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RSPW Carnage 3

Live from the Samurai Summit Arena & Casino in Tokyo Japan!

RSPW Carnage 3
Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, Tokyo Japan
4th April 2024

[The camera sweeps over the electrified crowd at the Samurai Summit Arena & Casino in Tokyo, Japan, their enthusiasm palpable in the air, charged with anticipation for the night’s monumental clashes. Pyrotechnics burst into life, casting a vivid tableau of light and sound over the arena, as the camera finds its way to the heart of the excitement: the RSPW Carnage ring. As the opening spectacle fades, the focus shifts to the commentary team, poised to guide the audience through the evening’s high-stakes drama.]

Hiro Tanaka: “Good evening, wrestling aficionados, and welcome to a night filled with action, drama, and the relentless pursuit of glory here at Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s Carnage! Coming to you live from the heart of Tokyo, I’m Hiro Tanaka, joined by my esteemed colleague, Alex Mercer. Tonight, we dive deeper into the tournament that’s captivated the world, as we continue the quest to crown the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion.”

Alex Mercer: “That’s right, Hiro! And after last episodes explosive encounters, tonight promises to up the ante even further. The draw between Akeno Watabe and Colt Thompson has the RSPW Universe buzzing with speculation and excitement. The intensity is at an all-time high, and I can’t wait to see how our competitors step up to the challenge tonight.”

[The screen briefly showcases highlights from the previous week, capturing the critical moments and the aftermath of the draw between Akeno and Colt, their heated confrontation setting the stage for tonight’s anticipation.]

Hiro Tanaka: “Indeed, Alex. The spirit of competition has never been fiercer, and with each match, we delve into the very essence of puroresu. Tonight, we’re not just witnessing a tournament; we’re witnessing the evolution of wrestling as these athletes lay it all on the line for the honor of becoming the inaugural RSPW Heavyweight Champion.”

Alex Mercer: “And let’s not forget the global audience tuning in, Hiro. With stars from across the ‘Sanctioned Violence’ network and talents emerging from every corner of the globe, RSPW is a melting pot of styles, techniques, and raw determination. For our new fans and the purists alike, there’s something truly special about the blend of action we’re set to witness tonight.”

[As the commentary team sets the stage, the camera pans back to the raucous crowd, their cheers reaching a fever pitch in anticipation of the first match. Signs of support for their favorite wrestlers ripple through the sea of fans as the arena lights dim slightly, spotlighting the ring where the night’s first competitors are ready to make their entrance.]

Hiro Tanaka: “The energy in the Samurai Summit Arena is absolutely electric, and with every match on tonight’s card, we inch closer to making history. Whether you’re here for the high-flying acrobatics, the technical mastery, or the sheer power on display, RSPW Carnage is where legends are made.”

Alex Mercer: “Buckle up, folks, because if tonight is anything like what we’ve seen so far in this tournament, we’re in for an unforgettable ride. The path to the championship is fraught with challenges, but one thing’s for sure—every wrestler stepping into that ring tonight is ready to give it their all.”

[As the commentators’ excitement permeates the broadcast, the opening notes of the Carnage theme song play out, heralding the start of an epic evening of wrestling. The camera zooms in for a final shot of the ring, where the referee stands at the ready, signaling the official commencement of RSPW Carnage Episode 3.]

[The backstage area of the Samurai Summit Arena buzzes with activity as Rising Sun Pro Wrestling prepares for another electrifying episode of Carnage. Rei Yoshida, microphone in hand, approaches Hiroshi Fujimoto, the COO of RSPW, who stands with a grave yet determined expression.]

Rei Yoshida: “Hiroshi Fujimoto-san, as we kick off tonight’s Carnage, there’s been a lot of concern among the wrestlers and fans regarding Hate Watson’s recent actions. Can you provide any updates on his status for tonight’s show?”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: [Nodding solemnly] “Thank you, Rei-san. I want to assure everyone that the safety and well-being of our wrestlers are paramount here at Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. After the incidents involving Hate Watson in the past two shows, I’ve made the decision that he will not be competing tonight.”

[Rei Yoshida visibly relaxes, her expression reflecting a sense of relief at Fujimoto’s announcement.]

Rei Yoshida: “That’s certainly reassuring to hear, Fujimoto-san. Can you elaborate on the measures being taken to ensure the safety of the competitors moving forward?”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Absolutely, Rei-san. In light of recent events, we’ve implemented stricter protocols and increased security measures to prevent any further incidents. Our priority is to provide a safe and respectful environment for all wrestlers to showcase their talents without fear of injury or interference.”

[The tension in the air begins to ease as Fujimoto’s assurances resonate with those backstage and watching at home.]

Rei Yoshida: “Thank you for addressing these concerns, Fujimoto-san. With Hate Watson sidelined, I’m sure the wrestlers and fans can look forward to an exciting and incident-free show tonight.”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: [Offering a nod of gratitude] “Thank you, Rei-san. I want to assure everyone that Rising Sun Pro Wrestling remains committed to delivering thrilling and unforgettable entertainment while upholding the values of integrity and respect.”

[As Rei Yoshida and Hiroshi Fujimoto exchange a final nod of understanding, the scene fades, setting the stage for a night of intense competition and drama in the world of RSPW.]

Group A Match
Hugo Ryzing vs. Emi Sato

[The crowd’s energy shifts as Hugo Ryzing stands triumphantly in the center of the ring, his victory over Emi Sato stirring a mix of boos and cheers. The towering figure of Ryzing looms over the arena, basking in his contentious win. Rei Yoshida steps into the ring, microphone in hand, ready to confront the confident American.]

Rei Yoshida: “Hugo Ryzing, congratulations on your victory tonight against Emi Sato. This win places you second in Group A, right behind Sota Tokunaga, who you faced and lost to in the opening week. How does it feel to bounce back from that loss and what’s your strategy moving forward?”

Hugo Ryzing: [Smirking, with an air of arrogance] “First off, Rei, let me make something crystal clear—tonight wasn’t a bounce back; it was a statement. A statement that Hugo Ryzing is the force to be reckoned with in this tournament. As for Emi Sato, she’s just another stepping stone on my path to glory. And about Sota Tokunaga… he got lucky in week one. Luck like that doesn’t last in a tournament like this.”

[The crowd reacts, their boos growing louder, as Hugo Ryzing’s dismissive words about both Emi Sato and Sota Tokunaga echo through the arena.]

Rei Yoshida: “Speaking of Sota Tokunaga, he’s currently leading Group A. You two have a history now, with him holding a victory over you. Are you looking forward to a potential rematch, and if so, what will you do differently?”

Hugo Ryzing: [His smirk evolving into a confident grin] “Look forward to it? Rei, I’m counting on it. Sota’s win against me was a fluke, a one-off that won’t happen again. Next time we’re in the ring, I’ll be ready. I’ve seen his best, and now I know how to break him. And when I do, I won’t just win; I’ll dominate. I’ll make sure he—and everyone else—remembers that Hugo Ryzing is not just a competitor. I’m the inevitability this tournament fears.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your confidence is evident, but this tournament is far from over. With several matches still to go, how do you plan to maintain your momentum and secure your spot at the top of Group A?”

Hugo Ryzing: [Leaning closer, his voice a blend of menace and assurance] “By doing what I do best—destroying anyone who steps into this ring with me. I don’t care about momentum; I care about results. And the result I see is me standing victorious as the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion. Sota, the rest of Group A, and anyone else in this tournament better be ready. Because Hugo Ryzing is here to take over, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to stop me.”

[Rei Yoshida nods, allowing Hugo Ryzing’s words to resonate with the crowd, their reaction a mixture of anticipation and disdain. As Rei thanks Hugo for his time, the American heel’s confidence remains unshaken, his eyes scanning the arena with a defiant gaze, ready for whatever comes next in the tournament.]

[The interview concludes, leaving the audience buzzing with the potential showdowns and drama yet to unfold in RSPW Carnage, as Hugo Ryzing’s bold predictions and declarations hang heavy in the air of the Samurai Summit Arena.]

Group A Match
Umi Urabe vs. Hiro Ryuu

[The energy in the Samurai Summit Arena is electric as the anticipation for the next Group A match in the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling tournament builds. Fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Umi Urabe and Hiro Ryuu, two competitors known for their exceptional skills and compelling in-ring styles.]

[Umi Urabe’s Theme plays first. The crowd erupts into cheers as the spotlight finds Umi Urabe making her way down the ramp. Her presence is serene yet intense, a stark contrast to the vibrant energy surrounding her. She slides into the ring with grace, acknowledging the crowd with a determined nod, her focus unwavering.]

[As Umi prepares in her corner, Hiro Ryuu’s Theme hits, signaling the entrance of the seasoned competitor. The arena fills with a different kind of energy, as respect and anticipation greet Ryuu. He strides confidently toward the ring, a testament to his years of experience and battles fought across the globe. Ryuu steps through the ropes, nodding respectfully to Umi, ready to showcase the honor and strength of a warrior.]

[The atmosphere is palpable; the fans are ready for what promises to be an unforgettable match. Both competitors face each other, the tension of the impending battle evident in their eyes. Suddenly, the lights flicker, casting a brief shadow over the arena.]

[Without warning, Hugo Ryzing’s Theme blares through the speakers, cutting the tension like a knife. The crowd’s excitement turns to confusion and then to boos as Hugo Ryzing charges back down the ramp, a look of fierce determination painted across his face.]

[Before the bell can ring to start the match, Hugo slides into the ring, launching himself at Hiro Ryuu and Umi Urabe in a surprise attack. The crowd erupts in chaos, their boos drowning out the music as Hugo demonstrates his brute strength, taking down Ryuu with a powerful clothesline before turning his aggression towards Umi, knocking her down with a devastating forearm smash.]

[Officials and security rush to the ring, trying to regain control as Hugo Ryzing stands tall, a defiant look in his eyes, having laid waste to both competitors. He grabs a microphone, his breath heavy from the assault.]

Hugo Ryzing: “I told you all, I’m not here to play by the rules. I’m here to dominate, and if that means taking out every competitor in my way, so be it. Nobody is safe, and I will stop at nothing to ensure my victory in this tournament!”

[The crowd’s boos reach a fever pitch as Hugo drops the mic, staring down at the chaos he’s caused. Umi Urabe and Hiro Ryuu are helped to their feet by officials, both visibly shaken but glaring back at Hugo with a mix of anger and determination.]

[As Hugo makes his way back up the ramp, it’s clear he’s made enemies of not just Urabe and Ryuu, but of the entire RSPW roster. The segment ends with the officials checking on Umi and Hiro in the ring, the audience buzzing with shock and speculation about the repercussions of Hugo Ryzing’s ruthless actions.]

Group B Match
Riku Hayashi vs. Kazuki Nakamura

[The camera transitions from the chaotic aftermath in the ring to the relatively calm yet tense atmosphere of COO Hiroshi Fujimoto’s office. Fujimoto, a man known for his composed demeanor, stands with an air of unmistakable fury as he faces Hugo Ryzing, who leans casually against the edge of the desk with a smirk playing on his lips.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Ryzing, do you have any idea the kind of disrespect you’ve shown tonight? Not just to your fellow competitors, but to Rising Sun Pro Wrestling and its fans? Your actions were unacceptable!”

Hugo Ryzing: [His smirk widening] “Respect? I’m not here to make friends or bow down to tradition. I’m here to win, by any means necessary. What I did out there,” [He chuckles] “that was just the beginning.”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: [His voice stern, anger barely contained] “Your recklessness has consequences. I’m fining you 1 million yen, roughly 10,000 dollars. Consider this a warning, Ryzing. Any more stunts like this, and you’ll find the consequences far more severe.”

Hugo’s smirk doesn’t falter; instead, he straightens up, his gaze locked with Fujimoto’s, the challenge evident in his eyes.

Hugo Ryzing: “10,000 dollars? To shake things up and get under everyone’s skin? [He laughs, clearly unbothered] Worth every penny. You think a fine is going to stop me? I’m just getting started, Fujimoto. You better get used to it.”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: [His expression hardens] “You think this is a game, Ryzing? This is about honor, respect—values you clearly know nothing about. You’re walking a thin line. Disrupt another match, and it won’t just be your wallet that feels the impact. Are we clear?”

Hugo Ryzing: [Leaning in, his tone mockingly serious] “Crystal clear, boss. But you might want to save your breath. I do my talking in the ring.”

[With that, Hugo Ryzing turns on his heel and strides out of the office, leaving a seething Fujimoto behind. The tension hangs heavily in the air, a promise of further confrontations to come. The segment fades out, leaving viewers to ponder the repercussions of Hugo Ryzing’s actions and the undeniable clash of wills between him and the COO of RSPW.]

Group B Match
Haruki Hayashi vs. Hiroshi Takagi

[The scene opens in the bustling backstage area of the Samurai Summit Arena, where the anticipation for the upcoming matches is palpable. Rei Yoshida, microphone in hand, approaches Kaito Tanaka, who is in the midst of his pre-match preparations. Tanaka, the tournament favorite, appears focused yet calm, embodying the quiet confidence that has endeared him to fans worldwide.]

Rei Yoshida: “Kaito Tanaka-san, tonight you face one of your most formidable opponents yet in this tournament, Ryujiro. Known for his ruthless approach in the ring, how are you preparing for this challenge?”

Kaito Tanaka: [Nodding respectfully to Rei] “Every match in this tournament is a test, not just of our physical abilities, but of our spirits and our hearts. Ryujiro is a fierce competitor, that’s true. But it is in facing such opponents that we truly grow.”

Rei Yoshida: “You’ve been tagged as the favorite to win this tournament, Tanaka-san. Does that add an extra layer of pressure going into this match?”

Kaito Tanaka: [Shaking his head slightly] “Pressure is a privilege—it means people believe in you. I carry the expectations of my fans not as a burden, but as a source of strength. My focus is on the match, on giving my all, and honoring the spirit of puroresu.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your style—a blend of strong-style and high-flying techniques—has captivated audiences. Can we expect to see any new strategies against Ryujiro tonight?”

Kaito Tanaka: “Every match calls for its own strategy, its own path. Against someone like Ryujiro, you have to be ready to adapt, to find the balance between strength and agility. I’ve prepared for this, and while I respect his abilities, I also have a few surprises of my own.”

Rei Yoshida: “Lastly, Tanaka-san, any message for your fans watching tonight?”

Kaito Tanaka: [Looking directly into the camera, his expression one of determination] “To everyone supporting me, your faith fuels my spirit. Tonight, like every night, I step into the ring not just for victory, but to share a story—a story of struggle, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence. Together, let’s make this a match to remember.”

[Rei Yoshida nods, thanking Kaito Tanaka for his time. Tanaka bows slightly in return before turning his attention back to his preparations, his eyes reflecting a fierce determination. The scene fades, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the clash between Kaito Tanaka and Ryujiro, a match that promises to be a highlight of the tournament.]

Group C Match
Ryujiro vs. Kaito Tanaka

[The backstage area of the Samurai Summit Arena is abuzz with activity as wrestlers prepare for their matches, crew members rush back and forth, and the tension of the upcoming bouts hangs in the air. Among the chaos, Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson are engaged in a hushed conversation in a secluded corner, their voices low as they exchange words.]

Hugo Ryzing: [Speaking in a low, intense tone] “Listen, Colt, we need to make sure we’re on the same page tonight. We both have our own agendas, but if we work together, we can control the narrative of this tournament.”

Colt Thompson: [Nodding, his expression determined] “I hear ya, Ryzing. We both know what we’re capable of, and we ain’t afraid to get our hands dirty to get what we want. Just make sure you hold up your end of the bargain.”

[As the two continue to strategize, they suddenly notice the presence of the camera crew nearby, capturing footage for the backstage segments of the show. Their eyes narrow in unison, realizing the potential danger of their conversation being overheard.]

Hugo Ryzing: [Voice dropping to a harsh whisper] “Damn it, Colt, we’re being watched.”

[With a sense of urgency, Hugo and Colt swiftly approach the camera crew, their expressions hardened as they demand the crew to leave the area immediately.]

Colt Thompson: [Pointing emphatically] “You heard him! Pack up your gear and get outta here, now!”

[The camera crew, taken aback by the sudden aggression, hastily complies, gathering their equipment and retreating from the scene. Once they’re out of earshot, Hugo and Colt exchange a knowing glance, the unspoken understanding between them clear.]

Hugo Ryzing: [Turning back to Colt, a smirk playing on his lips] “Looks like we dodged a bullet there, partner.”

Colt Thompson: [Grinning in agreement] “You got it, Ryzing.”

[With their scheme concealed for now, Hugo and Colt return their focus to the matches ahead, their alliance poised to disrupt the status quo of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. The scene fades out, leaving viewers intrigued by the potential ramifications of their clandestine partnership.]

Group C Match
Hiroshi Matsuda vs. King Neptune

[Backstage, the atmosphere crackles with energy as Rei Yoshida prepares to interview the victorious Hiroshi Matsuda. Matsuda, his adrenaline still coursing from his recent triumph, flashes a bright smile as Rei approaches him with the microphone.]

Rei Yoshida: “Hiroshi Matsuda-san, congratulations on your impressive victory against King Neptune tonight! Your energy in the ring was infectious, and the fans were clearly behind you. How are you feeling after that win?”

Hiroshi Matsuda: [Grinning from ear to ear] “Thank you so much, Rei-chan! I’m feeling absolutely fantastic! Tonight’s match was everything I hoped for and more. King Neptune put up a heck of a fight, but in the end, I knew I had to give it my all for the fans, and I’m thrilled with the outcome!”

Rei Yoshida: “Your connection with the audience is undeniable, Hiroshi-san. What do you think it is about your style and personality that resonates so strongly with the fans?”

Hiroshi Matsuda: [Pumping a fist with enthusiasm] “Ah, well, Rei-chan, I think it’s because I wear my heart on my sleeve, both in and out of the ring! I’ve always believed that wrestling is about more than just moves and techniques—it’s about storytelling, emotion, and connecting with the people who support us. And when I step into that ring, I pour every ounce of passion and energy I have into every match, hoping to inspire and entertain the amazing fans who cheer us on!”

Rei Yoshida: “You certainly succeed in doing just that, Hiroshi-san! With this win, you’re now climbing the ranks in Group C of the tournament. How do you plan to carry this momentum forward in your next matches?”

Hiroshi Matsuda: [Nodding enthusiastically] “Oh, you can bet I’m going to keep this momentum going, Rei-chan! Every match in this tournament is a chance to prove myself, not just as a wrestler, but as an entertainer and a storyteller. I’ll continue to bring the same energy and enthusiasm to every bout, and with the support of the incredible fans, I know I can go all the way!”

Rei Yoshida: “Well, Hiroshi-san, your passion and positivity are truly infectious, and I’m sure your fans are eagerly anticipating your next match. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!”

Hiroshi Matsuda: [Beaming] “Thank you, Rei-chan! And thank you to all the fans out there for your incredible support! I promise to keep bringing the excitement and the smiles, so stay tuned for more Hiroshi Matsuda action!”

[With a final wave to the camera, Hiroshi Matsuda bounds off, his spirits soaring high after his victory. Rei watches him go with a smile, knowing that the fans are in for many more electrifying moments from the “Swift Surge” of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.]

Group D Match
Katsuhiro Kaneda vs. Colt Thompson

[In the bustling backstage area of the Samurai Summit Arena, Rei Yoshida stands poised with a microphone in hand, ready to interview Mei Nakamura before her crucial Group D main event match against Takeshi Kobayashi. Mei Nakamura, known as “The Tranquil Tempest” and “Osaka Cyclone,” exudes a calm yet determined aura as she prepares for the upcoming bout.]

Rei Yoshida: “Mei Nakamura-san, tonight you face Takeshi Kobayashi in a pivotal main event match. Both of you are seeking your first win in Group D. How are you feeling heading into this crucial showdown?”

Mei Nakamura: [Maintaining her composed demeanor] “Thank you, Rei-san. I feel focused and ready. While the stakes are high, I’ve learned to embrace the pressure and use it to fuel my determination. Takeshi Kobayashi is a formidable opponent, but I’m confident in my abilities to overcome any challenge.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your nickname, ‘The Tranquil Tempest,’ reflects your calm exterior and fierce competitiveness in the ring. How do you maintain your composure amidst the intensity of competition?”

Mei Nakamura: [Nodding thoughtfully] “It’s all about finding balance, Rei-san. In the chaos of the ring, I channel my inner tranquility to stay centered and focused. By remaining calm and collected, I can analyze my opponent’s movements and adapt my strategy accordingly. It’s a delicate dance between serenity and intensity, but it’s a dance I’ve mastered over the years.”

Rei Yoshida: “As a competitor who always strives for excellence, what do you believe sets you apart from your opponents, especially in tonight’s match against Takeshi Kobayashi?”

Mei Nakamura: [Her eyes glinting with determination] “I believe it’s my strategic mind and unwavering determination that set me apart, Rei-san. While Takeshi Kobayashi may be a formidable opponent, I’ve studied his techniques and weaknesses extensively. Tonight, I’ll capitalize on every opportunity and showcase the Osaka Cyclone’s relentless pursuit of victory.”

Rei Yoshida: “Well, Mei Nakamura-san, your poise and determination are truly admirable. The fans are undoubtedly eager to witness your performance tonight. Wishing you the best of luck in your match!”

Mei Nakamura: [Offering a serene smile] “Thank you, Rei-san. I’ll do my best to make them proud.”

[As Mei Nakamura strides off to prepare for her match, Rei Yoshida watches her go with a sense of admiration, knowing that the Osaka Cyclone is ready to unleash her fierce competitiveness in the ring.]

Group D Match
Takeshi Kobayashi vs. Mei Nakamura

[The atmosphere inside the Samurai Summit Arena is electrifying as Mei Nakamura stands victorious in the center of the ring, basking in the adulation of the roaring crowd. With her hand raised high in triumph, “The Tranquil Tempest” revels in the sweet taste of victory after a hard-fought battle against Takeshi Kobayashi. The fans’ cheers reverberate throughout the arena, echoing their appreciation for Nakamura’s stellar performance.]

Rei Yoshida: [Excitedly addressing the audience] “Ladies and gentlemen, what a thrilling conclusion to tonight’s action-packed show! Mei Nakamura has emerged triumphant in an exhilarating main event match, securing her first victory in Group D of the tournament!”

[As the camera zooms in on Nakamura, her expression radiates a mixture of pride and gratitude, her eyes sparkling with determination.]

Mei Nakamura: [Addressing the crowd] “Thank you all for your unwavering support! Tonight’s win is not just mine, but ours—a testament to the power of perseverance and the unbreakable bond between wrestler and fan.”

[The crowd erupts into thunderous applause, their admiration for Nakamura palpable as she continues to soak in the moment. However, as the camera pans across the jubilant scene, it cuts to a monitor backstage, where Akari “Osaka Ember” Tanaka watches the celebration unfold with a visible scowl etched upon her features.]

Akari Tanaka: [Muttering under her breath] “Unbelievable…”

[With a clenched fist and a steely gaze, Tanaka’s resentment towards Nakamura’s success is evident, fueling her determination to reclaim the spotlight. The tension crackles in the air as the camera lingers on Tanaka’s intense expression, foreshadowing the brewing rivalry between the two Osaka natives.]

[Back in the ring, Nakamura continues to revel in the moment, oblivious to the brewing storm backstage. The crowd’s cheers reach a crescendo as the camera fades to black, signaling the end of another unforgettable episode of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.]

[The image of Nakamura’s triumphant celebration lingers in the minds of viewers, while the looming presence of Akari Tanaka sets the stage for future clashes and drama in the world of RSPW. With anticipation building, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this captivating saga.]

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