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sVo Showdown #002

The Victory Cup continues as Johnny All Star and Joey Peyton meet in the main event of the evening.

sVo Showdown
14th October 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #002


‘Hip Hop’ by Dead Prez blares out around the arena as sVo Showdown comes to life inside the Goodfella’s Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The entrance music of 50% sVo Owner Jon Page is met with boos from the crowd, and then a few seconds later when the man himself steps onto the top of the entrance stage, there are even louder boos. Page is wearing a sharp black suit, and is clutching a large trophy in his hands as he walks down the entrance ramp before climbing into the ring. Page parades the trophy around the ring for a few minutes before placing it down in the centre of the ring and requesting a microphone to speak to the public.

Jon Page – “Ladies and gentlemen of Las Vegas, let me welcome you back to the sVo!”

There is a cheap pop for the mention of the hometown from the crowd.

Jon Page – “Now my co-owner Jimmy Moretti cannot be here in attendance tonight, however I wanted to be the one to come out here and show you just what Mike B, Johnny All Star, High Flyer and Joseph Peyton will be fighting for the right to win!”

Page once again lifts the trophy into the air.

Jon Page – “The Victory Cup is aptly named, because not only will the winner of the trophy go down in the record books of the sVo, there victory in the tournament will also set them down in the history books of wrestling all over the globe as the first man to hold the sVo World Championship belt!”

Jon Page pauses for a few seconds as he looks at the trophy in his hand.

Jon Page – “The sVo is all about having the ability to rise to the top and show off your talents against the best in the world by winning belts like the World Championship and tournaments like the Victory Cup, and tonight we will go one step closer to finding out who the best man currently is on the sVo roster!”

The sVo heads to a commercial break as Jon Page holds the Victory Cup aloft and the camera zooms in on the blank nameplate on the front of it. Just which name from Peyton, All Star, Best or High Flyer will be the first to be attached to the trophy?

Kid X vs. Santos Rockwell vs. Ehsan Aariz

The first match of sVo Showdown #2 gets underway as all three competitors in the match eyeball each other across the ring. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the battle to find out the first ever sVo Hardcore Champion gets underway as Kid X and Santos Rockwell run at each other. Rockwell takes down Kid X with a clothesline, only to be grabbed from behind by Aariz who is making his debut in tonight’s match. Aariz takes Rockwell to the mat with a suplex before turning his attention to Kid X who is getting to his feet.

Aariz sends Kid X straight back down along with Rockwell, before rolling to the outside of the ring. Aariz grabs hold of a steel chair from ringside and quickly slides back into the ring. Rockwell is slowly getting to his feet as Aariz runs at him with the steel chair, only for Rockwell to kick the steel chair back into the face of Aariz! Aariz drops the chair in pain and Santos Rockwell picks it up! Rockwell slams the chair into the back of Kid X as Aariz rolls to the outside of the ring whilst holding his head in pain.

Santos Rockwell follows Aariz out of the ring, but as he runs at him Aariz side steps him and sends him slamming into the ring steps! Rockwell holds his knee in pain as Aariz reaches under the ring apron and brings out a 4×4 wrapped in barbed wire! The fans pop at the sight of the weapon as Aariz slams in into the face of Santos Rockwell! The blood begins to trickle down his face as Aariz slides back into the ring and turns his attention to Kid X! Kid X pleads with Aariz not to hit him with the weapon, before surprising him with a low blow which causes him to drop the wooden stick wrapped in barbed wire!

Kid X looks pleased with himself as he kicks Aariz a few times whilst he is down before making his way to the top rope! Kid X stands at the top rope looking down at Aariz and singles for a frog splash! However as Kid X leaps from the top rope, Aariz grabs hold of the 4×4 wrapped in barbed wire and holds it into the air, causing Kid X to leap right down onto it! Kid X looks in pain as Aariz quickly rolls him over to make the cover!




Aariz has won the sVo Hardcore Championship on his debut! Aariz rises to his feet and is presented with the belt by the referee, which he raises in the air for all to see after the brutal triple threat battle!

RESULT: Aariz def. Kid X & Santos Rockwell via pinfall


Backstage, there is a large ruckus coming from behind a closed door. It has a star on it, and reads “Mike Best” in large, black letters. There is obviously some kind of party going on behind the door, as sVo interviewer Candi Cross knocks on it loudly. The door swings open and a jovial looking Michael Best appears, staring back at her with a grin on his face. In the background, women in skimpy clothing can be seen drinking champagne and talking to one another, while a few guys we’ve never seen before look on and enjoy a couple of beers.

Mike Best: *ahem* How may I help you, Ms. Cross?

Candi Cross: Well, uhm, Mike, I guess we’re all just wondering what you’re doing in there.

Mike Best: What am I doing? WHAT AM I DOING? Candi, I’m celebrating! I’m celebrating with my friends my victory over High Flyer tonight, that’s what I’m doing! I’m one step closer to the Victory Cup!

Candi looks at him, confused.

Candi Cross: Uh, Mike? You haven’t even wrestled him yet.

Mike: Oh I know. But tonight, the beating I’m gonna give him will be so bad, I need to start celebrating it NOW. This message has been brought to you by The Mike Effect, your once and future champion.

He begins to close the door, but Candi stops him.

Candi: Who in the hell are you TALKING to when you say that?

Mike Best: What? “This message has been brought to you by…. yada yada yada?” Oh, just my adoring public, Candi. But you know how that is. Now if you’ll excuse me…

He slams the door this time, locking it before Candi has a chance to continue. She shrugs her shoulders, turning and walking away, as the camera cuts back to the action.


Spring Heeled Jack vs. Burraca

Burraca and Spring Heeled Jack circle each other as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match for the sVo International Championship belt to get underway. Burraca makes the first move as he grabs Jack and throws him into the ropes, but gets a back elbow across his face for his troubles as both men stare at each other, each willing to do whatever it takes to become the first ever man to hold the sVo International Championship belt!

Burraca tries to grab Jack but he knocks him away with a series of punches to send him into the corner. Jack runs at Burraca, but he side steps him sending Jack crashing into the corner of the ring. Burraca then hits a DDT on Jack and goes for the cover, only for Jack to kick out after a count of two. Jack stumbles up to his feet and Burraca grabs hold of him around the throat to try and choke the life out of him, but Jack manages to counter with a death valley driver.

Burraca holds his head in pain before Jack spears him to the floor and begins to pound him with big rights and lefts to the face. Burraca is able to counter by rolling Jack over and hitting him with some punches of his own, before rising back up to his feet and stomping down on the midsection of Jack. Burraca pulls Jack up to his feet and throws him into the ropes, but Jack bounces back to hit a big clothesline on Burraca to knock him down to the mat!

Burraca stumbles back up to his feet and Jack takes him back down to the mat with a sleeper suplex and makes the cover on Burraca! The fans think this could be the crowning of the first ever International Champion, but Burraca thinks otherwise as his shoulder comes shooting off of the canvas just before the three count. Jack pulls Burraca up to his feet and sends him to the corner of the ring. Jack then runs at Burraca in the corner, but as he does Burraca jumps out of the way and Jack hits his shoulder into the ring post! With Jack in the corner, Burraca quickly nails with the impressive Tiger Feint Kick before going for the cover!




We have a new International Champion, and it is Burraca that picks up the three count and the belt!

RESULT: Burraca def. Spring Heeled Jack via pinfall


Showdown heads backstage where a dejected looking Kid X is packing up his belonging after losing in his triple threat match tonight for the sVo Hardcore Championship belt, a belt which he last week tried to steal. Kid X turns to leave his locker room, however as he does the door bursts open and in walks the sVo general manager Paige!

Paige – “Kid X, not a very impressive performance tonight….. Maybe you should give up fighting after all and turn to a life of crime.”

Kid X stumbles over his words as he looks at Paige.

Kid X – “Urmm, I don’t know what your talking about.”

Paige – “How about the fact that you broke into my office last week and STOLE the Hardcore Championship belt from my desk, that sounds like a sackable offence if ever I heard one!”

Kid X starts to look worried.

Kid X – “Come on Paige, there’s no need to talk like that, I am sure we could work something out.”

Paige – “Yeah there is defiantly something that we can do, next week you will have a match that will most defiantly be a ‘must win’ match for you. If you win, then we can forget about the whole thing, but if you lose, that’s you gone from the sVo! I would get training if I was you!”

Paige exits the room leaving behind Kid X, who is looking worried by just who Paige will have in store for him next week.


Mike Best vs. High Flyer

Mike Best and High Flyer are in the ring and ready for the first of tonight’s two semi final Victory Cup matches to get underway, with both men hoping to progress in the quest to become the first ever man to hold the sVo World Championship belt. The referee calls for the bell to ring and Best and High Flyer lock up in the center of the ring. Best manages to force High Flyer back towards the ropes, but High Flyer manages to twist out of the hold and nail Best with a spinning heel kick to knock him backwards.

High Flyer then charges at Best, but he grabs him and slams him down to the mat. High Flyer looks in pain as Best lifts him up to his feet and delivers a chop across his chest which the whole arena hears. Best pushes High Flyer down into the corner, but High Flyer jumps up onto the second rope and takes down Best and a cross body splash to get the upper hand in the match once again!

High Flyer continues to pound away on Best with some High Flying offense until Best knocks him down to the mat with a straight right hand! High Flyer rises back up to his feet, but Best is there waiting for him with a spinebuster! High Flyer hits the mat hard from the spinebuster and Best goes for the cover!



No! High Flyer kicks out of the cover and keeps his place in the Victory Cup! Best can’t believe that High Flyer managed to kick out as he pulls him back up to a standing position. Best throws High Flyer into the ropes and goes for the clothesline, but Best ducks out of the way and High Flyer nails him with a neckbreaker to take him down to the mat! High Flyer goes for his own cover on Best!



No! Best gets a shoulder up off of the mat just in time! High Flyer can’t believe it as he jumps to his feet complaining to the referee that it should have been a three count! However the referee is having none of it and as High Flyer complain, Mike Best is rising to his feet! Best spins High Flyer around and nails him with a kick to the stomach before dropping him to the mat with the ‘Mike Effect’! Best quickly goes for the cover!




Best narrowly advances to the final of the Victory Cup with the three count, but just who will he have to face in order to become the first ever sVo World Champion?

RESULT: Mike Best def. High Flyer via pinfall


Backstage Joey Peyton is making his way through the corridors towards the ringside area when he comes across sVo Owner Jon Page who is standing in his path. Peyton and stares up at Page, who is looking back at Peyton.

Jon Page – “The Victory Cup is a very prestigious competition in the sVo and only the best of the best are worthy to compete in the final of such event. Good luck tonight against Johnny All Star.”

Joey Peyton smirks at Page before answering back to his boss.

Joey Peyton – “Mr. Page, with all due respect I have been proving myself my whole life and no one let alone Johnny All Star is going to be able to stand in my way of winning the Victory Cup and becoming the first ever sVo World Champion. The last thing I need is any luck from you….”

Joey Peyton pushes past Page and makes his way towards the ring, leaving the 50% owner scowling back at him.


Joey Peyton vs. Johnny All Star

The crowd is on their feet as the main event is just about to get underway, with Joey Peyton facing off against Johnny All Star with the winner booking their place in the Victory Cup final against Mike Best! All Star runs at Peyton and knocks him down straight away with a right hand, but Peyton quickly gets back up to his feet. Johnny All Star circles Peyton before going in for the kill, but Peyton manages to fight him off with some stiff back elbows before taking him down to the mat with suplex.

Peyton continues to work over the former football player before going for an early cover and getting a two count. Johnny All Star jumps back up to his feet and charges at Joey Peyton, taking him down with a strong football tackle. Johnny All Star lays into Joey Peyton with some strong right hands, before Joey Peyton manages to knock him off with a back elbow shot to the head.

Joey Peyton runs at Johnny All Star and takes him down with a short arm clothesline before stomping away on the former football player! Peyton can sense the win as he quickly makes the cover on Johnny All Star, but All Star kicks out after two to show just how much the Victory Cup means to him! Johnny All Star bravely rises to his feet, and as Joey Peyton runs at him, All Star nails him with a dragon suplex! All Star then makes the cover on Peyton, but Peyton this time kicks out after two!

Johnny All Star can’t believe that Petyton managed to kick out as he rises back to his feet and prepares for another attack. All Star runs at Peyton looking for a football tackle, but before he reaches his target, Peyton lands a kick to the midsection of Johnny All Star to double him over in pain. With Johnny All Star holding his gut, Peyton then proceeds to land a ‘Bleed Well’ on All Star before making the cover!




This one is all over and Peyton is the man having his hand raised in victory by the referee! Peyton begins to celebrate his victory with the beaten body of Johnny All Star laying in the background, but as he does the familiar sight of Mike Best appears at the top of the entrance ramp. Peyton and Best lock eyes and stare each other down as Showdown goes off of the air, which one of the two men will win the Victory Cup final and go on to become the first ever sVo World Champion?

RESULT: Peyton def. All Star via pinfall

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