sVo Showdown
21st October 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #003


A limo pulls up at the backstage entrance for the sVo arena. The ringside announcers begin speculation about who could be showing up in the limo. Could it be Jimmy Moretti, Jon Page, or Paige Johnson?

The limo sits there idling as the driver finally gets out and proceeds to open the back driver side passenger door. Stepping out is JD James followed by three extremely attractive women, finally followed by John “All-Star” Starzano. Starzano is decked in black casual pants, a black sports jacket, a white t-shirt, and sunglasses hiding his eyes.

Starzano and James are talking amongst themselves and joking with the women as they enter the building and make their way to their dressing room. As they make their way down the busy hall way many people stop in their tracks to take in the view of the women with James and Starzano.

As they arrive at their dressing room, All-Star pushes his sunglasses down the tip of his nose and grins. Standing in front of the dressing room door is Candy Cross, the resident sVo reporter.

All Star – Why good evening Miss Cross.

Johnny holds open the locker room as JD and the girls enter the locker room laughing amongst themselves. The noise dies down as the locker room door closes. He takes off the sunglasses and slips them into the inside pocket of his jacket.

Candy Cross begins to talk as All-Star raises his hand cutting her off. A half-cocked grin on his face he begins to speak.

All-Star – Couldn’t get enough of me at our interview the other evening could you Candy?

Starzano takes off his jacket draping it over his shoulder. As the intrepid sVo interviewer once more begins to speak, she is once more, cut off by the sVo superstar.

All Star – Let me guess Candy, you want to know how I feel going into tonight’s match against High Flyer, right? To answer that, I have to say that I feel pretty damn good. I mean, have you seen the odds on my match tonight. I’m going to make a lot of people very happy and very rich tonight Candy. Now if you will excuse me, you’re future International All-Star has a few things to attend too.

Starzano cuts the interview short, as he opens the locker room door and steps inside leaving Cross standing there looking dumbfounded.

The door reopens and All-Star pokes his head around the corner. Looking directly at the camera he cocks his eyebrow.

All-Star – I would invite you in, but you know what they say. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Starzano pulls his head back into the locker room as the door slowly closes.

Kid X vs. Santos Rockwell

Kid X and Santos Rockwell square up as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the opening match for Showdown #3 to get underway! Kid X gets in an early punch knowing that he must win tonight to save his sVo contract, and knocks back Santos Rockwell towards the ropes. Rockwell however recovers by ducking under the punch of Kid X and taking him down to the mat with a suplex like move. Rockwell rises back up to his feet and begins to stomp down on Kid X who is down on the mat.

Kid X slowly gets back up to his feet but Rockwell sends him into the corner before following up with a big body splash. Kid X is now reeling, but as he stumbles out of the corner he manages to nail Santos Rockwell with a spinning heel kick out of nowhere! Kid X seems to gather some momentum from the move as he chops Santos Rockwell across the chest before hitting him with a hurricanrana! Santos Rockwell is now down and out allowing Kid X to go for the cover, however he only gets a count of two from the referee!

Kid X brings Santos Rockwell back up to his feet, cursing his luck that he didn’t pick up the win that would have saved his sVo career with that very move. Santos Rockwell aims a wild punch at Kid X, but Kid X ducks out of the way and nails Santos Rockwell with a kick to the midsection. Kid X spins towards Santos Rockwell looking for a superkick that would surely knock out his opponent, however Rockwell manages to dive out of the way of the attempted superkick just in time!

Kid X looks mad that his superkick didn’t connect with the head of Santos Rockwell as Rockwell rolls back up to his feet. Rockwell runs at Kid X looking for a clothesline, however Kid X dives out of the way of Rockwell’s arm and takes him down with a drop toe hold! Kid X tries to lock on a Camel clutch submission hold on Santos Rockwell, however Rockwell manages to battle his way out of the hold with some back elbows to the head of Kid X. Santos Rockwell rolls back up to his feet and ducks under a punch from Kid X to bounce into the ropes. Santos Rockwell bounces back from the ropes towards Kid X and takes him down to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker!

Kid X holds his neck in pain as he struggles to get back up to his feet. Santos Rockwell is there and waiting for him. Kid X makes a brave attempt to swing a punch in the direction of Santos Rockwell, but Rockwell nails Kid X with a kick to the groin, before planting him to the mat with a double underhook facebuster! Kid X’s face smashes into the face, and Santos Rockwell has no problem rolling him over and making the cover!




This one is over, and so is the career of Kid X! after Paige’s demand that he must win this match tonight against Santos Rockwell or be thrown out of the sVo as punishment for stealing from her office two weeks ago, Kid X lays on the mat a broken and now unemployed man as Santos Rockwell stands on the second rope of a turnbuckle celebrating his first sVo win!

RESULT: Santos Rockwell def. Kid X via pinfall


Backstage Mike Best is preparing for his match against Spring Heeled Jack later tonight in his locker room. However the Victory Cup finalists preparations are suddenly disturbed by a knock at the door. Best rises up from his feet and makes his way over to the door, pulling it open to reveal that standing in the doorway is none other than the sVo co-owner Jon Page.

Jon Page – “Aren’t you going to invite me in then?”

Mike Best stares down Page for a few seconds before stepping backwards and allowing Jon Page into his locker room, without saying a word.

Jon Page – “I see that you are in the Victory Cup final match this Sunday at Ultimate Victory. A main event in the first PPV in sVo history, congratulations.”

Best looks at Page for a few more seconds, however looks suitably unimpressed.

Mike Best – “And what makes you think that I care one bit about you coming here and giving me your congratulations?”

Jon Page smirks at Mike Best as he adjusts his black suit jacket.

Jon Page – “Well I think you should give a damn, that’s if you want any chance of walking out of the final of the Victory Cup competition with the Victory Cup and the sVo World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday night!”

Mike Best – “I’m not intimidated by threats, just ask your co owner Mr Moretti.”

Jon Page – “Oh Moretti knows you too well to try and of those again, that’s why he is doing everything in his power to stop you walking out of the main event at Ultimate Victory as the sVo Champion. You’re the last person he wants to see as the franchise of the sVo, and that’s where I come in!”

Mike Best – “You?”

Jon Page – “Yes, I don’t want Joey Peyton anywhere near the sVo World Championship after the disrespect that kid showed me last week. He isn’t fit to be in the main event let alone win the main event if he doesn’t know not to respect Jon Page. Now me and you Mike, we go way back. We worked together in Dynasty Wrestling, we worked together in Project:Violence, how about we work together one last time here in the sVo and you let me stand in your corner come Sunday night and make sure that Jimmy Moretti my little co-partner doesn’t try any funny business in screwing you out of what should rightfully be yours.”

Mike Best looks back at Jon Page, trying to figure just what the sVo owner’s real motives are behind the proposition.

Jon Page – “I can see your not sure about it Mike, how about I leave it with you and you can sleep on the matter. By the way, good luck tonight.”

Jon Page holds his hand out for Mike Best to shake, however Best does not shake his hand, and instead just looks into the eyes of Jon Page as the scene fades to a commercial break.



Johnny All Star vs. High Flyer

With a shot at the International Championship belt held by Burraca at the Ultimate Victory PPV up for grabs tonight, Johnny All Star and High Flyer stare each other down from opposite corners of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get underway! Johnny All Star charges at High Flyer looking for an early football tackle to take his opponent down to the mat, however High Flyer manages to leap frog over his on rushing charge before dropkicking him in the back of the head to take him down to the mat! Johnny All Star slowly begins to get up from the mat, however High Flyer nails him with a bulldog takedown and then makes the cover, getting an early two count from the referee!

Johnny All Star is reeling as he rises back up to his feet and struggles to get his hands up to protect his face against some stiff punches from High Flyer to the face. However Johnny All Star suddenly explodes into a rage as he pulls High Flyer up into the air before slamming him down to the mat with a spinebuster! Johnny All Star begins to pound away at the face of High Flyer with some big punches, before rolling off of his opponent and standing in wait. High Flyer slowly staggers up to his feet, only for Johnny All Star to spear him down to the mat and go for the cover.



No! High Flyer gets a shoulder up off of the mat just in time to avoid losing the match right there and then! Johnny All Star looks mad that he hasn’t claimed the #1 contendership for the International Championship already as he pulls High Flyer up from the floor and tosses him into the corner of the ring. Johnny All Star runs at High Flyer who is proper up in the corner and smashes into him with a stiff shoulder charge! High Flyer holds his stomach in pain, but Johnny All Star shows no mercy as he grabs him by the arm and tosses him into the other corner of the ring! With High Flyer again propped in the corner, Johnny All Star runs at him, however High Flyer manages to leap out of the way and Johnny All Star runs shoulder first into the ring post!

Johnny All Star staggers backwards from the pain in the shoulder, and High Flyer leaps to the top rope before launching himself down towards Johnny All Star with a cross body splash onto the former football star. High Flyer quickly goes for the cover on Johnny All Star, but he shows how much he wants to progress to face Burraca at Ultimate Victory by getting his shoulder up off of the mat just in time in order save the match before the referee got to three! High Flyer curses his luck as he pulls Johnny All Star up to his feet before once again climbing to the top rope! However as High Flyer signals to the crowd that he is going to hit his finishing move, Johnny All Star grabs him from the top rope and slams him to the mat with the ‘Touchdown’! High Flyer looks out for the count as Johnny All Star quickly makes the cover!




This one is over and its Johnny All Star who gets the opportunity to become sVo International Champion at Ultimate Victory next week, but to do so he must go through the man-monster known as Burraca!

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. High Flyer via pinfall


The scene opens in the office of sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti. Moretti is sitting back in his leather chair behind his huge desk. Spread across his desk are bundles of dollar bills, which Moretti appears to be counting out into bundles. A knock at the door of the office doesn’t even draw Moretti’s attention away from the money, as if he already knew who was there.

Jimmy Moretti – “Come in!”

The door slowly opens and into the room walks the International Champion Burraca. Burraca has the International Championship belt draped over his shoulder, and he stands infront of the desk of Jimmy Moretti.

Burraca – “You wanted to speak to me.”

Burraca stares down at Jimmy Moretti, who has still not looked up from his money.

Jimmy Moretti – “Tonight you are involved in a match against Joseph Peyton correct?”

Burraca nods his head and snarls as he thinks about Peyton, who is one of the opponents Burraca will face in tonight’s triple threat main event.

Burraca – “Yes. Tonight I will rip apart Peyton limb from limb and eat his flesh!”

Jimmy Moretti finally glares up from counting his money.

Jimmy Moretti – “Wrong!”

Burraca looks back at Moretti, confused.

Jimmy Moretti – “Tonight I want you to go easy on Peyton, and I want you to let him win the match.”

Burraca looks disgusted that Moretti is asking him to throw tonight’s main event, just as he asked Mike Best to throw the main event of Showdown three weeks ago.

Jimmy Moretti – “Peyton has a match against Mike Best next Sunday, and he MUST win! I cannot afford to have him injured tonight or his confidence dented, because he needs to be at his best to ensure that Best has NO CHANCE at Ultimate Victory, do you understand!”

Burraca stares back at Moretti, looking disgusted at the sVo owner.

Jimmy Moretti – “You have a match at Ultimate Victory yourself for that International Championship you are so proud of, I could make things very difficult for you if you do not do what I ask. Do you understand!”

Burraca again does not answer and just stares back at Moretti after taking a quick glance at his International Championship belt.

Jimmy Moretti – “Get the hell out of here, I’ve got money to count from all these idiot fans that bought tickets for tonight’s event!”

Burraca snarls at Moretti once again who returns to counting money as Burraca leaves the office. Will Burraca throw the main event tonight and if not, what punishments will await him come Ultimate Victory from Jimmy Moretti?



Backstage in the interview bay, sVo interviewer Katie Smith is standing by with Santos Rockwell who earlier tonight managed to defeat Kid X and by doing so, ended the career of the sVo rookie. Santos Rockwell looks in a upbeat mood as his manager Holly Osbourne stands in the background with a smile on her face.

Katie Smith – “Santos, tonight you ended the career of Kid X. Do you feel any remorse for causing Kid X to now become unemployed?”

Santos Rockwell shares a smirk with his manager at the question before pulling the microphone towards himself.

Santos Rockwell – “Katie….. none what so ever! Kid X was just an opponent that stood in my way of getting a win, the fact that I managed to rid the sVo of his talent-less presence was just an added bonus!”

Katie Smith – “Now that you have got your first win under your belt here in the sVo, you must surely be looking towards challenging for a championship in the not to distant future?”

Santos Rockwell – “Everyone in the sVo is preoccupied with who is the champion of this and who is the champion of that. I just plan on turning up here every week on Showdown and defeating every single opponent that is put infront of me, and at the end of the day the sVo management are going to have no choice but to put me in for the championships when the rest of their roster lays in tatters behind me.”

Katie Smith – “And finally, there is a huge match coming up next Sunday as Mike Best takes on Joseph Peyton with the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt on the line in the Victory Cup competition, just how do you see that one turning out.”

Santos Rockwell – “I predict that on Sunday one guy that Santos Rockwell will be defeating soon will beat another guy that Santos Rockwell will be defeating soon.”

Santos Rockwell smiles at Kaite Smith, but from down the corridor comes the sound of some slow clapping. The camera spins around to see sVo manager Paige Johnson walking towards the camera with a smile on her face.

Paige – “A first class lesson in arrogance there Mr Santos Rockwell.”

Santos Rockwell smirks at Paige.

Santos Rockwell – “Its not arrogance if you can back it up Paige. Didn’t you see the match earlier?”

Paige – “I certainly did, and myself and the rest of the sVo are eternally grateful for you kicking Kid X out of here…..”

Santos Rockwell winks at Paige.

Santos Rockwell – “Well you know what Paige, its nice to be appreciated for a change.”

Paige – “You know what, when you showed up here on the first ever Showdown inturupting me and tell me you were going to be beat this person and that person, I didn’t think much of you. But if you can continue to do impressive things that I like such as ridding the sVo of people like Kid X, then maybe you and me can work together here Santos…..”

Santos Rockwell nods his head.

Santos Rockwell – “Maybe Paige…. If the price is right. You talk to my manager here Holly about it, I’m off to hit the blackjack tables in this place.”

Santos Rockwell cockily walks away from the scene leaving Paige smiling back in his path.

Mike Best vs. Spring Heeled Jack

With Mike Best and ‘The Dark Jester’ Spring Heeled Jack in the ring and ready to go, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the two opponents move towards each other to get the match started. Best meets Jack in the centre of the ring and knocks him backwards with a few quick punches to gain the early control over the match. Jack stumbles back against the ropes which allows Mike Best to land a knee into the midsection of Jack before bouncing him off of the ropes to the other side of the ring. Spring Heeled Jack runs back to the direction of Mike Best, but the man who will next Sunday fight in the final of the Victory Cup takes him down with a strong powerslam.

Spring Heeled Jack rises to his feet feeling his back, but once again Mike Best initiates the offense as he lands a kick to the midsection of Spring Heeled Jack. Mike Best, sporting his un-trademarked smirk, lands a stiff blow to the back of The Dark Jester’s head, before taking him down to the mat with a double armed DDT. The fans don’t seem to happy about Mike Best’s domination of the match so far as he makes the cover on the Dark Jester, only for Spring Heeled Jack to kick out after a count of two.

Best looks slightly fustrated at not getting the three count as he pulls Jack back up to his feet. Best begins to position Jack for a suplex, however as he does ‘the Dark Jester’ rakes the eyes of Mike Best before dropping him with a suplex of his own! Jack slowly rises up from the mat and bounces into the ropes, before landing a leg drop across the top of Mike Best’s body as he lays out flat on the mat! Mike Best slowly staggers back up to his feet but once again Spring Heeled Jack is there waiting for him as he spears him into the corner of the ring before laying into him with big body punches. Mike Best looks to be reeling from the punches, before he manages to land a knee to the gut of Spring Heeled Jack to knock him away.

With Spring Heeled Jack doubled over on in the centre of the ring, Mike Best looks around the crowd and raises his hands in the air to signal for his trademark ‘Mike Effect’ finishing move. The crowd boo knowing that this will surely be the end of the ‘Dark Jester’ as Mike Best advances and pulls up his opponent. However as he begins positioning him for the move, the crowd give another louder cheer as down the entrance ramp runs sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti, and he has a steel chair in his hand! Moretti slides into the ring, before smashing the chair into the back of Mike Best! Job done, Jimmy Moretti slides out of the ring and slowly retreats up the entrance ramp as Spring Heeled Jack takes advantage of the situation by rolling over Mike Best and going for the cover.




This one is over, and it’s the Dark Jester Spring Heeled Jack who has pulled off the upset and scored a win over the 2007 Victory Cup finalist! Moretti sarcastically applauds from the entrance ramp as Spring Heeled Jack has his hand raised in the air in victory….. Can Mike Best really win the sVo World Championship at Ultimate Victory while he has the sVo Owner as an enemy?

RESULT: Spring Heeled Jack def. Mike Best via pinfall


We head backstage where Johnny All Star is walking through the corridors of the sVo arena with his manager JD James after a successful win tonight over High Flyer which means he has booked his place against sVo International Champion Burraca at Ultimate Victory this coming Sunday night.

JD James – “Johnny, I was ultra impressed tonight. If you perform like that again on Sunday night then I have no doubt that you will be walking out of Ultimate Victory with the sVo International Championship belt around your waist!”

Johnny All Star turns and nods at his manager as they walk through the door leading to the car park, however out of no where a masked figure smashes an iron pole into the head of Johnny All Star, knocking him down to the floor. As JD James looks down at the blood pouring out of Johnny All Star’s head, he doesn’t even have time to react as the attacker grabs hold of him before bundling him into the back of a waiting car.

The masked attacker takes a quick look around to make sure that no one is looking as he slams the car boot down, before rushing around and climbing into the drivers door of the car. The car soon speeds away from the scene with JD James in the boot, as the camera focuses down on the bloodied body of the sVo International Championship #1 contender Johnny All Star!


Joey Peyton vs. Burraca vs. Ehsan Aariz

Its finally time for the main event and with the Hardcore Champion Ehsan Aariz, the International Champion Burraca and the Victory Cup finalist Joey Peyton all involved, this one promises to be a main event to remember. With all three men in the ring and ready, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get underway! Joey Peyton immediately runs at Ehsan Aariz and begins to attack the Hardcore Champion with a series of big right and left hooks which knocks Ehsan Aariz back into the corner of the ring. However as Peyton continues to fire off on Ehsan Aariz, he is grabbed from behind by Burraca, with the International Champion proceeding to chokeslam Peyton to the mat!

Burraca begins to stomp away on the downed body of Peyton, however Ehsan Aariz isn’t about to thank Burraca for helping him out as the Hardcore Champion grabs Burraca from behind and spins him around. Ehsan Aariz slaps Burraca across the chest before taking him down with a arm drag before locking his arm in a arm bar submission move. Ehsan Aariz tries in vain to make Burraca tap out, but the International Champion isn’t about to give up that easily as Peyton comes to the rescue with a kick to the back of Ehsan Aariz’s head! Ehsan Aariz releases the hold as Peyton drags him to his feet before throwing him into the ropes.

Peyton himself bounces into the ropes, and lands a stinging clothesline to the Hardcore Champion as he bounces back! Ehsan Aariz gradually rises up to his feet, but Peyton quickly drops him back down with a well executed DDT. Peyton, who will fight for the sVo World Championship belt this coming Sunday against Mike Best, then turns his attention to Burraca, as the monster of an International Champion begins to rise up to his feet. Joey Peyton quickly fires some right hands off in the direction of Burraca’s head, before attempting to suplex the International Champion. However Burraca manages to block Peyton’s attempts, and instead nails a DDT on the sVo World Championship #1 contender! Burraca looks pleased with himself as he makes the cover on Peyton, only for Ehsan Aariz to break it up before the referee can reach a three count!

Ehsan Aariz pulls Burraca up from the mat, however Burraca is enraged that Ehsan Aariz broke up his pinfall attempt and throws a big right hand at Ehsan Aariz. Ehsan Aariz is able to quickly block the right hand before nailing Burraca with a kick to the midsection! Burraca doubles over and Ehsan Aariz steps forward to nail the International Champion with a dangerous piledriver move! Burraca hits the mat head first, and Ehsan Aariz rises to his feet triumphantly! Ehsan Aariz turns around and begins to move over towards Burraca in an attempt to pin him, however as he does his is slammed to the mat via a facebuster from Joey Peyton!

Peyton leaps up to his feet and begins to land some big kicks on Ehsan Aariz as he himself begins to rise up. Ehsan Aariz tries to retaliate with some punches towards Peyton, but Peyton knocks Ehsan Aariz’s arm away and then takes him down with a spinning heel kick! With struggling to rise back up to his feet, Peyton readies himself and signals to the crowd, before nailing a ‘Bleed Well’ on Ehsan Aariz! Aariz hits the mat face first and it looks like this one is over! Peyton begins to make the cover on Ehsan Aariz, but as the referee gets to two the count is broken by Burraca! Peyton rises to his feet, but before he can do anything he receives a kick to the face by the International Champion! Burraca wastes no time following the Tiger Feint Kick as he makes the cover on Aariz who is out from the Bleed Well!




Burraca picks up the win over Peyton and Aariz! Burraca rises up to his feet and holds his International Championship belt in the air! With Peyton and Best both being beaten here tonight, just who will be able to bounce back the quickest and return to winning ways on Sunday as both men battle for the sVo World Championship belt in the final of the Victory Cup at Ultimate Victory!

RESULT: Burraca def. Aariz & Peyton

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