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sVo Proving Grounds 11

The countdown is on to the Jackpot PPV, and the sVo stars look to build momentum ahead of tomorrow’s PPV!

sVo Proving Grounds 11
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
30th September 2023

As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Proving Grounds’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Single Match
Jupiter James vs. Riley Smith

Twice in Two Days?

[Scene: The bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is a whirlwind of activity as sVo superstars prepare for Proving Grounds 11. Kyle McRae, the current Roulette Champion, strides purposefully toward the arena entrance, his championship belt slung over his shoulder, a look of determination in his eyes. The sVo fanbase is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming event, ‘Jackpot,’ where McRae is set to defend his title against Rick Reid.]

[Just as McRae is about to enter the arena, a familiar voice calls out to him. COO Amy Page, with an unsettling grin on her face, approaches him.]

Amy Page: [Snickering] Kyle, my dear Roulette Champion! You’re looking awfully focused today.

Kyle McRae: [Surprised but composed] Amy, what can I do for you?

Amy Page: [Leaning in closer, her tone conspiratorial] You know, Kyle, I’ve been thinking. You’re defending your precious Roulette Championship tomorrow night at ‘Jackpot’ against Rick Reid, but why wait until then to put it all on the line?

[Kyle McRae narrows his eyes, clearly suspicious of Amy’s intentions.]

Kyle McRae: What are you getting at, Amy?

Amy Page: [With a sly smile] How about this, Kyle? How about you defend your Roulette Championship right here tonight, on Proving Grounds 11?

[The shock registers on Kyle McRae’s face, and the sVo Universe in the arena gasps in unison.]

Kyle McRae: [Stuttering slightly] Tonight? But… ‘Jackpot’ is tomorrow!

Amy Page: [Mockingly] Oh, I know. But think about it, Kyle. The thrill of defending your title twice in two days. It’s what makes the sVo so exciting, don’t you think?

[McRae takes a deep breath, realizing the situation he’s in.]

Kyle McRae: You want me to risk it all tonight?

Amy Page: [With a wicked grin] Oh, yes! It’ll be a match that no one will forget. A surprise challenger awaits you, Kyle. I think you’ll find it… interesting.

[With that, Amy Page saunters away, leaving Kyle McRae to contemplate the monumental decision he now faces—the possibility of defending his Roulette Championship twice in such a short span of time.]

Single Match
Alissia Young vs Roddy King

Seize the Moment

[Scene: The backstage interview area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with activity as Katie Smith, the sVo’s intrepid backstage correspondent, stands ready with a microphone in hand. She waits for her guest, Carny Sinclair, who has been making waves in recent weeks with his ruthless in-ring tactics. As Carny approaches, Katie steps forward to begin the interview.]

Katie Smith: [With a friendly smile] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the always unpredictable Carny Sinclair. Carny, tonight you have a match scheduled, and after recent incidents, fans are wondering if you’ll be looking to take things beyond the final bell once again. What can you tell us about your mindset tonight?

Carny Sinclair: [His eyes gleaming with an eerie intensity] Well, Katie, you know me. I like to keep things… interesting. What happens in that ring is all part of the show, isn’t it?

[Katie Smith raises an eyebrow, unsure of what to make of Carny’s cryptic response.]

Katie Smith: [Carefully] So, are you saying that we can expect more post-match chaos tonight?

Carny Sinclair: [With a sinister grin] I’m saying, Katie, that I’m here to make a statement. But tonight, my focus is on securing my spot in the Jackpot match tomorrow night at the PPV. It’s a golden opportunity, and I won’t let it slip away.

[Katie Smith nods, understanding that Carny Sinclair’s intentions are anything but straightforward.]

Katie Smith: [Concluding] Well, Carny, we’ll be keeping a close eye on your match tonight and your performance at ‘Jackpot.’ Best of luck to you.

Carny Sinclair: [With a wicked chuckle] Luck has nothing to do with it, Katie. It’s all about seizing the moment.

[As Carny Sinclair walks away, the air is filled with an unsettling sense of anticipation, leaving everyone to wonder what he has in store for his opponents tonight and in the high-stakes Jackpot match at the PPV.]

Single Match
Carny Sinclair vs Noah Rogan

Hitting the Jackpot

[Scene: The backstage interview area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is bustling with activity as Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone. She is about to interview the tag team known as The Starr Brothers—Darren Starr and Simon Starr. The duo has been making waves in the sVo, and fans are eager to hear their thoughts on their upcoming championship match and the condition of sVo Champion Night. As The Starr Brothers approach, Katie Smith begins the interview.]

Katie Smith: [With a warm smile] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with The Starr Brothers, Darren Starr and Simon Starr. Now, before we dive into your tag team championship match tomorrow night at ‘Jackpot,’ I have to ask: Do you have any updates on the condition of sVo Champion Night, who suffered a back injury last week?

Darren Starr: [Nodding with concern] That’s a good question, Katie. We’re as concerned as anyone else about Night’s condition. He’s a hell of a competitor, and we hope he’s ready to defend that championship tomorrow night. But, you know, injuries in this business can be unpredictable.

Simon Starr: [Agreeing] Absolutely. Night’s a warrior, and we hope he’s in that ring. But regardless of whether he can compete or not, our focus remains on our own match tomorrow night.

Katie Smith: [Turning her attention to the tag team championship match] Speaking of your match, you’ll be challenging Blood Money for the sVo Tag Team Championships. How are you feeling about your chances?

Darren Starr: [Confidently] Katie, we’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Blood Money is a tough team, no doubt about it. But we’ve trained hard, we’ve strategized, and we’re ready to give it everything we’ve got.

Simon Starr: [Determined] And whether it’s Blood Money or anyone else, we’re here to prove that The Starr Brothers are the best tag team in the sVo. Tomorrow night, we plan on walking out of ‘Jackpot’ with those tag team titles around our waists.

[Katie Smith nods, sensing the confidence and determination radiating from The Starr Brothers.]

Katie Smith: [Concluding] Well, it’s clear that you’re both fired up and ready for ‘Jackpot.’ Best of luck in your tag team championship match, and we’ll all be watching to see if Night can make it to the PPV to defend his sVo Championship.

Darren Starr: [With a grin] Thanks, Katie. And to the sVo Universe, stay tuned. Tomorrow night is going to be one for the history books!

Simon Starr: [With a salute] You can count on that.

[As The Starr Brothers walk away, the anticipation for ‘Jackpot’ continues to build, with fans eager to see if they can capture the tag team gold and whether Night will be fit to defend his sVo Championship.]

Main Event
Roulette Championship Match
Kyle McRae (c) vs Enzo Anderson

The Plan

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena is still buzzing with energy following a thrilling main event where Kyle McRae successfully defended his Roulette Championship. The sVo Universe is on their feet, showing their appreciation for the valiant champion. As McRae raises his title high, a sudden shift in the atmosphere signals impending danger.]

[Out of nowhere, Rick Reid, a looming and menacing figure, storms the ring with a determined look on his face. The sVo Universe gasps in shock as Reid strikes McRae from behind with a vicious chair shot to the back.]

[McRae crumples to the mat in agony, clutching his back as the Roulette Championship falls from his grasp. The arena erupts in a chorus of boos, expressing their outrage at Reid’s ruthless attack.]

[Rick Reid stands over the fallen champion, a sinister grin on his face, relishing the carnage he’s caused. He picks up the Roulette Championship and holds it high above his head, signifying his intent to capture the title at ‘Jackpot’ tomorrow night on PPV.]

[As McRae writhes in pain, the camera cuts to a shot of Amy Page in her office, watching the chaos unfold on a monitor. A wicked smile creeps across her face as she sees her plan coming to fruition.]

[The show ends with Rick Reid standing tall, the Roulette Championship in his grasp, and the sVo Universe wondering what awaits them at ‘Jackpot’ as the PPV draws near.]

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