sVo Showdown
14th March 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #035

As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Johnny All Star, Night and La Envidia Mata! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘We Love the Corporation!’, ‘J.A.S #1 Fan’ and ‘Teach Me A Lesson Teacher!’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

A MESSAGEThe fans inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena murmur with anticipation of the start of Showdown 35. With a huge lineup including the four second-round matches of the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament, a match for the vacant Las Vegas Championship match, a 3-way elimination match featuring three sVo favorites and a match between two exciting new signees – the excitement is palpable. Without warning the lights cut out and the crowd roars as two words whisper through the PA.

“I’m Dreaming…”

The opening chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” blare over the PA as purple lights illuminate the arena. As the song kicks in, the man known as Night steps confidently through the curtain followed closely by his manager Akira Kimura, who, despite his normally jolly demeanor seems to be quite nervous as he stumbles along, sweating profusely and looking over his shoulder.

In stark contrast, Night seems to be in high spirits, albeit more determined than happy. Regardless, he strides ahead down the entrance ramp slapping hands with fans. Reaching the ring, he rolls under the bottom rope as Master Kimura nervously climbs into the ring. Night motions towards the timekeeper for a microphone, and this time he is handed it with less surprise.

The music cuts out as the lights return to normal.


Night grins broadly at the huge pop from the crowd.

NIGHT: “You know, after being away from here for so long I will never get sick of that.”

Night waits for the crowd to die down. Master Kimura applauds blankly, still watching over his shoulder and up the entrance ramp.

NIGHT: “So, I guess it’s still a little weird or maybe even novel to see me out here talking openly like this. But as we all know, this is a new sVo… somewhat. And a lot of time has passed since we were all here last. Things have changed, and while change can often be frightening or weird – change can be good.

A lot has changed for me in the last two years. I’ve changed.

While I’m the same person I always was, we all grow and adapt – we all have our own driving force, that light at the end of the tunnel that some spend their whole life reaching for. Some are not even fortunate enough to ever catch a glimpse of that light.”

Night pauses, looking over the silent crowd. Akira wipes his brow with the sleeve of his jacket and loosens his tie slightly.

NIGHT: “Two years ago I caught a glimpse of that light and we all know I didn’t reach it, but damn I was close. I’ve spent the last two years thinking about it. Obsessing over it.

I trained, but what did it matter? sVo was closed – the title gone with it. People called me crazy when I told them I was training to win the sVo World Championship. I still did it anyway. And now here we are!”

The crowd cheers, Night, looking more focused than ever barely blinks an eye this time.

NIGHT: “Here in the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament – the final eight. I’m both saddened and honored to be the last of the old guard represented in the tournament. The seven other men in the tournament, all impressive new signings to the company who are very talented individuals I will not be treating lightly or taking for granted.

Take my opponent tonight – ‘Canadian Perfection’ Chris Wrestling. A respected 9-year veteran, an accomplished technical wrestler and multiple-time champion. I’d have to be a moron to not take someone like that seriously.”

Night chuckles slightly before continuing.

NIGHT: “But I think my opponent and perhaps some of the others are not quite understanding where I’m coming from here. Chris – you may need to pump weights, and you may need this match with me to get your head in the game. To focus in and treat our match with the respect that you should treat it…

Well Chris, and everyone else still standing in the tournament; I signed back with the company ready – I have been focused on winning this championship for the past two years. And if any of you still have any doubts about how serious I am about this? You’ll see later tonight.”

A huge crowd pop as a determined Night hands the microphone through the ropes to the timekeeper with a curt but polite nod of his head, before turning and exiting the ring, followed closely by Master Kimura who can not seem to get out of there fast enough as the show begins.


A big long black stretch limousine pulls up to the side of the back parking lot where talent are taken to enter the arena doors. As the limo comes to a stop, out steps a familiar young man. He is wearing a three piece black suit with a white dress shirt and a brown tie. He walks to the back of the limo and opens up the door.

Out first steps a man dressed in a similar three piece black suit but with a black dress shirt and a brown tie. He steps away from the door as out comes none other than sVo wrestler Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson. Fans are making noise out in the crowd by ringside as they are so loud you can hear them from where they are at.

Thompson steps forward as the limo driver who is now recognized as Burns closes the door. Howard stands next to what looks like his old bodyguard, Jeeves who has an ear piece in and shades on. The band looks to be back, is it official? The three men now proceed together towards the back arena doors and towards their locker rooms.

The band is definitely back and so is Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson!


The sVo camera’s head backstage to find Johnny All-Star backing out of Paige Johnson’s office with a smirk on his face in a slightly disheveled look. He quietly backs up coming up solid as he grimaces turning around to find Scott Love, head of sVo security behind him.

Scott Love: ‘What’s going on here All-Star?’

Johnny turns fully around the grimace replaced by a nervous smile.

Johnny All-Star: ‘Nothing going on here Scotty… nothing at all.’

Love roles his eyes.

Scott Love: ‘Riiiight… I’m going to have to ask you to wait here while I check the office.’

Johnny All-Star: ‘Seriously Scotty… just having a meeting with Paige.’

Love grabs the back of All-Stars jacket. As he is about to radio for back up the office door swings open and Paige Johnson walks out.

Love lets his grip go as he glances between All-Star and Paige.

Scott Love: ‘Ummmm… sorry… I didn’t mean to interrupt anything here… I didn’t see nothing.’

All-Star straightens out his jacket.

Johnny All-Star: ‘What do you mean Scot…. no… no… no…. me and Paige were just having a meeting about an announcement that I’m making later tonight. That’s all… I am a married man after all. Now if you will excuse me.’

All-Star hurries down the hallway glancing over his shoulder.


Roscoe Shame is seen leaving the men’s restroom backstage. He whistles a tune only knownst to himself while walking at a leisurely pace. He spots two women wearing staff shirts up ahead. He squints his eyes to get a better glimpse. A smile etches on his face as he likes what he sees. Shame checks his breath before approaching the women.

“How are you two ladies doing tonight?”

“Doing just fine” answers the brunette.

“That’s good to hear. Do you ladies need any help with anything?”

“Umm..I think we got everything covered. Thank you though.” replies the blonde.

“Okay, well if you ever need a man for anything please let me know.”

“We will keep that in mind……..” the blonde states not knowing his name.

“Roscoe…..Roscoe Shame.”

Roscoe shakes their hands and turns to walk away but stops before taking the first step. He spins around on the heel of his foot to face the women.

“Please excuse me if I am being forward, but I wanted know to what are my chances of being able to take you two ladies out for dinner?”

“You want to take one of us or both of us?” asks the brunette.

“Preferrably both, but I am content with just one of you. I mean a man can’t go wrong with either one of you.”

The two women look at each other before sharing a light giggle.

“Zero.” the two women answer at the same time.

A stunned Roscoe can’t move from his spot. He opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out. The women give him a smile that is borderline cynical as they walk off leaving Roscoe still standing in the same spot with his mouth dropped open.


“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis begins to play and All-Star exits the backstage area onto the entrance ramp to the overwhelming cheers of the fans in attendance tonight. He makes his way down to the ring taking time to greet the fans as he does.

He pulls himself up into the ring and waits for the cheers to die down before raising the mic to speak.

‘Wow… it’s great to be back really… I’m just sorry that I didn’t have a chance to come out last week and address the loyal sVo fans what with all the goodness paced into last weeks episode. It’s safe to say that the sVo is back baby.’

The cheers reverberate off the ceiling of Goodfella’s Casino Arena once again. Johnny smirks and shakes his head in disbelief that he is actually being cheered.

‘I wanted to come out here tonight and speak to you all about something that’s near and dear to my heart. My foundation… Reach For The Starts. Some of you may have heard of it. It’s going to be doing great things this year. We’ve already picked our candidate for this year… a nice young woman that’s sacrificed everything for her grand mother. Well besides that… the program is expanding a bit this year… there’s something special that I’m working on that I will announce at a later date… but there’s something I can tell you about tonight.’

‘I’ve been pretty fortunate… and I’m glad to be back in the sVo… but truth be told… I don’t need the money.’

A hush comes across the fans in attendance before the chants break out.


All-Star shakes his head smirking.

“Johnny All-Star isn’t going anywhere… what I was trying to say is that I don’t need the money… so I’m donating my sVo money to the fans… the fans that don’t have the means to come and experience a live show. ‘

Johnny points his hands to the fans after each word as he walks around the ring.


‘Not the other way around. I’m here for you.’

‘Hope you have a good night.’

All-Star drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring as the fans are on their feet and he exits the ringside area through the crowd with Metal Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas playing.

Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson vs. Magical Top Hat Hunter

“Money” by Pink Floyd hits the pa system as Howard “The Bank” Thompson steps out from the backstage area and onto the top of the ramp way in front of a sVo-Tron.

Thompson sports a pair of black boots, red knee pads, a white pair of wrestling trunks with a dollar sign on it in green as well as white wrist tape. Howard struts his stuff down the ramp way with the fans booing him like crazy. Howard has a sparkling green robe on that he takes off as soon as he enters the ring. He stands up in a corner and stretches as his music begins to fade now.

The lights shut off and one single light is over the ramp. Magical begins walking out with his black cape and top hat on.

Walking down the ramp as the light follows him, he often gives the fan a magic show. It might be a rabbit or cards. He finally climbs into the ring, claps, than the lights snap on with him in wrestling gear.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Hunter charges at Thompson with a big right hand but Thompson ducks and starts to hammer away at Hunter. Thompson climbs the second rope and starts to do the traditional 10 punches in the corner. Thompson drops down and Hunter goes face first into the canvas. Thompson quickly grabs the leg of Hunter and applies an Argentine leg lock.

Hunter is getting to the ropes but Thompson pulls him back to the middle and goes for an arm lock.

Hunter tries to get up to escape but Thompson wrenches the arm and delivers a hook kick to the face of Hunter. Thompson pins Hunter.




Thompson waits for Hunter to get up and bounces off the ropes but Hunter catches him and delivers a back side slam to Thompson. Hunter pins Thompson.




Thompson gets up and Hunter bounces off the ropes and connects with a back spinning wheel kick to Thompson. Hunter pins Thompson again.




Thompson gets up staggered and receives a big toss from Hunter. Hunter goes after Thompson and picks him and throws him hard against the turnbuckle while he bounces off the ropes and connects wirh a bulldog on Thompson. Hunter pins Thompson.




Hunter picks up Thompson but Thompson delivers a knee to the midsection of Hunter. Thompson quickly starts to choke Hunter with the use of the ropes. Thompson releases Hunter and delivers a club to the neck of Hunter dropping him to the mat. Thompson quickly grabs the arms of Hunter and applies a crucifix armbar to Hunter.

Hunter is able to hook the ropes using his legs. Thompson waits for Hunter to get up and delivers a dropsault to Hunter. Thompson pins Hunter.




Thompson picks up Hunter who delivers a forearm to the face of Thompson and then rakes Thompson’s eyes on the ropes. Hunter now applies a fist lock on Thompson.

Thompson backs his way into a corner so that Hunter has to release the hold. Hunter does and delivers a forearm smash in the corner to Thompson. Hunter takes Thompson out of the corner and locks in a headlock.

Thompson pushes Hunter off pushing him toward the ropes. Hunter comes back and receives a hip toss from Thompson. Hunter tries to get up and receives a kick to the back from Thompson. Hunter finally gets up and Thompson gives him a knee smash to the face of Hunter. Hunter gets mad and starts to throw punches at Thompson who stops Hunter with a low blow. Thompson pins Hunter.




Thompson picks up Hunter and throws him against the ropes but Hunter comes back with a bulldog to Thompson. Hunter pins Thompson.




Thompson gets up and stumbles back into a rear naked choke from Hunter.

Thompson escapes with a jawbreaker. Thompson bounces off the ropes and attempts a crossbody but Hunter catches him and delivers a rib breaker to Thompson. Hunter pins Thompson.




Thompson kicks out and Hunter quickly delivers a rushing armbar to Thompson.

Thompson punches his way from the hold. Thompson bounces off the ropes and delivers a shoulder block to Hunter. Thompson picks up Hunter and delivers a shoulder thrust to Hunter. Hunter backs to a corner and Thompson delivers another shoulder thrust. Hunter staggers forward into a drop toe hold from Thompson. Thompson now grabs Hunter’s leg and applies a side leg lock to Hunter.

Hunter drags his way to the ropes. Thompson picks up Hunter and goes to throw him against the ropes but Hunter reverses and throws Thompson against the ropes. Thompson jumps on the ropes and delivers a springboard corkscrew splash pin on Hunter.




Thompson picks up Hunter and places him on the top rope. Thompson goes to the top with him but Hunter rakes the eyes of Thompson and jumps over him delivering a sunset flip bomb pin on Thompson.




Both men get up and Hunter delivers a super body slam on Thompson. Thompson gets up and Hunter delivers a tie up knee strike to Thompson. Hunter now puts him in position for The Dissapear. He has him up but Thompson sneaks behind him and rolls him up.




Ding Ding Ding

Following Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson’s match up with Magical Top Hat Hunter, we see sVo newcomer Christopher St. James standing on top of the sVo ramp by the entrance stage just staring down towards the ring. Howard is just getting back up too his feet as he turns around and takes a look out to where Christopher is standing.

Fans are making some noise as both men stare back and forth at one another. Everyone is left wondering what this is all about. Thompson looks interested in knowing what St. James wants who just smirks before slightly turning around a bit. A few seconds later and he makes the full turn as he walks through the curtains to the back of the Goodfella’s Casino arena.

Howard looks around into the crowd and then proceeds to step outside of the ring and make his way to the back with a confused look upon his face. What was Christopher St. James doing up on the ramp for? We will just have to wait and find out some time soon!

RESULT: Howard Thompson def. Magical Top Hat Hunter via pinfall

sVo MEET YOUR NEWEST ACQUISITIONThe buzzing from the crowd is loud. Showdown #35 is underway and they’re excited to to see the continued action. Suddenly the lights go out only to be replaced by gold spot lights lining the rampway. The buzzing grows in intensity as the typical questions start being asked.

“What’s going on?”

“Who is coming out next?”

The buzz grows to a murmur and then a dull roar as the darkness continues to press in only being penetrated by the golden lights. After several minutes of the silence pierced by the crowd’s questions and the darkness illuminated only by the stationary golden spot lights, the answers begin to come…

“Yes” by LMFAO starts to play as even more golden spotlights illuminate the stage and ramp way flickering to the beat of the music. The first verse starts to play and suddenly a figure appears on stage flocked by two gorgeous women, dressed in golden sequenced dresses, if you could call them that. The figure is wearing a pair of designer sunglasses, the silver gems outlining the glasses glittering in the spotlights. His short golden hair is done up in the most elegant faux hawk anyone has ever seen. His designer leather coat is lined with fur and he’s wearing his wrestling trunks underneath with no shirt on, a fact that he shows off by flipping open his coat for all to admire him. A pair of the shiniest black wrestling boots you have ever seen complete the ensemble.

He pauses taking in the scene, before making his way down the ramp, being escorted by the two women, one on each arm. The trio makes it to the ring and the new figure allows each girl to give him a peck on the cheek before they walk away from the newest member of the sVo roster Christopher St. James. Slowly CSJ climbs up onto the apron and motioning for the announcer to come over. CSJ whispers in his ear and the announcer rolls his eyes and sits on the second rope for CSJ who laughs and just flips over the top rope, landing squarely on his feet.

The lights return to normal, the music dies down, the fans are still trying to get a good glimpse of sVo’s newest talent and CSJ is handed a microphone.

“Before I begin to introduce myself…”

He once again motions to the announcer who once again rolls his eyes and walks back over to the pompous star. The announcer stands his ground as CSJ stares him down. Without warning Christopher slaps the announcer hard across the face! The harmless announcer stumbles back as CSJ grabs his dropped microphone and yells.


The announcer nods before stumbling out of the ring and CSJ quickly replaces his look of unbridled fury with a smile as “faux” as his hair do. He straightens out his glasses and says.

“My name is, Christopher St. James! For anyone and everyone listening to this you may be privileged enough to call me by my nicknames. The Personification of Perfection! God’s Gift To Everything! And of course, Mr. #1derful. I’m out here tonight to inform, nay, to TELL all of you that I AM the newest talent, and quite possibly the BEST, on the sVo roster.”

Boos begin to erupt from the crowd as Christopher St. James’ speech begins to sink in. He’s one of THOSE guys…

“For those living under a rock I’ll give you a short history. My parents are the one and only Otis and Claire St. James.”

A picture of a well to do couple flashes up on the tron.

“They played all their cards right and made MILLIONS making the right investments and earning all that they have. They were even more privileged when they gave birth to ME. I was top of my class and the BEST at everything and anything that I did. I’m ready to prove to all that anything I do, I excel at.”

He pauses as he flicks open his coat, allowing all to see his body that only years and years of fitness and weight training could achieve.

“As you can see I’m the PERFECT physical specimen and I’m the guy that all the others look up to. Men wish they were me, they envy me, they try to compete with me and they fail to best me. You can’t stop perfection kids, deal with it. I am the object of every woman’s fantasy. I’m the guy they can’t stop thinking about. Is it my perfect looks? Is it my flawless in ring performance, which if I may add WILL be on display next week? Is it that I have more sex appeal than any other guy on this piss poor excuse for a roster? The answer of course is all of the above.”

CSJ whips off his sunglasses and gives his icy stare to the closest camera.

“I’m not only a force to be reckoned with, I’m THE force to be reckoned with. I’m so good, that I’ve been buying my own happiness since conception. Anyone who says that it can’t be done obviously is piss poor and a talentless hack. Not a person on this roster can compete with me! Paige! You may as well come down and award me the sVo Championship right now!”

CSJ looks up at the ramp as if actually expecting Paige Johnson to come down and award him the prestigious title. Christopher snorts as he says.

“Figured as much. You’ll see. You’ll all see. Even if I have to win the Alex Ross Tournament, ‘the old fashioned way.’ Who the fuck was Alex Ross anyways?”

The crowd begins to boo as they begin to see where he’s going with this.

“If I don’t know him, he’s not important. No need to waste any time on him. sVo, I’ll see you next week.”

With that “Yes” starts to blare over the loud speakers once more as CSJ climbs out of the ring and puts on his glasses. He waits expectantly as the two women come to either side of him, take his arms, and together the three of them head up the ramp and out of the site of the crowd who are now screaming for CSJ’s blood to be shed.


The scene heads backstage where roving reporter Tamara Boyd is standing by in the sVo interview area with none other than the President of the sVo, Paige. Both women exchange smiles as Tamara addresses the crowd through her microphone.

Tamara Boyd – “This is Tamara Boyd reporting here, and I have managed to scoop an exclusive interview with none other than the President of the sVo, the woman tasked with running this whole operation, Paige Johnson!”

There are cheers heard from the crowd as Paige smiles into the camera at her introduction.

Tamara Boyd – “Now last week was a big show with a shocking return from Night to throw himself into the sVo World Title tournament. How do you feel about the return of one of the sVo’s biggest stars?”

Paige – “Well Night coming back is good for business, and I think that is the main reason behind the Company going behind my back and signing him to a contract. I am not unhappy with it, I am pleased to see Night back. However one man doesn’t make the sVo and I think the fans will agree that my signings such as Johnny All Star, Roscoe Shame, Tobias Devereux and the Corporation are a big part of the reason they tune in to watch the sVo!”

Tamara Boyd – “Now there has been rumours that the Company has been looking to bring in yet more talent this week, what can you reveal about any newcomers to the sVo roster?”

Paige – “Well as far as the Company goes I have received assurances that there will be no more meddling in the day to day running of the sVo from there end. However I can exclusivly reveal to you Tamara that tonight we have a very important guest in the building tonight. DVD of the famous ‘Xtreame Fusion’ is here tonight in the Goodfellas Casino Arena, and is my V.I.P guest backstage tonight. Hopefully we can get a few contractual issues ironed out, he likes what he sees and the group will become a great addition to the sVo roster!”

Tamara Boyd – “Well thanks for the scoop there Paige. I know I for one will be on the lookout for DVD backstage tonight. Now back to ringside…”

Johnny All Star vs. Joseph Equinox vs. Nathan Paradine

“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Various images of iconic Las Vegas and Johnny All-Star play out on the V-Tron as spotlights move throughout the crowd, all finally coming to stop on a hooded Johnny All-Star somewhere in the audience as he is making his way through the crowd.

The spotlight follows All-Star making his way through the screaming fans as he finally makes his way down hopping over the security barricade. Posing for a few photos’ he shrugs off the robe tossing it into the audience before pulling himself up into the ring to prepare for his match.

“Runaway” by Linkin Park begins to play. Smoke begins to fill the stage as the lights dim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen standing at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightning bolt fires down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

One last thing before I shuffle off the planet,
I will be the one to make you crawl,
So I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday
Someone call the ambulance… There’s gonna be an accident

As Placebo’s “Infra-Red” echoes around the arena, Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, oblivious to their boos. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The fans are pumped up for this match with three original members of the first era of the sVo facing off against each other in a triple threat elimination match! The bell rings for the match to begin, and Equinox and Paradine quickly make towards each other. Equinox and Paradine trade big right hands, which Paradine quickly gains the upper hand in, knocking down Equinox to the mat. Paradine however has no time to catch his breath as he is grabbed from behind by Las Vegas’ own Johnny All Star, who slams Paradine head first into the corner of the ring. Paradine bounces back holding his face in pain, and All Star takes him down to the mat with a stiff German suplex which gets the fans up onto their feet!

All Star rises to a standing position after the high impact move, but Equinox is there waiting for the former International Champion. Equinox sends All Star hard into the ropes, and then nails him with a hip toss as he bounces back. With All Star down on the mat, Equinox bounces off of the ring ropes before nailing an elbow drop on All Star! All Star looks in pain as Equinox gets to his feet and quickly turns his attention to Nathan Paradine. Equinox takes down Paradine with a bulldog, before rising up and taunting to the crowd. Equinox then returns his focus to the match and pulls Paradine up. Equinox whips Paradine hard into the ring ropes, however as he bounces back the man from Australia takes out Equinox with a big boot! Equinox hits the mat hard, but quickly pops back up to try and gain control of the match again.

Paradine is ready and waiting for Equinox, and throws him across the ring with a huge press slam. With Equinox now reeling, Paradine runs at him before clothesling him over the top rope and to the outside of the ring! The fans cheer as Equinox falls to the floor, and Nathan Paradine turns around only to walk into some big right hands from Johnny All Star!

The man representing Las Vegas nails him big punches on the big man Paradine, before tossing him to the mat with a big overhead belly to belly suplex. All Star gives a quick taunt to his fans, before running through Paradine and using his footballing experience to tackle him to the mat. Johnny All Star nails Paradine with some big mounted punches, before allowing him to rise to his feet.

With Johnny All Star looking in charge in the ring, he slowly waits for Paradine to rise to his feet, but doesn’t notice Equinox climbing up onto the ring apron behind him. The crowd try to warn All Star, but its too late as the former International Champion turns around only to get hung up on the ropes by Equinox! All Star bounces back from the painful move, and straight into a school boy roll up from Paradine!




The fans in the Goodfellas Casino arena were worried, but All Star doesn’t disappoint them by kicking out just before the three can be counted by the referee! Paradine slaps the mat in fustration, but as he does Equinox jumps back into the ring. Equinox runs at Paradine and nails him hard with a knee to the midsection. Paradine doubles over in pain, and Equinox hits him with a snap suplex to the mat. With Paradine down, Equinox makes the cover.




Equinox punches the mat in frustration, he thought he had just eliminated Paradine right there! Equinox rises up to his feet to remonstrate with the referee, however as he does he doesn’t notice Nathan Paradine rise to a standing position behind him! Paradine spins Equinox around before nailing him with the ‘Paraplex’! Paradine rises up to his feet looking very pleased with himself, but before he can even think about making the cover, he is cut down with a reverse DDT from behind by Johnny All Star! With Paradine out of the way, All Star makes the cover on Equinox!




Equinox has been eliminated from the match by Johnny All Star, courtesy of the ‘Paraplex’ from Nathan Paradine. The referee helps Equinox from the ring, as All Star turns his attention back to Paradine! Paradine slowly rises up to his feet but is met with some big rights and lefts from Johnny All Star! All Star backs Paradine into a corner to the delight of the crowd, before hitting some big body punches on the man from Australia. Nathan Paradine looks dazed as he stumbles out of the corner, and All Star knocks him straight back to the mat with a short arm clothesline! The fans cheer All Star as he prowls around the ring stalking Nathan Paradine like a wild animal. Paradine slowly rises up to his feet, however he is not on them for long as he is slammed down to the mat hard via a ‘TCB’ from Johnny All Star, who quickly makes the cover.




This one is all over, and its Johnny All Star who comes out on top in the battle of the sVo originals! ‘Viva Las Vegas’ hits the sound system and All Star rises to his feet in celebration, having made up for his defeat last week at the hands of the Teacher in the main event of Showdown. The Las Vegas fans cheer on their home town hero as he taunts to the crowd, with sVo Showdown #35 heading to commercial.

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Nathan Paradine & Joseph Equinox via pinfall


“Rebirth” by Lil’ Wayne hits the PA and the crowd gets on their feet. Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp. The crowd start chanting…


Shame makes his way down to the ring with a pissed off look on his face. He climbs into the ring catches the mic the ring announcer tosses him and tells the sound technician to cut his music.


Roscoe motions for the crowd to quiet down.

“Thank you, thank you!”

The crowd cheers even louder causing Roscoe to have to pause before finally speaking again.

“Since I am new to this business I told myself I was going to sit back and lurk in the shadows for a while in order to get a handle on how the industry operates. However this plan of mine has come to a premature ending because of one egotistical prick! And that being none other than Christopher St. James!”

The crowd lets out a chorus of boos.

“Unfortunately I, just like the rest of you, had to endure the idiot coming out here talking about how rich his family is and how he thinks he is so much better than everybody else and all the other shit that came out his mouth. Well I am out here to let this CSJ character know that his antics are not appreciated by the fans and sure as hell not by Roscoe Shame!”


“To make a long story short, I am out here to let Christopher St. James know that I am already sick of his shit and if it continues he will have to face the ultimate consequence…..SSSSHHHHHAAMMMMEEEE TIME!!”

Roscoe climbs the turnbuckle pumping up the fans as the screen fades out.


Paige Johnson is in her office when the door swings open wide and in walks the newest member of the sVo roster, The Long Shot Ronnie Long.

Paige Johnson – “Can I help?”

The president of sVo states with a bit of a pissed off tone in her voice.

Ronnie Long – “Yes you can! How about giving me your number?”

Paige looks at Ronnie with a strange look.

Paige Johnson – “And you are? And I would do that why?”

Ronnie laughs at her comments.

Ronnie Long – “Simple Paige, I am Ronnie Long, your LONG SHOT! And why would you not give me your number? I am the greatest thing in sVo. You should feel honored I asked for your number!”

Paige starts to laugh so hard she is unable to actually make words.

Ronnie Long – “What the hell? You find something funny?”

Paige starts to take deep breaths and holds up her hand.

Paige Johnson – “Yes I do! I never knew you was a comedian! Welcome to sVo Ronnie. Now get the hell out my office before you are terminated before you even get started!”

Ronnie looks at her with a surprised look on his face. He shakes his head and starts for the door, he looks back to see her still laughing. He decides to just make his exit.

Juliana Torres vs. Orlando Fox

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see The Corporate Lady holding a white owl in her left side of her shoulder and walking toward the ring smoke comes out when she shows up on the screen and she walks on heavy steps looking to the crowd with a mad look and showing no happiness in her eyes a firework sound on her background while she gets inside the ring.

“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox, the former Hardcore Champion, raises his arm in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

The bell sounds.

Juliana Torres and Orlando Fox start the match off with a good ol’ traditional tie up.

A male versus female match up here as they are competing for the sVo Las Vegas Championship. Torres and Fox break away and then go for another tie up but Fox quickly gets the upper hand with a head lock. Juliana backs up to the ropes and then sends Orlando off and across the ring. Back comes Fox who notices Torres bent over.

He grabs a hold of her and nails her with a swinging neckbreaker. He goes for a quick pin on her.




Torres kicks out.

Orlando now begins to get back up too his feet as does his opponent. Juliana crawls away and into a corner where she starts to grab the ropes and lift herself back up. Fox meanwhile turns around and runs at her in the corner. She pulls out a big boot to his face and then follows up with a clothesline to knock him down! Fox is back up real quick as Torres now goes for another clothesline and connects before making a cover herself.



Nothing there either.

Orlando Fox got his shoulder up as the fans have a mixed reaction to this match up but watch anyways as one of them will be crowned the new sVo Las Vegas Champion. Torres is going up top and looking for an aerial attack, maybe a frog splash? But no! Orlando Fox goes and falls on the ropes as it makes things tough on Torres that she falls down on the turnbuckle post! Fox now walks over towards her and throws a couple right hands!

Orlando now grabs her by the throat and looks to hit her with a choke slam from the top ropes! Juliana Torres reverses it though and boots him in the face! Fox let’s go of her and Torres now grabs a hold of him looking for a huge DDT from the turnbuckle. Fox counters though as he tosses her back first onto the ring mat! Orlando now gets on top of her and hooks her leg for another pin attempt in this contest.



Another kick out!

Torres does not want to give up on this match either.

This is when Orlando Fox picks her up and whips her to the ropes. He goes for a big boot but she ducks and slides under neath him! Juliana now goes for a JKO which is a modified mid air neck breaker! Fox pushes her off and she hits the ropes, comes back and takes a spinebuster down to the mat! Fox rolls over on top of her and hooks the leg but then decides not too as he wants to really finish her now!

Orlando Fox waits for her to get back up and when she does he turns her around, boots her in the mid section and then lifts her up high and into the air over his head and shoulders for his finisher the Remedy Check but the modified power bomb maneuver does not work! Juliana Torres slides off of his back and then turns him around and nails him with her own finisher, the Corporate DDT!

Fox is down and out as Torres hooks his leg for the cover as the ref makes the count.




This one is all over, and we have a new sVo Las Vegas Champion! The referee hands the title belt to Torres, who holds it high into the air in celebration!

RESULT: Juliana Torres def. Orlando Fox via pinfall


Showdown cuts backstage to the door that separates the parking lot from the corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. On cue, the door swung wide open with such force it slammed against the wall. Appearing in the open doorway was the King of Hardcore, Raven.

He knows exactly where his locker room is, and so navigates the corridor at a heightened pace, easily navigating his way around any objects and backstage workers that appear in his way. Not bothering to stop on the two occasions he accidentally knocks shoulders with them, even when they make an effort to shout after him.

‘Home, sweet, home,’ is what he says when he finally does speak.

He’s arrived at the locker room, pushing the door open with the same amount of force used on the previous door. He enters quickly but stops dead his tracks a few steps in. His eyes drawn to something unexpected on the table in the corner, something that produces an equally surprised and confused expression on his face.

‘What the–‘

He kicks the door shut with his foot, and without looking and the scene cuts back to the arena.


Backstage in the locker room area – we find ourselves in Night’s dressing room. The former Hardcore and International Champion sits calmly on a bench leaning back on the wall. In contrast to the perfectly still and serene Night, his manager, mentor and trainer, Akira Kimura paces nervously dancing in and out of the shadows in the corner of the room. They continue this routine in peace for a moment before the masked man turns his head calmly, to face his teacher.

NIGHT: “Master.”

The sound of his student’s voice seems to snap Kimura out of his trance somewhat and he stops pacing momentarily. Facing Night, he answers somewhat calmly, the slightest tremor still heard in his voice.

KIMURA: “Yes, Akumu?”

NIGHT: “Are you alright?”

Self-consciously, Master Kimura begins to wring his hands. He glances at the door and then back at Night.

KIMURA: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand, Akumu. Why wouldn’t I be alright?”

NIGHT: “Out there in the ring at the start of the show. I saw you watching behind us and now, look at you. No disrespect, master, but you are a nervous wreck.”

Master Kimura freezes, he seems to realize he is mangling each hand with its counterpart and drops them to his sides.

NIGHT: “Are you in danger? You seemed almost relieved when sVo closed and we returned to Japan. And you’d been fine right up until the end of the show last week.”

Still no response from Akira. For once the happy-go-lucky veteran trainer seems to be without words.

NIGHT: “Master, this isn’t like you at all. What happened last week?”

Realizing he can not merely remain silent with a man as close to him, if not closer than his own son, Kimura seems to brace himself before responding.

KIMURA: “We are fine, Akumu. It’s just nerves, it’s been a while since I was in front of a crowd that big. You just keep doing what you do and we’ll be alright.”

NIGHT: “… and if I were to ‘not do what I normally do’?”

Kimura again seems speechless before somewhat clumsily replying as he places a hand on Night’s shoulder.

KIMURA: “You know as well as I do that you are the hardest on yourself when you don’t live up to your potential.”

Kimura clears his throat.

KIMURA: “I’m just going to get a tea from catering – would you like anything?”

Night indicates a nearby water bottle.

NIGHT: “No, thank you.”

Kimura does a slight bow as he leaves the room. Night returns the gesture to his teacher. As the door closes Night leans back against the wall, deep in thought.

La Envidia Mata vs. Tobias Devereux

The arena goes dark as a small white spotlight shines on the entrance way. The haunting words of “You’re my Sanctuary” plays over the pa system. Slowly the sounds of a violin comes through before drums kick in as the drums and guitar cut in the lights flash brilliantly causing a momentary blindness. As the lights come back to normal we spot Tobias Devereux standing in the middle of the stage. He makes his way down the ramp as his long black trench coat flaps behind him. He makes his way slapping fan’s hands as he reaches the ring. Climbing up the steps he stops at the ring post climbing up to the second rope and looking out at the crowd. He then jumps over the top rope and lands in the ring. Tobias makes his way to the opposite corner and climbs up to the second rope. Shrugging his shoulders his trench coat comes off. He quickly tosses it over the top rope to a ring attendant down below. Taking off his fedora he tosses it into the crowd. Tobias hops off the middle rope and leans back into the corner waiting for his opponent.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of La Envidia Mata. Then La Envidia Mata comes out completely ignoring the crowd.

La Envidia Mata and Tobias Devereux look to tie it up here. Both men grab onto the other with a coller elbow tie up. Tobias gets the upperhand backing Mata back into the ropes. Ref calls for a clean break. Tobias obliges and steps back to the center of the ring. The two tie up once more, this time Tobias with a quick move around Mata and locks in a waist lock. Mata grabs upon the wrist of Tobias and wraps his leg around the leg of Tobias. Mata with a standing switch into a wrist lock behind the back of Tobias. Mata torques the wrist of the cajun sensation. Tobias reaches back and grabs the self proclaimed god by the head and drops to a knee taking Mata over with a snapmare. Tobias quickly locks in a rear chinlock.

Mata rocks back and forth trying to get back to his feet while the ref checks on him. Tobias cranks on the hold until La Envidia Mata manages to get to a knee. A few elbow shots later and Mata has Tobias in a side waist lock and lifts him up into a side suplex. Mata back to his feet bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow into the ribs of Tobias. La Envidia Mata lifts the Cajun to his feet and sends him off the ropes. Tobias bounces back and ducks under a clothesline. He bounces off the other set of ropes and comes flying at Mata with a forearm shot to the face. Tobias gets back to his feet and so does Mata. Tobias with a drop kick taking Mata back down. Both men back up again. Tobias with a second drop kick. Both men back to their feet yet again. Tobias goes for a kick to the stomach but La Envidia Mata catches it and takes him down with a dragon screw. Mata holds onto the leg and quickly locks on a leg lock. Tobias knowing exactly where he is manages to reach out and grab the ropes. Mata holds onto the hold for a count of four before releasing it.

Mata drags Tobias back to his feet and sends him into the near corner. Mata charges. Tobias with a boot to the face. Mata stumbles out of the corner. Tobias comes charging out of the corner. Mata with a drop toe hold takes down Tobias. Mata quickly jumping onto the back of Tobias and looking for a roll up



No a kick out by Tobias. La Envidia Mata lifts Tobias back to his feet. Tobias with a snap kick to the shin of Mata. Then a snap kick to the ribs followed by a jumping enziguri. Tobias stays on the now downed Mata. Tobias putting the boots to his opponent before lifting him to a verticle base. Tobias hooks the head and lifts Mata up for a suplex. Tobias holds him for a moment and looks to be going for the Cajun Cutter. As Tobias spins La Envidia Mata though Mata lands behind Tobias and charges him chest first into the ropes. Mata falls backwards looking for the roll up.



Tobias with the kick out sending Mata chest into the ropes now. Tobias with a school boy as Mata bounces back.



Mata now with the kickout. Both men quickly to their feet standing off infront of one another. Tobias smirks as La Envidia Mata is seen talking some trash his way. Both men tie up again, this time Mata is backing Tobias up into the ropes. Ref calls for a clean break, it appears as though Mata is obliging but then nails Tobias with a stiff right hand. He follows it up with a knife edge chop and a second one. Tobias blocks the third attempt and spins Mata around against the ropes and delivers a chop of his own. Tobias gives La Envidia Mata another two chops before whipping him off the ropes. Tobias drops to the canvas as Mata jumps over him. Tobias pops back up and leapfrogs over the returning Mata. Tobias turns around and catches the returning Mata with an armdrag. Tobias holds onto the arm and torques it with an armbar.

Mata works to a knee as Tobias is standing now holding the shoulder and arm. Mata with a forward roll. Mata looking to kip up to his feet. He does so and reverses the pressure on Tobias. Mata now torquing the arm of The Cajun Sensation. Tobias brings his body in towards Mata putting his free shoulder into the ribs of Mata. Dropping down to a knee and using his body Tobias manages to flip La Envidia Mata over his shoulder but Mata holds onto the arm. The pressure relieved for a moment though. Mata goes to kip back up to his feet to reapply the pressure but this time as he kips up Tobias catches him with his free arm with a clothesline taking him back down. The impact causing the leader of the Corporation to lose his grip on the arm of Tobias. Tobias shakes his arm and rolls his shoulder tending to himself. Tobias also takes this time to put the boots to La Envidia Mata.

Tobias lifts Mata to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Tobias drops his head and takes Mata over with a big back body drop. Tobias seems to be picking up steme as he charges off the nearby ropes and drops his leg across the throat of Mata. Tobias lifts Mata to his feet. Tobias with a side headlock. Tobias spins around and locks in a wrist lock. Mata turns and goes under Tobias’ arm and reverses it into an arm bar. Tobias forward rolls to his feet now reversing the pressure. Mata falls backwards looking for a backwards roll to once again reverse the pressure but Tobias puts on the breaks. Instead causing Mata to be flat on his back and Tobias having his hands tied up in Mata’s and pushing Mata against the mat.



Mata gets one shoulder up. He’s trying to manuever out of his situation but his shoulder falls back down.



La Envidia Mata gets his shoulder up again and this time when he falls back he brings his feet up and plant him into the hips of Tobias. Trying to bring the Cajun over with him. Tobias though kicks out his legs and sends himself back infront of Mata and back onto his own feet. The momentum though brings Mata back to his own feet. Tobias fixes this quickly though with a hip toss never letting go of of the arm of Mata and quickly locking it back up in a type of arm bar. Mata on his side winces in pain and quickly makes his way back to his knees. Mata uses his free arm and grabs Tobias in a firemans carry position and simply flips him over his shoulders. Tobias loses his grip in the process and Mata is quick to his feet to shake off his arm and shoulder. Meanwhile Tobias is rather quick to get to a knee as well. Both men back up now stare down one another as we can hear the crowd cheering the exchange.

The two tie up again this time La Envidia Mata goes for a quick knee to the gut and an european style uppercut. As Tobias seems dazed Mata hits him with a kick to the stomach and a quick ddt dropping Tobias on the very top of his head. Mata wastes no time going for a cover.



kick out again by Tobias. Mata showing signs of frustration lifts Tobias Devereux to his feet and knees him one more time. This time Mata leaps and brings his knees towards Tobias’ face looking for the Godbreaker! Tobias grabs the legs of Mata in the air and leaps foward causing La Envidia Mata to land on his back and Tobias to go flipping over him avoiding the move and having Mata in a roll up situation.




kick out by La Envidia Mata, only seconds away from three on that exchange. Both men back to their feet. Tobias with a hard chop backing up Mata. This only lasts for a second as Mata fires off a chop of his own. The two men exchange several chops until Tobias fires off a kick to the stomach and drops to a knee while firing off an uppercut that takes La Envidia Mata down hard. Tobias stalks Mata as he backs up into a corner and waits for Mata to rise to his feet. As soon as Mata is almost verticle Tobias starts charing. Tobias looks to hit the Bayou Bash but Mata dodges the initial impact and grabs Tobias by the waist lifting him up and slaming him down hard with a very impactful spinebuster. Mata quickly starts to lock in the Envidia Tamer. He’s trying to roll Tobias over but Tobias keeps rocking back and forth. Tobias manages to reach up enough and grabs Mata pulling him down into a small package!




NO! La Envidia Mata manages to kick out yet again at the last second. Tobias grabs La Envidia Mata and lifts him back to his feet backing him into a corner. Tobias starts with some shoulder thrusts in the corner then steps back a few steps and charges. Mata quickly dodges by grabbing the ropes and jumping over the top rope. Tobias hits the turnbuckle chest first as he was looking for a splash in the corner. As Tobias stumbles out La Envidia Mata jumps onto the ropes, springboards towards Tobias. Mata looking for a hurracanrana. He gets all of that move but Tobias uses the momentum and rolls all the way to one knee. He seems dazed though and cant stand all the way up. Mata charges and steps up onto the one knee of Tobias and hits him with a step up enziguri! Mata with the cover!




NO! This time Tobias barely kicks out. La Envidia Mata looks more and more frustrated as he lifts Tobias to his feet. Mata slowly cranks the neck of Tobias looking for a neckbreaker. Mata delivers the move with major force. La Envidia Mata lifts Tobias Devereux back to his feet and stuffs him maybe looking for a piledriver or powerbomb like move. Mata gets Tobias lifted but Tobias is kicking his feet and manages to get back down to his feet. Tobias goes to lift Mata up and over him with a back body drop but as he lifts him up Mata pushes off his shoulders and lands infront of him. Tobias quickly kicks La Envidia Mata in the stomach though and grabs him for an irish whip.

Tobias goes to whip La Envidia Mata but holds onto his arm wrapping it around his neck while standing beside him. Tobias puts his shoulders into the side of La Envidia Mata and lifts him up onto his shoulders. Tobias is looking for the Devereux Devestation. Tobias pushes up on the legs of La Envidia Mata. Mata manages to twist his body though in mid air. Grabbing onto the head of Tobias he looks to bring him down with a modified version of the Godbreaker! Tobias gets a hand on the knees of La Envidia Mata though and blocks the impact with his face. Essentially just slamming Mata down onto his back.

Tobias quickly grabs both legs of Mata while standing up looking to lock in a boston crab like move of his own. La Envidia Mata rolls forward though grabbing Tobias by the hair and pulls him forward into a small package like move but Tobias rolls right through it and after the rolling is through we can see Tobias on his butt while La Envidia Mata is on his knees and somehow Tobias has managed to wrap his arm around the neck of La Envidia Mata. Before La Envidia Mata can even figure out whats happened Tobias wraps his legs around his body and torques the neck locking in Da Gater Nap!

La Envidia Mata isn’t tapping though! Tobias can be seen screaming as he torques the neck of La Envidia Mata. Finally the ref comes into the picture as the face of La Envidia Mata is quickly fading away. The referee checks the arm of La Envidia Mata.




With his match over Tobias stands in the ring for a brief second, soaking everything in. He slowly starts to make his way to the ramp when from out of no where Christopher St. James runs Tobias down and takes him down with a running bulldog! Tobias has no idea what is going on as CSJ quickly picks Tobias up by the back of his trunks and yells in Tobias’ ear.


With that CSJ puts Tobias down with The Headshot, his version of a full nelson face buster! The Personification Of Perfection isn’t done there though as the crowd begins to boo and his. CSJ merely smiles, his look of rage turning into a sly smile. He turns Tobias over onto his back and then hops up on the closest turnbuckle. Gaining his balance very carefully he dusts himself off before he leaps into the air and hits Tobias with a move he calls Super Stardom, a shooting star leg drop! Tobias is out cold as CSJ stands over him, his arms raised in victory as the crowd boos and hisses the newest member of the sVo roster.

RESULT: Tobias Devereux def. La Envidia Mata via pinfall

4th April 2010


Back from commercial and we are backstage where we see Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling and a friend of his are sitting propped up against a trashed vendor set up. Behind them a couple vendors appear to be unconscience as Chris Wrestling sips on a beer while his friend tries to get comfortable as his big frame leans back against the cart.

Chris Wrestling: You know Nelson, me and you are going to get along just fine. No longer are you going to be the one getting bullied…from now on you are the bully.

Nelson nods in agreement as he eats some popcorn, missing his mouth more than anything.

Chris Wrestling: That damn Night can talk about me all he wants. That problem will be settled here sooner than later. I am ready to just say the hell with it and take the man out but I know if I do then I could lose everything.

Nelson just grunts in agreement as he licks the butter off his fingertips.

Chris Wrestling: You like how I beat Orlando Fox and got to this round ? That’s nothing compared to how I’m going to beat Night here tonight. You know you are next to the next SVO World Heavyweight Champion?

Again Nelson grunts as he picks up some kernels off the ground.

Suddenly a security guard finally arrives with his backups and tells Chris Wrestling and Nelson to step away.

Chris Wrestling just smiles and motions Nelson to get to his feet.

Chris Wrestling: Lets go Nelson. There is one more thing I want to do before we leave this joint.

Nelson stands up and sneaks a box of Juice Fruits into his pocket as he follows his new “big brother” down the corridor.

Security Guard: Reminds you of “Of Mice and Men” don’t it?

Showdown cuts to ringside as Chris Wrestling and Nelson leave behind more destruction.


We head backstage where new sVo superstar Billy Ransom is standing by with Candi Cross for an exclusive interview. Candi Cross looks to be in a professional mood as the excited Billy Ransom stares at her waiting for the pretty interviewer to get started.

Candi Cross – “Ladies and gentlemen, I am back here tonight with one of the sVo’s newest superstars Billy Ransom. Now Billy you were unfortunate to pick up a loss in your debut matches last time around. Do you plan on making that right tonight?”

Billy Ransom enthusiastically nods his head in agreement to the question.

Billy Ransom – “I was disappointed to lose last week, but tonight I plan on……”

Billy Ransom doesn’t even get a chance to finish his sentence as he is clocked around the back of the head with a lead pipe! Candi Cross screams and backs away as the camera pans around to show Weapon X holding the offending object! The masked superstar who is widely believed to be affiliated with ‘the Company’ starts to go to work on the downed Billy Ransom, smashing him repeatedly with the pipe before tossing it towards the cameraman. The camera man dives out of the way sending the camera falling to the floor.

The sVo fans see Weapon X’s boots walk away from the scene, without so much as an explanation for his actions. Blood from Billy Ransom’s wounds slowly begin to trickle along the floor in front of the downed camera as the scene cuts back to ringside to leave the sVo commentators Nick Harris and Simon Austin to share their opinions on the shocking attack.

DJ vs. The Teacher

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring.

The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ.

Then DJ comes out walking and dancing a bit toward the ring.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and The Teacher charges at DJ who delivers a drop toehold to The Teacher. DJ quickly applies an Argentine Leg Lock to The Teacher.

The Teacher quickly gets to the ropes. The Teacher gets up very upset and charges at DJ who delivers an arm dragon screw to The Teacher. DJ holds the arm of The Teacher and applies an armbar.

The Teacher starts to get up but DJ stops him with a kick to the midsection. DJ follows it up by bouncing off the ropes and delivering an axe kick to The Teacher. DJ pins The Teacher.




DJ waits for The Teacher to get up and bounces off the ropes but receives a back elbow smash from The Teacher. DJ gets up quickly just to receive a big kick from The Teacher. The Teacher pins DJ.




DJ starts to get up but The Teacher grabs him and delivers a big toss to DJ. The Teacher picks up DJ and delivers a Canadian backbreaker to DJ.

DJ slides behind The Teacher to escape and delivers a club to the neck of The Teacher. The Teacher turns around in pain straight into a discus clothesline from DJ. DJ goes to the apron and delivers an elbow drop on the ring apron to The Teacher. DJ takes his time to get back into the ring and The Teacher starts to fight back from his knees but DJ stops him with a rake to the eyes. DJ bounces off the ropes but gets power slammed by The Teacher. The Teacher staggers his way to the turnbuckle and climbs them. He then delivers a falling headbutt on DJ . The Teacher pins DJ.




The Teacher picks up DJ and takes him back down with a fireman carry. The Teacher goes to the mat and applies a hammerlock on DJ. DJ starts to get up but The Teacher stops him with a headbutt to the back of the head. The Teacher goes to slam DJ but DJ slides behind The Teacher and catches The Teacher by surprise with a jumping hh pin.




As The Teacher kicks out DJ gets up quickly and delivers a knee on the leg of The Teacher. The Teacher starts to get up and DJ charges at him and delivers a knee lift to The Teacher. The Teacher gets up staggered and receives a mongolian chop from DJ. DJ throws The Teacher against the ropes but The Teacher comes back with a swinging neckbreaker to DJ. The Teacher pins DJ.




DJ starts to get up in the corner and receives a charging powerful knee strike from The Teacher. DJ staggers forward and receives a rope drop clothesline from The Teacher. The Teacher pins DJ.




DJ starts to get up and receives a running crossbody pin from The Teacher.




DJ gets up and The Teacher tries another crossbody but DJ catches him and positions him in a runnung powerslam position but delivers a shoulder breaker to The Teacher. DJ pins The Teacher.




The Teacher gets up in a corner and receives a shoulder thrust in the corner from DJ. The Teacher staggers forward into a small package from DJ.




DJ gets up and grabs the leg of The Teacher and applies a spinning toe hold to The Teacher.

The Teacher drags himself to the ropes making DJ release the hold. DJ picks up The Teacher and throws him against the ropes but The Teacher jumps on the ropes and delivers a springboard dropkick on DJ. The Teacher pins DJ.




The Teacher picks up DJ and throws him against the ropes but DJ reverses and goes for a back body drop but The Teacher jumps over him and takes him down with a sunset flip pin.




The Teacher quickly climbs the turnbuckles but DJ moves the ropes and The Teacher lands on the top rope. DJ starts to climb up with him but The Teacher nails blow after blow making DJ double over and The Teacher jumps over him delivering a sunset flip bomb pin on DJ.




Both men get up and The Teacher takes DJ down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. The Teacher pins DJ.




The Teacher picks up DJ and slams him to the mat. The Teacher climbs the ropes and goes for The Top of The Class but misses. DJ quickly hooks The Teacher in a Magistral Cradle Pin.




This one is all over, and its DJ of The Corporation who heads into the semi finals of the Alex Ross Tournament at the expence of The Teacher!

RESULT: DJ def. The Teacher via pinfall


The show returns from commercial to a shot of unlaced black boots marching along a corridor. Pulling outwards, the camera reveals a full shot of Raven. He is dressed completely in black, the only other color, surprisingly, being the Corporation logo on the pocket of the shirt beneath his long, black coat.

Reaching his locker room door, he pushes it open and is immediately greeted with the image of a table that has been moved out of place. Laying upon it is what looks like a wrapped parcel.

The crowd, watching on the screen suddenly roar with cheers as Juliana Torres appears on the scene behind Raven, accompanied with her sister, Lizzie.

Juliana: You didn’t open it yet? OH it’s one of the most epic things anyone could get from me. It’s a limited edition OPEN IT!

Lizzie: I better get one..

Juliana: It’s for all of The Corporation people. Raven turns suddenly, immediately on alert.

Raven: What is it?

Juliana: It’s not a bomb. Just open it! You need to not be so worryish. It causes wrinkles and that’s uberly not healthy. Juliana says in a matter of fact tone.

Lizzie jumps around behind her.

Lizzie: Can I open it?

Juliana: Its not for you.

Lizzie: He isn’t opening it. PLUS I have super hero vision and I want to inspect it!

Raven: Easy, pint-size. I think I can manage. Raven slowly backs into the room a few steps, before turning to the table and quickly unwrapping the parcel. The brown paper drops to the floor like dirty snowflakes as he does so.

Eventually openned, he holds the contents out before him.

Raven: It’s a leather jacket. Raven turns back, still holding it out in front of him. Juliana shakes her head.

Juliana: Black leather jacket, quite like your own. The rest of The Corporation have the bomber jackets with the Corporation logo.

Lizzie wrinkles her nose.

Lizzie: It matches his coat! Can I have one in blue?

Juliana: You’re not on The Corporation, Bubbles.

Raven: We all got through the first round of this tournament last week with your exception, remember?

Juliana: Oh you are too! Week in week out you’ve been thinking of the title. But you and I both now you’re uberly vibing the Corporation. I’m sure you’ve admitted it to yourself. I see the corporate vibe in your eyes.

She sighs

Juliana: Come on try it on. You know the jacket looks cool. My clothing line for males is uberly epic.

She motions for him to try on the jacket.

Lizzie: I want one in blue. She makes sure to repeat to her sister.

Raven: Okay…Okay.

Meanwhile, Raven slips places the jacket back down on the table and takes off his current one, fully revealing the black, Corporation shirt. Lizzie covers her eyes as she sees Raven take off his jacket. Juliana stands there keeping her eyes on Raven. Juliana smiles with a nod.

Juliana: I take it you uberly vibe the shirt then. Raven, The Corporation will win all the titles and we both know this.

She crosses her arms in front of her.

Juliana: The style suits you.

Raven slips on the brand new jacket.

Raven: The shirt grew on me.

Lizzie opens her fingers and peeks though.

Lizzie: LIKE the symbiote!

Juliana shakes her head, while Raven just looks at her confused.

Juliana: The jacket is just as epic.

Lizzie: YOU look like you’re really part of the Corporation now!

Raven takes a second, seemingly actually admiring the jacket.

Juliana: You know you should just save time, hassle, and uber annoyance, and just admit it already. That way we can plan Showdown and just uberly vibe it.

Raven: I haven’t decided yet what I want to do with my career. But, I will. tonight. And I assure you, you’ll be one of the first to know.

The scene cuts away with a final shot of Raven, Juliana, and Lizzie, still with her hands over her eyes.


Wiping the sweat from his brow, Akira Kimura could not remember feeling so uncomfortable. He had been involved in the wrestling business for going on 44 years this year. He’d seen everything, worked with all kinds of promoters and promotions and trained generations of talented young stars.

So what was it about those people he found so disturbing?


VOICE: “Excuse me.”

Jumping in alarm, Kimura spins on his heel coming face to face with a janitor trying to pass with a cleaning cart.

JANITOR: “Excuse me, Mr. Kimura, I have to get past.”

Remembering his manners, Master Kimura bows deeply as he steps aside allowing the cumbersome cart to pass.

KIMURA: “Oh, my apologies.”

Frustration now clearly etched on his face, right alongside his trembling eyes, Akira could have kicked himself for being so jumpy.

VOICE: “Mister Kimura.”

Again wheeling on the defensive, Akira is mortified to see a 10 year old boy.

BOY: “Can I have an autograph please?”

Frightened of a child. The old man hangs his head in shame, wearing a false smile on his face to not alert the boy to his turmoil. Taking the offered pen and paper he signs.

BOY: “Thanks Mister Kimura!”

The kid looks excited. Kimura sighs as he runs off to find his parents. This was turning out to be a very long night – and there was no end in sight, these people were here to stay it seemed… there wasn’t a thing he could do about it.

From the shadows, a hand reaches out, grabbing the old man’s shoulder. Spinning around with a horrified look on his face, that expression is replaced by a sheepish one as Kimura finds himself face to face with his own protege.

NIGHT: “Master – you were caught off-guard by a kid and then by me. I’ve never seen you like this. Well… once before last week. Who… or what… is doing this to you?”

Kimura clears his throat, feigning confidence.

KIMURA: “Don’t worry about me, my son, focus on your match. You have dreams to fulfill, don’t get distracted.”

Despite Night’s grin and his largely masked face, the concern is clear. Regardless, he bows politely to his teacher before vanishing down the hallway.


The corridors are deserted and deathly silent until suddenly the familiar sounds of footfalls can be heard echoing through it and Raven bursts onto scene, still wearing the shirt he had been given, but with no jacket this time.

He is lost deep in thought as he nears the corner at the end of the stretch, completely oblivious to a second set of echoing footsteps. He looks up, taking complete notice, though, as when turning the corner he slams straight into somebody. Following his gaze, the camera turns to see it’s none other than Nelson.

The height difference between the two men is minimal but the weight difference is more than enough to send Raven back a step whereas Nelson remains still.

Raven: Are you blind? I’m walking this way.

Raven’s tone clearly doesn’t sit well with Nelson as anger flares up in his eyes and he takes a step forward, Raven remains still this time.

Raven: Oh, you want to do something now?

Before he can take any more steps, though. A third, and final, set of quick footsteps can be heard and Chris Wrestling appears on the scene. His hand quickly reaches between the two men and he pats Nelson on the shoulder.

Chris Wrestling: Stand down, big man. I know I told you to not take crap but not now.

Raven: I forgot he belonged to you.

He turns his attention to Raven.

Wrestling: You can chill, too. We have no problem with you…..right now, anyway.

Raven remains as silent as Nelson.

Wrestling: We may be on the World Heavyweight Championship Toiurnament, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be civil. We are all out to eliminate the rest of the SVO superstars, after all.

Raven: I’m not trusting anybody until I win the championship.

Chris Wrestling points to the shirt with the Corporation logo on the pocket.

Wrestling: So, what’s that then?

Raven: I mean, I’m part of The Corporation but I have been here long enough to know that when the title is on the line you don’t really have friends.

Wrestling: Well, we need to stick together for now. Resurrection isn’t that far off.

He pauses and smirks slightly.

Wrestling: If the choice is that hard, maybe you should consider giving me a hand tonight. We’ve know each other a long time. We both know what each other is capable off. You never know, it might be a good combination and I’m sure that the whole SVO would be scared even more than they probably already are.

Raven again says nothing but his eyes seem alive with thought.

Wrestling: Think about it, maybe. It’s up to you. I’m going to rip the whole SVO to shreds either way.

He signals for Nelson to follow him as he leaves and both men walk off passed Raven. He turns to watch them off, still thinking, as the scene cuts away to ringside.


Roscoe Shame vs. Raven

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. Then Raven comes out walking and taunting the crowd a bit toward the ring.

Before the bell rings Raven attacks Shame from behind and locks in an abdominal neck wrench.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell officially rings and Shame starts to use his power to escape and Raven releases to turn it into an arm lock.

Shame overpowers Raven into the ropes and goes to throw him against the far ropes but Raven reverses and back body drops Shame. Shame gets up and takes a bicycle kick from Raven. Raven pins Shame.




Raven picks up Shame and tries to throw him against the ropes but Shame reverses and delivers a big body avalanche to Raven. Raven gets up staggered in the corner and receives a body avalanche in the corner from Shame. Raven staggers forward and receives a body slam from Shame. Shame picks up Raven and applies a Canadian backbreaker to Raven.

Raven rakes the eyes of Shame to escape and quickly applies a clutching punch to Shame.

Shame tries to get up but Raven releases and instead applies a crucifix armbar to Shame.

Shame hooks the ropes using his legs to escape. Raven goes to pick up Shame but Shame fires right hand after right hand to Raven. Shame goes for a kick to the midsection but Raven grabs the kick and delivers a dragon screw to Shame. Raven grabs the same leg and delivers an elbow drop to the inner thigh of Shame. Shame rolls out of the ring in pain as Raven goes outside as well. Raven takes a ladder from under the ring and goes after Shame. Shame sees him coming and drop toe holds Raven who falls face first into the ladder. Shame gets up and does a face stretch on the ladder using Raven’s face. Shame picks up Raven and throws him back to the ring. Shame climbs the ropes and delivers a falling headbutt on Raven. Shame pins Raven.




Shame gets up frustrated and starts to choke Raven using his foot. Shame releases and goes for a hammerlock which he locks in on Raven.

Raven starts to get up and turns it into a hammerlock of his own and quickly changes it to a headlock and delivers a punch to the face of Shame. Raven quickly locks in another headlock on Shame and takes him down to the mat. Shame starts to get up and turns to the side to elbow his way out. Shame bounces off the ropes and gets a hip toss from Raven. Raven goes after Shame and delivers a knee drop on the damaged leg of Shame. Raven picks up Shame and throws him against the ropes but Shame comes back with a Lou Thesz Press pin on Raven.




Raven gets up in a corner and Shame charges at him and delivers a monkey toss to Raven. Raven tries to get up again and receives a one arm bulldog from Shame. Shame pins Raven.




Raven gets up and charges at Shame but Shame takes him down again with an overhead kick. Shame pins Raven.




Raven gets up and Shame charges at him and jumps on Raven who just drops back delivering a rope drop clothesline on Shame. Raven pins Shame.




Raven gets up and wastes no time at all getting to the top rope and delivers the Raven Time Bomb on Shame. Raven pins Shame.



Foot on the bottom rope.

Raven argues with the referee but decides to continue the match and applies a sitting reverse armbar on Shame.

Shame starts to get up and uses his power to throw Raven against the ropes but Raven jumps on the second rope and turns in mid air to deliver a springboard dropkick to Shame. Raven pins Shame.




Raven picks up Shame and throws him against the ropes and looks for another back body drop but instead receives a sunset flip pin from Shame.




Both men get up and Raven crossbodies Shame but Shame catches him and starts to climb the ropes with him and delivers a super fallaway slam to Raven. Shame pins Raven.



Raven barely lifts one of his shoulders.

Shame climbs the ropes as Raven gets up barely and Shame delivers a twisting body attack on Raven. Shame pins Raven.




Shame picks up Raven and puts him in position for The Shame Time. Raven quickly low blows Shame which was undetected by the referee. Raven gets up and quickly delivers The Hardcore Twist. Raven pins Shame.




Ding Ding Ding

This one is all over, and despite a good showing from Roscoe Shame, its Raven who just sneaks the win and heads through to the next round of the tournament.

RESULT: Raven def. Roscoe Shame via pinfall


DVD is seen walking backstage with a bottle of water in his hand. Turning the corner he sees Nelson leaning against the wall eating a small bag of popcorn.

Smiling, DVD makes his way over to Nelson.

DVD: Hey, um what’s going on Nelson?

Kind of turning away from DVD and holding his popcorn close, DVD makes his way in front of the man.

DVD: Don’t turn away from me when I’m talking to you you damn retard….

As the words come out of his mouth, Nelson grabs DVD by his throat. Fighting to break the grip, DVD swings wildly at the large man.

Nelson: Leave me alone.

Yeah man, leave my buddy alone.

Looking over, DVD sees Chris Wrestling walking up. Eyes grow wide in fear as Nelson holds on to the choke. A grin crosses the face of Chris Wrestling as he walks up to DVD’s face.

Chris Wrestling: See you met my friend huh DVD? In case you don’t remember him, this is Nelson, he’s the guy who your sorry asses kicked out of the Xtreme Fusion. This is the guy who you picked on because of his mental issues. This is the guy who I’m taking in as my friend and this is the guy who I’ve got his back, and he has mine. You see, right now DVD, you don’t have anyone here to watch your back.

DVD: Oh you’re really bad right now aren’t you?

Laughing Chris Wrestling walks up and slaps DVD across the face. Anger races across his face as he gets into the face of DVD.

Chris Wrestling: You fail to understand this DVD. You guys started this war, not me. You guys wanted to take this to a whole new level, not me. You guys pushed me, wanted to get me pissed off. I didn’t want that. So now, here we are. You claim that I’m so bad because I’ve got my buddy with me, but last year you were the badass with the lead pipe, so eat my ass DVD.

Looking into the face of DVD, a smile crosses his face.

Chris Wrestling: Nelson, do what you do.

In one fatal motion, Nelson slams DVD back first into the wall and begins to unleash a thunderous round of rights to the face of DVD. Blood flies from the mouth of DVD as Nelson keeps on pounding away.

Letting go, Nelson drops DVD to the floor as he continues on his onslaught of violence on him. Grabbing the man by his arm, Chris Wrestling motions for him to get up.

Getting off of DVD, Chris Wrestling motions to Nelson to pick up DVD.

Nelson grabs DVD and lifts him up. Chris Wrestling grabs DVD by his head as Nelson drives him down, they drive him down with a combination Diamond Cutter/Power Bomb that leaves DVD laying on the floor bleeding and out cold.

Looking at Nelson, Chris Wrestling pats the man on the shoulder.

Chris Wrestling: I’m sorry you had to hear that. That thing isn’t cool to me man. Don’t worry, I think we laid the ground works for what we are going to be doing. You want some more popcorn?

Nodding his head, a smiles crosses the face of Nelson. Smiling back Chris Wrestling motions for Nelson to follow.

Chris Wrestling: Come on my friend, let’s get you that popcorn.

Showdown heads back to ringside…..


The arena goes completely dark as the fans begin screaming in anticipation. Suddenly the big screen at the top of the stage lights up with three simple letters in a baby blue color. Those three letter?


Suddenly “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito begins to play as a light blue spotlight shines in the center of the stage. The fans look to the spotlight waiting for someone to step forth from behind the curtains but as quick as it all began it slowly disappears, the music stops the letters fade and the arena is masked in darkness once more.


sVo Showdown
11th May 2008
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy
Episode #025
World Tour 2008 Event #06

Psyko Stevo vs. Alex Ross

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyro welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyro firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before his opponent’s entrance.

Stevo prances around for a moment after stretching, but cheers turn to boos once the arena lights go out, as fans know who’s bound to make their entrance. The jumbo-tron lights up black and white with simple bold text reading “10/10”. With a crash of bright white pryo on the stage, “I’m Back” by Dope hits the PA system. From behind the curtain emerges Alex Ross in his neck brace, and along side him are his two bodyguards, Joaquin and Clyde. Alex Ross snaps his short pink tights down on his leg and the three make their way down the isle. On the way, ‘The Perfect Ten’ singles out a few unlucky fans to be talked down upon and then slides into the ring. He holds his neck brace from the back, apparently in pain. Ross pulls off his signature t-shirt carefully, to avoid interference with the neck brace, and makes his way to his own corner.


The bell rings and this match is underway. Upon the bell, Psyko Stevo wastes no time and lunges toward Alex Ross with a grapple. The two remain in an even hold of each other for just a moment before Ross slips out and slides outside of the ring to get away. The referee shrugs, not being able to count Alex Ross out in a Last Man Standing match. Having done the same thing last week against Kerry Milano, Stevo reads exactly what Ross plans to do, though, and does not follow. Ross prances over to his bodyguards and Stevo just shakes his head in the middle of the ring. The crowd starts to boo crazily. Psyko Stevo, however, turns that negative energy into something positive by taunting, pointing at Ross and calling him over. The crowd takes very well to it and Alex Ross is basically booed back into the ring. He slides cautiously under the bottom rope and gets up to his feet. The two who already have a small history in the Sanctioned Violence Organization circle each other for a second and Stevo goes back in for another grapple.

This time, Stevo gets the upper hand, sending his right knee into Ross’s abdomen, followed with several clubbed fists to the back. He flicks Ross to the ropes and upon bouncing back, Psyko Stevo catches him with a big clothesline. Ross is down, having his head almost taken off of his already broken neck, and the referee starts counting early in the match.











Alex Ross rolls over himself and is up to his feet at the last minute. He keeps position on the opposite side of the ring as Stevo glares at him menacingly, nodding. Ross once again climbs out of the ring. He makes his way over to Joaquin and Clyde, where he stops and talks for a moment. The two large African American guards nod and Ross climbs back through the ropes. Stevo grows sick and tired of Alex Ross’s shenanigans quickly, and his impatience for the run-away tactics show as he once again dashes at Alex Ross. He catches him with a fake-out to Ross’s back, then catching him in a modified bulldog. Both men are on the ground and Stevo hurries over to Alex’s head for a grounded-headlock. He wrenches Ross’s head to the side, making sure that his neck gets most of the stress. At this point, the crowd is going wild.

There is an end to all great things, though, and the end to this just so happens to be two mammoth protection agents from outside of the ring, climbing in. Clyde runs over and stomps out Psyko Stevo, releasing Alex Ross from his hold. To avoid the Last Man Standing stipulation count, Joaquin picks Alex Ross up and leans him on a turnbuckle. In this no-disqualification matchup, Joaquin and Clyde both direct themselves at Stevo, each of them with one hand, grabbing him by the neck and picking him up to his feet. The trooper that Stevo is, he delivers an elbow to each of their faces, one after another. The two are shaken off from their grip and back themselves away from the worked up Stevo. He takes off after them and Joaquin and Clyde split apart, sending Stevo through the middle and delivering a big splash to the still cornered Alex Ross. Psyko Stevo bounces back from the collision to catch Alex Ross in an implant DTT to the mat.

Ross’s head hits the mat hard and once he lay flat on his stomach, he grabs the back of his neck. From there he rolls around in pain, almost as if he were on fire. The referee starts the count and Stevo paces back and forth on the other side of the ring with a bit of excess energy.







In mid count, Joaquin lands a huge boot to the face of the referee, knocking the lights out of him. Stevo turns his head to Joaquin slowly and sighs. Joaquin takes the initiative to go after him, anticipating an attack, but Stevo beats him to the punch, quite literally. Left after right, he knocks Joaquin out of his equilibrium and it looks like the big man is about to take a big fall. What no one really notices is that Alex Ross has rolled out of the ring and has now appeared out of nowhere, behind Psyko Stevo, with a steel chair! Without giving Stevo a chance for self-defense, Alex Ross sends a massive blow to the head of ‘The Ironman’. The former World Champion hits the ground with little conscious response.

Alex Ross lifts the chair in the air and smiles wide, looking all around at the screaming fans. He drops the chair down to the canvas– legs first. From there he unfolds it and sets it down facing away from the nearest turnbuckle… Which is only a few feet away. He signals the now once again balanced Joaquin and the no longer startled Clyde to come over. The two men pick Psyko Stevo up by the arms and drape him onto the chair in a sit-down position. Alex Ross runs to the backside of the chair and from behind, holding Stevo’s forehead back, clubs him on the face with a vertical smash. Stevo’s head falls back, still unresponsive, and Ross heads up onto the top rope. The crowd seems to all freeze, as well as Ross’s bodyguards and all other witnesses, at once. Alex Ross lunges off of the top turbuckle, front-flipping and catching Stevo’s head along the way into a in a modified “stunner” like move. Both men’s bodies lay with shallow breath and few other signs of life.

As this all goes on, the referee is just now getting up when he notices the two limp superstars in the middle of the ring. The count starts for both men.


They show no response.


Still, they lay there with shallow if any consciousness.


Alex Ross’s hand twitches.


Stevo’s leg lifts up, shaking in weakness, but falls back down onto the now bent steel chair.


Alex Ross’s eyes open and he grinds his teeth when the sudden shock of pain shoots down his spine.


Stevo’s eyes open this time, but looks a bit more out of it than Ross had. Physically, he is a mess, but a passion burns in his eyes that says he will do anything for the win.


Stevorolls over with a flop and raises his arm, then slamming it down on the mat. In a burst of energy, he lifts the upper half of his body and hangs there for a moment.


Alex Ross does the same. Both men have now made it to their hands and knees, and there are only two seconds left before one or both of the men are counted to a forced KO in this Last Man Standing match.


Both men stumble to their feet, catching themselves with one hand, but they are both up!!! Alex Ross falls to the ropes to catch his breath but Stevo, with all of his persistence, limps on over toward him. He swings and catches Ross across the face with a right open-fist punch. He goes for the left, but Ross catches it, throwing his own right in Stevo’s direction. It makes contact and the two begin going back and forth, hit for hit. The strikes start out slow and random, but as they go on, the rate of hits get to be more and more and faster and faster. One after another, the two pound on each other until they have completely worn out the little energy built up. The both appear to have stopped.

Alex Ross and Psyko Stevo stand only about a foot away from each other, making no physical contact. They just stand there, looking into each other’s eyes, and the crowd quiets down, somewhat confused. The buzz of the last little brawl is completely gone, there is near silence.

Alex Ross backs up from Stevo, only a few steps. Stevo does the same, and finally both men walk back to their rightful corners. In an understanding of eachother, they take a moment to rest, but then start off fresh, as if the match were just beginning again. They leave their corners toward each other and the match continues on.

Stevo catches Alex Ross with a boot to the stomach and makes his way to the side of ‘The Perfect Ten’. From there he executes a Russian leg sweep. Psyko Stevo recovers fast from taking Ross down, heading on over to his legs for a figure four leg lock. The speed of this broken individual is astounding for his condition. He locks his own leg down into Ross’s and thus begins Alex Ross’s struggle to the ropes. A pattern between the two is apparent, as every time Ross moves approximately an inch toward the ropes, Stevo squeezes, wrenching the legs of the former International Champion to the near point of fracture. Ross lets out a roar of pain, he’s at the point of submission in any regular stipulated match up, but being a Last Man Standing match, there is no submission for victory. He holds on for just a moment longer, and is finally able to use his right elbow to turn it around on Stevo. Stevo is quick to escape from the reversal, and both men make it back to their feet, of course Ross, not as fast as Stevo. Stevo makes the mistake of rushing at Ross once again, as he has had the offensive for most of the match, but Ross catches him with a low blow, hooking his arm right up and under the nether-regions of the Psykotic One. He falls to his knees for enough time that Ross can recover his legs from the figure-four.

After having watched Alex Ross hold his own in the ring, or at least try to, Joaquin and Clyde finally decide to involve themselves once again in this main event match. The two light-minded but heavy-footed individuals climb into the ring one-after-another with dueling steel chairs of their own.

They make it their pleasure to intimidate the groinily weakened Psyko Stevo. He remains set on his knees, putting his head down, ready for the inevitable punishment he is about to receive. Alex Ross feels the need to add to the situation with a comment.

“IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, YOU APES!” he echoed through the arena.

The two goons look over at one-another and seem to weep inside, together. That inner-cry expression turns quickly to expressions that of giggly little school girls. Joaquin winks at Clyde and Clyde winks back at Joaquin. Finally, they both turn around, delivering a huge blow to either side of their employer, Alex Ross. Sandwiched between the two steel chairs, Ross wobbles back and forth until Stevo raises himself from his knees and runs over to the ropes. ‘The Ironman’ hops up to the second rope and bounces, springing himself over to ‘The Perfect Ten’ and connecting The Psyklone, a 180 degree blast of a kick to Alex Ross’s face! Stevo catches himself on the ground and Ross hits the mat. The count starts!











Stevo has taken down the man who before stole the International Title off of his waist! He has taken the win over the man who ended his legacy as the longest undefeated superstar in the history of the SVO! Is this a warning to the World Champion, Mike Polowy? He sure has delivered his message effectively, as Alex Ross still lay on the canvas, broken. Stevo raises his arm into the air as it is met by the arm of the referee. The bell rings and Disturbed’s “Remember” once again hits the PA. The crowd goes wild for their hero and he basks in the victory for a moment, but in a humbleness, starts to make his way down the isle.

However as Psyko Stevo reaches the halfway point up the entrance ramp, he is interrupted by the arrival of sVo Champion Mike Polowy at ringside! The man currently in control of the sVo whilst the elections are ongoing looks down at Stevo from the top of the entrance ramp and sarcastically claps.

Mike Polowy – “All right, this is going perfectly… for your next trick, I’d like to see you face… hmm.. who should it be, so many names on the roster… Howie Banks! Oh, and just to assure everything is above board, it’s going to be a lions den match.”

Psyko Stevo looks at Mike Polowy with hate in his eyes for the fact that he is forcing him to face his friend next week on Showdown #26. Stevo, who is dripping with sweat and looks exhausted from his closely fought last man standing match against Alex Ross stares down the Champion, as Mike Polowy flashes his trademark grin whilst looking back at Stevo and tapping the championship belt on his shoulder, as Showdown #25 goes off of the air.

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Alex Ross via countdown

4th April 2010

‘Canadian Perfect’ Chris Wrestling vs. Night

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seamlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and head first into the ring.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling.

Then Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling comes out with a huge smirk on his face, trying to prevent the crowd from touching him.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Night charges with a clothesline but Wrestling ducks and applies an abdominal stretch to Night.

Night unhooks Wrestling’s leg from his and Wrestling quickly changes the move to an arm wrench and follows it up with an elbow smash. Wrestling now throws Night against the ropes and delivers a back elbow smash to Night. Wrestling picks up Night once again and throws him against the ropes and delivers a bicycle kick to Night. Wrestling pins Night.




Wrestling waits for Night to get up and bounces off the ropes but gets nailed with an exploder suplex from Night. Night pins Wrestling.




Night picks up Wrestling and nails him with a big headbutt. Wrestling goes down and Night goes to the top rope and delivers a Somersault Senton Bomb. Night pins Wrestling.




Night goes after Wrestling and applies a surfboard to Wrestling.

Wrestling tries to escape and Night drops down making Wrestling’s body connect with Night’s shoulders. Night gets up and climbs the ropes and delivers a Kimura FIstdrop to Wrestling. Night does a cocky pin on Wrestling.



Night picks up Wrestling and tries to throw him against the ropes but Wrestling reverses and goes for a clothesline but Night ducks but Wrestling turns around and nails him with a discus clothesline. Night gets up staggered and receives a dropkick from Wrestling. Wrestling leaves the ring and starts to drag Night with him but nails him with an elbow smash on the apron. Night rolls around the ring as Wrestling climbs the ropes and connects with a falling headbutt on Night. Wrestling pins Night.




Wrestling picks up Night and throws him against the turnbuckles. Wrestling charges at him but Night raises both feet and nails Wrestling squarely in the face. Night now starts to choke Wrestling using his foot. Night picks him up and delivers a front Russian legsweep to Wrestling. Night pins Wrestling.




Night picks up Wrestling and headbutts him. Night now grabs Wrestling and applies a headlock followed up by a punch to the face of Wrestling. Night now throws Wrestling against the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Wrestling jumps over him delivering a hopping sunset flip pin.




As Night kicked out Wrestling hooked the legs of Night delivering an indian death lock.

Night crawls his way to the ropes and Wrestling releases the hold. Wrestling gets up and knee stomps Night. Night starts to get up in a corner and Wrestling runs at him and delivers a monkey flip to Night. Wrestling waits for Night to get up and charges at him but Night drops down, rolls grabbing the leg of Wrestling and applies a one leg Boston crab.

Wrestling uses his hands to push himself to the ropes. Wrestling gets up in a corner but Night charges at him and delivers a powerful knee strike to Wrestling. Wrestling staggers forward and Night kicks him in the midsection following it up with a pump handle drop to Wrestling. Night pins Wrestling.




Night gets up and waits for Wrestling to do the same. Wrestling does and receives a running ddt from Night. Night pins Wrestling.



Foot on the rope

Night thinks he has won and starts to celebrate. When he finally notices he hasn’t he turns right into a rushing armbar from Wrestling.

Night grabs the ropes to escape. Wrestling grabs Night and delivers a shoulder thrust to Night. Wrestling follows it up with a slap to the face of Night. Night goes down and Wrestling grabs Night’s leg and applies a spinning toe hold to Night.

Night makes it to the ropes one more time. Wrestling picks up Night and places him on the top rope. Wrestling climbs after him but Night delivers a blow to the midsection of Wrestling and follows it up with a sunset flip bomb pin.




Wrestling gets up staggered and Night delivers a super body slam to Wrestling. Night picks Wrestling up and takes him back down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker to Wrestling. Night pins Wrestling.




Night picks up Wrestling in a fireman’s carry position and runs around the ring looking for The Dreaming but Wrestling counters with a crucifix pin.




Wrestling bounces off the ropes and dives at Night who ducks a bit and catches Wrestling on his shoulders and delivers The Dreaming. Night pins Wrestling.




Ding Ding Ding

Night gets the three count and progresses to the semi final stage! “Knife Party” by Deftones hits the sound system and the fans cheer the victory of Night as he rises to his feet. The sVo copyright information and logo appears in the bottom corner of the screen as Night celebrates on the turnbuckle after his big victory over the Corporation’s Chris Wrestling!

RESULT: Night def. Chris Wrestling via pinfall


Backstage, a nervous Akira Kimura, manager of sVo star, Night, paces anxiously. This had been the case all night, and as such, the suspicions of Kimura’s protege were raised. Finally with a moment to himself Kimura finally seems somewhat at ease as he sits in the quiet tranquility of Night’s empty locker room.

A knock at the door.

Kimura jumps to his feet. Remembering his earlier humiliations, he steels himself, determined not to be ruled by his fears – whatever they be. Taking a deep breath, he pulls open the locker room door – that breath comes out in a burst as he catches sight of the well suited figure on the other side of the door. Calmly, the suit places a foot on the inside of the door frame. His face is obscured somewhat by his sunglasses and by the deadened fluorescent tube now evident above the locker room door.

UNKNOWN: “A good showing out there tonight by your boy, Kimura.”

Eyes bulging from his face, Akira struggles to remain composed.

KIMURA: “Thank you.”

He barely squeezes out the two words.

UNKNOWN: “We want more though – we saw the numbers… we think he can do better. Make him do better.”

KIMURA: “Better? In what way?”

UNKNOWN: “Surprise us – keep us happy and we’ll look after the two of you.”

He pauses and a visible smirk comes to his shadow-hidden face.

UNKNOWN: “We’ll start with that fluorescent tube.”

He chuckles as he turns and walks off down the hallway while Kimura absently falls back onto a bench looking more distressed than before as Showdown #35 heads off of the air.

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