sVo Showdown 164
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
10th December 2023

The cameras pan over the electric atmosphere of the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the crowd eagerly anticipates another night of sVo action. In the commentary booth, Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan set the stage for the upcoming showdown.

Julian Fiasco: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the hottest ticket in Las Vegas—the Goodfellas Casino Arena! We’ve got an explosive lineup for you tonight on Showdown 164.

Jeremiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian. The sVo faithful are in for a treat with two marquee matchups. In the main event, it’s a clash of titans as Big Aug goes head-to-head with the leader of Generation: Joint, Kenneth D Williams.

Julian Fiasco: And don’t forget, we’ve got Johnny Dorn defending his Roulette Championship tonight. Can he continue his impressive streak, or will a challenger step up to halt the momentum?

The anticipation builds as the crowd’s excitement reverberates through the arena.

Jeremiah Sloan: It’s a night full of surprises and intense action. Buckle up, folks, because Showdown 164 is about to kick off, and you won’t want to miss a second of the sVo fireworks!

The camera pans to the ring, signaling the beginning of another thrilling edition of Showdown.

Settle it in the Ring!!

The arena dims as the sVo Champion Night’s theme echoes through the Goodfellas Casino Arena. The crowd erupts into cheers as the Japanese sensation makes his way to the ring, the sVo Championship gleaming over his shoulder.

Night: (In fluent English with a hint of his Japanese accent) Konnichiwa, Las Vegas! It’s always an honor to stand before you as your sVo Champion.

The crowd roars in approval, waving signs and chanting Night’s name.

Night: Last week on Showdown, I was attacked from behind by Rick Reid. (Pauses as the crowd boos) You know, I expected challenges and contenders, but I did not expect such dishonorable tactics from someone like Rick.

The fans express their disdain for Rick Reid’s actions with a chorus of boos.

Night: (Narrowing his eyes) Rick, if you have something to say, say it to my face. I am ready to defend this championship against anyone, anytime, and anywhere. You don’t need to resort to sneak attacks.

The arena lights flicker as Rick Reid’s theme hits, and he emerges with a smirk, microphone in hand.

Rick Reid: (Entering the ring) Night, Night, Night. Always playing the honorable card, huh? Well, let me tell you something. Honorable or not, your reign as champion is coming to an end at Seasons Beatings.

The crowd reacts with a mix of boos and cheers.

Night: (Stepping forward) Rick, if you want a shot at this, there’s no need for sneak attacks. Challenge me like a man, and we’ll settle it in the ring.

The tension builds as the two competitors lock eyes in the center of the ring.

Rick Reid: (Smirking) You want it face to face? You got it. Consider yourself warned, Night. Your championship reign is on borrowed time.

The standoff intensifies as the fans buzz with anticipation. Night raises his championship high, signaling that he’s ready for the challenge as Rick Reid smirks and exits the ring.

Back in the Queue

Katie Smith stands backstage with a microphone in hand, ready to interview Alissia Young. The Canadian Connection member glides into the frame, wearing a confident smirk on her face.

Katie Smith: Alissia, last week you had a chance at the sVo Championship against Night but came up short. How are you feeling about that?

Alissia Young: (Smirking) Disappointed, Katie, disappointed. But you know, disappointment is just a speed bump on my road to the top. I may not have claimed the sVo Championship last week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not on the fast track to success.

The fans watching on the big screen react with mixed emotions as Young continues.

Katie Smith: And what’s next for Alissia Young?

Alissia Young: (Chuckling) What’s next, you ask? Tonight, Noah Rogan will find out firsthand why they call me the Submission Queen. I don’t let setbacks hold me down. I learn, adapt, and overcome. Tonight, Noah Rogan steps into the ring with someone who’s not just hungry for victory but ravenous.

Alissia Young’s gaze intensifies as she sends a message to her opponent.

Alissia Young: The road to the top starts again tonight, and Noah Rogan is just a stepping stone on that path. He’s about to learn that in the world of Alissia Young, there’s no escape.

Alissia Young smirks confidently as she walks away, leaving Katie Smith contemplating the intensity of the Canadian Connection member.

Rising Sun

The camera cuts backstage, where Jon Page is seen talking to a distinguished Japanese man, Hiroshi Fujimoto. The sVo boss gestures towards the various areas of the backstage, explaining the layout of the Goodfellas Casino Arena.

Jon Page: Hiroshi, welcome to the sVo. I’m thrilled to have you here, and I want you to feel at home. This is where the magic happens.

Hiroshi Fujimoto nods appreciatively, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling backstage area.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Thank you, Jon-san. It’s an honor to be part of this exciting venture. I look forward to bringing the spirit of professional wrestling to Japan with Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.

Jon Page: (Smiling) That’s the spirit, Hiroshi. I know you’ll do great things with Rising Sun. Now, I have some business to attend to in Mexico, but I want you to enjoy the rest of the show. Get a feel for what makes the sVo special.

Jon Page extends a hand, and Hiroshi Fujimoto shakes it with a determined expression.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: I appreciate your trust, Jon-san. I won’t let you down.

As Jon Page heads off, Hiroshi Fujimoto continues to explore the backstage, ready to witness the action of the sVo firsthand.

Single Match
Alissia Young vs. Noah Rogan

One Down, Nine to Go

Katie Smith stands backstage, microphone in hand, ready to interview Johnny Dorn after his successful Roulette Championship defense on Proving Grounds. Dorn walks into the frame with a confident smirk on his face.

Katie Smith: Johnny, congratulations on another successful defense of the Roulette Championship. How are you feeling after last night’s victory?

Johnny Dorn: Thanks, Katie. Feeling great, as always. You know, defending this belt is a walk in the park for me. I’m practically making it my second home.

Katie chuckles as Dorn continues with a mischievous grin.

Johnny Dorn: Now, about Clam Idia tonight. Can you believe that’s the name on the wheel’s menu for me? Clam Idia! Sounds like a rejected seafood dish. (He chuckles) Anyway, jokes aside, I’ll do what I always do – spin the wheel, take my chances, and come out on top.

Katie laughs along with Dorn, appreciating his humor.

Katie Smith: With every successful defense, you’re getting closer to that shot at the sVo Championship. Any thoughts on that?

Johnny Dorn: Oh, absolutely. You see, every victory is like stacking cash for a rainy day. And after tonight, I’m only eight wins away from hitting the jackpot. So, Night, Rick Reid, or whoever’s holding that title, watch out. Johnny Dorn is coming for the big prize!

Dorn winks at the camera, and with that, the interview concludes as he heads off for his match.

Deal with the Devil

The Goodfellas Casino Arena buzzes with activity as Blood Money, dressed in their signature sharp suits, make their way towards the entrance. Amy Page steps forward to intercept them, her demeanor oozing authority.

Amy Page: Blood Money, hold on a second. I’ve got a little job for you tonight.

Anthony Moretti smirks, and Joe Barone folds his arms, intrigued.

Anthony Moretti: Oh yeah? What’s the deal, Amy?

Amy Page: Hiro Ryuu. I’ve heard he’s been eyeing a move to Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. I want you to make sure he reconsiders that decision.

Moretti chuckles and exchanges glances with Barone.

Anthony Moretti: You’re barking up the wrong tree, Amy. We don’t take orders from your family.

Joe Barone: Yeah, we beat people up because we feel like it, not because someone tells us to.

Amy narrows her eyes, unimpressed with their response.

Anthony Moretti: I’ve also heard that the owner of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling is in the building tonight…..

Moretti’s smile widens, and Barone raises an eyebrow.

Anthony Moretti: Now that sounds like a conversation we’d enjoy having. We might just go and introduce ourselves….

Blood Money smirks and continues walking into the arena, leaving Amy Page behind, visibly frustrated.

Ready for a Receipt

In the smoky haze of the Generation: Joint locker room, Kenneth D Williams addresses the rest of the group – Jacob Izaz, Gunner Lang, Jay Adder, and Bellinor Adder. The atmosphere is tense, but focused.

Kenneth D Williams: Alright, listen up, everyone. Big Aug is no stranger to me. We’ve crossed paths numerous times in the past, and he’s not someone to be taken lightly.

Smoke swirls around the room as the members of Generation: Joint exchange glances.

Jacob Izaz: So, what’s the game plan, boss?

Kenneth D Williams: We go out there and handle business, like we always do. But be on the lookout. HOW might be looking for some payback after what went down.

Gunner Lang nods in agreement, while Jay Adder leans against a locker, deep in thought.

Gunner Lang: We got this, KD. Just tell us what you need.

Kenneth D Williams: Keep your eyes open. Jay, Bellinor, make sure we’re covered. Jacob, Gunner, bring your A-game. Big Aug won’t make it easy, but neither will we.

With a final nod, Kenneth D Williams leads Generation: Joint out of the locker room, ready to face the challenges that await them in the main event.

Roulette Championship Match
Johnny Dorn vs. Clam Idia

Being Noticed

Katie Smith: Hiro, Amy Page has put you in a match against Junior Gambino tonight as a response to your interest in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. How do you feel about this punishment?

Hiro Ryuu takes a deep breath before responding.

Hiro Ryuu: Katie, Amy can throw any challenge she wants my way. Tonight, I’ll show her and everyone else that nothing will break my spirit.

As Hiro finishes speaking, Hiroshi Fujimoto, the man in charge of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, casually walks past.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Hiro, best of luck in your match tonight. We’re always on the lookout for top talent.

Hiro Ryuu nods in acknowledgment, his eyes narrowing as he watches Fujimoto walk away.

Deal With It

In Amy Page’s office, the tension is palpable as Rick Reid stands before her, ready to explain.

Rick Reid: Amy, I just wanted to—

Amy Page: Save it, Rick. I don’t have time for excuses or explanations right now.

Reid looks taken aback, but Amy continues with a stern expression.

Amy Page: Tonight, your job is simple. Find Hiroshi Fujimoto, the man trying to poach our talent for Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, and teach him a lesson he won’t forget.

Reid’s eyes narrow, and a fire ignites within him.

Rick Reid: Consider it done.

Amy Page leans back in her chair, a smirk playing on her lips.

Amy Page: Just remember, Rick, we don’t let anyone mess with the sVo.

With that, Rick Reid exits Amy Page’s office with determination, ready to track down Hiroshi Fujimoto and defend the sVo’s honor.

Tag Team Match
The Black Brothers vs. The Canadian Connection

I am Chaos

The Goodfellas Casino Arena erupts in shock as the Black Brothers secure a victory over the Canadian Connection. William Vorheez steps into the ring to celebrate with his proteges when suddenly, chaos ensues. The crowd gasps as Trailer Trash Terry appears out of nowhere, wielding a steel chair.

With a thunderous swing, Terry smashes the chair into the backs of both Black Brothers, sending them sprawling to the mat. The fans are on their feet, a mix of boos and cheers filling the arena. Trailer Trash Terry quickly rolls out of the ring, making a hasty retreat into the crowd before Vorheez can get his hands on him.

Vorheez glares at Terry, frustration evident on his face, as the fans continue to buzz about the unexpected turn of events. Trailer Trash Terry disappears into the sea of spectators, leaving chaos in his wake.


In the bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo strategize for their upcoming tag team match. All Star wears a confident expression.

Johnny All Star: Nicky, I’ve got us a tag team match tonight against the Southern Boys. It’s a chance for us to fine-tune our teamwork before Seasons Beatings.

Columbo looks at All Star with a hint of uncertainty.

Nicky Columbo: You really think we’re ready for Blood Money, Johnny? Those guys are no joke. Are we biting off more than we can chew?

Johnny All Star: Trust me, Nicky. We’ve got what it takes. This match against the Southern Boys is the perfect opportunity to show everyone—including Blood Money—that we mean business. Let’s make a statement tonight.

Columbo nods, a determined look crossing his face. The duo heads toward the ring, prepared for the challenge ahead.

Single Match
Junior Gambino vs. Hiro Ryuu

Reclimbing the Ladder

In the dimly lit Southern Boys locker room, Dave Miller and Dan Williams sit, still feeling the sting of their recent defeat. Their manager, Haley Dallas, strides in with purpose.

Haley Dallas: Last week wasn’t our best showing, but tonight is a new opportunity. Beat the #1 contenders, and we’re right back in the title picture. Shake off that loss and show them why you’re Southern Boys!

The team shares determined glances, ready to redeem themselves.

Dave Miller: We’ve got this, Haley. Tonight, we’ll remind everyone why we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Suddenly, the door swings open, and Hiroshi Fujimoto makes an unexpected entrance.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Good luck, Southern Boys! I’ve heard great things about your tag team prowess. Make it a match to remember!

Fujimoto smiles and exits, leaving the Southern Boys fueled with newfound motivation.

Dan Williams: We’ll show him what we’re made of tonight. Let’s do this!

The Southern Boys rise, ready to step back into the spotlight and prove their mettle in the ring.

Tag Team Match
Johnny All Star & Nicky Columbo vs. The Southern Boys


As the bell rings and the crowd roars, Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo, battered, bloodied and bruised, stand tall in the ring, victorious after a grueling match against the Southern Boys. The Southern Boys slowly retreat, leaving the ring to the winners.

Julian Fiasco: What a hard-fought victory for All Star and Columbo!

Jeremiah Sloan: They’ve proven themselves tonight, but wait, what’s happening?

Suddenly, the arena lights dim, and the ominous theme of Blood Money fills the air. Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino, storm down the ramp with a sinister purpose.

Julian Fiasco: It looks like Blood Money is making their move!

Jeremiah Sloan: All Star and Columbo just went through a grueling match, and now they’re facing the wrath of Blood Money!

As Blood Money slides into the ring, they focus their attack on the already exhausted Johnny All Star. The onslaught is brutal, with calculated strikes and ruthless efficiency. Nicky Columbo watches helplessly as his mentor bears the brunt of the assault.

Julian Fiasco: Blood Money is sending a message here!

Jeremiah Sloan: This is a brutal beatdown! All Star is in serious trouble, but why are they only targeting him?

After delivering a final devastating blow, Blood Money retreats from the ring, leaving Johnny All Star sprawled on the canvas. Nicky Columbo rushes to All Star’s side, checking on his fallen partner as Blood Money makes a menacing exit.

Julian Fiasco: Blood Money just made a statement, and it’s clear they have their eyes on retaining the Tag Team Championships.

Jeremiah Sloan: Johnny All Star is down, and this could have serious implications for their title match at Seasons Beatings, but Nicky Columbo remains untouched! Could he have done more to save his mentor there?

The paramedics rush down to tend to All Star, and the crowd buzzes with a mix of shock and anticipation for what this attack could mean for the future of the tag team division in the sVo.

#1 Food vLogger in Romania, #12 in the sVo Rankings….

Katie Smith stands in front of the camera, ready to conduct an interview with ‘Big Aug’ August Lazar, who is preparing for his main event match. The bustling backstage area serves as the backdrop, with the sounds of activity echoing in the distance.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the charismatic and multi-talented ‘Big Aug’ August Lazar. Aug, tonight you’re in the main event against Kenneth D Williams, the leader of Generation: Joint. What are your thoughts going into this match?

Big Aug, towering over Katie Smith with a confident smile, adjusts his signature food vlogger cap before responding.

Big Aug: Katie, it’s always a pleasure. Now, I know I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately, but that’s the beauty of life—full of surprises. As for tonight, facing off against Kenny D? It’s just another challenge, another opportunity to showcase what ‘Big Aug’ is all about.

Aug pauses, flashing a quick thumbs-up to the camera.

Big Aug: You see, life in the sVo is a bit like creating a new recipe. Sometimes you gotta mix in some unexpected ingredients to get that perfect flavor. Tonight, it’s all about finding that winning combination.

Katie Smith: You’ve been a fan-favorite in the sVo, but lately, some might say you’ve faced setbacks. How do you plan to bounce back and reclaim your spot at the top?

Big Aug rubs his chin, considering the question with a pensive expression.

Big Aug: Katie, setbacks are like a tough day in the kitchen. You might burn the soup, but you don’t give up on cooking, right? In the sVo, just like in my kitchen, I’ll keep experimenting until I find the winning recipe. Tonight, it’s about showing everyone that ‘Big Aug’ is still cooking up something special.

Katie Smith: And what’s next for ‘Big Aug’ August Lazar in the sVo?

Big Aug grins, exuding a sense of optimism.

Big Aug: Oh, you know me, Katie. I take it one step at a time, enjoying the journey. Whether it’s in the ring or in the kitchen, I’m here to entertain, surprise, and, of course, share a good meal. As for what’s next, you’ll just have to stay tuned and keep watching the sVo, because ‘Big Aug’ is always ready for the next adventure!

The interview concludes with a hearty laugh from Big Aug as he makes his way toward the entrance for the main event, leaving Katie Smith with a sense of anticipation for what’s to come.

Hospitality Rights

In a dimly lit backstage area, Rick Reid corners Hiroshi Fujimoto, the boss of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. The tension is palpable as Reid, fueled by frustration, looms over Fujimoto, ready to unleash his wrath.

Rick Reid: You think you can just waltz in here and poach talent from the sVo? You’re not welcome!

Before Reid can make a move, the crowd in the arena erupts as the sVo Champion Night appears on the scene. Night, the embodiment of honor and respect, steps between Reid and Fujimoto, cutting a commanding figure.

Night: Rick, we settle our issues in the ring, not backstage. And Mr. Fujimoto is our guest.

Reid, seething with anger, glares at Night but hesitates to make a move against the sVo Champion when it’s a fair fight. Night extends a hand to Fujimoto, who, relieved, accepts the gesture of goodwill.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Thank you, Night. I appreciate your intervention.

As Night and Fujimoto shake hands, Reid, though visibly frustrated, realizes he’s outnumbered. The sVo Champion’s presence has thwarted his plans for the moment.

Night: We settle differences with honor, not with cheap shots. Remember that, Rick if you want to be a Champion one day.

Reid reluctantly steps back, allowing Fujimoto to leave the scene unharmed. Night keeps a watchful eye on Reid, ensuring the situation doesn’t escalate further.

Night: (to Fujimoto) If you have business here, let me escort you safely.

Night and Fujimoto walk away together, leaving Reid to simmer in his frustration. The backstage area calms, and the fans in the arena remain on the edge of their seats, wondering what this encounter might mean for the future dynamics in the sVo.

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. August Lazar


The arena buzzes with energy as Kenneth D Williams revels in his victory, celebrating with the members of Generation: Joint in the ring. The raucous cheers of the crowd echo through the venue, marking the climax of an intense main event.

Suddenly, the lights in the arena flicker and dim, casting an eerie glow over the ring. The excited cheers turn into whispers of confusion as the audience tries to make sense of the unfolding situation. The members of Generation: Joint exchange puzzled glances, unsure of what is happening.

Complete darkness blankets the arena for a moment, creating an atmosphere of suspense. Then, as abruptly as the lights went out, they return, revealing a shocking sight. All four members of Generation: Joint lie scattered and motionless in the ring, a stark contrast to the triumphant celebration just moments ago.

The crowd gasps collectively, and the commentators are left in stunned silence.

Julian Fiasco: What just happened? Generation: Joint was on top of the world, and now they’re down and out!

Jermiah Sloan: This looks like some kind of revenge attack, but from who? And why now?

Julian Fiasco: Could it be John Sektor and HOW? Is it Rising Sun like Amy Page has been warning us about all night?

Jermiah Sloan: Enough with the conspiracies, we need to get some kind of medical assistance to those guys in the ring right now!

Kenneth D Williams, the leader of Generation: Joint, slowly begins to stir, disbelief etched across his face. He glances around at his fallen comrades, searching for answers that remain elusive.

The speculation among the fans and commentators intensifies as the camera zooms in on the fallen members of Generation: Joint. The mystery shrouding this sudden turn of events hangs heavy in the air, leaving the sVo Universe eager for answers.

The show concludes with a bewildering scene, setting the stage for the fallout and the potential revelation of the unknown assailants in the weeks to come.

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