme Fusion you’re not good enough, but then again, when it comes to fighting The Corporation, you’ve never really been good enough haven’t you? Let’s think about this one for a minute shall we? Can you name me one person in the Xtreme Fusion that have ever defeated me? Go on I’ll wait.

Looking at Katie Smith, she looks back with a blank look in her eyes.

Chris Wrestling: That’s what I thought there puddin’. You can’t, Limp can’t, hell the great DVD can’t either. There hasn’t been one person ever brought into SVO that has been able to take me out and why does The Xtreme Fusion think they can?

Katie Smith: Well…

Cutting her off.

Chris Wrestling: Shut your man pleaser woman!! Stand there and look cute, that’s all the talent you have anyway. Xtreme Fusion you took our spot last week and won the titles but you also proved to us that you can’t beat us for the belts unless you fight other champs. Now you’ve got to put those championships on the line not only against Los Locos, The Canadian Connection but against us. You have this match so you can prove that you’re worthy champions. Yes I’m on the closer side of 30, but you know what I’m still the baddest mother fucker you’ve ever seen and SVO has ever seen. Ask around jackass as to the hell I’ve raised in every place since day one and yet here I am. Still standing. No one has yet to knock me out and it’s not going to happen anytime soon, Xtreme Fusion. You are no different to the other fuckers that management has brought in here to try their best in ending my career. Hasn’t happened yet and it won’t anytime soon.

Katie Smith tries to open her mouth, Chris Wrestling grabs her mic out of her hand. Opening the locker room door he throws the mic into the hallway and shoves Katie Smith and the cameraman out. As the door closes the scene goes cuts back to the announcers..


We cut backstage and SVO cameras are zoomed in on a pair of black wrestling boots shoes with white spats over them that slowly pan up to a pair of black slacks which slowly move up to a thin and scarred midsection and torso and finally up to DJ’s face as he grins maniacally at the camera, his curly black hair dropping down slightly across half of his face before he brushes it back out of his face with his white tapped up hands.

DJ: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! We hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves tonight because we can assure you it’s about to get a lot better.. How you may ask? Let us tell you..

DJ stepped back motioning his hands toward a table on which no less then thirty different flavors of 40 oz Slurpees were on display. He moved around to behind the table and leaned down, his eyes locked on the camera though his face was just above the Slurpee drinks.

DJ: ..Beautiful is it not? We thought you would think so.. For you see DJ has taken his first step into a larger world.. For you see what does every great champion have that sets him or her apart from others? Sponsorship! Funding from a large mega corporation to ensure that his every need is paid for so that he can focus on the things that are most important on life..

He winked at the camera before he looked back down at the Slurpees mulling to himself over which one he should take before he grabbed a Full Throttle Frozen Fury flavored Slurpee taking a long drink of it before allowing himself an overly satisfied smack of his lips.

DJ: MMMM! Fuels the Madness! Just what we needed to get ourselves ready for our Tag Team Title Match against Xtreme Fusion, The Canadian Connection and Los Locos! But wait, it gets better. There is still another commercial break and five minute wait period before our match for the Tag Team Championships! And you know what that means right?

He picked up a watch off the table, clicking it gently as it make a loud beeping sound.

DJ: You have up to ten minutes to go out and buy yourself a delicious and refreshing Slurpee from the vendors before you get to see us embarrass our opponents like the children they are! So many flavors and so little time so you better get a move on! And best of all, you pour your own drink so you get to decide how big or how small it is! All for under two dollars.. You can’t buy a 40 oz Soda for that little! Not at our Vendors here, that’s for sure!

He eyed the watch again before he took another long drag off his Slurpee as if he were waiting for the crowd to do something. After about ten seconds he stops drinking and sets it down, once again offering another self satisfied smack of his lips.

DJ: But wait! It gets better.. For you see in just a few weeks.. Before my match at the next PPV there shall be a Special Limited Edition Holographic Cup and flavor made especially for.. Yours truly. Indeed! The Flavourologist at Slurpee have let us know… that a special SVO brand of collector cups and flavors will be released the week before the PPV! So you idiotic little consumers.. Save your pennies and prepare your hearts to buy into the machine! Heh-heh!

Setting the Slurpee down DJ folded his arms over his chest and canted his head to the side with a smug expression which gave him a greasy appearance. His blood shot eyes looked directly at the camera as he took in a breath of fresh air before continuing.

DJ: But.. We’re afraid you’re going to have to wait until then to get that.. But we promise you tonight you can get to see a little bit of horror that we are planning to unleash on the pathetic tag team division here in SVO. These teams are wasted up wastes of space and as in following with our personal philosophy.. They need to learn that its not about having everything that makes you amazing.. It’s about having nothing and living a life free of such burdens..

A dangerous grin flashed on DJ’s face as he turned to the side, his eyes still locked on the camera. His hands lifted up, rubbing against each other in a menacing fashion akin for a 1920’s silent film villain.

DJ:.. Oh yes.. And when they have nothing left.. They shall see as others have seen.. As everyone shall see and everyone shall learn.. When you have nothing to lose.. You can truly learn to live life to the fullest. And the madness will spread through SVO until there is no one left who is untouched.. Our opponents tonight shall be shattered by our fist.. And the Madness will spread. One by one.. Two by two.. Slipping away. Oh.. And then.. It shall be glorious..

He took a moment to bask in his own glory before he smiled brightly at the camera, waving good bye.

DJ: Oh.. Such music to our ears. A world driven mad.. Imagine That..

DVD & Limp vs. Canadain Connection vs. Los Locons vs. Chris Wrestling & DJ

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and quickly Limp delivers a dropkick to the knee of Rosario. Rosario gets back up but receives toe kicks from Limp. Limp follows it up with a back chop to Rosario. Limp connects with a snap jab to Rosario. Limp measures Rosario and delivers a dropkick to Rosario. Rosario gets back up and receives punches from Limp.

On another side of the ring, Wrestling has an armbar on DVD. But Canadian Crippler attacks Wrestling breaking the hold.

On another side of the ring, DJ delivers a Gory Special to El Locon. DJ now grabs the leg of El Locon and applies a leg lock to El Locon. Angel The Malignant quickly makes the save for his partner.

Limp grabs Rosario but Rosario delivers a small package to Limp.



Interrupted by Chris Wrestling.

DVD grabs Crippler and delivers a snapmare to Crippler followed up by a dropkick to the back of the head of Crippler. DVD picks up Crippler and applies a wrist and arm wrench on Crippler. DJ quickly attacks DVD breaking the hold.

El Locon delivers a low blow on Limp and Angel delivers a knee attack on Limp. Los Locos now grab Limp and deliver a double suplex on Limp. Angel goes for the pin.



Interrupted by Rey Rosario.

Wrestling delivers a ddt to DVD. Wrestling picks up DVD and throws him against the ropes and delivers a clothesline to DVD. DVD gets up and receives a huracanrana from Wrestling. Wrestling pins DVD.



Interrupted by Canadian Crippler.

DJ delivers a school boy pin on El Locon.



Interrupted by Angel The Malignant.

Rosario delivers a flapjack to Wrestling who bounces up from the impact and gets dropkicked by Rosario. Rosario picks up Wrestling and delivers a body knee strike to Wrestling.

DVD gets a cradle pin on Crippler.



Interrupted by DJ.

Los Locos double clothesline Rosario. El Locon pins Rosario.



Interrupted by Chris Wrestling.

DVD delivers a back suplex to Crippler. Crippler gets back up and receives a low blow from DVD. DVD follows it up with a school boy roll up on Crippler.



Interrupted by DJ.

Los Locos deliver a double dropkick on Wrestling. Angel turns around and receives the DVD Cutter from DVD. DVD pins Angel.



Interrupted by Canadian Crippler.

DJ slams El Locon to the mat. DJ climbs the ropes and delivers the DJ Splash on El Locon. DJ pins El Locon.



Interrupted by Limp.

Rosario has a sleeper hold on Wrestling. DVD attacks Rosario breaking the hold.

Crippler stomps on DJ. Crippler bounces off the ropes and connects with a flip senton attack on DJ. Crippler pins DJ.



Interrupted by Limp.

Rosario applies a sleeper hold & head scissors on Wrestling. DVD attacks Rosario breaking the hold.

Crippler applies a face stretch to DJ. Limp interrupts the hold.

Limp delivers a punch to the groin to Crippler. Limp applies an stf to Crippler. Rosario saves his partner. Rosario picks up Limp and throws him against the turnbuckle. Crippler lays down in front of Limp as Rosario charges and uses Crippler’s back to springboard and deliver a spin kick to Limp in the corner. Both members of The Canadian Connection grab a leg from Limp and they apply a double side leg lock to Limp. Wrestling kicks Crippler breaking the hold he had and applies the Perfect Shooter on Crippler. DVD quickly attacks Wrestling breaking The Perfect Shooter. DJ kicks Rosario so that he breaks his submission hold and quickly locks in The Future Lock on Rosario.

DVD grabs Crippler and delivers the DVD Cutter to Crippler. DJ quickly grabs DVD and throws him out of the ring and pins Crippler. 1 2 3 Ding Ding Ding

RESULT: Chris Wrestling & DJ via pinfall

The Best form of Defense

We cut backstage to the locker room of sVo Champion Night. Clearly troubled, Night’s mentor, trainer and manager, Akira Kimura paces. Walking in a big circle, he passes around the room and into the adjoining bathroom. From within the bathroom, his head snaps around as he hears a sound behind him. The gentle clicking of the front door and two footsteps followed by a quiet creak and the clicking of the door shut and the extinguishing of the lights.

A seasoned veteran, Kimura knows something is wrong and immediately lowers his stance, creeping back towards the locker room.

Cautiously he peers around the door-frame, catching sight of a solitary figure. The lights now off, the room is bathed in darkness and only the silhouette of the man can be seen. Although only a silhouette, he is clearly wearing a dark suit with a white shirt and, from the looks of it, sunglasses. Knowing exactly who the man is, or at least, who he works for, Master Kimura surveys the room.

Spotting a kendo stick seated on the bench in the middle of the room, Akira Kimura quickly formulates a plan and sets it in to motion. It’s simple, a quick, unexpected attack on the would-be attacker.

Keeping low and moving swiftly, Master Kimura sets out into the dark room upon seeing his target look behind him to investigate a suspicious shadow. A true fighting master of many years, Kimura moves silently and is undetected until he already has the kendo stick in hand right on the suited man. Kimura viciously brings the stick down across the top of the man’s head, before swinging again and connecting with the side of his face. Akira drops the kendo stick and drives a hard elbow into the side of the man’s head, backing him up against the lockers before charging at him and nailing a shining wizard.

The suit slumps back against the lockers, Master Kimura kicking him viciously in the temple for good measure and sending him into a heap on the floor. Master Kimura calmly moves back to the door, switching on the light and speaking into a radio of his own.

Kimura: Tomi-san – don’t respond, I don’t want to alert Akumu. The Company sent a man here… I’m guessing for the same reason as they went after Akumu, but I didn’t wait to find out. He’s here now and there’s nothing I can do about that. I’ll ask you to take him back to his employers when you get here – that’s just for Akumu’s benefit, the less he knows about this the better – I need you to find a quiet spot and get some information from him. We’re taking the fight right to them.

Kimura straightens himself up and it seems his warning was just in time as the door swings open and Night and Tomishiba burst in – Night freezes as he sees the unconscious suit.

Night: Master – what’s going on? Are you okay?

Kimura laughs heartily.

Kimura: It’s nothing, Akumu. The Company sent a man to intimidate me, but this old dog still knows a few tricks it seems! Don’t just stand there, Mitsuhiro, take our friend, Mr…

Kimura leans down to the representative and checks a security badge attached to his jacket.

Kimura: … Fredericks back to his employers – I think it should send an adequate warning.

Tomishiba nods grimly as he scoops up the unconscious man and exits the room.

Kimura: And you, Akumu – are you alright for your match?

Night: Yes, Master. Of course.


Roscoe shame is shown walking in the backstage. He’s carrying a bottle of water in his hand. Stopping in front of a door he knocks a couple of times before opening it. Inside we see it’s infact the locker room of CSJ. Large plush leather furniture inside. CSJ is kicked back in one of his chairs. Roscoe walks in and hands CSJ his water.

CSJ: Took you long enough!

Roscoe: There was a line.

CSJ: Whatever, I have a job for you tonight.

Roscoe: What now?

CSJ: I don’t want Tobias getting the win tonight. I don’t care if you have to knock him out then defeat Bond and Paradine yourself. Or if you throw the entire match. Whatever you have to do, Tobias does not win tonight, understood?

Roscoe hangs his head and just shakes it. He mumbles something but you can’t understand him.

CSJ: What was that? I said is that understood.

Roscoe snaps back at CSJ.

Roscoe: It’s understood damn it!

CSJ: Good, now get out of my sight, I have matters that need attending.

Roscoe turns from CSJ and heads towards the locker room door, exiting and leaving CSJ alone.


Back live and a video feed cuts to a young girl, no older then 6, with curly blonde hair. Her face is blind folded and she appears to be wearing a Hello Kitty shirt. She appears to be tied to a chair as the hand held camera filming seems to sway back and forth in an erratic fashion.

Voice: Why don’t you tell everyone your name..

The girl turns her head slightly, frightened by the sound of the scratchy, slightly familiar voice. She takes in a soft breath of air and lets out a mild cry.

Voice: Come on.. Let everyone know your name.. let him know your name.. She turns her head again as if she was trying to look at the person who is talking through the blind fold before her quivering lips part and she speaks in her young, tiny voice.

Michelle: name is Michelle..

The voice from behind the camera giggles slightly before the man clears his throat. As he speaks it becomes apparent that it is DJ, The Corporation’s rabid dog.

DJ: Ooooh that’s a nice name. You’re parents must be smart folks to give you such a nice name. Where are your parents right now, Michelle?

Michelle:..I.. I don’t know..

She whimpers slightly as she speaks, small wet stains appearing near the bottom of the blind fold as she starts to cry. Her lip turns down into a deep set frown under the cruel questioning of DJ who lets out a slightly muffled and excited giggle at the prospect of making a little girl cry.

DJ:.. No? No you don’t? Aww. You know who else doesn’t? Your uncle.. Limp. Oh we know mommy and daddy didn’t want you to know about him.. But you will know about him soon. Oh we promise that.. Cause if your unckie doesn’t start acting like we know he can.. We’re gonna start sending him pieces of Mumsy and papa.. And maybe.. Maybe if it gets really bad .. Well.. Heh-heh..

A hand reaches out from behind the camera and gently caresses the side of Michelle’s face as she shrivels away from it letting out a scream.

DJ: Maybe we’ll let La Envidia Mata talk to you.. Maybe.. Maybe.. Best Wishes! Say bye-bye! And with that the feed dies immediately as the action cuts back to ringside.

Christopher St. James vs. Joseph Peyton

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Peyton charges in with a clothesline but St. James ducks and delivers a flying neckbreaker to Peyton. Peyton gets up and receives a dropkick from St. James. Peyton gets up again and receives a couple of toe kicks from St. James. St. James follows it up with a couple of body punches to Peyton. St. James throws Peyton against the ropes and delivers a spinning wheel kick to Peyton. St. James pins Peyton.




St. James picks up Peyton but Peyton catches St. James with a grapple punch to St. James. Peyton follows it up with a grapple elbow strike to St. James. St. James fires back with a kick to the midsection followed up by a diamond dust to Peyton. St. James picks up Peyton and delivers a snapmare followed up by a neck lock. Peyton starts to get up and counters with an arm wrench followed up by a headlock. St. James counters with a wrist and arm wrench to Peyton. Peyton escapes with a knee to the midsection and delivers a neckbreaker to St. James. Peyton picks up St. James and delivers a snapmare to St. James. Peyton picks up St. James again and delivers trapping headbutts to St. James. Peyton follows it up with a suplex to St. James. Peyton pins St. James.




Peyton picks up St. James but St. James connects with a kick to the midsection of Peyton and follows it up with a sliced bread #2 on Peyton. Both men get up and St. James delivers a low blow to Peyton. St. James follows it up with a gutbuster to Peyton. St. James waits for Peyton to get up and delivers a kick to the midsection followed up by a ddt to Peyton. St. James pins Peyton.




St. James picks up Peyton but Peyton delivers an eye poke to St. James. Peyton follows it up with a headlock takeover to St. James. St. James starts to get up and pushes Peyton against the ropes and delivers a sleeper hold to Peyton. Peyton counters with a jawbreaker to St. James. Peyton follows it up with a rolling clutch pin on St. James.




Both men get up and St. James kicks Peyton in the midsection and delivers a corkscrew neckbreaker to Peyton. St. James picks up Peyton and delivers a back suplex to Peyton. St. James picks up Peyton again and delivers an atomic drop to Peyton. St. James follows it up with a backbreaker to Peyton. Peyton gets up staggered and receives a school boy roll up pin by St. James.




Both men get up and Peyton connects with a Russian leg sweep to St. James. Peyton pins St. James.




Peyton picks up St. James and goes for a suplex but St. James counters with a suplex of his own. He rolls back up with Peyton and delivers another suplex. St. James repeats the process delivering the 3 Amigos. St. James delivers an angry stomp to Peyton. St. James bounces off the ropes and delivers a leg drop to Peyton. St. James pins Peyton.




St. James goes to pick up Peyton but Peyton delivers a single leg takedown and follows it up with a choke to St. James. Peyton slaps the head of St. James and raises him up. Peyton slams St. James to the mat and locks in a reverse chin lock on St. James. St. James starts to get up and delivers a drop toe hold to Peyton. St. James quickly applies a leg lock to Peyton. Peyton drags himself to the ropes. St. James goes to pick up Peyton but Peyton delivers a punch to the groin to St. James. Peyton grabs St.

James legs and applies a Texas cloverleaf to St. James. St. James crawls his way to the ropes. Peyton picks up St. James and goes to throw St. James against the ropes but St. James reverses and delivers a tilt a whirl backbreaker to Peyton. St. James picks up Peyton and throws him against the turnbuckle and delivers a turnbuckle clothesline to Peyton. St. James follows it up with a turnbuckle dropkick to Peyton. St. James climbs the ropes but Peyton stops him on top and starts climbing with him. Peyton delivers a superplex to St. James. Peyton gets up and throws St. James against the turnbuckle and charges at him with a monkey flip. Peyton pins St. James.




Peyton bounces off the ropes and receives a spinning heel kick from St. James. St. James pins Peyton putting his feet on the ropes doing an illegal pin on Peyton.



The referee stops the count when he catches St. James using the ropes for leverage.

St. James climbs the ropes with his back to the ring. Peyton pushes St. James making him sit on the top rope. Peyton climbs up behind him and delivers a super back suplex to St. James. Peyton pins St. James.




Peyton bounces off the ropes but receives a clothesline from St. James. Peyton gets up and receives a dropkick to the knee by St. James that makes Peyton roll to the outside. St. James goes to the apron and delivers a vaulting body press on Peyton. St. James throws Peyton back to the ring. St. James starts taunting the crowd and turns right into a dive through the ropes from Peyton. Peyton now throws St. James to the ring. Peyton gets in as well but walks right into an european uppercut from St. James. St. James follows it up with a front dropkick to Peyton. St. James climbs the ropes and delivers a diving cross body pin on Peyton.




St. James picks up Peyton and places him on the top rope. St. James climbs up with him but Peyton pushes him to the mat. Peyton now delivers a diving elbow drop on St. James and stays on him for the pin.




Peyton picks up St. James and throws him against the ropes but St. James comes back with a running knee to the face of Peyton. St. James bounces off the ropes again and delivers a shoulder block to Peyton. St. James pins Peyton.




St. James picks up Peyton and throws Peyton against the ropes but Peyton comes back with a running backslide pin to St. James.




Both men get up and St. James connects with an STO backbreaker to Peyton. Peyton gets up groggy and receives a hurracanrana from St. James. St. James pins Peyton.




St. James picks up Peyton but Peyton delivers a double axe handle to St. James. St. James fires back with a sitdown jawbreaker to Peyton. St. James takes Peyton to the mat with an arm drag. St. James picks up Peyton and throws him against the ropes and delivers a back body drop to Peyton. St. James pins Peyton.




St. James picks up Peyton and goes for a scoop slam but Peyton goes behind him and goes for an uprettier but St. James counters with a full nelson and delivers The Headshot on Peyton. St. James pins Peyton.




Ding Ding Ding

RESULT: CSJ def. Joe Peyton via pinfall

On the Other End

In a skybox high above the arena, obscured by the back of a plush Italian leather couch, three heads can be made out. A cloud of smoke hovers above. The silence is interrupted as the door swings open, a blond-haired man in a dark suit enters looking considerably panicked.

Unknown: What is it, Nelson?

Nelson: They have Fredericks, sir.

Unknown: Who does?

Nelson: Kimura…

A chuckle can be heard from the couch.

Unknown: Well… seems our old friend is bringing out some old tricks to play.

Nelson: What about Fredericks, sir?

Unknown: He’ll be fine. Who knows, he might even learn something from the old master.

Meanwhile in the bowels of the arena, an overhead fluorescent light flickers to life. The still unconscious Fredericks sits unmoving in a folded chair, his arms bound behind him – his legs bound to the chair legs with duct tape. Above him looks the intimidating Mitsuhiro Tomishiba. Tomishiba raises his arm, slapping his massive hand across the face of Fredericks.

Tomishiba: Wake up.

Another vicious slap and Fredericks begins to come to.

Fredericks: Where am I?

Tomishiba: Does it matter?

Fredericks: Who are you?

Tomishiba: You know who I am.

Tomishiba bends down, face to face with Fredericks, an evil grin plastered on his face.

Fredericks: T-Tomishiba?

Tomishiba: Ah… so they do still talk about me! I’m glad to hear it. What have you heard?

Fredericks: J-j-just s-stories.

Tomishiba: See, here’s the thing about stories. You can never be sure of what to believe. They’re always from a ‘guy who knows a guy who knows a guy’ – it’s like Chinese whispers… you can’t really tell exactly what happened. But, one thing you do know – somewhere in there is the truth…

Clearly panicking, Fredericks struggles to free himself, but quickly realizes he is trapped and looks up at his captor with fear etched clearly on his face.

Fredericks: What do you want from me?

He blurts out, pleading.

Tomishiba: Answers.


Tomishiba, clearly enjoying the moment can not wipe the grin from his face. Once again he lowers himself to face Fredericks.

Tomishiba: Then you’re in for a long night, Mr Fredericks.


In the backstage area down one of the hallways, the lights flicker and suddenly go out. There is a bit of panic as people scurry waiting for the power to come back on. The lights come back on and the door to every room is wide open.

In the locker room of Juliana Torres and the room of Raven, a package wrapped in clear cellophane sits in a small pool of what appears to be blood. Both have separate notes attached instructing the two superstars not to open them until they enter the ring.

Juliana nearly bumps into Raven as she exits her room. Both have their packages. Raven holds his around the top with a tightly clenched grip. Juliana holds the top of hers with her thumb and forefinger in disgust as the two of them head towards the ring through the backstage hallways.

The Corporation’s theme music hits as the two Corporation superstars make their way down to the ring. Both of them get into the ring one after each other. They notice that there is a few tables set up outside the ring. The lights begin to dim into the soft glow of dark blue making the surroundings of the arena barely visible. The screen at the top of the ramp comes to life with the sight of a man standing under a blue spotlight. His head is hidden in the large flowing fabric of a hooded robe. His hands are hidden underneath the cuffs as he holds them in front of him at waist height. He spreads his arms wide. The distorted voice once again sounds out.

“Open that which I have given unto you. Take the center of the offering, examine it and try to determine its relevance. Only after this has been explained shall I reveal myself to you. Only then will you have the true gift of knowing my identity.”

Raven looks relatively pissed at all the stupid little games he is being put through. Juliana opens her’s trying not to get any of the blood from the cellophane onto her expensive designer clothes. Raven rips at his savagely in an attempt to find out what is really going on. Juliana pulls the top of the box off after discarding the soiled cellophane. She pulls out a small miniature table and looks at it through the dim light. Raven tears into his and comes up with a white piece of paper tinted in the blue light. In the center of the white paper is a large black spot.

“Too bad your other sister Ely wasn’t here Juliana. She would understand much quicker than you do. She knows the ways of darkness much better than you. It should have been obvious the moment the other one showed up. You should have realized that the forces of darkness that have lain dormant for so long would one day rise again. Your sister better understood the fires forged in the dragon’s mouth. Your sister would have a better grasp at understanding the violence that I wish to bring forth into this world once again. But you never did grasp my darker side. You never did understand the need to force others to bleed. As for your little gift Juliana, it has almost been a year since you and I faced each other in the ring. It is an anniversary gift of sorts. It has almost been a year since I drove you with unimaginable force through the surface of a table leaving you in a broken heap…”

The two superstars remain focused on the screen in front of them.

“And as for you Raven, that black spot has a double meaning. Back in the days of pirates the black spot meant that you were marked for death. In a way you are. The day that you joined up with her was the day you decided to have yourself marked for death. You followed her willingly and in that decision you elevated yourself to her equal. You became her right hand man in the fight against everything and every one. In essence you took a spot that belonged to someone else. And so I have come to restore the chaos to the order of The Corporation. Now that you have received your little gifts… it is time for the last big surprise. I am afraid that some of my earlier comments may have given it away. I’m sure Juliana has had enough time over these last three weeks to piece the trinity of clues together. Behold, the savage face from the darkness…”

Smoke begins to plume up around the stage as a figure in a dark black robe with a red sash steps through the fog.

As the man begins to walk down to the ring, a dark spot appears on the canvas behind Juliana and Raven. The dark spot begins to grow exponentially.

The center of the dark spot begins to move as a pair of hands force their way up through the center of the dark spot. The canvas begins to rip and tear as a man begins to force himself up through the canvas. Juliana and Raven have their eyes focused on the man in the robe that is arriving slowly in front of them.

As the man forces his body up through the torn canvas of the ring, a noose begins to drop down from the ceiling behind Raven. The man in the robe throws the hood back revealing his face from underneath. Raven and Juliana don’t seem to recognize who the man is. Another larger man steps out of the hole in the ring and wraps the noose around Raven’s neck. As he gives it a tug, Raven begins to rocket up off the ground in shock. Raven frantically pulls at the rope around his neck as he tries to release himself from the fate that awaits him. Juliana turns and faces the man with a shocked expression on her face. The man whips her over the top rope and out to the floor below. He follows her to the outside as the house lights slowly come back on. Several members of the ring crew rush down the ramp towards the ring with a ladder.

The man throws Juliana on top of one of the tables and executes a jumping package piledriver through the table. He gets up and looks at the bent body of Juliana Torres. Using his right hand, he goes through the motions of the cross as if blessing the fallen former champion. As the lights come back to their standard illumination, the identity of the real attacker is shown. The man holds a microphone in his grip.

It’s Asesino!

“Raven never should have gotten close to you. Juliana never should have let him. Look at what has happened because of it. We have an unconscious former Las Vegas champion bruised and broken because she was too blind to see. We have a King of Hardcore that didn’t realize that he was what hung in the balance between my light and my dark. I won the right to face Raven BEFORE he came to SVO. The management for not honoring my title shot dishonored me… and a champion that knew I was his number one contender dishonored me. It is time that I took my own brand of justice and fused it with the shadow I have become. It is time that I stood for my rights and not the rights of others that fail to do the same for me. I am here in SVO to destroy The Corporation. Juliana used to be with me. Now the symbol of Asesino shall become coated from the crimson spilled in battle. Thus Asesino resurrects marked by the bodies of his former allies. The blood hunt has begun and this time the shadow-winged angel flies alone…”

Asesino drops the microphone and thrusts his V-shaped arms out to the side while clenching his muscles.

Showdown cuts to a commercial!!

Tobias Devereux & Roscoe Shame vs. Chris Bond & Nathan Paradine

One last thing before I shuffle off the planet,
I will be the one to make you crawl,
So I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday
Someone call the ambulance… There’s gonna be an accident

As Placebo’s “Infra-Red” echoes around the arena, Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, oblivious to their boos. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

“If you take a life, do you know what you’ll give…
Odds are, you won’t like what it is…
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me…
By the merciless eyes I’ve deceived…
I’ve seen angels fall from blinding heights…
But you yourself are nothing so divine…
Just next in line…”

Multi-colored lights soon begin flickering throughout the arena and much to the chagrin of every fan (aside from the few smart and loyal fans in attendance), out steps former Hostility World Champion, Chris Bond. “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell blasts loudly and with every step the man takes, boos and jeers get louder and louder. As he walks down the aisle with a grin plastered across his face (a blend that can only be described as both suave and cocky), Bond slaps a few hands away, you know the few fans that reach out and try and play grab-ass with the entertainers. This of course sends a shower of jeers raining down upon him once more, but let’s be honest. He just doesn’t care. Bond jogs up the stairs, steps under the top rope, and walks into the center of the ring. This is where he stands, as almost all of the fans boo. Save for that small group of guys out there who are cheering him. Just saying… A true wrestling legend, not just in his own right, is ready for competition once again.

The arena falls silent as everyone awaits the arrival of the team of Tobias and Roscoe Shame. Even ParaBond have paused their staring contest with each other to stare at the entrance ramp. The arena falls silent, everyone awaiting on the arrival of Roscoe and Tobias. However, much to the crowd’s displeasure, “YES” by LMFAO starts to blast over the loudspeakers. Sure enough, the video tron starts to play CSJ’s updated video package, holding a lot of spots, including his pin, in his match against Night last week.

CSJ comes out onto the stage with a mic in hand. The music cuts down as he begins to speak.

“Ladies and germs! I’m sure you’re all wondering where my, uhm, servants, for lack of a better term, are. Especially you two in the ring. I’m sure you’re wondering where your opponents are. To be honest, they’re right behind me, just out of view of everyone. They’re not going to come out until I have a chance to introduce them properly. See, since they have come into my employ, I made myself a little tag team, I know for a fact it’s the best tag team in sVo right now, and certainly the best my money can buy, and let’s face it, I can buy ANYTHING. I mean, I HAVE been buying my own happiness since my conception, but that’s neither here nor there.”

CSJ pauses as if in deep thought. The crowd begins to boo and ParaBond begin to look restless, Bond even going so far to try and goad CSJ, Tobias, Shame, or any combination of the three into the ring. CSJ just looks on in amusement before saying.


“Yes” once again begins to play over the loud speakers as Tobias and Roscoe Shame make their way out on stage, CSJ proudly pointing them out and neither of The Saint James Apostles looking very enthused, at least, not as much as CSJ. Tobias and Shame try to walk off but not before CSJ shows off his property’s new threads, for Tobias a new trench coat proudly displaying, “Property of CSJ Enterprises” on the back. Instead of Roscoe’s shirt proudly displaying, “Shame Time,” he is now wearing one that says the same things as Tobias’ coat.

The two make it to the ring and Tobias slides under the bottom rope as Roscoe climbs up the steps and through the second rope. Tobias shrugs out of his trench coat as CSJ takes his place in his Apostles’ corner. The ref calls for the bell and this one is under way!

Roscoe and Paradine start things off, the two biggest men in the match. Go figure. They stare each other down. Typical. Suddenly Roscoe lights Paradine up with a right! Paradine quickly returns the favor and the two battle back and forth, both trying to over power the other. Paradine catches one of Roscoe’s punches and knees him in the gut doubling him over!

Paradine nails Roscoe’s back with a double axe handle and Shame goes down. Paradine delivers a couple boots to Roscoe’s back followed by locking in a camel clutch! The ref asks if Roscoe would like to quit but Roscoe manages to choke out NO! Of course in Australian language that means to pull harder, which Paradine does. Roscoe yells out in pain, he raises his hand…

And Paradine gets a running dropkick to the face courtesy of Tobias! The ref yells at Tobias to get out of the ring but the damage is done, Paradine was forced to break the hold seeing as he just got kicked in the face. Tobias goes back to his corner and starts to yell for Roscoe to get up. Which he does.

Shame manages to make it to a knee as Paradine recovers and tries to mount an offense! Roscoe is ready though and launches himself from his knees and headbutts Paradine right in the gut! This time Paradine is doubled over and Roscoe nails The Australian Submission Machine with a HARD uppercut! The force of the blow forces Paradine back a few steps and Roscoe starts to gain some momentum!

That is until Bond manages to reach over to where Paradine is leaning on the ropes and tags himself in! Bond smiles at his clever maneuver and Paradine goes to his corner to recover. Bond and Roscoe start to circle each other. Getting closer and closer. They go to tie up but Bond is fast on the draw and ducks under Roscoe, going for The Rude Awakening!

Roscoe, knowing something is up though and not being born yesterday (which helps), manages to turn just in time and nail Bond with a huge right! Bond stumbles backwards and Roscoe charges forward taking Bond down with a massive clothesline! Now the Shame Train is rolling as Roscoe picks up Bond and hits a big powerslam! Bond holds his back in apparent discomfort and Roscoe takes the opportunity to nail the ex-super/secret agent with a couple boots to the back.

Bond rolls though and dodges a boot, quickly holding onto the ropes to avoid any more damage that Roscoe may want to throw his way. The ref backs Roscoe up as Bond slowly stands up, keeping his eyes on his opponent, ignoring Tobias, which is a bad move. As the ref pushes Shame away from Bond, Tobias runs over and nails Bond with a clothesline, forcing Bond off the apron! Tobias runs back over to his corner as the ref turns, noticing that Bond is out on the side of the ring. Seeing no alternative the ref begins his count…




Roscoe sneaks out of the ring and rushes over to Bond, not wanting to win by count out. He picks Bond up and pushes him into the ring. Roscoe slides in underneath the ropes, but Bond recovers and springs to his feet, delivering a massive punt to the side of Roscoe’s head!

Shame goes limp as Bond drags him the rest of the way into the ring and rolls him over, covering him for the pin.



Shame kicks out! Bond looks mildly annoyed as he goes and tags in Paradine. Shame tries to stand up and recover, only managing to get to his knees before Paradine is picking up Roscoe himself! Paradine smiles and tries to deliver the Paraplex, only for Shame to block it! Paradine tries it again, but Shame blocks it again! The crowd is torn, some cheering for Paradine, some cheering for Shame as Shame elbows his way out of Paradine’s clutches and manages to tag in Tobias!

Everybody’s favorite Cajun rushes in and starts pelting the bigger Paradine with rights and lefts! Paradine stumbles backwards slightly but Tobias’ offense doesn’t seem to be doing much to phase Paradine. So what does the wily Cajun do? He delivers a dropkick to the knee of Paradine!

That did something as Paradine falls to one knee and Tobias quickly takes advantage with a DDT! The Cajun goes for the cover…



Paradine kicks out. Tobias starts to deliver boot after boot to Paradine only for The Aussie to grab Tobias’ foot and twist, forcing Tobias to fall! Paradine isn’t done there though as he keeps a hold of Tobias’ foot, standing up and twisting, it’s an ankle lock!

Tobias is in pain as the ref asks if he’d like to give up. Tobias shakes his head no but doesn’t look like he’ll last much longer. Then things really begin to get weird…

Paradine drags Tobias back to ParaBond’s corner, and allows Bond to tag himself in!?!? What kind of fucked up episode of The Twilight Zone are we watching? Bond comes in as Paradine keeps hold of Tobias’ ankle and drops an elbow on Tobias’ back! Paradine releases the hold as Bond starts to lay boots onto Tobias and locks in a sharpshooter!

Bond puts on the pressure as Tobias yells in pain. He once again is asked if he’d like to quit, but Tobias shakes his head again. Slowly, he manages to start to crawl over to his corner, dragging Bond with him. He makes it to the middle of the ring, he makes it three quarters to where he needs to be and Bond drags him back to ParaBond land.

Paradine tags in and Bond releases the hold and exits the ring. Paradine locks in The Mark of Judas! Tobias looks like he has seen better days but it seems that Bond wants more action! He tags himself back in!

Paradine releases the hold, enraged, his face red and his eyes glaring at Bond. Bond shrugs and starts to set up for The LKG, Bond’s version of the same move Paradine just had locked in! Bond looks at Paradine as if to say, “This is how it’s done…” Only for Paradine to shove Bond away! Bond shrugs and hits Paradine with a Reality Check! He drags Paradine over to their corner and tags Paradine in as Bond heads to the back…

Tobias sees the laid out Paradine and drags himself over and makes the cover!




They did it! In their debut match The Saint James Apostles win! CSJ doesn’t look too happy about things though…

RESULT: The Saint James Apostles def. Bond/Paradine via pinfall


Immediately following his tag team match, Nathan Paradine leans against the ropes in the corner, preparing to exit the ring and head back up the ramp. Chris Bond, however, grabs him by the shoulder and offers a handshake, however Paradine simply shakes his head and turns around to exit the ring. In apparent anger Bond grabs Paradine and hurls him backwards, before lunging on top of him and dealing out the lefts and rights. Kid F’n Cool runs down to the ring from the back and slides into the ring, a lead pipe in his hands. He climbs to his feet and Bond backs away, both men waiting for Paradine to stand upright.

Paradine manages to stand up and he turns around, barely managing to duck a huge swing from KfC. Paradine superkicks Bond and sends him tumbling down, only to turn around and get knocked down by another blow from KfC. Paradine falls down onto the mat and KfC grabs both of his arms, holding him up. Bond staggers to his feet and wipes his mouth, his bottom lip visibly bloodied from Paradine’s kick. He smears the blood across Paradine’s face before slapping him several times, the “Australian Submission Machine” motionless in KfC’s arms. Bond grabs Paradine and applies his “Long Kiss Goodnight” gogoplata, a mirror move to Paradine’s down Mark of Judas! Bond falls backwards and Paradine struggles to escape the hold, knowing full well how difficult it is to escape. KfC circles to the men, slapping his lead pipe against the mat, a wide smirk on his face. Suddenly, a familiar face appears at the top of the ramp, charging down to the ring…


Talon dives into the ring and KfC immediately bails, not willing to pick a fight with the sVo’s self proclaimed “Hero”. Talon falls to his knees and starts to slam his fists into Bond’s face, causing him to release the LKG. Paradine rolls away clutching his throat while Talon pulls Bond to his feet and flings him into the corner, running forwards to hit his legendary “Wings of Destiny”…

Only to halt a few feet away from the turnbuckle as KfC pulls Bond out of the ring, supporting his stablemate and helping him stand upright. Both men slowly move around the ring and start to back up the ramp, KfC still supporting Bond, engaged in a stare down with Talon. As they disappear backstage, Talon turns around and offers his hand to Nathan Paradine, who is on his hands and knees on the far side of the ring. Paradine looks up at Talon’s offer and scowls, before standing up and shrugging past the man who came to save him, making a pointed note to nudge his shoulder as he walks past. Talon lowers his arm and glances after Paradine with a bemused smile on his face, as “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce starts to blast over the sound system.


We’re taken to the back where we see Roscoe Shame and Christopher St. James both in their street gear heading down the back hallways. CSJ is leading the way while Roscoe carries all the bags. CSJ opens one side of a set of double doors, pushing it forward. As soon as he steps through we see some black item hitting CSJ across the side of the head taking him out of picture. The door is quickly slammed back into the face of Roscoe. From off camera we see a crowbar come into view as it’s slid into the handles off the door making it unable to push open. The camera pans up the hands that just barricaded the door up to a face. The face of Tobias Devereux!!!

Tobias is stalking CSJ who is holding his head from the apparent shot from the crowbar. CSJ slowly gets to his feet as Tobias charges him. Tobias with a bayou bash taking down CSJ! Inside the fans are going nuts, chants for Tobias rocking the building as CSJ is finally getting what he deserves. Tobias starts putting the boots to him, grabbing CSJ by the hair and yanking him up to his feet. De Cajun Sensation takes CSJ and slams him face first into a nearby wall. Tobias reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small pocket knife.

Tobias: I told yew’s dis wont ova, not by de long shot. Yews mess wit my life, I mess wit yew face!

The camera stays up as Tobias squats down, we can hear from off camera the sounds of CSJ hollering out in pain as Tobias stands back up with blood dripping off his knife before smirking down at CSJ. We pan out and see CSJ’s forehead dripping blood as he’s rolled to his stomach.

Tobias: I’s sees yew real soon cee ess jay, real soon.

Tobias smirks once more before turning and walking away as we focus on the dripping forehead of CSJ.

Night vs. Talon

The lights drop as red and white lasers begin to flash all over the arena. Fans cry out in surprise at the black-out as ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ begins to blast through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the curtain as a solitary figure steps through, clothed in the black, red and white. He stands there, grinning as he spreads out his arms and lets out a battle cry. Talon makes his way down the ramp, waving and high-fiving fans before entering the ring. He hands his coat off to someone at ringside before raising his arms in the air and taking his place in the ring.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw. Around the man’s waist is the sVo World Heavyweight Title.

Night stands at the top of the entrance ramp only for a moment before marching with a purpose towards the ring. He slaps hands with several ringside fans, but doesn’t take his eyes off his opponent in the ring – at the same time Talon returns Night’s gaze as the sVo universe anticipate the first ever collision of Talon and Night. Night reaches the ring quickly, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. The lights return to normal as the crowd roars at the sight of the two men in the ring. Night hands the sVo World Title to the referee as both men bounce about, each sizing up the other.

The crowd is deafening as the referee rings the bell – Talon and Night shaking hands in the middle of the ring before separating and circling. For a moment, both hesitate, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Simultaneously, Night fires a roundhouse kick which connects with Talon’s head as Talon connects hard with a big right hook catching the champion on the side of the jaw. Both men stumble back slightly, Talon recovering slightly quicker and clocking Night with a right jab before hooking under his arm and hoisting him over with a hiptoss. Night however manages to land on his feet – he turns, doubling Talon over with a boot to the midsection before attempting a Rocker Dropper, Talon blocking it and sending Night flipping backwards on to his feet once more. The brawler lunges at Night with a short arm clothesline, Night ducking under and leaping up onto Talon’s shoulders and dropping down into a crucifix pin!



Talon shifts his weight backwards over Night, reversing the pin.



Night hooks on to Talon’s head as he rotates, before attempting to wrap his legs around Talon’s waist for the Dream Time! However, feeling the sleeper beginning to be tightened causes Talon to instinctively roll backwards – again pinning Night’s shoulders to the mat!




Nearly caught by the unexpected pin attempt, Night kicks out strongly at the last second – releasing his hold on Talon’s head. Both men roll away before coming back to standing. Talon indicates with his fingers to Night “This close!” as the crowd continue to erupt with cheers. Talon grins and waves – meanwhile Night charges at the hero, Talon catching sight of him and dropping onto the mat. Night floats over and is caught as he bounces off the mat with a big spinning powerslam from Talon. Both men come to their feet quite quickly, Night clutching at his back. Night attempts a 3/4 facelock bulldog, but Talon pushes him off and once again Night goes charging towards the ropes. This time, Talon aims at his opponent with a picture perfect dropkick – however, he comes up empty and goes crashing to the mat as Night grabs hold of the ropes to stop his momentum.

With Talon down momentarily, Night turns and grabs hold of the top rope, before leaping up and off the middle rope and flipping backwards with a springboard moonsault splash. Talon meanwhile, thinking quickly, steps aside and lunges back at Night – launching a hard right at Night and sending him crumpling onto the mat in a heap! Talon once again stands and raises an arm to the fans who cheer loudly for him before he drops a dramatic elbow across the man from Kyoto’s chest – before hooking a leg for the pin.



Night kicks out at two. Talon wastes no time and floats over onto Night, mounting the champion and barraging him with a flurry of hard left and right hands. As Talon stands, he continues his assault on Night, not giving him a second to rest as he pummels the downed man with a series of hard stomps – still, Night tries to return to his feet, his progress hindered as Talon begins to unleash with hard kicks and punches to Night’s head and torso. The battered man finally on his feet manages to block a wild haymaker from Talon, returning with a hard left of his own. Talon returns with a right uppercut, only to be blocked by Night, who sidesteps, again catching Talon with a hard left to the side of the face. His progress is halted by a swift boot to the midsection by Talon, who pulls Night into a standing headscissors before hoisting him up and driving him head first onto the mat with a piledriver!

Clearly getting fired up, Talon stands and roars to the crowd who pop loudly. He points to the top rope and quickly begins to climb. Perched on the top, he urges Night to stand. Slowly, the masked man reaches his knees, before finally unsteadily returning to his feet and turning, searching for his opponent. Night catches sight of Talon on the top rope making a ‘T’ with his arms before leaping off with a missile dropkick aimed straight at Night. The momentary pose is enough time for Night to move however as he sidesteps, sending Talon crashing into the mat. Talon seems dazed, but manages to return to standing quickly. He attempts to regain the upperhand, again swinging a wild haymaker at Night who blocks it and follows up with a hard backfist/hook punch combo backing Talon up. Talon again swings wildly, Night this time grabbing hold of his arm and ducking underneath, rotating and flipping Talon over his shoulder and onto the mat with a Judo-esque throw! Once more Talon stands – this time throwing a surprise superkick at Night, who sidesteps and grabs hold of Talon’s leg, trapping him and wrenching backwards, sending Talon crashing onto the mat and out of the ring with a huge exploder suplex!

The crowd are on their feet as both men struggle to regain their bearings. Former Hostility Wrestling Champion, Talon lays sprawled on the arena floor, the victim of a brutal desperation exploder suplex while the sVo World Heavyweight Champion unsteadily climbs to his feet in the ring. Taking a moment to regain his bearings, Night catches sight of Talon unsteadily returning to his feet outside the ring. Charging across the ring, Night leaps over the top rope and crashes into Talon with a corkscrew suicide plancha to a sea of flashbulbs as the crowd voice their opinion!

“S-V-O! S-V-O! S-V-O! S-V-O! S-V-O!”

Both men lay painfully outside the ring. Talon lies upside down, twisted at the waist, his back propped against the crowd barrier while Night seems to have crashed into the ring steps and sits against it clutching at his right shoulder. With both men down outside the ring, the referee begins the mandatory ten-count, although he counts very slowly, clearly not wanting the match to end this way.




The count stirring both men, Night is the first to his feet although Talon has righted himself and kneels with his arm draped over the barrier.


With little time to waste, Night charges at Talon, leaping up and driving a knee into the side of the hero’s face – modified shining wizard!



Hurriedly, Night grabs Talon by the hair and tights and tosses him head first into the ring.



Night springs onto the ring apron, grabbing hold of the top rope and swinging himself up over it – bouncing off the top rope with the back of his thighs, one leg on either side of the turnbuckle before flipping back and crashing onto Talon with a split legged moonsault! He hooks the leg for the pin.




NO! Talon kicks out at the last moment. Night stands and moves to the far side of the ring, resting his right arm over the top rope and resting his weight on the middle rope, catching his breath as he waits for Talon to return to his feet. Across the ring, Talon slowly makes his way to all-fours, then a knee and finally back to his feet. He staggers around as Night charges out, aiming a flying leg lariat at him. Talon drops down as Night rolls through and continues running, before bouncing off the ropes… and right into Talon who lifts and spins dropping Night with a spinebuster! Night clutches at his back but his right shoulder also seems to be bothering him. Talon also seems to be feeling the effects of the match as he rolls slowly onto his stomach, again trying to push himself up but struggling with it.

Both men reach their feet at the same time, Talon slightly earlier. He lays the boots to Night who sinks back against the ropes, the masked champion attempting to cover up as best he can. Talon moves Night towards the turnbuckles, rocking him with hard lefts and rights the whole way. Night slumps back against the turnbuckles as Talon levels him with a hard back elbow. Talon scoops Night up and seats him on the top turnbuckle, but is kicked away by Night. Night stands before leaping off the turnbuckle with a high elevation splash – but is as stunned as everyone as Talon leaps off the mat and into the air, catching Night in mid air with a MASSIVE spear! The crowd erupts as Night folds in half in the air before crashing onto the mat. Talon collapses on him from the effort as the referee counts the pin.




KICKOUT! The crowd are on their feet as Night gets a shoulder up at the last possible moment. Talon seems spent but can sense the end is in sight. He stands and moves to the far corner, crouching as he waits for his opponent to return to his feet. Across the ring, Night slowly stands – as he does, Talon charges before leaping into the air and sending Night flipping backwards – Falcon Punch! The crowd pop as once again Talon crouches, waiting – this time, as Night regains his footing, Talon strikes out with a superkick, again going for the Claws of Fate and once more Night steps aside – only for Talon to catch himself and drive the back of his fist into Night’s head. The champion staggers back as Talon again pummels Night repeatedly with hard rights before sitting him on the top rope and signaling for the Wings of Destiny!

Talon climbs up on the middle rope behind Night, but is stunned by a quick headbutt. Night turns quickly and leaps over Talon, flipping forwards and slamming him into the mat – Sunset Flip Powerbomb! He pulls Talon to his feet, before attempting to pull Talon into a standing fireman’s carry, however Talon fights his way free, winds up and nearly takes Night’s head off with the Claws of Destiny! Night drops and Talon drops down for the cover!




The crowd erupts as the referee calls for the bell as Night has lost a close match with Talon. In the ring, Talon stands and the referee raises his hands as the referee holds his arm up in victory!

RESULT: Talon def. Night via pinfall

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