P:V Uprising 67
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
24th February 2024

[The iconic Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pulses with anticipation as fans flood through its gates, their excitement palpable in the air. Inside the arena, the stage is set for another electrifying edition of P:V Uprising, where dreams are realized and rivalries ignited.]

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the heart of Philadelphia, where history is made and legends are born! I’m Zac Brindle, alongside my partner in crime, the one and only Johnny Kaos, and tonight, we’re in for a ride!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! We’re coming to you live from the Wells Fargo Center, where the energy is electric and the action never stops. Tonight, the P:V superstars are ready to tear the house down and leave it all in the ring!

[The camera pans across the arena, capturing the sea of eager faces, each one brimming with anticipation for the thrills and spills about to unfold.]

Zac Brindle: And what a night we have in store! From high-flying aerial assaults to bone-crushing power moves, tonight’s card promises to deliver the kind of action that P:V fans know and love.

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac! We’ve got rivalries heating up, championships on the line, and surprises lurking around every corner. It’s the kind of night that defines the very essence of P:V Uprising!

[As the crowd roars in anticipation, the stage is set for another unforgettable chapter in the annals of P:V history. From the opening bell to the final count, tonight promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, twists, and turns.]

Zac Brindle: So buckle up, folks, because tonight, in the City of Brotherly Love, anything can happen! Welcome to P:V Uprising 67!

Johnny Kaos: Get ready, P:V Universe, because tonight, we’re about to raise the roof and set this place on fire! Let’s do this!

[With the stage set and the excitement building to a fever pitch, P:V Uprising 67 is poised to deliver an unforgettable spectacle that will leave fans on the edge of their seats. The journey begins now!]

Single Match
Darrel Robles vs James Mendoza

[The atmosphere in the arena is tense as Darrel Robles and James Mendoza stand in the center of the ring, their eyes locked in fierce determination. The referee stands poised, ready to signal the start of what promises to be an explosive showdown.]

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re moments away from what was set to be a thrilling contest between Darrel Robles and James Mendoza!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac. The anticipation in the air is palpable, but it seems like we’re in for an unexpected turn of events!

[Suddenly, a commotion erupts in the crowd as the fans’ attention is drawn to a figure rushing through the stands. Before anyone can react, Boyd Jackson leaps over the barricade, brandishing a steel chair with malicious intent.]

Zac Brindle: What’s this? Boyd Jackson has stormed the ring, and he’s armed with a steel chair!

Johnny Kaos: This can’t be good, Zac. It looks like Jackson has other plans for Robles and Mendoza tonight!

[With a wild look in his eyes, Boyd Jackson charges into the ring, swinging the steel chair with reckless abandon. Darrel Robles and James Mendoza barely have time to react before the chair comes crashing down on them, sending shockwaves of pain through their bodies.]

Zac Brindle: Absolute chaos here in the ring! Boyd Jackson has blindsided both Robles and Mendoza, leaving them defenseless against his onslaught!

Johnny Kaos: This is despicable, Zac! Jackson has interrupted what was meant to be a fair competition between two talented athletes, and now he’s unleashing his fury with that steel chair!

[The referee, realizing the severity of the situation, quickly calls for the bell, signaling the premature end of the match. The fans erupt into a chorus of boos, voicing their disapproval at Jackson’s cowardly attack.]

Zac Brindle: It’s pandemonium in the ring, folks! The match has been thrown out, and Boyd Jackson has made his ruthless statement loud and clear!

Johnny Kaos: Robles and Mendoza are down and out, courtesy of Boyd Jackson’s vicious assault. But you can bet this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this heated rivalry!

[As chaos reigns supreme in the ring, the fallout from Boyd Jackson’s attack is sure to send shockwaves throughout the P:V Universe. With tensions running high, the battle lines have been drawn, setting the stage for future confrontations and rivalries to come.]

Send a Message

The Legends Club, comprised of the formidable quartet – P:V Champion Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, make their grand entrance into the bustling backstage area of the arena. Their presence commands attention, exuding an aura of dominance and power.

Curtis Knight: (Addressing the group with authoritative confidence) Alright, listen up, everyone. Last week, Buzz did a commendable job softening up Adam Garcia for what’s to come. But tonight, it’s Drew’s turn to step into the spotlight.

Drew Hendrix: You got it, boss. I’ll make sure Garcia regrets ever crossing paths with the Legends Club.

Curtis Knight: (Nodding approvingly) That’s the spirit, Drew. Remember, it’s not about whether you win the match. It’s about sending a message. Garcia needs to understand that nobody crosses us without facing the consequences.

Athena: (Her voice dripping with confidence) Garcia won’t know what hit him when Drew’s through with him. We’ll make sure of that.

Buzz Marshall: I’m with you all the way, boss. Garcia won’t know what hit him after I’m done with him.

Curtis Knight: Good. Now let’s go out there and remind everyone why the Legends Club rules this ring.

With their resolve fortified and their determination unwavering, the Legends Club sets forth, ready to unleash their collective might upon anyone who dares to challenge their supremacy in the world of P:V.

As they stride purposefully towards their destiny, the echoes of their unwavering confidence reverberate through the corridors of the arena, setting the stage for yet another unforgettable chapter in the annals of P:V history.

Single Match
Maverick Matthews vs. Steven Love

Making it Right

The atmosphere in JD James’ office is tense yet determined as Stevie Rigg and Edwin Ellis, the newly formed tag team, stride in with purpose. Their eyes reflect a mixture of resolve and anticipation as they approach the COO.

Stevie Rigg: (Direct and assertive) JD, we need to talk.

JD James: (Turning his attention to Rigg and Ellis) What’s on your minds, gentlemen?

Stevie Rigg: (Firmly) You remember when I was screwed out of my shot at the P:V Championship? You never made that right.

JD James: (Nods, understanding) I remember. It was a regrettable situation.

Edwin Ellis: (Stepping in) We’re not here to dwell on the past, JD. We’re here to carve our path forward. We want to earn our stripes, starting with a shot at the Tag Team Championships.

Stevie Rigg: (Assertively) We know we’ve got what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the best. Give us a chance tonight against the Starr Brothers, and we’ll show you what we’re made of.

JD James: (Pauses, considering their request) You know what, gentlemen? You’ve got guts, and I respect that. Consider it done. Tonight, you’ll have your opportunity to prove yourselves in the ring against the Starr Brothers for the Tag Team Championships.

Stevie Rigg: (Grinning with determination) You won’t regret this, JD. We’ll make the most of this chance.

Edwin Ellis: (Nods, a glint of determination in his eyes) Thank you, JD. We won’t let you down.

With the promise of opportunity hanging in the air, Rigg and Ellis exit the office, their spirits buoyed by the prospect of championship gold awaiting them in the ring. JD James watches them go, knowing that tonight’s showdown will be one for the ages, a testament to the unwavering spirit of competition that defines P:V.

Single Match
Masafumi Satake vs. Lucy Von Drake

Man of Mayhem Pt.1

The dimly lit parking lot outside the arena holds an air of tension, a silent battleground where rivalries simmer and animosities thrive. Among the rows of parked vehicles stands a solitary motorcycle, the metallic gleam of its frame catching the faint glow of the overhead lights.

Puck, the grizzled veteran with a penchant for chaos, stumbles upon the motorcycle, his eyes narrowing with disdain as he recognizes it as belonging to his nemesis, Dutch Ramirez. With a malevolent smirk curling his lips, Puck strides purposefully toward the bike, grabbing a nearby steel pipe, his footsteps echoing in the stillness of the night.

Without a second thought, Puck’s fists clench tightly as he delivers a swift, brutal blow to the motorcycle, the metallic clang ringing out like a battle cry in the quiet surroundings. Again and again, he rains down blows upon the bike, each strike fueled by the fiery intensity of his rivalry with Ramirez.

As the motorcycle begins to show signs of the relentless assault, Puck’s fury reaches its peak. With a primal roar, he exerts all his strength to push the bike over onto its side, the sound of metal scraping against concrete punctuating the night with a final, vengeful declaration.

Standing amidst the wreckage, Puck’s chest heaves with exertion, his eyes gleaming with a mixture of triumph and malice. The deed is done, a symbolic act of defiance in the ongoing saga of his feud with Dutch Ramirez. With a satisfied smirk, Puck turns and disappears into the shadows, leaving behind only the shattered remnants of a once-proud motorcycle as evidence of his vendetta.

Tag Team Match
Masters of the Mat vs. Rebel Society

Man of Mayhem Pt.2

Dutch Ramirez, the enigmatic biker with an aura of mystery, strides purposefully through the dimly lit corridors of the backstage area, his footsteps echoing with a sense of urgency. His keen eyes scan the surroundings, searching for a familiar sight amidst the labyrinthine passages.

As he rounds a corner, his gaze falls upon the parking lot, where his prized motorcycle stands, its once-majestic frame now marred by the unmistakable signs of vandalism. A surge of fury courses through Ramirez’s veins as he approaches the damaged bike, his hands curling into fists at his sides.

The sight of his beloved motorcycle in such a state ignites a firestorm of anger within Ramirez, fueling his determination to confront the perpetrator responsible for this callous act of destruction. With each step, his resolve hardens, his determination to seek retribution unwavering.

In the distance, the echoes of chaos reverberate through the corridors, drawing Ramirez’s attention toward the source of the disturbance. Without a moment’s hesitation, he sets off with purposeful strides, his jaw clenched in silent resolve.

Driven by the need for justice, Dutch Ramirez disappears into the shadows, his path illuminated by the flickering lights of the backstage area. The hunt for his assailant has begun, and with each passing moment, the tension in the air thickens, portending a confrontation fraught with consequences.

Viva Whatever Town

Zac Brindle: “Two weeks ago Hate Watson quite literally forced his way into the Project: Violence ring, and last week he made his successful debut in P:V, beating not only current TV Champ Jakucho Akechi, but his former best friend turned nemesis, Masafumi Satake, in a three way dance.”

Johnny Kaos: “Now, we have Elena Cruz in the ring waiting to speak with him about his intentions here in Project: Violence, and judging from his tendency towards vulgarity, viewer discretion is advised.”

[Cruz, in the middle of the ring with a microphone, takes a deep breath, and hopes for the best as she introduces Watson.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen… Hate Watson!”

[“Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley blares loudly over the PA system. Those who recall the violent affront of Watson’s first appearance are puzzled. Hate Watson emerges, clad in traditional Elvis sun-glasses and a sequin lace cape. He slides into the ring, with the patented ‘Elvis Karate Kick’, confusing the P:V fans of Philadelphia even more.]

Elena Cruz: “Hate, thank you for agreeing to this interview. You obviously addressed the crowd on your own terms two weeks ago and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again, especially after the impressive victory over Jakucho Akechi and fan favorite Masafumi Satake…”

[Any amount of light heartedness that Watson was projecting visibly evaporates at the sound of his former best friend’s name.]

Elena Cruz: “Anyway, we would also like to congratulate you on officially signing a Project: Violence contract.”

[Hate’s channeling of ‘The King’ immediately returns.]

Hate Watson: “Why, thank you, thank you very much!”

[Elena Cruz is clearly perplexed by this breakneck transition from the Hate Watson of previous weeks. Nevertheless, she is a bit more at ease with this version and smiles broadly. Watson showboats around the ring.]

Elena Cruz: “I think I speak for the rest of the Project: Violence faithful when I ask, what’s next for The Scumbag Superstar?”

Hate Watson: “Well, first and foremost, Hate Watson is far from finished with Masafumi Satake. I haven’t even come close to getting my pound of flesh. I guess you could say, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Martyr Masa’ and myself. With that said, I’m not wearing blinders anymore. I’m gunning for the top. There is another little, pesky, peach that got in my way of the annihilation of Masafumi Satake…”

[Hate Watson again does his best Elvis impression, this time gyrating his hips like The King himself.]

Hate Watson: “So, good ol’ Hate Watson is now standing in the middle of the ring, looking a little bit like Elvis, and demanding a challenge to Jakucho Akechi for the Television Title!”

[He pauses emphatically, letting the fans in attendance to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’.]

Hate Watson: “I have to say that it’s a shame that we got off to such a bad start because we stan the Queen of Queer Style. I absolutely loved the annoyances and distractions you provided over the last month. You really were the perfect little red herring during the mental decline of the BELOVED Masafumi Satake.”

[Once again Watson snorts as he says his name out loud.]

Hate Watson: “Last week Jaks, I gave you the flowers you so greedily asked for. But, when we cross paths again, all bets are off. The next time you get your flowers, they’ll be laying next to your grave…”

Elena Cruz: “Well, it seems that Akechi is firmly in your crosshairs. Let’s see if she accepts your challenge to the Television Championship! Hate, I don’t mean to potentially poke the bear, but you do know that we aren’t in Las Vegas anymore. What’s with the Elvis threads? I had to ask.”

Hate Watson: “When you’re Hate Watson, every city is Sin City, and tonight, my dumbass opponent is going to see just what kind of ultra violence Hate Watson excels at. Now, let’s get to it.”

Elena Cruz: “Well, there you have it! Up next we have Hate Watson taking on Dash Diaz!”

[The Dead Kennedy’s version of “Viva Las Vegas” blares over the sound system. Hate Watson continues with the Elvis impression, looking increasingly less sane, gyrating and high-kicking his way all across the ring area.]

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Single Match
Hate Watson vs. Dash Diaz

Crimson + Chaos, Part 1

[After the bell rings, the victorious Hate Watson lifts Dash Diaz off the mat. There is no time for celebration when there is only one thing on Watson’s mind: chaos. The referee foresees Hate’s bad intentions and attempts to intervene, but Hate shoves him away easily.]

Zac Brindle: “This isn’t going to end well for anybody involved!”

[The crowd boos incessantly as Watson lands a savage uppercut on the jaw of the defeated rookie. Blood splatters against the mat from the strike and Hate smiles. “The Scumbag Superstar” then shows off his strength and picks up the other man like a child, pressing him overhead, and sends him over the top rope! The landing is not pretty as the smaller wrestler comes crashing down onto the guardrail.]

Johnny Kaos: “Oh jeez! Did you see the way that he fell?! Watson is trying to prove a point tonight… and he’s certainly trying to get somebody’s attention in the back…

[Before the crowd can even truly react, Hate Watson scurries outside, grabs a steel chair, and smashes it against the dome of Dash Diaz’s head! Jeers fill the arena, although the majority are enjoying this display of violence. A crimson mask of blood covers the face of Dash Diaz, prompting Hate Watson to lick the side of Diaz’s mug. Watson gleams with pride as he tosses him back into the ring.]

Johnny Kaos: “I feel like we say this everytime Hate Watson is in the house, but where the hell is our security team?!”

[Watson, with the steel chair, follows behind like a predator. He pauses and stares hard into the camera and says, “Come out here, Masa’… be that hero once again…”]

[He turns his attention back to Dash Diaz. At this point, Diaz is on his knees, pleading for Watson to stop. Begging. Hoping. Praying. The crowd is hysterical witnessing this level of cruelty. ]

[… WHACK…]

Zac Brindle: “Another brutal chair shot!”


[And another one for good measure.]

[The limp body of Dash Diaz crumples into the middle of the ring. Watson tosses the steel chair to the side and lifts the lifeless body in a fireman’s carry, then quickly spins the body into a reverse neckbreaker!]

Johnny Kaos: “That’s Satake’s finisher! He just hit him with the Matsuzaka Cutter!”

[“Down the Drain” by the Zero Boys surges over the PA system, prompting Masafumi Satake to sprint towards the ring. The timing is perfect, and the crowd goes berserk. He quickly checks on Diaz, who Hate has discarded to the outside of the ring, then slides into the squared circle. A staredown between Watson and Satake only lasts a few seconds before they begin to exchange wild haymaker after haymaker!]

Zac Brindle: “Here we goooo!”

[Masafumi gets the upper hand and tosses Watson to the outside. Satake immediately follows, and resumes his strikes. The two tumble over the guardrail, and the brawl spills into the crowd. Hate Watson tosses Satake into a dozen empty chairs, following up with a shotgun dropkick. Total chaos has been achieved and the crowd is now in a total melee.]

Johnny Kaos: “These guys are going to kill each other!”

[The two continue to fight up the stairs, then disappear from the arena view through a concourse exit.]

Zac Brindle: “We’ve lost sight of Satake and Watson! But, I have a feeling that’s not the last time we’ll see them tonight!”

The Masters?

In the dimly lit backstage area, the Masters of the Mat, “Iron” Mike Donovan and “Gentleman” George Lancaster, huddle around a monitor, their eyes fixed intently on the replay of their tag team victory earlier in the night. The screen flickers with images of their triumphant maneuvers, each move executed with precision and finesse.

Donovan: Splendid work there, George! That double suplex was executed flawlessly.

Lancaster: And your submission hold had them tapping out in no time, Mike. A fine display of our combined skills, if I do say so myself.

Their mutual admiration is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the reigning P:V Tag Team Champions, the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon. The air crackles with tension as the two teams lock eyes, a silent challenge passing between them.

Darren: Not bad, lads. But you’ve still got a ways to go if you want to match up to the competition in this division.

Simon: Yeah, it takes more than a couple of lucky moves to hold onto those titles.

The Masters of the Mat bristle at the implied criticism, their pride wounded by the dismissive remarks of the reigning champions.

Donovan: Lucky moves? I’ll have you know, our victory tonight was the result of skill and strategy, something you two might want to brush up on.

Lancaster: Indeed, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. But if you’re so confident in your abilities, perhaps you’d care to test them against us in the ring? If you can get through your own match tonight that is chaps….

The challenge hangs in the air, the tension palpable as the two teams stand poised on the brink of confrontation. In that charged moment, the stage is set for a clash of titans, where pride and prowess will collide in the unforgiving arena of competition.

TV Opportunity

Elena Cruz stands with the cunning Brandon Snyder, his eyes gleaming with anticipation for the upcoming TV Championship match. The air crackles with tension as Cruz prepares to delve into Snyder’s mindset.

Cruz: Brandon, tonight you’re facing Jakucho Akechi for the TV Championship. How are you feeling heading into this high-stakes match?

Snyder: Elena, tonight is the night everything changes. Tonight, I step into that ring not just to compete, but to conquer. Jakucho Akechi may be holding that title right now, but mark my words, by the end of the night, it’ll be resting snugly around my waist.

His confidence is palpable, exuding an aura of self-assuredness that borders on arrogance.

Cruz: Some might say that Akechi is a formidable opponent, known for her speed and agility. How do you plan to counter his style in the ring?

Snyder: Ah, Akechi may be quick, but I’ve got something she doesn’t—a strategic mind. I’ve studied her every move, her every tactic. I know her weaknesses, Elena, and tonight, I’ll exploit every single one of them. Consider it a masterclass in the art of manipulation.

His words drip with a venomous charm, a calculated intent that sends shivers down the spine.

Cruz: And what about your recent clashes with other competitors in P:V? Do you think those experiences have prepared you for tonight’s championship opportunity?

Snyder: Oh, absolutely, Elena. Every encounter, every battle, has been a stepping stone toward this moment. I’ve faced adversity, I’ve overcome challenges, and tonight, I’ll prove to the world why I am the rightful bearer of the TV Championship.

With a smirk playing on his lips, Brandon Snyder exudes an aura of calculated determination, ready to seize his moment in the spotlight, no matter the cost.

P:V TV Championship Match
Jakucho Akechi (c) vs. Brandon Snyder


[As soon as the bell rings, Chiaki is right there with a mic in one hand and the Project: Violence Television Championship in the other. Her pink cocktail dress sparkles in the arena lighting as she climbs through the ropes.]

Chiaki: Your winner and STILL Project: Violence Television Champion: <AKECHIIIIIII JAAKUUUCHOOOO!>

[The fans in attendance cheer raucously as Jak’s arm is raised in victory by Harper Williams. Despite the celebratory mood, there’s no hint of ‘Subconscious’ playing at all. Instead Jak just accepts the belt from Chiaki, fastening it around her own waist for a change. We hear some ‘QUEEN-OF-QUEER-STYLE!’ chants as Jak slowly starts to smirk. She gives the chant time to die down before grabbing a mic from the ringside staff.]

Jakucho: <All right, all right, that’s more like it! Once again, someone steps up to the Queen of Queer Style looking to take her crown and once again they fall short. Normally I’d be offering a special deal on my hot, exclusive merch to all my loyal lilies. But recent bullshit I’ve been dragged into demands that Jakucho-sama gets down to some other business.>

[That usually playful expression is dead serious for a change. Rather than a mischievous confidence, there’s the look of a stone cold killer.]

Jakucho Akechi: <It’s no secret that Grandpa Satake and I have some history. It’s especially no secret that I beat him in the middle of this ring when he came for my Television Championship. But the whole time there’s been this giant, stinking cloud hanging over Project: Violence. A ghost from Grandpa Satake’s past who thinks that haunting and hunting people from the shadows makes him top dog.>

[Jak shakes her head in disgust just thinking about the past few weeks.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Here I thought Masa-kun’s ghost nemesis would be some musty old timer who thinks two chunky dudes moving like icebergs is still relevant in 2024. But he’s not. He’s a monster who’s just as good at mind games as anyone I’ve ever seen in this sport. A ghoul who hangs in the shadows waiting to strike.>

[Jak hangs her head for a moment, collecting her thoughts. Chiaki waits behind her, watching expectantly as there’s a buzz in the crowd.]

Jakucho Akechi: <I have my issues.. a lot of them.. with Masa-kun. But I don’t stand idly by when a psychotic coward gets his nose in my business. I also don’t just walk away when a monster like that ambushes people. When I have a problem with someone, I tell them straight to their face and beat them in the ring.>

[Her tone gains more and more fire as she runs things down.]

Jakucho Akechi: <So that’s what’s going down. Hate Watson, you old bastard, open your ears and listen up. You warn me about getting involved in your personal business, but your actions made this personal for me. I admit, you’re nasty, you’re powerful, and you’re pretty damn good for a grandpa. You even became the first person to beat me in this ring. Since then I’ve had your ugly, hairy face stuck in my head, and I need it out. I need YOU out of my way. So you want a shot at the MOST must-see championship in any promotion? You want the Queen of Queer Style one on one? I’ll see your geriatric ass next week.>

[The fans roar in approval at Jak’s announcement, which brings out that confident smile again.]

Jakucho Akechi: <I’m going to do the world a favor and show you what happens to old men who think they can just roll up and tear down everything we’re building. Whatever you accomplished in another company, when you step into this ring with me you’re one more grandpa who needs his one way ticket to the retirement home. Just like that record you set up in my dressing room, you’re worn down and stuck in the past. Go ahead, take your best shot, but I’m going to end the myth of your invulnerability!>

[She has a bit of her usual playfulness in her step as she turns to face the entrance ramp.]

Jakucho Akechi: <And just in case you get any funny ideas about ambushing me before our fight? Allow me to introduce you to a very special guest who’s joining my revolution.>

[The buzz in the air grows louder and louder as Jak makes a show of pointing to the entrance ramp. Just as the camera angle switches to the stage, ‘Riot of Flowers’ hits and the same woman who’s been at Jak’s side the past few weeks emerges. Rather than street clothes she’s wearing gold wrestling gear with green and blue trim. She’s got a built physique that stands out as much as her dyed silver hair.]

Zac Brindle: We’ve seen her for weeks, and now she’s finally revealing her identity! If this is who I think it is, she’s one of the most promising young talents in professional wrestling.

Johnny Kaos: This kid looks like an absolute unit! 

[The silver haired woman steps through the ropes and nods to the cheering crowd. There’s something a bit distant in her expression as she moves over to Jak’s side. Jak smiles even wider and gives her partner a pat on the shoulder. Once the music cuts Jak motions to her new teammate.]

Jakucho Akechi: <I promised the world a surprise, and when Jakucho-sama makes a promise she keeps it. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a prodigy of Joshi Puroresu. A woman who at the age of 19 is already one of the strongest women in the world. And the first official recruit for the army that’s going to clear the way for the new generation of wrestlers.>

[Jak nods to Chiaki, who steps forward with mic in hand as if a new match is beginning.]

Chiaki: Introducing, from Osaka, Japan: <the Emerald Dragon, Kojiiiiiimaaaa Setsuuuunaaaaa!>

[Setsuna flexes her muscles as the crowd cheers and Jak applauds enthusiastically. It’s only a moment later that Jak steps back into the center of the shot.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Together, our power is immeasurable. Together our power is going to change the world. Together we are Powe Ryse!>

[Jak winks to Setsuna, who seems especially thrilled by the announcement. The champion follows up by pointing a finger gun at the camera.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Setsuna-san’s going to ensure that the woolly mammoth has to fight fair next week. I will not lose this championship to a hairy monster grandpa like him! In fact, maybe I should make sure he gets a shave after I’m done. Which gives me an idea..>

[She nods to Chiaki, who picks up a folded T-shirt off the ground and holds it up for the camera. On it is a Japanese style logo with a wolf and the words ‘POWER RYSE’.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Our official T-shirt is now available exclusively on jaku-do.com! For the next week, you can use promo code #ShaveTheMammoth to get 15 percent off special items including this beautiful item!>

[Jak eagerly takes the shirt and hands it to Setsuna. The young powerhouse cracks a smile as she wastes zero time pulling the shirt on over her head. Jak meanwhile gives the center plate of her championship an emphatic tap.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Watson, you want to be Television Champion? Come and take it. From my Cold. Dead. Hands.>

[She drops the mic and finally ‘Subconscious’ plays as Power Ryse pose for the cameras. As the group exits the ring, we fade to a graphic for the next match.]

Under Pressure

In the dimly lit confines of his office, JD James, the beleaguered COO of P:V, sifts through paperwork, his brow furrowed in concentration. The tranquility is shattered as the door bursts open, and Midas, accompanied by the assertive Katya Roux, storms in with palpable intensity.

Roux: JD, we need to talk, and we need to talk now!

Her voice cuts through the air like a knife, demanding attention as JD looks up, visibly taken aback by their abrupt intrusion.

JD James: (Nervously) Katya, Midas, what’s the meaning of this? Can’t this wait? I’m in the middle of—

Roux: (Interrupting) We’re done waiting, JD. Midas deserves better treatment around here, and you know it. Why doesn’t he have a match tonight? Even after our talk last week?

Midas, the silent force beside her, stares at JD with a mix of frustration and expectation, his gaze piercing.

JD James: (Stammering) Well, you see, it’s just that… the match card was finalized—

Roux: (Cutting in) I don’t want excuses, JD. I want results. What are you going to do about this?

JD shifts uncomfortably in his seat, feeling the weight of Roux’s unwavering gaze.

JD James: (Hesitantly) Look, I understand your concerns, and I assure you, Midas hasn’t been forgotten. In fact, I’ve been considering… uh, other opportunities for him.

Roux: (Skeptical) Opportunities? Like what?

JD James: (Quickly improvising) How about… a TV Championship match? Yes, at the next PPV. Midas deserves a chance to prove himself on a bigger stage, right?

Katya Roux’s eyes narrow, studying JD’s expression for any signs of insincerity. After a tense moment, she nods, seemingly appeased.

Roux: (Cautiously) Fine, JD. We’ll hold you to that promise. But don’t think this is the end of it.

With a final, steely glance, Katya Roux ushers Midas out of the office, leaving JD James to exhale a sigh of relief tinged with apprehension, knowing he’s just bought himself more trouble.

JD James: (Under his breath) What have I gotten myself into? I need to get more control around here….

As the door clicks shut behind them, JD James is left to ponder the consequences of his impromptu decision, realizing that navigating the politics of P:V is a precarious game indeed.

Man of Mayhem Pt.3

In the labyrinthine corridors backstage, Dutch Ramirez stalks with purpose, his eyes blazing with a singular determination. The air crackles with tension as Dutch searches every nook and cranny, his senses heightened and his fists clenched in anticipation.

Dutch’s hunt for vengeance consumes him, driving him forward with an unrelenting resolve. Each step echoes with the weight of his determination, the promise of retribution simmering beneath the surface.

Suddenly, from the shadows, a malevolent figure emerges. Puck, the source of Dutch’s ire, materializes with predatory grace, a twisted grin etched upon his face. With a steel pipe gripped tightly in his hand, Puck advances with malicious intent.

Before Dutch can react, Puck strikes with ruthless precision, the steel pipe crashing into the back of Dutch’s knee with bone-jarring force. Agony courses through Dutch’s body, his muscles seizing with the impact as he crumples to the unforgiving floor.

As Dutch writhes in pain, Puck stands over him, his laughter echoing through the corridors like a chilling refrain. The malevolence in his eyes is unmistakable, a testament to the depths of his depravity.

With a twisted smirk, Puck disappears into the shadows once more, leaving Dutch to wrestle with the searing pain and the bitter taste of betrayal. In the darkness of the backstage area, vengeance hangs heavy in the air, a volatile precursor to the storm that looms on the horizon.

Single Match
Elijah Drake vs. Chopper Anderson

International Message

The electrifying atmosphere of the P:V Arena pulses with energy as Elijah Drake, the revered veteran of P:V, stands tall in the center of the ring, basking in the adulation of the cheering crowd. His recent victory over Chopper Anderson has solidified his status as a fan favorite, and tonight, they celebrate his triumph.

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, what a victory we just witnessed from Elijah Drake! The resilience, the determination—truly remarkable!

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac! Drake continues to defy the odds, showcasing why he’s one of the true legends of P:V!

As Drake raises his arms in triumph, reveling in the moment, the mood suddenly shifts. Boos ripple through the arena like a gathering storm, signaling an unexpected turn of events.

Zac Brindle: Wait a minute, what’s happening here?

Johnny Kaos: I’m not sure, Zac, but something doesn’t feel right.

Suddenly, emerging from the sea of spectators, the imposing figure of ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson, the International Heavyweight Champion, materializes with malevolent intent. The crowd’s cheers morph into gasps of shock as Anderson storms toward the ring, his eyes fixed on Elijah Drake like a predator closing in on its prey.

Zac Brindle: Oh, no! It’s Angelo Anderson! What’s he doing out here?

Johnny Kaos: This doesn’t look good, Zac. Drake’s victory celebration might be short-lived!

With lightning speed, Angelo Anderson slides into the ring, his expression a mask of ruthless determination. Drake, caught off guard, turns just in time to face his assailant, but it’s too late. Anderson strikes with brutal precision, delivering a thunderous blow with his Championship belt that sends Drake crashing to the canvas.

Zac Brindle: Anderson is unleashing a vicious assault on Elijah Drake! This is despicable!

Johnny Kaos: The International Heavyweight Champion showing no mercy here, Zac! Drake didn’t see this coming!

The crowd’s boos crescendo as Anderson continues his onslaught, raining down blow after blow on the fallen Drake, who struggles to defend himself against the relentless onslaught. The once jubilant atmosphere has soured, replaced by a sense of outrage and disbelief.

Zac Brindle: Someone needs to stop this! Drake is defenseless against this onslaught!

Johnny Kaos: Indeed, Zac, but it looks like Anderson has no intention of letting up anytime soon! Just ask William Vorheez over at the sVo!

As the chaos unfolds in the ring, officials and security personnel rush to intervene, attempting to pry Anderson away from his helpless victim. But the damage has been done, and Elijah Drake lies battered and broken in the center of the ring, a stark reminder that in the unforgiving world of P:V, alliances can shatter, and enemies lurk in the shadows.

The scene fades to black, leaving behind a stunned audience and a trail of uncertainty in its wake.

Common Enemy

In the dimly lit corridors of the P:V Arena, Darwin Jones and James Mendoza find themselves in a quiet corner, away from the hustle and bustle of the main event. Mendoza winces as he gingerly applies an ice pack to his throbbing shoulder, the remnants of Boyd Jackson’s ruthless assault still fresh in his mind.

Darwin Jones: Hey, James, how you holding up?

Darwin’s concern is evident as he approaches James, his friend and longtime rival. James offers a weak smile, his features contorted in discomfort, but his resolve remains unwavering.

James Mendoza: Hanging in there, Darwin. Just a little bruised, that’s all.

James grits his teeth, the pain evident even as he tries to downplay its severity. Darwin nods understandingly, his expression one of solidarity and determination.

Darwin Jones: You took a beating out there, James. That was Jackson’s handiwork, wasn’t it?

James nods grimly, his eyes reflecting a steely resolve born of defiance.

James Mendoza: Yeah, it was him, alright. But this isn’t about me, Darwin. It’s about putting an end to Jackson’s reign of terror once and for all.

Darwin’s features harden, mirroring James’ determination. The rivalry between them takes a backseat as a shared sense of purpose takes hold.

Darwin Jones: You’re damn right, James. Jackson’s gone too far this time. We can’t let him get away with this.

The air crackles with resolve as Darwin and James exchange a knowing look, a silent vow passing between them. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, united in their determination to confront their common enemy.

James Mendoza: Tonight was just the beginning, Darwin. Jackson’s days of running rampant are numbered.

With a shared nod of agreement, Darwin and James steel themselves for the battle ahead, their sights set on Boyd Jackson and the justice that awaits him.

As they depart, a palpable sense of determination lingers in the air, a testament to the unbreakable bond forged in the crucible of adversity.

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Starr Brothers (c) vs. Stevie Rigg & Edwin Ellis

Crimson + Chaos, Part 2


[An explosion of glass echoes throughout the concourse at the Wells Fargo Center as Masafumi Satake tosses Hate Watson through a popcorn machine. The concession workers scramble away from Satake, who grabs Watson by his hair, amidst  shards of glass, kernels and butter. The weeks of emotional torture from Watson have pushed Satake past his limit. It is time to fight chaos with chaos.]

Zac Brindle: “I can’t believe it, these maniacs have been fighting all night!”

[Hate Watson slowly makes his way to his knees, staring into the eyes of Satake, banging his fist against his own skull, demanding more violence. Masafumi obliges, heaves up  the cash register, and obliterates Watson with the device over his head!]

Johnny Kaos: “Oh dear lord!”

[Masafumi does not stop. He swiftly tosses Watson over the countertop and back out onto the concourse. A sea of fans are in awe as they watch the madness. Masa’ sees another opportunity and whips Watson into the condiment station. Watson hits the edge of the table, rolling over the display, and upending the entire thing. Mustard, ketchup, and relish, oh my!]

Johnny Kaos: “We haven’t seen this side of Satake before!”

[The fans let out a collective “holy shit,” when Watson jumps to his feet and lets out a primal scream. He is enjoying every moment of this. Covered in various condiments, he charges at Satake, catching him off guard, and connects with a massive lariat! Satake gets knocked for a loop, and smashes into a nearby trash receptacle.]

Zac Brindle: “Pure bedlam in Philadelphia!”

[“The Scumbag Superstar”, with a maniacal laugh, grabs the camera off the cameraman. Watson screams, “I can tell you all about PAIN!”, and promptly smashes the camera against the spine of his former best friend. The footage switches to static, and with another toss of the camera, the shot cuts to black.]

Johnny Kaos: “We’ve lost the feed, Zac!”

Zac Brindle: “These two reckless fighters are just going to hurt themselves! JD James has to do something about this. The fans and backstage personnel aren’t even safe from this blood feud. But, the show must go on, let’s cut!”

Victory & Defeat

Elena Cruz stands poised backstage, her eyes fixed on the camera as she prepares to delve into the tumultuous world of Project:Violence. Across from her, ‘the Dark Horse’ Darrel Robles stands tall, flanked by his enigmatic manager, Hellbender. The air crackles with anticipation as the interview commences.

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘the Dark Horse’ Darrel Robles and his manager Hellbender. Darrel, chaos seems to follow you wherever you go, especially with the ongoing conflicts involving Boyd Jackson, James Mendoza, and Darwin Jones. Can you shed some light on the situation?

Darrel Robles’ steely gaze pierces through the tension-filled atmosphere, his demeanor unwavering in the face of turmoil.

Darrel Robles: Elena, chaos is just another word for opportunity. Boyd Jackson, James Mendoza, Darwin Jones—they’re all just pawns in the game. I’m not interested in alliances or petty drama. I’m here for one reason and one reason only—to dominate this ring, to crush anyone who stands in my path, and to emerge victorious at any cost.

Hellbender nods in silent agreement, her presence exuding an aura of silent intensity.

Elena Cruz: Strong words, Darrel. But with tensions escalating, do you foresee any resolution to the ongoing conflicts?

Darrel Robles: Resolution? There’s no room for resolution in the world I inhabit. There’s only victory and defeat, strength and weakness. As for Boyd, James, and Darwin, they’ll learn soon enough that in the ring, there’s no sanctuary from the storm that is ‘the Dark Horse’ Darrel Robles.

With a resolute nod, Darrel Robles and Hellbender vanish into the shadows, leaving behind an air of foreboding intensity. The stage is set for a collision of titanic proportions, where only the strongest will emerge unscathed.

Single Match
Adam Garcia vs. Drew Hendrix w/ The Legends Club

No, No, No

The atmosphere inside the P:V Arena crackles with tension as boos rain down upon the Legends Club, reveling in their underhanded victory. Drew Hendrix stands tall in the center of the ring, a smirk playing on his lips as his cohorts, Curtis Knight, Athena, and Buzz Marshall, bask in the chorus of disapproval.

Just as the Legends Club begin to relish their ill-gotten triumph, a hush falls over the arena as the authoritative figure of P:V COO JD James strides purposefully to the top of the entrance ramp. His presence commands attention, and the crowd stirs in anticipation of his next move, with JD seemingly had a change of attitude after his run in with Midas & Katya Roux earlier in the evening

JD James: Ladies and gentlemen, it seems we’ve witnessed a grave injustice here tonight. There has been far too much of that going on around here.

The crowd erupts into cheers, their voices echoing with approval at JD James’ declaration.

JD James: Adam Garcia, you were robbed of a fair opportunity to compete. That is not how we conduct business here in Project:Violence!

The fans’ fervor intensifies, their support for fair play echoing throughout the arena.

JD James: Therefore, I hereby order the match to be restarted, with Drew Hendrix and Adam Garcia facing off once more. But this time, there will be no interference. The Legends Club is hereby banned from ringside!

A wave of applause washes over the arena as JD James’ decree reverberates throughout the venue. The Legends Club’s expressions twist into scowls of discontent, but they have no choice but to angrily comply with the COO’s directive as security streams down to ringside to escort them away.

With determination etched across his features, Adam Garcia re-enters the ring, his resolve unshakable as he prepares to face Drew Hendrix once more. The stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions, where justice will prevail and the spirit of competition shall reign supreme.

Single Match
Adam Garcia vs. Drew Hendrix

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