sVo Against All Odds
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 5th September 2021

The sVo logo fades on and then off of a black screen before ‘Venom’ by Eminem hits and the opening video package for ‘Against All Odds’ begins to play, featuring classic action with highlights from the likes of Psyko Stevo, Bobby Dean, Anthony Moretti, Roscoe Shame, William Vorheez, Nathan Paradine, JVD & Night.

As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera shows a shot of the outside of the Goodfellas Casino, sitting on the heart of the Las Vegas strip before heading inside and panning around the sold-out Goodfellas Casino Arena inside. Fireworks begin to shoot up from the top of the entrance ramp as fans jump out at the camera trying to get their face on TV as the atmosphere for tonight’s show continues to build, with the music playing over the arena’s sound system.

The camera swings around to see the commentary team of Julian Fiasco & Jeremiah Sloan sitting at ringside, before turning to show the giant screen at the top of the entrance ramp as some of the matchups for tonight’s show are shown.

Dissension in the Ranks

The cameras head backstage where they pick up with Johnny All Star who has seemingly just arrived at the arena. The sVo Champion has a big smile on his face as he carries his gym back over one shoulder and his title belt over the other. All Star is dressed in a smart suit this week, and walks with a strut as he turns the corner of the corridor and pushes his way into the door marked ‘Horizon’.

Johnny All Star: “Hey gang, good to see you all!”

All Star takes his shades off and lays down his sVo Championship, however it is quickly clear that his feelings are not felt by the rest of Horizon, as Gunner Lang, Hugo Ryzing and Darwin Jones stare back at him with daggers in their eyes.

Gunner Lang: “Johnny, about time. Take a seat.”

All Star looks around, a little confusion on his face before slowly sitting down on the empty steel chair to face the rest of Horizon.

Johnny All Star: “What’s going on guys? Where is JD?”

Hugo Ryzing: “JD is busy right now Johnny, we made sure of that because we wanted to sit down and talk to you.”

Johnny All Star: “What is this? Some kind of intervention?”

All Star nervously laughs as he stares around at the trio, but the laughter is not returned.

Darwin Jones: “I guess you could call it that Johnny, because your actions are starting to impact all of us.”

All Star says nothing as he stares back at the big man.

Hugo Ryzing: “That’s right, Vorheez has it in his head that we had something to do with how you won that belt from him, not he is after all of us. You might have won your belt but it cost us all of ours.”

All Star begins to speak, but Jones cuts him off.

Darwin Jones: “You need to give Vorheez his rematch Johnny, it’s the only way that we are going to get our rematch at the Tag Team Championships.”

All Star says nothing, staring back at Jones.

Gunner Lang: “Same story with my Las Vegas Championship Johnny, I have already spoken to Page about it. He is withholding all rematches unless you agree to face Vorheez again. Just remember, I got a shot at your sVo Championship in my back pocket after winning the Victory Cup if you got a problem with that….”

All Star stares at Lang for a few seconds, before scoffing. The rest of Horizon look on angrily, as Johnny All Star rises up to his feet and grabs his sVo Championship belt, before turning his back on the rest of the group and walking out of the room.

Darwin Jones: “About what we expected….”

Hugo Ryzing: “I will take care of our Vorheez problem once and for all in the main event tonight. It’s up to you to step up and take that belt from Johnny now Gunner, for the sake of all of us.”

Lang slowly nods his head as the scene fades out.

Single Match
Jupiter James vs. Alissia Young

Welcome To Toronto’ by K Money hits the sound system, and there are loud boos from the crowd as onto the top of the entrance ramp steps Alissia Young of the Canadian Connection! Young signals to the crowd, before slowly walking down the entrance ramp bopping her head to the music. Cole rolls into the ring under the bottom rope before climbing to the second rope and staring out at the crowd with her arms folded, before jumping down and preparing for battle as the music fades out.

“Sunflower” by Post Malone hits the sound system and there is a huge cheer from the crowd. After a few seconds a pumped up Jupiter James emerges onto the top of the entrance ramp from behind the curtain and throws an arm into the air to acknowledge the crowd! Jupiter James skips down the entrance ramp side side to side, slapping hands with the fans as she goes before making her way all away the ringside area. Jupiter James finally climbs onto the ring apron on the side of the hard cam and raises both arms in the air to the crowd, before climbing into the ring through the ropes and looking around the arena in awe at the fans cheering her on.

The bell rings for the match to get started, and the fans are firmly in the corner of Jupiter James as she circles around Alissia Young who is making her sVo in ring debut tonight! James looks for a double leg takedown on the Canadian, but Young cuts her off with a forearm shot to the fans before landing a snapmare to take James to the mat. With James in a seated position, Young lands a big kick to the back of her opponent that echos all around the arena. 

The fans cheer Jupiter James as she quickly gets back up to a standing position, and manages to land a knee to the midsection of her opponent. James hits a Low Wrist Gutbuster on Young to take her down to the mat, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and dropping a knee on her opponent. Young looks in pain as she staggers back up, but James follows up with a Snap DDT before making a quick cover.




Young manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee, and the match continues! 

James pulls Young up to her feet by her hair and lands some stiff knife edge chops to her opponent. The fans continue to cheer Jupiter James on as she follows up with a Airplane Kick to take down Young, before taunting to the sold out crowd! Young staggers back to her feet, but James grabs her by the arm and shoots her into the corner of the ring. Young hits the turnbuckle hard, but as James tries to follow up with a Handspring Smash in the corner, Young rolls out of the way!

James hits the turnbuckle hard, but as she staggers away holding her neck she is caught with a Springboard Push Kick from Young that sends her to the mat. The fans boo Alissia Young, but the Canadian lapse it up as she taunts them before following up with a Headscissors Takedown as Jupiter James rises up to her feet. James tries to fight back with some right hands, but Young ducks under the fists of her opponent before following up with a snap suplex. 

Young looks in firm control despite the early domination from Jupiter James, and waits for her opponent to get to her feet before following up with a Pumphandle Uranage! James looks in real trouble as Young rises up to her feet and taunts to the crowd for the end of the match! Young stalks Jupiter James as she slowly begins to rise up to a standing position, before grabbing hold of her by the arm and locking in the ‘Hard Way’! 

The fans boo loudly as Jupiter James desperately tries to make her way to the ropes to break the hold! However Young keeps the hold locked on tight, and soon Jupiter James has no choice but to tap out before her arm is broken!

The fans boo loudly as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, however despite picking up the submission victory, Alissia Young keeps the move locked on for a few more seconds to punish her opponent! The referee finally manages to pull Alissia Young away from Jupiter James, and the newcomer celebrates the victory despite the loud boos from the fans. Alissia Young seems to reveal in the boos from the crowd as the referee checks on the condition of Jupiter James, who is clutching her arm in pain.

Winner via submission: Alissia Young

Code of Silence

After the big victory for Alissia Young in her first official sVo match, we head backstage where Anthony Moretti and Athena are in the gorilla position, ready to make their way out to the ring to take on Patriot Act in tag team wrestling.

Anthony Moretti: “Right Athena, you are there to do the heavy lifting tonight. We need to show the world that Blood Money is the most dominant group in the sVo, and to do that we need to start crushing some of these other little groups that have started springing up, starting with Patriot Act tonight.”

Athena slowly nods her head.

Anthony Moretti: “Just remember the position you are in out there, you do anything out there to cost us that win and you are toast. Your secret is finally out to the world.”

Athena looks miserable as she nods her head as the action cuts to a commercial break.

Tag Team Match
Patriot Act vs. Anthony Moretti & Athena

With the three members of ‘Patriot Act’ already at ringside, ‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti steps onto the entrance ramp with his hands in the air. A few steps behind Moretti and definitely not with her hands in the air is Athena, looking less than happy about her situation! Moretti slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans, whilst Athena trails unhappily behind. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however receives nothing but boos from the fans.

With Travis Armstrong and Lance Abbot in one corner and Moretti and Athena in the other, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action to get started as Dallas Jordan watches on from the ring side area!

Moretti and Armstrong get the match started, as they circle around each other in the middle of the ring to get the match started. Armstrong tries to tie up with Moretti, however Moretti ducks under the arms of his opponent and takes him down with an arm drag takedown. The fans boo the move, but as Armstrong quickly pops up to his feet, Moretti lands a perfect dropkick to knock his opponent down. Moretti rises up to his feet and poses for the crowd, who only boo him louder. Moretti smirks at the reaction, before making the tag out to Athena.

The fans cheer for Athena as she climbs into the ring, before running through her opponent with a massive big boot. The fans cheer the big move, as Athena keeps the offense going with a big scoop slam on her opponent in the middle of the ring, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and driving an elbow into the chest of her opponent. With Armstrong down and hurting, Athena makes the cover.




Armstrong manages to get a shoulder up before the three count can go down, and this one continues! Athena drags Armstrong up to his feet but his hair, but Armstrong fights back with some massive elbows to the midsection of her opponent. Athena doubles over in pain, and Armstrong takes her down with a fireman’s carry in the middle of the ring, before tagging out to Lance Abbot. Abbot quickly hops into the ring and leaps onto Athena, pounding her with some mounted punches. 

Athena powers her way up to a standing position, but Abbot is there with a back breaker on his opponent to take her back down to the mat! Athena looks in pain as Abbot pounds away with some knee strikes to her back before finally allowing her up to her feet. Athena staggers around and begins to look towards Moretti to make the tag, but before she can make it to her corner, Abbot drops her with a back suplex to take her down to the mat! Abbot quickly looks to take advantage with a cover, as Dallas Jordan cheerleads from outside the ring.




Athena manages to kick out at the very last second, with Moretti not moving a muscle to help his partner! Abbot looks upset at the referee for not getting the three count there and then, before he pulls Athena to her feet and tags his partner Armstrong back in. Abbot and Armstrong land a double suplex on Athena, before Armstrong makes another cover.




Once again Athena manages to kick out! 

Armstrong pulls Athena up to her feet and throws her into the ropes, but Athena bounces back and manages to nail a clothesline to take her opponent down! Armstrong staggers up to his feet, but Athena whips him into the corner of the ring, before running and looking for a big boot in the corner! However Armstrong ducks out of the way and Athena smashes Moretti in the face with the big boot!

Athena staggers back in horror, but straight into Travis Armstrong who rolls her up from behind!




It’s all over and after the miscommunication from Athena and Moretti it is Patriot Act who pick up an impressive win!

Armstrong and Abbot quickly bail out of the ring and celebrate along with Dallas Jordan as they make their way back up the entrance ramp, as Moretti rises up to his feet slowly looking furious at Athena!

Winners via pinfall: Patriot Act


The cameras head backstage to the office of Jon Page, where the boss himself is sitting behind his brand new desk across from the now former Las Vegas Champion, Gunner Lang. Page has a document in front of him, and looks to be excitedly filling it in as Lang talks.

Jon Page: “Ok Gunner, you are sure that you want to cash this shot in at the Vendetta PPV? Not before?”

Lang slowly nods his head.

Jon Page: “Ok, I got to say, I think what you have proposed her will be one hell of a match! I am looking forward to it! Now all you have to do is sign on the dotted line and make it official.”

Page spins the paper around and then pushes it across the desk towards Lang, before putting a pen down on top of the document to seal the deal. Lang seems to hesitate as he picks up the pen and reads over what he has to sign.

As Lang reads, the door suddenly bursts open and in walks JD James, looking a little out of breath. 

JD James: “Gunner? What are you doing? Please say it isn’t what I think it is?”

Lang looks back at JD James, as Page leans back to give some space to the two Horizon members and observe what is going on.

Gunner Lang: “Sorry JD, me, Darwin & Hugo spoke about this and something has to be done about Johnny. He is out of control. If you want to let him get away with that to win the sVo Championship for Horizon then that’s fine, but it’s starting to impact all of us now. Someone needs to stop him.”

JD James: “Gunner don’t sign anything, let’s talk about it first.”

Lang shakes his head, before turning and scribbling his name on the paper and sliding it back towards Page.

Gunner Lang: “No more talking JD.”

JD James stares down at his feet looking defeated, as if his Horizon group is falling apart all around him. 

Jon Page: “Now JD, if you will sign here please?”

Page pushes the paper back towards JD James who now looks confused.

JD James: “Me? What am I signing for?”

Page nods at JD to read the contract, as Gunner Lang begins to explain.

Gunner Lang: “Well JD, me you, Darwin and Hugo…. We all go way back, but we know you go way way back with Johnny. So at Vendetta we need you to pick a side. That’s why you are going to be the special guest referee in our title match.”

JD James looks shocked as he stares back at Gunner Lang and then Jon Page, as the scene fades out.

Single Match 
Yoshi Ono vs. Jacob Izaz

‘Not for Radio’ by Nas hits the sound system and the fans cheer as onto the top of the entrance ramp swaggers the confident looking Jacob Izaz. Izaz holds his arms in the air and stands motionless for a few seconds as flash bulbs go off around the arena, before he slowly continues his swagger down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Izaz hops up onto the ring apron and again throws his arms up in the air to poses for the crowd, before climbing through the ropes and into the squared circle.

The lights in the arena dim and the mood changes as ‘GTA’ by Meek Mill hits the sound system. As the base reverberates around the arena, the massive figure of Yoshi Ono slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and looks out at the arena. The crowd loudly boo the sight of Ono, but the Japanese star ignores the crowd and performs a sumo ritual dance at the top of the entrance ramp. Ono then slowly walks down to the ring at his own pace, before slowly climbing into the ring and staring out at the crowd from the corner of the ring with a snarl on his face as the lights slowly come back up.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Jacob Izaz stares across the ring at the massive Yoshi Ono as the match officially gets started! ‘The Philly Flash’ moves towards his opponent, and ducks out of the way as the massive Ono throws some right hands in his direction. Izaz lands a stiff knife edge chop across the chest of his opponent, before bouncing into the ring ropes and landing a high jumping knee. The move however does not take down Ono, as he stumbles away holding his head in pain. 

Izaz looks stunned that the move didn’t take down the big man, before using his speed to rain down some big strikes to the midsection of Ono. However the super heavyweight absorbs the punches from the newcomer, before knocking him away with a stiff headbutt. The fans boo loudly as Ono follows up by grabbing Izaz by the arm and shooting him into the ring ropes, before taking him down with a stiff side kick. 

Ono slowly bounces into the ring ropes himself before looking for a running splash on Izaz, however Izaz manages to avoid being squashed by rolling out of the way. Izaz tries to get straight back on the offense with some big rights and lefts to his opponent, before taking him down to the mat with a double leg takedown! The fans cheer as Izaz lands big mounted punches on Ono, before Ono shakes him off.

Izaz lands some big kicks on Ono as he struggles to his feet, before Ono knocks him away with a big Savate kick. Izaz runs at Ono and looks for a clothesline, but Ono ducks his massive head and loads his opponent onto his shoulders, before falling backwards with a big Samoan drop! The fans boo the move as Izaz gasps for air whilst Yoshi Ono makes the cover.




Izaz manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat and stay in the match! Ono looks angry at not getting the three count, as he slowly climbs up to his feet and taunts his opponent. Izaz slowly stumbles up, but Ono grabs him around the waist before taking him down to the mat with authority with a belly to belly suplex! Izaz looks in serious trouble as Ono marches around the ring showing his dominance! Izaz pulls himself up to his feet in the corner of the ring, but Ono runs across the ring and squashes his opponent with a splash in the corner!

The fans boo loudly as Ono once again makes the cover after the devastating impact!




Izaz again kicks out when everyone in the arena thought it was the three count right there for sure! Ono punches the mat in frustration, before rising up to his feet and arguing with the referee. The referee shrinks away from the massive Ono, before Ono gives up and begins to signal for his finishing move! 

Ono pulls Izaz up to his feet and loads him onto his shoulders for the ‘Ono & Out’, but before he can hit the move there is a noise from the crowd as Scott Washington steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Ono spots Washington, his now former Tag Team partner and quickly drops Izaz back down to the mat! Ono taunts Washington and challenges him to make his way down the ramp and get into the ring, but Washington simply stands and stares at the big man!

Ono eventually waves off Washington and turns back to his opponent, but as he does Izaz catches him in the face with ‘The Message’! The fans pop for the big move, as Ono drops backwards before Izaz leaps onto him for the cover!




It’s all over and with a little help from the distraction from Scott Washington, it is Jacob Izaz who picks up yet another victory! Izaz celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring, as Washington stares back at his former Tag Team partner laying on the canvas with a smirk plastered across his face.

Winner via pinfall: Jacob Izaz

Commercial Break

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Single Match
William Vorheez vs. Hugo Ryzing

“Keep on Swinging” by Rival Sons floods the sVo arena as some pyro goes off. Hugo Ryzing makes his way out onto the entrance ramp a hoodie covering his head; he pauses for a moment and then makes his way down to the ring bobbing his head to the rhythm throwing some practice punches and taking time to look at the crowd. He pulls himself up into the ring and makes his way to the center throwing his head back revealing his face and throwing his arms up into the air. He scrambles and pulls himself up into a corner taking off his hoodie throwing it into the audience and once again throws his arms up into the air before jumping down and preparing for the match.

The arena goes pitch black as the opening guitar riff from “Abominator” by Doyle plays. Smoke billows up from the bottom of the staging area, as green laser lights dance across the stage. Just as the opening riff comes to a close, two large hits of a drum can be heard, and pyro goes off syncing with them. The song dives in, as Vorheez makes his appearance at the top of the ramp. Wearing a long black, sleeveless coat, that has green stitching and it covered in small spikes, as well as a black, beat up, cowboy hat covering his eyes. Vorheez marches slowly down to the ring, his eyes fixated on the ring, looking determined, and focused. As Vorheez climbs onto the ring apron and climbs inside the ring the lights slowly come up and the music fades.

The bell rings and the match is quickly under way with both men trading right hands in the middle of the ring. Ryzing gets the better of the exchange until Vorheez cuts him off with a knee to the midsection, and then throws him hard into the corner of the ring. The fans cheer as Vorheez tees off on Ryzing with big rights and lefts in the corner, before landing a brutal stomp to the inside of his opponents knee. Ryzing staggers out of the corner holding his knee, but walks straight into a back body drop from Vorheez.

Vorheez looks pleased with himself as he stomps away on the former Tag Team Champion, before he is able to make it back to a standing position. Vorheez fires off some might big rights and lefts, before taking Ryzing to the mat with a shoulder breaker. With Ryzing down on the mat, Vorheez makes the early cover.



Ryzing kicks out and gets a big cheer from the fans who want to see this bout continue. Vorheez lands some mounted punches as he pulls Ryzing back up to a standing position. Vorheez looks for a spinning spinebuster on his opponent, however Ryzing has the move scouted and cuts off the former sVo Heavyweight Champion with a big elbow to the top of his head. Vorheez looks dazed as he walks away, and Ryzing follows up with a bicycle kick to take down Vorheez!

Ryzing holds his own knee in pain after the bicycle kick on Vorheez, but as Vorheez gets back up to his feet, the former Tag Team Champion lands some impressive Forearm Upper Cuts. Vorheez staggers back into the corner of the ring, and Ryzing follows up with a clothesline in the corner. Vorheez staggers out of the corner and Ryzing grabs his opponent around the waist before taking him down with an impressive German suplex with a bridge!




Vorheez gets a shoulder up off of the mat and this one continues! Ryzing looks disappointed at not getting the three count right there, but follows up the offense with a knee to the midsection of Vorheez as he brings his opponent to his feet. Ryzing lands some knee lifts to the face of his opponent, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and landing a massive striking spear onto the former Heavyweight Champion! The move almost cuts Vorheez in half, as Ryzing again makes the cover!




It looked all over right there, but somehow Vorheez kicks out and stays in the match! Ryzing looks frustrated with himself for a brief second at not getting the match won there, as he rises up to his feet. However Ryzing quickly taunts to the fans for the end and calls for his finishing move! The fans rise up to their feet as Ryzing drags Vorheez to his feet, before positioning him for the ‘Ryz-up’! 

However Hugo Ryzing doesn’t get to hit the move, as his veteran opponent counters with a back drop onto the former Tag Team Champion! Ryzing staggers back up to his feet looking surprised, but Vorheez is already on the move as he bounces off of the ring ropes and lands a big boot to the face of his opponent! The big boot catches Ryzing flush in the face and sends him crashing to the mat, but he bravely staggers back up to his feet! Vorheez lands a kick to the midsection on his stunned opponent, before following up with a Double Arm DDT that drops Ryzing on his head!

With Ryzing down and hurting, this time it is Vorheez who calls for the end as rolls to his feet and taunts to the crowd. Ryzing bravely swings some rights and lefts in desperation as he gets to his feet, but Vorheez is there waiting for him and lands the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’ in the middle of the ring to drop Ryzing on his head once more! With Ryzing down and out, Vorheez wastes no time in making the cover!




It’s all over, and despite Hugo Ryzing putting in an impressive performance, it is William Vorheez who picks up the big win in the main event against one of the men he blames for costing him the sVo Heavyweight Championship!

Vorheez slowly rises up to his feet and quickly has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee, however the former Heavyweight Champion looks in no mood to celebrate as he glares down at his opponent. 

Winner via pinfall: William Vorheez

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