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sVo Against All Odds #016

The fallout of Roll the Dice 2021 begins!

sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 13th June 2021

The sVo logo fades on and then off of a black screen before ‘Venom’ by Eminem hits and the opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action with highlights from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Anthony Moretti, Roscoe Shame, William Vorheez, Nathan Paradine, JVD & Night. 

As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera shows a shot of the outside of the Goodfellas Casino, sitting on the heart of the Las Vegas strip before heading inside and panning around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena inside. Fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp as fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build, with the music playing over the arena’s sound system. 

The camera swings around to see the commentary team of Julian Fiasco & Jeremiah Sloan sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown. 

A New All Star

The cameras head backstage to the parking lot where a long blacked out limo pulls up. The camera pans in closer on the limo, moving around to the door as the driver leaps out and opens the door for the occupant. After a few seconds there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as out of the dark limo steps a suited Johnny All Star! 

All Star stands tall and adjusts his suit, before taking a pair of dark sunglasses from his pocket and putting them slowly on his face. As All Star checks his reflection in the darkened window of the limo, he lets out a noticeable sigh as he sees Katie Smith running up behind him with a microphone in hand. 

Katie Smith: “Johnny, Johnny. The fans want to know just why at Roll the Dice you pulled Gunner Lang off of the cover and made the pin to win yourself?”

All Star stares down the pretty red head, slowly shaking his head, clearly a new attitude on show from the former International Champion to go along with his new threads. 

Johnny All Star: “If the people want to know that then they are pretty dumb don’t you think Katie?”

There is a loud boo from the crowd packed into the arena watching the action on the giant screen. 

Johnny All Star: “I made the pin to win the match because I had to do it to get my shot at William Vorheez. I have been busting my tail since day one here in the sVo and never got my hands on the top prize.”

Katie Smith: “But what do you think to those that believe Gunner Lang should get the title shot considering he was the number one contender but gave his spot up to fight for Horizon? And that he then had the match won to earn the title shot?”

Johnny All Star: “I don’t have anything to say to those people Katie, because each and every one of them would have done what I did if they had gone what I have gone through and found themselves in the position I was in.”

All Star holds his hand up to Smith to signal that he won’t be answering any more questions, before pushing into the arena as the scene fades out. 

Just Add Gold

The cameras cut to the interview area where Elena Cruz is standing by with a microphone in hand, pouting hard into the camera. Alongside Cruz is Scott Washington, the man who de-masked the Teacher at Roll the Dice and his manager Amy Page who is throwing her best resting bitch face in the direction of Cruz.

Elena Cruz: “Hello all my darling followers!”

Cruz pouts again into the camera, but Page has seen enough as she snatches the microphone 

Amy Page: “I am in no mood for your crap this week, get the hell out of here!”

Cruz doesn’t seem to care about getting kicked out of the interview, as she does her best ‘cat walk’ strut past the camera as she goes.

Amy Page: “Last time out, Yoshi Ono beat up the so called sVo Heavyweight Champion so bad that he isn’t even medically cleared to be in the building tonight let along be in action! Now he might have sneaked a three count of nowhere, but that tells you all you need to know about how that match won at Roll the Dice!”

Washington looks menacing as he stands behind Page, staring into the camera. 

Amy Page: “The sVo Heavyweight Championship should be ours, but Vorheez isn’t here tonight so we can’t do anything about it right now. Rather than sit around and complain, what we are going to do is claim what we can and that is the Las Vegas Championship! In the main event tonight this man right here…”

Page points to Washington.

Amy Page: “This man will take Gunner Lang and destroy him like he destroyed the Teacher live on PPV! This man will take the Las Vegas Championship from the cold hands of Gunner Lang and hold it above his head and become the greatest Las Vegas Championship in history! Gunner, we don’t care about what ever little lovers tiff you have with Johnny All Star, but I promise if you don’t come into this match 100% focused then you won’t be walking out of this building tonight under your own steam!”

Single Match
El Froggo vs. Dale Norman

With Dale Norman already in the ring and ready for the match to get started, DJ Snake – Taki Taki hits the sound system and the fans watch on as the energetic El Froggo makes his way out from behind the curtain! El Froggo dances around the top of the entrance ramp, getting the crowd pumped up! El Froggo quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp, moving from side to side to slap the hands of as many fans as possible! El Froggo leaps up onto the ring apron, before valunting himself into the ring and rushing across to bounce off the nearest ropes! El Froggo leaps up to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle before turning and posing for the crowd!

El Froggo looks pumped up for his first appearance since his mauling at the hands of Yoshi Ono back at the start of May, as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the first match of the night to get underway!

El Froggo and Norman circle around each other in the middle of the ring, until Norman reaches in to tie up. The fans cheer as El Froggo counters with a double arm drag before flipping to his feet and landing a standing dropkick on Norman as he gets to his feet! Norman looks shocked at the speed of El Froggo, as the Mexican pulls Norman up to his feet and throws him into the ring ropes. Norman bounces back into the middle of the ring and El Froggo lands a head scissors takedown which gets a big cheer from the fans. 

Dale Norman rises up to his feet holding his neck in pain, but El Froggo continues the offense with some forearm strikes to his opponent. The fans continue to cheer on the high flyer as he throws Dale Norman into the ropes again, before this time landing a swinging neckbreaker! El Froggo quickly leaps on his opponent and makes the cover.




Dale Norman gets a shoulder up off of the mat and the match continues! El Froggo pulls Dale Norman up to his feet by his hair, however Norman fires back with some right hands to the midsection of El Froggo. El Froggo doubles over in pain and Norman lands a knee to the midsection on the masked man, before throwing him to the mat with a release scoop slam. El Froggo rises up to his feet holding his back in pain, but Norman follows up with a running clothesline after bouncing off of the ropes!

There is a mixed reaction from the crowd towards the rookie as he stomps away on El Froggo as he gets up to his feet. El Froggo finally reaches a standing position, but Dale Norman stays on the front foot with a double underhook slam, before taunting to the crowd! The crowd again give the youngster a mixed reaction, but he shakes off crowd and lands a falcon arrow into a pinfall attempt on El Froggo in the middle of the ring!




El Froggo shows good resilience and manages to kick out despite the impressive move from the youngster! Dale Norman curses his luck, thinking he was about to pull out his first sVo win right there, as he gets to his feet. Dale Norman winds back his arm and looks ready for a big clothesline as El Froggo gets to his feet, but as he does El Froggo ducks under the clothesline attempt and bounces into the ring ropes! El Froggo bounces back and lands a running dropkick to the face of Norman to send him down to the mat. 

Norman stumbles up holding his face in pain and swings a wild punch in the direction of El Froggo, but El Froggo ducks and then lands an impressive DDT on his opponent! El Froggo gets a big cheer from the crowd as he pulls Norman up and follows up with a dragon screw takedown, before making his way to the top rope! 

The fans rise to their feet as El Froggo stands on the top rope and points down at his opponent, before leaping off and landing a picture perfect frog splash onto his opponent! The fans pop for the big move as El Froggo wastes no time in following up with a pinfall!




It’s all over and El Froggo picks up the opening win of the night, much to the delight of the crowd! El Froggo leaps up to his feet in excitement and quickly has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee! The fans cheer as El Froggo continues his celebrations around the ring.

Winner via pinfall: El Froggo

New Connections

The cameras head backstage to the interview area, where the hardest working interviewer in wrestling, Katie Smith, is standing by with two men who have been making quite the splash on the sVo tag team division recently. Alongside Smith is Scott Cole & Jake Hughes, both collectively known as ‘The Canadian Connection’. 

Katie Smith: “Well gents, thanks for joining me here this evening. Now what I really wanted to do is find out some information from you both about what went down on the last episode of Against All Odds where you were both in tag team action against the Starr Brothers. I believe that we have some footage to show.”

Smith points to the monitor alongside her that begins to show highlights from Against All Odds #15, as the Canadian Connection smirk.

‘The fans boo loudly as Hughes tries to land some punches on Darren Starr, only for the referee to have to restrain him and try and get him out of the ring! Hughes looks reluctant to get out of the ring, but as he takes up the attention of the referee, there are boos all around the arena as out of the crowd and over the security ramp jumps a woman wearing Canadian Connection clothing! 

The boos continue as the woman grabs a steel chair from ringside and smashes it into the back of Simon Starr on the ring apron, before sliding it into the ring! With the referees back still turned, Scott Cole grabs hold of Darren Starr in the confusion, and lands a DDT onto the steel chair! The boos continue as Cole pushes the chair out of the ring just as Jake Hughes finally exits the ring and allows the referee to turn back to the action! The referee turns around just in time to see Cole making the cover on Darren Starr!’

As the footage comes to an end, Smith turns to the Canadian Connection again with the microphone. 

Katie Smith: “Now you got the win guys, but as we saw, it was pretty controversial with a distraction allowing you to get the win. I understand that you have someone to introduce to the sVo officially?”

Scott Cole: “You say controversial, but we say that it was a smart victory! Allow us to introduce you to the person that played a big part in that smart victory. Alissia, get over here!”

Cole waves to someone off camera, before Alessia Young walks into the scene.

Jake Hughes: “This right here Katie, is a woman that can wrestle rings around anyone that is on the sVo roster right now! Not just a pretty face, Alessia is going to take the sVo by storm and along with us show the wrestling world that all the best competitors in the world come straight out of Canada!”

Hughes and Cole high five the newest member of the Canadian Connection, as the scene fades out. 

Peace on the Horizon?

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of Horizon, however despite their massive win over Blood Money at the Roll the Dice 2021 PPV in the Organised Chaos match, there is a frosty atmosphere inside the locker room. 

With Darwin Jones and Hugo Ryzing having the night off due to being so beaten up from Organised Chaos, it is only JD James, Gunner Lang, Flip Dixon & Athena sitting in the locker room, and none of them seem like celebrating. 

JD James: “Athena, you want us to help out with whatever is going on with Moretti?”

James looks concerned as she shifts from side to side on his broken leg which is still in a cast, but Athena looks almost ready to burst into tears at the mention of Moretti’s name as she quickly shakes her head. 

JD James: “Gunner, you have a big title defense tonight, you want any of us out there with you tonight?”

Flip Dixon looks to his dad like it sounds like a good idea and he would like to be the one to go to the ring with him, but Gunner gives a curt one word answer as he cradles the Las Vegas Championship in his arms. 

Gunner Lang: “No.”

There is silence for a few seconds as JD James surveys his angry and upset ‘winning’ team, before the silence is broken as the door swings open and in walks a cocky looking Johnny All Star.

Lang immediately jumps to his feet and tries to get in the face of All Star, only to be restrained by Athena and Flip Dixon. 

Gunner Lang: “Let me go! Let me at him!”

All Star laughs for a few seconds, before pushing the restrained Lang softly in the chest. 

Johnny All Star: “You listen to me! Me and JD James brought you back into the sVo when you were a no body, going no where, and we won’t put up with this level of disrespect! Now know your place or we will put you back where we found you!”

James looks like he doesn’t agree with what All Star is saying, but keeps quiet as Lang finally wriggles free of the grasp of Athena and Flip Dixon, but grabs his title belt instead of diving for All Star again.

Gunner Lang: “I am out of here. I got a Championship to defend. I will do it on my own because that seems like the only person I can trust around here.”

Lang storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him as the cameras cut out.

Single Match
Dallas Jordan vs. Hiro Ryuu

The upbeat “Living In America” by James Brown hits the sound system and the fans in the arena boo as the arena is basked in a red, white and blue glow. After a few seconds the energetic Dallas Jordan steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and throws up a salute to the crowd. ‘The Patriot’ quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp whilst slapping hands with fans at ringside, before climbing into the ring. Jordan stares out to the crowd for a few seconds before throwing up another salute to the crowd. Jordan retreats into his corner of the ring as the music begins to fade out.

‘Starman’ by David Bowie hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as the mysterious Hiro Ryuu slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Ryuu drops to his knee and raises a finger in the air for a few seconds before slowly pointing his finger down towards the ring. Ryuu then rises to his feet and walks slowly to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. Ryuu climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd before backflipping to a standing position in the ring!

In a rematch from last weeks PPV showdown, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match between Dallas Jordan and Hiro Ryuu is quickly underway! 

Jordan still looks angry at his PPV loss as he runs at Ryuu and lays into him with right hands right from the opening bell, however Ryuu swots away the punches from Jordan and fires back with some stiff kicks. Ryuu grabs Jordan by the arm and shoots him into the ring ropes, but Jordan bounces back with a big clothesline to take down Ryuu! Jordan viciously stomps away on Ryuu as he tries to get to his feet, before choking him out with his boot! The referee has to use his full five count until Jordan releases the choke hold, with the fans booing loudly for ‘The Patriot’.

Ryuu staggers up to his feet struggling for breath, but as he does Dallas Jordan lands a stiff knee to the midsection. Dallas Jordan reigns down some strikes on Hiro Ryuu, before grabbing him in a front face lock and tossing him down to the mat with authority with a snap suplex. The fans boo loudly towards Dallas Jordan as he begins to take control of the match, as Ryuu struggles up to his feet and Jordan goes behind before landing a back suplex! With Ryuu down on the mat, Jordan looks to avenge his PPV loss by making the cover.




Ryuu kicks out and the match continues! Ryuu tries to struggle up again but an angry looking Dallas Jordan lands some more right hands. Jordan grabs Ryuu by the arm and shoots him into the ring ropes, before looking for a back body drop as he bounces back. However Ryuu has the move scouted as he lands a face buster on ‘The Patriot’ to swinging the momentum of the match back in his favour!

Jordan holds his face in pain as he gets to his feet, but Ryuu follows up with some big kicks that all gets cheers from the crowd! Jordan staggers back into the corner of the ring such is the force of the kicks, and Ryuu is able to hit a Running Back Elbow in the Corner on his opponent! Ryuu taunts to the fans to get him further behind him, before pulling Jordan up to his feet. With Jordan staggering, Ryuu lands a Bridging Tiger suplex to make the cover!




To the shock of everyone Jordan manages to kick out at the very last second when it looked all over right there! Even Ryuu can’t believe it as he rises up to his feet and looks at Dallas Jordan in disbelief. 

The fans cheer Hiro Ryuu on as he pulls Jordan to his feet and punishes him with some stiff chops across the chest. The fans ‘wooo’ each chop that strikes, as Ryuu backs Jordan into the corner of the ring. The fans continue to cheer as Ryuu takes a few steps back before landing a clothesline in the corner on his opponent, before signalling to the crowd for his finishing move!

Ryuu signals for the ‘Tokyo Sunrise’, before waiting for ‘The Patriot’ to get up to a standing position! Jordan slowly staggers up, but as he does the fans boo loudly as out of the crowd jumps Lance Abbott to the surprise of everything! Security rushes around to try and restrain Abbott, who isn’t signed to a sVo contract, and the referee joins them in trying to keep Abbott restrained at ringside. Ryuu looks confused as he watches the scene unfold in front of him, but as he does there is another loud boo as from the opposite side of the arena, Travis Armstrong hops over the security barrier! 

With the security all tied up with Abbott, Armstrong slides into the ring behind the back of Hiro Ryuu and nails him with a low blow! Ryuu turns around holding himself in pain, and Armstrong follows up with an inverted DDT in the middle of the ring on the Japanese star, before bailing out of the ring! Armstrong rushes over to help Lance Abbott out with security, as Dallas Jordan crawls over the body of Hiro Ryuu! The boos continue as the referee sees the cover and dives into the ring.




It’s all over and thanks to the interference from Abbott and then Armstrong, it is Dallas Jordan who wins the rematch and gains a victory over Hiro Ryuu! The Patriot briefly celebrates his victory, before rolling out of the ring and pushing the security away from Abbott and Armstrong. The boos ring out around the arena as Abbott and Armstrong make their way up the entrance ramp, flanking Dallas Jordan, who continues to celebrate!

Winner via pinfall: Dallas Jordan


The cameras pick up backstage with Dallas Jordan, Lance Abbott & Travis Armstrong as they burst through the curtains and into the gorilla position. Dallas Jordan quickly spots the camera watching the group, and makes his way over to get his face right in the camera. 

Dallas Jordan: “This ladies and gentlemen of this great country is the army that I have been waiting for! This is the back up that I have been waiting for! These are the patriots that are going to help me clean the sVo and make this the premier wrestling company in America!”

Abbott and Armstrong smirk silently behind Dallas Jordan as he rants into the camera. 

Dallas Jordan: “Hiro Ryuu! Go back home! The rest of the illegals on the roster, go back home! The sVo is going to be painted red, white and god damn blue!”

Jordan pushes the cameraman away and he lands on the floor, the camera falling to the side and picking Jordan, Abbott and Armstrong marching away. 

Say the Word

The cameras head backstage again, this time to the Blood Money locker room, with the group just as quiet and despondent as Horizon were earlier. Lucy Von Drake, James Von Drake, Money Malone and Joe Barone all sit on various seats in the locker room, all look beaten, bruised and broken after the Organised Chaos loss two weeks ago. The only one dressed for battle tonight is Lucy Von Drake, but she doesn’t look too pleased about it.

The locker room door slowly opens, and in limps Anthony Moretti, himself wearing dark shades to try and hide the bruising on his face to some extent. Moretti limps over to the nearest seat and slowly sits down, but doesn’t look quite as unhappy as the rest of the group. 

JVD: “Anthony, we want to talk to you about Lucy’s match tonight, we don’t think it’s a good idea…”

Moretti looks confused as he looks from Lucy Von Drake to JVD.

Anthony Moretti: “It’s going to be a massive win tonight for Lucy, why would that not be a good idea to get this group back to winning ways?”

Lucy Von Drake stays silent as she looks at her husband, but looks nervous.

Anthony Moretti: “Wait do you not think your wife to win James? You should have more faith! I certainly do! Besides, Athena will do what I want out there tonight, all I have to do is say the word….”

Moretti pulls down the shades and winks to Lucy Von Drake with his badly bruised eye.

Anthony Moretti: “I guarantee that you will win that match tonight Lucy!”

Lucy Von Drake stares back at Moretti, despondent, as the scene fades out. 

Single Match
Athena vs. Lucy Von Drake

There are boos in the arena as ‘LVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as Lucy Von Drake walks out, with her husband James Von Drake as always by her side. Lucy signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. Lucy holds her arms in the air in the middle of the ring as James Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on his wife.

‘Kryptonite’ by Three Doors Down hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as a pyro explodes at the top of the entrance ramp. The cheers only grow louder as through the smoke of the pyro steps Athena, who poses at the top of the entrance ramp and soaks in the cheers from the fans. Athena stares down at the ring with a focused look on her face, before slowly marching down the entrance ramp with a purpose. Athena confidently climbs up into the ring and poses again for the crowd, as the music slowly fades out.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and after being apart of the winning team in Organised Chaos last week, Athena gets ready for her first singles match in the sVo! Lucy Von Drake looks intimidated by her powerful opponent, as she circles around her and tries to keep out of reach of Athena. Lucy Von Drake lands some stiff kicks to the legs of Athena, however Athena finally manages to grab hold of her and lifts her clean off of her feet! The fans cheer as Athena holds Lucy Von Drake in a two handed choke hold for a few seconds, before throwing her into the corner of the ring.

Lucy Von Drake gasps for air as Athena pounds her with body shots in the corner, before grabbing her by the arm and shooting her from corner to corner. Lucy Von Drake hits hard against the turnbuckle, and Athena follows up with a clothesline in the opposite corner of the ring. Lucy Von Drake stumbles out of the corner looking unsteady on her feet, but Athena doesn’t miss a step as she bounces off of the ring ropes and lands a powerful clothesline to nearly turn Lucy Von Drake inside out! The fans pop for the big move as Athena makes the cover.




Everyone in the arena thought it was all over there, but to her credit Lucy Von Drake gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! Athena looks impressed that her smaller opponent managed to kick out, but doesnt show any mercy as she pulls her to her feet by her hair. Athena lifts Lucy Von Drake into the air with military press, before dropping her down to the mat after parading her around the ring. 

Lucy Von Drake struggles to get back to her feet as Athena poses for the fans who cheer her loudly. The widow of Curtis Knight looks confident as she pulls Lucy Von Drake up to her feet once again, before positioning her for a powerbomb. Lucy Von Drake tries to struggle out of the move, but Athena powers her up into the air before landing a match winning powerbomb in the middle of the ring! 

The fans pop for the big move from Athen, but before she can make the cover, there are boos from the crowd as Anthony Moretti steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in his hand! Moretti is wearing a dark suit and still looks banged up from last weeks Organised Chaos match, however he gets the attention of Athena by simply coughing into the microphone. 

All eyes turn to Moretti, before then looking to Athena in the ring as she stares back angrily at Moretti. Moretti waves to Athena in the ring, before waving for her to follow him! Athena angrily looks down at Lucy Von Drake who is laying at her feet, before looking back at Moretti who seemingly stopped her in her tracks last week with simply whispering something into her ear during the Organised Chaos match! The crowd boo as Athena reluctantly climbs out of the ring, before making her way up the entrance ramp! Moretti disappears around the curtain, and Athena follows her backstage, before a confused referee begins to count!




The crowd boo loudly as Lucy Von Drake tries to pull herself up to her feet in the ring.




Lucy Von Drake finally reaches her feet, but looks unsteady on her feet.





The referee calls for the bell, and despite barely getting any offense in, it is Lucy Von Drake who picks up the victory via count out! JVD climbs into the ring to celebrate victory with his wife, but the fans boo loudly! With Athena in firm control of the match before the appearance from Anthony Moretti, just what does the former sVo Heavyweight Champion have over Athena to be able to control her in such a way?

Winner via count out: Lucy Von Drake

Ultimate Victory

The cameras head backstage once again, this time to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page. This boss is sitting behind his expensive looking desk, as always dressed in a dark suit, and has a serious look on his face as he stares down the lens of the camera ready to address the sVo fans watching in the arena and around the world.

Jon Page: “Ladies and gentlemen, I have a huge announcement to make here tonight and I expect that the sVo roster is waiting to here this as well! After the successful Roll the Dice PPV and the amazing Organised Chaos match, the next PPV event on the calendar for the sVo is of course Ultimate Victory, and that means one thing!”

A highlight package of past Ultimate Victory matches are shown as Page talks. 

Jon Page: “Ultimate Victory is of course the chance for anyone in the sVo and put their name on the map and earn themselves a chance of a lifetime. That is because of course that the Ultimate Victory PPV means that the Victory Cup is just around the corner!”

A highlight package of past Victory Cup winners is shown as Page continues to speak, including the likes of Mike Best & James Von Drake.

Jon Page: “Winning the Victory Cup means a guaranteed shot at the sVo Heavyweight Championship, no matter your current ranking, record or history! However this year the Victory Cup will be the biggest yet, because this chance of a lifetime won’t just be open to the current sVo signed roster members, it will be any wrestler in the world that thinks they are good enough and wants to throw their hat in the ring! The Victory Cup will start next week and the finals will take place on the 8th of August right here in the Goodfellas Casino Arena at Ultimate Victory 2021, only on PPV!”

Page looks pleased with himself after the big announcement, as the scene fades out and heads to ringside for the main event!

sVo Las Vegas Championship 
Gunner Lang vs. Scott Washington

The fans are on their feet as ‘California Vacation’ by The Game hits the sound system and the lights in the arena dim. Golden sparks rain down from the top of the giant screen onto the entrance ramp as Scott Washington step through them and holds his arms in the air. The huge ‘O-Town Outlaw’ taunts to the crowd who boo loudly as he walks down the entrance ramp with his eyes focused on the ring. Scott Washington jumps up onto the ring apron before climbing into the ring and warming up in the corner of the ring for his upcoming battle.

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

Gunner Lang peels off the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt from around his waist and hands it to the referee. The referee in turns holds it in the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s main event! The referee hands the belt to the ring announcer on the outside of the ring before calling for the bell to be rung and the match to get started.

Washington and Lang circle around each other for a few seconds, before Washington takes down Lang with a double leg takedown and begins to land some big mounted punches on the Champion in the middle of the ring! The fans boo the challenger, but he doesn’t seem to care as Gunner Lang powers his way back up to his feet. Lang fights back with some right hands, before looking for a short arm clothesline on his opponent. However Washington has the move scouted as he ducks under the clothesline attempt from the champion and throws him into the ring ropes. Lang bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Washington follows up with a powerslam. 

Lang looks in pain as he rises up to his feet, but as he does Washington lands some big knees to the face of his opponent, before taking him down with a belly to belly suplex! The Champion looks in trouble against the powerful challenger, as Washington lets Lang get to his feet before taking him down to his feet with a massive belly to back suplex, before making the cover!




The fans cheer Lang on as he kicks out on two and the match continues! Washington looks a little frustrated, thinking he had the match won there, but carries on the offense with some more mounted punches on Lang.

Lang looks unsteady on his feet as he tries to get back to a standing position, and Washington retains control of the match as he hits a scoop slam on Lang! Scott Washington taunts to the fans before pulling Lang to his feet by his head, but the pause to taunt to the fans back fires on Washington as Lang fights back with some big right hands to his opponent’s mid section! The fans cheer on the comeback from Lang, as he lands some big right hands on his opponent, before grabbing him by the arm and shooting him into the ropes. Lang bounces off of the opposite ropes himself, but as Washington tries to follow up with a clothesline, Lang ducks under the arm of his opponent follows up with a running lariat!

Washington stumbles up to his feet after the big move from Lang, but Lang takes him down with a side headlock takedown before landing several right hands. Washington uses his power to get himself up to a standing position, but Lang is right back on him with a kick to the midsection followed up with a double arm slam!

Lang waits for Washington to get to his feet before grabbing him by the arm and shooting him into the corner of the ring. The fans get to their feet to see Lang hit his finisher in the corner on the challenger, however Washington has the move scouted and dives out of the way! Lang hits the turnbuckle hard and Washington follows up with a German suplex on the Champion into a bridge!




Everyone thought we had a new Champion right there, but somehow Lang kicks out! Washington looks down in disbelief as the Champion tries to pull himself up to his feet, motivated on by the cheering crowd! However Washington doesn’t seem in the mood to mess around as he waits for Lang to turn around, before taking him back to the mat with a ‘rolling arm bar takedown’, before transitioning from the arm bar into the ‘Conviction’ submission hold!

The fans boo loudly as Gunner struggles in vain to find the bottom rope and save his sVo Las Vegas Championship reign! Washington keeps the hold locked on, and Lang seems to be fading before he can reach the rope and cause a rope break!

Suddenly there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as down the entrance ramp sprints Johnny All Star! The former International Champion dives head first into the ring and lays into Scott Washington with some big stomps, causing him to break the hold on the Champion! The move however also causes the referee to call for the bell and call for the DQ!

The crowd continue to give a mixed reaction towards All Star as he lays into Washington with some big right hands, before clotheslining him over the top rope and out of the ring! All Star looks very pleased with what he has done as he marches over and pulls Gunner Lang up to his feet, before demanding that the referee present him back with his title!

Gunner Lang looks reluctant as All Star celebrates in the ring as Against All Odds heads off of the air! Gunner Lang reluctant holds the Las Vegas Championship in the air, knowing that he was seconds away from losing the belt, but still not being too happy with All Star inserting himself into the match!

Winner via DQ: Scott Washington

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"I have been choked with a hair dryer chord, and a belt for this title. I have been attacked by a fan with a tazer, had my apartment broken into twice by Reaper, had a car door slammed shut on my ankle, and even some chick who thought she was some kind of super villain tried to lower me into a tank full of sharks to get this title belt. "

- Sara Pettis (17th April 2011)

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Its the flagship weekly sVo show from Las Vegas!

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All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

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The rising stars of the sVo look to prove themselves and rise up the ranks!

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Judge seeking showdown talks with sVo Owner!


Welcome to the second version of the sVo Power Rankings! We take a look back at Against All Odds #3, and take a look...

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The sVo returns with its first show in nearly seven years with 'Against All Odds'!