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sVo Countdown to Violence 2021: The Preshow

The future of the sVo clashes in the Preshow before the Countdown to Violence 2021 PPV!

sVo Countdown to Violence 2021: The Preshow
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Saturday 20th March 2021

‘Audacity’ by Stormzy hits and the opening video package for tomorrow’s ‘Countdown to Violence 2021’ PPV begins to play, featuring classic action from the likes of Anthony Moretti, William Vorheez & Gunner Lang. As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the packed-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas, with the fans ready to see some exciting live action ahead of tomorrow’s PPV from the future stars of the sVo!

A video package plays from earlier in the day where fans have been milling around the Goodfellas Casino Arena, meeting the sVo stars and getting autographs, before the camera heads back to the arena for the first match of the night to get started!

Single Match
Nathan Judge vs. Tom Flynn

‘Night Crawler’ by Judas Priest hits the sound system and there are boos in the arena as Nathan Judge slowly emerges from the backstage area onto the top of the entrance ramp. Nathan Judge doesn’t look too happy with the reception he is receiving from the Vegas crowd as he stares out at the sea of people before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Judge slowly climbs into the ring between the ropes before walking around the perimeter and staring out at the crowd. The crowd continue to boo Nathan Judge as he stands tall in the ring looking ready for the match to begin.

“Going out in Style” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the sound system and there is a cheer as the arena is basked in a green glow. After a few seconds Tom Flynn steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and raises his arms in the air to acknowledge the crowd! Flynn cracks his knuckles at the top of the entrance ramp, before marching down to the ring and climbing in ready to fight!

It’s Canada vs. Ireland as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get started! Nathan Judge, the former Las Vegas Champion who still looks angry at not being involved in tomorrow’s PPV event, springs forward and begins to lay into Flynn with some big right hands! The brawler Flynn looks more than happy to fight back with some right hands of his own, and the fans cheer as the two men trade right hands in the middle of the ring!

Judge quickly gains control of the match as he lands a knee to the midsection on his opponent before sending him into the ring ropes. Flynn bounces back and Judge sends him down to the mat thanks to a stiff clothesline. Judge doesn’t look like he is in the mood for playing around tonight, as the former Las Vegas Champion grabs Flynn by the back of the head as he gets to his feet, and slams him face first into the turnbuckle! Flynn staggers backwards, and Judge grabs him around the waist and takes him to the mat with a German suplex into a bridge!




Flynn gets his shoulder up and this one continues! 

Judge looks angry at not getting the quick three count he was looking for as he rises up to his feet and scowls at the referee. The fans try to get behind the Irishman Flynn, but as he slowly rises up to a standing position, Judge bounces into the ring ropes and then blasts him in the face with a big boot! 

Judge angrily shouts at the fans in the front row who are cheering his opponent on, which only gets him more heat from the Las Vegas crowd. Judge slowly pulls Flynn up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring, before running and hitting a big splash! Tom Flynn looks hurt in the corner of the ring, but Nathan Judge doesn’t seize on the advantage, as he again wastes time taunting the crowd!

The fans boo loudly as Judge cockily walks around the ring to show his dominance over his opponent. However Flynn, who is usually a tag team specialist, seems to get a second wind from the crowd reaction as he meets Judge with some big rights and lefts when he finally turns his attention back to him! 

Judge looks shocked as Flynn bounces back off of the ring ropes for extra momentum, before taking the former Las Vegas Champion down to the mat with a big clothesline! The crowd roar him on as Flynn leaps on his opponent with some mounted punches! The Irishman looks pumped up as he rises up to his feet and waits for Judge to get to his feet, before sending him into the corner of the ring!

Tom Flynn runs at Judge in the corner of the ring looking for a spear, however Judge dives out of the way at the last minute causing Flynn to hit the turnbuckle hard with his shoulder! The fans boo as Flynn staggers out holding his shoulder in pain, and Judge capitalized with a spinebuster! 

Judge rises back up to his feet and looks down at his opponent before pulling him up to his feet. Judge shows off his power to the watching fans as he lands a double underhook slam on Flynn, before following up with an impressive powerbomb dropped into a back breaker!

Tom Flynn looks in serious pain after the combo, but Judge isn’t done there! Nathan Judge scoops Flynn back up to his feet and lands a swinging side slam backbreaker on the Irishman, before grabbing him by the legs and locking on an inverted cloverleaf submission! The fans boo loudly towards Judge, as Flynn desperately grasps out for the ring ropes! However Judge uses his power advantage to increase the pressure on the hold until Flynn can last no longer, and finally has to tap! The referee quickly calls for the bell for the match to end, and Nathan Judge keeps the hold locked on a few seconds longer than needed with a smile on his face, before finally releasing his opponent!

Nathan Judge soaks in the boos from the crowd as he demands that the referee raises his arm in the air in victory, before parading around the ring with his arms in the air in victory!

Winner via submission: Nathan Judge

Welcome to the Future

The cameras head backstage after the impressive victory for Nathan Judge in the opening match of the night, to the interview area where Katie Smith is already standing with a microphone in hand. Next to Katie Smith however, are two individuals who are not largely known to the sVo crowd who are watching at home or live from the big screen in the arena. 

Katie Smith: “Well I am delighted to be joined right now with one of the youngest and most promising superstars on the sVo roster and his manager ahead of his debut match tonight! Now for those out there that don’t know you HyperNova, do you want to introduce yourself to the fans and in particular the American audience who might not be as familiar with you as those fans from Europe?”

The young man with the model looks doesn’t look all that interested in the question, as he leans forward with a flick of the hand and answers in a French accent with a one word reply.

HyperNova: “Non.”

Smith looks a little confused with the new star turning down the chance to introduce him to the fans on his first night, but the microphone is soon snatched out of her hand by the woman to the left of HyperNova, before she can even think of a follow up question. The woman shoo’s Katie Smith away with a flick of her hand, before smiling into the camera. 

“Allow me to give a proper introduction without these second rate questions. My name is Victoria Isabel Patience, I know that is a lot of words for the type of people that watch this show so you can call me VIP for short.”

The fans in the arena boo loudly, already taking an early dislike to the pair.

VIP: “Now I am one of the most well known talent executives in Los Angeles. So well known in fact that my reach extends right around the globe. That is why I am here tonight to introduce my newest client to the sVo, having recently signed one of the biggest contracts in sVo history for a nineteen year old! Now my client could have done anything he put his mind to it, he could be walking the catwalks in his hometown of Paris if he felt like it right now. However he decided after Mr Page’s kind financial offer to come over here to this cesspit called Las Vegas and grace all of you with his presence! Allow me to say on behalf of both of us in advance, you are all welcome!”

VIP pushes the microphone back into the chest of Katie Smith, as HyperNova gives a slight nod of his head towards his manager. The crowd boo loudly as they continue to watch on the big screen, as HyperNova and VIP slowly walk away from the scene. 

Countdown to Violence Flashback – 29th June 2008
sVo Championship
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Psyko Stevo (c) vs. Alex Ross

After a moment of silence from the crowd, “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA system. The lights dim and at the entranceway a spotlight shines gold through fog. Alex Ross, in a gold suit with white pinstripes, emerges from the curtain and raises his right arm into the air. He makes his way down the isle and climbs the ring stairs. Once through the ropes, Ross steps up to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He hops down and slips his jacket off, tossing it ringside.

Alex Ross looks out across the crowd, as even he, awaits the arrival of his opponent, current reigning sVo Champion, and most loved superstar in the business today, Psyko Stevo!

“Sensation washes over me

I can’t describe it

Pain I felt so long ago

I don’t remember

Tear a hole so I can see

My devastation

Feelings from so long ago

I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

Stevo stands in the ring, as the fans cheer in approval, as the sold out crowd is all standing. Stevo takes off the sVo Championship, and mounts the middle rope. Slowly, he raises it some, pauses, looks at the belt, and kisses the center plate. He then raises it the rest of the way up, showcasing it to the live crowd before him. He jumps off the ropes, and hands it to the referee, who folds it nice and neat, and shows it to Alex.

Alex takes the belt, and screams, “Stevo, this is how a real champion showcases a title to his fans!” at Stevo! He climbs up the turnbuckles, and using both hands, slowly lifts the title over his head, showing a wide range of fans the sVo title as if it was his. The crowd quickly and loudly boos Alex Ross off the ropes, as he tosses the belt to the referee and screams at the front row, an old fat woman, “Sit down lard ass, and shut the hell up!” The referee hands the belt off to the time keeper, as he checks both me to see if they are ready. Double nods, and we are set to get this thing started!



Both men circle the ring, as they step in…Locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Battling back and forth, struggling for a strength advantage. Stevo finally manages to grasp the head of the challenger into a headlock. Ross throws up an arm trying to relieve some of the pressure, but Stevo just grinds the headlock in. Challenger manages to back Stevo up into the ropes, giving him two stuff elbows to the stomach region of the champion, as he shoots him off into the ropes. Stevo hits the ropes, and on the return, Ross slaps on a sleeper hold…

Stevo struggles to keep the oxygen flowing to his brain as he needs it. He fights, tossing his legs and arms towards the ropes, refusing to let the move get fully locked. The referee checks in, making sure the move is not an illegal choke, as Stevo stumbles forward, getting a few feet from the ropes. Ross screams to the crowd, “He’s going to sleep now!” The fans are cheering on, “STEVO” CLAP CLAP CLAP, “STEVO!” As the champion looks to be losing his steam. Ross gets a little at ease, as Stevo starts to lose the movement in his body of a worm. With the fans cheering, Stevo gives one more effort, as he flings himself forward. Stevo hits right at the bottom rope, and Ross flings to the outside through the middle and top ropes.

Ross hits hard on the floor, as Stevo catches his breath, with his right arm draped over the bottom rope, looking at his challenger barely moving any of his body on the outside.

Stevo, rolls under the bottom rope, as he stands up reaching the floor near the head of Alex Ross. A fan at ringside has a sign that reads, “Ross Next sVo Champion!” as the two men beside him have Stevo Destiny shirts on. Stevo points to one of the two, who grabs their folded metal chair, and holds it just in front of the security rail. Stevo lifts up his challenger, and props him against the apron. Stevo drives in a hard chop to the right pectoral, as Ross grabs his chest from the painful shot, Stevo grabs the long hair, and pulls him over to the fan, slamming Ross’s head into the metal folding chair. Ross stumbles back a few steps, and falls to the floor. Stevo covers him, hooking a leg, the referee checks the challenger’s shoulders…



No, Ross manages to kick out. Stevo looks at the referee with disbelief, but does not argue, as the crowd cheers for the frustrated champion. He stands back to his feet, picking up Ross. He hooks his head, and screams to the crowd, “D D T!” Stevo is approved by his legion of fans, but Ross just pushes forward, slamming the champion’s back into the security railing. Ross, still holding on, backs them up a few feet, and BOOM! He slams his back into security railing again. Ross grabs the champion by the hair, as they make their way up the ramp.

Near the top, Ross picks up Stevo in a slamming position, with his back towards the V-Tron, he holds Stevo against his chest, as the crowd boos the challenger. He quickly gives a gesture of ease, by dusting his hands off, and tosses Stevo backwards over his head, with a fall away slam. Stevo lands on top of the ramp. Ross crawls up to the champion, rolling him over on his back, and covers him. The referee checks the shoulders, and starts the count…



No, Stevo manages to lift his shoulder off the metal ramp before a three count is made on the steel stage. Ross screams at the referee, “ONE TWO THREE, GOT IT CHUMP?” Ross stands to his feet, lifting up Stevo. With a hand full of hair, he slams the face of the challenger into the steel support area of the V-Tron, shaking the whole screen. Stevo falls to a knee, holding his head, as Ross takes a moment to address the fans in a sold out Canadian Venue, “HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!?” Echoes across the arena from Ross.

Grabs turns back to his opponent, stalking him with the few feet that separates the two. As he gets to Stevo, he is given a jab to the abs, followed by a shoulder thrust from the never say die champion. Ross stumbles, as he heads past the set, into the backstage area, Stevo manages to lift himself back to his feet, seeking his challenger.

The cameras quickly greet the two on the other side, as Stevo grabs the hair of the challenger, and slams him face first on a table where the bottle water is sitting, at the Gorilla position. Stevo grabs a bottle, turns the cap, and pours about half into his mouth. With the remaining amount, Stevo slams it on the face, as water flies everywhere. Stevo tosses the bottle down, grabbing the cooler like display, and pours the remaining bottles, ice, and cold water from the melted ice, all over his challenger.

Alex Ross scrambles further into the back, nearing the locker room area, freezing from the ice and water. Stevo screams at him “YOU WANTED THIS ROSS! TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!” Ross stumbles forward, as Stevo comes from behind, and grabs the wet hair of the challenger. They walk forward some more, as the women’s bathroom is before the, Stevo sets to Irish whips Ross, but it’s reversed, as Stevo is sent crashing thru the men’s bathroom door across the hall. Stevo fals to the floor, blocking the door from closing all the way. Ross crawls to an area, where he use it to help him back to his feet.

Ross kicks open the door, stepping all over his opponent in the process. Ross enters the bathroom, camera man quickly follows. Ross enters the bathroom, with the champion half way in and half way out. Ross grabs the door, and slams it shut, sending the wooden door into the champion. Ross starts to push on it, squeezing the life from the champion. He screams to the referee, “He’s going to quit, JUST ASK THE BASTARD!” The referee is at the champion’s head, asking him, “Come on Stevo, what do you say? Want to give it up?”

Stevo screams out in pain, with the idea of his ribs maybe broken, and the door squeezing against them, his face showcases the pain he is feeling. Stevo musters the words, “FUCK YOU ROSS!” Stevo uses his last energy, to grab the feet of Ross, and pull back, sending Ross crashing down on the hard floor, back of the head slamming loudly. Stevo manages to slide through the door, getting his injured ribs from having anymore pressure on them.

Both me are on the hard tiled floor, attempting to fight through the pain, and get an upper hand over the other. As Stevo crawls towards a sink, using his elbows to pull himself till he reaches the pipe. Grabbing it, he starts to pull himself up, grabbing the sink, to finish his lift up. Ross is picking himself off the floor, stumbling and dazed after his head bounced off the floor.

Stevo turns on the water, as he sticks his face down into it, like an energy shot. Ross still dazed and confuses, spots the champion, and rushes towards him. Stevo uses the mirror to see Ross from behind, Stevo turns, drops down, DROP TOE HOLD, as Ross smashes face first in the sink, breaking about a half of it off. Ross rolls around the floor, holding his face, as blood is mixed with the water on the floor from the broken sink. Stevo rolls over Ross, pressing his body on the left side and using his arms to press down on his right arm, the referee slides in for a count…




The referee throws up two in the face of the champion, slinging the water in his face. Stevo grabs his hair, and slams his palms into the water on the floor splashing it everywhere. Stevo picks up his challenger, as both men are to their feet. Ross is losing blood, as Stevo takes him towards the stalls. The handicap stall is locked, as Stevo props Ross against the door. The champion takes a few steps back, and comes forward with a boot to the side of the head, sending the challenger through the door.

Ross stumbles back, landing in a sitting style on the toilet, as the door closes behind him. Stevo stumbles back, as he takes a brief moment to catch his breath. The champion flings forward, exhausted. He heads into the stall after his opponent, as he opens the door, he sees a bloody Ross with a smile on his face, as Ross kicks the door and it flies straight into the nose of the champion.

Stevo is thrown backwards, slamming into a full body mirror, breaking it. Ross pulls himself off the toilet, as he opens the door up, and the automatic flushing toilet, flushes. Ross grabs the hair of the champion, who has blood pouring his nose, as if it is broken. He opens the stall door, and takes Stevo inside. A kick to the back of the knees sends Stevo down in a praying position, as Ross stuffs his head into the toilet.

A good shot in the toilet, sees the blood of Stevo and the water mixing. Ross climbs on the toilet, stepping on the back of the head of Stevo, holding him down into the water. Ross screams to the referee, “I’m going to kill him!” Ross turns to face Stevo, as he bends down, grabbing the waist of the champion, and picks him up, in a piledriver position. Ross pauses, stalling, letting the blood rush. Ross drops in a sitting position, as the champion’s head lands inside the toilet, and floats over to the floor. Ross throws himself off the toilet, on top of the fucked up champion, and hooks a leg…



No! Psyko Stevo gets a shoulder up much to the disappointment of Alex Ross! Alex Ross pulls Psyko Stevo up to his feet before throwing him into the wall. Psyko Stevo hits the wall hard before Alex Ross charges at him and catches him with a spear to the midsection! Psyko Stevo looks in pain as Ross grabs him by the back of the head and tosses him through the door and into the corridor. The sVo staff are watching the action up close and personal as Alex Ross lays into Psyko Stevo with huge stomps as he tries to rise to his feet. Alex Ross and Psyko Stevo brawl along the corridor with right hands before Psyko Stevo ducks under a right hand from Ross and grabs him by the back of the head before throwing him through an open doorway into the technical area. Alex Ross tries to get to his feet, but Psyko Stevo hits a snap suplex onto the cold, hard, concrete floor before making the cover!



No! Kickout from Ross and this one continues! Psyko Stevo pulls Alex Ross up to his feet and there is a huge cheer from the crowd as the sVo Champion tosses Ross through the curtain and back out onto the top of the entrance stage! Stevo nails Ross with a big kick to the midsection as he tries to get to his feet, which causes Ross to drop down to the floor in pain. Psyko Stevo pulls the challenger up off of the steel rampway before postioning him for a DDT. The crowd pop as Stevo falls backwards, causing Alex Ross’s head to bounce off of the steel! Surely that had got to be it right there! Psyko Stevo drops down and makes the cover to retain his sVo Champion!





The fans thought that it was over right there, but somehow Alex Ross gets a shoulder up off of the ground to break the three count! Psyko Stevo holds his head in shock, how the hell to did Alex Ross kick out from that? Psyko Stevo pounds away on Alex Ross with some big stomps to his midsection before dragging him up to his feet. Psyko Stevo lays into Alex Ross with some big right hands, and Alex Ross staggers backwards towards the edge of the stage! The fans are now on their feet as Ross staggers further and further back until he is on the egde of the stage, with a ten-foot drop behind him! Psyko Stevo runs at the challenger to knock him below, but as he collides and Ross falls backwards, Psyko Stevo falls down on top of the challenger!

The referee rushes around to see if both men are ok as they lay motionless at the bottom of the side of the entrance ramp with the crowd looking over to see if they can see both men! The fans follow the action on the V-Tron as Psyko Stevo reaches an arm over the challenger to make the cover.




Ross is showing just how much he wants that sVo Championship as he kicks out again! Psyko Stevo staggers up to his feet but seems to be hurting from the drop as he reaches over and pulls up the challenger. Psyko Stevo irish whips Ross towards the security barrier, and Ross hits it hard before flying over the top and into the fans! The fans in close proximity cheer as Alex Ross lands at their feet, and Psyko Stevo quickly follows his opponent by climbing over the security barrier and into the sea of fans! Stevo kicks away on Ross as he tries to get up, before nailing him with a big right hand to knock him to the floor. Stevo looks around at the fans around him that are cheer as Alex Ross tries to grab a chair from the fans and nail Stevo with it, but Stevo cuts him off with a kick to the face! Alex Ross drops the chair as Psyko Stevo positions Alex Ross for a piledriver amongst the fans!

The fans scatter back as Stevo tries to execute the move on Ross, only for Alex Ross to counter with a back body drop on the sVo Champion! The fans boo the counter by Ross as both men lay motionless for a few seconds, both feeling the effects of the epic battle! Psyko Stevo slowly rises to his feet but Alex Ross catches him with a right hand causing the Champion to stumble back further into the crowd as the referee struggles to try and follow them amongst the sea of people, whilst holding Stevo’s sVo Championship belt in his hands. Psyko Stevo dives at Alex Ross, but Ross side steps Psyko Stevo and drop toe holds him face first into a chair that has been abandoned by a fan trying to get out of the way of the carnage being caused by the top two athletes into the sVo! Alex Ross stalks the sVo Champion as Psyko Stevo struggles up to his feet and the crowd boo loudly. Psyko Stevo slowly turns around only to be grabbed by Alex Ross! Ross nails Psyko Stevo with a kick to the midsection, before planting him down to the mat with ‘the Jackpot’! The boos are deafening around the arena as Alex Ross makes the cover!




This one is all over, and amongst the fans in Canada we have a NEW sVo CHAMPION!

Alex Ross snatches the sVo Championship belt away from the referee and hoists it above his head as he stands amongst the booing fans! The Organized Chaos survivor has climbed to the top of the sVo and become only the third man ever to hold the sVo Championship as Countdown to Violence 2008 heads off of the air with a shot of the new Champion and his belt!

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Psyko Stevo via pinfall

It’s Going Down

After the 2008 flashback match, the cameras turn once again to the backstage area, this time the locker room where Orlando Fox is sitting on his own on a steel chair. Fox smirks into the camera as it comes on live, before looking around at the empty locker room.

Orlando Fox: “You know what, we are about 24 hours from me sitting in this very spot, victorious after scoring a big victory over the man that stabbed me in the back, CJ Dreamer.”

The fans boo loudly as they watch the interview unfold on the giant screen.

Orlando Fox: “I hope that CJ had a good day signing autographs for the fans, because this time tomorrow no one is going to want his autograph after he is embarrassed in the middle of the ring at my hands!”

Fox holds his two hands up to the camera in clenched fists.

Orlando Fox: “At the last PPV Dreamer was in the main event, but we have all seen just how good he is over the last couple of months. Dreamer had the nerve to blame our tag team results on me! Nah! Tomorrow night I will show the whole world who the weak link was with these very hands! Dreamer thinks he is above me, but I will show up tomorrow night why no one has been in the sVo longer than me…. I will endure!”

Fox stares at his two hands, still clenched into fists as the scene fades out and the cameras head to ringside. 

Single Match
HyperNova vs. The Teacher

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

Sash! – Encore Une Fois hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the young French star HyperNova steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, with his manager Victoria Isabel Patience by his side. Flashlights go off up and down the entrance ramp as HyperNova marches down towards the ring as if he is on a fashion runway. Victoria Isabel Patience slowly walks behind him as HyperNova stops just short of the ring, and poses for the nearest camera. The boos continue as HyperNova slowly climbs into the ring, before using the nearest turnbuckle as a hammock and relaxing with his feet up on the ropes. 

With Victoria Isabel Patience in his corner, the young French star HyperNova cockily relaxes on the ring ropes as he awaits his first appearance in the sVo to get started! Across the ring the vetern sVo star ‘The Teacher’ looks out from under his mask at the youngster, clearly not impressed with the lack of respect that he is showing! The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match gets started as The Teacher slowly walks towards his opponent, and HyperNova climbs down from the ropes and rolls to meet him.

The Teacher and HyperNova begin to trash talk in the middle of the ring as VIP shounts instructions to her client from the outside. The trash talking eventually comes to an abrupt end as HyperNova cockily slaps the Teacher across the face before laughing, only for the Teacher to fire back with some big right hands to the delight of the fans. 

The Teacher backs HyperNova into the ring ropes, before taking him by the arm and attempting to shoot him across the ring. However HyperNova counters by sending The Teacher into the ropes, before landing a kick to the midsection as he bounces back. The Teacher doubles over in pain, and the fans boo as HyperNova follows up with a scissor kick on his opponent. The Teacher struggles back up to his feet, but HyperNova is straight back onto him with a double ear clap, before taking him down to the mat with a side headlock takedown. 

HyperNova smiles for the cameras as he holds the Teacher in the side head lock on the mat, as VIP continues to shout instructions to her client such as the best camera to look into to get the best angle. The fans boo loudly for the Frenchman, but The Teacher frees himself from the top with some punches to the midsection, before rising up to his feet. The Teacher bounces into the ropes for extra momentum before knocking down his opponent with a running shoulder block. The vetern repeats the move to knock HyperNova down again, before following up with an impressive standing dropkick! The Teacher leaps onto HyperNova to make the cover!




HyperNova gets a shoulder up and is able to kick out before the three, much to the delight and relief of Victoria Isabel Patience on the outside! 

The Teacher goes straight back on the offense as he rises up to his feet, and pulls the young Frenchman to his feet. The Teacher lands a single leg shoulder throw, before quickly locking in an underhook leg trap neck submission! HyperNova screams out in pain as the fans rise to their feet knowing that the end is near! However it seems that VIP also knows that the end is near for her client, as she leaps up onto the ring apron!

The referee rushes across to stop Victoria Isabel Patience from getting into the ring, just as HyperNova begins to enthusiastically tap out behind his back! 

VIP does a great job of keeping the referee distracting as he client taps out from the submission hold, to the extent that the Teacher has to release the hold! The Teacher rises up to his feet and makes his way over to the manager of HyperNova, clearly angry even from under his mask! VIP quickly jumps down from the ring apron as she spots the Teacher approaching! 

The Teacher tries to explain to the referee that HyperNova tapped, but the referee seems oblivious to what happened behind his back. The fans boo loudly for the poor officiating, as The Teacher turns back around to his opponent and receives a thumb in the eye! HyperNova follows up with a knee to the midsection, before taking The Teacher down to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker! With The Teacher down, HyperNova tries to steal the win as he leaps on his opponent to make the cover!




The fans in the arena cheer as the Teacher gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted and this one continues! HyperNova quickly gets to his feet and lays into his opponent with some stiff kicks, before challenging him to get to his feet! HyperNova hooks the Teacher in a front face lock, however as he tries to hit a suplex, The Teacher counters! The fans cheer as The Teacher lands a suplex of his own, before taking the chance to jump to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle! 

The Teacher wastes no time as he turns and then fires himself at his opponent to hit the ‘Top of the Class’! The fans cheer for the impressive move, as the Teacher crawls back over his opponent to make the cover as VIP looks on in horror from ringside!




It’s all over and it is age and experience that triumphs over youth and enthusiasm as The Teacher overcomes the youngster HyperNova!

The masked man rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee, as VIP looks disgusted with the outcome on the outside of the ring! The fans continue to cheer for The Teacher as he celebrates in the middle of the ring, whilst HyperNova groggily makes his way out of the ring and is helped to the back by his manager who is still not looking happy.

Winner via pinfall: The Teacher

Earlier This Evening….

The cameras cut to a pre-recorded segment as we head back to this morning where JD James is standing by with Katie Smith in the middle of one of the Goodfellas Casino Arena’s conference halls! There is a huge group of fans around the pair in a semicircle, as the security struggle to keep them at bay as they all try to get their face in the back of the shot. 

Katie Smith: “JD James, thanks for letting me drag you away from the fan fest, how are you enjoying the fan fest today?”

James looks around at the fans crowded around him who cheer loudly, before he nods his head.

JD James: “It’s fantastic to be out there meeting the fans and hearing just how excited they are for tomorrow’s event!”

Katie Smith: “Now tomorrow will be a big day for you at the rest of Horizon. You have Gunner Lang challenging for the Las Vegas Championship, you have Darwin Jones & Hugo Ryzing challenging for the Tag Team Championships and you have Johnny All Star taking on the undefeated Money Malone in singles action. Perhaps more importantly, you clash with someone from Blood Money in all of these matches! How do you see tomorrow night going?”

JD James: “Well tomorrow there is a lot on the line, and we could really find out who is the most dominating group in the sVo by the end of the evening! Now Johnny All Star is one of the best in the business and I have no doubt he will stop the undefeated start of Money Malone if it stays a fair fight. Gunner, Darwin and Hugo have a tough task ahead of them, but I can see them all walking out with gold around their waists if all goes as it should!”

The fans crowded around cheer for JD James’s predictions, but the leader of Horizon isn’t finished there.

JD James: “One more thing Katie, Anthony Moretti is going to take such a beating in that tag team match that when he finally has to face William Vorheez in the main event, there is only going to be one outcome! New Champion!”

The crowd cheer again, obviously in support of Moretti losing his title.

Katie Smith: “Well Countdown to Violence will take place tomorrow live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena! If you don’t have your ticket already I am afraid we have been sold out here for months, so don’t forget to check it out live on PPV!”

The fans cheer as JD James turns and begins to sign some autographs as the scene fades out. 

Single Match
Dallas Jordan vs. El Froggo

The upbeat “Living In America” by James Brown hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as the arena is basked in a red, white and blue glow. After a few seconds the energetic Dallas Jordan steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws up a salute to the crowd. ‘The Patriot’ quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp whilst slapping hands with fans at ringside, before climbing into the ring. Jordan stares out to the crowd for a few seconds before throwing up another salute to the crowd. Jordan retreats into his corner of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

DJ Snake – Taki Taki hits the sound system and the fans watch on as the energetic El Froggo makes his way out from behind the curtain! El Froggo dances around the top of the entrance ramp, getting the crowd pumped up! El Froggo quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, moving from side to side to slap the hands of as many fans as possible! El Froggo leaps up onto the ring apron, before valunting himself into the ring and rushing across to bounce off the nearest ropes! El Froggo leaps up to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle before turning and posing for the crowd!

The fans don’t seem to know who to cheer for in this one, as Dallas Jordan looks to pick up his first sVo victory at the seventh attempt as he takes on popular indy star El Froggo! The masked Mexican bounces around the ring as the fans chant his name as the match gets started with the referee calling for the bell!

El Froggo circles around Dallas Jordan, before diving forward and grabbing the leg of his opponent. However ‘The Patriot’ shakes of the masked man, before throwing him into the ring ropes. The fans pop as El Froggo bounces back with a hand spring elbow to Jordan in the middle of the ring! Dallas Jordan doesn’t know exactly what he has just been hit by as he staggers up to his feet, only for El Froggo to sweep his legs away and land a standing senton! 

The fans continue to cheer for El Froggo as he dances around Dallas Jordan as he tries to get to his feet, before launching himself at the ropes and hitting a diving springboard elbow smash on his opponent before making the cover!



No! Jordan gets a shoulder up off of the mat and saves himself from defeat against the Mexican! The fans however are impressed as the ‘El Froggo’ chants only get louder as he continues to dance around his opponent! Dallas Jordan begins to get up to his feet, but as he does El Froggo runs and jumps to the top rope of the nearest turnbuckle! The fans cheer as El Froggo jumps off the top looking for a cross body on his opponent, however Dallas Jordan catches his masked his opponent!

Jordan shakes his head, before punishing his opponent with a slam in the middle of the ring. The move looks to have knocked the wind out of El Froggo’s sails as he struggles to get to his feet. Jordan seizes his chance as he lands a headlock takedown on his opponent before landing some stiff mounted punches. 

El Froggo tries to free himself from the grasp of Jordan, but Jordan is straight back on the offensive with a stalling vertical suplex, before landing a short arm clothesline! A few boos begin to creep into the fans reaction for ‘The Patriot’, as Jordan scoops El Froggo up from the mat and slams the little man with a double underhook suplex in the middle of the ring!

Dallas Jordan doesn’t look too happy with the fans turning on him somewhat, as he stares out at the Las Vegas crowd with a confused look on his face. Jordan, who is usually cheered heavily, turns his attention back to El Froggo and lands a German suplex, before quickly looking into the ‘Patriot Lock’! 

The fans are again not too happy with the way the match is going, as El Froggo is forced to quickly submit to the finishing move! Jordan rises up to his feet and pumps his hands in celebration, having finally picked up a victory in the sVo, clearly an emotional moment for the youngster!

However as Jordan celebrates as if he has just won the sVo Championship, the fans give a mixed reaction to the celebrations!

Winner via submission: Dallas Jordan

Fan Fest

The cameras head into the biggest conference room of the Goodfellas Casino Arena where the fan fest is still ongoing! Thousands of fans seem packed into the room, all looking to meet their favourite stars or check out some of the exhibits that highlight the history of the sVo since 2007. 

One of the longest queues for autographs in the room seems to be a line full of single men who are snaking around waiting to meet the pair of Jupiter James & Ida Guildress, with both ladies at the same table ready to sign some autographs. 

Guildress and James seem happy enough in each other’s company, joking with each other and the fans as they sign pictures and poses for photos. With Guildress and James such good friends outside the ring, does Lucy Von Drake have any chance in the triple threat match tomorrow?

Countdown to Violence Flashback – 11th June 2013
sVo Championship Match
Special Guest Referee – Roscoe Shame
William Vorheez (c) vs. Go-Go Spectacular

The fans in the arena give a mixed reaction as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp wearing a referee’s shirt, pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Natasha Ortiz ‘Making his way to the ring, the special guest referee for tonight’s contest… from Kalamazoo, Michigan he stands at 6’6″ and weights in at 265lbs…. Roscoe SHAME!!’

The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

“Feel it coming in the air

Hear the screams from everywhere

Im addicted to the thrill

Its a dangerous love affair

Cant be scared when it goes down

Got a problem, tell me now

Only thing thats on my mind

Is whos gonna run this town tonight…

Is whos gonna run this town tonight…

I’m gonna run this town

One loud colorful single red and blue pyrotechnic blast.


Go-Go Spectacular steps out from behind the black curtain and onto the stage to a nice, loud, supportive, pop from the arena crowd. She poses on the stage then jogs down the aisle highfiving outstetched hands from fans across the barricade in enroute to the ring.

Natasha Ortiz ‘Making her way to the ring, the challenger, from El Paso, Texas, Go-Go SPECTACULAR!!’

Go-Go runs around the ringside area then runs up the steps, up onto the apron, vaults over the ropes and onto the nearest top rope. After soaking in the cheers from the crowd, she leaps backwards off of the rope and lands on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to the other three turnbuckles to soak in the cheers. On the final turnbuckle. She hops off of the turnbuckle. Removes her overcoat, kisses her crucifix, kneels down to perform a prayer, then leans back into the corner as she mentally prepares for the match to start. Run This Town fades out.

“Hillbilly Joke” by Hank 3 hits as the lights flicker red and white and the arena erupts with a chorus of boos. After a few seconds the man himself appears at the top of the entrance ramp with the sVo Championship belt in his hand, as William Vorheez walks through the curtain with his long cloak on. As Vorheez marches towards the ring he is greeted with a wall of noise from the crowd. Vorheez climbs into the ring over the top rope and raises his arms up high.

Natasha Ortiz ‘In the ring, from Tampa, Florida, he weights in at 245lbs, he is the current sVo CHAAMMMPIOONNNNNN…. William VORHEEZ!!’

Ignoring the boos, William Vorheez takes off his black cloak and tosses it down to the floor as the music slowly fades and the lights come up.

With both competitors and the special guest referee in the ring and ready to get started, the anticipation is at fever point in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the fans wait for the main event of the evening to get started! Roscoe Shame runs over the rules to both the sVo Champion William Vorheez, who stares back at him with a look of hatred, and the challenger Go-Go Spectacular. Shame takes the sVo Championship from Vorheez and takes a long look at himself, before lifting it in the air to signal that it will be on the line during tonight’s main event!

Shame hands the belt to the outside of the ring and with the champion and the challenger ready to go, Roscoe Shame calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

Go-Go runs at William Vorheez and lays into the champion with some big right hands. Go-Go is nearly half the size of the champion, but she doesn’t seem intimidated as she backs Vorheez into the corner of the ring before landing a big spinning heel kick to send Vorheez into the corner! The fans cheer loudly for Go-Go as she climbs up onto the second rope and begins to nail Vorheez in the face with some big mounted punches in the corner. The fans count along with every punch from Go-Go, but after five Vorheez counters by grabbing the legs of the masked wrestler and dropping her across the turnbuckle with a snake eyes.

Go-Go staggers backwards holding her masked face in pain, allowing Vorheez to bounce back off of the ring ropes and send her down to the mat with a stiff clothesline. With Go-Go down on the mat, William Vorheez rises up to his feet and gets roundly booed by the sVo fans who only a month ago loved him. The Company man seems to smirk at the boos coming his way, before the 6’4” sVo Champion begins to stomp away on the challenger.

Vorheez eventually allows Go-Go up to her feet, before grabbing her by her arm and sending her into the corner of the ring. With Go-Go in the corner, Vorheez follows up with a massive knee to the midsection of Go-Go in the corner of the ring. Go-Go stumbles out of the corner looking in pain and Vorheez takes her down to the mat with a massive tilt-a-whirl slam. With Go-Go hitting the mat hard, Vorheez snarls at Roscoe Shame before making the cover on his opponent.




Roscoe Shame holds two fingers in the air to signal that it was only a two count before Go-Go managed to kick out from the cover.

William Vorheez doesn’t look too happy as he grabs Go-Go by the mask and pulls her to her feet like a ragdoll. Vorheez sends Go-Go hard into the ring ropes, before sending her down to the mat with a big boot to the face. With Go-Go down, the fans boo loudly as William Vorheez turns and stares down the referee Roscoe Shame. Shame stares straight back at Vorheez, the former GM knowing that he can’t lay a hand on William Vorheez tonight without losing the chance to ever fight for the sVo Championship belt ever again.

William Vorheez seems to laugh at Roscoe Shame’s predicament before turning back to Go-Go, but as he does Go-Go leaps off of the mat and lands a big head scissors takedown on Vorheez! The fans cheer the high flying move from Go-Go, as she follows up with a cross body out of the ropes as Vorheez gets back to his feet. Go-Go begins to build momentum as she bounces into the ring ropes and looking for a spinning heel kick on the champion, only for Vorheez to duck under the leg of his opponent. Go-Go spins back around, but is put back down to the mat with authority with a massive clothesline.

Go-Go, who looked like she was beginning to build momentum, lays flat on the mat as Vorheez rises up to his feet, and begins to choke the challenger out with a big boot across the throat. Roscoe Shame is powerless to do anything about the move from Vorheez under the rules of the match, leaving William Vorheez to smile at the pain he is able to inflict on the challenger.

Vorheez eventually releases his boot from Go-Go’s throat, and allows her back to her feet. Go-Go staggers to a standing position, but as she does she is grabbed by the champion who lands a spinning spinebuster to take Go-Go down to the mat in the middle of the ring! With Go-Go down, Vorheez doesn’t hesitate to make the cover!




Shame holds two fingers up again to signal the count, but William Vorheez doesn’t look happy with the count as he rises up to his feet. Vorheez argues with his long time nemesis Shame that it should have been a three as Go-Go lays out on the mat. William Vorheez turns his back on the referee knowing that he can’t touch him, and makes his way out of the ring! The crowd rise to their feet and boo as William Vorheez grabs hold of a steel chair from the ringside area, before rolling back into the ring!

The 6’4” sVo Champion looks like he is ready to smash Go-Go’s head in with the chair in order to retain his championship! Vorheez hits the mat with the steel chair and shouts at Go-Go to get to her feet whilst standing in wait. Shame is powerless to do anything, and Vorheez ignores the boos from the fans as he runs forward looking to smash the chair into Go-Go’s face as she gets to her feet, only for Go-Go to duck out of the way! Vorheez turns back around with a look of shock on his face, but Go-Go kicks the chair straight back into his face!

The fans pop for the big move from Go-Go as Vorheez hits the mat! Go-Go looks tired from all the offence from Vorheez, but still looks like she wants to thrill the fans as she makes her way to the top rope! Lightbulbs flash around the arena as Go-Go leaps from the top rope and lands a massive shooting star press onto William Vorheez in the ring! The move looks like it might have taken as much out of the challenger as the champion as Go-Go struggles to crawl back across her opponent to make the cover.

Roscoe Shame drops down to count and it looks like we have a new sVo Champion right here!





No in the arena can believe it as Vorheez gets a shoulder up off of the mat to save his title belt! The masked Go-Go holds her head in complete disbelief as she tries to bring herself up to her feet. Vorheez is still out on the mat as Go-Go takes a few seconds in the corner of the ring, before beginning to stomp away on Vorheez. William Vorheez tries to get to his feet, but Go-Go keeps up the offence. William Vorheez throws a desperation right hand in the direction of Go-Go, but Go-Go ducks out of the way of Vorheez’s fist before landing a neckbreaker to send the champion down!

The fans cheer the move from Go-Go, but then boo as William Vorheez has enough about him to roll out of the ring before Go-Go has the chance to make another cover! William Vorheez staggers around on the outside of the ring, but under the rules of the match the referee Roscoe Shame is powerless to do anything to count him out! Vorheez tries to recover on the outside of the ring, but the challenger has other ideas as Go-Go runs at the ropes before landing a suicide planca to the outside of the ring on the champion!

The fans pop for the amazing high flying move from Go-Go as both the champion and the challenger lay motionless on the outside of the ring! Roscoe Shame doesn’t seem too concerned with the well being of the champion or the challenger on the outside of the ring as he leans against the ring ropes in the ring and looks down on the action.

The fans loudly cheer Go-Go on as the challenger slowly begins to rise up to her feet first. Go-Go holds her arm in the air to signal to the crowd, before spearing William Vorheez onto the top of the announcer table at ringside. The fans continue to cheer the unlikely challenger on as she lays into Vorheez with some massive mounted punches on the top of the announcers table! Go-Go slowly rises up to a standing position on the announcers table, and pulls Vorheez up again. Go-Go looks for a DDT on Vorheez through the announcers table. The fans rise to their feet in anticipation of the Company man going through the announcers table head first, but as Go-Go tries to hit the move Vorheez is able to block it! Boos ring out as Vorheez counters with a knee to the midsection of Go-Go, before landing a double arm DDT on the challenger through the announcers table!

Both the champion and the challenger lay in the wreckage of the announcers table as Roscoe Shame stares at the pair from the ring looking wide eyed with surprise. William Vorheez looks to have had his bell rung and not know where he is as he drapes an arm over Go-Go for the cover, but Roscoe Shame cannot count the three as both competitors are outside the ring!

After a few seconds William Vorheez slowly staggers up to his feet and stares at Roscoe Shame in the ring with a look of hate in his eyes. Vorheez slowly manages to pull Go-Go up to her feet by her mask and roll her back into the ring. Vorheez climbs into the ring himself before making another cover.




Roscoe Shame almost looks relieved that he didn’t have to count the three for his nemesis as Go-Go gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! William Vorheez can’t believe that Go-Go managed to kick out as he seems almost unable to pull himself up to his feet. Vorheez looks out at the fans that are booing him loudly before taunting for the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’! The signal for the finishing move of the champion draws even more boos from the fans, as William Vorheez stands in wait for Go-Go to get to her feet! Go-Go slowly begins to rise up to a standing position, and as she does she is grabbed by William Vorheez who spins her around!

Vorheez begins to pick Go-Go up into the air for the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’, but Go-Go counters with a desperation head butt to the face. Vorheez stumbles backwards, and Go-Go follows up by grabbing hold of the arm of Vorheez and climbing onto the top rope, before landing the ‘Cutting Edge’ onto the champion! With Vorheez down on the mat, the fans cheer as Go-Go makes her way to the top rope! The crowd in the arena rise to their feet as Go-Go signals to the crowd, before leaping from the top and landing a ‘NewSplash’ onto the champion! It looks like we are going to have a new sVo Champion right here as Go-Go drops down and makes the cover on William Vorheez!







No! The crowd boo loudly as the Company hits the ring, with Scott Washington, CJ Dreamer & Harry Black diving into the ring to break up the cover! Amy Page is at ringside directing traffic as the three Company members pull Go-Go off of William Vorheez before the three can be counted and begin to stomp away on the challenger!

Roscoe Shame paces back and forth like a caged animal knowing that if he lays a hand on anyone then he will never get the chance to fight for the sVo Championship again! Black, Dreamer and Washington continue to stomp away on Go-Go in the middle of the ring as William Vorheez slowly begins to get to his feet in the middle of the ring. Vorheez has a smirk on his face as the Company decimates the challenger in a three on one attack!

The fans throw their trash into the ring to show their displeasure at the turn of events as the Company members take it in turns to stomp away on Go-Go. It seems as if no one will come to the aid of the challenger against the champion, until there is a massive pop in the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis hits the sound system and the entrance video of Johnny All Star hits the sVo-Tron!

The Company look stunned as the home town hero marches down towards the ring with a determined look on his face! The former International Champion lays into the nearest Company members he can find as he lands a big right hand to CJ Dreamer and then Harry Black! Johnny All Star hammers away with big right hands on Harry Black, before clotheslining him over the top rope, both men tumbling to the floor below! The fans cheer the shocking turn of events as Johnny All Star hammers away with right hands on Harry Black on the outside of the ring, but inside the ring the numbers game is still too much for Go-Go as Scott Washington, CJ Dreamer and William Vorheez continue to beat down the challenger under the nose of Roscoe Shame!

Suddenly, as if the return of Johnny All Star wasn’t enough, “Been away for too long” By Soundgarden hits and there are loud cheers as Tobias Devereux marches down the entrance ramp towards the ring! Amy Page looks shocked as Devereux passes her at ringside before rolling into the ring. The Cajun Sensation spears down CJ Dreamer and begins to lay into the Company man with some massive mounted punches in the middle of the ring! With Johnny All Star and Tobias Devereux returning and taking it to the Company, does Go-Go have a chance of winning the sVo Championship tonight despite the Company onslaught?

Even with Tobias Devereux and Johnny All Star in the mix, Scott Washington and William Vorheez continue to beat down on Go-Go in the ring. Washington pulls Go-Go up off of the mat amongst the confusion, and holds the challenger up for Vorheez to run through her with a massive big boot to the face! With Go-Go on the mat, Scott Washington begins to pick her up again when suddenly the fans in the arena are stunned for a third time as ‘Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)’ by Digable Planets hits the sound system!

All eyes turn towards the entrance ramp as ‘The Coolness’ Pat Fullam steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp to make his sVo return! The former Tag Team Champion giant walks down the entrance ramp with his eyes locked on the ring! Amy Page quickly climbs into the ring to try and get away from the giant and sends Scott Washington down the entrance ramp with the steel chair to cut him off. The fans cheer as Fullam lands a big kick to the midsection of Scott Washington before hitting some big right hands on the current Tag Team Champion before tossing him with ease into the security barrier.

There are pops around the arena as the 7’4” giant steps up onto the ring apron before climbing clean over the top rope and into the ring. The tired sVo Champion William Vorheez lands some right hands on Fullam, but ‘The Coolness’ absorbs them before grabbing him around the throat! Flash bulbs go off around the arena as Fullam lifts Vorheez up into the air and tosses him down to the mat with a chokeslam!

The Company has been decimated by the returning All-Star, Devereux and Fullam, can Go-Go now take the sVo Championship from them as well? Amy Page has other ideas as the sVo President and leader of the Company grabs hold of the steel chair and smashes it around the back of Pat Fullam’s head! The crowd’s boos quickly turn to cheers, as Pat Fullam absorbs the steel chair shot like the monster he is before turning around to face Amy Page with an angry look on his face! Fullam grabs Amy Page around the throat with a massive hand, before chokeslamming her in the middle of the ring!!

Pat Fullam stands over the president of the sVo who is laying motionless on the mat, possibly broken in half from the massive chokeslam! However as Fullam stands over the body of Amy Page, William Vorheez has enough about him to drape an arm over the body of the challenger Go-Go! Roscoe Shame reluctantly drops to make the count.






It’s all over and William Vorheez is still the sVo Champion!

William Vorheez slowly rolls out of the ring, grabbing Amy Page and pulling her out of the ring with him. Vorheez, Dreamer, Washington, and Black regroup on the bottom of the entrance ramp with Amy Page in their arms as they stare back at the ring at Pat Fullam, Johnny All Star, Tobias Devereux and Roscoe Shame who stand in the middle of the ring staring down at the Company. Go-Go may lay motionless in the middle of the ring after the four on one attack from the Company and William Vorheez may still be the reigning sVo Champion, but have we just seen the beginning of the end of the Company?

History Repeating?

After the impressive flashback action that was shown on the big screen, the cameras head backstage and live in the Goodfellas Casino Arena where Jon Page is sitting behind his desk in his office, watching the action unfold on the giant screen on the wall. Page isn’t alone however, as opposite him on the black sofa sits his sister, Amy Page who is also watching the action and her younger self in action.

Jon Page: “Damn, that was one hell of a chokeslam that you took from Pat Fullam sis!”

Amy holds her neck, as if still feeling the effects. 

Amy Page: “You’re damn right it was, I still wake up some mornings with a pain in my neck.”

Jon Page: “I guess you did what you had to do to make sure that Vorheez was the sVo Champion….”

Amy slowly nods, a mischievous smirk on her face. 

Jon Page: “The same going to happen tomorrow night?”

Amy Page: “You really think that Vorheez is going to need my help after the situation that you put Anthony Moretti in? Well played by the way.”

Jon Page: “You didn’t answer the question….”

Amy Page: “Well I guess you should wait and see tomorrow night big brother.”

Amy Page gives a smirk and a playful wink, before stretching and rising from the sofa. Slowly making her way out of the office and softly closing the door behind her whilst her brother watches suspiciously. 

Fan Fest

The cameras head backstage in the Goodfellas Casino Arena where the fan fest is still going strong. The camera pans around to see several sVo stars signing autographs and posing with fans, including the likes of CJ Dreamer, Darwin Jones, Hugo Ryzing, Gunner Lang & Johnny All Star. In the middle of the chaos and surrounded by fans is Katie Smith, a microphone in hand and a camera crew in front of her.

Katie Smith: “Well it is only 24 hours until the sVo returns to PPV with Countdown to Violence 2021 and it is sure to be a massive night in the history of the sVo!”

The fans gathered around cheer and try and wave to the camera.

Katie Smith: “Now this fan fest has been going strong for the past few days, giving fans the chance to meet with their favourite sVo stars, but I am here now to get their views on tomorrow night and what will happen! Guys, what are we thinking about that massive main event?”

The crowd cheer before breaking into a ‘Vorheez, Vorheez, Vorheez’ chant. Katie Smith begins to pick out random members of the group and trust the microphone in their direction.

Katie Smith: “What do we think guys, who is walking out the winner?”

“William Vorheez is going to win, he never lost the belt in 2013, he is the true champ and he isn’t going to lose now!”

“Vorheez for me, Moretti won’t be able to compete after the tag team match as well!”

“Vorheez baby!”

“Moretti for me Katie. I don’t think he will let the title go without Blood Money all getting involved!”

The last fan gets some heat from his fellow fans as Katie Smith tries to restore order.

Katie Smith: “Well it is certainly going to be a big match nonetheless! Now, let’s head back inside the arena for the main event of the preshow!”

Single Match
Absolute Zero vs. Hiro Ryuu

‘Starman’ by David Bowie hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as the mysterious Hiro Ryuu slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Ryuu drops to his knee and raises a finger in the air for a few seconds before slowly pointing his finger down towards the ring. Ryuu then rises to his feet and walks slowly to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. Ryuu climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd before backflipping to a standing position in the ring!

The familiar sound of “Ice, Ice Baby” hits the sound system and the fans cheer as dry ice rises up from the sides of the entrance ramp. After a few seconds, the vetern and former Project:Violence wrestler Absolute Zero steps out of the dry ice and stands at the top of the entrance ramp bobbing his head to the music! The fans cheer Absolute Zero, as he takes a few seconds to acknowledge them before making his way down to the ring and diving in under the bottom rope! Absolute Zero turns and poses for the hard camera with his arms crossed and his head bopping to the music!

With both men in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match is under way! The fans cheer on Absolute Zero, the high flying veteren as he circles around Hiro Ryuu in the middle of the ring before the pain tie up! Both men try and force each other backwards in a test of strength, however as Ryuu begins to push Zero towards the ropes, Zero breaks the grasp of his opponent and lays into him with some stiff knife edge chops across the chest. Ryuu staggers away in pain, and the fans cheer as Absolute Zero runs at his opponent takes him down with a double leg, before laying into him with some mounted punches!

Ryuu wriggles away from his opponent and gets back to his feet, before covering up as Zero continues with his barrage of punches! Ryuu finally begins to fight back with some stiff kicks to the legs of the high flyer, before taking him by the arm and whipping him into the ring ropes. Zero bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Ryuu takes him down with a knee to the midsection before bouncing off of the ropes himself and landing a knee drop on his opponent!

The Las Vegas crowd now boo Ryuu as he rolls to his feet and taunts Zero to do the same. Absolute Zero looks annoyed with himself as he rolls to his feet, before once again circiling around his opponent. Zero looks for another double leg on Ryuu, but Ryuu cuts him off with some stiff elbow strikes to the back of his head before sending him into the corner of the ring. Ryuu follows up with a running knee to the midsection in the corner of the ring, before landing a face buster on his opponent!

Absolute Zero staggers back up to his feet after the impressive move from Ryuu, but the fans are on their feet as Ryuu follows up with a spinning heel kick on his opponent before making the cover!




Absolute Zero kicks out and this match continues! It looked like it was all over right there, however the educated feet of Ryuu were not enough to put away his opponent that time! Ryuu pulls Absolute Zero back up to his feet and returns the favour from earlier in the match with some stiff knife edge chops, before grabbing hold of Zero around the waist. Hiro Ryuu looks for a German suplex on his opponent, however Absolute Zero has the move scouted as he blocks before landing a back elbow strike to his opponent! Absolute Zero moves around his opponent with a standing switch, before taking him down to the mat with a sleeper slam! The fans cheer for the impressive move from Zero, as he rolls up to his feet and makes his way to the corner! Zero jumps to the top rope, before launching himself backwards with a twisting crossbody on Ryuu as he gets to his feet! 

The fans cheer for the veteren Zero, who looks pleased with himself as he rises up to his feet and fist pumps to the crowd. Absolute Zero follows up with an arm drag takedown onto Hiro Ryuu, before bouncing into the ropes and then landing a rolling senton! With Hiro Ryuu hurting, Zero seizes the chance to make the cover!




Absolute Zero thought he had it won, but Hiro Ryuu gets his shoulder up off of the mat in the nick of time and this one continues! Absolute Zero slaps the mat in frustration before rising up to his feet and trying to get the crowd pumped up again! Absolute Zero waits for Ryuu to get up to his feet, before sending him straight back down to the mat with an impressive spinning suplex near the corner of the ring. With Hiro Ryuu in the drop zone, the fans cheer as Absolute Zero makes his way to the top of the turnbuckle!

The vetern stands on the top rope and taunts to the crowd for his finishing move, before launching himself at Ryuu with the ‘Big Freeze’! However Ryuu seems to see the move coming and is able to roll out of the way! Zero looks shocked as he stumbles up to his feet holding himself in pain, whilst Ryuu takes control of the match with a back drop suplex. The fans once again turn to Hiro Ryuu, as he follows up the impressive suplex with a flapjack in the middle of the ring. 

Absolute Zero looks in pain as he struggles up to his feet after the combination from Ryuu, but Ryuu is there again with an elevated DDT in the middle of the ring! With Zero down in the middle of the squared circle, Hiro Ryuu calls for the end and the crowd rise to their feet! Hiro Ryuu waits for Zero to struggle up to his feet before pouncing with the ‘Tokyo Sunrise’ in the middle of the ring! The fans pop for the finishing move, as Ryuu quickly makes the cover hooking the leg.




It’s all over, and despite a valiant effort from the journeyman veteren Absolute Zero, it is Hiro Ryuu who picks up the victory! Ryuu slowly rises up to his feet, the match possibly being a little harder than he expected, and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee!

Ryuu  makes his way around the ring, celebrating with the crowd in the Goodfellas Casino Arena, knowing that he needed that big win tonight to get him back towards his goal of capturing the sVo Las Vegas Championship!

Winner via pinfall: Hiro Ryuu

Against All Odds

As the celebrations of Hiro Ryuu begin to come to a close in the ring, the music suddenly stops and is replaced by ‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 which prompts some loud boos from the fans in attendance. After a few seconds Anthony Moretti steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, the sVo Championship over his left shoulder and the Tag Team Championship over his right. Moretti is of course not alone, flanked by his fellow Tag Team Champion Joe Barone, the undefeated Money Malone and the Las Vegas Champion and his wife the Von Drake’s. 

The group collectively known as ‘Blood Money’ slowly walk down the entrance ramp before climbing into the ring, as Hiro Ryuu and Absolute Zero wisely make their way away from the ringside area. Lucy Von Drake aggressively snatches the microphone from the hand of the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz before intimidating her to leave the ring, as Blood Money show their dominance in the squared circle. 

Anthony Moretti: “Ok cut my fucking music.”

The fans boo as the music is abruptly cut after a few seconds.

Anthony Moretti: “Now take a good look because this is the only time you are going to see true greatness today, we ain’t gonna be out there signing autographs and making Jon Page any money!”

The crowd again boo as the members of the group laugh to each other.

Anthony Moretti: “Now I know a lot of you are expecting the end of Blood Money tomorrow night because Jon Page things he has worked us into an impossible situation. We hold all the gold in the sVo, yet we have to defend it all tomorrow night and I have to take part in two matches!”

The fans cheer, but Moretti waves them away.

Anthony Moretti: “Nice to know that Page doesn’t have the confidence that Vorheez can beat me in the ring in a fair contest!”

The fans cheer for the mention of Vorheez, but Moretti again waves them away.

Anthony Moretti: “I don’t care if I have to fight in multiple matches tomorrow night, I don’t even care if Jon Page has to get his little sister to fight his battles for him. Tomorrow night we will still be holding all the gold in the sVo, we will send William Vorheez back to retirement, we will show JD James that he should have stuck to talking about the matches and we will show the world that Blood Money is the only currency that matters!!”

The crowd boo loudly as Moretti drops the microphone and holds his title belts in the air! The five members of Blood Money pose in the ring as the live feed for the preshow heads off of the air, with only 24 hours before Moretti will defend both of his title belts live on PPV, including against the sVo Champion from 2013, William Vorheez, in the main event!

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