sVo Showdown
11th May 2008
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan, Italy
Episode #025
World Tour 2008 Event #06


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, ‘Pretty Vegas’ by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Psyko Stevo, Gunner Lang, Chris Bond and Lupus Nebula! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘All-Star for Prez!’, ‘What’ll You Do For My Vote Paige!’ and ‘Moretti whacked my brother!’. As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

The fans are on their feet screaming as JD James makes his way out onto the entrance stage unaccompanied by any music or video package. Clipboard and mic in hand he makes his way to the ring to the cheers of the fans.

JD James: “Good evening and welcome to sVo Sunday Night Showdown. I’d like to thank a good friend of mine, Mr. Johnny All-Star for giving me this time to come out here and address you fine folks. Now last week everyone watching saw the sVo’s first tag team champions crowned in a Tag Team Turmoil match, a match that I am honoured to have taken part in I might add. But I would like to the time tonight to introduce you all to the winners of that match.”

JD paces the ring as the fans are on their feet cheering.

JD James: “Now individually these two men are the future of this very company, one is a former sVo Hardcore Champion, and one is the current sVo Las Vegas Champion. One has had a successful movie career, and the other a successful music career. Together they are the sVo’s first Tag Team Champions. Ladies and gentleman let me first introduce … Gunner Lang.”

Sound of the drums
Beatin’ in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart
You’ve been, Gunner-struck!

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’ fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring and hoists up his half of the Tag Team Championship.

Gunner paces the ring as JD James introduces his tag team partner. ,p> JD James: “And now ladies and Gentleman … ‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks.”

‘Grillz’ By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron hoisting his half of the Tag Team Championship into the air.

Howie gets into the ring and stares down Gunner Lang. The Tag champs have an uncertain look as they head for the center of the ring almost as if they were measuring each other up. We could be in for more tag team turmoil tonight. JD motions to step in between the Tag Team Champions but to his surprise Gunner looks from the fans to Banks and extends his hand. ‘Hollywood’ stares at the offered hand for a moment and checks with the fans who are tearing the roof off of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza with cheers. Banks returns the handshake. JD James raises both of their arms into the air as they raise their Tag Team Championships into the air to the approval of the fans. Gunner and Howie jump into opposite corners once more raising the belts into the air working the fans into a frenzy.

JD James: “Ladies and Gentleman your Tag Team Champions. Now I’m sure they have a few words to share with you before we carry on with the action here tonight.”

Gunner and ‘Hollywood’ hope down out of their corners and join JD in the middle of the ring, both reaching for the microphone at the same time. Bank’s takes a step back motioning for Gunner to go ahead.

Gunner Lang: “This is mostly for Howie here. The match last week didn’t go down quite the way I was hoping … but that’s just the way things go. I’m in this one hundred and ten percent man. Me and you … we outlasted nine other men and here we stand. What do you say Howie? We can make this work.

Gunner hands the mic to ‘Hollywood’ and he and JD look to him for an answer.

Howie Banks: “I knew no matter what that if I became one half of the Tag Team Champions, and then I’d have to get along with whoever my partner is. I stand here before these great fans here in Italy and I can truly say I am proud to be tag team partners with a man like you, Gunner Lang.”

‘Hollywood’ hands the mic back to JD and the Tag champs clasp hands and shake to the deafening screams from the fans.

JD James: “Well there you have it.”

As Gunner and Howie head for the ring apron JD holds his clipboard up into the air.

JD James: “Before we go boys … there is one more thing.

Both men turn around and make their way back to the middle of the ring.

JD James: “Now seeing as you both are going to be operating as a cohesive tag team I’ve taken the liberty to have some papers drawn up. I would like to take this opportunity to offer you Howie Banks my services as a manager. What do you say.”

Howie takes the offered microphone contemplating the offer.

Howie Banks: “The only manager I ever had is carrying Psyko Stevo’s bags around now. Seeing as how you and Gunner are close and I did kind of ruin your plans by dumping your ass over the top ropes last week, maybe working this deal out with you is for the best. So sure, JD James, I accept your offer to be apart of this group and for you to be our manager.”

‘Hollywood’ takes the contract handing the mic to Gunner, he flips through the contract and looks from the fans back to the contract before signing as JD and Gunner watch on.

Gunner Lang: “Welcome to the family Howie.”

JD tucks the clipboard back under his arm as the sVo Tag Champions lean on the middle rope tugging the top rope up for him to step through as the sVo cameras head backstage.


Travis Williams stands at the back of the arena, smoking a cigarette, with a package in his hands. A skinny chap, approaches him, asking for an autograph.

Young Lad – May I have an autograph?

Travis Williams – I tell you what…I’ll give you an autograph and twenty if you take this and drop it in a mailbox.

Young Lad – What is it?

Travis Williams – It’s important documents, and if you lose this package. I’ll snap your neck like a twig, and send your body in a box back to your momma’s front door.

The lad shakes his head in agreement, and Travis signs a twenty and hands him both the bill and the package.

Xak Wilde vs. TJS

All I’ve ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
It is in my hands, I must not fail, I must not fail

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns always
This fire burns always

This is the broken ground
Misery begins to rise
Turn away from yesterday
Tomorrow’s in my eyes

Nevermore to be held down
By the wings against me
Nevermore to be cast aside
This day is mine

This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage plays and the fans stand up and cheer as loud as they can. TJS walk onto the stage with a smirk on his face he stops and looks on each side of the arena and crosses his arms on his chest looks down closes his eyes and quickly spread out his arm doing rock on taunt and pyrotechnic explodes. The fans go crazy and TJS get ready to run down ramp and he goes full blast down ramp. TJS slides into the ring and stands up runs to the turnbuckle climbs up and looks at the members of the crowd and lift his arm doing Rock on taunt. TJS lean forward and jump does a back flip off turnbuckle. TJS walks to the ropes takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd and they fight for it. TJS walks to the center of the ring and waits for his scheduled opponent or opponents.

Lights begin flashing and the first chorde is struck from the guitar. Pyros burst three times with the first three hard hits of the drums as the first lyrics are sung,

“1, 2, 3, GO!”

Xak comes down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans along the way to the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope. In the ring he steps up on the far ropes and raises one hand in the air. After a moment he does back flip from the middle rope towards the center of the ring. The music begins to fade and Xak gets ready for the match.

The official for tonight’s contest calls for the bell to be rung, and the fans cheer as the first match of Showdown #25 gets underway! Wilde and TJS circle each other around the centre of the ring before diving into each other and tying up. Wilde pushes TJS back into the ropes, however the referee then calls for the hold to be broken. Wilde angrily breaks the hold, but as he does TJS leaps forward and lays into Wilde with some big right hands. Wilde staggers backwards from the force of the blows before TJS jumps up and knocks Wilde down to the mat with a spinning heel kick.

The fans cheer the move from the Californian as TJS taunts Wilde to get back up off of the mat. Wilde slowly does rise up, but TJS grabs him by the arm and throws him hard into the ropes. Wilde bounces back but TJS sends him down to the mat with a back body drop. TJS pumps the fans up before bouncing into the ropes, and leaping down onto Wilde with a twisting splash.

Wilde looks in pain as he slowly crawls to the ropes before pulling himself back up to a standing position. TJS makes his way back towards his opponent, but Wilde nails TJS with a kick to the midsection out of desperation. TJS doubles over from the force of the kick and Xak Wilde nails TJS with a twisting neckbreaker. The fans cheer the move from Wilde, also from California. TJS lays on the mat as TJS hits him with some stiff kicks, before dragging him up to a standing position by his hair. Wilde throws TJS into the corner of the ring and begins to lay into his opponent with some shoulder blocks into his midsection.

TJS holds his midsection in pain, as Wilde hits him with a uppercut before dragging him away from the corner. With TJS feeling the effects of the offence from Wilde, the fellow newcomer takes TJS down to the mat with a snap suplex! TJS looks in trouble, and Xak Wilde looks as if he wants to put an end to this debut match on Showdown #25! Wilde gets a cheer from the crowd as he looks down at TJS before making his way to the corner of the ring. It looks as if Wilde is going to end this one with a highflying move from the top rope! Wilde slowly climbs the ropes, before pausing as he reaches the top.

Wilde looks down at the body of TJS laying below him, before leaping from the top rope with an awesome corkscrew moonsault!

However unfortunately for Wilde the move fails to connect as TJS rolls out of the way at the very last minute! Wilde can’t believe it as he writhes in pain on the mat whilst TJS climbs to his feet. TJS begins to pump up the crowd as he stands waiting for Wilde to get to his feet. Wilde eventually struggles up, but as he does TJS grabs him and spins him around. TJS kicks Wilde in the midsection before dropping him to the mat with the ‘Death Shock’!

The fans cheer for the finishing move of TJS, as the newcomer quickly drops and makes the cover on Wilde!




This one is all over, and in the battle of the newcomers its TJS that picks up the victory! TJS rises up to his feet and looks down at the body of Wilde. The referee raises the hand of TJS in the air as the fans cheer the impressive debut from the Californian.

RESULT: TJS def. Xak Wilde via pinfall


“Tell me, what is happiness?”

I sat alone in the room. It was a small , dirty room in the middle of nowhere. Upon waking this cold, gray morning from a troubled sleep, I realized for the hundredth time, but this time with deep conviction, that my words and behavior towards you were disrespectful, and rude and selfish as well. Prompting me now, however belatedly, to apologize and beg your forgiveness.


Do you actually listen to what I am telling you ?

I apologize.

Not the power to remember, but its very opposite, the power to forget, is a necessary condition of our existence. If the lore of the transmigration of souls is a true one, then these, between their exchange of bodies, must pass through the sea of forgetfulness.

Why is it so that you can not forget? Why do you keep chasing me, even after your carcass lays deep down , covered with dirt . You are six feet under, yet you still haunt me day after day.


I still miss you. You know. Please, please I beg of you, let me go. My flesh and blood set me free … I was born alone, and as it seems I will die alone. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, nor do I know what will happen after this mighty body is nothing more than worm food.

They say there is a life after death …

They say there is a light at the end of the tunnel

They say a bird will not kill itself if his wings are forever broken. He will live and continue to fly in his dreams.

Is that so, dear? Than why is it so that this Nighthawk with broken wings can not fly anymore, not even in his dreams. There is not a single place in his world where I can find peace, not even when I am asleep. Nightmares are my only companion. Sweet poisonous nightmares that you send me from high above .

Set me free , my dear.


Outside the Rain was falling, thickly in great wet drops, so that the sound of the traffic on Main Avenue coming through the drawn curtains was muted and distant. I am sitting alone here , again, surrounded by darkness. The only small and weak light is coming from the litten cigarette hanging on the left spot of my mouth. The smoke clouds above my head started creating different pictures


Snowy mountains

Bloody knights holding high the blood soaked head of their defeated opponent

Yet there was a figure that was created from millions and millions of other , smaller smoke figures. It came to life as a bigger part … It was a screaming , eyeless head. Staring at me from high above.

I could hear its silent scream. It started bombarding my brain over and over again. I couldn’t stand it anymore. This tiny room, the rain outside , the silent screams in my head.

Stood up and went to the balcony , outside. Maybe the fresh air would help me calm down a bit .Stared down from the balcony towards the street beneath me , it seemed to me as if I was flying high above , towards a higher place. Down there , there were those small tiny cars with their lights on , they seemed like ants , a nest full of ants going left and right

And hundreds of smaller ants on both sides of the street with their umbrellas above their heads. This city is full of life , full of movement , yet it seems so lifeless to me , staring from high above I can just see tiny people walking in a huge, dark street , living their empty lives , doing what they do everyday in their normal routine without noticing that life is walking in front of them , leaving them and their small ambitions behind .

I spread my mighty arms and rose my head , staring at the gray sky above me. Big , wet raindrops fell in my face. I felt a bit relieved , just a bit though . There was still this silent voice screaming my name from inside the room .That smoke figure rising above every else was still calling my name .



I closed my eyes and took another deep drag from the cigarette that was still hanging on the left corner of my mouth. Shook my head as if I would thus make that voice go away like that. But it didn’t go away. It was still there , hammering my pulse over and over again. I couldn’t stand it anymore . It seems like He is still calling for me. After all this time He still won’t let me go.

“Leave me be , father“

I heard myself speaking as I took another drag from my cigarette . Entering the room I threw a look around to find my clothes which were scattered around the four corners.

I was naked! Dressed only in smoke and sweat.

Took my clothes

After some instants the small hotel door swung wide open and I found myself surrounded by the pink corridor lights . Shook my head in disgust. God knows why I still frequent these small, dirty motels.



I need to go outside!


Paige Johnson’s Office. A knock is heard , she raises her head and looks at the door, expecting almost everything. The times in SVO are times of change , thus everything can happen.The door swings open without any warning and a man in his late twenties walks in , he is wearing a dark grey uniform and his hair are cut in a strange way. His blue eyes seem two jewels lightening even the darkest spot

Paige Johnson :……

Unknown Man : It is me , Lupus Nebula

Paige Johnson: I didn’t recognize You. That is a drastic change you’ve made there.

Lupus Nebula: There are times in one’s life , when he must distance himself from the things he loves the most , in order to move on with his life. I have decided that a drastic change is on the day’s order.It is necessary for me to move on with certain things and leave other things behind.

Thus I am asking you a favor.

I will accept being your number one pick for Organized Chaos , yet i have a request: From this Moment on I wan’t to be known to the whole wrestling world as “Noir”


The cameras cut to backstage, as a familiar black Camaro rolls into the back garage. The engine roars as it slides into the arena. After a few seconds Brock emerges from the car. He seems dazed.Another familiar face greets him as he makes his way in.

Michael Williams-” Brock. You look like you havent slept in weeks.”

Brock- ” Thanks. You look good too.”

Mdubb-” Well im really glad you called me in to be your manager.”

Brock- ” Temporary manager.”

Mdubb- “Right. Yes. Well, Your not booked this week, but I thought it’d be a good idea to get you up and around before you wrestled next week.”

Brock-” Good. Any familiar faces I need to dodge?”

Mdubb-” Not that Ive seen. I DID hear Hooligan may be back as well.”

Brock- ” Good. That will do just fine.Think you can get me into the ring?”

The camera fades, as The former GLCW Divisional manager Michael Williams and Brock head toward the locker rooms.

Lou Lyons vs. Nathan Paradine

The intro of “Joker and the Thief” blasts from the speakers, and all lights except the multicoloured lights flashing above the ring and ramp in time with the drums. A figure emerges from the darkness and into lights, as the intro ends and the lights stay a light green colour. Nathan Paradine walks down to the ring, climbing up the steel stairs and wiping his feet on the ring apron before climbing in between the middle and top ropes. He walks across the ring and climbs the opposite turnbuckle, holding one arm up in the air. He flings his pair of sunglasses into the crowd and jumps down, before backing off into the corner.

“Fortunate Son” by Dropkick Murphy’s begins to play over the loudspeakers as Lou Lyons steps out onto the entrance ramp. The arena sends him a hearty welcome off boos and jeers. A spotlight shines down upon him as flashing maroon lights and pyrotechnics go off. He raises his right arm, rolls his neck, and then runs to the ring and slides in under the rope. He struts around the ring and waits to land his first strike.

Both men stare each other down in the middle of the ring as the ref reminds them that the match has a five-minute time limit, and will only end sooner when one man either scores a pinfall or a submission. Lyons shoves Paradine, and the ref calls for the bell!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The shove does little more than knock Paradine off balance, and he returns to form with lefts and right, swinging at the upper torso of Lyons. However, disaster strikes as he misses a swing, and in an instant Lyons grabs the outstretched arm and with a twist forces Paradine down to the mat, a vicious chickenwing armlock in place. Paradine cries out and reaches for the ropes, but Lyons applies more pressure. Paradine manages to get his free arm out from beneath him, and feeds Lyons an elbow or two. Lyons staggers back and Paradine gets back to hit feet, running and succeeding hit hitting a Tornado DDT on Lyons, using the second rope to gain elevation. He plants Lyons and tries for a cover.



Kickout by Lyons! Paradine is finished with Lyons on the mat though, and applies a sleeper hold. Lyons struggles, but as his breath runs out the movements slows… Before his right leg springs to life, and barely manages to touch the bottom rope. Paradine releases the hold, and picks Lyons up by his hair. Lyons however has plans of his own and instead kicks Paradine in the midsection, before lifting him up onto his shoulders. The crowd cheers as he prepares for a Halleloujah. But Paradine wiggles and squirms and manages to slide down Lyons’ back, wrapping him up neatly in a schoolboy pin as he does so.



And Lyons again kicks out. By now the match is at the three minute mark, either man will have to score a pinfall soon if he hopes to walk away with the $500,000 dollar prize. Both men back away into a corner, staring each other down. They both move back towards the centre of the ring and lock up, Lyons breaking the lock and stiff striking Paradine back into the corner. He feeds Paradine the boots, before trying to choke him out on the ring rope. The crowd boos, and the ref threatens a DQ. Lyons releases the hold, and backs off into the centre of the ring. Paradine gets back to his feet, and Lyons charges. Paradine ducks, and pulls the top rope with him sending Lyons tumbling to the outside. The crowd begins to chant.


Paradine exits the ring as well, grabbing Lyons by the hair. He drives his face into the steel ringpost.


And again, steel meets skull as Paradine drives the face of Lyons into the ringpost. However, this blow only dazes Lyon, who elbows his way out of the clutches of Paradine.


Paradine falls back against the guardrail, and Lyons again begins with the stiff strikes. The crowd roars with every strike!


Paradine crawls away from the blows… struggling to escape from Lyons. He stumbles along to the steel steps, using them to try and pull himself up… Lyons is on him in an instant, throwing him back into the ring.


Back in the ring, Lyons applies a dreaded leglock. Paradine yelps in pain and struggles to reach the ropes.


Lyons applies more pressure, trying to drag Paradine further away from the ropes as he does so.


Paradine’s face clenches in pain. He resorts to using the last of his strength to try and break the hold.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Lyons releases the hold and rolls out of the ring. Paradine struggles to get to his feet, laughing and pointing down at Lyons. Lyons looks back up at Paradine and mouths the words “This close,” while holding up his thumb and forefinger barely a centimetre or two apart.


sVo Showdown #25 heads backstage where the sVo’s very own secret Agent Chris Bond is treating himself to a drink from the vending machines in preparation for his match up with Kelly Flawless later tonight. Bond faces the machine as he makes his choice, however before be can confirm his drink he is grabbed from behind by two large hands around his neck. The two large hands belonging to chief security officer Scott Love spin around Bond, leaving him standing face to face with one Paige Johnson.

Chris Bond – “What the hell?”

Paige smirks as Scott Love holds Bond tightly so that he cannot escape from the sVo general manager as he did last week.

Paige – “I just want to know what the hell you were doing last week with your little gadgets in my office.”

Bond stutters as he tries to think up a good excuse for his actions last week.

Chris Bond – “Well I was just testing out a few gadgets, and one accidentally made its way into your office.”

Paige isn’t convinced as she shakes her head and Scott Love tightens his grip around Bond’s neck.

Paige – “There is two ways that Scott can put you down in a second. It can be the easy way….. or it can be the hard way. No admit it Bond, your working for Johnny All Star on his presidential campaign aren’t you.”

Paige stares intently at Bond as he eventually nods his head to confess.

Paige – “I see. Well I have a little proposition, how about you get an upgrade from a double agent, to a triple agent Mr Bond. You let All Star think you are working for him gathering dirt on me, but you actually work for me gathering dirt on him!”

Bond takes a few seconds to process the idea, before smiling and nodding his head.

Chris Bond – “I think we could work something out.”

Paige – “Good. You need to find out all you can on All Star, I HAVE to win this election, for the sake of the sVo!”

Scott Love gently places Chris Bond down on his feet, as he shakes hands with presidential candidate Paige.


[We are LIVE in Italy as the sVo is bringing Showdown to Milan, Italy. We go backstage to see Peter Gilmour in his wrestling attire listening to his Ipod. Peter is headbanging a little bit as is heard singing some of the lyrics from the iPod.]

Peter: I’m the Cult of personality.. The cult of personality. THE CULT OF PERSONALITY!!

[Peter continues to sing the song as Rose Smith comes in wearing a sexy black dress and heels. She sees Peter and takes off his headphones.]

Peter: Heyyy, what gives?

Rose: Why are you singing that song?

Peter: To get me ready for the match.

Rose: But why the CULT OF PERSONALITY?

Peter: You see babe, Kaden wants to believe him and his gang of morons can actually beat me. Well, my cult is stronger and will overcome them.

Rose: I didn’t know you were in a cult. Who are they?

[Peter smiles.]

Peter: These great fans in MILAN, ITALY!

[The crowd roars in approval as Peter gets the cheap pop. Peter grabs an Italian flag and holds it in his hand.]

Peter: You see this flag baby? This is my countries flag. This is my heritage and my culture. THIS IS MI FAMILIA, my family! These people here came to see ME! Their hometown boy, and I will be DAMNED if some snot nose prick and his band of morons is going to beat me in my hometown country. Kaden and his cult have HELL to pay and tonight, they will all get whats coming to them. I will beat them, not just for me, but for MI FAMILIA! I can’t let them down babe. I have to fight until I can’t fight anymore. I am going to take Kaden and show him a lethal dose of reality and that is he shouldn’t get with losers like the Cult of Kharn. Tonight, Kaden and the Cult of PUSSIES gets taken… TO THE XTREME!

[Peter looks at Rose intently as we fade out with the camera showing the Italian flag and the fans singing the Italian national anthem. We fade to black.]


As we are just seconds away from the beginning of Michael Diaz first career match up, we see him and Howie Banks standing backstage getting ready to walk through the curtain once their theme music plays.

Diaz: “You asked for this match, didn’t you?”

Howie smirks.

Banks: “Nope.”

Diaz shakes his head.

Diaz: “I don’t believe you.”

Howie chuckles.

Banks: “Seriously, I didn’t.”

Diaz looks a little unsure.

Banks: “I only said that last week cause anything could of happened. I had no idea that we’d be facing each other in your first match.”

Howie shrugs his shoulders.

Diaz: “Right…”

Michael just walks off as Howie just stands there.

Banks: “Well, this ought to be interesting.”

Howie walks out of the camera view.


The young lad is walk down the road, as he admires the sign twenty dollar bill of American money. A few bigger chaps approach him, and shoves him to the ground.

Bully 1 – Whatcha got kid?

Young lad tries to grab the package, as one kid kicks it away.

Bully 2 – Answer him now!

Young Lad – A package I was told to drop off.

Bully 2 – And who does it belong too?

Young Lad – Travis Williams, a wrestler…

The two kids look at one another, as they take off running. The young kid grabs the package, and stands back to his feet. Just a block away, he walks, dropping off the package in the mailbox on the corner, as he rushes home.

‘Hollywood’ Howie Banks vs. Michael Diaz

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top
all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I’m changing’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow color. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

“Fight To Survive” By Stan bush hit’s the sVo pa system. The beats in the beginning of the song reveal who is coming out as the fans get on their feet and begin to chant his name and cheer aloud. Michael Diaz is surrounded by trainers as he comes walking out from the backstage area and towards the wrestling ring. The fans all extend their arms trying to touch him and get as close as possible just to have any type of moment with him. Diaz gets into the ring as he stands in the middle of the ring. He closes his hands together and closes his eyes for a few seconds until he starts to throw punches and kicks getting ready for his match.

The bell sounds.

Howie Banks and Michael Diaz begin this contest by walking straight to the middle of the ring face to face. Both men are being cheered by the fans as Diaz looks to debut in his very first sVo match up. Howie comes off a championship victory becoming one half of the tag champs with Gunner Lang. As both men say good luck to one another and shake hands, they break away from one another and take a few steps back.

It doesn’t last long being apart though as they move and step forward. A tie up progresses as Howie quickly pushes Michael Diaz into the corner. Both men are tangled up in the ring ropes as the referee gets involved and warns Banks to back off. Howie listens and takes a few steps back out from the corner. Michael regroups as does Banks as both men tie up once again. This time it is “Hollywood” Howie Banks in the corner with Michael Diaz out front.

The referee warns Michael Diaz this time as Howie holds onto the ring ropes with his hands. Diaz however being the rookie he is pays no attention too it as the referee is about ready to start a corner count. Michael instead takes a step back but leans in at Howie with some hard open hand chops across his chest area. The crowd begins to scream ‘WOOOOOO’ aloud the arena in Milan, Italy inside the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

Howie Banks however fights out of the corner as he shoves Michael Diaz back. Howie now comes out firing with right hands and open hand chops of his own. Banks kicks him in the mid section a few times and follows it up with some stiff European uppercuts as the fans watch on and seem to be enjoying this match up. Howie knocks Michael down with all the offense he has going as the fans begin to cheer on “Hollywood” Howie Banks starting a chant.

The chant wears off quite quickly though as Howie grabs a hold of Michael’s head and lifts him up to a standing position. Howie continues the assault as he body slams him down to the ring canvas. Howie now attempts to go to the top ropes to end this thing but Michael Diaz quickly gets back up to his feet and catches Howie up on the top rope with a long extended stiff kick to the mid section. The educated martial arts feet of Diaz pays off as he now grabs a hold of Banks and gorilla press slams him up and down across the ring mat.

Michael stalks his prey now as Howie crawls over on his knees to the corner. He grabs the ropes and helps himself up as Diaz comes walking into the corner with him. Michael now grabs him and places him up against the ropes somewhere around the middle of the ring. Diaz whips Howie to the ropes and when Banks comes back he is super kicked right square in the jaw! Michael Diaz wastes no time in going for a pin fall and the first one at that in this duel. The referee gets down quickly on the ring mat to make the count.



But “Hollywood” Howie Banks proves time and time again why he is so good as he kicks out of that maneuver. He got his shoulder up just in time before a three count could go down. The super kick essentially must of shocked him out of nowhere as shades of past confrontations began to rise again as he crawls away from his hungry opponent.

As Howie begins to make it back up to his feet, Michael Diaz is coming in for the kill. He grabs Howie and lifts him up to his feet. Michael now grabs a hold of Howie and whips him to the ropes one more time. Quickly Michael Diaz drops down to a lower position as his legs are stretched out apart from one another as he shoves his hand out real fast looking to hit his finisher the Push Shot.

Unfortunately though “Hollywood” Howie Banks being the veteran that he is sees and somehow senses what is coming as he grabs a hold of the ropes with his arms and pulls himself back before running into any trouble. Howie then stands there as Diaz gets back to a standing base while Banks walks over and boots him in the mid section, following it up with a sit out pedigree like face plant crusher. Howie doesn’t just stop there though.

He gets on top of the turnbuckle in the corner and listens to the fans roar and scream for him as he looks down at the opponent Michael Diaz who is laying on his back side. “Hollywood” Howie Banks now leaps off and in mid air does a 450 spin and crashes down across his opponent’s stomach region with his abdomen area.

Hollywood Splash!

He hooks the leg as the referee is already down to make the count.




RESULT: Howie Banks def. Michael Diaz via pinfall


[We go to a pre-recorded segment taped earlier in the day with Tamara Boyd who interviewed Peter Gilmour. Peter is in his BLS t-shirt and black jeans and Tamara is in a black shirt and jeans as well. The interview is about to begin.]

Tamara: Peter, there are allegations that have been made recently about you being gay. Do you care to address them?

Peter: Yes, I would like to. Baby, get in here now!

[out of nowhere, Rose Smith comes in wearing a hot red dress and high heels. she sits on her man’s lap and wraps her arms around him and kisses him passionately.]

Peter: You were saying, Tamara?

Tamara: Err, the allegations made by a few wrestlers saying that what you said about Kelly Flawless made you look gay.

Rose: Does he look gay to you, you whore? My man is straight as an arrow and if K-Flaw or as we call him now “T-Bag” has a problem with it, he can either do 2 things. Be a man and accept it, or get his brains caved in from my man.

Peter: The fact is K-Flaw got PWNED and these other fags in the sVo didn’t realize that I referred to his penis as leaning. I am not gay in any way. Why the fuck would I be sitting with the hottest diva in the sVO, hell the whole wrestling business? I didn’t pick Rose up off the streets. Max introduced me to her at a party I went to before we went out on this stupid world tour. Least we’re in a place I call home, ITALY!

Tamara: What ever happened to your friend Max? Last time we heard from him he was going back to California, to be with his girlfriend who was in the hospital. What happened to Max?

[Peter and Rose laugh hysterically.)

Peter: You see, I got rid of Max. That thing where his whore was in the hospital was just a way to get him out of my life. And Max, if you’re watching this, no hard feelings buddy.

Rose: It’s just BUSINESS!

Tamara: Err, ook. but why would you do that to your friend and former tag team partner.

Peter: I just said, it’s business you twat.. And to finish off your previous question, if the other fags in the back think I’m gay, well they will have HELL to pay. Me and Rose here are not going to abused and treated like some commoners. We demand respect! And if they will not give it to us, we will beat the holy hell out of them until they respect us. Kaden Alonzo is our first victim, and at RETRIBUTION, either Sensei Shredder or Joseph Equinox will both be taken…


[Fade to black.]

Peter Gilmour vs. Kaden Alonzo

The lights in the arena suddenly cut before a pulsating electric blue light begins to flash all around the ringside area.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

The pulsating rhythm of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash slowly plays over the sound system in the arena, as onto the top of the entrance stage slowly walks the ‘Cult of Kharn’. The eyes of the fans struggle to turn to Kaden Alonzo, who is followed by Arrant, Manta and Sedan, due to the flashing blue light. Kaden makes his way down the entrance ramp in time with the music. Arrant is only a few steps behind ‘The Son of Destiny’, and he is flanked by Manta and Sedan. Kaden seems to be holding his head in pain as the ‘Cult of Kharn’ stand just a few steps away from the ring. Arrant motions for Kaden to climb into the ring, however the amnesiac seems to be ensure. After a few seconds, Kaden Alonzo slowly climbs into the ring holding his head, as the blue flashing lights slowly come to an end.

“Walk with me in HELL” The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Rose begins to make her way out to the ramp. She looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Rose and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Rose gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind her. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Rose takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at opponent.

The two lock up in the centre of the ring, with Alonzo whipping Gilmour into the ropes and catching him with a sidewalk slam on the rebound. Alonzo gets back to his feet and lays a few kicks into Gilmour, before picking him up by his hair. He hits another power slam, while the Cult of Kharn at ringside encourage him. Gilmour climbs back up to his feet, and locks up with Alonzo again. He sends Alonzo tumbling into the corner, following up with a splash. As Alonzo stumbles around on the mat, Gilmour climbs the turnbuckle and hits a kneedrop, before attempting a cover.



And a kickout from Alonzo! It will take more than that to bring down the Son of Destiny! Gilmour applies an armlock, but Alonzo easily struggles out of it and regains his stature. Gilmour climbs back to his feet to meet a solid right hand from Alonzo, and another, and another! Gilmour back on the mat, and Alonzo begins to hammer him with the lefts and rights. Gilmour tries vainly to protect his face and chest, but Alonzo is merciless!

The ref threatens a DQ, and Alonzo backs off, leaning against the ropes. The Cult of Kharn encourage him, and on the other side of the ring Max Masterson is shouting out to Gilmour to focus and get back on his feet. Gilmour climbs up, and Alonzo charges. Gilmour ducks a clothesline attempt, and as he turns back around, looking wildly for his opponent, Gilmour comes out of nowhere with a Gilmour Cutter! Gilmour strikes at Alonzo on the mat, sending him rolling away.

Gilmour climbs back up and runs at the ropes, rebounding and hitting a still-groggy Alonzo with a dropkick. Alonzo goes flying, rolling out of the ring to the outside. Gilmour follows, whipping Alonzo into the steel ringpost. Alonzo connects with a dull thud, and bounces off with a yelp. Gilmour catches him again and rolls him into the ring, as the ref shouts out the 5 count. Gilmour climbs back in, and gives Alonzo a few kicks for good measure. He tries for a cover.



Once again, Alonzo kicks out. They both get back up, Gilmour shouting his frustration. Alonzo gets to his feet, and tackles Gilmour to the ground. Gilmour crawls back to his feet and runs at the ropes. He rebounds off and tries for a clothesline, but Alonzo ducks and grabs his arm, planting a Humanity’s Saviour! Pinfall attempt!




Ding! Ding! Ding!

RESULT: Kaden Alonzo def. Peter Gilmour via pinfall


Travis Williams is walking down the hall, as he spots Candi Cross with her back to him. He cracks a smile, and slowly walks up to her. The makeup lady puts her head down, and walks away.

Travis Williams – Well look who I ran into!

Candi Cross – I’m not going to put up with your ass tonight Travis. Save me the trouble, and just go pick on someone else, PLEASE!

Travis Williams – Aww, I wanted to come and apologize for my harsh words last week.

Candi turns around with a smile on her face.

Candi Cross – Really? Why the change of heart?

Travis Williams – I realized even shanks like yourself needs love too.

Candi slaps Travis across the face and storms off.

Travis Williams – Stupid bitch! I try to show her some love, and she slaps me? Next week, I’ll send that cheap corner bitch the finger of some sVo star, and see how she likes that! (he laughs) I am only kidding!

Joseph Equinox (c) vs. Sensei Shredder

“Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes begins to play. Smoke begins to fill the chaos the lights dim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen standing at the top of the stage with smoke floating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightning bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drum beats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drums beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and the wrestler begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once he reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as he readys for his upcoming opponents.

The bell sounds.

The bout starts off in a fast paced way. Both competitors come closer together only to see Joseph Equinox rush towards Sensei Shredder’s leg. Sensei however back away and pushes the head of Equinox back. Both men begin to walk around in circles until they finally tie up in the middle of the ring. Joseph Equinox quickly takes the momentum his way early on as he twists the arm back of Sensei Shredder.

The challenger for the sVo Hardcore Championship quickly falls to the ring mat and rolls back and forth to get out of this maneuver. After attempting it he breaks free. Only to however grab Joseph Equinox’s arm and take him down to the ring mat with an arm drag take over. Both men are quick to their feet as Joseph runs at Sensei who arm drags him down once again. This time he holds onto his arm.

A submission is locked in as Shredder grabs a hold of his hair and lifts him up. The referee warns him about it as Sensei now whips him to the ropes. Equinox comes back with a shoulder block that sends him down. Joseph now runs to the ropes, leaps over top of the back side of Sensei who rolled over. He finds himself coming off the other side of the ring ropes and at Sensei who just boots him in the mid section.

Shredder now grabs a hold of his head and flips his body over for a snap mare take down. Sensei quickly dives on top of him for a pin fall.



He only receives a two count though as Joseph Equinox the current reigning Hardcore Champion gets out of it. Sensei wraps his arm around his head now and squeezes tight with a head lock. Joseph however lifts him up and drops him right down on his head and neck with a back suplex. The fans are now cheering as both men lay on the ring mat motionless. No weapons or anything have been used in this match up yet as Joseph rolls to the outside floor now looking for some.

Sensei Shredder crawls around inside of the ring, looking to find where the hell he is at. Joseph grabs a steel chair, a ladder and a table. He has them all out on the floor as he grabs the table and brings it back inside of the ring. He begins to set it up when Sensei Shredder comes behind him. He grabs him and tosses him over the top ropes as he proceeds to get out to the floor with the champ. He picks him up and body slams him on the ladder. The fans heard that one as they boo Sensei.

Shredder now picks up Joseph and tosses him back into the ring. He attempts to get back in but Joseph boots him back. Shredder now walks up and onto the ring apron. Joseph super kicks him off the apron with his set up move the E.M.T. After doing that we see Joseph take a small breather in the ring. Sensei begins to get up now as a chair is right beside him. Joseph runs to the ropes, comes back and tries to dive through the middle ropes at Sensei Shredder.

It works as he connected him with it! Both men are down and seem to be a bit hurt. This doesn’t stop Joseph Equinox though who grabs a hold of Sensei and tosses him back inside of the ring. The table is all set up as he gets inside, picks up Shredder and puts him in the corner. He brings the table closer. He now grabs his neck and head area as Joseph now runs and jumps on top of the table with Sensei Shredder for a Super Digital Code Neck Breaker!

Both men are layed out on the ring mat and across the now broken table. Joseph Equinox musters enough strength to place his arm over Sensei Shredder’s body.

Here is the cover!




RESULT: Joseph Equinox def. Senshi Shredder via pinfall


Backstage somewhere at San Siro, Milan, Italy – the masked man known as Night cuts through a crowd of crew, wrestlers, some Italian fans and press with a look of pure determination.

Several fans spot the recognizable sVo star, but he excuses himself politely, vaguely promising to return. Far from being a rude or ungracious man, on this night, he simply has a mission in mind. Through the crowd, Night finds himself in a less populated hallway.

NIGHT: Ok, the production manager told me he was in the… second trainers room in this wing…

Looking around, Night quickly spots a piece of paper taped to a door:

Trainer’s Room

Wasting no time, Night crosses to the room, opens the door and steps in. Ahead of him, sitting on the trainer’s table having his knees looked at is none other than sVo International Champion, ‘The Hope’ Isaac White.

NIGHT: Funny. I thought trainers were strictly for working talent, Isaac. Seems to me you’ve been laying kind of low since our Vendetta match.

WHITE: So, you found me. I was going to come find you very soon – I’m glad you came, I was wondering if you’d do the right thing.

NIGHT: Right thing?

WHITE: Well, you’re here to apologize, right?

Fury burns through Night’s mask at the bewildered International Champion.

NIGHT: Why would I be here to apologize to you?!

WHITE: Seriously? You kind of flipped out for no reason last week–


WHITE: This is classic addict behavior, Night. I’m trying to help you and you lashed out at me.

Night looks ready to explode. Seeing an extremely volatile situation playing out in front of him, the trainer excuses himself and leaves the room hastily.

NIGHT: You know as well as I do that you did NOTHING to help me. You’re projecting onto me – I was nothing but an unwilling outlet for some of your own deeper issues.


White hops off the table and onto his feet. He winces as his knees take his weight, but he steels himself and stands face to face with Night.

NIGHT: And you know nothing about me… but that didn’t stop you from coming after me.

WHITE: And now you’re cured…

NIGHT: I never needed curing.

Isaac glowers at Night who still stares intensely at his rival.

WHITE: I know you’re not well, Night, but you’re wearing on my patience. Our business is settled, so move along and get on with your life.

Finally snapping, Night shoves White, who’s still damaged knees buckle, sending him back – his fall only stopped as White grabs hold of the trainer’s table.

NIGHT: What you started is far from settled. I came here to give you the chance to simply accept my challenge, you won’t do it so I will give you no choice.

With that Night turns and makes his way out the door. He stops in the corridor and looks back at White.

NIGHT: Enjoy your night off, ‘champ’. I have a match to get ready for, but I’ll definitely see you later tonight…

He storms off down the corridor leaving a seething White to climb back onto the trainer’s table. He turns to face the doorway as the sound of many pairs of feet can be heard running towards the door from down the corridor somewhere.

Panting, the trainer bursts into the room followed by a barrage of security. Once inside the room they spot Isaac merely sitting on the table and stop in their tracks.

WHITE: … something wrong?


[The scene quickly flashes backstage where the sVo’s resident secret agent is lurking around the arena. He’s acting very sneaky, and he’s holding a spool of very large industrial wire. He’s pulling it away from the direction of the Best/Flawless locker room and he’s sporting a huge grin—perhaps, shit-eating—and he’s even got a maniacal laugh. He stops fifteen feet from the door, and quickly connects it to a small remote control. He walks back to the door, and pulls out a can of spray paint. The camera pans in and reads the label. ‘Arena Floor: Dark Gray’… and he proceeds to spray the wire the color of the floor. He ducks behind a box of industrial strength toilet paper, as Flawless comes walking toward the room with two lovely ladies. As soon as the door closes behind the three, Bond tip-toes toward the control… only to find Best standing over the remote control. Bond reaches for it, but Michael is one step ahead.]

Best: “So, Bondy, this one of your gadgets?”

[Bond stands, brushing the dirt and debris from his pants.]

Bond: “Yup, it’s this really cool one too. Press any button Mikey. ANY button.”

[Bond smirks. Best smirks too.]

Best: “What if I press this button and I’m electrocuted or Satan himself pops up from the floor and pulls me to hell? Hmmm?”

[Bond stares at him.]

Bond: “Fine, give it to me… and I’ll push the damned button.]

[The two begin to struggle over the controller.]

Best: “I just said ‘what if’… Jesus Chris Bond… give me the controller!”

[Bond lets go, sending Best back a few steps. He regains his composure and stands there… pressing his button. In the background, a bright light shines around the edges of the Best/Flawless locker room door. Suddenly, a loud scream can be heard, blood curdling and out runs Flawless, towel around his waist. Smoke escapes the room…. And Flawless runs down the hallway. The two women still in their clothes look around, black soot on their face. Best turns around, obviously his attention span having gone awry. He goes over to talk to the ladies.]

Best: “What’s with him bitches?”

[They look at him, obviously insulted. Bond still stands in the background.]

Woman 1: “Well, he was fine. He was getting all worked up and undressed. We were in the process of um…. You know, polishing his door knob… and all of the sudden, he jumps up, a bolt of electricity zapping his way. By the time the door knob was all polished, he had run out of the room. He totally smudged the damn thing.”

[The first woman points to the door knob. A large hand print smudged across it.]

Woman 2: “I know Lucinda… totally pissed me off too. By the way, I have no clue why he was naked… we were just hired by the Sanctioned Violence Organization to clean door handles to help promote healthy immune systems. He was a freakin’ pervert.”

[Best smacks himself in the head. He looks around. By now, Bond has managed to collect his belongings and disappear into the background. Suddenly, one of the women begins to speak again.]

Woman 1: “Hey… I recognize you from somewhere… and I remember where I saw that Kelly guy before! Aren’t you two those corpse fuckers?”

[Best turns beet red. His eyes dart back and forth.]

Woman 2: “Yeah Lucinda… that’s where we saw him! He fucked that really cute guy’s dead mom! You are a disgrace to humanity asshole.”

[Both women slap the reigning World Champion, sending him backwards and crashing through the box of industrial strength toilet paper. They then walk off, leaving Best to nurse his pride. The scene quickly fades to black.]


*Suddenly and without warning, the sVo-tron lights up with activity. The fans rise to their feet as we see former World Heavyweight champion Psyko Stevo walking around the backstage area muttering to himself.*

Stevo: Damn Best… first Bond… now Ross… what’s next…

*The cameras continue to follow Stevo as he walks with his head down. Stevo turns a corner and we hear…*

Voice: Hey! Ouch!

*As the cameras round the corner we see Psyko Stevo holding his head in pain as lying on the ground in front of him, also holding his head in pain, is current sVo Hardcore Champ, Joseph Equinox. Equinox quickly rises up to his feet and Stevo looks at him with indifference.*

Equinox: Man, watch where you’re going!

Stevo: Watch where I’m going?

Equinox: Yea, you just ran me over… not cool!

*Stevo shakes his head a bit and finally realizes what is going on.*

Stevo: Yea… yea… sorry about that.

*Stevo turns his back to Equinox and starts to walk away, but the Hardcore Champ raises his voice.*

Equinox: Wait! Stevo, what’s up with you man?

*Stevo spins around, looks at Equinox and shrugs his shoulders.*

Stevo: I don’t know… just a lot on my mind I guess.

Equinox: Well let’s talk, we’ve both been in the sVo for some time now… yet we hardly know each other.

*Equinox walks up beside Psyko Stevo and the enigmatic yet eccentric superstar looks confused.*

Stevo: Huh?

Equinox: Yea, we’ve both been champs, but we haven’t spoke once.

Stevo: Oh, yea I guess you’re right. I don’t know, I just don’t really speak to a lot of the guys on the roster I guess.

Equinox: Why not?

*Stevo looks off into the distance, deep in thought. Finally he shakes his head.*

Stevo: Well… I guess I just have a hard time trusting people.

Equinox: You trust Banks, right?

Stevo: Howie? Yea, sure I do.

Equinox: Well there you go.

Stevo: What? There I go where?

*Stevo looks at Joseph Equinox with uncertainty.*

Equinox: So anyways. What’s on your mind?

Stevo: Just these stupid booking assignments Mike Best has been making the last couple weeks. Kinda got me on edge I guess.

Equinox: How so?

Stevo: Imagine if your worst enemy had control over your career. I have no idea what is going to happen on a week to week basis. One week I’m facing my friend, next week I’m facing a bitter rival… what’s next, am I going to have to face the entire damn roster, will I have to face Howie, will I have to face Jamal? Anything is possible!

Equinox: Well you couldn’t face Jamal, he’s not under sVo contract.

*Stevo looks at Equinox and for the first time in a long time, smiles.*

Stevo: Yea, I guess that’s one less thing I have to worry about…

Equinox: And don’t worry about what Mike Best has up his sleeve, from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look like obstacles are something that you let bother you. I mean, you did beat three main event calibur superstars all in the same night, right?

Stevo: Yea, I suppose your right.

*Stevo finally picks his head up and looks right at Joseph Equinox.*

Stevo: You know what, you’re exactly right Joe. I’m worried about all the wrong things going into tonight. I should be worried about Alex Ross, not Mike Best.

*Equinox seems a bit taken back by Stevo’s quick agreement, but shakes his head in a yes manner.*

Equinox: Exactly, well I’m glad you see it my way.

*Stevo places his hand on Equinox’s shoulder and smiles.*

Stevo: You know, you got a good head on those shoulders kid. I bet you’re gonna far in this company. Who knows, maybe we’ll be duking it out for the World Title one day.

*Stevo turns his back and walks away as Joseph Equinox flashes a smile before adjusting the Hardcore Title that rests upon his left shoulder.*

Gunner Lang (c) vs. Travis Williams

Gunner Na na na na na na
Gunner Na na na na na na
Gunner Na na na na na na

Sound of the drums
Beatin’ in my heart
The thunder of guns!
Tore me apart
You’ve been – Gunner-struck!

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout “Gunner” along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

The hard hitting rock/metal sound of Blain’s “Low” starts to pour into the arena from the sound systems. The crowd rises to their feet, in the massive loads, as the Big Screen flashes the words “Dark Shadows” across it. From entrance tunnel in the crowd, a figure walks out in a pair of black jeans and a black wife beater. Steel toe boots jet black, and head cleanly shaved with drips of sweat beading up from the bright lights, and warm bodies that surround him. Security guards clear a path the best they can, as Dark Shadows walks through the normal people and hops over the barricade. He pauses, as he looks back at where he came from, and the crowd in respect, pop big for The Dark Shadows. He turns and faces the ring, as he dashes towards it and slides under the bottom rope. He walks to a corner and waits there as his music cuts away.

The bell sounds.

The sVo Las Vegas Championship is on the line. Champion Gunner Lang defends against challenger Travis Williams.

After both men enter into the ring and the fans are on their feet still, chanting and cheering for a great match up, they calm down and sit back down in their seats as this contest is ready to begin.

The two men walk up to the center of the ring and trade some words. Not sure of what was said, the match starts off by an old traditional tie up. Gunner Lang uses his over powering strength to push Travis Williams back into the corner. The referee gets nosy and right in there as he breaks it up. Gunner takes a few steps back as he lets Travis Williams escape from further damage.

Travis Williams looks to the fans and then back to his opponent Gunner Lang as he begins to walk around the ring in a circle like pattern. Gunner Lang walks around in one too, keeping his distance from the challenger. Both men stop, focus on each other, take a step in and another tie up goes down. This time Gunner Lang pushes Travis Williams back and into the corner without pressing in on him.

Lang now walks in the corner but he is booted to the mid section by Williams. Travis follows it up with some open hand chops to his chest area. It doesn’t seem to faze the big man though as he clubs him over the head with a right hand. Travis stumbles back a bit but refocuses and knees Lang in the gut. He now grabs a hold of him and brings him into the middle of the ring. He proceeds with a side walk slam as he hooks the leg for a cover.



Gunner Lang lifts his shoulder up off the canvas though just before a three count.

After not getting the three call Travis Williams immediately begins to bug the referee about it. This allows Gunner Lang to crawl away into the corner and help himself up by grabbing onto the ropes. Travis now turns to Gunner who comes running out with a huge shoulder block that sends him down. Gunner now grabs a hold of Williams and whips him to the corner. Travis reverses it, sending him into the corner. Gunner comes out though with a clothesline that sends the big man down.

Gunner gets on top of him real quickly as he looks to get the pin fall. No leg was hooked though.



This contest still continues as Travis Williams kicked out of that one.

Gunner now picks him up and whips him to the ropes. He bends over but Travis boots him in the jaw. Gunner lifts his head up holding his jaw now as he turns around with his back towards Travis. Williams takes the advantage now and locks his arms around Gunner’s waist as he lifts him up and behind him for a German suplex! Travis gets on top of him real quick for a pin as this could be it!




Gunner Lang manages to get out of it though just barely before the referee’s arm came down for the three.

Gunner is wondering where he is as that maneuver dropped him right on his head!

Travis follows it up by grabbing a hold of him and lifting him up. He whips him to the ropes and then boots him in the mid section. He then runs at him looking for the Dream Shatter neck breaker into his knee but instead the sVo Las Vegas Champion Gunner Lang pushes him off and into the ropes. As he comes back he is gorilla press slammed up and down on his back side.

Travis gets right up and backs into a corner as Gunner Lang runs at him with a Boomer Lang splash in the corner!

Travis Williams is now taken out to the middle of the ring by Gunner Lang. He now grabs a hold of his head and looks to hit the Gunnerstruck bulldog. Travis Williams pushes him off into the ropes though. Gunner comes back as Travis goes for a mafia kick. Gunner ducks it though as he now turns Williams around and goes for a short arm clothesline that Williams ducks this time around.

Travis now hit’s a leg lariat as he takes Gunner Lang down and out to the ring mat. He has Gunner on his stomach as he wraps his arm around his neck and head area for a dragon clutch submission maneuver! Travis Williams has got the Tap Into Reality locked in! We could see a new sVo Las Vegas Champion! Gunner is shaking like a jelly fish, like a leaf on a tree, trying to get free of this hold.

He extends his legs, hoping their is a rope around, but unfortunately they are in the middle of the ring! Gunner has no other choice, he’s tried all he can!


It’s all over, Travis Williams has made Gunner Lang submit and we have a new Las Vegas Champion!

RESULT: Travis Williams def. Gunner Lang via submission


As we prepare for our next match, suddenly the letters HoV flash on the Tron, like a short circuiting image. Dive, By Disciple begins playing as Brock, accompanied by Michael Williams enters the stage. He takes in his surroundings, and soaks in the roar of applause his return is generating. The two make their way to the ring, and Brock grabs a mic.

Brock- ” Thank you. The reason I’m out here tonight, is,.. well, I’m back in the business.”

The crowd cheers again. Brock smiles warmly at the applause.

Brock- ” Now I know many of you are thinking…”

The crowd begins chanting, overwhelming the returning wrestling star.

Crowd-” HOV! HOV! HOV!”

Brock- ” Im getting to that. Relax. Now I know many of you have questions. ‘Is he getting The HoV back together? Well let me answer that one right now. The HoV was never gone. We always have each others back, and always will. Were a little scarce on members, but I will have my eyes open for new prospects. Speaking of scarce on members…”

Brock pauses, looking at the floor. He gathers himself, and continues.

Brock-“Im sure your wondering why Im out here with Mdubb, instead of my fiance.Well,.. Laney is missing. There was an accident a few months back, and,.. well shes gone.”

Brock pauses, his composure faltering slightly.Mdubb walks over, and places a hand on his back, reassuring him He shakes it off, and trys again.

Brock-” Im back, and The HoV is back. Were not here for a war, or to feud with factions, were here to make our impact. Were here to put the wrestling world on notice. Im comin for that gold. Its good to be home.”

The crowd erupts as Brock and MDubbexit as the action heads backstage.


Backstage the current sVo Tag Team Champion Gunner Lang is making his way backstage to his locker room, obviously disappointed by his defeat to Travis Williams in his sVo Las Vegas Championship match just moments ago. Gunner Lang turns the corner of the corridor, but steps straight into the suited Johnny All Star!

Johnny All Star – “Gunner, can I count on your vote?”

Johnny All Star hands Gunner Lang a ‘Vote All Star’ Sticker, but the former Las Vegas Champion looks less than impressed.

Gunner Lang – “Look All Star, I know you are friends with JD and everything but I’m not really in the mood for this right now.”

Gunner Lang moves to push past Johnny All Star.

Johnny All Star – “Well that’s no way to be with someone about to offer you the opportunity of a life time.”

Gunner Lang angrily spins around to face Johnny All Star.

Gunner Lang – “What, you think voting for you in some election is the chance of a lifetime for me?”

Johnny All Star smiles as he shakes his head.

Johnny All Star – “I was talking to your manager JD earlier when he booked the opening of the show for you and Howie, and he planted a little idea in my head. How would you feel about participating on my team in Organised Chaos at Redemption?”

Gunner Lang seems to relax about as he looks down at his Tag Team Championship belt.

Gunner Lang – “Organised Chaos eh?”

Johnny All Star – “The chance of a lifetime. The match that will elevate someone to the top of the sVo world. Hey I want you to be my first pick for my time, but if your not interested….”

Gunner Lang – “No wait…. I’m in!”

Gunner Lang and Johnny All Star shake hands, with the first pick for All Star’s Organised Chaos III team confirmed!

Night vs. Orlando Fox

“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard
Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord
Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit
Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox raises his arm in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. He stands and moves to the neutral corner as he and Fox lock eyes across the ring.

The referee calls for the bell and the crowd cheer as this matchup between two former sVo Hardcore Champions is underway. The two waste no time in locking up in the middle of the ring and Fox takes immediate advantage, backing Night into a corner. The referee backs Fox up, who throws his arms up defensively – but bull-rushes Night with a back-elbow. Fox ends up crashing into the turnbuckle himself as Night leaps and rolls out of the corner. Orlando recovers quickly and immediately calls for a test-of-strength against the smaller man. The crowd cheer loudly as Night eyes Fox suspiciously. He seems to weigh up the options presented to him, but in the end the honor of accepting a challenge seems to over-ride any kind of common sense and the two lock up. Night battles hard, but a bigger and stronger Orlando Fox easily gains the advantage, turning both of Night’s wrists! Night writhes in pain and doubles over as Fox hits him with a hard knee to the midsection. He clubs Night on the back who sinks to a knee, but stands back up – only for Fox to shove him hard. Night sprawls to the mat as Fox taunts the crowd, enticing a chorus of boos. The masked man, however, rolls to his feet and he charges at Fox, leaping and wrapping his legs around Fox’s neck, trying to take him over with a hurricanrana. With an impressive display of strength, Fox grabs hold of Night and flings him forwards into the ring.

Night, to his own credit, manages to land on his feet. Taking a moment to gain his balance, he runs at Fox, baseball sliding through his legs and back onto his feet, dropkicking Fox in the back. Fox staggers forwards and Night darts after him, grabbing hold of Fox’s hair and attempting to bulldog him. Fox manages to stay on his feet, however and manages to grab hold of Night’s throat. He lifts the smaller man above him and drives him to the mat with a hard chokeslam. Night appears winded, but still manages to dodge a Fox elbow drop, instead managing to find his feet and drop back down with a corkscrew dropkick to the face of the downed Fox! The crowd pop loudly for the move and Night immediately darts to the ring apron, pulling back on the top rope and leaping with a twist onto the top rope so he faces out at the crowd. He leaps off the top rope with a springboard moonsault and hooks Fox’s leg for the pin.



Fox kicks out strongly, sending Night flying several feet away from him. Both men find their feet around the same time, but Fox is the quicker of the two to react as he lunges forwards, flipping Night backwards with a HUGE running lariat! He stomps away on the masked wrestler as Night struggles back to his feet. Once in a standing position, Fox backs Night up to the ropes and whips him across the ring. Night hits the ropes and bounces back – straight into a big boot. Night hits the mat hard and again Orlando tries for an elbow drop, this one connecting. Night recoils from the impact as Fox climbs back to his feet, pulling Night with him. Once standing, Fox doubles up Night with a boot to the midsection, before placing Night in a standing headscissors and hoisting him by the midsection and dropping him to the mat head-first with a big piledriver! Fox covers for the pin.




Night manages a kickout and Fox slaps the mat, thinking the match was over there. Night, however, already is on all fours and uses the ring ropes to pull himself to his feet. Orlando again rushes Night, pushing his advantage with a hard knee to the midsection. Night winces as Fox whips him across the ring. On Night’s return Fox throws an arm out, trying for another lariat, this time however, Night ducks under Fox’s outstretched arm, hooking his arm under it and swinging his feet around and dropping down his weight with a surprise crucifix pin!




Fox kicks out at the last moment and looks stunned as he rolls out of the move. Night begins climbing to his feet as Fox glares at him wide-eyed. He charges forwards and begins to pound away at Night with hard lefts and rights. He hoists Night for a vertical suplex and holds him vertically – delaying the drop and allowing the blood to rush to Night’s head. Night, however, seems to lean his feet over his back, causing Fox to stagger backwards to balance the weight. Orlando drops back, however, Night manages to twist in midair and, thanks to his leaning lands on his feet on the ring apron as he pushes Fox the rest of the way to the mat, hard. Immediately pulling back on the top rope, Night slingshots over the top rope and drops a leg across Fox’s throat!

Night wastes no time in pulling Fox to his feet, but is stunned as Fox drives a forearm between his legs, hitting the masked man low. The referee sees nothing due to the obligatory ‘bad referee angle’ and as such, says nothing about it, despite Night doubling over in pain. Fox locks Night in a standing headscissors and hoists Night up for a powerbomb. However, at the peak of the lift, Night manages to swing his legs through, hooking his arm around the head of Fox and again using his legs for momentum, he kicks them forwards beside Fox’s torso, driving Fox forward and down, head-first into the mat with a HUGE DDT! The crowd cheer loudly and Night staggers to his feet, immediately making for the corner. He stumbles forwards and leans his chest against the top turnbuckle for a moment as he catches his breath.

Pulling back on the top rope, Night springs onto the top turnbuckle where he perches facing the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the downed Fox and stands to his full height, before leaping and flipping backwards, twisting in mid-air. Flashbulbs all around the arena go off simultaneously as Night crashes onto Fox’s chest with a huge corkscrew moonsault! He hooks Orlando’s leg.




NO! Fox somehow manages to kickout. Night immediately leaps to his feet and the crowd errupt as he points triumphantly to the top turnbuckle. Night again springs onto it and perches, facing Fox. He stands to his full height and again the flashbulbs go off as Night leaps high in the air, moving forwards and flipping backwards with a HUGE SSP…

… straight onto Fox’s knees!

Night bounces from the impact and clutches at his ribs as he rolls around the mat. Fox rolls to all-fours and, seeing Night rolling in pain on the mat, seems to sniff victory. He draws a thumb across his throat and mercilessly pulls Night to a standing position, shoving him roughly into a standing headscissors and hoisting him for a powerbomb. However, Fox holds Night at the peak of the powerbomb lift and thrusts Night further up, extending his arms out straight and trying for his finisher – The Remedy! However, as he extends his reach, Night somehow manages to slide out of the hold and twists – landing behind Fox and facing his back. Seeing his opportunity, Night locks an arm around Fox’s head and bends him backwards into a dragon sleeper, before locking his legs around Fox’s midsection with a body-scissors – Dream Time!

Fox struggles against the hold, but the combination of a dragon sleeper with a body scissors sees Fox basically on his back with Night between him and the mat.

Orlando thrashes wildly, trying to break free. He rolls left, Night wrenches the lock in tighter. Fox tries to roll right but Night manages to sit tight and Fox finds himself with nowhere to go.

He raises a hand and the crowd cheer wildly, sensing the end – and they are justified as Fox starts slapping his left arm against the mat, finally submitting to the Dream Time!

RESULT: Night def. Orlando Fox via submission







JD James stood outside the locker room for his clients scratching his head, a worried look on his face several people stop to look in the direction of the yelling.

JD James: “Ummm … Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

JD brushed his hand back through his hair and gulped back a breath as he prepared to enter the war zone. He pushed the door open and just as quickly shut it as he stepped through.

JD James: “Guys … guys. What’s this all about?”

Gunner Lang planted his fists into his sides as he turned to face JD.

Gunner Lang: “JD will you please tell Howie that we are the Loaded Gunnz.”

Howie Banks: “Not a chance Gunna, we’re the Hollywood A-List and that’s that. Loaded Gunnz … pfft.”

Howie Banks/Gunner Lang: “JD … DEAL WITH THIS.”

The tag champs turn to face each other as JD stares one eyes open wide. His head falls into his hands as he shakes his heads as the argument continues.

JD James: “What the hell was I thinking … bad idea indeed.”

Howie Banks: “I told you Lang … we’re the HOLLYWOOD ….”

Gunner Lang: “Loaded GUNNZ”

Banks and Gunner look at each other as they begin to think.

Howie Banks: “Hollywood …”

Gunner Lang: “… Gunnz. I think we have a winner.”

JD opens the fingers covering his face as he peeks through. Slowly he removes his hands.

JD James: “Oh dear God … Thank you. I thought I was going to have to start drinking again.”

Gunner and Howie look from JD to each other and begin to smirk.

Gunner Lang: “Great now that that’s out of the way we gotta come up with some entrance music.

JD drops his head back into his hands shaking his head as the scene begins to fade.

JD James: “Oh dear God.”

Chris Bond vs. Kelly Flawless

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalyzes a chorus of jeers that resonates throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful rise to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. The curtain draped solemnly over the entranceway parts slightly, as Kelly Flawless, Mr. Necrophiliac himself, steps through the entranceway and out into the sea of hatred before him. He smirks, cackling to himself as he stares out into the crowd, basking in the detest of the fans. With a mocking half bow, Flawless marches quickly and cockily down the ramp, his blond hair barely falling into his eyes as he rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, using the ropes to lift himself to his feet. The crowd is in full on hate-on-Kelly mode tonight, as a plethora of signs insulting and admiring the cockiest man in wrestling are raised high around the arena, and camera flashes explode from the cheap seats.

He stands in the center of the ring, talking trash to no one in particular, his mouth shooting off like a tommy gun as he waits for his opponent and would be stepchild to arrive. His smirk turns to a sneer as the opening licks of Chris Bond’s all too familiar entrance music begin to pump through the arena, and the obnoxious pageantry of his trip to the ring begins.

“If you take a life, do you know what you’ll give…
Odds are, you won’t like what it is…
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me…
By the merciless eyes I’ve deceived…
I’ve seen angels fall from blinding heights…
But you yourself are nothing so divine…
Just next in line…”

The lights dim from the piercing bright lights to an empty dark black. A single spotlight shines on the entrance ramp. Quickly it searches the entrance area, only to find nothing. Suddenly, a sheet of glass shoots up from the floor of the arena. The spotlight shines directly on the glass, and the characters ‘009’ appear quickly before fading away.

“Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you…
The odds will betray you…
And I will replace you…
You can’t deny the prize; it may never fulfill you…
It longs to kill you…
Are you willing to die…

The coldest blood runs through my veins…
You know my name…”

For a moment there is silence, the spotlight shines on the plain sheet of darkly colored glass. Suddenly, a laser light points on the glass. Everyone expects the glass to cut out a sillhouette for the resident Secret Agent to step out from. Instead, a kick from a black boot sends the glass shattering, and out steps Chris Bond. The lights quickly shoot back on. The crowd is up in arms, cheering for their favorite spy. The smirk that is known around the world as being an interesting blend of cockiness and suaveness sits perched across the face of Bond. He begins to make his way to the ring. His eyes are locked on the squared circle, as if he holds a personal vendetta against the wrestling ring that has made him famous world around. He quickly steps up the ring stairs and slides through the ropes in a smooth, cocky manner. Staring out into the crowd, his smirk has disappeared and he looks around. Camera flashes go off without a hitch and the smirk reappears.

Bond begins to circle the ring, pacing himself and readying his psyche for the upcoming challenge. Jumping in place, he breathes in and out. He quickly bends down to get a few extra stretches in as ‘You Know My Name’ performed by Chris Cornell begins to die down. The lights pop back to normalcy as the crowd continues to cheer for their favorite ‘double-oh’.

Bond glares at Flawless, the hate in his eyes more evident than ever as the referee steps between the two men, ready to ring the bell. The match is about to begin when…

“We’re gonna win,
Don’t wanna be a loser gonna win,
Cause winning really is the only thing,
You wanna fight just step into the ring…”

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as sVo Champion and acting owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization Michael Best steps through the curtain, with a pair of black dress pants and a referee’s shirt that is three sizes too small plastered to his chest. He is holding a microphone, and begins to talk on his way down the ramp.

Best: Hold on, hold on, hold on. You really thought that somehow this wasn’t going to happen, Bond?

The crowd erupts once again into jeering and boos, as the champion shakes his head and chuckles to himself. He rolls under the ropes and into the ring, looking over Flawless and Bond with a condescending stare.

Best: Come on, Bond. With me in charge, I’m expected to produce big money matches. I’m supposed to manage this World Tour in such a way that EVERY. SINGLE. FAN. leaves entertained. And do you think that giving away a big money pay-per-view match on Showdown, for FREE, is a smart business decision? Do you think these people want to miss out on paying to see Redemption just to see this match take place here tonight?

The fans explode into cheers. They do, indeed, wish to see this match here tonight. But apparently the sVo champion has other plans.

Best: No, no. I’m sorry to say that I’m not going to give away that kind of match on public television. This is CABLE for God’s sake. But if you’ve really got your heart set on taking on Kelly Flawless here tonight, Chris Bond, then by God, I’m not going to dissuade you. But it’s not going to be any regular old match tonight, Chris. No, it’s going to be special. Something perfect for our little hometown crowd here tonight, who seem to know more than a little bit about evening the odds. After all, they sided with Hitler during the World War II, right? They sided with the Axis while millions where slaughtered. And in their honor, tonight, we’re going to even the odds. We’re going to keep things balanced. Tonight, Chris Bond, you’re going to wrestle Kelly Flawless, and I’m going to be the special guest referee!

Bond snarls at the champion, spitting viciously in his direction. The crowd, for their part, are irate, screaming for the heads of Mike Best and Kelly Flawless. KFlaw smiles, throwing a wink in Bond’s direction and cracking his knuckles.

Best: And in the interest of fairness… well, Chris, you faced off against Psyko Stevo last week. You had a fairly easy match. Kelly here, on the other hand, well, I’d say he’s not back at full strength yet. He had a rough Showdown last week in Germany. So in order to keep things on an even keel, you’re going to go ahead and wrestle this match… with ONE HAND TIED BEHIND YOUR BACK!

The crowd explodes again, booing the poor executive decisions taking place in the ring. Best doesn’t bother to listen, instead reaching down to the timekeeper, who hands him a long length of rope. Why were they keeping this at ringside? Was it pre-planned? Or was it just easier to keep it at ringside just in case? Either way, Bond reluctantly steps away from the champion, but realizing he has no choice turns his back, placing his right hand on the small of his back.

Best wraps the rope tightly around Bond a few times, before properly knotting it in the back. Finally sure that it’s secure, he takes a few steps back, raising his arm and ringing the bell to designate the beginning of the match.

Bond steps immediately toward the turnbuckle, trying to put himself at a triangle position between Best and Flawless. MPlow leans up against the ropes, watching amusedly as Kelly Flawless begins to stalk forward, his fist clenched up and a cocky smirk draped across his face. He rushes forward, ready to overpower Bond with a heavy clothesline, but at the last second 009 bails to the left, sending KFlaw face first into the turnbuckle! The fans erupt into cheers as Bond bounces off the ropes, snapping back hard and catching a still reeling Kelly Flawless across the chest with a HUGE clothesline, sending him flipping over the ropes and down to the floor below! Bond recoils hard off the ropes, yelling out cockily at the fallen KFlaw, who collapses to the guardrail to recouperate, holding his head with both his hands.

KFlaw takes a moment to catch his breath, glaring at Bond with an angry intensity. In the ring, Bond does his best to keep his eyes on both Flawless and MPlow at the same time, as the sVo Champion perches himself lazily in the opposite turnbuckle, checking his watch and looking uninterested in making any kind of a count out.

Finally, after two or three count out’s worth of time, Flawless feels confident getting back into the ring, and propels himself back under the ropes, near the turnbuckle where Best is standing. He rolls up off his back, lifting himself to his feet and stretching out his shoulders a bit. Bond lowers himself into a ready stance, beckoning for Kelly to take him on with his free hand. Flawless obliges, putting his back to the ropes and springboarding forward with a running charge. Bond drops to his stomach, forcing Kelly to jump over him, and as Flawless hits the opposite ropes, Bond catches him one armed for a vicious armdrag to the canvas! KFlaw bounces right back to his feet, but 009 is ready and catches him with a second armdrag, right in the center of the ring! The crowd is going nuts as Bond stands tall over his fallen opponent, who doesn’t get up nearly as quickly this time. Bond takes a heavy step backwards, trying to steady himself in his handicapped state, as Flawless rolls sideways toward the ropes, trying to pull himself back to his feet. Best stands nervously in the corner, watching on and waiting for a little bit of offense from the almighty KFlaw.

Kelly steadies himself as he raises to his feet, glaring at Bond with frustration in his eyes. He starts to step forward, but suddenly smiles and changes his mind, dropping back to his stomach and rolling under the ropes to the outside. Bond watches on in paranoid concern as Flawless marches furiously to the timekeeper’s table just a few feet away, screaming at him to get the hell out of the way. The timekeeper scurries off to the side as Flawless rips his steel chair up from it’s set up position on the floor, folding it up and tossing it over the ropes and into the ring. Bond quickly rushes to the chair, trying to beat KFlaw to his own weapon, but before he can reach it, Best steps in between and begins arguing with Bond, giving his partner some time.

Bond struggles to get past the exponentially biased referee, but not in time, as Flawless rolls back into the ring and picks the steel instrument of destruction back up, wielding it dangerously from behind the referee. He yells for Best’s attention, and the referee smiles as he ducks out of the way.


A chorus of boos accompanies the sound of steel meeting human skull as Chris Bond goes down like a ton of bricks, laid out on the canvas. Best glares at KFlaw, then back at Bond, wondering what he’s supposed to do. Suddenly, an idea strikes him. He walks back over toward the turnbuckle and picks up the microphone he dropped just a few minutes ago.

Best: Ladies and gentlemen, in case I hadn’t mentioned it earlier, this match is a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH-UP!

The booing gets even louder as Kelly and MPlow cackle in the ring. The sVo champion tucks the microphone back into his dress pants as KFlaw drops for the cover.




Just as the referee’s hand comes down for the third time, Bond somehow kicks out of the pin attempt! The crowd explodes, but in the ring Kelly Flawless begins to throw a fit, arguing with his own partner about the speed of the count. Words begins to get heated as the two get into eachother’s faces, each blaming the other for the lack of a pin fall. Meanwhile, Bond takes the opportunity to use the ropes as a crutch, lifting himself back to his feet. He looks at the pair of idiots arguing in the ring, smiles, and picks up the steel chair that Kelly had dropped just a few moments ago, setting it neatly behind Kelly Flawless. Suddenly, he grabs Kelly by the back of the hair, dropping him hard onto the steel chair with a vicious reverse DDT! KFlaw immediately grabs his head in pain and begins rolling around, trying to shake it off, while Bond turns his attention on the cheating referee, a vicious grin curling at his lips.

Best’s eyes grow wide, as he begins to back away from the one armed contender. He puts his arms up, begging for Bond to be the bigger person, but Bond continues to bear down on him, backing him into the corner. Best drops to his knees, putting his arms in front of him and putting the pathetic begging into overdrive. Bond scoffs at his request, but at the last minute realizes what’s going on… a second too late. Bond turns just in time to see Kelly Flawless back on his feet, and holding the steel chair for a second time! He swings the chair full force, sideways like a baseball bat, connecting with the side of Chris Bond’s head like a sledgehammer into a watermelon! Bond drops to the mat, nearly unconscious, as Best gets back to his feet and throws Kelly a dorky looking high five. Flawless, now angrier than even, picks up his fallen foe by the short hair on his head, pulling him to his feet and gripping him with his other hand on the waistband of his own trunks. He charges forward, beale tossing Chris Bond through the ropes and out into the steel guardrail!

Flawless picks up the chair and ducks under the ropes, making chase after the fallen, one armed secret agent, who lies broken and hurting next to the steel guardrail. Best follows closely behind him, pulling the microphone back out of the waistband of his pants as he walks down the ring steps.

Best: Ladies and gentlemen, it appears there was a mistake written in your event programs. This match SHOULD have been listed as a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH.

The fans are at a frenzy, booing the hell out of the most infamous duo in the history of professional wrestling. But the commiter and accomplise to necrophilia in the first degree don’t seem overly concerned as Flawless begins stomping Bond’s downed body, laying waste to his would-be-stepchild. He raises the chair high over his head, preparing to bring the chair down onto the head of his opponent, but at the last moment, Best stops him, shaking his head no. Flawless looks at him like he has four heads, confused. But Best leans in and whispers something in his ear that brings a sneer to his face. He nods his approval, lowering the chair to his side before setting it down completely, wedging it firmly underneath the head of Chris Bond! The fans begins to stir, wondering what’s about to happen, as Best clears the hell out of the way. Flawless charges back up to the apron, quickly ascending the top turnbuckle at a safe speed. Camera flashes begin going off all around the arena, while fans in the front row begins screaming for Bond to get up. Kelly bends his knees a little bit, before diving forward and twisting his body, going for his trademarked Shooting Star Press! He soars through the air, but at the last possible second Chris Bond rolls out of the way, sending Kelly head-first into the steel chair, directly on the concrete! The fans go insane as the Blonde Bomber curls into the fetal position instantly and instinctively, immediately falling unsconcious as his body recoils from the impact of the fall.

Best drops to his stomach, checking concerned on Kelly as Bond struggles to get back to his feet. MPlow starts shaking Kelly, trying to shake him out of his haze in time, but Bond makes it to his feet first, and starts stalking towards the sVo Champion with hatred in his eyes. He charges forward, forcing Best to retreat, as he grabs Kelly and flips him over, dropping for the cover.



Best’s hand never hits the mat for a third time, and when Bond looks over to see what’s going on, he’s greeted by a middle finger from the corrupt referee, followed by a stiff boot to the head! The fans are in a rage as Best tires of being a spectator, picking up the one-armed Bond and grabbing him by the hair, sending him reeling forward into the ring post with a vicious irish whip! Bond is left reeling as his head connects with the steel post, but Best doesn’t stop there. He quickly boots Bond in the stomach, tucking his head in between his legs and lifting him up, connecting with The Mike Effect hard onto the concrete floor! Bond collapses as MPlow gets back to his feet, grabbing Kelly’s downed body and throwing it over top of Bond’s! He drops to make the cover.




The crowd goes insane suddenly, as the pin attempt is broken up by a stiff boot by none other than Psyko Stevo, who came through the crowd to assault the man who took his sVo Championship at Vendetta! Through the cheers, Best gets back to his feet and begins brawling with the champion, trading blows left and right as Best staggers to get away from his fierce rival. The two begin to battle up the ramp as Kelly Flawless and Chris Bond each begin to stir, and the race is on as both men fight to be the first to his feet. This time, KFlaw gets the advantage, and as he steadies back to his feet he grabs Chris by the back of the neck, lifting him back up as well. Kelly rolls Bond back into the ring, following him under the ropes just a second or two later.

Flawless rolls back to his feet just a second earlier than Bond, and takes the opportunity to hook Bond’s head under his arm, driving his head into the mat with a brutal looking DDT. Bond is left dazed, and Kelly makes the cover. However, with Best battling Stevo back through the curtain, there’s no referee to make the cover! Another sVo official begins running down the ramp, as Kelly impatiently lets go of the cover and gets back to his feet.

The referee slides into the ring to resume normal duties, as Bond gets back to his feet. The two men lock eyes, circling eachother in the middle of the ring, before they shoot forward into a lock up. Kelly gets the better of the exchange, twisting Bond into a headlock. He bears down, adding some pressure, as the crowd gets behind Chris Bond and starts clapping for him to escape. The veins in Bond’s head begin to show and his face goes red as he fights to break the hold, and finally he shoots Kelly backwards into the ropes, freeing himself from the headlock! Kelly recoils, running back off the ropes, just in time to catch a desperation superkick from Chris Bond! REALITY CHECK!

Flawless falls awkwardly, crumpling as he hits the mat as Bond drops for a quick cover.



NO! Just as the referee is about to come down for the third time, he’s grabbed by the back of the ankle and tugged directly out of the ring! The boos are deafening as special guest referee Mike Best grabs the stand in official by the back of the head, punching him straight in the head and knocking him to the floor. Quickly, Best rolls back into the ring and takes the referee’s place again, refusing to complete the count as an angry Chris Bond lets go of the cover. Remembering the assault just a few moments ago, Bond wastes no time in exacting his revenge. Like a cat stalking it’s prey, Bond begins to bear down on the champion, walking slowly towards the downed referee. Best attempts to scramble to his feet, but not soon enough, as Bond reaches him with a haphazard stomp to the head before he can get out of the way. The impact of Bond’s boot sends MPlow careening sideways, as he rolls into the bottom of the turnbuckle. Bond doesn’t let up, grabbing the champion by the collar of his shirt and lifting him to his feet. Bond takes a step backwards as Best stands dazed in the corner, and as he charges forward, he brings his leg up high and connects with another Reality Check! Best takes it hard on the jaw, his neck twisting as his body lifts right off the ground! The biggest cheer of the night resounded throughout the arena as the corrupted referee slumps down into the corner, happily retiring to dream street.

With Best out of commission, and Kelly laid out on the mat, suddenly the crowd’s pop gets even LOUDER! From the entranceway, wearing a referee’s shirt of her OWN, comes sVo General Manager Paige Johnson! She scurries down the ramp, blonde hair flowing as she runs, and slides into the ring to finish officiating this match!

Bond slumps to the floor, barely able to stand, and covers the fallen Kelly Flawless. Paige drops to the canvas and makes the count.



NO! Just before the three count, Kelly manages to twitching his shoulder up, breaking up the pinfall attempt. The crowd is very vocal in showing their displeasure, as once again both men find themselves struggling to get to their feet. Bond is up first, followed quickly by Kelly, and both men charge in for a lock up. KFlaw quickly shoots around behind Bond, grabbing him by the head and twisting him from behind with a vicious neckbreaker. Bond hits the canvas with a wicked impact, leaving him holding his head as the Most Hated Man In Wrestling gets back to his feet, brushing the hair out of his eyes as he turns and sees Paige Johnson standing in the ring. He approaches the substitute referee, yelling at her for coming down to the ring, but Paige holds her ground. Kelly, no shame in sight, goes nose to nose with the most gorgeous General Manager in history, and as the two yell at eachother to a peak, suddenly KFlaw grabs her by the hair! She screams, struggling to free herself from his grasp as Best starts to stir from the corner, lifting himself up out of the turnbuckle. Bond, in the meantime, rolls onto his stomach and begins to push himself up to his feet.

KFlaw sneers, gripping tighter onto the hair of Paige Johnson, ready to attack, when suddenly his face grimaces in pain as she buries a heeled foot directly into his groin! KFlaw drops to his knees, his eyes practically tearing up, as Johnson frees herself and back away. Bond drops to cover the fallen KFlaw, but before Johnson can bring down her hand for the count, she’s interrupted by Mike Best’s voice over the sound system. He’s retrieved his microphone, and stands over her with anger in his eyes.

Best: You fucking BITCH.

Paige scrambles backward, startled, as the crowd erupts into choruses of booing. Best begins to approach her, slowly and menacingly.

Best: Look, I know you’re all bummed out that Jimmy Moretti would rather watch me run this company than let you run it into the ground, but if you think I’m gonna let you get all wet in the panties by interfering in my plans and match-ups, then you’ve got another thing coming. Your blatant attempt to derail this match is an insult to me, an insult to these people, and an insult to the competitors in this match. As a result, I see no alternative than to call this match a disqualification…..

The fans explode, screaming insults at the champion as his face curls into an evil grin.

Best: ….and award this victory to Kelly Flawless, whom I hope can forgive you for unfairly laying your hands on him while he was involved in active sVo competition. This match is over, ring the damn bell!

He drops the microphone, helping Kelly Flawless to his feet as the bell rings. “Dream On” by Aerosmith begins to play, as a disgusted Paige Johnson looks on and shakes her head. Bond approaches her from behind, standing next to her and watching the duo walk off and back up the ramp.

RESULT: Kelly Flawless def. Chris Bond via DQ


VOICE: They’re recovering… slowly.

The concerned face of an sVo trainer examines sVo International Champion, Isaac White. White sits painfully on the examination table, his knees under inspection.

TRAINER: You’ve definitely aggravated them, you did the right thing taking the last two weeks out of the ring but I’d stay out longer if I were you. This could potentially get really bad.

WHITE: I’ve heard that before.

TRAINER: And if you were smart you’d listen. When are you booked to wrestle next?

WHITE: I’m not, as far as I know.

TRAINER: Lets try to keep it that way. I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere.

The trainer exits the room into the hallway, closing the door behind him as he goes. Isaac leans back and grimaces in pain. This was heavy, but certainly not the first potentially career ending injury in Isaac’s life – but how much more of this could he take?

Taking his mind off things, Isaac looks to the small window about head-height on the trainer’s door. Beyond the door, various crew members, fans and journalists pass by, some looking in briefly, others merely whizzing by. A man wearing a courier’s cap stops at the door and looks in. He knocks lightly as he opens the door and steps through.

COURIER: Isaac White?

White, remembering his own psychological warfare against Night looks at the courier cautiously, examining him closely.

WHITE: … yes?

COURIER: This is for you.

The courier drops an envelope in White’s lap and promptly leaves the room. White eyes the envelope suspiciously and rips it open. Inverting the envelope, a single slip of paper floats out of it and lands on the trainer’s table beside Isaac. He picks it up and surveys it.

“Do you accept my challenge?”

Isaac angrily scrunches the paper and envelope into a ball and hurls it at the door where something in the window catches his attention – a face covered by a mask resembling the night sky. Painfully, White stands and moves as quickly as he can to the door. He opens it and steps into the corridor. Looking around frantically there is no sign of Night – when suddenly he spots the mask, standing right next to him.

White shoves the masked man, but the much smaller man flies against the wall with a shriek of fear and some mumbled Italian. The Night-mask clad fan scampers away as White whips his head around frantically. Sure that he is over-reacting, White moves quietly back into the trainer’s room to wait.


The camera fades in backstage showing a weary and battered Nathan Paradine. He is sitting on a low bench in his locker room, eyes closed, a dull smile on his face.

“You know, Lou, I was wrong about you. You were a lot more of a challenge than I thought you would be. But still, you couldn’t beat me. You didn’t make me tap. I am still better than you.”

Paradine opens his eyes. He stares into the camera.

‘But Lou… Nothing was proven in that match. Neither of us found out who was the better. I hate that fact. I demand the world to know that I’m the better of the two of us. Which is why I’m challeneging you to another match. Where a winner will be decided for sure.”

Paradine leans forward, and grin forming on his face.

“Lou, I want you in a match at Retribution. And to make sure there is a clear winner… I want it to be a Two Out Of Three Falls match! So get back to me soon Lyons. I’m not scared of stepping into the Lyons Den and wrestling the beast into submission.”

The scene fades to black as Paradine leans back and shuts his eyes again.

“See you soon, Lou.”

Noir vs. Kerry Millano

A split second brought the entire event to noir as the audible hum of anxious fans echoed throughout the arena. Their wait would go no further as smooth flanged instrumentals interrupted. Soon this bassless whine would slowly pick up with background drums beginning to strengthen every second that passed. The cadence quickened, accompanied by a disc jockey’s record scratching, until it finally dropped into a mellow jazz tune.

As the drum hit to begin the jazz tune, Kerry Millano took his leave of the backstage, 211 Steel Reserve bottle in hand, occasionally taking a gulp as he paced slowly down the aisle. He made sure to belittle as many fans as possible during his descent of the ramp. While he was serenaded by White Zombie’s child friendly demon groans, he continuously took swig after swig of the malt beverage he carried down with him.

Before he would enter the ring, however, he paced about the outside in search of a lucky fan. Approaching the guard rail, he menacingly glared at the crowd of onlookers who were sharing exactly how they felt about The Career Killer with their unified chants.





All he did was smirk..

That was, before spewing the ‘high gravity lager’ at entire front row in a floating mist. As he backed away, pointing and laughing, he finally rolled into the squared circle where he nonchalantly retreated to a corner. As he dropped to a seat, he rocked his head backward to rest on the middle turnbuckle providing no signs of anticipation for the opponent.

He just turned his bottle up.

What a fucking prick.

“More Human than Human” is heard coming from the speakers, in that same moment there is a total blackout followed by a wolf howl. A small light enlightens the ramp way entrance, showing Noir covered in a red mantel standing there, looking at the ground . Noir starts his walk towards the ring without caring much about the Fan reaction. The Red Mantel is thrown away as soon as the music dies and Noir slides in the ring sitting in one of the turnbuckles, staring towards his opponent Kerry Millano.

Millano and Noir stare each other down as they await the beginning of this highly anticipated match up. The referee finally calls for the bell to be rung, and the Evolution Cup winner of 2008 lands the first blow as he catches Millano with a right hook to send him backwards. Millano quickly recovers and lands a blow of his own on Noir, sending him down to the mat. Noir quickly begins to get to his feet, however Millano lands a knee to the midsection of Noir before taking him down with the mat with a gut wrench suplex. With Noir down on the mat, Millano quickly leaps down onto the first pick of Organised Chaos III, and lays into him with some big right hands.

The fans boo the actions of Millano, but Mr Puroresu rises to his feet and shows his distain for the feelings of the fans with a middle finger. Noir slowly begins to rise up to his feet, however he is grabbed by Millano who slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Noir stumbles back from the blow, and Kerry Millano takes him down to the mat with a German suplex, before locking Noir into a arm bar submission hold. The referee asks Noir if he would like to tap out, however Noir shakes his head and despite being in pain, eventually makes his way to the ropes by placing his leg on the bottom rope.

Noir slowly rises up to his feet holding his arm in pain, but he is taken down immediately by Millano with a belly to belly suplex. Millano leaps onto Noir for the cover, but Noir gets a shoulder up after a count of two.

Noir, who last week defeated sVo Champion Mike Best in Germany, rises up to his feet slowly, before ducking under an attempted clothesline from Kerry Millano. Millano runs into the ropes before bouncing back towards Noir, who takes Millano down with a drop toe hold! Millano’s face bounces off of the mat as Noir quickly leaps up to his feet before dropping an elbow across the back of Millano’s neck! Noir quickly rises to his feet as Millano struggles up holding his neck. Noir retains the momentum of the match by grabbing hold of Millano and taking him down with an awesome dragon suplex! The Evolution Cup winner looks have regained firm control of the match as he rises to his feet and looks across the ring at Millano!

Kerry Millano once again rises to his feet, and this time he runs at Noir looking for a clothesline as a way to get himself back into the contest. However Noir ducks under the clothesline and runs into the ropes. Noir bounces back towards Millano, before hitting his opponent with a Handspring into Spinning Head Scissors Takedown! The awesome move takes Millano to the mat, allowing Noir the chance to leap down onto him and go for the pinfall attempt.



No! To everyone’s surprise Millano manages to get a shoulder off of the mat before the three can be counted! Noir thought he had the match won right their as the ‘Wandering Wolf’ picks himself up from the mat. Noir grabs Millano by the hair before yanking him toward a standing position. With Millano up, Noir backs him into the corner of the ring before going at him with some knees to the midsection. Millano buckles under the blows, allowing Noir to grab him and toss him across the ring with a T-Bone suplex.

Noir is showing just why he won the Evolution Cup against Travis Williams at Vendetta and why he has been picked to be on Paige’s team at Organised Chaos III with this display! Millano struggles to his feet, but is soon knocked back down to the mat with a Springboard Spinning Heel Kick from Noir. With Millano down on the mat, Noir looks at his opponent before signalling for his finishing move! Noir stands in wait for Millano who slowly rises up to his feet, obviously feeling the effects of the Springboard Spinning Heel Kick as he holds his jaw. Noir seems to have no sympathy however as he grabs hold of Millano and takes him straight back down to the mat with a tiger suplex!

With Millano down on the mat and hurting, Noir wastes no time as he makes his way to the corner of the ring and begins to scale the ropes to the top! Noir quickly reaches the top of the turnbuckle, before leaping off with the ‘First Human Disaster’ onto Kerry Millano! The top rope guillotine leg drop Moonsault reaches its target with devastating effect, and Noir quickly rolls over to hook the leg of Millano!




This one is all over, and it is the Evolution Cup winner of 2008 that picks up the win! Noir slowly rises up to his feet as he looks down and his defeated opponent. With wins over both Mike Best and Kerry Millano under his belt now, just who will be able to stop Noir from reaching the top of the sVo?

RESULT: Noir def. Kerry Millano via pinfall


Backstage we catch up with Anthony Moretti who is outside the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza with the fans. Moretti seems to be standing behind and a booth handing out flyers and badges whilst trying to whip up the Italian fans.

Anthony Moretti – “Come on guys, get yourself a free sticker and don’t forget to vote Moretti!”

Anthony Moretti hands out a few leaflets to the fans that are steadily gathering.

Anthony Moretti – “Screw All Star and Paige, make sure your vote goes to Anthony Moretti!”

As Anthony Moretti continues to hand out stickers, he comes across a fan wearing a Johnny All Star shirt.

Anthony Moretti – “What the hell are you wearing that for? All Star was a loser in the ring that couldn’t get the job done! He was so bad he had to quit and take up politics here in the sVo! Shame he is going to suck at that as well!”

The Italian fan looks at Moretti blankly, obviously not being able to speak English.

Anthony Moretti – “You make me sick, just like All Star! Get this loser out of here!”

Moretti’s heavies quickly move in and escort the All Star away from the scene as Moretti continues to hand out his propaganda.


Backstage at San Siro once more, the sVo International Champion ‘The Hope’ Isaac White hobbles down a corridor, both of his knees braced – the International Championship supported on his left shoulder.

He passes by a group of fans, paying little notice to them, most of his attention being paid to simply getting from point a to point b, after a long career a match like his match at Vendetta against his rival, Night, really takes its toll. Various fans spot White and approach him for photos and autographs.

WHITE: Not now! Away from me, I have things on my mind.

The fans either don’t understand or pay no mind to White and persist in hassling him for autographs. Isaac looks at them awkwardly and grudgingly grabs a notepad and signs it. He follows with another, and another. He stops, however, on the fourth and stares at it incredulously. Jerking his head up, he stares at the the owner of the pad, a young fan – wearing a Night mask.

And written on the notepad:

“You will fight me!”

White angrily dismisses the small crowd with a loud roar. He grabs hold of the fan wearing the Night mask and waves the notepad in his face.


The young, Italian fan, not really understanding what White is yelling at his freaks out and wriggles out of White grasp before darting down the corridor. White hurls the notepad in a trash can and limps angrily down the corridor after the fan, hoping to be lead to Night.

WHITE: This has to end.

The corridor finally opens into a large marshaling area and White stops to survey the crowd, hoping to catch a glimpse of that kid in the Night mask. Seeing no sign of him, White hobbles into the crowd.


In the distance, the Night mask – but instead of the young fan with the notepad, it seems to be a teenage girl wearing the mask. White continues to look around – there, the Night mask! No, this one is on a hefty, middle-aged looking man… and his wife… and two children…

Sensing something is not quite right, Isaac stands bolt upright. He darts his eyes left – a sea of Night masks advances on him. To his right – more Night masks. Completely surrounded and an army of Night’s advancing inwards on him, White spins in position, looking for any kind of way out. Finally the crowd is in close and White has no choice but to stand perfectly still. He trembles from rage and frustration.

WHITE: Where is he? Is he here?

White raises his head as he yells, trying to contact the real Night.


He chuckles madly.


White remains still, looking out at the crowd. Behind him, someone in a Night mask smiles confidently, his hair sticking jaggedly out the top of his mask.

NIGHT: Thank you, Isaac.

Night smirks as he silently backs out of the crowd, leaving White surrounded and whipping his head around wildly to catch sight of the real Night.

But no luck.

He is already gone.

Psyko Stevo vs. Alex Ross

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyro welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyro firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before his opponent’s entrance.

Stevo prances around for a moment after stretching, but cheers turn to boos once the arena lights go out, as fans know who’s bound to make their entrance. The jumbo-tron lights up black and white with simple bold text reading “10/10”. With a crash of bright white pryo on the stage, “I’m Back” by Dope hits the PA system. From behind the curtain emerges Alex Ross in his neck brace, and along side him are his two bodyguards, Joaquin and Clyde. Alex Ross snaps his short pink tights down on his leg and the three make their way down the isle. On the way, ‘The Perfect Ten’ singles out a few unlucky fans to be talked down upon and then slides into the ring. He holds his neck brace from the back, apparently in pain. Ross pulls off his signature t-shirt carefully, to avoid interference with the neck brace, and makes his way to his own corner.


The bell rings and this match is underway. Upon the bell, Psyko Stevo wastes no time and lunges toward Alex Ross with a grapple. The two remain in an even hold of each other for just a moment before Ross slips out and slides outside of the ring to get away. The referee shrugs, not being able to count Alex Ross out in a Last Man Standing match. Having done the same thing last week against Kerry Milano, Stevo reads exactly what Ross plans to do, though, and does not follow. Ross prances over to his bodyguards and Stevo just shakes his head in the middle of the ring. The crowd starts to boo crazily. Psyko Stevo, however, turns that negative energy into something positive by taunting, pointing at Ross and calling him over. The crowd takes very well to it and Alex Ross is basically booed back into the ring. He slides cautiously under the bottom rope and gets up to his feet. The two who already have a small history in the Sanctioned Violence Organization circle each other for a second and Stevo goes back in for another grapple.

This time, Stevo gets the upper hand, sending his right knee into Ross’s abdomen, followed with several clubbed fists to the back. He flicks Ross to the ropes and upon bouncing back, Psyko Stevo catches him with a big clothesline. Ross is down, having his head almost taken off of his already broken neck, and the referee starts counting early in the match.











Alex Ross rolls over himself and is up to his feet at the last minute. He keeps position on the opposite side of the ring as Stevo glares at him menacingly, nodding. Ross once again climbs out of the ring. He makes his way over to Joaquin and Clyde, where he stops and talks for a moment. The two large African American guards nod and Ross climbs back through the ropes. Stevo grows sick and tired of Alex Ross’s shenanigans quickly, and his impatience for the run-away tactics show as he once again dashes at Alex Ross. He catches him with a fake-out to Ross’s back, then catching him in a modified bulldog. Both men are on the ground and Stevo hurries over to Alex’s head for a grounded-headlock. He wrenches Ross’s head to the side, making sure that his neck gets most of the stress. At this point, the crowd is going wild.

There is an end to all great things, though, and the end to this just so happens to be two mammoth protection agents from outside of the ring, climbing in. Clyde runs over and stomps out Psyko Stevo, releasing Alex Ross from his hold. To avoid the Last Man Standing stipulation count, Joaquin picks Alex Ross up and leans him on a turnbuckle. In this no-disqualification matchup, Joaquin and Clyde both direct themselves at Stevo, each of them with one hand, grabbing him by the neck and picking him up to his feet. The trooper that Stevo is, he delivers an elbow to each of their faces, one after another. The two are shaken off from their grip and back themselves away from the worked up Stevo. He takes off after them and Joaquin and Clyde split apart, sending Stevo through the middle and delivering a big splash to the still cornered Alex Ross. Psyko Stevo bounces back from the collision to catch Alex Ross in an implant DTT to the mat.

Ross’s head hits the mat hard and once he lay flat on his stomach, he grabs the back of his neck. From there he rolls around in pain, almost as if he were on fire. The referee starts the count and Stevo paces back and forth on the other side of the ring with a bit of excess energy.







In mid count, Joaquin lands a huge boot to the face of the referee, knocking the lights out of him. Stevo turns his head to Joaquin slowly and sighs. Joaquin takes the initiative to go after him, anticipating an attack, but Stevo beats him to the punch, quite literally. Left after right, he knocks Joaquin out of his equilibrium and it looks like the big man is about to take a big fall. What no one really notices is that Alex Ross has rolled out of the ring and has now appeared out of nowhere, behind Psyko Stevo, with a steel chair! Without giving Stevo a chance for self-defense, Alex Ross sends a massive blow to the head of ‘The Ironman’. The former World Champion hits the ground with little conscious response.

Alex Ross lifts the chair in the air and smiles wide, looking all around at the screaming fans. He drops the chair down to the canvas– legs first. From there he unfolds it and sets it down facing away from the nearest turnbuckle… Which is only a few feet away. He signals the now once again balanced Joaquin and the no longer startled Clyde to come over. The two men pick Psyko Stevo up by the arms and drape him onto the chair in a sit-down position. Alex Ross runs to the backside of the chair and from behind, holding Stevo’s forehead back, clubs him on the face with a vertical smash. Stevo’s head falls back, still unresponsive, and Ross heads up onto the top rope. The crowd seems to all freeze, as well as Ross’s bodyguards and all other witnesses, at once. Alex Ross lunges off of the top turbuckle, front-flipping and catching Stevo’s head along the way into a in a modified “stunner” like move. Both men’s bodies lay with shallow breath and few other signs of life.

As this all goes on, the referee is just now getting up when he notices the two limp superstars in the middle of the ring. The count starts for both men.


They show no response.


Still, they lay there with shallow if any consciousness.


Alex Ross’s hand twitches.


Stevo’s leg lifts up, shaking in weakness, but falls back down onto the now bent steel chair.


Alex Ross’s eyes open and he grinds his teeth when the sudden shock of pain shoots down his spine.


Stevo’s eyes open this time, but looks a bit more out of it than Ross had. Physically, he is a mess, but a passion burns in his eyes that says he will do anything for the win.


Stevorolls over with a flop and raises his arm, then slamming it down on the mat. In a burst of energy, he lifts the upper half of his body and hangs there for a moment.


Alex Ross does the same. Both men have now made it to their hands and knees, and there are only two seconds left before one or both of the men are counted to a forced KO in this Last Man Standing match.


Both men stumble to their feet, catching themselves with one hand, but they are both up!!! Alex Ross falls to the ropes to catch his breath but Stevo, with all of his persistence, limps on over toward him. He swings and catches Ross across the face with a right open-fist punch. He goes for the left, but Ross catches it, throwing his own right in Stevo’s direction. It makes contact and the two begin going back and forth, hit for hit. The strikes start out slow and random, but as they go on, the rate of hits get to be more and more and faster and faster. One after another, the two pound on each other until they have completely worn out the little energy built up. The both appear to have stopped.

Alex Ross and Psyko Stevo stand only about a foot away from each other, making no physical contact. They just stand there, looking into each other’s eyes, and the crowd quiets down, somewhat confused. The buzz of the last little brawl is completely gone, there is near silence.

Alex Ross backs up from Stevo, only a few steps. Stevo does the same, and finally both men walk back to their rightful corners. In an understanding of eachother, they take a moment to rest, but then start off fresh, as if the match were just beginning again. They leave their corners toward each other and the match continues on.

Stevo catches Alex Ross with a boot to the stomach and makes his way to the side of ‘The Perfect Ten’. From there he executes a Russian leg sweep. Psyko Stevo recovers fast from taking Ross down, heading on over to his legs for a figure four leg lock. The speed of this broken individual is astounding for his condition. He locks his own leg down into Ross’s and thus begins Alex Ross’s struggle to the ropes. A pattern between the two is apparent, as every time Ross moves approximately an inch toward the ropes, Stevo squeezes, wrenching the legs of the former International Champion to the near point of fracture. Ross lets out a roar of pain, he’s at the point of submission in any regular stipulated match up, but being a Last Man Standing match, there is no submission for victory. He holds on for just a moment longer, and is finally able to use his right elbow to turn it around on Stevo. Stevo is quick to escape from the reversal, and both men make it back to their feet, of course Ross, not as fast as Stevo. Stevo makes the mistake of rushing at Ross once again, as he has had the offensive for most of the match, but Ross catches him with a low blow, hooking his arm right up and under the nether-regions of the Psykotic One. He falls to his knees for enough time that Ross can recover his legs from the figure-four.

After having watched Alex Ross hold his own in the ring, or at least try to, Joaquin and Clyde finally decide to involve themselves once again in this main event match. The two light-minded but heavy-footed individuals climb into the ring one-after-another with dueling steel chairs of their own.

They make it their pleasure to intimidate the groinily weakened Psyko Stevo. He remains set on his knees, putting his head down, ready for the inevitable punishment he is about to receive. Alex Ross feels the need to add to the situation with a comment.

“IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, YOU APES!” he echoed through the arena.

The two goons look over at one-another and seem to weep inside, together. That inner-cry expression turns quickly to expressions that of giggly little school girls. Joaquin winks at Clyde and Clyde winks back at Joaquin. Finally, they both turn around, delivering a huge blow to either side of their employer, Alex Ross. Sandwiched between the two steel chairs, Ross wobbles back and forth until Stevo raises himself from his knees and runs over to the ropes. ‘The Ironman’ hops up to the second rope and bounces, springing himself over to ‘The Perfect Ten’ and connecting The Psyklone, a 180 degree blast of a kick to Alex Ross’s face! Stevo catches himself on the ground and Ross hits the mat. The count starts!











Stevo has taken down the man who before stole the International Title off of his waist! He has taken the win over the man who ended his legacy as the longest undefeated superstar in the history of the SVO! Is this a warning to the World Champion, Mike Best? He sure has delivered his message effectively, as Alex Ross still lay on the canvas, broken. Stevo raises his arm into the air as it is met by the arm of the referee. The bell rings and Disturbed’s “Remember” once again hits the PA. The crowd goes wild for their hero and he basks in the victory for a moment, but in a humbleness, starts to make his way down the isle.

However as Psyko Stevo reaches the halfway point up the entrance ramp, he is interrupted by the arrival of sVo Champion Mike Best at ringside! The man currently in control of the sVo whilst the elections are ongoing looks down at Stevo from the top of the entrance ramp and sarcastically claps.

Mike Best – “All right, this is going perfectly… for your next trick, I’d like to see you face… hmm.. who should it be, so many names on the roster… Howie Banks! Oh, and just to assure everything is above board, it’s going to be a lions den match.”

Psyko Stevo looks at Mike Best with hate in his eyes for the fact that he is forcing him to face his friend next week on Showdown #26. Stevo, who is dripping with sweat and looks exhausted from his closely fought last man standing match against Alex Ross stares down the Champion, as Mike Best flashes his trademark grin whilst looking back at Stevo and tapping the championship belt on his shoulder, as Showdown #25 goes off of the air.

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Alex Ross via countdown

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