sVo Showdown
7th October 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #001


The fans are on their feet inside the Goodfella’s casino as the opening music of sVo Showdown continues to play over the loudspeakers. All waiting to see the action get underway, the fans don’t have to wait long to see the first sign of a sVo celebrity as ‘Tainted Love’ by PCD hits the sound system and the sVo manager Paige Johnson walks out from the backstage area. Paige’s arrival is greeted with a cheer from the sVo fans as she slowly walks down the entrance ramp before stepping into the ring and receiving a sVo branded microphone. Paige waits a few seconds for the hype around her arrival to die down before addressing the crowd.

Paige – “Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to welcome you to the sVo!”

There is a huge roar from the crowd at the mention of the Las Vegas based fighting organisation.

Paige – “Now you will have all seen wrestling federations all over this country and abroad, but I am here to kick off this new era in entertainment by letting you know that here in the sVo the fans come first!”

The fans begin a sVo chant, which soon dies down as Paige raised her hand up in the air.

Paige – “Here in the sVo there will be no screwing of the fans, we aim to bring you the premier fighters from all around the world and provide the best entertainment every week live from Las Vegas! Only the best need apply to the sVo, and rest assured only the special talents from all over the fighting world will be able to reach up and take the belts that the sVo has to offer, which brings me to my next point….”

Paige pauses for a few seconds as the image of the sVo World, International and Hardcore Championships laying on a table in her office appears on the sVo-Tron.

Paige – “Tonight will see the commencement of the Victory Cup compeition, a tournament straight off the bat to see just who on the sVo roster is worthy of holding the honour of being the first ever man or woman to hold the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt…..”

Paige is interrupted in mid sentence as ‘Man Down’ by 50 Cent hits the sound system and out onto the entrance ramp walks the cocky Santos Rockwell with his manager Holly Osbourne. The crowd give a boo for the sVo superstar as he looks down at Paige with a smirk on his face. Carrying a microphone in his hand it looks as if Santos Rockwell is wanting to get something off of his chest.

Santos Rockwell – “Paige you know when you signed me just as well as I do, that I will become the first ever sVo World Champion, so you might as well just hand the belt over to me right now!”

The crowd boo the cocky attitude of Rockwell, but Paige looks less than impressed at the interruption.

Paige – “Santos, this isn’t any old federation that you can walk through a few matches and win a championship belt, this is the sVo and you have to work hard for your victories and achievements against the best in the world! If you want the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt then you have to go through the Victory Cup tournament to get it, and you start off tonight against Mike Best!”

The crowd give a cheer at the prospect of Rockwell and Best clashing in the middle of the ring tonight infront of their very eyes. Two of the most confident wrestlers in the game going at it, with only one man walking out and progressing in the competition!

Santos Rockwell – “Mike Best? Paige you could have at least made this a little difficult to for me! Mike Best will fall tonight as will anyone else that gets in my way. There is nothing in the world that can stop me in my quest of winning the sVo World Championship belt!”

The crowd boo Santos Rockwell once again as he stares down towards Paige who is standing in the middle of the ring as Showdown goes to its first commercial break!


sVo Showdown returns from its commercial break to find Kid X standing backstage warming up for his match against High Flyer in the Victory Cup competition which is next! As Kid X warms up in the corridor, he glances across at the door across from him which is slightly open and notices that it is that of sVo manager Paige Johnson. Kid X slowly walks towards the door and pushes it open, only to find to his surprise that no one is inside the office. Kid X notices the three belts that are laying on the belt of the sVo manager and picks up the sVo Hardcore Championship. Kid X seems to be mesmerised by the belt as he holds it up against the light in the room.

Kid X – “With everyone thinking about the World Championship belt, I wonder if anyone would notice if this was to go missing tonight…..”

Kid X pondered the question to himself before strapping the belt around his waist and checking it out in the full-length mirror in the corner of the room.

Kid X – “Kid X, sVo Hardcore Champion….. I like the sound of that.”

Kid X smiles to himself as he pulls a few poses in the mirror with the belt on, before sneaking out of the office as quietly as possible with the sVo Hardcore Championship belt still strapped around his waist.


Kid X vs. High Flyer

With Kid X and High Flyer in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the actions gets straight underway. Kid X goes straight at High Flyer with a serious of spinning kicks and punches, however High Flyer soon takes the advantage over Kid X with a takedown on the mat that came to the ring wearing the sVo Hardcore Championship belt around his waist. High Flyer pulls Kid X up and begins to live up to his name with some highflying moves on the man with the flamed pants.

Kid is reeling from the moved from High Flyer but manages to get back into the match with some suplexes on his opponent. Kid X manages to pin down High Flyer after a big suplex and goes for the three count, however the referee only gets to two before High Flyer kicks out of the move. High Flyer rises back up to his feet and runs at Kid X, only for Kid X to throw him into the corner. Kid X begins to pound on High Flyer, however High Flyer manages to reverse into a DDT on Kid X!

High Flyer pulls Kid X into the air with a sambo suplex before making his way to the top rope! That fans watch on in anticiatpation as High Flyer leaps from the top rope and nails a frog splash on Kid X before making the cover!




High Flyer advances to the next round of the Victory Cup!

RESULT: High Flyer def. Kid X via pinfall


As we return from a commercial break, Pretty Vegas hits the sound system. A grey haired man wearing jeans and a sport jacket walks out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. The crowd is quite perplexed.

The gentleman raises the mic to his lips.

Stranger – First of all let me introduce myself. The names JD James. “The Playboy” JD James. Don’t worry I’m not here to wrestle. I’m past my prime to wrestle, and I don’t think Jimmy Morreti is stupid enough to hire someone my age to wrestle. But that’s not to say that I can’t handle myself.

JD looks around at the crowd.

James – Now as I said Jimmy Moretti is not stupid enough to hire someone my age, but that’s not to say that Jimmy Moretti is anywhere near smart. You see Jimmy boy once had this organization that went by the name Project: Violence, and yours truly standing right here in front of you tonight, was once in this very casino, and happened to be in a card game with Mr. Moretti. Mr. Moretti ran short on a little money, and to make a long story short I won twenty five percent of Project: Violence.

JD looks around at the crowd once again a smile on his face.

James – So what happens, Jimmy Moretti disappears for a little while and lets Project: Violence fold. Then he comes back with this brand new spanking promotion, after leaving me holding the bag, after paying for a brand new arena for P:V and everything. It ruined me. I lost a lot of money and a lot of standing in the community of wrestling that I was once part of and loved.

JD starts to pace at the top of the entrance ramp shaking his head.

James – That was pretty smart Jimmy, coming back with a new promotion, new name and all. Quite the loophole you found isn’t it. I bet you thought you were done with me. Wrong. I may not hold a stake in this promotion. But I did manage to find a wrestler that needs managing. One that hates you and your partner as much as I do.

Pretty Vegas once again hits the sound system, the fans are on their feet as the hometown boy Johnny All-Star walks out onto the ramp.

James – Allow me to introduce my client Johnny All-Star.

The fans are on their feet cheering as Johnny walks over and shakes hands with JD James.

James hands the mic over to All-Star.

All-Star – That’s right. You see Moretti, you see Page, I managed to find someone that hates you as much as me, and its gonna be all the sweeter when I defeat Buracca in that ring tonight and advance in the Victory Cup Tournament, and take home the sVo World Heavyweight Championship. How sweet it will be.

All-Star drops the mic as he and his new manager JD James walk back stage.


“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


The lights dim in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice rolling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena. It’s a video featuring all the exploits of Michael Best in Project: Violence, from his epic matches with Curtis Knight to his total decimations of Brock and Kid X, along with his seven month reign as world champion.

The video serves as a reminder to many and an introduction to some, and as it comes to a close, gold pyro explodes in the entranceway. ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain, a proud smirk on his face as he takes in the screaming and obscenities coming from the crowd. In his right hand, he’s holding a scale size cardboard cutout of a championship belt, with the words “MY NAME HERE” written carefully on the front in black maker. He hoists the fake championship over his head, listening as the crowd boos and jeers him even harder. Mike begins to make his way slowly down the ramp, posing and strutting with the belt the whole way, much to the disdain of the fans. Finally, he ascends the ring steps and ducks under the first rope, slinging the handmade title over his shoulder before grabbing a microphone from the timekeeper.

He waits a moment for the booing to subside slightly before beginning.

Best: Now, now, ladies and gentlemen… is that anyway to treat the man who is going to become your FIRST SANCTIONED VIOLENCE WORLD CHAMPION?

The booing begins again, even louder this time as the crowd screams for the head of The Mike Effect. He feigns a look of sadness for a moment, running a finger from the corner of his eye and down his cheek, simulating a tear. His face spreads back into a sneer as he yells out into the crowd.

Best: HEY! Freaks in the cheap seats, pipe down! The Mike Effect has got a little something to say, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be drown out by a bunch of gambling addicts, drunks, and hookers!

This time the booing is deafening, and Mike pretends to look astonished.

Best: Oh, sorry, sorry, I shouldn’t have said hooker. I forgot, that’s legal here, isn’t it? Please, accept my apologies… let me rephrase. I’m not going to be drown out by a bunch of gambling addicts, drunks, and ‘streetwalking whores.’ But enough about YOU guys, I’m out here tonight to talk about ME.

You see, tonight is a very, VERY special night. I’m not talking about the first sVo Showdown, I’m not talking about the excitement of seeing something new in your living rooms. No, I’m talking about the Sanctioned Violence Victory Cup, and the fact that in tonight’s main event, all you lucky folks in the audience along with all the fortunate people watching at home get to see The Mike Effect, that’s me, get one step closer to making this cardboard championship you see draped so snugly over my shoulder the real deal. I’m sure you were all wondering exactly WHY I have a cardboard title over my shoulder, right? At least I assume you were wondering, though I’m sure that puzzled look on everyone’s face as I made my way down the ramp could just be a side effect of living in a city where it ain’t worth learning if you can’t bet on it.

Someone in the crowd throws a beer bottle at him, and it nearly hits him in the head. He manages to duck, and it’s all he can do not to laugh out loud at the drunk in the front row who threw it.

Best: What, a little to close to home? Well this is Vegas, right? Home of Seigfried and Roy and that big gay tiger, and I figure you fine Las Vegas folks might like to see a little bit of Mike Effect Magic right here, right now. Watch me make a drunk asshole disappear!

He snaps his fingers, motioning over to security. They hoist the man out of his place near the guardrail, leading him towards the exit.

Best: Now that THAT’S over and done with, let’s get on with the show. As I was saying, the reason this belt is slung over me shoulder is to serve as a reminder. A reminder that I was the longest reigning Project: Violence champion in history. A reminder that I plan to run roughshod over the sVo just like I did the last time I was under contract to a scumbag like Jimmy Moretti. And most of all, it’s a reminder that this title over my shoulder is just a placeholder, because in just a short amount of time it’s going to be replaced with more gold than any of you have seen in your LIVES. And there ain’t a damn thing you, Jimmy Moretti, Santos Rockwell, or any other idiot in a cape and a luchador mask is going to do about it. And I’m going to show you why first hand tonight, when I beat Santos Rockwell back to GLCW where he belongs.

Enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen. I know I sure as hell will.

He drops the microphone down onto the canvas with a thud, holding the belt over his head one last time before dropping down and rolling out of the ring. He struts back up the ramp as the fans scream obscenities and hurl garbage at him, until at last he disappears behind the curtain.

Johnny All Star vs. Burraca

With Kid X and High Flyer in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the actions gets straight underway. Kid X goes straight at High Flyer with a serious of spinning kicks and punches, however High Flyer soon takes the advantage over Kid X with a takedown on the mat that came to the ring wearing the sVo Hardcore Championship belt around his waist. High Flyer pulls Kid X up and begins to live up to his name with some highflying moves on the man with the flamed pants.

Kid is reeling from the moved from High Flyer but manages to get back into the match with some suplexes on his opponent. Kid X manages to pin down High Flyer after a big suplex and goes for the three count, however the referee only gets to two before High Flyer kicks out of the move. High Flyer rises back up to his feet and runs at Kid X, only for Kid X to throw him into the corner. Kid X begins to pound on High Flyer, however High Flyer manages to reverse into a DDT on Kid X!

High Flyer pulls Kid X into the air with a sambo suplex before making his way to the top rope! That fans watch on in anticiatpation as High Flyer leaps from the top rope and nails a frog splash on Kid X before making the cover!




High Flyer advances to the next round of the Victory Cup!

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Burraca via pinfall


The cameras are backstage and Joey Peyton is at a vending machine trying to get some chocolate chip cookies from the machine. Joey shakes the machine but the cookies don’t budge. He then looks at the stuck cookies and then thinks of an idea and he shoulder blocks the machine 3 times. A sound is heard signalling that the cookies finally fell. Joey Peyton then leans over and grabs the bag and pops it open. He lets out a sigh as he holds his shoulder. Joey then turns around and bumps into Candi Cross. With him still having a cookie in his mouth he begins to speak.

Joey Peyton: Hey, Candi (Looks down at her breasts and then chokes on his treat and then changes his voice to be deeper and more manly) Hey Candi.

Candi Cross: Yes?

Joey Peyton: What’s up? Want a cookie?

Candi Cross: Uh…no. I’ve already dealt with a foul-mouthed punk. I simply came here to do my job…to see how do you feel about your match against Kenneth Simpson.

Joey Peyton: (Chews his cookie and then speaks) Well, Candi he’s a retired boxer and I plan for him to be a soon retired wrestler after this match, I’m sure he’s a talented guy but I just don’t think wrestling is his thing we all know who’s the better man. (Nudges Candi) Right Candi?

Candi Cross: Well whatever you say Joey. Are you sure you can get the job done against Kenneth? I mean I’ve been around many guys that say they can accomplish something but than fall short.

Joey Peyton: Yeah, Candi but the difference is I can prove it. Follow me to my locker room and I can show you I don’t run short.

Candi Cross: I think we’re getting off the topic here.

Joey Peyton: Yeah? well shit I thought interviewers would do anything for a good story. You would just have to go in my locker room for a second, I’ll make it a come and go.

Candi Cross: Yeah well thats disgusting…

Joey Peyton: Shut up. I wasn’t into you any way I rather fuck whoever created these cookies.

Candy looks down at the wrapper and giggles.

Candi Cross: So you rather fuck Mr. Wally Amo’s? Your eating famous amos cookies, you know that right? He’s a elderly black man, fit your taste?

Joey Peyton: Oh! Shit! Fuck my ass! Interview officially done. Here’s your famous amo, Candi.

Joey flips her off and walks away.

Joey Peyton vs. Kenneth Simpson Jr’

Gimme AD’ by Parkway Drive hits the sound system and the 6’8″ Joey Peyton makes his way down the sVo entrance ramp for the first time in his career for his debut match here in the Victory Cup competition. Peyton looks ready for battle as he steps over the ring ropes and walks around the ring to get used to his surroundings. ‘I Need it’ by Lil Wayne hits the sound system and former boxing Champion Kenneth Simpson Jr slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp with his entourage for his first ever professional wrestling match. Simpson Jr looks psyched up for battle as his entourage surrounds the ring as Simpson Jr climbs in and throws a few shadow punches in the direction of Peyton.

The bell rings for the match to start and both men move towards each other and meet in the middle of the ring. Peyton tries to hit Simpson Jr with a right hand but Simpson Jr dodges and jabs and hits Peyton in the face with a right hand that sends the sVo newcomer reeling. The fans boo Simpson Jr but then cheer as Peyton gets right back at him with a headbutt followed by a hip toss to take him down to the mat. Simpson Jr quickly rises back up but Peyton runs at him and nails him with a big boot.

Peyton pulls Simpson Jr back up to his feet and hits him with a selection of high impact moves focusing in on the back of Simpson Jr. Simpson Jr slowly gets up to his feet but seems to be struggling against the much taller Peyton as he takes him down again, this time with a snap suplex. With Simpson Jr down on the mat, Peyton drops a leg across the face of Simpson Jr before making the cover on his opponent. The referee reaches a count of two before Simpson Jr gets his shoulder off of the ground and shows just how much he wants to progress in the Victory cup tonight.

Peyton looks annoyed that Simpson Jr managed to kick out of the cover, but Simpson Jr bounces back with a few punches before knocking down Peyton with a big spinning heel kick! The crowd are shocked at the huge move from Simpson Jr as he taunts the crowd and his opponent. However Simpson Jr spends too much time celebrating the move with his entourage because as he turns around to look for his finishing move the ‘KO, Peyton is already their waiting for him to kick him in the gut and hit him with the ‘Bleed Well’! Simpson Jr’s head smashes off of the mat and Peyton makes the cover!




This one is all over and Peyton picks up his debut win here in the sVo and progresses in the Victory cup competition! Peyton rises up to his feet and holds his arms in the air in victory. Can Peyton go all the way in this competition and become the first ever sVo World Champion?

RESULT: Joey Peyton def. Kenneth Simpson Jr via pinfall


The scene moves backstage to the interview area where sVo superstar Mike Best is standing by with the official sVo interviewer Candi Cross for an exclusive interview.

Candi Cross – “You are up against Santos Rockwell tonight Mike in your first ever sVo match, just what do you think of your opponent?”

Mike Best laughs as he looks across at Candi whilst thinking about the cocky opponent that he must face tonight in singles action in the quarterfinal of the Victory Cup competition.

Mike Best – “And I’m getting pretty sick of this Rockwell guy already. I’ve never even met him, and already I wanna just snap the guy’s neck and be done with the whole thing. What’s the big deal with this guy? He’s won a couple of matches over at Great Lakes, the wrestling company that time forgot! Besides, the guy is like a walking, talking, laughable incarnation of a Klondike bar commercial. “I’ll do anything for money.” Is that like some kind of catchphrase that I just don’t get? Because to me he just sounds like a down on his luck prostitute… maybe that’s why he’s always walking around with that Holly chick.”

Candi Cross is struggling not to laugh at the comments from Mike Best about Santos Rockwell as she begins to ask her second question.

Candi Cross – “Well you obviously seem confident about your match tonight, but many people are wondering why you signed with the sVo considering your relationship with sVo co-owner Jimmy Moretti.”

Mike Best nods his head at the question, but as he does none other that Jimmy Moretti strides into the frame and grabs the microphone from the hand of Candi Cross. Best squares up to Moretti as he looks down on the ‘Mike Effect’.

Jimmy Moretti – “Let me answer that question for you Candi, its none of your business and get lost!”

Candi Cross looks outraged at Jimmy Moretti as he waves her off before turning his attention towards Mike Best.

Mike Best – “What the hell do you want Moretti?”

Jimmy Moretti – “What do I want, I want you to lose tonight….”

Mike Best – “Well no surprise there, you have usually done what ever it takes to have me lose matches in the past, shame you always end up disappointed, just as you will tonight.”

Jimmy Moretti – “No Best, I don’t think you understand, I want you to take a dive in tonight’s match. This is Vegas and what would Vegas be without a little flutter? I have put a lot of money on Santos Rockwell to pick up the win tonight and I want you to make sure that happens, you know better than anyone what type of consequences will await you if he doesn’t….”

Jimmy Moretti slams the microphone into the chest of Mike Best, as Best looks back at the sVo Owner with a look of disgust on his face. Will Best cave into the threats from Moretti and purposely lose his match tonight against Santos Rockwell?


Mike Best vs. Santos Rockwell

‘Man Down’ by 50 Cent hits the sound system and the fans are less than pleased to see Santos Rockwell as he makes his way down to the ring for his sVo debut with his manager Holly Osbourne by his side. Santos Rockwell slides into the ring and taunts the fans before waiting for his opponent Mike Best to hit the ring. ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West hits the sound system but Mike Best seemingly waits a few seconds before making an appearance, already playing mind games with Santos Rockwell. Rockwell locks eyes with Best as he makes his way to the ring, before sliding in and taking up his position in the corner.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the first ever sVo Showdown main event gets underway as Best and Rockwell run at each other and meet in the centre of the ring. Rockwell and Best trade big right hands before Rockwell takes the early advantage in the match with a takedown on Best. Rockwell continues with some ground offensive on Best by locking him to a variety of submission holds down on the mat, although Best manages to struggle out of each hold.

Best is then able to get back to his feet and take the fight to Santos Rockwell with a suplex before stomping away at his opponent as he lays out on the mat. Mike Best maintains the momentum as Santos Rockwell struggles back up to his feet by bouncing off of the ropes and taking him down with a clothesline. Santos Rockwell seems to be struggling as Mike Best goes for a cover, but only manages to get a two count. Best brings Rockwell back to his feet, but this proves to be a mistake as Rockwell fires back with some right hands before tossing Best around the ring like a rag doll. Santos Rockwell manages to execute a variety of suplex moves on Best before going for a cover of his own, only for Best to kick out after two.

Mike Best rises back to his feet and manages to take down Santos Rockwell with a drop toe hold before locking him into a camel clutch submission move. Rockwell screams out in pain at the hold as Holly Osbourne leaps up onto the ring apron. The referee marches over and tells Holly to get down from the ring apron, but as he does he misses Santos Rockwell tapping out behind his back! The crowd boo as Mike Best then releases the hold and walks over and spins around the referee! Best argues with the referee that Rockwell tapped out but the referee tells Best if he didn’t see it then it didn’t happen!

Best is irate, but as Santos Rockwell runs at him he steps out of the way of his opponent, who goes crashing into Holly Osbourne knocking her from the ring apron to the floor! The fans cheer as Holly hits the floor hard and Santos Rockwell holds his head in shock as he looks down at his manager. Mike Best doesn’t care however as he spins around Santos Rockwell and nails him with the ‘Mike Effect’! With Rockwell out cold from the move Best quickly hooks his leg and goes for the cover!




Mike Best rises to his feet and victoriously holds his arm up in the air! As he looks around at Santos Rockwell and Holly Osbourne down and out around him, Best stands tall and advances to the semi finals of the Victory Cup competition as the first ever sVo Showdown comes to a close!

RESULT: Mike Best def. Santos Rockwell via pinfall

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