P:V Uprising 56
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
22nd November 2023

The entrance video package for Uprising begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Uprising’ by Artificial Intelligence as highlights of past action from 2006 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Elijah Drake, Jay Rayez, Shooting Star & Brutal Steve. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Uprising’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Earlier This Evening

[Backstage at Uprising, the usual hustle and bustle is in full swing as wrestlers prepare for the night’s event. James Mendoza, the fan-favorite wrestler, approaches the entrance of the arena, ready for his scheduled match. However, as he attempts to enter, security personnel intercept him, blocking his path.]

Security Guard: [Assertive] Hold on, Mendoza. You can’t go in.

[James Mendoza, puzzled and visibly frustrated, questions the security guard.]

James Mendoza: [Confused] What? Why? I’ve got a match tonight.

[The security guard consults a document in his hands before looking back at Mendoza.]

Security Guard: [Apologetic] We’ve been informed that Brandon Snyder has taken out a restraining order against you. You’re not allowed within 100 yards of him.

[James Mendoza’s expression shifts from confusion to anger.]

James Mendoza: [Angry] What? A restraining order? This is ridiculous! What’s Snyder playing at?

[As Mendoza protests, the camera angle reveals Brandon Snyder smirking in the background, seemingly reveling in the chaos he has caused. Security guides Mendoza away from the entrance, denying him access to the arena.]

Security Guard: [Sympathetic] Sorry, Mendoza. We’re just following orders.

[James Mendoza, seething with frustration, watches as Brandon Snyder stands at a distance, enjoying the situation he has orchestrated. The backstage area is filled with tension as Mendoza is led away, his plans for the evening disrupted by the unexpected legal maneuvering of his rival.]


[In the bustling office of JD James, the COO of P:V, the Hawaiian Hit Squad, Tamu and Kono, anxiously await news about their next challenge. JD James, busy at his desk, looks up as they enter, acknowledging their presence.]

JD James: [Smiling] Tamu, Kono, good to see you. I’ve got news for you regarding your next opponents.

[Tamu and Kono exchange eager glances, ready for the challenge.]

Tamu: [Enthusiastically] What do you got for us, JD?

JD James: [Excited] Well, I’ve managed to secure some competition for you. Say hello to your upcoming opponents – the ‘Trust Fund Boys,’ Andrew Richman and Stephen Richman.

[The door opens, and in stroll the ‘Trust Fund Boys,’ clad in expensive suits and exuding an air of arrogance. The Hawaiian Hit Squad eyes them with a mix of curiosity and determination.]

Andrew Richman: [Smirking] Oh, look who we have here. The Hawaiian Hit Squad, right? How quaint.

Stephen Richman: [Chuckling] Prepare yourselves for a lesson in class and sophistication.

[Tamu and Kono exchange glances, clearly unimpressed by the Richman brothers’ attitude.]

JD James: [Introducing] Hawaiian Hit Squad, meet the ‘Trust Fund Boys.’ They’ll be your competition in the lead-up to the P:V Tag Team Championships.

[Tamu steps forward, a focused look in his eyes.]

Tamu: [Assertive] We don’t care about your trust funds or your attitude. In the ring, it’s a different story.

Kono: [Nodding] Get ready for a beatdown.

[The tension in the room escalates as the two teams exchange heated words. JD James, watching the scene unfold, knows that this clash of styles and personalities will make for an intriguing matchup as the P:V Tag Team Championships draw near.]


[The bustling atmosphere of Las Vegas surrounds the Goodfellas Casino Arena as P:V Uprising 56 kicks off. The camera focuses on the entrance, capturing the anticipation building for the night’s event. Suddenly, a sleek car pulls up in front of the arena, and the door swings open to reveal Teddy Rush, determined and focused, stepping out.]

[The P:V Universe cheers as Teddy Rush, dressed in his wrestling gear and carrying the weight of his upcoming challenge, makes his way towards the arena entrance. The Las Vegas lights reflect off his confident demeanor as he heads inside, ready for the night’s action.]

[Teddy Rush, known for his relentless pursuit of success, walks with purpose through the backstage area, exchanging nods and greetings with fellow wrestlers and staff members. The air is thick with excitement as the P:V TV Championship match later in the night looms large.]

[As Teddy Rush approaches the locker room area, he takes a moment to gather himself, the anticipation of his championship opportunity palpable. The energy of the Las Vegas crowd permeates the arena, setting the stage for what promises to be a thrilling night of P:V Uprising.]

Tag Team Match
Trust Fund Boys vs Hawaiian Hit Squad


[Backstage at P:V Uprising 56, the P:V TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf, stands tall, his championship belt slung over his shoulder. Elena Cruz, the ambitious backstage interviewer, approaches with a microphone in hand.]

Elena Cruz: [Smiling] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the P:V TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf. Bjorn, you have a match later tonight against Teddy Rush for the TV Championship. What are your thoughts going into this contest?

[Bjorn Asulf, with a stoic expression, looks directly into the camera before turning his attention to Elena Cruz.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Confident] Teddy Rush is a formidable competitor, and I respect anyone who steps into the ring with me. But tonight, he’s stepping into my world, and I don’t plan on relinquishing this championship easily.

[Elena Cruz nods, intrigued by Asulf’s confidence.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] Teddy Rush has been on a winning streak lately, and he’s made it clear that he wants a shot at your TV Championship. Do you see him as a legitimate threat?

[Bjorn Asulf smirks, acknowledging the challenge ahead.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Smirking] Every challenger is a potential threat, Elena. Teddy Rush has shown he’s hungry, but I’ve faced and defeated many hungry competitors. Tonight, he’ll have to prove he’s on a different level.

[Elena Cruz thanks Bjorn Asulf for his time as the P:V TV Champion prepares for the upcoming title defense, leaving the P:V Universe eager to witness the showdown later in the night.]

Got Your Back

[Backstage at P:V Uprising 56, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Darwin Jones, the highly intelligent and determined wrestler, prepares for his main event match against Stevie Rigg. Darwin is seen wrapping his wrists, focused on the task at hand.]

[Boyd Jackson, a powerful presence, approaches Darwin, sensing the intensity in the air. He offers a nod of solidarity.]

Boyd Jackson: [Gruffly] Darwin, I know you’ve got a score to settle with Rigg tonight. If you need any help taking him down, I’ve got your back.

[Darwin Jones looks up from his preparations, acknowledging Boyd’s offer but maintaining his resolve.]

Darwin Jones: [Determined] Boyd, I appreciate the offer, but I’ve got this under control. Rigg’s been a thorn in my side for too long, and tonight, I’m going to deal with him once and for all.

[Boyd Jackson, respecting Darwin’s decision, folds his arms across his chest.]

Boyd Jackson: [Serious] Fair enough, Darwin. But what about Curtis Knight? You’ve been eyeing that P:V Championship. You planning on going after him next?

[Darwin Jones nods, a steely look in his eyes.]

Darwin Jones: [Confident] Exactly, Boyd. Once I’m done with Rigg, I’m setting my sights on Curtis Knight and that P:V Championship. I don’t need anyone’s help. I’ve got a plan, and I intend to execute it.

[Boyd Jackson, understanding Darwin’s determination, gives a firm nod.]

Boyd Jackson: [Respectful] Fair enough, Darwin. Just remember, if you ever need someone to watch your back, I’m right here.

[Darwin Jones offers a small but appreciative smile as he finishes preparing for his match against Stevie Rigg. The backstage area remains charged with anticipation as the main event draws near.]

Single Match
Midas vs Chopper Anderson

The Legends Club

[Backstage in the locker room of ‘The Legends Club,’ the atmosphere is charged with an air of confidence and strategy. Curtis Knight, the P:V Champion, sits in the center, flanked by his wife Athena and the formidable team of Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall. Athena, curious about the competition, turns her attention to Curtis.]

Athena: [Inquisitive] Curtis, with all these challengers lining up, have you thought about who might be the next one to step up for your P:V Championship?

[Curtis Knight, adorned with the championship belt, leans back with a sly grin, contemplating the question.]

Curtis Knight: [Smirking] Athena, my dear, my challengers are too busy tearing each other apart. Stevie Rigg, Boyd Jackson, and Darwin Jones are so wrapped up in their own little battles that they’re missing the bigger picture.

[Athena, intrigued, raises an eyebrow.]

Athena: [Curious] What do you mean, Curtis?

[Curtis Knight gestures toward the TV monitor where the ongoing chaos between the potential challengers is being displayed.]

Curtis Knight: [Confidently] They’re too preoccupied fighting each other. It’s perfect. While they’re busy settling their scores, our focus should be on expanding our dominance. Tonight, we take the first step.

[Athena nods, understanding the plan.]

Athena: [Smirking] And how do we do that?

[Curtis Knight stands, a mastermind at work.]

Curtis Knight: [Grinning] Athena, it’s time for gold around the waists of the rest of The Legends Club. Drew, Buzz, we’re not just here to collect championships; we’re here to dominate P:V. Tonight, we set the stage.

[Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall nod in agreement, ready to execute the plan.]

Curtis Knight: [Addressing the group] We’ll let the challengers beat each other senseless. Meanwhile, we solidify our dominance as the most formidable force in P:V.

[The Legends Club shares a collective smirk, fully aware of the power dynamics at play as they gear up for their respective matches. The backstage area remains a hub of strategy as P:V Uprising 56 continues to unfold.]

Single Match
Dash Diaz vs Edwin Ellis

Coming Soon

[In the bustling office of JD James, the COO of P:V, the room echoes with the sounds of a phone conversation in progress. JD James sits at his desk, engrossed in what seems to be a crucial deal for the upcoming show.]

JD James: [Excitedly] That’s fantastic news. We’re thrilled to have you on board for next week’s Uprising. It’s going to be a game-changer.

[As JD James continues his conversation, the door swings open, and The Legends Club, led by Curtis Knight, storms into the room. Curtis, with an air of authority, demands JD’s attention.]

Curtis Knight: [Interrupting] JD, hang up that damn phone. We’ve got business to discuss.

[JD James, slightly taken aback, quickly finishes his conversation and hangs up the phone. The Legends Club, with Curtis at the forefront, stands ready for a conversation of their own.]

JD James: [Addressing The Legends Club] What’s going on, Curtis? I was in the middle of-

Curtis Knight: [Cutting in] Save it. We’ve been hearing whispers about Tag Team Championships being introduced soon. If that’s the case, then Drew and Buzz need to be in the mix, and they need to be the first champions.

[JD James, cautious, tries to gather his thoughts.]

JD James: Curtis, we’ve got a process for these things. It’s not as simple as just-

[Curtis Knight, displaying his forceful leadership style, interrupts with a stern tone.]

Curtis Knight: [Demanding] JD, cut the crap. You want The Legends Club to be the face of P:V, right? Then you’re going to make sure Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall are in that Tag Team Championship mix. No negotiations.

[Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall stand beside Curtis, nodding in agreement with their leader.]

JD James: [Reluctant] Curtis, we need to follow the proper channels. I can’t just-

[Curtis Knight, unyielding, leans on JD’s desk, asserting his dominance.]

Curtis Knight: [Bullying] JD, you’re going to make it happen. One way or another, my boys get those championships. Capisce?

[JD James, under the pressure of Curtis Knight’s insistence, concedes reluctantly.]

JD James: [Sighs] Fine, Curtis. I’ll make it happen.

[Curtis Knight, satisfied, nods to The Legends Club, and they exit the room, leaving JD James to navigate the challenging landscape of P:V and its dominant factions.]

P:V TV Championship Match
Bjorn Asulf (c) vs Teddy Rush


[The air in the Goodfellas Casino Arena is charged with anticipation as the P:V TV Championship match between Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush reaches its conclusion. The bell rings, signaling the end of an intense battle, with Bjorn Asulf successfully retaining his championship. Teddy Rush, disappointed but showing respect, is on his knees in the center of the ring.]

[As the crowd applauds the hard-fought contest, Bjorn Asulf extends a hand towards Teddy Rush, offering a display of sportsmanship. The fans, appreciative of the show of respect, cheer at the camaraderie between the two competitors.]

Bjorn Asulf: [Smiling] Teddy, great match. You gave it your all.

[Teddy Rush, still catching his breath, nods in acknowledgment and accepts Bjorn’s handshake. The fans in the arena cheer at the display of mutual respect.]

[However, just as the moment of sportsmanship unfolds, the atmosphere shifts dramatically. The unmistakable entrance music of The Legends Club hits, and the crowd’s cheers turn into a mix of boos and jeers. Curtis Knight, Athena, Drew Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall make their way down the ramp, their presence signaling trouble.]

[Inside the ring, both Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush realize the imminent threat. The Legends Club slides into the ring, and before Bjorn and Teddy can fully react, the assault begins. The Legends Club overwhelms the two competitors, delivering relentless strikes and kicks.]

[Curtis Knight, the P:V Champion, directs the assault, and Athena, with a wicked grin, picks up the P:V TV Championship from the mat. The Legends Club stands tall over the fallen bodies of Asulf and Rush. Athena raises the championship high above her head, signaling her intentions.]

Athena: [Mockingly] Looks like I’ve found my next conquest.

[The Legends Club exits the ring, leaving chaos in their wake. The fans, now showering The Legends Club with boos, witness the aftermath of an unexpected and brutal attack. Athena stands tall, holding the P:V TV Championship high, planting the seeds for the next challenge in the turbulent world of P:V.]

Lone Wolf

[Backstage at P:V Uprising, the chaotic aftermath of The Legends Club’s assault on Bjorn Asulf and Teddy Rush is palpable. Elena Cruz, the ambitious backstage interviewer, stands ready with a microphone as Stevie Rigg, determined and unfazed, approaches for an interview.]

Elena Cruz: [Concerned] Stevie, you just witnessed The Legends Club unleash a brutal assault in the ring. Some might say that if you had teamed up with Boyd Jackson and Darwin Jones, you could have made a stand against them. Any regrets?

[Stevie Rigg, adjusting his gear and sporting a focused expression, looks directly into the camera before addressing Elena’s question.]

Stevie Rigg: [Defiant] Regrets? No, Elena. I don’t regret a damn thing. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I don’t need anyone else’s help to take that P:V Championship off of Curtis Knight.

[Elena Cruz, intrigued, follows up on Rigg’s statement.]

Elena Cruz: [Curious] But with The Legends Club running wild, wouldn’t having allies be beneficial?

[Stevie Rigg smirks, exuding confidence.]

Stevie Rigg: [Smirking] Elena, last week, I beat Boyd Jackson. Tonight, I’ve got Darwin Jones in the ring. I don’t need allies to prove I’m the true #1 contender. Curtis Knight can bring his goons; it won’t change the fact that I’m taking that championship.

[Elena Cruz nods, acknowledging Rigg’s determination.]

Elena Cruz: [Inquisitive] And what’s your strategy against Darwin Jones tonight?

[Stevie Rigg chuckles, brimming with self-assurance.]

Stevie Rigg: [Confident] My strategy is simple—prove that I’m the better man. Darwin Jones, Curtis Knight, The Legends Club—they’re just obstacles on my way to the top.

[Stevie Rigg walks away from the interview, leaving Elena Cruz and the P:V Universe with a clear understanding of his mindset. The backstage area remains charged with anticipation as P:V Uprising continues its unpredictable journey.]

Bringing In A Star

[In the aftermath of the chaos unleashed by The Legends Club, JD James, the concerned COO of P:V, sits in his office, contemplating the challenges ahead. The knock on the door startles him, and Dash Diaz, with a confident stride, enters the room.]

Dash Diaz: [Curious] JD, you wanted to see me? What’s going on?

[JD James, looking up from his desk, wears a serious expression as he gestures for Dash to take a seat.]

JD James: [Concerned] Dash, I’m sure you saw what happened out there with The Legends Club. It’s getting out of hand.

[Dash Diaz nods, acknowledging the escalating situation.]

Dash Diaz: [Serious] Yeah, it’s getting crazy out there. What’s the plan?

[JD James leans back, his expression changing to a more positive one.]

JD James: [Smirking] Dash, I wanted to talk to you about something else. Tonight, your win against Edwin Ellis caught my eye. Impressive performance.

[Dash Diaz, appreciating the acknowledgment, raises an eyebrow.]

Dash Diaz: [Grinning] Thanks, JD. But what’s the big challenge you’re talking about?

[JD James leans forward, hinting at a significant opportunity.]

JD James: [Excited] I’ve managed to secure a big signing, a star that’s been tearing it up in Japan. Next week, they’re coming back to the States, and I want you to be their first opponent.

[Dash Diaz’s eyes light up with excitement, intrigued by the prospect.]

Dash Diaz: [Excited] That sounds huge, JD! Who’s the star? Tell me!

[JD James, enjoying the anticipation, smirks.]

JD James: [Teasing] You’ll find out next week, Dash. Consider it a surprise. But be ready; this is a major coup for P:V.

[Dash Diaz, eager for the challenge, stands up with a determined look.]

Dash Diaz: [Determined] I’m in, JD. Whatever it takes.

[JD James and Dash Diaz exchange a nod as the office remains charged with the promise of an exciting debut. The P:V Universe can’t help but wonder about the mystery opponent and the impact they’ll have on the P:V landscape.]

Single Match
Darwin Jones vs Stevie Rigg


[The atmosphere inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena is charged after the intense main event between Darwin Jones and Stevie Rigg. Darwin Jones, victorious, stands tall in the ring, but uncertainty lingers in the air regarding who truly deserves the coveted opportunity at Curtis Knight’s P:V Championship.]

[Stevie Rigg, frustrated by the loss, rises to his feet, and the tension between him and Darwin Jones becomes palpable. In a surprising move, Darwin extends his hand towards Rigg, offering a sign of sportsmanship.]

Darwin Jones: [Sincere] Rigg, good match. No hard feelings?

[Stevie Rigg, fueled by frustration, slaps Darwin’s hand away, intensifying the animosity between them. The crowd senses a potential post-match altercation.]

Stevie Rigg: [Defiant] Save it, Jones. I don’t need your sympathy.

[As it seems like Rigg and Jones are on the brink of a physical confrontation, the unexpected happens. Boyd Jackson, a powerhouse with a history of aligning with both competitors, rushes down the entrance ramp to the ring.]

[Boyd Jackson steps between Rigg and Jones, attempting to play peacemaker. The crowd buzzes with anticipation, hoping for order to be restored.]

Boyd Jackson: [Trying to mediate] Alright, guys, let’s cool it down. We’re all professionals here.

[Just when it looks like Jackson might successfully separate the two, he suddenly shifts gears. In a shocking turn of events, Boyd Jackson attacks both Darwin Jones and Stevie Rigg from behind, catching everyone off guard.]

[The crowd erupts with shock and confusion as Jackson unleashes a relentless assault, leveling both Rigg and Jones. The arena is filled with boos as Jackson stands tall, having betrayed the trust of both competitors.]

[As Uprising comes to a close, Boyd Jackson, now standing alone in the ring, surveys the chaos he has created. The fans are left with numerous questions about Jackson’s motives and the volatile landscape of P:V. The unexpected betrayal sets the stage for an intense rivalry that promises to reshape the future of P:V.]

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