P:V Uprising 62
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
19th January 2024

[The camera fades in, capturing the glittering lights of the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The excitement is palpable as the crowd eagerly awaits another explosive edition of P:V Uprising.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the city that never sleeps! We’re live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, where the stakes are always high and the action is bound to be unforgettable.”

Johnny Kaos: “That’s right, Zac! Las Vegas is known for its glitz, glamour, and a little bit of risk, and tonight promises to be no different. The fallout from the last Uprising and the Legends Club’s continued dominance have the P:V Universe buzzing!”

[The camera pans across the enthusiastic audience, signs held high and anticipation in the air.]

Zac Brindle: “Absolutely, Johnny! Plus, the return of Elijah Drake a few weeks ago sent shockwaves through P:V. What does the former legend have in store for the Legends Club after they beat him down las week? We’re about to find out!”

Johnny Kaos: “And let’s not forget the intense rivalries brewing, the mysterious goings on with Satake, alliances forming, and the non-stop action that P:V Uprising is known for. Get ready for another night of heart-pounding, jaw-dropping entertainment!”

[As the crowd roars in anticipation, the camera focuses on the P:V Uprising logo, and the stage is set for another chapter in the ongoing P:V saga.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up because this is P:V Uprising, and we’re about to take you on a ride you won’t soon forget!”

[The arena is engulfed in cheers as the show is set to begin.]

Main Event Man

[The backstage area is abuzz with activity as wrestlers and crew members prepare for the night’s event. Adam Garcia, the flashy ‘Spanish Ace,’ confidently struts into the arena, wearing his signature flashy attire. As he makes his way through the bustling corridor, he encounters JD James, the COO of P:V, who is checking the preparations.]

JD James: “Ah, Adam Garcia, the Spanish Ace! I’ve been keeping an eye on your performances lately. You’ve been quite impressive. I think you might be in the running to be the one who finally takes the Heavyweight Championship off Curtis Knight!”

[Garcia smirks, acknowledging the compliment but clearly expecting more.]

Adam Garcia: “Impressive? That’s an understatement, JD. I’m the future of P:V, and everyone knows it. But let’s talk about tonight. Brandon Snyder? Seriously? I deserve better.”

[JD James, with a calm demeanor, raises an eyebrow in response.]

JD James: “Brandon Snyder is no pushover, Adam. He’s a tough competitor, and every match here is an opportunity to prove yourself. Speaking of opportunities, you’ve got one to showcase your skills tonight.”

[Garcia dismissively waves his hand.]

Adam Garcia: “Opportunity, schmopportunity. I want the main event, JD. If I have to deal with Snyder, at least put me where I belong, in the spotlight.”

[JD James chuckles, understanding Garcia’s confidence .]

JD James: “Ok, but you’ve got to keep earning your way to the top, Adam. Keep winning, and you’ll find yourself in those main event matches every week. Now, go out there, give the fans a show, and who knows, the Heavyweight Championship might be closer than you think.”

[Garcia scoffs but nods, seemingly unsatisfied with the response. He continues on his way as JD James watches him go, contemplating the ambitious attitude of the Spanish Ace.]

Social Media Spat

[Elena Cruz stands in the backstage area, holding a microphone, ready to conduct an interview. Puck, the grizzled Canadian veteran, steps into the frame with a scowl on his face.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the grizzled Canadian himself, Puck, who has been engaged in a war of words with the Queen of Queer Style, Jakucho Akechi. Puck, tonight you face Akechi in the ring. Any thoughts on the match?”

[Puck looks at Cruz with a dismissive sneer before grabbing the microphone from her.]

Puck: “Listen, Elena, I’ve been in this business longer than Akechi has probably been alive. She thinks she can come in here with her ‘Queer Style’ and make a name for herself? Well, tonight, I’m going to teach her a lesson in humility.”

[Puck cracks his knuckles, a sinister grin crossing his face.]

Puck: “This isn’t a social media spat, sweetheart. This is the ring, where I’ve made a career out of breaking bones and crushing dreams. Akechi can prance around with her ‘Queen of Queer Style’ nonsense, but she’s stepping into my world tonight.”

[Elena Cruz attempts to interject, but Puck cuts her off with a dismissive wave of his hand.]

Puck: “Akechi, you might have some fans fooled with your little gimmick, but I’ve seen it all. Tonight, the Queen meets a true veteran, and she’ll learn why they call me the grizzled Canadian.”

[Puck hands the microphone back to Elena Cruz, a smug look on his face as he walks away. The intensity is palpable as the stage is set for Puck’s clash with Jakucho Akechi later in the evening.]

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs. Steven Love

Remember Your Friends

[The backstage area is dimly lit, and the Legends Club, adorned with championship gold, is having a private conversation. Curtis Knight, the leader of the faction, spots Adam Garcia passing by and calls him over.]

Curtis Knight: “Garcia, over here.”

[Adam Garcia, exuding his usual cocky demeanor, strolls over to the Legends Club.]

Adam Garcia: “Well, well, if it isn’t the Legends Club. What can I do for you, Knight?”

[Curtis Knight smirks, acknowledging Garcia’s bravado.]

Curtis Knight: “Adam, I’ve been watching you, and I like what I see. JD James might pretend to see you potential, but I actually do. I’ve been telling you for months, You’ve got everything it takes to be a major player in P:V.”

[Garcia chuckles, seemingly unimpressed.]

Adam Garcia: “Oh, I don’t need anyone to tell me how good I am. I’m well aware. But go on, flatter me some more.”

[Buzz Marshall and Drew Hendrix, standing alongside Knight, exchange amused glances.]

Drew Hendrix: “Easy there, Garcia. Curtis is just telling it like it is. You’ve got talent.”

[Knight leans in, lowering his tone.]

Curtis Knight: “Listen, JD might have his own agenda, but just remember who your real friends at. With the Legends Club on your side, you can fast-track your way to the top. We can make sure you get what you deserve. Don’t let JD fill your head with nonsense about going after this.”

[Knight flashes the Heavyweight Championship belt, and Garcia smirks, seemingly considering the proposition.]

Adam Garcia: “I appreciate the offer, Knight, I really do. But I’ve got my own plans. Winning the P:V Heavyweight Championship is inevitable, but I’ll do it on my terms. I’ve got some things to take care of first.”

[Curtis Knight nods, understanding Garcia’s defiance.]

Curtis Knight: “Fair enough, Garcia. Just remember, when you’re ready to make the right move, the Legends Club will be here.”

[Garcia waves them off with a dismissive grin as he continues on his way, leaving the Legends Club to strategize among themselves.]

Single Match
Puck vs. Jakucho Akechi

The Storm is Coming

[Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone backstage, preparing to interview Elijah Drake about recent events.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the returning legend, Elijah Drake. Elijah, last week you found yourself on the wrong end of a beatdown by the Legends Club. Firstly, why do you think Stevie Rigg didn’t come to your aid?”

[Elijah Drake adjusts the collar of his jacket, looking focused.]

Elijah Drake: “Stevie Rigg has his own path, Elena. I understand that. We all have our battles, and perhaps he didn’t see fit to join mine. Everyone has their reasons.”

[Cruz nods, acknowledging Drake’s perspective.]

Elena Cruz: “Fair point. Now, with JD James seemingly aligning with Adam Garcia to go after Curtis Knight’s P:V Heavyweight Championship, what are your thoughts on this development?”

[Elijah Drake raises an eyebrow, contemplating the situation.]

Elijah Drake: “JD James, Adam Garcia, and Curtis Knight—three names that bring a storm wherever they go. But I’ve been in this business long enough to know that alliances can be fleeting. JD James reaching out to Garcia might be strategic, but how long will that alliance last? In the end, it’s every man for himself.”

[Cruz nods again, absorbing Drake’s insights.]

Elena Cruz: “Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Elijah. Do you have any message for the P:V fans and the Legends Club after what happened last week?”

[Elijah Drake smirks, a hint of determination in his eyes.]

Elijah Drake: “To the Legends Club, you might have thought last week was a triumph, but remember this: I’m not here for alliances or fleeting victories. I’m here to make a statement, and that statement is that Elijah Drake doesn’t back down. The stars will align and the storm is coming.”

[With those words, Elijah Drake walks away, leaving Elena Cruz with a lot to ponder on.]

Single Match
Stevie Rigg vs. Chopper Anderson


[The camera opens backstage as Midas, the silent Egyptian powerhouse, is seen focused and preparing for his upcoming match. His enigmatic manager, Katya Roux, approaches him with a confident smile.]

Katya Roux: “Midas, my powerful warrior. Tonight, you face Bjorn Asulf, and I want to ensure nothing interferes with our path to dominance.”

[Roux glances over and spots Edwin Ellis nearby.]

Katya Roux: “Ah, Edwin! Come over here, won’t you?”

[Edwin Ellis hesitates but walks over, curious about Katya’s request.]

Katya Roux: “Edwin, my dear, Midas could use some support in his corner tonight. I’ve seen your capabilities, and I believe your presence will ensure our victory. What do you say?”

[As Katya Roux proposes the idea of Edwin Ellis being in Midas’s corner, Edwin’s eyes widen with a mix of surprise and admiration.]

Edwin Ellis: “Sure thing, Katya. I mean, if you believe it’ll help Midas, count me in. Anything for the team.”

[Katya Roux smirks, recognizing the subtle hint of infatuation in Edwin’s expression.]

Katya Roux: “Excellent, Edwin. Your assistance will not go unnoticed.”

[As the trio continues their preparations, the unspoken dynamics within the group hint at more than just a business relationship.]

Tag Team Match
The Starr Brothers vs. Dale Norman & Greg Stanley

Last Offer

[Elijah Drake knocks on the locker room door, and Stevie Rigg opens it, still catching his breath after his earlier match.]

Elijah Drake: “Stevie, congratulations on your victory tonight. You’ve got talent, no doubt about it.”

[Stevie Rigg smirks, clearly pleased with his win.]

Stevie Rigg: “Elijah. What brings you here?”

Elijah Drake: “I’m here to talk about the Legends Club. They’re a cancer, and if we don’t do something about it, they’ll ruin P:V for good.”

[Rigg looks skeptical but listens attentively.]

Stevie Rigg: “So, what’s your plan?”

Elijah Drake: “I’ve been trying to gather allies. We need to stand together against them. I saw you facing them earlier, and I think we could be a force to be reckoned with.”

[Rigg rolls his eyes dismissively.]

Stevie Rigg: “Look, I appreciate the concern, but as I have said before I don’t need anyone’s help. I can handle my own business.”

[Elijah Drake, noticing Rigg’s reluctance, changes his approach.]

Elijah Drake: “Stevie, I get it. You’re a proud man, but sometimes pride can get in the way of progress. Are you really going to let the Legends Club run roughshod over P:V? If you had back up to make things a fair playing field you would be P:V Champion right now!”

[Rigg’s expression turns defensive.]

Stevie Rigg: “I don’t need anyone telling me what I should do. I can handle the Legends Club on my own.”

Elijah Drake: “Can you, though? How’s that being going for you so far? Or are you just scared, Stevie? Scared of what they might do to you?”

[Rigg’s anger flares up at the implication.]

Stevie Rigg: “I ain’t scared of anyone!”

[Elijah Drake nods knowingly.]

Elijah Drake: “Prove it then. When you’re ready to put pride aside and fight for the greater good, you know where to find me.”

[With that, Elijah Drake leaves Stevie Rigg’s locker room, leaving Rigg deep in thought.]

All Going Our Way

[The Legends Club, Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, are gathered in their locker room, exchanging triumphant laughs after their earlier victories.]

Curtis Knight: “Did you see that, folks? Elijah Drake couldn’t find a single soul to join him against us. The man’s a relic, stuck in the past.”

[Athena smirks, flipping her TV Championship in her hands.]

Athena: “And he calls himself a savior. Pfft, more like a has-been.”

[Drew Hendrix chimes in, still relishing his own win.]

Drew Hendrix: “Garcia’s no different. Talks a big game, but when it comes to stepping up against the Legends Club, he got talked out of it pretty quickly. Maybe he should just stick to his little European Wrestling League.”

[Buzz Marshall chuckles, shaking his head in amusement.]

Buzz Marshall: “Seems like nobody’s up for the challenge. We’re just too dominant.”

Curtis Knight: “Now, Athena, you’ve got your title defense against Satake tonight. Don’t worry; we’ll have your back. If he even thinks about pulling any tricks, we’ll be there to put him in his place.”

[Athena nods confidently.]

Athena: “Not a problem. Satake won’t stand a chance against me, and with the Legends Club watching my back, it’s going to be a walk in the park.”

[The Legends Club shares another round of laughter, confident in their control over the P:V landscape.]

Legends Club?

[The cameras cut to a chaotic scene backstage where Cherry Bordeaux is found lying on the floor, clearly the victim of a brutal attack.]

JD James: “Dammit! What the hell happened here?”

[JD James rushes to Cherry’s side, visibly frustrated and concerned.]

JD James: “Who did this? Cherry, can you hear me?”

[Cherry Bordeaux groans in pain, trying to regain her composure.]

Cherry Bordeaux: “I… I don’t know. It happened so fast. I never saw who it was.”

[JD James clenches his fists, looking around for any clues.]

JD James: “This has the Legends Club written all over it. Sneak attacks seem to be their specialty. I won’t let them get away with this.”

[The P:V COO stands up, determination in his eyes.]

JD James: “Cherry, we’ll get to the bottom of this. I won’t let the Legends Club continue to run roughshod over P:V. I promise you that.”

[The camera fades as JD James continues to assess the situation, vowing to address the attack on Cherry Bordeaux.]

P:V TV Championship Match
Athena (c) vs. Masafumi Satake

Seeing Ghosts

Zac Brindle: “Folks, we’re back from commercial break. We have to replay the end of Athena’s victory over Masafumi Satake. Something strange seemed to be going on with Masafumi at the end of that match!”

Johnny Kaos: “You’ve got that right, Zac! Let’s cut to the footage!”

[The replay shows Masa’ begin to lose momentum and fumble briefly. He is apparently lost in thought, an incredibly dangerous move in the middle of the squared circle.] 

[Inside the ring, Masa’ dwells on the past. No matter if it’s Japan or Sin City there is always someone… some coward lurking in the shadows, standing in the way of the success that Masafumi Satake so craves.]

[Masa’ fails to cover up and he finds himself flat on his back staring up at the house lights. ONE… TWO… THR… The veteran jerks his shoulder up from the mat with nothing more than a split second before the three count.]

[Masa snaps back to the contest. Getting hit in the head is always a good way to refocus oneself.]

[Now is not the time for these lapses in concentration, especially with the Project: Violence Television Title on the line. Masa’ knows what is at stake. He attempts to ignore the immense pain and allows the roar of the crowd to motivate him.]

[Satake is able to regain control. He becomes singularly focused. He loses sight of everything but himself and his opponent. Wrestling has always come fairly easy for a natural athlete like Satake. His aging body doesn’t bounce back the same way as it used to, but when Masa’ is firing on all cylinders he truly believes he is one of the best in the world. He certainly believes tonight he can become Television Champion.]

[In between the thuds and smacks of the exchange, as Masa is rebuilding his momentum, he is overcome by an eerie feeling, almost as if someone is watching him. A chill runs down his spine. The color leaves his cheeks and his body forgets to breathe. Has he seen a ghost?]

[A ghastly figure points at him from just behind the curtain beyond the ramp.] 

[Another hard thud against Satake’s head and the arena goes black, and the crowd silent.]

Zac Brindle: “Wow! Did you see that, Johnny? On the replay it appeared as if there was something or someone behind the curtain that distracted Satake and led to Athena’s success”

Johnny Kaos: “My God! Week after week things have only been getting worse for Masafumi. Who’s behind all of this? And why are they tormenting him with the memory of his best friend’s death?!”

[As the crowd stirs, Masafumi Satake finally staggers to his feet. Rubbing his head in disbelief, he slides out of the ring, and makes his way backstage with a purpose. He had to get to the bottom of this at once.]

Got Your Back!

[In the bustling backstage area, Teddy Rush approaches Bjorn Asulf who is focused on his upcoming match against Midas.]

Teddy Rush: “Bjorn, wait up. Got a proposition for you.”

[Bjorn Asulf turns, raising an eyebrow at Teddy Rush’s unexpected interruption.]

Bjorn Asulf: “What’s on your mind, Teddy?”

[Teddy smirks, realizing the potential tension in his request.]

Teddy Rush: “Look, I know we’ve had our differences, but I’ve tangled with Midas before. I’ve got the inside scoop on how to handle him. How about I watch your back in your match against Midas tonight?”

[Bjorn Asulf narrows his eyes, contemplating Teddy’s offer.]

Bjorn Asulf: “I don’t need your help, Teddy, but… fine. One night only. Don’t think this changes anything between us.”

[Teddy grins, patting Bjorn on the shoulder.]

Teddy Rush: “Fair enough, Bjorn. Let’s show Midas he’s in for a fight.”

[Asulf nods, acknowledging the temporary alliance, and the two head towards the ring, each with their own motivations for the night.]

Friendly Competition

[In the bustling backstage area, Darwin Jones is seen going over some training drills, preparing for the challenges ahead. James Mendoza approaches, a friendly smile on his face.]

James Mendoza: “Darwin, my man! Always good to see you. How’s the prep going?”

[Darwin Jones looks up from his training, returning the smile.]

Darwin Jones: “Hey, James! All good, you know. Just staying sharp, making sure I am ready when I get my title shot. What brings you around?”

James Mendoza: “Well, I was thinking, we’ve been in P:V for a while now, and we’ve never really settled who’s the better man. How about we settle it in the ring next week? Just a friendly match to see who comes out on top.”

[Darwin Jones pauses for a moment, considering the proposition.]

Darwin Jones: “I like the sound of that, James. Friendly competition, no pressure. What do you say?”

James Mendoza: “Exactly! No hard feelings, just a chance to prove ourselves. What do you think?”

[Darwin extends his hand, and James Mendoza firmly shakes it, sealing the agreement.]

Darwin Jones: “You got it, James. Next week, it’s on. May the best man win.”

[They share a friendly nod before continuing their respective preparations, both looking forward to the challenge that awaits them in the ring.]

Single Match
Bjorn Asulf vs. Midas

Katya’s Rules

[As the bell rings, signifying Midas’s victory over Bjorn Asulf, Katya Roux makes her way to the ring with a confident stride. Midas stands tall, his imposing figure a testament to his dominance in the match.]

Katya Roux: “Excellent work, Midas! But we’re not done here.”

[Midas looks to Katya, awaiting further instruction. Katya’s eyes then shift toward Edwin Ellis, who is standing at ringside.]

Katya Roux: “Edwin, my dear, let’s ensure they remember the name Midas.”

[With a nod from Katya, Edwin Ellis slides into the ring, joining Midas. The duo closes in on the fallen Bjorn Asulf, who starts to stir after the intense contest. Katya directs traffic, orchestrating the assault.]

Katya Roux: “Finish what you started, Midas. Show them the consequence of crossing paths with us.”

[Midas, fueled by the command, delivers powerful stomps to Bjorn Asulf, while Edwin Ellis targets Teddy Rush, who attempts to rise in defense of his former rival. The crowd expresses their disapproval with a chorus of boos as the beatdown ensues.]

Katya Roux: “This is the price you pay for challenging forces you can’t comprehend.”

[As the relentless assault continues, Katya Roux stands at the ring apron, a satisfied smirk on her face, reveling in the chaos her alliance has unleashed. Their presence looms large, leaving a lasting impression on P:V’s landscape.]

More Questions, More Torment

[After a failed opportunity for the P:V Television Championship, Masafumi Satake marches through the backstage corridors of the Goodfellas Casino. A cloud of rage and anxiety follows him closely.]

[The loss certainly bothers him, but there is more– someone or something was behind the curtain to the entrance ramp. At that moment, Satake truly believed that it was his dead childhood friend. But, how could that be? That would be impossible. He quickens his pace, blazing past stagehands and other talent. Someone is clearly tormenting him, and his only possible lead was…]

[… Jakucho Akechi.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”O! Grandpa Satake’s back, fresh off his failure !”>

[The Queen of Queer Style saunters into view, her face the very picture of serene calm. Her ring gear has been switched out for skinny jeans, her Queen of Queer Style t-shirt, and an oversized leather jacket. One the same style as the one left in the ring for Masafumi to discover. She’s clutching a phone in her left hand just below her ear as if she’s only just hung up. As always, she speaks only in Japanese, with subtitles providing the translation.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Heh, you look like shit, old man. You sure this is the business for you anymore?>

Masafumi Satake: “I’m not playing games anymore. I need answers now!”

[Satake corners Akechi against a concrete wall, looking down on the female wrestler.]

Masafumi Satake: “This has gone on long enough. I’m sick and tired of being toyed with. Just admit it. You were responsible for that horrible video package, you left those relics from my dead best friend inside the ring, and now this psychotic shit during my match tonight!”

[Akechi simply shakes her head, almost sympathetically.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Listen, you dinosaur – I’m only going to tell you once. I have nothing to do with any of this. But, I must say whoever is behind this is doing a damn good job messing with your head. Maybe I was right – you’re afraid of ghosts, aren’t you?”>

Masafumi Satake: “I don’t believe a single word that you say. You’re the only connection to my past on this roster…”

[As frustration boils over he slams his fist in rage.]

Masafumi Satake: “Let’s put an end to this next week at Uprising, Jaks. I’m going to silence you once and for all.”

[At first Jakucho’s mouth drops open in shock at Masafumi’s aggression. A split second later, though, Jakucho almost laughs in Masafumi’s face. She smirks widely, and responds.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Sorry Masa-kun. Unlike you, I was able to take care of business tonight. JD James must’ve known you couldn’t beat Athena, because he came to Jakucho-sama looking for salvation. So unfortunately for YOU, I’ve got better things to do next week. He promised me a Television Championship shot next week so that I can do what you couldn’t. You see, he wants a real competitor to get that belt off of Muscle Barbie, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Don’t come crying to me when I’ve become the face of Project: Violence and you’re stuck in catering.”>

[Satake is typically not one to lose his cool, but he is seething with anger. Jakucho continuously pushes his buttons, and he is ready to explode.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”But, the week after that, I’d be happy to send you to the nursing home where you belong.”>

Masafumi Satake: “Fine, you’ve got a deal. And after I destroy you, I expect some answers to all of this…”

[Jakucho quickly steps away and begins to saunter down the backstage hallway. She waves mockingly at Masafumi.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”And don’t forget about the surprise I’ve got for you… I can’t wait to see the look on that stupid face of yours when I finally show you.”>

[Her phone suddenly rings and she holds it up to see the caller ID. A moment later she grins savagely and winks at Masafumi.]

Jakucho Akechi: <”Sorry, business call. See you later, gramps.”>

[She lingers a moment as she accepts the call, and we can hear the opening moments of the mysterious conversation.]
Jakucho Akechi: <”Hey! So you saw what happened? Great wasn’t it?! Are you ready to trav-”>

[Jakucho disappears off screen, and Satake is left stranded with more questions than answers. Haven’t there been enough surprises? Is Jakucho  really behind all of this? She denied her role, didn’t she? Who else is capable of playing such games? Could it all just be in Satake’s head?]

The Starrs Align

[The backstage area is dimly lit, and Elijah Drake is seen walking with purpose down the corridor. Suddenly, the Legends Club—Drew Hendrix, Buzz Marshall, and Athena—emerge from the shadows, launching a surprise attack on Drake.]

Drew Hendrix: “You thought you could come back and challenge us, old man?”

[The Legends Club starts assaulting Drake, landing heavy blows. However, Drake, fueled by resilience, manages to fight back, landing punches and strikes of his own.]

Elijah Drake: “You won’t break me that easily!”

[Despite his valiant efforts, the numbers game begins to take its toll on Drake. At that critical moment, the Starr Brothers—Darren and Simon—storm onto the scene with steel chairs in hand.]

Darren Starr: “Three on one? Real tough!”

[The Starr Brothers swing their chairs, creating a temporary barrier between the Legends Club and Elijah Drake. The Legends Club retreat, glancing back with a mix of frustration and caution.]

Simon Starr: “You all right, Elijah?”

[Elijah Drake, still catching his breath, nods appreciatively at the Starr Brothers.]

Elijah Drake: “Thanks for the save. I guess you guys have bigger balls than Stevie….”

[As the Legends Club disappears into the shadows, the Starr Brothers stand guard, showing solidarity with Elijah Drake in the face of adversity.]

A New Dark Horse Rides….

[The screen fades in, engulfed in an eerie darkness. Soft whispers echo in the background as shadows dance across the frame. Suddenly, a spotlight appears, revealing a tall figure standing in the center. The figure, ‘The Dark Horse’ Darrell Robles, emerges from the darkness, his eyes glowing with an otherworldly intensity.]

Narrator: In the heart of the shadows, a new force emerges. A force shrouded in mystery, fueled by a dark and possessed rage. Standing at an imposing 6 feet 7 inches, hailing from the eerie town of Ithaca, New York, this enigmatic entity goes by the name ‘The Dark Horse.’

[The camera zooms in on Darrell Robles, his presence commanding attention as if he’s a force from the unknown. The whispers intensify, creating an unsettling atmosphere.]

Narrator: A man of few words, his silence speaks volumes. His journey to P:V is cloaked in mystery, but his intentions are clear – to unleash a darkness that will send shockwaves through the world of professional wrestling.

[As the camera pans out, a woman appears by Darrell’s side, Hellbender. A blonde with an air of malevolence, her connection to ‘The Dark Horse’ amplifies the enigma surrounding him.]

Narrator: Hellbender, his manager and confidante, adds another layer to this cryptic alliance. A partnership born from the depths of the unknown, where shadows dance and secrets are kept.

[The screen flickers, transitioning between shots of Darrell Robles and Hellbender. The whispers grow louder, echoing the anticipation building for the arrival of ‘The Dark Horse.’]

Narrator: Brace yourselves for the impending storm. ‘The Dark Horse’ Darrell Robles is on the horizon, and when he steps into the ring, a new Dark Horse will reign, and the P:V landscape will be forever changed.

[The vignette concludes with ‘The Dark Horse’ Darrell Robles and Hellbender disappearing into the shadows, leaving behind an aura of mystery and anticipation.]

Main Event
Adam Garcia vs. Brandon Snyder

Ace Campeón?

[In the aftermath of a hard-fought match, the victorious Adam Garcia stands tall in the center of the ring, basking in the glow of his triumph. The Spanish Ace gestures around his waist, mimicking the presence of a title belt, as the crowd responds with a mix of cheers and jeers.]

[The crowd’s reaction intensifies as Curtis Knight, the P:V Heavyweight Champion, emerges at the top of the entrance ramp. He observes Garcia from a distance, a hint of amusement in his eyes.]

[Curtis Knight raises his P:V Heavyweight Championship high, emphasizing the significance of the title. Adam Garcia smirks in response, confident and unfazed.]

[Garcia continues his celebration, sending a clear message to the P:V Heavyweight Champion. Curtis Knight, still holding his title aloft, stares down at the confident challenger below as the scene fades to black and the show concludes.]

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