P:V Uprising 57
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
29th November 2023

[The pulsating energy of the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas sets the stage for another explosive edition of P:V Uprising! The fans are buzzing with anticipation as the air is thick with excitement and speculation about the night’s blockbuster events.]

[As the camera pans across the roaring crowd, the unmistakable voice of the announcer echoes through the arena.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Uprising 57, broadcasting live from the iconic Goodfellas Casino Arena! Get ready for an unforgettable night of adrenaline-fueled action, unexpected twists, and fierce rivalries that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

[Tonight’s main event promises to be a clash of titans as Darwin Jones, Boyd Jackson, and Stevie Rigg step into the ring for a high-stakes triple threat match. The tension from previous encounters will undoubtedly explode as these competitors vie for supremacy and the coveted opportunity to challenge Curtis Knight for the P:V Championship.]

[But that’s not all! Prepare yourselves for the highly anticipated debut of a mystery big-name star, who will make an impact and shake the foundations of P:V. The anticipation is palpable as fans speculate about who this newcomer might be and how they’ll leave their mark on the P:V Universe.]

[As the crowd roars with excitement, Uprising 57 promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, surprises, and hard-hitting action. Buckle up, P:V faithful, because the Goodfellas Casino Arena is about to witness history unfold before our very eyes!]

Renowned Pt.1

[Backstage at Uprising 57, JD James, the COO of P:V, waits with a sense of anticipation near the entrance of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Rumors have been circulating about a mystery big-name signing, and JD is eager for their arrival. Suddenly, Curtis Knight and Athena, the cunning power couple, make their way toward JD, wearing smirks that suggest mischief.]

Curtis Knight: [Mockingly] Well, well, JD. Looks like you’re playing the waiting game. Excited about your big signing, are you?

[Athena chuckles, joining in on the taunting.]

Athena: Stood up, JD? That’s embarrassing. Maybe your big-name star realized they’re better off without P:V.

[JD James, maintaining his composure, shoots a stern look at Curtis and Athena.]

JD James: You two should worry about your own business. The signing will happen when it happens.

[Curtis Knight, reveling in the opportunity to get under JD’s skin, smirks.]

Curtis Knight: [Mocking] Sure thing, JD. We’ll leave you to your waiting game. But hey, don’t be surprised if your mystery star is a no-show. Happens to the best of us.

[With that, Curtis and Athena stroll away, leaving JD James to contemplate the uncertainty of the impending debut. The backstage area is filled with tension as the anticipation builds for the mysterious arrival and the night’s unfolding events.]

Victory Awaits

[Backstage at Uprising 57, Elena Cruz, the ambitious backstage interviewer, stands ready with a microphone as Lucy Von Drake, the enigmatic wrestler, prepares for her upcoming match against Cherry Bordeaux. Lucy, known for her mysterious aura, steps into the frame, ready for the interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Energetic] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the enigmatic Lucy Von Drake, who is moments away from her match against Cherry Bordeaux. Lucy, thoughts on tonight’s showdown?

[Lucy Von Drake, wearing an air of confidence, looks directly at the camera as she responds.]

Lucy Von Drake: [Calm] Elena, tonight is just another chapter in the ongoing story of dominance. Cherry Bordeaux is a formidable opponent, but in the end, she will find herself entangled in the mystique that is Lucy Von Drake.

[Elena Cruz, intrigued by Lucy’s cryptic demeanor, presses for more information.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] Lucy, your persona is often shrouded in mystery. Can you give us any insight into your mindset heading into this match?

[Lucy Von Drake tilts her head, a subtle smirk appearing on her face.]

Lucy Von Drake: [Mysterious] Elena, understanding me is like trying to grasp the wind. I thrive in the unknown, and tonight, Cherry Bordeaux will experience the unpredictable force that is Lucy Von Drake.

[Elena Cruz, embracing the mystique, continues the interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] Cherry Bordeaux has been making waves in P:V. Any specific strategy to counter her in the ring?

[Lucy Von Drake’s eyes gleam with a glint of determination.]

Lucy Von Drake: [Focused] Cherry is a talented competitor, but tonight, she steps into my realm. Expect the unexpected, Elena. The shadows hold secrets, and within them, victory awaits.

[Lucy Von Drake turns away, leaving Elena Cruz and the P:V Universe intrigued by the enigmatic presence she brings to the upcoming match. The mysterious aura surrounding Lucy leaves an air of uncertainty hanging over the impending showdown.]

Opening Bout
Lucy Von Drake vs. Cherry Bordeaux

The Incident

Backstage at Uprising 57, Elena Cruz, the ambitious backstage interviewer, stands ready with a microphone as Teddy Rush, the determined wrestler, prepares for his interview. Teddy, still recovering from the recent events, steps into the frame, ready to address his experiences.]

Elena Cruz: [Energetic] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Teddy Rush, who’s had quite a tumultuous week. Teddy, last week, you were attacked by the Legends Club. Can you give us an update on your condition and thoughts on the incident?

[Teddy Rush, visibly determined, acknowledges Elena.]

Teddy Rush: [Resolute] Elena, I’ve been through worse, and I’m not letting the Legends Club’s antics slow me down. They may have left their mark, but tonight, I’m focused on the future.

[Elena Cruz, delving into the challenges, continues the interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] You also had an opportunity at the TV Championship but came up short. How are you planning to bounce back from that defeat?

[Teddy Rush, with a nod, addresses his recent setback.]

Teddy Rush: [Reflective] Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. As for me, it’s about staying persistent. There’s always another shot, another opportunity. I’ll come back stronger.

[Elena Cruz shifts the focus to Teddy’s upcoming match against Athena.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] Tonight, you’re facing Athena. What’s your strategy going into this match?

[Teddy Rush’s expression hardens with determination.]

Teddy Rush: [Focused] Athena and I go way back, but tonight is about proving a point. I’m not one to back down, and she’ll find that out in the ring.

[Elena Cruz, wrapping up the interview, gives Teddy a moment to address the P:V Universe.]

Elena Cruz: [Encouraging] Any final words for your fans, Teddy?

[Teddy Rush looks directly into the camera, addressing the P:V faithful.]

Teddy Rush: [Confident] Legends Club, Athena—tonight, I’m stepping into that ring with one goal: to show everyone that Teddy Rush can’t be taken down so easily. Get ready for a fight.

[As Teddy Rush walks away, the P:V Universe awaits the upcoming clash between him and Athena, eager to witness the resilience and determination he brings to the ring.]

Tipping the Balance

[Outside the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the atmosphere is tense as Darwin Jones arrives for Uprising 57. The camera captures the anticipation on his face as he makes his way towards the entrance. However, in an unexpected turn of events, chaos ensues as Boyd Jackson, lurking in the shadows, launches a sudden and brutal attack on Darwin Jones from behind.]

[Boyd Jackson, fueled by resentment, blindsides Darwin Jones with a vicious assault, catching him off guard. The impact echoes through the area, and Darwin crumples to the ground, clutching his back in apparent pain.]

[Security personnel rush to the scene, desperately attempting to pull Boyd Jackson away from the fallen Darwin Jones. The P:V Universe witnesses the shocking attack unfold, with concern and uncertainty filling the air.]

[Boyd Jackson, momentarily restrained, continues to seethe with anger, glaring at Darwin Jones. The backstage area is filled with tension as it remains unclear whether Darwin Jones has sustained any serious injuries from this sudden assault.]

[As security finally manages to pull Boyd Jackson away, the camera lingers on Darwin Jones, who struggles to get back on his feet. The uncertainty of his condition hangs in the air, leaving the P:V Universe on edge as Uprising 57 prepares to unfold.]

Tag Team Tournament Match
Rebel Society vs. The Trust Fund Boys

1st Ever

[Backstage in the Legends Club’s gathering area, Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall engage in a strategic discussion ahead of their tag team match in the tournament. The air is charged with ambition as they focus on the significance of Hendrix and Marshall winning tonight.]

Curtis Knight: [Authoritative] Tonight is crucial, everyone. Hendrix, Marshall, you’ve got a golden opportunity to secure our dominance. The new Tag Team Championships need to be around the waists of the Legends Club.

[Athena, standing beside Curtis, adds her input.]

Athena: [Assertive] Drew, Buzz, you’re not just representing yourselves; you’re carrying the legacy of the Legends Club. This is our chance to show everyone that we’re not just talk; we’re action.

[Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, fueled by the encouragement, nod in agreement.]

Drew Hendrix: [Determined] We’re ready for this. The Hawaiian Hit Squad won’t know what hit them.

[Buzz Marshall, echoing the sentiment, chimes in.]

Buzz Marshall: [Confident] We’ll make sure the first-ever P:V Tag Team Championships belong to the Legends Club. No one’s stopping us.

[Curtis Knight, a sly smile on his face, reinforces the importance of the moment.]

Curtis Knight: [Smirking] Once those titles are around your waists, the Legends Club’s grip on P:V becomes stronger than ever. Hendrix, Marshall, go out there and make us proud.

[With a shared sense of purpose, the Legends Club members disperse, leaving the backstage area charged with determination. The fate of the Tag Team Championships hangs in the balance as Hendrix and Marshall prepare to face the Hawaiian Hit Squad in the first round of the tournament.]

My Time

[Backstage at Uprising 57, Elena Cruz, the relentless backstage interviewer, stands poised with a microphone as Stevie Rigg, the gruff fan favorite, prepares for his interview. The atmosphere is tense following the shocking attack on Darwin Jones just moments ago. Stevie Rigg steps into the frame, visibly focused.]

Elena Cruz: [Serious] Stevie, the P:V Universe just witnessed Boyd Jackson launching a vicious attack on Darwin Jones. How do you think this will impact your main event match tonight?

[Stevie Rigg, with a stern expression, addresses the unsettling turn of events.]

Stevie Rigg: [Resolute] What Boyd did to Darwin was cheap, but it doesn’t change a thing for me. I’m here to fight, and whether it’s Boyd or Darwin, the goal remains the same — the P:V Championship.

[Elena Cruz, probing further, continues the interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] With this unexpected assault, do you think Darwin Jones will be at a disadvantage in the main event?

[Stevie Rigg, not one to mince words, responds.]

Stevie Rigg: [Direct] Boyd might have tried to soften up Darwin, but it won’t matter. This isn’t ballet; it’s wrestling. Darwin’s tough, but so am I. Tonight, it’s about who wants that championship more.

[Elena Cruz, wrapping up the interview, gives Stevie a chance to send a message.]

Elena Cruz: [Encouraging] Any final words for the P:V Universe?

[Stevie Rigg, with a determined gaze, speaks directly to the camera.]

Stevie Rigg: [Assertive] Boyd, Darwin, it doesn’t matter who’s standing across the ring from me tonight. The P:V Championship is within reach, and I’m taking it.

[As Stevie Rigg walks away, the backstage area is left with a sense of anticipation, as the main event promises to be a fierce battle despite the unexpected attack on Darwin Jones.]

Tag Team Tournament Match
Hawaiian Hit Squad vs. The Legends Club

Renowned Pt.2

[Backstage at Uprising 57, JD James, the COO of P:V, is still managing the chaotic operations when a black limo pulls up. The door swings open, and out steps Masafumi Satake, the legendary wrestler who has recently returned from Japan. The P:V Universe erupts with cheers as the acclaimed athlete makes his presence known.]

JD James: [Approaching with enthusiasm] Masafumi Satake! Welcome to P:V! We’re thrilled to have you on board.

[Masafumi Satake, with a humble nod, acknowledges JD James.]

Masafumi Satake: Thank you, JD. It’s good to be here.

[JD extends a hand, expressing gratitude.]

JD James: [Grateful] You chose P:V over the competition, and we’re honored. Tonight, you’ve got a match against Dash Diaz. Best of luck out there. We believe you’ll make a tremendous impact.

[The crowd, buzzing with excitement, cheers for Masafumi Satake, appreciating the veteran wrestling sensation making his debut in P:V.]

Masafumi Satake: [Confident] I’ll do my best. Looking forward to making a mark. Every night I step foot into the P:V ring I promise to give it my all for the fans of Las Vegas.

[JD James, a smile on his face, watches as Masafumi Satake heads towards the arena. The P:V Universe is electrified by the arrival of the renowned wrestler, anticipating the clash between Satake and Dash Diaz. The backstage area resonates with the cheers of the fans, echoing the excitement that Masafumi Satake has brought to P:V.]

Single Match
Athena vs. Teddy Rush

I’m In

[Inside the doctor’s room at Uprising 57, medics are diligently checking on the condition of Darwin Jones following the brutal attack by Boyd Jackson. The atmosphere is tense as JD James, the COO of P:V, enters the room, concerned about Darwin’s well-being.]

JD James: [Worried] Darwin, the medics need to assess your condition. We might have to consider pulling you from the main event for your own safety.

[Darwin Jones, his face etched with determination, interrupts JD James before he can continue.]

Darwin Jones: [Aggressively] Pull me out? No way, JD. I’ve worked too damn hard for this opportunity. I’m not letting Boyd or anyone else take it away.

[Despite the medics’ attempts to keep the situation under control, Darwin grabs JD James by the collar, his intensity cutting through the room.]

Darwin Jones: [Assertive] I’ve fought through worse, and I’m not backing down now. The main event is happening, with or without your approval.

[JD James, realizing the fire in Darwin’s eyes, relents under the wrestler’s fierce grip.]

JD James: [Resigned] Darwin, I understand your determination, but I can’t guarantee your safety. We need to consider—

[Darwin Jones, still holding JD James, cuts him off with a steely gaze.]

Darwin Jones: [Defiant] I’ve faced adversity before, JD. This is no different. I’m not stepping aside. The main event stays on.

[As the medics continue their assessments, JD James, with a mix of concern and respect, nods in acknowledgment of Darwin’s unwavering determination. The backstage area remains charged with tension as the decision on Darwin Jones’ participation in the main event hangs in the balance.]

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs. Masafumi Satake

Watching Brief

[In the executive box at Uprising 57, the crowd’s attention is drawn as the camera reveals the exciting free agent, Johnny Dorn, who has been scouting various promotions, including sVo and DW earlier in the week. The P:V Universe erupts with cheers, buzzing with excitement at the sight of the coveted wrestler.]

[Johnny Dorn, with a confident smile, takes in the electrifying atmosphere as fans recognize him. Speculation runs rampant, with everyone pondering whether Johnny Dorn will choose to sign with P:V.]

[The cheers grow louder, signifying the anticipation and curiosity surrounding this potential acquisition. Johnny Dorn, soaking in the energy, watches intently as Uprising 57 unfolds below him.]

[The camera captures the fervor in the crowd, highlighting the significant impact Johnny Dorn’s presence has on the P:V Universe. The executive box becomes a focal point of intrigue as fans eagerly await any indication of Johnny Dorn’s decision.]

[As the show progresses, the question on everyone’s mind lingers: Will Johnny Dorn choose to make P:V his new home? The excitement builds, setting the stage for a potentially groundbreaking development in the world of professional wrestling.]


[Backstage at Uprising 57, Elena Cruz approaches Brandon Snyder, who wears a satisfied smirk on his face. The air is tense as Elena Cruz raises questions about the restraining order Snyder has taken out against James Mendoza.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] Brandon, you’ve recently taken out a restraining order against James Mendoza. Can you shed some light on why you’ve made this decision?

[Brandon Snyder, reveling in the perceived advantage, grins as he responds.]

Brandon Snyder: [Smirking] Well, Elena, it’s simple. Mendoza doesn’t deserve to share the same air as me, let alone the same ring. This restraining order is my way of keeping him where he belongs—far away from P:V.

[Elena Cruz, probing further, seeks clarification.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] How do you think this will affect Mendoza’s career here in P:V?

[Brandon Snyder, supremely confident, dismisses any concerns.]

Brandon Snyder: [Chuckling] Oh, it’ll affect him alright. He’s effectively banned from being anywhere near me, and that means he’s on borrowed time here in P:V. Mendoza’s days are numbered.

[Elena Cruz, acknowledging Snyder’s perspective, wraps up the interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Concluding] It seems like you’re quite content with this decision. Any final words?

[Brandon Snyder, with a final triumphant nod, leaves a parting message.]

Brandon Snyder: [Smirking] Mendoza, enjoy your exile. This is my show now.

[As Brandon Snyder walks away, the backstage area is left with an air of tension, as the restraining order looms large over James Mendoza’s future in P:V.]

#1 Contendership Triple Threat Main Event
Stevie Rigg vs. Darwin Jones vs. Boyd Jackson

The Looming Shadow

[In the closing moments of Uprising 57, the camera captures the intense scene inside the ring. Stevie Rigg stands victorious over Boyd Jackson and Darwin Jones, having overcome the challenges posed by both competitors. The crowd erupts with cheers as Rigg revels in his hard-fought triumph.]

[Stevie Rigg, breathing heavily but with a triumphant look in his eyes, raises his arms in celebration. The P:V Universe applauds the fan favorite for his resilience and determination.]

[Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as the familiar entrance music of the Legends Club blares through the arena. Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall emerge at the top of the ramp, the P:V Championship prominently displayed in Curtis Knight’s hands.]

[Curtis Knight, with a smug grin, holds the title high, asserting the dominance of the Legends Club. The camera captures the defiant image of Knight and the rest of the group at the top of the ramp, looking down at the victorious Stevie Rigg in the ring.]

[The conflicting images of celebration and challenge create a tense atmosphere as the show comes to a close. The P:V Universe is left on the edge of their seats, eager to see how this rivalry between Stevie Rigg and the Legends Club will unfold in the episodes to come.]

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