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sVo Showdown #014

Alex Ross and Cody Williams meet in the main event, Jay Wildman takes on Jon Page whilst Kelly Flawless & Mike Best clash.

sVo Showdown
3rd February 2008
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #014


“Tainted Love” by PCP hits the airwaves and fans rise to their feet as the name – PAIGE JOHNSON is listed along the video-tron. The arena is electrified with the eye-candy as she struts her stuff down to the ring dress casually in a white turtle neck top and tight black dress pants. She looks rather comfortable for wearing black high-heels and is simple a jaw-dropper as she walks past the fans along the aisle way.

Paige makes her way to the ring and one of the announcers, Nick Harris is quick to his feet to help her onto the apron and eventually through the second and first rope. Nick makes sure to get a gooooood long glimpse of the sVo’s General-Manager’s behind as she bends over to enter the ring and greets her with a microphone.

Paige is extremely happy with the response she’s receiving and this weeks Showdown looks as if it’s about to start off with a bang.

“PAIGE FOR PLAYBOY!” is heard throughout the arena and she can’t help but crack a huge, million dollar smile that orders more whistles and cat-calls before she turns her microphone on.

“Ladies and gentlemennn of Las VEGAS NEVADAAA!”

The crowd continues their chant.


Paige stands in the middle of the ring and takes in all the exicitement and anticipation of this weeks card, the sVo coming freshly off a HUGE Interpromotional Pay-Per-View that showcased matches to be remembered with Mike Best defeating Julian Fiasco, Johnny All-Star beating Vincent Valentino, Howie Banks triumphing over Larry Lansdowne and the duo of Pysko Stevo and Jon Page demoralizing Mad Max and James Milenko.

“For those of you who purchased a ticket tonight, you must be pretty under-appreciative of the event we have planned tonight, I would be,” Paige was referring to the Main Event slot being deemed TBD.

“However, this is why, ladies and not-so gentlemen I’ve made my way to the ring, to personally announce a restructuring of the sVo. Yes, I said it. We’ve decided to change the way we are going to do things. Since Hostile Violence, our ratings have been through the roof. So much, that it’s my personal pleasure and responsibility to ensure the sVo loyal are getting exactly what they paid for,”


The fans erupt with cheers and the entire arena is literally deafening.

“It’s come to my attention that we now have four title belts in the sVo. Four. In a board meeting we had over the weekend, it was discussed that these titles aren’t defended as nearly as they should be. Wouldn’t you agree?”


The crowd quiets back down to hear what Paige is about to present to them.

“So for you tonight, we are going to have a title match. Newcomer Cody Williams, as you know, has fought his way to the top of his division in just his short stay here in the sVo. He’s the number one contender for that division and he’s getting the shot that he deserves against a championship that’s been newly crowned and has not been defended by it’s newest champion. And that title would be the International Championship and that man would be Mr. Alex Ross,”


The crowd obviously does not appreciate recently-crowned International Champion, Alex Ross after he overcame all odds and defeated fan-favourite, Pysko Stevo ending a undefeated drought that Stevo carried for the span of over two-months.

“Hold on, hold on. The man has his credibility, ladies and gentlemen. He did defeat Stevo fair and square,”


Before Paige can quiet the audience back down from their frenzy, “Breakin’ The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA. The crowd freezes and heads turn towards the entranceway, where Alex Ross with his International Title draped over his shoulder appears. With a microphone already in hand, Alex steps to the center of the stage and points down into the ring.

“Listen Paige, you’re real cute out there with those flattering dress pants of yours, oh how they compliment your curves. The office-casual look does you well, but see… The look isn’t all that’s necessary to successfully fill the General Manager position here in the sVo.”

The crowd erupts again, defending their knock-out General Manager against the clearly agitated International Champion.

“Yeah, yeah, thanks folks. Listen, let’s cut to the chase here. I know you think I’m out here to try and weasel my way out of defending my title here tonight against Cody Williams, but Paige, you’re wrong. I would like nothing more than to put on a great show for the sVo and put my title on the line on Showdown, here in Las Vegas… But see, Paige, baby… There are complications here. My agent, well, he’s really trying to fix some image malfunctions that I’ve gone through in the past few weeks. With my title reign, where I’ve rarely been seen backstage at all aside from show-nights, tasteless promos… He thinks that I need to be attracting more positive energy. I’m getting a bad reputation around here, and the truth is, you can’t ever really win a respectable image back in an old school singles match. The people don’t like it, it’s boring to watch really.

So here is my offer to you, Paige. I’ll work this gig tonight, but it’s gotta be on a grand scale. I’m talking huge. This isn’t going to be your regular every day International Title match, and as long as I have this title around my waist, there will not be one. I know my rights as champion and I am going to use them to gain the respect that I deserve, whether you or anyone else in the sVo like it, including Cody Williams! The main event match tonight, is going to be a ladder match. Above the ring you stand in, the title on my shoulder will hang. That’s how it will happen, capiche? I suggest you get your crew out here quick, darling. You’ve got a main event to prepare for.”

The crowd didn’t know how to respond to this one and the International Champion put stipulations down on a match where HE is scheduled to defend his title in a ladder match against arguably the highest impact new-comer the sVo has to offer.

Strap on your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be one for the books!

L’Entrata Grande

The scene opens up to the backstage parking lot area. The sounds of a vehicle can be heard in the distance getting closer, and closer. A black limousine pulls up followed by a silver 2008 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. The limousine door bursts open and out steps the sVo Hardcore champion “Hollywood” Howie Banks. The door of the Mercedes Benz opens up and out steps “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams. He closes the door shut behind him and makes his way around the car to the passenger door. He opens it and reaches in, grabbing the hand of the lovely Sasha.

Howie Banks: Can’t afford a limousine?

Cody Williams: No. Seeing as its my day off, I decided to take the car out for a spin.

sVo interviewer and correspondent Candi Cross at the entrance to the Goodfella’s Casino, standing there as Cody, Sasha and Howie make their way.

Cody Williams: You know, your little match tonight… Don’t even sweat it man. I mean look at your opposition!

Spring Heeled Jack?

Come on!



Peter Gilmour?

A joke!

Howie Banks: I like how you think.

Cody Williams: This one is in the bag!

They make their way to the arena entrance when Candi Cross starts to walk towards them. She meets them half way and begins raising the microphone to her lips. She puts her hand out in an effort to get their attention and to stop them.

Candi Cross: Cody, can I…

Cody Williams: Sure you can!

He tosses her the keys to his car.

Cody Williams: Keep it close to the arena, I don’t want any hobos coming near it, and if you could be a doll and be careful with it? Thanks!

Howie: I’ll see you later Cody, I gotta rest up for my match tonight.

Cody Williams: Alright, later.

The two of them enter the Casino, Howie goes left and Cody continues straight into the main lobby area. Candi Cross stands there, clutching the keys to Cody’s McLaren staring at them with a look of confusion.

Candi Cross: Guess I’ll have to tell him later.

Fade to black.


Backstage somewhere at Goodfellas Casino, one of the doors marked fire escape cracks open slightly, before silently swinging open revealing the night-sky masked man, Night, dressed in a black ‘sVo’ t-shirt and a pair of blue, baggy, ripped and faded jeans.

Night looks around solemnly and, satisfied that his coast is clear, he starts into the corridors, stalking through the shadows and looking for a quiet spot to gather his thoughts on the upcoming match.

The war.

And destiny.


Alonzo Calais vs. Drake Hazard

The lights dim as Supermassive Black Hole plays over the arena’s sound system. Flashbulbs begin to go off at the upper ramp as two spotlights circle the top off the ramp. The spotlights later focus on Alonzo Calais who appears, walking out onto the ramp as if he is a model on the catwalk. A few “fans” rush over with pen and paper, “asking” for autographs. He pushes one or two away with an outstretched hand and continues, with a few “photographers” following not too far behind; letting loose with their camera flashes. As he approaches the ring, he makes his way towards the stairs and climbs them; posing with each ascending step. Alonzo steps through the ropes and enters the ring. He walks across the ring with his catwalk-like walk and poses on the other end. Alonzo then repeats his walk back across and poses again. Finally, he climbs up the nearest turnbuckle and greets the audience with both his hands outstretched; blowing kisses and waving as the music fades and the lights brighten.

A burst of pyrotechnics ignites at the top of the ramp as Bleeding Through’s “For Love and Failing” explodes out of the PA system. Drake Hazard steps out from the backstage area through the fireworks, psyched up and ready for action.

“I’m not afraid of the worst,
I’m the sheep who lost his way,
Still looking for it every day.

I’ll face neglect, every curse you wish to throw at me,
Without trying I would never fail,
And I fell in love with failure.”

Drake beats his chest and lets out an almighty roar as the pyro fizzles away behind him, before beginning his descent to the ring. He glances around the legions of jeering fans with a spiteful grin etched across his face as he strides down the ramp.

“I can’t see through your eyes,
What do you see, a disgrace, another lie?
Today I’ll start being perfect,
Cut you open to expose your insides,
Cut you open, expose your insides.”

Eventually the giant Hazard reaches the ring and slips in under the bottom rope. He immediately heads for the opposite side of the ring and throws an arm in the air, revelling in the negative reaction of the sVo fans.

“I know, I’m still counting scars from every time you cried,
‘Cause I remember the first time you, died,
Tonight I want to bleed alone with you,
Here’s to craving, everything you do.”

The music finally begins to die down as Drake turns his attentions away from the audience and towards the task at hand. He adjusts his stance, ready to take on Calais.

Calais leans against the turnbuckles, looking at Drake as if the match were a formality. The bell rings and Crake charges at Calais, who quickly rolls out of the ring and taps his head with his finger. Drake stands there and shouts insults at Calais, who shakes them off and walks around the ring, drawing the fans ire and forcing the ref to start the count. Calais keeps walking around until the ref reaches nine and rolls into the ring, only to be greeted by a swift kick to the gut by Drake.

Drake grabs the ropes and starts to stomp at Calais over and over, forcing him to roll out of the ring and fall to the mat below. Calais gets up to his feet and glares at Drake, yelling at the ref about the cheating. The ref begins the count again, this time reaching seven before Calais rolls into the ring again. Drake is there to greet him with stomps again, forcing Calais outside once more.

Calais motions that he is done with the match and walks around the ring towards the entrance, but doesn’t notice that Drake has rolled out of the ring and stalks Calais. Before Calais can take another step, Drake grabs him by the shoulder, spins him around and nails a belly to belly suplex on the ground. Drake grabs Calais by the hair and drags him to the ring, throwing him in over the top rope. Drake rolls into the ring and slowly stalks after Calais, who is crawling on the mat in agony.

Drake lines up the prone Calais and nails a huge kick to the gut, lifting Calais up off of the mat before slamming down hard. Drake lines up for another kick and nails it again, this time forcing Calais to slam against the ropes. Calais coughs and holds his stomach as he struggles to take a breath while Drake taunts him. Calais tries to roll out of the ring again but is caught by Drake before he can do so and is thrown across the ring like a ragdoll.

Drake stalks after Calais again, laughing all the way. Calais manages to get to the ropes and use them to pull himself up to his feet. Drake motions for Calais to come after him, but Calais shakes his head and spits his direction. Drake laughs and storms up to Calais but is greeted instead by a desperation boot to the head. Drake stumbles back slightly and holds his head, but Calais delivers a quick kick to the gut. Drake stumbles back a few more steps and is hit with another kick to the head.

Calais tries once more but has gone to the well too many times as Drake catches his leg and hits a vicious bodyslam to the mat. Drake straddles Calais and starts to pummel him with fists to the head and body. The ref comes over and tries to get Drake to stop, but Drake pushes him away and continues to pummel him. The ref walks back and yells at Drake to stop, but Drake ignores him and beats away at Calais. Finally the ref grabs Drake’s arm and pulls as hard as he can, getting Drake’s attention. Drake bolts up and towers over the ref, yelling at him to never do that again if he knows what is good for him.

While Drake is distracted, Calais quickly scrambles over to Drake and tries a desperation school boy pin. The ref makes the count.


Kick out by Drake!

Calais gets up as quick as he can and delivers a leg drop across the neck of Drake. Calais gets up again and tries once more for a leg drop but Drake rolls out of the way. Drake quickly gets up and hits a huge kick to the side of Calais’ head, nearly knocking him out in the process. Drake walks over and places a foot on Calais’ chest, flexing as he makes a very lazy pin attempt. The ref starts the count.



Shoulder up by Calais!

Drake picks Calais up to his feet and spins around, nailing a discus punch to the same area that the kick connected. Calais falls over like a bag of bricks, allowing Drake to make another pin attempt with his foot.



Shoulder up by Calais!

Drake looks down at Calais and cannot believe that he still has life in him. Drake grabs Calais by the neck and lifts him up in a hangman’s tree move. Drake jumps and hits a bodyslam with Calais, this time securing his pin. The ref counts again.



Kick out by Calais!

Drake gets up and starts to yell at the ref, slapping his hands together three times. The ref shakes his head and holds out two fingers, insisting that Calais got his shoulder up in time. Drake turns around and picks Calais up again into another hangman’s tree. However, Calais kicks out in desperation a few times, hitting Drake enough to force him to let go of the hold.

Calais falls down hard and rolls out of the ring, throwing his hands up and starts walking away from the match. Drake shrugs for a moment and walks through the ropes after him, grabbing him before he can make it half way to the entrance. The competitors exchange blows as the ref starts the count.











The ref calls for the bell as the fight spills back through the entrance and through the backstage area. Drake slams Calais hard against a few boxes, but Calais manages to reverse a whip attempt, forcing Drake to hit hard into one of the production boxes. Before Calais can get to Drake, security swarms all around them and tries to keep them separate from each other. They yell insults at each other as the camera cuts away.

Double countout!

RESULT: Double Countout

Come Again?!?!

Backstage we see the catering area where there is a wide array of party platters and finger foods for the crew and wrestlers to feast on. A vegetable dip platter, all the ingredients you need to make a sandwich, various condiments, an ice cooler full of water bottles and gatorade, as well as a fruit basket and a cheese and cracker plate among other things.

Cody Williams: This stuff is really good. I haven’t had the time to really try all the stuff catering brings but now I have and… Compliments to the staff.

He is seen holding a plate, loaded with a sandwich, an assortment of fruits and vegetables and the drumstick off of a rotisserie chicken. Sasha makes her way to the catering table and looks around at all of the food in front of her.

Sasha: Wow, look at all the food! What’d you get me baby?

Cody stops in his tracks. He looks up at Sasha with the drumstick in hand and a mouthful of his sandwich. He puts the plate down and reaches into the ice cooler and pulls out a bottle. He extends it to Sasha.

Cody Williams: Water?!

Sasha: You’re crazy!

She laughs at Cody who is struggling to chew his food. She reaches towards his plate and grabs a celery stick, dipping it into a cup full of ranch dressing.

Candi Cross: Cody!

sVo interviewer Candi Cross emerges into the scene and stops next to Sasha who is seen nibbling on her celery stick. Candi looks at Cody, who swallows his food and looks back at her.

Cody Williams: Yes?

Candi Cross: Earlier, I was trying to tell you..

Cody Williams: Please don’t tell me you scratched my car! I pray to God! That you didn’t scratch my new car!

Candi Cross: No, I didn’t scratch your car.

Cody Williams: Oh thank God.

Candi Cross: What I was trying to tell you was..

Cody Williams: Yes?

He reaches down and grabs his piece of chicken and starts to eat the meat off of it.

Candi Cross: …was that you are in the Main Event tonight!!!

His eyes get big and he spits out the contents in his mouth.

Cody Williams: I’m what?!

Candi Cross: You’re in the Main Event tonight. You’re wrestling Alex Ross for the International Championship!

Cody Williams: Come again?! You want to run that by me one more time?

Candi Cross: You’re going to face the Internation champion, Alex Ross tonight for the title. Did you bring your wrestling gear?

Cody Williams: Yeah but..

Candi Cross: Okay good, because you’re going up soon. And you don’t have much time to prepare, so you might want to hurry up. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it’s a ladder match!

Candi Cross exits to the left as Cody and Sasha follow her with their eyes. Sasha has a big smile on her face and she turns her attention to Cody, who has a surprised look on his face and a mouth full of chicken.

Cody Williams: But… But… I thought I was off?

Sasha: Come on baby, there’s no time to spare. Let’s go if you want to win that International title!

Suddenly Cody snaps out of it and spits his chicken into a napkin. He nods his head and starts walking towards the locker room area, Sasha trailing not to far behind. He starts pounding his fist into his palm and rotates his shoulders and neck as he disappears in the distance. The camera slowly transitions back to the plate of food Cody left behind and slowly..

Fade to black.


Backstage in the dressing room we see “Hollywood” Howie Banks who is laying down across a wooden shaped bench. He seems to be snoring and out like a light as he is sleeping while none other than Cody Williams finds him in the room. He begins to shake Banks as it takes him a few seconds to even wake him up. The sVo Hardcore Champion quickly stands up and adjusts himself as he stops for a quick few seconds and gives his head a shake. He then looks and notices Cody Williams in the room with him as he begins to say something aloud.

Howie Banks: “My balls man, my balls!”

Howie was pacing back and forth in the room until he ran into a bathroom and closed the door behind him. As Cody Williams stood outside the door he was confused on what exactly was going on. Howie Banks began to feel around down in his private area as he was looking for his package. After searching he found what he was looking for. He began to think inside his mind about what he just dreamt. He then opened the bathroom door after removing his hand from down there as he walked out and looked up to Cody who was still unsure of what was going on.

Cody Williams: “Did I come at a bad time?”

Howie stood there looking to the ground as he then turned his head to the right side where Cody was standing beside him. He then looked up at him and began to speak aloud.

Howie Banks: “Naw man, not at all.”

He tried to stay calm as the dream he just had scared the hell out of him. Cody got smart and began to ask somethings.

Cody Williams: “You sure?”

He pauses.

Cody Williams: “You were just talking about your … balls?”

His eyebrows raise upwards as Howie tries to explain…

Howie Banks: “Well, you see…”

He pauses and takes a deep breath before going on about it.

Howie Banks: “I had a dream… Not your ordinary dreams either.”

He paused but kept on explaining it…

Howie Banks: “It involved Mike Best and me.”

Cody began to take a few steps back as he was really sickened by this.

Howie Banks: “No dude, it’s not what you think… Well, not quite.”

Cody Williams: “You better tell me what the hell is going on, dude.”

Howie began to scratch his neck area as he had one eye open looking at Cody as he finally came out with it.

Cody Williams: “Your gay?”

Howie Banks: “No!”

He took his hand down from scratching his neck.

Howie Banks: “Mike Best’s the homo, not me…”

Cody Williams: “How so? You were the one dreaming about him.”

Howie Banks: “Well, if you’d listen first…”

Cody waited for an answer.

Howie Banks: “I was sleeping in my million dollar double king sized bed when all of a sudden somehow Mike Best was in my room. And you know what happened?”

Cody Williams: “No so tell me, did he use one finger or two?”

Howie Banks: “No you fucking idiot!”

He smacks his forehead as he goes on.

Howie Banks: “For some reason he was touching my ass and I don’t know why. Then… he took a thumbtack and stabbed my balls man!”

Cody’s jaw drops as he can’t believe it, although he is being sarcastic.

Howie Banks: “I thought Kelly Flawless was the only one missing his balls.”

Cody Williams: “But your not…”

Howie Banks: “I know, because it was a dream thank god… but holy shit that was gay of Mikey.”

Cody Williams: “I’d say…”

Howie Banks: “I can’t even look the dude straight in the face anymore.”

Cody Williams: “Haha, no shit. But anyways… I gotta go, so see ya around.”

Howie looked surprised.

Howie Banks: “Oh okay…”

Cody put his thumbs up as he began to leave his dressing room. As he got on the outside of the door he muttered something aloud.

Cody Williams: “Fucking fagot.”

He then walked off as Banks began to get ready for his match.


Bodies by Danzig hits the sound system as Jay Wildman walks out with a mic in one hand and a kendo stick in the other. He makes his way towards the ring, sliding in underneath the bottom rope. He stands up and faces the entrance, leaning up agains the ropes and allowing the stick to dangle slightly over the ropes. He waits for the crowd to die down a bit before bringing the mic up to his lips.

Wildman: Last week, I decided to play with our fearless champion and show him that anyone can do anything to him at anytime. Let’s roll the footage and relive that moment!

Wildman walks down the ramp with a kendo stick in hand. The crowd boos him loudly as he is clearly wearing a Hostility t-shirt. Best turns around to see what the problem is and spots Wildman, who points at him with the stick. Wildman stops at the ring, just out of the reach of Best. Fiasco takes advantage of this opportunity and spins Best around, trying to hit a quick DDT. Best reverses it, accidentally pushing Fiasco hard into the ref before nailing both with a quick clothesline.

Best can’t believe it as he stands there in shock, holding his hair in his hands. However, before Best can do anything to rouse the ref, Wildman slides in and takes advantage of the chaos, nailing Best over the head with the stick. Wildman stands still for a moment, listening to the crowd boo with a sickening smile on his face. He measures up Best for another shot and slams the stick down hard across the back. Wildman hits Best a few more times until Fiasco stirs and gets up to his feet.

Fiasco runs over and clasps Wildman on the shoulder, laughing at the double cross that his new found ally pulled on sVo. Fiasco moves over to Best, picks him up to his feet and takes him over to the nearest turnbuckle. Fiasco calls for his finishing move, The Sacred Oath and nails it after some effort. As Fiasco attempts to go in for the pin, Wildman shakes his head and pulls him off of Best. Fiasco glares at Wildman, but Wildman points at the turnbuckle and tells him to hit another Sacred Oath. Fiasco looks at the turnbuckle and cracks a wicked smile.

However, when he turns back to acknowledge Wildman, he receives a boot to the face instead! Wildman nails a Superkick to the jaw of Fiasco, stands over his unconscious body and rips the Hostility shirt off to reveal a sVo t-shirt underneath!

The camera cuts back to Wildman standing there with a large smile on his face, nodding as the crowd chants “Hostility sucks!” He laughs for a moment and then waives his arms a bit to try and get them to calm down.

Wildman: I know Hostility sucks, but that isn’t what I am after. You see, if it weren’t for my influence in this match, our illustrious champion would not have one that match. He would have been humiliated in front of all of you as the charlatan he is, exposed as a liar and a thief. So, I think he owes me something…

Wildman starts to pace a bit as if he were thinking hard about the payment due. He brings the mic up to his lips and smiles as he walks.

Wildman: Well, I could ask him for his car… But I am not sure that I want that hunk of junk after what I did to it two weeks ago. What about some time with his woman…?

Wildman stops and looks up at the sVo-tron, flinching as he sees a clearly photoshopped picture of Best and the Great Gonzo in a loving embrace.

Wildman: …Never mind. What else could he give me as payment? I mean, I made him look like a hero here, the least he can do is…

Wildman stops and looks right into the nearest camera.

Wildman: Give me a title shot! I made you look like the farce that you were and I also made you look like you were a wrestling hero! I have influenced sVo more this month than you have your entire career and you know it! So why don’t you come down here now and tell me when I am getting what I so rightfully deserve, a shot at the sVo World title!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Wildman makes his way towards the ropes facing the entrance, standing there impatiently. After a few moments of no reaction for the challenge, Wildman smiles and brings the mic up again.

Wildman: All right Best, I guess that we are going to have to do this the hard way… AGAIN. You better pray that I don’t find you tonight because I am feeling rather ignored by you. You saw what happened to your car, I would hate to see what would happen to your pretty face!

“Bodies” plays again as Jay slides out of the ring and storms up to the entrance, looking as if he were on a mission.


CJ Newfield is making his way through the backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino in anticipation of his rematch from the Las Vegas Tournament Semifinal bout against the Storyteller. Back at Showdown 12, CJ suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Storyteller, ending his quest to become the first ever Las Vegas Champion. CJ would NOT suffer the same fate tonight. It was now Showdown 14. CJ has suffered 3 losses since his last meeting with the Storyteller, and he HAD to end his losing streak now.

CJ: “Sonny. It’s CJ. I end this cold streak TONIGHT.”

Slight mumblings are heard from the other end of the cell phone that CJ is talking into.

CJ: “What? Chill, you’ve got nothing to worry about! I wasn’t at 100% when I faced this crazy fuck last time. Now I’m at full strength, going full tilt.”

More mumblings from Carter, who is obviously concerned about CJ’s performance over the last few weeks.

CJ: “Sonny, I’ll tell you for the last time. We have NOTHING to worry about. I’ll take Storyteller out tonight, send his ass back to the asylum, and we’ll be well on our way to take Moretti and send his ass out of Las Vegas for good.”

CJ rounds a corner towards his locker room, and bumps into a man, dressed in a suit and reverend’s collar. Both men look startled, but CJ keeps moving on through the corridor. The other man, however, peers back at Newfield, his face painted with a sly grin. Newfield continues his conversation with Carter as he rounds another corner, out of view of the reverend.

CJ: “What are you talking about? There’s nobody after me except for that chump Brock Alyas…and he’s got other things to worry about. Don’t believe anything you hear from anyone in this place. They’re all working for Moretti. They’re just trying to make us go paranoid…”

Newfield’s voice fades off, as the reverend continues back in his original direction.

Reverend: “Nobody after you? Hmmm…we shall see about that, Mr. Newfield.”

Christian Heights vs. TJ

Avenged Sevenfold’s “Almost Easy” begins to play over the PA system. However, instead of Christian Heights walking out, it is the general manager of sVo, Paige Johnson. She stops and smiles, bringing the mic up to her lips.

Paige: I am sorry to do this to you all, but this match will not happen tonight. It appears that both competitors are caught in poor weather and were not able to arrive in time. However, I do have a major announcement tonight that will affect not only the next Showdown but events at Roll the Dice.

The crowd quiets down a bit to listen as Paige waits patiently.

Paige: This coming Showdown, we will have a Contender’s Contract on a Pole match for the Las Vegas title. In each corner of that ring, there will be a contract inside of a steel plated briefcase. The goal is for our competitors to fight it out and acquire these cases as the match continues. The match ends when the last case is taken down off of the pole, so each contestant has four chances to earn a shot.

However, there is a slight catch to this match. Three of those cases will contain contracts that will pit Brock Alyas against three competitors in a four way match at Roll the Dice. The final case will contain a contract for a one on one match up with the winner of the four way title match. Not only will this test the limits of the champion, whoever it might be, but it will also give a distinct advantage to the challengers as they will have a chance to take advantage of a tired champion and perhaps secure a title.

The contents of each case will be revealed the day after this following Showdown, be sure to stay tuned for further news.

RESULT: No Contest


High above the arena, the dark-masked figure of Night sits quietly – perched on what looks to be one of many boxes of spare lights in what we can only assume to be some sort of lighting storage area somewhere in the rafters.

He surveys the goings on below with a sort of tranquility but remains silent, his thoughts obviously on the upcoming match. However, the silence is abruptly interrupted by a loud, boisterous voice.

Night eyes the door suspiciously – who could possibly want to interrupt him up here? Suddenly the door bursts open and in struts… the current sVo Hardcore Champion – “Hollywood” Howie Banks, being followed closely by two men with clipboards who seem to be writing down everything he says.

As Howie begins to approach Night even closer he is talking aloud. Night listens in to what is being said…

Howie Banks: “So right here might just be a great spot for you guys to like, you know… Drop some confetti and all that shit once I retain my championship tonight.”

He pauses and looks to the two men with clipboards.

Howie Banks: “What do you think?”

All of a sudden the man known as Night creeps out from where he was as the two men with clipboards get frightened by his appearance and run off. Howie looks to them running off and then back to one of his three opponents in tonight’s sVo Hardcore Championship Iron Man Match.

Howie Banks: “What the…”

He stops and looks closer as he sees that it is in fact – Night.

Howie Banks: “What … What are you doing here?”

He begins to look around as he then looks back towards Night waiting for a response.

Howie looks directly as his championship gold that lays heavy on his shoulder. He quickly looks back to Night’s eyes.

Howie Banks: “You damn Skippy Hippy!”

He stops himself…

Howie Banks: “Wait – no, sorry… You don’t understand that language. Let me rephrase that.”

He clears his voice.

Howie Banks: “I’m dreaming…”

He winks at Night.

Howie Banks: “Well guess what – Night…”

He pokes him on the chest as he continues to talk.

Howie Banks: “That’s all you will be doing. Because as far as tonight goes, I’m going to once again prove to everybody why I am not good but great and why I am the sVo Hardcore Champion!”

He stands there and wears a smirk across his face as he looks to his championship gold and then back to Night once again.

Night: “Well, ‘Champ’ – no one will accuse you of having no confidence. But let me tell you something – while you’re creeping around in the rafters telling guys to drop ‘confetti and shit’ on you after you ‘defend your title’ tonight, I’m… err… well I’m creeping around up here too, but I’m laying low – so to speak.”

He gazes hungrily at the gold sitting on Banks’ shoulder and lets his focus remain there, the champ defensively putting a hand over it and angling it away from the challenger.

Night: “Don’t know what I’m going to do out there tonight? I do – and I’ll bet I can guess a couple of things you, Gilmour and Jack will do too. Why? You see, I came here tonight for a war.”

He points to the title Howie shelters from him.

Night: “Tonight the four of us will put it all on the line. Casualties will fall and I guarantee you, tonight, you will see things out of me that you had no comprehension I could do.”

And again he flashes that confident and confidence smirk at the hardcore champion.

Night: “I’ve been watching you, Howie. Since I arrived in the sVo. I always suspected that it would come down to you… me… and that.”

He points to the gold once more.

Night: “I’ll leave you to finish planning your celebration. Make it a good one, you’ll need the cheering up.”

Night begins to walk off as Howie just glares at him going by. He watches him and the looks down to his piece of championship gold, as he hugs it and kisses it for possibly the very last time.

Stampede Kid vs. Joey Peyton

The opening Guitar riff goes on for about 20 seconds and the arena flashes red and white in time with it. Then the words are spoken

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Underclass: The President of the United States is DEAD!”

(a giant pyro goes off and Stampede Kid looks wild eyed into the crowd and Stampede Kid poses at the entranceway (Doing the Rock On! sign with both hands going in time with the music.)

(As the following goes Stampede Kid takes the time to give high fives to fans and give some lucky girls a hug.) “I Don’t believe in the politics of chosen fools and hypocrites who walk a line that is stretched so fine. Is it Death or glory had in mind?”

(Stampede Kid then runs and slides into the ring as the song breaks out.) “And here we go, I guess the resolution. No one knows Who’ll lead the revolution. Now attention grows the way to a conclusion.”

(Stampede Kid like poses on each turnbuckle, starring the crowd down.) “Its Too late theres no time, its too late theres no time. All for none, none for 1,2,3,4! (Stampede Kid backflips off the turnbuckle and walks around the ring.) (A loud gunshot like thing is heard at the word cunfusion and we see Stampede Kid posing in the middle of the ring and the 4 turnbuckles all have white smoke coming out from them.)

“March of the dogs to a beat of disilusion sworn under God bringing panic and confusion!

(Stampede Kid keeps posing until the word “begin” and the song then fades out.)

“The White flag is down send in the clowns, The carnival of sin is about to begin.”
“You could never be my envy”
“You could never be my jealousy”
Guitar riffs and solos kick in

The lights in the arena flicker multiple times, and then slowly dim down. The Jumbo Tron goes completely black as a faint blue hue overtakes the arena. In bold red letters, the phrase “Joey Peyton” appears, centered, on the pre-existing black backdrop of the Jumbo Tron. A loud blast of pyro erupts and is instantly followed by the continuing of ‘Gimme A.D.’ by Parkway Drive. The crowd showers the arena with cheers. “Joey Peyton” morphs into “The First Star”, and as if on cue, Joey steps out from behind the entrance curtain and onto the entrance ramp wearing black tights with “Adonis Di” written down his right leg in red lettering. He stands, perfectly centered at the top of the entrance ramp, and stretches his arms outward in a crucifix pose with his fists clenched. After a few seconds, he begins walking down to the ring, in a complete serious mode he ignores any and every fan. When he reaches the ring, he rolls inside, and leaps to his feet. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking out to the crowd. As he raises his arms, bright white pyro erupts on the four corners of the ring, stopping the music, and returning the arena lights to their original hue and brightness.

Peyton and Stampede Kid stand across from each other as the ref calls for the bell. Peyton and Kid give a quick hand shake before locking up. It is a fight for position that Kid eventually wins, throwing Peyton’s arms off of him and nailing a huge knife edged chop to the chest followed by another. Peyton stumbles backwards until he ends up in the corner, allowing Kid to wind back and hit Peyton hard with a knife edged chop followed by a slap to the chest. Peyton folds over slightly, wincing in pain as Kid calls for another. He pushed Peyton back and hits another vicious chop and then slap to the chest. Kid calls for one more but as he reels back to attempt the chop, Peyton grabs Kid and throws him into the corner.

Peyton hits his own chops and slaps, causing Kid to fall to his knees. Peyton jumps over the prone Kid, jumps up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Kid to stand up. As Kid stands, Peyton jumps off and nails a huge bulldog in the center of the ring. Kid thrashes for a moment before going still, allowing Peyton to hit a jumping kick to the head of Kid. Peyton then takes a few steps back, runs towards Kid, jumps off of his back, grabs the ropes and tries for a modified splash, but Kid manages to roll out of the way at the last second.

Peyton hits the mat with a dull thud, allowing Kid to scramble over to his opponent and attempt a pin. The ref counts.



Foot on the ropes!

Kid looks at the ref and wonders why he stopped counting, turns around and sees that Peyton indeed placed his foot on the rope. Kid lets go of the pin attempt and gets up to his feet, picking Peyton up after him. Kid goes for a huge whip across the ring to the opposite turnbuckles but Peyton reverses the whip to the near corner. Kid hits hard and stumbles backwards, allowing Peyton to hit a modified neck breaker. Peyton hooks the leg in an attempt to pin him down.



Shoulder up by Kid!

Peyton gets up to his feet and hops up to the second rope, hitting a jumping spin kick to the Kid as he stands up. Kid falls backwards again, landing hard on his back. Peyton gets up to his feet and moves over to Kid, stomping on his head and back multiple times. The ref moves in and warns Peyton for being too exuberant, causing Peyton to get upset with the ref for getting in his way. Peyton tries to move around the ref but he is chastised for being too rough. This gives kid enough time to get to his feet and hit a jump kick to the face of Peyton while he is distracted.

Kid picks Peyton up to his feet and hits him hard with a right hand. Peyton staggers backwards as he is pummeled with right hand after right hand. Kid takes a step back and hits a clothesline on Peyton, sending him over the top rope and spilling onto the mat below. Kid quickly runs back to the opposite ropes, springs off and flies over, hitting Peyton with a cross body block.

Kid quickly gets up to his feet and rolls back into the ring, stopping any count that the ref would start. He rolls back out and picks Peyton up to his feet, grabs his arm and tries a whip towards the steel steps, but Peyton reverses it and sends Kid flying. Kid slams shoulder first into the steps and cries out in pain, kicking in the air as he holds onto his shoulder. Peyton grabs Kid by the hair and picks him up to his feet, slamming him face first into the steps. Peyton slams him to the steps once more before picking Kid up and slinging him over his shoulder.

Peyton takes a few steps back and charges at the ringpost, but Kid manages to wriggle his way free and push hard, slamming Peyton into the ringpost hard. Kid rolls into the ring and back out again as the ref reaches eight, still favoring his shoulder. He walks over to Peyton and grabs him by the hair, trying to return the favor for the stairs, but Peyton delivers an elbow to the gut of Kid, grabs him by the neck and slams him shoulder first into the ringpost. Kid screams out in agony as he drops to his knees, allowing Peyton to take a step back and deliver a kick to the shoulder of Kid.

The ref reaches eight, forcing Peyton to grab Kid and roll him into the ring. Peyton manages to get into the ring himself at nine and stands in the corner, waiting for Kid to get to his feet. Kid slowly gets up to his feet, favoring his shoulder. Peyton runs over towards Kid and hits a huge spear, slamming Kid to the mat hard. Peyton quickly latches on an armbar to the wounded arm of Kid, who cries out in pain. Peyton wrenches and pulls as Kid flails. Kid reaches out and looks as if he will tap out. Kid seems as if he cannot hold out much longer but somehow manages to get a finger onto the bottom rope. Peyton wrenches harder and harder as the ref tells him to let go. Kid yells and screams as the ref counts to four before Peyton lets go of the hold.

The ref admonishes Peyton for not letting go sooner while Kid rolls out of the ring once more. Kid stumbles to his feet and decides that he has had enough. He starts to walk away from the ring as Peyton calls out after him for being a coward. Kid makes his way through the entrance and a few moments later, the Great Gonzo comes out! Peyton looks as confused as the ref, who has stopped trying to count out Kid.

The Great Gonzo jiggles his way to the ring, pointing back at the sVo-tron every once in a while. Everyone watches as Johnny All-Star is seen walking with purpose through the back hallways of the sVo, even though he has the night off, instead of his usual ring gear he is wearing a pair of jeans and Doc Marten’s accompanied with a customized sVo jersey with his name plastered on the back. All-Star stops dead in his tracks when he hears the yelling.

GG – Mr. All-Star …. Mr. All-Star.

All-Star slowly turns around shaking his head as Gonzo comes to a sudden stop in front of him. As Gonzo begins to speak All-Star holds up his hand cutting him off.

JAS – Whatever you have to say I’m not listening Greg, I’ve got way too much going on here tonight, I may have the night off from wrestling but I’ve got other stuff going on.

GG – But you said last week if I did anything that you would teach me how to wrestle, and I did what you said. I didn’t like what Mr. Flawless did to me but I did it.

All-Star shakes his head having enough of the conversation. As he turns to walk away Gonzo grabs his shoulder. Johnny slowly turns around a look of amusement on his face; he removes Gonzo’s hand from his shoulder.

JAS – You want a wrestling lesson. I’ll arrange a wrestling lesson for you. You just get your ass to that ring.

The Great Gonzo gets into the ring and hands the ring announcer a piece of paper that is quite damp with sweat. The announcer holds back the urge to vomit as he reads the note aloud.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Paige Johnson has declared that this match will now feature the Great Gonzo and Joey Peyton!

Peyton can’t believe it as he yells at the ref. The ref can’t believe it either and points to the Great Gonzo, telling Peyton to wrestle. Peyton looks at the Great Gonzo and shakes his head, pleading with the ref to make the official count and declare him the winner. The ref shakes his head again, points at the Great Gonzo and slaps his hands together three times to indicate that he has to pin him

The Great Gonzo stands there, quietly gyrating and jiggling to himself. The ref calls for the bell and Peyton rolls out of the ring, leaving the Great Gonzo all alone. Peyton tries to muster up all the courage he can and gets back into the ring as the ref reaches eight, leaning against the turnbuckle. He says something to himself and makes a move towards the Great Gonzo, but stops and spins on his heel, walking back to the corner coughing loudly and nearly vomiting.

The Great Gonzo runs over and tries to attempt some wrestling moves but it just makes Peyton want to wretch more. He quickly leaves the ring, refusing to wrestle. The Great Gonzo looks downtrodden as he stands there in the middle of the ring, wanting to wrestle. Just then, Paige Johnson walks out from the back with a furious look on her face and brings the mic in her hand up to her lips.

Paige: What the hell is going on here?! This was not the scheduled match! This match was supposed to be Stampede Kid versus Joey Peyton!

The Great Gonzo takes the note that was handed to him by Howie Banks and holds it up for Paige to see. Paige shakes her head and continues.

Paige: I don’t know who the hell told you that you were even on the roster, but they are going to pay for that mistake! I am making the decision right now that Joey Peyton is the winner by default for having to put up with this… Good lord, I can smell you from all the way back here! Go take a shower!

Paige drops the mic and walks back, holding her nose as she disappears through the curtains.


Right after the high-octane match-up between Joey Peyton and the Stampede Kid that just took place, the camera caught Brock Alyas with Las Vegas title and all strapped around his shoulder making his way through the backstage.

It was obvious the Juggernaut’s head was clear from wrestling and the bull-shit backstage as he had a smile on his face for anyone who stepped in the opposite direction. He made his way passed the likes of Joe Stryker who was readying himself for the following match-up about to take place with newcomer Rex Fury, Candi Cross the head interviewer among others backstage.

Brock kept his eyes down and he was bumping his head along with the beat of his new iPod Playlist before getting to his dressing-room door, much before realizing he wasn’t alone when he got to his door.

Oh no.

Mike Best the sVo’s World Champ was standing there, leaned against the wall on the other side of Brock’s locker room door. Alyas removed his head phones and looked around wondering why the World Champ was standing at his section backstage.

“Can I help you?” Brock asked the Mike Effect.

“I’d love to think so. How are you this evening, Brock?” Mike asked with a chip on his shoulder, whipping off his shiny World title.

“I’m fine. What do you want around here, Best?”

“I just came to congratulate you. It’s been a hell of a month for you Brock and I’d like to let you know personally that I’m a fan of yours, I’d like to…” Brock cut off the Champ before he could even finish.

“Look. I don’t care about YOU or what YOU have to SAY, Best. I don’t care what you’d want or like from me. I know how your kind works and you don’t think I’m going to make things easier for you as competition strengthens’ around here,” Brock said, stepping into the Champ’s face.

Best laughed the comment off and remained calm as a bomb.

“You know, you really should have been warned that if you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em Brock. I’ve got a match to attend later on, you have a good night and I’ll be seeing you around, champ,” Mike winked upon giving Brock the respect of his newly won Las Vegas title by calling him “champ”.

Mike walked away and Brock made it into his locker room, locking the door behind him.

Brock looked at his title upon placing it on a near by bench and asked himself.

“What in the fuck could Mike Best want from me?”


We go backstage to the Locker room area where Candi Cross is standing by with Peter Gilmour and Max Masterson as Peter is getting ready for his 4 way Ironman match for the Hardcore Title. Candy is in a red dress and black bra is underneath as she brings the microphone to her sexy lips as the cameraman tells her they are recording.

Candi: “Peter, tonight you get another shot at the sVo hardcore title. But this time you will have to get the most pins against Night, Spring Heeled Jack and Howie in 30 minutes to win the title. Do you think you can do it?”

Peter Gilmour: “What kind of stupid questions is that? Of course I can do it. I have been training HARD for this match. Max has put me through the ringer to get in shape for this match. Ain’t that right Max.”

Max: “I suppose.”

Peter Gilmour: “Come on Max, i was throwing up after that workout last night. You made me run 5 miles in the desert heat. I’m lucky I got back alive.”

Max: “Well if that’s what it takes to make you a champion, I’ll do it. You got to stop being so damn greedy and stay focused on the task at hand. I want you to go out there tonight and destroy Night, Jack and especially Howie. They are all gunning for the chance to be the champ. In Howie’s case, he wants to stay the champ by any means necessary. I want you to do whatever you have to do to get the most pins in 30 minutes. You are the champ. I know you can win this match. You have to have the confidence in your heart to know YOU can do it.”

Peter looks down then back up at Max.

Peter Gilmour: “Max, I am going to beat the holy hell out of Night, Jack and Howie and I will be the IRON MAN and the NEW sVo Hardcore Champion. That belt will return to its rightful owner. Night and Jack will be a non-factor in this match and if they try to step to me, I will destroy them and pin them 1.. 2.. 3.. As far as Howie goes, two weeks ago he got taken to the Xtreme. He’s only lucky to have that belt because he had to cheat to beat me. This time he will not be able to cheat, because I will break his arms and legs then his spirit when I take his title and put it around my gorgeous waist.”

Candi: “Do you feel at a disadvantage having referees for everyone involved?”

Peter Gilmour: “I do feel a little bit off with having a ref follow me around. he could forget how many pins I got or screw me over. SO yeah, I do have some concern. But as long as the referee does his job, then we should have no problems. But if there is, I will take care of it.. personally! So tonight gentlemen, get ready to get the ass kicking of your lives. You are going to bleed a lot and you will be broken. but when the smoke clears, there will only be ONE true winner. And you’re looking at him. I am the KING of hardcore and tonight in that ring, I will show you guys why they call me THE XTREME ICON Peter Gilmour. See you in the ring boys.”

Peter walks off as Max looks at Candi’s backside before leaving. Candi just looks at Peter and Max as we go back to ringside.


*As the cameras cut backstage we see sVo Hardcore Champion Howie Banks sitting on a wooden bench in a large, empty, locker room. Banks has a look of determination on his face as he finishes lacing up his boots, rising to his feet after he is done.*

Howie: This is it, another day… another dollar… and another chance to show the world why I truely am, everyone’s favorite white boy!

*Seconds pass and Banks starts to jog in place and shadowbox, warming up for his upcoming match. Suddenly and without warning the door to the locker room is flung open and we hear the whistle of a familiar tune coming from just beyond the doorway. Moments later a figure appears through the doorway and we hear a voice singing the words…

*Your the best…
Nobodies gonna ever
Keep you down*

The cameras come into focus and we see none other then sVo superstar, Psyko Stevo marching into the room, smile on his face. Stevo does a double take and immediately stops whistle-singing as he sees Howie Banks.*

Stevo: Oh! Hey, whats up Banks?

Banks: Just getting ready for my Hardcore Title defense. Look, not that it’s bad to see you, but why are you here tonight? You aren’t booked on the card.

*Stevo tosses his black duffel bag to the side as he takes a seat on a bench, a broad smile still plastered on his face.*

Stevo: Tonight’s my big night Howie… tonight is “our” big night.

Howie: What do you mean?

Stevo: Tonight’s the night where Jimmy Moretti is finally forced to eat crow and name me, The Psyko One, the number one contender to the sVo World Heavyweight Championship! Don’t you see, this is it, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for since the day I stepped foot into the sVo!

Howie: Well, that’s great for you… really, I’m proud. But look, I really need to get focused on this Hardcore title defense.

*Stevo rises to his feet and places his right hand on Howie’s shoulder.*

Stevo: The Hardcore Title is meaningless to us now… as soon as I become the World Champion, the Hardcore title will become a thing of the past for us. Anything will become possible.

Howie: Anything?

Stevo: That’s right… how does, “International Champion Howie Banks” sound to you?

*Howie starts to look off into the distance and a smile creeps onto his face.*

Howie: Sounds pretty damn good.

*Stevo looks down at his hand and grimaces before qiuckly removing his hand from Howie’s shoulder and clapping loudly.*

Stevo: Right! Well, the road towards immortality starts here, tonight!

Howie: Awesome! What should I do?

*Stevo bites down on his tounge and starts to focus on his thoughts.*

Stevo: You go defend that Hardcore Title and let me prepare for the gigantic celebration party that I’ll be throwing after the big announcement, okay?

Howie: Got it!

*Howie storms out of the room and as he does so Psyko Stevo reaches into his right pants pocket and pulls out his cell phone, placing it to his ear after hitting the TALK button.*

Stevo: All right, everything’s set… bring them in!

*Stevo hits the END button and immediately after his phone is put back into his pocket the door to the room flys open and we see a parade of men and women enter the room, each holding different types of party items in their hands.*

Stevo: Right then people, let’s get to work… I want this to be the best #1 contender announcement party EVER!

Rex Fury vs. Joe Stryker

The lights in the arena go down and the piano intro to the song begins. As the main guitar riffs explode into the amps yellow laser beams come from all angles of the arena and point to the ramp as if it were burning a hole through the metal ramp…smoke begins to come up and from out of the smoke jumps up Rex Fury with his hands extended in the air as

if he was jumping out of a trampoline. Rex then jumps onto the security railings and onto the fans as he dives into the crowd and passed on forward by the fans until he reaches the ring area.

The lights begin to shimmer as the bass of Stryker’s music bounces the floor. The electric guitar is shredding hard and breaking and continuing it’s brutal sound. Smoke pours all around as some begin to gasp for air due to their asthma. The lights flick to complete darkness and as Joe Stryker makes his way down the entrance ramp, he stalls and waits as golden mist sparkles all around him. “All Natural” Joseph Stryker shines onto the tron, and he finishes his way up to the ring, slowly, walking around all four corners giving the fans at each direction a smile and flex.

The bell rings as Stryker sneers at Fury. Fury motions for them to tie up, holding out his hands in a grapple motion. Stryker walks over and motions like he is going to tie up with Fury, but lashes out with a quick boot to the stomach to gain the advantage. Stryker lays in on a few rights, pressing Fury against the ropes before trying to whip him across the ring. However, Fury reverses the whip and nails a short armed clothesline. Fury gets up to his feet and jumps on the bottom rope, springing off to try and hit a hurracarana. Stryker rolls out of the way before the move can hit though, quickly scrambling for a pin attempt.


Kick out by Fury!

Stryker takes the break to climb on top of Fury and nail lefts and rights to the head, Fury desperately tries to block the blows but a few manage to connect here and there. The ref comes in and tries to get Stryker to get off by starting the count, but Stryker breaks the attack off at four and stands up, flexing a bit for the crowd. Stryker turns around and picks Fury up to his feet, pressing him against ropes again. Stryker whips Fury across the ropes and attempts a jumping kick to the face, but Fury ducks underneath it, springs off of the opposite ropes and nails a shoulder block to the back of Stryker’s leg. Fury stops for a moment before running over to the ropes parallel to Stryker, jumps off of the bottom rope and nails the hurracarana.

Fury goes for a various amount of headlocks, spinning and whirling around until he cinches in a headlock he likes. Fury lays in the pressure but Stryker manages to slowly get up to his feet. Stryker takes a few moments before hitting one elbow to the gut and then another. Stryker loosens the hold enough to grab Fury around the waist and try to flip him over, but Fury reverses it and lands on his feet, snapping out a swift kick to the leg. Stryker stumbles forward, allowing Fury to strike out with kick after kick to the weaker leg until Stryker wraps himself over the top rope.

The ref steps in between the competitors and motions for Fury to take a step back. Fury turns around and waves to the crowd, trying to evoke a reaction. The ref checks on Stryker, who tries to put some weight on his leg and winces a bit. Fury takes this moment to charge at Stryker, but Stryker leans down and flips Fury over the ropes. Stryker quickly turns around and grabs the top rope, springing himself over the top rope and onto a prone Fury.

Stryker kicks furiously as he places his arms over his chest while Fury is out cold on the mat. Stryker manages to get up on his feet first as the ref starts to count, grabbing Fury by the hair and tossing him into the ring. Stryker rolls in at the count of eight and moves over to pick Fury up to his feet again. Fury moves quickly and hits a jaw breaker with the crown of his head, causing Stryker to stumble back. Fury hits a leg sweep, dropping Stryker to his back hard. Fury hits a jumping elbow to the prone Stryker, quickly gets up and hits another before going for the quick pin attempt.



Kickout by Stryker!

Fury looks at the ref in disbelief as he picks Stryker up to his feet. Fury grabs Stryker around the waist and hits a release belly to belly suplex. Fury stands up and points to the crowd, calling for his finisher, ReXplosion. Stryker gets up to his feet and receives a kick to the gut as part of the set up. Fury hooks Stryker’s arms and tries to jump but Stryker blocks the attempt and flips Fury, hitting a wicked slam to the mat. Stryker rolls over and drapes an arm over Fury. The ref slides down and starts the count.



Shoulder up by Fury!

Stryker cannot believe it as he looks at the ref. He looks as if he might have used up all of his energy reversing the move and struggles to get up to his feet. Fury is in the same boat as he slowly rises up to his feet, turning to face Stryker. Stryker kicks at Fury but Fury blocks it. Stryker tries it again, but Fury grabs his leg and spins him around like a top. As Stryker ends up facing Fury, he gets a kick to the gut and locked into the ReXplosion again. This time Fury manages to hit the move and goes for the pin attempt.




RESULT: Howie Banks def. Jason Cash via pinfall

CJ Newfield vs. The Storyteller

RA: Making his way down the aisle…

[Cue “Push It (JB’s Death Trance Mix)” by Static X.]

RA: …hailing from the Insane Asylum of Portland, Maine.

[The crowd begins to boo loudly.]

RA: Standing 6’10” and weighing in at 325 pounds, he is…


[Two orderlies emerge from the back, each of them pulling one side of a gurney. As the gurney makes it way out from the back, the orderlies raise it so that The Storyteller comes into full view. He’s strapped down to the gurney by leather straps, and is also bound with a mask on his face and a straightjacket. As he’s wheeled to the ring, he fights to escape as the people boo.

Reaching the ringside area, the orderlies stop the gurney and undo the straps, then grab The Storyteller by each arm and forcefully lead him into the ring. The fans continue their assault, the orderlies try to quiet them, but it only fuels their fire. The orderlies try to calm The Storyteller before undoing the jacket, pulling out their electric “shock sticks” to taunt him.

With The Storyteller subdued, they release him, then quickly leave the ring to let him fight.]

The lights cut out in the arena, prompting the fans in attendance respond with a chorus of screams. “Remedy” by Seether explodes from the PA system as the arena is illuminated with green and gold lights. Special gold spotlights highlight the entranceway as a figure makes its way out into the spotlight. Head down, the figure strikes a statue-esque pose, arms straight out from his sides in a cross figure, before lifting his chin to reveal himself as the “Underground Phenom” CJ Newfield.

Newfield slowly saunters his way towards the ring, peering around the arena, taking in the moment while his name is announced over the PA.

CJ slides into the ring and takes his place atop one of the ringposts, striking the same pose as he did to signal his arrival. Dismounting himself from the turnbuckle, CJ once again peers around the arena awaiting his opponent as the lights return to normal.

CJ sizes up the massive Storyteller, who carefully watches his opponent. The bell rings and the two competitors tie up in the middle of the ring. After a few moments of struggling, Storyteller pushes CJ hard and slams him on his back. Storyteller stands there and waits as CJ gets back up to his feet. After CJ shakes it off, they tie up again until Storyteller shoves CJ hard again, forcing him to the mat. Cj gets up to his feet again and looks quite surprised at being pushed around, runs to the ropes and springs off, barreling towards Storyteller. Storyteller nails CJ with a massive clothesline, spinning him off of his feet. Storyteller wastes no time as he walks over to the prone CJ and picks him up off of the mat, whipping him across the ring.

CJ springs back and manages to duck underneath the outstretched arm of Storyteller, springing back to try and crossbody block. Storyteller manages to catch CJ in midair and slams in to the mat hard. Storyteller kneels there in front of CJ for a moment, as if lost in a thought before standing up. He looms over CJ, who manages to get to his hands and knees. Storyteller grabs CJ by the shoulder and applies a wicked shoulder claw, causing CJ to cry out in pain.

CJ reaches out for the ropes nearby but is just a little too far away to get a hold of them. He tries to move his way over but Storyteller is directly above him, keeping a mighty death grip on the shoulder. CJ manages to find some wiggle room and places two fingers on the ropes, forcing the ref to break up the hold. Storyteller lets go of the hold, grabs CJ by the leg and pulls hard, slamming him face first to the mat. CJ writhes in agony as Storyteller applies the shoulder claw again, this time trying to keep his opponent in place.

However, the hold is a bit awkward and CJ manages to get out of the hold by sweep kicking Storyteller’s leg. CJ quickly makes for the ropes and rolls under them, standing outside and rotating his arm to make sure nothing was damaged. Storyteller gets up and walks over to the unaware CJ, reaching over and grabbing him by the hair. Storyteller hoists CJ up to the apron by his hair and is about to monkey flip him into the ring before CJ blocks the move.

CJ grabs Storyteller by the head and jumps off, hitting a guillotine off the top rope. Storyteller springs back and slams on his back, holding his neck. This allows CJ to slide back into the ring and start focusing attacks on the left leg of Storyteller. CJ grabs the leg and twists it slightly before dropping elbow after elbow to the knee of Storyteller. CJ quickly goes for a submission hold on the leg of Storyteller, who violently thrashes about. The ref asks Storyteller if he gives up, but Storyteller shakes his head and fights on.

Storyteller manages to take his free leg and place it on the back of CJ, kicking him a few times with the sole of his shoe. CJ eventually lets go of the hold and stumbles away, allowing Storyteller to try to get up to his feet. Storyteller cannot place weight on his left leg as he stumbles around a bit. CJ takes advantage of this and runs over to Storyteller, kicking at the back of his leg like a lumberjack. Storyteller eventually falls down, which allows CJ to go for another submission move on the exposed left leg.

Storyteller tries to get out of the hold again, kicking CJ off of his leg. However, CJ has the hold clamped on tight and keeps the pressure on. The ref asks Storyteller if he wants to give up, but Storyteller shakes his head and tries to fight the hold again. Eventually the kicks force CJ to let go of the hold, allowing Storyteller the chance to roll out of the ring. Storyteller stumbles slightly around the ring, wincing in pain and clearly not able to do anything with that left leg. CJ takes this moment to get out of the ring as well, quickly catching up to Storyteller. CJ spins Storyteller around and whips him to the steel steps nearby, but Storyteller blocks it with his sheer size. CJ keeps his hold on the arm of Storyteller and kicks at the leg over and over before attempting the whip again. Storyteller crumbles to the ground before he can hit the stairs though, not able to even run on the injured leg.

The ref reaches a nine count before CJ rolls back into the ring. He rolls back out, picks Storyteller up to his feet and attempts the whip one more time, but this time Storyteller reverses it and whips CJ into the steel steps. They buckle as CJ slams shoulder first into the steps, nearly knocking him out in the process. Storyteller walks up to the prone CJ and picks him up to his feet, attempting to pick him up over the shoulder. The weight is too much as Storyteller has to let go of the hold for a moment. He grabs CJ by the head and slams him a few times against the stairs, forcing the blood to start flowing down CJ’s face.

Storyteller finally slides his opponent whose limp from the Hell and back abuse thus far and shortly follows right behind him. Storyteller takes his time stepping around Newfield whose somehow made it to his feet and is swinging fists at what appeared to be Storyteller but ended up hitting nothing but air. Storyteller easily dodged Newfield’s punch attempts and felt the time had come.

Two Handed Sit-out Chokeslam delivered with AUTHORITY.




Game over for CJ Newfield, Storyteller put this one in the books.

RESULT: The Storyteller def. CJ Newfield via pinfall


After Storyteller makes his way to the back after defeating CJ Newfield for the 2nd time in the last month, the Underground Hero sits in the ring in disbelief. He just doesn’t lose 4 times in a row. It just doesn’t happen.

Newfield rolls out of the ring and starts making his way up the ramp when the lights in the Goodfellas Casino cut out. The fans in the arena cry out with the usual “oohs” and “ahhs” and screams of anticipation. Suddenly, a white spotlight highlights Newfield, who peers around himself in confusion. Simultaneously, a gold spotlight shines on the entrance of the arena, where a man of gigantic stature makes his way out onto the top of the ramp.

The man stands at a towering 7’2″ and weighs in at a very generous 360 lbs. His long brown hair provides a shroud over his beard covered face, and his huge body is covered in tattoos of religious nature. He slowly starts to make his way towards Newfield as another figure emerges from the back…

…the Reverend whom Newfield bumped into earlier in the night.

Newfield backs his way towards the ring and rolls back in, followed closely by the gargantuan. Newfield assumes an attacking position and seems to be prepared for battle, should the monster make a false move.

The giant pulls himself up onto the ring apron and steps over the top rope with ease. The Reverend makes his way around the ring to the point of being behind Newfield. He makes a cross motion with his right hand, which prompts a MASSIVE clothesline to be delivered by the monster to Newfield. CJ crashes to the mat and looks up at the giant first with a look of disbelief, and then as he is approached, a look of sheer terror paints the face of the Underground Hero.

As the enigma pulls Newfield to his feet, he is met by body punches of Newfield…none of which are effective. He grabs CJ’s arm and whips him into the ropes, and sets him up for a back body drop. CJ flies nearly 9 feet in the air and crashes to the mat, arching his back in pain. He is then picked up and tossed over the top rope, where he rolls halfway up the ramp due to the momentum of the throw.

The Reverend now makes his way over to Newfield and delivers a completely disrespectful slap across the face of the Underground Hero. Newfield rises to his feet and is about to retaliate until he sees the massive force coming at him once again. CJ retreats up the ramp even further until he turns around to exit via the entranceway…

…which is blocked by the one and only Las Vegas Champion, Brock Alyas.

The Las Vegas Champ delivers crashing blows to Newfield, turning him around to face the 7’2″ monster, who delivers a kick, bending CJ over. The massive one picks Newfield up in a powerbomb position, but lifts him over his head so that he slides partway down the monster’s back. He catches his arms, and lifts him up in a crucifix-like form, and walks him over to the edge of the stage.

The monster lifts Newfield up as high as he can, and after a few moments, sends the Underground Hero crashing down to the concrete floor below.


Newfield’s impact is heard with a sickening sound and the camera pans back up to the giant who just tossed one of sVo’s more promising superstars into to what can only be described as a potential career-threatening situation. His long brown hair still shrouds his face, and the Reverend stands behind him, giving him a reassuring pat on the back, as if he were telling the monster that he had done a great deed. Both men turn around and lock eyes with Alyas, who gives the men a solemn nod and retreats to the backstage area. Before making their exit, the Reverend makes the same cross sign with his right hand as he did to signal the start of the attack, and with that signal, the monster aligns himself in a crucifix-type position, to which the crowd erupts with cheers.

Both men make their way to the back as EMT’s and sVo officials, most importantly Sonny Carter, descend upon Newfield, who still lies motionless on the cold concrete floor of the Goodfellas Casino. Carter stares upon his hired assassin in disbelief, as do many of the other officials who have gathered. One face whom you do not see in the crowd is Jimmy Moretti…

…EMT’s load Newfield onto a stretcher, with the Underground Hero’s head and neck stabilized as the screen fades to black.


Just before his huge sVo Hardcore Championship title defense, we see “Hollywood” Howie Banks backstage walking down the hallway and towards the entrance curtain. All of a sudden Paige Johnson comes out of nowhere and begins to talk to Howie Banks about a few things…

Paige Johnson: “Good luck in your title defense, Howie.”

She winks at him as she begins to walk off but Howie stops her before she goes.

Howie Banks: “Thanks, but I clearly do not need it.”

He winks at her and then is about to walk off but stops and turns around.

Howie Banks: “Not even the general manager can stop me now.”

He walks off down the hallway and begins to laugh hysterically.

Paige Johnson: “I guess what he doesn’t know, won’t kill him.”

She walks off down the hallway going the other way now.

Howie Banks (c) vs. Spring Heeled Jack vs. Night vs. Peter Gilmour

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold I’m changin’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song erupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seamlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a Singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

The demon in your mind will rape you in your bed at night
The wisdom of ages, the lies and outrages concealed
Time it waits for no man
My future, it is revealed
Time it waits for no man
My fate is sealed

If I cancel tomorrow, the undead will thank me today
Fly in the face of your prophets, I mock your morality plays
The moon is red and bleeding
The sun is burned and black
The book of life is silent
No turning back

Fog rolls over the curtain and down the ramp. The lights snap to a hellish combination of reds and oranges. Through the veil of swirling fog ‘the dark jester’ Spring Heeled Jack prances out onto the ramp, twirling a flaming baton. The silver bells on his boots and cap jingle merrily. Skipping down to the ring Jack tosses the baton high and does a quick handspring before catching it and stamping the butt end of it on the ramp. The flames are extinguished. Spring Heeled Jack hops up onto the ring and vaults the ropes to land lightly on the canvass.

The bell sounds.

That’s the sound of the bell and this match is on it’s way! All four competitors are fighting in a 30 minute iron man match as the clock has already started to count down. The mayhem begins with all four men running from each of their corners and to the center of the ring. Peter Gilmour goes right at Night for what he did to him in retaliation to the kick to the groin Peter Gilmour gave him at Hostile Violence. It was a back and forth attack from both men even though they were tag team partners for the evening. Howie Banks the current reigning sVo Hardcore Champion does battle with former sVo Hardcore Champion Spring Heeled Jack.

Both parties begin to throw right hands back and forth as well as lefts too. They use all kinds of arm maneuvers such as European uppercuts, throat thrusts, open hand chops to the chest as well as boots to the mid section and head lock take downs. Banks is on the mat as Jack has him locked in. He squeezes his head even tighter but Howie gets back up and then delivers a back suplex on to Spring Heeled Jack that has him let go of his head. Night and Peter Gilmour continue to battle it out in the corner as Peter Gilmour continues to lay across the knee shots into the abdomen area of Night.

All four men are in the corner as Howie Banks whips Spring Heeled Jack across the ring while Peter Gilmour whips Night across the ring. It looks as if Spring Heeled Jack and Night are going to collide but at the last second they reverse the Irish whip and send both Howie Banks and Peter Gilmour at each other as they bump into one another. They both turn around and are both clotheslined and knocked down to the ring mat. Night and Spring Heeled Jack then look at one another as Night grabs the hand of Jack and whips him into the corner. Night follows up and is back elbowed to the face. Jack comes out of the corner and nails a spinning heel kick.

The fans are going wild already for this match and it’s only just begun. No weapons have even been used yet and they haven’t even left the ring! The clock continues to count down as it is now at 27 minutes and 39 seconds left in this match up.

Spring Heeled Jack crawls under the bottom rope and to the outside floor as he takes the ring apron and lifts it up as he looks for some sort of weapons underneath the ring area. He grabs a trash can lid and brings it out and when he stands back up and is about to enter the ring we see Howie Banks who is up and he baseball slides and kicks the trash can lid right into the face of Spring Heeled Jack.

Meanwhile, in the ring again we have two men that really dislike each other. Night and Peter Gilmour. Both men back up in the middle of the ring and then quickly turn around and see each other’s faces. Night quickly boots Gilmour in the gut and then plants him down with a ddt into the mat. He hooks his leg as he goes for a pin fall attempt.


That did nothing to the extreme monster though as Peter Gilmour kicks out from it by raising his arm in the air and getting his shoulder off the ring mat before a three count could be contested. Howie Banks seems to make his way outside of the ring with Jack as he runs and clotheslines him over the barricade and into the crowd. Banks then hops over it and follows him wherever he is going.

Night seems to think he needs to use a weapon now as he goes to the outside floor and grabs a steel chair. He brings it back into the ring but before he can do anything with it, we see Peter Gilmour grab him by the throat and lift him straight up in the air. Banks and Jack continue to brawl in the crowd as Jack tosses a fans chair into Howie’s face. Gilmour now lifts up Night as Night has dropped the chair down now. Peter then drops his opponent down with a two handed choke slam across the steel chair back first!

Peter Gilmour has his legs up and Night’s shoulders are down as the referee makes a count.


There’s the first pin fall of the match as Peter Gilmour leads the iron man match.

Both Howie Banks and Spring Heeled Jack are at the top of the Goodfella’s Casino arena somewhere up in the bleachers as the camera’s try to stay with them. Banks tosses Jack head first through a glass plate window as Jack begins to bleed. Howie doesn’t waste anytime by getting on top of the man and hooking his leg for the pin fall.


There’s another pin fall, this time by champion “Hollywood” Howie Banks who is now tied with Peter Gilmour in the iron man match.

Peter Gilmour just heard word of the victory by Banks as he and Night continue to beat the holy hell out of each other in the ring. After the choke slam Peter took some deep breaths as he grabbed Night and gorilla press slammed him over the top ropes and through the announcer’s table that was around ring side area. Peter Gilmour leaves the ring and goes to make a pin fall on Night but out of nowhere coming down from the rafters and on a rope is Howie Banks himself.

He comes down and nails Peter Gilmour with a drop kick. Spring Heeled Jack begins to crawl down the stairs and towards all three men now as he is still bleeding. Banks now takes Gilmour and whips him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. He then proceeds by bashing his head off of it and the steel steps. After that he whips him shoulder first into the steel steps and Gilmour is in pain. Jack crawls over the barricade now as he makes his way over to Night who was put through the announcers table.

Jack crawls over and places one arm over top of Night as the referee makes a count.


There is a pin fall for Spring Heeled Jack as Banks hears about it and is not impressed. He turns his back on Gilmour and goes walking towards Jack as Peter gets up he runs and big boots Banks in the back of the head. Night and Jack are both laying there on the floor trying to regain energy as the fans continue to go nuts with cheers for this match. Definitely it is going to be a match of the year candidate!

Peter Gilmour picks up Banks and begins to lead him up the ramp way and towards the backstage area. Both Night and Spring Heeled Jack finally realize where they are as they begin to move around a little bit now. Gilmour boots Banks to the mid section and now goes for a power bomb on the stage. Banks blocks it though but Gilmour over powers him and does it anyways. He falls down to his knee’s as he slowly but surely goes for a pin on Howie Banks.


No! Spring Heeled Jack and Night stopped him from making the pin!

They pulled him off by pulling on each leg of Peter Gilmour. Night and Spring Heeled Jack now pick up Gilmour and double suplex him back first on the stage. Banks begins to slowly crawl away but Night catches up with him as Jack takes care of Gilmour now. Night and Banks begin to go backstage as Banks crawls away continously. He doesn’t know where he is as that power bomb from Gilmour almost took him out for good.

The time winds down as we are now at 16 minutes and 22 seconds. Night is the only one without a pin fall, submission or tko to add to his credit in this one. He is on the verge though as he continues to stalk his prey in “Hollywood” Howie Banks. Banks begins to get up now as Night spears him through a wall and both men are down. Night begins to get back up first though as he grabs Banks and places him on a table. Night now grabs a ladder out from a closet and brings it out. He sets it up and then begins to climb it. As he climbs it and is at the top, he looks to hit a major high flying maneuver.

Meanwhile Spring Heeled Jack and Peter Gilmour are making their way around the arena as they’ve found themselves in the casino room! Jimmy Moretti must not be happy about this as he watches on backstage, probably hoping and praying nothing gets damaged. But this is for the Hardcore Championship, there are no rules and anything can happen in the Sanctioned Violence Organisation!

And Night jumps off the ladder with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS splash on Howie Banks as both men go through the table!

Night is on top of him as the referee makes a count.


Finally, Night has a victory on his record now as he is tied with all three others in this iron man match.

As the referee’s begin to sort out the table away from both Night and Howie Banks, Peter Gilmour and Spring Heeled Jack continue their fight in the casino room. Gilmour spears Jack through a slot machine as it tips over and falls down and makes a big boom noise. Peter now picks up Spring Heeled Jack and brings him up around the stairs. As he goes to do another maneuver on him, down from the stairs with a missile dropkick is both Night and Howie Banks who have made their way over to the casino room themselves.

As Peter Gilmour and Spring Heeled Jack both fall to the ground, we see Howie Banks and Night get up after making that amazing leap from a flight of six stairs up. Night lifts Peter Gilmour up and then boots him in the groin just like Gilmour did to him at Hostile Violence. Banks begins to laugh aloud as he does it too. Spring Heeled Jack is back up and notices all the fun as he then kicks Gilmour in the testicles as well. The big extreme monster goes down as the fans cheer on from ring side as they watch what goes on.

All three men begin to laugh aloud as the big goof as Howie Banks grabs a hold of Night and tosses him onto a poker table. We see Spring Heeled Jack come on over and sit down on a table as Night climbs over the edge and sits down as well. Banks takes a seat now as Gilmour slowly but surely makes his way over to a seat as well. All four men in this match sit down, pick up some cards and begin to play a little game of Texas Hold Em’. The flop comes out and the game continues as Spring Heeled Jack ends up winning the whole pot.

We then hear Howie Banks say “FUCK” out loud while Night grins and Peter Gilmour picks up the table and flips it up on the Joker known as Spring Heeled Jack himself. Banks and Night then begin to double team on Peter Gilmour as they double suplex him through a craps table. Banks quickly turns on Night though but Night reverses him and grabs his head, kicks his feet off a wall and nails a bulldog across a table full of sVo merchandise.

Spring Heeled Jack makes his way out from under the table as Peter Gilmour starts to crawl away from the craps table he was put through. Jack makes his way over to Peter Gilmour while Night and Howie Banks begin to go towards Gilmour and Jack as well. All four men begin to stand up now as Jack runs at Night who drop toe holds him face first into a pool table. His jaw or teeth must be broken from that one!

Howie Banks runs at Peter Gilmour who picks him up from the side and drops him down into some sort of debris. He quickly hooks his leg and goes for a pin while Night slowly makes his way over to stop it. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like he is going to make it in time as the referee reaches to a 1 count.


And a three count and Peter Gilmour is up to two pin falls while the other three are at only two. The clock is turning down even more so now as it is at about 5 minutes and 11 seconds. It looks as if from that maneuver, “Hollywood” Howie Banks is unconscious. As the camera pans over to a fallen Spring Heeled Jack we take notice that he has too passed out from all the blood poured out. So it seems two men are out of this match and it’s down to both Night and Peter Gilmour.

Both men work there way up to a standing base now as they throw right hands back and forth. Peter Gilmour with more powerful and clubbing blows as Night begins to be put in his place a little bit. That is until Night begins to get some energy out of nowhere and he comes right on back with kicks to the side of Peter Gilmour who like the rest of the men in this match are very sore and in pain. The clock continues to tick down as it is now below 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Peter Gilmour however stops him with one knee to the gut. Night then grabs a pool stick from a pool table and smokes it over the head of Peter Gilmour as it breaks. Night now jumps on the pool table and jumps off as he latches on to Gilmour’s head and swings him down for a tornado ddt. He puts his arm over top of his body as the referee gets down to the rug and makes the count.


And as we are just under 4 minutes at approximately 3 minutes and 45 seconds left in the match, it is all tied up at two a piece! Night begins to move away from Peter Gilmour as he starts to help himself up by grabbing onto a door way. He stands up and when he turns around he sees his opponent Peter Gilmour stand up. As he stands up and turns around, both men are up and stand across from one another. The clock continues to count down as both men look to their right and notice the clock say 2 minutes left.

They come at one another and begin to throw all different types of objects at one another. Dice, chips, cards, the whole damn casino! Nothing seems to be stopping them though as they begin to battle outside of the casino area and up the stairs. As they make their way up the stairs, unsure of what the time is left on the clock, they begin to make their way up the stairs now. The time is running out as we are down below 1 minute now.

Peter Gilmour takes the advantage now over Night as he has him up in the air. He looks to the down stairs as he tosses Night down them and his body rolls to the mid center of them from a major choke slam! Night looks like he could be out of this one, passed out… maybe even dead. The referee checked on him, the time ran out just before he could sense if Night was knocked out or not. The ref checks while Peter Gilmour is at the top praising himself thinking he has won it! Unfortunately though, Night isn’t done yet! He is beginning to sit up as he crawls the stairs! Gilmour is dancing around like a little school girl, or in “Hollywood” Howie Banks words, a dirty prostitute who just made a fast big buck!

We then see the referee at the top of the stairs tell Peter Gilmour that the match isn’t over because Night wasn’t knocked out and this match has now been ordered on to SUDDEN DEATH!

Night comes from behind him and rolls him up in a small package pinning predicament! Peter Gilmour reverses it in his own though as he rolls him down the stairs. Both men begin to go down the stairs as they come fast and hard. This looks to be hurtful and whoever lands on top may have this one! Both men are down off the steps and it looks like Night has his legs crossed over on Peter Gilmour’s for the pin. Here comes the count!


And that’s all she wrote! This sudden death match up for the sVo Hardcore Championship is over! We have winner and a NEW champion, that man’s name is Night!

RESULT: Night def. Howie Banks, Peter Gilmour & Spring Heeled Jack via pinfall


Sitting across from each other, the new sVo Hardcore Champion known as Night and the former sVo Hardcore Champion, Howie Banks were gossiping about how the match went. Night who defeated Peter Gilmour at the very ending and Howie Banks who had been passed out discussed how bad all the blood was and pain they were talking about how sore there bodies were. The camera pans in closer to hear the conversation.

Howie Banks: “Congrats, man.”

He pats Night on the back and then coughs aloud.

Howie Banks: “You are the NEW sVo Hardcore Champion.”

He smiles as he holds his face in pain.

Night: “Well, I’d be lying if I said you didn’t put up one hell of a fight. I expected a war and you certainly didn’t disappoint.”

As Howie is about to leave the room he turns back to Night.

Night grimaces as a trainer gets to work on Night’s right ankle. He glances down into his lap where the glimmering gold of the Hardcore Title shines up at him and for a moment, the pain seems to vanish from him.

Night: “Although you might or might not think so, it’s my opinion that you held this title with great honor.”

He bows his head as much as he can, favoring his neck as he does so.

Night: “So… what does the future hold for Howie Banks? You know, if you require a re-match I will of course honor that wish…”

Howie Banks: “Well – duh… You know I want my remat-“

Before he can say anything else, Paige Johnson steps into the room with both men.

Night: “Paige…”

He nods and smiles at the general manager as she begins to make an announcement.

Paige Johnson: “First of all, congratulations to you, Night.”

Night smiles.

Paige then turns to “Hollywood” Howie Banks.

Paige Johnson: “I told you no matter what that you would lose the belt tonight, Howie.”

She pauses.

Paige Johnson: “I’m just glad that you lost it either way.”

Howie looks confused.

Paige Johnson: “Did you not get my email about losing the belt, Howie?”

Howie Banks: “Obviously not…”

He ponders, wondering what she was talking about.

Paige Johnson: “Well, we were going to have you move on up in sVo. So grab your stuff, your headed to the International Division.”

Howie looks shocked, he had no idea about this big great opportunity. Night looks impressed as well.

Night: “Heh, well… so much for that rematch.”

Howie looks to Night and begins to chuckle aloud.

Howie Banks: “Someday…”

He then extends the hand out to Night who smiles and shakes back. Howie then is taken by Paige Johnson out of the room as they walk down the hallway leaving Night all by himself.


So, to say the least, this was set to be the most influential match in Kelly Flawless’s sVo career thus far.


Mike Best vs. Kelly Flawless.

The heralded, celebrated World Champion.

Versus the promising, immensely talented sVo up and comer.

It had the potential to steal the show. And it was conceivably the beginning of a battle for the reigns of the organization’s upper card.

Kelly sat in his dressing room, ear bud headphones feeding up from an iPod into his ears. Unlike his previous contests, this one actually counted. He was slated to face a real opponent. An adversary that, if Kelly wasn’t on his game, would, in all likelihood, dismantle him – limb by limb.

The Golden Boy hadn’t been involved in a contest with these types of career-related implications since he faced Alias for his United States Championship those many months ago in ACW.

But this was a different Kelly Flawless.

No longer did he possess that resounding non-confidence. It was now the polar opposite, in fact. He walked with an aura; he wrestled like he was truly the best. And that very well may have been the case. But he’d still yet to prove his worth within the squared circle.

That would all change tonight.

He was confident.

He was capable.

He was ready.

Kelly ascended from the steel folding chair, left the iPod to its lonesome, and exited his locker room on his way to the proving grounds.

He was stepping into the lion’s den with the deadliest animal the organization had in its repertoire.


We head backstage where sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti is standing by with interviewer Tamara Boyd. Moretti looks to be in a happy mood as he looks Boyd up and down.

Tamara Boyd – “Last week at Hostile Violence the sVo was victorious in their battle against Hostility wrestling? Where do you see the future of the company going after the historic win?”

Jimmy Moretti – “Well the sVo is only heading on one direction right now, and that is onwards and upwards! Hostile Violence was a hard struggle, but thanks to one man coming in and doing what many doubted he could do the sVo came out victorious. Next week we will properly honour that great man for all he has done for the sVo!”

Tamara Boyd – “Who? Jon Page?”

Jimmy Moretti looks at Tamara Boyd as if she has just farted.

Jimmy Moretti – “No. There is only one man I am talking about, possibly the greatest wrestler in the history of the sVo…… Mike Best!”

Tamara Boyd – “Best?”

Jimmy Moretti – “Yes the one and only sVo Champion. Best got the job done in the main event at Hostile Violence and won the night for the sVo. That’s why next week Showdown #15 will be dedicated as the Mike Best appreciation night!”

Tamara Boyd looks at Moretti as if he has lost his mind.

Jimmy Moretti – “And in advance of next weeks celebrations, I have let Mike pick his own opponent for the main event title defence at our Roll the Dice PPV, and the man with the great honour of fighting for the title will be……. Johnny All Star!”

Tamara Boyd – “But Johnny All Star and Mike Best have been working in partnership for weeks now! How can they fight each other in the main event of a PPV? Isn’t their the danger that one will simply lay down for the other and the fans who will have to pay $14.99 to watch will get screwed over!?”

Jimmy Moretti shrugs his shoulders, showing how much he cares about the fans.

Jimmy Moretti – “Hey, who am I to argue with what Best wants. He saved this company last week, I am sure him and All Star will put on a great main event! Now make sure you dress up nice next week Tamara, its going to be a special show!”

Tamara Boyd rolls her eyes as Jimmy Moretti marches off with a smile on his face.


*The cameras immediately cut to the backstage area where the locker room Psyko Stevo was previously standing in earlier in the night has been transformed into a gigantic gala event. The walls have been completely decorated with all kinds of glitz, there are a number of tables with bottles of champagne and centerpieces adorning the room. There is a gigantic disco ball hanging from the ceiling and elegant napkins at every placesetting. The scene is completely perfect until…*

Stevo: WHAT!!!!!

*The cameras pan to the side and we see Psyko Stevo, sporting a three piece suit and standing at the head table with a look of shock on his face.*

Stevo: WHAT!!!!!

*Psyko Stevo looks down in disbelief at a television monitor which is showing the recap of the Mike Best/Jimmy Moretti scene which took place just moments ago. The scene ends once again but Stevo’s gaze remains fixed on the monitor.*

Stevo: Johnny… Johnny… Star… All… Johnny… All… Star? Johnny fucking All Star!?

*Stevo can’t take it anymore, he immediately extends his hands and flips over the table which had been maticiously set up.*

Stevo: Johnny All Star is deserving of ANOTHER World Title shot? Mike Best is the ‘savior’ of the sVo? What the hell is going on here? Is this some kind of sick joke? Did Moretti take a double dose of ignorant pills this morning before coming to work?! Air… I need… Air…

*Stevo starts to hyperventilate and members of the party decoration crew rush over to his side.*

Stevo: Get away from me!

*Stevo pushes the members of the party decoration crew to the side before flipping over another table and ripping streamers down which were hanging from the ceiling.*

Stevo: Mike Best appreciate night? Appreciation for what? Julian Fiasco barely even showed up for that match! It was Jon Page and myself who carried the sVo on our backs… we were the ones who shifted the entire tide of the night… it was ME… I DID IT!

*Stevo continue to tear streamers down as he walks across the room. Suddenly, his foot gets caught on a chair, rather then reach down to get it untangled though he just kicks high up into the air and the chair goes flying off in the distance, nearly hitting one of the members of the decoration crew in the face.*

Stevo: Where’s Psyko Stevo appreciation night?! Where’s my glory!? Dammit!

*Stevo picks up a chair which is at his side and hurls it into the air and snarls a sick look of disdain as it collides with the disco ball, shattering it into thousands of pieces all over the room.*

Stevo: You won’t get away with this Moretti… this won’t stand!

*Without any warning, we hear a very familiar sounding voice in the distance. The sounds of machines are then heard and we see a large hole in the floor appear.*

Voice: Your the best… a-round… no-bodies ever gonna take you down… you’re the best… a-round… cha cha cha… one two three… no bodies every gonna keep him down.

*A spotlight shines on a makeshift stage that has been risen from the basement up to the ‘ballroom’. In the center of the spotlight is none other then Las Vegas legend, Wayne Newton! Newton appears to be blinded by the light and doesn’t notice that the entire room has been trashed, so he continues his act as the pre-programed music which is playing dies down a bit, but can still be heard.*

Wayne Newton: Ladies and gents… I’d like to take a moment here to acknowledge a very close and personal friend of mine, he’s the number… one… contender… to the Worlld title… Stevo. Give him a round of applause people!

*The spotlight is turned off and Wayne Newton stops in the middle of his act and looks around in disbelief.*

Wayne Newton: What the hell happened!?

*Stevo stands in the middle of the room and looks up at Wayne Newton… rather then saying anything though, Stevo just turns his back and walks out of the room. The cameras follow Stevo as he makes his way down a hallway, muttering to himself the entire time.*

Stevo: So that’s the way you want to play, Moretti? Fine… no more mister nice guy… from here on out, I’m playing hardball.

*The cameras fade to black as Psyko Stevo kicks open the set of double doors leading out of the Goodfellas Casino and into the rather cool Las Vegas night.*

Mike Best vs. Kelly Flawless

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalyzes a chorus of jeers that resonates throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful rise to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. It seems as though it’s something that breaks the bounds of kayfabe; they have a genuine hatred for Kelly Flawless. The only thing that supercedes the intense reaction he receives, and the profound dislike that the fans share towards him, is the disturbing smirk he wears as he parts the entranceway curtain. The Blonde Bomber is actually enjoying their reaction.

He marches down the steel ramp, cackling to himself – feeding off their resentment. He realizes he’s taken multiple shots at them, but he doesn’t care; in his mind, he is second only to God. And even that line is a little blurred at some times.

He rolls under the bottom rope, his hair sparkling like the death of a thousand stars. His mouth is like an out of control automatic weapon – unloading at anything that comes near. He is in the ring for one sole purpose: to back up the rounds that his lips are firing.

He paces the squared circle; ready as always for combat.

Kelly’s eyes narrow as the lights in the arena begin to slowly dim, and a low golden spotlight shines down into the entranceway.

“Work it

Make it

Do it

Makes us





The Tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain, the shimmering sVo Championship slung snugly over his shoulder. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, before raising the championship high over his head to a vicious hissing from the crowd.

He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match, staring back at Kelly Flawless with a devilish grin. The bell rings, and the two biggest heels in the Sanctioned Violence Organization aren’t shy about taking their time in getting things going. Flawless yawns in his corner, checking to make sure his boots are properly laced up, much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance, dying to see the company’s two most hated men beat the hell out of each other. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Best follows suit on the opposite corner of the ring, stretching his hamstrings and pulling to check that the ropes are properly secured. The referee stands in the center of the ring, growing impatient, as he once again calls for the bell to be rung, beginning the match.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, both men cautiously make their way towards the middle of the ring, eyeing each other up and down carefully. The fans, nearly in a riot at this point, explode as both men drop into a fierce lock up, fighting and jockeying for position. After a few seconds in the tie-up, however, the booing begins again as both men back off, taking a few steps back. Flawless raises his hands up, shrugging his shoulders as Best points to his head, implying he’s employing some kind of strategy. Once again, both men charge in, locking up tightly in the center of the ring as the fans cheer on, but just like last time they are horribly disappointed to see both men back off of one another and retreat to their mutual corners. In his own corner, Best once again checks the ropes to be sure they are properly tight and secured down, calling over the referee for a second opinion. Kelly Flawless, intrigued by the spectacle, approaches the corner to check out the scene. The three men banter back and forth for a minute, as both Flawless and Best seem very concerned about the safety of the ring. The referee, frustrated, tries to explain to them that everything is alright, but they aren’t listening.

Finally, after a few moments of arguing, Best drops down to the canvas, rolling out of the ring and grabbing a microphone from the timekeeper’s table. He steps back up the ring steps, slowly, and ducks under the ropes.

Best: Ladies and gentlemen, we seem to be having some technical difficulties. I know you all bought tickets tonight to see me and Kelly Flawless tear the house down in a match that SHOULD’VE been the main event–

Best raises his eyebrows, pausing for a moment. It should’ve been the main event. What was Moretti thinking? This thing wasn’t even the second to last match on the card. It’s supposed to be proceeded by Page and Wildman. Page and Wildman. PAGE AND WILDMAN? Hellen Keller could put on a better wrestling match than those two. He shrugs his shoulders, moving on.

Best: But sadly, we are having some doubts about the security of these ring ropes right here, and due to our safety concerns, it seems this match isn’t going to take place here tonight.

The outrage of the fans is deafening, and they begin to boo and chant things not acceptable for a live television broadcast. Best tries to hide his amusement as he feigns being just as upset as them. Kelly Flawless cautiously approaches The Mike Effect, taking the microphone from his outstretched hand and moving back towards his own corner.

Flawless: It’s true. We don’t like it any more than the rest of you. I mean, you all know how badly I was looking forward to beating the sVo Champion here tonight?

The booing intensifies, as the crowd looks on at the two cowards in the ring. Best furrows his eyebrows, stepping forward towards Flawless. He reaches out, snatching the microphone back with an angry intensity.

Best: Kelly, I hate to break it to you, kid, but there isn’t a single ass in a single seat out there who showed up to see Kelly Flawless beat Mike Best. They came here to see Mike Best beat the hell out of Kelly Flawless!

The fans boo even harder, as Flawless steps forward yet again, going nose to nose with the champion.

Kelly: Is that so, ‘champ’?

Best returns his stare, pressing his forehead right up against Kelly’s.

Best: Yeah, ‘chump.’

Flawless begins to back off, a look of rage on his face. Suddenly, he turns back towards the champ, nearly taking his head off with a vicious clothesline! The crowd goes insane as Flawless begins stomping the sVo Champion, tearing into him with hard boots to the midsection! The Blonde Bomber grabs Best by the back of the hair, lifting him to his feet. Best stumbles around, barely having time to regain his composure before Kelly Flawless grabs him by the back of the tights, beal-tossing him over the ropes and right down to the concrete floor below!

The fans, excited to see the sVo Champion taking a beating, go nuts! The referee leans over the ropes, checking to be sure that Best is alright. Taking the opportunity to remain unseen, Kelly Flawless reaches down into his tights. He shuffles around with the waistband, trying to get something unstuck, before finally pulling out the object he’d been searching for. It’s a pair of brass knuckles! The crowd begins to boo again as Kelly slips the metal weapon onto his hand, concealing it behind his back. Meanwhile, outside of the ring, Best is digging around inside of his boot, ‘relieving the pressure’ of his hurting foot. Instead, however, he also pulls out a pair of brass knuckles! The referee turns back to Flawless, giving Best a perfect opportunity to slip the brass instrument over top of his fist, concealing it the best he can as he slides back into the ring!

Back to square one, both men circle each other like dear, each eying the other suspiciously. Suddenly, both men decide to charge at the same time, unveiling their brass covered fists! Before they can make contact, however, both men seem to notice what they’ve done, and stop dead in their tracks. Best looks at Flawless’ brass covered knuckle, and then back at his own. At the same time, Flawless look’s at Best’s fist, back at his own, and then over at the referee. They look back at each other, and as the fans wonder what could possibly happen next, both men drop their fists and begin to laugh! They point at one another, chuckling back and forth at the coincidental plots. Finally, breaking the awkwardness, Flawless picks up the microphone that had previously fallen to the canvas, raising it to his lips.

Flawless: Alright, alright. This clearly isn’t going to work. We’re both too fucking awesome. Mike, you better just tell ’em.

He shoves the microphone forward into Best’s hands. The champion looks down, then back up at Kelly, and shakes his head.

Best: No, no, you tell them Kelly. I think it would be better that way.

He shoves the microphone back into the arms of his opponent, who begins to shake his head back at the champion.

Flawless: No, I insist. Really.

He tosses the microphone back, raising his eyebrows and gesturing towards Best with a wicked grin. Best grins back, gesturing out towards the crowd with an open hand.

Best: Fiiiiiine. Look, ladies and jerks, this just isn’t gonna happen here tonight. Maybe Big Lots was closed, maybe Springer wasn’t on tonight, or maybe there just wasn’t anyplace open tonight where you could pick up a cold sore and a twelve pack at the same time, but one way or another I know you were all looking forward to this match tonight, and for very good reason. Kelly Flawless here is one of the best young talents I’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring. He’s SO talented, in fact, that I didn’t wanna FIGHT him here tonight, I wanted to RECRUIT him!

The loudest boo of the night comes from this last statement, and the resentment in the air is thick enough to cut with a knife. Best has never smiled bigger in his life as he passes the microphone off to his associate.

Flawless: That’s right, fuckers! Mr. Best here has so graciously been scouting me for the last several weeks, and this month at sVo’s Roll The Dice, I was supposed to announce my decision to the world. My decision, of course, is to join Mr. Best and his band of miscreants, further establishing them… or should I say us… as the best in this arena, the best in the sVo, and the best in the business. But Jimmy Moretti went and fucked it all up.

He shakes his head, feigning sadness as he hands the microphone back to Best.

Best: Yes, yes he did. Jeez, Jim, I don’t know what’s gotten into you. Booking me against the man who was going to join the most illustrious group in sport’s entertainment history? Making us wrestle for these toothless idiots? Come onnnnnn…. you’re smarter than that Jimmy. So let me tell you what’s gonna happen here, Kelly. We’re gonna go ahead and give this thing an ending, and get the hell out of here so these fans can get back to watching the best of the mediocre that the sVo has to offer. If you’ll kindly just lie down, I’ll make the cover, and that’ll be all she wrote.

He smiles, gesturing towards the mat for Flawless to lie down. Instead, he reaches forward and takes the microphone.

Flawless: That is an EXCELLENT idea, champ! But I have a better one… how about YOU lie down, and I’LL make the cover? What better to springboard the career of your new protégé than by helping him beat the champion of the sVo?

Flawless gestures towards the canvas, much in the same way his associate had a moment ago. Once again, there is little compliance. Instead, he takes the microphone.

Best: Well, that’s a thought I suppose. We could make that happen… BUT, what better way to show your appreciation for the champion than to lie down and…

Flawless snatches the microphone from him mid-sentence, and digresses slightly.

Flawless: Okay – this shit could go on all night. How about we just settle on a draw? And that’s a pretty remarkable offer coming from me. Ties are like banging your sister.

As if on a cue, both men drop to their backs, acting as if they are passed out. With one ‘last ditch effort’, both men drape an arm over the other, causing them to each be pinning the other. The referee, just ready to get the hell out of the ring at this point, drops down to make the cover.




At two and a half, both men threw up their alternate shoulder! The crowd showers them with boos as they each sit up, shaking their head and laughing in disbelief as they climb to their feet. This time, Best picks up the microphone.

Best: Alright, so great minds think alike. Damn. Fine, if we can’t trust each other to lose cleanly, then I guess the only way to do it is….

Flawless: I think I get the idea.

Kelly shot a wink to Best.

Without another word, both men turn to the referee. Before he has a chance to run, Flawless has booted him in the stomach, shoving the ref’s head in between his well muscled and toned thighs. He lifts him up into a piledriver position, as Best comes off the ropes with extreme force! Best lifts off his feet, jumping up and helping Flawless deliver a perfect spike piledriver in the center of the ring! The referee looks half dead as he lies motionless on the canvas, and Flawless picks the microphone back up. Both men smile like idiots, leaning in to the microphone at the same time.


The cackle uncontrollably, nearing doubling over in pain from the laughter. Most of the fans are still booing, but many have given up on caring about the antics going on in the ring. Strutting around cockily, Best and Flawless duck out of the ring through the ropes. On the outside, they boot the timekeeper and ring announcer out of their chairs, taking a seat at ringside.

Flawless: Okay, Mike. This shit’s over and done with, but I’m not exactly ready to head backstage.

Best: Me either, Kelly. What say you we stay out here and watch Jon Page kick the crap out of Jay Wildman?

Flawless: You think Jon Page is going to beat Jay Wildman?

Best: I think he will if we stay ringside.

He smirks over at his new partner in crime, as the next match is set to begin.


Jay Wildman vs. Jon Page

I been taking all the silver
I been saving all the gold
I’m gonna stuff it down the throat
Of a week old corpse
Save that doggone soul
I been saving up my pain
I’m gonna give it back in spades
I been strangling the cries
From the murder of love
Save your soul tonight

Bodies by Danzig hits the sound system and boos begin to ring out around the arena for sVo’s Norwegian superstar Jay Wildman. Wildman raises his hands up into the air as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp and pyros shoot up alongside the entrance ramp. Wildman then begins to slowly walk down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring. Wildman climbs up onto the second rope to signal to the fans again, before pyros once again shoot up around the ringside arena to announce Wildman’s entrance to the ring!

‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez hits the sound system and cheers accompany the 50% sVo Owner Jon Page to the ringside area! Page raises his hands in the air to motion to the fans as he makes his way down the entrance ramp looking more that ready for battle! Page stares at Mike Best and Kelly Flawless who have taken up a position next to the announcers and are sitting watching the fight from ringside. Page rolls into the ring and taunts to the fans one last time, as Flawless and Best put down their popcorn to clap the sVo owner as Jay Wildman looks on increasingly annoyed.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Page and Wildman slowly make their way to the middle of the ring before tying up in the centre. Wildman tries to force Page back, but Jon Page uses his strength to lift Wildman up into the air and slam him back down to the mat. The crowd cheer the move from Page, but Wildman is quickly back up to his feet and manages to nail Page with some right hands to send the sVo 50% owner backwards into the ropes.

Best and Flawless boo at ringside as Wildman whips Page into the ropes, before catching him with a clothesline as he bounces back towards him. Jay Wildman grabs Page by the hair as he gets back up to his feet holding his face, before sending him back down to the mat with a side Russian legsweep. Wildman begins to hit Page with some mounted punches, as Flawless and Best begin to throw pieces of popcorn at him. Jay Wildman suddenly stands up to his feet and marches over to where Best and Flawless are sitting and challenges them to get into the ring!

However before Best or Flawless have the chance to respond to the challenge, Jon Page nails Wildman with a shot to the back before taking him down to the mat with a German suplex. The crowd cheer for the beutifally executed move, before Page rolls Wildman up looking for a three count.



No! Much to the disappointment of the new found friends watching at ringside, Wildman gets a shoulder up off of the mat before a three count can be registered.

Jon Page slowly rises back up to his feet and brings Jay Wildman with him. Page nails Wildman with some right hands, however Jay Wildman suddenly ducks under the right arm of Page and nails the 50% owner with a spear takedown! Wildman pummels Page with big right hands before allowing him up to his feet. Page staggers up, only to be met with a snap suplex from Jay Wildman who looks to be in complete control of the match! Wildman stands over Page waiting for his opponent to get up from the mat, however as he does it seems like Mike Best doesn’t want to watch any more of this match up, as the sVo owner slides into the ring with a steel chair!

The crowd boo, but Wildman doesn’t even see it coming as Best smashes Wildman in the back of the head with the steel chair! The referee instantly calls for the bell to be rung, as a smug looking Mike Best stands over Wildman!

RESULT: Jay Wildman def. Jon Page via DQ


Mike Best stares down at the fallen body of Jay Wildman, whilst he is passed a microphone by Kelly Flawless.

Best: Jay, that was impressive. It really was. Competing against the half owner of the Sanctioned Violence Organization, after he wrestled a PPV match last week immediately following coming out of a coma? WOW. Let me tell you, you’re proving your worth as a contender to the sVo Championship more and more by the day. And in light of your recent attacks on me, my personal property, and my general way of life, it seems to me that the only logical conclusion is to finally man up and defend my sVo World Championship next week on Showdown!

The fans in the arena explode, and a huge grin comes over the face of Jay Wildman, who nods his head in approval.

Best: Oh, but not against you, Jay. See, Jimmy Moretti has already decided that I’m going to defend my World Championship at Roll The Dice against Johnny All-Star, and I don’t think I want to lose any steam going into that match on the 4th of February, so kicking your ass next week is out of the question. Instead, I’m going to agree to put my title on the line next week at Showdown 15, against none other than — EL HOMBRE BLANCO!

A chorus of boos emanates from the crowd, and Wildman begins hurling obscenities at the champion from inside the ring.


The lights overhead flicker once before the entire sVo Arena goes dark. A chant of “What the Fuck” goes up from the fans in attendance only to be replaced by resounding cheers as a single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp revealing Johnny All-Star decked out in his sVo jersey with a mic in hand as Pretty Vegas hits the arena.

The spotlight illuminating the entrance ramp goes out as All-Star starts making his way down the ramp, and a series of spotlights go on and off in sequence until he hits the ring, one spotlight illuminating the ring while the rest of the arena is in complete darkness.

All-Star lifts the mic to speak but is unable to do so with all the cheers coming from the hometown crowd. Finally as the All-Star chants die down he lifts the mic to speak a smirk on his face.

JAS – Wow, can you feel the love here in Vegas tonight?

All-Star laughs as the crowd once again explode in a round of cheers again. He paces the ring again until the crowd dies down.

JAS – Welcome to Under the Spotlight with yours truly. One of many special segments I plan on doing. Quiet the PPV last weekend. Especially for one Johnny All-Star, defeating Hostility’s Vincent Valentino, sVo certainly sent Hostility packing.

Big mistake, once again the fans erupt in sVo chants.

Johnny smiles as he lifts the mic back up quieting the crowd.

JAS – But that’s not why I’m out here tonight. I’ve been teasing something for weeks now, and I’m gonna deliver. Let me recap. Seems there are a few men fighting for the fate of sVo and two of these men vying to get All-Star on their side. Well I’m in the middle of my own dilemma trying to figure out who the father of Mrs. Starzano’s baby boy is. Surprise… Surprise. Two of these very men fighting for the fate of sVo are two of my prime suspects. Tonight I along with everyone else will find out the truth.

All-Star reaches around his back pulling out a manila tucked into the back of his pants. He begins to pace the ring waving the envelope in the air.

JAS – And I have the results right here. Guess I should bring the men in question out eh.

Woke up This Morning by A3 hits the arena and Jimmy Moretti walks out onto the entrance ramp and makes his way down to the ring chomping on his cigar, a spotlight following him down.

JAS – Next if we could have Mr. Sonny Carter out here.

Sonny Carter hits the entrance ramp accompanied by The Executioner Peter Gilmour. As they start making their way down the ramp All-Star throws a hand up into the air.

JAS – Whoa … Whoa. This is my segment and I won’t have mugly there messing things up. Just send him back to the back where he belongs Sonny, and if he’s got a problem with that I’ll be all too happy to straighten things out in the ring at a later time.

Carter talks things over with Gilmour and sends him back before making his way to the ring.

All three men stand in the ring. Moretti and Carter stare at each other almost ready to throw down. All-Star paces behind them mic in hand.

JAS – Well this is certainly interesting isn’t it? There’s tonnes I could say to either one of you, but I along with everyone else here is waiting for the answer. So let’s get to it shall we?

All-Star reaches behind himself tucking the mic into the back of his jeans as he rips open the envelope pulling out the paper. He drops the envelope to the floor as he pulls the mic back out. He looks at the paper for a moment before speaking.

JAS – Well this is certainly interesting. Hmmmm….. How to do this? Oh I got it. KILL THE SPOTLIGHT.

With that signal the spotlight goes out plunging the arena into darkness. As the lights go out there is a loud thud as the mic hits the ring and the sounds of a scuffle.

As the spotlight illuminates the ring Johnny All-Star and Jimmy Moretti are the only ones left standing in the ring. Moretti has a look of shock on his face until he realizes what happened and he smirks down at the unconscious Sonny Carter on the ground.

Johnny throws his arms wide with a mock smile on his face.

JAS – Congratulations Jimmy it’s a boy.

As the two men in the ring stare at one another the spotlight flickers before it goes out again. Another thud as the mic hits the ring and the sound of sickening metal thuds emanate from the ring.

As the arena lights come back up the fans are in shock as Anthony Moretti is in the middle of the ring standing over an unconscious bleeding Johnny All-Star screaming at the top of his lungs.


The scene fades as Anthony Moretti lifts the chair over his head to deliver another blow, and Jimmy Moretti is trying to wrestler the chair from his son.

Alex Ross (c) vs. Cody Williams

The stage is set.

The time has come.

The dust has settled.

And there were nearly 10,000 screaming fans anticipating the Main Event of the evening, Alex Ross defending his title against Cody Williams. These fans purchased their tickets with an all-star of a line-up and only found out they would be witnessing a gimmick match where a title would be on the line at the beginning of the show.

This is it folks, coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas, NEVADA!!!

The Ladder was already in place outside the ring, as was sVo’s International Championship hung from a rung a mere 18-inches away from the top of where the ladder should be placed. The anticipation was interrupted by…

The sound of a THX Dolby Digital Surround Sound test fills the arena, synchronized to the slow dimming of the house lights. “Head Like A Hole (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails plays on the speakers. Gold lights and lasers wander throughout the arena as smoke and the flashing of a strobe light covers the entrance way.

Bow down before the one you serve

You’re going to get what you deserve

Bow down before the one you serve

You’re going to get what you deserve

Out steps a long legged, voluptuous, dark haired woman who stops at the top of the ramp. She looks at the crowd who is in awe of her beauty. She giggles then turns back and points to the entrance. Through the curtain comes “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams. He moves to the right of the ramp and looks at the crowd before heading towards the left. He looks at his valet Sasha and moves close to her, embracing her and staring deep into her eyes. He kisses her on the lips and embraces her hand. The two make their way down to the ring, Cody taking his time with an overwhelming bit of confidence in his step. The two make their way onto the apron: Sasha slowly entering the ring, bending over and showing off her assets. Cody stares and makes motion of his heart beating fast. He slaps her on the ass and steps into the ring. He rushes to the nearest corner and raises his arms up and stares into the crowd. He jumps down and stands in front of Sasha who rubs his chiseled b ody while she takes off his fur coat and sunglasses.

Williams was welcomed to quite the response being the hard-working, blue collar wrestler he is trying to defeat one of the crowd’s arch nemesis’ in Alex Ross. Speak of the devil…

“Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA system. The lights dim and at the entranceway a spotlight shines gold through fog. The arena is instantly filled with boo’s and cheers showing their dis-appreciation for the International Champion Alex Ross, who was dressed in a gold suit with white pinstripes, emerges from the curtain and raises his right arm into the air. Behind Alex Ross was his newly acquired manager, a menacing force by the name of Gary, who would most definitely make sure that Ross wouldn’t have any other worries for the night other than Cody Williams. Alex makes his way to the ring ignoring the entire crowd who extend a hand for a quick slap-5. He instead walks by them whipping himself clean as if he were using sterilizer with a disgusted look on his face. Once through the ropes, Ross steps up to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He hops down and slips his jacket off, tossing it ringside.

Ross looked across the ring at the man who earned his right to compete for the title he currently occupies and noticed the two men are of exact same size. A pound difference at most.

Williams looked across at the more experienced, Ross who he would love nothing more than to strip the title from. Speaking of the title, Williams looked up to get one last look at what could very well be his at the end of the night…

Bad idea.

Ross came running across the ring and took the rookie down with a monster clothesline that took both men off their feet. Ross wasted no time allowing Williams to attempt to grab his throat to prevent the now-swollenness to constrict his breathing and Ross took him by the back of the head and continued to smash his face into the top turnbuckle.

Williams attempted to gain the advantage by sending a quick elbow at the face of Alex Ross but Ross telegraphed it, ducked it and used the leverage to lift his opponent into the air and drop him down with a stiff knee to the groin.

Alex Ross looked up to taunt the fans as he pulled the Reflection of Perfection up by his long hair. Ross attempted an Irish Whip into the opposing corner however Williams turned it around and sent the Champ into the corner himself, only to follow up soon after and receive a boot to the chin.

The impact of the blow took Williams off his feet and forced him to shake cobwebs out of his head after that one, the fans showed their unappreciated opinions in the form of boo’s towards the International Champ.

Ross had his eyes on the prize and it was obvious as he Irish Whipped Williams into the opposing ropes to come back and go for the big-time body slam. However Williams somehow managed to slip out of the hold and send himself into the ropes facing the back of Ross to come back and connect with a flying clothesline that caught Ross the split second he turned around.

The impact of the blow gave Williams some time, but almost just as much as it took Ross to get up and it was a race to who got to their feet first. Ross attempted to keep the pace of the match in his favor with a boot to the gut attempt but was taken over by Williams pulling his ankle towards himself and dropping him with a side-step elbow to the chin.

The fans were loving it as Williams was gaining positive momentum!

Williams went flying into the opposing ropes coming back and showing his INCREDIBLE athleticism with a picture perfect senton-leg drop that had a death-defying impact on Alex Ross’ throat. A move that had the fans going wild!

Williams wasted no time sliding out of the ring and grabbing the ladder from the outside of the ring and sliding it in, setting it up and attempting to go for the first attempt of the night to gain the International Championship.

Ross was only shaking cobwebs out of his head by the time Williams was at the third rung on the ladder and by the time he was at the 5th of 10 steps, Williams scrapped his plan for the title, jumped off the ladder landed with his crotch in the face of Williams, either leg on either shoulder and executed a nearly perfect hurricanarana!

The Reflection of Perfection has made quick work of the champ and quickly made his way back up the ladder towards the title.

And it look as if he’d made it, HE’S ONE STEP AWAY!


The ladder AND Cody Williams went tumbling as the wise champion swept the ladder out from underneath while he was still laid out and Williams was sent flying out of the ring onto the stiff mats outside!

Alex Ross began to stir and make it to his feet first but was met as Williams gained a sudden burst of energy, slid into the ring and began wailing on Ross. Left! Right! Left! Ri…WHAM!

The Champ made Williams punch attempts look like those cheap Rick Flair knife-edge chops, you KNOW those never work bro! and socked “Perfection” a solid right cross to the jaw and buckled his knees and sent him to the canvas with UPS-Rush Delivery Service.

Ross didn’t let Cody recuperate at all and picked the rookie up by his long hair and sent him flying into the ropes to come back to a belly-to-belly overhead suplex…


…that put Williams on his back right on the fallen ladder in the ring with sickening impact. Ross had enough of toying around and playing games as he set the ladder up himself in the middle of the ring for the first time and began to climb it cautiously making sure Williams wouldn’t sneak up behind him and sweep the ladder from beneath his feet.

Ross made it to about the 6th step before he saw Williams begin to stir and took a dive himself, front flipping slowly forward catching Williams PERFECTLY in a BEAUTIFUL fall-out front-face neck breaker finish.

The fans even gave up their appreciation for the sanctioned violence in the ring, even for one of the most hated men in the business, the International Champ Alex Ross.

Cody Williams took whatever he had left in the tank to attempt to gain momentum and attempted some punches to the gut as he was lifted to his feet but it looked like it wouldn’t work, yet again. Ross sent Williams soaring into the opposing ropes and Williams wisely ducked a clothesline attempt but somehow managed to knock the ladder over on his way through. Ross turned around in the nick of time to catch Williams flying head butt attempt and turn it into a…


Oh my god!

Tornado DDT!

Cody Williams saved himself from being reversed into a sweeping spine buster and turned it into a beautifully executed Tornado DDT that spiked Ross’ head stiffly against the ladder!

Both men were laid out in the ring for an extended series of time before either of them even started moving. Williams was obviously to his feet first but he’d learned his lesson already, he wasn’t about to go for the gold just yet. His opponent needed some more work done.

Williams forced Ross to his feet by grabbing his shoulder length hair and whipped him into the opposing ropes catching him with a last minute turning elbow that knocked Ross right off his feet, once again down and out.

Williams attempted to set the ladder up but even by the time it was perfectly positioned, Alex Ross was stirring and finally realizing he was about to lose his International gold if he didn’t do something. QUICK.

He sloppily rushed to his feet and ducked a clothesline attempt from Perfection, turning the force of momentum into a perfect opportunity for another neck breaker. WHAM!

Both men hit the canvas, HARD.

This gave Alex Ross some more time to collect himself and both men rushed to their feet once they realized the magnitude of the match at this point in the game. The fans are on their feet rooting for a character they’d normally even boo, had he not been up against the likes of Alex Ross.




Alex Ross knew he had to dump his opponent for the night outside the ring and attempt to end this while he had enough energy to even make his way up the ladder. Williams on the other hand was only beginning to come alive again and immediately went full-speed ahead towards the International Champ and sidelined him with a huge spear from Hell as Alex Ross was dazed and back on his feet looking for the ladder to set it up.


The impact of Williams’ spear sent Alex Ross to the ground and hard. So hard it forced the man to roll outside the ring and gave Cody Williams as much time as he could hope and pray for to win this contest. Williams rushed to the ladder and set it up in the middle of the ring.

However, energy’s a bitch when you’re fighting for your first championship here in the sVo.

Williams slowly made his way up the ladder, focusing now only on the title at stakes.

Third, fourth step.

Alex Ross was shaking cobwebs out.

Fifth, sixth step.

Alex Ross was now on his feet realizing he was about to lose.

Seventh, eighth step.

Oh fuck this. Ross now on the apron canvas.






After that impact it was ANYBODIES ball-game here tonight and the dedicated sVo were loving the action in the ring this evening.

What impact you ask?

Oh, right.

Alex Ross getting his ass airborne and using the third rope for leverage, jumping high into the air and sending Cody Williams off the ladder and tipping it over with a highly effective drop kick.

Williams was still in it, though he knew he still had momentum regardless of what just happened. Williams attempted to take Ross over again, but not this time.

WHACK! (Kick to the gut)

WHAM! (The Jackpot delivered on the edge of the ladder)

It would require a lot more than a sudden burst of energy to stop Alex Ross from defending his title. He set up the ladder and made his way all the way to the top.

This is when Williams finally realized he’d lose the match unless he could pull one out of his ass. He swept the ladder from Ross’ feet yet again!

WHACK! (the Ladder hitting the canvas)

Key word – Ladder, not Alex Ross.

Alex Ross had made his way to the top step and secured victory as he held onto the title at stakes, his International Championship. He was hanging by it and still had yet to officially secure victory, he couldn’t get it loosened!

Cody Williams did all a desperate man could and climbed his ass up the nearest turnbuckle!

Ross was still struggling trying to loosen it from the hanger and Williams went airborne attempting another drop-kick to separate Ross from the title.

No such luck.

Alex Ross loosened the belt from where it hung and regardless of Williams trying desperately to keep the title up for grabs, in the air (no pun intended) it was a feeble attempt.

It was a mess in the ring, two men fighting for the same cause but only one able to secure victory here tonight in front of the Showdown crowd on this Sunday evening.

“Breaking the Law” by Judas Preist hit the PA and Showdown came to a close as Cody Williams will be kicking himself in the ass tomorrow morning for not taking advantage of the opportunities of the evening.

Ross’ bodyguard Gary, made his way into the ring and lifted the International Champ over one shoulder and carried his International title out on the other. Ross’ body was limp as you can tell he gave it his all tonight.

As for Cody Williams – he was back on the burner. The Reflection of Perfection just couldn’t get it done this evening and would need to quickly rebound if he considers himself a strong International Division contender.

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Cody Williams

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