RSPW Carnage 8
Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, Tokyo Japan
11th July 2024

The camera pans across the electrifying atmosphere of the Samurai Summit Casino Arena in Tokyo, Japan. The crowd is buzzing with excitement, waving banners and chanting eagerly in anticipation of an unforgettable night of action.

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to RSPW Carnage 8, live from the illustrious Samurai Summit Casino Arena in Tokyo! I’m Hiro Tanaka, and alongside me is my esteemed colleague, Alex Mercer. Tonight, we witness the culmination of an epic journey as we crown the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion!”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “That’s right, Hiro! The road to this moment has been filled with incredible battles and unforgettable moments. Tonight, it all comes down to ‘The Lone Star’ Colt Thompson facing off against ‘The Dragon’ Ryujiro in our main event. The stakes couldn’t be higher!”

Highlights from the tournament flash on the screen, showcasing the fierce competition and intense rivalries that have defined the path to the final match.

Hiro Tanaka: “From the very beginning, these competitors have given their all, leaving everything in the ring for a chance at history. We’ve seen alliances form and shatter, rivalries ignite, and unforgettable displays of strength and skill.”

Alex Mercer: “Indeed, Hiro. And tonight, it all comes to a head. Colt Thompson, the brash and relentless Lone Star, against Ryujiro, the fearless and determined Dragon. Both men have fought tooth and nail to be here, and only one will walk out as the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion.”

The camera zooms in on the prestigious RSPW Heavyweight Championship belt, glistening under the arena lights, symbolizing the pinnacle of success and glory in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.

Hiro Tanaka: “But that’s not all, folks! We have a stacked card filled with thrilling matches and intense rivalries, as every competitor looks to make their mark on this historic night.”

Alex Mercer: “From the fallout of Colt Thompson’s betrayal of Hugo Ryzing to the crowning of Katsuhiro Kaneda as the Junior Heavyweight Champion, tonight promises to deliver non-stop action and drama!”

The camera cuts to the roaring crowd, eager and ready for the night to begin.

Hiro Tanaka: “Buckle up, everyone! It’s time for RSPW Carnage 8! Let’s get this show started and witness history in the making!”

The RSPW Carnage 8 theme music blares through the arena as pyrotechnics explode, and the camera captures the excitement and energy of the fans, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of professional wrestling.

Single Match
Takeshi Kobayashi vs. Kaito Tanaka

The Dragon Rises

The crowd inside the Samurai Summit Casino arena is buzzing with excitement as Kaito Tanaka’s music plays, signaling his victory over Takeshi “The Rising Dragon” Kobayashi. Both men are visibly exhausted from the intense match, but Tanaka stands tall in the center of the ring, extending his hand towards Kobayashi in a show of sportsmanship. The crowd cheers, appreciating the gesture.

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “What a match we’ve just witnessed! Kaito Tanaka with an impressive victory. And look at this display of respect, Alex.”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Absolutely, Hiro. Kaito Tanaka showing the true spirit of competition here. Let’s see if Takeshi Kobayashi accepts it.”

Kobayashi, still on his knees, looks up at Tanaka. His face is a mix of frustration and exhaustion. The crowd begins to chant “Kobayashi! Kobayashi!” urging him to accept the handshake.

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “Come on, Takeshi. Show us the respect that makes this sport great.”

Kobayashi slowly gets to his feet, staring at Tanaka’s extended hand. For a moment, it seems like he might accept the gesture, but then, in a shocking turn, his expression darkens. With a sudden burst of rage, Kobayashi slaps Tanaka’s hand away and delivers a vicious forearm to his jaw, sending Tanaka stumbling back!

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Whoa! What is Takeshi doing?!”

The crowd gasps in shock and then erupts into a mixture of boos and stunned silence. Kobayashi doesn’t stop there; he pounces on Tanaka, unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks. Tanaka tries to defend himself, but the unexpected assault leaves him vulnerable.

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “This is completely uncalled for! Takeshi Kobayashi has snapped! He’s attacking Kaito Tanaka out of nowhere!”

Kobayashi continues his relentless attack, dragging Tanaka to his feet only to deliver a thunderous Dragon Suplex, planting him in the middle of the ring. The boos from the audience grow louder as officials and referees rush down to the ring to pull Kobayashi away.

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Takeshi Kobayashi has lost it! This is not the behavior of a respected competitor. What has gotten into him?”

Officials finally manage to separate Kobayashi from Tanaka, but the damage has been done. Kobayashi glares down at Tanaka, breathing heavily, with an intense, almost unrecognizable look in his eyes. He shouts something inaudible at Tanaka before being escorted out of the ring.

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “This is a disgraceful display from Takeshi Kobayashi. Kaito Tanaka showed nothing but respect, and this is how he repays him?”

As Kobayashi is led up the ramp, the camera focuses on Tanaka, who is slowly coming to with the help of the referees. The crowd’s boos follow Kobayashi all the way to the back, clearly showing their disapproval of his actions.

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Kaito Tanaka will need some time to recover after that brutal attack. This is a dark turn for Takeshi Kobayashi, and I’m sure there will be repercussions for his actions tonight.”

The scene fades to black, leaving the audience in shock and anticipation of what this means for the future of both competitors.

Same Old

The camera transitions to the backstage area, where the elegant and poised interviewer, Rei Yoshida, stands ready with a microphone in hand. Next to her is the newly crowned RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Katsuhiro Kaneda. Kaneda has a smug grin on his face, the championship belt gleaming over his shoulder.

Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Katsuhiro Kaneda. Katsuhiro, tonight we have an exciting match-up as King Neptune faces Kazuki ‘Steel Samurai’ Nakamura. What are your thoughts on this upcoming bout?”

Katsuhiro Kaneda: smirking “Rei, it’s simple. Tonight, we have the so-called King Neptune stepping into the ring with the Steel Samurai. But let’s be honest, Neptune is a joke. He’s all flash and no substance. Every time he steps into that ring, he does what he does best—lose and disappoint everyone.”

Kaneda adjusts the championship belt on his shoulder, looking down at it with pride before turning his attention back to Rei.

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “You see, Rei, being a champion means rising to the occasion, delivering when it matters most. Something Neptune has never been able to do. He’s a crowd favorite, sure, but all he does is let those fans down time and time again. Tonight will be no different.”

Rei Yoshida: “So, you don’t see King Neptune as a threat at all?”

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “A threat? Please. Neptune is a stepping stone for real competitors like Kazuki Nakamura and myself. Kazuki is a warrior, but Neptune? He’s just playing dress-up. I’m looking forward to watching him fail once again.”

Kaneda chuckles, his arrogance palpable, as Rei maintains her professionalism despite the Champion’s dismissive attitude.

Rei Yoshida: “It sounds like you have no faith in King Neptune’s abilities. Do you have a prediction for the outcome of the match?”

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “Prediction? It’s going to be a massacre. Kazuki Nakamura will dismantle Neptune piece by piece. And when the dust settles, everyone will see that the so-called ‘King’ is nothing more than a court jester. Mark my words, Rei, Neptune’s reign of disappointment will continue tonight.”

Kaneda flashes a final smirk before turning and walking away, leaving Rei Yoshida to wrap up the segment.

Rei Yoshida: “There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Strong words from our Junior Heavyweight Champion, Katsuhiro Kaneda. We’ll see if his predictions come true as King Neptune faces Kazuki ‘Steel Samurai’ Nakamura next!”

The camera cuts back to the arena, ready for the next match, as the tension builds following Kaneda’s harsh words.

Single Match Match
King Neptune vs. Kazuki “Steel Samurai” Nakamura

Reluctant Alliance

The backstage area of the Samurai Summit Casino arena buzzes with anticipation as wrestlers prepare for their matches. Emi Sato, clad in her wrestling gear and checking her wrist tape, glances up to see Akari Tanaka approaching. Akari, with a focused expression and confidence exuding from every step, meets Emi’s gaze with an unwavering stare.

Emi Sato: (nodding curtly) “Akari.”

Akari Tanaka: (folding her arms) “Emi.”

The tension between them is palpable, both wrestlers known for their competitive spirit and prowess in the ring. Despite their mutual dislike, a rare moment of understanding passes between them, born out of their shared desire to settle scores with their common foes.

Emi Sato: “Look, we both know we’re not each other’s biggest fans. But tonight, we’ve got a chance to take down Mei Nakamura and Umi Urabe. We can settle our differences later.”

Akari Tanaka: (smirking) “Agreed. Mei and Umi are the bigger problem right now. Let’s show them what happens when they mess with us.”

Their conversation is cut short as a production assistant notifies them that their match is up next. They exchange a nod of mutual respect before heading towards the gorilla position, mentally preparing for the battle ahead.

Emi Sato: “Let’s do this.”

Akari Tanaka: “Let’s make them regret stepping into the ring with us.”

With a shared understanding and determination in their eyes, Emi Sato and Akari Tanaka stride off, ready to confront their rivals and seize victory in the upcoming tag team match.

Tag Team Match
Mei Nakamura & Umi Urabe vs. Emi Sato & Akari Tanaka

The Main Event

[The camera fades in to show Hiroshi Fujimoto, the COO of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, standing in a locker room area with Colt Thompson and Ryujiro. They are both focused and intense, staring at the RSPW Heavyweight Championship belt displayed on a table between them. Rei Yoshida stands nearby, holding a microphone.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Gentlemen, tonight is the culmination of our tournament. Colt, Ryujiro, you know what’s at stake here. This match will determine the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion. There are no disqualifications, no count-outs. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission—

[Suddenly, the door bursts open with a loud crash. Hugo Ryzing storms into the room, holding a steel chair high above his head. His face contorts with rage as he takes aim at Colt Thompson.]

Hugo Ryzing: You think you can betray me and get away with it, Colt? Not tonight!

[With a vicious swing, Hugo Ryzing brings the steel chair crashing down on Colt Thompson’s back. Thompson yells out in pain and drops to his knees, clutching his injured spine. Hiroshi Fujimoto steps forward, shouting in fury.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Enough! This is not how we settle things in RSPW! Security!

[Security personnel rush into the room, trying to restrain Hugo Ryzing, who continues to lash out angrily. Colt Thompson, still in pain, pushes himself to his feet, shoving security aside.]

Colt Thompson: I’m not backing down. I’m still competing tonight. Get him out of here!

[As security finally manages to subdue Hugo Ryzing and escort him out of the room, Colt Thompson turns to Hiroshi Fujimoto with determination.]

Colt Thompson: Hiroshi, let’s do this. I’m ready for Ryujiro and that title.

[Hiroshi Fujimoto nods grimly, exchanging a glance with Ryujiro, who remains composed amidst the chaos.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Very well. Let’s get this settled in the ring. May the best man win.

[The camera zooms in on Colt Thompson and Ryujiro, both of whom are now more focused than ever, before fading out as they head towards the arena for the main event.]

Main Event
RSPW Heavyweight Championship Match
Colt Thompson vs. Ryujiro


[The arena is buzzing with excitement as streamers fall from the ceiling, celebrating the crowning of the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion. Ryujiro stands in the center of the ring, clutching the newly minted championship belt, a look of triumph and satisfaction on his face. Hiroshi Fujimoto, the COO of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling, stands beside him, presenting the championship to the victorious wrestler. The crowd erupts in cheers, acknowledging Ryujiro’s hard-fought victory.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion, Ryujiro!

[Ryujiro raises the championship belt high above his head, basking in the adoration of the fans. The arena reverberates with applause and chants of his name.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: Ryujiro, tonight you have proven yourself to be the best among the best. This championship is a symbol of your dedication, your skill, and your heart. Wear it proudly.

[Ryujiro nods appreciatively, his gaze sweeping over the audience who have supported him throughout the tournament.]

Ryujiro: Thank you, everyone. This championship represents not just my own journey, but the incredible competition we’ve witnessed throughout this tournament. I want to thank all my opponents who pushed me to my limits.

[As Ryujiro continues to speak, the camera pans to Colt Thompson sitting on the outside of the ring, his expression a mix of frustration and anger. He watches intensely as the celebration unfolds, knowing that Hugo Ryzing’s earlier attack cost him his chance at the championship.]

Colt Thompson (muttering to himself): Damn it, Hugo…

[Meanwhile, Ryujiro turns to face Colt Thompson, extending a hand towards him in a gesture of sportsmanship.]

Ryujiro: Colt, I know tonight didn’t go as planned for you. But I respect your determination and your skill. You gave everything you had in this tournament.

[Colt Thompson looks conflicted for a moment, but slowly gets to his feet and approaches the ring, where Ryujiro waits with the championship belt still held high.]

[Ryujiro nods gratefully, and the two competitors stare each other down. The new Champion keeps his hand extended, offering to share a respectful handshake, but a bitter Colt Thompson drops and leaves the ring without taking it, causing the crowd to boo the lack of sportsmanship between the finalists.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: And with that, we conclude an unforgettable night here at RSPW Carnage! Thank you to all our fans for joining us in witnessing history. Ryujiro, your journey as the RSPW Heavyweight Champion begins tonight!

[The camera focuses on Ryujiro raising the championship belt once more, capturing the moment of triumph amidst the roaring cheers of the crowd. The screen fades to black, marking the end of RSPW Carnage 8.]

Fade Out

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