P:V Uprising 65
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Prudential Center, Newark, NJ
10th February 2024

[The camera sweeps across the bustling streets of Newark, New Jersey, where the energy of anticipation crackles in the air. The iconic Prudential Center stands tall, ready to host an unforgettable night of action and excitement.]

[Inside the arena, the crowd erupts with thunderous applause as the lights pulsate and the music blares, signaling the start of another epic edition of P:V Uprising.]

Zac Brindle: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a historic night in the world of professional wrestling! We are live from the legendary Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, for the start of P:V’s East Coast tour!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! The atmosphere here is absolutely electric, and we have an incredible lineup of matches in store for our passionate fans tonight.

[The camera pans across the arena, capturing the sea of eager faces and colorful signs held high by enthusiastic fans.]

Zac Brindle: And what a main event we have tonight, Johnny! The formidable Athena of the Legends Club goes head-to-head with the undefeated ‘Spanish Ace’ Adam Garcia in what promises to be an explosive showdown!

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac! The tension between these two competitors has been simmering for weeks, and tonight, they finally collide in the center of the ring.

[The anticipation mounts as the crowd’s excitement reaches a fever pitch.]

Zac Brindle: But before we get to our main event, we have an action-packed lineup of matches featuring P:V’s top talent, including thrilling tag team clashes, hard-hitting singles showdowns, and much more!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! Strap yourselves in, folks, because tonight, history will be made right here in Newark, New Jersey!

[With the stage set and anticipation at its peak, the Prudential Center braces itself for an unforgettable evening of heart-stopping action and jaw-dropping moments. The journey of P:V Uprising through the East Coast has begun, and the excitement is palpable throughout the arena.]

A Proposal for the Ace

[The arena darkens as the ominous theme of the Legends Club echoes throughout the Prudential Center, signaling the arrival of the dominant faction. The crowd’s reaction is immediate and deafening, a cacophony of boos reverberating through the arena.]

[Curtis Knight, adorned with the prestigious P:V Championship belt around his waist, leads the procession to the ring, flanked by his formidable allies Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall. Their expressions are stoic, unaffected by the hostility of the audience.]

Zac Brindle: Here comes the tyrannical quartet, the Legends Club, not draped in as much gold as usual, but still bathed in infamy. The mere sight of them is enough to incite the wrath of the P:V faithful.

Johnny Kaos: You can feel the tension in the air, Zac. The Legends Club’s grip on P:V grows tighter with each passing day, and tonight, it seems Curtis Knight has something to say.

[Curtis Knight steps into the ring, his presence commanding attention as he raises the microphone to his lips. The boos intensify, but Knight remains undeterred, a smirk playing on his lips.]

Curtis Knight: Listen up, you ignorant masses! Tonight, you have the privilege of witnessing greatness in its purest form. You see before you the best in P:V, the Legends Club!

[The crowd’s disdain only grows louder, but Knight revels in the hostility, his voice cutting through the din.]

Curtis Knight: Adam Garcia, last week you showed promise, determination, the kind of fire that could make you a legend. But you see, son, you’re chasing after the wrong dream. The P:V Championship? No, no, no!

[Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall nod in agreement, their allegiance unwavering as Knight continues to address the crowd.]

Curtis Knight: So here’s my offer, Garcia. Join us, join the Legends Club, and together, we’ll ascend to heights you never dreamed possible. You could be cashing in the opportunity you earned last week to challenge for the sVo or DW Championships! Hell we could take this international to Japan or Mexico! Be part of the group and we will extend our dominance across the globe!

[The crowd’s boos reach a crescendo as Knight’s proposition hangs in the air, the disdain palpable. With a satisfied smirk, Knight lowers the microphone and, followed by the rest of the Legends Club, exits the ring, leaving the audience to stew in their resentment.]

Zac Brindle: What a audacious proposal from Curtis Knight! Will Adam Garcia succumb to the allure of power and prestige, or will he face Knight for the P:V Championship as is his right after winning the triple threat last week?

Johnny Kaos: Only time will tell, Zac, but one thing’s for certain: Curtis Knight seems rattled by the challenge of having to face the undefeated Spanish Ace!


[In the bustling backstage area, Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf, former adversaries turned unlikely allies, stand together, engaged in an animated discussion.]

Teddy Rush: So, Bjorn, we’ve been tearing it up lately, haven’t we?

Bjorn Asulf: Aye, that we have, Teddy. But I can’t shake the feeling that there’s more we could be achieving together.

Teddy Rush: You’re damn right about that. I’ve been thinking—we’ve got the skills, the chemistry… why not make it official?

Bjorn Asulf: You mean… form a tag team?

Teddy Rush: Exactly! Think about it—we’d be unstoppable. But first things first, we need a killer name.

Bjorn Asulf: Agreed. Something that strikes fear into the hearts of our opponents.

[As Rush and Asulf mull over potential tag team names, they’re interrupted by the arrival of the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon, the current tag team champions.]

Darren Starr: Hey, fellas! Heard you’re in the market for a tag team name.

Simon Starr: Well, you’re in luck because the Starr Brothers are here to offer some friendly advice.

Teddy Rush: We appreciate that, boys. We were just throwing some ideas around.

Bjorn Asulf: But if you’ve got any suggestions, we’re all ears.

Darren Starr: How about this—focus less on the name and more on winning matches. You do that, and we’ll give you a shot at these titles, no questions asked.

Simon Starr: Besides, a great team can make any name legendary.

[Rush and Asulf exchange knowing glances, appreciating the offer from the Starr Brothers.]

Teddy Rush: You know what, Bjorn? I think we’ve got ourselves a deal.

Bjorn Asulf: Aye, Teddy. Let’s show them what we’re made of—name or no name.

[With renewed determination, Rush and Asulf shake hands with the Starr Brothers, their resolve solidified as they prepare to embark on their journey as a formidable tag team in pursuit of championship gold.]

New Jersey, It’s Been A While

[The backstage area hums with activity as wrestlers, crew members, and staff bustle about, preparing for the night’s event. Among the bustling crowd, the legendary Elijah Drake makes his entrance into the arena, his demeanor carrying a hint of solemnity after his recent setback in the ring.]

Elijah Drake, adorned in his iconic attire, strides purposefully through the corridors of the arena, his gaze focused yet reflective as he absorbs the atmosphere around him. His presence commands attention, drawing respectful nods and murmurs of recognition from those he passes.

As Drake makes his way deeper into the arena, his mind seemingly preoccupied with the events of the past week, he pauses momentarily to collect his thoughts. The weight of defeat weighs heavily on his shoulders, a rare display of vulnerability from the usually stoic competitor.

Elijah Drake: (to himself, with a determined tone) Keep moving forward, Elijah. Tonight’s another opportunity.

Despite the setback, there’s a flicker of determination in Drake’s eyes, a testament to his unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit. He knows that in the world of professional wrestling, every challenge presents a chance for redemption, and he’s ready to rise to the occasion once more.

With a deep breath and a renewed sense of purpose, Elijah Drake continues his journey through the corridors, his footsteps echoing with quiet determination. Tonight may be another chapter in his storied career, but one thing remains certain—Elijah Drake is a force to be reckoned with, no matter the odds.

As he disappears around a corner, the anticipation for the night’s event grows, with Drake’s presence serving as a reminder of the timeless allure and electrifying energy that permeates the world of professional wrestling.

Tag Team Match
Rebel Society vs Teddy Rush/Bjorn Asulf

Rolling into Battle

[Elena Cruz stands backstage, microphone in hand, ready to conduct the interview. Dutch Ramirez, his rugged biker persona emanating an aura of toughness, approaches with a confident stride.]

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Dutch Ramirez, the biker from parts unknown who’s been making waves in P:V. Dutch, last week you had a decisive victory over Puck, a competitor with quite the reputation. How are you feeling after that win?

[Dutch Ramirez nods, a faint grin playing on his lips as he adjusts the collar of his leather jacket.]

Dutch Ramirez: Elena, last week was just the beginning. Puck thought he could run roughshod over everyone, but he learned the hard way that Dutch Ramirez doesn’t back down from anyone. That victory was just a taste of what I bring to the table.

Elena Cruz: Strong words, Dutch. Tonight, you’re set to face Brandon Snyder, another formidable opponent. How do you plan on approaching this match?

[Dutch’s expression shifts, his eyes gleaming with determination as he focuses on the task at hand.]

Dutch Ramirez: Brandon Snyder… He’s no stranger to the ring, but neither am I. Tonight, I step into that ring ready to show Snyder and the entire P:V roster what Dutch Ramirez is all about. I’m not here to play games. I’m here to ride roughshod and leave my mark.

Elena Cruz: There you have it, folks. Dutch Ramirez, ready to roll into battle once again. Best of luck tonight, Dutch.

[Dutch nods appreciatively before striding off, his presence exuding an air of confidence as he prepares for his upcoming match against Brandon Snyder.]

Send a Message

[In the bustling backstage area of the arena, Katya Roux, the enigmatic manager of Midas, prepares her charge for the upcoming match against Edwin Ellis. With steely determination and a hint of intensity, she delivers a fervent pep talk to her protege, instilling in him the importance of their mission.]

Katya Roux: (leaning in, her voice low and commanding) Midas, tonight is not just another match. It’s an opportunity—a chance to assert our dominance, to show the world the power we wield.

Midas, clad in his imposing ring attire, nods solemnly, his eyes reflecting the intensity of his manager’s words. He understands the gravity of the situation, the weight of expectations resting upon his broad shoulders.

Midas: (in his stoic, silent demeanor, nodding in agreement)

Katya Roux: Edwin Ellis stands in our path tonight, a mere obstacle to be overcome. But remember, Midas, you are more than just a wrestler—you are a force of nature, a symbol of our supremacy.

With each word, Katya Roux’s conviction grows stronger, her unwavering belief in Midas unwavering. She knows that tonight’s match is about more than just victory—it’s about sending a message, about asserting their dominance over the P:V roster.

Katya Roux: (placing a hand on Midas’s shoulder, her gaze unwavering) Tonight, you will show them what it means to face the wrath of Midas. You will leave no doubt in their minds that we are the rulers of this domain. You will show what happens to someone that let’s us down.

Midas absorbs her words, the fire of determination burning brightly in his eyes. With Katya Roux’s guidance, he knows that victory is within reach, and he is prepared to unleash his full fury upon his opponent.

As the moments tick away, the anticipation mounts, the stage set for a clash of titans. With Katya Roux’s words echoing in his mind, Midas prepares to step into the spotlight, ready to leave an indelible mark on the annals of professional wrestling.

Single Match
Dutch Ramirez vs. Brandon Snyder

Not Over

[The arena erupts with a mix of cheers and boos as Dutch Ramirez stands tall in the center of the ring, his victory over Brandon Snyder still fresh in the minds of the audience. Ramirez raises his arms, soaking in the adulation of the crowd, when suddenly, a hush falls over the arena as Puck’s theme blares through the speakers.]

[Puck, with a sinister grin etched on his face, stealthily makes his way down the ramp, eyes fixed on Ramirez in the ring. The crowd’s cheers turn to jeers as they sense trouble brewing.]

Zac Brindle: Oh, this doesn’t look good, Johnny. Puck is on the hunt, and Dutch Ramirez is his prey tonight.

Johnny Kaos: Ramirez needs to watch his back, Zac. Puck is as cunning as they come, and he’s got a bone to pick with the biker from parts unknown.

[As Ramirez continues to celebrate, oblivious to the impending danger, Puck slides into the ring with the stealth of a predator. With lightning speed, Puck pounces on Ramirez, delivering a vicious assault from behind. The crowd roars with disapproval as Puck rains down blows upon Ramirez, who struggles to fend off the sudden attack.]

Zac Brindle: Puck wasting no time in making his presence felt, Johnny! Ramirez is caught off guard, and Puck is taking full advantage!

Johnny Kaos: This is despicable, Zac! Ramirez was just trying to enjoy his hard-earned victory, and Puck comes out of nowhere to spoil the celebration!

[The referee rushes into the ring, trying desperately to intervene, but Puck’s onslaught shows no signs of relenting. The boos from the crowd grow louder, echoing throughout the arena as they witness the merciless assault unfold before their eyes.]

Zac Brindle: Someone needs to put a stop to this, Johnny! Ramirez doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment after a hard-fought match!

Johnny Kaos: I couldn’t agree more, Zac. Puck’s actions tonight are reprehensible, but it looks like he’s got no intention of letting up any time soon!

[As the chaos ensues, Puck continues to rain down punishment on Dutch Ramirez, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. The scene fades to black as the audience watches in shock and dismay at the reprehensible act unfolding in the ring.]

Olive Branch

[In the dimly lit backstage area of the Prudential Center, Edwin Ellis can be seen shadowboxing, his muscles tense as he mentally prepares for his upcoming match against Midas. As he continues his warm-up routine, his concentration is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf, two seasoned wrestlers with a history of clashes against Midas and his manager, Katya Roux.]

Teddy Rush: Hey, Edwin, mind if we have a word?

Edwin Ellis (pausing momentarily): Sure, what’s on your minds?

Bjorn Asulf: We just wanted to talk to you about your match tonight against Midas.

Teddy Rush: Look, we know you’ve had your differences with Midas and Katya Roux in the past.

Bjorn Asulf: And we also know you’ve been flying solo for a while now, but tonight might not be the night for that.

Edwin Ellis (raising an eyebrow): What do you mean?

Teddy Rush: We’ve seen how Katya operates, Edwin. She’s got a way of getting inside people’s heads and leading them down the wrong path.

Bjorn Asulf: And we just want to make sure you’re not walking into a trap tonight. You don’t have to face Midas alone.

Edwin Ellis (brushing off their concerns): Thanks for the advice, guys, but I’ve got this under control. I don’t need you guys watching my back.

Teddy Rush (sighing): Suit yourself, Edwin. But just remember, when things go south out there, don’t say we didn’t tell you.

[With a dismissive wave, Edwin Ellis turns his attention back to his warm-up routine, his resolve unwavering despite the warnings from Teddy Rush and Bjorn Asulf. As the two wrestlers exchange knowing glances, they silently hope that Ellis will reconsider his decision before it’s too late.]

Single Match
Edwin Ellis vs. Midas

An Unexpected Alliance

[In the heart of the Prudential Center, the atmosphere is tense as Midas stands triumphantly over Edwin Ellis, who lies defeated in the center of the ring. The Egyptian wrestler, silent and imposing behind his mask, looms over his fallen opponent, a symbol of dominance in the squared circle.]

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, Midas has once again asserted his dominance in the ring, leaving Edwin Ellis lying prone after a hard-fought battle!

Johnny Kaos: Indeed, Midas has proven time and again that he’s a force to be reckoned with in P:V. But what’s this?

[Suddenly, the arena erupts with the sound of intense music as Stevie Rigg storms down the ramp, his expression a mix of determination and fury. The crowd roars with anticipation as Rigg charges towards the ring, his eyes fixed on Midas and Edwin Ellis.]

Zac Brindle: It looks like Stevie Rigg has seen enough! He’s not going to stand idly by while Midas continues his assault!

Johnny Kaos: Rigg is a man on a mission tonight, Zac. Let’s see how Midas reacts to this unexpected interruption!

[As Stevie Rigg slides under the bottom rope and enters the ring, Midas eyes him warily, his imposing figure tensing for a potential confrontation. Rigg, undeterred by the looming presence before him, steps forward, a defiant glare in his eyes.]

[Midas hesitates for a moment, his masked visage unreadable as he assesses the situation. Sensing an opportunity, Rigg moves swiftly to Edwin Ellis’s side, helping him up as the crowd erupts into cheers.]

Zac Brindle: What a moment, Johnny! Stevie Rigg coming to the aid of Edwin Ellis after a grueling match against Midas!

Johnny Kaos: Was this why Edwin Ellis didn’t need the help of Rush and Asulf? Was this the plan all along?

[With Stevie Rigg’s intervention, Midas reluctantly backs away, his silent demeanor speaking volumes as he retreats from the ring. As Rigg and Ellis stand united in the center of the ring, the crowd roars with appreciation for Rigg’s act of valor, marking a powerful moment in the ongoing saga of P:V Uprising.]

No Answer

[The camera cuts to the locker room of the Legends Club, a domain pulsating with tension and ambition. Curtis Knight, flanked by Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, stands at the center, his presence commanding attention.]

Curtis Knight: Alright, listen up. We need to address the situation with Garcia. He’s been given an offer of a lifetime, and he better come to his senses before the main event tonight.

[Athena nods in agreement, her eyes simmering with determination as she prepares for the task ahead.]

Athena: If he doesn’t, he’s going to regret it. I’ll make sure of that.

[Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall exchange determined glances, their resolve unwavering as they stand beside their leader.]

Drew Hendrix: And what about our match tonight, boss?

Buzz Marshall: Yeah, we’re not just here to win. We’re here to dominate.

[Curtis Knight’s gaze hardens, his voice resonating with authority as he addresses his comrades.]

Curtis Knight: You better be. Tonight, we don’t just win our matches. We send a message. We show them what it means to face the Legends Club. Garcia included.

[With a collective nod of understanding, the members of the Legends Club steel themselves for the challenges that lie ahead. As they prepare to make their presence felt once more, the air crackles with anticipation.]

Paying it Back

[The camera fades in, revealing the office of COO JD James, a place of power and intrigue within the P:V hierarchy. The room is adorned with memorabilia from past events, a testament to the history of the promotion.]

[JD James sits behind his desk, engrossed in paperwork, when a knock at the door interrupts his focus.]

JD James: Come in.

[The door swings open, and Cherry Bordeaux enters, her presence commanding attention as she steps into the room.]

Cherry Bordeaux: JD, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity tonight. I won’t let you down.

[JD James offers Cherry a warm smile, acknowledging her gratitude with a nod.]

JD James: You’ve earned it, Cherry. You’ve been a loyal servant to P:V, and your dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed.

[Cherry nods appreciatively, a glimmer of determination in her eyes as she prepares for the challenge ahead.]

Cherry Bordeaux: It means a lot, JD. After everything that’s happened, it feels good to be back in the spotlight.

[JD James leans back in his chair, his expression thoughtful as he reflects on the turbulent events that have unfolded in recent weeks.]

JD James: You’ve always had a place here, Cherry. You’re part of what makes P:V great, and tonight, you have the chance to remind everyone of that.

[Cherry nods, a sense of purpose coursing through her veins as she prepares to seize the moment in the ring.]

Cherry Bordeaux: I won’t disappoint you, JD. Tonight, I’m going to show the world exactly what I’m made of.

[JD James offers Cherry a reassuring smile, his confidence unwavering as he places his trust in her abilities.]

JD James: I have no doubt about that, Cherry. Go out there and show them what you’re capable of. Make it count.

[With a determined nod, Cherry Bordeaux exits the office, her mind focused on the challenge that awaits her in the ring. As the door closes behind her, JD James returns his attention to the tasks at hand, his mind already turning to the next chapter in the unfolding drama of P:V Uprising.]

Tag Team Match
The Legends Club vs. Ordinary Gentleman


[The backstage area hums with activity as the Masters of the Mat—Iron Mike Donovan and Gentleman George Lancaster—stand before a monitor, their eyes fixed on the unfolding events in the ring.]

Iron Mike Donovan: [Gruffly] Well, that was rather uninspired, wouldn’t you say, George?

Gentleman George Lancaster: [Nodding] Quite right, old chap. I expected a bit more finesse from the so-called Legends Club.

[As the Legends Club asserts their dominance in the ring, Donovan and Lancaster exchange knowing glances, unimpressed by the display of brute force.]

Iron Mike Donovan: Seems like they rely a bit too much on sheer strength and intimidation, wouldn’t you agree?

Gentleman George Lancaster: Absolutely, Mike. Where’s the artistry, the technique? They lack the refinement that true masters of the mat possess.

[Donovan and Lancaster nod in agreement, their disappointment evident as they observe the match’s conclusion.]

Iron Mike Donovan: Well, it seems our esteemed colleagues have some work to do if they wish to impress us.

Gentleman George Lancaster: Indeed, Mike. Let us show them how true mastery of the mat is achieved.

[With a determined air, Donovan and Lancaster turn away from the monitor, their resolve strengthened by the lackluster performance they’ve just witnessed. As they head off to prepare for their own matches, the Masters of the Mat remain steadfast in their pursuit of excellence in the world of professional wrestling.]

Ready for the Dark Horse

[Elena Cruz stands poised with her microphone backstage, ready to delve into the mindset of one of P:V’s seasoned competitors, Darwin Jones. As Jones approaches, there’s a sense of determination etched into his features, a testament to the challenges that lie ahead.]

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Darwin Jones, who is set to face the undefeated newcomer Darrell Robles later tonight. Darwin, after your loss in the main event last week, how are you feeling about tonight’s match against Robles?

[Darwin Jones nods, his expression a mix of resolve and disappointment.]

Darwin Jones: Elena, last week didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Losing to Garcia was a setback, no doubt about it. But tonight, facing Darrell Robles, it’s a chance for redemption. Robles may be undefeated, but he’s still a rookie in my book. And I intend to show him and everyone else in that ring tonight what I’m made of.

[Jones’s voice carries a steely determination, his eyes reflecting his unwavering focus on the task at hand.]

Darwin Jones: Losing isn’t an option tonight. I’m here to remind everyone why I belong at the top of the P:V ladder. Robles may be the new kid on the block, but tonight, he’s stepping into the ring with a veteran who’s hungry to prove himself once again.

[With a firm nod, Jones prepares to face the challenge head-on, his determination serving as a beacon of resilience amidst the swirling currents of competition.]

P:V TV Championship Match
Jakucho Akechi (c) vs. Cherry Bordeaux

The Revolution is Here

[The New Jersey fans cheer as the bell rings to mark Jakucho’s second successful title defense; as ‘Subconscious’ plays, Chiaki wastes no time swiping the mic from P:V’s ring announcer.]

Chiaki: <Your winner and STILL Project: Violence Television Champion, “Queen of Queer Style” AKECHIIIII JAAKUUUCHOOOO!>

[Jak grins triumphantly as she holds the belt on high and cheers continue to ring out. Once again she convinces Harper Williams to strap the title around her waist, a giant grin lighting up her face. After it’s secured she circles the ring and poses for fans on each side, revelling in her latest victory. She eventually vaults over the top rope and hops to the floor next to Chiaki, who’s holding a magazine sized book with the champion’s picture on the cover. With a simple gesture, Jak gets the extra mic Chiaki had the whole time.]

Jakucho Akechi: <New Jersey, good evening! How’d you like that one? Ever since I got here, JD James has lined them up and I’ve knocked them down. And with defense 2 secured, I’ve proven I’m already a better champion than that musclehead ‘legend’ or her obnoxious friends and family.>

[The jab at the Legends Club earns her cheers and a few chants, making that grin even more confident.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Doesn’t matter who it is, if they come for Jakucho-sama, if they try to take this Television Championship from me, I’ll kick their ass so hard they’ll crash land back in developmental. Young guns? Dinosaurs? Might-bes and never-weres? All the same to the Queen of Queer Style. The message is the same.>

[She pats the belt around her waist.]

Jakucho: <From my COLD. DEAD. HANDS.>

[As this gets a pop, an impish look crosses Jak’s face.]

Jakucho: <Speaking of that.. If you go to Jaku-do.com right now and enter promo code COLDDEADHANDS, you’ll get 10% off your total purchase! A special deal for my loyal lilies! But act now, because just like Jakucho-sama, the merch is hot and in high demand.>

[She laughs at her own merch plug and then leans forward towards the camera.]

Jakucho: <As I said before, the revolution isn’t coming. It’s already begun. First I knocked off Athena and made myself the face of Project: Violence. I’m sure Garcia-san will find a way to tear down what’s left of the Legends Club soon enough. And through its burning wreckage, my army will march forward with the simple mission of ridding this place of grandpas and junior dinosaurs. My first loyal soldier is here tonight, and you’ll get to meet her soon enough.>

[Jak winks to the camera playfully.]

Jakucho Akechi: <The new world is rising from the ashes of the old. And our revolution isn’t just going to make this our stage, it’s going to make Project: Violence THE top show in all of Sanctioned Violence. By any means necessary.>

[She drops the mic and heads up the ramp with Chiaki in tow as her music plays again. At the top of the ramp she poses with the belt again. A moment later a woman wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses steps through the curtain briefly. She cuts an imposing figure even as she just nods to Jak and holds the curtain open so the champ can head to the back.]

Keeping Them Waiting

[Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone backstage, awaiting the arrival of Adam Garcia, the center of attention after a pivotal offer from the Legends Club earlier in the evening. As Garcia strides into view, his demeanor exudes confidence, his eyes fixed on the challenge ahead.]

Elena Cruz: Adam, tonight you were presented with a significant offer from the Legends Club. Can you share your thoughts on that?

[Adam Garcia pauses for a moment, his expression thoughtful yet resolute.]

Adam Garcia: Elena, the Legends Club made their offer, and it’s definitely intriguing. But let me make one thing clear: before I give them any answer, there’s something else I need to take care of tonight.

[His tone carries a hint of determination, his gaze unwavering as he speaks.]

Adam Garcia: Athena, the main event—that’s my focus right now and it doesn’t change. Tonight, I’m stepping into that ring with one goal: to beat Athena and show the world why I’m destined for greatness.

[Garcia’s words resonate with conviction, his resolve palpable as he prepares to face the formidable challenge that lies ahead.]

Adam Garcia: As for the rest of the Legends Club, they’ll get their answer soon enough. But first, I’ve got a match to win.

[With a determined nod, Garcia turns his attention to the task at hand, ready to seize the moment and leave his mark on the P:V landscape.]

Single Match
Darrell Robles vs. Darwin Jones

[The anticipation hangs thick in the air as Darrell Robles and Darwin Jones stand poised in the ring, ready to engage in a clash of titans. The crowd’s excitement palpable, the atmosphere electric with anticipation.]

Zac Brindle: And here we go, folks! Two powerhouses ready to collide in the center of the ring!

Johnny Kaos: It’s going to be a showdown for the ages, Zac. Robles versus Jones—this is what P:V Uprising is all about!

[But just as the tension reaches its peak, a sudden uproar ripples through the arena—a chorus of boos echoing through the rafters. The source of the disturbance becomes apparent as Boyd Jackson storms down the ramp, a steel chair gripped tightly in his hand.]

Zac Brindle: What in the world is Boyd Jackson doing here?!

Johnny Kaos: It looks like he’s got mayhem on his mind, Zac!

[With ruthless intent, Jackson slides into the ring, his eyes blazing with fury as he takes aim at both Robles and Jones. The steel chair crashes down with brutal force, sending shockwaves reverberating through the arena as chaos erupts.]

Zac Brindle: This is absolute bedlam, Johnny! Jackson’s unleashed a vicious assault on both Robles and Jones!

Johnny Kaos: It’s an all-out onslaught, Zac! Jackson’s showing no mercy!

[As the onslaught continues, the crowd’s boos intensify, a cacophony of disapproval filling the arena. But just when it seems like there’s no end in sight, a sudden surge of hope emerges—a figure charging down the ramp with lightning speed. It’s James Mendoza, racing to the rescue with determination etched across his face.]

Zac Brindle: Here comes James Mendoza, folks! He’s seen enough of Boyd Jackson’s rampage!

Johnny Kaos: Mendoza’s not about to let Jackson get away with this, Zac! It’s time to put an end to this chaos!

[With unwavering resolve, Mendoza confronts Jackson head-on, driving him back with a flurry of fierce strikes. The momentum shifts in an instant, the tide turning as Jackson finds himself on the receiving end of retribution.]

Zac Brindle: Mendoza’s fighting back, Johnny! He’s taking the fight to Boyd Jackson and showing him the door!

Johnny Kaos: This is Mendoza’s domain now, Zac! He’s not backing down from a fight!

[As Mendoza asserts his dominance, Jackson’s retreat becomes inevitable, the chaos subsiding in the wake of Mendoza’s valiant stand. The arena erupts with a chorus of cheers, celebrating the triumph of courage over adversity.]

Zac Brindle: What a turn of events, folks! James Mendoza has come to the rescue and put a stop to Boyd Jackson’s rampage!

Johnny Kaos: That’s right, Zac! Tonight, justice prevails in the ring, thanks to James Mendoza’s heroic intervention! However it seems things aren’t finished at all between these four men!

Jealousy is just Love & Hate at the Same Time

Zac Brindle: “Welcome back, folks! We need to cut to ringside, STAT. It appears we have some chaos about to go down!”

[The Project: Violence fans part like the Red Sea as a grizzled beast of a man proudly marches toward the ring area. There is a certain amount of charm surrounding this thuggish brute. He is dressed in all black and his long black hair is flowing freely. The savage has a thick, gnarly beard and black sunglasses hiding the features not obscured by the entanglement of hair.]

Johnny Kaos: “What the hell has been going on these last few weeks!? This is the same man that has been terrorizing Masafumi Satake. The security department needs a bit of a boost…”

Zac Brindle: “And it looks like he’s not wearing a mask this week. Who is this freak!?”

Johnny Kaos: “All I know is that it can’t be good news for Masa’ after what we saw last week…”

[Suddenly, the man in black violently headbutts a security guard, hops the guardrail, snatches the microphone off the timekeepers table, and slides into the ring.]

Zac Brindle: “Are we really staying with this lunatic?!”

[At this very moment, additional security personnel charge the ring area. They swarm all four corners of the ring, then pause, waiting and listening.]

Hate Watson: “Most of you don’t know who I am… and quite honestly, get fucked. There is one reason, and one reason alone that I’m here in Project: Violence, and that is revenge…”

[He doesn’t simply speak into the microphone, he rages. Watson brushes back his long black hair from his face and exposes a bleeding forehead. Immediately, he shows the camera his bloody palm. A surprisingly charming, albeit psychotic, smirk spreads across this face.]

Hate Watson: “Masafumi Satake…”

[He accentuates each syllable, conveying  years of both fondness and profound resentment. Hate removes his sunglasses, revealing e moderate burn scars around his left eye, which at least from a distance, appears to be completely blackened.]

Hate Watson: “… I bet you’re asking yourself right now if you believe in ghosts. Believe your eyes, senpai. You are in fact seeing a ghost. The Hate Watson you once knew is dead and gone. Not in a fiery crash like everyone saw. No, the Hate you knew died when you left him to rot in Japan. And for all places… Las FUCKING VEGAS.”

[As Watson raises his voice, the security personnel shuffle around ringside. They have clear direction to hold their ground, observe, and maintain a safe perimeter.]

Hate Watson: “It amazes me how, even in Sin City, you captivated the crowds. It has always come so easy for you, hasn’t it, Masa’? But Vegas!? Even you, and your immense ego, know that in Las Vegas, it’s ME who deserves the admiration. Not you. You’re a polished product, and I’m the Scumbag Superstar. Vegas grime is the foundation that Hate Watson was established on.”

[Hate stomps around the ring with a grace that stands in stark contrast to his boorish demeanor. The blood pouring down his face almost seems to center him.]

Hate Watson: “As you all have seen, I’ve been plotting and planning this for quite some time, and the moment I’m ready to reveal myself, JD James decides to take this show on the road. Don’t get me wrong, it feels real fucking good to be back on the East Coast. I’ve called many stoops and flophouses from Boston to Philly home at certain stages of my life…”

[The man in black shakes his head aggressively, resetting his train of thought.]

Hate Watson: “It’s funny how long it took me to realize… I’ve never been anything more than a pawn in the life of Masafumi Satake. I’ve spent half of his career as his damned lackey. All of his failed attempts at greatness. It’s nothing more than mediocrity.”

[Watson snorts into the microphone. The crowd is eating up his every word as he sways with the swagger of a rockstar.]

Hate Watson: “For so long, Masa’, you kept me under your thumb as a lowly errand boy, and now here in New Jersey, of all places, you’re set to find out that the errand boy has always, and will always, be an absolute assassin. Now, we can settle this on the boardwalk or we can settle this in the squared circle. Quite frankly, I don’t care, but you are going to pay for leaving me dead, Masa’. It’s finally time… after twenty years of friendship, you’re going to have to prove that you got that dawg in you. We both know I do…”

[Hate Watson whips his hair out of his face, snarling towards the entrance ramp inviting Satake to join the party.]

Not Tonight…

[“Down the Drain” by the Zero Boys plays over the sound system, rallying the crowd. Masafumi Satake, dressed in blue jeans, and a white tee shirt, bursts into the arena. The security personnel that were surrounding the ring file towards Satake, creating separation between the two. With a microphone in hand, Satake begins to speak with urgency.]

Masafumi Satake: “This is some sort of sick and despicable way to get my attention, Watson. Are you really this broken? Are you really this demented? It looks like my best friend is actually dead, and has been replaced by a sociopath. In the back of my mind, I knew all of this chaos over the last few weeks was you… it could have only been you…”

[He pauses, collecting his thoughts. Hate Watson, seething with rage at the sight of Satake, paces back and forth.]

Masafumi Satake: “I cared about you, but you’ve taken it too far. There isn’t anything more to say, or any other solution. Get the hell out of my wrestling ring. I don’t want you here. Let’s settle this shit right here… right now…”

[Satake, still in his street clothes, tosses down the microphone and begins to trudge towards the ring. The security personnel hold their line, as Watson interrupts.]

Hate Watson: “Oh, you cared? Masa’, the martyr is in full effect, everyone! You’ve only ever cared about one thing, and that’s being considered the best. You’ve never cared about who you have to stab in the back, or walk over to get there. You’re nothing but a black hole, sucking the life out of others around you…”

[Suddenly Watson is cut off as ‘Subconscious’ hits to a loud pop from the east coast crowd. The camera immediately shifts to the stage, where we see Jakucho Akechi standing proudly and still in her ring gear. Around her waist the Project: Violence Television Championship gleams brightly. Just behind her to the right is Chiaki, resplendent in a blue cocktail dress with white trim. She holds a mic in hand as always, dutifully waiting for Jakucho to speak. Notably, a third woman steps out onto the stage to her left; she’s a little shorter than the champion, but her musculature is noticeable under the black t-shirt she’s wearing. A pair of black sunglasses obscures her eyes and her hair’s tucked up into a baseball cap.]

[Jakucho looks from her left to her right, grinning as a  few “QUEEN-OF-QUEER-STYLE!” chants start up in the crowd. They quiet down when she raises the mic up and stares down at the ring like a predator trying to decide what prey to have for dinner. Chiaki is seen raising her on mic, mimicking the champion’s mannerisms and tone.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Hey, hey, hey, what the hell is this about, huh? Grandpa Satake’s having a party but didn’t invite YOUR Project: Violence Television Champion? Figures. He knows that no matter what happens my shine is so bright no one will even see him loafing around the ring nearby. Last week I proved that I am without a question the better wrestler, but then the stupid hairy ghost bastard came out and tried to make me collateral damage for whatever beef he’s got with you. I did what I did out of… Respect for who you were, gramps. That’s all. And as for YOU-”>

[She points at Watson, her passions flaring up and her eyes full of vitriolic fire.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Grandpa Watson? Yes, you. Don’t you EVER lay a finger on Jakucho-sama again or I’ll end your fucking career right here in this ring. You barged into business that was none of yours, and now you invade this ring again to bitch about how the other grandpa ‘abandoned’ you? Give me a break. You might be dangerous and unhinged, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a damn coward. At least the dinosaur you’re trying to murder will confront me face to face. You should’ve stayed in that twisted wreckage old man. Because now you’ve pissed off the wrong woman.”>

[Cheers rise from the crowd as she strolls down to the ring, followed by her ring announcer and apparent backup. The security allows her to pass as they were only directed to keep Watson and Satake at bay. At the base of the ramp she jabs her index finger towards Watson.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”I don’t care what grandpa Satake did or didn’t do to you. I care that you’re here, now, and that your stupid geriatric ass is taking up space in that ring that the younger, hungrier talent deserves. You made this personal by coming after the Queen. I’m going to make you regret ever setting foot in the same building as me. You’re a thug who gets the upper hand by blindsiding people instead of using his talent. I’m the face of Project: Violence, the leader of a Revolution that’s going to make this place better for the new generation, and the reigning, defending, undisputed Television Champion!”>

[More cheers accompany her proclamation, and she starts to circle the ring like a shark smelling blood. The security team is watching her closely.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Try that shit again and my ally here will snap you in half, grandpa. Then whatever’s left of you I’ll cripple and toss into the dumpster where you came from.”>

[Her ally nods slowly, though it’s unclear what might be going through her mind at the moment.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”With all that said, these people deserve some entertainment instead of the two of you bitching at each other. So if there’s going to be a fight, let’s make it spicy! Three way dance. Two grandpas against the Queen of Queer Style right here, right now!”>

[This proposition gets a pop from the crowd, who are clearly eager to see the trio throw down! Jakucho stops at the ring steps, motioning to the crowd to get louder. Chiaki applauds Jakucho while the youngest member of Jak’s trio cracks a sly smile.]

[Before all hell breaks loose the COO of Project Violence, JD James, confidently bursts onto the scene. The New Jersey crowd is loving every minute as the drama continues to unfold.]

JD James: “Enough, enough, enough! I have to admit that I’m absolutely intrigued by this fellow that is currently bleeding in my ring. At the same time, I’m a bit terrified as you can see by all of these wonderful New Jersey security guards…

[He walks further down the entrance ramp, stopping next to Satake and in an attempt to calm him down, pats him on the shoulder.]

JD James: “Good to see you, Masa’… now,  let’s cut to the chase. You three aren’t wrestling each other tonight. So, please relax and take a deep breath”

[The man in charge lets out a dry smile as the crowd boos aggressively. He soaks it all in. He pauses dramatically, allowing the anticipation to build. Satake throws his hands up in the air, completely infuriated with the entire situation. Jakucho rolls her eyes at James shutting down the idea, then shrugs to the camera like ‘what can you do?’ Meanwhile, Hate Watson is sitting on the middle rope, demanding Satake to come at him.]

JD James: “Buuuuut, next week in the Main Event you’ll all be competing in a three way dance! Hate Watson versus Masafumi Satake versus Jakucho Akechi! And that’s that!”

[The fans in New Jersey produce a collective sigh as the security team shuffle both Satake and Jakucho out of the ring area. JD then departs alongside the hired help. Watson adorns a maniacal smile as Uprising #65 cuts to a commercial.]

Legend Killer

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Elijah Drake, who faced a tough loss in the number one contender match last week. Elijah, how are you feeling after that defeat?

Elijah Drake: Thanks, Elena. Yeah, it was a tough loss, no doubt about it. But you know me, I don’t stay down for long. I’ll bounce back stronger than ever.

[Before Drake can elaborate further, the atmosphere grows tense as the imposing figure of Angelo Anderson steps into the frame, the International Heavyweight Championship gleaming over his shoulder.]

Angelo Anderson: Well, well, well, look who it is. Elijah Drake, the man who couldn’t quite cut it when it mattered most.

Elijah Drake: Hey, watch yourself, Anderson. I don’t have time for your games.

Angelo Anderson: Games? Oh, this is no game, Drake. This is about respect. And let me tell you something—around here, respect is earned, not given.

Elena Cruz: Gentlemen, let’s keep it civil here.

Angelo Anderson: Civil? Oh, I’m just getting started. You see, Drake, you may think you’re a big deal around here, but let me remind you, this is my domain. And if you don’t stay out of my way, you’ll end up just like those washed-up legends over in the sVo—irrelevant.

Elijah Drake: Is that a threat, Anderson?

Angelo Anderson: Call it whatever you want, Drake. But mark my words, cross me, and you’ll regret it.

[With a menacing glare, Anderson exits, leaving Drake and Cruz to digest his ominous warning.]

Elena Cruz: Well, there you have it, folks. Tensions running high backstage here at P:V Uprising.

[As Drake contemplates Anderson’s words, the air thick with uncertainty, the stage is set for a potential collision between two formidable forces in the world of professional wrestling.]

Single Match
Athena vs Adam Garcia

The Answer

[The Prudential Center buzzes with anticipation as Adam Garcia stands tall in the center of the ring, basking in the glory of his hard-fought victory over Athena in the electrifying main event of the evening. The crowd erupts with cheers, celebrating Garcia’s triumph.]

Zac Brindle: What a victory for Adam Garcia tonight! He’s proven himself against one of the toughest competitors in P:V!

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac. Garcia has shown he’s a force to be reckoned with here in P:V!

[As Garcia catches his breath and revels in the adulation of the crowd, the arena darkens, and the ominous presence of the Legends Club emerges. Curtis Knight, flanked by Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, slide into the ring, their expressions unreadable yet menacing.]

Zac Brindle: Uh-oh, here comes trouble. The Legends Club doesn’t look too pleased with Garcia’s victory.

Johnny Kaos: This could get interesting, Zac. Let’s see what Knight has to say.

[Curtis Knight, microphone in hand, enters the ring, the intensity in his eyes palpable.]

Curtis Knight: Well, well, well, Adam Garcia, look at you—standing tall after your victory over Athena. Impressive, I must admit.

[The crowd’s cheers turn to murmurs of anticipation as Knight continues, his gaze fixed on Garcia.]

Curtis Knight: But here’s the question on everyone’s minds tonight, Garcia. What’s your decision? Will you join us—the Legends Club—and take the path to legendary status?

[Garcia’s expression remains unreadable as he extends his hand toward Knight, seemingly considering the offer. The crowd holds its breath, waiting for his response.]

Johnny Kaos: What’s Garcia going to do? This could change the landscape of P:V!

Zac Brindle: I can’t believe this, Johnny! What a moment!

[Just as Garcia’s hand hovers inches from Knight’s, he suddenly withdraws it, a sly grin spreading across his face. The crowd erupts into cheers and gasps of surprise.]

Adam Garcia: Sorry, Knight, but I’ve got other plans. You see, I’ve already spoken to JD James, and I’ve got a date with destiny. 29th March, it’s me and you, one-on-one, for the P:V Championship live on PPV!

[Garcia’s announcement sends shockwaves through the arena, as the Legends Club looks on in disbelief. With a wink to the crowd, Garcia swiftly exits the ring, leaving the Legends Club seething with frustration.]

Zac Brindle: What a twist! Adam Garcia has turned down the Legends Club and set his sights on the P:V Championship!

Johnny Kaos: Unbelievable, Zac! The road to the next PPV just got a whole lot more exciting!

[As Garcia disappears into the backstage area, the Prudential Center reverberates with anticipation, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in the ongoing saga of P:V wrestling.]

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