P:V Uprising 71
Live on the HOTv Network
PNC Arena – Raleigh, North Carolina
23rd March 2024

[The camera fades in to a buzzing arena, the excitement palpable as fans fill every seat, eagerly anticipating another explosive edition of Project: Violence Uprising. The stage is set for an unforgettable night of action, and the energy in the air is electric.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another thrilling episode of Project: Violence Uprising! We’re coming to you live from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch!”

Johnny Kaos: “That’s right, Zac! We’re just one week away from the ‘Ascension’ PPV, and tonight is our last chance to witness the chaos unfold before the big event. And what a night we have in store!”

Zac Brindle: “Absolutely, Johnny! Tonight’s main event promises to be a blockbuster showdown as the P:V Champion Curtis Knight teams up with the International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson to take on the formidable duo of ‘the Spanish Ace’ Adam Garcia and P:V legend Elijah Drake! It’s non-title action, but you can bet there’s a lot at stake!”

Johnny Kaos: “And let’s not forget, Zac, tensions have been running high between these competitors in recent weeks. With egos on the line tonight & championships on the line next week, this match is sure to deliver fireworks!”

Zac Brindle: “Indeed, Johnny! But that’s not all, folks! We’ve got a stacked card tonight featuring some of P:V’s finest talent, all vying for momentum heading into ‘Ascension’. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride! Project: Violence Uprising starts now!”

[As the crowd erupts with cheers, the camera pans across the arena, capturing the anticipation and excitement in every corner. With the stage set for an unforgettable evening of action, the countdown to bell time begins.]

Taking Care of Business

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as the camera focuses on the entrance of the arena. The atmosphere is tense as the Legends Club, led by Curtis Knight, make their arrival. Knight strides forward with purpose, flanked by Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix. They exude an aura of confidence mixed with determination as they prepare for the night ahead.]

Curtis Knight: [Addressing his comrades] “Alright, listen up. We’ve got a big night ahead of us, and we can’t afford any slip-ups. Last week didn’t go as planned, but we’re not dwelling on that. Tonight, we show everyone why we’re the dominant force in P:V.”

[Athena nods in agreement, her expression resolute as she adjusts her gear.]

Athena: “Boyd Jackson may have failed us last week, but tonight he faces the consequences. I won’t let him off lightly.”

Buzz Marshall: [Cracking his knuckles] “Yeah, he’s gonna regret crossing us. Make sure of it.”

Drew Hendrix: [Grinning wickedly] “I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes the mess he’s gotten himself into.”

Curtis Knight: [Turning to his team with a steely gaze] “Alright, let’s stay focused. We’ve got a main event to win tonight. And remember, no mercy. We show Garcia what he’s up against at ‘Ascension’.”

[With a unified nod, the Legends Club heads further into the arena, their determination evident as they prepare to make their mark once again on Project: Violence Uprising.]

Breaking the Unbreakable

[Backstage, Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone as P:V icon Elijah Drake approaches for the interview. The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as Cruz prepares to delve into Drake’s thoughts on the upcoming matches.]

Elena Cruz: “Elijah, tonight you’re teaming up with ‘the Spanish Ace’ Adam Garcia once again to take on Curtis Knight and Angelo Anderson in the main event. How do you feel about teaming up with Garcia, especially after your recent encounters with the Legends Club?”

[Elijah Drake nods, a determined glint in his eyes as he considers Cruz’s question.]

Elijah Drake: “Elena, teaming up with Adam Garcia is always an electrifying experience. We may have our differences, but when we step into that ring together, we’re a force to be reckoned with. As for facing Curtis Knight and Angelo Anderson, well, they may be holding gold right now, but tonight, we’re going to show them what true teamwork looks like.”

[Elena Cruz nods, then continues with her next question, her curiosity evident.]

Elena Cruz: “And speaking of championship opportunities, next week at the PPV, you’re set to challenge Angelo Anderson for the International Heavyweight Championship. Do you believe you have what it takes to dethrone the ‘Unbreakable’ champion?”

[Drake’s expression turns serious as he considers the challenge ahead, his confidence unwavering.]

Elijah Drake: “Absolutely, Elena. Angelo Anderson is undoubtedly a formidable competitor, but I’ve faced the best in this business, and I know I have what it takes to become the next International Heavyweight Champion. Come the PPV, I’ll be ready to seize that opportunity and prove why I belong at the top of the mountain.”

[Elena Cruz nods, impressed by Drake’s determination, as the interview concludes, leaving fans eager to see him and Garcia in action later tonight and Drake’s championship clash at the PPV.]

Single Match
Darrell Robles vs. Steven Love


[Elena Cruz stands poised with her microphone in hand, ready to interview James Mendoza as he walks out of the locker room, observing the events of the evening.]

Elena Cruz: “James, impressive win for Darrell Robles out there. How do you feel about facing him, along with Boyd Jackson and Darwin Jones in a fatal four-way match at the upcoming PPV?”

[James Mendoza, his expression focused, nods in acknowledgment of the question, taking a moment to gather his thoughts before responding.]

James Mendoza: “Yeah, Robles looked good tonight, no doubt. But come next week at the PPV, it’s every man for himself. Robles, Jackson, Jones… they’re all tough competitors, but so am I. I’ve faced challenges before, and I’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to come out on top.”

[Elena nods, understanding the intensity in Mendoza’s tone, before offering one final question.]

Elena Cruz: “And what’s your strategy heading into such a high-stakes match?”

[James Mendoza offers a confident smirk, his determination evident in his response.]

James Mendoza: “Simple. I’m going to bring my A-game, focus on my strengths, and give it everything I’ve got. At the end of the day, I plan on being the last man standing.”

[With that, Mendoza walks off, his focus unwavering as he prepares for the challenge ahead.]

Impending Doom

[Masafumi Satake walks confidently throughout the backstage hallway of PNC Arena with his mind racing. He is ecstatic about the opportunity to face off against the Masters of the Mat tonight for a shot at the P:V Tag Titles at Ascension, but on the other, hand Satake is obsessing over the fact that Hate Watson is exiled to Japan and there’s nothing he can do about it.]

[But, as they say, all good things come to those who wait.]

[Satake knocks firmly on the locker room door of Dash Diaz, planning to meet up and finalize match strategy.]

[No answer.]

Masafumi Satake: “Hey Diaz, open up! It’s Masa!”

[Satake knocks again, this time with a bit more urgency. A creeping sense of dread fills him. He barges into the locker room and is met with disarray. A bench is knocked over, chairs askew, and wrestling gear is thrown about.]

[Dash Diaz is nowhere to be found.]

Masafumi Satake: “Oh shit…”

[This could only mean one thing.]

[Satake scrambles back down the hallway, searching for his tag team partner, and hoping to run into someone else…]


[In the dimly lit backstage area, Boyd Jackson approaches the Legends Club, his expression a mix of frustration and apprehension. He clears his throat, trying to gather his thoughts as he addresses the group.]

Boyd Jackson: “Hey, guys… Look, I know last week didn’t go as planned. Garcia… he’s tougher than I thought. But I promise, I had him right where I wanted him until…”

[Curtis Knight interrupts, his tone firm and commanding.]

Curtis Knight: “We don’t want to hear your excuses, Boyd. You had one job – take out Adam Garcia. And you failed. Now, you need to focus on tonight’s match against Athena.”

[Athena steps forward, her eyes narrowed with determination.]

Athena: “You think Garcia was tough? Wait until you step into the ring with me. I don’t tolerate failure, Boyd. Make sure you’re ready.”

[Buzz Marshall and Drew Hendrix exchange knowing glances, their expressions stern as they echo their leader’s sentiment.]

Buzz Marshall: “Yeah, you better bring your A-game tonight, Jackson.”

Drew Hendrix: “Just take your beating like a man.”

[Boyd nods, understanding the gravity of the situation. He swallows hard, steeling himself for the upcoming match against Athena, knowing that he must prove himself to the Legends Club once and for all.]

Single Match
Stevie Rigg vs. Teddy Rush

Making it Official

[In JD James’ office, Dutch Ramirez and Puck sit across from each other at a table, flanked by security guards on either side. JD James stands at the head of the table, overseeing the proceedings.]

JD James: “Gentlemen, we’re here to make this official. You’ve both agreed to settle your differences in the ring at our upcoming PPV, ‘Ascension.’ This contract signing signifies your commitment to that match.”

[Dutch and Puck exchange tense glances, their animosity simmering just beneath the surface. JD James slides the contract across the table, and both men reach for the pen simultaneously. The security guards tense, ready to intervene at the first sign of trouble.]

JD James: “Now, before you sign, I want to remind you both that any attempts at physical altercations will not be tolerated. We’ve got security here to ensure this contract signing goes smoothly.”

[Dutch and Puck reluctantly nod in understanding, their eyes locked in a silent battle of wills. With a deep breath, they each take the pen and sign their names on the dotted line, making their match official.]

JD James: “Thank you, gentlemen. Let’s keep things professional from here on out. Save your aggression for the ring.”

[As the contract is signed and the tension in the room begins to dissipate, Dutch and Puck exchange one last intense glare before standing up from the table. With the contract signed, their path to settling their score in the ring is now set.]

Single Match
Boyd Jackson vs. Athena

PPV Ready

[Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone as Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf approach for the interview. Rush appears upbeat despite recent losses, while Asulf’s demeanor suggests he’s not in the best mood.]

Elena Cruz: “Teddy, Bjorn, tough luck in your recent matches. How are you feeling heading into your tag team match against Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis next week at the PPV?”

[Teddy Rush offers a determined nod, seemingly undeterred by their recent setbacks.]

Teddy Rush: “Hey, Elena, thanks for having us. Yeah, sure, we’ve hit a couple of bumps in the road lately, but that’s not gonna stop us. Stevie and Edwin may have gotten the better of us individually, but as a team, Bjorn and I are a force to be reckoned with.”

[Elena turns to Bjorn, noticing his subdued demeanor, and poses a question.]

Elena Cruz: “Bjorn, you seem a bit quiet tonight. How are you feeling about the upcoming match?”

[Bjorn Asulf, known for his stoic nature, grunts softly before responding in a gruff tone.]

Bjorn Asulf: “It matters not. Next week, we shall face Rigg and Ellis in battle, and they shall know the fury of the Northmen. Losses are but temporary setbacks; victory shall be ours when we step into the ring.”

[Elena nods, understanding Asulf’s mindset, before turning back to Teddy for any final thoughts.]

Elena Cruz: “Well, there you have it, folks. Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf remain undeterred as they prepare to take on Rigg and Ellis at the PPV. Back to you.”

[Teddy offers a determined grin before the duo walks off, their focus unwavering as they prepare for their upcoming challenge.]

Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
Masters of the Mat vs Masafumi Satake & Dash Diaz


[The North Carolina crowd buzzes with frustration as Masafumi Satake lays defeated in the center of the ring. His partner, Dash Diaz, was MIA, leaving Satake to compete against MIke Donovan and George Lancaster on his own. Although he lost cleanly and he gave it his all as the Project: Violence faithful has come to expect, the stench of failure surrounds him.]

[The Masters of the Mat depart the ring area, leaving Satake alone. He slowly staggers to his feet, and suddenly the mega screen flickers on and off erratically. The lights dim and an eerie hush comes about the arena.]

[Suddenly appearing on the screen is Dash Diaz. He is bound and gagged, draped like a rag over a metal chair in his own locker room. The camera then pans up slowly, and the devil himself is smiling… Hate Watson.]

[No words are spoken. The crowd is silent. Satake is paralyzed. After what feels like an eternity, Hate Watson abruptly kicks the chair out from underneath poor Dash Diaz and steps on his throat. “The Scumbag Superstar” lets out a maniacal laugh. With hardened eyes, he looks directly into the camera.]

Hate Watson: “I’m back…”

[He pauses, whipping his hair out of his face.]

Hate Watson: “Last Man Standing Match…. Unsanctioned…”

[Each pause is accentuated with another vicious strike to the downed Diaz.]

Hate Watson: “See you on the 30th, senpai!”

[The screen quickly flashes to four cloaked individuals surrounded by shadows before going completely dark.]

[Without a second thought, Masafumi, filled with dread, bolts up the ramp and into the backstage area. A cameraman frantically follows Satake. He reaches the location of where he witnessed Watson brutalize his tag partner and is astonished that neither Diaz nor Watson are present. The remnants of a smashed camera are sprinkled over the linoleum floor. Blood is smeared across the locker room wall, and a match contract is stuck in the middle of it with a switchblade. The camera zooms in on the contract revealing it has already been signed by Hate Watson.]

[Satake is reeling with confusion and anger. Hearing footsteps behind him, he whips himself around only to find the Project: Violence COO JD James. James has his arms crossed and a stern look on his face.]

JD James: “You said you could end this thing, Satake. You truly implored me to give you the opportunity. So, let’s hope you’re right. I don’t like being made a fool, and I can’t stand being disrespected.”

Masafumi Satake: “What are you talking about? Where is Hate?!”

[JD James simply shrugs.]

Masafumi Satake: “And you allowed all of this to happen?! The kidnapping, the twisted violence?!”

JD James: “Let me assure you that this was entirely a business decision. I had Amy Page and Hiroshi Fujimoto banging on my door and telling me that they were going to book the match. Besides, it was only a matter of time before one of you took matters into your own hands. At least this way you get your chance to end this and Project: Violence gets to host one of the biggest feuds in eons.”

[Satake listens intently. Despite his obvious dislike of the circumstances, a calmness overcomes him as he realizes that he will finally get Hate Watson in the ring, one on one.]

JD James: “And, I also have to apologize that Diaz got in the crosshairs of this whole thing, but with all due respect Satake, you knew exactly what was going to happen. You all but called it…”

[There is no response from Masafumi. There is nothing for him to say. He has finally gotten what he wants.. He only hopes that Dash is okay. Satake turns to leave to find his tag partner.]

JD James: “One last thing… from the sound of it, I’m firmly number two on Watson’s shit list, so, if you don’t end it on Saturday… save me a spot in hell.”

Masafumi Satake: “You won’t have to worry about anything. This is exactly how it’s supposed to be…”

[Project: Violence Presents: Ascension, March 30th]

[Masafumi Satake -vs- Hate Watson]

[Unsanctioned. Last Man Standing Match.]


[In the bustling backstage area, Athena strides confidently, her victory over Boyd Jackson still fresh in her mind. As she rounds a corner, she nearly collides with her brother, Darwin Jones, who is deep in thought.]

Athena: “Well, well, well… Look who it is. My dear brother, Darwin. You’re not going to thank me for softening up Boyd Jackson for you, huh?”

[Darwin, his expression serious, meets Athena’s gaze with determination.]

Darwin Jones: “I appreciate the gesture, sis, but I don’t need anyone softening up my opponents for me. I can handle Boyd Jackson just fine on my own.”

[Athena raises an eyebrow, studying Darwin for a moment before nodding in understanding.]

Athena: “Fair enough. Just remember, no matter what has happened before, family looks out for each other. But suit yourself. Just don’t underestimate Jackson. He’s tougher than he looks.”

[Darwin offers a small smirk, acknowledging Athena’s words before heading off to prepare for his upcoming challenges, confident in his own abilities.]

Single Match
Setsuna Kojima vs. Midas


[The match ends to a chorus of boos for the victorious masked menace Midas as he stands over the defeated Setsuna Kojima. For a few moments he just stands there staring down at the young woman with intensely cold eyes. All over PNC Arena there’s supreme tension as it seems like Katya Roux’s monster might not be finished with the Emerald Dragon. He remains unmoved by the fan reaction but also makes no move to continue the assault. Nevertheless the fans erupt in cheers as Jakucho Akechi shoots under the bottom rope to come to her ally’s aid.]

[Wearing her now wildly popular ‘Party’s Over, Grandpa!’ t-shirt over her ring gear, Jakucho glares at the man who’s coming for her in just a few days’ time. Her gaze drifts to Setsuna only briefly before she locks eyes with Midas. It’s clear she’s not taking any chances with him and risk injury before her first PPV title defense. Chiaki enters the ring shortly afterwards and kneels down to check on Setsuna as the youngest member of Power Ryse starts to regain her wits. Meanwhile Jakucho finds a mic and stands up to her full height; even when dwarfed by the masked man she refuses to back down.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Look> you bastard

[Her sudden shift to English draws a surprised roar from the crowd. Behind the champion Setsuna manages to get to her feet with Chiaki’s assistance. Only after being assured of the young woman’s being okay does Chiaki acquire a mic of her own to translate for Jakucho.]

Jakucho Akechi: <I admit you proved yourself to be a real monster tonight. Yes you’re incredibly dangerous and yes I get that one wrong move and I can kiss this championship goodbye. But there’s no way in hell that YOUR Project: Violence Television Champion is backing down from a silent bully who thinks he can just barge his way into Power Ryse’s business. I was already prepared for the fight of my life but tonight you just made this personal. After how you manhandled Setsuna-san in that match, I don’t just want to Nadeshi-KO you. I want your> damn <head!>

[She steps closer to the considerably larger man, totally ignoring Katya Roux nearby.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Setsuna-san is strong as hell, she’ll be okay. But right now this is about you and me big boy. You – well, your second hand goth girl manager –  badgered your way into a shot at the hottest championship in this entire family of companies, even if you didn’t earn it. I don’t really care either way. You wanted Jakucho-sama? You’ve got her. But now you’re about to find out what happens when you get your wish.>

[Jakucho grins ferally as she continues to look the monster in the eyes.

Jakucho Akechi: <I wonder if you have any of your own thoughts in that masked head. Do you have anything you want? Or do you just let your boss tell you what to do, what to want and what to fight for? She does the talking for you, maybe she does everything else. But if there’s even a trace of a mind in there you’re going to learn a lot of painful lessons in just a few short days. No matter how powerful you are, I’m faster, more vicious, and ten steps ahead of you. And it’s not just about making you V5->

[She tugs at the Television Championship around her waist.]

Jakucho Akechi: <It’s about driving reality through that thick skull of yours. The reality that when the spotlight’s on the Queen of Queer Style and her title’s on the line, no power on earth can turn the tide against her. Try and throw me around and I’ll snap your arm in two. Then I’ll kick that head so hard your mask is decorated with some new red highlights from a busted nose. You may be called Midas but the closest you’re getting to gold is staring up at me from the mat as I raise this belt over your carcass. But that’s not all!>

[Jakucho steps back and shoots a dirty look over at Katya.]

Jakucho Akechi: <She won’t need to say everything for you. I’m going to give the world a treat and let them hear your voice as you beg for mercy.>

[The fans cheer as Jakucho removes the belt from around her waist and lifts it up over her head.]

Jakucho Akechi: <From my cold. Dead. Hands.>

[She drops the mic and stands there, face to face with the silent assassin who’s poised to end her reign in just a few days’ time.>


[Backstage, in a dimly lit corridor, P:V Champion Curtis Knight and International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson stand face to face, their expressions stern as they prepare to discuss their upcoming tag team match.]

Curtis Knight: “Look, Angelo, I appreciate what you bring to the table, but tonight, it’s about strategy. And who better to lead than the P:V Champion?”

[Angelo Anderson crosses his arms, a glint of defiance in his eyes as he responds.]

Angelo Anderson: “Respectfully, Curtis, the International Heavyweight Championship holds just as much weight. Maybe even more. I should be the one calling the shots.”

[Curtis Knight’s jaw tightens, his competitive nature rising to the surface.]

Curtis Knight: “Are you serious? The P:V Championship is the top prize in this business. I’m the one with the experience, the accolades. I know how to lead a team to victory, just look at how I lead the Legends Club.”

[Angelo shakes his head, his tone firm as he pushes back.]

Angelo Anderson: “Experience means nothing if you can’t adapt. And as the International Heavyweight Champion, I’ve faced a more diverse range of competitors, from all over the globe. My leadership will give us the edge.”

[The tension between them is palpable, each champion unwilling to yield their claim to leadership. Suddenly, Athena approaches, sensing the brewing conflict.]

Athena: “Gentlemen, are we ready to discuss tactics for tonight’s match?”

[Both Curtis and Angelo turn to Athena, their disagreement momentarily set aside as they refocus on the task at hand.]

Curtis Knight: “We’ll… talk about it later, Athena. For now, let’s just focus on getting the job done.”

[Angelo nods in agreement, a sense of determination in his gaze as they head off to prepare for their match, the question of leadership still lingering between them.]

Schools Out

[Backstage, the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon, stand with smirks on their faces as they watch the Masters of the Mat approach, still riding the high of their victory.]

Darren Starr: “Well, well, if it isn’t the Masters of the Mat, coming off a big win tonight.”

[Simon joins in, a teasing tone evident in his voice.]

Simon Starr: “Yeah, impressive stuff, guys. Though, we couldn’t help but notice a few flaws in your performance.”

[The Masters of the Mat, Iron Mike Donovan and Gentleman George Lancaster, exchange glances, their expressions hardening slightly at the Starr Brothers’ words.]

Iron Mike Donovan: “Flaws, you say? Pray tell, what expertise do you two possess that would make your critique worth our time?”

[Darren chuckles, seemingly unfazed by Donovan’s challenge.]

Darren Starr: “Oh, nothing much, just a couple of guys who happen to be the reigning Tag Team Champions of P:V. But hey, what do we know, right?”

[George Lancaster’s demeanor shifts, his tone sharp as he responds.]

Gentleman George Lancaster: “Your sarcasm is duly noted, gentlemen. But allow us to remind you that we earned our shot at those titles, and we fully intend to take them from you.”

[Simon’s smirk fades as he recognizes the seriousness in Lancaster’s words.]

Simon Starr: “Hey, no need to get touchy. Just offering some friendly advice. But if you’d rather learn the hard way, be our guests.”

[The tension hangs thick in the air as the Starr Brothers and the Masters of the Mat exchange glares, both teams clearly eager to prove their superiority in the ring.]

[With a final nod, the Starr Brothers turn to leave, leaving the Masters of the Mat to simmer with determination, their focus sharpened for the challenge ahead.]

Tag Team Match
Curtis Knight & Angelo Anderson vs. Adam Garcia & Elijah Drake


[The arena pulses with tension as the main event comes to a close, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. P:V Champion Curtis Knight and International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson stand tall in the ring, their titles gleaming under the arena lights. Across from them lie their defeated opponents, Adam Garcia and Elijah Drake, their bodies bruised but their determination unbroken.]

[Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos convey the scene to the viewers at home, their commentary mirroring the disbelief and disappointment echoing throughout the arena.]

Zac Brindle: “Well, folks, another dominant display from the Legends Club here tonight. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny their prowess in that ring.”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac. But let’s not forget the implications for next week’s PPV. Both Adam Garcia and Elijah Drake failed to overcome the odds tonight. Can they truly bounce back and claim championship gold?”

[In the ring, Knight and Anderson raise their titles high, basking in the chorus of boos from the crowd. The fans, still reeling from the outcome, question whether Garcia and Drake have what it takes to overcome the setback.]

[As the camera pans across the arena, uncertainty hangs in the air. Will Garcia and Drake rise to the occasion at the PPV, or will Knight and Anderson’s dominance continue to reign supreme? The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions, and the wrestling world eagerly awaits the answers.]

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