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P:V Uprising 75

All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

P:V Uprising 75
Live on the HOTv Network
Scotiabank Arena – Toronto, Ontario
11th May 2024

[The opening montage fades into a shot of the iconic Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, buzzing with anticipation as fans file into their seats. The camera pans across the crowd, capturing their excitement for the historic night ahead.]

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a special edition of Project: Violence Uprising! We’re coming to you live from the Scotiabank Arena in the heart of Toronto, Canada!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! Tonight marks a monumental occasion as P:V makes its debut in the Great White North! And what a night we have in store for our Canadian fans!

[The camera cuts to the commentary booth where Zac and Johnny sit, ready to call the action.]

Zac Brindle: Absolutely, Johnny! We’ve got an electrifying event lined up as the P:V Champion, Adam Garcia, finds himself in a precarious situation. Teaming up with the nefarious Hate Watson, Garcia has been under constant attack by three mysterious assailants. Will tonight shed light on their identities?

Johnny Kaos: And let’s not forget about the clash of titans in our main event! ‘The Dark Horse’ Curtis Knight goes head-to-head with the legendary Elijah Drake. It’s a matchup that promises to shake the foundation of Project: Violence!

Zac Brindle: Indeed, Johnny! With tensions running high and new rivalries emerging, tonight’s Uprising is poised to be one for the ages! So sit back, folks, and get ready for an unforgettable night of action right here in Toronto!

[The camera cuts back to the arena, the crowd buzzing with excitement as the stage is set for an epic night of P:V action.]

Why Knock

[After the opening by Commentators Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos, the fanbase roars in excitement, chanting the names of various Project: Violence top stars. As the roar of the crowd grows, the cameras pan to two of the show’s main attractions: The P:V Heavyweight Champion Adam Garcia, and “The Scumbag Superstar” Hate Watson. The duo make their way down the backstage hallways, until they arrive outside the office door of the P:V COO JD James.]

[Garcia is first to take action, and approaches the door, ready to knock, but is interrupted by Hate Watson, who places his right hand on Garcia’s chest and stops him.]

Hate Watson: “I got this, hermano!”


[Almost nonchalantly Hate Watson kicks the door down and immediately catches the attention of JD James. Garcia simply brings his hands to his face, and mutters in his native tongue. Hate helps himself and sits down in an open chair, gesturing for the Champion to join him. Garcia takes a seat next to Watson and flashes a smile to James, hoping to calm him down after Hate’s aggressive entrance.]

Adam Garcia: “Easy boss, calm down. Mi…Amigo and I come here in peace, and we’re here to do business, as long as the situation allows.”

[Hate nods with folded arms as he keeps his gaze fixed on JD, only making him more nervous with this unexpected visit.]

Adam Garcia: “Well, for the past few weeks, a mysterious group of no-good punks have been giving the fans of Project: Violence and myself an incredible headache. I think it’s about time they showed their faces. And since they won’t play nice and show any sign of life around the arena, I feel it’s time to take more of an “official” approach.”

[Before JD James can even get in a word, Hate Watson pipes in.]

Hate Watson: “What my partner’s saying is that we’ve had enough of their bullshit interruptions. We know damn well that the Champ has to show up on this show to keep the fans happy. Therefore let’s spice things up, we want a match… flat out fucking demand a match against The Three, don’t care about stipulations nor handicaps. We just want to send them home with their tail between their legs, so Garcia and I can finally beat the hell out of each other in that rematch I deserve, and show him just how lucky he was back in Japan when I had my eyes set on protecting Masa’s useless ass.”

[JD nods and clears his throat, afraid of the consequences his answer might entail.]

JD James: “I’d be delighted to arrange that match… I really would, unfortunately, we still haven’t found the identity of the trio you’re looking for. It seems Power Ryse has nothing to do with it, and without more substantial evidence, I’m afraid I can’t arrange the match you’re looking for.”

Hate Watson: “We aren’t asking you to be Bruce Fucking Wayne, just do your damn job.”

[JD continues his sentence undeterred.]

JD James: “But, I can offer you another tag team match, you guys are loved by the fans right now, and it seems like you compliment each other quite well, so how about another fight together while a full investigation takes place to uncover The Three?”

Hate Watson: “Full pay, and half the work?!?”

[Adam and Hate shrug. With just a quick glance at each other, they both get up at the same time and nod in agreement. James sighs in relief as the duo approaches the door, Garcia then turns back and offers some final thoughts with a nasty stare.]

Adam Garcia: “You better find a lead for next week. I don’t recommend pissing off your Champion because he might consider taking offers from the competition if they keep fucking with my fights.”

[With that last threat, Garcia leaves with Watson to discuss strategy for tonight’s Main Event.]

Ready to Rumble

[Backstage amidst the hustle and bustle of the arena, Elena Cruz stands poised with her microphone in hand, ready to conduct the interview. Elijah Drake, his expression a mix of determination and intensity, steps into view, acknowledging Cruz with a nod before the interview begins.]

Elena Cruz: “Elijah, tonight you’re set to face your long-standing adversary, Curtis Knight, in the main event. How are you feeling heading into this highly anticipated matchup?”

[Elijah Drake, his gaze steely and unwavering, takes a moment to gather his thoughts before responding, his voice resonating with quiet intensity.]

Elijah Drake: “Elena, tonight is about more than just facing Curtis Knight. It’s about settling a score that’s been a long time coming. I’ve been waiting for this moment, and I’m more than ready to step into that ring and show Knight exactly what I’m made of.”

[Elena nods, acknowledging Drake’s resolve before continuing with her next question.]

Elena Cruz: “With reports circulating that Darwin Jones won’t be in attendance tonight, do you believe this gives you a better chance of emerging victorious against Knight?”

[Drake’s expression tightens slightly at the mention of Darwin Jones, his focus sharpening as he responds with conviction.]

Elijah Drake: “Darwin Jones may not be here tonight, but that doesn’t change a thing. My focus has always been on Curtis Knight, and tonight, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got to come out on top. With or without Jones, Knight’s reign of dominance ends tonight.”

[Elena nods, acknowledging Drake’s determination as she prepares to wrap up the interview.]

Elena Cruz: “Well, there you have it, folks. Elijah Drake is laser-focused and ready to take on Curtis Knight in tonight’s main event. We’ll see if he can deliver on his promise as the action unfolds later tonight.”

[With that, Elena Cruz concludes the interview, leaving Elijah Drake to continue his preparations for the high-stakes showdown ahead.]

Single Match
Midas vs Maverick Matthews

The Anarchy Alliance

[Backstage, Elena Cruz stands with Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis, the Anarchy Alliance, as they prepare for their upcoming Tag Team title match.]

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis, known collectively as the Anarchy Alliance. Tonight, you two have a golden opportunity as you challenge the Starr Brothers for the Tag Team Championships. What are your thoughts heading into this match?

Stevie Rigg: Thoughts? Elena, let me tell you something. Everybody’s been talking about the Starr Brothers this and the Starr Brothers that. But what about us? The Anarchy Alliance has been tearing it up week after week, and what do we get? Nothing but disrespect!

Edwin Ellis: That’s right, Stevie! We’ve been overlooked for far too long in P:V. But tonight, that all changes. The Starr Brothers may be the champions, but they’re in for a rude awakening when they step into the ring with us.

Elena Cruz: Strong words from the Anarchy Alliance. But do you really think you have what it takes to dethrone the Starr Brothers and capture the Tag Team Championships?

Stevie Rigg: Damn right, we do! The Starr Brothers may have the titles, but we’ve got the hunger, the drive, and the talent to take those belts away from them. So mark my words, Elena, after tonight, the Anarchy Alliance will be the new Tag Team Champions!

Elena Cruz: Well, there you have it, folks. The Anarchy Alliance is ready to shake up the tag team division here in P:V. Back to you, Zac and Johnny!

[As Elena exits, Rigg and Ellis share a confident smirk, ready to make their mark in the tag team title match.]

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Starr Brothers (c) vs Stevie Rigg & Edwin Ellis


[In the ring, Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis, now the new Tag Team Champions, stand tall with the titles around their waists. The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and boos as they bask in their victory.]

Zac Brindle: What a moment for the Anarchy Alliance! They’ve done it, Johnny! They’ve captured the Tag Team Championships here tonight!

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac! Rigg and Ellis have shocked the world, dethroning the Starr Brothers and claiming the gold for themselves!

[Darren and Simon Starr, the former champions, stand in the corner, looking stunned and disbelieving as they watch the Anarchy Alliance celebrate. The referee hands the titles over to Rigg and Ellis, who hold them high in the air, soaking in the adulation of the crowd.]

Zac Brindle: You can see the disbelief on the faces of the Starr Brothers, Johnny. They held those titles with pride, but tonight, they’ve been dethroned by Rigg and Ellis.

Johnny Kaos: It’s a bitter pill to swallow for the Starr Brothers, Zac. But that’s the nature of competition in P:V. Tonight, the Anarchy Alliance has proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

[As the celebration continues, the camera focuses on the defeated Starr Brothers, who exchange a glance before exiting the ring, their expressions a mix of disappointment and determination. Meanwhile, Rigg and Ellis continue to revel in their championship victory, raising their titles high as the crowd roars with both excitement and disbelief.]


[Backstage, Elena Cruz stands with Teddy Rush, who wears a pensive expression, still visibly affected by recent events.]

Elena Cruz: Teddy, for the past few weeks we saw you visibly upset after what transpired with Bjorn Asulf. How are you feeling heading into show?

Teddy Rush: Elena, I’m not gonna lie. What Bjorn did, it’s… it’s still eating away at me. We were partners, Elena. We were supposed to have each other’s backs, and then he just… he just stabbed me in the back and left for DW.

Elena Cruz: It’s definitely a tough situation. But tonight, you have a chance to focus on your—

[Before Cruz can finish her sentence, the camera picks up the sound of footsteps approaching. The two turn to see Dash Diaz walking past, wearing his signature neck brace, but with a determined look in his eyes.]

Dash Diaz: Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m back, and I’m ready to step back into that ring! Tonight, I’ve got a match, and I’m gonna show everyone that I’m still standing!

[Diaz gives a nod to Rush and Cruz before ripping off his neck brace & continuing on his way, leaving Cruz and Rush momentarily stunned by the unexpected appearance.]

Elena Cruz: Well, there you have it, folks! Dash Diaz is back, and he’s wasting no time getting back into action. Teddy, any thoughts on Diaz’s return?

Teddy Rush: Diaz… he’s a fighter, Elena. Always has been. And if he’s back, you better believe he’s gonna make some noise. But as for me, tonight, I’ve got my career to focus on. Bjorn may be gone, but there’s still a score to settle.

[Rush gives a determined nod before walking away, leaving Cruz to contemplate the implications of Diaz’s return as the scene fades out.]

Not Tonight

[In the bustling backstage area, JD James, dressed in his sharp suit, stands by the entrance to his office, his expression stern yet composed. As he scans the surroundings, Boyd Jackson strides purposefully towards him, a determined look etched on his face.]

JD James: raising an eyebrow “Boyd, we need to talk. You’ve got a match scheduled for tonight against James Mendoza.”

[Boyd Jackson halts abruptly, his gaze locking with JD’s, a mixture of defiance and frustration evident in his demeanor.]

Boyd Jackson: crossing his arms “I ain’t steppin’ into that ring until you find me a worthy opponent, JD. I’m done with these warm-up matches. I need someone who can actually challenge me.”

[JD’s expression remains unchanged as he absorbs Boyd’s words, his tone measured yet firm as he responds.]

JD James: “Boyd, you know how this works. You’ve got contractual obligations, and that includes competing tonight. James Mendoza may not be your idea of a worthy opponent, but he’s a formidable competitor nonetheless.”

[Boyd scoffs dismissively, shaking his head in defiance.]

Boyd Jackson: “I don’t care who you throw at me, JD. Until you find me someone who’s actually worth my time, I’m outta here.”

[With a determined stride, Boyd turns on his heel and marches away, leaving JD standing by the entrance, his expression inscrutable as he watches Boyd’s retreating figure. Though faced with defiance, JD remains resolute, already contemplating his next move in the ongoing challenge of managing the P:V roster.]

Single Match
Setsuna Kojima vs. Dash Diaz

Draconic Dilemma?

CHIAKI: Your winner: “Emerald Dragon” <Kojiiimaaaa Setsuuunaaa!>

[The bell rings and Setsuna smacks the mat emphatically after another big win. She allows the ref to hold her hand up briefly before turning her attention to her opponent. They lock eyes and stare at each other for a tense moment, but then Setsuna extends her hand out of respect. Dash shakes her hand and the two exchange grins after their spirited competition moments before.

This moment of true sportsmanship comes to an abrupt end as ‘Subconscious’ hits to a pop from the crowd. All eyes and the camera turn to the entrance ramp as Jakucho emerges at last. Dressed in an obnoxiously bright blazer over a slinky black dress, Jak looks as if she’s about to leave on holiday rather than arriving at a wrestling event. Only the Project: Violence Television Championship hanging over her shoulder breaks that illusion.

Just a few steps behind her is the same young woman who’s accompanied Power Ryse in recent weeks. Though dressed stylishly she still wears a medical mask and tinted glasses which obscure her face. From the ring, Setsuna shoots them a look that says ‘really?!’. Jak is undeterred and makes her way into the ring with her companion in tow.]

CHIAKI: Please welcome the Project: Violence Television Champion, QUEEN OF QUEER STYLE, <Akechiiiiiiii Jaaaakuuuuchooooo!!!>

[Jak strikes a pose with the belt and her companion applauds along with the crowd. Setsuna meanwhile approaches the champion slowly, unsure of what to think. Jak being Jak, it’s not long before she’s got a mic in hand.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Sorry to keep you waiting, loyal lilies! I promise you, that wait’s worth it. But first!>

[She turns to Setsuna and throws an arm around the Emerald Dragon’s shoulders.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Congratulations on another victory, Setsuna-san! I know that Bison-san would be proud of you. Every step towards victory for our Revolution, even baby steps, shakes the earth. At this rate you’re going to be challenging for a belt in no time!>

[She pats Setsuna on the shoulders and flashes a million dollar smile for the camera. The Emerald Dragon’s eyes noticeably drift to the Television Championship the moment Jak makes the last comment. As the fans cheer Setsuna is in a trance, all her focus on the gold. It’s a trance only broken when Jak puts the mic in her hand. Setsuna does a double take, backing away as if she’s tread somewhere emerald dragons are forbidden.]

Setsuna Kojima: <Thanks, Akechi-san. Every time I come to this ring, everything that I do, every breath I take is as a professional wrestler. I fight every match with pride. The history of this sport we love flows in my veins. Bison-san and my mom are watching.. I have to keep going no matter what. Every win gets me closer to keeping my promises to them. And I promise all of you that I’ll continue showing you amazing things and a fighting spirit like none other!>

[Her heartfelt vow earns cheers and applause from the live crowd, which in turn brings a smile to her face. Then Jak takes the mic back abruptly, changing the smile to a frown.]

Jakucho Akechi: <You know what else is amazing? The top secret project I’ve been busy working on this week. It’s so important I was unfortunately unable to defend the Television Championship. But I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results!>

[Tension fills the air as Jak looks from Chiaki to Setsuna and back to the crowd.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Because I’m proud to announce that we’re accepting pre-orders on for the first ever Power Ryse photo book! A deliciously hot book filled with STEAMY, FIERY…>

[Jak winks to Setsuna, who rolls her eyes at the whole affair.]

Jakucho Akechi: <PASSION. This will be an extremely limited edition signed by both YOUR Project: Violence Television Champion and the Emerald Dragon. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to get a piece of history.>

[The champion shoots her trademarked smoldering gaze down the camera. Chiaki and the mystery woman applaud, but Setsuna’s attention drifts back to the belt. Speaking of the belt, Jak lifts it up high as she continues.]

Jakucho Akechi: <And don’t worry your pretty little selves, the Jakucho-sama Television Championship Open Challenge will return next week. That means all the grandpas, dinosaur worshippers and self-aggrandizing ‘revolutionaries’ in the back have a week to work up the courage to step up to YOUR Television Champion. So all of you listening in that locker room – if you want this.. come and take it from my COLD. DEAD. HANDS.>

[That’s her literal mic drop moment. She smiles with smug confidence as ‘Subconscious’ hits and Power Ryse stands united. Setsuna’s gaze quicky leaves the belt as Jak nods to her. But the lopsided grin returned by the Emerald Dragon seems less genuine than before.]

Two Minute Warning

[Inside the dimly lit locker room of the Ordinary Gentlemen, Dale Norman and Greg Stanley sit slumped on the benches, dejected expressions etched on their faces. As they mull over their recent string of losses, the door creaks open, and JD James strides in, his presence commanding attention.]

JD James: “Gentlemen, I’ve got some news for you.”

[Dale and Greg exchange wary glances, bracing themselves for what’s to come as JD James delivers the announcement.]

JD James: “You’re up against Adam Garcia and Hate Watson in a tag team match next.”

[The room falls silent, the weight of JD’s words sinking in as Dale and Greg exchange panicked glances.]

Dale Norman: “You’ve gotta be kidding, JD! We’re not ready for that kind of competition!”

Greg Stanley: “Yeah, can’t you pick someone else for us to face? Anyone else?”

[JD James shakes his head firmly, his tone unwavering as he delivers his response.]

JD James: “Sorry, gentlemen. This is your shot to turn things around. Embrace the challenge, and who knows? You might surprise yourselves.”

[Dale and Greg exchange another glance, a mixture of resignation and fear in their eyes as they realize the gravity of the situation.]

Dale Norman: “Well, I guess we have no choice then…”

Greg Stanley: “Yeah, but who’s gonna start the match? Not me!”

[Dale and Greg begin to bicker amongst themselves, their voices rising in frustration as JD James watches on, a faint hint of amusement flickering in his eyes before he exits the room, leaving the Ordinary Gentlemen to strategize for the daunting task ahead.]

A Canadian Legend

[In the office of JD James, Puck barges in with a scowl on his face, clearly agitated at not being booked for the first P:V event in his home country. His eyes narrow as he glances around, expecting to see the P:V COO, but instead, he finds himself facing Dutch Ramirez, a notorious figure in the P:V roster. Ramirez leans casually against the desk, a knowing smirk playing on his lips as he meets Puck’s glare with amusement. Without a word, Puck’s expression shifts to one of alarm, and he quickly spins around, his boots echoing against the polished floor as he bolts out of the office in a sudden rush of adrenaline.

Ramirez chuckles softly, shaking his head as he watches Puck disappear down the corridor. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he pushes off the desk and takes off after him, his own laughter joining the sound of their footsteps echoing through the hallway. As they race through the backstage area, dodging equipment and startled crew members, Ramirez’s laughter grows louder, a victorious grin spreading across his face as he gains ground on his fleeing adversary.

The chase continues, weaving through the maze-like corridors of the arena, the tension between Puck and Ramirez palpable even in the midst of their wild pursuit. Finally, as they round a corner, Puck’s pace begins to falter, his breath coming in ragged gasps as he realizes he can’t outrun Ramirez forever. With a triumphant shout, Ramirez closes the distance between them, reaching out to grab hold of Puck’s shoulder just as they burst out into the bustling backstage area.

The scene fades out as Ramirez wrestles Puck to the ground, their struggle lost in the chaos of the arena backstage.]

Tag Team Match
Adam Garcia & Hate Watson vs. The Ordinary Gentlemen


[In the dimly lit parking lot outside the arena, Athena paces back and forth with an air of restless anticipation. Her heels click rhythmically against the pavement, echoing softly in the quiet surroundings. Her eyes dart to her watch repeatedly, each glance accompanied by a furrowed brow as she anxiously waits for someone to arrive.]

[Athena’s usual confidence seems tempered by a sense of unease, her movements betraying the tension coiled within her. She casts frequent glances towards the entrance of the parking lot, hoping to catch sight of the person she’s been waiting for, but so far, there’s no sign of them.]

[As the minutes tick by, Athena’s impatience grows palpable, her agitation mounting with each passing moment. She clasps her hands together tightly, a silent gesture of nervous energy as she continues to scan the empty expanse of the parking lot.]

[Just when it seems like her patience is wearing thin, the distant sound of approaching footsteps catches Athena’s attention. She pauses mid-step, her breath catching in her throat as she strains to see who’s approaching.]

[But as the footsteps draw nearer, Athena’s anticipation turns to disappointment when she realizes that it’s not the person she’s been waiting for. A sigh escapes her lips, mingling with the cool night air as she resumes her restless pacing, still holding out hope for their arrival.]

The Quest

[Inside the dimly lit locker room, Midas stands tall and stoic, his imposing figure exuding an aura of silent strength. Katya Roux, adorned in her signature elegant attire, paces back and forth with visible frustration etched on her features.]

Katya: furrows her brows “I can’t believe JD James would disrespect you like this, Midas. Putting you in the opening match of the night instead of where you rightfully belong – the main event.”

[Midas remains impassive, his gaze fixed ahead with unwavering determination. Despite his silence, there’s a sense of quiet intensity about him that commands attention.]

Katya: gestures emphatically “You proved yourself time and time again, yet they continue to overlook you. It’s unacceptable.”

[With a subtle nod, Midas conveys his agreement, his eyes glinting with a steely resolve as he listens to Katya’s words. Though he doesn’t speak, his silent presence speaks volumes, echoing Katya’s sentiments with unwavering conviction.]

Katya: pauses, a determined glint in her eyes “But don’t worry, Midas. We won’t let them hold you back any longer. Tonight was just the beginning. We’ll make sure they can’t ignore you any longer.”

[As Katya’s voice fills the room with unwavering resolve, Midas nods once more, a silent promise of their shared determination to rise above the challenges they face. Together, they stand united, ready to overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead in their quest for recognition and glory.]

Masterful Behavior

[In the locker room, Darren and Simon Starr sit with heavy hearts, still reeling from their loss earlier in the night. The Tag Team Championship belts are conspicuously absent from their shoulders, replaced by an air of disappointment that hangs heavily in the air. They exchange glances, silently mourning their defeat and the loss of their coveted titles.]

[Before they can dwell too long on their misfortune, the door swings open, and the Masters of the Mat stride into the room with smug grins plastered across their faces. Gentleman George Lancaster and Iron Mike Donovan strut confidently into the space, their presence immediately adding to the tension in the room.]

Lancaster: “Well, well, well, what do we have here? The former champions themselves, looking a bit worse for wear, aren’t we?”

[The Starr Brothers shoot daggers at the Masters of the Mat, their jaws clenching with frustration at the taunting words.]

Donovan: “Seems like the Starr Brothers are more like the Falling Stars now, huh?”

[The insult strikes a nerve, and Simon Starr leaps to his feet, his fists clenched at his sides as he glares at Lancaster and Donovan.]

Simon Starr: “Watch your mouth, you two. We may have lost tonight, but we’ll bounce back. And when we do, you’ll be the ones eating your words.”

[Lancaster chuckles condescendingly, taking a step closer to Simon Starr, his demeanor dripping with arrogance.]

Lancaster: “Oh, I highly doubt that, my friend. But hey, if you want to prove us wrong, we’ll be more than happy to oblige.”

[With that, Lancaster shoves Simon Starr, and chaos erupts in the locker room. Darren and Simon Starr lunge at the Masters of the Mat, trading blows as the room devolves into a frenzied brawl. Punches are thrown, furniture is overturned, and the shouts of the wrestlers echo through the cramped space as they grapple with each other in a display of raw aggression.]

[As the camera fades out, the sounds of the scuffle continue, the bitterness between the two teams showing no signs of abating anytime soon.]

Single Match
Curtis Knight vs Elijah Drake


[The arena is filled with tension as Elijah Drake stands tall in the ring, a steel chair gripped tightly in his hand, poised to deliver a devastating blow to his fallen foe, Curtis Knight. The crowd’s anticipation is palpable, their cheers echoing throughout the arena, egging Drake on.]

Johnny Kaos: “Oh, this is not looking good for Curtis Knight! Elijah Drake has a steel chair, and he looks intent on inflicting some serious damage!”

Zac Brindle: “It seems like Drake wants to put an exclamation mark on his victory tonight, Johnny. But wait, what’s this?!”

[Just as Drake raises the chair high, ready to strike, the arena erupts into chaos as Athena and Darwin Jones storm down to the ring, their presence sending shockwaves through the audience.]

Johnny Kaos: “Athena and Darwin Jones are charging down the ramp! They’re coming to the rescue of Curtis Knight!”

Zac Brindle: “It looks like Drake’s plans are about to be foiled, Johnny! But why would Darwin Jones intervene?”

[As Drake hesitates, uncertain of what to do next, Athena and Darwin Jones slide into the ring, swiftly closing in on the stunned Drake. With a coordinated effort, they overpower him, wresting the steel chair from his grasp and rendering him defenseless.]

Johnny Kaos: “Athena and Darwin Jones have neutralized Elijah Drake! The crowd is in disbelief!”

Zac Brindle: “This is unprecedented, Johnny! What does it mean for the future of Project: Violence?”

[With Drake subdued, Athena and Darwin Jones exchange a knowing glance before turning their attention to Curtis Knight, who slowly rises to his feet, his expression a mix of confusion and gratitude. The crowd’s boos intensify as Knight and Jones extend their hands to each other, sealing their unexpected alliance with a handshake.]

Johnny Kaos: “Well, I never thought I’d see the day, Zac. Curtis Knight and Darwin Jones, shaking hands in the middle of the ring!”

Zac Brindle: “And with Athena looking on approvingly, it seems like the landscape of Project: Violence is changing before our very eyes. What does this mean for Elijah Drake? And what’s next for the Legends Club?”

[As the show fades to black, the arena reverberates with the sound of boos and speculation, leaving the fate of Elijah Drake and the future of Project: Violence shrouded in uncertainty.]

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