sVo Showdown
2nd December 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #007


Pyro after pyro explodes as the fans are on their feet in a frenzy at the Goodfellas Casino. The show kicks off as “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA and the words “The Best Around” are displayed in gold on the jumbotron. A red carpet is rolled down to the ring by technicians as highlights of Psyko Stevo’s greatest in-ring accomplishments play on the screen for all the fans to see. As an image of Stevo winning the Dynasty Wrestling World Championship is displayed the fans give a loud pop as “The Ironman” himself, Psyko Stevo comes walking out from the backstage area with a purpose. Stevo is all smiles as he shakes hands with some of the fans in attendance. Stevo stops midway down the ramp and looks up all the way to row ZZ where we see Jaleel White (Urkel from “Family Matters”) on his feet. Stevo points at Urkel and nods his head and Urkel returns the favor, pointing back, Stevo then hops up on the apron beore doing his trademark backflip off the top rope into the ring, grabbing a mic that is thrown in his direction as he lands.

Stevo: Well then, thanks for that warm reception!

The fans give a mild pop as Stevo motions for silence, which he is eventually given.

Stevo: I know, you’re probably wondering what I am doing out here… my match isn’t scheduled till later tonight pause well, MUCH later tonight… seeing as how I am once again in the MAIN EVENT.

The fans give a slightly larger pop for this and the cameras pan around the arena and we see signs in support of both Psyko Stevo and the World Champ, Mike Best.

Stevo: Yea, I see Urkel likes the fact I’m booked in the main event!

The cameras zoom for an obnoxiously long time before we are taken to row ZZ where Urkel is all smiles, giving a big thumbs up

Stevo: Well, I’m not out here right now to talk about my match against Best, because words would only cheapen the event… no, I am out here tonight to personally THANK Jimmy Moretti for opening his eyes and giving me the World Title shot at Seasons Beatings that I, the Psyko One, DESERVE!

A wave of confusion and mutterings echo throughout the arena as Psyko Stevo smiles, holding the mic in front of his mouth with arrogance.

Stevo: If you will please direct your attention to the gigantic screen on top of the stage, I want you to take a look at the card which has been released for Seasons Beatings.

The fans do as they are instructed and there is more confusion as the card is displayed…

World Title Match Mike Best vs. TBA

The fans continue to fill the arena with muttered speculation as Stevo continues to smile a broad smile.

Stevo: See… “Paper Champion” Mike Best vs. The Best Around, “TBA”, myself, Psyko Stevo! It was clever of Moretti to just put the initials of my ring name, but there it is for the world to see… “TBA”, The Best Around vs. Mike Best. I thank Jimmy once again for the opportunity and I will be on my way and…

Stevo starts to make his way out of the ring but before he can reach the ropes a voice can be heard.

Voice: Wait a second, stop stop stop the show!

A very agitated, pissed off, Jimmy Moretti walks out from the backstage area, mic in hand.

Moretti: Are you on crack?

Stevo returns to the middle of the ring before shooting a glare towards Moretti.

Stevo: No, I’m not on crack. Matter of fact, the Nevada State Wrestling Commission will attest to the fact that I’m not on any other forms of narcotics either. I’m clean and sober, Moretti!

Moretti: Right. Well, I figured you had to be on crack because TBA does not stand for “The Best Around”, it stands for To Be Announced!

A look of shock overcomes the face of Psyko Stevo as Moretti smiles.

Stevo: To Be Announced!? But, there are no wrestlers on the sVo roster with that name! What kind of a dastardly trick is this, Moretti!?

Moretti: Look, fact of the matter is… I don’t know who Mike Best is going to face at Seasons Beatings. Could be Spinning Heeled Jack, could be Johnny All-Star… hell, it could be Santos Rockwell for all I know. The one thing I do know is… it WON’T be you!

The mic nearly falls out of Psyko Stevo’s hands as staggers backwards.

Stevo: How dare you!

Moretti: How dare I what? You idiot, you defeated Howie Banks, you are the number one contender to the International Title, held by Nicholas Etch. You are going to be facing Nick Etch at Seasons Beatings, my hands are tied.

Stevo: Okay, I have a better idea… just make the match tonight a World Title match.

The fans pop at the thought of a World Title match on Showdown.

Moretti: Look, not going to happen.

Stevo: Why not? Did Best put you up to this? That gutless coward!

Moretti: No, Mike had nothing to do with this. Fact of the matter is, while I could make this a World Title match tonight, I really don’t want too.

Stevo: Why not!

Moretti: Why not? Because, quite frankly, you don’t deserve a World Title shot. There, I said it.

A look of rage fills the face of the Psyko One as he redoubles up and marches towards Jimmy Moretti, stopping at the edge of the ring, leaning over the ropes.

Stevo: I don’t deserve it? Who the hell do you think you are?

Moretti: Who do I think I am? Who do you think YOU are? Listen up and settle down guy. You come into the sVo, waltz right into Jon Page’s office and try to play the buddy game with him… you expect to just dance your old ass right into a World Title shot because of the success you had in Dynasty Wrestling. Well let me clue you in here… this ISN’T Dynasty Wrestling, Jon Page is in the hospital, and your little power games don’t work here anymore. You want a World Title shot? Well it’s not going to happen on my watch! This is MY company, I make the rules, NOT YOU!

There is a very mixed, but loud reaction, from the crowd as this news is delivered. Stevo looks at Moretti, his mouth wide open as Jimmy just smiles a cocky smile.

Stevo: You don’t want to give me a World Title shot? Fine. I can’t go to Page and get one because he’s in the hospital, also fine. You know what, you’re right, this is YOUR company, you do call the shots, you book the shows, you make the stipulations…

Jimmy Moretti smiles and nods his head in agreement at everything Stevo has said up until this point.

Moretti: I see that you are learning…

Stevo: BUT! You goofed up Jimmy. See, Mike Best can’t be the champ if he can’t defend the belt, and tonight I’ve got ONE SHOT to see to it that Best doesn’t leave this arena under his own power.

Jimmy Moretti’s eyebrow raises a quarter inch at the news Stevo has given him.

Stevo: See, I was just gonna show up, pin Best’s shoulders to the mat and enjoy a nice little non-title victory en route to my big World Title shot at Seasons Beatings, but if that’s not going to happen then… well… my priorities will have to change going into this match tonight.

Moretti: Cut the theatrics, this isn’t a marketing boardroom, this is a wrestling arena. Out with it!

Stevo: You dare interrupt me!? Curse you Moretti! You listen and you listen good… you don’t have to give me a title shot, because tonight, I’m gonna take Best out! If he can’t walk out of the Goodfellas Casino tonight… if he can’t defend his title at Seasons Beatings then you’ll be FORCED to hand the World TItle to it’s TRUE owner… ME!

Moretti shakes his head in disgust as the crowd rises to their feet and “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA. Stevo leans into the ropes before doing a backflip over them, hopping down off the apron and marching up the streelrampway to the backstage area, the smile wiped away from his face, paying no attention to the fans at ringside.

‘The Idol’ Mitch Cashmore vs. Adam St. Ives

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action on Showdown #7 gets underway with two new sVo superstars in action! Mitch Cashmore and Adam St. Ives circle each other before tying up in the centre of the ring. Cashmore uses his strength to force Adam St. Ives back before nailing him with a knee to the midsection and taking him down to the mat with a suplex. Adam St. Ives forces his way back up to a standing position, but Cashmore is there and waiting for him to send him hard into the corner of the ring. Cashmore then runs at Adam St. Ives looking for a clothesline, but before he can connect his arm with his opponent, Adam St. Ives dives out of the way and Cashmore connects hard with the turnbuckle! Cashmore staggers backwards out of the corner, before being taken down to the mat with a neckbreaker from Adam St. Ives.
Adam St. Ives grabs hold of Cashmore as he rises back up to his feet and slams him head first into the corner of the ring. Cashmore holds his head in pain, as Adam St. Ives nails him with some big right hands to the back of the head before taking him down to the mat with a side Russian legsweep. With Cashmore down on the mat, Adam St. Ives nails him with mounted punches before Cashmore is able to force his way up to a standing position.

Adam St. Ives tries to throw Cashmore into the corner again, but Cashmore is eager to impress on his debut and runs straight through Adam St. Ives with a clothesline to knock him to the mat. Adam St. Ives tries to crawl up to a standing position, but as he does Cashmore nails him with a legdrop to the back of the head. Adam St. Ives holds his neck in pain, but Cashmore shows no mercy on his opponent as he pulls him up and nails him with a selection of right hands to the face.

Cashmore rakes the eyes of Adam St. Ives before hitting him with a snap suplex to take him down to the mat hard. With Adam St. Ives down and in pain, Cashmore hooks the leg of his opponent and looks for the three count.



No! Cashmore doesn’t get the three as Adam St. Ives manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just in time! Cashmore looks frustrated with the referee as he drags Adam St. Ives up to his feet again and backs him into the corner of the ring. Cashmore lets rip with some chops across the chest of Adam St. Ives which gets a loud reaction from the crowd, before sending him corner to corner. Adam St. Ives hits the opposite turnbuckle hard, and Cashmore follows up with a big boot to the face in the centre of the ring to knock him down!

Cashmore tries to get the crowd on his side as he grabs Adam St. Ives by the head and digs him with some right hands before allowing him up to his feet. Cashmore grabs Adam St. Ives around the neck and locks on a sleeper hold as Adam St. Ives slowly begins to fade under the pressure of the submission move. Adam St. Ives drops to his knees from the hold, but as he does Mitch Cashmore pulls him up to a standing position before dropping him down with a sleeper slam!

Cashmore looks down at Adam St. Ives as he struggles to rise to his feet after the pain of the impressive sleeper slam from Cashmore! With Adam St. Ives struggling, Cashmore takes the opportunity to grab hold of him and take him to the mat with the ‘Distorted Dreams’! ‘The English Sensation’ soon drops down and hooks the leg of Adam St. Ives looking for the three count after the awesome finishing move!




This one is all over, and its Mitch Cashmore he picks up the debut win here in the sVo! Cashmore raises his arms in the air, and with such an impressive debut under his belt, how far can Mitch Cashmore now progress in the sVo?

RESULT: Mitch Cashmore def. Adam St. Ives via pinfall


Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us

The fans start to boo as Mike Best’s entrance music hits the arena. Suddenly it is cut off with a huge scratch and Pretty Vegas hits the arena, Johnny All-Star wearing new ring attire hits the entrance ramp with JD James at his side. Mic in hand All-Star and James make their way to the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd. Once in the ring All-Star begins to pace. He lifts the mic up to his lips to speak but then decides against as he looks around at the crowd shaking his head.

All-Star – Now now, I know you were all expecting the sVo Heavyweight champion out here especially after his victory at Redemption. But we all know the difference of that, Mike Best doesn’t give a shit about any of you, all he cares about is that you all paid for seats and he gets a cut of that.

The fans continue with a mixed reaction. All-Star shrugs his shoulders as he looks at James.

All Star – Can you believe this JD?

JD shakes his head making a tsking sound.

Johnny points an accusing finger at the audience moving his arm encompassing the whole arena.

All Star – Given my circumstances each and every one of you, if you could get away with it, would have done what I did at Redemption. That’s the beauty of the sVo. Anything goes, and legally there are no repercussions. Gotta love it.

All Star continues to pace the ring continuing with his speech as JD stands there looking out at the crowd.

All Star – I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding my actions last week. The most asked being do I feel guilty about hospitalizing Jon Page the co-owner of the sVo? Hmmmmmm.

He stops in the middle of the ring looking to the ceiling scratching his chin as if he was lost in thought. After a moment he looks back out at the audience a piercing look in his eyes.

All Star – NO. No I don’t. I don’t feel the least bit guilty or remorseful for what I did to the man. I spent MONTHS in the hospital. Then more MONTHS in the hospital as a direct outcome from a beating that I took at his hands.

He swings his arms around to JD.

All Star – Not to mention the whole kidnapping fiasco with JD here. The man can’t even flip anyone the bird. Show them JD.

James balls up his fist lifting up the nub that was his middle finger.

All Star – What the fuck. What the hell is he supposed to do when he gets pissed off with someone while he’s driving now?

He shakes his head before looking up at the audience a slight smile, as if he was trying not to laugh.

All Star – But that’s neither here nor there. Jon Page and Jimmy Moretti want to be all involved and make match’s for themselves so be it. But be ready to accept the consequences boys, be careful; don’t book yourselves in matches with people you’ve laid up in the hospital and kidnap.

Johnny shakes his head in disgust.

All Star – Not very smart at all. But enough about that I’m sure you want to the action here tonight, and I’m sure Mike Best is seething about losing his air time here tonight. At least I saved you from his mindless prattling on about the virtues of his Championship run, and dear lord I’m sure we all need to hear that again. Mike if your back there I hope your listening because someone needs to shut you up once and for all, and I’m gonna be the man to do it.

All-Star drops the mic and rolls out of the ring. Pretty Vegas hits the arena as he and JD make their way up the ramp.

Jason Cash vs. Captain D.

‘Here Come the Money’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction amongst the fans as ‘Simply The Best’ Jason Cash steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Money can be seen falling down on the sVo giant arena screen as Jason Cash taunts the fans whilst slowly making his way down towards the ring. Cash gives one last taunt to the fans before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and preparing for battle.
When You Wish Upon A Star hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Captain D makes his way down the entrance ramp! Captain D slaps the hands of the fans walking to the ring before rolling into the squared circle and lifting his hands high in the air!

Cash quickly gets the match underway as he runs as Captain D and takes him down to the mat with a quick clothesline. Captain D rises back up to his feet, however as he does Cash grabs him by the arm and sends him hard into the corner. Captain D hits the turnbuckle back first, and is once again on the receiving end of a clothesline from Jason Cash. Captain D stumbles out of the corner and Cash takes him down to the mat with a bulldog takedown. Cash rises up to his feet and raises his arms in the air to taunt the fans, and receives loud boos for his efforts. As Cash riles up the crowd, Captain D slowly rises up to his feet.

Cash aims a kick at the midsection of Captain D, but Captain D manages to catch Cash’s foot and then sweep away his other leg! Cash falls to the mat and Captain D drops an elbow across the knee of Jason Cash. The look of pain is obvious on Cash’s face as Captain D rises up to his feet, before pulling Jason Cash up by the hair. Captain D throws Cash into the ropes and then takes him down to the mat with a backdrop, before making a quick cover on his opponent.




Jason Cash gets a shoulder up off of the mat in order to kick out from the cover attempt. Captain D looks disappointed that Cash manages to kick out as he himself rises to a standing position. Cash slowly pulls himself up, but Captain D is there waiting for him with a waist lock into a German suplex on the man that lost to Jon Page at last Sunday’s Redemption PPV. Cash holds the back of his head as he stumbles back to his feet after the German suplex, but before he can get anywhere Captain D grabs hold of him once again the throws him back down to the mat with another German suplex! Captain D then dives down onto the body of Jason Cash and begins to punish the sVo star with right hands to the back of the head!

Cash struggles back up to his feet and is he grabbed again by Captain D, who takes him down with a snap suplex before making the cover and hooking the leg of his opponent.



No! Once again Jason Cash manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat as Captain D wonders just what he has to do to put away Jason Cash tonight! Captain D rises to his feet and brings Jason Cash up with him, but as he pulls Cash up he begins to nail him with right hands into the stomach! Captain D is reeling as Cash grabs Captain D by the arm and pulls him towards him before smashing him in the face with a reverse elbow! Captain D stumbles backwards holding his face, and Jason Cash takes advantage of the situation with a dropkick on Captain D that knocks him down to the mat! With Captain D down, Cash bounces off of the ropes before nailing a knee drop on his opponent.

The crowd boo Jason Cash as he rises up to his feet and stalks Captain D as he slowly gets to his feet. Jason Cash grabs hold of Captain D and spins him around in order to nail him with a neckbreaker, but before he can execute the move Captain D pushes Cash forward into the ropes! Cash bounces back out of the ropes and Captain D nails him in the gut with a kick, before taking him down to the mat with the ‘Curtain Call’! The crowd pop of the finishing move of Captain D as he drops down to make the cover on Cash!




This one is all over and Captain D picks up the three count to extend Jason Cash’s losing streak here in sVo! Captain D rises up to his feet and raises his arms in the air in victory as he looks down at his defeated opponent who is still down on the mat. With Captain D putting in an impressive performance, will Captain D be able to move on to bigger and better things in the next few weeks?

RESULT: Captain D def. Jason Cash via pinfall


We head backstage where Hardcore Title #1 contender Tristan Walker is fitting in some last minute warm ups in before his match against the sVo Hardcore Champion Spring Heeled Jack which is up next! As Tristan Walker stretches out, he notices a shadow creeping across the floor behind him and spins around. Walker comes face to face with the shade wearing Las Vegas mobster Sonny Carter, who made his sVo debut last Sunday at Redemption where he declared war on Jimmy Moretti and Jon Page.
Sonny Carter – “Mr Walker I presume.”

Walker looks Carter up and down, half expecting Johnny All Star to burst out of no where and attack him.

Tristan Walker – “Yeah that’s me.”

Sonny Carter – “I see that you are up against Spring Heeled Jack next, a man that has been a bit of a puppet of Jimmy Moretti even since Sanctioned Violence opened up here in Las Vegas.”

Tristan Walker – “I don’t know anything about that, I am just after that Hardcore Championship that he holds.”

Carter’s face remains expressionless as he nods his head in agreement.

Sonny Carter – “Ahhh ignorance is bliss. Well Johnny All Star knows the truth about Moretti’s exploits here in Las Vegas and isn’t happy about them one bit. You’ve got talent kid, if you fancy joining the fight against Moretti then get in touch with me.”

Walker nods his head, seemingly considering the offer.

Sonny Carter – “Just remember, if your not with us, your against us….”

Spring Heeled Jack (c) vs. Tristan Walker

The demon in your mind will rape you in your bed at night
The wisdom of ages, the lies and outrages concealed
Time it waits for no man
My future, it is revealed
Time it waits for no man
My fate is sealed
If I cancel tomorrow, the undead will thank me today
Fly in the face of your prophets, I mock your morality plays
The moon is red and bleeding
The sun is burned and black
The book of life is silent
No turning back

Fog rolls over the curtain and down the ramp. The lights snap to a hellish combination of reds and oranges. Through the veil of swirling fog ‘the dark jester’ Spring Heeled Jack prances out onto the ramp, twirling a flaming baton. The silver bells on his boots and cap jingle merrily. Skipping down to the ring Jack tosses the baton high and does a quick handspring before catching it and stamping the butt end of it on the ramp. The flames are extinguished. Spring Heeled Jack hops up onto the ring and vaults the ropes to land lightly on the canvass.

Chop Suey by System of a Down begins to the blare over the sound system in the arena and a mixed reaction greets the arrival of Tristan Walker at the top of the sVo entrance ramp. Walker performs his trademark taunt at the top of the entrance ramp before sprinting down and sliding into the ring. Walker quickly makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle and jumps up to the second rope, before raising his hands in the air to signal to the crowd.

The bell sounds.

Spring Heeled Jack and Tristan Walker start this match up off with Jack who begins to play mind games. They both walk towards one another but Jack backs off and leaves outside of the ring. He begins to play to the crowd paying more attention to them then anything. Doing that, Tristan Walker follows him to the outside floor. That’s when Jack attacks. He clubs Walker with a superkick that he doesn’t even see! Jack then picks up Walker and rams his back right into the ring apron. Afterwards he picks him up and nails a body slam on the outside floor. That definitely had to hurt as Jack picks up Walker and tosses him into the ring.

He then gets inside of the ring by going under the bottom rope. He stands up and walks to Walker as he stomps down on him. He then picks him up and whips him into the corner. He runs at him and nails a clothesline. He then grabs the head of Walker and looks for a running bulldog. That is until Walker pushes him off and Jack goes sternum first into the turnbuckle. As he takes a few steps back, Tristan Walker drop kicks him in the back and down on the mat. Tristan then jumps on top of Jack and looks for a quick cover on the current sVo Hardcore Champion.



That wasn’t much of a count as Jack kicks out after a two. Tristan Walker is going to have to work harder to get the title belt. He slowly but surley gets up as does Jack as both men rise up at about the same time. They both exchange right hand blows as Walker then whips Jack to the ropes. He bends over but is booted in the jaw. He rises up and Jack catches him with a clothesline. He isn’t finished there though as he grabs the leg of Walker and puts it on the ropes. He then proceeds to jump up and then use all his weight by crashing down on it with his buttocks. Jack then drags Walker’s body away from the ropes as he goes for a pin.



Walker fights out of it before Jack can get the three count.

Jack now makes his way to the outside floor where he grabs a steel chair. He brings it inside and puts it over Walker’s foot. He looks to want to break his ankle or something here. He then walks slowly over to the top turnbuckle and climbs it. He looks to the fans who continue to watch on and wonder what will go down next. Jack finally jumps down and looks to jump on the chair that will injure, Tristan Walker. However, Walker is smart and moves out of the way. Jack misses and hurts himself in the process. Walker now grabs the chair from his foot and whacks Jack in the back with it. He limps around and then clocks Jack in the head with the chair. He then throws the chair to the outside floor where he goes as well to get a ring bell.

As Tristan Walker gets the ring bell, Jack begins to get back up to his feet. While this happens, Walker is walking towards the ring again. He is about to get in the ring but out of nowhere comes Spring Heeled Jack who runs and baseball slides the ring bell right into the face of Tristan Walker. It appears Walker has been knocked out. The ring bell went flying after that incident. Spring Heeled Jack now makes his way out from the ring and to the outside floor where he notices Walker on the floor. Jack now gets on top of him and hooks his leg for the pin.




RESULT: Spring Heeled Jack def. Tristan Walker via pinfall


JD James paced the locker room of Johnny All-Star while All-Star was off somewhere taking care of some last minute business or conducting an interview of some sort. James sighed, and started talking to himself as he had become accustomed to during his stay in the hospital.

James – God I miss being in the ring. Someday maybe I’ll come back for one match just to see if I still got it.

All-Stars manager continued on his trip down memory lane. After moments of rambling JD cocked his head to one side and strained to listen. Barely audible someone was pulling on the locked locker room door jingling the door knob. He tiptoed to the door placing his back against the door, and sprawling his arms out behind him he tried to make out who was on the other side. There was no way he was letting anyone in unless he knew who it was.

Suddenly the door shaking stopped. A look of relief flooded over JD’s face. It wasn’t retribution coming from Page this time. As he stepped away from the door a manila envelope slid under the door and the sound of footsteps walking away from the door could be heard.

James looked at the envelope quizzically picking it up turning it over in his hands. The plain manila envelope was addressed to Johnny by name, no address, no return address, no nothing. He was about to toss it on the table when he decided against it. He ripped it open pulling out the folded piece of paper, he took a look inside the envelope before he turned it over dumping its contents, one key, onto the table. His brows furrowed as he picked up the key looking at it, nothing but an address on it. Laying the key to one side JD unfolded the paper, his eyes went wide. He quickly folded the paper up and grabbed the key shoving both into his inside suit pocket.

James – I’ll tell him later. For now he’s gotta be focused on his match.

The scene fades as JD crumples the envelope tossing it into the garbage can.

Johnny All Star vs. Santos Rockwell

‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as sVo International Champion Johnny All Star steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds his arms high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ropes. All Star once again raises his arms high into the air as he leans forward against the ropes, causing a burst of pyros to shoot up behind him.
Man Down by 50 Cent hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky Santos Rockwell makes his way down the entrance ramp. Rockwell stares out at members of the crowd as he slowly struts down towards the ring before slowly climbing in. Rockwell makes his way over to the corner of the ring and climbs to the second rope, before raising his arms up in the air to taunt the crowd one last time.

The bell sounds.

Both Johnny All Star and Santos Rockwell come out from their corners and to the center of the ring. They tie up. Rockwell begins to push All Star in the corner as he backs him up a few steps. Before they enter the corner completely though, Johnny turns it around on Santos. All Star now has the upper hand as he lays a few boots across the rib cage and stomach area of returning sVo superstar, Santos Rockwell. As Johnny continues to boot him with his leg extending it in the air, the fans continue to watch on rooting for the former International Champion.

Johnny All Star grabs the hand of one, Santos Rockwell and whips him across the ropes. He returns back towards his opponent, Johnny All Star and hit’s a solid clothesline that knocks him down. All Star is back up as Rockwell begins to build some momentum as he boots Johnny in the mid section followed by a back breaker. He then quickly grabs the head of Johnny All Star and puts on a head lock submission manoeuvre. He holds it in as he tightens the grip around Johnny All Star’s head. Rockwell continues to apply pressure little by little as the fans watch on some more.

Rockwell seems to have Johnny All Star right where he wants him. Down on the mat, nowhere around the ropes or turnbuckle to his advantage. Santos now continues to squeeze the life out of the famous sVo superstar as the fans begin to chant All Star’s name. As they do so, he begins to finally regain some strength in his arms and hands. As he makes his way up to a standing position, he then drives back elbows into the mid section of Santos Rockwell. After breaking loose, he runs to the ropes but is only met by a big knee to the gut that sends him down. Rockwell goes for the first cover.



Only a two count as Santos Rockwell once again begins to work on Johnny All Star some more as he puts his knee into his back and grabs his arms and begins to pull back as he stretches him with this submission move. Again, Johnny All Star finds himself in a hold he does not want to even be in. The fans begin to lose hope for All Star as he begins to fade away and slip away in this match up with Santos Rockwell. As he begins to lose his breath he starts becoming lifeless at this point where the referee has no choice but to grab his hand and try the raising of the arm technique.

The hand is raised once and it drops.


Again, the referee grabs the arm and lifts up.

It drops.


Here it comes. The referee grabs Johnny All Star’s arm again.

This time he lifts it up and looks for the final count.


Johnny All Star gets his arm up as the fans go crazy for him.

They then begin to build momentum for him as he starts to get up and fire back at his opponent, Santos Rockwell. He gets up and once again buries elbows into his mid section. He now goes for a back chop and nails it. He boots at Rockwell and then hit’s a swinging neck breaker. After that move he picks him back up and then hit’s a discus punch. Afterwards he catches him when turning around and he catches him with a stunner he calls Snake Eyes. After hitting the manoeuvre he rushes down for the count.




RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Santos Rockwell via pinfall


Backstage in the office of Jimmy Moretti a loud banging noise can be heard as Jason Cash walks down the office door along the backstage corridor. Cash notices the noise and presses his ear to the door for a better listen. The banging soon stops, and Cash falls through the door into the office as it suddenly is opened by sVo interviewer Tamara Boyd who is adjusting her hair and top as she looks down at Jason Cash. Cash brushes himself off as he rises back to his feet, and Boyd and Cash both look equally embarrassed. Tamara Boyd rushes off down the corridor as Cash looks up to see Moretti sitting behind his desk lighting up a cigar with a satisfied look on his face.
Jimmy Moretti – “Ahhh, nothing better than a little stress relief….. Cash! What the hell do you want?”

Cash sheepishly looks around the office of Moretti and notices that the entire contents of Moretti’s desk has been swept to the floor.

Jason Cash – “Erm…. I just wanted to say that if you need anything in fighting against this Sonny Carter guy then I’m your man! I can’t stand Jon Page, but I know you don’t get on with him either so I would love to help you out!”

Jimmy Moretti scowls at Jason Cash as the current 0-4 wrestler stands in front of him with a huge grin on his face.

Jimmy Moretti – “Well too be honest, Carter has got All Star in his corner right now and he is going to need to be taken care of in the ring, you think you can handle him?”

Jason Cash – “I’m your man Moretti!”

Jimmy Moretti – “Well Santos Rockwell let me down tonight by losing to All Star so I will tell you what I will do, you and Rockwell in singles action next week, if you can beat him then I will give you your shot at making a name for yourself against Johnny All Star and becoming a sVo hero!”

Jason Cash runs off excitedly as Moretti takes a long puff of his cigar.

Nicholas Etch vs. Howie Banks

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the pa system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.
Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit blares out over the sound system and there is a loud reaction from the Las Vegas crowd for their very own Nicholas Etch. Etch raises his massive arms into the air to signal to the crowd for their loud reaction, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp. Etch looks straight ahead to the ring, as if mesmerised by the battleground in which he will soon fight. Etch still remains focused as he climbs up onto the ring apron and raises an arm to signal to the crowd, before climbing through the ropes and preparing to do battle.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action gets straight underway as the International Champion makes his way towards Howie Banks. Etch pounds Banks back into the corner with several clubbing right hands, before Banks is able to fight his way back with some chops to the chest of Etch followed by a snap DDT on the International Champion. Etch slowly rises to his feet, but Banks is waiting for him with some big right hands before throwing Etch into the ropes. Etch bounces back, but a scoop slam from Banks sends him down to the mat, where Banks is able to bounce into the ropes before hitting an elbow drop on the International Champion.

Etch is quickly back up to his feet, but as Banks is there waiting for him to try to throw him into the corner of the ring. However Etch shows his power as he reverses the attempted irish whip from Howie Banks and instead throws Banks into the corner of the ring. Etch follows up with a big clothesline on Banks that causes him to stumble out of the corner. With Banks in a vunarable position, Etch grabs hold of the man that narrowly lost to Psyko Stevo last week and pulls him into the air with a gorilla press slam. Cameras flash all around the arena as Etch holds Howie Banks in the air for a few seconds before dropping him face first to the mat.

The International Champion looks pleased with himself as Howie Banks struggles to rise to his feet. Etch soon takes Banks straight back down to the mat as he runs through him with a strong clothesline, before locking in an arm bar submission hold on Howie Banks. The International Champion pulls back on the arm of Banks trying to snap it off, however Banks is able to quickly reach the ropes before any major damage can be done. Banks slowly pulls himself up to his feet holding his arm in pain, however once again the International Champion Nicholas Etch is there waiting for him as he loads him onto his shoulders before slamming him down to the mat with a death valley driver. Banks looks down and out after the move as Nicholas Etch makes the cover on him.



No! The whole arena thought that the match was over right there, but Howie Banks shows why he is tipped as a future World Champion as his shoulder comes shooting off of the mat before the three can be counted. Nicholas Etch wastes no time in going back to work on his opponent as he grabs hold of Howie Banks’ already injured arm and twists it back into another arm bar submission move. Banks screams out in pain as Nicholas Etch pulls back even harder on the hold, looking to end this one by submission! The referee asks Banks if he wants to give up, but he shakes his head!

Nicholas Etch finally releases the hhold feeling that the damage has been done on Howie Banks, before dragging him up to his feet! Etch whips Banks into the ropes using his bad arm, but much to the surprise of the International Champion Howie Banks bounces out of the ropes and nails Etch with a dropkick! Etch stumbles backwards as Banks jumps up to his feet and hits a ‘Hollywood Neckbreaker’ on Nicholas Etch! The fans are on their feet after that move that came out of no where, however Banks is not able to immediately capatilise as he lays on the floor holding his injured arm! Howie Banks is eventually able to roll over Nicholas Etch for the cover!



Banks took too long in making the cover, and as a result the International Champion Nicholas Etch is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! Howie Banks looks frustrated as both men rise to their feet and begin to trade right hands. The more powerful Nicholas Etch gains control of the fist fight and then cuts it off with a big kick to the stomach of Howie Banks! Banks doubles over and Etch loads him up for the ‘Nail in the Coffin’, but before he can complete the move Banks spins around with his good arm and nails a DDT on Etch! The fans are on their feet after the impressive counter, and this time Banks wastes no time as he makes his way to the corner of the ring! Banks soon begins to climb to the top rope, before leaping off and nailing a ‘Hollywood Splash’ on Etch! With Etch down after the high flying move, Banks hooks the leg!




This one is over and Howie Banks has upset the form guide by scoring a victory over the current International Champion! Banks rises to his feet and holds his uninjured arm in the air in victory!

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Nicholas Etch via pinfall



In the interview area of Showdown, Candi Cross is standing by with Captain D who tonight scored his first ever sVo victory by defeating Jason Cash in singles action. Captain D looks ready to answer a few questions from the sVo head interviewer, but before she gets a chance to even ask him once, the interview is interrupted by Howie Banks who despite his win over International Champion Nicholas Etch moments ago, does not seem too happy.

Howie Banks – “What the hell is this?”

Candi Cross and Captain D both stare at Howie Banks blankly.

Howie Banks – “I just beat the INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Nicholas Etch, and your interviewing this loser? You want to get your priorities straight and interview me! Why the hell do losers like this get all the spotlight here in the sVo?”

Captain D turns to face Howie Banks who is now face to face with Candi Cross.

Captain D – “If you don’t mind Banks, this young lady was about to give me an interview, now why don’t you run off and celebrate your victory, who knows you may never get another one!”

The adrenaline must still be running through the body of Howie Banks as he clocks Captain D in the side of the head, and the pair begin to brawl as Candi Cross hurriedly exits the scene as security tries to deal with Banks and Captain D!

Psyko Stevo vs. Mike Best

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.
“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


The lights dim slowly in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.

The noise from the crowd is defeating as the bell chimes for the match between Stevo and Best to get underway, however instead of charging towards each other both Best and Stevo stares each other down from each corner of the ring. Best and Stevo begin trash talking each other as they walk closer towards each other, before finally meeting face to face in the centre of the ring. The trash talking continues for another minute, before Mike Best slams his fist into the face of Psyko Stevo. Stevo is knocked backwards and Best continues the offence with some right hands that back Stevo into the corner. Psyko Stevo is then able to counter with a knee to the midsection of Mike Best, before taking him down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker.

Best rises to his feet and ducks under a clothesline attempt from the man he last fought over three years ago, before taking Stevo to the mat with a huge German suplex. Stevo rises up to his feet looking surprised at being hit by the move, but the sVo Champion follows up with more right hands to the face of Psyko Stevo to back him into the ropes. Stevo fights back with punches of his own in desperation, but this gives Best the opportunity to nail Psyko Stevo with a full nelson slam to take him back down to the mat.

The crowd are on their feet to boo the cocky Mike Best as the sVo Champion rises up to his feet and taunts the crowd, however as he does Psyko Stevo leaps to his feet behind his back! Mike Best walks straight into a spinning heel kick from the #1 contender for the International Champion who then proceeds to pound the sVo Champion with some mounted punches. Mike Best struggles up to his feet, but he is soon taken back down via a brainbuster from Psyko Stevo, who makes his way to the corner of the ring. Psyko Stevo climbs up onto the second rope as Mike Best slowly rises to a standing position, before leaping down and taking down Best with a clothesline from the second rope! Best hits the mat hard and Psyko Stevo makes the cover!



No! Psyko Stevo is surprised as the sVo Champion’s shoulder comes shooting off of the mat before the three can be counted and the match continues! Psyko Stevo pulls Best up and slaps him across the face. The blatant sign of disrespect however does not go down well with the Champion, as Best retaliates with a low blow on Psyko Stevo! The crowd boo the low blow from Best, but he does care as he runs straight through Stevo with a clothesline to knock him to the mat. Stevo is still holding his groin as he rises to a standing position, but as he does Mike Best is there waiting for him and shows just why he is the reigning sVo Champion as he takes down Psyko Stevo with a perfectly executed belly to back suplex!

Mike Best rises to his feet with his hands in the air which draws boos from the crowd, before he adds insult to injury as he begins to put the boots to Psyko Stevo on the floor. Best flips off the crowd who continue to boo him, before he brings Psyko Stevo to a standing position and throws him into the corner of the ring. Best nails Psyko Stevo with some hard shoulder blocks into the stomach, before allowing him to slump down to the mat. With Stevo down, Best makes his way to the opposite corner of the ring, before baseball sliding into the head of Psyko Stevo! The fans boo, but Best quickly flips Psyko Stevo over to make the cover!




Psyko Stevo kicks out of the cover much to the delight of the sVo fans! Mike Best can’t believe it as he rises up to his feet and marches around the ring wondering just what he has to do to put away Psyko Stevo tonight! Stevo slowly begins to make his way up to his feet, and as he does Mike Best stands behind the International Championship #1 contender in waiting! Psyko Stevo finally turns around and much to everyone’s surprise, Mike Best grabs Psyko Stevo around the throat! Mike Best then hoists Psyko Stevo up into the air by the throat before nailing him with the move made famous by his old enemy in Jimmy Moretti’s former federation Project:Violence, Brutal Steve’s chokeslam!

The fans mark out for the classic move as Psyko Stevo is once again covered by Best, before kicking out after another two count! Mike Best holds his head in disgust that Psyko Stevo manages to kick out, and complains to the referee that is should have been three! Psyko Stevo slowly rises to his feet and Mike Best runs at him, but Psyko Stevo ducks out of the way of the sVo Champion and Best runs into the referee! The referee takes a nasty bump and Psyko Stevo wipes out Mike Best with a jumping back kick as he turns around! Best drops down to the mat and Psyko Stevo makes his way to the corner of the ring! Psyko Stevo climbs to the top rope, but instead of hitting one of his signature moves Stevo rolls back the clock and nails Mike Best with a move made famous in Jon Page’s former promotion Dynasty Wrestling, Jet’s 90 Degree Legdrop!

The fans once again mark out for the classic move, but as Psyko Stevo makes the cover on Best, there is no referee to count the pin fall! The fans boo but Psyko Stevo soon rolls off of Best and makes his way to the outside of the ring! Psyko Stevo grabs hold of a steel chair from the ringside area before quickly rolling in! Psyko Stevo holds the chair in the air ready to hit Best, but Best manages to kick the chair back into the face of Psyko Stevo in a dramatic counter! Psyko Stevo drops the chair and stumbles backwards, allowing Best to grab the weapon! Best slams the chair into the head of Stevo before making the cover!

With no referee Best turns around and waves to the back for a referee to come down, before returning to his cover, and to the delight of the crowd someone wearing black and white stripes does run down the entrance ramp, but its not any old referee – its Johnny All Star! All Star slides into the ring behind the back of Mike Best and grabs hold of the steel chair! All Star holds the chair up and Best soon turns around to see All Star! Best tries to reason with All Star not to hit him with the chair as Johnny All Star towers over the sVo Champion. All Star stares back at Best, but before he can hit him Psyko Stevo grabs Best from behind! Stevo whips Best into the ropes, before nailing him with the Psyklone as he bounces back! The crowd pop for the move as Johnny All Star shakes the referee into life as Stevo makes the cover!




This one is all over, and Psyko Stevo scores a famous victory over the sVo Champion! Psyko Stevo raises his hands in the air after the intense battle, as Johnny All Star backs up the entrance ramp with a huge smile on his face having cost Best the match as Showdown heads off of the air!

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Mike Best via pinfall

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