sVo Showdown
15th June 2008
Estadio Gigantinho, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Episode #029

Let The Search Begin

A lonely camera crew of four are sitting around enjoying a smoke break outside the arena here in beautiful Estadio Gigantinho, Porto Alegre, Brazil. They are chatting amongst themselves when all of a sudden a black four door sedan speeds up coming to a screeching halt mere feet away. With the tires smoking, black tire marks burned to the ground the driver door bursts open and out steps Hardcore Champion, Joseph Equinox. His head is wrapped in bandages as he reaches into the car pulling out his title and equipment bag as quick as he can.

“Where is he?” the champ demands of the camera crew.

“No habla English senior…” one of the camera crew responds apologetically.

“Where is he?” Nox demands to the next in line.

“Who?” the mic guy asks with confusion displayed on his face and a cigarette hanging in between his lips.

“M… A… X…” Nox draws out through gritted teeth.

“Haven’t seen him…” the mic guy responds shrugging his shoulders.

Joseph pushes past the guy roughly bumping shoulders with the man as he passes. Joseph makes his way to the back entrance where Scott Love, head of security for sVo, is standing with his arms crossed over his burly chest. He looks like a gargoyle as he stands there unmoving, unblinking, waiting for some uninvited ass hole to get outta line. Nox walks up to him and without any friendly greeting he simply demands, “Where’s that low life gutter walker?”

“You gotta be talking about Max man!” Scott responds after slowly taking his sunglasses off and looking down on the much smaller man. “I saw what he did to you last week and I gotta say, Damn!”

Nox interrupts him with a finger to pursed lips as he shushes the man. After Scott stops rambling Nox asks simply, “Where… Is… He…”

“Damn man, I’m sorry but I haven’t seen the smelly bastard.” Scott answers honestly. “I wish I had, you know he and I have unfinished… Hey? Joe? Where ya going?”

Equinox not waiting to hear more about the beef between Scott Love and Mad Max he pushes past the large man and enters the arenas back halls, his search fully underway!


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Psyko Stevo, Gunner Lang, Chris Bond and Night! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘Zero Sold Out!’, ‘Alex Ross for Champion’ and ‘The Shadows Are Coming’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ fills the arena as the fans are on their feet singing along. The pyro goes off on the entranceway as Gunner Lang makes his way out onto the entrance ramp in a pair of jeans and the new promotional Countdown To Violence tee shirt. Tonight there is no pyro being shot off by Gunner himself as it seems he has business on his mind. Lang makes his way down to the ring taking time to slap hands with the fans finally climbing into the ring.

Wearing a smirk on his face Gunner paces the ring as the fans begin to calm down. When the fans finally are quiet he stops in the middle of the ring and reaches behind and pulls out a mic he had tucked into the back of his jeans. He taps it twice to make sure its working before raising it to speak.

Gunner Lang: “Thank you … and welcome to Showdown live from Port Alegre, Brazil. I know you’re all excited to get to the action here tonight but I’d like to take a moment of your time before we get rolling here tonight.”

“First and foremost I’d like to thank President Paige for giving me the night off tonight. But that’s not my reason for being out here tonight. I have something on my mind and it has to be addressed right now … right here in Port Alegre Brazil.”

The fans go nuts at the mention of their hometown. Gunner smirks while he adjusts his Bandanna.

Gunner Lang: “You see Gunner Lang is a man of his word … but Gunner Lang also believes that actions speak louder than words. So I’m not going to come out here and piss and moan, refuse to work, or give someone my word and then go back on it … I think you all know what I’m talking about.”

“President Paige I hope you’re listening in the back. I know Bad Religion thinks they’re running the show and I appreciate you standing your ground and not backing down last week but this is my battle, and I don’t hide behind a Moretti or a Page … no offence. But just this once … give the cry baby his bottle. Give Travis Williams what he’s asking for. But what he wants may be more than he’s asking for.”

“I hope you’re listening Williams, because I’ve had enough of your running around the back bad mouthing me, saying I’m jealous of you, I’ve had enough of the constant verbal diarhea that spews from your mouth. This is me accepting your challenge in front of all the fans here and all the fans watching at home. You … Me … Countdown to Violence … And leave the suit you hide behind and Bad Religion in the back.”

Gunner lowers the mic and scratches his ‘stache.

Gunner Lang: “Actually why don’t we make the match interesting … I win you lose your Religion … Bad Religion actually. I win and you leave your precious little group and fend for yourself … stand on your own two feet. You win … whatever you want. You want me out of your hair … you got it … you want me out of the company … you got it … hell I’ll even join Bad Religion if I lose, whatever the baby wants.”

“What say you Travis … why don’t you be the man you claim to be and come out here and answer me?”

Gunner smirks as the V-Tron comes to life. On the screen is the door to Bad Religions locker room. ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks and Chris Bond are standing by; Bond has what looks like a drill in his hands. The door has five padlocks all locked from the outside, a small crowd has gathered around looking as the door is rattling almost off the hinges. Bond and Banks both grin as they give a thumbs up. Anthony Moretti and Travis Williams could be heard inside cursing and yelling. As the V-Tron cuts out the attention returns to Gunner Lang standing in the ring giving a thumbs up back at the V-Tron still smirking. Gunner brings his hand up to his face wiping the smile away from his face as he begins to get serious again.

Gunner Lang: “I didn’t think so. So I await your answer Williams. Once your man enough … or you can get the locks of your door.”

The fans are on their feet as Gunner tucks the mic back into the back of his pants and he waves to the crowd as he climbs out of the ring and ‘Thunderstruck’ once more fills the arena and Gunner makes his way up the entrance ramp taking time out for the fans.

The challenge has been accepted … what will Paige’s answer be … what will Williams answer be … will Bad Religion ever get out of their locker room.

Locked Up

Zero and Mad Max stand around the Bad Religion door, working together to break the padlocks off the door. One by one, they fall to the ground, as Travis can be heard in there.

“Get this fucking door open, I swear I will bitch slap Banks, Bonds, Lang, and Paige.”

Max pauses, “Why are you gonna slap Paige boss?”

Zero starts to laugh as they get down to the last one.

“I hate the bitch, that’s why!”

They finally break the last one off, and the door slings open, almost knocking Max out with a head shot from the metal door. Travis starts off down the hallway, screaming…

“Come on you little bitches, it’s just me, don’t fucking hide!”

Morretti stands with Zero and Max, as they watch Williams head down the hall. Zero taps Anthony on the shoulder and ask a pondering question, “Aren’t you going to stop that man before he gets arrested?” Tony looks at Zero and laughs. “Yeah, but I need some Advil, that bastard is loud!”

What Is Love?

We quickly fade backstage. Chris Bond is standing outside the door of President Paige Johnson’s office. He is dressed quite nicely, decked out in traditional Bond garb. Black slacks, white dress coat, black dress shirt with a thin white tie. He is holding a bouquet of flowers, a dozen red roses to be exact. He knocks on the door. One, two, three knocks. The door opens, and Bond smiles widely. But instead of seeing the pale beauty that is Paige Johnson, out steps big black man, Scott Love. Built like a brick wall, he stands there.

Scott Love: “Yes?”

Chris Bond: “I’m here to see Paige… erm, President Johnson.”

Scott removes a walky-talky; He says something non-coherently and soon, Paige Johnson steps out of the office, and stands face to face with the former Secret Agent Man.

Chris Bond: “Well, well, well. Paige Johnson. Fancy meeting you here.”

She rolls her eyes, but blushes at the same time.

Paige Johnson: “What can I do for you Mr. Bond?”

Chris reaches out and hands her the bouquet. She accepts them kindly.

Paige Johnson: “What are these for Chris?”

Chris Bond: “For being you… Paige.”

He chuckles, kicks the ground, and blushes.

Paige Johnson: “How sweet.”

She leans forward and kisses his cheek. He looks at her.

Chris Bond: “Go out on a date with me.”

She looks at him, eyes wide.

Paige Johnson: “Chris… I can’t do that. It wouldn’t look right.”

Chris kicks the ground. Paige sighs, but then a light bulb goes off.

Paige Johnson: “I’ll tell you what Chris… if you win your match tonight… I’ll go out on a date with you.”

Chris Bond: “For real?”

Paige nods. She extends her hand. Chris grabs hold, and kisses it.

Chris Bond: “Deal.”

He turns around, and walks away quickly. She stands there, blushing. Scott Love reaches for the flowers. Paige holds them back and smells them. She breathes in a heavy breath. She smile, and turns back into her office, slamming the door shut. Scott Love stands outside the door. He removes his sunglasses, and looks around.

Scott Love: “….Damn.”

He quickly replaces his glasses, before resuming his place in front of the door—standing guard. The scene slowly fades to black.


Zero vs. Mike Manson

My reflection…
Dirty mirror…
There’s no connection…
To myself…

The arena goes dark and “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins plays over the arena sound system. The entrance to the ramp fills with smoke, and Zero sprints out, straight down to the ring amidst a chorus of cheers. He leaps from the ramp, diving between the bottom and middle ropes. Once in the ring he climbs up onto the turnbuckle and performs a crucifix pose, before dismounting and backing away into the corner.

Once Mike’s music begins to play the lights in the arena usually turn off. However, the path where Mike will walk from the entrance of the stage to the ring is completely lit. Mike calmly walks to the ring wearing a hoodie and shorts. Right before Mike gets to the steps of the ring, he takes off his hoodie. He then slaps each step before walking up them, then slaps each turnbuckle that is above the steps he just climbed up. Once Manson finishes this routine, he sits on the middle rope with the top rope on his shoulder. Usually, he then takes a deep inhale while looking around at the crowd. Once he gets in the ring and in the corner he does a long exhale and is ready to wrestle.

The bell sounds.

Zero and Mike Manson square off in the middle of the ring. A tie up is contested. The bigger man Zero pushes Mike Manson back into the corner where he is told by the referee to let go. He does that with no problems at all as Mike comes walking out and wraps his arm around Zero’s head who backs up against the ropes and pushes him off across the ring with little to not much strength.

Zero comes back as Mike Manson leap frogs over top of him. Zero goes into the ropes again and when he comes back he is hip tossed up and over and down across the ring mat and on his back. Manson gets on top of Zero as he goes for a quick cover. Mike however is pushed off by Zero real quick as no count was counted by the referee.

Zero is back up to his feet as is Mike Manson as these two men now tie up once more. This time Zero trips Mike Manson down to the ring mat with a sweeping STO Shock Treatment maneuver. Zero also tries to get on top of him for a pin fall but just like Zero did to Mike Manson, his opponent does the same and kicks out before a count could even go down from the referee who was clearly ready to make it happen.

Again, both men are drawn back to their feet quite quickly as the fans are enjoying this opening bout here on Showdown. The two men now look around before running opposite sides of the ring and bouncing off the ropes. Both men now come at one another as they go for clotheslines. They both duck them though and end up running into the ropes once again. This time coming back they both go for cross body attacks and connect. Both men go down to the ring mat as the fans watch on, wondering what will happen next.

The referee takes notice of both men and what has gone on as he begins to make a count.




The fans are trying to build momentum for both wrestlers.



They both seem to move around a bit, showing signs of life.



Both men are now standing at their feet as they begin to throw right hands back and forth. That is until Mike Manson boots Zero in the mid section and plants him head first into the ring mat with a DDT. Instead of covering him though he decides to go for his finishing maneuver as he lifts his opponent up and hit’s an Inverted DDT this time following the regular DDT.

He wastes no time in hooking his leg for the pin.




RESULT: Mike Manson def. Zero via pinfall

Tick Tock Part Two

Tick Tock…Tick Tock…

A cold voice comes from the abyss.

Tick Tock…Tick Tock….Do you hear that SVO?

On the screen a face appears…none other than Drew Carrig.

A few weeks ago, I gave notice that time was running out SVO. The time has almost drawn near. There are people here in SVO that seem to take me lightly. There are people here in SVO that seem to ignore the fact that I’ve been the most dominant new comer here and that I’ve came here and done exactly what I said I was going to do. This isn’t a joke SVO. This isn’t some gimmick. This is life…and death. You all seem to think that the hatred that I say fills my heart is nothing more than a joke. A ruse that I am putting on each and everyone of you. What will I need to do to prove myself here? Do I need a title? Do I need to defeat one of your so-called “upper echelon” by raping a championship away from them?

A sigh from Drew Carrig.

Titles really are meaningless to me. I don’t care about the accolades from the fans. I do not care that it will be another notch in my already lengthy career. What I do care about are two things, power and destruction. If I need to make the challenge to one of your champions and defeat them to gain the power that the title has…then so be it. The destruction that I cause after the fact, that my friends will be the greatest pleasure I can get from an insignificant championship.

A chuckle from Drew Carrig.

Time is almost up SVO, you better brace for the biggest storm of your life.

The Search Continues

“Have you seen Max?” Joseph asks as he rushes up to a backstage employee wearing an sVo t-shirt. Without waiting for a response he pushes past towards another nameless employee. “Have you seen Max?” Once more he’s pushes past and off to the next, and then the next after that. His eyes are darting back and forth and he’s leaving more and more people confused in his wake.

“I’m going to find you Max!” Equinox promises to himself after another failed response from another nameless employee.


Drew Carrig vs. Steven Steele

As the first guitar riffs of “In The Event that Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong” the lights dim and out from the back steps Drew Carrig. Carrig wears all black and looks up to the sky and then out into the crowd. His stare is cold, heartless, soul-less. As the drums kick into the song, Carrig slowly starts to make his walk to the ring and the crowd sways back, some in fear but also equally in disgust for the man known as “Evil Incarnate.”

“Praise” by Sevendust rips on to the loud speakers, wish a quick flash of blue pyro, Steven Steele makes his way onto the top of the stage. Steele looks around for a moment, and then makes his way down the aisle way. Steele walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He goes to the far turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Steele looks around with a smirk on his face and then turns around and sits down on the top turnbuckle and sits down, waiting for his opponent.

The bell sounds.

This match starts out like a typical one.


Drew Carrig takes the lead in this one but not for long as Steven Steele uses his mat technician skills to the core and has Carrig down on the mat with a headlock take down.

The referee counts as Drew’s shoulders are down.



He gets them up though, kicking out.

Steven Steele holds in the grip around his head even tighter now. Drew Carrig tries to manage any thing he can to slip out.

He finally does.

He pushes Steele away as he turns around is now booted to the mid section. Carrig whips him into the corner. Drew runs in and catches him with a clothesline. He now grabs Steven Steele out from the corner and places a perfectly executed suplex across the ring mat. He gets on top of him and hooks his leg for a pin fall attempt.

The referee gets down across the ring mat real quick to make the cover.



Drew Carrig unfortunately can only get a two count as well.

Drew stands up and grabs the head of Steven. He picks Steele up and then body slams him down. Drew now tries to get up on the second turnbuckle and jump off for an aerial attack. It fails though as Steven Steele rolls out of the way. Drew ends up on the ring mat now.

Steven Steele tries to help himself up as he grabs the ropes.

Steele walks over to Drew Carrig who is motionless. Steven bends over to pick him up but is a fool of a psyche as Drew rolls him over for a possum small package pin.




Steven Steele kicks out of it.

Drew Carrig Winning

Drew and Steven are back up right away.

Both men go running at one another and Steven Steele goes for a clothesline but Carrig ducks it as he grabs a hold of Steven Steele from behind and locks in his finisher the Gates of Heaven, a modified chicken wing submission. The fans watch on as Steele is now down on the ring mat with Carrig’s legs wrapped around his body, holding it in even tighter.

Steele has no choice but to submit.


RESULT: Drew Carrig def. Steven Steele via submission

Love Hate Relationship

Anthony finally catches up with Travis, right as he is busting into Paige’s office. She is sitting on the phone,, talking. She sees the two enter, and tries to ignore them.

Travis starts knocking on the desk, annoying the hell out of her. “Hey bitch, hey bitch.” Tony is trying to pull him back, but Travis pays him hardly no mind, “Come on man, she is not gonna submit to what you want, why waste your time.” Travis starts to get a little annoyed at her, and presses down the button on the phone, hanging it up.

Paige snarls a look of anger at Travis, and rolls her eyes…”What in the world, gives you the idea, that you can storm my office? Wait, don’t speak…And knock on my desk, and hang up my phone? Tony, you need to tell your little Golden Shower here, I dislike being interrupted!”

Travis, smirks, after she pokes at his new name. He grabs the phone base, and jerks it hard, letting go as the receiver flies from her hand, and it all slams into the brick wall of her office. Travis turns and looks at her without blinking. “You can fucking hate me, but you will respect me! I honestly do not care who you are, or what you run. As if you could not tell, no one really pays attention to what spills from your cock sucker anyway. But I came in here, out of respect, to warn you, I’m about to walk out to that ring, and FUCK UP YOUR GOD DAMN SHOW! Does the slut understand English? Me walkie to the ringy, and gonna cause you to scream in anger, and throw shit.” Travis laughs as he eases up from the dead stare.

Paige grabs Travis’ tie and jerks him forward…”Listen here qui tip. This is my company. I have no clue who gave you a set of brass balls, and deemed you fit to call the shots. However, I’m the bitch you bow down to. I guess you can say I have you pussy whipped! Now, I highly suggest, you stay out my ring, because I quite frankly am tired of hearing your damn voice. Now, LEAVE!”

Travis turns to Tony, and hangs his head down. He slowly exits Paige’s office, as Tony looks on in amazement. Travis walks about ten feet pass the door, and looks back at Tony who is catching up after closing the door. “Ready to hit the ring Boss?” Tony shakes his head in amazement, “Dude, she just warned you, don’t you think you should at least wait a match or two?” Travis smiles, “Well, maybe one, but she is only bitchy because she wants me! Did you see the way she tried to kiss me? She forced it! I am going to call sexual harassment on her. I feel violated!” Tony shakes his head as Travis laughs walking down the hall!

The Darkness Part I

As the sexy Paige relaxed back in her leather chair she knew it was going to be another long night. The sVo Las Vegas Championship belt was laying on the table in front of her, and knowing that she was yet to find someone that could step up and claim the belt as their own after stripping Travis Williams of it a few weeks ago, deciding a new Las Vegas Champion had to be a number one priority for tonight.

Paige slowly stood to her feet as she picked the belt up and looked at it closely. Paige had never noticed the different symbols that had been involved in the design of the title belt but a few things defiantly caught Paige’s eye in the Las Vegas skyline that had been etched into the gold.

“Scott, take a look at this.”

Paige called out for her head of security, however after a few seconds of hearing no response she tilted her head up to notice that he was nowhere around.

“I could of swore he was here a minute ago.”

Paige mutted to herself and shook her head before looking back down at the title belt, obviously finding something very interesting. Suddenly Paige let out a noise of surprise as the lights in the room flickered once before turning off, plunging the office into darkness. Hearing the door open to her left, Paige stood to her feet in the darkness, however as she did she was suddenly grabbed from behind. Paige tried to let out a scream, but the hand over her mouth muffled the sound as the unknown figure drew themselves to the side of Paige’s face, pressing cheek to cheek whilst whispering in her ear….

“We are watching you.”

Paige stood frozen in terror as the figure released their hand from over Paige’s mouth before stepping away from the sVo President. After a few seconds the lights flickered back into life, leaving a trembling Paige standing in front of her desk, frozen in fear. Paige quickly glanced around the room, and to her surprise saw no one.


Paige screamed out for her head of security as she quickly made her way towards the door to her office. The door swung open as Paige burst through it, only for the sVo President to stumble backwards at the sight she saw. Her head of Security was laying on the floor unconscious with blood leaking from his forehead. Whoever had just snuck into her room knew what they were doing, and Paige wasn’t about to let anyone take out her head of security like that let alone whisper threats into her ear.

Action had to be taken.

Reality Playground?

The sounds of Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold blast across the arena, as the V-Tron shows gold coins raining down. As the word, Golden Boy breaks through, the screaming of Avenged Sevenfold takes over, and the crowd boos as Travis Williams walks out on the ramp, wearing a Golden suit, black button up shirt, and some gold framed sunglasses. He stands on the ramp with his hand position on his cheek like his some male model, as Anthony Morretti walks out behind him, clapping for his Golden Boy, Travis Williams. Travis and Tony (TnT) pose on the ramp in a handshake, look who I am with, photo, as they laugh. The crowd rains in with loud boos, as the two men walk down the ramp. Travis stands to the side, as he allows Morretti to walk up the steps first, as he follows behind him, grabbing the microphone off the ring apron, as they enter. Travis calls for the music to cut, as the fans start to chant, Willy Blows, Willy Blows!

Travis Williams – Man, it feels good to be in bum fucked Egypt! (the crowd boos at Travis’ remarks) EXCUSE ME, someone who is worth more than you all, has something to fucking say! So how about you sit your non English speaking asses down, shut your cum dumpsters, and listen!

At the open of Showdown, Gunner Lang wants to come out here, and make a mockery of being a man. He has his ass buddies, I mean close friends, padlock us in our dressing room, so we are unable to come out and make our presence known when called upon. That’s cool Gunny, I never pictured you with a set of balls! As you can see, I left the rest of Bad Religion in the back. I know you three won’t dare come out here now, I can see you coming! But I wanted to take you up on your offer.

Countdown, Gunner Lang faces Travis Williams, one more time. No title on the line this time, so I won’t make myself more golden than I already am! So if I lose, fat chance, I will walk away from Bad Religion. I will still become sVo Champion, but I will do it on my own. I never needed a group to do that, I wanted a group to control things. That is where you idiots have yet to catch on. Now, if I win, Gunner Lang, you’ll be my personal bitch for the sum of umm, six months. So come December, your Christmas present will be, you will no longer be scrubbing my tighty whiteys anymore!

Oh yeah, since you want throw out shit to make the match interesting…How about we make the match a little bit more interesting. I had an idea, since Paige does not want to make the match, we won’t do it in a sVo ring. In fact, we won’t do it in Canada period…Because, well, I hate that fucking country and I would rather rot in hell than to compete there. So, how about you and I, head down to New York instead. There is a prison yard there known as Five Points Correctional Facility. A maximum security prison. In a match I invented back a few years ago, known as a Reality Playground Match. The way you win, be the man who can escape the prison yard. No, they won’t shoot you if you try, but the razor wire, and whatnot, might make for one hell of a night! What do you say?

Travis drops the microphone and Bad Religion by Godsmack cues up…Travis steps through the ropes, as Tony follows him. The two men exit up the ramp, leaving Lang with the question of the night…Is he man enough to play in the Reality Playground?

As Moretti and Williams near the top of the entrance ramp. ‘Bad Religion’ fades away. Gunner Langs smiling face appears on the V-Tron to the thrill of the fans. Williams adopts a fighting stance waiting for the appearance of Gunner Lang as Mad Max and Zero emerge from the audience near the top of the ramp weilding steel chairs.

Gunner Lang: “Up here.”

Moretti begins cursing as the rest of Bad Religion look up at the V-Tron to see Langs face.

Gunner Lang: “Now Willy you didn’t think I’d be stupid enough to come out there did you? You’re one stupid son of a bitch if you did. Lets just say I had a sneaking suspicion that you weren’t alone. I’m brave … not stupid.”

Williams is spitting venom as he glares at the V-Tron. He then looks from Max and Zero to Moretti as he mouths the words “What’s this?”

Gunner Lang: “I know you said you were alone … but I don’t trust a Moretti as far as I can throw one. You’ll learn. Now as for this Reality Playground match.”

Gunner scrathes his ‘stache as he looks off of the shot and then looks back.

Gunner Lang: “You’re on Willy. I’ll see you at the see saw’s.”

The feed to the V-Tron cuts as Bad Religion stands in the middle of the ramp, and Travis Williams has his answer.


The cameras cut to the backstage area, and we find a dark locker room. The only light comes from a burning candle sitting on a table in the middle of the room. The cameras slowly zoom in to a close up of the candle. It’s mesmerizing how the flame jumps and dances about the wick. Suddenly, a face appears behind the flame. Only the mouth and lower cheeks can be seen in the light, but the voice is unmistakable.

Billy Jacobs: “Finally… the time has come. From the day I was saved, I have been preparing for this day. Porto Alegre…”

The sound of the fans cheering off in the distance breaks Jacobs concentration for a moment. You can see him look up for a moment before continuing on with his speech.

Billy Jacobs: “Porto Alegre, Brazil… the Lord has chosen this place for my arrival. This is where I make my stand. Tonight, I will make my presence felt… tonight, I will make the Lord’s presence felt. I want to make this as easy to understand as possible… the Lord’s work starts here, and ends only when every last sinner has repented, or been sent straight to Hell. You either stand with me as a fellow child of the Lord, or you will fall before me. Tonight, I will make an example out of William Vorheez and Matthew Thornhill. I shalt showeth thee the way to the hou…”

Suddenly the lights in the room come on. Jacobs is startled and stands up straight. He looks over to the door, and the camera follows his gaze. Standing in the doorway with a look of surprise on his face is Christian Roman.

Billy Jacobs: “OH COME ON! You’re killin’ the atmosphere in here! Jesus Chri… ahem… excuse me.”

Christian Roman: “Oh sorry… wrong door…”

The two men stare each other down for a moment, both with rather serious looks on their faces. Eventually, they just nod to each other, and Roman heads out into the hallway, closing the door behind him. Jacobs looks back at the camera with a hint of rage in his eyes.

Billy Jacobs: “The ‘Wrath of the Lord’ comes tonight…”

With that, Jacobs walks off camera. Off screen the door opens, and the lights are turned out before the door slams shut. The candle is still burning, and doing it’s beautiful little dance… another of God’s little miracles.


William Vorheez vs. Matt Thornhill vs. ‘The Preacher’ Billy Jacobs

Arena goes completely black as “Ghost of Perdition” by Ope th starts to play, and once the guitar and singer kick in a small blast of pyro ignites on the stage and keeps burning as the entrance way fills up with smoke and out walks William Vorheez, red, green, and white lights flicker with the music as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He stares straight at the ring and doesn’t pay attention to the crowd as they have a mixed reaction about him. He walks up the steps and then walks half way down the ring apron and steps over the top rope as the lights come up and the music slowly fades.

“Kashmir” hits the PA as the lights dim in the arena. Matt Thornhill steps out onto the entrance ramp, lights flashing around him to the rhythm of the bass line in the song. Thornhill looks around, soaking in the atmosphere being created by the sold-out crowd cheering him on. Satisfied, Thornhill begins down the aisle way, slowly and deliberately focused squarely on the ring in front of him. Thornhill stops midway down, looking around, before sprinting the remainder of the way and sliding in, immediately getting to his feet and climbing a turnbuckle.

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out, and the V-Tron begins to flicker. As quickly as it came alive, the giant screen goes black again. The mysterious singing voice of a lone choir boy comes over the PA system as “Destiny” by Stradivarius begins to play. After a short time, more voices join in the singing, and a brilliant white light coming from the now active V-Tron illuminates the arena. Through the bright light, Billy Jacobs’ silhouette can be seen on stage. His head is bowed as if in prayer, but soon lifts up slowly. He scans the crowd as he makes his way to the top of the ramp.

As Jacobs makes his way down to the ring, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. When he reaches the ring, the light from the V-Tron fades, and the lights in the arena return to normal. He slowly walks up the ring stairs, and climbs in between the ropes. Once in the ring, Jacobs goes to the corner, crouches down, and waits for the match to start.

The bell sounds.

All three men stand in separate corners for this match as the fans wait for it to begin.

They all begin to walk around the ring, trying to think of a way to get started with this contest.

All three men now make their way to the center of the ring. Both Billy Jacobs and Matt Thornhill go after the bigger William Vorheez as they throw right hand punches on each side of his body. They now lean him up against the ropes and irish whip him across the ring. Vorheez comes back and ducks a double clothesline as he now turns around and boots Matt Thornhill in the mid section and tosses him through the ropes and to the outside floor.

William Vorheez now has Billy Jacobs alone in the ring as he pushes him into the corner. He now runs at him and squashes him with a clothesline. Vorheez now begins to drive elbows into the side of his head, followed by his big long foot stretching upwards and into his throat. Matt Thornhill makes his way back into the ring and attacks William from behind with right hand punches. He now grabs his hand and whips him into the corner diagonally across from Billy Jacobs.

As Matt Thornhill runs in as William Vorheez he is greeted with a big boot to the face! Thornhill goes down as Vorheez immediately gets on top of one of his opponents in an attempt of a pin fall for the first one in this contest.



Nothing more then a two count though as Matt Thornhill gets his shoulder up.

Billy Jacobs makes his way over and runs at William Vorheez who has yet to stand back up. He hit’s a drop kick right into his head. Jacobs now gets on top of him and also looks for a pin fall as Matt Thornhill rolls away from them both.



A quick two count is broken up as Vorheez kicks out from it.

Billy Jacobs stands back up and goes at Matt Thornhill who is in the corner. He runs at him but Matt elbows him in the face. Jacobs takes a step back or two as Thornhill comes out of the corner and grabs him and hit’s a snap suplex. He turns him over and hooks his leg as Matt goes for the pin fall.



William Vorheez is there to break it up though.

He now picks up Billy Jacobs and nails him with a huge full nelson slam! William Vorheez now makes his way over to Matt Thornhill and picks him up. He looks to do some damage with a gorilla press slam but instead Billy Jacobs is back up and he boots William in the gut. He drops Thornhill as Jacobs now plants him down with a DDT! This could be it, here’s the cover.




Matt Thornhill boots the head of Jacobs though as it breaks up the count.

Matt now picks him up and hit’s a German suplex. He keeps the bridge on it and gets a pin fall for it as the referee makes the count.



Billy Jacobs kicks out!

William Vorheez rushes over and grabs Matt Thornhill. He pushes him aside as he pulls up Billy Jacobs. Jacobs haymakers him with a huge punch though and then boots him in the gut as he trips him down across the ring ropes with a drop toe hold. Jacobs now walks over to Matt Thornhill and when he turns around he nails him out of nowhere with the Bow Your Head downward spiral.

Here’s the cover.




RESULT: Billy Jacobs def. Matt Thornhill & William Vorheez via pinfall


Backstage the sVo interview Katie Smith looks slightly out of breath as she jogs along the corridor to catch up with the reiging sVo Champion Psyko Stevo who is walking in the opposiute direction.

Katie Smith – “Stevo, Stevo!”

The sVo Champion slowly turns around as he hears his name being called out, as Katie Smith catches up with him, her camera crew not far behind.

Psyko Stevo – “Katie, you seem a little exhausted?”

Psyko Stevo holds his sVo Championship belt over his shoulder as he looks down on Katie who holds her hand up in the air as she takes in a few deep breaths.

Katie Smith – “You are a hard man to find. I have been running around all night trying to get the exclusive of what your stipulations will be for Alex Ross at Countdown to Violence.”

Katie Smith pushes the microphone in the direction of Psyko Stevo’s mouth as the sVo Champion ponders the question before gently shaking his head.

Psyko Stevo – “I’m afraid I cannot give you that exclusive right now Katie…..”

Katie Smith doesn’t look best pleased with the sVo Champion.

Katie Smith – “Why in the hell not? You won the tag team match last week and you have the rights to name the stipulations. You promised that you would decide tonight!”

Psyko Stevo nods his head as he steps forwards towards the camera.

Psyko Stevo – “And I will, but there are some very important people I need to consult with first.”

Psyko Stevo winks at Katie Smith before slowly walking away from the sVo Interviewer. Katie Smith curses her bad luck as she slowly walks away from the scene with her head bowed in disappointment. However the camera does not track with Katie Smith. Instead the camera zooms in towards the end of the corridor where a shadow is cast over the wall from behind a pillar. The shadow looks to be facing in the direction of the sVo Champion.



Help Is On The Way

[We cut to a shot of the locker room where we see Peter Gilmour preparing for The Chosen One Tournament as he faces Christian Roman, Chris Bond, and Sensei Shredder. The winner goes on to face Joseph Equinox for the Hardcore Title at Countdown to Violence in 2 weeks. Peter is in his wrestling gear which consists of black tights with “PBK” on the sides, black boots. His black cloaked jacket is on a steel chair which is hanging in back of where he is sitting. Peter begins to put tape on his fingers as a knock is heard on the door.]

Peter: Come in!

[ A tall man, about 6’4 enters the room. He is wearing a dark red jacket and pants and has a cane next to his leg. This man is none other than Peter’s former manager Max Masterson. Peter gets up abruptly and looks the man in the face.]

Peter: What the hell are you doing here?

Max: I should be asking myself that same question. I did get your call.

[Peter has a confused look on his face.]

Peter: I called you?

Max: Well, you’re number did come up on my phone back home, so I figured it was you. Thankfully Paige gave me the information of where you will be. So how are you feeling?

Peter: Not so good my friend. I’ve been having very bad headaches and I’ve been blacking out from time to time. The doctor told me that I had a grade 2 concussion and a slightly broken jaw. He told me not to wrestle for 2 weeks. But you think I need some quack to tell me what to do?

[Max rolls his eyes and then comes upon 2 orange bottles on the table near Peter.]

Max: What the hell is this…Pills and drinking? Have you lost your fucking mind?!

Peter: It helps to ease the pain old man. Back off before I take you to the Xtreme!

Max: Oh, you’re about to hit a point of extreme alright…A point you won’t remember. You’re lucky I am here to help you as much as I can. I knew leaving you would be a mistake.

[Peter laughs to himself.]

Peter: You must have not seen my promo a few weeks back. I got rid of you so Rose can be my new manager and I got to be honest with you. She does a better job at managing me then your sorry ass ever did.

Max: Is that so? Well then, where is the lovely lass then?

[Peter takes deep breathe as he knows she is still upset with her man.]

Peter: She is.. ummm.. she is unavailable right now.

Max: She got pissed and decided to stay in the hotel room huh? Don’t play these games with me. I may be OLD but I’m not STUPID. Now look, you have a match against 3 other men who want to be the Hardcore Champion just as much as you. You have to stay focused and not depend on these evil things.

[Peter shrugs his shoulders at Max and begins to get his jacket. Max grabs him by the arm forcefully. Peter looks down at his arm then looks up at Max and stares straight into his eyes. You can cut the tension with a knife.]

Max: Look, if you didn’t want my help then why did you bother calling me? I know Bad Religion is picking on you. You just have to beat them at their own game. Now you will go out there with me and you will show those 3 men no mercy. You will make them bleed and show the world why you are not someone to mess with. Joseph knows he can’t beat you one on one. He stole that belt from you at Retribution and he is on the run. You HAVE to win this match and then beat Joseph Equinox to get these demons out of your head. Trust me, with my help I can bring you back to becoming the killing machine you always was.

[Peter looks at Max and smiles.]

Peter: We’ll see old man.

[Peter leaves the room as Max nods his head as he gives a sadistic grin.]

Max: We indeed shall see old friend. God have mercy on your soul.

[Fade to black.]

A Giant Problem

The scene opens up showing Nathan Paradine sitting backstage at Showdown, his right arm again bandaged and in a sling, still dressed in street clothes. However, “The Greatest Submission Artist on Earth” has far more pressing matters than his injury on his mind tonight; his upcoming match with Cody Williams.

Nathan Paradine: Well Cody, it seems I have a bit of a problem here. Last week, during our Fatal Four Way match, it seems I re-aggravated my arm injury sustaned during the Organised Chaos match at Retribution. Basically, I’m under doctors orders not to compete tonight…

Nathan feigns disappointment at his injured arm, however as he looks back at the camera a disturbance of-screen can be heard. A man, presumably a medical staff member, is shouting at the top of his voice.

Doctor: Mr. Williams, you cannot come bach here! If you have a injury then please step this way, but Mr. Paradine has specifically asked for no disturbances this evening!

The shouting continues for a moment, until “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams walks into view, focused intently on Nathan, still sitting cooly, staring up at his rival.

Doctor: Mr. Williams, Cody, please-

Cody holds up a hand, cutting off the doctor in mid sentence.

Cody Williams: Shut it!

The doctor looks nervous for a moment, however he keeps his mouth shut.

Cody Williams: What the hell is this Paradine? A ploy to try and duck out of our match tonight? I thought you had more balls than this…

Nathan chuckles, and takes off his sunglasses. He wipes the lenses clean as he speaks.

Nathan Paradine: Doctor’s orders, Cody. I’m not allowed to compete. If you weren’t such a klutz in the ring last week, then maybe my arm would be healed, and-

Cody Williams: Wait, are you seriously blaming this “injury” on me!?

Nathan Paradine: Well, I wasn’t going to put it like that… But yes.

Cody stares blankly for a moment at Nathan, and then bursts out laughing.

Cody Williams: Paige won’t stand for this Paradine. All I have to do is go right now and tell her you are feigning injury to duck out of our match!

Nathan finishes cleaning the glasses, and slides them back on. He grins up at Cody.

Nathan Paradine: Actually, I’ve already spoken to Paige about our match tonight, and we have come upon an agreement that suits us both.

Cody Williams: And just what would that be!?

There is a pause, and suddenly a huge roar can be heard from the hallway off-camera. A scream is heard, then a huge crash. Cody stares at the doorway, one eybrow raised, while Nathan wears a confidant smirk on his face. A giant of a man comes into view, dwarfing both Cody Williams and Nathan Paradine. He stares down at Cody and roars again.

Nathan Paradine: Cody… meet your new opponent for tonight. A old friend of mine… “The Brazillian Beast” Santos Janeiro!

Cody stares up at Santos, mouth hanging open.

Cody Williams: You can’t be serious…

The scene ends with Nathan bursting out with laughter at Cody’s expression, and Santos letting out another almighty roar.


Christian Roman vs. Sensei Shredder vs. Chris Bond vs. Peter Gilmour

“Walk with me in Hell” by LAMB OF GOD hits and the lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

Suddenly, the arena turns pitch black and and over the loudspeakers, starting off quickly, are the riffs from Protest the Hero’s “Heretics and Killers”

They called me the man with the blood of Christ


But tonight I drink with heathens and the finest blasphemies
In wine there’s truth but in silence there’s surrender
A screaming for the silence in stunned suspicious terror

Smoke billows at the top of the ramp, forcing people to shield their eyes from the potency.

I built a temple in my life and used God to seal the pillars
After twenty years of fighting young heretics and killers
I watch my temple fall to pieces at the first signs of oncoming weather
Fell to my knees like Jesus in the cave, knew I would die.

As the smoke begins to clear, Christian pushes through the remaining shield and quickly moves towards the ring, with camera focusing on his back, littered with images of Christ and other religious icons.

But my lips could only say; I’m not your son so why have you forsaken me?
There’s a hole in my heart but it just makes me unholy
Crucified that night and I walked away with alter-egos
Like the prison priest who preaches his dead and buried gospel

He shakes a few hands on his way down, shaking off the seeming rust as uses the stairs to climb into the ring through the ropes.

While my faith is in ruins my duty still breathes strong
I’m a parrot in a cage just saying prayers to belong to a textbook
Of my crying, lying, dying history; a textbook
Of my crying, lying, dying history; a textbook
Of my crying; a textbook
Of my lying; a textbook
Of my dying; a textbook
Of my history.

Christian hits the closest turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the air and then jumps down, bouncing off the ropes a few times.

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drumbeats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drus beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and the wrestler begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once he reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as he readies for his upcoming opponents.

“A way to be…
You’re looking down again…
Just let it be…
And I’d only do for you what you’d do for me…
And I only would do for you what you’d do for me…”

“Touche’” by Godsmack begins to play around the arena and a mixed reaction is heard from the fans as the cocky Chris Bond makes his way down the entrance ramp. Bond keeps his eyes focused on the ring as he slowly makes his way towards the arena for battle,managing to slap a few lucky fan’s hands, before climbing up into the ring. Bond looks focused as he warms up in the corner of the ring as he is announced to the crowd by the sVo ring announcer.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the four men eye each other from the different corners of the ring as the Chosen tournament match gets underway! Peter Gilmour springs forward but is knocked down by Chris Bond, whilst Shredder is blasted with big right hands from Christian Roman. Roman knocks Shredder back into the corner of the ring, whilst Chris Bond takes down Peter Gilmour with a snap suplex. The Tag Team Champion Shredder fights back on Roman with some chops across the chest before running through him with a spinning heel kick.

The fans cheer the offence from the Tag Team Champion Shredder as he pulls Roman up to his feet. On the opposite corner of the ring Peter Gilmour rises up, and as Chris Bond tries to pull him up Gilmour takes him down with a roll through and nearly gets a three count! Chris Bond rises up to his feet looking shocked, but Peter Gilmour is there waiting for him with a scoop slam followed by a leg drop across the top of his chest. Christian Roman is thrown into the ropes by Shredder who nails him with a twisting neckbreaker as he bounces back. Christian Roman staggers up to his feet from the move, but the Tag Team Champion lays into him with some martial arts kicks before making the cover!




Peter Gilmour dives across to break up the pinfall attempt! Gilmour quickly drags Shredder up to his feet and weights into him with some big right hands that pin him back into the corner of the ring. Gilmour hits a big headbutt on Shredder to knock him down to the floor whilst on the otherside of the ring Chris Bond dives across to make a cheeky cover on Christian Roman!



No! Christian Roman kicks out! Chris Bond pulls Christian Roman up to his feet, however Christian Roman knocks Bond away with a knee to the midsection before hitting him with a spinebuster to take him to the mat. Christian Roman stomps away on Chris Bond on the mat whilst Peter Gilmour chokes out Shredder in the corner of the ring. Shredder begins to fight back up to his feet as Christian Roman pulls Bond up and sends him into the ropes. Bond however doesn’t bounce back from the ropes as he grabs hold of them, but Christian Roman sees Bond’s plan and runs at him before clotheslining him over the top rope!

Bond tumbles to the floor below as Peter Gilmour ducks out of the way of an attempted spinning heel kick from Shredder before taking him down with a ‘Doomsday’! Shredder drops to the mat, but before Gilmour can make the cover, Christian Roman takes him down with a side Russian legsweep! Gilmour hits the mat hard on his already injured head, whilst Christian Roman grabs Shredder up from the mat. The Tag Team Champion swings for a right hand on Christian Roman, however Roman ducks under the fist before nailing Shredder to the mat with a ‘Pains of Martyrdom’! The fans pop for the move as Christian Roman makes the cover!




Christian Roman has stolen the win from right under the nose of Peter Gilmour and will now step out next week with the chance to fight for the sVo Hardcore Championship! Christian Roman has his hand held in the air in victory as a livid Peter Gilmour watches on in disgust!

RESULT: Christian Roman def. Sensei Shredder, Peter Gilmour & Chris Bond via pinfall

A Little Suprise

The scene opens backstage in the locker room of Equinox. Equinox is sitting contemplating on the events of the past week when his new friend, Psyko Stevo, walks in to see the Hardcore Champion.

Stevo: Hey man I got your message.

Equinox smiles when he sees Stevo and stands to talk.

Equinox: Ah great. I’m glad you got it. What do you think about it then?

Stevo: I think it will be a great to keep the “HARDCORE” element of the tournament alive. Go for it.

Equinox smiles.

Equinox: Cool I’ll go with it.

Equinox and Stevo both now turn to face the camera.

Equinox: Now that you can all see us out there on the V-Tron….

The Brazilian crowd can be heard giving a loud pop.

Equinox: Next week it will be the final in The Tournament of The Chosen. As you all know already I shall be the guest referee in this match. And it shall be William Vorheez versus Christian Roman in a Street Fight to determine my opponent at Countdown to Violence.

The crowd pop at the sound of a street fight.

Equinox: Well I hope you all enjoyed because I know me and Stevo will.

Equinox chuckles to himself before the V-Tron fades to black and the scene ends.

I Got This

The scene opens up the backstage area, inside the locker room of “Second to None” Cody Williams. He standing in the middle of the locker room while trainers are taping his wrists up and oiling him down. Sasha is standing next to him watching. Cody tilts his head to the left and then to the right and starts to bounce up and down a little.

Sasha: Are you sure you don’t want me to come out with you?

Cody Williams: Yeah, i’m sure.

Sasha: Baby, let me come out with you okay?

Cody Williams: I wouldn’t want my pregnant wife to be put into any kind of predicament now would I?

Sasha: Okay, you’re right. I’m just worried. That’s all.

Cody Williams: Worried? Worried about what?

Sasha: This guy that Paradine is pairing you up against. I mean, “The Brazilian Beast”? That right there spells trouble.

Cody Williams: Baby, trust me… I got this!

Sasha: Okay, just be careful out there.

Cody Williams: I will. Heh. Paradine thinks that he can just duck out of our match with his so called “injury”? Well, he has another thing coming. Because after I take out his hitman, I am coming right after him!

Trainer: Alright Cody you’re good to go.

Cody Williams: Thanks.

Cody tilts his head left and right quickly, and cups his hands together, rotating them to loosen them up. He pounds his chest and lets out a yell to psych himself out as he starts to bounce up and down on his toes. The screen turns into a split screen showing his opponent “The Brazilian Beast” Santos Janeiro making his way down the hallway. He grabs a trash can and flings it down the hall. He comes up to the coffee table where a backstage stage manager is standing, going over a list. She turns around to come face to face with Santos. Her bottom lip starts to tremble. Santos lets out a huge roar causing her to scurry away into the distance. Santos then grabs the coffee table and flips it, causing everything on top of it the fly all over the place. Cody is shown still in his locker room warming up for his match. Fade to black.

What Comes Next?

Backstage somewhere in Estadio Gigantinho, the familiar face of Tamara Boyd stands microphone in hand. Skulking next to her dressed in his wrestling attire – topped as always with his mask of the night sky stands Night, the sVo International Championship draped proudly over his shoulder. Standing next to Night is the cheerful figure of Akira Kimura – Night’s mentor.

TAMARA: Night, it’s been two weeks since you were last seen in action in sVo – where have you been?

NIGHT: Well, after everything that happened I just needed some time away to rest and to train with a friend.

TAMARA: You’re referring to your amazing night at Redemption and your subsequent defeat at Showdown 27?

There is a hesitation as Night seems to darken under his mask. Sensing the tension, Akira interjects.

KIMURA: Yes, but it is all for the best. Night is more focused and determined than ever before. He took a week to train with another of my students who is currently living in Mexico and to recover from a busy work schedule.

Night: Yes.

Night looks thankfully at his mentor who nods knowingly in return. Tamara seems slightly confused by Master Kimura’s highjacking of the interview, but, a true professional moves on.

TAMARA: Well tonight you’re facing sVo veteran, former sVo Hardcore AND Tag-Team Champion, Howie Banks who will certainly be out looking for a big win tonight. How do you feel you will fare against him?

NIGHT: Howie is a worthy and respectable opponent. I am very familiar with him from his time in Japan and from our two encounters. Tonight will definitely be a match to remember.

KIMURA: Certainly a memorable victory for my protege!

Night looks at Akira as if trying to silence him, but merely receives a defiant and very amused smirk from his trainer.

NIGHT: Well I will definitely try.

Tamara seems amused by Kimura’s taunting of his student and seeing the International Champion squirm in response.

TAMARA: Night, one last question before I let you go –

Night nods, seemingly thankful to be away from the camera crew and microphone.

TAMARA: Your World Championship contendership out-of-reach for now, what do you plan to do next?

Again Night seems to darken. He remains quiet for a moment, but seems to be composing his thoughts.

NIGHT: I will continue to do what has brought me to this point. Each week I will go to the ring and fight a war with whoever I am booked to face. I am the International Champion and I intend to hold this title with honor – facing all challengers. But mark my words – when my time arrives I will once again challenge for the sVo World Championship, regardless of whoever holds the title. When that time comes I will take what I have tried to capture and failed.

Night pauses, the focus burning through his mask.

NIGHT: That is my promise.

With a slight bow and a curt turn, Night storms off down the corridor to do whatever it is he does to prepare. Tamara watches Night leave, not sure of how to react. Turning back, she notices Master Kimura still hasn’t left and still wears a broad grin on his face.

KIMURA: HA! Don’t mind him, my students tend to have a flare for the dramatic. But they have good hearts – they are good boys.

He laughs cheerily.

KIMURA: Would a pretty girl like you care to show an old man to the catering room?

Tamara laughs awkwardly as Akira winks at her as we cut away.


Cody Williams vs.Nathan Paradine Santos Janeiro

The house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of the Hampden Park to erupt. The sounds of “Israel’s Son” by Silverchair blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up. Cody Williams can be seen rising up from the top of the ramp by way of lift. Once the lift comes to a halt he throws his arms up into the air to an eruption of pyrotechnics, followed by fireworks going off around the perimeter of the stadium.

Hate is what I feel for you
And I want you to know that I want you dead
You’re late for the execution
If you’re not here soon
I’ll kill your friend instead

He makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown the stadium with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest and raising his arms in the air. He hops off and heads over to the opposite corner and does the same.

The arena is bathed in green, however no music plays at all as “The Brazilian Beast” Santos Janeiro stalks out from backstage, snarling at the fans who reach out and try to touch him. He rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd. He jumps down, turns, and stares at Cody Williams who is waiting for him at the opposite side of the ring. The Brazilian Beast pounds his chest and lets out a mammoth of a yell and runs towards Cody with a head full of steam.


He throws a hard right lariat but Cody sensing the oncoming offense ducks under and attacks the behemoth with a right hand. He continues with three more punches to the side of the face, each followed by a knife edge chop, trying to bring him down to size. But Janeiro has had enough of this and stops the furious rights of Williams with a hard knee to the gut. he sends cody reeling with an overhead right, Cody uses this movement to bounce himself off of the ropes and hit him with a diving forearm to no avail. Santos starts to wobble but is still on his feet. Cody looking to take down the big man bounces off of the ropes again and hits another diving forearm. Santos stumbles backwards and now seems to be on spaghetti legs. Cody seizes the opportunity and runs for the ropes once more and goes for the crushing blow, but Janeiro blocks it and grabs Cody by the forehead and sends him crashing to the mat with a vicious headbutt.

The Brazilian Beast Santos Janeiro looks down at a fallen Cody Williams and then to the crowd before, smacking the sides of his head and letting out a foreign banter. He pushes Cody Williams into the corner and starts to attack cody with hard knife hand strikes to the top of the head. The referee tells Janeiro to back up off him and bring him back to the center of the ring. He turns his attention to the referee and starts chasing him inside the ring. The referee, terrified of what the beast could do to him, quickly hops out of the ring.

Santos turns his attention back to cody while the referee slowly but surely slides back into the ring. Santos grabs hold of Cody and gives him a hard irish whip to the opposite corner, causing a whiplash effect. Cody holds onto the ropes to hold himself up, while on the opposite side of the ring The Brazilian Beast is rubbing his feet on the mat, as if he were building up speed. He throws his arms up and yells and runs toward Cody full speed ahead. He leaps into the air and comes down with all of his weight, but Cody gets a boot up and Santos comes crashing down fast first on Cody’s foot, sending him backwards. Cody runs off of the ropes and bounces back, Santos goes for a clothesline attempt but Cody ducks under, he bounces off the opposite ropes and Santos now looking for a back elbow but Cody ducks under that as well. Cody now building up a lot of speed and momentum, Santos has other things in mind and looks to use that speed to his advantage, bending over for a back body drop. Cody stops in his tracks and delivers a hard kick to the forehead of Santos. Santos stares at Cody with a face full of anger, showing that the kick had no effect on him and slaps his chest and yells at the top of his lungs. He runs towards Cody, but Cody drops down while holding the ropes and the Brazilian Beast flies over the top rope and topples to the arena floor.

cody takes off his 220 shirt that he still has on and throws it into the crowd. He looks over the ropes at a fallen Santos and he pounds his chest and tells him to bring it on. Santos starts to get back up to a vertical base, while Cody hops down onto the arena floor. He comes up behind Santos and grabs him by his hair and sends him into the ring post. Cody grabs Santos by the tights and throws him back into the ring. The Beast slowly gets back onto his feet, and stumbles into the corner and tries to shake off the cob webs. Cody backs himself up into the opposite corner and dashes for Santos, leaping into the air and hitting a flying forearm to the side of the head. Cody makes his way back to the middle of the ring and turns around to see that Santos is still standing. He makes another flying forearm attempt but Santos stops him in mid air and catches him, before tossing him halfway across the ring. Cody starts writhing in pain on the mat, grabbing the back of his neck. Santos capitalizes on this opportunity and hits a diving headbutt. He goes for the cover.




Cody gets the shoulder up before the count of three. Santos stomps cody in the stomach before dragging him towards the ropes. Santos puts one foot on the middle ropes and uses it to launch himself into the air before he comes crashing down onto Cody’s chest, sitting on him with all of his weight. Cody tries to get back onto his feet, using Santos’ legs for leverage. Santos smirks and grabs Cody by the hair and scoops him up. He walks over towards the corner and hangs him in the tree of woe. Cody struggles to break free but Santos gives him a few punches to the side of the head to calm him down. The Brazilian Beast walks over to the other end of the ring and sizes Cody up. He slaps his head and his chest and lets out a vicious roar and runs towards Cody and hits him with a running kick to the face. The impact of the crushing blow causes Cody to come crashing out of the tree of woe. Santos pulls Cody into the middle of the ring and makes the cover.




Again, Cody gets his shoulder up in the nick of time. Santos rolls off of Cody and Cody struggles to find it in him to get onto his feet. He crawls into the corner and tries to catch his breath. But Santos has other plans and runs towards him and hits him with a running bulldozer attack. It looks to be all she wrote as Santos pulls Cody back towards the middle of the ring. Santos ascends the turnbuckles and perches himself on the top rope. He looks down at a fallen Cody and yells out something in Brazilian. He leaps into the air with a huge splash, but in a desperate attempt Cody rolls out of the way causing Santos to come crashing down to the mat. The crowd rallies behind Williams, clapping and chanting his name, giving him their moral support.

Cody gets onto his feet around the same time that Santos does. COdy hits him with a hard right, but the big man is still on his feet. He hits a hard elbow strike followed by a knife edge chop. He does this three more times, trying to cut the Brazilian Beast down to size but somehow he is still standing. He runs off of the ropes and hits a hard clothesline which sends the Beast stumbling backwards and bouncing off the ropes but doesn’t knock him down. COdy hits another running clothesline and the Beast struggles to keep himself on his feet. Williams now bounces off of the ropes once more, Santos goes for a back body drop attempt but Cody spots this and drives him face first into his knee. Miraculously the big man is still on his feet! Cody bounces off of the opposite ropes and then bounces off of the other ropes and hits a flying forearm, sending the Brazilian Beast down to the mat.

Cody, with the crowd behind him, waits for Santos to get back onto his feet. Santos Janeiro gets onto his feet but struggles to keep his balance. Cody gives him a hard kick to the stomach and hooks both arms, looking to put him away with Pure Perfection. But Santos stands himself up and back body drops him. santos waits for Cody to get onto his feet. Cody gets back up to a vertical base and Santos rushes towards him, Cody senses this and scoops him up and hits a spinning blue thunder driver into a pin.




Santos gets his shoulder up at the last possible second. Cody looking to put away his opponent begins to climb the turnbuckles. He stands atop the top turnbuckle, awaiting his opponent. Santos gets onto his feet and turns around to see Cody Williams perched on the top rope. Cody leaps into the air with a crossbody but Santos catches him in mid air and in a display of brute force and strength, tosses Cody onto his shoulders. He swings Cody and looks to be going for a firemans carry into a face buster but Cody lands on his feet. He grabs the head of Santos and hits a reverse DDT onto his knee. Santos turns around and Cody puts him between his legs and hooks both of his arms. He lifts him into the air and sits out, viciously driving The Beast’s head into the mat. PURE PERFECTION!




Cody rolls off of The Brazilian Beast and stands up, holding his knees for support as he catches his breath. He reaches back and grabs his neck. The referee comes over and raises his arm up, declaring him the victor. “Israel’s Son” starts up again on the arena sound system as Cody raises his arms into the air. He looks back at his fallen opponent and shakes his head in disbelief. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle climbs it, pounding his chest and pointing to his fallen opponent.

RESULT: Cody Williams def. Santos Janeiro via pinfall

Borrowed Time

Cody Williams is shown standing in the ring, celebrating his victory over Santos Janeiro. The fallen giant is laying motionless in the ring, while Cody is mounted on the turnbuckle, arms held high, basking in the crowds adoration as “Israel’s Son” plays over the PAs. Of course, a certain someone has to show up to ruin the event’s doesn’t he?

Nathan Paradine: So-freaking-WHAT!

Nathan walks out from behind the curtain, an expression of fury etched onto his face. He raises a mmic clenched in his left hand to his face.

Nathan Paradine: So you beat Santos Janeiro. BIG DEAL! At Countdown to Violence, you will meet your maker Cody! Remember Nomad!

Cody looks at Nathan with a confused expression on his face. However, the instant Nathan mentions “Nomad” his faces changes to a mask of anger.

Nathan Paradine: Cody Williams, savour the next few days. Because you are living on borrowed time, come Countdown to Violence, we will meet one-on-one in the ring, and we are going to settle this like men! And I can promise you, I’m going to put an end to Cody Williams, and I’m going to show who REALLY is second-to-none!

Cody motions for him to step into the ring and fight him now. Nathan shakes his head.

Nathan Paradine: No Cody. I’m not stepping into a ring with you again until we are in Toronto, Canada, and and I mnake you tap out like the bitch you are! Because, dear Codyt, in Canada we will be fighting by MY rules, in a match I just so happen to be quite the veteran in… A Submission match!

Cody nods from the ring, and the crowd starts up a huge “Second to None” chant as Nathan throws the mic down and walks backstage.

A Challenge from the Shadows

Backstage an irate Peter Gilmour looks to be heading away from the arena as he bursts through the exit door to the car park with his bag in his hand. Gilmour has already changed, and looks to be on his way out of Showdown tonight after his disappointing loss in the four way match. Peter Gilmour storms over to his car that is parked in the far end of the car park, and being so annoyed with himself for the loss, doesn’t even seem to notice the shadows around the car park that seem to be moving from the sides of the building around him.

“Do it. Make the challenge….”

Peter Gilmour stops in his tracks as he hears the voice.

Peter Gilmour – “Who the hell is that?”

There is silence as Gilmour looks around the car park, but sees nothing out of the ordinary. The shadows are still.

Gilmour shakes his head and puts the noise down to the old building as he continues to make his way towards the car before the voice stops him in his tracks again.

“We are watching you Peter Gilmour. We think you should make the challenge. The big challenge.”

Peter Gilmour – “Who are you? What do you mean?”

Gilmour looks to be getting more and more angry as he shouts out to the ’empty’ car park. However the former Hardcore Champion hears no response back. Angered even more, Gilmour throws his bag down near his car and pulls the door open. Gilmour throws his bag into the back seat of the car, but as he slams the back door shut, he hears the voice again.

“Do It Peter!”

Gilmour quickly glances around the arena, and out of the corner of his eye thinks he sees the shadows moving to his left. Gilmour turns to his left to investigate, however he sees nothing. What the hell do they want him to do?

Peter Gilmour begins to think about what the voice had said to him. Was there someone there or was his mind playing tricks on him. He had taking a lot of pills with alcohol over the past week, was he going crazy….. or was there someone there?

Should Peter Gilmour take their advice and make the challenge…..

The big challenge?

Restraining Order

The scene opens in a shared locker room with multiple benches and traveling closets for changing. Sitting on one of the benches is new superstar Talon, dressed casually with the only sign of his wrestling attire being his makeup. He’s writing something down in a notebook when the door opens and Alex Ross appears, all suited up for his match, smiling.

Talon looks up at ‘The Perfect Ten’ Alex Ross and nods. Ross pulls up a plastic blue chair and scoots it underneath him, sitting on it backwards facing Talon.

Ross: Why so blue, panda bear?

Talon: Why so giddy?

Ross: You first.

Talon: Well this whole wrestling thing… Everything is getting sort of…

Ross: *Cutting him off* I’m sorry to hear that dude… Listen. I’ve been medically cleared and my agent talked to some people who talked to my lawyer and I fucking got restraining orders on Joaquin and Clyde. I’m in the clear, dude. I can already tell, things are going to just get better and better with this title shot and everything. We’re in the clear, dude!

Talon: Oh… So you don’t need me to…

Ross: Oh, come on, man… Don’t look at it that way, this is great news. Now that I’ve got this shit behind me and they’ve given up on investigating my neck injury, I can start teaching you the way of… Well, how to succeed in this business, how to become the best.

Talon: Good. So when do you…

Ross: No time, sorry man. I have to go warm up and stretch, I’ll see you tonight, when we celebrate my win over Mad Max.

Ross hops up off the chair and pushes it back under the table that it was originally at. He clasps his hands with a clap and rubs them together. Ross leaves and Talon remains, still sitting on the bench. He sighs, going back to the notebook he was writing in, and we fade to black.

Countdown to Recognition

We head backstage to the sVo interview area where head interviewer Candi Cross is standing by with one of the newest sVo talents to be signed to the roster, Steven Steele.

Candi Cross – “Steven you suffered a narrow loss earlier tonight in your match against Drew Carrig tonight.”

Steven Steele – “No need to remind me about that Candi, but I will bounce back from it.”

Candi Cross – “Well with the Countdown to Violence PPV only weeks away, do you see that as the event that the sVo will see what Steven Steele is all about?”

Steven Steele – “Countdown to Violence is going to be a historic night in the history of Steven Steele in the sVo. You can bet your house on that Candi.”

Candi Cross – “Interesting, so how do you see yourself fitting into the PPV. You planning to make some big title challenge.”

Steven Steele shakes his head as he eyeballs Candi Cross.

Steven Steele – “No need for that Candi, the impact at Countdown to Violence will be made if there is a title on the line or not. That is because this week I am offering a challenge to Matt Thornhill to battle me one on one at the PPV. We are both new stars looking to make a name for ourselves in the sVo, and this will be the perfect way to do so. Be prepared for the match of the night Candi.”

Candi Cross – “Well I certainly hope that Matt Thornhill accepts the challenge, and I hope that you guys put on an awesome match. But for now, back to ringside!”


Alex Ross vs. Mad Max

“TnT” by AC/DC begins to play throughout the arena and Mad Max walks out of the curtain and onto the entrance ramp pushing a shopping cart full of weapons with one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other. He rolls his cart down the entrance ramp spraying mouthfuls of Jack out over the crowd as they boo and throw trash at the filthy man. After a final swig from the bottle of Jack, Max rolls into the ring leaving the bottle and cart at ringside. Max leans back in his corner with a bored expression on his face awaiting the entrance of his opponent.

After a moment of silence from the crowd, “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA system. The lights dim and at the entranceway a spotlight shines gold through fog. Alex Ross, in a gold suit with white pinstripes, emerges from the curtain and raises his right arm into the air. He makes his way down the isle and climbs the ring stairs. Once through the ropes, Ross steps up to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He hops down and slips his jacket off, tossing it ringside. He and Mad Max stare each other down from corner to corner and this match goes underway with the signal from the referee.




On the bell, Mad Max keeps to his corner, but Alex Ross charges for a fierce grapple into the turnbuckle pads. Ross gets the initial edge on Max with a knee to the abdomen and whips Mad Max to the opposite corner. Max hits the pads and ‘The Perfect Ten’ follows after him for a clothesline until he is caught with a boot to the face from Max! Ross stumbles back and Mad max takes advantage with his own clothesline. Ross hits the mat fast and hard, the ring snapping back from the shock of his weight just as fast. Max goes back to his corner, waiting for Ross to get up.

The former International Champion rolls over and picks himself up to his feet and takes the opportunity to go back to his own corner. The two competitors start from their original positions and meet each other in the middle of the ring. Ross goes for another grapple but is caught off guard with a right hook from Max. The two lock into a brawl-styled grapple, holding each other by the back of the head, trading punches one after another. The crowd has a mixed reaction, enjoying the action, but hating both competitors, so they make a lot of noise without really cheering, upon each strike. The two men seem to tire one another out a bit, and they both back off for a rest once again.

After a quick breath, they tie-up and Mad Max pushes out, putting Ross in just the right place for a boot to the solar-plexus. Ross keels over with his breath knocked out and Max puts him up in the air for a suplex. Ross is suspended in the air for about five seconds before he is finally dropped down to the canvas. Max then takes the game to the ground, so-to-speak, and catches Alex Ross in a standard headlock. He wrenches Ross’ neck to the right, but Ross manages to inch his way over to the ropes for the rope break. Max stares the referee down, rolling off of Ross’ head. In this moment of distraction, Ross wastes no time and pounces at Max, taking the offensive. He delivers two left open fists and then a right, finally finishing it off with a swinging neck breaker. Both men lay on the mat and Ross is the first to sit up. He crawls over to Max for an early pin.


Not even a two count, Max kicks out. As Max takes a second to recover, Ross wanders over to the ropes to spit outside of the ring. He turns around and there is Mad Max, up and ready to fight once again. These two brawlers lock into yet another swapping of strikes, and Ross once again gets the upper hand, swinging around the back of Max and catching him in a Russian leg sweep. The number one contender for the World Title hangs over the former Hostility superstar and brings his forearm down onto his throat, choking him. The referee pulls Ross off and gives him a warning for the illegal constraint of airflow. Ross rolls his eyes and blows the referee off, running back over to Max and catching him with a couple mounted punches. Max tosses Alex Ross off, though, and pulls up to his feet. He charges the kneed and unbalanced Alex Ross, kicking him in the ribs. Ross is almost kicked into the air, rolling over to the corner. Mad Max follows him and mud hole stomps him about three times before the referee asks him to back off. Max follows orders, but not out of respect to the referee. He gives the striped official a poke in the chest with his pointer finger and the referee flinches out of fear. By this time, Alex Ross is up and in the corner, climbing up to the top rope. He leaps and hits Mad Max across the chest with a cross-body block and Max is pancaked against the mat. They land into the pin and Ross holds it once again.



No! Max kicks out once again, tossing Alex Ross right off of the top of him. Max hops up in the middle of the ring and Ross meets him there once again in a brawl-like grapple. Max takes two shots, then he gives three shots, then he takes two more! Finally Ross goes for a huge forearm smash to end it, but Max ducks out of it and sends his boot right into his gut. Max hooks the arms of Alex Ross and hits the double under-hook DDT! Ross’ head hits hard and he lays holding it. Max gets up and picks up Ross along with him, whipping him to the corner. Ross runs right into the referee on his way, mashing him into the turnbuckle. Both Ross and the referee take damage from the collision and they hit the mat.

Mad Max, as rarely as he does, he smiles. He drops down to the mat and rolls out under the bottom rope, headed for his shopping cart full of dangerous weapons. He shuffles through the foreign objects and finally pulls out one he likes, a sledge-hammer. He carries his “grown-up toy” into the ring with him and makes his way over to the still fallen Alex Ross. He slams the head down vertically on Ross’ ribs, almost like a stab and Ross coils up like a fetus after the blow. Max gets enjoyment from the shot and goes for another, this time raising the head above his own, in the standard hammer-smash position. He slams the sledge-hammer down, landing it next to Ross’ head as he rolls away and out to ring-side. Max charges the ropes furiously and hits the top rope with the hammer, taunting Ross, who’s holding his ribs in pain, to come back. Ross takes a moment for himself, then steps over to the ring apron, getting a hold of Max’s foot. He pulls the foot toward him, tripping Mad Max, and he slides back into the ring.

Mad Max, down, but grasping the hammer as if it were his child, takes a stomp the the head and his grasp loosens. Ross takes it and picks up the hammer, slamming the heavy head down to his ribs, like Max had him. He sends another boot down onto his head and bends over, getting down in Max’s face. He starts yelling, pointing to the hammer, as if to say “How do you like it?!” and he drops to his knees. Ross takes the sledge-hammer and pulls the wooden handle down onto Max’s throat. He holds it down in the choke for a few seconds, but notices that the referee is groggily getting to his feet on the other side of the ring. He tosses the hammer out of the ring to the outside mats and picks Mad Max up. Max, a bit out of it, takes Ross’ white boot to the gut once again and Ross makes his way up to the top rope nearby. He flips through the air lazily, but still catches Max’s head in the neck breaker/modified stunner landing, hitting him with The Perfexecution! Ross, gassed, rolls Max over and tosses his arm over his chest.




The referee signals for the bell, still hurt.




Alex Ross flops his arm over and off of Mad Max. Max still lays there, physically and mentally bruised, and Ross manages to lift himself up. He gets balanced and the referee meets him in the center of the ring, raising his hand into the air. “Breakin’ The Law” by Judas Priest hits the PA and Alex turns to the camera mouthing “I’m coming for you, Stevo.” (referring to his main event versus Psyko Stevo at Countdown to Violence for the World Title.) He runs his hands back and forth across his waist, where a title would go, and drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring. Max sits up, barely, and slams his fist against the mat. He watches Alex Ross, who has a bounce in his step, excited for his match against Stevo, go up the ramp and make his exit. Mad Max finally gets up, spits to the mat, and makes his own exit, taking his sledge-hammer back and putting it in his shopping cart outside the ring. He rolls his cart up the ramp and as we look forward to a singles match between World Champion Psyko Stevo and Julian Fiasco!

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Mad Max via pinfall

The Darkness Part II

Paige’s heels clicked down the corridor as she purposely walked with a look of anger etched across her face. Still raging from the incident earlier, Paige grabbed hold of the locker room door of Bad Religion and pushed it open with such force, she slammed the door into the wall behind. Inside the room stood the leader of Bad Religion, the Puppetmaster Anthony Moretti who was unusually without any of the other current members of the group. Anthony Moretti looked slightly shocked as Paige’s heels clicked all the way up to him, before the sVo President pulled back her hand and delivered a stiff slap across the face of the young Moretti.

“What the hell was that for?”

Anthony Moretti looked understandably annoyed as he held his face in pain whilst speaking.

“How dare you even pay the innocent with me!”

Paige screeched with anger as she pulled her hand back and slapped Anthony Moretti for a second time.

Anthony Moretti wisely took a few steps back from Paige as he repeated his earlier question.

“No really, what the fuck was that for??”

Paige would normally of taken a few seconds to wonder just why Anthony Moretti would be trying to play the innocent, but she was too annoyed.

“How about that little trick you played earlier tonight in my office? How about knocking out my head of security?”

Anthony Moretti stared back at Paige with a blank look on his young face.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. I have been nowhere near your office and no where near Scott tonight. I have far more important things to be doing than playing games with you Paige.”

Paige scowled as she gave Anthony Moretti one last slap around the head for good measure before storming out of the room. Anthony Moretti looked understandably surprised by what had just happened as he shook his head in disbelief.

“Must be a certain time of the month.”

Anthony Moretti laughed at his own joke as he turned to admire his new suit in the mirror. Moretti shoots his cuffs and stands with a smile on his face, until the lights in the room suddenly begin to flicker.

“Typical. Just what we get for holding a show in a bloody third world country.”

Cursing the ‘faulty’ lighting, Anthony Moretti makes his way out of his locker room.

Stipulation Time

*The fans rise to their feet and fill the arena with overwhelming cheers as the lights in the arena begin to flicker, the sVo tron lights up with the words “The” “Past” “Is” “In-de-struct-able” flashing by in rapid succession and “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA. As the cameras pan around the arena, we see dozens of signs supporting the current world heavyweight champ. Without any further delay, the fans pop once more and cameras flash from all corners of the arena as Psyko Stevo himself makes his way out onto the steel ramp way, a look of confidence mixed with determination plastered all over his face. Stevo walks down the ramp way at a normal pace, stopping a few times along the way to slap the hands of the fan or offer brief words of encouragement and thanks to some of the younger fans at ringside. Once at the ring apron, Stevo springs up onto it before turning to face the sVo Tron, he then underhooks the top rope and does his trademark back flip into the ring before calling for a mic. The cheering finally dies down as Stevo begins to speak.*

Stevo: All right, thank you all for making it out here tonight. You’re all great, and t’s you fans that come to these shows that make the sVo possible, thank you.

*The fans applaud themselves as Stevo continues to speak.*

Stevo: With that out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. Each and every one of you know why I’m out here tonight… I’m here tonight because the tag team of Joseph Equinox and myself were successful in defeating Talon and Alex Ross last week. Yes, I’m out here because it’s time to announce the stipulations of the World Heavyweight Championship match that will be held at Countdown to Violence, live on Pay Per View, June 29th from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada.

*The fans pop as a brief smile overcomes the face of the Psyko One.*

Stevo: You know, I’ll be honest… I’ve been thinking about this stipulation all week and I’m stumped.

*There is chatter around the arena as Stevo ignores it and continues speaking. He struts around the ring with confidence as he speaks.*

Stevo: I could always make the stipulation something easy like, “Alex Ross has to fight with both hands behind his back”, or “Ross has to wrestle the match blindfolded”.

*The fans cheer at these suggestions and Stevo shakes his head as he smiles.*

Stevo: But if I do that… what kind of a message am I sending to the rest of the federation? I’m the best around, I’m on top of the mountain, and I didn’t use cheap tricks and chacanery to get here… I got here though hard work and determination.

*Stevo pauses as he looks out into the sea of fans who are hanging on his every word.*

Stevo: So then I thought… what about a triple tiered cage match, or something equally extravagent.

*Brief pause as Stevo contemplates things.*

Stevo: But really… has Alex Ross earned that type of a match? No… no he hasn’t. Not yet. Plus, if I did that I’d just open the doors to criticism from the rest of the roster, thinking I was stacking the deck or something equally absurd.

*Stevo places his free hand on his hip as he leans over the ropes, looking out at the fans.*

Stevo: So here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to let YOU, the fans, decide.

*The fans go nuts as a huge smile overcomes the face of Psyko Stevo. Stevo then removes a piece of paper from his wrestling pants and unfolds it.*

Stevo: All right… would you want to see Psyko Stevo vs. Alex Ross in a… standard , traditional singles match?

*There are some cheers, but Stevo shakes his head a bit.*

Stevo: Guess not… okay then, what about a… submission match?

*More cheers, and Stevo shakes his shoulders a bit.*

Stevo: Okay… getting there… how about a… Lions Den Match? Howie and I had a pretty darn good one a couple weeks ago.

*Still some cheers, but nothing overwhelming.*

Stevo: Right then.. well we have two other types left, so don’t hold back… how about a… steel cage match!?

*The fans go nuts as Stevo stumbles back a few steps, pretending like he’s being knocked back.*

Stevo: Wow, well it appears as though we might have a winner. Let’s get this last one out of the way though… falls count anywhere… anyone?

*Everyone who was holding back their vote until now errupts and Stevo scratches the side of his head as it appears we now have two frontrunners.*

Stevo: I was worried that something like this might happen… and I don’t want to cheat the fans out of the match they wanted to see. So I have a backup plan…

*More surprised chatter from the fans as Stevo talks over it.*

Stevo: Joseph Equinox, come on down!

*The fans errupt as “Open Your Eyes” by the Guano Apes hits the PA and out walks the sVo Hardcore Champion, Joseph Equinox. Equinox looks a bit confused as he marches down to the ring, under the bottom ropes and stands next to Stevo.*

Joey: Stevo, whats up?

Stevo: This it is Joseph, it’s your time to shine…

Joey: Huh? What do you mean?

Stevo: Well, you got the winning pinfall last week, and the fans are stuck between either a steel cage or a falls count anywhere match. Since you did get that pinfall, I’m going to let your vote be the tiebreaker.

*Equinox looks a little worried as the fans start to chant the match that they want to see. The crowd is literally split in half as Equinox looks like a confused Price is Right contestant as he tries to judge what the crowd wants.*

Joey: Stevo, why don’t you pick? It’s your main event, I don’t want to intrude.

Stevo: No it’s okay Joe, I’m comfortable enough in my abilities that I know I can beat Alex Ross in ANY type of match I’m set to face him in, so go ahead, there’s really no wrong decision.

*Equinox once again scratches the side of his head. He then looks at Stevo and smiles.*

Joey: Okay, follow me.

*Now it’s Stevo who looks confused as Equinox leads the champ out of the ring. They stop at ringside next to a young boy, probably about eight years of age. He’s wearing a Psyko Stevo “The Best Around” t-shirt and has a smile on his face.*

Joey: Okay kid, you decide!

Kid: M-me?

Joey: Yup, it’s all up to you, go ahead!

*Stevo smiles as he looks at the child, the kid about faints before getting some encouragement from his father. The child then screams out…*

Kid: Falls Count Anywhere!

*The arena erupts in cheer as Stevo has a satisfied smile on his face. Stevo pats the boy on the head before turning to Equinox.*

Stevo: That was pretty slick there Joey Q…

Equinox: Hmm, thanks.

Stevo: Yup, same thing I would have done… not bad at all…

*The fans continue to cheer as “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA and Psyko Stevo and Joseph Equinox both walk up the steel ramp way next to each other, almost shoulder to shoulder. The main event for Countdown to Violence has been set and Psyko Stevo will take on Alex Ross in a Falls Count Anywhere match!*

Running Things

Backstage in the locker room of Bad Religion, Anthony Moretti, Zero, Mad Max and Travis Williams look to be in buoyant mood at what has been unfolding over the night.

Travis Williams – “So much for Paige bringing Fiasco in to be a threat. I think she is cracking up under the pressure of being President.”

Anthony Moretti – “Tell me about it. She accused me earlier of sneaking into her office and whispering to her. I always thought she was a little psyko, but now she is hearing voices as well.”

The group laugh, but Mad Max urges on the side of caution.

Mad Max – “I don’t mean to bring you guys down, but I know Fiasco. This guy is dangerous enough on his own if he is against us. Maybe we should all be on our guards just in case.”

The group ponder the argument made by Max, but Travis Williams shrugs off the suggestion.

Travis Williams – “I say screw Fiasco. There is nothing that this one guy can do against us lot. And with Paige going off her nut, I say we are running the show!”

Travis Williams throws a fist in the air and the rest of Bad Religion show their support. Has Bad Religion really taken over the sVo?


Backstage in the marshaling area leading to the entrance ramp. Various wrestlers, crew members and journalists mill around. The crowd separates as a man approaches. A man with a large gold belt around his waist. sVo World Champion, Psyko Stevo. Several people stand nearby, watching the champion in awe. Stevo however remains focused on the task at hand – his match with Julian Fiasco.

Stevo stretches and bounces on his toes, staying loose as he passes through, disappearing from view as quickly as he appeared. From the shadows a man emerges, he watches the direction Stevo left in before slowly walking down the hallway in the opposite direction.

The man? Night. Silently an elderly Japanese man strides up next to Night and places a hand on his shoulder.

KIMURA: What were you doing?

NIGHT: Just taking a last look.

KIMURA: Last look?

NIGHT: For now. I’m not going to obsess about this – I am the International Champion and I will focus on becoming the greatest International Champion this company has or will have.

KIMURA: And the World Title?

NIGHT: I’ll wait for my time. But when my opportunity comes, I will not waste it.

KIMURA: That’s what I wanted to hear.

Akira pats Night on the back as the two of them make their way down the corridor.


Psyko Stevo vs. Julian Fiasco

The Godfather theme song blares over the PA and Julian Fiasco appears at the top of the ramp way. He rubs his hands down his suspenders and listens to the crowd booing him. Fiasco then slowly walks down the ramp until he gets to the ring. He climbs up the stairs and into the ring where he rolls up his sleeves and awaits his opponent.

Julian Fiasco walks around the ring, reviving the energy flowing through his blood line.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

Psyko Stevo unsnaps his sVo championship from his waist, and circles the ring, before throwing it high above his head, as the Brazilian crowd goes nuts for the Poster Child of sVo. He passes the title off to the referee, as he hands it to the time keeper at ringside. Fiasco and Stevo meet in the middle of the ring, touch knuckles. The two back up and the referee calls for the bell.

The fans don’t seem to be sure how to react to this one, as their beloved champion faces off against the hired gun against the hated Bad Religion.

The bell sounds, as Stevo and Fiasco circle the ring. Both men step forward, locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. The champ takes the early advantage, throwing Fiasco into a headlock and dragging him around the ring, but Fiasco reverses it, pushing Stevo against the ring ropes and then into a headlock of his own. The two men jostle back and forth, and finally Stevo comes out on top. He throws Fiasco aside and kicks him in the back of the knee. He pulls Fiasco around and begins striking him in the head .

He backs Fiasco into the corner, however Fiasco comes back with a kick to the gut, doubling the champion over! He picks up Stevo by the head and throws him into the turnbuckle. He follows up by charging at him and unloading into a flurry of rights and lefts! Stevo doesn’t seem to be able to get out of it, as President Paige’s hired gun shows the fans- and Bad Religion- what he’s made of! Fiasco turns around and raises his fists in the air, taunting before cocking his hand back and turning back toward the world’s champion, as he prepares a thunderous knockout blow. However, Stevo ducks out of the way, passing by his opponent as Fiasco’s fist strikes the turnbuckle!

Stevo goes right back onto the offensive, unleashing a slew of fists to the back of Fiasco, forcing him to the ground! He picks Fiasco back up before sticking his head inside his armpit. He forces himself and Fiasco to the ground with an earth-shaking DDT! Stevo gets to his feet and taunts the crowd, soaking in the cheers as he looks to send a message to his Countdown to Violence opponent Alex Ross!

Stevo goes to the ropes, climbing up and waving to the crowd again, as Fiasco is rising groggily to his feet. Stevo goes high risk, diving towards his opponent, but he is too late! Fiasco catches him in mid-air, picking him up and hitting him with a gorilla press slam! Stevo hits the canvas and writhes in pain as Fiasco drops for the cover!


TWO… Stevo kicks out before the three count, much to Fiasco’s dismay! Fiasco picks Stevo up and sets him up for another, but Stevo rakes him in the eyes! He then boots him to the midsection and… PSYKLOPS! Stevo has just hit Julian Fiasco with the Psyklops! Fiasco is flat on the mat, shocked as Stevo has just turned the tide of battle! Fiasco slides to the outside, as he has no interest in engaging Stevo at the moment, as all the momentum has swung over to the sVo Champion!

However, Stevo will have none of this, as he climbs to the top rope and dives to the outside! He catches Fiasco stumbling on the outside, hitting him with a spine-snapping aerial spear! Fiasco slams back-first into the guard railing as Stevo eats the mat outside the ring! Both men are down and the fans are going wild! The referee begins the ten count.

ONE… Both men are slow to move.

TWO… Stevo struggles to his feet, grabbing the ring apron as he does.

THREE… Fiasco picks himself up, using the guard railing for leverage.

FOUR… Stevo rolls into the ring, Fiasco stumbling into the ring right behind him. The fans are on their feet as they appreciate the effort put forth by both men in this competitive match-up!

Stevo and Fiasco pick up right where they left off, exchanging punches and kicks back and forth all across the ring. This has become more of a brawl than a wrestling match, as Fiasco pushes Stevo farther to the ring ropes!

Fiasco pushes Stevo into the ring ropes, choking him out as he presses the champion towards the outside! Stevo, however, manages to break the choke, shoving Fiasco away before following up with a heavy right hand. Stevo then jumps up to the second rope and levels the woozy Fiasco with the Psyklone! The Psyklone has just rocked Julian Fiasco and left him laying! A winded Stevo drops to the ground and covers his wounded opponent.



THREE!!! In his first match as Paige Johnson’s hired gun, Julian Fiasco has lost to the reigning world champion, but he came damn close to pulling off the upset! Psyko Stevo raises his hands in celebration as the referee hands him the world championship. Stevo climbs the ropes and points at the belt and then to Fiasco, sending a message straight to Alex Ross!

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Julian Fiasco via pinfall

Crossing Paths

Walking around backstage is “Hollywood” Howie Banks who seems to be getting ready for his big main event match with Night.

As he is walking back and forth pacing himself, a man with long dark hair and black clothing on comes by.

Howie and the mysterious man almost bump into one another.

Banks: “Whoa, sorry about that.”

The mysterious man doesn’t even look up to Howie as he just walks past him.

Banks looks intrigued, pondering…

Banks: “Hold up!”

The man a few feet away stops. Howie runs after him as he stands in front of him.

Banks: “Errrm… do I know you?”

The mysterious man looks around and then looks down at Howie’s feet.

He nods his head.

Banks: “I thought so.”

He pauses.

Howie finally figures it out.

Banks: “Your … Drew Carrig, right?”

After saying the name aloud, it hit’s him.

Banks: “I remember you!”

Before Howie can go on anymore, Drew Carrig walks away down the hall.

Howie stands there, unsure of what just happened.

Banks: “What’s his problem?”

He scratches his head.

Howie begins to stretch, his match is up next!

The Search Is Over

Joseph Equinox is once again seen searching the back halls of the arena. He’s in the catacombs of the arena where no one is permitted to go unless you work for the arena itself. Joseph is opening random doors in his search when all of a sudden a familiar voice stops him deep in his track.

“Marco… Pollo… Marco… Pollo…” Mad Max teases as he approaches the Hardcore champ from behind.

Joseph spins around with menace in his eyes, but as he sees his vile nemesis approaching he forces himself to appear calm and collected, not wanting to give Max the satisfaction of seeing him unnerved.

“Where have you been?” Equinox asks calmly.

“My locker room… The shitter… I went and got a quick rub and a tug from some Brazilian woman who turned out to be more than a woman!” Max explains with a sudden shudder. “I thought she had a strong grip…”

Equinox ignores the small talk as he gets straight to the point asking Max plainly, “What do you know?”

“You change your mind about my offer?” Max asks with a mischievous smirk on his face.

“No.” Equinox answers firmly. “I still don’t think you deserve the shot at my title. You can cheap shot me, jump me from behind, attack me with weapons all you want, the answer is still no!”

“That’s a shame…” Max answers with a mock frown on his face. “You know… For Louise and Thomas…”

“You do know something!” Nox cries out taking a step toward Max who suddenly brings his arm from behind his back. Nox sees the tire iron in his hand but instead of backing off he takes another step forward asking, “What do you know about my parents you filthy bastard!?”

Max shrugs his shoulders and begins to turn around as if he were about to head down the hallway opposite of Equinox. Joseph has other plans on his mind as he charges forward crashing into the back of Max! Nox shoves Max into the wall actually sending Max’s head through the drywall up to his shoulders! Nox continues on the attack as Max stumbles out of the hole only to turn and eat a super kick from the champ sending him back into the wall to create much bigger hole!

“Tell me!” Nox screams as Max once again stumbles out of the hole. Max, with blood oozing from a cut on his forehead just above his hairline, smiles at the champ. Nox enraged steps forward wrapping his arm around the not all there Max and turns, jumping through the hole in the wall feet first delivering a devastating Digital Code through the wall into the adjoining room! Max is lying with his legs suspended in the air, his ankles caught on the edge of the wall while his face is pressed firmly into the ground, unconscious.

Equinox rises up, standing over Mad Max and says through gritted teeth, “You and your offers! How about next week, you hear my offer!”

The show fades with Nox standing over an unconscious Mad Max intense hatred burning in his eyes as he looks down on the man.

sVo PPV Presents Countdown to Violence 2008
29th June 2008
Featuring sVo Champion Psyko Stevo vs. Alex Ross

Pretty Woman

Julian Fiasco is making his way backstage after his narrow loss against sVo Champion Psyko Stevo, however Fiasco who has been brought into the sVo by President Paige as a hired gun doesn’t seem too upset by the loss as he notices a pretty sVo backstage worker sitting on a chair at the far end of the room. Fiasco begins to make his way over towards the office worker in order to introduce himself, however as he does he notices the evil smirk on the woman’s face as she points to the ‘Bad Religion’ t-shirt that she is wearing!

Out of no where Fiasco is jumped from behind by the newest member of Bad Religion as Zero knocks him down with a fist to the back of the head! Zero begins to kick down on Fiasco, however the former Hostility wrestler jumps to his feet and manages to tackle Zero down to the floor, before the two men are pulled apart by security!

It seems Bad Religion tried to set up Fiasco, but if Julian Fiasco is working on his own as Paige’s hired gun how long can he fight against a group that vastly outnumbers him?


Night vs. Howie Banks

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top
all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I’m changin’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw. Proudly wrapped around his waist gleams the sVo International Championship.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. Once in he doesn’t hesitate in unstrapping the belt from his waist and handing it to the referee who ushers it to the timekeeper.

Night and Howie stare at each other from across the ring, an intensity and focus reflecting in both men. As the crowd murmur in anticipation of this meeting of two sVo mainstays, the timekeeper rings the bell, Night and Banks simultaneously move out of their corners and touch fists in a show of respect before backing out to their corners and circling the ring in a clockwise motion.

The crowd cheer as Night and Howie each lunge forward and lock up in the middle of the ring, collar-and-elbow. The slightly taller and heavier Banks seems to get an early advantage and backs Night into the corner. Raising his right hand high in the air he drives it downwards and hard across the chest of Night who recoils in pain and draws a collective sympathetic groan from the crowd. Howie backs off as Night rubs his chest and starts out of the corner.

Locking up again, Howie once again gains the advantage and again backs Night into a turnbuckle. This time however, he leans his weight against Night, grabbing hold of his wrist before Irish whipping the masked man across the mat and chasing straight after him. Night charges across the ring, followed closely by Howie. As Night approaches the turnbuckle, he leaps, bouncing off the middle rope, onto the top rope and backflipping over Howie, landing on his feet. Banks, for his part stops himself from crashing into the turnbuckle himself and turns, charging at Night. Outstretching an arm for a clothesline, Banks is caught by surprise as Night ducks under his arm and grabs hold, before inverting himself and attempting to lock Howie in an armbar!

Howie, a ring veteran, spots the armbar being applied and drives his arm, and by attachment, Night, onto the mat. Night loosens his grip but doesn’t let go, however a quick kick to the ribs forces him to let go. Howie stands and shakes out his arm as Night leaps back to his feet.

Night now takes the offensive as he lunges at Howie, leaping and wrapping his legs around Howie’s neck with a flying headscissors and swinging around attempting to throw Banks with a hurricanrana. Howie, however, somehow manages to slip free of Night’s grip and grabs hold of him, dropping him to the mat with a modified swinging backbreaker.

The masked man grips at his ribs in pain as Howie hooks the leg for the quick cover.



Night kicks out at two and Howie stands, bringing Night to his feet and keeping him dazed with a hard elbow to the back of the head, followed by a second and third. Night is staggered by these blows and doubles over under the pounding. Howie places Night in a standing headscissors and hoists him up by the waist into a piledriver position.

As Howie stands, preparing to drive Night head first into the mat, he seems to have some trouble keeping his grip as Night struggles wildly – somehow managing to free his head and swing his body upwards, grabbing hold of Howie’s head and driving it into the mat with a huge pendulum DDT out of nowhere! The crowd erupt as Night pops up into a seated position. He sits stunned for a moment before spotting a downed Howie and leaping on top of him for the pin!




Howie now kicks out at two and Night immediately stands as Howie manages to sit up – only to be put back onto the mat courtesy of a low front dropkick from the masked man. Night immediately springs to his feet, rolling over Banks with a rolling senton, once again standing and this time leaping at Howie with a standing twisting corkscrew moonsault. However, Night finds himself landing painfully face first on the mat as Howie rolls aside. The International Champion bounces up onto his knees and barely ducks out of the way of a Howie Banks knee aimed at his face. The masked man stands and is caught off guard with The Hollywood Backbreaker! The crowd cheer loudly as Howie looks triumphantly at his downed opponent crawling over him for the pin.




Night manages a late kickout and Howie shows his frustration at such a near fall – stomping hard on Night’s chest. Night reels in pain as Howie lays into him with a burst of further stomps. Night rolls on the mat, working his way to a crawl. Banks follows after him, still stomping away relentlessly. Night makes his way to the ropes and starts to pull himself to his feet. Howie whips Night across the ring and charges at him leaping and lifting his knee under Night’s jaw, snapping his head back and sending him crashing back to the mat. Banks immediately climbs to the top turnbuckle and perches, waiting as Night slowly and groggily pulls himself to his feet.

Finally standing, Howie launches off the top turnbuckle with a huge missile dropkick catching Night square in the chest and sending him crashing to the mat. Howie too crashes to the mat, but manages to stand and grabs hold of Night’s legs, wrapping them in a ‘four’ shape around his arms, before using his leverage to flip Night onto his stomach locked in The Hollywood Stretch!

Night thrashes in pain as he struggles towards the ropes – Howie tightens his grip as the International Champion desperately digs at the mat, inching his way towards the ropes, Howie fighting him every step of the way.

The crowd are split with their cheers – some chant for Howie to hold on and make Night tap out, while others cheer the masked man towards the ropes. Each fighter responds to the raucous crowd leading to a stalemate of sorts in the ring. Night continues to progress towards the ropes, although slowed, he continues to fight on. Finally a matter of inches from the ropes, he outstretches an arm but can’t quite reach. With a burst of strength, Howie staggers forwards, dragging Night from the ropes. The referee moves in, checking if Night wants to submit and receiving a defiant “NO!” in response and enticing a loud cheer from a section of the crowd. Fueled by the roar of the Brazilian crowd, Night pushes himself off the mat using his arms – he cries out in pain, but hand walks himself towards the ropes, before lunging forward and grabbing the bottom rope, slumping to the mat.

Releasing the hold, Howie wastes no time and unmercifully pulls Night to his feet, Irish whipping him across the ring. As Night bounces off the ropes across the ring, he returns to a doubled over Howie Banks, who proceeds to back-body drop him over the top rope… where Night somehow manages to grab the top rope, using it to awkwardly land on the ring apron. He nearly topples from the apron, but is saved by his grip on the top rope. Howie, unaware of Night’s landing plays to the crowd. He turns and spots Night standing, catching his breath on the apron. Moving towards Night he is stunned and sent stumbling back by a lightning fast backfist. Howie shakes off the punch and again advances on Night and again receives a backfist to the face and staggers backwards. Frustrated, he lunges forwards, locking up Night for a vertical suplex over the ropes, but is stopped in his tracks by a hard punch to the ribs courtesy of Night. Winded, Howie is sent stumbling as Night shoves him with as much momentum as he can gather. As Howie struggles to regain his footing, Night pulls back on the top rope, springing onto it and twisting as he leaps at Howie, outstretching a leg and leveling Howie with a huge springboard flying leg lariat.

Flipping head-over-heels, Howie crashes hard to the mat, followed closely by Night. Both men lie motionless on the mat, exhausted and both suffering from the beating. Howie manages to roll onto his stomach, but clutches at his face. Night manages to sit and slowly pulls himself towards the nearest turnbuckle. Once there, he slumps back against the bottom turnbuckle, desperately trying to clear his spinning head. Howie, the aggressor for the majority of the match so far manages to make his way to a knee before unsteadily making his way to his feet. He turns to find Night struggling to his feet in the corner. Banks charges at him, pulling Night into a standing headscissors and lifting him for a Hollywood ShowStealer! But as he steps his leg over Night’s right shoulder, the masked man twists his body, avoiding Banks’ leg and lifting himself up with a sit-up type motion, grabbing hold of Howie’s head with his left hand and driving his right hand in after it. Creating some space between himself and Howie, Night tucks in both of his feet before driving them out and into Howie’s chest. The kick sends Howie crashing to the mat and Night flying backwards and landing hard on the mat also.

Both men struggle to their feet and turn unsteadily towards each other. Howie swings a wild right which connects with Night’s face, sending him stumbling backwards. He follows closely with a big left, but Night manages to duck under it, stepping with great agility away from Howie before pivoting 180 degrees on his lead foot, spinning around and driving his other foot into Howie’s chest with a spinning heel kick which sends the former Tag-Team Champion to the mat. The resilient Banks pops up to his feet only to be doubled over by a boot to the midsection courtesy of Night, who locks Howie’s arms in a double-underhook and rolling backwards, driving the back of Howie’s head into the mat with a Sandman DDT! Night stands and immediately moves to the nearest turnbuckles. He grabs hold of the top rope on either side of the turnbuckle, drawing in a deep breath before using the rope to spring onto the top turnbuckle where he turns to face Howie, before standing and leaping off the turnbuckle, twisting in the air before dropping a fist across Banks’ head – KIMURA Fistdrop! Night scrambles on top of Banks for the cover!




Banks manages a kickout at the last possible moment and Night throws his head back with the frustration of the nearfall. He stands and climbs through the middle and top ropes, pulling back on the top rope from the apron and vaulting his legs over it, dropping across Howie’s throat with a slingshot legdrop! He twists and hooks Howie’s leg, trying for another quick pin.




Again Howie kicks out and Night stands, pulling Howie to his knees with a handful of hair. Digging deep, Howie swings his right arm and drives his fist into Night’s midsection. The International Champion is winded as Howie winds up and drives a hard left into Night’s ribs. The crowd roar, supporting Howie’s charge as he manages to make it to his feet, driving another right into Night’s ribs, backing the masked man up, step by step. Howie rides his momentum, backing up to the ropes and bouncing off them, driving through Night with a big clothesline on the rebound – the impact flips Night over backwards and he lands heavily on the mat. Still reeling from Night’s recent strong of offense, Banks drops to a knee, supporting himself with his left hand before managing to stand. He staggers towards Night and drags him into position near a turnbuckle before pointing to the top and signaling for the Hollywood Splash! The crowd are split – again half cheer for Howie and half cheer for the masked man to return to his feet to fight. Banks, not wasting any time, climbs through the ropes and up the turnbuckles, immediately standing and flipping forwards a full 450 degrees – and comes crashing down chest first onto Night’s knees!

Banks grips at his chest as Night manages to roll onto his stomach and pushes himself to a crawl. Howie gingerly makes his way up using the turnbuckles as Night stumbles backwards, bumping into Howie. The collision causes both men to spin and face each other, Night charges towards Howie who thrusts a foot towards Night’s face with a Hollywood ShowStopper! Night manages to sidestep and manoeuvres himself behind Howie, scooping up an unsuspecting Hollywood onto his shoulders, facing up. Howie, sensing danger thrashes wildly to escape and Night struggles to hold him on his shoulders. Night manages to turn and runs forwards a few steps, leaping to the side and driving Howie’s head, face first into the mat – Inverted Dreaming! Night flips Howie over and hooks his leg for the pin!




The referee calls for the bell and this one is over! Night stands and the referee raises his hand and hands him the sVo International Championship. Howie has started to come to and quickly realizes what has happened. He catches Night’s eye and nods his head in a bow-like gesture. Night catches this and returns the gesture before raising his championship in the air triumphantly.

RESULT: Night def. Howie Banks via pinfall

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